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caribbean weekly yacht rentals

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780  Crewed Luxury Yachts for Charter in the Caribbean

  • Caribbean Yacht Charter

A Caribbean yachting vacation incorporates vast expanses of crystalline waters and endless clusters of idyllic paradisical islands, making for a picture-perfect family getaway. With its beautiful climate and spectacular coastlines that comprise iconic superyacht hotspots like the  Virgin Islands ,  St Barts  and  Antigua , a yacht rental in the Caribbean has an alluringly evergreen appeal.

Caribbean Yacht Booking Guide:

Caribbean Yacht Charters: At a Glance

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The Caribbean Sea comprises more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs and cays, and is divided into three island arcs: that of the Greater Antilles in the north, the Lesser Antilles in the south, and the Leeward Antilles to the east.

Tropical islands of the Caribbean

  • Ideal winter destination Boasting all-year-round pleasant weather, its powdery sand beaches and alluringly clear waters make it an especially popular choice for winter yacht charters.
  • Easy-to-reach The Caribbean is well-connected to the US, with a high number of international airports flying directly into the region.
  • Secluded anchorages With more than 7,000 islands and only a small percentage being inhabited, the world is your oyster when it comes to finding serenely beautiful anchorages.
  • Snorkeling and diving paradise The Caribbean is home to some of the world's most impressive snorkeling and diving sites, meaning plenty of exciting underwater adventures where your eyes will be wide with wonder.
  • Excellent superyacht marinas The Caribbean has numerous well-provisioned superyacht marinas to take your pick from, many of which have fantastic dining and shopping opportunities.

7 of the best beaches in the Virgin Islands

While the Bahamas is technically part of the Caribbean region, it is an island nation in its own right, forming part of the Lucayan Archipelago in the Atlantic. That said, the Caribbean is a vast area occupied by thousands of islands, coral reefs and islets, of which the Bahamas forms a part, along with strong political and cultural ties that have created a natural bond with its Caribbean neighbour. 

Practically speaking, however, if you are interested in cruising  the Bahamas  in conjunction with your Caribbean yacht charter, it is highly unlikely you'll be able to manage the distance during a typical 7-day charter, especially for itineraries that incorporate East Caribbean destinations such as Antigua and Saint Martin. You will need to decide which destination you prefer to spend your time in, or extend your charter vacation to incorporate both. 

To find out more about chartering in the region, check out our in-depth Bahamas destination guide for more information.

Tropical beach in the Pitons, St Lucia in the Caribbean

The most popular destinations for renting a yacht in the Caribbean are those located in the Lesser Antilles region, primarily the island groups of the Leeward Islands.  and the  Windward Islands .

For Leeward Island yacht rentals , Antigua, the Virgin Islands, St Martin, St Barts and St Kitts and Nevis garner the most attention, thanks to not only their splendid tropical landscapes but also their extremely well-provisioned superyacht marinas, fine dining options, impossibly hip bars and medley of designer boutiques bound to keep guests entertained from dawn till dusk.

Scattered like pearls along the aquamarine seas, you'll find sun-drenched Martinique, gorgeous Grenada and the ultra-secluded St Vincent and the Grenadines  are the top picks for slow-paced  Windward Island yacht charters .

Although not as popular, the islands that form the Greater Antilles , such as Jamaica, Cuba and Puerto Rico , are just as beautiful and offer an array of spectacular destinations to explore and discover on a luxury yacht charter.

10 top spas to enjoy on a Caribbean yacht charter

Looking for the best superyacht hotspots in the Caribbean? These are the spellbinding locations guests find most enticing. If you are interested in any of these cruising grounds, we strongly advise booking as far in advance as possible.

  • Antigua: the jet-set adore its unbelievable scenery, intriguing historical landmarks, lavish shopping options and a cluster of ivory-white sands coupled with gin-clear waters.
  • St Martin/Sint Maarten : French and Dutch sides of the island combine to bring a fascinating fusion of influences, replete with outstanding diving spots and awe-inspiring topography. 
  • St Lucia : considered the tropical jewel of the Windward Islands, it's virtually unspoiled. Bordered by lush rainforest and dark volcanic sands, it makes for a truly unique anchorage spot. 
  • Grenada : known as the Isle of Spice thanks to being one of the world's largest exporters of mace and nutmeg, its capital St George is regularly called the Caribbean's most picture-perfect town. 
  • St Barts : Well-known for its moniker "St Moritz of the Caribbean" due to its unique Swedish-French colonial heritage, this iconic tiny island is synonymous with glamour, movie stars and designer shopping. 
  • St Croix, US Virgin Islands : The largest of the USVIs boasts a National Park, breath-taking scenic beauty and some of the best dive spots in the Caribbean.
  • Puerto Rico : Affectionately known locally as the ‘island of enchantment’, Puerto Rico is a profusion of vibrant Latin culture entwined with the laid back rhythm of the Caribbean, with pristine beaches, excellent diving spots and exquisite local dishes.

How to spend 24 hours in St Barts on a Caribbean yacht charter

A yacht rental vacation in the Caribbean delights guests with its truly endless number of things to see and do. Here are our top picks:

Don't Miss:

  • Eden Rock St. Barts : one of the most in-demand hotels in the Caribbean, with a seven-star bar and spa.
  • Hermitage Bay, Antigua : kick back and relax on this tropical beach that delivers on sensational views.
  • Bagatelle, St. Barts : overlooking the glittering Gustavia harbor, this sophisticated bar and restaurant is a hugely popular superyacht spot, showcasing the finest of French-Caribbean cuisine.
  • Basil's Bar, Mustique : legendary bar and restaurant designed by Philippe Starck, frequented by royals, supermodels and rockstars for decades.
  • The Cotton House, Mustique : a wellness center unsurpassed in beauty.
  • Watermelon Cay, St John, US Virgin Island s: dreamy islet surrounded by coral reefs and a veritable snorkeling wonderland
  • Rhone Marine Park, British Virgin Islands : the wreck of the RMS Rhone is the BVIs' most popular dive site, and arguably one of the best in the Caribbean.
  • Trunk Bay, St John, US Virgin Islands : all dazzling white sand lapped by the bluer-than-blue ocean, this island paradise ranks consistently among the world’s top 10 beaches.
  • Jardines del Rey archipelago, Cuba : known locally as the ‘King’s Gardens’, this collection of islands is a registered UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and an island-hopper's paradise, offering myriad secluded beaches and sensational sunsets.

A family stroll down a wooden pontoon over a turquoise sea with a sailing yacht in the distance

For anyone looking to get a dose of serious sunshine during the Northern Hemisphere winter, a yacht charter in the Caribbean is a seriously enticing prospect, with St Barts being the clear favorite for Christmas and New Year's Eve, thanks to the showstopping celebrations that take place in Gustavia Harbour.

For avid island hoppers, the Windward islands offer an enchanting itinerary full of sun-kissed isles and laid back charm juxtaposed with chic resorts and heavenly French-based cuisine, not to mention unrivalled vistas and sultry sunsets accompanied by warm rum-laced winds. 

Across all Caribbean destinations, keen divers and snorkelers will be in for a subaquatic treat, and you'll find a wide range of designer boutiques and ultra-high-end resorts peppered across the isles wherever you go.

A dancer wearing a lavish costume of peacock feathers

The Caribbean is a mesmerizing melting pot of cultures and influences, rooted in its rich heritage and undeniably shaped by its history of colonization and waves of immigration. Each island group is highly diverse in terms of its language, music, customs, architecture and cuisine, but it's mainly English, Dutch, French or Spanish colonial influences that are keenly felt. While the mix of languages spoken will differ between island groups, English is widely spoken.

Caribbean cuisine sees influences from Africa, Europe, Latin America and Spain, Meat, seafood, coconut, potatoes, beans and tomatoes tend to feature heavily in local dishes.

Locals are friendly and regularly celebrate their culture, with music, food and wildly colorful festivals held throughout the year.

A luxury yacht rental vacation in the Caribbean is, without doubt, the most sublime way to experience this region, giving you exclusive access to heavenly anchorages that are otherwise impossible to reach or are far from the typical tourist trail.

Guests have boundless fleet options when it comes to a crewed Caribbean charter. If you don't know whether to go for a motor yacht, sailing yacht or catamaran to cruise Caribbean waters, we've laid out the main points worth considering.

Motor Yacht Charters in the Caribbean

Large Super Yachts moored in a marina in the Caribbean

A  luxury motor yacht charter  in the Caribbean is a seven-star way of uncovering the epic beauty of the Caribbean in total privacy. 

For regions with minimal water depth the ideal choice is a motor yacht with low draft, perfect for accessing shallow lagoons and secluded bays.

For those who have their heart set on a superyacht without a shallow draft, dropping anchor further out into deeper waters and then getting a tender ride ashore, so you can get up close and personal to exquisite island reefs and blue lagoons, is the preferred option.

Sailing Yacht Charters in the Caribbean

Yachts in Antigua, Caribbean

Chartering a sailing yacht in the Caribbean is ideal for guests looking for a slower pace to fully lap up the Caribbean rays with more outdoor deck space, and add a little old-school charm to their cruising adventure.

Even better, the majority of sailing charter yachts come equipped with a retractable keel, meaning reaching turquoise shallows is a breeze. But, if you are keen to charter a larger sailing yacht, keep in mind that some may still find their draft too deep for some areas, even with the keel up. 

Catamaran Charters in the Caribbean

Catamarans in the Caribbean

Luxury catamaran charters are a firm guest favourite for those embarking on Caribbean vacation, especially in the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. Thanks to their shallow draft, catamarans give you the ability to get close to cays and islets guests can savor the thrilling feeling of being able to jump off-board at almost any point. 

The charter cost of a motor yacht, sailing yacht or luxury catamaran rental in the Caribbean will vary according to the vessel's size, age, type, number of crew, as well as the location and duration of the vacation as well as the season it takes place. 

With so many options available, there’s something to suit every type of budget. For convenience we have listed the average prices for motor yacht and sailing yacht charters in the Caribbean below;

  • For motor yacht rentals in the Caribbean, prices can range from $39,167 to $1.4m per week, plus expenses
  • For luxury sailing yacht rentals in the Caribbean, prices can go from $29,855 to $276,495 weekly, plus expenses

Caribbean beach at sunset

The best time for luxury yacht charters in the Caribbean is between November and March, when guests can expect clement weather and vividly blue cloudless skies.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that this is also the time when you will have the largest selection of yachts to choose from, as most charter yachts descend on the Caribbean around November after the Mediterranean season has ended and any yacht maintenance has been carried out, before returning back to the Mediterranean in March/April.

Port de Gustavia in St Barts, Caribbean

The most popular starting point for a Caribbean yacht rental is usually in either Saint Martin/Sint Maarten or  Antigua,  both of which have international airports.

It is certainly possible to begin your charter in other Caribbean destinations, providing this has been agreed with the Owner and charter broker .

Where to End a Caribbean Yacht Charter

For most private Caribbean yacht charters, there isn't one definitive place where to disembark given the vastness of the region. However, what is likely is that you will finish your yacht rental vacation in the same location that you started. For example, the majority of  British Virgin Island yacht charters will begin and end in St Thomas, while for Antigua yacht charters , it'll be the iconic English Harbour.

sample itineraries

Yachts moored in a marina in the Caribbean

The Caribbean offers some of the most spellbinding berthing spots in the world. These tropical, barefoot hotspots are of the finest calibre, surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery, and often feature award-winning restaurants, hip boutiques, beach bars and more.

But which marinas are the best? Below are some charter favorites:

  • Falmouth Harbour, Antigua: impressive marina facilities and scenery, catering to yachts up to 100m.
  • Marina Fort Louis, Saint Martin: offers 150 berths for yachts up to 79m.
  • Crown Bay in St Thomas (USVI): full-serviced marina with 99 slips, including 16 berths for superyachts up to 60m
  • Port Louis Marina, Grenada: idyllically located, with 227 moorings for yachts up to 91m.
  • Port de Gustavia, Saint Barts: widely regarded as one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world, accommodating up to 152 yachts up to 152m.
  • Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico : conveniently located as a jumping off point for yacht charters incorporating the Virgin Islands and Lesser Antilles, this marina has plentiful wet slips, including capacity for yachts up to 200ft (60m) LOA.

Falmouth Harbour in the Caribbean

We strongly advise booking through a qualified  yacht charter broker at least three months in advance for all Caribbean yacht charters. By doing so, you will increase the likelihood of securing your preferred dates and you will have a greater selection of yachts on offer to choose from.

This also ensures your yacht broker has enough time to craft a carefully curated itinerary and secure an overnight berth in the most popular Caribbean marinas.

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  • Negotiate booking & prepare your itinerary

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Virgin Islands Guide

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Leeward Islands Guide

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Windward Islands Guide

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The caribbean yacht charter itineraries.

Make every moment count during your superyacht vacation with our carefully curated yacht charter itineraries, tailored so you can experience the very best of the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean and ensure your yacht charter is a truly memorable one. Designed by yachting experts, we've cultivated itineraries that will satisfy a range of requirements.

For yacht charter guests seeking a little glitz and glamour on their vacation, a 7-day charter around the Leeward Islands is a must, comprising Caribbean gems such as Saint Barthelemy, renowned for its A-list celebrity culture and designer shopping, as well as the perennial favourite Antigua. For sheer unadulterated bliss, incorporate the Virgin Islands on a 14-day yacht charter, promising idyllic stretches of pristine sands lapped by waters in every shade of blue.

Discovering The Leeward Islands

Discover the Caribbean

Winter Getaways, Tropical Paradise Islands, Snorkeling & Scuba Diving, Crystal Clear Waters, Beautiful Secluded Anchorages, Well-Provisioned Superyacht Marinas

When to Go:

December - March

International Airports:

  • Princess Juliana Airport (St. Maarten)
  • V.C. Bird Airport (St. John's, Antigua)
  • Luis Muñoz Marín Airport (Carolina, Puerto Rico)
  • Grantley Adams Airport (Bridgetown, Barbados)
  • Lynden Pindling Airport (Nassau, The Bahamas)

Luxury Yachts for Charter in the Caribbean 2024 & 2025

Crewed charter yachts in the caribbean.

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Queen Miri Yacht Charter in Caribbean

92m   Neorion

from $1,061,000 p/week ♦︎

Whisper Yacht Charter in Caribbean

115m Lurssen

115m   2021

from $2,787,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Black Pearl Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Black Pearl 14

105m Oceanco

105m   2018

Christina O Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Christina O 34

99m Canadian Vickers

99m   1943/2020

from $751,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Carinthia VII Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Carinthia VII 12

97m Lurssen

97m   2002/2023

from $1,502,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Faith Yacht Charter in Caribbean

97m Feadship

97m   2017/2022

from $1,716,000 p/w eek ♦︎

CC-Summer Yacht Charter in Caribbean

CC-Summer 12

95m Lurssen

from $1,718,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Whisper Yacht Charter in Caribbean

from $1,289,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Lady S Yacht Charter in Caribbean

93m Feadship

from $1,501,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Aquarius Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Aquarius 12

92m Feadship

from $1,500,000 p/w eek

Queen Miri Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Queen Miri 36

92m Neorion

92m   2004/2023

from $1,061,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Lady Lara Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Lady Lara 12

91m Lurssen

91m   2015/2023

from $1,400,000 p/w eek

Nero Yacht Charter in Caribbean

90m Corsair Yachts

90m   2007/2021

from $497,000 p/w eek

Dar Yacht Charter in Caribbean

90m Oceanco

90m   2018/2024

from $1,286,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Barbara Yacht Charter in Caribbean

89m Oceanco

from $1,100,000 p/w eek

Samsara Yacht Charter in Caribbean

89m   2015/2023

Maltese Falcon Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Maltese Falcon 12

88m Perini Navi

88m   2006/2023

from $490,000 p/w eek

Chakra Yacht Charter in Caribbean

86m Scheepswerf Gebr. van der Werf

86m   1998/2024

from $531,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Man of Steel Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Man of Steel 12

86m Oceanco

86m   2010/2023

from $1,000,000 p/w eek

O'Ptasia Yacht Charter in Caribbean

O'Ptasia 12

85m Golden Yachts

85m   2018/2022

from $966,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Victorious Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Victorious 12

85m Ak Yachts

from $858,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Le Ponant Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Le Ponant 32

84m   1990/2022

from $488,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Savannah Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Savannah 12

84m Feadship

84m   2015/2020

from $1,075,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Alfa Nero Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Alfa Nero 12

81m Oceanco

81m   2007/2021

from $728,000 p/w eek *

Elements Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Elements 12

80m Yachtley

Excellence Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Excellence 12

80m Abeking & Rasmussen

from $1,150,000 p/w eek

Amaryllis Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Amaryllis 12

78m Abeking & Rasmussen

78m   2011/2022

from $770,000 p/w eek

Malia Yacht Charter in Caribbean

78m Golden Yachts

78m   2023/2024

from $805,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Yersin Yacht Charter in Caribbean

from $480,000 p/w eek

Huntress Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Huntress 12

76m Lurssen

76m   2009/2022

from $725,000 p/w eek

Kensho Yacht Charter in Caribbean

75m Admiral Yachts

from $967,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Arrow Yacht Charter in Caribbean

75m Feadship

from $900,000 p/w eek *

M'Brace Yacht Charter in Caribbean

75m Abeking & Rasmussen

from $880,000 p/w eek

Starburst IV Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Starburst IV 12

from $974,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Siren Yacht Charter in Caribbean

74m Nobiskrug

74m   2008/2013

from $558,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Laurel Yacht Charter in Caribbean

73m Delta Marine

73m   2006/2015

from $525,000 p/w eek

Nautilus Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Nautilus 12

73m Picchiotti

from $804,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Titania Yacht Charter in Caribbean

73m Lurssen

73m   2006/2020

from $615,000 p/w eek

Quantum of Solace Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Quantum of Solace 12

73m Turquoise Yachts

73m   2012/2022

from $574,000 p/w eek

Game Changer Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Game Changer 17

72m Damen Yachting

72m   2017/2020

from $450,000 p/w eek

Arbema Yacht Charter in Caribbean

72m   2010/2023

from $600,000 p/w eek

Axioma Yacht Charter in Caribbean

72m Dunya Yachts

72m   2013/2020

from $660,000 p/w eek

Talisman C Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Talisman C 12

71m Turquoise Yachts

71m   2011/2020

from $567,000 p/w eek

Joy Yacht Charter in Caribbean

70m Feadship

from $650,000 p/w eek

Sherakhan Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Sherakhan 26

70m Vuijk Scheepswerven

70m   2005/2022

from $585,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Sycara V Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Sycara V 12

68m Nobiskrug

68m   2010/2017

Wayfinder Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Wayfinder 12

68m Astilleros Armon

from $375,000 p/w eek

Loon Yacht Charter in Caribbean

68m Icon Yachts

68m   2010/2020

from $540,000 p/w eek

Vertigo Yacht Charter in Caribbean

67m Alloy Yachts

67m   2011/2019

from $349,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Calex Yacht Charter in Caribbean

67m Benetti

from $680,000 p/w eek

Global Yacht Charter in Caribbean

67m Shadow Marine

67m   2007/2008

from $120,000 p/w eek

Okto Yacht Charter in Caribbean

66m   2014/2023

Alchemy Yacht Charter in Caribbean

66m Rossinavi

from $637,000 p/w eek *

Invictus Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Invictus 12

66m Delta Marine

66m   2013/2020

from $650,000 p/w eek *

Triumph Yacht Charter in Caribbean

65m Benetti

Ventum Maris Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Ventum Maris 12

66m   2011/2021

from $530,000 p/w eek

Eternity Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Eternity 17 7 12

65m Codecasa

65m   2010/2022

from $390,000 p/w eek

Illusion Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Illusion 12

65m   2013/2019

from $462,000 p/w eek

Seanna Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Resilience 12

from $644,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Silver Angel Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Silver Angel 12

65m   2009/2015

from $425,000 p/w eek

Moca Yacht Charter in Caribbean

64m Benetti

64m   2016/2021

from $475,000 p/w eek

SuRi Yacht Charter in Caribbean

63m Halter Marine

63m   1978/2022

from $350,000 p/w eek *

Lady Britt Yacht Charter in Caribbean

Lady Britt 12

63m Feadship

from $465,000 p/w eek *

North Star Yacht Charter in Caribbean

North Star 12

63m Sunrise Yachts

from $430,000 p/w eek

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Crewed Luxury Yachts in the Caribbean

Caribbean Yacht Search:

  • Bubble name

Yacht Amenities

Top 'Things To Do' in the Caribbean

Cat Cay

Take a peek into private Bahamian paradise

Hope Town Lighthouse

A charming beacon of hope in the Bahamas

Moriah Harbour Cay National Park

Paradisacal nature park in the Bahamas

More Things To Do

Caribbean Yacht Charter Q&A

The best time to visit the Caribbean is generally December to April, when it's a little cooler and less humid. But the best month to visit can differ depending on the island, budget and interests you have. For example, some yacht charter guests may decide to visit May to June and late November, when weather is still fantastic but there are fewer crowds.

We advise booking your Caribbean yacht rental at least three months in advance to ensure you get the yacht you desire. The longer you leave it, the fewer choices you will have to rent in the Caribbean.

For your Caribbean superyacht charter, you will need to provide a completed charter agreement and 50% of the charter fee as a deposit. This is payable once the contract has been signed.

When booking a Caribbean yacht rental, do keep in mind the costs that aren't included in the base rate, namely VAT and the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance). The APA is usually paid in advance of the charter and is commonly set at 30% of the charter fee. This allowance covers expenses such as fuel, berthing, food and drinks, as well as any special requests. 

Please consult your yacht charter broker for any other costs you may need to factor in for your yacht charter in the Caribbean.

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  • What yacht charter costs are there ?
  • Are there all inclusive charters?
  • Why charter a yacht?
  • What kinds of yacht can I charter?
  • Where do yacht charters go?
  • What defines luxury yacht charter?
  • How to rent a yacht?
  • How We Help
  • 5 Common Yacht Charter Questions
  • How to choose the right yacht?
  • When is the best time to charter?
  • All Yacht Charter Destinations
  • What can you do on a yachting vacation?
  • What to expect on a luxury charter?
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Find Your Perfect Yacht


Caribbean yacht charters - one resource for every luxury charter yacht

The proven resource for crewed yacht charter in the caribbean.

From the moment you contact us, you will be helped by an experienced and knowledgeable specialist who will take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences for your caribbean vacation. They will be your dedicated specialist and our exceptional personal service will answer every question.

The largest choice of crewed Caribbean yachts?

Absolutely, with our relationships built over decades we truly do have access to EVERY crewed private charter yacht based in, or visiting, every part of the Caribbean.

Whatever the type of yacht for your Caribbean charter, your vacation budget, or the size of your party, our specialists will guide you in choosing the ideal yacht for your Caribbean charter. It's your vacation to explore the islands the very best way possible - on a Caribbean charter yacht.

Browse different types of Charter Yachts in the Caribbean

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Motor Yachts

This category of Caribbean yachts include mega yachts, super yachts, and all sizes of power yachts. With the maximum space for guests, both inside and out, these types of yachts offer excellent vacations. You can choose from a fast, agile yacht, one that is high-end and luxurious, a yacht with a classic design, or one that is contemporary. This is one of the many choices you’ll have when you plan your vacation. See some yachts:-

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Crewed Catamarans are very popular in the Caribbean , especially in the BVIs. Catamarans offer ample deck space that allows everyone to relax together during their charter, sharing the same views throughout the voyage. Caribbean catamarans can typically accommodate between 6 and 12 guests. See some yachts:-

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Sailing Yachts

If you are looking for a winter getaway, there is no better place to charter a sailing yacht than the Caribbean! Feel the warm, tropical breeze on your face. Experience the exhilaration as the wind fills the sails and the yacht is suddenly moved along by just the wind. Savor the magnificent beauty of the Caribbean as you sail silently from one island to the next. Although typically offering smaller spaces for guests, sailboats deliver a truly unique caribbean charter vacations . See some yachts:-

Sample Charter Yachts in the Caribbean

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

ODYSSEA. The 59' sailing catamaran Odyssea is ready to take you and your guests on your next adventure. Throughout she offers relaxing areas to lounge and enjoy the voyage, while enjoying the company of others or absorbing the serenity of the sea. Her spacious cockpit area offers large dining table, sun pad across the back, and wet bar. See ODYSSEA :-

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

OKTO. Get ready for adventure when you step on board the 217' mega yacht Okto. You and your guests will find plenty to do, as she offers plentiful spaces for lying out to enjoy the sun, enjoying a movie in the circular cinema, working out in the indoor gym with an amazing view, or enjoying the on deck Jacuzzi. See OKTO :-

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

NAMASTE. The immaculately maintained mega yacht Namaste offers 121 feet of opulence at sea. She features five well-appointed cabins, both a main salon and sky lounge, sundeck with Jacuzzi, gym equipment, and a long list of watersports including jet skis, wakeboard, fishing gear, and the list goes on. See NAMASTE:-

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

LIQUID SKY. The 67' sailing catamaran Liquid Sky was launched in 2024 by Fountaine Pajot. With four cabins, she accommodates as many as eight guests, and offers a number of places for you to hang out and enjoy the journey, including on the bow soaking in the in deck Jacuzzi, up on the flybridge taking in the views, or on the aft deck with al fresco dining. See LIQUID SKY:-

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

MARIAH PRINCESS III. The 77' Lagoon built sailing cat Mariah Princess III was built in 2020. She offers two queen cabins and two king cabins, all en-suite. The master cabin has a private deck, the flybridge offers an on deck Jacuzzi, and she has a generous complement of watersports, including onboard SCUBA. See MARIAH PRINCESS III:-

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

TRUE STORY. The 67' sailing catamaran True Story is ready to give you and your guests a fun and exciting charter in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. She offers a spacious main salon, large cockpit with al fresco dining and lounge, and flybridge with conversational area. You and your guests can also enjoy a long list of water toys throughout your journey. See TRUE STORY:-

Charter a yacht in the BVI's

The British Virgin Islands include Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, and more. There’s no better way to experience the waters and beaches of the BVI's than on a private Caribbean charter with a full crew to pamper you. Of all the islands in the Caribbean, the Virgins are furthest north. This makes them very convenient due to the proximity to San Juan and due to their direct flights from the United States. Catamaran sailing vacations and crewed sailing charters are very popular in the islands, and their protected waters make them a favorite spot for guests that are taking their first private Caribbean yacht charter. To learn more about them:

Charter a yacht in the USVI

The U.S. Virgin Islands consist mainly of the three large islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. With lovely bays, long beaches, lush nature preserves, fabulous diving spots, and excellent, onshore evening entertainment, many choose to vacation in the USVI’s. Caribbean charters often visit both the BVI’s and USVI’s during the same week, as they are close to one another and the waters are generally calmer than in other parts of the Caribbean. They in general are also home to the largest fleet of crewed, all-inclusive, luxury catamarans. To find out more about them:

Charter a Caribbean yacht

The Leewards are situated in the middle of the Caribbean Island chain. The major airports are located on St. Maarten and Antigua. Due to the English, Dutch, and French influences everywhere you look, they exhibit the best example of cultural sophistication anywhere within the Caribbean. If you are looking to see where the rich and famous go on vacation, you will want to visit the island of St. Barts; for many this is a must stop for a Caribbean yacht charter. Many mega yachts are available for rental in St. Maarten, as it has become a popular mega yacht Caribbean base for the winter. To learn more about the Leewards:


The Grenadines are also called The Windward Islands. Oftentimes our guests will choose a sailing charter over a motor yacht when in the Grenadines, due to the more constant tropical breezes that occur. The islands are much less developed than the rest of the Caribbean, and the inhabitants live on their own time schedule, which enhances the feeling of getting away. The northern most island accessible by air is ST. Vincent, while the southern tip’s major airport is on Grenada. There are fewer Caribbean charter yachts based here; however, occasionally some charter yachts are happy to relocate in order to offer a vacation that happens a little off the beaten path. To find out more about the Grenadines:

What Type of Charter Yacht?

There are all types of Caribbean yacht charters available, including mega yachts, power yachts, catamarans, and sailboats. We have helped countless clients choose the right charter yacht, learning what features and amenities make a difference on caribbean charter yachts. Learn more about different types of Caribbean yachts.

Where Can You Go?

Typically you’ll choose between the Virgins, Leewards, and the Grenadines to charter your yacht. Beyond the region, it is your Caribbean to explore. It’s important for you to remember that there is no cruise ship itinerary to worry about! Your itinerary will be custom designed specifically for you, with you, and is flexible to changes during your charter. We have put together some samples for you to get an idea of what you might like to do while on vacation in the Caribbean. Interested in seeing a sample cruise itinerary ?

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Find Your Perfect Yacht for a Caribbean yacht charter

To see the Caribbean yachts we have in our online database, please select a yacht type and your budget below. Please keep in mind that we do not have every available yacht online. There are many more yachts available for you to choose from when you contact one of our specialists.

For your personalized selection including yachts not online:- Email us now

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Caribbean Charters - When To Go.

One of the lovely things about the Caribbean is that the temperatures remain consistent throughout the year; however, there are some other weather considerations that you will want to factor in when making your caribbean yachting vacation plans. Read More....

Vacations here are most popular between November and July.

If you are thinking of a megayacht, you will want to keep in mind that many of these private yachts which are Caribbean based in winter leave in the late spring and early summer months. They will return again in early winter; however, this does limit their availability. To charter a mega yacht, you will want to make sure that you do so well in advance.

Motor, sail, or catamaran yachts, on the other hand, often have selections available year round. Holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter do need to be planned for as early as possible as these are very popular charter times.

The availability for Caribbean charters can also be affected by the weather in other climates, for instance, when the severity of the weather is bad in the United States or Europe, especially between January and February, the charters are often booked. This is due to many clients looking for a break from the cold.

What Do Our Clients Say About The Caribbean?

Are you excited yet? You should be! Our clients have enjoyed fantastic Caribbean vacations. There is an endless number of places to visit in the Caribbean, from smaller islands to absolutely must be seen locations like St. Barts. Read some of our Caribbean charter reviews from clients who booked a Caribbean charter with us.

Ready to learn more about Caribbean charters?

We are specialists who will make your trip a reflection of our expertise! We know clients need to be confident in their charter vacation plans, so we encourage our clients to benefit from the knowledge base we’ve been building for years. You’ll speak to an authority on Caribbean charters without any obligation on your end.

Test our expertise with your questions!

Contact a specialist - available 7 days a week.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Yacht Name Search

Do you have a particular yacht in mind? We likely have it online and if not, email or call us for details. Search for it online by name here:

These may also be of interest:

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  • Why use a charter broker
  • Can one Broker have access to all yachts?
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caribbean weekly yacht rentals


Summer Daydream: Rent a yacht in the Caribbean for a week

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Table of Contents

Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Have you dreamed about renting a yacht for a week in the Caribbean? Can you see yourself relaxing on the boat’s deck , soaking up the sun while the brilliant turquoise water shimmers below? Well, cross a Caribbean yacht charter off your bucket list, because you can easily turn this dream into reality.

Check out this guide to help you rent a yacht in the Caribbean for a week.

Choose your yacht charter destination.

The Caribbean is chock full of enticing charter locales, each with its own distinctive appeal. From west to east along the chain, you’ll first reach Puerto Rico , featuring a mix of marina facilities and off-the-beaten-path beaches. Next, you’ll find the United States and British Virgin Islands, offering simple line -of-sight navigation between islands, beautiful anchorages, and plenty of snorkeling and diving spots.

More scenic islands are sprinkled throughout the Caribbean Sea, with Trinidad and Tobago the southernmost destinations. For photo-worthy anchorages in protected waters, consider Antigua and Barbuda, located near the easternmost point of the Caribbean island chain.

Select Your Ideal Caribbean Charter Yacht

With warm trade winds and varied sailing conditions, the Caribbean is an ideal destination for both novice and experienced sailors. To cruise these crystal-clear waters, you’ll find a good assortment of monohull (single-hulled) sailboats, featuring comfortable accommodations and good sailing abilities. Many catamaran (dual-hulled) sailboats are also available, offering spacious quarters and minimum drafts that allow them to explore shallow coves unreachable by deeper-draft sailboats.

Surprisingly, you can also hop aboard a powerboat during your Caribbean charter vacation. Choices include fishing boats, cruisers, and motor yachts – truly a boat for every taste and budget. When chartering most vessels, you can hire a licensed captain or go the “bareboat” route and manage the boat yourself.

Promptly Handle Your Passport Requirements

Before addressing other aspects of your trip, obtain your passport. In the United States, the Department of State’s Passport Services Directorate handles all passport applications. Also, remember that many Caribbean countries require tourist visas, some of which must be obtained before you arrive. In other words, do your homework and allow plenty of time for passport and visa processing.

Nail Down Your Onboard Food Arrangements

When you’re renting a yacht for a week in the Caribbean, you have two workable meal planning options. First, you can prepare your own menu and go food shopping when you arrive. Depending on your charter arrangement, a provisioning package might also be available, meaning that you’ll step aboard a fully stocked vessel. In some cases, you can hire a professional cook to handle the meal prep and cleanup chores.

Pack These “Must Have” Charter Vacation Items

While you’re renting a yacht for a week in the Caribbean, you’ll be boating in mostly sunny weather with a nice breeze. Depending on your location and season, temperatures range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. So, pack minimal swimsuits, shorts and T-shirts, plus a nice outfit for dinner ashore . Throw in a set of lightweight foul weather gear and flip-flops, and you’re probably set for the week.

Beyond clothing, pack a compact camera and portable music device. Tuck in differently sized Ziploc bags, useful for storing wet swimsuits, shells, and treasures. Because you’ll likely take some ocean baths, bring a biodegradable shampoo and body gel designed for salt-water use, plus a bath puff. A drawstring mesh bag will help to keep your bath supplies handy. Finally, leave your hard luggage at home, and pack everything in a soft duffel bag.

Boat Selection: Renting a Yacht for a Week in the Caribbean

To choose a nicely equipped boat for your Caribbean yacht charter, check into Boatsetter , the leading boat-sharing company that makes it easy for boaters to connect with local boat owners.

Yes, Boatsetter even lists privately owned sailboats and powerboats in prime charter spots such as the United States and British Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and Puerto Rico . If you’d like a licensed Coast Guard captain to handle the boat while you relax, you can arrange that. So grab your calendar, choose a gorgeous Caribbean destination, and book that Boatsetter boat right now!

boatsetter loco

Boatsetter empowers people to explore with confidence by showing them a world of possibility on the water. Rent  a boat,  list  your boat, or become a  Boatsetter captain  today.

Browse by experience

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

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caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Boatsetter's October Photo Contest: Boat Owner Edition 

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two fishers talking in bass fishing boat

The 5 Best Fishing Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Marina Del Rey Boatsetter Rentals!

Caribbean Charter | Professional Crewed Yacht Charters

Yacht Charter Bookings

St. thomas, virgin islands, tel: 340-774-5630.

Email: [email protected]

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All-Inclusive Yacht Charters

All-Inclusive Yacht Charters are with a captain and your own personal chef they tailor your charter for a needs and requests. allows you enjoy sailing in beautiful large vessels such as; Catamarans, Monohulls and Power Yachts designed for comfort.

Kayak, snorkel, sail, scuba dive, paddle-board, fish, island hop, or simply relax aboard a Caribbean yacht charter. We’ve listed just a few reasons below:

Fully Crewed, Catered & Private Sailing Yacht Charters Tailored for You & Your Guests

  • Private Sailing Vacation
  • Create Your Own Custom Itinerary
  • Visit Untouched Islands
  • Different Caribbean Destinations
  • Unforgettable Memories
  • Fully Prepared Meals by Your Own Private Chef
  • Underwater Adventures with Sea Life

We Look Forward to Welcoming You Aboard!

Explore Destinations like the British Virgin Islands, St. John, Grenadines, Bahamas, and St. Marten!

All-Inclusive Yacht Charters are with a captain and your own personal chef they tailor your charter for a needs and requests. allows you enjoy sailing in beautiful large vessels such as; Catamarans, Monohulls and Power Yachts designed for comfort.  For more information, please visit our: Frequently Asked Questions.

Choose a vessel from our inventory:

Couple enjoying sunbathing on a yacht - Caribbean Charter


caribbean weekly yacht rentals

  • Sleeps 12 Guests
  • 7 Kings, 1 Twin

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

  • 157′ Mega Yacht
  • 2 Kings, 2 Queens,
  • 2 Doubles, 2 Twins, 2 pullman


  • Sleeps 8 Guests
  • 3 Queens, 1 Twin



  • Sleeps 6 Guests
  • 2 Kings, 1 Queen



Other Yacht Charter Destinations

  • Florida Key’s
  • St. Thomas, USVI
  • British Virgin Islands


caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Scout in the Virgin Islands

Full-day charters 9:30 – 4:30 PM. US Virgin Islands or the British Virgin Islands $1800. Bar hop or visit exclusive beaches while you stop and snorkel along the way!

Our 38′ Scout comfortably holds 6+ passengers, allowing plenty of room to lay out on the sun deck or relax in the shade while enjoying a drink and listening to your favorite music.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

1/2 Day or Full Day Charters

  • Captain and Crew
  • Complementary snorkel equipment and fins
  • Coolers stocked with Ice, water and assorted beer.
  • Abundance of cushioned seating and lounging areas in shade or sun.
  • Dry storage for your personal items and gear.
  • Full size restroom
  • All required USCG approved safety equipment, and extra features not required by law.
  • Food, Liquor, Fuel and Crew Gratuity is NOT included.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Fishing in the Virgin Islands

Everyday is a great day to book a fishing excursion. We can give you the fishing trip of a lifetime. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just getting started the  mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, and big marlin await.

We have all the latest and best fishing gear, outriggers, navigation and sonar, along with some of the best and most experienced captains in the islands. Whether you choose a half day (3.5 hours) or a full day (7 hours) off shore trip, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.


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Our team of charter concierges have over 20 years experience in the yacht charter industry…as owners, captains, and crew. With offices throughout the U.S and in the Virgin Islands, we provide 24/7 access to all  of our clients.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

  • 'FEEL THE MAGIC' of the Caribbean

Posted On May 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

Hank and Micheale were unbelievable. We could not have asked for anyone better. Micheale’s cooking is world class. Hank’s knowledge of the area and the sea was also world class. The boat was ...

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Yacht Charter Caribbean - Yacht Rentals Caribbean

Top-rated yacht charters in caribbean - preselected yacht rentals:.

Sailing boat Dufour 460 Grand Large for rent in Le Marin

Sailing boat Dufour 460 Grand Large for rent in Le Marin

  • Dufour 460 Grand Large [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Cockpit cushion
  • Yacht Insurance
  • Cruising tax
  • Administration fee
  • Charter package (Final cleaning, Bed linen, Towels, Kitchen gas, Dinghy with engine, Starter package, Damage Waiver)

Cat Bali 4.1 available for charter in Philipsburg Marina

Cat Bali 4.1 available for charter in Philipsburg Marina

  • Bali 4.1 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Yacht Sun Odyssey 419 for charter in Road Town

Yacht Sun Odyssey 419 for charter in Road Town

  • Sun Odyssey 419 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Barbeque Grill
  • Outboard engine for dinghy
  • Final cleaning
  • Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR)
  • Fuel (for outboarder)

Catamaran Bali 4.0 for charter in Pointe a Pitre

Catamaran Bali 4.0 for charter in Pointe a Pitre

  • Bali 4.0 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Catamaran Lavezzi 40 for hire in Marina Cienfuegos

Catamaran Lavezzi 40 for hire in Marina Cienfuegos

  • Lavezzi 40 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Standard safety equipment
  • Kitchen gas

Cat Lagoon 440 for rent in Cienfuegos

Cat Lagoon 440 for rent in Cienfuegos

  • Lagoon 440 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Service Package (Bed linen, Towels)
  • Tourist tax

Cat Athena 38 for hire in Marina Cienfuegos

Cat Athena 38 for hire in Marina Cienfuegos

  • Athena 38 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Cat Lagoon 421 available for charter in Marina Cienfuegos

Cat Lagoon 421 available for charter in Marina Cienfuegos

  • Lagoon 421 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Sailing yacht Dufour 460 Grand Large available for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

Sailing yacht Dufour 460 Grand Large available for charter in Marina Bas du Fort

Yacht Sun Odyssey 389 for hire in Road Town

Yacht Sun Odyssey 389 for hire in Road Town

  • Sun Odyssey 389 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Dinghy with engine

Sailing yacht Sun Loft 47 for charter in Pointe a Pitre

Sailing yacht Sun Loft 47 for charter in Pointe a Pitre

  • Sun Loft 47 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Catamaran Lagoon 410 for rent in Marina Cienfuegos

Catamaran Lagoon 410 for rent in Marina Cienfuegos

  • Lagoon 410 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Catamaran Lagoon 400 S2 for rent in Le Marin

Catamaran Lagoon 400 S2 for rent in Le Marin

  • Lagoon 400 S2 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • One way surcharge (Martinique - Guadeloupe)
  • One way surcharge (Martinique - St. Martin)

Sailboat Dufour 390 Grand Large available for charter in Le Marin

Sailboat Dufour 390 Grand Large available for charter in Le Marin

  • Dufour 390 Grand Large [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Catamaran Lagoon 380 for rent in Marina Cienfuegos

Catamaran Lagoon 380 for rent in Marina Cienfuegos

  • Lagoon 380 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Antigua and Barbuda (57)
  • Bahamas (239)
  • Belize (33)
  • Colombia (10)
  • Commonwealth of Dominica (8)
  • France Caribbean (454)
  • Grenada (117)
  • Netherlands Caribbean (50)
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis (1)
  • Saint Lucia (75)
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (138)
  • UK Caribbean (878)
  • US Caribbean (275)
  • Abaco Islands (110)
  • Antigua (57)
  • Beef Island (1)
  • Ber Bay (124)
  • British Virgin Islands (878)
  • Canouan Island (6)
  • Caribbean Region of Colombia (10)
  • Cuba Island (18)
  • Dominica (8)
  • French West Indies (454)
  • Frenchmans Cay (18)
  • Grande Bay (82)
  • Great Abaco (110)
  • Great Bay (36)
  • Great Exuma (1)
  • Greater Antilles (46)
  • Grenada Island (117)
  • Grenadines Parish (138)
  • Guadeloupe (82)
  • Hannah Bay (206)
  • Leeward Islands (1804)
  • Lesser Antilles (2025)
  • Marigot Bay (31)
  • Martinique (297)
  • New Providence (127)
  • Prince Rupert Bay (8)
  • Puerto Rico (28)
  • Rodney Bay (44)
  • Saint Barthelemy (2)
  • Saint Kitts (1)
  • Saint Lucia Island (75)
  • Saint Martin (73)
  • Saint Thomas (247)
  • Saint Vincent (84)
  • Scrub Island (1)
  • Simpson Bay (14)
  • Sint Maarten (50)
  • The Bahamas (239)
  • The Exumas (1)
  • The Netherlands Antilles (50)
  • Tortola (876)
  • Trellis Bay (1)
  • U.S. Virgin Islands (247)
  • Union Island (39)
  • Windward Islands (221)
  • Catamaran (1838) Apply Catamaran filter
  • Houseboat (1) Apply Houseboat filter
  • Luxury Yachts (38) Apply Luxury Yachts filter
  • Motorboat (40) Apply Motorboat filter
  • Sailing boat (436) Apply Sailing boat filter

TOP Yacht Charters - Yacht Rentals

  • Yacht Charter North Atlantic Ocean


A curse and a blessing, holiday resorts, and the beauty of a very special part of the world.

Sailing in the Caribbean |

Taxes and Interest, Languages - Yacht Charters and Yacht Rentals in the Caribbean

Yacht Charters Caribbean - Yacht Rental in Martinique |

The best bet for island hopping in the Caribbean is going among the territories of the American, British and Spanish Virgin Islands, which are sometimes just a few miles away from each other, and even sometimes visible from another. The close to each other “Windward Islands” at the very eastern part of the Caribbean, which are mostly governed by the supranational federation of states called the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, all of which use the same currency), are also known worldwide for their magnificent sailing possibilities. 

Fat fish and fast boats create happiness under, in, and on the water

In these waters, time is spent most felicitously when fishing, diving, swimming or surfing. The water in the Caribbean simultaneously provides nourishment, interest, sports and activities, and a comfortable cooling element when the heat gets to be too much. There are, for example, promising coastal areas and coral reefs off of the island Tobago, whose waters are so filled with life due to the warm Gulfstream and cool Atlantic current create the perfect conditions for the large fish varieties tarpon, bonefish, barracuda, marlin, mackerel, tuna, and swordfish. Los Roques, a 40-island and 200-sandbank Venezuelan archipelago north of Caracas, is home not only those fish varieties, but also duck fish, trumpet fish, crayfish, and sea urchins. However, the entire Caribbean Sea’s wealth of big fish such as sharks, marlin, sailfish, swordfish and tuna makes it a unique place for “Big Game Fishing”. An especially popular method of fishing is “chunking” or “chumming”, in which live bait, such as mackerel, is used to attract larger fish species. Guided deep-sea fishing charters with motorboats are offered from almost any island, but the Bahamas (Find a sailing route suggestion for Bahams here), Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic are particularly known for this activity. Divers have an equally large underwater playground with the Caribbean under their fins. In the Lesser Antilles and the so-called “special community” of the Netherlands, the waters around the 290 square kilometer island Bonaire, off the coast of Venezuela, have been known as a diving Mecca par excellence since the 1970s. The local Bonaire Marine Park has been a nature reserve since 1997, and its clear waters and healthy reefs attract 50,000 divers per year to the dive sites Angel City, 1000 Steps, and the Wreck of the Hilma Hooker. Also recommended for underwater excursions are the islands Grenada - Sailing route suggestion for Grenada , Sint Maarten, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Aruba, Curaçao, the Cuban Isla de la Juventud and Cayo Largo, and the Samaná Peninsula on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic.

In total, more than 17,000 yachts and boats are available to rent on - evaluated and easily booked with just three clicks. The most represented boats for rent in the Caribbean are the over 3,200 charter catamarans and more than 1,400 charter sailboats. The majority of the yachts from well-know brands like Fountaine Pajot, Bali Catamarans, Lagoon, Nautitec, Voyage Yachts, Catana Catamarans, Robertson and Caine, Beneteau, Bavaria Yachts, Dufour and Jeanneau were built between 2005 and 2018.

   Charter Yachts | Caribbean

Asume, you'd like to rent a yacht for a week - smaller are available for , whereas very large, cost up to about 35,000 EUR for the same time period. There is also a middle ground, with medium sized boats ready to charter in the Caribbean for between 2,000 and 4,000 EUR per week.

Luxury Motoryacht Primadonna for Rent in the Caribbean   

The reputation for fantastic sailing vacation also applies to the , which, with more than 700 islands (only about 30 of which are permanently inhabited) and Cuba and Florida to the west, is a unique and unforgettable region in which to sail. The approximately 600 Windward Islands, which, with the exception of the Dutch ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) belong to Venezuela, are also ideal for long stretches through the shimmering turquoise waters of the .

   Yacht Vacation Hot Spot | Caribbean


Leeward Islands  | Greater Antilles  | Windward Islands - Saint Michael Parish  (Barbados) | Lesser Antilles  | The Bahamas - Abaco Islands  | Yucatan Peninsula  | French West Indies  | UK CARIBBEAN  | US CARIBBEAN  | FRANCE CARIBBEAN - Grenadines Parish  (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) | NETHERLANDS CARIBBEAN


UK CARIBBEAN : British Virgin Islands (BVI)  | Tortola - East End Bay  | Frenchmans Cay  | Hannah Bay  | Ber Bay  | Nanny Cay  | US CARIBBEAN : U.S. Virgin Islands  | Saint Thomas  | Long Bay  | Vessup Bay  | Puerto Rico  | Bahia de Fajardo  | FRANCE CARIBBEAN : Saint Martin  | Saint Barthelemy  | Martinique  | Guadeloupe  | NETHERLANDS CARIBBEAN : The Netherlands Antilles  | Sint Maarten  | ANTIGUA & BARBUDA : Antigua - Lignum Vitae Bay  | Freemans Bay  | Deep Bay  | BAHAMAS : Elbow Cay  | Great Abaco - Brigantine Bay  | New Providence  | Eleuthera - South Eleuthera  | Rock Sound  | BARBADOS : Barbados Island - Carlisle Bay  | COMMONWEALTH of DOMINICA : Dominica - Prince Rupert Bay  | CUBA : Cuba Island - Bay of Santiago de Cuba  | Bay of Cienfuegos  | Bay of Casilda  | Cayo Largo del Sur  | GRENADA : Grenada Island - Saint Georges Bay  | SAINT LUCIA : Saint Lucia Island  | Marigot Bay  | Rodney Bay  | SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES : Canouan Island - Charlestown Bay  | Union Island  | Bequia  | Saint Vincent  | BELIZE : Ambergris Caye  | Sibun Bight


Here some more Itineraries, Route Suggestions and Sailing Hot Spots in the Caribbean

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caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Barefoot Yacht Charters

Discover Paradise in St Vincent & the Grenadines

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Premier Sailing School offered weekly

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Bareboat or with a Captain - the choice is yours !

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Welcome to Barefoot Yacht Charters

The Barefoot Lifestyle – No Shoes, No Stress, No Mess

Neptune Fleet

Discover the epitome of seafaring indulgence with Barefoot Yachts’ Neptune fleet, meticulously outfitted and maintained for discerning adventurers. Our luxury comfort yachts redefine relaxation, boasting opulent amenities and spacious layouts, ensuring an unrivaled at-anchor experience. Immerse yourself in tranquility and luxury as you cruise the pristine waters of the Grenadines. On the other hand, our luxury performance fleet stands as a testament to superior sailing, designed to thrill and delight enthusiasts seeking exhilarating voyages. Sail with precision, power, and grace, embracing the wind and waves like never before, reveling in the exciting sailing conditions for which the Grenadines are famous. Barefoot Yachts, a boutique family-owned charter company, invites you to savor the finest in nautical luxury.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Viewfinder 2020 Bali 4.1

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Ulysses Lagoon 42

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Sonhos Bali 4.4

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Sonder Seawind 1260

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Hearts Desire Lagoon 46

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Catara NEEL 43

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

AONYX O-Yacht 45

Navigator fleet.

Embark on a cost-effective voyage without compromising luxury aboard Barefoot Yachts’ Navigator fleet, featuring 5-year-old and older sailing yachts. Choose from our distinct categories: luxury comfort yachts, tailored for an idyllic at-anchor escape with opulent amenities, or luxury performance yachts, finely tuned to deliver thrilling and memorable sailing journeys. Experience the blend of affordability and elegance as you navigate the beautiful waters, soaking in the sunsets and salty breeze. Barefoot Yachts, a cherished boutique family-owned charter company, invites you to relish an unmatched balance of economy and indulgence on the high seas.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Willow Dew Lagoon 39

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Pelican Pete Sun Odyssey 34

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Lady Di Oceanis 41

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Inordinate Venezia 42

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Betty Blue Beneteau 50

Fully crewed yachts.

Experience unparalleled opulence aboard A Barefoot Yachts’ fully crewed private luxury yacht charter, where desires are effortlessly met by an attentive crew dedicated to pampering guests with first-class service. Indulge in delectable gourmet meals prepared by your private chef and revel in the freedom to sail on your schedule. With over 32 years of navigating the Grenadines, Barefoot Yachts offers a unique understanding of the region, ensuring an exclusive journey through these breathtaking waters, enriched by their expert insight into the cruising grounds and the vibrant local culture.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Splendido Uno Beneteau 57

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Rob Roy CATANA 531

Racing fleet.

Embark on a sailing adventure of a lifetime with Barefoot Yachts’ race charters in the Caribbean! Picture yourself on the tiller of a professionally maintained, high-performance sailboat, cutting through the azure waters of the Caribbean. Experience the exhilaration of competitive racing and join the ranks of international sailors, embracing the thrill of challenging race courses set amidst the incredible beautiful of these iconic islands. Revel in post-race festivities under starlit Caribbean skies, sipping fine local rums and dancing to the rhythm of this vibrant paradise. Unleash your inner competitive sailor and experience some of the best grand prix racing events in the world, with Barefoot Yachts.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

HAPPY Melges 20

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

SMILE (#212) Melges 20

caribbean weekly yacht rentals


caribbean weekly yacht rentals


caribbean weekly yacht rentals

SEAPLANE Melges 32

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The Barefoot Lifestyle

Caribbean Bareboat Sailing Charters

At Barefoot, our philosophy is simple and our lifestyle is sweet. Through our commitment to you experiencing your ultimate vacation, clean sailing, our use of locally produced organic provisioning and our responsible operating practices, we hope to protect and enhance your experience while improving the world we share with all living things.

Driftwood Restaurant/Bar

' title=

Driftwood Restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine with a Caribbean flair, a stunning seaward view of Blue Lagoon and an intimate, air-conditioned lounge bar. We specialize in local, organically grown fruits and veggies.

Caribbean Bareboat Sailing Charter Videos

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Home | Vacation rentals | Boat rentals | Yacht rentals | Yacht charters in the Caribbean

Yacht charters in the Caribbean

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  • Destinations
  • British Virgin Islands

Yacht charters in the Caribbean

Stretching across the Caribbean Sea between the southernmost tip of Florida and the Venezuelan coast, the Caribbean Islands are a massive, beautiful, and must-see archipelago. Each island boasts a unique character but there are some similarities, too, not least unspoiled shores, a friendly vibe, and a leisurely pace. It’s a destination that’s well suited to yacht vacations, so read on to discover what you need to know about these sleek on-the-water vacation home rentals, along with the best places to turn off the motor and head onshore for a while.

A quick guide to Caribbean yacht charters

Outdoor living space on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean

Before heading off to the far-flung shores of the Caribbean, a quick brush up on the basics will help ensure your yacht trip planning goes as smoothly as the sailing.

Do Caribbean yacht charters come with a crew?

In most cases, yes. The cost to rent a yacht in the Caribbean usually includes a captain, though, for an additional fee, you can also opt to have a chef and, often, other crew on board, too. If you’ve got your own captain’s credentials, typically in the form of an American Sailing Association qualification, you’ll be able to go it alone.

What are private yacht charters in the Caribbean like?

The word private says it all really. Yachts for rent in the Caribbean may vary in size and style, though all offer a stay that’s as secluded as you want it to be. The plentiful space onboard typically makes room for plush living areas and en suite cabins, not to mention feature-packed kitchens and sunny outdoor decks with hot tubs.

Cost of private yacht charters in the Caribbean

How much you’ll pay for an idyllic escape on the water depends on whether you choose a smaller affordable yacht rental or a more luxurious number, as well as how many crew members you choose to have onboard. You’ll also need to consider whether an “all-inclusive” or “plus expenses” approach to meals, drinks, and other costs suits your group best.

When’s the best time to enjoy Caribbean yacht charters?

That’s usually determined by whether you want to enjoy the best of the weather or the most affordable yacht rentals. If it’s the former, you should probably set sail between December and April. But, if it’s the latter, a yacht charter in either May or June or between late November and mid-December would likely prove a good bet.

Best destinations for Caribbean yacht charters

A luxury motor yacht offering sailing adventures in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands

The beauty of enjoying a yacht vacation in the Caribbean is that you don’t have to limit yourself to exploring just one island. This is a landscape that’s meant for island hopping, but that’s not to say there aren’t a few must-visit spots.

Festival vibes in the Bahamas

The Bahamas’ proximity to the Florida Keys makes it a popular and affordable choice for yacht charters from the Sunshine State. Head for the pink-sand beaches of Harbour Island or set sail for Exuma to share turquoise waters with the Caribbean’s famous swimming pigs. Then come the jubilant Bahamian festivals. For foodies, that might mean a jaunt onshore for May’s Eleuthera Pineapple Festival or June’s All Andros Crab Fest. Culture vultures, on the other hand, can soak up the vibes of spring’s Junkanoo Carnival.

Island hopping in the British Virgin Islands

It’s not unusual to hear the British Virgin Islands described as the sailing capital of the world. The allure of this particular island paradise often comes courtesy of endless sunny days and consistent winds, though the short sail times between the islands means you can pack in some serious sightseeing, even if you only rent a yacht for a few days. A crewed yacht sailing from Wickham’s Key offers the chance to explore both the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, ticking off bucket-list sights like the Virgin Gorda Baths along the way.

Intoxicating culture in Cuba

One of the Caribbean’s most unique sailing destinations is served up by Cuba, its warm waters ideal for both diving and snorkeling, and its intoxicating cities, each packed with stunning architecture, classic American cars, and old-time charm, offering plenty of reasons to head onshore for a while. Never is this truer than in Old Havana, this UNESCO-tagged World Heritage Site a medley of quaint, cobbled squares, charming plazas, oversized cigars, and unique things to do.

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Yacht rentals

Yacht rental in Miami

The best destinations for luxury yacht charters, welcome to the glorious world of private yacht charters, your guide to unforgettable yacht vacations, celebrate in style with yacht party rentals, seek out the best destinations for yacht charter in europe.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

All-Inclusive Crewed Yacht Charters

It's time to getaway relax escape cruise, all inclusive crewed yacht charters, british virgin islands | bahamas | st. martin | st. barts | the grenadines.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Starting at $20,800 p/wk


Starting at $12,000 p/wk

Charter Catamaran EUPHORIA accommodates 6 guests in 3 large ensuite cabins. Fully Crewed with Captain & Chef. All Inclusive 7 Nights in BVI starting at $35,000

Starting at $30,000 p/wk


Starting at $120,000 p/wk


Crewed caribbean yacht charters.

Sheer Yachting is a no charge booking concierge service for all-inclusive private, crewed yacht charters in the Caribbean. Each yacht has a permanent crew of at least 2 (Captain & Chef) or more depending on the size and amenities available onboard. Your crew provides top luxury service, prepares all meals, and handles the yacht’s course. The knowledge of these experienced crew members make all the difference when perfecting a yacht vacation.


In any destination.

From the alluring waters of the British Virgin Islands to the volcanic peaks of the Grenadines, our crewed Caribbean yacht charters are available wherever your bucket list takes you.

What to expect

On your crewed charter yacht.

Our luxury charter yachts in the Caribbean bring you an ultimate, all-inclusive vacation aboard your own private yacht. Each of our boats is complete with a professional captain and gourmet chef. Enjoy spacious accommodations, personalized itinerary, and premium amenities for your closest friends and family.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Many yacht rentals in the Caribbean rely heavily on charter yacht brokers, like Sheer Yachting, to book charters and handle the entire booking process. Finding an experienced and professional yacht charter broker is key, and this service comes at absolutely no charge to you!

Your Sheer Yachting Charter Broker, Michelle, will facilitate the entire booking process between you and the Caribbean yacht charter of your choice. With hundreds of yachts throughout the area to choose from, your broker’s extensive insight is pertinent to finding the perfect crewed charter yacht for your needs.

Check out our blog ...

Essential Things To Know About Charting a Yacht With Kids

Essential Things To Know About Chartering a Yacht With Kids

chartering a crewed charter on a budget

Chartering a Crewed Yacht on a Budget

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Choosing the Right Crewed Yacht Charter

Booking is easy, with sheer yachting, find your yacht.

Let us know what you're looking for and we will find you the perfect match! We will contact the yachts to confirm pricing & availability.

Lock in your Dates

Reserve your charter dates by telling your broker to place a complimentary 10 day hold on the yacht of your choice.

sign a contract

Confirm your charter by signing a standard charter agreement and paying a 25% deposit. Then, do you happy dance; you're booked!

Get ready to go!

Fill out a preference sheet provided by your broker so your crew can stock the yacht with all of your favorite foods & drinks!

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caribbean weekly yacht rentals

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Luxury Yachts

Caribbean yacht Charters

The caribbean.

Stunning coral reefs, diverse culture, white sands, and turquoise waters await you in the Caribbean. From the Leeward Islands in the northeast to the Windward Islands in the south, the Caribbean Sea offers over 5,000 islands to explore on a private yacht charter. Envision yourself aboard a stunning motor yacht, escaping the winter weather for the paradise of the Caribbean. Check out our destination guides for all the possibilities. We’ll help you find the dream yacht that will make Caribbean bliss your exquisite reality.

Popular Caribbean Destinations

British virgin islands, us virgin islands, st. martin, st. barth, and anguilla, st. kitts and nevis, antigua and barbuda.

Grenada, St. Vincent and & Grenadines

Turks and Caicos

Caribbean British Virgin Islands

Located in the Lesser Antilles in the north of the Caribbean Sea, the British Virgin Islands are known for their dazzling reef-lined beaches, diverse diving sites, and excellent yachting and sailing. The archipelago is situated on the eastern side of the Leeward Island chain, with close to 50 miles of serene coastline. A cruise around the islands will give you stunning views of their rolling hills, low mountains, coral reefs, and mesmerizing lagoons. 

The US Virgin Islands, a Caribbean territory of the United States and part of the Leeward Islands group, are located in the Caribbean Sea to the east of Puerto Rico. The main islands of St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix, as well as many of the smaller islands, are known for their white sand beaches, steady winds, a multitude of bays and coves, and plenty of watersports. There’s surely no better way to experience

Caribbean US Virgin Islands

Located in the Leeward Island group of the Lesser Antilles, Anguilla, St. Martin, and St. Barths are three beautiful islands, with each being no more than 27 miles away from the other. Anguilla is a coral atoll famous for its world-class beaches, St. Martin features palm-fringed bays and a plethora of watersports, and St. Barths is a volcanic island with pristine waters and laid-back ambiance.  As such, this group of islands is perfect to explore during 

Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the two neighboring mountainous islands of St. Kitts and Nevis form one dual-island nation. This set of ‘two islands, one paradise’, as the locals call it, forms the perfect destination for your next private yacht charter. Rich in history, St. Kitts and Nevis will provide you with the ultimate tropical experience featuring stunning views of turquoise waters, 

Caribbean St. Kitts

The sister islands of Antigua and Barbuda together form one independent commonwealth as a British-styled locale of the Caribbean. Here, you’ll find reef-studded coastlines, unspoiled white sands, sapphire coves, crystal-clear waters, small bays, and loads of fun activities. With 95 miles of serene coastline surrounded  by coral reefs and an incredible 365 beaches

One of the precious gems of the Lesser Antilles, St. Lucia is heaven on earth for water lovers. It is a small but alluring Windward Island sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, measuring 27 miles long and 4 miles wide. St. Lucia features a drive-in volcano, the majestic Piton mountains, fantastic hiking trails, gushing waterfalls, 

Caribbean St. Lucia

Grenada, St. Vincent & Grenadines

A part of the Windward Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines form a laid-back, tropical slice of paradise that preserves the classic Caribbean charm for tourists to experience and enjoy. With family-run stores, traditional farmers’ markets, vibrant watering holes, and an incredible 84 kilometers of coastline, this region is a unique yacht charter destination.

Gather your friends and family and charter a rental yacht to Barbados, the most easterly island found in the Lesser Antilles chain of islands in the Southern Caribbean. The island of Barbados is around 167 square miles in size. A British colony from 1625 until its independence in 1966, Barbados had a fantastic economy that was based on slavery and the sugar trade. However, Barbados was one of the first British Caribbean islands to 

Caribbean Barbados

The pristine and opulent islands of the Turks and Caicos, lying on the southeastern edge of the Bahamas in the Atlantic, serve as the ideal starting point for a luxury charter yacht. They constitute 40 islands covering 366 square miles, with 32 of the islands being uninhabited and largely unspoiled. The area is packed with scenic beauty, historic charm, and enchanted atmospheres.

Caribbean Yachts

Showing all 2 results

Emocean luxury charter yacht

31 SE 5th Street, CU-503, Miami, Florida 33131 Phone:  786-218-3030 Email:  [email protected] 

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

  • Destinations
  • Featured Yachts

Book an unforgettable crewed yacht charter vacation.

View available yachts:.

Book with the Caribbean specialists. For over 19 years we have been a leading yacht charter brokerage connecting groups like yours with the best crewed yachts available for charter in the Caribbean including the Virgin Islands / BVIs / USVIs, Leewards, Grenadines and Bahamas.

Utilize out firsthand knowledge about available charter yachts, crews and locations to book the best yacht and crew for your budget and travel style.

Start planning your vacation today!

Sail away to white sand beaches, consistent Caribbean trade winds, clear blue water, sheltered island bays great for cruising, world-class dive sites, award winning yachts and crew, and sunshine every day of the year.

crewed catamaran charters

Power Yachts

Specials and last minute discounts:.

These crewed catamaran charter specials are available for new reservations sailing from St Thomas or Tortola in the Virgin Islands, or elsewhere in the Caribbean. Contact us now for further information and a no-obligation quote.

See all of the current crewed yacht charter specials and discounts.

Catamaran Hydrotherapy 54

Our customers say it best. Check out their feedback.

Catamaran Salty Dog

Stephen M, aboard Catamaran Salty Dog , February 2024  sailing the Virgin Islands

Catamaran Moon Shadow

Max M, aboard Catamaran Moon Shadow , February 2024  sailing the British Virgin Islands

Catamaran Gambit

Mackie M, aboard Catamaran Gambit , January 2024  sailing the British Virgin Islands

> See all of our crewed yacht charter reviews

Caribbean Yacht Charter Vacations

A crewed Caribbean yacht charter offers you the freedom to explore this tropical paradise without limits and at your own pace.

With accommodation, a professional captain, a personal chef, all meals, cocktails, wine, beer, snacks, fuel, equipment, and water toys included, few other vacations offer such an extraordinary experience and value.

Itineraries are completely flexible within your cruising area. Sail the diverse US and British Virgin Islands, the undeveloped and resort islands of the Caribbean Grenadines, or charter a luxury power yacht to cruise St. Martin, St. Barts, and Antigua in the Caribbean Leeward Islands.

Sailing Direction's charter brokers help you book a private crewed yacht in the Caribbean for any group size and budget. Whether you're looking for a family sailing vacation, a couple's adventure holiday, a BVI yacht charter, or a honeymoon or anniversary celebration - we've got you covered for an unforgettable crewed yacht charter experience.

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Rent Catamaran Caribbean at Caribbean Yacht Charters

  • rent catamaran caribbean


Explore a lifetime experience aboard our selection of luxury and special crewed catamarans in the Caribbean. Rent Catamaran in Caribbean at Caribbean Yacht Charters. It is a subsidiary of Sneed Tropical Yacht Charters, a well-established independent charter booking agency with a global reach.

Rest assured that we will meet your budget range and cater to all your needs. You and your group will enjoy everything from line-of-sight sailing in the crystal clear water of the Caribbean. We ensure you can create an amazing experience of private charter aboard your top-class catamaran.

Renting a yacht is the best option for you. It will help you to avoid all the fees and expenses associated with owning one. Renting a professional yacht reduces all the hassle and gives peace of mind during your sailing vacation. Renting a yacht for a few days costs less as well as you don’t need to bother about the maintenance.

Caribbean Yacht Charters

Rent Catamaran in the Caribbean- How much does it cost?

When it comes to the renting fees of a catamaran, it varies with different factors such as age and model, boat rental duration, number of guests on board, high or low season, and extra services like the captain and/or crew.

With a captain and crew

Our luxurious Catamarans come with the option of captain and crew aboard. They will deal with everything from navigating, docking/anchoring, making meals, and ensuring your safety and comfort on board.

Your trained and experienced captain will show you some of the best and most stunning spots in the Caribbean. However, the price will vary with the boat size, the number of crew members, and the rental duration.

The best season for catamaran charters in the Caribbean is between March and June. It is the best time of year for catamaran vacations to experience cooler temperatures, flourishing flowers as well as a soother and less crowded paradise.

Rent Catamaran in the Caribbean at Caribbean Yacht Charters

No matter if you are seeking a weekly boat rental or a daily charter, we have got you covered. We offer a simple online booking process too that can be done in just a few minutes.

Our expert and professional team will help you in finding the right deal. Let them plan a perfect sailing vacation for you. Rest assured that you will have an affordable deal. We have catamarans of every size and model to meet your expectations.

Discover the most exquisite islands of the US Virgin Islands, Barbuda and Antigua, and so on. You choose the island you want to explore and your luxury Caribbean yacht.


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Windward Islands Yachting Company

Caribbean Yacht Charter: the Full Price List

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations for yacht charters, and it’s easy to see why.

A yacht rental in the Caribbean  because of its lovely temperature and gorgeous beaches, is a true sailing playground that includes legendary superyacht locations like Antigua , St. Barts, or the Virgin Islands .

But renting a yacht in the Caribbean doesn’t come free. Here are the main factors that influence the price of a yacht charter in the Caribbean, along with the most common price ranges you can expect.

Summary of Yacht charter price ranges in the Caribbean (USD per week incl. food and beverage)

Vessel sizeSailboatCatamaran or TrimaranTrimaranMotor Yacht
Less than 52ft ( 20m) bareboat$2’000- $8’000$3’000 – $20’000$3’000-$10’000N/A
Less than 52ft ( 20m) A skipper in the Caribbean costs approximately 250€ ($250) to $300/day
54ft-78ft (17-24m) $18’000 – $26’000$15’000 – $60’000N/A$20’000 – $30’000
78ft- 100ft (24-30m) with crew$42’000-$80’000$66’000-$80’000N/A$30’000-$60’000
Superyacht over 100ft (30m)From $80’000From $80’000N/Afrom 100’000
Mega yacht over 196ft (60m)From $150’000N/AN/Afrom $260’000

What factors influence the price of a yacht charter in the Caribbean?

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

An individuals owner determines the price he wants to offer for his yacht while following the market. The pricing is based on metrics like the local demand, boat length,  category, crew number and the boat age. Along with this, there are several additional factors that might considerably affect pricing. These are as follows:

1.The yacht you want to charter: the main factor determining the cost of your Caribbean charter

The yacht is a significant component in defining the charter cost, although size is not the only determinant. A freshly introduced charter boat from a renowned builder with an experienced and well-liked charter crew will attract the highest pricing for its size class. Additionally, yachts with a renowned name or a legacy of famous ownership can charge a premium for their “fame.” And yachts with distinctive amenities like movies or unique water toys are also more expensive.

Furthermore, if a yacht has a space in its charter schedule, such as after an unexpected cancellation, certain brokers will sometimes provide a limited-time charter fee reduction.

Don’t make pricing the only factor when choosing a private yacht. It is essential to comprehend why prices are high or low for a particular yacht and accordingly make a decision.

2. The Caribbean destination itself: one of the factor influencing the price of a Caribbean yacht rental

In the Caribbean , there are over a thousand islands to select from, making it arguably the most excellent location for tropical yacht charters globally. You can charter in the Caribbean in three major regions: The Bahamas , the Greater Antilles, the Windward and the Leeward islands .

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Depending on the charter type, the costs, amenities, and crew vary. As per your budget, comfort, and expectation, you may choose one that fulfills your idea of an ideal charter yacht. Here are some examples:

$2’000 USD is the minimum weekly price for a bareboat yacht rental

Bareboat charters are the most affordable alternative. You are responsible for fuel, food, and other expenditures, hiring the crew (or captaining the boat, if you’re licensed to do so), and paying the crew. Additionally, you may consider adding a skipper, hostess, or a mix of the two for bareboat charters. If you’re chartering a bareboat since you are licensed, you will be responsible for all aspects of navigating, sailing, mooring, and security.

Further, it is up to you to pick whether to cook or dine at local eateries along the road. Bareboat charters provide exceptional flexibility to explore whenever and wherever (weather permitting, of course), providing a unique vacation experience for the entire family.

At least one person in the group should be a seasoned sailor, or you may pre-arrange to have a captain on board if you’re visiting a new place for the first time and want to take it easy as a local guide down the coast.

$3’700 USD is the minimum weekly price for a skippered yacht charter

Skippered Yacht Charter is often a Bareboat Charter with the inclusion of a skilled, local Skipper who assumes full accountability for the safety of the boat, navigation, sailing, and anchoring. When floating, the skippers will gladly function as your guide and tour your various secluded harbors and anchorages that are often unfamiliar to most visitors. Subject to weather circumstances, he will pay heed to your desires of where you wish to travel and try his best to accommodate them.

Even if you are a novice, you will love learning to navigate the boat on your own with the assistance of a professional. It is a frequent assumption that a skippered yacht charter would cost significantly more than a bareboat hire. However, this is only sometimes the case.

$16’000 USD is the minimum weekly price for a crewed yacht charter

Crewed charter refers to a luxury charter rented with an entire crew. Generally, the crew onboard differs from charter to charter. Depending on their size, yachts may only have a captain and hostess/cook on board, or they may have a full complement of crew members, including a captain, engineer, deck assistant, experienced chef, and others.

Moreover, the bigger and more luxurious the yacht charter is, the better amenities you will experience. Fully crewed yacht rentals are ideal for individuals looking for an extraordinary and exclusive holiday of a lifetime. Onboard the fully crewed yacht rentals, and you will have a relaxing experience. You may make yourself as comfortable as you like. The personnel will give professional, five-star services while respecting your privacy and fulfilling your expectations.

Our tips to decrease the cost of a yacht charter in the Caribbean

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

A private yacht charter is a great experience, yet it can cost a fortune for some. What if we share a few tips to lower the costs of your yacht charter trip? Here are some:

Charter a yacht during the Caribbean shoulder season

Scheduling a yacht charter during the shoulder or off-season could save you up to half the price, even though sailing in the high season will guarantee the best weather. Yet, if you are a budget traveler or wish to experience charter at the best rates, consider booking at the shoulder reason.

Summer is the peak period in the Mediterranean, with the coldest months being January and February. If you want to save money, you should travel in the spring or fall, when the weather is milder and the water is warmer for swimming.

Excellent sailing conditions exist throughout the year in the Caribbean. However, hurricane season extends from June to November, with the peak of storm activity being between the middle of August and the middle of September.

Before making a reservation, evaluate your off-season location’s monthly mean temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and wind patterns. Stormy weather with high rainfall will not make a trip enjoyable. Hence, plan accordingly.

Pick a cheaper Caribbean destinations

The location, timing, and yacht charter firm you choose all have a significant impact on the cost. You can try and pick an island within the whole Caribbean easy for you to reach depending on where your departure country is. In fact it is easier to arrive in Saint Thomas than to Martinique from the USA, whereas from Europe it will be easy to reach Guadeloupe from France, or Saint Vincent or the United Kingdom with regular commercial flights. Be aware, that taxi planes exist, and can help in commuting between the islands. Popular Leeward islands like the Virgin Islands, Saint Barth or Antigua can be expensive to pick for. Yacht charter during the holidays season, and during popular events such as the Heineken Regatta. So you may want to choose to sail towards the grenadines in May for example, which is a wonderful cruise to do.

Choose a smaller yacht with a smaller crew

Small yachts may be inexpensive, straightforward, and seaworthy. Additionally, their small size makes them cost-effective sailboats. Pocket cruisers are frequently available at a low cost. Further, they don’t require a big crew to maintain and operate. Hence, a small sailboat makes globe travel much cheaper!

caribbean weekly yacht rentals

Nearly all crewed catamarans and most smaller sailing monohulls offer all-inclusive charter pricing. The charter fee often comprises:

  • Captain and Chef or Attendant
  • Three daily meals and snacks every day aboard the boat.
  • All beverages, including common wine, beer, liquor, and mixtures
  • Temperature-controlled accommodations
  • Watersports gear on board (scuba gear may be additional)
  • Permissions for navigation, fuel, limited Wi-Fi, and all deck facilities

Extra fees for all-inclusive ships may include the following:

  • Crew gratuities.
  • Additional communications.
  • Extra marina anchorages.
  • Any meals ashore.
  • Optional gear rental fees.
  • Activities like scuba diving.

Read also: Luxury Crewed Yacht Charters – Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking to set sail on an unforgettable Caribbean excursion but not sure where to look for the best deals, have no fear! With a little bit of research, savvy shoppers can find great discounts and great offers and service from WI Yachts . Armed with knowledge about all payment structures involved in your chosen yacht rental option, it’s easy to avoid unwelcome surprises during checkout – leaving only one thing: smooth sailing for your dream vacation!


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caribbean weekly yacht rentals

caribbean weekly yacht rentals
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Swim with the Pigs, Snorkel, & Beach Day   Nassau, The Bahamas!

In addition to the best offers we have for boat and yacht charters in Caribbean, see also options available for rent in these nearby locations:

  • 1219 boat rentals in South Florida, FL
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Rent a Yacht Charter in the Caribbean Islands on Sailo!

Choosing a Caribbean yacht charter? Discover the thrill of the open water by a private boat rental in the Caribbean Islands from Sailo. Rent a boat in the Caribbean Islands for a day or a week (or as long as you want) and really get to know the beauty of this hot place. Experienced sailors, choose your bareboat and go explore! If you prefer to relax on deck, you’ll find plenty of crewed Caribbean yacht charters waiting to take you wherever you wish.

Our finest collection of Caribbean yacht charters

There are currently 1612 Caribbean yacht charters waiting for you on Sailo. Make a splash with a private boat rental, with one of our 192 sailboat charters in the Caribbean Islands . We also have 459 catamarans available in Caribbean. For those who prefer luxury on the water, browse our 839 Caribbean motor yachts . Want to make room for a big group, or perhaps even throw a memorable party? You’ll find a great selection of 121 party yacht rentals in the Caribbean Islands .

How to find the right Caribbean yacht charter?

Sailo offers beautiful yacht charters in the Caribbean Islands at various price points. Use our advanced filters to narrow your search by date, group size, and trip duration: 2 hrs, 4 hrs or full day charters. You can also choose the type of boat (sailboat, motorboat, Caribbean catamaran charters ) you want and go even further and look for a particular length, manufacturer and model. The price filter will help you see the available boats within your budget and the crew option is useful when you want to see boats with a skipper/captain included or only bareboats. Do you see a boat to rent in Caribbean that you would like? Click on it to go to the next page to read more about it, see more photos, send a direct message to the owner to ask more questions or start creating your booking request right away!

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in the Caribbean Islands?

You can charter a boat in the Caribbean Islands for a day for an average of $1100 per day. The average price for a weekly boat rental in the Caribbean Islands is $16316. Your total budget for a boating trip in Caribbean depends on many factors such as: trip duration, if captain and crew are included in the price or their cost have to be paid separately, fuel cost (which could be significantly higher on a motorboat compared to a sailboat) and other extras you choose to customize your experience in Caribbean.

What is Sailo FREE 24 hours Reservation?

Not sure if the boat you like suits your vacation plans? You can place a free reservation for 24 hrs, no credit card required, for most of our weekly Caribbean boat rentals, allowing you more time to discuss details with the boat owner, talk to your family or friends or customize your budget to suit your needs. Once you have placed the reservation, boat is blocked for 24 hours. During the 24 hours of your reservation, you can book the boat, cancel the reservation or ask for a one-time extension of 24 hours by contacting us at [email protected] . If you do nothing, your reservation will automatically expire and the boat will become available for other renters. Read more about free reservations.

Because we love the ocean

Caribbean sailing vacation is a great way to experience nature. So we like to remind everyone that keeping nature as beautiful as possible involves a little effort from all of us. Some of our tips for responsible boating include:

  • Don’t litter or throw waste overboard - take rubbish home and dispose of it responsibly
  • Eco-friendly sunblock can help prevent damage to marine life
  • buy local and sustainable food products

However long you’re sailing for, a little goes a long way. Read more about responsible boating.

Popular locations for renting the Caribbean yacht charters:

  • BVI yacht charters
  • U.S. Virgin Islands yacht charters
  • Boat rentals in St. Thomas, USVI
  • Boat charters in St. John, USVI
  • Tortola boat rentals

Popular boat types among renters in the Caribbean Islands:

  • BVI catamaran charters
  • Sailboat charters in BVI
  • Catamaran rentals in St. Thomas
  • U.S. Virgin Islands sailboat charters
  • USVI catamaran charters
  • Tortola catamaran rentals & charters
  • Tortola sailing charters
  • BVI motor yacht charters
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  • Key Largo, FL
  • St. Vincent and Grenadines


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  5. Complete Caribbean Yacht Rental Guide

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    For convenience we have listed the average prices for motor yacht and sailing yacht charters in the Caribbean below; For motor yacht rentals in the Caribbean, prices can range from $39,167 to $1.4m per week, plus expenses. For luxury sailing yacht rentals in the Caribbean, prices can go from $29,855 to $276,495 weekly, plus expenses.

  2. Rent a Yacht for a Week in Caribbean

    If you are interested in a Caribbean weekly yacht rentals sailing vacation, after you filtered for weekly trip duration, you can search through 1597 weekly boat rentals in the Caribbean Region by price ranging between $250 and $240000, type of boat, such as motorboats, sailboats monohulls or catamarans, and number of guests.

  3. Caribbean Yacht Charters

    Catamarans. Crewed Catamarans are very popular in the Caribbean , especially in the BVIs. Catamarans offer ample deck space that allows everyone to relax together during their charter, sharing the same views throughout the voyage. Caribbean catamarans can typically accommodate between 6 and 12 guests. See some yachts:-.

  4. Yacht Charters in the Caribbean

    Sailing a Yacht in the Caribbean. Whether you're chasing the Winter sun, looking for a romantic vacation spot, or a fun-filled place for all the family, the Caribbean is the ideal yacht charter destination! The Caribbean enjoys beautiful sunshine and hot temperatures between 75.2-89.6 degrees fahrenheit all year round.

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    Pack These "Must Have" Charter Vacation Items. While you're renting a yacht for a week in the Caribbean, you'll be boating in mostly sunny weather with a nice breeze. Depending on your location and season, temperatures range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. So, pack minimal swimsuits, shorts and T-shirts, plus a nice outfit for dinner ...

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    Sailing in the Caribbean. On a Caribbean sailing vacation you'll experience your nautical dreams in a unique and thrilling way. Set sail aboard your private charter yacht from one of seven island bases, each with their distinct history, delicious cuisine and culture waiting to be discovered. Whether you want calm, protected waters and short ...

  7. Caribbean Yacht Charters: Luxury Boat Rentals

    You can charter a boat in the Caribbean Islands for a day for an average of $1100 per day. The average price for a weekly boat rental in the Caribbean Islands is $16316. Your total budget for a boating trip in Caribbean depends on many factors such as: trip duration, if captain and crew are included in the price or their cost have to be paid ...

  8. Caribbean Charter

    Scout in the Virgin Islands. Full-day charters 9:30 - 4:30 PM. US Virgin Islands or the British Virgin Islands $1800. Bar hop or visit exclusive beaches while you stop and snorkel along the way! Our 38′ Scout comfortably holds 6+ passengers, allowing plenty of room to lay out on the sun deck or relax in the shade while enjoying a drink and ...

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    Private luxury yachts & boat charters in Caribbean. My Account. 888.217.1450 888.217.1450. Home; About Us; Destinations; Reviews; Contact; Select Page. Search Yachts. To ... Weekly Top reviews 'FEEL THE MAGIC' of the Caribbean 'AKASHA' Sets New Standard 'HYPNAUTIZED' on Caribbean Charter Yacht; Featured Videos. Free Ingwe.

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    Asume, you'd like to rent a yacht for a week - smaller bareboat charter yachts in the Caribbean are available for weekly vacation packages from 2,500 EUR, whereas very large, crewed and luxuriously equipped yachts in the Caribbean cost up to about 35,000 EUR for the same time period. There is also a middle ground, with medium sized boats ready ...

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    Embark on a sailing adventure of a lifetime with Barefoot Yachts' race charters in the Caribbean! Picture yourself on the tiller of a professionally maintained, high-performance sailboat, cutting through the azure waters of the Caribbean. Experience the exhilaration of competitive racing and join the ranks of international sailors, embracing ...

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    The Bahamas' proximity to the Florida Keys makes it a popular and affordable choice for yacht charters from the Sunshine State. Head for the pink-sand beaches of Harbour Island or set sail for Exuma to share turquoise waters with the Caribbean's famous swimming pigs. Then come the jubilant Bahamian festivals.

  13. All Inclusive Caribbean Charters • Crewed Yacht Charters

    Let's Get In touch. Fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Call +1 (321) 372-9139 for immediate assistance. Send Message. All Inclusive Crewed Yacht Charters in the BVI, St. Martin, St. Barts & The Grenadines. Explore the Caribbean onboard a private crewed yacht charter today.

  14. Luxury yacht charter rentals in Caribbean

    Barbados. Gather your friends and family and charter a rental yacht to Barbados, the most easterly island found in the Lesser Antilles chain of islands in the Southern Caribbean. The island of Barbados is around 167 square miles in size. A British colony from 1625 until its independence in 1966, Barbados had a fantastic economy that was based ...

  15. Crewed Caribbean Yacht Charter Vacations

    See all of the current crewed yacht charter specials and discounts. View Yacht Details. Hydrotherapy 54. $4,000 Discount. $4,000 discount on charters taking place between now and July 13 in the British Virgin Islands (5-night minimum, prorated discount for charters fewer than 7 nights). Offer Dates: Now - 13 Jul 2024.

  16. Rent catamaran caribbean

    Rent Catamaran in Caribbean at Caribbean Yacht Charters. It is a subsidiary of Sneed Tropical Yacht Charters, a well-established independent charter booking agency with a global reach. ... No matter if you are seeking a weekly boat rental or a daily charter, we have got you covered. We offer a simple online booking process too that can be done ...

  17. Caribbean yacht charter: the full price list

    The Caribbean destination itself: one of the factor influencing the price of a Caribbean yacht rental. In the Caribbean, ... $16'000 USD is the minimum weekly price for a crewed yacht charter. Crewed charter refers to a luxury charter rented with an entire crew. Generally, the crew onboard differs from charter to charter. ...

  18. 30000+ Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters

    Daily and weekly boat rentals and yacht charters on Sailo, world's premier boat rental service. Instant availability, free reservations. ... and California! Check out our weekly and multi-day deals on monohulls and catamaran rentals in the Caribbean sea: the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Martinique and many other splendid tropical ...

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    A mix of the charming, modern, and tried and true. See all. Apelsin Hotel. 43. from $48/night. Apart Hotel Yantar. 2. from $28/night. Elektrostal Hotel.

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    Luxury car request form. Moscow luxury cars rental services (car hire) E-mail: [email protected] ; Telephone 24/7:+389 72 788 267; All over Moscow. Best price range for VIP luxury cars rental offers a variety of services in Moscow:

  22. Caribbean Yacht Charters: Luxury Boat Rentals

    You can charter a boat in the Caribbean Islands for a day for an average of $1100 per day. The average price for a weekly boat rental in the Caribbean Islands is $16316. Your total budget for a boating trip in Caribbean depends on many factors such as: trip duration, if captain and crew are included in the price or their cost have to be paid ...

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