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SOLARIS Yacht – Exquisite $600M Superyacht

The SOLARIS yacht was newly launched in 2021 by Lloyd Werft.

At 139.7 meters (458 ft), SOLARIS is considered an absolute giant in the world of superyachts and ranks as the 15th largest in the world.

140 meters
Lloyd Werft
Frank Neubelt
20 knots
11,011 ton

Solaris Lloyd Werft Drone Shot yacht BV

SOLARIS yacht interior

No official photos of the interior of the SOLARIS yacht have been released, so the exact design is unknown.

However, judging from the minimalist and modern layout of the decks, it can be assumed that the interior follows a similar trend.

The German designer Frank Neubelt is said to have worked on the interior of SOLARIS, although details of the project are unknown.

The yacht is one of the largest in the world, so it comes as no surprise that the SOLARIS yacht can accommodate an impressive 36 guests onboard.

Around 60 crew members find space in the cabins below deck and are available to tend to every need of the passengers.

The yacht also features a large gym, spa, and several salons to host events and welcome guests.

MY SOLARIS Specifications

MY SOLARIS was built in 2021 by the German shipyard Lloyd Werft and became the largest vessel they had ever delivered.

The total length of the yacht is 139.7 meters (458 ft) which makes her 23 meters (75 ft) shorter than Abramovic’s other famous yacht, ECLIPSE.

Her beam is 21.35 meters (70 ft), and her draft measures 5.95 meters (19.6 ft). Her total weight lies at 11,247 tons.

The SOLARIS yacht is powered by six MTU engines which allow her to travel at an average cruise speed of 18 knots with top speeds of 20 knots.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Solaris-Lloyd-Werft_Drone-Shot-yacht-FV3-1024x1024.jpg

SOLARIS yacht exterior

The exterior of MY SOLARIS was designed by Marc Newson Ltd , an Australian industrial designer who has worked in several industries, including aircraft, furniture, and clothing.

His work is easily recognizable by smooth lines and rounded shapes with geometric elements.

The SOLARIS yacht is a prime example of this with its sleek look, rounded balconies, and many windows. Her eight decks have an unusually light wood that decorates the many open spaces of the vessel.

There are several extendable platforms to release tenders and toys and a large beach club located close to the swimming platform.

Of course, SOLARIS includes a full-size helipad as well as several swimming pools, one of which is located on the largest of the decks aft of the vessel.

Solaris Lloyd Werft Drone Shot yacht BV1

SOLARIS yacht price

Yacht SOLARIS was delivered to Abramovic for a reported price of US $600 million, placing her among the most expensive superyachts in the world.

She generates a further US $50 – $60 million in annual running costs.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Solaris-Lloyd-Werft_Drone-Shot-yacht-FV1-1024x1024.jpg

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  • Frank Neubelt
  • Lloyd Werft

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Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich is adding a second superyacht to his fleet

Image may contain Roman Konoplev Face Human Person Clothing Suit Overcoat Apparel Coat and Beard

The world’s billionaires have to think big when it comes to spending their immense wealth. So for Roman Abramovich, the businessman, politician and owner of Chelsea Football Club, one superyacht clearly isn’t enough, as he’s now added a second vessel to his collection.

The new addition, the £430 million Solaris, is soon set for completion. Finished in light grey, the Times reports that she’s a sprawling 460ft in length, complete with eight decks, and is thought to include lavish features like an outdoor beach club, gym, lift, helipad, swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna.

Roman Abramovich's new superyacht will cost him 430million

Vast as she is, Solaris will be but the little sister to Abramovich’s other superyacht, Eclipse. At a staggering 500ft, Eclipse was dubbed the world’s longest private yacht upon her delivery in 2010. It’s rumoured that her extensive features encompass a beauty salon, dance floor and even a missile detection system. Following a round of refurbishments in 2015, she’s thought to have a value of around £1 billion.

Yet Solaris is reportedly tipped to become ‘the yacht of the year’ once she’s launched, with a source telling the Sun : ‘Details are being kept top secret but she will be a magnificent addition for the owner. To give you an idea of the size of Solaris the yacht shed she is being built in is bigger and taller than Buckingham Palace so you have some idea of the dimensions.’

As Gareth Southgate announces his resignation as England manager, meet Mia Southgate, his It-girl daughter

Solaris is under construction at the Lloyd Werft shipyard in Bremerhaven. On her completion, she’s expected to have 48 cabins, accommodating up to 36 passengers and a crew of 60, with two advanced engines that will render her the most powerful yacht in the world. The Times adds that the engines are low-emission, low-vibration Azipods (a type of electrical transmission marine propulsion unit), thought to be the most powerful of their kind. Solaris is reportedly set to undergo trials in the sea before the summer, ahead of her delivery later this year.

article image

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Targeting super yachts owned by Russian oligarchs could hit a nerve in Moscow

Poor transparency around ownership of assets can cause challenges, experts say.

yacht abramovich solaris

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With sanctions levied and financial assets seized, Russian oligarchs have been scrambling to get their super yachts out of Western ports in search of safer harbours. 

One yacht, said to belong to Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, abruptly left port in Hamburg, Germany, just weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted wide-reaching sanctions. Others were not so quick to leave European ports. 

Authorities in La Ciotat, on France's Mediterranean coast, seized a yacht they say is linked to sanctioned Russian oligarch Igor Sechin, the CEO of state oil company Rosneft. He was Russia's deputy prime minister from 2008 to 2012.

  • Canada slaps sanctions on Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich
  • Analysis With Russia pressing on and Ukraine digging in, how will Putin's war actually end?

Industry watchers say oligarchs everywhere are trying to keep their yachts from being taken.

​​"There's a few yachts that we are watching at the moment in the Atlantic," said Sam Tucker, head of super yachts at the firm VesselsValue, which tracks and estimates the value of these giant luxury yachts. 

"I'm expecting some of them to start doing U-turns in the middle of the ocean," he told CBC Radio's Day 6 .

yacht abramovich solaris

Western countries have imposed a punishing package of sanctions and export control restrictions on Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Russia's biggest banks were hit, as was the country's central bank. Major state-owned companies and some of the country's wealthiest individuals have seen overseas assets frozen.

The investment bank JP Morgan Chase believes Russia's economy will shrink 35 per cent in the second quarter of 2022 and seven per cent for the entire year.

yacht abramovich solaris

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki says the suite of sanctions is meant to make every aspect of life difficult on Putin and the oligarchs who protect him.

"What we're talking about here is seizing their assets, seizing their yachts and making it harder for them to send their children to go to colleges and universities in the West," Psaki said in a briefing this week. "These are significant steps that will impact the people who are closely around President Putin."

<a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Putin?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Putin</a>´s Yacht "The Gracefull" inbound Kaliningrad from Hamburg in anticipation of future sanctions due to the conflict in <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Ukraine?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Ukraine</a>. <a href="https://t.co/qdhAUhCH1m">pic.twitter.com/qdhAUhCH1m</a> &mdash; @GDarkconrad

Symbolic target

The yachts themselves are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but experts in Russian sanctions say this isn't just about the dollar value.

"They don't have much value compared to the total net worth of an oligarch," said Bill Browder, a long-time advocate for stiff sanctions against Russian oligarchs, in an email to CBC Radio. 

But they are "a highly symbolic attack on something coveted by the oligarchs."

These ultra-luxurious ships became a status symbol for the oligarchs as they amassed fortunes in the 1990s and early 2000s.

"There is a bit of oneupmanship," Tucker told Day 6 . He says the biggest and most expensive ships are cloaked in secrecy. They have extreme privacy and security features, including bulletproof glass, and some require crew to sign non-disclosure agreements.

yacht abramovich solaris

But Tucker says the biggest security and privacy feature of all is the opaque ownership structure of the yachts. He says precious little information about who actually owns these ships is available.

"[Only] basic information is disclosed — for example, the registered owner — which is often a shell company or a 'special interest vehicle' registered in Monaco, Malta, [or the] Cayman Islands," he said.

Untying those knots is a notorious problem, but one usually confined to taxation issues.

yacht abramovich solaris

"One thing that I think may come out of this whole situation is the increased call for transparency and transparent ownership," said Tucker.

Yachts on the move

So far, only four super yachts have been seized, including a 213-foot yacht owned by Alexei Mordashov in Imperia, Italy.

While authorities sift through the byzantine paper trail of ownership, other oligarchs have scrambled their crews to get the yachts to somewhere safe.

"One of the things I've been trying to figure out is, where do they go [next]?" asked Alex Finley, a former CIA officer living in Barcelona, in an interview with  As It Happens host Gillian Findlay .

This week, Finley tweeted photos tracking a ship said to be owned by Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire who owns the Chelsea Football Club.

  • Anxious Russians flee by the hundreds each day into neighbouring Finland

"A lot of these yachts that we've been looking at are heading towards the Maldives or the Seychelles. A few are in Montenegro, but they look like they're probably going to be on the move," Finley said in the interview .

Here you can see the sterns of both Aurora and Valerie, and in the other pic, the empty slip where Solaris used to be (which is the size of the empty hole in my heart). 7/ <a href="https://t.co/Luvj5vyWXp">pic.twitter.com/Luvj5vyWXp</a> &mdash; @alexzfinley

Neither the Maldives nor the Seychelles signed onto the sanctions, so the ships are probably safe from seizure there. Another major hub is Dubai.

"I think we're going to see Dubai as a big hotspot for these yachts," said Tucker. "It has hot weather all year round and … Russians can fly to Dubai without going through the EU airspace."

Tucker agrees that targeting the yachts is a symbolic move.

"It's really sending the message that they aren't untouchable. We've closed the skies on both sides of the Atlantic so their private jets can't operate, and now we're going after their super yachts," he said.

"I'd be feeling quite vulnerable if I was an oligarch right now."


yacht abramovich solaris

Senior Business Reporter

Peter Armstrong is a senior business reporter for CBC News. A former host of On the Money and World Report on CBC Radio, he was previously a foreign correspondent and parliamentary reporter for CBC. Subscribe to Peter's newsletter here: cbc.ca/mindyourbusiness Twitter: @armstrongcbc

Interview with Sam Tucker produced by Rachel Levy-Mclaughlin

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20 crew members supply Roman Abramovich's $600 million superyacht with provisions, electricity, and water every day as the Ukraine war wages on, report says

  • A crew supplies Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's yacht on a daily basis, a worker told the NYT.
  • Solaris has a truckload of food delivered every week by a catering company, the port worker said.
  • The yacht is docked in Turkey, a country that hasn't yet imposed sanctions on Russia over the war.

Insider Today

A $600 million superyacht linked to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is being supplied with daily provisions amid the Ukraine war, The New York Times reported on Sunday.

Twenty crew members tend to the 460-foot yacht named Solaris, which is docked in Yalıkavak Marina in the Turkish resort town of Bodrum, an anonymous port worker familiar with the matter told The Times.

The worker said that the crew came on a daily basis to supply the yacht with electricity, water, and provisions, as well as remove the waste onboard.

A catering company delivers a truckload of food every week to Solaris, the port worker said in the interview with The Times. "Twenty cases of asparagus — what would you do with so much asparagus?" they said.

Abramovich , the former owner of Chelsea Football Club, was sanctioned by the UK in March as part of Western efforts to punish Russia and President Vladimir Putin over the invasion of Ukraine. The UK froze Abramovich's assets and banned him from making transactions with UK individuals and businesses.

The EU has also sanctioned Abramovich. 

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His Solaris yacht has avoided sailing into EU territory since the Ukraine war broke out. The vessel was moored in a shipyard in Barcelona for repairs until March 8, when it headed to Montenegro and then Turkey . Solaris has since appeared to have remained in Turkish waters, where many other Russian oligarchs' yachts have moored .

Yalıkavak Marina told The Times in a statement that Solaris was kept outside of the marina's boundaries because of "international concerns."

Roman Abramovich could not immediately be reached for comment.

Eclipse, another superyacht owned by Abramovich, per Superyacht Fan , is floating off the Turkish town, Göcek, according to ship-tracking website MarineTraffic .

Turkey is yet to sanction Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has criticized Western sanctions imposed against Russia. His country has also supported Ukraine, per Reuters .

yacht abramovich solaris

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Luxurylaunches -

Roman Abramovich’s newest megayacht is a $610 million fortress – Solaris can zap drones mid-air, it has secret pirate-proof passageways, a radar-based anti-missile system, bulletproof windows, & armored cabins.

yacht abramovich solaris

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This $97,000 mini Ferrari 512 Testarossa is the most expensive toy that money can buy

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Superyachts are in such high demand that this shipyard has already started work on a $180 million vessel scheduled for delivery in November 2024, even though no owner has been finalized

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Not a helipad or a garage for luxury cars, but this genius American scientist’s support vessel has a fully functional biology lab, a portable MRI machine, and 3D printers. Aptly named Gene Chaser, instead of socialites and celebrities, the advanced vessel hosts full-time scientists.

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Most expensive bag in the world is valued at $3.8 million

yacht abramovich solaris

Hakksan Vegas unveils the most expensive bottle service in the world – $500,000 for Champagne

yacht abramovich solaris

Will American billionaire Warren Halle back out from buying the Alfa Nero superyacht just like Eric Schmidt? Yulia Guryeva, the daughter of the sanctioned oligarch who allegedly owns the 269-foot-long vessel, has vowed to relentlessly pursue a legal battle until it is returned to her.

yacht abramovich solaris

Not a Saudi prince or an oligarch, but it is American video game billionaire Gabe Newell that has an armada of luxury yachts worth around $1 billion. Take a look at his 6 vessels that range from an research vessel, a 365 feet long luxury yacht and even a hospital ship.

yacht abramovich solaris

Shoe shiner turned billionaire Dennis Washington’s $200 million superyacht Attessa IV is a 300 feet long art deco-styled marvel with Gucci chairs, a one-of-a-kind chandelier, a spectacular spa, and a helipad.


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yacht abramovich solaris

Roman Abramovich’s two megayachts ‘sailing for sanctions safe haven Turkey’ after jet flies back to Moscow

  • Adrian Zorzut
  • Published : 17:06, 16 Mar 2022
  • Updated : 17:06, 16 Mar 2022

ROMAN Abramovich's two megayachts are said to be setting sail for sanctions safe haven Turkey as an assets hunt on Russian oligarchs ramps up.

The Russian billionaire's £430m superyacht Solaris is already heading south, allegedly for Turkey, after docking in Montenegro on Sunday, according to Sky News .

Roman Abramovich was seen in Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport yesterday before his jet took off for Istanbul

His second ship, Eclipse, is off the coast of Algeria.

Brussels has followed the UK in imposing sanctions on oligarchs who support Putin, including Abramovich.

However, Turkey has said it won't join international sanctions against, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has said, creating a small safe haven for oligarchs looking to escape Western officials.

It comes as there is speculation Abramovich might be planning a more permanent move to Turkey and could start his own football team there.


yacht abramovich solaris

Roman Abramovich may NEVER be able to return to Britain, Liz Truss says

yacht abramovich solaris

Abramovich’s £430M yacht docks in Montenegro amid hunt for fleeing fleet

The Telegraph speculates Abramovich may make a bid for Goztepe FC, which, like Chelsea in 2003, hasn't won a league title since the 1950s.

It comes as Abramovich is thought to have landed in Moscow after fleeing his mansion in Israel, it's been reported.

Two superyachts belonging to the battered  billionaire  have now set sail to evade sanctions imposed on him by the European Union, who allege he has "privileged access" to Vladimir Putin.

A private jet, which has been linked to the Russian-Israeli billionaire, has also just returned to the Russian capital where it landed at 3am on Tuesday.

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The route of the aircraft was followed by plane tracker Flightradar24 and the Russian Oligarch Jets Twitter account.

Abramovich's two superyachts, the £430million My Solaris and the £1billion Eclipse, could also be on their way to Turkey in a bid to avoid being seized, according MarineTraffic.

My Solaris - which boasts its own helipad and missile detection system - has left Montenegro and is now sailing down the Adriatic, between Italy and Greece.

And Eclipse is making its way through the Mediterranean near Algeria after sailing from the Caribbean.

On Tuesday, the Chelsea Football Club owner had been spotted looking dishevelled in Israel's Ben Gurion airport shortly before his jet took off for Istanbul.

Photos showed the  Chelsea  owner sitting alone in the airport's VIP lounge with a face mask pulled down over his chin.

He was seen peering at his phone while glancing overhead.

It's understood the billionaire  drove from his £65million mansion towards the airport earlier in the day .

And his luxury Gulfstream G650ER jet - registered LX-Ray - landed in Turkey just after 3pm on Monday before continuing his route.

Abramovich, who also holds Portuguese citizenship, was among seven Russian billionaires added to the British sanctions list last week.

The EU has now followed suit, saying Abramovich enjoys "privileged access" to Vladimir Putin,  Politico reports.

It's claimed these "very good relations" helped to line his own pockets in industries that offered "a substantial source of revenue" to the Kremlin, helping Moscow fund its invasion of Ukraine. 

The move is part of efforts to isolate Putin over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Israel's Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said the country's financial, banking and aviation authorities were looking into the issue of Russian oligarch's in the country.

In a statement made while on a visit to Slovakia, which borders Ukraine, he said: "Israel will not be a route to bypass sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and other Western countries.”

Abramovich, who has denied having close ties to  Putin , gained Israeli citizenship in 2018, quickly putting him in the top three wealthiest men in Israel.

It comes as the UK impounded a private jet connected to the Russian oligarch at Farnborough Airport, according to CNBC.

He also had £3.2billion of UK assets frozen by the British government over his alleged close ties to  Putin  - stopping him from selling his share of Chelsea.

Abramovich is worth £10.4billion, according to Forbes, and owns a £150million mansion in Kensington, a £33milliion West London penthouse and yachts,  private jets , helicopters and supercars worth more than £1.2billion

Chelsea on Friday  had their accounts frozen , after sanctions came in to ban the club from selling tickets and merchandise.

Telecom firm sponsors  Three pulled out of their £40million-a-year deal with the club , and the team has two weeks to find a new buyer who can fork out the £28million per month wage bill or go into administration.

The Government said it is prepared to approve the 117-year-old club’s sale as long as Abramovich does not receive a penny.

At least four yachts and a private jet owned by Russians or their families have managed to escape the sanctions brought by the West by spiriting them away.

According to Flightradar24, Abramovich's jet left Moscow's Knukovo International Airport on Sunday at 16:43 local time and flew through Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan and Turkey before landing in Tel Aviv at 21:18.

One Twitter user has posted the jet's flight record over the past few weeks.

The plane flew to Moscow from Baku, Azerbaijan, on March 1 and later left for Istanbul and flew to the Ankara the following day, where it stayed before returning to Istanbul on March 4.

On Sunday, it left Istanbul for Moscow before making the trip to Ben-Gurion Airport.


yacht abramovich solaris

Jay Slater's mum is 'overwhelmed' by support as GoFundMe fundraiser nears £60k

yacht abramovich solaris

Love Island final date revealed by ITV - and it's just days away

Read more on the sun.

yacht abramovich solaris

Sky turns ORANGE & 'blood rain' to fall as Saharan dust cloud blankets Britain

yacht abramovich solaris

Chilling moment Russian TV discusses plans to invade Baltic states after Ukraine

Abramovich's 787 Dreamliner was also seen moving between Moscow and Dubai in early March while a helicopter belonging to the billionaire was tracked flying arounds islands in Bermuda in late February, according to the  Times of Israel .

It comes as the US warned Israel not to become a safe haven for Russian money.

yacht abramovich solaris

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    Since 2022 both Solaris and Abramovich's flagship motor yacht Eclipse have been moved to countries that decline to impose the sanctions, and as of 2023 have evaded seizure. Media reported the yacht, which was in Barcelona for repairs, put to sea on March 8, 2022, as yacht seizures began to escalate. ...

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    Roman Abramovich is very close to taking delivery of his brand new toy, the Solaris megayacht that will keep great company to Eclipse, which is the world's largest and most expensive Megayacht. The 460ft vessel, Solaris, comprises 48 cabins across eight decks, a crew of 60, and 36 guests.

  6. Here's a First Proper Look at Solaris, Roman Abramovich's $610 Million

    Solaris is 460 feet (140 meters) long, which makes it one of the top 15 biggest vessels in the world, and spans eight decks in total. It offers accommodation for 36 guests and 60 crew in 48 cabins ...

  7. Roman Abramovich's new explorer yacht SOLARIS unveiled

    US$ 40 -60 million. Owner: Roman Abramovich. Roman Abramovich 's new explorer yacht SOLARIS unveiled. Abramovich's yacht is currently under construction at LLoyd Werft in Germany. With a volume of 11,011 tons, she is one of the larger yachts in the world. Solaris will replace his previous explorer yacht Luna, which he sold to Farkhad Akhmedov.

  8. SOLARIS, Roman Abramovich's new 140m Lloyd Werft built Explorer Yacht

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    Take a look at the brand new 500 million euros Superyacht SOLARIS built by Lloyd Werft for russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.For more videos and photos of...

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    Roman Abramovich's super yacht Solaris is seen at Barcelona Port on March 3, 2022. (Albert Gea/Reuters) With sanctions levied and financial assets seized, Russian oligarchs have been scrambling to ...

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    A crew supplies Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's yacht on a daily basis, a worker told the NYT. Solaris has a truckload of food delivered every week by a catering company, the port worker said.

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    Roman Abramovich has a new superyacht! It should be no surprise that the russian billionaire has added yet another yacht to his collection because Roman abso...

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    Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich is a very rich man and he definitely likes to live the part. His outstanding collection of superyachts and private planes can even make affluent billionaires envious and fast. The Chelsea F.C. owner flaunts not one but two spectacular superyachts, the $590 million megayacht Eclipse that boasts an onboard anti-missile defense system, a futuristic laser shield ...

  16. Solaris Yacht • Lloyd Werft • 2021 • News

    Roman Abramovich ' explorer yacht Solaris has just arrived in Gibraltar. The 140-meter (461 ft) was built by Lloyd Werft in Germany, and has just been delivered to her owner. We estimate that the yacht can accommodate 36 guests (as other yachts owned by Abramovich also accommodate 36 guests). The yacht will probably have a crew of 60.

  17. Roman Abramovich's superyacht Solaris spotted off the coast of Turkey

    The 140-metre yacht Solaris, one of a string of yachts owned by Abramovich, sails under a Bermuda flag. It left a Barcelona shipyard where it had been undergoing repairs on 8 March.

  18. Roman Abramovich's two megayachts 'sailing for sanctions safe haven

    Abramovich's two superyachts, the £430million My Solaris and the £1billion Eclipse, could also be on their way to Turkey in a bid to avoid being seized, according MarineTraffic.

  19. ROMAN ABRAMOVICH • Owner of the yacht Solaris

    Yacht Solaris. We were told that Abramovich is the new owner of the yacht Solaris. Project Solaris is an expedition yacht. She is more than 140 meters long. Some sources claim she will be much longer: near 200 meters. Lloyd Werft. She is under construction at Lloyd Werft in Bremen Germany.

  20. Yacht SOLARIS • Superyacht Roman Abramovich $600M

    Roman Abramovich, le propriétaire du Solaris, est un milliardaire russe dont la valeur nette est estimée à $13 milliards. ... Le yacht Solaris transporte deux hélicoptères : un HÉLICOPTÈRE AIRBUS EC-145 avec inscription M-SOLO, et un autre HÉLICOPTÈRE AIRBUS EC-145 immatriculé M-SOLA. Les deux hélicoptères ont été construits en 2019.