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Chartering Your Own Yacht - The Complete Guide

Thinking about whether you should charter your yacht here's everything you should know about it..

Buying a yacht for private use is a great investment - in your future adventures, in your new lifestyle, in your mental and physical well-being. You get to explore the unexplored, spend quality time with your friends and family, or party like a celebrity. It's an experience of a lifetime and a dream come true for many.

However, even though you try your best to maximize your time on board, there are still weeks or even months when the boat’s unused and the crew ‘underutilized’. When your boat is just sitting in the marina, it’s just costing you money. 

That’s why you should consider putting your yacht in a charter fleet. It can not only offset your expenses but even generate profit. Most importantly, it guarantees that your yacht is fully maintenanced and in top shape for when you decide to set sail on another vacation.

chartering my yacht

Chartering your own yacht is a great way to earn money off your investment. (Image source: Shutterstock)

The benefits of chartering your yacht

Chartering your yacht is a great strategy for making some money off your yacht when you’re not using it. But there are also a number of other advantages - here are the main ones:

Reduced operational costs & additional income

A busy charter yacht can cover a significant portion of your operating expenses such as dockage, maintenance, insurance, and other incidentals. Additionally, charter yacht ownership produces an income that you otherwise as a private owner wouldn’t have, providing a faster return on the investment.

Increased yacht reputation and value

A yacht that is marketed for charter has a better market profile. On top of that, If the yacht is active and has a proven success record of providing high quality experience to its clients, it will attract both charter guests and potential buyers in the future. In the long run, chartering is a sound strategy for increasing your boat’s value which would otherwise depreciate with time.​

The yacht stays in top-notch condition 

It may sound counterintuitive but yachts that are part of the charter fleet are usually more regularly and better maintained. Frequent cosmetic and mechanical maintenance that chartering requires can extend the life of your yacht and preserve its resale value.

More experienced boat crew

Charter yachts attract the best caliber of crew that will maintain their service at the highest industry standard. That also means you can enjoy the same quality of service whenever you decide to use it for personal plans.

chartering my yacht

Charter yachts require frequent maintenance. An experienced yacht crew will keep the yacht in top-notch condition. (Image source: Shutterstock)

Earnings and expenses

As a yacht owner, you can definitely earn a profit by chartering your yacht and offset your costs. Here’s the breakdown:

The price of the charter depends on the market, the size, model, condition of your boat, the number of cabins, etc. The expenses which you must take into account as the boat owner include: 

  • registration
  • ship maintenance
  • crew salaries
  • charter equipment (water toys, bed linen, towels, shampoos, etc.)
  • professional photography 

chartering my yacht

Charter yachts which provide a wide selection of water toys are often booked better.   (Image source: Shutterstock)

Even though there are many factors that influence the boat price, we at Magnum always try to set a competitive price that’ll make you stand out on the yacht charter market.  See the prices for the luxury yachts in our fleet here.

How many weeks can I charter my yacht?

For luxury yachts, you can expect your yacht to be booked for a minimum of 6-12 weeks a year, depending on the season.

The average number of weeks is higher for chartering sailboats and catamarans, usually about 14-20 weeks.

What to expect of a yacht charter management company? 

With the right agency for yacht charter management , you can reap all the benefits of chartering your own yacht - offset operational costs, keep your crew sharp and your boat in top shape, as well as build a brand reputation. 

The role of such a company is to provide consulting, support and help you achieve maximum booking through thoughtful promotion. 

Here’s how that works in the example of Magnum:

Once a yacht owner decides to partner with our agency, we both sign the Central Booking Agreement. It states the rights and obligations of the owner, as well as the rights and obligations of us as a central agency. In it we also define the price list according to which the charter service for a particular vessel will be charged. 

The agreement can be signed for a definite period (1 year) or for an indefinite period and can be terminated via written notice (from either party).

Bookings, promotion & payments

Once we sign the Central Booking Agreement with the boat owner, we focus all our efforts on promotion and positioning the boat on the market. It takes some time for the yacht to become "recognized" on the market but since we have access to a large global booking system through which we receive inquiries (YACHTFOLIO), this process doesn’t take too long.

chartering my yacht

A central agency for yacht charter management will help you to achieve more bookings through top yacht promotion. (Image source: Shutterstock) 

After receiving an inquiry from a potential client, we send them a detailed offer with the price and presentation materials (brochure, crew profile, etc.), to give them a complete and better impression of the yacht. If the client confirms the booking, we sign the MYBA contract. The contract is signed by all the parties involved in the booking process - the client (charterer), broker, stakeholder and the yacht owner. 

Payment to the yacht owner is made in such a way that half of the amount to be paid to the owner is paid on the day of the boarding, and the remaining amount on the day of unloading (or the first working day, if unloading day is during the weekend).

The responsibilities of the yacht owner 

If you decide to charter your yacht, here’s what’s expected of you as the owner:

  • During the term of the Central Booking Agreement, the yacht owner is not allowed to enter a business partnership with another yacht charter agency and is obliged to refer all agents who may contact him to his central agent.   
  • The yacht owner mustn’t promote his yacht independently or without the consent of his central agent.  
  • The owner must deliver professional photographs of the boat to the agency.   
  • The owner is obliged to invoice his charters in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia.  
  • The yacht owner is obliged to ensure the registration of the vessel and to have valid insurance policies.  
  • The yacht owner must provide other documentation and take actions that precede the provision of accommodation services on board.  
  • The yacht owner is obliged to provide an adequate crew in accordance with the size of the boat and the uniforms for all crew members.  
  • The yacht owner is obliged to sign the charter agreements on time and report any problems or delays to the agency as soon as possible.  
  • The boat must be adequately prepared for chartering - that includes cleaning, equipment procurement, as well as accommodation, uniforms & training for the crew members.  
  • The yacht owner must have a registered company and be able to issue invoices.  

Why choose Magnum as your yacht charter management company?

Since we were founded in 2004, we’ve been recognized as one of the most highly qualified yacht charter companies in Croatia, with the fastest-growing fleet in the country. As members of the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association, we maintain our business at the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. 

We are well established in the yachting community: our agency is a YACHTFOLIO subscriber and collaborates with a large number of both global and local clients, as well as partner agencies.

Our team of experts have the know-how and the experience to ensure that your yacht reaches its full charter potential - that means maximizing the number of bookings and subsequently, revenue. We fully devote ourselves to each yacht owner and have an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach to supporting you.

If you would like to charter your yacht through our agency, feel free to contact us here . 

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chartering my yacht

A Beginner’s Guide to Chartering a Yacht

Aerial view of Sa Calobra beach in Mallorca

With the pandemic driving a boom in superyacht charters , more and more people are taking to the water for their first yachting experience. But while some superyachts can cost more than a million a week to charter, you don’t need to outlay seven figures for your own yachting vacation.

Wondering what else you need to know before stepping on board for the very first time? We’ve turned to experts in the yachting industry for their insider intel on how to charter a yacht like a pro—from how much it will run you, to where to go, and well beyond. Read on.

Do I need a charter broker, and how do I find one?

It’s a charter broker’s job to match you with the right yacht and crew—and then take the lead in planning the entire experience. Professional bodies such as MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association act as a database of industry-recognized professionals. But the best source for finding a charter broker is often your own network. “Building up a relationship with a charter broker is very important,” says Jacqui Lockhart, a Monaco-based broker at Camper & Nicholsons International . “If possible, look for a recommendation from a friend.”

Once you’ve found the right broker, communication with them will be key. “Take the time to be as detailed with your preferences, such as dietary requirements, likes and dislikes, and preferred activities, as possible,” says London-based broker Charles Crane of Edmiston . “This will give us and the crew the best information to make the charter a success and tailored to perfection.”

How much should I be prepared to spend?

“The entry point is around $40,000 for a week on a yacht 82-feet upwards that can sleep six people," says Lockhart. What can take first time charterers by surprise is that this isn’t an all-inclusive figure. “The charter fee covers the hire, the crew, the insurance—everything that’s linked to the yacht,” Lockhart continues. Anything specifically for the client is extra—including food and beverages, fuel, and dockage. As a rule of thumb, budget for an extra 30 percent on top of the baseline charter figure for these extras, which goes into a fund known as the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA). At the end of the charter, it is also customary to tip the crew; between 10 and 20 percent of the charter fee is a guideline figure. There may also be Value Added Tax (VAT) to pay on the charter rate, depending on the country of embarkation.

At the smaller end of the charter fleet, more opportunity exists for single-cabin bookings rather than whole yacht charters. This year in the Caribbean , Sheila Ruffin of Soca Yacht Charters has launched a “Stranger on the Seas” package. Prices start at around $6,000 per person—all-inclusive—on catamarans between 48 and 60 feet. “This allows couples the opportunity to mix and mingle with other couples for an adventurous and social yacht charter on the Caribbean Sea,” says Ruffin.

What destinations are best suited to first-time charterers?

“For first-timers, I wouldn’t recommend a remote destination,” says Captain Kelly Gordon of Freddy , a 106-foot charter yacht based out of the Bahamas . “When it’s hard to get to, that eats up some of your valuable time and can also take some of the fun out of it.”

While yachts are heading towards unchartered waters such as Antarctica with increasing frequency, cruising grounds in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean are classic destinations for a reason. “For the first-time charterer in these locations, there will be more yacht options to choose from, proven cruising grounds with known and safe anchorages, well-connected and easy access hubs to ensure smooth passage to embark and disembark the vessel as well as the ability to source most provisions that guests may want,” says Crane.

The key ingredient? The crew.

Although much of the focus is on securing the right yacht, the secret to the success of a charter is its crew. “Put simply, the crew make the difference between a good charter yacht and a bad one,” says Crane. Today’s crew are increasingly versatile. “They may also be a diving or yoga instructor, personal trainer, fisherman, or sommelier,” he continues.

The crew also knows your cruising area better than anyone else. “Be sure to pick their brain on fun things to do. They often love the opportunity to come up with fun activities and games, whether for kids or adults,” says Lotte Barker-Hahlo, a London-based charter broker at Burgess .

The level of hospitality from crew on most yachts often convert first-time charters into repeat customers. “The attention to detail from the crew is unsurpassed by any other luxury holiday,” says Barker-Hahlo. “From the unpacking of your suitcase to being offered a drink before you’ve even realized you’re thirsty, it’s 24-hour care and service.”

Gordon says that much of the feedback she receives at the end of a first-time charter is why didn’t we do this earlier? “People are always surprised at how we take the time to get to know their needs before they have even arrived. We really do study those preference sheets!”

Think carefully about who else you want on board

Another important factor to a successful yacht vacation? Your fellow travelers. This is a specific type of vacation, which should narrow your list of invitees. “Strongly consider who you vacation with when chartering a yacht,” urges Ruffin. “Unlike other vacation options, yachts are very intimate and exclusive. Choose to share your water adventure with those you like and will enjoy on the water for a week or more.” Maybe, even for veteran yachties, that's the sagest advice of all.

chartering my yacht

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What savvy yacht owners have known for years.

Owning a new yacht is a great experience and the fun of owning it shouldn’t be diminished by the difficulty of paying for it. For years savvy yacht buyers have recognized that there is a completely legitimate way to significantly reduce the cost of owning a yacht by structuring ownership in a manner that allows you to write-off the purchase price of your yacht and deduct most ownership expenses (insurance, slip fee, maintenance) against your employment income. This can be done by placing the yacht in charter while still having it available for your use and following some basic tax law guidelines. In addition to providing a tax shelter, your yacht will also generate charter income to help offset ownership expenses.

Before reading on, we want you to understand that we are talking about placing your yacht in charter with a local charter company right here in California in a marina convenient for you. We’re not talking about placing a yacht in charter in some foreign destination (Caribbean, Mexico, South Pacific) where you will rarely have the opportunity to use it.

For an informative article on placing a yacht in charter in California read “ Pros and Cons of Putting Your Boat in a Charter Fleet ” by Managing Editor Andy Turpin in the July 2012 issue of Latitude 38.

Your Boat As A Business

First, let’s discuss the tax benefits of placing a yacht in charter and then we’ll discuss whether this will work for you. The key to understanding why yachts placed in charter can generate significant tax benefits is that these are the same tax benefits available to businesses for the purchase of business equipment. By placing your new yacht in a charter management program you are converting it from a personal asset to a business asset, essentially an equipment rental business. The relationship between you and the charter management company is structured so that you own the yacht and they assist you in managing your yacht rental business.

In recent years, Congress has significantly expanded the tax benefits available to businesses for equipment purchases in order to help stimulate the economy. These tax benefits are not available to people who own a yacht strictly for pleasure. While placing your yacht in charter changes the classification of it for tax purposes from a “personal” to a “business” asset, it does not prevent you from using your yacht.

At Cruising Yachts we have been placing new Jeanneaus and Hunters in charter for years and have seen these yacht owners reduce the costs of purchasing and owning their yacht by OVER 50% in many cases through a combination of tax deductions and charter income. Actual savings vary depending on the size of the yacht and the location in which it is placed in charter. Charter fleets in California and throughout the country, of which there are many with hundreds of yacht in charter, wouldn’t be in business if this arrangement did not withstand IRS review. Many of these charter companies have been in business for 20 years and longer.

Tax Shelter and Cash Flow Advantages of Charter Ownership

Here is a summary of the tax and income benefits available to the owners of new yachts purchased and placed in charter in 2012:

  • Under Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code, you can take a one-time expense deduction in the year of purchase equal to the purchase price of your yacht up to a maximum deduction of $139,000. This benefit is reduced for yachts priced over $560,000 (a subject beyond the scope of this article); plus
  • You also can take a bonus depreciation deduction in the year of purchase of 50% of the amount of the purchase price over $139,000; plus
  • You can depreciate the adjusted cost basis of your yacht (the balance of the purchase price after deducting the Section 179 expense deduction and 50% bonus depreciation deduction) over 10 years; plus
  • You can deduct against your charter income and other employment income all ordinary and necessary charter related expenses including, for example, slip fees, insurance, repairs, loan interest, property tax, etc.; plus
  • You will receive income from the charter of your yacht, the amount of which varies depending on the size of your yacht and the charter company you use.

As an example, on the purchase of a $350,000 yacht placed in charter in 2012, the total deduction available to you under paragraphs 1 – 3, above, is $265,600 resulting in a savings of $92,650 just in the year of purchase alone (assuming you are in the 35% tax bracket and can utilize the full deduction). To see how this deduction is calculated, see the Section 179 Tax Deduction Calculator.

This substantial tax deduction is an attractive tax planning opportunity if you are a highly compensated individual or receiving a large bonus or other large payment of ordinary income from active employment or the active conduct of a trade or business. It is not available to offset passive rental income, capital gains or IRA withdrawals.

AND THIS MAY BE THE BEST NEWS OF ALL ..… the Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation deductions are exempt from the AMT calculation!

Professional Maintenance and Support

Placing your yacht in charter also is an excellent way to ensure that it will receive professional maintenance, service and care.  Yachts in a charter fleet typically are washed weekly and cleaned inside and out after each charter. Routine maintenance is performed on a regularly scheduled basis and damage promptly repaired.  For you, as the yacht owner, it means that you can spend your time sailing your yacht and not doing cleaning, maintenance and repairs. Your charter management company will require that every charter customer demonstrate that they are qualified to operate the yacht being chartered in order to minimize the potential for any damage. Damage caused by a charter customer, up to the amount of the insurance deductible, is paid for by the damage deposit (cash or credit card) they make up front when chartering the yacht.

Is Charter Ownership Right For Me

In deciding whether charter ownership is right for you, ask yourself three questions:

  •  Am I paying income tax on taxable wages or salary from my work or business?
  •  Do I have a limited amount of time to use my yacht?
  •  Am I willing to allow qualified people to charter my yacht when I’m not using it?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” or “maybe”, then charter ownership is something you should consider. The reality is that most people use their yacht once a month, on average, leaving the balance of the month available for charter. Besides, if the yacht is paying for itself, it relieves the pressure some people feel to be constantly using it because of the cost. This actually lends to the enjoyment of the yacht when they do use it.

The Next Step

Charter management companies across California are actively pursuing new Jeanneaus and Hunters to place in their fleet. These are very popular charter yachts. If you have an interest in learning more about placing a new yacht in charter, contact a member of our sales staff.  We understand that charter ownership is right for some people and not right for others, and we’re always glad to spend some time discussing it with you and answering your questions. If you decide to go ahead, we’ll help you select the yacht that is right for you and also help you place it with a reputable charter company in your area.  We’ll walk you through the entire process and you’ll find that buying a yacht and placing it in charter is an easy and enjoyable experience.

Two Final Caveats

Two final caveats we ask you to keep in mind: (a)  We’re not tax advisors and are not able to give you advice on your specific tax situation. Everyone’s personal financial situation is different and you will need to evaluate the tax benefits of charter ownership for yourself and in consultation with your tax advisor.

(b)  Placing a yacht in charter won’t enable you to afford a yacht that is well beyond what you might otherwise be able to afford. As a rule of thumb, if you have the income to afford a yacht at a certain price level, you’ll be in a position to take advantage of the tax benefits summarized above, thereby significantly reducing your cost of ownership.

If you have any questions or would like further information on purchasing and placing a new yacht in charter, contact us .

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A beginner’s guide on how to charter a yacht

Chartering a yacht can be a great way to make your next vacation extra special, giving you a taste of luxury on the water. This is what you need to know about how to charter a yacht

Upgrade your next beach holiday and charter a yacht Image credit: PaulVinten/iStock

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a yacht, you’re not alone. These luxury boats are often considered the pinnacle of wealth, providing a mansion-like experience on the high seas. Decked out with everything from multiple bedrooms and gourmet kitchens to on-deck swimming pools and helicopter landing pads, a yacht can essentially serve as a home away from home.

Despite the fun that comes with enjoying a yacht, few people have the income necessary to purchase one outright. With yacht charters, however, it’s possible to taste the spoils of riches without dropping millions of dollars on a large boat. This is what you need to know about chartering your very own yacht for a vacation or a special event.

Why charter a yacht?

Yacht charters can be a wonderful way to take a new approach to any water-centered vacation. Yacht rentals are a unique experience, combining the luxury of a five-star resort with the excitement of a boat trip into one unforgettable experience.

Essentially a floating hotel experience that can take you anywhere you want to go, chartering a yacht opens the door to a whole new kind of vacation. Rather than staying put in a single room or a resort villa, a yacht allows you to experience all of the luxury that comes with a high-end hotel room while simultaneously serving as a form of transportation. Similar to a cruise ship for you and you alone, chartering a yacht comes with a lot of compelling advantages.

A customized experience

Most yacht charters come complete with access to a crew, including a captain, a cleaning staff, and a chef, allowing for a completely customized experience. Rather than relying on a menu, the yacht’s chef can pre-plan meals that fit your mood and palate, no matter where you’re going or what you’re craving. This kind of sailing holiday can give you a customized experience unavailable anywhere else.

Take the hassle out of travel by chartering a yacht with a crew. Image credit: gilaxia/iStock

Unparalleled personal freedom

A traditional hotel can’t get up and move with you, but a yacht can essentially turn your trip into whatever you want it to be. While fuel is often an additional cost on top of the price to charter a yacht, the only real boundaries to where you can go and what you can do are your own imagination and any local laws that apply to your adventure. With a yacht, how you vacation and where you vacation is completely up to you in a way that other water-bound vacations, like cruises, can’t match. You can visit different cities and ports, explore isolated fishing or scuba diving spots, or just travel the seas while enjoying a life of luxury.

Amazing amenities

Normally, boats are simply a mode of transportation, but a yacht is more like a mansion than a car. Most yachts are equipped with things like gourmet kitchens, swimming pools, hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas, spa areas, and even smaller boats for day excursions. Mega-yachts may even have things like helicopter landing pads that owners or visitors can enjoy.

Much like a five-star hotel, chartering a yacht provides access to luxury amenities that are unavailable in other vacation options. In a yacht, you can go anywhere and do anything, all without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Points to consider when chartering a yacht

Yacht charters exist in many different forms, most of which will depend on where you live or where you plan to depart from, your budget, and what you hope to accomplish on your trip. Some yacht charters, particularly those in the off-season, may be more affordable than you realize, while larger yachts or longer trips may cost a significant amount of money. Before moving forward with your yacht rental, it’s important to keep these points of consideration in mind.

How much money do you have to spend on a yacht? If your budget is large, you may not find yourself limited by things like size or duration. However, if you don’t want to break the bank on your charter, it’s important to consider the total amount you have to spend, including any incremental costs that might occur, like fuel or paying a crew. Know the maximum limit for your next trip before you spend time pricing potential options.

Prices vary depending on where you are going, the size of the yacht, and the duration of your trip. A week on a smaller yacht or a catamaran may start at around 10,000 USD, while a larger 100-foot yacht will likely be in the 50,000 USD to 80,000 USD range. Superyachts or megayachts may cost 150,000 USD or more for a week-long adventure.

Note that taxes or value-added tax (VAT) may apply based on where you are coming from and where you are going, so keep this in mind as well. VAT and other taxes are generally not included in the base price of a rental.

Inclusive or expense-based charters

Most sailing yacht rentals fall into two distinct categories: inclusive or expense based. Much like inclusive resort stays , inclusive yachts provide everything you will need to enjoy a trip, including all crew members, food and drink, any planned excursions, and all amenities. These tend to be more expensive trips but allow guests to determine ahead of time what they will be spending per person.

Other yacht charters will be priced as a base rate with any other features, such as the use of a captain and crew, fuel costs, and docking fees, as additional expenses. These are owed on top of the cost of the yacht and can vary greatly. In general, estimated incremental expenses are paid, at least in part, by an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) of around 35 percent of the cost of the yacht. This is a lump sum paid up front to cover expected expenses. If the entire amount is not used, guests may receive a refund. However, if costs exceed this payment, an additional amount may be owed at the end of the trip.

Inclusive charters provide an up-front rate that can allow for easy budget planning. However, expense-based charters can be more affordable for travelers willing to do extra leg work.

Trip duration and destinations

In general, fuel prices are owed on top of the base price of a private yacht, which means that where you’re going will become a factor in how much you are willing to spend. Those planning to visit many different destinations may find themselves facing steeper fuel charges than those who simply want a fishing trip in the same general area. Once you know how far you plan to travel, it becomes easier to estimate how much more may be owed in costs related to fuel during your charter.

Knowing where you want to travel to can help in deciding which yacht to charter. Image credit: den-belitsky/iStock

Boat size for yacht charter

As with many things in life, bigger isn’t always better. While a larger yacht may seem like a better way to enjoy a vacation, going too large may simply result in wasted space – or wasted money.

A mega-yacht is fun, but it’s not necessary and will likely end up coming with higher rates and steeper fuel costs. Instead, most yacht charter clients are best served by putting money toward a comfortable luxury experience as well as the right crew. A great captain and a classically-trained chef are worth far more than an extra few feet, so be sure to prioritize comfort over size. In general, 100 to 120 feet in length is an appropriate size for family trips. Larger parties, like family reunions or weddings, may want to consider a larger boat if a sizeable crowd is included in the charter.

Yacht charter due diligence

Before you begin the process of evaluating yacht charters, be sure you invest time in planning your trip, including point of departure. While there are yacht charters leaving from many coastal communities, be aware that the majority of options are found in cities known for boating, such as Fort Lauderdale and Miami in the U.S.

Once you are reasonably sure of the duration of your trip, where you want to go, what you want to spend, and what size of yacht you need, determine where you will be departing if you’re leaving home to do so. Many different sources, including yachting organizations and general boating magazines, can help potential charter clients collect a list of the options in their target areas. But don’t book the first charter you find. Instead, do the same due diligence you would in booking a hotel room or resort stay.

For those new to yacht vacationing, the American Yacht Charter Association is a good place to start in locating approved brokers in the U.S., as is the MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association and the Royal Yachting Associatio n. Members of these organizations who are involved in chartering must be a known quality yacht charter broker willing to commit to strict standards to take part, so participants are generally reputable with high quality services to offer.

Read reviews

Online reviews can provide an excellent base for evaluating everything from restaurants to crewed yacht charters. Many large and reputable vendors have a presence on top review sites, such as TripAdvisor and yacht-specific sites such as Charter World , providing insight into what prior customers have thought about their yacht rental experience. Reviews can provide a base level of information to guide your expectations, whether for better or for worse.

Speak with area operators

Don’t take website advertisements or even recommendations from friends as the truth—instead, speak with area operators yourself. These can be found via the yachting organizations or the review sites listed above. Get an idea of what yachts are available, average rental duration, destinations visited, and pricing models. Ask any questions you may have – chartering a yacht can be a large expense and so before committing to it, it’s important you’re comfortable and confident in the choices you are making for your upcoming trip.

Any yacht charter operator who is unwilling to share details with you or discuss the finer points of pricing should be carefully vetted before moving forward; legitimate operators should be eager to discuss business arrangements.

Tour facilities

While booking a hotel room without seeing it is often a reality, the high costs of yacht chartering puts more at risk. 

If you live local to the yacht rental you are considering, request a tour of that yacht’s facilities and similar yachts to be sure the size and scale of the yacht you have in mind is right for your trip. While you’re there, request to meet the captain and any crew members, review what kinds of amenities are available, and verify that the experience you are expecting meets or exceeds your expectations. 

Some yacht charters may offer virtual tours for guests coming from far away or offer video chats, but this is dependent on the company or operator in question.

Look for discounts

Yacht charters can be pricey, but saving money on your trip is possible. Just as hotels discount rooms, charter services may offer discounts, particularly for trips that are out of season, longer than normal, shorter than normal, or when trying to fill last minute cancellations. Discounts may or may not be advertised, so be sure to ask while considering your options.

Whether you have an upscale family vacation in mind or a wedding party on the high seas, a yacht charter can be the perfect way to experience a taste of true luxury without springing for your own boat. With charters leaving from most coastal regions across the U.S., a private yacht charter can give you the freedom you deserve to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

A luxury trip deserves to begin and end in style. With a Blacklane professional chauffeur service , you can get to the departure site for your yacht charter with ease.

Easily book, change, or cancel rides on the go.

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How to Charter a Yacht in 10 steps

chartering my yacht

If you have not chartered a yacht before, here’s a handy-dandy primer, or chartering guide 101, for your first charter experience. The idea of chartering a yacht, whether it be in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or other exotic destinations,  may seem a little daunting if it’s your first time. Here’s how to make it simple.

For starters, lets’s go by the numbers – there are over 2,000 registered crewed charter yachts world-wide. If you’re looking for a bareboat , with or without a skipper, there is an even greater selection. Not all charter yachts are created equal.

The configuration of each yacht is different. The size or length and the number of cabins are all important factors and the pricing (rates) will depend on all these elements.  Of course, the season and the destination will also influence the rate. Obviously, YOU NEED HELP and the best help will come from an independent charter broker or charter booking agent. This is what we do, so hopefully you will choose us.

chartering my yacht

1. Discuss your plans with your family or your group of friends and try to get a fix on a destination or cruising ground that everyone can agree on. Get a range of alternative dates that would be most suitable.  Remember that the Mediterranean is a summer-only destination (May through September) and the Caribbean is fine any time of year (like the rum…!!)

Try to get a fix on whether the group would prefer a sailing experience or if they would feel more comfortable on a motor yacht. Catamarans with 2 hulls come in both flavors; some clients prefer cats because they tend to be more stable.

 2. If you want to kick-back and be pampered in 5 star fashion, choose a fully crewed yacht with at least a captain and a chef. If you’re the adventurous type and there are people in your group who are experienced sailors, try a bareboat and save money. Sometimes you can also save money by using a bareboat with a skipper-only option or a crewed yacht with a “captain-only” option. This is especially relevant in the Med where guests usually only take breakfasts and lunches on board and have their evening meal ashore at one of the superb local tavernas or trattorias in each little port or village that you visit. 

3. When you have a broad picture or vision of what you’d like to do, give us a call or email us with as much detail as possible. Even better, please fill out the contact form on our website that has most everything we need to know. The more information we have about your group, the better. It makes it easier for us to match you up with a  yacht or several yachts and specific crews that would be the most compatible with your likes and dislikes. 

chartering my yacht

5. Based on the pre-selected yacht brochures that we email to you, we would expect you to give us some feedback as to which ones you liked or did not like. In that way we will gradually get a better idea of exactly what you are looking for and, in the same manner your own thoughts about the charter will tend to fall into place.

chartering my yacht

If the hold is challenged, we usually have about 48 hours to firm up the booking OR to release the yacht.  This HOLD allows us to prepare the paperwork and make payment arrangement with you.

7. We will email you the charter agreement that corresponds to the yacht you have chosen. There are several flavors of contracts and agreements that may depend on the flag of the vessel, the location and the owners preference. It’s our job to know this stuff so we won’t get into the details here. Suffice to say that you need to review and sign the contract, initial the pages and email back to us together with a deposit.

The amount of the deposit will vary with the lead -time. Normally, all funds must be in our or the management company’s escrow account 60 days before the charter date. Bank to Bank wire transfers are a preferred payment method for moving funds around the world. We will provide you with our wiring instructions. Many times we can accept personal checks provided they are in US$ and originate from a US bank. Credit Cards can be used for the deposit as well. 

8. About 30 days before the start of your charter, we will email you a PREFERENCE SHEET that you will need to fill out and return to us. This preference sheet will help the crew to provision the boat according to your wishes.  It will list food and beverage preferences and also give us other valuable information about your group. 

chartering my yacht

10. Board the yacht at the designated time and date on the contract, there is usually some flexibility that can be discussed with the captain. 

Hope you have found this primer useful and interesting, don’t forget to contact AMERICAN YACHT  for the best vacation or holiday in the world. 

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chartering my yacht

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How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

There are many things to consider and first time charterers can be left confused, that's why we've created a comprehensive guide to yacht charter prices (with a checklist).

charter cost explained banner

The good news: It’s easy to grasp the basics of yacht charter pricing. And with one of our experts in your corner, we can help you more accurately estimate the cost of your next once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

The cost of a yacht charter is dependent on a number of factors, including the type of yacht, the charter destination, local taxes, and the base cost. (If the yacht has a celebrity owner, well that too, can add to the cost.)

Therefore, yacht charters have a wide range of base prices. That’s why charters can cost from $10,000 per week on smaller sailing yachts and catamarans, up to $150,000+ per week on the most luxurious motor superyachts.

What else can you expect to pay? This overview – a part of our planning resource, the Charter Advice Guide – offers an in-depth look at charter yacht costs.

Yacht Charter Price Structure: “All-Inclusive” vs “Plus Expenses”

In the world of yachting, two types of crewed yacht charters are available to you – “All-Inclusive” and “Plus Expenses” charter experiences. What do these terms mean exactly? Here’s a quick look:

  • All-Inclusive Yacht Charters – Some charters (mainly catamaran and monohull charters in the Virgin Islands) offer all-inclusive rates. That means rates are based on the number of guests, and they include all food and drink, water sports, and fuel costs. Dockage and taxes, though, are usually charged separately.
  • Plus Expenses Charters – Rates for larger motor yachts do not include running expenses, which must be paid separately. For these luxury charters, the base price is for the yacht only. Additional expenses, i.e. food, bar, fuel, dockage, port taxes, and other expenses, are charged separately. Most frequently, the running expenses are paid by an Advance Provisioning Allowance, or APA, which is typically 35% of the base price; this is an amount that’s paid prior to the charter.

Our chart below offers a quick overview of what’s included in both of these types of charters.

charter cost comparison chart

Average Yacht Charter Cost: Base Prices

What can you expect to pay for a catamaran, a sailing vessel, or motored yacht? Here’s a quick overview of the average cost to rent a yacht (not including extra expenses) for the most common types available:

Average Weekly Sailing Charter RatesSailing Yacht
Average Weekly Catamaran Charter RatesCatamaran
Average Weekly Motor Yacht Charter RatesMotor Yachts

Factors that Affect Yacht Charter Prices

Since charter yachts are privately owned, prices are set by the owner. This can explain, in part, the wide range of differences in price between boats of similar lengths. Yet, several other factors can significantly impact price, including:

  • The Yacht – The year the boat was built, the builder, previous owners, and the boat’s selection of water toys can also increase the cost of a yacht. Boats can also develop a reputation, i.e. the largest or most luxurious, or having a famous builder or previous owner. Reputation can also affect pricing.
  • Season – Prices typically increase in the high season – i.e. high summer in the Mediterranean or winter in the Caribbean – and decrease in low seasons.
  • Destination – Your charter destination also plays a role in charter cost. For example, prices increase in areas without large charter fleets (i.e. the Galapagos), whereas Bahamas yacht charters,   BVI charters , or Mediterranean yacht charter are priced more competitively.

Additional Costs Considerations on Yacht Charter

In addition to the cost associated with running the yacht and provisioning, there are a number of other costs that must be considered. These are the most significant:

Advanced Provisioning Allowance

The APA on Plus Expenses charters equals roughly 35% of the yacht’s base price. This is a fee that’s collected prior to charter, and it’s similar to an expense account the captain can access during the charter. At the end of the charter, you will receive a detailed accounting of your APA account, plus any unused APA funds in cash.

In the case of overages, you may be required to replenish the APA account during the charter. This can be done with cash, although many choose to set up accounts with their charter brokers , which can be accessed if requested by the captain.

Taxes and Value Added Tax (VAT)

Most boats – whether all-inclusive or Plus Expenses – will not include local taxes or a Value Added Tax into their charter rate. The charterer will be responsible for paying those taxes. Taxes range significantly by destination; here’s a look at some of yachting’s most popular destinations:

  • The Bahamas – Tax: 4% plus 10% VAT
  • BVI – Tax: between $6 and $16 per person per day, depending on the flag of the boat
  • Croatia – VAT: 13%
  • Florida – Tax: 6% for Broward County, 7% for Miami-Dade County
  • France – VAT: 20%, however, 10% can be applied when an itinerary includes International Waters
  • Greece – VAT: 12%
  • Italy – VAT: 22%, however 6.6% (over 24m) and 8.8% (under 24m) can be applied when an itinerary includes International Waters
  • Montenegro – NO VAT
  • New England – NO TAX
  • Spain – VAT: 21%
  • Turkey – NO VAT

Charterers can purchase cancellation and curtailment insurance – which is similar to traveler’s insurance. This insurance can help cover costs if a charterer must cancel or shorten the charter. Charter brokers can help you weigh insurance options, and often offer several different options.

Crew Gratuity

While crew gratuity is certainly not mandatory, it is recommended, particularly if you were truly impressed with your charter experience. In general, crew gratuity is roughly 15-20% of the base charter rate, which is handed to the captain at the conclusion of your charter.

Delivery Fees

While these fees do not apply on most charters, you may be asked to pay delivery costs if you are not chartering in the yacht’s normal cruising ground. In most cases, you will only be required to cover the fuel for the trip.

Call Worldwide Boat today to learn more. Our Charter Specialists are here to assist you with every detail and explain all charter costs. Or read our Charter Advice guide for more information and tips for planning your charter vacation.

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278.1ft / 83m

titania main

239.6ft / 71m

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Serenity 236

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Additional Charter Cost FAQs

What are standard private charter yacht prices?

There are a number of factors that affect charter yacht pricing. However, on average, a week-long private yacht charter costs anywhere from $10,000 on luxurious sailing yachts and catamarans, and up to $150,000 for superyachts.

What affects charter yacht prices?

There are several things that influence how much your yacht charter will cost. The type of vessel, charter destination, length of trip, base cost, time of year, and local taxes all make a difference.

How much does it cost for a crewed vessel?

Charter yacht prices do increase when hiring a crew along with the boat. At Worldwide Boat, we offer two types of crewed charter experiences: all-inclusive and plus expenses. An all-inclusive charter yacht includes accommodation for all guests, food and drink, water sport activities, and fuel costs – dockage fees and taxes are charged separately. A plus expenses experience accounts for just the yacht’s base price. Things like food, drinks, fuel, dockages, taxes, and other expenses are charged separately and are usually estimated to be about 35% of the base price.

What’s included in all-inclusive boat charters?

At Worldwide Boat, your all-inclusive charter experience includes a diligent and friendly crew, water toys, food, drinks, fuel, water and electric services, and occasionally diving experiences.

What are some additional charter boat costs to consider?

After finding a base price you’re comfortable with and evaluating your package, you’ll also want to consider delivery fees, crew gratuity, insurance fees, taxes, and Advanced Provisioning Allowance rates. If you are responsible for these fees, your crew will handle the necessary transactions on your behalf.

What does it cost to rent a 100- foot yacht charter?

This depends on what type of vessel you’re looking at and how long you’ll need it for. The average weekly cost of a 100-foot sailing yacht is between $50,000-100,000. A weekly 80-foot catamaran charter runs around $40,000-100,000, and a week-long 100-foot motor yacht rental is anywhere between $50,000-80,000.

Does the price to rent a yacht change depending on what type of boat it is?

Yes. Worldwide Boat offers sailing yachts, catamarans, and motor yachts. All of these vessels have different capabilities, but there are other factors that determine the price beyond what type of boat you choose. The year the boat was built, owner, availability of water toys, onboard amenities, and the ship’s reputation can all change how much the ship is priced at.

When is the high season for yacht charters?

The price of a yacht fluctuates depending on the season. A Mediterranean yacht charter cost rises in the summer and drops in the winter, whereas Caribbean boat charter prices are high during the winter and lower in the summer months.

How does my destination affect charter yacht cost?

The more remote an area is, the more expensive it will be to charter a yacht there. That’s because prices go up in areas that have fewer boats. If you were to travel somewhere like the Galapagos, which isn’t a typical yacht destination, you’d pay more than you would if you were traveling to the Caribbean.

How much do I tip the crew when reviewing my yacht charter expenses?

It’s not required that you tip your crew, but it is recommended and appreciated. If you had an enjoyable experience it’s considered polite to tip your crew anywhere from 15-20% at the end of your charter.

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  • Charter Guide

Luxury Yacht Charter Guide

Expert guide to chartering a yacht.

As more travelers seek out luxury vacation options that ensure exclusivity, security and peace of mind, many are opting for  crewed superyacht charter . With its ultra-hygienic and self-sustaining environment, a private superyacht is a safe sanctuary and affords guests a worry-free vacation in their favorite yacht charter destination around the world. Our charter brokers have a wealth of expertise and a wide variety of skills to assist first-time charterers every step of the way. Our charter team has compiled this comprehensive guide to provide professional advice, answer introductory and advanced questions and define commonly used charter terminology.

chartering my yacht

Yacht Charter 101

Frequently asked questions & advice, an introduction to chartering a private yacht.

If this is your first time considering a luxury holiday on board a private yacht, welcome! Knowing that first-timers will have many questions, Northrop & Johnson’s charter brokers have compiled a guide to help you gain a better understanding of the yacht charter process. Please peruse our charter guide, which covers some of the most important information you need to know about chartering or renting a yacht, as you prepare for a conversation with your charter broker. If you already have the ultimate luxury vacation in mind, contact our charter team to book the yacht charter of your dreams.

chartering my yacht

What is yacht charter?

Maybe you are looking for a family vacation in the  Caribbean . Perhaps you’re dreaming of an island-hopping adventure. Regardless of the type of holiday, you’ll want a safe and secure environment to enjoy time with family and friends. A superyacht charter means doing things your way with your timetable, bespoke itinerary and favorite past-times in absolute luxury. On board a superyacht charter you will experience an unsurpassed level of service and comfort in your most desired setting.

What time of year should I charter?

There are two main seasons in yachting – summer and winter. The summer season runs from May through October, with the peak summer season (and peak rates) in July and August. The winter season runs from November to April, with peak season running primarily over the holidays and into New Year.

PRO-TIP: Shoulder-season charters are often a good option for those looking to avoid the crowds in the more popular cruising grounds, and you may have more choices in terms of yachts.

chartering my yacht

Where are the most popular places to charter?

The most popular yachting destinations vary by season. During the northern hemisphere summer, the most popular destination is the Mediterranean . Locations such as the French Riviera , Balearic Islands , Corsica and Sardinia , Greek Isles and Croatia are favorites. During the winter months, The Bahamas and Caribbean are the top yacht charter destinations.

What type of charter experience do I want?

If you are looking to relax and unwind, a yacht with a spa and an onboard masseuse is ideal. Chartering with a family often requires a yacht with ample activities, water toys, onboard games and a dedicated movie room. Your charter broker will assist you in identifying a yacht with all the onboard amenities are important to you.

How big are the yachts and how many people can we bring?

Yachts can range in size from 80 feet to 300-plus feet and larger. Charter yachts can carry up to 12 guests maximum.

chartering my yacht

What type of yacht should I charter?

Think about the type of yacht that would best suit the size and character of your charter party. A modern motor yacht is ideal for a family charter while a sailing yacht is best for yachting enthusiasts. Browse through our portfolio of yachts for a better understanding of the most suitable vessel for you. Or, if you prefer, talk to a charter broker for an informal chat on the best yachts for your charter.

How long should I charter for and how much will it cost?

Most charters last between seven and 14 days, with rates quoted by the week. During the peaks of the seasons, July and August and Christmas and New Year, rates are usually higher. Most yachts also have low-season rates in effect during off-peak times of the year. Prices differ from yacht to yacht and reflect a variety of factors such as size, year built and amenities. Additional expenses include food, fuel, dockage and more. (See next question for more details).

chartering my yacht

Are there additional expenses beyond the charter rate?

Additional expenses depend on the type of contract used; MYBA and AYCA are the most common. The charter rate generally only covers the hire of the yacht and the crew and the owner’s insurance. Everything else is extra, including provisions and fuel. To cover expenses, an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is collected upfront and forwarded to the captain who is accountable for expenditures. The captain will present a detailed summary of expenditures at the end of your charter. Any unspent APA funds are refunded to you. Depending on the destination, other expenses might include taxes, VAT and delivery/redelivery fees. Ask your charter broker to confirm the expenses that will be associated with your charter.

PRO-TIP: Advanced provisioning allowance (APA) expenses generally run 25 to 35% of the charter fee.

How do I get to my yacht charter?

Looking to avoid commercial transit and crowds? Private aviation is an ideal option for getting to your charter destination. Northrop & Johnson’s partner NetJets is the global leader in private aviation for more than 55 years. NetJets can get you to your yacht in a safe, hygienic and comfortable way.

PRO-TIP: Stress-free check-in, unrivaled service and the flexibility to travel on your own terms. These are some of the many advantages of flying with NetJets for travel to your yacht charter

Charter Motor Yacht VERTIGO with Northrop & Johnson for 150k/week

How far in advance should I contact a charter broker?

Brokers recommend booking six to 10 months in advance if booking for Christmas/New Year or peak Mediterranean season (July/August). If you want to cruise off-peak season, brokers recommend booking three to six months out. Availability changes quickly. It’s important to contact your broker early on to ensure a broad selection of suitable yachts from which to choose. Popular charter yachts book as far as a year in advance.

Are there any specific advantages to chartering with Northrop & Johnson?

Northrop & Johnson’s charter brokers are the most professional and knowledgeable in the industry. They utilize industry-leading tools, assets and resources that allow them to assist clients with creating the holiday of a lifetime. They have access to Northrop & Johnson’s range of luxury partners, including NetJets, allowing them to enhance charters for guests. This is a benefit not available with other firms.

Yachts for Charter

chartering my yacht

Yacht Charter Advice

Questions You Might Not Know to Ask

Helpful Information to Make the Most of Your Private Yacht Charter Vacation

By now you have a good idea about the basics of renting a private yacht. Chartering a luxury yacht is easier than you thought, but there are some important aspects that could make or break your dream experience. Please browse this section to learn about the finer details of yacht charter. Should you have more advanced questions about how to charter a yacht, let our team of charter experts guide your way.

Luxury yacht charter, a couple enjoying pre-dinner drinks at the bar

Do all yachts come with a crew?

All charter yachts that Northrop & Johnson handles are crewed. Bare-boat charters, as charters without crew are called, are available, however, they are only available on smaller yachts. Northrop & Johnson charter brokers do not handle these types of charters.

Who purchases the food and beverages on the yacht?

The yacht’s chef and interior team will purchase all provisions for the yacht. The charter preference sheet (guests’ likes and dislikes) provided by the guests prior to the trip advises what to buy. They also will purchase any additional items needed for meals. The food is purchased with funds from the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), an advance payment that will cover things like food, beverages, fuel, dockage, etc.

I’ve heard you can’t wear shoes on the yacht. Is this true?

This is true for most yachts. Some yachts do allow boat shoes on board, provided they are brand-new are not worn ashore during the charter.

Luxury yacht charter, family being offered refreshments on lower deck

I like to enjoy a cigar after dinner. Will we be allowed to smoke?

There are very few yachts that allow smoking indoors, but some may allow smoking in designated outside areas. If this is an important point for you, please make sure to mention it to your charter broker.

Are the crew always on duty?

Depending on the size of the yacht, the crew are always available to guests throughout the charter. From preparing midnight snacks to whipping up your favorite cocktails, they are on hand. The crew can be as present or as removed (for privacy) as you would like. They work in shifts, so different crew will be available at different times of the day and night.

Can we bring our pets on the yacht?

Some yachts do allow pets, but this will depend on the yacht. If this is an important point for you, your charter broker can help you identify yachts that accept furry friends.

1 week luxurz boat rental with Northrop & Johnson

Is there WiFi aboard the yacht and will my mobile phone work?

Almost all yachts offer Wi-Fi, but this is something to discuss with your charter broker and confirm with the captain. As for mobile phone service, your service provider will need to confirm if they cover the cruising destination.

Since we will be out at sea, is it legal to smoke marijuana on the yacht during my charter?

The yacht must follow the rules of its flag state and the local laws where it is cruising. Illegal drugs are prohibited on all yachts. If marijuana is legal in the flag state and destination, smoking will be up to the yacht owner and captain.

If we change our minds about the itinerary once we’re on the yacht, can we skip a place or stay longer in another place?

This situation happens fairly regularly aboard a yacht. It is subject to the captain’s discretion as well as the availability of dockage in the region. Speak to the captain about your changes and he or she will do their best to accommodate

Couple being offered champagne after landing on superyacht via helicopter

Is there a minimum age for children on the yacht?

There is no minimum age for charter guests. Yachts are an excellent option for vacationing with Children. They offer many different activities, water toys and are extremely safe and comfortable. But some yachts are better suited for children than others. Speak to your charter broker about the ages of the children and your plans for the charter. They will help find the best yacht to suit your needs.

What are the cleaning procedures on the yacht, both before we arrive and while we are Aboard?

Each yacht has its own protocols for cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene. As a general rule, yachts are exceptionally clean and held to a rigorous standard. Your charter broker and yacht captains can share more information on the exact protocol aboard yachts you’re interested in chartering.

Will any of the crew be trained in first aid and CPR, and what type of emergency medical supplies are there?

All crew are trained in first aid and CPR and captains and Medical Persons in Charge have advanced medical training. Yachts also carry a vast array of lifesaving equipment and many have telemedicine contracts that connect them to doctors ashore.


What if there is bad weather?

The great thing about a yacht charter: it is often possible to adjust your itinerary and head for the sun. Although, a rainy day in port opens up the possibility of exploring local shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants.

What if we want to extend our charter once it is underway?

If during your charter you wish to extend, contact your charter broker. He or she will check the yacht’s schedule and availability and prepare the necessary paperwork.

Should I consider trip insurance for my charter?

While not required, a trip protection plan is highly recommended.

PRO-TIP: Trip cancellation coverage provides the charterer protection if you have to cancel due to illness or other concerns.

Should I tip the crew?

If you enjoy the service provided by your crew, you may wish to offer them a gratuity. While the level is completely at your discretion, it is customary to leave a tip of 10 to 15% of the base charter fee.

Charter Yacht Spotlight

Northrop & Johnson charter experts have access to a stunning selection of some of the world’s most glamorous yachts. From large modern motor yachts to classic sailing yachts, each one has been inspected and recommended by our charter experts. The following is just a selection of the 3,000-plus-yacht fleet available to charter.

chartering my yacht

Glossary of Yacht Charter Terms

Get to know the Lingo

A Lesson in the Language of Superyacht Charter

Understanding the commonly used words and phrases in a maritime setting can help ease you into your charter process and enhance your experience aboard as well. This glossary highlights terms used both in the contracts and negotiation side of the charter process but also outlines common words and phrases used by the captains and crew of superyachts to help you assimilate to life on board.

Find the Perfect Charter Yacht

Search the largest global database of yachts for charter

chartering my yacht

The Holiday of a Lifetime Awaits

Our charter experts are ready to help you plan the trip of a lifetime

chartering my yacht

Proud to be part of the MarineMax family

© 2024 Northrop & Johnson

chartering my yacht

Understanding Yacht Chartering Costs: A Comprehensive Guide

chartering my yacht

Imagine sailing the open seas, surrounded by azure waters, and basking in the luxury of a private yacht. Yacht chartering offers a unique and exhilarating experience, but it’s essential to understand the costs associated with it before embarking on this adventure. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the various expenses involved in chartering a yacht, from the base charter rates to additional fees and seasonal price variations. We’ll also provide you with valuable tips on how to budget effectively for your dream yacht charter.

Base Charter Rates

The base charter rate is the starting point for calculating the cost of your yacht charter. This rate typically covers the rental of the yacht itself for a specific duration, which can range from a few days to several weeks. The base charter rate varies widely depending on several factors:

  • Yacht Size and Type: Larger and more luxurious yachts come with higher base charter rates. Motor yachts are generally more expensive than sailing yachts due to their higher operational costs.
  • Yacht Age and Condition: Newer yachts in excellent condition command higher charter rates than older vessels.
  • Location: The location of your charter significantly influences the base rate. Popular destinations like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas tend to have higher prices and local taxes.
  • Time of Year: Peak chartering seasons in specific regions can lead to higher base rates. For instance, the Caribbean can be more expensive during the winter months when the weather is ideal.
  • Duration: Longer charters may offer lower daily rates compared to shorter ones.
  • Inclusions: Some charters include additional amenities such as water toys, scuba equipment, or a chef. These extras can impact the base rate.

Additional Fees

Understanding the additional fees associated with yacht chartering is crucial for budgeting effectively. These fees can significantly impact the total cost of your charter:

  • Fuel: Yachts consume fuel, even sailing yachts, and you may be responsible for covering these costs. Fuel expenses can vary depending on the yacht’s size, distance traveled, and usage of amenities like air conditioning and water sports equipment.
  • Crew: Most charter yachts come with a crew that includes a captain, chef, or possibly a stewardess, and deckhand. The crew’s salaries and gratuities are usually included in the base rate, but it’s customary to tip them, often around 15-20% of the base charter rate.
  • Provisions: You may need to budget for food and beverages during your charter. You can either purchase your provisions locally or opt for a fully provisioned charter, where the crew stocks the yacht with your preferred items.
  • Dockage and Marina Fees: When you choose to dock at marinas or ports, you’ll incur fees. These fees can vary widely, and the more popular the destination, the higher the costs.
  • Taxes and Permits: Some regions may require specific permits or impose taxes on yacht charters. Be sure to inquire about these expenses before booking.
  • Communication and Entertainment: If you require internet access or want to use satellite TV, you may have to pay extra for these services.
  • Optional Extras: Water sports equipment, scuba diving, and excursions are often available for an additional fee.

Seasonal Price Variations

The time of year you choose for your yacht charter can significantly affect the overall cost:

  • High Season: The high season typically corresponds to the best weather conditions in a given region. Charter rates are at their peak during this time, so expect higher prices.
  • Low Season: Chartering during the off-peak season can yield cost savings. However, be prepared for less predictable weather.
  • Shoulder Season: Consider chartering during the shoulder season, which falls between the high and low seasons. You may enjoy good weather and more reasonable rates.

Tips for Budgeting

Here are some tips to help you budget effectively for your yacht charter:

  • Set a Clear Budget: Determine your total budget, including the base charter rate, additional fees, and discretionary expenses. Stick to it to avoid overspending.
  • Plan Ahead: Book your charter well in advance to secure better rates and availability, especially during peak seasons.
  • Opt for Inclusive Packages : Fully provisioned or all-inclusive charters can simplify your budgeting by covering many expenses upfront.
  • Be Mindful of Crew Gratuity: Factor in the crew’s gratuity when planning your budget. It’s a significant expense and a customary practice.
  • Consider Trip Insurance: Trip insurance can protect you from unforeseen circumstances and potential additional costs.
  • Review the Charter Agreement: Thoroughly review the charter agreement to understand what is and isn’t included in your charter rate.

Yacht chartering can be an unforgettable experience, and understanding the costs involved is essential to ensure a stress-free journey. By considering base charter rates, additional fees, and seasonal price variations, and following our budgeting tips, you can embark on your yacht charter adventure with confidence, knowing that you’ve planned for a seamless and enjoyable voyage on the high seas. Happy sailing!

Get a Quote

Are you ready to let us show you what we can do for you? We can’t wait! This is as exciting for us as it is for you. We began this business because we love putting the perfect yacht charter together for our clients and getting the best of the best at the right price point thanks to our contacts and experience. 

Use our quick contact form to give us the basics about what you’re looking for and we’ll send you ideas and pricing. Don’t worry if it’s not grand enough or should be scaled back; we’ll take care of that too. When you love the plan, we put it into action. All you have to do is show up and enjoy.

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My Seanna


‘My Seanna’ is a 184.97ft /56.38m custom motor yacht built in 2001 by Delta Marine and last refitted in 2014. Previously named Newvida, her luxurious interior and exterior is the work of Johnson Design.

Lots of unique features make this a great choice, and 360-degree views from the master suite mean you can take in the breath-taking views from a stylish vantage point. High-quality finishes throughout make this an impressive choice, and comprehensive AV and entertainment systems make this superyacht extremely popular with families. An outdoor movie theater provides movie buffs with a special cinematic experience, and a touch and go helipad allows you to explore from both sea and air.

My Seanna’s spacious interior layout sleeps up to 12 guests in 6 rooms, including a master suite, 1 VIP stateroom and 4 double cabins. She is easily capable of carrying up to 12 crew members onboard to make sure you get the most out of your charter experience.

She is built with aluminium hull and composite superstructure, and has a cruising speed of 13 knots, a maximum speed of 15 knots and a range of 4,000nm from 72,580litre fuel tanks, she is the perfect combination of performance and luxury.

A Jacuzzi on deck is great for relaxing after a long day at sea, you’ll love the on board gym kitted out with the latest exercise equipment.

She also comes complete with a modern stabilization system to reduce roll motion even during rough seas, and the yacht also has ‘at anchor stabilizers’ to keep things smooth even at anchor/zero speed.

While on board you’ll find a great Wi-Fi connection, so you can check emails or share your experience on social media. Air conditioning keeps conditions comfortable throughout the cabins, even on hot, sticky days.

Toys on board include 2 x 2 seat Waverunners, Inflatable trampoline Giant sun bed/trampoline, Snorkelling Equipment, Wake Board, Water-Ski, Bananas, and Fishing Equipment.

My Seanna Photos & Videos

My seanna features & pricing.



1 x 22ft /6.71m Nautica Tender

2 x 2 seat Waverunners Inflatable trampoline Giant sun bed/trampoline Snorkelling Equipment Wake Board Water-Ski Bananas Fishing Equipment light

My Seanna Is Available at These Locations

Photo of Antigua

Saint Martin

Photo of St Barts

Virgin Islands

Charter my seanna, similar luxury yachts for charter in caribbean.

Photo of Flawless III

Flawless III

$53,500/wk 116.34ft /35.46m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 5 Crew

Photo of Gloria

$49,000/wk 125.98ft /38.4m 8 Guests 5 Cabins 5 Crew

Photo of Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally

€175,000/wk 160.99ft /49.07m 12 Guests 6 Cabins 10 Crew

Photo of Wild Kingdom

Wild Kingdom

$49,500/wk 112.01ft /34.14m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 5 Crew

Photo of King Kalm

$30,000/wk 76.12ft /23.2m 8 Guests 6 Cabins 2 Crew

Photo of Zeepaard

$95,000/wk 121.98ft /37.18m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 7 Crew

Photo of Ace

€1,000,000/wk 285.43ft /87m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 28 Crew

Photo of Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony

$42,500/wk 100ft /30.48m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Zoom Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom Zoom

$180,000/wk 160.99ft /49.07m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 10 Crew



€32,000/wk 70.01ft /21.34m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Usher

$200,000/wk 154ft /46.94m 12 Guests 5 Cabins 12 Crew

Photo of Kelly Anne

$42,500/wk 110.01ft /33.53m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Andiamo!

$55,000/wk 104.99ft /32m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 5 Crew

Photo of Tranquility


$46,950/wk 76ft /23.16m 12 Guests 6 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Gale Winds

$49,000/wk 106ft /32.31m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Little Castle

Little Castle

$19,000/wk 60.01ft /18.29m 4 Guests 2 Cabins 2 Crew

Photo of Aga 6

$62,500/wk 151.90ft /46.3m 12 Guests 5 Cabins 8 Crew

Photo of Equinox

$28,500/wk 81ft /24.69m 6 Guests 3 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Skip’n Bou

Skip’n Bou

€26,400/wk 78.74ft /24m 6 Guests 3 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Calliope

$7,400/wk 60.04ft /18.3m 8 Guests 2 Cabins 2 Crew

Photo of Alter Ego

$35,000/wk 79.99ft /24.38m 6 Guests 3 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Enigma

$28,000/wk 62.01ft /18.9m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Syrene

$35,000/wk 95ft /28.96m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew


€5,500/wk 65.62ft /20m 2 Guests 1 Cabins 2 Crew

Photo of Double Down

Double Down

€415,000/wk 213.25ft /65m 12 Guests 8 Cabins 17 Crew

Photo of At Last

$135,000/wk 144.91ft /44.17m 11 Guests 5 Cabins 8 Crew

Photo of Argyll

$150,000/wk 152.99ft /46.63m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 10 Crew

Photo of Plan A

$105,000/wk 129.99ft /39.62m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 8 Crew

Photo of Bina

$35,000/wk 79.07ft /24.1m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 2 Crew

Photo of Maverick

$36,500/wk 70.01ft /21.34m 11 Guests 5 Cabins 3 Crew

  • Articles and Guides

How to Charter Your Boat and Make Money

25th sep 2020 by samantha wilson.

Rightboat logo

Buying a boat is an act of passion. A love for the sea, the sense of freedom you feel when sailing, and the sport of boating combine to create a true love affair which, for most, is the main catalyst for saying ‘let’s go for it’. Yet time constraints mean you might not get to spend quite as much time on your beloved asset as you might like, and the boat lamentably spends too much time idle – and costing you money in the meantime. With berthing costs, insurance and maintenance an ever-present part of all boat owners’ budgets, is there a way you can make some revenue from your boat when you’re not using it and off-set some of those costs? Can you make money chartering a boat ? The answer is a resounding yes, and here we take a look at ways you can make your boat pay for itself.

Ways of chartering your boat

Chartering your boat for others to use is the most common way of earning an income from your boat. The charter market has long been a thriving industry, with charterers willing to pay good money for the private use of a boat, whether it’s a luxury yacht, a weekend sailboat or a fishing day boat.

There are a  myriad of different ways you can charter your boat , and the best part is that you can stay firmly in the captain’s seat (proverbially or not) as you decide which set-up works best for you. Choosing to charter your boat yourself is one option, you will need to advertise your boat, liaise with charterers, make bookings, hire a captain and crew (or captain it yourself, once you have a commercially endorsed license ( UK , USA , Europe : Do You Need Licence to Sail a Boat? )), commercially insure the yacht and provision your boat. While this option means you save the commission costs of a charter agent, there is a lot more work involved for you…time you could be spending on your boat yourself. 

Boat charter agencies are set up to do the hard work for you. In return for a set commission (typically between 10% - 20%), they will ensure all paperwork is in order, liaise with charterers and your crew, source professional skippers, offer a comprehensive contract and make sure everything goes smoothly. Whether you’ve got an 80 metre (260 feet) motor yacht to charter or a 12 metre (40 feet) catamaran, there are specialist charter agents the world over, offering everything from bareboat charters to crewed charters.

Bareboat Yacht Charters

As the name suggests, this is the simplest form of yacht charter as it doesn’t require you supplying a crew or offering any provisioning. Charterers with sailing or boating qualifications can charter your boat and take full command of it, planning their own itinerary, ensuring it is provisioned and navigating and berthing it themselves. The plus side for you is a reduction in running costs although the charter price will reflect this. On the downside, there may be a smaller market of potential charterers for your particular boat if they don’t have the right sailing qualifications. Most bareboat charters are on sailing monohulls and catamarans, although there is growing demand for more motor yachts . 

Crewed Charter Boats

Crewed charter boats offer a higher level of service, and are available for anyone to charter. On smaller yachts under approximately 18 metres (60 feet) a crew would usually consist of a captain and or a chef/steward, while larger yachts will require more crew. Provisioning is done according to the guests’ preferences, with meals cooked for them, the itinerary planned and the captain taking charge of the running of the yacht. The broker will be the middle man between guests and captain, and as an owner your input will be minimal. 

Yacht Cabin Charters

This option only works on larger boats with several cabins, where guests pay per cabin and not for the private use of the whole yacht. By sharing with others they get a reduction in the cost, while you as the owner earn the full amount, if not more, than a single group charter. Obviously the logistics can be more complex, and the commercial certifications required are more rigorous, but it can be a lucrative little earner, especially in tourist hotspots. 

Day Boat Charters

Day cruises are hugely popular all over the world, and private day charters offer good income potential, especially for smaller boats. From fishing to watersports, sightseeing and wildlife watching, there are many types of trips you can offer. Due to the increased number of bookings, an agency is a good way to go when offering your yacht for day charters, and they will advertise your boat, schedule trips and work with the captain. It also means your boat isn’t booked for weeks at a time, meaning more time for you to spend on it yourself. 

Charter Ownership Schemes

Alternatively to listing your boat with a traditional charter agency, charter ownership schemes provide an option to lease your boat to an agency in return for a guaranteed annual revenue of around 8-9% for a set amount of years (usually five). As owner, you can book four to six weeks of use of your yacht per year, and receive hefty discounts on the use of other boats managed by the agency. 

The best thing about charter ownership schemes is that you don’t need to get involved with the running of your boat whatsoever, there are no operating, insurance or berthing costs, and the agency will undertake all the maintenance. You get a fixed income and those precious weeks of cruising your beloved boat. The downside is that the larger companies only accept brand-new boats, and some only certain boat builders, although there are smaller boutique agencies who are more flexible. 

At the end of the contract agreement, you can either sign your boat up for another contract, or sell your boat and start all over with a new boat. As an example, a boat with a sale price of £200,000 ($250,000) leased in the Caribbean would earn £18,000 ($23,000) a year, or £90,000 ($115,000) over 5 years, bringing the net cost of the yacht down to £110,000 ($140,000). If you then sold it for a used price of around £100,000 ($128,000), your 5 years’ worth of boating holidays would have worked out extremely cost-effectively. Looking at it differently, if a charter aboard a 13 metre (45 feet) sailing yacht costs £7,500 ($10,000) per week and you took five weeks of holidays over five years, you would have created £187,500 ($250,000) in holiday value. Subtract the earnings made on chartering your yacht and it’s easy to see where the savings add up. 

Peer-to-Peer Yacht Charter

Making waves in the charter market are websites where you remain in total control, and use their platform to make connections with potential customers. One type is peer-to-peer charter, whereby you list your boat’s details, add photos and videos, offer available dates and select a price. Experienced and qualified boaters, who use a rating system and provide ID documents, can then choose to charter your boat. The website takes a commission of around 15%, but otherwise you do all the work and reap the financial rewards. This is essentially a bareboat charter without the broker, and while there are many positives to this simple option, you as an owner front any risk or damage to your boat. A good way to mitigate that is to offer it as a skippered charter and have a trusted captain of your choice at the helm.

Yacht Accommodation Rental

A last but worthy mention is the option to offer your boat as accommodation rental and earn some money to offset maintenance costs. As the boat doesn’t leave its berth in the marina, the risk, running costs, crew costs and provisioning are all saved and your boat becomes a quirky floating self-catering accommodation. Websites such as the well-known Airbnb, as well as glamping websites such as Canopy and Stars will list your boat in exchange for a booking fee making it a straightforward and stress-free way to earn from your boat. 

If you’re considering  buying a boat  then knowing the financial implications are vital to your overall enjoyment of it. The purchase price is just the beginning, and you need to factor in the ongoing maintenance and running costs. Creating revenue by  chartering your yacht  can massively off-set those costs. Browse our listings for both brand  new and used boats , talk to brokers and gather all the information you need to make the best choice. 

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Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.


More from: Samantha Wilson

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Body recovered near Port Aransas after wreck between recreational fishing boat and tanker over the weekend

A man was found dead at the crash site, another man was missing.

Rebecca Salinas , Digital Journalist

PORT ARANSAS, Texas – Update (Noon, Monday): A man’s body was recovered Monday morning in the Corpus Christi Ship Channel, not far from where two boats collided over the weekend. One man was missing after the wreck.

KIII-TV and KRIS-TV reported that his body was discovered by a game warden.

Recommended Videos

It’s unclear if the man found dead is the same man who was missing after a recreational fishing boat he was riding in collided with a commercial tanker.

The crash happened at 5:30 a.m. Saturday at the Aransas Pass and Lydia Ann Channel intersection. Crews searched for the man on Saturday and suspended their search on Sunday morning.

Original (12:35 p.m. Sunday): One man is dead and another is missing after a recreational fishing boat collided with a commercial tanker Saturday near Port Aransas.

The crash happened just before 5:30 a.m. at the Aransas Pass and Lydia Ann Channel intersection, not far from the ferry, according to U.S. Coast Guard Heartland and media reports.

U.S. Coast Guard Captain Torrey Bertheau told KIIITV that crews arrived and pulled three men out of the water.

One man was pronounced dead and two were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The search for a fourth man continued Saturday but concluded on Sunday morning, according to the Port Aransas South Jetty .

The names of the man who died and the man missing have not been released.

Bertheau said the cause of the crash was under investigation.

Copyright 2024 by KSAT - All rights reserved.

About the Author

Rebecca salinas.

Rebecca Salinas is an award-winning digital journalist who joined KSAT in 2019. She reports on a variety of topics for KSAT 12 News.

Watch CBS News

Coastguard members, police officers accused of manslaughter over "voyage of death" that killed 94 migrants off Italy's coast

Updated on: July 23, 2024 / 12:32 PM EDT / CBS/AFP

Italian prosecutors investigating a  shipwreck which killed 94 migrants in 2023 accused two members of the coastguard and four police officers Tuesday of involuntary manslaughter. Italy's customs police previously said that crossing organizers charged 8,000 euros each for the "voyage of death."

Prosecutors in Crotone, a city near the shipwreck off southern Italy, must now ask a judge to rule whether the six stand trial for the tragedy.

The victims, including many children, died when their overcrowded boat sank in stormy weather in the early hours of a February morning just off the region of Calabria.

The disaster sparked outrage amid allegations authorities did not react quickly enough to reports of an overloaded vessel in the area. Aid groups at the scene said many of the passengers hailed from  Afghanistan , including entire families, as well as from Pakistan,  Syria  and Iraq.

Migration Italy

Critics of far-right Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said the government's policy of treating migrant boats as a law enforcement issue, rather than a humanitarian one, may have fatally delayed the rescue.

European Union border agency Frontex flagged the vessel to the Italians late in the evening as the weather worsened.

The four financial police officers stand accused of failing to communicate key information to the coastguard, because they did not mention the sailing difficulties they were having due to the rough sea conditions, prosecutors said in a statement Tuesday.

The two members of the coastguard are accused of "not having acquired the necessary information to have a precise idea" of what the financial police were up to and of having therefore made "an erroneous assessment" of the situation.

The prosecutors said coastguard vessels, designed for rough seas, could have intervened.

The coastguard is supposed to rescue all vessels carrying migrants, as boats run by human traffickers are inevitably dangerously overcrowded and ill-equipped.

There was "obvious negligence in the application of the rules imposed by European and national laws in this type of situation," the prosecutors said.

Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, who oversees the financial police, said on Instagram he "strongly defend(s)" both the financial police and the coastguard, and he was "certain that they have always acted exclusively for the public good."

More than a dozen of those killed were said to be children — which hit the first responders particularly hard.

"It was a spine-chilling scene," Firefighter Inspector Giuseppe Larosa said after the disaster, according to The Associated Press. "Many bodies disseminated on the beach. Among them many children… The thing that struck me the most was their silence. The terror in their eyes and the fact that they were mute. Silent." 

Irregular migrant ship sinks off in Italy

Around 105,000 migrants came to Italy in 2022, roughly 38,000 more than the previous year. The country is a regular destination for migrants trying to reach Europe, and it has often pushed other countries in the region to do more.

IOM, the U.N. migration agency, has recorded more than 30,000 deaths and disappearances in the central Mediterranean since 2014.

  • Manslaughter

More from CBS News

Gunman kills 6 residents at a nursing home in a small Croatian town

Teen killed by lightning strike on Germany's highest peak

More than 170 dead, thousands jailed after week of unrest in Bangladesh

Girl accused of smothering 8-year-old cousin to death over iPhone

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MY SEANNA review


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By Editorial Team | 7th Sep 2016

Discover how the 56m/185ft motor yacht ‘My Seanna’ has transformed into one of the most opulent yachts on the charter market in YachtCharterFleet’s latest review.

Originally launched in 2001 by US shipyard Delta Marine, 'My Seanna’ changed hands in 2013 before undergoing an extensive refit at Florida’s Rybovich Shipyard. Already a successful charter yacht, she emerged from the yard after 17 months having been elevated to a whole new level of luxury.

Docked in the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, superyacht ‘My Seanna’ was unmissable as her metallic silver hull glistened in the Caribbean sunshine. Only those enlightened few, however, would know to look out for her newly lengthened aft facing decks.

Indeed, at the heart of her refit was a 7.6 metre extension, allowing for expansive spaces across her three decks as well as a chic new beach club, which has proved to be an extremely popular daytime hub among charter guests.

Built from scratch following the removal of the previous transom area, the beach club houses a 5.8 metre tender and two jet skis when underway before transforming into a contemporary waterside lounge at anchor, made possible by an upward opening garage door and overhead crane that smoothly launches the tender and toys. 

MY SEANNA  photo 18

White vertical wall panels interspersed with black grooves create a monochromatic backdrop to which teak flooring, dark timber storage and free standing wooden furniture is added. Charterers can sit back here with a refreshing drink from the wet bar and catch the big game on the widescreen television just metres away from the ocean.

Disco balls, laser lights and the yacht’s extensive sound system can also convert the space into a sea-level disco, whereas a comfortable inflatable bed enables the area to serve as an additional cabin if required.  

A small set of steps leads up to the swim platform, fitted with Jet Ski stations and Opacmare transformer stairs for easy entry into the ocean, while a staircase on the port side of the beach club ascends directly to the main deck.

Once enclosed by glass panelling, the aft deck is now completely open and offers an expansive social area. A U-shaped sofa aft can accommodate both cocktail and dinner parties thanks to adjustable tables, while the raised middle section of the deck forms a central island designed to offer enviable views of the surrounds.

MY SEANNA  photo 3

From the aft deck, guests can enter the main salon through sliding glass doors and receive their first impression of the yacht’s classically styled interior from Joseph Leone. Italian white marble flooring is offset by rich wooden panelling, carved into regal pillars between the large, rectangular windows.

A wing backed sofa and armchairs in luxurious cream fabrics form a lounge to port, while an oval lacquered table for 10 opposite is looked over by a glittering chandelier. Also catching the light are the accents of brushed 22 carat gold, adorning everything in sight from the walls, ceilings and furniture to the light fixtures, picture frames and cutlery. 

The gilding as well as the marble floors are present throughout the whole interior of charter yacht My Seanna, continuing the opulence and exquisite attention to detail.

In a similar style to the main salon. the skylounge boasts rich wooden timbers and an expanse of windows. However, a large curved sofa upholstered in a damask patterned fabric takes centre stage alongside a state-of-the-art, 80-inch, curved TV for a more laid back, movie night setup.

Also catching the light are accents of brushed 22 carat gold, adorning everything in sight

MY SEANNA  photo 6

There is also an elegant bar and games table aft, which look out across the extremely spacious upper deck area, equipped for hosting large groups of people. A large alfresco dining table sits between two bars located on either side of the deck and multiple seating areas are scattered across the aft section.

The sundeck above, meanwhile, provides the perfect setup for daytime relaxation. Chaise loungers and sumptuous deck chairs bedecked in pale yellow upholstery surround a newly installed oversized Jacuzzi with a swim-up bar on either side, a waterfall feature and LED lights.

A drinks station and barbecue ensure guests never go thirsty or hungry, while a giant outdoor screen provides alfresco movie nights under the stars.

MY SEANNA  photo 14

Two double cabins and two twin cabins fan out from the lower deck’s central lobby, while the reconfiguration of the sundeck has seen the addition of a new VIP suite, where two lucky guests will be treated to stunning panoramic views forward through oversized windows.

And, indeed, she is sure to keep charter guests entertained. An approved RYA watersports centre, she is equipped with a vast collection of water toys and a resident personal trainer can tailor-make fitness programmes.

It is clear to see that My Seanna offers much more than you would expect from a 56-metre superyacht. Her extensive deck areas are capable of hosting up to 150 guests quayside, and legal marriages and civil unions are even possible thanks to her Captain, Todd Lee, who is also a qualified pastor.

Yet, at the same time, she also boasts intimate lounging areas where guests can unwind with loved ones and enough entertainment options to keep the whole family entertained. The possibilities are certainly endless on board M/Y My Seanna.

MY SEANNA  photo 8

What’s more, a four-person sauna is located to port under the radar arch, which also offers shade to a variety of exercise equipment, and My Seanna’s outdoor delights do not end here. A staircase to starboard leads up to a secluded crow’s nest, a new addition following the 2014 refit.

As well as outstanding views forward, the nest is home to an oversized sun pad surrounded by glass panels for privacy and safety, and a high-top table perfect for enjoying cocktails with a small group of friends or family.

After a busy day on the water, guests will be able to retreat into the charter yacht’s elegant selection of staterooms which continue the exquisite attention to detail. The master suite spans across the forward section of the main deck, and features his and hers en suites with a large central Jacuzzi tub.   

The possibilities are certainly endless on board superyacht 'My Seanna'

MY SEANNA  photo 11

For further information, please contact your preferred charter broker .  

MY SEANNA  photo 17

Charter Specification

Builder Delta Marine

Interior Designer Glade Johnson Design , Matthews , Las Olas Design

Exterior Designer Glade Johnson Design

Length56.39m / 185'
Beam8.99m / 29'6
Draft2.44m / 8'
Gross Tonnage703 GT
Built| Refit2001 | 2021
Hull MaterialAluminium
Charter Guests12
Max Speed15 knots
Cruising Speed12 knots
Fuel Consumption70 GPH
Range 4,000 nm
Range at 12 Knots
  • Delta Marine
  • Rybovich Shipyard

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Ahpo yacht charter

115m | Lurssen

from $2,831,000 p/week ♦︎

O'Ptasia yacht charter

85m | Golden Yachts

from $980,000 p/week ♦︎

Project X yacht charter

88m | Golden Yachts

from $1,179,000 p/week ♦︎

Savannah yacht charter

84m | Feadship

from $1,072,000 p/week ♦︎

Lady S yacht charter

93m | Feadship

from $1,501,000 p/week ♦︎

Maltese Falcon yacht charter

Maltese Falcon

88m | Perini Navi

from $490,000 p/week

Kismet yacht charter

122m | Lurssen

from $3,000,000 p/week

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Takeaways from the Republican National Convention's final night

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Near-death experience.

Day 4 of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Marathon speech, family matters.

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Republican presidential nominee Trump holds a campaign rally with his running mate Vance for the first time, in Grand Rapids

Israel tanks advance deeper in southern Gaza as more ceasefire talks expected

Palestinian residents of eastern neighbourhoods of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip fled their homes on Tuesday as Israeli tanks advanced deep into the area after Israel ordered the population to evacuate.

Memorial ceremony marking decade to 2014 Israel Gaza War in Jerusalem


  1. The Essentials of Chartering a Yacht

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  4. Yacht Chartering: A Comprehensive Guide

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  5. A Comprehensive Guide to Chartering a Yacht

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  1. Luxury yacht CC-Summer for charter, weekly price: 1,600,000 EUR from Seaside Living Concept


  3. NEW to chartering? LUXURY Yacht Charters. Choose the RIGHT boat!

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  1. Chartering Your Own Yacht

    As a yacht owner, you can definitely earn a profit by chartering your yacht and offset your costs. Here's the breakdown: The price of the charter depends on the market, the size, model, condition of your boat, the number of cabins, etc. The expenses which you must take into account as the boat owner include: insurance. registration.

  2. How to Charter a Yacht: A Beginner's Guide

    This year in the Caribbean, Sheila Ruffin of Soca Yacht Charters has launched a "Stranger on the Seas" package. Prices start at around $6,000 per person—all-inclusive—on catamarans between ...

  3. The Ultimate Yacht Charter Guide

    The APA is an amount of 20 to 30 percent of the charter fee for a "non-inclusive" charter and about five percent for an "all-inclusive" charter. It is sent to the yacht before the charter to provision the yacht according to the charterer's preferences. During the charter, the captain will provide a running account of the usage of the ...

  4. Place Your Boat into Charter

    You will receive income from the charter of your yacht, the amount of which varies depending on the size of your yacht and the charter company you use. As an example, on the purchase of a $350,000 yacht placed in charter in 2012, the total deduction available to you under paragraphs 1 - 3, above, is $265,600 resulting in a savings of $92,650 ...

  5. How to Charter a Yacht in 2023

    Chartering a luxury yacht is going to be unlike any other vacation you've taken. From the high level of privacy and exclusivity to the attentive crew and private chef to cater to your every dietary need and request, to five-star accommodations and the ability to customize your itinerary to drop anchor where and when you like, a yacht charter puts you in the spotlight to design the ultimate ...

  6. Yacht Chartering 101: What You Need to Know Before Your First Voyage

    Emergency procedures: Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures onboard the yacht. Know the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. In the event of an emergency, remain calm and follow the instructions of the crew. Evacuation protocols: Understand the evacuation protocols and know where the life rafts are ...

  7. A beginner's guide on how to charter a yacht

    Prices vary depending on where you are going, the size of the yacht, and the duration of your trip. A week on a smaller yacht or a catamaran may start at around 10,000 USD, while a larger 100-foot yacht will likely be in the 50,000 USD to 80,000 USD range. Superyachts or megayachts may cost 150,000 USD or more for a week-long adventure.

  8. How to Charter a Yacht in 10 steps

    9. When the Captain and chef receive your sheet, they will want to discuss the fine details with you personally and to provide you with precise boarding instructions, so you can expect a phone call from the captain during the lat two weeks before your charter. 10. Board the yacht at the designated time and date on the contract, there is usually ...

  9. Luxury Charter Yachts

    Crewed Luxury Yacht Charters. Selecting your luxury yacht charter is where your incredible adventure begins. Whether it's a private, crewed, or corporate yacht rental you seek, we deliver a carefully curated charter fleet tailored to your needs. Browse motor yachts, superyachts, sailing yachts, catamarans and even luxury gulet charters using ...

  10. Yacht charter guide

    Charter a yacht for vacation is unlike any experience you have ever had before. A unique experience offering the luxury of togetherness, privacy, comfort, personalised service, sports and discovery. Chartering your personally selected, fully-crewed, luxury yacht for as long as you wish, whenever and wherever you wish and with whomever you wish is, especially today, the pinnacle of freedom and ...

  11. How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

    Yacht charter costs vary based on several elements: the yacht type, destination, local taxes, dates and the age of the yacht. Yacht charter prices span a broad spectrum. For instance, smaller sailing yachts and catamarans may start at around $10,000 per week, whereas more luxurious motor superyachts can exceed $100,000 per week.


    Project X 88m Golden Yachts from $1,179,000 p/week ♦︎. La Datcha 77m Damen Yachting from $630,000 p/week ♦︎. Starburst IV 74m CRN from $984,000 p/week ♦︎. Titania 73m Lurssen from $615,000 p/week ♦︎. Search the entire global luxury Yacht Charter Fleet (3,000+ yachts) find the best crewed superyachts & megayachts to rent for your ...

  13. How to Plan a Yacht Charter

    A Yacht Charter Vacation is a live-aboard yacht rental, through which guests charter, or rent a yacht for anywhere from 5, 6 or 7 days up to 2 weeks at a time, and live aboard their yacht for the duration of their stay. Essentially this type of vacation is a hotel room, rental car, and various excursion adventures all rolled into one neat ...

  14. Yacht Charter Cost: What Can You Expect to Pay?

    Here's a quick overview of the average cost to rent a yacht (not including extra expenses) for the most common types available: Average Weekly Sailing Charter Rates. Sailing Yacht. $10,000-$20,000. Sailing Boats Under 80ft. $20,000-$50,000. Sailing Boats Between 80ft - 120ft. $50,000-$100,000.

  15. How to Put Your Yacht on the Charter Market: An Expert Guide

    Yacht compliance code. There are a few things to consider when deciding to set your yacht up for charter. The first step is to think about whether this is something your vessel can even do. For some yachts to charter, they must be moved into commercial status, but your broker will work with you to decide what is best for you and what is ...

  16. Yacht Charter Guide

    The charter rate generally only covers the hire of the yacht and the crew and the owner's insurance. Everything else is extra, including provisions and fuel. To cover expenses, an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is collected upfront and forwarded to the captain who is accountable for expenditures. The captain will present a detailed ...

  17. Understanding Yacht Chartering Costs: A Comprehensive Guide

    Understanding the additional fees associated with yacht chartering is crucial for budgeting effectively. These fees can significantly impact the total cost of your charter: Fuel: Yachts consume fuel, even sailing yachts, and you may be responsible for covering these costs. Fuel expenses can vary depending on the yacht's size, distance ...

  18. Private yachts: How much it costs to charter a luxury boat right now

    For private crewed yacht charters, rates are generally thought to start around $10,000 but lower prices can be found, albeit on smaller boats. A three-cabin catamaran can be chartered for a seven ...

  19. My Seanna

    INQUIRE ABOUT MY SEANNA. 'My Seanna' is a 184.97ft /56.38m custom motor yacht built in 2001 by Delta Marine and last refitted in 2014. Previously named Newvida, her luxurious interior and exterior is the work of Johnson Design. Lots of unique features make this a great choice, and 360-degree views from the master suite mean you can take in ...

  20. How to Charter Your Boat and Make Money

    One type is peer-to-peer charter, whereby you list your boat's details, add photos and videos, offer available dates and select a price. Experienced and qualified boaters, who use a rating system and provide ID documents, can then choose to charter your boat. The website takes a commission of around 15%, but otherwise you do all the work and ...

  21. What are the rules for chartering a yacht in the USA?

    The owner maintains primary possession of the yacht. One contract agreement. To legally operate crewed charters in US waters, the yacht must be; US flagged, and. Hold a coastwise endorsement. To be eligible for a Coastwise endorsement, the yacht must either have been: Built in the US, or if foreign built; Must be granted with a MURAD Waiver.

  22. Body recovered near Port Aransas after wreck between recreational

    Original (12:35 p.m. Sunday): One man is dead and another is missing after a recreational fishing boat collided with a commercial tanker Saturday near Port Aransas.

  23. Coastguard members, police officers accused of manslaughter over

    Rescuers recover a body at a beach near Cutro, southern Italy, after a migrant boat broke apart in rough seas, Feb. 26, 2023. Giuseppe Pipita/AP

  24. Massive shark is struck by boat in rare video footage

    The footage also shows the aftermath of the encounter, including a large scratch drawn across the shark's back near its dorsal fin, and some of the blue anti-fouling paint — a type of coating ...

  25. Watch: Whale breaches water and lands on boat in New Hampshire

    Video shows the moment a whale breaches onto a boat in Portsmouth Harbor, nearly sinking the vessel. 00:37 - Source: CNN. Trending Now 18 videos. Video Ad Feedback. Watch: Whale breaches water and ...

  26. Yacht Charter Costs Explained

    The base charter fee in essence refers to the hire cost of the yacht itself, with all equipment in working order in addition to the cost of food and wages for the crew during the entirety of the charter. This is essentially all the base charter fee covers with additional expenses often applicable on top. The base charter fee will vary from one ...

  27. Rescue operation underway as ship sinks off coast of Falkland Islands

    A search and rescue operation is underway after a ship carrying 27 onboard sunk off the coast of the Falkland Islands. The fishing vessel, FV Argos Georgia, requested assistance soon after it ...

  28. MY SEANNA Review

    Discover how the 56m/185ft motor yacht 'My Seanna' has transformed into one of the most opulent yachts on the charter market in YachtCharterFleet's latest review. Originally launched in 2001 by US shipyard Delta Marine, 'My Seanna' changed hands in 2013 before undergoing an extensive refit at Florida's Rybovich Shipyard.

  29. Couple found dead in lifeboat after failed Atlantic crossing

    A British-Canadian couple who were attempting to sail across the Atlantic have been found dead on an island off the east coast of Canada. Brett Clibbery, 70, and his wife, Sarah Packwood, 60, had ...

  30. Takeaways from the Republican National Convention's final night

    World category Six feared dead after fishing boat sinks off Falkland Islands, Guardian reports 12:59 AM UTC. COP28 category Plaintiffs drop 5 climate cases at Europe's human rights court 12:30 AM UTC