Beam:  15'    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  13.8'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  14'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  13'8'    Draft:  6'0'
    Beam:  13.6'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  14'    Draft:  6.5'
    Beam:  13'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  13'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  13.5'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  13'10'    Draft:  5'6'
    Beam:  13'10'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  13.10'    Draft:  5.6'
    Beam:  13'    Draft:  5.6'
    Beam:  13.2'    Draft:  5.75'
    Beam:  13.2'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  13.2'    Draft:  5.6'
    Beam:  13.2'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  13.16'    Draft:  5.6'
    Draft:  5 12'
    Beam:  14'    Draft:  3.6'
    Beam:  13'2'    Draft:  6'
    Draft:  3'
    Beam:  13'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  126'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  4.10"'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  12.5'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  11-7'    Draft:  3-11'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  4.75'
    Beam:  11.93'    Draft:  4.9'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  4'8"'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  11.8'    Draft:  4.67'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  4.6'
    Beam:  11.9'    Draft:  4.9'
    Beam:  11'8'    Draft:  4'8'

gulfstar 36 sailboat for sale

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gulfstar 36 sailboat for sale

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gulfstar 36 sailboat for sale

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gulfstar 36 sailboat for sale

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Ground Tackle Inspection Tips

Compression tester set up for testing. The hose is screwed into a glow plug hole after removing a glow plug. Note: This is a mock up to illustrate the tester placement, but this is a tester for a gasoline engine, not a diesel because it only goes up to 300 psi. A diesel tester would go up to 1000 psi. Also, ALL of the glow plugs should be removed, not just one. In addition, the hose is not actually screwed in because the fitting is the wrong size. (Photo/ Phil Decker)

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gulfstar 36 sailboat for sale

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Used Boat Review: Gulfstar 36

Pros and cons of 1980s-era vince lazzara fiberglass cruising boat..

gulfstar 36 sailboat for sale

Gulfstar Yachts, which produced 2,500 boats in the 1970s and 1980s, was launched and managed by Vincent Lazzara. Lazzara was one of the early experts in fiberglass boat building, having been involved in constructing the Rhodes-designed Bounty II, one of the first fiberglass yachts.

In 1962, he founded and became part owner of Columbia Yachts, which grew into one of the largest fiberglass boat builders in the 60s. He served primarily as designer and marketer for the company, until it was sold to the Whittaker Corp. in 1967.

Used Boat Review: Gulfstar 36

Photos by Ron Dwelle

Once his three-year non-compete agreement with Columbias new owners was satisfied, Lazzara established Gulfstar Yachts in 1970, in Tampa, Fla. The company joined a growing group of builders-including Morgan, Irwin, Hunter, and Endeavor-that were making Florida a center of American sailboat building in that decade. (Incidentally, at the same time, Frank Butler concluded a similar non-compete agreement with the Whittaker Corp. and founded Catalina Yachts.)

Lazzara began by building boats often described as low-cost, low-quality, floating condominium sailboat hulls that doubled as trawlers. His first boats were 36- and 53-footers. With identical hulls, the masted versions were called motorsailers, while the non-masted version, with a different deck mold and larger engine, were called trawlers. The sailboats had huge accommodations, but they established a reputation for sailing poorly with their shoal draft, short rigs, and wide beams. Other Gulfstars produced in the early 70s included a 43-foot trawler and 44-foot motorsailer.

In those early years, the Gulfstar boats were built conventionally, but many aspects were designed mainly to save money and produce inexpensive boats. For example, the interiors were full of formica and the ballast was iron pieces set in a concrete slurry.

Other problems had more to do with poor construction practices. The edges of the balsa-cored decks, for example, were not sealed with resin, and there were no backing plates for cleats or other hardware. According to a former yard hand, workers would cut holes in the decks and leave unfinished hulls out in the rain. One critic said that the workmanship in the factory during that time bordered on criminal. To this day, Gulfstars still suffer from the poor quality reputation they earned in the early 70s.

In the mid 70s, Lazzara foresaw changes in consumer tastes and began upgrading Gulfstar quality. Improvements included shifting from iron to lead ballast and using teak rather than formica on the interior. Within a few years, Gulfstar interiors were equal to the best production sailboats in the country, and factory construction practices improved to state-of-the-art.

This push for a new look and reputation led Lazzara to go outside for design, particularly calling on Ted Hood for the designs of the Gulfstar 40 and 48 performance sailboats. Lazzaras two sons, Richard and Brad, also joined the company, with Richard taking on some of the design work.

The changes were marked by one of the companys most famous designs, the Gulfstar 50. However, the company did not completely abandon motorsailers, and it continued to produce the shoal-draft, beamy Gulfstar Sailmaster series.

Lazzara was never one to follow the crowd. With the oil embargo in full swing during the mid 70s-when resins were expensive and in low supply-Lazzara tried a 50-percent glass-to-resin ratio, a practice that was unheard of at the time. Nowadays, this ratio is standard as makers strive to use the least amount of resin possible that will still totally wet-out the cloth. But back then, it was revolutionary, and Lazzara was criticized for it.

Still, many Gulfstars suffer from fiberglassing problems of this era, particularly a history of blister problems until the early 1980s. By then, the workmanship was as good as any other production manufacturer in the country. Gulfstar continued to produce fine teak interiors and performance-oriented sailboats such as the Gulfstar 44 and Gulfstar 60. Along with these sailboats, the company produced displacement motor yachts such as the 44 and 48 designs. In the mid 1980s, Gulfstars production shifted more toward powerboats. Many think that the best Gulfstar sailboat was the 54 Sail Cruiser whose interior joiner work, good design, and quality construction is about the opposite of Gulfstars early days. The early and mid 80s are now generally considered Gulfstars Golden Era.

Used Boat Review: Gulfstar 36

In the late 1980s, Gulfstar built mostly larger motor yachts, but the company still produced interesting sailboats, including some for the CSY charter fleet, including the 50, 45 Hirsch, and the 42.

For years, Gulfstar discussed a merger with Vikings Yachts, a powerboat builder, and finally in 1990, the company was sold to Viking Yachts. Lazzaras sons moved on to found Lazzara Yachts, a mega-yacht builder that still builds boats out of the Tampa Bay area.

Currently, there are two Gulfstar owners websites, but neither have been active recently.

The Gulfstar 36

The Gulfstar 36, also called the 36 Auxiliary, was the smallest boat the company built in the 1980s. Twenty-three of the boats were built between 1983 and 1985. Overall, its design is conservatively traditional-it was never called a racer-cruiser, but it was similar to many popular racer-cruisers and coastal cruisers of the time, with modest overhangs, a longish waterline, a moderately long fin keel that is 4 feet, 10 inches deep, and a skeg-hung rudder. The designers are listed as R.C. Lazzara and David Jones.

Above the waterline, the deck has a minimal sheer and the coachroof is attractive, with a sloping front edge. The four cowl-vents on the cabintop have sturdy stainless-steel guards. A dodger and bimini were not standard on the boat, and there are many variations of that equipment on Gulfstar 36s around today.

The cockpit is large and roomy, though you have to step up onto the seats to get by the wheel. The cockpit is 90 inches long, and the seats have good, high back support. A propane locker for two 10-pound tanks is at the aft end of the cockpit. Theres a deep lazarette locker on the port side and a shallow one to starboard.

Sidedecks are wide, but its a squeeze getting by the upper and aft shrouds. The foredeck is clear, with a good-sized anchor locker and a short stainless sprit for carrying a plow-type anchor. Our test boat had a 33-pound Delta on the sprit, and the anchor locker was large enough to carry a 33-pound Bruce in addition to the anchor rode. A Danforth hangs on the stern pushpit.

A good bow pulpit and double, 27-inch-high lifelines (with two gates just ahead of the cockpit) are standard, and a stern ladder folds down from the stern pushpit. The stern is wide enough to handle dinghy davits, which our test boat was equipped with.

Construction of the 36 is conventional and of good quality, with standard hand-layup roving and mat. (Early Gulfstars were famous for using the chopper gun for layup, but the later models abandoned that method.) Displacement is 14,250 pounds, with 5,460 pounds of lead encapsulated in fiberglass in the keel, for a ballast/displacement ratio of 38 percent.

Used Boat Review: Gulfstar 36

A couple of peculiarities of construction-the deck is supposedly balsa-cored, but drilled holes and a larger cut-out in the cockpit revealed a marine-grade plywood core. Were not sure there is any balsa in the deck, and the notable lack of any delamination in a 28-year-old boat suggests that it may be all plywood cored, in spite of the companys information.

Inside the boat, the hull is totally lined with teak-veneer plywood, so its difficult to inspect the hull itself. The deck has a conventional L flange that is glassed and fastened to the hull through the exterior rubrail, and the bulkheads are well-glassed where they are viewable.

The rig is a conventional, single-spreader, masthead sloop, keel-stepped, with a nominal sail area of 608 square feet. A 135- to 140-percent roller genoa was pretty standard. Sail area to displacement ratio is a moderate 16.61, an indication that the boat is a good but not spectacular sailer. The only unusual thing about the rig is that the aft lower shrouds go to the same chainplate as the upper shrouds.

Our test boat had a Hood jib furler and originally had a Hood roller-furling boom, which the owner had scrapped because of difficulties raising and lowering the main. The boat now has a conventional main with a lazyjack handling system. There were many variations and changes in the Gulfstar 36 rigging over the years. The rig should be examined carefully by a purchaser for saltwater corrosion in the fittings.

Original hardware on the boat was good quality with the standard equipment being pretty complete, though spinnaker gear was not included in the original specs. The Barient 27 sheet winches and the Barient 22 mast and mainsheet winches are two-speed self-tailers and still very serviceable after 28 years. The wheel is a Merriman, as were the original traveller, tracks, and blocks. To be expected in an older boat, many minor changes will have been made to the boats hardware over the years.

Almost all the Gulfstars used Perkins diesels, and the 36 has a 4-108, plenty powerful for the boat-quite a bit noisier than more-recent diesels. The 36 we tested had 8,000 hours on the engine, and some 36s may be due for overhauls or engine replacement. The engine compartment is large enough to handle all current 30- to 45-horsepower engines. The 1-inch shaft uses a conventional strut, and the test boat had a big three-blade propeller, which doesn’t help sailing performance. A PYI shaft seal had been retrofitted.

Access to the front of the engine is good, with the cabin steps removed, but getting behind the engine is almost impossible through the cockpit-locker access hatch if youre taller than 4 feet or heavier than 90 pounds. But access is necessary to get at the transmission, shaft seal, battery charger, water heater, water-lift muffler, steering gear, and so on. On our test boat, the owner had taken the extreme step of cutting a large access hatch in the cockpit sole. Fuel tankage is 40 gallons, plenty for normal coastal cruising.

The electrical system was originally well done, with wiring well-labelled and bundled. As expected, many modifications have been made, and the electrical panel is small for the current electric and electronic demands aboard mid-size cruising boats. Breakers for both 12-volt and the shore-power system are standard. The battery tray in the cockpit locker has room for only two batteries, and our test boat had added another battery tray behind the engine.

One odd thing on our test boat is that the boat had no running lights for running under power (red/green bow, stern white, mast forward white), and obviously had never had any-there were no fittings and no wiring for these lights on the boat. Its hard to imagine how a 28-year-old boat could get by without legal running lights, but there were none-the running lights switch on the electrical panel turned on just a masthead tricolor light for sailing. There is also a masthead anchor light.

An electric bilge pump and cockpit Whale hand pump are adequate for de-watering.


The interior of the boat is roomy, comparable to other spacious cruisers of the era, like the Catalina 36. The arrangement, again, is conventional.

A large quarter berth is aft to starboard, with a small nav station at the head of the berth. Opposite is a U-shaped galley that came standard with a two-burner Shipmate propane stove and Adler-Barbour-powered cooler, plus a double sink and ample dry storage. Counter-top space is minimal but adequate, and there are six small storage lockers outboard and behind the galley.

Next forward are port and starboard settees; the starboard one pulls out to form a sleeping-double. There is some storage behind and above the settees, and two 40-gallon water tanks are underneath. An oversize table occupies the center of the boat.

Gulfstar, even in 1984, seemed to subscribe to the foolish idea that a 36-foot cruiser could live and sleep six or seven people. A couple using the boat will likely convert the large quarter berth to storage.

Next forward are hanging and storage lockers to port and a large head with separate shower stall to starboard. Finally forward is a large V-berth, 78 inches long, 78 inches wide at the head, and 28 inches wide at the foot. Storage and a holding tank are underneath the berth, and a storage forepeak is ahead of the V-berth, underneath the anchor locker.

Joiner work below is teak and teak-faced plywood and generally well done. Four opening ports along with two overhead hatches and four dorades provide adequate ventilation. Ports in the main cabin provide ample light inside and decent views.


The Gulfstar 36 is an adequate sailor-not super fast, but not a dog. US Sailing doesn’t list a PHRF rating for the boat-they require three or more boats to have been rated in the previous five years, and there obviously were none being raced. An older single PHRF rating was 144, which we found may be optimistic. We doubt if anyone would want to buy the boat as a club racer. It sails like a cruising boat-probably not as fast as the newer, lighter-weight boats.

The boat will go to weather decently-even with an age-challenged main and 140-percent jib, it easily tacks through 90 degrees and achieves hull speed in 12 to 14 knots of wind.

The helm is well balanced. Reaching and off the wind, the boat is easy on helm and sails comfortably. The big three-blade prop obviously slows the boat down, and a good feathering prop would be a desirable addition. As is, cruisers are likely to turn on the engine when the wind drops below 6 to 8 knots.

Under power, the big Perkins diesel easily drives the boat to hull speed, even in a strong head wind. Handling under power is straightforward in both forward and reverse, with little pull on the helm and with just enough prop walk to kick the stern a bit in tight quarters. As with everything else on the boat, performance of the Gulfstar 36 is moderate.

With few models of the Gulfstars available at any one time, cost of a used Gulfstar 36 is hard to specify. More of the larger Gulfstar models seem to be available at any given time. PS could find only two 36s for sale at presstime, priced at $39,500 and $44,000. Actual selling price will depend on condition and equipment, and most used boats of this age will need some upgrading. As the cost approaches $30,000, we think that a Gulfstar 36 in decent condition would be a good value for a conservative cruising boat.

Used Boat Review: Gulfstar 36

  • GulfStar Owners
  • GulfStar Owners Club


Excellent Report and very Professional !!!

I am looking at a 1974 Gulfstar 41′. The condition seems very good and it has been cared for asking 49k. My concern is the backing plates and other shortcuts the builder used or is stated to use in a few articles I have read.

Any thougts on this year boat or should I move on to a different brand of boat?

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  • Gulfstar 36

The Gulfstar 36 Sailboat Specs & Key Performance Indicators

The Gulfstar 36, an aft-cockpit sloop, was designed by Vince & Richard Lazarra and built in the USA by Gulfstar Yachts.

A Gulfstar 36 sailboat at anchor

Published Specification for the Gulfstar 36

Underwater Profile:  Fin keel & skeg-hung rudder

Hull Material:  GRP (Fibreglass)

Length Overall:  36'1"  ( 11.0m)

Waterline Length:  30'4"  ( 9.2m)

Beam:  12'0"  ( 3.7m)

Draft:  4'10"  ( 1.5m)

Rig Type:  Masthead sloop

Displacement:  14,250lb (6,464kg)

Designer:  Vince & Richard Lazarra

Builder:  Gulfstar Yachts (USA)

Year First Built:  1983

Year Last Built:  1985

Number Built:  23

Published Design Ratios for the Gulfstar 36

Sail Area/Displacement Ratio:  16.6

Ballast/Displacement Ratio:  38.3

Displacement/Length Ratio:  228

Comfort Ratio:  25.1

Capsize Screening Formula:   2.0

read more about these Key Performance Indicators...

Summary Analysis of the Design Ratios for the Gulfstar 36

eBook: How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Sailboat

1. A Sail Area/Displacement Ratio of 16.6 suggests that the Gulfstar 36 will, in the right conditions, approach her maximum hull speed readily and satisfy the sailing performance expectations of most cruising sailors.

2. A Ballast/Displacement Ratio of 38.3 means that a sailboat like the Gulfstar 36 (which doesn't have a stiffness-enhancing bulb keel), is likely to benefit from being reefed early to keep her sailing upright in a moderate breeze.

3. A Displacement/Length Ratio of 228, tells us the Gulfstar 36 is a moderate displacement cruiser, which means she'll carry all your cruising gear without it having a dramatic effect on her performance. Most of today's sailboats intended for offshore cruising fall into this displacement category.

4. Ted Brewer's Comfort Ratio of 25.1 suggests that crew comfort of a Gulfstar 36 in a seaway is similar to what you would associate with the motion of a coastal cruiser with moderate stability, which is not encouraging news for anyone prone to seasickness. 

5. The Capsize Screening Formula of 2.0 tells us that a Gulfstar 36 would not be as good a choice of sailboat for ocean passage-making, owing to the increased risk of capsize in strong winds and heavy seas, when compared to a sailboat with a CSF of less than 2.0.

More about the Gulfstar 36 Sailboat...

The Gulfstar 36 is a sloop-rigged monohull with a fin keel and a skeg-hung rudder. It has a fiberglass hull and deck, with a balsa core in the deck for stiffness and insulation. The boat has a moderate displacement of 14,250 lbs (6,464 kg), with a lead ballast of 5,460 lbs (2,478 kg). The sail area is 608 sq ft (56.5 sq m), giving it a sail area/displacement ratio of 16.6, which indicates good performance in light to moderate winds. The boat has a hull speed of 8.4 knots, and can easily tack through 90 degrees and achieve hull speed in 12 to 14 knots of wind.

The Gulfstar 36 has a spacious and well-laid-out cockpit, with a single-wheel steering system and an instrument panel above the companionway. The cockpit seats are long and wide enough to accommodate six people or serve as berths. There is a large lazarette locker behind the helm seat, and two smaller lockers under the port and starboard seats. The cockpit is protected by a dodger and a bimini top, which can be removed or folded down when not needed.

The deck is clean and uncluttered, with wide side decks and sturdy handrails for easy movement. The mast is deck-stepped and supported by stainless steel wire rigging with double lower shrouds and a single backstay. The boat has a standard sloop rig with a single spreader mast and a boom vang. The mainsail has slab reefing with two reef points, and the genoa is roller-furled on the forestay.

Accommodation The Gulfstar 36 has a comfortable and cozy interior, with teak woodwork and plenty of natural light and ventilation from the large windows and hatches. The boat can sleep up to six people in two separate cabins and the main saloon.

The forward cabin has shelves along the hull sides, drawers under the berth, and a hanging locker to starboard. There is also an overhead hatch and two opening ports for light and air.

The main saloon has an L-shaped settee to port that can be converted into a double berth, and a straight settee to starboard that can serve as a single berth. There is a folding table on the centerline that can be lowered or raised as needed. There are storage lockers behind and under the settees, as well as bookshelves along the hull sides. There are four fixed windows and two opening ports in the saloon, as well as an overhead hatch.

The galley is located aft of the saloon to port, and features a three-burner propane stove with oven, a double stainless steel sink with hot and cold water, a large top-loading icebox with refrigeration unit, and ample counter space and storage cabinets. There is also an opening port above the stove for ventilation.

The navigation station is located opposite the galley to starboard, and features a large chart table with storage drawers underneath, an electrical panel, and space for mounting instruments and radios. There is also an opening port above the chart table for light.

The aft cabin is accessed through a door next to the navigation station, and has a large double berth that spans across the stern of the boat. There are shelves along the hull sides, drawers under the berth, and a hanging locker to port. There is also an overhead hatch and two opening ports for light and air.

The head is located between the forward cabin and the saloon, and has a marine toilet, a sink with hot and cold water, a shower with a sump pump, and a storage cabinet. There is also an opening port and an overhead hatch for ventilation.

Hull and Deck The hull of the Gulfstar 36 is made of solid fiberglass, with no core or liner. The hull is hand-laid using alternating layers of mat and roving, with extra reinforcement in high-stress areas. The hull is finished with a gelcoat that resists fading and cracking. The deck is made of fiberglass with a balsa core, except in areas where hardware is mounted, where the core is replaced with plywood or solid fiberglass. The deck has a molded-in nonskid pattern that provides good traction and easy maintenance.

Keel and Rudder The Gulfstar 36 has a fin keel that is bolted to the hull with stainless steel bolts. The keel is made of lead, which has a lower center of gravity and higher density than iron, resulting in better stability and performance. The keel has a draft of 5 feet (1.5 m), which allows the boat to access shallow waters while still providing adequate lift and lateral resistance.

The rudder of the Gulfstar 36 is skeg-hung, which means it is attached to a partial fin that extends from the bottom of the hull. This provides extra support and protection for the rudder, as well as improved directional stability and steering response. The rudder is made of fiberglass with a stainless steel stock and shaft. The rudder is connected to the wheel by a cable-and-pulley system that runs through a pedestal in the cockpit.

The above text was drafted by using GPT-4 (OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model) as a research assistant to develop source material; we believe it to be accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Other sailboats in the Gulfstar range include:

Gulfstar 50

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Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Men's Watch 16623

Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Men's Watch 16623

rolex yacht master gold blue dial

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rolex yacht master gold blue dial

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Pre-Owned Picks A Yacht-Ready Rolex, A Ceramic Black Bay, And An Uncommon Take On A White Dial Royal Oak

Plus a classic dress watch from patek and a gorgeous time-only option from grand seiko..

rolex yacht master gold blue dial

Each week, we present a selection of our favorite watches from the pre-owned side of our collection. We photograph each one so that you get a closer look at what makes these watches so special. This week, we have a creamy steel design from Grand Seiko's Elegance collection, a brightly blue Yacht-Master, an extra-black Black Bay, a classic Patek Calatrava, and a yellow gold Royal Oak the likes of which we don't often see. 

The Rolex Yacht-Master 40, model 126622, is an embodiment of luxury and Submariner-derived functionality in one package. This reference features a 40mm case crafted from Oystersteel, a corrosion-resistant alloy, paired with an elegant 950 platinum bidirectional rotatable bezel. The watch's refined aesthetic is complemented by a shining blue dial with large, highly legible Chromalight hour markers and hands that glow blue in low light, ensuring readability in all conditions.

rolex yacht master

Equipped with the calibre 3235, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex, the Yacht-Master 40 offers an impressive power reserve of approximately 70 hours. This movement features a Chronergy escapement, Parachrom hairspring, and high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers, ensuring precision and robustness even in the most challenging environments. Offering water resistance of up to 100 meters, the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 126622 seamlessly merges the brand's commitment to superior craftsmanship with a sophisticated design tailored for both sailing enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs.

black bay ceramic

The Tudor Black Bay Ceramic 79210 features a 41mm case crafted from matte black ceramic, giving it a sleek, modern look while offering exceptional scratch resistance. The watch's unidirectional rotating bezel, also in matte black ceramic, is adorned with a 60-minute graduated scale, making it a practical tool for divers – or when you just want to time a pizza in the oven. The dial, with its black-on-black aesthetic, includes large, luminescent hour markers and hands, ensuring excellent readability in low-light conditions. The watch's overall monochromatic design and ceramic construction offer a unique format within the Black Bay range.

tudor black bay ceramic

Powered by the Tudor Manufacture Calibre MT5602, the Black Bay Ceramic boasts a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. This COSC-certified movement features a silicon balance spring, providing enhanced accuracy and resistance to magnetic fields. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, making it suitable for a variety of aquatic adventures. With its blend of advanced technology, dive-ready performance, and distinctive design, the Tudor Black Bay Ceramic 79210 stands out as a remarkable watch for both diving enthusiasts and Tudor collectors.

ap royal oak

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15127BA is a distinguished member of the iconic Royal Oak collection, renowned for its unique design and exceptional craftsmanship. This model features a 36mm case crafted from 18-carat yellow gold, exuding a sense of timeless elegance and luxury. The signature octagonal bezel, secured with eight hexagonal screws, frames a rare expression of an Arabic dial but in white rather than the black that is common to the "military dial" Royal Oaks. The watch also features a date window at 3 o'clock that integrates into the hour markings of the outer dial element. 

AP royal Oak

At the heart of the Royal Oak 15127BA lies the self-winding 2225 caliber, a robust movement by Audemars Piguet that is based on the JLC 889. This movement offers a power reserve of approximately 40 hours, and the transparent case back reveals the beautifully decorated movement. The watch is paired with its integrated 18-carat yellow gold bracelet, featuring the AP folding clasp for a secure and comfortable fit. Combining sophisticated aesthetics with mechanical excellence, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15127BA is a rare and exciting spin on the watch that made Audemars Piguet world famous.


The Grand Seiko SBGW231 is a distinguished timepiece that epitomizes the brand's commitment to precision, craftsmanship, and timeless design. This model features a 37.3mm stainless steel case with a polished finish that highlights Grand Seiko's renowned polishing techniques, offering a mirror-like, distortion-free reflection. The watch's refined elegance is further accentuated by its clean cream-colored dial, adorned with razor-sharp, hand-applied hour markers and hands that ensure exceptional readability.

grand seiko sbgw

At the heart of the SBGW231 lies the manual-winding Caliber 9S64, a mechanical movement that offers a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. The exhibition case back allows a view of the beautifully finished movement, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every Grand Seiko timepiece. The watch is paired with a high-quality crocodile leather strap, complete with a stainless steel buckle. Combining traditional watchmaking techniques with classic watch design elements, the Grand Seiko SBGW231 is a subtle and beautiful way to make Japanese craftsmanship part of your day-to-day life.

Patek 3919R

The Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919R features a 33mm case crafted from 18-carat rose gold, exuding a warm, sophisticated appeal. One of its most distinctive design elements is the hobnail-patterned bezel, which adds a touch of texture and visual interest to the watch's otherwise sleek and minimal design. The pristine white enamel dial is adorned with slender black Roman numeral hour markers and the iconic Patek Philippe signature.

patek calatrava

Powered by the manual-winding Caliber 215 PS, visible through the sapphire crystal case back, the movement offers a power reserve of approximately 44 hours and features exceptional finishing that is characteristic of Patek Philippe's meticulous standards. With its blend of classical aesthetics and technical excellence, the Patek Philippe Calatrava 3919R remains a cherished timepiece for collectors who appreciate the elegance and subtly of a beautifully made watch.

rolex yacht master gold blue dial

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rolex yacht master gold blue dial

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  • Yacht-Master

Rolex Yacht-Master 169623 Blue Dial

Rolex Yacht-Master 169623 Blue Dial

Certified by WatchCSA The Leading Independent 3rd Party Provider of Watch Authentication

Rolex Yacht-Master 169623 Blue Dial

Product Details

Manufacturer: Rolex
Regular Price: $8,741.36
Item Number: 164192
Condition: Excellent
Yacht-Master ref 169623
Automatic 2235
Stainless steel (29mm) w/ bidirectional rotatable 18k yellow gold bezel and scratch resistant sapphire crystal
Blue w/ luminous hands and hour markers
Stainless steel and 18k yellow gold Oyster w/ Folding Fliplock clasp
Rolex box, booklets, hang tag, cardholder and Rolex papers dated 09/2000
Warranty: This pre-owned Rolex comes with Bob's Watches one year warranty
Return Policy: If not 100% satisfied, return watch in 3 days for a full refund. 

Description: Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master 169623

Pre-owned Rolex Yacht-Master ref 169623 (1999) hails from the iconic regatta collection, one of the most successful luxury watches on the secondary market. Reference 169623 is a gorgeous two-tone example of the women's model that features a versatile steel and gold finish and a vibrant blue dial. Whether you're wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a little black dress, this fashionable pre-owned Rolex is sure to match your outfit. It also boasts the durability needed for daily wear via a waterproof screw-down crown, sapphire crystal, and stainless steel. This wristwatch also boasts a precision-driven cal. 2235 Perpetual movement with self-winding.


* All Pre-Owned Rolex watches are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and certified authentic. Certificates are issued by WatchCSA, the industry's leading independent authority on watch authentication. WatchCSA Certified Pre-Owned certificates are provided for an additional fee at checkout. All watches are shipped to fit the average size wrist (7 1/4" - 7 1/2" for men and 6 1/4" - 6 1/2" for women). Additional links can be purchased if needed. Note that "B&P" means "box and papers" where stated.

Shipping / Returns

This order is ready for shipment within one (1) business day after the order has been approved and processed. All watch orders are shipped FedEx overnight and are fully insured at no charge to the customer. Please be advised that for any deliveries from Bob's Watches, a recipient aged 21 years or older must be present to provide a signature upon receipt of the package.

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Product Reviews ( 7 )

Beautiful watch, exactly as described and overnight shipping! Will most definitely buy from Bob’s again.

Beautiful watch. She loved it.

Repaired watch was better than the photos. Great customer service from Larry M.

"Excellent condition" equaled "like new" in this case. Was it ever worn? Boxes and tags were perfect.

Fast responsive service complement an exceptional product

Amazing customer service. They are closed on the weekends, but still answered me promptly by email about the watch I had just purchased from them. I received it the next day! I was pleasantly surprised by this. It was a beautiful watch, but after tryig it on I felt I wanted a larger Rolex, so I exchanged it for the larger Yacht Master with no questions asked. They even gave me the same discount on the second watch, which was so lovely of them. I have to admit at first I was nervous buying a Roles online, but the credit company I used only deals with reputable businesses, so that's why I chose Bob's, and now I know first hand that they are an honest company that I will definitely be doing business with again.

Your product review has been submitted for review.

Rolex Yacht-Master 16622 Platinum Bezel

Rolex Yacht-Master 16622 40MM Stainless Steel, Oyster Band Platinum Dial & Bezel, B&P (2000) $ 9,195

Rolex Yacht-Master 16622 Platinum Dial & Bezel

Rolex Yacht-Master 16622 40MM Stainless Steel, Oyster Band Platinum Luminous Dial, B&P (2000) $ 9,195

Platinum Rolex Yachtmaster 16622

Rolex Yacht-Master 16622 40MM Stainless Steel, Oyster Band Platinum Dial, Rolex Box (1999) $ 8,495

Rolex Yacht-Master 35MM 168622 Platinum

Rolex Yacht-Master 168622 35MM Stainless Steel, Oyster Band Platinum Dial & Bezel, B&P (2010) $ 8,595

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40 Facts About Elektrostal

Lanette Mayes

Written by Lanette Mayes

Modified & Updated: 01 Jun 2024

Jessica Corbett

Reviewed by Jessica Corbett


Elektrostal is a vibrant city located in the Moscow Oblast region of Russia. With a rich history, stunning architecture, and a thriving community, Elektrostal is a city that has much to offer. Whether you are a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply curious about different cultures, Elektrostal is sure to captivate you.

This article will provide you with 40 fascinating facts about Elektrostal, giving you a better understanding of why this city is worth exploring. From its origins as an industrial hub to its modern-day charm, we will delve into the various aspects that make Elektrostal a unique and must-visit destination.

So, join us as we uncover the hidden treasures of Elektrostal and discover what makes this city a true gem in the heart of Russia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elektrostal, known as the “Motor City of Russia,” is a vibrant and growing city with a rich industrial history, offering diverse cultural experiences and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • With its convenient location near Moscow, Elektrostal provides a picturesque landscape, vibrant nightlife, and a range of recreational activities, making it an ideal destination for residents and visitors alike.

Known as the “Motor City of Russia.”

Elektrostal, a city located in the Moscow Oblast region of Russia, earned the nickname “Motor City” due to its significant involvement in the automotive industry.

Home to the Elektrostal Metallurgical Plant.

Elektrostal is renowned for its metallurgical plant, which has been producing high-quality steel and alloys since its establishment in 1916.

Boasts a rich industrial heritage.

Elektrostal has a long history of industrial development, contributing to the growth and progress of the region.

Founded in 1916.

The city of Elektrostal was founded in 1916 as a result of the construction of the Elektrostal Metallurgical Plant.

Located approximately 50 kilometers east of Moscow.

Elektrostal is situated in close proximity to the Russian capital, making it easily accessible for both residents and visitors.

Known for its vibrant cultural scene.

Elektrostal is home to several cultural institutions, including museums, theaters, and art galleries that showcase the city’s rich artistic heritage.

A popular destination for nature lovers.

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and forests, Elektrostal offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and birdwatching.

Hosts the annual Elektrostal City Day celebrations.

Every year, Elektrostal organizes festive events and activities to celebrate its founding, bringing together residents and visitors in a spirit of unity and joy.

Has a population of approximately 160,000 people.

Elektrostal is home to a diverse and vibrant community of around 160,000 residents, contributing to its dynamic atmosphere.

Boasts excellent education facilities.

The city is known for its well-established educational institutions, providing quality education to students of all ages.

A center for scientific research and innovation.

Elektrostal serves as an important hub for scientific research, particularly in the fields of metallurgy , materials science, and engineering.

Surrounded by picturesque lakes.

The city is blessed with numerous beautiful lakes , offering scenic views and recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

Well-connected transportation system.

Elektrostal benefits from an efficient transportation network, including highways, railways, and public transportation options, ensuring convenient travel within and beyond the city.

Famous for its traditional Russian cuisine.

Food enthusiasts can indulge in authentic Russian dishes at numerous restaurants and cafes scattered throughout Elektrostal.

Home to notable architectural landmarks.

Elektrostal boasts impressive architecture, including the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord and the Elektrostal Palace of Culture.

Offers a wide range of recreational facilities.

Residents and visitors can enjoy various recreational activities, such as sports complexes, swimming pools, and fitness centers, enhancing the overall quality of life.

Provides a high standard of healthcare.

Elektrostal is equipped with modern medical facilities, ensuring residents have access to quality healthcare services.

Home to the Elektrostal History Museum.

The Elektrostal History Museum showcases the city’s fascinating past through exhibitions and displays.

A hub for sports enthusiasts.

Elektrostal is passionate about sports, with numerous stadiums, arenas, and sports clubs offering opportunities for athletes and spectators.

Celebrates diverse cultural festivals.

Throughout the year, Elektrostal hosts a variety of cultural festivals, celebrating different ethnicities, traditions, and art forms.

Electric power played a significant role in its early development.

Elektrostal owes its name and initial growth to the establishment of electric power stations and the utilization of electricity in the industrial sector.

Boasts a thriving economy.

The city’s strong industrial base, coupled with its strategic location near Moscow, has contributed to Elektrostal’s prosperous economic status.

Houses the Elektrostal Drama Theater.

The Elektrostal Drama Theater is a cultural centerpiece, attracting theater enthusiasts from far and wide.

Popular destination for winter sports.

Elektrostal’s proximity to ski resorts and winter sport facilities makes it a favorite destination for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities.

Promotes environmental sustainability.

Elektrostal prioritizes environmental protection and sustainability, implementing initiatives to reduce pollution and preserve natural resources.

Home to renowned educational institutions.

Elektrostal is known for its prestigious schools and universities, offering a wide range of academic programs to students.

Committed to cultural preservation.

The city values its cultural heritage and takes active steps to preserve and promote traditional customs, crafts, and arts.

Hosts an annual International Film Festival.

The Elektrostal International Film Festival attracts filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts from around the world, showcasing a diverse range of films.

Encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.

Elektrostal supports aspiring entrepreneurs and fosters a culture of innovation, providing opportunities for startups and business development .

Offers a range of housing options.

Elektrostal provides diverse housing options, including apartments, houses, and residential complexes, catering to different lifestyles and budgets.

Home to notable sports teams.

Elektrostal is proud of its sports legacy , with several successful sports teams competing at regional and national levels.

Boasts a vibrant nightlife scene.

Residents and visitors can enjoy a lively nightlife in Elektrostal, with numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment venues.

Promotes cultural exchange and international relations.

Elektrostal actively engages in international partnerships, cultural exchanges, and diplomatic collaborations to foster global connections.

Surrounded by beautiful nature reserves.

Nearby nature reserves, such as the Barybino Forest and Luchinskoye Lake, offer opportunities for nature enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the region’s biodiversity.

Commemorates historical events.

The city pays tribute to significant historical events through memorials, monuments, and exhibitions, ensuring the preservation of collective memory.

Promotes sports and youth development.

Elektrostal invests in sports infrastructure and programs to encourage youth participation, health, and physical fitness.

Hosts annual cultural and artistic festivals.

Throughout the year, Elektrostal celebrates its cultural diversity through festivals dedicated to music, dance, art, and theater.

Provides a picturesque landscape for photography enthusiasts.

The city’s scenic beauty, architectural landmarks, and natural surroundings make it a paradise for photographers.

Connects to Moscow via a direct train line.

The convenient train connection between Elektrostal and Moscow makes commuting between the two cities effortless.

A city with a bright future.

Elektrostal continues to grow and develop, aiming to become a model city in terms of infrastructure, sustainability, and quality of life for its residents.

In conclusion, Elektrostal is a fascinating city with a rich history and a vibrant present. From its origins as a center of steel production to its modern-day status as a hub for education and industry, Elektrostal has plenty to offer both residents and visitors. With its beautiful parks, cultural attractions, and proximity to Moscow, there is no shortage of things to see and do in this dynamic city. Whether you’re interested in exploring its historical landmarks, enjoying outdoor activities, or immersing yourself in the local culture, Elektrostal has something for everyone. So, next time you find yourself in the Moscow region, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the hidden gems of Elektrostal.

Q: What is the population of Elektrostal?

A: As of the latest data, the population of Elektrostal is approximately XXXX.

Q: How far is Elektrostal from Moscow?

A: Elektrostal is located approximately XX kilometers away from Moscow.

Q: Are there any famous landmarks in Elektrostal?

A: Yes, Elektrostal is home to several notable landmarks, including XXXX and XXXX.

Q: What industries are prominent in Elektrostal?

A: Elektrostal is known for its steel production industry and is also a center for engineering and manufacturing.

Q: Are there any universities or educational institutions in Elektrostal?

A: Yes, Elektrostal is home to XXXX University and several other educational institutions.

Q: What are some popular outdoor activities in Elektrostal?

A: Elektrostal offers several outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and picnicking in its beautiful parks.

Q: Is Elektrostal well-connected in terms of transportation?

A: Yes, Elektrostal has good transportation links, including trains and buses, making it easily accessible from nearby cities.

Q: Are there any annual events or festivals in Elektrostal?

A: Yes, Elektrostal hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including XXXX and XXXX.

Elektrostal's fascinating history, vibrant culture, and promising future make it a city worth exploring. For more captivating facts about cities around the world, discover the unique characteristics that define each city . Uncover the hidden gems of Moscow Oblast through our in-depth look at Kolomna. Lastly, dive into the rich industrial heritage of Teesside, a thriving industrial center with its own story to tell.

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Elektrostal Localisation : Country Russia , Oblast Moscow Oblast . Available Information : Geographical coordinates , Population, Altitude, Area, Weather and Hotel . Nearby cities and villages : Noginsk , Pavlovsky Posad and Staraya Kupavna .


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Elektrostal Demography

Information on the people and the population of Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Population157,409 inhabitants
Elektrostal Population Density3,179.3 /km² (8,234.4 /sq mi)

Elektrostal Geography

Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal .

Elektrostal Geographical coordinatesLatitude: , Longitude:
55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East
Elektrostal Area4,951 hectares
49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi)
Elektrostal Altitude164 m (538 ft)
Elektrostal ClimateHumid continental climate (Köppen climate classification: Dfb)

Elektrostal Distance

Distance (in kilometers) between Elektrostal and the biggest cities of Russia.

Elektrostal Map

Locate simply the city of Elektrostal through the card, map and satellite image of the city.

Elektrostal Nearby cities and villages

Elektrostal Weather

Weather forecast for the next coming days and current time of Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Sunrise and sunset

Find below the times of sunrise and sunset calculated 7 days to Elektrostal.

DaySunrise and sunsetTwilightNautical twilightAstronomical twilight
8 June02:43 - 11:25 - 20:0701:43 - 21:0701:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
9 June02:42 - 11:25 - 20:0801:42 - 21:0801:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
10 June02:42 - 11:25 - 20:0901:41 - 21:0901:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
11 June02:41 - 11:25 - 20:1001:41 - 21:1001:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
12 June02:41 - 11:26 - 20:1101:40 - 21:1101:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
13 June02:40 - 11:26 - 20:1101:40 - 21:1201:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
14 June02:40 - 11:26 - 20:1201:39 - 21:1301:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00

Elektrostal Hotel

Our team has selected for you a list of hotel in Elektrostal classified by value for money. Book your hotel room at the best price.

Located next to Noginskoye Highway in Electrostal, Apelsin Hotel offers comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi. Free parking is available. The elegant rooms are air conditioned and feature a flat-screen satellite TV and fridge...

Located in the green area Yamskiye Woods, 5 km from Elektrostal city centre, this hotel features a sauna and a restaurant. It offers rooms with a kitchen...

Ekotel Bogorodsk Hotel is located in a picturesque park near Chernogolovsky Pond. It features an indoor swimming pool and a wellness centre. Free Wi-Fi and private parking are provided...

Surrounded by 420,000 m² of parkland and overlooking Kovershi Lake, this hotel outside Moscow offers spa and fitness facilities, and a private beach area with volleyball court and loungers...

Surrounded by green parklands, this hotel in the Moscow region features 2 restaurants, a bowling alley with bar, and several spa and fitness facilities. Moscow Ring Road is 17 km away...

Elektrostal Nearby

Below is a list of activities and point of interest in Elektrostal and its surroundings.

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Mint green dial

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White Rolesor

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More Datejust technical details

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Oyster, 36 mm, Oystersteel and white gold

Oyster architecture

Monobloc middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown

White Rolesor - combination of Oystersteel and white gold

Winding crown

Screw-down, Twinlock double waterproofness system

Scratch-resistant sapphire, Cyclops lens over the date

Water resistance

Waterproof to 100 metres / 330 feet

Perpetual, mechanical, self-winding

3235, Manufacture Rolex

-2/+2 sec/day, after casing

Centre hour, minute and seconds hands. Instantaneous date with rapid setting. Stop-seconds for precise time setting

Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring. High-performance Paraflex shock absorbers

Bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor

Power reserve

Approximately 70 hours

Jubilee, five-piece links


Folding Oysterclasp with Easylink 5 mm comfort extension link

Highly legible Chromalight display with long-lasting blue luminescence


Superlative Chronometer (COSC + Rolex certification after casing)

Learn how to set the time and other functions of your Rolex watch by consulting our user guides.

Datejust 36

Contact an Official Rolex Retailer

Only official Rolex retailers are allowed to sell and maintain a Rolex watch. With the necessary skills, technical know-how and special equipment, they guarantee the authenticity of each and every part of your Rolex and help you make the choice that will last a lifetime.


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  1. Gulfstar sailboats for sale by owner.

    Gulfstar preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Gulfstar used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. Avoid Fraud. ... 36' Dickerson 36 Ketch Magothy River Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Asking $10,000. 25' Macgregor 25 Marina Del Rey, California Asking $5,800.

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    Used Gulfstar 36 1 listing. Find Gulfstar 36 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Gulfstar boats to choose from.

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    Find Gulfstar boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Gulfstar boats to choose from. ... 1971 Gulfstar 36' MOTORSAILER. US$24,900. ↓ Price Drop. Riverwalk Yacht Sales & Services | Placida, Florida. Request Info; 1986 Gulfstar 49 Motor Yacht. US$155,000. Dominion Yachts | Deale, Maryland ...

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    As with everything else on the boat, performance of the Gulfstar 36 is moderate. Price. With few models of the Gulfstars available at any one time, cost of a used Gulfstar 36 is hard to specify. More of the larger Gulfstar models seem to be available at any given time. PS could find only two 36s for sale at presstime, priced at $39,500 and $44,000.

  6. Gulfstar 36 for sale lists Gulfstar 36 for sale , with prices ranging from $19,750 for the more basic models to $59,955 for the most expensive. These yachts come in various sizes, ranging from 32.81 ft to 35.99 ft, with the oldest yacht built in 1971. This page features Gulfstar boats located in United States of America and Croatia.

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    Buy Gulfstar 36 trawler in United States of America. Gulfstar 36 trawler for sale in United States of America on are listed for a range of prices, valued from $23,000 on the more basic models to $39,900 for the most expensive. The boats can differ in size from 10.97 m to 10.97 m. The oldest one built in 1973 year.

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    How much do Gulfstar boats cost? Gulfstar boats for sale on Boat Trader are offered at a swath of prices, valued from $25,000 on the cheaper end all the way up to $161,900 for the bigger-ticket boats. Higher performance models now listed are rigged with motors up to 870 horsepower, while the smallest more functional models may have as little as ...

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    Gulfstar boats for sale in United States 36 Boats Available. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar Sort Sort Order List View Gallery View Submit. Advertisement. Save This Boat. Gulfstar 43 . Washington, North Carolina. 1976. $55,000 (Sale Pending) Seller McCotters Marina 60. Contact. 252-881-1730. ×. Save This Boat. Gulfstar 44 motoryacht ...

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    The sail area is 608 sq ft (56.5 sq m), giving it a sail area/displacement ratio of 16.6, which indicates good performance in light to moderate winds. The boat has a hull speed of 8.4 knots, and can easily tack through 90 degrees and achieve hull speed in 12 to 14 knots of wind. The Gulfstar 36 has a spacious and well-laid-out cockpit, with a ...

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    View a wide selection of Gulfstar -36' boats for sale in your area, explore detailed information & find your next boat on #everythingboats Gulfstar -36' boats for sale - Explore

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    A boat with a BN of 1.6 or greater is a boat that will be reefed often in offshore cruising. Derek Harvey, "Multihulls for Cruising and Racing", International Marine, Camden, Maine, 1991, states that a BN of 1 is generally accepted as the dividing line between so-called slow and fast multihulls.

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    Boats and yachts for sale on the international boat market Yachtall. x. OK . Video x. en. 2. ... 0 boats for Gulfstar 36. Your search: gulfstar 36 No hits for your search criteria. Please use other search words. Edit search. Send request. Contact: Fields * are required.

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    Sail Gulfstar 36 boats for sale in United States. Save Search. Clear Filter Make / Model: Gulfstar - 36 Country: United States Category: All Sail. Location. By Radius. By Country. country-all. All Countries. Country-US. United States. All. Alla 25 km 50 km 100 km 200 km 300 km 500 km 1000 km 2000 km 5000 km. from your location. Region. Region-all.

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  16. Sail Gulfstar boats for sale

    Find Sail Gulfstar boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Gulfstar boats to choose from. ... 1971 Gulfstar 36' MOTORSAILER. US$24,900. ↓ Price Drop. Riverwalk Yacht Sales & Services | Placida, Florida. Request Info; Price Drop; 1981 Gulfstar 44 Sloop. US$79,000.

  17. Buy 1974 Gulfstar 36 Trawler

    This vessel was designed and built by the Gulfstar shipyard in 1974. Key features 1974 Gulfstar 36 Trawler: length 10.97 meters and beam 3.66 meters. Hull key features 1974 Gulfstar 36 Trawler: hull material - fiberglass. 2 x Perkins engine: engine hours - 2838 hours and fuel type - diesel. With a fuel tank capacity of 1,137 liters, the 1974 ...

  18. State Housing Inspectorate of the Moscow Region

    State Housing Inspectorate of the Moscow Region Elektrostal postal code 144009. See Google profile, Hours, Phone, Website and more for this business. 2.0 Cybo Score. Review on Cybo.

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    Buy Gulfstar 36 trawler. Gulfstar 36 trawler for sale on are listed for a range of prices, valued from $23,000 on the more basic models to $39,900 for the most expensive. The boats can differ in size from 10.97 m to 10.97 m. The oldest one built in 1973 year.

  20. VGT Студия красок

    VGT Студия красок Elektrostal postal code 144003. See Google profile, Hours, Phone and more for this business. 3.5 Cybo Score. VGT Студия красок is working in Hardware stores activities. Review on Cybo.

  21. Gulfstar Centre Cockpit boats for sale

    Find Gulfstar Centre Cockpit boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Gulfstar boats to choose from. ... 1971 Gulfstar 36' MOTORSAILER. US$24,900. ↓ Price Drop. Riverwalk Yacht Sales & Services | Placida, Florida. Request Info; Price Drop; 1980 Gulfstar 44 Center Cockpit. US$96,500.

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    Rolex Yacht-Master on New offers daily. In stock now. ... White Gold Yacht-Master 42 Watch - Black Dial - Oysterflex Strap Reference 226659 $ 31,000. Free shipping. US. ... 40mm Blue Dial Two-Tone Platinum & Steel Watch (Ref# 126622) $ 15,500. Free shipping. US. Rolex Yacht-Master 40. 16622... Discover the Yacht-Master 40 watch in Oystersteel and platinum on the Official Rolex ...

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    Find Gulfstar boats for sale in Florida. Offering the best selection of Gulfstar boats to choose from. ... 1971 Gulfstar 36' MOTORSAILER. US$24,900. ↓ Price Drop. Riverwalk Yacht Sales & Services | Placida, Florida. Request Info; Price Drop; 1981 Gulfstar 44 Sloop. US$79,000.