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Catalac 10M for sale in Emsworth United Kingdom

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Make & Model

Catalac 10M



Catalac 10m built in 1990. The Catalac range of catamarans have always offered safe and comfortable cruising and this example is no exception. With an easy to handle sail plan, excellent and versatile accommodation and a high level of interior fit out, this 10m also boasts both bow and stern thrusters to make short handed manoeuvring a breeze. With many recent additions to her inventory, this British built catamaran should offer many more years of enjoyable sailing.

Engine Horse Power


Super Structure Construction


Engine Type

2 inboard diesels

Sloop with Aluminium mast and boom. Stainless steel rigging. Roller genoa

Warm air heating


50L water tanks

Raymarine i70

Raymarine Autopilot


Kelvin Hughes

Winches - self-tailing electric

Winches - at mast


The Catalac 10M is 34 feet long and has a 15 feet beam. This 1990 Catalac 10M with 18 horsepower


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catalac catamarans

8 Best Catamarans That Are 30 Feet or Less

catalac catamarans

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Large-sized catamarans are appealing due to their ample spacing and comfort. Therefore, a cruising family or couple looking to buy a boat is more likely to go for one of these. But are there small cruising catamarans that provide the performance, comfort, and amenities found in larger boats?  

The best catamarans under 30 feet (9.14 m) include the TomCat 6.2, Cadillac 27and 30, Gemini 30, Endeavour 30, and Maine Cat. These time-tested cruising cats are easy to handle, premium built, and are great for daytime sailing, overnight trips, and some even suitable for long-range sea passages. 

In this article, you’ll find a list of the best cruising catamarans below 30 feet (9.14 m). Keep reading to discover which catamarans make this list, what they have to offer, their pros and cons, and how much they cost.

If you are unsure whether or not 30ft is too small for your needs, then I suggest you check out another article I wrote named Best Size Catamaran , it will discuss why length matters and how it affects safety.

Unlike most catamarans designed for racing purposes, the TomCat 6.2 is a medium-sized cat that’s well-suited to daytime cruising. It boasts high-quality construction, vacuum-bagged hulls, and a plywood-reinforced deck.

This 20 footer (6.09 m) comes with an 11-foot (3.35 m) beam and not only offers you safety and comfort but performance and versatility as well. 

This boat has a centrally placed outboard engine and two rudders that allow it to turn quickly and maneuver confidently into and out of marina slips. The 9.9 hp outboard propels it to speeds of around 8 knots (9.21 mph or 14.8 kph), though the boat has the potential to move faster if desired.

This simpler type of cat (just one engine as an example) also allows for cheaper and easier maintenance. Maintenance costs are something most people underestimate when getting a cat, if you want to get some real numbers from actual sailors then I suggest you read this article (How much does it cost to maintain a cat).

The boat sails with minimal heeling, comfortably accommodate 6-8 people, and you can sail it single-handed or take a crew. 

High and narrow hulls bearing arched bottoms allow for a low wetted surface. The hull design provides low resistance and a great deal of reserved buoyancy and also enables you to drive through closely spaced waves.

On most 20-footers (6.1 m), driving through waves generates a smooth but wet ride, but with the TomCat’s enclosed deck (link to parts names explained here ), you are safe and protected behind a windshield and the high bulwark.

The TomCat makes an excellent cruiser because it performs impressively well both under sail and power. It combines the performance of a modern sailing cat with the comfort, style, and convenience of a powerboat. It’s also trailerable since you can detach the hulls from the deck , winch up the deck on a trailer, and slide the hulls underneath.

But the best part is that it’s easy on the pocket, with the price ranging between $36,750 and $44,580 .

catalac catamarans

Catalac 30 (9M)

The Catalac brand consists of strongly built vessels that sport thick hulls, glass windows, narrow beams, and vertical transoms . Catalac 30 was the first vessel in this popular British cruising line designed by Tom Lack in the late 60s. The boat’s appeal was attributed to its safety, ample spacing, well-built interior, and load-carrying abilities.

These characteristics are extremely important on a safe catamaran, overloading your cat makes it sit lower in the water, increases drag, reduces handling and speed, there is stuff you should know about this (so that you can make an educated buy). I have created an article where I try to explain the basics of a safe cat ( link here )

Sporting 5 berths, a massive galley, plus a cockpit with a sheltered steering position, the 30-foot (9.1 m) Catalac makes an excellent floating home for a cruising family. It sails exceptionally well, doesn’t heel ( heeling explained here ), and delivers a reasonable motor-sailer level of performance.

Furthermore, the hulls provide adequate headroom, allowing those on board to move around comfortably, and there’s enough space on the deck for sunbathing. 

catalac catamarans

The Catalac’s structure features solid fiberglass, chined hulls, and a staggered sheerline that allows easy aft access. With a modest rig that’s easy to handle, the Catalac can deliver top speeds of up to 12-14 knots (13.81-16.11 mph / 22.22-25.9 kph) under sail.

Given that the boat’s design focuses more on comfort than speed, this is a spectacular performance.  

Catalac 9M requires a skilled hand when turning into the wind as it is prone to blowing sideways. This is because the boat lacks ballast (which helps in keeping momentum during a tack) but also centerboards ( explained here ).

Skills are always the most essential things to bring aboard and you can acquire them in many ways, my two favorite ways are through NauticEd courses (two free courses here ) or by reading books (my top 15 books here )

Back to the boat! This model came in two versions; the standard layout contained a 30-40hp outboard, while the second option had duo engines. The latter is easier to maneuver into a marina. 

catalac catamarans

These cats retain their value pretty well. However, they might not be easy to come by since most owners find it challenging to get their hands on a larger boat with similar qualities and performance.

A Catalac 30 (9M) goes for between $33,000 and $55,000.

catalac catamarans

Catalac 27 (8M)

The Catalac 27 8M is a pocket cruiser that boasts a strong reputation for high quality, durability, and strength. Besides, the boat’s design makes it somewhat suitable for bluewater sailing ( understand why the small size is an offshore problem).

Built like a battleship, the boat contains solid fiberglass hulls. Additionally, it comes with double engines, a large cockpit fitted with cushions all around, and features standing headroom in each hull.

catalac catamarans

Like the Catalac 9M, this boat comes with two different layouts; a twin inboard diesel engine or an outboard engine. The twin-engine models can motor up to 1000 km (621 miles, read more on cat fuel consumption here ) without needing to refuel, while the 70 amps of charge plus water tanks (70 gallons / 265 liters) make these vessels remarkable coastal cruisers. 

Catalacs equipped with outboard engines sail faster since you can raise the engine during sailing and are also lighter. This helps to minimize drag . Catalac 8M sports a short but thick mast that helps make the boat stable. 

catalac catamarans

Though small in size, this catamaran packs a lot of features in its small frame. It has a full-sized berth, a large galley that’s almost 8 feet (2.4 m) long, a quarter berth, head, and navigation station.

What’s more, the cockpit is as large as that of a 38 to 40-foot (11.5 to 12.1 m) cat.

Catalac 27 costs about $31,836.

catalac catamarans

The Endeavour 30 

The Endeavour 30 catamaran is a boat characterized by stability, ample deck space, and a spacious interior. It boasts fast cruising speeds under both sail and power.

The boat has mini keels and rudders plus symmetrical hulls separated by a hydra-cell. The latter is a center section with a characteristic V-shape. 

The boat’s vacuum-bagged construction helps enhance strength and stiffness while reducing weight. Furthermore, the interior has a fiberglass mold, providing extra strength and rigidity. With sufficient breeze, this vessel can deliver reasonable off-the-wind and doable upwind speeds.

As such, you can expect to attain speeds of about ~10 knots (11.51 mph or 18.5 kph) on power reaches. Below is a video showing a panoramic tour of the Endeavour 30:

This vessel has the internal capacity of a 40-foot (12.1 m) monohull. And you can tell this from the unique layout merging the cabin and cockpit with wide doors to the numerous features packed into this 30-foot (9.14 m) vessel.

It has a spacious salon, an enormous galley, two queen berth staterooms with plenty of storage space, a head with separate showers, and a sizable U-shaped dinette. 

You can get this boat for under $50,000 .

catalac catamarans

The Geminis by Tony Smith were the United States’s first production cruising cats. Today, these vessels remain the most appealing American-built cruising catamarans. Built between 1981 and 1990, the Gemini 30 does not have a contemporary design, but it works remarkably well for cruisers desiring generous living space in a small affordable sailboat.

At only 14 feet (4.2 m) across, Gemini cats are somewhat narrow. But this mean s they can easily fit into most of the regular marina berths.

Besides, the boats still contain enough interior space for a queen-size double berth and two smaller doubles housed in separate guest rooms.

There’s also a modest but serviceable saloon with duo settees and a collapsible table that can transform into an additional double berth.

catalac catamarans

For the Gemini 30, this translates to a cruising cat with standing headroom that can comfortably accommodate 3 couples in private cabins or a family with small children. A good-sized galley, a spacious head with a shower, nav desk, and a large comfy cockpit make up the Gemini 30’s cruising palace.

Catamaran layout is highly personal and if you want to learn more about different characteristics then I suggest you read my article Designing the perfect catamaran layout ( Link )

While not that fast, the Gemini 30 will easily outsail the Endeavor 30 discussed above. Its daggerboards (which are explained in detail here ) can point well, and if you keep it light, it can do 7-8 knots (12.9-14.8 km/hr) under sail.

Besides, raising the daggerboards reduces the wetted surface area, and increases the speed downwind.

catalac catamarans

The Gemini 30 tends to pound and hobbyhorse a little when sailing in choppy waters – particularly when overloaded (more on load carrying capabilities in this article ), but the deep pivoting daggerboards provide stability and lift underwater.

Furthermore, the Gemini’s retractable rudders enable it to venture into shallow waters.

This is a very popular cruising cat that’ll give you a lot of bang for your bucks.

You can find a Gemini for less than $65,000.

catalac catamarans

Maine Cat 30 

The Maine Cat 30 combines premium quality construction materials with the most advanced building techniques to create a lightweight vessel capable of handling most offshore conditions. What’s more, this boat can remain trouble-free for years on end with little effort.

If you are in the market for a simple liveaboard cruiser that you can use for a short weekend getaway or a cruising voyage, this is it.

The boat has a sizable primary stateroom berth with ample overhead space and a dresser fitted with a hanging storage cabinet. The enormous head includes a toilet, sink, 20-gallon (75.71 L) holding tank, vanity, and a pressurized shower.

Covering the open bridgedeck is a permanent hardtop. This spacious bridgedeck can hold quite a crowd and comes with a convertible dinette that turns into an extra berth. If need be, you can even enclose the entire space using acrylic windows or screens. Gabo

catalac catamarans

The 360-degree visibility from the cockpit allows the captain plus the crew a panoramic view, and all sail controls go back to the cockpit, which is very useful if wanting to sail single-handedly.

I believe that most boats should be set up in this way since sooner or later you might be in a situation where there is only one person to handle the controls, such as in an emergency. But more on that in another article ( Link ).

The Maine Cat 30 is a classic boat that delivers on high-performance multihull sailing. Designed to offer much better performance than catamarans bearing tall and heavy bridge decks, this cat weighs less and suffers less windage thanks to the acrylic windows.

The boat’s interior layout allows for easy cleaning as surfaces sport a smooth gel coat and satin-finished cherry trim. The solid but lightweight furniture bears the same Core-Cell foam core employed on the hull, deck, and hardtop. Plus, there’s ample storage for all your sailing equipment, cleaning supplies, and provisions.

A Maine Cat 30 can cost up to $110,000.

Heavenly Twins 27

The overall design of this well-equipped catamaran makes it a superb pocket cruiser.

Heavenly Twins 27 manages to fit not one but two coachroofs on hulls that are only 27 feet (8.20 m) long. Canoe sterns and a central cockpit separating the duo coachroofs form the boat’s other prominent features. 

Famous for their excellent build quality, medium-depth draft, and narrow beams, Heavenly Twins 27 appeals to a wide range of boating enthusiasts.

These include solo sailors, weekend sailors, cruising families, circumnavigators, beginner sailors, and experienced liveaboards such as this famous Youtube channel “Kittiwake”.

The vessels house double cabins in the hulls while the forward starboard contains the heads and, to port, the galley. You can easily access the bar from the well-protected cockpit while the Comfordesk accommodation converts into a double dock. 

A stoop through allows access from below-deck to the aft compartment without going through the cockpit. There’s ample storage space throughout the boat, plus you can section off the large stateroom into smaller double compartments if desired.

The price range for this boat is $ 20,098 to $24,193. (I believe that kittiwake is for sale too)

catalac catamarans

The last cruising catamaran on my list is the Aquilon 26 . This French-built cruising vessel is light in weight and trailerable, which means you can disassemble it in a few hours or transport it as-is.

Designing a boat that is possible to disassemble usually means that it is structurally less strong, which by no means is a problem during coastal sailing but the Aquilon 26 is mostly attractive to sailors who prefer inland lake sailing. It’s also suitable for beginner sailors.

Although there are no real “beginner cats” there are specs to consider if you are a beginner with catamarans, most of them I have listed in another article ( here ). Gabo

This 26-footer (7.92 m) has the potential for good speed though its layout is anything but conventional- which forms part of its appeal.

The cockpit works as the saloon, and a full bimini protects the crew from lousy weather. The starboard hull contains a dinette and galley, and the port has a double berth stateroom. The windows are quite unusual, but they provide lots of light, remarkably enhancing interior visibility.

Aquilon 26 can deliver an average cruising speed of 10knots (11.51 mph or 18.5 kph).

On a beam reach, you can expect around 25 knots (28.77 mph or 46.3 kph) with an adequate breeze ( I have never sailed at 25knots but researching this boat supposedly it is possible).

You can get this boat for under $50,000.

What Makes Small Cruising Cats Attractive?

Small cruising cats are ideal for sailing along the coast. But that’s not all. Under capable hands, properly fitted smaller cats can also deliver spectacular offshore passages similar to their larger counterpart (Heres a list of full-sized bluewater cats).

They can operate over long cruise ranges, cross oceans , and circumnavigate the globe . Smaller cats are also suitable for day sailing, overnight trips, and coastal or inland voyages. 

For most sailors, comfort on board is crucial, so they’ll look for a vessel that guarantees a comfortable cruising experience. The good thing is that smaller vessels provide almost the same qualities and amenities that bigger vessels offer. Plus, you can do quite a bit with the available space, especially if it’s well laid out.  

You’ll find that most 30-footer (9.14 m) or more miniature cruising cats comprise a galley, head, bunks, navigation and entertainment electronics, and refrigeration.

Sailors usually talk about these benefits of smaller cats:

  • They’re less expensive. Large boats are costly to buy. They also cost more to hire, maintain, and dock. You can buy a small-sized boat at a much lower price, and parts tend to cost less too. Besides, you get to use smaller sails, winches, and lighter lines than those applicable on a larger boat. And since marine services such as moorings and haul-outs get billed via boat length, a smaller cat makes sailing more affordable.
  • They boast superior builds. Most cruising boats under 30 feet (9.14 m) feature designs that are 30+ years old. In those days, weather forecasts were hard to come by and not as accurate, so boat builders used hulls with thicker fiberglass than the type found in today’s builds. Furthermore, everything in the boat, including rigs, rudders, hulls, keels and decks, was designed to withstand strong winds and high waves. 
  • They have simpler systems. This means less time spent fixing and maintaining your boat. For instance, most small cruising cats often lack water-makers, hot water systems, or electric anchor windlasses. 
  • They’re easier to handle. Smaller cats are simpler to sail than larger cats. It’s also easier to sail one single-handed or with a small crew.

What is the largest cat on person can sail?

The Disadvantages of Smaller Cruising Cats

Below are some of the most discussed downsides of small cats:

  • They have limited living space, storage, and amenities.
  • Though they don’t heel much, they are less comfortable than larger boats since they get tossed around much more easily in big ocean swells.
  • It’s not easy to accommodate crew for extended periods; hence there are fewer hands to share work.
  • They are slower and take longer to get to their destination.

Though fewer are on the cruising trails than their larger counterparts, small catamarans make ideal cruisers because they are simple, seaworthy, and pocket-friendly.

When choosing the best cat for your needs, focus on quality rather than size. A well-planned 30-footer (9.14 m) is reliable and provides ample space for your accommodation, dining, and relaxation, plus a storage room for provisions and any spare parts you might need. 

And if you want even more info than I have presented to you in this article I would recommend a book from Serj, he makes it easy to understand why size matters and how to find a cat suited for your needs (amazon link )

Owner of CatamaranFreedom.com. A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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catalac catamarans

Catalac Catamarans

Catalac Catamarans

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    Beam:  13'9'    Draft:  2'6'

catalac catamarans

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1983 Catalac 12m

Vessel summary, sold catamaran catcall 1983 catalac 12m.



Boat Length: 41 ft
Asking Price: $149,000
Boat Name: "CATCALL"
Type of Yacht:
Boat Condition:  
Boat Status:  
Model Year:  
Year Built: 1983
Layout: Owner
State / Province / Island:


Manuf. Length: 41' ( 12.5 m)
Maximum Draft: 3' 5" ( 1.04 m)
Minimum Draft: 3' 1" ( .94 m)
Beam: 17' 5" ( 5.31 m)
LWL: 36' ( 10.97 m)
Mast Height Clearance: 48' ( 14.63 m)
No of Berths: 6
No of Cabins: 3
No of Heads: 2
Fuel Capacity: 160 g
Water Capacity: 140 g
Holding Tank: 106
Cruise Speed: 6
Max speed: 9 Knots
Weight Displacement: 9.25 ton (18,500 lb)


Hull Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic- FRP
Hull Configuration: Catamaran


Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar
Engine Model: 3JH3-E
Engine Year: 2000
Engine Horsepower: 40
Engine Hours (Port): 2444
Engine Hours (Starboard): 2412
Engine Type: Inboard
Engine Configuration: Dual
Engine Fuel Type: Diesel

Used Sail Catamaran for Sale 1983 Catalac 12m Boat Highlights

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Boat Description

catalac catamarans

$99,999 | Used | Sail | 40 ft

catalac catamarans

$575,000 | Used | Sail | 42 ft

catalac catamarans

$579,000 | Used | Sail | 42 ft

catalac catamarans

$209,900 | Used | Sail | 38 ft

catalac catamarans

$524,000 | Used | Sail | 42 ft

catalac catamarans

$379,000 | Used | Sail | 42 ft

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors to investigate such details as the buyer desired validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice. Photos may not properly reflect the current condition of the actual vessel offered for sale. In some cases stock photographs may have been used.

Mechanical Disclaimer

Engine and generator hours are as of the date of the original listing and are a representation of what the listing broker is told by the owner and/or actual reading of the engine hour meters. The broker cannot guarantee the true hours. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or his agent to verify engine hours, warranties implied or otherwise and major overhauls as well as all other representations noted on the listing.

Dinghy Disclaimer

All dinghies are considered separate vessels and should have separate titles and documents. There is no guarantee as to the title of the dinghy on this vessel so Buyer accepts that while he may receive the dinghy included in the transaction, he may not receive the proper title to it.

catamaran el puerto

catamaran el puerto

City:  Orlovo, Moskovskaya, Russian Federation (Russia)
Near (Alt.):Rus'

Latitude: 55�32'58"N (55.549444)
Longitude: 37�51'52"E (37.864444)
Variation:12.04�E (WMM2020 magnetic declination)
0.14� annual change

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  •     Moxie 61
  •     Nautitech 40
  •     Nautitech 40 Open
  •     Nautitech 44 Open
  •     Nautitech 442
  •     Nautitech 46 Open
  •     Nautitech 47
  •     Nautitech 47 Power
  •     Nautitech 65
  •     Neel 45
  •     Outremer 40
  •     Outremer 45
  •     Outremer 50 Standard
  •     Outremer 55
  •     Outremer 5X
  •     PDQ 32
  •     PDQ 36
  •     PDQ 42 Antares
  •     Privilege 37
  •     Privilege 39
  •     Privilege 42
  •     Privilege 43
  •     Privilege 435
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  •     Privilege 465
  •     Privilege 48 Transcat
  •     Privilege 482
  •     Privilege 495
  •     Privilege 510
  •     Privilege 65
  •     Privilege Serie 5
  •     Prout 31 Quest
  •     Prout 33 Quest
  •     Prout 34 Event
  •     Prout 35 Snowgoose
  •     Prout 37 Snowgoose
  •     Prout 37 Snowgoose Elite
  •     Prout 38
  •     Prout 38 Manta
  •     Prout 39 Escale
  •     Prout 45
  •     Prout 46
  •     Royal Cape 45
  •     Royal Cape 500 Majestic
  •     Royal Cape 530 Majestic
  •     Sailcraft 30 Iroquois
  •     Sailcraft 32 Comanche
  •     Sailcraft 35 Cherokee
  •     Sailcraft 41 Apache
  •     Sailcraft 44 Apache
  •     Scape 39
  •     Wildcat 350
  •     Seacart 30
  •     Seawind 1000
  •     Seawind 1160
  •     Seawind 1200
  •     Seawind 1260
  •     Seawind 1600
  •     Simpson 48
  •     Solaris 36 Sunrise
  •     Solaris 36 Sunstar
  •     Solaris 42
  •     St Francis 44
  •     St Francis 48
  •     St Francis 50
  •     Stealth 11.8
  •     Sunreef 60
  •     Sunreef 62
  •     Sunreef 70
  •     Sunreef 74C
  •     Sunreef 82 DD
  •     Sunreef 88 DD
  •     Switch 51
  •     Switch 55
  •     TRT 1200
  •     Heavenly Twins 26
  •     Ocean Twins 38
  •     Vaan R5
  •     Vision 444
  •     Voyage 380 Maxim
  •     Voyage 400 Norseman
  •     Voyage 430 Norseman
  •     Voyage 440
  •     Voyage 450 Cabriolet
  •     Voyage 47 Mayotte
  •     Voyage 480
  •     Voyage 500
  •     Voyage 580
  •     Voyage 590
  •     Kronos 45
  •     Wharram 38 Tiki
  •     AMI 320 Renaissance
  •     Woods 22 Wizard
  •     Woods 35 Banshee
  •     Woods 35 Flica
  •     Woods 36 Scylla
  •     Woods 36 Vardo
  •     Woods 38 Transit
  •     Woods 40 Meander
  •     Xquisite X5
  •     Xquisite X5+

Catalac Catamaran Owner’s Corner

  • Post author By Rick
  • Post date June 29, 2010
  • 10 Comments on Catalac Catamaran Owner’s Corner

On this page you’ll find photos of Catalac Catamarans in North America, Britain, Europe and the Caribbean in a FIFO arrangement. If you would like me to add a photo of your boat and bio to this page, please email me and we’ll make it happen. –Rick)

Catalac 8M S/V ScubaCat

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 9M

Dagnall Clutterbuck runs the Catamaran Cruising Association in England and has owned his Catalac 8M “Scubacat” for the last 15 years. British catamaran owners may contact Dagnall at  [email protected]

catalac catamaran for sale, Catalac boat owners, Catalac Catamaran photos, Catalac Catamaran Owner's Corner, cruising catamaran

Catalac 9M S/V Zorba

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 9M

Lennart Dekker is the owner of S/V Zorba sail number 39 since October 2019. He resides in Groningen, The Netherlands. Lennart sailed during his teenage years on the Dutch lakes. After renting a sailboat this summer he decided to pick up sailing again. He decided that he wanted a bit more comfort on his sailing trips and came to the conclusion that the 9m would suit him like glove!

Catalac 9M S/V Melditi

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 8M

Francois Ladret is a 53 years old French Sailor who bought his Catalac 9M, S/V Melditi, in 2014 in Brindisi, Italy. He’s done some coastal sailing on the Adriatic, and is now in Gouvia, Corfu, Greece. He continues to upgrade and equip S/V Melditi in anticipation of a world tour.  Notice the hull extentions in the boat photo? It appears the stern of the boat has been extended about 2 meters. I wonder why this was done?

Catalac 8M S/V Camelot

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 8M

Andra and Tom Gaskell, who reside in New Smyrna Beach Florida, are the proud new owners of the 9m Catalac – S/V Camelot.  They plan on enjoying boating in all of Florida, as well as the Bahamas. We do need to do a bit of work to get her ready. She did suffer some hurricane damage with sail rigging and needs the normal engine work after not being used for 7 months. But we did motor her home from Green Cove Springs Marina to New Smyrna Beach via St Johns river and ICW after some rewiring of corroded electrical plug and a new port engine starter. Now the fun begins to see what the sails all look like and repairing the Jib!!

Catalac 9M S/V Back of the Moon

cruising catamaran Catalac 9M

Martin Connelly bought a Catalac 9M, formerly known as S/V Su-Su – sail no 251, and now known as S/V “Back of the Moon”, three years ago in Leros Greece. He had no previous sailing experience but he is a quick learner. A retired designer, I set about making her a permanent home. I removed the helm cover and cut out the sliding hatch to enlarge and make full head room in the saloon and enclosed the helm station. The restoration is complete both internally and externally and I’m considering selling and looking for a 10m to restore.

Catalac 9M S/V Windsong

cruising catamaran Catalac 9M

Ray and Lori Braun bought S/V WindSong, their 1985 Catalac 9M in 2010 after using our website for their research. They are now enjoying life on the Rio Dulce, Guatemala, learning how to be snowbirds from Canada. Retired, and living with \leukemia and arthritis leads me to appreciate the space, comfort, and great sailing on our 9M. A modification we enjoy is our hard bemini!!

Catalac 8M S/V Lygica

cruising catamaran Catalac 8M

Ben Stone purchased Lygica sail no 128 in August 2015 and sailed her from Southampton to Milford Haven, a 300 mile trip. S/V Lygica is a 1981 Catalac 8M and possibly one of the last to have the old style kick up rudders (unfortunately). Ben says that he has alot of history with the boat and knows she was purchased as part built boat. The main draw to the Catalac was the fact he is just starting a family and the stability is a massive plus also his father who owns a summer twins 25, gave him a lot of encouragement to switch from mono to a cat.

Catalac 8M S/V Meltemia

cruising catamaran Catalac 8M

Jim McKeever informed us that S/V Meltemia sank at her dock in July 2014. However, her future is no longer in doubt. Keith Dennis is the new owner and advised us that the port Yanmar diesel has been revived enough so she will be able to be moved to the yard soon (2015) for new bottom paint and to take care of the through hull that corroded out which caused her sinking. She will now be refurbished by her new owner.

Catalac 10M S/V Blue Felix

Catalac 10M

Sven and Sabine Seren crossed the Atlantic in 2014 on their Catalac 10M, S/V Blue Felix. They departed the Cape Verde Islands in May and arriving in Suriname South America 14 days later. They averaged 5.7 knots over the passage. Not exactly a racing machine, but a solid and stable performer. Other than a small glitch with their auto pilot, quickly resloved, the crossing was flawless, and the boat performed well. After 6000 miles, and over one year living aboard including an Atlantic crossing both agree that this vessel fits them very well and they would buy a Catalac 10M again at anytime.

Catalac 9M S/V Squib

Catalac 9M

Peter Fehringer is the Proud owner of the Catalac 9M S/V Squib. He and his wife are very experienced sailors, having owned a 30 foot monohull which they sailed all over. First through the North Sea to the Netherlands and the French Channels to the Mediterranean Sea. Then on to through Corsica and Italy to Greece. In 2004 -2009 they sailed through the Greek Islands and from 5/2009 to 10/2010 they completed the Atlantic Circle. (that’s two trips across!!). In April 2014 they bought S/V Squib. By the end of May they took their first holiday on their new catamaran and have been happy with the decision to select a Catalac, much more space, no heeling and a little bit faster then their last boat.

Catalac 8M S/V Cats Away

heading for Australia

Meet the S/V Cats Away, the only Catalac 8M we know of that’s inroute for Australia. Owned by Zlatko and Lorianne Saravanja and currently in Virginia, USA, they are heading south for the Caribbean in spring 2014 and then west for the Panama Canal.

Catalac 900 S/V Horizons

Catalac 900 crosses Atlantic

Jeff & Diane Curran have the distinction of being the first to sail a Catalac 900 across the Atlantic. Currently on the Island of Grenada in the Caribbean, they have years of island hopping in tropical breezes in their future. We offer congratulations to the Currans on conquering the Atlantic in a 9 meter boat as this is not only no small achievement, they’re the only ones I know who have actually done it!! Well Done Jeff & Diane!! This photo was taken off Cape Finisterre on the west coast of Galicia, Spain.

Catalac 9M S/V Fiesta

Catalac 9M

Herbert Olson of St. Helens, Oregon is selling his Hirondelle 24 to make room for his new love, a Catalac 9M which will be named S/V Fiesta. Herb plans to get her back to better then new condition over the next couple of years. He has already built a double drop leaf table, new cushion covers, new engine panel (she has twin 2gm20’s) and there is a lot more to do. He also added a small drop swim platform between the davits and will replace the head with a C-Head soon. This 9M has an enclosed helm station, done by the previous owner for year round use up in the cold North West.

Catalac 900 S/V Gahitha

Catalac 900

Terry Kennedy is the owner of S/V Gahitha. He resides in North Carolina but you might run into him anywhere along the east coast of the USA or the Bahamas. Terry is unique in that he flew to England in 2011 to find and purchase this fine example of a late model Catalac 900. He’s pretty certain S/V Gahitha was the last boat of this model run.

Catalac 8M S/V Foxy Lady

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 8M

Ed and Gladys are the new owners of Foxy Lady. As of March 22,2012, she resides in South River, a suburb of Beaufort, NC. She is berthed at the new hog-slat dock that was built in anticipation of her arrival. Captain Ed is busily cleaning and doing general repairs in preparation of introducing her to the sailing community in and around Oriental, NC. They plan on spending many hours entertaining and training their business associates and sharing with them the good life that is possible with the outstanding portable home based business they own.  S/V Foxy Lady is a 1985 boat, hull number 188 and is in terrific shape. She also has the twin inboard 1GM10 option, which is pretty rare to find.

Catalac 10M S/V Fox Trot

Cruising Catamaran Catalac10M

Jean Cusick and Sid Schneider have owned their Catalac 10M S/V Fox Trot since 1995. They have sailed her from Maine to Florida and the Bahamas. Jean says it was love at first sight when they first saw S/V Fox Trot, and she swears she’s never even looked at another boat since they bought her. Jean and Sid finally settled in at at Burnt Store Marina, Punta Gorda, FL in 2005 and live aboard 6 months of the year.

Catalac 8M S/V Cygne

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 8M

Roger Beasley is a long time Catalac 8M owner who is a member of the Gosport Cruising Club based in Portsmourth harbour, Portsmouth, England. Portsmouth is on the south coast of England and is home of the British Royal Navy. He’s recently upgraded to one of the very rare Catalac 10Ms and has contributed the British 10M catalog and 10M review found on this website.  His Catalac 8M, the S/V Cygne, is now for sale.

Catalac 10M S/V Nomads’ Cat

Catalac 10M cruising catamaran

Roger Beasley has been a long time Catalac 8M owner who is a member of the Gosport Cruising Club based in Portsmourth harbour, Portsmouth, England. He recently upgraded to one of the very rare Catalac 10Ms sail number 42) and has contributed the British 10M catalog and 10M review found on this website.

Catalac 8M S/V Shades

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 8M

John Wilson of Padstow , Cornwall GB owns the Catalac 8M S/V Shades. He has just completed a refit in 2010 which included all new rigging, adding 2 new Vetus twin cylinder 11HP inboards, and fixed rudders with hydraulic steering. Well done John!

Catalac 8M S/V Blythe Spirits

Catalac 8M catamaran

The S/V Blythe Spirits is a Catalac 8M owned by Kim Fenton of Portsmouth, England. This boat looks to have some interesting modifications. He fabricated a swim platform and pushpit, raised and replaced the stanchions and guard wires with gates. The rudders were refurbished and finished in stainless along with the mast tabernacle base. He didn’t like the way the mainsheet bisected the cockpit so fabricated a frame and moved the mainsheet traveler so it is now above head height. All controls lead to the cockpit and then there’s all that teak!!

Catalac 8M S/V Chateaucat

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 8M

Roy Wright owns the Catalac 8M sail number 108 S/V “Chateaucat” which can be seen at Falmouth Cornwall UK. Notice the kick up rudders being used for their intended purpose.

Catalac 8M S/V Springbok

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 8M

This Catalac 8M, the S/V Springbok, was recently purchased by Gennaro D’urso, her homeport is soon to be Miami, FL

Catalac 12M S/V Angel Louise

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 12M

Ed and Sue Kelly’s pride and joy the S/V Angel Louise. Shown here in Falmouth harbor, England after completing her Atlantic crossing. Ed and Sue left Florida the end of May 2011, and arrived in Falmouth July 21, 2011, traveling by way of (and spending time in) Bermuda and the Azores.  Well done Angel Louise.

Catalac 8M S/V Catalpa

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 8M

The S/V Catalpa is your humble website author’s Catalac 27 (Catalac 8M). Pictured here at anchor during the Pirate Scramble event in central Florida. Owned since 2005, this boat has the rare twin diesel engine option. Catalpa is a very popular boat in Florida as many a sailor can attest to the fine hospitality found aboard her!!

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Catalac 8M S/V Cat-N-Around

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 8M

This Florida based Catalac 8M is owned by Michael Duckett, who keeps the boat at his own dock southeast of Englewood, FL. She is truly unique as she was repowered several years ago with more powerful 2 cylinder Yanmar diesels with “V” drives. The only boat I’m aware of to successfully accomplish this. She cruises at 7 knots under power!!  Michael entertains the thought of selling his pride and joy from time to time…but can’t find another boat which improves on his Catalac sufficiently to make the change worthwhile!!

Catalac 9M S/V Catonga

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 9M

A Catalac in the middle of Asia? Tim Parkins is the proud owner of this Catalac 9M. He’s the General Manager of a Marine Services company in Mangystau Oblast, Aktau Kazakhstan. The only Catalac I’m aware of sailing on the Caspian Sea.

Catalac 8M S/V Arc-en-ciel de Camargue

Cruising Catamaran Catalac 900

David and Margaret Jennings of Wales GB, recently acquired their Catalac 8M. They’ve had the rigging replaced as well as installing a new furler and are patiently awaiting that fine Welsh autumn weather to have their first sail on the S/V Arc-en-ciel de Camargue. 

Catalac 900 S/V Katerina
Terry Kennedy is an American who flew to England in September ’10 to close on his new boat, the Catalac 900 S/V Katerina.  He chose a Catalac 900 because it presented the “perfect” solution to his requirement for a dive vessel. He plans on putting the boat on the hard and refitting her for his upcoming Mediterranean dive cruise. 

Catalac 9M S/V Night Heron
Marc DeMartini has owned the S/V “Night Heron” for many years, and is almost alone in multihull ownership up in Seattle WA. He is the proud owner of a 1974 Catalac 9 Meter 
Catalac 9M S/V Aigina
Vasilis Marketakis cruises the Greek Islands in his fine example of a Catalac 9M (Catalac 30). He recently repowered her with Kubota diesels with excellent results. I’m hoping for an article from him on how he adapted tractor engines for marine use.

Catalac 12M S/V Dumela
Peter Fynn is a full time live-aboard on the Caloosahachee river in Florida. He is a British ex-pat who used to live in Christchurch in the UK very near the Catalac factory and has a long time relationship with Lack family boat building and Catalacs in general.

Catalac 8M S/V Imoya
This Florida based Catalac 8M,  the S/V Imoya, sail number 8-192, is owned by Emile du Toit. He just updated his furler with a new Harken MK4, and had Imoya’s rudder rebuilt in stainless. With some help from the Admiral,Imoya now has new curtains.

Catalac 9M S/V Kellytime
The Catalac 9M S/V Kellytime (sail number 221), is owned by Rick Whiteny of Yulee, FL. Please note one of the benefits of the 8M and 9M boats, which is the ability to lower the tabernacle based mast.

Catalac 900  S/V Duetta
The Catalac 900 S/V Duetta, sail number 911, owned by Kevin Broadbent & co-owner, Jim Horan of Isle of Man.

Catalac 8M S/V Achillea
Adrian and Jacky of Great Britain own the 8M S/V Achillea. This is their 2nd Catalac as they owned a 9M many years ago. Apparently a Cat comes in handy when dealing with those English tides!!

Catalac 12M S/V Once Upon A Time”
This Miami, FL based 1984 Catalac 12 Meter was just sold by Jack McCammond who owned the boat since 1991.

Catalac 10M S/V Felix
Jack and Lynn Robinson of Fort Collins, Co have just recently purchased Felix and plan on spending their time heading down the ICW to Florida and the Bahamas.

Catalac 9M S/V Wandarer and Catalac 9M S/V Dawn Run
These are two fine British boats. The Catalac S/V Dawn Run (sail no 227) which is owned by Eamon O’Donnell of Isle of Man. Alongside is the Catalac 9m S/V Wandarer (originally Catnova – sail No 15) owned by Annie Lowey of Ilse of Man

Catalac 12M S/V Caymanifique
Rochelle Mefferd is the new owner of S/V Caymanifique. She bought this beautiful Catalac 12M from friends of mine in the Caymen Islands and sailed her to her new home in Texas where the boat is receiving some TLC.
Catalac 10M S/V SassyCat
Steve and Ann Bolin own hull #6. She’s in Corpus Christi TX. They’ve been long time monohull owners who look forward to cruising in their new Cat.
Catalac 9M S/V Angiolina
Jim and Lynn Briggs have owned Angiolina for 23 years. This photo was taken en route to Cypress

Catalac 10M S/V Cop Cat
Bob Asher,  Florida

Catalac 9M S/V OurGusto
Kim and Gillian Buttgereit

Catalac 12M S/V Cat-N-Around
Terri and Steve Brothers

Catalac 8M S/V Kelly Ann
Steve Ramsey, who lives in my part of the world. He’s a great guy and indispensible as he has the only mast lowering pole for a Catalac 8M in the area!!

Catalac 12M S/V Angel Louise
Ed and Sue Kelly crossed the Atlantic from Georgia to London England in May of 2011. Currently crusing the British Isles.

Catalac 12M S/V Angel Louise with Catalac 10M Felix

Jim & Cheryl Lee of Montreal Canada


Catalac 10M S/V Immanuel
Clif and Peta Lewis


Owner of a Catalac 8M and Catamaransite webmaster.

10 replies on “Catalac Catamaran Owner’s Corner”

Hello catalac owners! Can anyone help me about the surface of a Catalac 9, both under and over the waterline I need this measurements to count, how much primer, paint and antifouling I have to buy. Thanks for any help!

I think you need to measure it

Hello Catalac Owners. We just bought our first Catamaran a 9M Catalac. This site looks like it will be important to us as we resurrect a vessel that has sat around for as many as ten years in the St. John’s River. Tons of mud dobbers!!

My wife Betty and I are the proud slaves of the 1984 12M Catalac “Killie Girl”, formerly “Kittywampus”, prior to which she bore the name “Dumela”. WE NEED HELP FINDING AN INSURANCE COMPANY THAT WILL INSURE CATAMARANS THAT ARE OVER 15 YEARS OLD. Boat US/Geico no longer will do so they tell me. We have no claims and had insurance with Geico but inadvertently allowed it to lapse.

Hi, Has anyone powered their catalac with a yamaha 25hp high thrust? if yes please reply. We are in Tampa fl. Thanks

The yamaha 25hp high thrust is probably the most popular outboard on Catalacs.

looking for a 10 metre Catalac in france/Spain in good order – capable of being sailed single-handed by lady owner? I had an 8m years ago and sailed that to Holland Norway,Denmark,Sweden then down the French canals to the Med – brilliant boat! Now bored with land life in France – so looking for a 10 metre to live on in the Med

Just for a record DUNJA III, a Catalac 8m (16/1976) completed 780NM Mediterranean crossing from Leros (GR) to Malta. She was used as a day cruiser for last 20+ years in Greece. With new rigging and bimini/sprayhood, she succefully battered below and behind storm “Daniel”, seeing 54kt of wind and significant swell. One broken rudder, few engine carburateur cleanings and lot’s of great time on the water later she is now safely moored in Birzebugga, Malta. Ready for upgrades and lot’s of great family time!

Hello friends of CATALAC. I am selling a CATALAC 9 at a good price in Barcelona. Works well, needs rejuvenation…

I will inform in detail whoever is interested. Kind regards. Joan

Joan: If you want to advertise on CatamaranSite please go here: https://www.catamaransite.com/sell

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    Lagoon 46 (Florida) "Island Knights" is a luxurious 2021 Lagoon 46 4-cabin catamaran for sale all with en-suite heads and separate showers, complete with water maker, generator, a/c, Highfield RIB, etc Her owners are now upgrading and have enjoyed much owner usage and some light charter in the Caribbean.

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    Catalac 9m (Greece) S/V Déjà Vu is a 1972 Catalac 9M catamaran, for sale by owner. A hybrid with sail/solar propulsion, its main advantages are: sustainability, silence, no fumes/engine troubles, little energy costs, easy maintaining. Thanks to the big battery we can use 230V equipement - no more gas installations!

  20. Likino-Dulyovo, Russia: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024

    Likino-Dulyovo Tourism: Tripadvisor has 61 reviews of Likino-Dulyovo Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Likino-Dulyovo resource.

  21. Catalac 8M Review and Owner Interview "S/V Chateau Cat"

    In this episode, we interview Simon who owns a Catalac 8M called S/V Chateau Cat. He's had it for two years. Simon came to catamaran sailing after growing up with a monohull, so we're really curious about how it's been to have a catamaran for him. What kind of experiences he's had.

  22. UUDO

    Heliport information about UUDO - Orlovo, MOS, RU. Information on this site may not be accurate or current and is not valid for flight planning or navigation.

  23. Catalac Catamaran Owner's Corner

    Catalac 8M S/V ScubaCat. Dagnall Clutterbuck runs the Catamaran Cruising Association in England and has owned his Catalac 8M "Scubacat" for the last 15 years. British catamaran owners may contact Dagnall at [email protected]. Catalac 9M S/V Zorba. Lennart Dekker is the owner of S/V Zorba sail number 39 since October 2019.