1. Sailing Performance of the Venture Newport 23

    Dec 25, 2008. 90. Catalina 34 St. Simons Island. Jul 16, 2011. #2. I purchased a Venture Newport 23 when the first model was made back in 73. I was looking for a trailerable boat to use on a fresh water lake. The boat was drop dead gorgeous at the time with red hull, & colored jibs. I remember that it had the pop-top cabin roof, which helped a lot.

  2. Macgregor Venture 23

    Oct 25, 2004. #1. I am currently in the market for a trailerable sailboat and have researched a few different models, (O'day 22, Rhodes 22, Catalina 22, Seaward 22, Percision 21, WWP P-19, Hunter 23), and have recently come across the Macgregor Venture 23.u000bI have a few question that I hope someone could help answer; u000bu000b1.

  3. Assessment of Venture 23

    Assessment of Venture 23. by apc1589 » Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:08 pm. Background information: I have obtained a "free to a good home" Venture 23. I'm excited about the boat, but I'm also trying to take a realistic/practical approach to getting it back in the water. I'm trying to start by deciding if the boat is worth working on, or if it should be ...

  4. Venture of Newport 23

    256.03 sq ft (23.786 m 2) Racing. PHRF. 255. [ edit on Wikidata] The Venture of Newport 23, also called the Venture 23 and the MacGregor 23, is an American trailerable character sailboat that was designed by Roger MacGregor as a cruiser and first built in 1973. The design is intended as a miniature replica of a 19th-century pilot cutter.


    It takes into consideration "reported" sail area, displacement and length at waterline. The higher the number the faster speed prediction for the boat. A cat with a number 0.6 is likely to sail 6kts in 10kts wind, a cat with a number of 0.7 is likely to sail at 7kts in 10kts wind. KSP = (Lwl*SA÷D)^0.5*0.5

  6. 1973 23ft venture MacGregor

    MacGregor = Hobby Starter kit. OK, lets compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. In the 23'-27' range most of the sailboats are fairly similar in construction and rigging (with a few exceptions of course), they are basically entry level pocket cruisers, and are built to be affordable to the first time buyer.

  7. VENTURE OF NEWPORT 23 Detailed Review

    If you are a boat enthusiast looking to get more information on specs, built, make, etc. of different boats, then here is a complete review of VENTURE OF NEWPORT 23. Built by Macgregor Yacht Corp and designed by Roger MacGregor, the boat was first built in 1973. It has a hull type of Swing Keel and LOA is 6.88. Its sail area/displacement ratio ...

  8. Venture OF Newport 23

    Discover. Sailboats. Venture OF Newport 23. 1973 — 1984. Venture OF Newport 23 is a 22′ 11″/ 7 m monohull sailboat designed by Roger MacGregor and built by Macgregor Yacht Corp between 1973 and 1984. Designer. Roger MacGregor. Builder. Macgregor Yacht Corp.

  9. Review of Venture Newport 23

    The Motion Comfort Ratio for Venture Newport 23 is 10.6. Low High 18% 0 50 100. Comparing this ratio with similar sailboats show that it is more comfortable than 18% of all similar sailboat designs. This is a comfort value significantly below average.

  10. New to me 1980 venture of Newport 23

    Aug 22, 2018. 2. Macgregor Venture of Newport 23 Florida Coasts. Aug 22, 2018. #13. I'm glad I found this forum. I just purchased a Mac 23 pretty cheap, as I was looking for a trailer-able boat. It seems to have all of the rigging and sails, but no lines. Can anyone help with what halyards, sheets, etc.

  11. Venture 21 Used-boat Review

    Sailboat Reviews; used_sailboats; Venture 21 Used-boat Review The vintage MacGregor is a good example of a budget-friendly boat. By. Darrell Nicholson ... the San Juan 21, and the successively longer Ventures (V-22, V-23, V-25) that widened the cabintop to provide more interior space, the Venture 21 preserves enough sidedeck for crew to move ...

  12. Venture Newport 23

    The Venture Newport 23 is a swing-keel cutter made by MacGregor from 1973 to 1984. With its raked mast, signature taffrail, bowsprit and classic lines, this versatile and practical boat evokes the nostalgia of sailing vessels from a century ago. Yet with a sturdy fiberglass hull and fully retractible iron swing keel this vessel is easy to ...

  13. MACGREGOR 25

    The first version was called the VENTURE 25. With relatively few changes, it became the MACGREGOR 25 (around 1980). With more than 7000 boats sold, it's one of the most popular models from this builder. Masthead Rig: I: 28.3′ J: 9.75′ P: 24.5′ E: 10.5′ Photo of Venture 25 courtesy Adam Hunt.

  14. Owner's Review of the MacGregor 26 Sailboat Models

    The MacGregor 26D (daggerboard), built from about 1986 to 1990, introduced water ballast to replace the weighted keel. When the water was drained for trailering, the boat weighed only 1650 lbs, making it even more attractive for towing with a regular automobile. The daggerboard, like a keel, helps prevent the boat from being blown sideways but ...

  15. 1981 MacGregor Venture of Newport 23' Sailboat Restoration

    So with the driveway only having the 1988 Renken bowrider in it, I decided to pick up a local sailboat to satisfy my interests in sailing. I found a 1981 MacGregor Venture of Newport 23' locally, and loved the lines on it, but hated the color, and wanted to redo the trim as well. I didn't pay a whole lot for it, and it came with 2 brand new ...

  16. Macgregor Owner Reviews

    Macgregor Owner Reviews. Serving sailors online since 1997. Contact us. Menu; ... Macgregor 17; Macgregor 19; Macgregor Venture 21; Macgregor Venture 22; Macgregor 23; Macgregor 24; Macgregor 25; Macgregor 26S; Macgregor 26D; Macgregor 26C; Macgregor 26X; Macgregor 26M; Macgregor 65; Shop by Department ... Submit a review of your boat. Contact ...

  17. MacGregor 25: Used Boat Review

    Emmanuel Flatten. Designed in 1973 by small-boat maven Roger MacGregor, the 25-footer has proven to be a successful design. Innovations included a retracting keel, pop-up rudder, that pop-up cabin top and an easy mast-stepping system, all of which enhanced its trailer-cruiser mission. The MacGregor 25 was in production for 14 years, with 7,000 ...

  18. MacGregor Yacht Corporation

    Venture of Newport 23. The MacGregor Yacht Corporation was a manufacturer of sailing yachts, located in Costa Mesa, California. ... The final model produced was the MacGregor 26M, a 26-foot (7.9 m) trailerable sailboat, which is now under production as the Tattoo 26. The 26M had the ability to mount up to a 60 horsepower ...

  19. macgregor venture 22 ? for learning sailing couple

    20. MacGregor Venture 222 Yeopium river, hertford Nc. Feb 16, 2015. #1. sail boat needs :smaller the better 18' to 23' shallow water 3to 4ft at pier most time can blow out 1 to2 ft deep . cabin over night for 2 people 2 dogs, swing keel , stable , easy to sail and learn on, sea worthy the sound gets bad in little time .

  20. Scary! Small Boat Big Waves in Venture/MacGregor 23

    Last beer can race of the season on a Venture / MacGregor 23, just out of Marina Del Ray CA. It's an older boat and sails well, but in the big waves you're ...

  21. Considering a MacGregor Venture 17

    Brian. Aug 1, 2006. #1. I looking to purchase my first sailboat. Recently I found listed a 1972 MacGregor Venture 17'. I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about this boat such as: quality, layout, ease to sail, availability of parts, and potential problem areas. I posted this question on a local powereboating bored and recieved a few ...

  22. Venture of Newport 23

    nousalapaix Discussion starter. 2 posts · Joined 2011. #1 · Apr 14, 2011. Hi, New to sailnet. Skipper Dei Gratia, Macgregor Newport Venture 23, cutter rigged. New Orleans, La. Like. Sort by Oldest first.

  23. MacGregor Venture 23'

    My father an avid sailor recently passed away and has left me his MacGregor Venture 23". I am not a sailor and would like to sell this boat w/trailer. Can... Menu Menu. Search. Search titles only. By: Search Advanced ... Sell Your Boat Used Gear for Sale. Parts. General Marine Parts Hunter Beneteau Catalina MacGregor Oday.