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Shoe shiner turned billionaire Dennis Washington’s $200 million superyacht Attessa IV is a 300 feet long art deco-styled marvel with Gucci chairs, a one-of-a-kind chandelier, a spectacular spa, and a helipad.

200 million yacht vancouver

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200 million yacht vancouver

To avoid being seized, sanctioned oligarch Suleiman Kerimov spent $500,000 in fuel and raced his $325 million megayacht for 18 days across the Pacific Ocean. Ironically, the billionaire’s luck ran out when the Amadea was captured the moment it docked in Fiji for refueling.

200 million yacht vancouver

Lurssen, the world’s most prominent luxury yacht maker is now sending questionnaires to its customers for ownership details. They have built four superyachts that have been detained by authorities.

200 million yacht vancouver

Amidst the Twitter buyout debacle and long hours at the Gigafactories, Elon Musk finally did take a short vacation, he was photographed partying shirtless along with his friends on a humble $50 million luxury yacht near Greece.

200 million yacht vancouver

5 Super Yachts with waterfalls in them

200 million yacht vancouver

The abandoned Alfa Nero superyacht is burning $2,000 of diesel everyday to run its air-conditioning just so that mold and sea water do not ruin its opulent interiors and expensive paintings.

200 million yacht vancouver

Supercars are passe’ for him, this 30-year-old owns two Formula One racing teams – Meet Mark Mateschitz, the son of Red Bull’s co-founder, he is worth $15.7 billion and is the richest millennial in Europe.

200 million yacht vancouver

The country of Antigua is happily paying $28,000 a week to maintain Russian billionaire’s Alfa Nero superyacht it is because the Caribbean nation could make around $70 million from the vessel’s auction. As of now the yacht’s crew is playing videogames and taking dips in its infinity pool.

200 million yacht vancouver

Mark Zuckerberg likes his privacy so much that he had his superyachts secretly sail away to the Mediterranean after switching off their mandatory location transponders. Docked in Mallorca, his $300 million yacht is so big that it dwarfs every other craft in the marina.

200 million yacht vancouver

Sanctioned Russian tycoon tricked the authorities and saved his second superyacht by rushing it back home to Russia at full speed. Owner of one of the world’s largest luxury yacht builders his 114-foot vessel comes with a huge water slide.

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B.C. welcomes high rollers: A peek into the world of superyacht tourism

Alanna Kelly

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Craig Norris walks along the docks at Victoria International Marina on a sunny Friday afternoon, fielding phone calls and making sure everything is flowing well. 

On any given day, the marina welcomes many yachts that choose to stop in B.C.’s capital. Most recently, a US$35-million sailing yacht by the name of Athos docked. On July 14, crew members could be seen getting the 62-metre long vessel ready for its next sailing. 

Athos isn’t the only superyacht to enter B.C. waters; not far away off Cattle Point is a $100-million superyacht called Anawa. The Anawa is owned by a Brazilian billionaire and has been near Victoria since May 2023. 

Over on the mainland, a $200-million vessel called Attessa V (AV) has been drawing attention in North Vancouver . Then there's a 32-metre vessel called the  Snowbored . Its final destination is Galiano Island. 

In a statement to Glacier Media, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority said anyone wishing to view the Attessa V in Vancouver's inner harbour area by boat "is urged to ensure they do so from a safe distance." "We love seeing boaters and paddlers out enjoying the waters that make up the Port of Vancouver," says Jason Krott, manager of marine operations and fleet. "Our focus is working with all users to build the awareness and understanding needed to support a safe shared space for recreational and commercial traffic."

The Snowbored, built by Westport in 2003, has a satin cherry wood interior, and a sundeck sporting a hot tub, wet bar, and lounge pads. It also has a fighting chair and rocket launcher for sport fishing, and can launch a Novurania tender and Yamaha waverunners.

For Norris, the CEO of Victoria International Marina, B.C. is starting to put itself on the map when it comes to attracting superyachts. For a long time, many international travellers would bypass the province altogether and head for Alaska, he says.

“Those yachts down in San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Tacoma that used to come up and just bypass us because they didn't know there was anything to do and now they're turning in and stopping and spending some time,” says Norris.

Superyacht owners are spending locally 

As part of his job, Norris spends time arranging for superyacht owners to visit Victoria businesses. That includes connecting them with local jewellers. 

“When they are visiting here, they're looking to spend money on art, and in the community, on all kinds of things: food and real estate and buying from retailers,” explains Norris. “They're just like any one of us: they go into a store, they like something, they buy it. It's just that they might buy a lot more.”

Sometimes superyacht owners will fly their friends in, and will put them up in nearby hotels, he adds. Crew members will often stay in hotels, too.

"They're all spending [money] locally.”

Unfriendly Canadians? 

However, Canadians’ friendly demeanour and politeness appear to not have transferred to the superyacht community, Norris tells Glacier Media.

During his time marketing B.C. internationally, he says that specific boating community has been ‘grumpy’ towards him after learning he’s from Victoria. 

"They basically said B.C. and Victoria, in particular, is one of the most unfriendly boating places in the world that they've seen,” said Norris. "I would say barring pirates."

He questions if the animosity is because the public does not get to interact or be ‘welcomed into the community’ of superyachting. 

“They don't get a chance to meet these people and see them so they don't know who they are,” he says. "It’s this mystery."

The public can come down to the dock and walk around to see the boats, something Norris welcomes. 

‘Exciting way to see the world’

According to Norris, the superyacht industry creates job opportunities for young people.

He tells Glacier Media that the marina has a high staff turnover as employees end up working on the bigger yachts.

“We're open to it. We don't think that that's a bad thing if they come on, and that's their career,” he says. “If they're hard-working, the yachts pick them up. There’s not a lot of them being trained in the region purposefully for that."

Norris adds yachting is an exciting way to see the world.

“You come down, you work here for a little bit and you have a really good chance of getting on one of those boats and just seeing stuff you would never see.”

The marina, he says, is actively hiring and looking for people interested in the marine industry. 

Superyacht repairs being done in B.C. shipyards 

Superyachts need an incredible amount of work to keep them running, and much of that work is being done locally when they arrive, says the CEO. 

"There are well over 100 industries that it touches: everything from fuel, to ship repair to almost anything you would have in a house you would have in a yacht,” says Norris. 

He believes more yachts will start coming to Victoria and having their work done in the shipyard.

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WATCH: Humongous $200M superyacht docks in Vancouver

Featured Flyer

200 million yacht vancouver

200 million yacht vancouver

What the US$600M 'world's biggest yacht' will look like inside

200 million yacht vancouver

It's set to be one of the largest private residence yachts in the world when it launches in 2024, but what does a luxury apartment on board the 728 foot (221 metres) Somnio actually look like?

Interior renderings of the US$600 million vessel have just been unveiled, offering a glimpse inside what's being described as the world's first "yacht liner."

While all 39 of the floating apartments, which come with a private balcony or terrace, are said to be "fully customizable," some of the options showcased include huge shell-shaped beds, expansive living areas with ocean views, and wall-length mirrors.


Prices start from around $11 million, with sizes ranging from 1,600 to 6,500 square feet -- the largest condo takes up most of the top deck.

Somnio, which means "to dream '' in Latin, was designed by Winch Design and Tillberg Design of Sweden, and will be built by Norwegian ship designer and builder VARD.

The interior renderings were devised by Winch Design, Tillberg Design of Sweden along with Luttenberger Design.

Those who snap up a condo on "the most exclusive address in the world" will get to work with one of the design teams for up to three months in order to "decide the room configurations and select the materials, furniture, lighting and artwork."


A gym, a library, inside and outside dining spaces, "distinct" dressing areas and a "vast living room space with 270-degree forward views" are among the options available, although the layout is to be based on the buyer's preferences.

The identity of the owners will be kept secret, but all residents will have access to full concierge services "for both onboard and land-based needs."

"As the only residential superyacht in the world, we are delighted to work with designers that complement our exacting standards," Captain Erik Bredhe, co-founder of Somnio, said in a statement.

"Our owners will experience only the best, as is befitting of a yacht of this nature."


According to its designers, sustainability will be a key focus for Somnio, which is to be constructed with the "latest clean engine technology" along with materials and products to "create environmentally responsible interior design with a reduced impact" where possible.

Among the shared on board amenities onboard available include a 10,000-bottle capacity wine cellar and tasting room along with a lounge located in the ship's bow, a spa, a movie theater, restaurants and a beach club.

Residents will be charged an annual fee to cover expenses like maintenance and repairs, along with fuel and food.

A spokesperson for the project tells CNN Travel that Somnio has attracted exceptional interest since it was unveiled earlier this year, with some apartments already sold.

At present, The World, which measures 643 feet, is the largest private residential yacht on the globe, with a combination of studios as well as one to three-bedroom apartments on board. Top Stories

200 million yacht vancouver

Harrow family of four died from gunshot wounds in case of intimate partner violence, Ontario police say

Investigators have determined that the deaths of four family members in Harrow in June were the result of intimate partner violence, with three dying from gunshot wounds and one from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Woman dies at Rolling Stones concert in Vancouver

A woman attending the Rolling Stones concert at BC Place died Friday night, police confirmed.

After highway death of a beloved bear in B.C., experts look for lessons

In the spring of 2023, a Parks Canada team strung electric fence along a section of the Trans Canada Highway from Lake Louise to the B.C.-Alberta boundary.

Argentine President Milei heads to CPAC in Brazil, snubbing Lula and escalating a political feud

Given the choice between a far-right convention to bash his enemies and a presidential summit to discuss regional trade policy, Argentine President Javier Milei preferred the stadium packed with cheering fans.

Montreal failed to address school flushing sewage into river for years

A Montreal elementary school has been inadvertently flushing raw sewage into a nearby river for years, and the city, despite identifying the problem in 2021, is only now taking action to fix it.

Japan’s tourism tax sparks industry speculation in Canada

Japan has introduced a tourism tax for Mount Fuji, which has prompted some in Canada to wonder if our own tourist destinations like Niagara Falls and the Bay of Fundy could be potential options for our own tourism tax.

Al’Fez Tahini recalled due to Salmonella contamination

The company producing Al’Fez Natural Tahini has issued a recall for its product, citing Salmonella contamination, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Biden says the debate was a bad night. Here's how doctors would evaluate if it was something more

U.S. President Joe Biden said Friday that his poor performance in last week’s debate was a bad night but not evidence of a serious condition.

Israeli protesters block highways, call for ceasefire to bring back hostages as war marks 9 months

Marking nine months since the war in Gaza started, Israeli protesters blocked highways across the country Sunday, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down and pushing for a cease-fire to bring back scores of hostages held by Hamas.

200 million yacht vancouver

Halifax man set to finish cross-country run, raises over $182,000 to combat heart disease

A Halifax man is completing his cross-country trip in Victoria, B.C., on Sunday, with thousands of dollars raised for those living with heart disease.

5-year-old boy killed in Grande Prairie, Alta. crash: RCMP

A five-year-old boy from Clairmont, Alta., was killed in a five-vehicle crash in Grande Prairie, Alta., on Saturday afternoon.

LCBO workers rally in downtown Toronto on day 2 of historic strike

More than a hundred workers with Ontario's main liquor retailer are in downtown Toronto today to raise awareness of their historic strike as it enters its second day.

Terrorism charges laid against B.C. woman who married ISIS fighter

A B.C. woman who was repatriated from a Syrian prison camp in 2022 has been arrested and charged with terrorism offences, police announced Saturday.

Heat warnings issued throughout Alberta with temperatures expected in the 30s

Heat warnings have been issued across a large section of Alberta, including Calgary and Edmonton, as temperatures are expected to climb into the 30s.

200 million yacht vancouver

Hawaii governor says Biden could decide within days whether to remain in the presidential race

U.S. President Joe Biden could make a decision within days whether to remain a candidate for reelection, said Hawaii’s governor who participated in a recent meeting with Biden and other Democratic governors and whose family has known the president for years.

200 million yacht vancouver

This Italian vacation hotspot is turning tourists away as it runs out of water

Set atop a hill on the Italian island of Sicily, Agrigento is a heritage tourist’s paradise. But the aqueduct, and others built in modern times, are running so dry that small hotels and guesthouses in the city and nearby coast are being forced to turn tourists away.

France is voting in key elections that could force Macron to share power with the far right

Voting is underway in mainland France on Sunday in pivotal runoff elections that could hand a historic victory to Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally and its inward-looking, anti-immigrant vision — or produce a hung parliament and political deadlock.

Beryl bears down on Texas, where it's expected to hit Monday and regain hurricane strength

Powerful winds and rain approached Texas Sunday morning as Beryl was expected to turn back from a tropical storm into a hurricane overnight and pound a long stretch of coast with heavy downpours, howling gusts and dangerous storm surge.

200 million yacht vancouver

At this year's NATO summit, Trudeau to call on allies to stay resolute

Canada will be reassuring allies of its commitment to the western alliance as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travels to Washington, D.C., this week to take part in the NATO leaders' summit at a critical time for war-ravaged Ukraine.

Everything Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said publicly about Donald Trump

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a measured tone when talking about Donald Trump during his first presidency, the Canadian leader has been a little more direct since. As we head closer to a U.S. election this fall, takes a look at everything Trudeau has said publicly about the presumptive Republican nominee.

200 million yacht vancouver

Popular weight-loss and diabetes medications linked to lower risk of some cancers, study finds

GLP-1 medications such as Ozempic and Wegovy may help lower the risk of certain cancers, a new study suggests.

Doctors excited about targeted prostate cancer therapy, but can't prescribe it yet

Oncologists say radioligand therapy, or RLT, is poised to become a new "pillar" of cancer care, alongside surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

200 million yacht vancouver

Crew of NASA's earthbound simulated Mars habitat emerge after a year

The crew of a NASA mission to Mars emerged from their craft after a yearlong voyage that never left Earth.

Lost your phone? Here's how to track it down and recover your data

Discovering your phone was lost or stolen can be a stressful experience. Here are steps to help recover your device and protect your data.

Earth's core has slowed so much it's moving backward, scientists confirm. Here's what it could mean

Deep inside Earth is a solid metal ball that rotates independently of our spinning planet, like a top whirling around inside a bigger top, shrouded in mystery.


200 million yacht vancouver

Jon Landau, Oscar-winning 'Titanic' and 'Avatar' producer, dies at 63

Jon Landau, an Oscar-winning producer who worked closely with director James Cameron on three of the biggest blockbusters of all time, 'Titanic' and two 'Avatar' films, has died. He was 63.

Injunction to keep Toronto's Revue Cinema open extended to October

An injunction standing between the Revue Cinema and possible eviction has been extended to the fall, the group that operates the historic theatre in Toronto’s west end announced Friday.

200 million yacht vancouver

How to lower your student debt -- and cut through misconceptions around it

Paying back student loans has always been a challenge, but at a time when housing and meals eat up a bigger slice of income than ever, making smart choices around loans and repayment is all too critical.

Owe money for CERB? Here's how the CRA is getting it back

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may face some hurdles in collecting the money loaned through COVID-19 pandemic relief programs, like the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), according to a tax lawyer.

Summer jobs could prove tough to come by for students, according to latest job stats

Statistics Canada’s latest jobs report shows youth unemployment reached a near decade high.

200 million yacht vancouver

Here are some safety tips if you're travelling alone this summer

Though travelling by yourself can be scary and intimidating, there are some ways to make sure you’re safe and have a good time, says a solo travel and content creator from Ottawa.

Ottawa woman, 49, wins $70 million, plans to help community

An Ottawa woman, who has survived cancer and has overcome addiction, has won $70 million with Lotto Max.

Parisian cafes are a cherished part of French culture. Here's why they might be in trouble

Across France and especially in Paris, hospitality is one of the industries that is most heavily reliant on immigrant workers.

200 million yacht vancouver

Vikings' Khyree Jackson, 2 former high school teammates killed in car crash in Maryland

Minnesota Vikings rookie cornerback Khyree Jackson and two of his former high school teammates were killed in an early morning car crash Saturday in Maryland, police and the team said.

England into Euro semis after shootout win over Switzerland

After so many painful 12-yard setbacks, England embraced the shootout on Saturday as they beat Switzerland 5-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw to reach the semi-finals of Euro2024 and move to within a step of their first overseas final.

Netherlands into Euro 2024 semifinal against England after beating Turkey

The Netherlands came from behind to beat Turkey 2-1 on Saturday and book its place in the European Championship semifinals.

200 million yacht vancouver

4 in 10 Canadians say theft is a risk factor in vehicle purchasing: Nanos

As many as four out of 10 Canadians say it is 'important' to know if a vehicle they're interested in purchasing is more likely to be targeted by thieves, according to a new Nanos Research survey.

Vehicle supply building. Prices are going down. Is it time to buy a new car?

For the first time in years, car shoppers are having an easier time finding a deal as the auto industry bounces back from supply chain woes — and experts say the outlook could get even better.

A green flag for clean power: NASCAR unveils its first electric racecar

Part of the experience of a NASCAR race is hearing the engine roar, the rumble of each car’s approach and the zip when it whizzes past at more than 150 mph.

Local Spotlight

200 million yacht vancouver

Escaped inmate found south of Edmonton 1 month later

A convict who escaped an Edmonton correctional service more than a month ago has been caught.

Calgarians allowed to water by hand, some pools open as city eases outdoor restrictions

Calgary is easing outdoor water restrictions as the city continues work to help its water infrastructure recover following a major feeder main break.

Giant tortoise walking along B.C. sidewalks inspires tourist from Australia

Adam finds out how a giant tortoise walking along a sidewalk is inspiring a woman visiting from Australia.

WWE superstar surprises Guelph, Ont. fan who didn’t have accessible seat

A wrestling fan from Guelph, Ont. thought he was down for the count after winning tickets to a “once-in-a-lifetime” WWE event in Toronto.

This pet chicken from B.C. is now a Guinness World Record holder

Lacey may look like just another pet chicken on Emily Carrington’s B.C. property. But she has a title her coop mates don’t: Guinness World Record holder.

Vancouver's 'Phil Wizard' first-ever breaker named to Canada's Olympic team

Philip Kim, who competes as "B-Boy Phil Wizard," is set to make Canadian sports history this summer as the country's first-ever Olympic breaking athlete.

New documentary explores the increased number of white shark observations

A new documentary filmed in Nova Scotia by marine biologist and veterinarian Dr. Chris Harvey Clark explores the increased number of white shark observations in Canadian waters.

'A steal for the international buyer': Whistler mansion listed for $17.9M

A never-before-lived-in mansion in Whistler is on the market for $17.9 million – with the listing describing it as a 'steal for the international buyer' due to the current exchange rate, which puts the price in U.S. dollars at $13.1 million.

B.C. port employer requests 'urgent strike intervention' by the CIRB

The BC Maritime Employers Association says it is requesting urgent intervention by the Canada Industrial Relations Board to divert a looming strike by a union representing ship and dock foremen.

200 million yacht vancouver

Motorcycle crash leaves 1 dead, 1 with non-life-threatening injuries in Scarborough: TPS

A male motorcyclist has died following a collision with a car on Saturday night, police say.

Stabbing in Mississauga school parking lot leaves woman dead; one person in custody

A woman is dead, and a man is in custody after a stabbing outside a school in Mississauga.

Victim succumbs to injuries in Scarborough shooting

Toronto police say one person has died following a shooting in Scarborough.

200 million yacht vancouver

Calgary Mayor lauds work of residents, city, during 'horrible' water crisis

Mayor Jyoti Gondek has faced a barrage of criticism as she guided Calgary through a water main break that forced city residents and businesses to limit their water use for over a month.

28-year-old man killed in Westboro shooting Friday

The Ottawa Police Service is investigating following a shooting that left one man dead Friday in Westboro.

Ottawa man using walker says apartment not accessible, with no answer in sight

An Ottawa man living in the city’s south-end says he’s struggling to get his walker through the front door of his apartment and wants the building’s owner to install an automatic door button.

200 million yacht vancouver

Bus crashes into electrical pylon, causing massive power outage on the South Shore

Tens of thousands of households on Montreal's South Shore have been without electricity since Saturday night after a bus crashed into an electrical pylon.

Toronto woman's Jeep stolen while parked outside Montreal East hotel

The Quality Hotel & Suites Montreal East has a parking lot right outside the main entrance, so Vanessa Sabatini parked her red Jeep there overnight, assuming it would be safe.

200 million yacht vancouver

2 firms offering auto insurance to pull out of Alberta market

Two insurance providers in Alberta have announced plans to stop offering automobile insurance to customers in the province.

200 million yacht vancouver

Cavendish Beach Music Festival continues rain or shine

The largest multi-day outdoor music festival in Atlantic Canada has officially kicked-off, with some of the biggest names in country music visiting our region.

Picture-perfect greens on display at Mactaquac as organizers prepare for PGA Tour Americas tournament

It's an orchestra of lawn trimmers, mowers and golf carts at Mactaquac Provincial Park as organizers prepare to welcome over 150 professional golfers to their greens for the PGA Tour Americas.

200 million yacht vancouver

Poll suggests Manitobans worried about costs, less confident in institutions

Manitobans are increasingly worried about the cost of living and crime, and are becoming less confident in the justice system and public service, a poll commissioned by the provincial government suggests.

Have you seen Johnny? WPS search for 24-year-old man

The Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) is asking for the public’s help in finding 24-year-old Johnny Arragutainaq.

The story behind a truck covered in teacups in Brandon

If you’re ever visiting Brandon, Man., you might want to pay a visit to Talia. She’s beautiful, delicate, and a true work of art.

200 million yacht vancouver

Three people dead in 2 vehicle collision in Sask.

Three people are dead following a collision between a truck and a van on Highway 4 near Cochin, Sask. on Friday.

Woman and child killed and four injured in Sask. Highway 4 collision

Two people have died and four people were injured in a fatal collision on Highway 4 on Friday.

Car enthusiasts gather to bid on collector vehicles at annual weekend auction

Coast2Coast Collector Car Auctions held their fourth annual car auction event Saturday.

200 million yacht vancouver

Most-read stories of the week: Hogweed, WWE superstar surprise, firework chaos

Hogweed popping up in the area, a surprise from a WWE superstar, and Canada Day firework chaos round out the most-read stories of the week.

Occupy UW agrees to end encampment, University of Waterloo to withdraw injunction

The pro-Palestinian encampment that's been on the University of Waterloo's campus for nearly two months is expected to be gone by Sunday evening.

Southwestern Ont. alpaca farmers call for more wool processing resources in province

Southwestern Ontario alpaca farmers are calling for more wool processing resources in the province.

200 million yacht vancouver

Saskatoon man charged for leaving hate comments on woman’s obituary pleads guilty

The man who left hate comments on a murder victim’s online obituary has been sentenced.

Northern Ontario

200 million yacht vancouver

Large pile of lobster dumped on the side of Hwy. 17 in northern Ontario

Ontario Provincial Police are investigating after a pile of dead lobster was found on the shoulder of Highway 17 this week in northern Ontario.

200 million yacht vancouver

Berth in Canadian Championships on the line at Slo-Pitch Eliminations Sunday

Many of the best slo-pitch players in Canada have been battling it out over three days this weekend in Dorchester, Ont.

On the bright side with Julie Atchison

To brighten your week with good news, CTV London Meteorologist Julie Atchison is showing us the sunny side of things.

Lone driver taken to trauma centre following single-vehicle rollover

A driver has been taken to a trauma centre following a single-vehicle rollover in Elgin County.

200 million yacht vancouver

Irish Mythen, Noah Cyrus headline Mariposa Day 2

The Irish-Canadian folk artist and Billy Ray Cyrus' youngest daughter take the stage Saturday night at the Mariposa Folk Festival.

Bradford African festival showcases culture, food, community

The African Experience welcomed hundreds to the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library for a celebration of Black and African culture.

Local great-grandmother celebrates 100th birthday

Mary Buratynsky celebrated her centurion birthday with family and friends in Springwater on Saturday afternoon.

VIDEO | Local pizza maker nominated for world's 100 best wants Windsor 'at the table' with New York and Chicago pizza

After earning awards for Canada's best pizza chef in Canada and top-five positions in competitions across North America, Dean Litster is in the running to be recognized on an international stage.

Highway 77 in Leamington reopens following collision: OPP

OPP have confirmed Highway 77 between Mersea Road 5 and Mersea Road 6 in Leamington has re-opened.

Vancouver Island

200 million yacht vancouver

Whale researcher says orphan orca 'likely' seen off Vancouver Island at Friendly Cove

A killer whale calf whose struggle for survival captured international headlines when she became trapped in a Vancouver Island tidal lagoon earlier this year only to escape on her own has likely been spotted swimming further south along British Columbia's coast.

Kittens burned in Vancouver Island wildfire on the road to recovery

A litter of tiny kittens that were rescued in the aftermath of a wildfire on Vancouver Island last month are now recovering in foster care and will be up for adoption soon, the BC SPCA said in an update.

200 million yacht vancouver

Dive team called in after man drowns in Okanagan Lake, Kelowna RCMP say

Mounties in Kelowna say they're investigating a drowning in Okanagan Lake that occurred near the downtown marina early Saturday morning.

'Elaborate' B.C. fraud scheme involved impersonating corporate security and police, Kelowna RCMP say

Mounties in Kelowna are warning the public after a local resident fell victim to an "elaborate" fraud last week.

Man shot, 2 cars burned in suspected gang incident in Kamloops

Mounties are urging the public to be vigilant following a suspected gang shooting in B.C.'s southern Interior that left a 40-year-old man injured this week.

200 million yacht vancouver

2024 Southern Alberta Summer Games kick off in Coaldale

Nearly 2,000 athletes will compete in 20 events over four days during the 2024 Southern Alberta Sumer Games. After months of planning, organizers are thrilled to welcome families from all over southern Alberta to Coaldale, Alta.

Court hears accused in Coutts blockade thought protest could lead to 'war'

One of two men accused of conspiring to kill Mounties at the border blockade at Coutts, Alta., characterized the protest as a last stand and told his mother there “will be a war” if police moved in.

Fire ban ended for Lethbridge area

With the recent moisture and cooler temperatures, fire bans and restrictions in the Lethbridge area are no longer in effect.

Sault Ste. Marie

200 million yacht vancouver

Algoma Steel reports another chemical spill into St. Marys River

A new chemical spill into the St. Marys River by Algoma Steel earlier this week is under investigation by the Ministry of the Environment.

SIU seeking witnesses for its investigation into the death of a 57-year-old man in Kenora

Ontario's police watchdog is seeking witnesses as it investigates a shooting involving police in Kenora that led to the death of a 57-year-old man.

Elliot Lake man charged for threating police with knife

A 62-year-old man from Elliot Lake, Ont., is facing multiple charges – including assault with a weapon – following an altercation with provincial police earlier this week.

200 million yacht vancouver

Church must pay $104 million to victims of historical abuse in Newfoundland

The Roman Catholic Church has been ordered to pay settlements totalling $104 million to 292 survivors of historical abuse in Newfoundland and Labrador, including those at the now infamous Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John's.

Human remains backlog still in Newfoundland garage after months of outcry

Opposition parties in Newfoundland and Labrador say they’re growing frustrated at the decision by health officials to move freezers of unclaimed human remains into an underground hospital parking garage.

Newfoundland and Labrador premier takes aim at Ottawa over reopened cod fishery

Newfoundland and Labrador's Liberal premier is once again opposing a decision made by the federal Liberals — this time about the reopening of the province's commercial northern cod fishery.

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200 million yacht vancouver

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Expensive tastes: Business owners helping put wind in B.C.’s luxury boat sales

Nelson Bennett

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Part of BIV’s What big money buys series: Wealthy Vancouverites are lavishing untold amounts of money on big-ticket indulgences, driving a bonanza for the region’s dealers in luxury furnishings, vehicles, yachts and other top-tier toys.

Given Vancouver’s location on the Pacific Ocean, it’s hardly surprising that one of the top-selling toys for Vancouver’s wealthiest residents is a yacht or high-end fishing boat.

While the number of Vancouverites who own superyachts, like billionaire Jim Pattison, appears to be relatively low, there is such a big demand for smaller pleasure craft in the 40-to-60-foot range in B.C. that Tim Charles, principal owner of Platinum Marine, recently launched a new line – Tactical Custom Boats – for that market.

Luxury models are driving yacht and fishing boat sales in B.C.

A new marina in Victoria highlights the growing demand for superyacht moorage in B.C. The 28-slip Victoria International Marina, which opened in May, can accommodate up to 12 superyachts in the 100-to-120-foot range, and one up to 175 feet in length. The first 40-foot yacht being built at Platinum’s shipyard on Mitchell Island will cost $1.5 million and comes with a mini submarine and drone.

“We have a 43-inch-screen television that pops down,” Charles said. “You can sit at the screen and you can explore hundreds of feet underwater. It has a grabber arm on it so you can see and touch and pick up things underwater.”

Tactical is also building a 77-foot US$6.5 million yacht.

“It is military and navy-grade aluminum hull construction,” Charles said of the Tactical series. “So it is a very heavy-duty boat, but it is completely done with yacht finishes.”

Platinum also owns Crescent Custom Yachts, which builds superyachts ranging in size from 100 to 150 feet and with prices that range from US$14 million to US$24 million. Crescent’s customers are almost exclusively international – mostly American – but Charles expects that nearly all buyers for the new Tactical yachts will be from B.C.

“It’s something the market’s been asking for,” Charles said. “I would say 95% of all of our customers are business owners. The amount of business that’s done on people’s yachts and boats is just tremendous. It’s a business sales tool for many people.”

Another growing demand in the Vancouver market is for luxury fishing boats, said Bob Pappajohn, president of M&P Mercury Sales, which sells both yachts and fishing boats.

“The luxury fishing boat segment has been just incredibly strong,” Pappajohn said. “We are seeing a trend toward higher luxury. One of the biggest trends right now that’s really fuelling this is we’re getting people buying who haven’t owned a bunch of boats before and are really new to it.”

One of the more popular models is a 42-foot Boston Whaler fishing boat that sells for $1.8 million.

Pappajohn said yacht and fishing boat sales have been very healthy in the last few years in Vancouver.

“We’ll sell a half a dozen boats a year,” he said. “Back in 2009-10, it was amazing if you sold one.”

Not only is the number of high-net-worth individuals in Vancouver rising, it’s also becoming easier to pilot a yacht or fishing boat, Pappajohn said, thanks to technology like joystick steering that makes docking a modern boat a cinch.

“The biggest reason for the increase in sales is that it’s more accessible, it’s easier to do, and, yes, there’s more wealth,” Pappajohn said. “Even people spending a lot of money for a day boat to go fishing, they want the high-end one.”

As for the bigger, more luxurious yachts – superyachts or megayachts – Vancouver sees its fair share of them, although many are owned by wealthy Americans. The most spectacular yacht to grace local waters might be the Attessa IV, which can sometimes be seen in Coal Harbour.

It’s hard to miss, and not just because of its size  (332 feet). The yacht comes with a small helicopter. It also features a swimming pool, a 12-seat theatre and four guest rooms.

The Attessa IV is owned by Dennis Washingtion, the American billionaire whose Washington Companies is the largest shareholder of Seaspan Corp.  (NYSE:SSW), the world’s biggest independent charter owner and manager of container ships. According to Forbes, the Attessa IV is valued at $300 million.

Pattison’s 150-foot Nova Spirit yacht is valued at $25 million, according to SuperYacht Fan. According to MSN, it costs $72,000 just to fuel the yacht, which has a nine-person crew.

Estimating how many superyachts are owned by British Columbians is difficult, partly because some of them might be registered outside of Canada. But Craig E. Norris, CEO of Victoria International Marina, estimates that anywhere from 50 to 100 yachts in the 65-foot-and-up range are owned by British Columbians.

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