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Want the best job in the world?! The Yacht Week are looking for the next set of talented skippers and hosts to work on yachts in the Mediterranean Islands and many more destinations.

Trade your life for a life at sea. Work year round with our private charter & flotilla partners across the globe.

There’s no better way to spend your year. Sail with friends from all over the world in Croatia , Greece , the Caribbean and more.

Summer Sailing Jobs

• Spend the Summer working on The Yacht Week • Earn between €340-€720 per week + tips • All living expenses paid for while working • Sail as a skipper or a host • Sail yachts from 40-64ft

Work as a Skipper

Become a master of the ocean, navigate and sail your crew through stunning destinations, meet new friends from all over the world and be part of our international team of skippers.

Work as a Host

Show off your skills in the kitchen and take your guests experience to the next level with delicious fresh food, and join a global community enjoying life at sea.

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yacht week intern

UW's Caleb Wilson Named Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship intern With Minnesota Vikings

F ormer UCLA All-American tight end and University of Washington assistant wide receivers coach Caleb Wilson announced Saturday he'll spend next week with the Minnesota Vikings as part of the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship intern program. 

Wilson, the son of long-time football coach Chris Wilson, who coached at Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi State, USC at the college level, along with the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals in the NFL, has played a vital role for first-year coach Jedd Fisch, especially as a recruiter. 

"I am grateful to have been selected as a Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship intern and to work with the Vikings this week. This is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow, and I’m excited to bring valuable knowledge and experience to the University of Washington," Wilson wrote on social media.  

After beginning his career at USC as a walk-on tight end, where his father served as defensive line coach in 2015, Wilson moved across town to UCLA to play for coach Jim Mora Jr. and Fisch for his final three years in college. 

The Junipero Serra (Gardena, Calif.) quarterback proved to be more than capable as a pass-catcher, hauling down 114 receptions for 1,674 yards and 5 touchdowns in his three seasons in Westwood, which led to a modest NFL career playing for five teams from 2019-21. 

Prior to his arrival in Seattle this past January the former Bruins tight end was at Purdue University as an offensive graduate assistant. 

Go to to read the latest Inside The Huskies stories — as soon as they’re published.


Fact-checking Trump's speech accepting the GOP nomination

Former President Donald Trump pitched a familiar worldview Thursday night: an administration that would stop wars, curb inflation and end illegal immigration.

But his third Republican National Convention speech — the longest nomination acceptance address in modern history, at 93 minutes — included a series of false claims on topics from taxes to crime to foreign policy.

Here's what Trump said in Milwaukee and the facts behind his claims.

Do Democrats want to ‘destroy’ Social Security and Medicare?

“I’m going to protect Social Security and Medicare. Democrats are going to destroy Social Security and Medicare," Trump said.

This is misleading.

Trump has  waffled on the issue for years , but now says he wouldn’t cut Social Security or Medicare. President Joe Biden advocated for cuts decades ago but has opposed them for more than 10 years. 

Before he ran for office, Trump called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme” in 2000 and endorsed then-Rep. Paul Ryan’s plans to restructure Medicare in 2012. As a presidential candidate, he positioned himself as the protector of those programs in 2016, but he took aim at some retirement spending in his White House budgets (which never became law).

Biden has repeatedly pointed to an  interview with CNBC in March , when Trump said, “There’s a lot you can do in terms of entitlements, in terms of cutting.” During this campaign, Trump has mostly insisted he wouldn’t cut Social Security and Medicare. After the CNBC interview, Trump sought to clean up his remarks, saying in an interview with the  conservative website Breitbart , “I will never do anything that will jeopardize or hurt Social Security or Medicare.” 

In the 1990s, Biden spoke about trying and failing repeatedly to cut government spending, including Social Security and Medicare. But he turned firmly against Social Security cuts more than a decade ago, as the Democratic Party moved toward supporting expanded retirement benefits. In the last week, Biden has embraced calls among progressives to back an expansion of Social Security benefits if he’s re-elected, although neither he nor the White House has offered specifics about that.

Is most of Trump’s pledged border wall built?

“I will end the illegal immigration crisis by closing our border and finishing the wall, most of which I have already built," Trump said.

Not according to Trump’s past promises.

A government report from 2023 found that the Trump administration installed about 458 miles of wall . The vast majority of that replaced existing structures —  estimates from 2021 pegged  the total new construction at just 47 miles of wall where none had existed before.

But even if that full 458-mile figure is what Trump is referring to, he had repeatedly promised during his 2016 presidential campaign that the wall would be  about 1,000 miles long .

Did Trump stop North Korean missile launches?

“We stopped the missile launches from North Korea,” Trump said.

This is false.

North Korea continued to launch short-range ballistic missiles during Trump’s tenure, even when the two countries held talks to try to negotiate a possible agreement that would have eased sanctions in return for North Korea’s curtailing its nuclear missile program.

Early in his administration, Trump warned North Korea not to threaten the U.S. or “they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Was there peace abroad under Trump?

“I was the first president in modern times to start no new wars. ... Under President Bush, Russia invaded Georgia. Under President Obama, Russia took Crimea. Under the current administration, Russia is after all of Ukraine. Under President Trump, Russia took nothing," Trump said.

President Jimmy Carter didn’t declare war or seek any authorization of force. No U.S. troops died in hostile action during his administration, while at least 65 active-duty U.S. troops died in hostile action during the Trump administration.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began in 2014 with the seizure of Crimea, continued under his presidency. Pro-Russian separatists backed by Moscow continued to wage war in eastern Ukraine against the government in Kyiv during Trump’s administration.

Is the crime rate going up in the U.S.?

“Our crime rate is going up while crime statistics all over the world are plunging,” Trump said.

This is misleading, according to the most comprehensive data.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said last month that the latest crime statistics showed  a significant drop in violent crime , an overall dip of 15.2%, in the first three months of 2024 compared to 2023 (with larger drops in murders, robberies, reported rapes and aggravated assaults).

Preliminary data shows the crime rate also  dropped significantly in 2023 , according to FBI data that covers law enforcement departments with jurisdiction over 82% of the American population.

There are limits to what the data can tell us, it’s incomplete, and not all crime is properly reported. But the indications we have don’t support the picture Trump is painting of crime in America.

As far as the crime rate’s “plunging” all over the world, there’s a lot of world. A 2023  United Nations report on homicide  found an increase from 2021 to 2022 and no evidence crime rates were falling in Africa but a decline in homicides in South America, significant decreases in Europe since 2017 and a relatively stagnant rate in Australia.

Is Biden planning to raise taxes ‘by four times’?

“This is the only administration that said we’re going to raise your taxes by four times what you’re paying now," Trump said.

This is false, according to Biden’s budget and campaign promises.

Trump has  made this claim  before. Biden’s fiscal year 2024 budget would raise the top individual income tax rate from 37% to 39.6%, and it called for a 25% minimum tax on the highest earners, according to the  Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget . There are also other taxes, including those on those making at least $400,000, but nothing in the budget would suggest people’s taxes would be raised by a factor of four.

Biden has  pledged not to raise taxes  on anyone making less than $400,000, and he hasn’t proposed anything on the campaign trail that would raise taxes that high for a broad cross-section of people.

Did Trump end ‘catch and release’?

“We ended all ‘catch and release,’” Trump said.

Trump didn’t end “catch and release,” the practice of releasing migrants into the country with court dates while they await court hearings. The U.S. doesn’t have enough facilities to detain every migrant who crosses the border until they can see judges, no matter who is president, so Trump — like Barack Obama before him and Biden after him — released many migrants back into the U.S.

Did Democrats ‘use Covid to cheat’ in the 2020 election?

“The election result, we’re never going to let it happen again. They used Covid to cheat," Trump said.

Trump is referring to changes made during the Covid pandemic, largely to make it easier to vote by mail or absentee, as congregating at the polls posed a health risk. Democrats embraced the changes and turned out many voters by mail, while Trump slammed mail voting. There is no evidence the changes led to fraud, even though Trump and his allies filed  more than 50 lawsuits  challenging some facet of the 2020 election. All were denied, dismissed, settled or withdrawn, including  multiple that made  it to the  Supreme Court .

Are groceries 50% more expensive under Biden?

“It’s not affordable; people can’t live like this. Under this administration, our current administration, groceries are up 57%, gasoline is up 60 and 70%, mortgage rates have quadrupled,” Trump said.

This is exaggerated.

Some grocery items  have had huge price hikes, but overall grocery prices have risen 21% during the Biden administration. Gasoline prices are up 58% under Biden, while mortgage rates have more than doubled, not quadrupled.

Did Trump sign the biggest tax cut ever?

“We gave you the largest tax cut ever," Trump said.

The GOP-sponsored tax bill that Trump signed into law in December 2017 doesn’t amount to the “biggest” in U.S. history, according to the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. According to its estimates, the tax cut  is the eighth biggest in history .

Does immigration spread disease?

“We also have an illegal immigration crisis, and it’s taking place right now as we sit here in this beautiful arena, some massive invasion at our southern border that has spread misery, crime, poverty, disease and destruction to communities all across our land," Trump said.

Studies have found that migrants don’t spread disease. Instead, many help fight it, as migrants make up a significant proportion of health care workers.

A 2018 study in the  Journal of the American Medical Association  found that 16% of health care workers in the U.S. were born somewhere else, including 29% of physicians, 16% of registered nurses, 20% of pharmacists, 24% of dentists and 23% of nursing, psychiatric and home health aides.

“There is no evidence to show that migrants are spreading disease,” Dr. Paul Spiegel, who directs the Center for Humanitarian Health at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, said in 2018. “That is a false argument that is used to keep migrants out.”

yacht week intern

Jane C. Timm is a senior reporter for NBC News.

yacht week intern

Ben Kamisar is a national political reporter for NBC News

Position: Event

Are you an experienced and confident sailor? Someone who’s not afraid to step up and take the wheel? Do you love travelling and getting to meet people from all over the world? Are you enthusiastic and social? Most of all, are you up for an adventure?

If yes to all the above, you should be working as a skipper for Yacht Week!

For prerequisites and more information check , our in-house training academy to learn how you can apply to skipper academy.

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J.D. Vance’s journey from a ‘Never Trump’ guy to Trump’s VP pick

The announcement caps a meteoric rise for the GOP star who went from Appalachia to the Senate and now is Trump’s second No. 2.

When Donald Trump first ran for president in 2016, one of his steadfast critics within the Republican Party was J.D. Vance — then a young military veteran, Yale Law School graduate and Silicon Valley venture capitalist who in June of that year published “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis,” about his upbringing in Appalachia and the Rust Belt.

“I can’t stomach Trump,” Vance told NPR that August. “I’m a ‘Never Trump’ guy. I never liked him,” Vance told Charlie Rose in October 2016, weeks before Trump was elected president.

In eight years, everything would change. The best-selling “Hillbilly Elegy” — which depicted Vance’s childhood in a steel mill community in Ohio in a family beset by drug addiction and poverty — became compulsory reading for many seeking to understand Trump’s appeal to the White working-class voters who had helped install him in the Oval Office.

Vance himself would eventually turn to politics, successfully running for Senate in 2022, a remarkable ascendancy for a political newcomer. By then, Vance had already walked back much of his criticism of Trump, defending him as a “great” president and echoing Trump’s false claims about widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

And on Monday, the 39-year-old Vance was announced as Trump’s 2024 running mate , capping a meteoric rise for the GOP star and a complete transformation of the Ohio Republican from one of Trump’s fiercest critics to one of his most loyal allies. Vance strode onto the floor at the Republican National Convention to Merle Haggard’s “America First,” taking so long to shake hands with attendees that the song had to be played twice.

Introducing Vance at the convention, Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted (R) described the vice-presidential pick as a man who would represent Americans with “moral courage, strength and honor.”

“J.D. is a living embodiment of the American Dream. He came from humble beginnings, and even as his life took him to places he might have never imagined, he never forgot where he came from. Ohio values are in his blood,” Huston said.

After breaking with his previous vice president, Mike Pence , over Pence’s refusal to reject the 2020 election results, Trump’s selection of Vance brings the former president a No. 2 who has in recent years demonstrated unflinching loyalty to him. Vance also could hold electoral strength for Trump, shoring up Republicans’ White working-class base in the Upper Midwest, while Vance’s youth is a sharp contrast to the 78-year-old Trump in an election year where voters have voiced concerns about the ages of both President Biden and Trump.

2024 presidential election

yacht week intern

If voters choose the Trump ticket, Vance — who will turn 40 on Aug. 2 — would become the third-youngest vice president at the time of inauguration, as well as one with very little political experience. Vance served as a U.S. Marine from 2003 to 2007 as a combat correspondent, where his responsibilities were akin to a public affairs specialist, gathering information and conducting interviews for the military’s news service.

In 2005, Vance deployed to Iraq for a six-month assignment, where he wrote about the work of fellow service members, like crews for aging Huey helicopters , under the name James D. Hamel, taking the surname of his stepfather at the time. Vance left the Marine Corps as a corporal in September 2007. His awards, including an Iraq campaign medal, achievement and good conduct medals, are typical of enlisted service members at the time.

Vance went on to study political science and philosophy at Ohio State University and graduated from Yale Law School. Afterward, he worked at a large corporate law firm and then as a principal at billionaire Peter Thiel’s investment firm in San Francisco. Vance is married to Usha Chilukuri, a former law school classmate and the daughter of Indian immigrants, and the couple has three children.

He rose to fame in 2016 after the publication of “Hillbilly Elegy,” which was later adapted into a 2020 Netflix movie directed by Ron Howard. As he promoted the book, Vance didn’t mince words about his distaste for Trump.

During his book tour, Vance compared Trump’s candidacy to cultural heroin and told a former roommate that Trump was either a “cynical asshole” or “America’s Hitler,” according to texts shared on social media by the roommate.

In 2019, after the success of his book, Vance returned to Ohio and founded a venture firm. He has hosted or helped organize high-dollar fundraisers for Trump, including one in June hosted by Silicon Valley entrepreneur David Sacks .

His evolution on Trump was perhaps not entirely unpredictable. Even in his 2016 interviews, social media posts and writings that were critical of Trump, Vance often followed up his sentiments by saying he nevertheless understood why White working-class voters would support him. To Rose in 2016, Vance said he felt “elites” directed an attitude of “We told you so” toward White working-class Trump supporters.

“The problem is if you take that attitude as sort of gloating … then you’re playing into the very thing that gave rise to Trump in the first place, which is a feeling that the elites think that they are smarter than you and just think you’re a bunch of idiots,” Vance said then.

In a 2018 print run of “Hillbilly Elegy,” Vance revealed he voted for a third-party candidate in 2016. But while he still had “reservations” about Trump two years into his term, Vance also wrote that there were aspects of his candidacy that had appealed to him, including Trump’s “disdain for the ‘elites’ and criticism of foreign policy blunders in Iraq and Afghanistan” by previous administrations.

“For so many years, I and a few of my intellectual fellow travelers in the Republican Party were telling politicians to make precisely those sorts of arguments,” Vance wrote in 2018. “Yet the populist rhetoric of the campaign hasn’t informed the party’s approach to governing. Unless that changes, I suspect Republicans will pay a heavy political price.”

Trump endorsed Vance — a first-time candidate running in a crowded 2022 Republican primary for U.S. Senate. He dismissed Vance’s past criticisms of him, saying in a statement at the time that the venture capitalist “gets it now, and I have seen that in spades.”

“He is our best chance for victory in what could be a very tough race,” Trump added.

Vance won the primary and the general election, defeating former Democratic congressman Tim Ryan by more than six percentage points. During his term, the Ohio Republican has embraced a more populist direction for the GOP under Trump, vehemently criticizing U.S. aid to Ukraine and becoming one of the most ubiquitous defenders of the former president.

Vance showed his support outside the New York courthouse during Trump’s criminal trial earlier this year and boosted the presumptive GOP presidential nominee in frequent appearances defending him on cable TV. Vance also has grown close with Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., despite a striking contrast in his hardscrabble upbringing to that of the wealthy New York real estate family.

Soon after the shooting Saturday at a Trump campaign rally in Butler, Pa., Vance promptly blamed President Biden’s campaign “rhetoric” for the incident, drawing criticism for escalating the situation before full details had emerged.

Vance has also echoed Trump’s false claims about widespread fraud in the 2020 election and has indicated that he would have taken a different path on Jan. 6 , 2021, than Pence. Vance told ABC News in February that if he had been vice president, he would have allowed Congress to consider fraudulent slates of pro-Trump electors.

Biden’s campaign immediately seized on Vance’s previous remarks to attack Trump’s running mate pick on Monday.

“Donald Trump picked J.D. Vance as his running mate because Vance will do what Mike Pence wouldn’t on January 6: bend over backwards to enable Trump and his extreme MAGA agenda, even if it means breaking the law and no matter the harm to the American people,” Biden campaign chairwoman Jen O’Malley Dillon said in a statement.

Vance would not commit unequivocally to accepting the results of the 2024 election , telling NBC’s “Meet the Press” earlier this month that he would do so “so long as it’s a free and fair election.” In the same interview, he vowed to work with Trump, even if he was not selected as his running mate.

“We’re just trying to work to elect Donald Trump. Whoever his vice president is, he’s got a lot of good people he could choose from,” Vance said. “It’s the policies that worked and the leadership style that worked for the American people. I think we have to bring that back to the White House, and I’m fighting to try to do that.”

Alex Horton and Maegan Vazquez contributed to this report.

Election 2024

Catch up on key takeaways from the final day of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where Donald Trump dramatically recounted the assassination attempt at his rally.

Biden pressure: President Biden is facing the most concerted effort yet by leading Democrats seeking to force him out of the presidential race amid concerns over his advanced age and sluggish poll numbers. Here’s what would happen next if Biden dropped out .

Trump VP pick: Trump has chosen Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio as his running mate , selecting a rising star in the party and previously outspoken Trump critic who in recent years has closely aligned himself with the former president.

Presidential election polls: Check out The Post’s presidential polling averages of the seven battleground states most likely to determine the outcome of the election.

Key dates and events: Voters in all states and U.S. territories have been choosing their party’s nominee for president ahead of the summer conventions. Here are key dates and events on the 2024 election calendar .

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