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It was a dream experience for us. The boat was larger than expected and had many comfort features. Serge (skipper) and Josiane (cook) were outstanding. Serge recommend a sailing journey that met our expectations, especially regarding calm seas and onshore tourist activities. Josiane, as an experienced dietitian, prepared the right meals for two our the members who had dietary restrictions - in addition to delicious meals for the rest of us. We wish she could have shopped at the various harbors for fresh seafood. We were surprised and disappointed with the sewage smells in the left middle cabins that also drifted into the kitchen. We learned that this is due the incorrect installation of a sewage pipe on most Lagoon boats. This should be announced in advance to renters and for such an expensive boat, should be corrected immediately. The other improvement would be to cover the lounging-nets on the front of the boat. The sun was too hot to use this area during our sail.

Great stay in the Grenadines with a spacious boat that is progressing well!

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Catamaran charter in martinique, charter a catamaran in martinique with or without skipper with samboat.

Martinique is part of the French territory in the Antilles archipelago. The island is in the Caribbean Sea, its neighbouring countries are South America, Barbados and the Dominican Republic. It is a country rich in history and with a unique culture. It has traditions drawn from various cultures, such as African, South American and Indian. It is a country that should be visited once in a lifetime. Rent a boat in Martinique to sail its waters and visit all its beaches. You can start you journey by renting a boat in Le Marin .

The temperature is pleasant most of the year and favourable for sailing. Rent a catamaran in Martinique and visit the beaches. This island has a large number of beaches, to the south, you will find incredible beaches with golden sand, and to the north of the island, you will find exotic beaches with black sand. The water temperature is between 25°C - 30°C, a pleasant temperature to swim and enjoy. Another idea is to rent a sailboat in Martinique to explore every place on the island.

Catamaran rental in Martinique

If you rent a catamaran , you can visit all the beaches of the island but also venture out and sail to the neighbouring islands. One example is the island of St. Lucia, an island full of mountains and a coastline full of beautiful beaches. The best beach to visit is Sandals Grande St. Lucian, located in Pigeon Island National Park. It is a beautiful place with mountains full of nature and lush trees. Another beach we recommend is Grand Anse Beach, a large beach with a typical Caribbean view.

How much does it cost to rent a catamaran in Martinique?

The price of chartering a catamaran in Cuba can vary depending on the season. The average price will be around 250 euros per day in the low season. Prices may increase during the high season. In Cuba, the high season months are from June to the end of August. If you want to rent a boat during these months, we recommend you to look two months in advance and start the rental process as soon as possible. That is the only way you can find the best boat for your needs. 

Do you need a license to rent a catamaran in Martinique?

To charter a catamaran in Martinique you need to have an ICC licence. We recommend having a nautical curriculum with all your sailing experiences. If you don't have a license or experience, you can rent a bareboat or any other boat from our catalogue with a skipper. Skippers are helpful, they can show you places that only locals know. Ask the skippers for suggestions on local restaurants and hidden coves for an even better sailing route. 

About SamBoat

SamBoat offers a vast range of boats to hire from 60€/day. Choose from a wide selection of sailboats, motorboats, RIBs, catamarans, yachts, and canal boats. With the best offers, SamBoat helps you to find the ideal boat charter for the perfect vacation.

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Most popular boats For rent in MARTINIQUE


SUN ODYSSEY 440 (2023)


Bali 4.5 - 4 + 2 cab. (2018)


Nautitech 40 (4 cab + 2) (2019)

Main image -

Lagoon 42 (2018)


Dufour 460 GL - 5 cab. (2020)

Main image -

Lagoon 450 (2019)

Brut de pomme -

LAGOON 380 (4 CAB) (2019)

NEW 24-2 -

LAGOON 46 (2025)

Poucette -

Bali Catsmart - 4 + 2 cab. (2023)


Lagoon 42 - 4 + 2 cab. (2024)

Top destinations in martinique for boat rental.

Le Marin

245 boats for charter

from €1,275 per week



5 boats for charter

from €3,298 per week

Types of boats available for rent in Martinique

Catamaran charter

186 catamarans available for rent in Martinique, form €1,621 for 1 week charter. Ideal option for group of friends or family vacation.

Catamaran charter

Sailboat charter

There are 53 sailboats available for charter in Martinique, prices start from €1,314 per week. Most budget friendly option for a vacation.

Sailboat charter

Trimaran charter

9 trimarans available for rent in Martinique, with prices from €3,230 per week. Great option for skippers looking for performance boats.

Trimaran charter

Power boat charter

2 powerboats available in Martinique for rent, starting from €1,832 per week. Bareboat or crewed options available for sailing vacations.

Power boat charter

Gulets charter

Currently not available for charter in this country. Check other boat types.

Gulets charter

Houseboat charter

Houseboat charter

Yacht charter types available in Martinique

Bareboat charter, crewed yachts, by the cabin charter, skippered boats, cost of boat rental in martinique.

Average yacht charter cost in Martinique starts from €1,314 per week. Graphic below represents fluctuation of charter prices in Martinique during the year, based on a sample of 50 boats ranging from 40 to 50-foot. This graphic shows months with lowest prices during the year as well high season when prices are above average. Before booking the boat at lowest rate, please check sailing conditions as usually best prices are during off season.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec













Sailing conditions in Martinique

Air temperature, precipitation and wind force may vary significantly during the year. Below you may find graphics with min and max temperature and average precipitation days in Martinique during the year. Book your charter vacation in Martinique wisely! Considering sailing conditions along with the best price offers

Temperature by month

Average air High and Low temperature during the year

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max t° 27 °C 28 °C 28 °C 28 °C 30 °C 30 °C 30 °C 30 °C 30 °C 30 °C 29 °C 28 °C
Min t° 21 °C 21 °C 22 °C 22 °C 23 °C 25 °C 25 °C 24 °C 23 °C 23 °C 23 °C 22 °C
Max t° 82 °F 83 °F 83 °F 84 °F 86 °F 86 °F 86 °F 86 °F 87 °F 86 °F 85 °F 83 °F
Min t° 71 °F 71 °F 72 °F 73 °F 75 °F 77 °F 77 °F 76 °F 75 °F 75 °F 74 °F 73 °F

Rainy days by month

Average number of days with precipitation during the year.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainy Days 23 19 21 18 21 22 25 25 24 22 22 22

Martinique Yacht Charter Reviews with 12knots

Ann-Tyler Conradi

“Great customer service!”

We had a fantastic experience using 12 Knots to find the perfect long-term charter situation for our family during COVID. They were extremely fast in responding to our inquiries and patient with a million questions on our end. We worked closely with …

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Martinique Yacht Charters

Martinique Yacht Charters

Martinique is part of the Windward Islands in the Lesser  Antilles lain between the northern and southern islands of St. Martin  and Grenada. Due to its location on the dividing line between the  Atlantic and the Caribbean it is highly exposed to the northeast trade  winds during the wintertime and is well known for good sailing  conditions.

Martinique offers Caribbean classics of flawless white sand beaches  on the southern coast, and black sand on the northern coast.  Palm-fringed sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs, hidden coves perfect  for swimming and snorkeling, unspoiled fishing villages, hot springs,  lush rainforests, rugged peaks and exotic flowers and fruit everywhere.

History of Martinique

Martinique has always been a rich, populated island,  characterized by its luscious foliage and varied landscape. Many  different groups of island peoples inhabited the area before it was  settled by the French in 1635. The French used the island to construct  sugarcane plantations, and farmed other tropical fruits and spices such  as bananas, coffee, cinnamon, and much more. The island was praised for  its plentiful harvests, and the sugarcane plantations helped make  Martinique the “Rum Capital of the World.”

In the 1600s, Martinique was the center for the French Antilles (the  West Indies), both culturally and politically. It hosted the best  resources for food, textiles, and luxury items including spice and rum  exports. The small island grew in popularity, and many French settlers  flocked to the area to stake their claim on the riches and bounty of the  West Indies.

Martinique never separated from the French Republic, and still  carries French influence in their culture and cuisine. French is the  official language of Martinique; however, most citizens also speak  Antillean Creole and some English. The Antillean Creole is still used in  many native song, literature, and in the everyday life of Martinique  natives. Martinique is a cultural melting pot, with both islander and  French influences creating a vibrant scene of art, cuisine, music and  more.

By the locals, Martinique is called the “Island of Revenants,” or  those who will always return. Each year, hundreds of sailors return to  Martinique for its unique culture and atmosphere. And every year, they  discover something new. Martinique is a small island, but one with many  great discoveries, places to see, and adventures to take. You can learn  more about the history of Martinique when you visit Le Marin the main  yacht charter base on the island.

French Culture of Martinique

As part of the French Antilles, Martinique has a unique blend  of Caribbean and French style incorporated into culture, business, music  and food. You can observe the French influence in the bustling markets,  French-Creole restaurants, and fashion straight from the streets of  Paris.

The French élan, or natural spirit, is felt in Martinique’s historical charm yet modern fashion, food and lifestyle. 

Martinique is known for a signature style of music, zouk, which  combined European and Caribbean styles of classical music in both  orchestral bands and modern electronic groups. Zouk music is often used  in Martinique’s festivals and traditional dance as part of celebration.  Vaval is the biggest festival of the year. It is a four-day extravaganza  leading up to Lent, similar to Mardi Gras in the U.S. This is a great  time for sailors to rent a boat or catamaran, as there is always  something to do, see, and enjoy during Vaval. Zouk and biguine dance  music dominate the local restaurants and festivals, and can be heard on  the streets far and wide in Martinique.

Martinique’s second cultural draw is the cuisine. Martinique  specializes in a fusion of French and Creole food, with heavy emphasis  on French fine pastries and Caribbean seafood. You can find restaurants  that serve three course meals for relatively inexpensive prices, usually  serving fish, shellfish, and native-grown vegetables and medleys. Many  restaurants will offer French wine pairings with your meal, or you can  opt for a traditional Caribbean rum. Hundreds of restaurants are  scattered across Martinique’s shorelines, collecting droves of sailors  eager to sample the unique food and its cultural significance.

Nature and Landscapes

Nature and Landscapes

Martinique is a real tropical paradise, from the crystal clear  waters to the untouched rainforest landscape that covers a majority of  the island. Martinique is unique to the French Antilles in its fertile  growing grounds and towering peaks. While the stunning landscapes of  Martinique are more than enough for one explorer to appreciate, there  are many nearby islands for you to stop and see during your yacht  charter trip.

The Arawaks, one of the first tribal peoples to inhabit Martinique,  called the island Madinina, “Isle of Flowers.” Martinique is covered  with exotic wildflowers, ranging from colorful orchids, to rare  frangipani and flamingo flowers. Hibiscus flowers are some of the most  prominent, and hundreds of varieties color the forests and the streets.  Those with a green thumb will love seeing the vibrant foliage present on  the island. It is unlike any landscape most sailors ever get to  experience.

Martinique is also home to the volcano Mount Pelée. It towers over  the island town of St. Pierre, known by the locals as the “Pompeii of  the Caribbean.” In 1902 it wiped out most of the town of St. Pierre,  however small villages eventually rebuilt along the shores. Mount Pelée  has not seen activity since 1932, and provides visitors a beautiful  sight to behold while sailing across the waters or travelling by land.

Nearby Islands and Attractions

Though Martinique has plenty of history and culture to soak in  during your yacht charter. From Martinique, you can easily sail to St.  Lucia or St. Vincent. These two islands were also once European  colonies, and share some of the same history and blended culture that  Martinique has to offer. They provide you with more flavors, sights, and  attractions if you want to venture off course during your Martinique  sailing vacation.

Just south of Martinique (approximately 41 nm), you can moor at St.  Lucia. This trip only takes about five to six hours sailing at moderate  speed, which means you can make an overnight trip or stay a couple days  to see all this lush island has to offer. It is covered with dense  rainforest, waterfalls, and beaches bordering the crystal clear waters  of the Caribbean. The locals are very welcoming, and will show you  around St. Lucia’s most popular attractions as well as native favorites.  From horseback riding to all-you-can-eat Creole cuisine, St. Lucia is  the perfect getaway if your charter sailing boat in Martinique.

If you want to take the trip one step further, travel to St. Vincent  next yacht charter destination. Just eight hours (61nm) from St. Lucia,  St. Vincent is a beautiful Caribbean island with the seclusion and  natural beauty that other more inhabited islands can’t offer. While St.  Vincent still has bustling streets and vibrant community life, it also  provides vast expanses of wildlife preserves and volcanic terrain that  few people ever get to experience. St. Vincent was a prime location for  the filming of  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,  and hundreds of locals were hired to as minor cast members.

Of course, there is plenty to do and see in Martinique, if you want  to spend more of your time on land rather than sailing around nearby  islands. For a historical overview of the country, visit the Habitation  Clement in La Francois. This historic distillery gives you an overview  of what colonial life was like in Martinique during early trade days.  For a more modern look at Martinique’s rum production, visit the Depaz  Distillery in St. Pierre. This distillery has been known for producing  some of the world’s best rum, dating back to 1651. They use pure blue  cane, and export all over the world.

Yacht Charters in Martinique

Martinique is the perfect place to plan your sailing vacation.  Warm winds and a dry winter make sailing conditions ideal for the  majority of the year. With a variety of professionally maintained  yachts, catamarans and sailing boats to choose, you can’t go wrong with a  Martinique yacht charter. 12 Knots offers crewed yacht charters as well  as bareboat rentals depending on your sailing experience.

The average temperature in Martinique stays around 20-30°C (68-86°F)  year round, with short rain showers in late spring and summer. March and  April are typically the driest months, as well as the most windy.  Northeastern trade winds arrive in the Caribbean between 20-25 knots in  the first half of the year (December to June). Martinique is located on  the edge of the Caribbean bordering the Atlantic Ocean, which means it  is exposed to the strongest trade winds. January through April provide  the best temperatures, light rain, and wind for sailing in Martinique.

On your yachting trip, you can choose to sail around the island, or  travel across the Caribbean to some of the nearby islands. Sailing  north, you’ll reach Dominica, and to the south St. Lucia island. St.  Lucia is home to Soufrière, a town surrounded by luscious rainforest.  This forested area contains several hiking trails where you can catch a  glimpse of waterfalls, hot springs and dormant volcanoes as they tower  over Rodney Bay.

You will start your charter at Le Marin, the main boar rentals hub in  Martinique. You can choose among a variety of sailing yacht and  catamaran charters depending on your desires and budget. Our sailing  yacht and catamarans include luxurious, spacious living quarters,  all-inclusive equipment and the option to have crew members on deck for  sailing assistance and navigation. We offer bareboat charters for  experienced sailors, but encourage you to bring as much gear, and even  hire a skipper if sailing in Grenadines is a new adventure for you.

Should you choose 12 Knots Yachting Club, you are guaranteed a  once-in-a-lifetime Caribbean experience unlike no other. We will offer  you vast variety of professionally maintained yachts, well equipped, and  hospitable staff to make your vacation as relaxed or daring as you  prefer. If you want to enjoy a private yachting experience but have  little sailing experience, sign up for our sailing school and learn  everything you need to know about the open waters. Your experience is up  to you; we are here simply to ensure it is the best possible.

rent catamaran martinique


Mermer Location Catamaran Martinique

Bienvenue sur le site de Mermer location.

Vous souhaitez louer un bateau en Martinique pour naviguer aux Antilles ?

Ici, pas d'intermédiaire ! Profitez d'un contact direct et des avantages d'une petite structure de location de catamaran depuis la marina du Marin en Martinique. Nous sommes une entreprise indépendante, vous n'aurez qu'un seul intermédiaire du devis, jusqu'à la remise de votre bateau.

Depuis 2001, Mermer, vous propose, au départ du port du Marin, des locations de catamarans parfaitement équipés, pour des navigations autonomes, avec ou sans équipages et au meilleur prix.

Nos catamarans

Mahé 36

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot

4 267 /jr
Pers. max (6) A partir de

Lucia 40'

8 357 /jr
Pers. max (8) A partir de

Lipari 41'

8 357 /jr
Pers. max (10) A partir de

TS 42'

Catamaran Marsaudon Composites

6 414 /jr
Pers. max (8) A partir de

Lagoon 42'

Catamaran Lagoon

6 414 /jr
Pers. max (10) A partir de

Hélia 44'

8 450 /jr
Pers. max (10) A partir de

Hélia 44' Climatisé

Hélia 44' Climatisé

8 500 /jr
Pers. max (9) A partir de

Les avantages Mermer

Un service sur mesure

Un service sur mesure

Une entreprise familiale et conviviale

Des catamarans équipés

Des bateaux équipés

Louer un catamaran à la Caraïbe

Pourquoi louer un catamaran en martinique.

La Martinique est le point de départ idéal pour une croisière dans les Grenadines . Des croisières vers le Nord des Antilles sont également envisageables. Idéalement située, elle offre toutes les facilités pour préparer au mieux votre croisière. Elle est à 110 milles nautiques du coeur des Grenadines (les Tobago Cays). Vous pourrez, lors de votre descente, admirer la beaut d'autres les comme Sainte-Lucie et Saint Vincent .

Location de catamaran avec ou sans skipper ?

Mermer Location Catamaran Martinique vous propose une gamme complète de catamarans . Vous trouverez votre bonheur quelque soit la taille de votre groupe et votre budget. L'ensemble de notre flotte de catamaran peut être louée avec ou sans skipper . Nous possédons depuis 2019, un Hélia 44 équipé de la climatisation, (location avec skipper obligatoire). A votre demande, Mermer Location peut vous trouver une hôtesse/cuisinière qui pourra s'occuper de l'avitaillement.     

Pourquoi louer un catamaran avec Mermer?

Nous vous garantissons des catamarans en parfait état et nous prenons le temps nécessaire pour effectuer une bonne mise en main. C'est à ce moment que je vous donnerais les bons contacts sur place et des petits conseils précieux qui feront la réussite de votre croisière aux Grenadines. Mermer est une agence de location à taille humaine, nous travaillons avec des agences mais 80% des locations de catamarans se font en direct.

Vous êtes nos plus grands ambassadeurs ! C'est pourquoi nous ferons tout pour vous satisfaire et vous garantir une croisière réussite. N'hésitez pas à laisser un avis .

Votre Croisière aux Caraïbes

La destination phare est l' archipel des Grenadines . Cependant, des croisières autour de la Martinique où dans les îles plus au nord est possible et sont toutes aussi jolies. (La Dominique est ses 365 rivières, les Saintes, Marie Galante, La Guadeloupe, Antigua…)

Retrouvez, plus d'infos sur la location de voilier .

Saint-Vincent et les Grenadines

Croisiere 10 jours

Un programme de croisière, pour la meilleure destination aux antilles : les Grenadines.


Croisiere 15 jours

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam.


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(+1) 786 673 68 20

Boat & Catamaran charter in Martinique  - Yacht Rental

Boat & Catamaran charter in Martinique - Yacht Rental

Martinique yacht rental.

Embark on a nautical adventure with Yachting.Rent in the radiant Caribbean island of Martinique. Our exceptional yacht rental service offers you the freedom to experience the island’s vibrant culture, untouched beaches, and alluring marine life on your terms. We place the azure blue waters of the Caribbean at your fingertips, opening up a world of possibilities for exploration and relaxation.

Yachting.Rent offers an extensive range of yachts to cater to diverse tastes and requirements. From compact sailing yachts ideal for romantic getaways, to luxury mega yachts that can accommodate large parties, our fleet is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring the comfort and safety of our clients. Our team’s commitment to customer service is unparalleled, and we strive to make your Martinique yacht charter experience unforgettable.

Renting a yacht in Martinique offers you the unique opportunity to tailor your vacation to your desires. Explore the vibrant marine ecosystems, snorkel in clear turquoise waters, dine under the stars, or simply bask in the Caribbean sun on the deck of your private yacht. Cruise along the coastline, stopping at picturesque beaches, or sail to neighboring islands for a day of adventure.

Our team at Yachting.Rent will work closely with you to plan your dream sailing itinerary around Martinique. We offer comprehensive support and advice to ensure that your yacht charter experience is seamless from start to finish. This includes arranging for provisions, creating customized itineraries, and providing experienced crew members when required.

Take the helm of your Martinique adventure with Yachting.Rent. We invite you to discover the freedom, luxury, and unforgettable experiences that await you on the crystal-clear Caribbean waters. Set sail for the horizon with us and make memories that will last a lifetime

Daniel Goldman

CEO of Yachting.Rent

Boat & Catamaran charter in Martinique

Bali 4.4 - 3 + 1 cab. - Apollo - 2022

Bali 4.5 – 4 + 2 cab. – Adria Chicha – 2017

Lagoon 450 F - 4 + 2 cab. - Shiva - 2018

Lagoon 450 F – 4 + 2 cab. – Shiva – 2018

Lagoon 42 - 4 + 2 cab. - Eleni - 2023.

Lagoon 42 – 4 + 2 cab. – Hanselli – 2024

Lagoon 42 – 4 + 1 cab. – pirelli – 2024.

Saxdor 320 GTO - Kali - 2022

Saxdor 320 GTC – Olivia – 2022

Saxdor 320 gto – kali – 2022.

rent catamaran martinique

Why Choose Us

Yacht charter in Martinique

Welcome to Yachting.Rent, your premier choice for yacht charter in Martinique. We are your gateway to exploring this Caribbean jewel, offering a unique blend of French and West Indian culture, stunning beaches, and vibrant marine life. With our personalized service, we make yachting accessible and enjoyable, no matter your level of experience.

Our wide array of yachts available for charter accommodates every taste and desire. From sleek sailing yachts to luxurious motor yachts, our fleet is maintained at the highest standards of safety and comfort. Each yacht is equipped with modern navigation and safety equipment, ensuring a worry-free journey through the turquoise waters surrounding Martinique.

We understand that chartering a yacht is more than just a voyage; it’s an experience. Whether you seek the thrill of sailing, the relaxation of sun-soaked days on deck, or the exploration of undersea worlds through snorkeling and diving, we strive to make your journey as unforgettable as your destination. Every detail of your charter is tailored to your preferences, from the choice of yacht to the itinerary.

What’s more, our team of dedicated professionals is here to provide assistance and guidance every step of the way. We offer comprehensive support services, from helping you select the perfect yacht, to creating a bespoke itinerary filled with stunning anchorages and hidden gems. We also provide an experienced crew when needed, ensuring you can focus on creating unforgettable memories.

Charter a yacht with Yachting.Rent in Martinique and experience the Caribbean as you’ve never seen it before. We aim to make your journey not just a charter, but the adventure of a lifetime. Let us help you set sail for an unforgettable yachting experience in the magical waters of Martinique.

Satisfield Clients

Experiented Crew

Luxurious Boats

Premium Facilities

Featured Boats & Catamarans in Martinique

rent catamaran martinique

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About Martinique

Why is Martinique a good sailing destination?

At Yachting.Rent, we believe that Martinique is one of the most exciting and captivating sailing destinations in the Caribbean. This gem, an overseas region of France, offers a vibrant blend of French sophistication and West Indian charm, providing a unique backdrop for your sailing adventure.

Martinique’s appeal as a sailing destination lies in its diversity. With lush mountain landscapes, stunning white-sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and historic towns, every day brings new sights and experiences. The island’s coastline and surrounding waters are filled with enchanting bays, lagoons, and hidden coves waiting to be explored. The famous Diamond Rock, a volcanic mound rising dramatically from the sea, is a must-see for every sailor.

The island’s climate also makes it a perfect sailing destination year-round. Its tropical weather ensures warm temperatures and consistent trade winds, providing excellent sailing conditions. The wind strength ranges from a gentle breeze, perfect for beginners, to more challenging winds for experienced sailors, offering something for everyone.

Moreover, Martinique’s rich marine life adds another layer to its appeal. Its crystal-clear waters are teeming with colourful coral reefs, diverse species of fish, turtles, and even dolphins. Snorkelling or diving in these waters is an experience that is as unforgettable as it is colourful.

The vibrant culture and warm hospitality of the locals also make Martinique a truly special place. Here, French culinary artistry meets Creole tradition, and the result is a gastronomic delight. The local rum distilleries and the historic city of Saint-Pierre, often referred to as the ‘Paris of the Caribbean’, offer fascinating insights into the island’s history and traditions.

With Yachting.Rent, your sailing adventure in Martinique is not just about the destination, but also about the journey. We ensure that your experience is filled with breathtaking views, cultural richness, and unforgettable moments. Discover why Martinique is a paradise for sailors, and let us guide you on your adventure in this Caribbean gem.

rent catamaran martinique


rent catamaran martinique

What Choose

Sailing boat or Catamaran, what to sail in Martinique

At Yachting.Rent, we offer a variety of vessels for your sailing adventure in Martinique, but the decision often comes down to choosing between a sailing boat and a catamaran. Both options provide unique advantages that cater to different sailing preferences and needs.

Sailing boats, or monohulls, are the traditional choice for many sailors. They offer an authentic sailing experience with their signature heeling under wind power. These vessels are well-suited for those who love the thrill of the ride and value maneuverability and speed. The sleek design of sailing boats allows them to cut through water efficiently and reach impressive speeds, making them the vessel of choice for racing enthusiasts. Moreover, their deep keel provides a stable sailing experience in various weather conditions, making them suitable for navigating the open seas as well as Martinique’s inviting bays.

On the other hand, catamarans offer a different set of advantages. With their dual-hull design, catamarans provide more stability than sailing boats, virtually eliminating the boat roll, making them an excellent choice for those prone to seasickness or those who prefer a steadier, smoother ride. Catamarans also offer more space, both on deck and below, which allows for larger, more comfortable living areas, making them ideal for families or groups. Their shallow draft makes them perfect for exploring Martinique’s shallow waters and secluded beaches.

Whether you prefer the performance and tradition of a sailing boat or the stability and spaciousness of a catamaran, Yachting.Rent is here to accommodate your needs. Our fleet consists of modern, well-maintained vessels that ensure safety, comfort, and memorable sailing experiences. Let us guide you in making the best choice for your dream sailing adventure in Martinique.

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Catamaran Charter in Martinique (Caribbean) - Catamaran Rental

131 boats available

Hero image

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 · 2018

Marina du marin, le marin, martinique.

  • 6 bathrooms
  • 14.98 m long
  • Captain optional
  • Full batten mainsail

Catamaran Lagoon 380 · 2019 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 380 · 2019

  • 2 bathrooms
  • 11.5 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2023 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2023

  • 4 bathrooms
  • 12.8 m long

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Catamaran Lagoon 450 F · 2013 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 450 F · 2013

  • 13.96 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2018 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2018

  • 12.6 m long

Catamaran Neel 47 · 2024 (0)

Catamaran Neel 47 · 2024

  • 14.33 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2016 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2016

Catamaran Lagoon 46 · 2019 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 46 · 2019

  • 13.99 m long

Catamaran Bali 4.6 · 2021 (0)

Catamaran Bali 4.6 · 2021

  • 14.28 m long

Catamaran Sunreef 50 · 2020 (0)

Catamaran Sunreef 50 · 2020

  • 5 bathrooms
  • 15.24 m long
  • Crew included

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Catamaran Neel 43 · 2021 (0)

Catamaran Neel 43 · 2021

  • 12.9 m long

Catamaran Neel 43 · 2021 (0)

  • 13.11 m long

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 · 2020 (0)

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 · 2020

  • 11.73 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 46 · 2020 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 46 · 2020

Catamaran Lagoon 40 · 2022 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 40 · 2022

  • 11.74 m long

Sailing on a catamaran in Martinique

A catamaran charter in Martinique is the right choice for fancy travelers who want to enjoy a luxury vacation in the Caribbean without the hassle of having to use different means of transportation day in and day out. Rather they can remain on their boat rental for the duration of their trip and enjoy a wonderful time.

The pros of renting a catamaran in Martinique

When you come to Martinique, you probably come for the beaches and the crystal-clear waters. A catamaran charter in Martinique allows you to discover these magical places from up close and at your own pace. As catamarans have a shallow draft, you can sail closer to the shore and make the most of your sailing adventure.

If you want to have a comfortable and more luxurious kind of holiday in the Caribbean, a catamaran rental in Martinique is the perfect choice for you. They are often bigger than other types of boats and offer plenty of space on deck to stretch your legs and soak up the sun.

The flexibility of a catamaran hire in Martinique is almost unbeatable. You can set your sail when the weather conditions allow you to, or you can simply drive with the engine if they don’t. That way you won’t ever get stuck in the middle of the sea when the wind suddenly stops blowing.

The cons of renting a catamaran in Martinique

Another thing to keep in mind when sailing on a catamaran in Martinique is the fact that they are quite difficult to navigate in smaller spaces. If you don’t bring a lot of experience, you might struggle to navigate your boat at the marinas. In these situations, you might want to hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter or find a spot to anchor in one of the many beautiful bays.

Charter a private luxury catamaran in Martinique

A private luxury catamaran charter in Martinique might just be what you’re looking for in the Caribbean. You can find all the amenities you can find on a regular catamaran but get a lot more on top. A full crew is definitely part of that. You will get a skipper who will take care of operating and navigating your catamaran as well as staff who will prepare your meals and make sure that you have the most pleasant experience while cruising around Martinique. A lot of luxury catamarans in Martinique also come with a very exquisite interior.

How many people can go on a catamaran in Martinique?

In general, you can fit around 10 people on board a catamaran in Martinique , making them the perfect choice for groups of couples or families. You will have just enough space to enjoy some private moments, but also plenty of room on deck to enjoy wonderful meals and fun afternoons with your travel companions.

When is the best time to sail on a catamaran in Martinique?

The optimal period for catamaran sailing in Martinique is the dry season, which spans from December through May. During this phase, you'll encounter ideal weather conditions, tranquil waters, and pleasant temperatures, setting the stage for an exceptional sailing escapade.

The dry season in Martinique offers consistent sunshine, warmth, and a relatively peaceful sea. On average, temperatures range from 24°C to 29°C during the dry months, meaning that you can expect comfortable conditions perfect for sailing on a catamaran in Martinique , basking in the sun, and indulging in plenty of outdoor activities.

The clear skies and calm waters characteristic of this time of year enhance visibility, making it ideal for underwater activities such as snorkelling and diving. The pristine waters allow for the exploration of the vibrant marine ecosystem and captivating coral reefs surrounding Martinique.

How much does it cost to rent a catamaran in Martinique?

A catamaran rental in Martinique might not be great for those traveling on a budget, but they are certainly good enough for people who have a nice budget to splurge on. The most luxurious catamarans in Martinique will cost between 30.000 and 40.000 EUR per week, but there are catamarans that are more affordable - especially when considering that you’re going to split the costs with the other travelers. You can even find catamaran rentals in Martinique starting at a little over 2.000 EUR per week.

What kind of boat license do I need when renting a catamaran in Martinique?

As in many Caribbean countries, you generally don’t need a boat license in order to rent a boat in Martinique . However, there are some exceptions. If your catamaran in Martinique can go beyond 6 hp, you do need a coastal license.

The best routes for catamarans in Martinique

Navigating the Caribbean gem of Martinique by catamaran offers a myriad of exhilarating routes that showcase the island's diverse beauty and rich cultural heritage. Here are some of the best routes for catamarans in Martinique, each promising a captivating and unforgettable sailing experience:

Fort-de-France Loop:

Embark on a circular journey from the capital city of Fort-de-France, hugging the coastline to the north. Sail towards the charming fishing village of Anse d'Arlet, renowned for its clear waters and colorful marine life. Continue south to reach the picturesque town of Le Diamant, where the majestic Rocher du Diamant rises from the sea. Don't miss a visit to the Trois-Îlets, a historic town with cultural attractions. Complete the loop by returning to Fort-de-France, savoring the coastal panoramas along the way.

Northern Exploration:

Set sail from Fort-de-France towards the northern coast of Martinique. Discover the breathtaking beauty of Grand Rivière, a hidden gem nestled between lush hills and the sea. Continue your journey to Saint-Pierre, once known as the "Paris of the Caribbean," where you can explore its historic ruins and volcanic landscapes. Cruise along the coast to visit Anse Couleuvre, a secluded beach accessible only by boat. This route provides an enriching blend of history, nature, and tranquility.

Le Marin to Sainte-Anne Circuit:

Depart from Le Marin, a popular sailing hub, and sail along the eastern coast to reach the vibrant town of Sainte-Anne. Along the way, indulge in the beauty of Les Salines, one of Martinique's most renowned beaches. Discover the charming coves of Cap Chevalier and Anse Trabaud, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Arriving in Sainte-Anne, you'll be captivated by its stunning beaches and lively atmosphere, ideal for mingling with locals and enjoying the island's vibrant culture.

Southern Gems:

Experience the southern wonders of Martinique by sailing from Le Marin to Sainte-Luce. Explore the hidden treasures of Diamond Rock, a natural fortress rising dramatically from the sea. Anchor at Anse Dufour and Anse Noire, two idyllic beaches are known for their marine biodiversity. Sail onwards to Sainte-Luce, a charming fishing village that invites you to indulge in delectable seafood dishes and relax on its inviting shores. This route promises a blend of relaxation, underwater exploration, and authentic island life.

Round-the-Island Adventure:

For a comprehensive exploration of Martinique's coastal splendor, embark on a round-the-island adventure. Starting from Fort-de-France, circumnavigate the island, stopping at key highlights like Saint-Pierre, Anse Mitan, and Cap Salomon. Experience the diverse landscapes, pristine beaches, and cultural delights that Martinique offers from all angles. This route showcases the island's complete spectrum, ensuring an enriching and awe-inspiring voyage.

Whichever route you choose, sailing Martinique by catamaran is a journey that intertwines natural beauty, history, and local charm. From white-sand beaches and turquoise waters to vibrant towns and captivating cultural sites, Martinique's catamaran routes promise an unparalleled exploration of this Caribbean paradise.

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Catamaran Charter in Martinique

If you're planning a vacation in Martinique , consider a catamaran charter for an unforgettable experience. A catamaran offers several advantages over other types of vessels, making it an ideal choice for exploring this beautiful Caribbean island.

Firstly, catamarans are more stable than monohull sailboats, making them a great choice for those who may be prone to seasickness. They're also more spacious and comfortable, with larger cabins, saloons, and outdoor areas. This makes them ideal for families or larger groups who want plenty of space to relax and unwind.

Another advantage of catamaran charters is that they offer a great balance of speed and comfort. With two hulls, catamarans are faster and more efficient than monohull sailboats, allowing you to cover more ground in less time. This means you can explore more of Martinique's beautiful coastline and enjoy more time at each destination.

Catamarans are also great for those who want to enjoy a range of water sports and activities. Many catamarans come equipped with kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear, so you can explore the beautiful waters around Martinique. Some even have diving equipment, allowing you to explore the stunning underwater world of the Caribbean.

When you choose a catamaran charter in Martinique, you'll have access to a range of destinations and sailing routes that are perfect for this type of vessel. From secluded bays to picturesque anchorages, a catamaran can take you to places that are inaccessible to larger motorized yachts.

Overall, a catamaran charter in Martinique is an excellent way to explore this beautiful island in comfort and style. With spacious cabins, plenty of outdoor areas, and a range of water sports and activities on offer, a catamaran charter is sure to provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience.

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Set Sail in Martinique onboard 38' Cruising Catamaran

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Renting a yacht in Le Marin, Martinique - an unforgettable experience!

Top private catamaran charters in le marin, martinique, how to find the best boat for fantastic yachting experiences, how much does it cost to rent a le marin, martinique boat for a day, what should you pack when you go out on the water.

  • Sunscreen - make sure to reapply after you’ve been in the water!
  • A hat or a cap that fits you tightly and protects you from the sun
  • A jacket or long-sleeve sweater, preferably with sun protection (UPF)
  • A change of clothes (just in case you get wet)

Eco-friendly practices for boaters

  • Don’t litter or throw waste overboard - take rubbish home and dispose of it responsibly
  • Eco-friendly sunblock can help prevent damage to marine life
  • buy local and sustainable food products
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Charter Catamaran CATANA Catana 42 Martinique

CATANA 42  (2013)

From €436 per day.

Charter Catamaran Dauphins LIPARI 41 Martinique

Catamaran croisière et sortie  (2011)

From €384 per day.

Charter Motorboat Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5 Cc Le Robert

ENJOY - Cap Camarat 7.5 CC  (2012)

From €325 per day.

Charter Motorboat Bessarion 30 Le François

Motorboat Bessarion 30  (2015)

From €900 per day.

Charter Sailboat Southern Ocean Ocean60 Martinique

Sail Ocean Science  (1982)

From €714 per day.

Charter Sailboat Dufour Atoll 43 Schœlcher

Excursions en mer sur un voilier  (2000)

From €229 per day.

Charter Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 Le Marin

Saba 50 maestro  (2019)

From €938 per day.

Charter Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Belize 43 Le Marin

Fountain Pajot Belize 43 with Watermaker  (2005)

From €350 per day.

Charter Motorboat Whally 500 Whally 500 Le François

Motorboat Whally 500 Whally 500 60hp  (2010)

From €90 per day.

Charter Catamaran Rhebergen 50-foot Fort-de-France

Charter the Ultimate Caribbean Adventure on Our Exclusive 50-Foot Catamaran in Martinique  (1997)

From €600 per day.

Charter Catamaran NAUTITECH 46 OPEN Le Marin

NEW : Nautitech 46 Open 2019  (2019)

From €1,129 per day.

Charter Catamaran LAGOON 380 Le Marin

Our Lagoon 380 brand new owner version  (2017)

From €927 per day.

Charter Catamaran NEEL NEEL 43 Le Marin

NEEL 43  (2021)

From €543 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 400 Le Marin

Fancy  (2009)

From €1,429 per day.

Charter Catamaran FONTAINE PAJOT ELBA 45 Le Marin

Catamaran FONTAINE PAJOT ELBA 45 13.45m  (2023)

From €843 per day.

Charter Catamaran NEEL-TRIMARANS NEEL 47 Le Marin

NEEL 47, 4-cabins version  (2024)

From €924 per day.

Charter Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Hélia 44 Le Marin

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Hélia 44 13.30m  (2013)

From €889 per day.

Charter Catamaran FOUNTAINE PAJOT Helia 44 Evolution Le Marin

Fountaine Pajot Hélia 44 évolution  (2017)

From €720 per day, why rent a boat in martinique.

Explore the island of flowers on board a boat and let yourself sail along the coast of Martinique. Coconut groves, abundant vegetation and local distilleries: the recipe for a successful cruise around the island! Situated in the arc of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique is surrounded by the paradisiacal Caribbean Sea. Like most of the islands in the region, it offers a steep landscape that is breathtaking.

In the north, the scenery mixes mountains and rocks with a wild tropical forest, while in the south you will find a drier climate that further favours the development of the tourist area. Besides its climate, the island of Martinique will also seduce you with its native animal species, whether terrestrial, marine or aerial, as well as its vegetation, which offers a breathtaking spectacle to its visitors all year round.

Do you want to be really impressed? Try hiring a catamaran in Martinique with a skipper. And get ready: you're heading straight for a grand cruise in the West Indies!

Discover our favourite destinations in Martinique :

Rent a boat in Le Marin

Renting a boat at Les Trois-Îlets

Renting a boat at Le François

Rent a boat at Le Robert

Where to sail in Martinique?

Enjoy renting a boat in Martinique and let yourself be amazed by its magnificent landscapes.


Stroll through the Balata Garden, where you can admire the magnificent varieties of tropical plants. Also be sure to visit the Grand Marché, where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs typical of the region.

During your visit to this seaside town, take the opportunity to hire a boat and get close to the famous Pedra do Diamantem or Rocher du Diamant, which was once a pirate hideout, or take a dip in the crystal clear waters to discover the wildlife.

Les Salines

Les Salines beach, in the municipality of Sainte-Anne, is a place much-loved by tourists and locals alike because of its heavenly scenery, among coconut trees and white sand. This magnificent beach, which stretches for over a kilometre, is considered one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.

The Caravelle Peninsula

This nature reserve, classified as such since 1976, is a must stop during your visit to Martinique. It is a great place  for hiking, and you can also visit the beautiful ruins of the Château Dubuc, or relax on one of its beaches.

Mount Pelée

Home to a still active volcano, which last erupted in 1932, venture out to explore the area around Mount Pelee via two routes. Beware, this climb is reserved for the more athletic due to its high level of difficulty!

Our favourite anchorages in Martinique

Hire a catamaran or a sailboat with your family to discover the local villages of each anchorage: Sainte-Anne, les Anses d'Arlet, l'Anse Mitan and la Pointe du Bout and, of course, Fort-de-France, with its great market. Not forgetting the north coast of the island, with its grey sandy beaches, the peaceful haven of the bays du Robert and du François, with a dozen islets that will offer you many possibilities for anchoring and incredible walks.

  • Les Anses-d'Arlet : this anchorage is a real natural gem that will seduce you immediately, there is no escape. The walk to the Anses-d'Arlet is a return to the essential, combining typical Creole houses and spice markets. You live at a different pace there, linked to natural and historical beauty as well as iconic water sports. Don't miss the Anse Noire and Anse Dufour beaches, ideal for a day of peace and quiet!
  • Deux Pitons: these two domes form one of the most beautiful horizons in the Caribbean arc. Rising above a rich marine ecosystem, this anchorage will delight lovers of deep-sea diving. It is impossible to find a more stunning stop on this part of Sainte-Lucie Island, meaning it is a must stop on your boat trip!
  • Saint-Pierre Bay: the deep waters of the port of Saint-Pierre will allow you to anchor easily and safely in a magnificent place. A real amphitheatre bordered by the Caribbean Sea, this place is perfect for the brave who wish to challenge the ascent of Mount Pelée.
  • Tartane: on the seafront of the Caravelle peninsula, recharge your batteries in the middle of nature. Visit the mangrove in Tartane, watch or take part in a stand up paddle parade. In this area you will find several family beaches such as la Brèche beach or Bourg beach. For wave lovers, Anse Bonneville is a famous surf spot.

What is the best time to sail in Martinique?

Martinique enjoys a tropical climate and can be visited in all seasons. However, the best time to sail is between December and May. During this period, the outside temperature is around 28 °C and the water temperature ranges between 27 and 30 °C, perfect for escaping the winter of mainland France.

How much does it cost to charter a boat in Martinique?

In Martinique, the price of boat hire can vary depending on the type, model and capacity of the boat. It can also be different if you choose to hire a boat with a skipper.

  • A day trip on a motorboat costs from 115€, a price to be shared among several passengers.
  • Renting a sailboat for a weekly cruise with the family, on the other hand, costs from 700€, per week.
  • Rental of a catamaran, the quintessence of space and comfort, costs from 1,400€, per week, only.

Renting a boat with skipper in Martinique

Martinique is a magnificent area for sailing. With its very mild climate, it is a small nautical paradise, perfect to discover with the whole family on board.

If you are not yet self-sufficient in sailing or if you want to make the most of your cruise, no problem! Most boats can be rented with a skipper. These professional sailors will share their passions with you, tell you about their most beautiful moments on the high seas and, why not, share with you, delicious acras or grilled lobsters, typical dishes of the region.

What kind of boat to charter in Martinique?

Is exploring the turquoise waters of Martinique your next goal? Find the boat that best suits your travel desires and sailing plans.

  • A motor boat will be ideal for a day trip. Speedboats or semi-rigid boats are perfect for discovering small hidden coves, practicing water sports like wakeboarding or diving, and enjoying pleasant moments with family or friends.
  • Sailboats are among the most sought-after boats for rent in the West Indies. A sailboat will allow you to experience the coast of Martinique in total freedom and authenticity. This type of boat will fulfill the fantasies of sailors looking for adventure and excitement!
  • King of comfort and good social life, the catamaran is the most requested boat for long cruises in Martinique. Comfortable, spacious and more stable than a monohull sailboat, the catamaran is the boat of choice for families looking to enjoy the Caribbean with the comforts of home. It can usually accommodate up to 12 people, and is a real flat on the water, with enough space and comfort to pamper lazy lovers!

Tips for your sailing in Martinique

Sailing in the Caribbean arc requires a good knowledge of navigation: beware of the different effects caused in the winds due to the differences in relief between the islands. Never hire a boat without a skipper without first making sure you have all the experience necessary to sail in this area. Find out well in advance about the weather and in particular the risks of cyclones (August and September are the most likely months).

These are some of the reasons why we recommend renting a boat in Martinique with a skipper. When you can count on such a vast experience (that of the captain), the cruise immediately becomes safer and more idyllic, especially aboard a sailboat sailing the Caribbean Sea.

Frequently Asked Questions about Martinique

How much does it cost to rent a boat in martinique for a day.

The average cost of renting a boat in Martinique is around €443 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €50 and €6,836 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Martinique?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Martinique, you can expect to pay an average of €219 per day for a skipper.

What types of boats can I rent in Martinique?

In Martinique you can rent for example a Catamaran, Sailboat or even a Motorboat.

What is included in the cost of a boat rental in Martinique?

The price of a boat rental in Martinique typically includes amenities such as GPS, Bimini, Bathing etc.

How many people can fit on a boat in Martinique?

The maximum capacity for boats in Martinique is 30 persons. Note that if you rent a boat with skipper, they also count to the number of people.

Good to know

Number of boats:319 boats available
Types of boats:Catamaran, Sailboat, Motorboat
Average price: €443 per day
Minimum price: €50 per day
Maximum price: €6,836 per day
Manufacturers:Jeanneau, Hanse, and more

Charter a boat near Martinique

In Martinique, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

Charter another yacht type in Martinique

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Yacht Charter in Martinique

Bodacious by Sanlorenzo - Top rates for a Charter of a private Motor Yacht in Martinique

Martinique yacht charter

Emeraude water, lush forest, and kind hospitality, Martinique is a modest island with an extraordinary 'joie de vivre' and a contagious zest of life. Martinique is a melting pot of culture, and a fusion of French lifestyle, featuring croissants, French wines and cheese, colonial richness and chic boutique. Blending well with the French culture is the Créole 'art de Vivre' by its pinch of exotism, stunning beach excursion, and the delicious local rum. The 'island of flowers' is a Caribbean archetype and an exotic escape, calling for sweetness and a tropical ambiance.

Why charter a yacht in Martinique?

Yacht chartering in Martinique is an unforgettable moment, immersing with the perfect Martinique beachside, palm-fringed landscape, and extraordinary turquoise landscape. Martinique offers diverse sea and land excursions, starting from the Domaine D'Emeraude, Le Robert to spot iguanas in a naturally protected environment. Yacht chartering is the most excellent medium to fully experience the islands' diversity, marine life and island landscape. Access the best site to meet Martinique Wildlife, with its 200 species of birds and Marine Life with 225 reef fishes. Martinique is a place where you can regularly spot a sea turtle, Blue Head, Brown Chromis, Trumpet fish, French Grunt, Blackbar soldierfish, Bicolor, and yellow-tail damselfish.

What are yacht charter prices in Martinique?

Tucked in one of the Caribbean Seashores, Martinique exudes a mix of Caribbean vibe and French panache that has appealed to the yacht enthusiasts. Yacht Chartering feels as if you are pioneering this place as cruisers rarely traverse the waters surrounding Martinique. In Martinique, yacht chartering is a cocktail of magnified lush backdrop, exotic rainforest, and glittering shorelines. There are many yacht options in Martinique, starting from $1,500 for three cabins with eight people to $46,700 for a larger boat and a skipper. For a day of yacht chartering, enjoy a sailboat ride around $250 and $350 for a comfortable catamaran sailing. With the extensive offer of boat hiring in Martinique, you will indeed find the fleet of your dream.

When is the yachting season in Martinique?

The yacht season in Martinique is subject to the whim of the weather and has two clear seasons. December to May fall within the dry season, marked with calm and hot weather, averaging 26 degrees. During the wet season, from June to November, you may encounter short and sharp showers.

Martinique yacht charter for a day

A feast for your eyes, yacht chartering for a day is a fun-filled and incredible day journey to distant places in Martinique. The coastline is on itself a snorkeling golden mine, sequestered harbors, and refreshing hot springs. The unlikeness of itinerary in Martinique is limitless and could bring you to Petite Anse d'Arlet, Bequia, the Bay of Fort de France, St Pierre, or further down the horizon to St Lucia. St Pierre particularly strikes our attention, with its beautifully sculptured underwater park, the world-class establishment for gourmets, and flavor-hunter at 1643. For instance, Le Fromager or Le Guérin takes us back in time through a walk at the Theater Ruins and Distillerie Depaz.

Martinique yacht charter overnight

Charter a yacht overnight to explore Martinique's depth and sail away from the cosmopolitan capital of Fort de France. Embark in Marina to catch the view to Saint Anne and Anse d'Arlet. For relaxation and sunbathing sessions, take a seat at the secluded Plage des Salines or the calm and shady beach of Plage de Pointe Marin. On your trip to Anse Noire in Anse d'Arlet, enjoy the undersea peace and quietness and infiltrate the world of sea turtles, moray eels, colorful sponges, and small corals. A few hundred meters from Anse Noire is Anse Dufour, a spectacular show of nature, featuring little bay, pelicans, and colored fishermen's houses.

Martinique yacht charter for a week

For a week of fantastic sailing adventure on the calm ocean, charter a yacht to the most stunning places and unknown by the rest of the world. Embark onboard your majestic boat from Marina Le Marin and enjoy a fantastic sail to Anse d'Arlet. Fall asleep with the ocean's cradle and the sweet sound of the bird chanting in Anse d'Arlet. Take a chill stroll on the half-mile sand coastline or take a dip in the turquoise water. Navigate to Fort de France for a city tour of the capital of Martinique.

Accessible from anywhere on the island, Fort de France has preserved its 19th-century architecture and wander amongst the French-inspired colonial streets, chic boutiques, and cultural sights to explore. Walk to the central vegetable market created in 1901, or admire the Saint-Louis Cathedral or the grand Fort Saint-Louis. Traverse the Caribbean sea, to anchor in St Pierre, previously known as the 'Paris of the Caribbean.' Amongst the many ventures, visit the iconic volcano, historical landmark, and museums. The almighty Anse du Ceron sits on the northernmost part of Martinique west coast.

Anse du Ceron is perfect for a peaceful swimming session and sunbathing on the warm sand. Colorful fishes, vibrant corals, and natural encounters are among the many offers of snorkeling sessions in Anse du Ceron. Home to several marinas and resorts, Marina Pointe du Bout's human-made beach is a beautiful mixture of city and tropical island. Catch the sunset at the Trois Ilets, and enjoy a moment at the New Orleans's inspired Casino Trois Ilets for a party of poker, roulette, and craps. Conclude your adventure at Sainte-Anne, a postcard like beaches and many places to anchor your yacht. The blue water in Sainte-Anne encloses lively coral vibrant reefs near the shore. For a city tour, visit the inland to get acquainted with the painted wooden houses.

Wedding yacht charter in Martinique

Seamless luxury and beauty, the wedding yacht charter in Martinique is a breathtaking experience sprinkled with a dose of sun, ocean, and scenic view. Coveted by the soon to be married, wedding yacht charter in Martinique is a unique way to celebrate your union. Sail to the most luscious sites in Martinique while celebrating your marriage in total intimacy. Showered with elegance and uniqueness, wedding yacht charter in Martinique, will bring you and your better half to inhabited and idyllic spaces, or 'overlooking the French Riviera.'

Luxury yacht holiday in Martinique

The pinnacle of yacht charters join the exclusive club of superyacht charterers and unravel the ocean's secrets on your home board for a week. Experience the distinctive French flair protected harbors and unexplored territories in Martinique in the spacious and luxury of your yacht. Onboard your superyacht, reach the rich corner of Martinique, vying with your superyacht's luxury design and find anchor at the northern part of the island. The North of Martinique is distinctively rugged and flowing with an entirely green backdrop, featuring dark sand beach, rain forests, high mountains. Against this green perfection, you may sail to the southern part where you will be greeted by eye-pleasing Emeraude water, smoothen by the gold and rich sand.

Yacht Charter IN Martinique

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Boat Rental and Yacht Charter in Martinique

173 boats available

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Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Kiss 47 · 1989

Marina du marin, le marin, martinique.

  • 2 bathrooms
  • 14.33 m long
  • Captain provided
  • Full batten mainsail

Catamaran Lagoon 380 · 2019 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 380 · 2019

  • 11.5 m long
  • Captain optional

Catamaran Neel 47 · 2024 (0)

Catamaran Neel 47 · 2024

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Catamaran Lagoon 450 F · 2013 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 450 F · 2013

  • 4 bathrooms
  • 13.96 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2018 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2018

  • 12.6 m long

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 · 2018 (0)

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 · 2018

  • 6 bathrooms
  • 14.98 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2023 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2023

  • 12.8 m long

Catamaran Sunreef 50 · 2020 (0)

Catamaran Sunreef 50 · 2020

  • 5 bathrooms
  • 15.24 m long
  • Crew included

Catamaran Bali 4.6 · 2021 (0)

Catamaran Bali 4.6 · 2021

  • 14.28 m long

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42I · 2008 (0)

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42I · 2008

  • 12.93 m long

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Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 · 2020 (0)

Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 · 2020

  • 3 bathrooms
  • 12.87 m long
  • Furling mainsail

Catamaran Lagoon 46 · 2019 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 46 · 2019

  • 13.99 m long

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42 i · 2008 (0)

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42 i · 2008

  • 12.59 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2016 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2016

Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 31 · 2017 (0)

Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 31 · 2017

  • 9.66 m long

Sailing in Martinique

The island state of Martinique is one of the most beautiful and exclusive sailing destinations in the Caribbean . Stunning white beaches framed by lush green palm trees and turquoise waters are just one aspect of this land. Vibrant nightlife and delicious local cuisine are as much part of the experience as everything else. A yacht charter in Martinique allows you to explore the island in your own time.

Things to do and see when sailing in Martinique

In Martinique , there are plenty of activities to indulge in that showcase the island's natural beauty, historical significance, and adventurous spirit. Whether you're looking to relax on stunning beaches, explore historical sites, or embark on exhilarating hikes, Martinique has something for everyone.

Activities in Martinique

  • Visit Les baignoires Marigotines , an observation deck overlooking the sea and some interesting rock formations
  • Go back in time by visiting the Ancien pont de la crabière
  • Stroll around Jardin de Balata , the botanical garden of Martinique
  • Rent a boat in Martinique to explore the most remote places you would otherwise miss
  • Sail around the Caribbean and use Martinique as your base
  • Explore the most southern town, Sainte-Anne , where you should relax on one of the pretty beaches and stroll along the beautiful streets to get some beautiful handcrafted items
  • Enjoy a day in Saint-Pierre , which is not just known for its dramatic history and picturesque architecture. Mount Pelée, which is a volcano that erupted in 1902 and killed all of the town’s residents, should probably be best enjoyed from a distance

Beaches in Martinique

  • Les Salines Beach: Paradise awaits at Les Salines , one of Martinique's most stunning beaches. With its pristine white sand, palm trees and crystal-clear turquoise waters, this beach is a true gem. The beach is easily accessible by boat and makes it a must-visit destination for beach lovers and those exploring the island on a beautiful yacht.
  • Anse Couleuvre Beach: Nestled along the northern coast of Martinique , Anse Couleuvre offers a secluded and relatively untouched paradise. Surrounded by lush greenery and backed by rugged cliffs, this beach is known for its powdery white sand and tranquil atmosphere. Easily accessible by boat, this wonderful beach offers a serene escape from the crowds and will truly make you feel like you have arrived in paradise.
  • Grande Anse d'Arlet Beach: Located in the charming fishing village of Grande Anse d'Arlet , this beach is renowned for its soft white sand and picturesque setting. Its calm and clear waters make it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. With its convenient access by boat, you can enjoy a day of relaxation and beachside bliss, but be aware that it is a very popular stop amongst sailors in the Caribbean .

Restaurants in Martinique

Casual dining in Martinique:

  • Ti Cozy : The mouthwatering crepes will make you long for more. Enjoy a sweet or savory one depending on your personal preferences
  • Restaurant La Kabananou : Try a chicken wrap on the go or sit down for a wholesome dinner after a long day out at sea

Best restaurants with a view in Martinique:

  • Like at home, Soup & Cie : You can’t sit closer to the sea than this! Located right on the beach, this lovely restaurant charms you with the stunning views as well as delicious food
  • Le Point de Vue : The rustic wooden and traditional look of this restaurant makes for an amazing dining experience in a stunning location. The cool sea breeze is an additional plus

Fine dining in Martinique:

  • La Mandoline : Beautifully presented seafood dishes in an attempt to bring local and international cuisine together and the beautiful location make for a truly inspiring fine dining experience
  • Delim's : The steak here is absolutely amazing and accompanied by some delicious sweet potatoes you have a lovely meal to enjoy

Bars and Clubs in Martinique

  • Wahoo Café is absolutely woohoo! Enjoy a refreshing drink directly by the sea and make sure to stop by here just in time for the sunset. The straw huts just add to the additional charm
  • Creole Arts Cafe : Grab a snack, a drink and enjoy the fun vibes in the center of Saint-Pierre

Explore historical Martinique

Due to its turbulent history, Martinique is actually part of the European Union and therefore the most remote location of this union. Begin your historical adventure in Fort-de-France , the capital city. Explore the iconic Fort Saint-Louis , a 17th-century fortress that played a significant role in protecting the island from invasions. A visit to Saint-Pierre is a must to delve deeper into Martinique's history. This once-thriving city was known as the "Paris of the Caribbean" until it was devastated by the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902. All residents, except for one prisoner who was protected by the thick walls, died in this tragedy. Explore the ruins of several buildings that were preserved by the volcanic ash. Think of it as a modern day Pompeij, but on the other side of the world.

Sailing conditions in Martinique

Sailing in Martinique offers favorable conditions for a memorable nautical adventure in the Caribbean. The weather in Martinique is typically warm and tropical all year-round, with average temperatures ranging from 75°F to 85°F. The island enjoys a pleasant trade wind that blows from the northeast, providing consistent wind that makes for ideal sailing conditions and a cooler breeze when the sun is hitting hard.

The waters surrounding Martinique are known for their clarity and vibrant turquoise shades of blue. The Caribbean Sea offers excellent visibility and hidden gems in the water, making it ideal for snorkeling and exploring the diverse marine life beneath the surface. The sea temperature averages around 80°F, providing a comfortable environment for swimming and all kinds of water activities.

Be aware that hurricane season in Martinique and all over the Caribbean generally lasts between June and November, peaking in August and October. It is definitely too dangerous to go out on a boat during this time of year. The best time to sail in Martinique is December and May, making it the ideal spot for a winter escape. After all, what is better than exchanging gloomy, gray winter days for sunshine and turquoise waters?

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Martinique?

Martinique , like other destinations in the Caribbean , is not exactly known as a budget friendly destination, but you can still find some great deals with Borrow A Boat all year round.

You can rent a sailboat in Martinique for around 2000 EUR per week, making these one of the most affordable options. As there are multiple beds on board, you can even split the costs with anyone else vacationing with you.

If you want to rent something a little more luxurious and the budget basically doesn’t have a limit, you can always charter a luxury yacht in Martinique . These will cost between 16.000 EUR and 40.000 EUR per week. Luxury catamarans in Martinique also come with multiple beds, so you can either vacation with your family or friends.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Martinique?

Martinique is obviously best known for its stunning beaches, turquoise waters and delicious food. However, different people might require different amenities. Different boats can accommodate different needs, therefore it is crucial to decide what kind of boat holiday in Martinique you envision before deciding on the right kind of water vessel for you.

Rent a sailboat in Martinique

Pros of renting a sailboat in Martinique

Rent a sailboat in Martinique to explore the coast and experience a real adventure. If you stock up on enough groceries, water and other necessities, you can easily sail for a week without having to be close to a marina. This gives you a lot of independence and flexibility on your sailing trip.

Do you care about the environment and want to incorporate that into your vacation? A sailboat rental in Martinique allows you to sail across the ocean without producing additional CO2-emissions. Your only fuel is the wind. This isn’t only great, because you sail more sustainably, it is also great, because it makes for a cheaper trip.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Martinique

One of the downsides of a sailboat charter in Martinique is the fact that sailboats solely run on wind. While you do get a lot of flexibility, you are also highly dependent on the weather. If the wind suddenly stops blowing you don’t have a choice but to patiently wait until the wind picks up again. If the wind is too strong and a storm is brewing you really shouldn’t be out on the water. It could even be life threatening.

If you’re planning on exploring all the amazing beaches Martinique has to offer, including Plage de l'Autre Bord or Plage de l'Anse Azérot , you might only be able to see them from a distance with a sailboat charter in Martinique . Sailboats have a keel, making it difficult or even dangerous to sail too close to the shore.

Keep in mind that sailing a sailboat in Martinique requires you to have certain skills as you can’t just push a button and you’re ready to go. Therefore it is only recommended that you head out on a sailboat rental in Martinique if you know what you’re doing. Sure, you could be a novice sailor too, but you should at least know about the most important knots, how to read the wind and the waves, as well as when and how to set your sail.

Sailboat charter in Martinique

Rent a catamaran in Martinique

Pros of renting a catamaran in Martinique

A catamaran charter in Martinique is the perfect choice for those lovers of the sea that seek to enjoy a relaxing boat vacation, but with an option to live out their adventurous dreams - at least to a certain extent. Catamarans are equipped with an engine as well as a sail, making them incredibly versatile and flexible water vessels. Depending on the weather conditions and your personal preferences or mood, you get to decide how you want to move your yacht from place to place.

A catamaran rental in Martinique comes with another great advantage. You can explore all the beautiful beaches on the island you always dreamed of seeing. Plage de Cosmy and Plage de Cap Macré are just two beautiful beaches you have to visit here. Catamarans have a shallow draft, allowing you to sail closer to the shore.

Another great thing about a catamaran hire in Martinque is the simple fact that catamarans are often more spacious than other types of boats. The two hulls they are standing on doesn’t just make them feel a lot more stable, they also allow for more space on board. Stretch your legs as much as you want, enjoy some delicious meals on deck with your loved ones without having to worry about squeezing everyone in.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Martinique

One of the downsides of chartering a catamaran in Martinique is the fact that catamarans are quite sizable and not the easiest to maneuver in small spaces. Navigating your catamaran around a small marina might pose some unexpected challenges and requires a certain kind of skill set.

Catamaran hire in Martinique

A luxury yacht rental in Martinique

If you don’t have to think about the budget and want to treat yourself and your loved ones to a luxury yacht vacation in Martinique , you should opt for a luxury yacht rental . These luxury yachts come with more than a basic kitchen and sundeck. More often than not a full crew is included in the price, taking care of operating and navigating the boat, as well as preparing your meals and anything else you might need during your stay. Some luxury yacht charters in Martinique even come with a pool or jacuzzi on board to make your vacation extra comfortable.

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Martinique?

If you want to rent a boat in Martinique you are not required to carry a valid boat license to do so. However, it obviously comes in handy to have at least some sailing skills and helps to keep you and other sailors safe.

If you have sailing experience, but prefer to enjoy a more relaxed boat vacation in Martinique , you can always hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter. A skipper doesn’t just take care of navigating and operating your boat, a skipper is also going to take you to the most beautiful and scenic spots you would only find as a local.

Sailing routes in Martinique

Whether you want to start your sailing adventure in the North or the South of Martinique, there are plenty of beautiful beaches, coastline and towns to discover here. There is a beautiful route taking you from Le Marin around all the following locations: Sainte-Luce - Les Trois-Îlets - Anse d'Arlet - Grande Anse d'Arlet - Le Diamant - Anses-d'Arlet - Le Marin

Day 1 - Sail from Le Marin to Sainte-Luce : Le Marin is particularly popular for all kinds of water and outdoor activities. Whether you want to go hiking or swimming, there is something for everyone. Sainte-Luce is a charming coastal village with beautiful beaches and relaxed vibes. Explore the town and enjoy the local cuisine.

Day 2 - Sail from Sainte-Luce to Les Trois-Îlets: Les Trois-Îlets is a lively town that is particularly known for its historical sites and water sports activities. Visit the Pagerie Museum , the birthplace of Empress Josephine, and enjoy the beaches.

Day 3 - Sail from Les Trois-Îlets to Anse d'Arlet : Anse d'Arlet , a tranquil fishing village with a picturesque bay, is a wonderful spot to stop on your sailing adventure in Martinique . Anchor here and spend the day swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the peaceful ambiance.

Day 4 - Sail from Anse d’Arlet to Grande Anse d'Arlet : Don’t miss out on visiting this stunning beach with crystal-clear waters and a laid-back atmosphere. Relax on the shore and soak up the sun's rays. It is a popular anchoring spot for yachts cruising the Caribbean, so be prepared to share the space with other adventurers.

Day 5 - Sail from Grande Anse d’Arlet to Le Diamant: A village known for its iconic rock formation and beautiful beach, Le Diamant is exactly what you would expect of a town in the Caribbean . Explore the town and take in the breathtaking views of Point de Vue Rocher du Diamant , a stunning observation deck overlooking the sea.

Day 6 - Sail from Le Diamant to Anse d'Arlet : Return to this charming coastal village that offers several beaches to explore. Enjoy water activities, indulge in local cuisine, and relax on the sandy shores.

Day 7 - Sail from Anse d’Arlet to Le Marin : Time to return to Le Marin and conclude your sailing adventure in Martinique . Take the opportunity to explore the marina, stock up on supplies, and bid farewell to this beautiful island.

Discover Borrow A Boat

  • Martinique Catamaran
  • Martinique Sailboat
  • Fort De France
  • Les Anses D Arlets

Clarence Thomas accepted a free yacht trip to Russia and got flown out on a complimentary helicopter ride to Putin's hometown, 2 Democratic senators say

  • Democratic senators have accused Justice Clarence Thomas of accepting undisclosed gifts and trips.
  • They say he accepted gifts such as a yacht trip to Russia and a chopper ride to Vladimir Putin's hometown.
  • The senators want an investigation into potential tax fraud and ties between Thomas and Harlan Crow.

Insider Today

Two Democratic senators have accused Justice Clarence Thomas of accepting a free trip to Russian President Vladimir Putin's hometown.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon filed a letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland on July 3, asking to open an investigation into the Supreme Court judge.

The letter said there was a "serious possibility of tax fraud" and accused Thomas of having "secretly accepted gifts and income potentially worth millions of dollars."

The letter's appendix , which lists 35 undisclosed gifts, shows a "yacht trip to Russia and the Baltics" and a "helicopter ride to Yusupov Palace, St. Petersburg," both listed under the year 2003.

St. Petersburg, Russia, is Putin's birthplace and where he grew up. The president now resides in Moscow.

The appendix list is titled "Likely Undisclosed Gifts and Income from Harlan Crow and Affiliated Companies." Harlan Crow is a real-estate developer and the former chairman and CEO of the Trammell Crow Company.

Related stories

The senators cited a ProPublica report from May last year detailing Thomas' hushed-up financial ties to Crow.

The report said that apart from the Russia trip, Crow also funded Thomas' grandnephew Mark Martin 's boarding-school fees, which cost "more than $6,000 a month."

In their letter, the senators wrote that other gifts from Crow included "multiple instances of free private jet travel, yacht travel, and lodging," as well as "gifts of tuition for Justice Thomas's grandnephew," "real estate transactions," "home renovations," and "free rent for Justice Thomas's mother."

In September, Thomas said he'd accepted three trips on a private plane owned by Crow . He didn't mention any other gifts.

Whitehouse and Wyden aren't the only Democrats who've voiced concerns over Thomas' sketchy financial ties.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York filed articles of impeachment against Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito on Wednesday.

"Justice Thomas and Alito's repeated failure over decades to disclose that they received millions of dollars in gifts from individuals with business before the court is explicitly against the law," her statement reads.

Representatives for Thomas, Whitehouse, Wyden and Crow didn't immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours.

Watch: Why Clarence Thomas' lavish vacations with a GOP donor are in the spotlight

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    Rent a catamaran in Martinique. Pros of renting a catamaran in Martinique. A catamaran charter in Martinique is the perfect choice for those lovers of the sea that seek to enjoy a relaxing boat vacation, but with an option to live out their adventurous dreams - at least to a certain extent. Catamarans are equipped with an engine as well as a ...

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    PENFRET - a 46ft boat for rent in St. Maarten, Caribbean Netherlands. Enjoy a great boat charter for 10 guests. Le Marin, Martinique. $ 5,628. per week. Sail on a Catamaran in Le Marin, Caribbean Netherlands - the ultimate vacation trip on a yacht charter for 10 guests. Le Marin, Martinique. $ 3,468.

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  24. Clarence Thomas Accepted a Free Trip to Putin's Hometown: Dems

    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Sen. Ron Wyden wrote a letter to the US attorney general with a list of undisclosed gifts they said Thomas had received.