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  1. W Yacht • David MacNeil $55M Superyacht

    A Second W Yacht Built by Westport. Another yacht named W was built by Westport Yachts in 2018. This vessel has a length of 39.62 meters (130 feet) and can accommodate 10 guests and a crew of 7. Designed by Gregory C. Marshall, she is powered by two MTU engines, which give her a top speed of 24 knots. W has her own website and is available for ...

  2. DAVID MACNEIL • Net Worth $1 billion • Yacht • House • Private Jet

    He is owner of the yacht W, which was built at Feadship as LARISSA.. The W yacht, formerly known as Larissa, is a stunning vessel built by Feadship in 2013 and designed by De Voogt. She underwent a 10-month refit in 2019, during which she was given a metallic silver hull. Her interior is designed by Bannenberg & Rowell Design and can accommodate 10 guests (with an additional guest cabin ...

  3. Vessel Information Search by Boat Name

    Vessel Search by Boat Name. Boat Name. (optional) Owner's Last Name or Company Name. Go! partial names can be entered; for example, searching on the letters sea will return a list of all boat names containing the letters sea. Search, view & download vessel information on over 416,000 documented boats - owner info, hull identification number ...

  4. Boat Names: 101 Suggestions For Naming Your Yacht

    Cosmology-Themed Yacht Names. Special yachts deserve names that standout. All of these names are unique and create a vision of something spectacular and special. Diane Von Furstenburg named her yacht Eos, after the family name given to a group of asteroids. Immediately you get the sense that Diane is a family woman, with close connections to ...

  5. W yacht for charter (Feadship, 57.6m, 2013)

    W is a 57.6m superyacht built by Feadship and available for charter with Northrop & Johnson right now. ... Name: W; Yacht Type: Motor Yacht; Builder: Feadship; Refits: 2018,2020,2020; Dimensions. Length Overall: 57.6 metres; ... More yachts for charter from this broker. IARY.

  6. W Yacht for Charter

    Crew. 12. Rates from. $450,000/wk. Contact A Broker. The 189-foot (57.6m) charter yacht W offers on-water living at its finest. From her Feadship quality to her copious deck spaces and inviting interior, charter guests will be dazzled by everything this superyacht has to offer. Receiving an extensive 10-month refit at Feadship in 2020, W is in ...

  7. Who Owns Which Superyacht? (A Complete Guide)

    Short Answer. The ownership of superyachts is generally private, so the exact answer to who owns which superyacht is not always publicly available. However, there are some notable superyacht owners that are known. For example, Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle, owns the Rising Sun, which is the 11th largest superyacht in the world.

  8. The top 10 most popular superyacht names

    Peace and quiet is a key commodity on board superyachts, and this is reflected by the sheer popularity of the name Serenity. Our database lists 10 superyachts named Serenity, with an additonal nine carrying a similar name. The 40.53 metre IAG yacht Serenity is one particularly notable example. Launched in 2016, she features several fixed ...

  9. The Best Boat Names From A-Z, 50+ Ideas to Name Your Yacht in 2022

    O. When in doubt, a short and strong word goes very far- Ohana, Oasis, Orion, Obsession, Osprey, and Odyssey are all powerful options for your boat's name. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

  10. Boat & Ship Name Generator (with Tips)

    Tips for the Perfect Boat Name. Keep it Short and Sweet: Shorter names are easier to read when your boat is in motion and simpler to communicate over the radio. Make it Personal: The best names often have personal significance, reflecting the owner's interests, life events, or maritime aspirations. Consider Pronunciation: Make sure the name ...

  11. What's in a name? The stories behind some of the top superyacht names

    Builder: Moonen Yachts Length: 25.7m Year: 1991. This canoe-sterned Moonen (once known as Marlee Queen) was sold to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and renamed Jumbo IV.As the name suggests, the prince's previous yachts were also called Jumbo after his particular love of elephants - Jumbo was the London Zoo's first African elephant and, later, was controversially sold to P.T Barnum's circus.

  12. 257 Creative Name Ideas for New Boats and Renaming Old Boats

    Boat Names Using Given Names. We're starting the list with one of the most common ways people name boats-naming them after a loved one, celebrity, pet, or in memory of a person who has passed away. Jolly Roger. Robin Hood. Harry Potter.

  13. Boat Name Ideas: 21 Tacks to Take When Naming Your Boat

    In the Dockwa boat list we found a few Carol Annes, a handful of Jenny s, a Jeaninne III and a slew of boats named after their missus's - Miss Molly, Miss Megan, Miss Maggie, the list goes on. Our favorite Dockwa boat name in 2016: Captain's Lady . Gotta give the captain credit for the built-in flexibility.

  14. HOME Yacht • Harald McPike $35M Superyacht

    The yacht HOME is owned by billionaire investor Harald McPike, the founder of Quantres, a Bahamas-based investment fund known for its quantitative and systematic approach to market processes. Legally, the yacht is owned by a company named New Life Ltd, which also shares its name with McPike's previous yacht, a 28-meter Lazarra 92 LSX. Before ...

  15. How to Name Your Yacht

    Yacht Naming Tips & Suggestions. Keep it simple; boat names should be between 1-2 words and three at max. In most cases, boat names are one or two words so that the name can easily fit on the transom and is visible from a distance. Keep the name lucid. A boat name needs to be easily understood over the VHF radio.

  16. Boat names: the best and most famous yacht names

    Here are some inspiring names that made history: USS Arizona: this boat witnessed the Pearl Harbor attack that occurred in 1941. Mayflower: this boat carried the Pilgrims on the American Continent in 1620. Santa Maria: Columbus discovered the New World sailing in this renowned vessel.

  17. List Of Boat Name Ideas: Inspiration For Nautical Naming

    When it comes to naming my boat, I prefer names that resonate with the spirit of the sea and sailing. Here's a list of nautical-themed boat name ideas I find intriguing: Names Inspired by Mythology: Neptune's Fury: A nod to the Roman god of the sea. Poseidon's Trident: References the Greek god of the ocean.

  18. See Mark Zuckerberg's glossy new $300M, 287-foot superyacht ...

    The Feadship-built yacht, built in 2022, can comfortably fit 24 guests aboard, requires a crew of 48, and is said to cost $30 million a year for upkeep and usage, according to

  19. Top 200+ Yacht Name Ideas And Yacht Name Generator

    Sometimes, yacht owners opt for one-of-a-kind names, demonstrating their creativity. Here are the top 15 ingenious and unique yacht names: Distant Drumroll. Harmonic Horizon. Quantum Quasar. Mystic Mandala. Solstice Silhouette. Celestial Compass. Resplendent Reverie.

  20. Yacht Name Generator

    Once you have entered your keyword and selected your preferences, click on the "Generate Names" button. Our generator will then generate a list of yacht names based on your input. 4. Customize and refine the generated names as desired: Review the list of generated names and customize them as desired. You can add or remove words, change the ...

  21. 200+ Best Yacht Names Ever- For Your Inspiration

    Celebrity yacht names. If you are a celebrity, you can name your yacht after anything! Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux - Snoopy. Richard Branson - Necker Belle. Johnny Depp - Vajoliroja. Tom Cruise - Shockwave. Tom Perkins - Maltese Falcon. Lady Pamela. Dolphin Dance.

  22. What Is a Good Boat Name? Over 200 of the Best Boat Names

    Whether it's a delicate girls' name, a whimsical phrase, or one of the traditional deities of yesteryear, you'll honor the beauty of your boat and inspire yourself and others to explore the oceans. Amazing Grace. Graceful Dancer. Misty. Arabella. Aurora.

  23. 1501 Unique Boat Name Ideas (By Type of Boat & Style)

    Sailboat Names. Serene Horizon Sailor. Wind Whisperer Vessel. Sailing Solace Seeker. Coastal Dream Catcher. Tranquil Sea Explorer. Oceanic Breeze Surfer. Island Wanderer's Quest. Majestic Wave Cruiser.

  24. Yächtley Crëw brings 'yacht rock' to RI, with Warwick native on board

    YouTube coined the genre "yacht rock" to describe the soft rock sound of the 1970s and '80s, and Warwick native Tom Gardner, guitarist with the band Yächtley Crëw, invites you to get on ...