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Azimut Grande 26M review: The 85ft yacht that feels like a 100ft superyacht

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The Azimut Grande 26M features pod drives and a wider beam, but does it match its older siblings when it comes to performance?

With its pod drives, high-tech construction, wide beam and zippy performance, this latest model in the range, the Azimut Grande 26M is an ambitious project intended to move the game on.

It has been styled by Alberto Mancini, who has imparted a slightly imperious quality to the new model’s profile – from a distance you could convince yourself that it’s over 100ft.

The businesslike wheelhouse windows set the tone, while the superstructure mouldings provide the illusion of an upper deck that runs in an unbroken line from the bow roller to the flybridge balustrade.

And once on board there is nothing illusory about the 26’s exceptional deck spaces, from the spacious and versatile foredeck seating to the wide prairies of the flybridge. It is not just the length of the flybridge that imparts this sense of space but its width, too – spreading across the Grande’s full beam.

This new Azimut model is very nearly 2ft wider than its predecessor, the Azimut Grande 25M, and that tells on all three decks. It feels big. It feels even bigger when the ingenious cockpit extension is deployed – the garage door hinging upwards to create a quite unexpected balcony overlooking the aft platform.

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Azimut Grande 27M: Game-changing ideas abound on luxurious cruiser

Sanlorenzo sl90a tour: this €7.3m asymmetric yacht does things a little differently.

The glass cockpit balustrade splits in the middle and swings out to embrace the new corners, while a lightweight infill section takes care of the gap. Simple but effective.

The interior is by another designer that Azimut has been keeping quite busy recently, Achille Salvagni, whose distinctive use of ovoid, organic shapes and tactile eggshell finishes has created a quirky but homogeneous design that should raise a smile, without losing sight of the fact that light tones and generous, open spaces are the best way to complement all that drenching daylight coming in through the huge side windows. Dark flooring and mid-toned veneers on the bulkheads keep things comfortably rooted.

Perhaps the highlight of the interior is the owner’s cabin on the main deck, with its floor-to-ceiling glass and a shower and WC that spans the full beam. It still feels absurdly spacious. This is another area of the boat where you can actually forget it’s only 85ft feet long.


The location of the master suite forward on the main deck enhances the view out through its vast hull windows

There is one slight shortcoming in the layout forward, where the steps to the lower deck, master cabin, crew accommodation, galley, wheelhouse and flybridge all converge on each other, as if one designer started from the bow, and one from the stern, and this is where they met.

It’s like it’s been designed by MC Escher. In the middle of it all, the lower helm station sits on a sort of platform, with a single seat, awkward communication with the rest of the boat and poor visibility. On our sea trial we helmed from upstairs, as we usually do.

Inner space

Down below, the eight-berth guest accommodation features a pair of impressively roomy symmetrical VIPs aft, each with a spacious shower and heads compartment along the engineroom bulkhead.


All three of the double guest cabins are of a similar size

Just forward, the starboard double cabin is almost as big, losing out only slightly on floor area and the size of the head, while all three double cabins have the same size bed, at 6ft 2in by 5ft 2in.

The twin to port is the smallest, and suffers somewhat from clashing doors, as three – cabin, head and wardrobe – all compete for the same space. Otherwise it’s a reasonable sleeping space with decent stowage.

With a bathroom no smaller than the twin cabin’s across the corridor, your guests shouldn’t feel as if they have drawn the short straw.


Driving the Azimut Grande 26M

The Azimut Grande 26M is the first boat to sport ZF’s big new 4600 pod drives, designed to serve in twin-engine yachts up to 100ft, and in triple installations up to 130ft.

Pod drives can of course be great fun in boats properly set up and designed from the outset to take them, and the Azimut Grande 26M clearly was. It gave us a remarkably enjoyable drive, which seemed quite surprising in such a big vessel.

But perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised. The shipyard is well known for incorporating a lot of high-tech materials into its builds, and the amount of carbon fibre used in the Grande’s deck, superstructure, flybridge and hardtop reportedly saves some 30 per cent over the weight of conventional fibreglass laminates, significantly reducing the yacht’s centre of gravity.


The new model is measurably faster than its shaft-drive predecessor

Also, although the hull of the Azimut Grande 26M is little different in length to that of the 25 Metri that it replaces in the range, its extra width provides additional lift, while its stern sections are simple, efficient flat panels rather than the prop tunnels sported by its shaft-drive predecessor. Deadrise recedes from 20.4 degrees amidships to 13.8 degrees at the transom.

The result is a yacht that is a perfect match with its machinery when under way. It feels light and lively, and has plenty of power. The Seakeeper gyro was switched off for our sea trial and the Humphree interceptors were on automatic.

Although there is the option of Humphree fins as well, they would probably have spoilt the fun, for the Azimut Grande 26M launched itself into high-speed turns with all the puppyish enthusiasm of a lightweight sports machine, heeling over so far it felt almost undignified.

smallest azimut yacht

The flybridge helm station is the most enjoyable place to captain the boat from

You couldn’t actually lean down from the flybridge and dabble your fingers in the sea, but the impression was there, always underwritten by a superb feeling of control. On a more sensible even keel it tracked beautifully and inspired confidence as a serious piece of cruising kit.

Of course it would be disappointing if a yacht packing 3,300hp didn’t impart at least a frisson of excitement to its driver, and the 26’s maximum speed during our test, with a realistic cruising load of fuel and water, topped out at over 30 knots – faster, incidentally, than Azimut’s claims for it.

A key selling point of the ZF pods is their efficiency, and they deliver here too – the new model is measurably faster than its shaft-drive predecessor with the same engines. Azimut claims 20 per cent less fuel consumption than comparable yachts at “the most frequently set speeds”, which is vague but not entirely without substance.

smallest azimut yacht

Visibility is goodforward and fair to the sides but you need a camera to look aft

In a very unscientific comparison with other new boats launched at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival , the Azimut Grande 26M might burn about 18 per cent less fuel at 20 knots than the 4,000hp Ferretti 860 , but about 25 per cent more than the 2,000hp Grand Banks 85 .

Different rev settings will probably give different results, and at full speed the Azimut is faster than both of them. It has a larger fuel capacity than its predecessor, which makes the 26 a distinctly more versatile cruising machine, with a useful range of about 360nm at 24 knots, even allowing for our conservative 20 per cent fuel reserve.

Azimut Grande 26M verdict

The new Azimut Grande 26M is a worthy addition to a high-achieving range of motor yachts which have invariably offered an impressive combination of style, innovation, comfort and sheer cruising competence.

Whether your idea of cruising is pottering about on the Côte d’Azur, or holidaying over the horizon, the Azimut Grande 26M is small enough to fit into most harbours, spacious enough to provide real home comforts for extended stays on board, and great fun both at anchor or at speed.

Azimut Grande 26M specifications

LOA: 85ft 7in (26.09m) Beam: 22ft 2in (6.75m) Draught: 4ft 11in (1.50m) Displacement: 49 tonnes Engines: Twin 1,650hp MAN V12 + pod drives Fuel capacity: 1,870 gal (8,500 lt) Water capacity: 330 gal (1,500 lt) Top speed on test: 30.4 knots Cruising speed: 23 knots Fuel consumption: 348lph @ 18.8 knots / 64lph @ 10.5 knots Range: 367nm @ 18.8 knots / 1,117nm @ 10.5 knots Noise: 64 d(B)A @ 18.8 knots / 59 d(B)A @ 10.5 knots Design: Ausonio/Salvagni/Mancini/Azimut Starting price: €5,750,000 (ex. VAT)

First published in the February 2023 issue of MBY.

The Azimut Grande 26M has an imperious profile – from a distance

Garage door swings up to create an extension to the cockpit, longitudinal sofas make the most of the extending aft cockpit, the long flybridge has acres of seating fore and aft as well as a bar, visibility is good forward and fair to the sides but you need a camera to look aft, pastel colours and flowing shapes make the saloon and dining spaces feel brighter and more informal than most rivals, the galley is kept separate for crew with its own access to the port side deck, asymmetric layout and quirky ovoid window add interest to the main deck master suite, the location of the master suite forward on the main deck, only the twin feels a little bit pinched by comparison, the crew mess and cabins are forward on the lower deck, riva el-iseo: is this the coolest electric boat money can buy, best pressure washers for boats: 8 top quality products for a thorough clean-down, archipelago’s a80 supercat first look: adaptable aluminium long-ranger, latest videos, bluegame bgm75 sea trial: the €6.8m powercat that thinks its a monohull, cormate chase 32 tour: fast, stylish and practical weekender, axopar 29 sea trial: sun top vs cross cabin – which is best, sunseeker ocean 182 – see how this compact superyacht copes in a wet and windy sea trial.


What Is the Smallest Azimut Boat?

When it comes to selecting the perfect boat for your adventures on the water, size matters. Azimut, a renowned Italian yacht manufacturer, offers a range of boats that cater to different preferences and needs. If you’re looking for a compact option that doesn’t compromise on luxury and performance, you may be wondering: what is the smallest Azimut boat?

The Azimut Atlantis 34

The smallest offering from Azimut is the Azimut Atlantis 34. Despite its compact size, this stunning boat packs a punch in terms of features and capabilities. The Atlantis 34 measures approximately 10.3 meters (33 feet) in length, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a smaller vessel without sacrificing comfort or style.

The Atlantis 34 boasts a sleek and modern design that is characteristic of all Azimut yachts. Its sporty Silhouette, combined with bold lines and attention to detail, makes it stand out among its competitors in the same class. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline or exploring hidden coves, this boat will surely turn heads.

Luxurious Amenities

Despite its smaller size, the Azimut Atlantis 34 doesn’t compromise on luxury. Step aboard, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of comfort and elegance. The interior offers a well-appointed cabin with ample seating areas and sleeping quarters for overnight stays.

The cockpit area is designed with relaxation and entertainment in mind. It features a spacious sunbed where you can soak up the sun’s rays while enjoying your favorite book or simply taking in the breathtaking views around you.

Performance and Handling

The Atlantis 34 is equipped with powerful engines that ensure an exhilarating experience on the water. With its efficient hull design and expert engineering, this boat delivers impressive performance and handling. Whether you’re cruising at high speeds or navigating through tight spaces, the Atlantis 34 offers a smooth and enjoyable ride.

  • Engine options: The Atlantis 34 is available with various engine options, including petrol and diesel, allowing you to choose the power that suits your preferences.
  • Top speed: Depending on the engine configuration, the Atlantis 34 can reach speeds of up to approximately 35 knots (40 mph), ensuring an exciting journey wherever you go.


The Azimut Atlantis 34 may be the smallest boat in Azimut’s lineup, but it certainly doesn’t compromise on style, comfort, or performance. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or just starting your maritime adventures, this compact yacht offers everything you need for a memorable experience on the water.

If you’re looking for a smaller vessel without compromising luxury and performance, the Azimut Atlantis 34 may be the perfect choice for you. Its sleek design, luxurious amenities, and impressive handling make it an excellent option for those who value both style and substance in their boating endeavors.

So why wait? Explore the world of Azimut today with the Atlantis 34!

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Azimut Grande 25 Metri – The Smallest Luxury Yacht

January 2, 2019 By Daniel Mihai Popescu 2 Comments

Azimut Yachts, the prestigious Italian luxury yacht builder has launched its new Azimut Grande 25 Metri at Cannes Yachts Festival in 2018.

A successor to the AZ 80 series, the new semi-custom model features a Carbon Tech superstructure, roll bar, hardtop and transom with a tender garage. It is said to be the smallest superyacht of the moment.

Azimut Grande 25 Metri - External view

Azimut Grande 25 Metri – External view

The crew has a complete separate circuit and quarters, enabling the owner and his guests a maximum privacy experience.

Wonderful stairs in the Grande 25 Metri

Wonderful stairs in the Grande 25 Metri

Grande 25 Metri saloon 1

Grande 25 Metri saloon 1

Access way on board of the Grande 25 Metri

Access way on board of the Grande 25 Metri

Potential clients also have the option to separate the galley and helm station from other areas with sliding doors and frosted glass panels, enabling the crew to work without disturbing the owner and guests.

Achille Salvagni has been handed the interior design brief and has concentrated on accentuating informality. A traditional layout separating seating and dining areas has been discarded in favor of one big open-plan living area. Should no-one be dining inside, guests will be able to enjoy two living areas while a table in front of the sofa can be raised to become a dining table for eight when needed. A more traditional layout is also available.

Double bed cabin in the Grande 25 Metri

Double bed cabin in the Grande 25 Metri

Accommodation is for eight, with three double beds and one twin. Meanwhile, the crew quarters can accommodate a staff of three. It is equipped with a cabin for the captain and a second cabin with bunk beds, along with a crew mess that can be accessed from a separate way aft.

An evening view on the Grande 25 Metri lounge deck.

An evening view on the Grande 25 Metri lounge deck.

Power will come from a pair of 1,650 hp Man engines to reach a top speed of 29 knots and a cruising speed of 26 knots. Alternatively, clients can opt for two 1,800 hp Man engines.

Azimut Grande 25 Metri Technical characteristics

Main technical data.

Length overall (incl. pulpit) 26,62 m (87′ 4”) Beam max 6,20 m (20′ 4”) Draft (incl. props at full load) 1,8 m (5′ 11”) Displacement (at full load) 69,5 t (153.221 lb)

En Suite Bathroom in the Azimut Grande 25 Metri

En Suite Bathroom in the Azimut Grande 25 Metri

Building material Carbon Fiber + VTR/GRP Exterior styling & concept Stefano Righini Interior designer Achille Salvagni Architetti Hull designer Pierluigi Ausonio Naval Architecture Builder – Azimut Yachts

Command of Grande 25 Metri

Command station of Grande 25 Metri


Cabins 4 + 2 crew Berths 8 + 3 crew Head compartments 5 + 1 crew

Twin beds cabin on the Grande 25 Metri

Twin beds cabin on the Grande 25 Metri


Engines 2 x MAN 1.650 mHP 2 x MAN 1.800 mHP (opt) Maximum speed (performance test mass) Up to 28 kn Cruising speed (performance test mass) Up to 24 kn

Grande 25 Metri - Interior

Grande 25 Metri – Interior

Tank capacities

Fuel capacity 7.850 l (2073 US Gal) Water capacity 1.100 l (290 US Gal)

Grande 25 Layouts

Above view on Grande 25 Metri

Above view on Grande 25 Metri

Azimut Grande 25 Metri lower deck layout plan

Azimut Grande 25 Metri lower deck layout plan

Main deck - lounge version - Azimut Grande 25 Metri

Main deck – lounge version – Azimut Grande 25 Metri

The price is estimated at around €5M, actually slightly less than this, €4.9M, something like that.

The info for this article was taken from Boats International and the Azimut main website in English.

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Copyright © 2019 The Yacht Owner – Azimut Grande 25 Metri – The Smallest Luxury Yacht in the Azimut Fleet

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January 10, 2020 at 05:17

This Azimut vessel holds 290 gal of water. How long will that typically last for 8 passengers + 3 crew? What industry metric is normally used when it comes to water usage on a yacht?

' src=

January 17, 2020 at 08:43

Pretty low water quantity, for sure. They must have a water maker like this one ( ), otherwise water is not enough for a whole day. The smallest one makes 85 gallons per hour. Fortunately the toilets are flushed with sea water, and the decks are washed just the same. The metric I know and recommend is “economy”.

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Azimut S7 Reviewed

  • By Patrick Sciacca
  • January 26, 2024

Azimut S7

Streaking down the Côte d’Azur off Cannes, France, at an average top-end speed of 36.3 knots, I found myself lost in the fun. The 71-foot Azimut Yachts S7 handled more like a sports car than a vessel displacing more than 100,000 pounds. 

We carved S-turns and figure eights into the relatively calm Mediterranean blue this early morning, and I pondered the combination of factors that give this sizable sport yacht its smile-inducing, confidence-inspiring performance and handling.

First is an efficient planing hull form by Azimut and P.L. Ausonio Naval Architecture, penned to reduce hydrodynamic drag and aided by strakes placed for optimized lift. Transom deadrise is a stability-enhancing 13.8 degrees, with about 18 degrees of deadrise amidships. A near-plumb bow—something of an Azimut trademark these days—helps carry overall volume forward while creating a cleaver to cut through a tempestuous sea state. I used it to try to write my name in the Med.

Azimut S7

Second is Azimut’s liberal use of carbon fiber to reduce weight on the S7. Its superstructure, flybridge, mast, transom and platform, and the after section of its deck, are made of the material. The carbon fiber reduces top weight by about 30 percent and helps lower the center of gravity, which, in turn, helps with that lively driving experience. Azimut says the use of carbon fiber also helps reduce roll momentum by up to 15 percent. See how this is all coming together?

The third and final piece of the S7’s performance puzzle is triple 800 hp Volvo Penta D13 IPS1050 diesels that are Tier III-compliant and coupled to pod drives. Azimut says the S7 is “eco-sporty,” adding that this propulsion setup reduces fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions by 20 to 30 percent compared with similar-size craft with straight shafts.

During my time on board, the S7’s engines consumed 86.1 gallons per hour at 2,000 rpm and a 28.9-knot average cruise speed, almost 2 knots above Azimut’s 27-knot published cruise speed. At cruise, the S7 has about a 304-nautical-mile range with  a 10 percent fuel reserve on the yacht’s 1,004-gallon tank. At the yacht’s 36.3-knot top hop, fuel burn jumps to 123.1 gph and range drops to 266 nm. Slide the throttles back to 1,800 rpm and a 24.8-knot cruise speed, and consumption drops to  64.7 gph while range climbs to around 347 nm.

Azimut S7

This sport fly is speedy, and it looks the part too. Designer Alberto Mancini drew the S7’s lines. At first blush you might think this vessel is an express cruiser, but on closer inspection the sleekly integrated flybridge comes into view. Sweeping is a descriptor that comes to mind when looking at the S7 in profile. From the squarish stem moving aft, there is a flow to the yacht that’s almost sharklike in form: narrower forward, rounded and wider in the midsection and then just enough taper aft to accentuate the lines. Hullside windows stretch from amidships forward, elongating the profile, while glass in the superstructure aids in visually lowering it. The superstructure’s raked design helps as well. Extensive hullside glass ensures water views from all four staterooms.

Yes, this yacht has four staterooms, in a size range where many other yachts have only three. The full-beam master is amidships with an athwartships berth. There’s also a true walk-in closet, a vanity and a pop-up TV. The en suite head has a rain shower, and all the drawers are of the soft-close variety. I spent time here during my time on board, and the stateroom was whisper quiet, aside from water running across the hull. The view out the hullside windows here is tough to beat.

Up three steps and off the companionway are the guest accommodations, with one stateroom each to port and starboard. The one to port has side-by-side berths and an en suite head, which is also the day head. Across from here is a stateroom with bunks; let’s call it the kids room. The VIP stateroom is forward with an en suite head. There is also a crew cabin, although I expect most US owners to be owner-operators.

Azimut S7

There’s a subtle elegance to the S7’s interior design, which comes from a company called Yachtique. This is a new collaboration with Azimut Yachts, but not with the builder as a whole. Yachtique is known for its work on superyachts, including with Azimut’s sister company, Benetti. Expanding the relationship enables Azimut to bring large-yacht interior sensibilities to relatively smaller builds. Interior woods include a dove-tone tay wood and Canaletto walnut on the furniture. Leather and neutral-tone  fabrics work in concert, creating a relaxed and sophisticated feel that the builder calls  “residential chic.”

This ambience is particularly evident in the salon. Surrounded by glass—and with natural light coming in at all points—the salon’s sense of space is palpable, helped by the fact that the low-back, cream-tone, U-shaped settee to port doesn’t obstruct the glass. In fact, because the  bulwark is open here, there are clear water views. There are also two fold-out high-low tables. Just forward is a U-shaped, Miele-equipped galley, which is a slight departure from the current trend of aft galleys on a lot of yachts. The layout works because there is also a Kenyon grill in the cockpit, and because the cockpit has an L-shaped settee to port, directly abaft the salon’s sofa. When the sliding door is open, the cockpit and salon are an integrated entertaining space.

That kind of continuity is also evident from the aft-deck sun pad to the foredeck lounge to the ground-tackle setup. The yacht is a lesson in feng shui: Everything has its place for optimal flow.

Sometimes a yacht’s mission can be nebulous, but the Azimut Yachts S7 has a clear purpose: This is a luxury performance yacht with superyacht-level interior design and a smart, functional layout that keeps everyone connected with the environment, while simultaneously limiting the yacht’s environmental impact. As far as I’m concerned, this yacht is a win-win.    

The Full Range

The Azimut Yachts S7 is the latest in the Italian builder’s S-class series. The lineup also includes an S6, S8 and S10. This line is intended to appeal to yachtsmen who like the style of a sport-fly yacht, but who are also looking for a length overall closer to 60 to about 95 feet.

Alfresco Fun

The Azimut S7 has three alfresco zones for guests to spread out and chill: A four-person sun pad over the tender garage is accessed via the hydraulic swim platform, the flybridge has U-shaped seating aft and a lounge next to the helm, and the foredeck has a lounge and a sun pad.

Helm It Your Way

The Azimut S7 has two helm stations: one on the main deck forward and to starboard, and one on the flybridge. Each station has Volvo Penta controls, a joystick and Garmin multifunction displays. The S7 heels moderately inboard on hard-over turns, but views at both stations are clear.

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Azimut Grande 26M: Italian yard reveals more about its new low-emission 26m superyacht after selling 20+ units

First debuted at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival, the new Azimut Grande 26M has more to her than meets the eye. Despite being the smallest offering available in the Azimut's Grande series, the Italian builder has packed the Grande 26M with more features than most superyachts of the same size.

For the owners of the 22 units already sold, the Azimut Grande 26M successfully pushes the boundaries of what was possible for a compact superyacht – largely thanks to her innovative low-emission propulsion package. And so, to invite more potential owners to muscle in on the prize, the builder reveals more about how the Grande 26M design really works.

Eco-friendly propulsion

The Grande 26M is the first Azimut yacht to carry a Large Pod 4600 propulsion system. Created in partnership with ZF, the new Pod system is the result of Azimut’s investment in environmentally-friendly research and product development which began more than a decade ago.

In combination with the yacht’s carbon fibre superstructure – which is 30% lighter than similar constructions – the propulsion system can deliver 20% lower fuel consumption than a similar-sized boat travelling at an average speed. These percentages are currently unmatched and have been achieved without compromising performance.

Compared with the POD systems already available on the market, the hybrid-ready POD 4600 system is the first solution for larger boats with top speeds between 20 and 30 knots. The system is equipped with a unique pivot that eliminates the need for a rudder and the associated drag. Consequently, the Grande 26M can reach 28 knots effortlessly and has improved manoeuvrability at low speeds due to a higher torque.

The Azimut Grande 26M is just one of the brand’s many Low Emissions Yacht models that can guarantee a 20 to 30% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to market competitors.

Packed with innovation

Designers Alberto Mancini and Achille Salvagni have kept technology, style and livability at the forefront of the design, as well as incorporating a few new inventions such as the Deck2Deck™ Terrace. Once boarded and on the aft of the yacht, guests will find that, at the touch of a button, the opening teak-clad garage door lies flush with the edge of the main deck. The result is a large 18-square-metre on-the-water terrace, that appears to be suspended between the sea and the sky. An ideal lounge space or a dining area, the Deck2Deck™ Terrace can be completed with any range of furniture an owner desires, including an eight-person walkaround dining table with an ocean view.

A tactful interior layout

The interior layout has been devised to offer a lot of freedom between living areas as well as privacy where it is most needed. In terms of crew and guest interaction, crew members can seamlessly access their lower-deck quarters from the side walkway at the wheelhouse or via the stairway from the galley. All of the crew cabins have been placed at the bow of the yacht to increase the privacy of the guests.

The remaining four guest staterooms are located on the deck below and also benefit from the separated guest and crew traffic flows. These features and the huge 50-square-metre flybridge have never been seen before on a yacht of this size.

Taking over the forward section of the main deck is the full-beam owner’s suite, where floor-to-ceiling picture windows keep a strong connection to the outdoor world and flood the area with light. The cabin and bathroom are connected by an open dressing area that also has its own cell-shaped windows. With curved and flowing lines a consistent feature throughout the interior, the design is complemented by neutral decor and minimal furnishings to keep the space open and airy.

Serene spaces and organic design

Interior designer Achille Salvagni had plenty of volume to play with when designing the Grande 26M. The Large POD propulsion system requires a smaller-than-usual engine room which, along with the light carbon-fibre superstructure, frees up more interior space without affecting the yacht’s weight.

The designer chose to implement organic architectures inside the yacht to work in harmony with the outdoor environment. Salvagni’s intention can be seen through the warm hues and soft shapes in the furnishings and ceilings. The choice of teak flooring gives warmth to the interiors and widens the space thanks to the way the boards and angled at 45 degrees. In contrast, playful colour accents – such as the cobalt blue sofa and the orange coffee table – are eye-catching details.

The Azimut Grande 26M not only contributes to the brand’s focus on sustainability, but pushes forward Azimut’s spirit for innovation and design that is well-recognised throughout the world of yachting.

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Best Azimut Yachts for Sale

smallest azimut yacht

Azimut Yachts is part of Italy’s Azimut-Benetti Group, the largest yacht builder in the world. Renowned for its composite yacht construction expertise, Azimut is the market leader of smaller luxury yachts for sale, from 34 (10m) to 80 feet (24m) in length. With the addition of its Azimut Grande division, the larger luxury yacht division, the range goes from the smallest yacht at 34 feet (10m) in length up to their largest at 120 feet (36m). Azimut celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 with new models. The Italian yacht builder continued its commitment to innovation and celebrated its anniversary with the launch of several new models including the Grande S10, the Azimut 76 Fly, the Atlantis 45 and the Grande Magellano 25 METRI.

Azimut Yachts: Italian Yacht Building Heritage

Azimut Yachts began as a charter company, but very quickly became an Italian distributor for leading yacht manufacturers from around the world. What followed was a decade of design and joint ventures with yacht builders until 1985 when Azimut acquired the Benetti shipyard in Viareggio. Armed with the facilities to construct its own yachts, Azimut was able to define new styles. The brand certainly played its part in revolutionizing the boat-building industry. With the acquisition of new shipyards, Azimut then went on to become the foremost builder of yachts and has maintained its leading position through continuous innovation.

“Azimut is known for its modern styling and contemporary design as well as being great value for money, making them a popular choice for buyers who want a yacht for sale that provides a lot of bang for their bucks. The brand also is particularly popular yachts for charter due to contemporary styling and streamlined profiles,” says Northrop & Johnson Sales Broker Sean Doyle.

“Azimut has grown to become one of the world’s leading shipyards. I believe this is partly down to its technological and technical expertise and the quality of its finished product, combined with expert customer relations and an extensive dealer network,” says Crom Littlejohn. “Of particular interest to Northrop & Johnson clients are the yachts in the Azimut Grande collection. They are produced on a different, more bespoke production line than the smaller vessels and are aimed at a different level of luxury than their smaller brethren.”

Northrop & Johnson has access to the most exclusive Azimut Yachts for sale. Built-to-last, designed with beauty and crafted with magnificent Italian engineering, the Azimut yachts available on the market offer comfort, safety features, advanced technology and lavish living quarters. In addition to being visually pleasing, the Azimut yachts for sale through Northrop & Johnson aim to be environmentally sound. Indeed, Azimut places great importance on environmental preservation and has taken the direction of Eco-friendliness through projects like the MAGELLANO 53, the first motor yacht less than 60-feet (18m) to be awarded RINA Green Plus notation. Azimut focuses on developing concepts for yachts with low environmental impact and clean production processes. Thanks to this dedication, it has been awarded the ISO 14001 certification for its management system aimed at reducing environmental damage.

Azimut yachts also are perfect yachts for charter, offering a fast and fun lifestyle. Guests can truly enjoy cruising in style through the Caribbean and Mediterranean on board any luxury Azimut yacht available to charter , with accommodations ranging from four guests and up to 12 guests in well-put-together staterooms.

“Azimut is known for its style and quality,” says Northrop & Johnson charter broker Amy Wachmann. “The range of yachts all offer something different to the charter market, offering fantastic onboard space while retaining excellent levels of static and dynamic stability. In particular, the Azimut Grande collection offers great appeal for yachts for charter.”

Azimut is known for its modern styling and contemporary design

The Azimut Fleet

Azimut has a large range of yachts for sale in its collection, including the Flybridge, S, Magellano, Atlantis, Brazilian, Dragon Series and the Azimut Grande superyacht collection. The most popular Azimut yachts for sale include the 116 Azimut/ Grande 35 METRI, the Azimut S7, the Azimut 77S, and the Azimut 68S.

Azimut Grande Collection

The Azimut Grande collection includes the Azimut Grande 35 METRI and Azimut Grande 27 METRI. Built in carbon fiber, they offer a great deal of onboard space. The wide-body on the Grande 27 METRI allows for a unique layout for a yacht of this size. Boasting a full-beam owner’s suite on the main deck and a lower deck with three or four cabins, her accommodation layout offers great appeal for the charter market. The Grande 35 METRI boasts a raised pilothouse and an exceptionally large sundeck. She also has a pivoting balcony that extends from the master suite directly over the water and a stern beach area that can be opened with a side-access garage.

Other models in the Azimut Grande Collection include the Grande 25 METRI, Grande 30 METRI, Grande 32 METRI, Grande S10 (94 feet), and the Grande Magellano 25 METRI RPH.

Flybridge Collection

The flybridge collection ranges from 52 feet (16m) up to 82 feet (25m), all designed to strike the perfect balance between design, performance and optimized interior spaces.

S Collection

The sporty looking S Collection includes the S6, S7, 77S and the Grande S10. For those looking for a smaller yacht for sale or charter, the Azimut S Collection offers a great sportster style yacht and is ideal for those looking for a performance vessel. The use of carbon fiber in the superstructure and the pivoting platform has allowed Azimut to increase the volume of the models without sacrificing excellent performance. Fast, silent and extremely maneuverable, the Azimut S7 is just an example of the range and has four spacious cabins and a garage for water toys.

Magellano Collection

The Magellano Collection of long-range yachts begin with the Magellano 43 (13.35m) up to the Grande Magellano 25 (82 feet).

Azimut Atlantis Collection

The Azimut Atlantis Collection of sporty, high-performance yachts range from the Atlantis 34 up to the Atlantis 51. The latest model to be launched, the Atlantis 45, is the successor of Azimut’s highly successful Atlantis 43 that sold over 140 units in four years.

Due to the large range of Azimut yachts for sale, Northrop & Johnson’s knowledgeable team of brokers will be able to find the most suitable yacht to suit a client’s requirements. Backed by the enormous financial firepower of the Azimut-Benetti Group, their market share looks to be in safe hands for the foreseeable future.

smallest azimut yacht

Azimut Yachts For Sale

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smallest azimut yacht

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smallest azimut yacht

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Our Shipyards

526.000 square meters, 150.000 covered. a perfect synthesis between craftsmanship and technology, the maximum expression of the group’s stylistic avant-garde and production efficiency..

Experience, creativity and innovation meet to give life to technologically advanced yachts with a refined but essential design with a conscious approach, giving an authentic contact with nature in comfort and style.


The headquarters and main shipyard, it covers an area of 121.000 sqm and it is specialized in the construction of fiberglass yachts of up to 23M.

savona (1)

The Azimut service, outfitting and delivery center located in Savona’s Marina.


The shipyard and styling lounge dedicated to the production of Azimut Yachts over 24M and of the Benetti Superyachts from 24 to 100M. Viareggio is also the Lusben historical headquarters for the refit&repair of yachts up to 30M.


Benetti’s facility for the construction of superyachts from 24 to 100M, to date it is the largest active shipyard in the world. Here, Lusben is able to operate refit&repair projects for Gigayachts up to 120M.


The shipyard is dedicated to the production of the Magellano and S Series of Azimut.

DJI_0149_ (1)

The shipyard is dedicated to the production of Azimut Yachts of up to 30M.

Over the years, the Azimut|Benetti Group has obtained the certifications in the Health sector and Safety in the workplace, first compliant with the international standard BS OHSAS 18001 and, with the migration in December 2020, to the new ISO 45001-2018 standard; this certification constitutes an absolute record in the yachting sector for multi-site Groups.

Azimut|Benetti is also in possession of the quality certification, compliant with the ISO 9001 -2015 standard for all the offices of the Business Line Yachts, R&D Varazze and, from December 2021, the Lusben area of Viareggio.

smallest azimut yacht

smallest azimut yacht

The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer


There are an estimated 6,000 superyachts — vessels that are more than 100 feet long — at sea in 2024

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

As summer reaches its peak across the Northern Hemisphere, it’s hard to imagine a better way of spending a vacation than channeling your inner ship captain and sailing across the ocean.

In recent years, yacht companies have reported a boom in sales — far from the decline that many in the industry feared, due to both the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic realities of the Russia-Ukraine War.

“I spent my days [in 2020] doing worst-case scenarios and drawing up the budgets to go with them,” Giovanna Vitelli, chairwoman of Azimut|Benetti, the world’s largest yacht manufacturer, told the Economist in 2023.

Instead, her company reported a 23% growth in production value in 2023 —a reality that is not unique to just one yacht manufacturer. The luxury yacht market is expected to grow in value from $7.67 billion in 2023 to $17.33 billion by 2032, according to a recent report from Fortune Business Insights .

Analysts attribute the ships’ rise in popularity to the increasing number of extremely wealthy individuals . Yachts have long been considered a status symbol — a reality that has only increased as wealth becomes concentrated in the hands of a small group of high status individuals .

There are an estimated 6,000 superyachts —vessels that are more than 100 feet long — at sea as of this year. This is nearly quadruple the number of yachts seen in the ocean just three decades ago, according to Bloomberg .

Aside from an increase in popularity, the yacht industry has seen other changes in recent years. Increasingly, those in the market for a luxury ship are turning to alternate means of powering their vessels, as critics point to the excess emissions traditional yachts produce simply for recreational use.

In their 2024 report, Fortune Business Insights highlighted the growing trend of electrification as a significant area of growth in the coming years.

“A tough regulatory environment for traditional yachts and rising fuel prices will pave the way for the solid growth of electric yachts in the future,” the report reads. “Huge investments from various manufacturers and government support measures will accelerate the demand for electric yachts.”

Read on to learn more about the most luxurious yachts available for chartering in 2024.

Carinthia VII

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

Originally constructed in 2002, the award-winning Carinthia VII was recently remodeled and reimagined specifically for private charters. The 319-foot ship spans six decks and can accommodate up to 12 guests in eight staterooms. Among the ship’s amenities are two bars, a fully equipped gym and an outdoor projection screen that allows for an “immersive cinematic experience like no other.” The cost of chartering the Carinthia VII is $1,525,700 during both the winter and summer seasons.

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

The Lady S yacht boasts a number of exciting water toys, including jet skis, water skis, wakeboards and kayaks for athletic guests on the 305-foot ship. For those who prefer more indoor-oriented activities, however, you can also catch a film on the ship’s IMAX Dolby cinema — the first of its kind on any yacht in the world. Accommodating 12 guests, in seven cabins, the cost of chartering the Lady S begins at $1,743,328 a week.

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

The interior of the Ahpo yacht seems more reminiscent of a luxury hotel than a simple ship. Accommodating 16 guests and 36 crew members, the vessel features a full-size gym, a winter garden and a spa complete with a Himalayan salt sauna. The 378-foot long yacht was first manufactured in 2021 by the German shipyard Lürssen. Excited sailors can charter the Ahpo from superyacht broker Edmiston, beginning at $2,833,376 a week.

500EXP Para Bellum

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

This 154-foot-long yacht can accommodate up to 12 travelers in its six cabins, along with up to 10 crew members. The ship was specially designed to enable “guests a 360-degree experience and relationship with the sea” through its unique stern and sundeck that allow travelers to safely stand “almost at sea level,” according to its Italian manufacturer San Lorenzo . Interested travelers can rent the ship for $359,609 a week.

The Renaissance

Image for article titled The most fabulous yachts to charter this summer

The Renaissance lives up to its grandiose name by going beyond traditional private yachts and bridging the gap between a personal vehicle and a full-on cruise ship. The 367-foot long ship features five decks and can accommodate 36 guests in 19 cabins. The Renaissance’s amenities include a 19-seat movie theater, a sushi-bar, and a full spa deck featuring a wellness area, plunge pools and a hair salon. The cost of chartering the ship from Burgess Yachts ranges from $3,269,280 to $3,814,160 a week.

Ukraine says Russia's last naval patrol ship leaving Crimea

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U.S. reporter Gershkovich stands trial in Russia

Once defiant, Biden is now 'soul searching' about dropping out of race, source says

U.S. President Joe Biden is taking calls to step aside as the Democratic presidential candidate seriously and multiple Democratic officials think an exit is a matter of time, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Brazil's Finance Minister Fernando Haddad attends a meeting at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia

smallest azimut yacht

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smallest azimut yacht

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  1. Best Azimut yachts: 7 of the finest models from the famed Italian ...

    The smallest Atlantis in the range and one of the smallest Azimuts ever built, the Atlantis 34 charmed our reviewer Nick Burnham with its "pared-back, minimalist vibe". "The Atlantis 34 has to walk a tightrope between offering proper Azimut quality while also competing with boats that might be deemed a rung or two below it," he added.

  2. Azimut yachts, superyachts and luxury boats

    Azimut has reinterpreted, extended and revolutionized the bow area, lavishing the forelounge with comforts to host an island of wellbeing between sky and sea. GRANDE 32M. The revolutionary and unprecedented Flex Deck of the Grande 26M opens to extend the cockpit, creating an evocative terrace overlooking the sea.

  3. Azimut S10 yacht

    Experience the Azimut S10 Yacht, a 95 foot technologically advanced yet comfortable and sophisticated yacht. Explore more on the Azimut Yacht website. Yachts ... Thanks to the design of the Interceptor it only requires a small amount of power to move the blade up and down, even under high speed operation. EPS Electronic Power Steering.

  4. Azimut Atlantis 34 review: from the archive

    Azimut offer several boat ranges, the entry level being served by the Atlantis line-up. Run as a separate brand but kept firmly under the Azimut umbrella of companies, which includes multi-million-pound superyacht builders Benetti at the other extreme, this 34-footer is the smallest Atlantis yet, slotting in beneath the Atlantis 38, 44, 48 and 58.

  5. Azimut Grande 26M review: The 85ft yacht that feels like a 100ft ...

    The twin to port is the smallest, and suffers somewhat from clashing doors, as three - cabin, head and wardrobe - all compete for the same space. ... The Azimut Grande 26M is the first boat to sport ZF's big new 4600 pod drives, designed to serve in twin-engine yachts up to 100ft, and in triple installations up to 130ft.

  6. What Is the Smallest Azimut Boat?

    The smallest offering from Azimut is the Azimut Atlantis 34. Despite its compact size, this stunning boat packs a punch in terms of features and capabilities. The Atlantis 34 measures approximately 10.3 meters (33 feet) in length, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a smaller vessel without sacrificing comfort or style. The Atlantis ...

  7. Azimut Grande 25 Metri

    Azimut Yachts, the prestigious Italian luxury yacht builder has launched its new Azimut Grande 25 Metri at Cannes Yachts Festival in 2018. A successor to the AZ 80 series, the new semi-custom model features a Carbon Tech superstructure, roll bar, hardtop and transom with a tender garage. It is said to be the smallest superyacht of the moment.

  8. Azimut Yachts 40S

    The smallest Azimut model in recent years, the 40S is a luxurious twin-cabin sportcruiser whose sleek styling is very similar to Azimut's larger yachts. The big difference between the 40S and most other sport cruisers her size is the salon. Usually, the area under the hardtop is mostly a deck area with molded seats and a teak-laid floor.

  9. Azimut Fly 60

    The Carbon Tech Generation offers expanded volumes onboard, while maintaining excellent dynamic stability and perfect handling. Preserving the yacht's low center of gravity, the carbon fiber was focused on the upper parts of the yacht, lightening the laminated components by up to 30% and reducing the natural roll momentum up to 15%. Eco-Yachting.

  10. Azimut Yachts: Models, Price Lists & Sales

    Explore the best selling motor yacht models from Azimut Yachts. Complete catalogue of new and discontinued models by year with full specifications and pricing. Explore. ... In the 70-80s the shipyard focused its production on the smallest and largest fiberglass models at that time. In 1977, the company launched the legendary 32 Targa, which ...

  11. Azimut Yachts for sale

    Azimut boats for sale on Boat Trader are listed for a range of prices, valued from $226,830 on the lower-end all the way up to $10,900,000 for the more sophisticated yachts. Higher performance models now listed have motors up to 10,476 horsepower, while the smallest more functional models may have as little as 600 horsepower engines (although ...

  12. Azimut S7 Reviewed

    The Azimut Yachts S7 is the latest in the Italian builder's S-class series. Giovanni Maigarini. Streaking down the Côte d'Azur off Cannes, France, at an average top-end speed of 36.3 knots, I found myself lost in the fun. The 71-foot Azimut Yachts S7 handled more like a sports car than a vessel displacing more than 100,000 pounds.

  13. Italian yard reveals more about its new low-emission 26m superyacht

    Despite being the smallest offering available in the Azimut's Grande series, the Italian builder has packed the Grande 26M with more features than most superyachts of the same size. ... The Grande 26M is the first Azimut yacht to carry a Large Pod 4600 propulsion system. Created in partnership with ZF, the new Pod system is the result of Azimut ...

  14. Azimut Yachts for sale

    Azimut. Azimut is a yacht brand that currently has 953 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 153 new vessels and 800 used yachts, listed by experienced boat and yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, Italy, Hong Kong, Spain and France. The selection of models featured on YachtWorld spans a spectrum of sizes and ...

  15. Best Azimut Yachts for Sale

    Renowned for its composite yacht construction expertise, Azimut is the market leader of smaller luxury yachts for sale, from 34 (10m) to 80 feet (24m) in length. With the addition of its Azimut Grande division, the larger luxury yacht division, the range goes from the smallest yacht at 34 feet (10m) in length up to their largest at 120 feet (36m).

  16. Yacht Buyers Are Getting Younger, Says Azimut/Benetti Exec

    The company comprises two brands: Azimut, which produces smaller yachts that range in length from 10 to 35 meters, and Benetti, a mega- and superyacht producer behind ships from 37 to more than ...

  17. Azimut Range: Flybridge Collection

    Azimut Yachts launched this voluminous 100-footer in 2009. It features all of the Azimut Flybridge collection's characteristics: sportiness, dynamic lines, performance and comfort. The designers created large open areas by removing partitions typically found in more traditional yachts. The Leonardo 100 also has a large and inviting aft deck ...

  18. Azimut S6 yacht

    3 + 1 crew. Engines. 3 x VOLVO PENTA IPS 700 D8 550 hp. Maximum speed. up to 35 kn. 01. 06. The technologically-driven vocation of the inventive S6 is expressed through a bold yet gracefully surprising character. The eco-conscious lightness of carbon fiber, combined with the triple IPS propulsion system and optimized hull flows, allow her to ...

  19. Our Shipyards

    505. collaborators. The shipyard is dedicated to the production of Azimut Yachts of up to 30M. Over the years, the Azimut|Benetti Group has obtained the certifications in the Health sector and Safety in the workplace, first compliant with the international standard BS OHSAS 18001 and, with the migration in December 2020, to the new ISO 45001 ...

  20. Azimut Day in Moscow

    The celebration of the famous yachting brand was held for the fifth time.. On June 25, the annual gala dinner from Azimut Yachts Russia took place in the new restaurant Arkady Novikov VODNAY, which opened on the territory of Royal Yacht Club. The most famous Italian yachting brand Azimut Yachts held this gala dinner for its friends and partners for the fifth time already.

  21. The most luxurious yachts to rent

    The luxury yacht market is expected to grow in value from $7.67 billion in 2023 to $17.33 billion by 2032, according to a recent report from Fortune Business Insights.

  22. Small-cap stocks are perking up. Here's how to pick winners

    See: These small-cap stocks score highest when screened for quality A rising tide lifts all boats — but regional banks and biotech companies sail ahead. Shares of financials and biotechnology ...

  23. Ukraine says Russia's last naval patrol ship leaving Crimea

    Ukraine's navy said on Monday that Moscow's last naval patrol ship had left Russian-occupied Crimea, "most likely" to rebase elsewhere after Kyiv's concerted military campaign to attack the Black ...

  24. Azimut S: sporty yacht with dynamic bow cap

    The S series. The seductively sportive Azimut S Series is the market's pinnacle of technological advancement and performance. Sensually streamlined exteriors make for a fiercely dynamic aesthetic, combining with innovative propulsion systems and last generation hulls to deliver a uniquely sporty experience.

  25. AZIMUT City Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow

    At AZIMUT City Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow, when booking 10 or more nights, a fixed price is set with a discount, which depends on the load, season and other factors. To clarify the cost of living in AZIMUT City Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow, you can call 8 (800) 200 00 48, or [email protected]. Or see current prices on our website.

  26. Conversations and insights about the moment.

    Tension between the strain that climate change places on infrastructure and the aesthetic preferences of a small number of community members continues to emerge across the country.

  27. New models

    Discover the allure of the seas with Azimut latest models, each unveiling a compelling yachting tale. Three different concepts that seamlessly integrate innovation and timeless design, offering an extraordinary blend of performance and elegance. Embark on a long cruise in contact with nature aboard Magellano 60, experience the sporty and ...

  28. ABERTON Moscow Russia Official Dealer

    ABERTON YACHTS LIMITED. Leningradskoye sh.39 str.7 125212 Moscow, Russia. Tel: + 007-495-9807700. Email: [email protected]. Discover more. Our team. We are a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in yachting.