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Oyster 565


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The Oyster 565 60ft Sailboat: beauty + efficiency

Oyster 565 Boat, British Yacht Builders, Blue Water Sailing, Cruising

The Oyster 565 Sub 60ft Sailboat

19 Mar 2019

Oyster’s Sub 60ft Sailboat Is A Design Force To Be Reckoned With

Oyster 565 by Oyster Yachts, British Yacht Builders

For those unfamiliar with sailing yachts, renowned British boat builder Oyster Yachts’ new 565 model may not seem like anything out of the ordinary. Yes, it is a stunning boat, but aren’t all sailing yachts? However, with good looks and so much more to offer, trust us when we say this sub 60ft sailboat is a force to be reckoned with.

Oyster Yachts is well-known in the yachting industry for its beautiful, hand-crafted sailboats, but we think their new sailing yacht model – one of six in the shipbuilder’s latest ‘G6’ range might just be its best one yet. Discover why below…

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts, UK

What’s the story behind this sub 60ft sailboat?

With the first hull set to launch in spring this year, Oyster’s new sailing yacht model is designed for couples and families to sail without a professional crew – a style of sailing referred to as ‘shorthanded’ by those in the know. Hence, it was of the utmost importance that she was easy to sail. Like all Oyster luxury sailing yachts , the 565 also had to be suitable for any type of sailing: from leisurely weekend sailing in the Mediterranean, to faster paced regatta sailing, and even circumnavigating the globe.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts, UK

Though the first is not yet completed, the exceptional design qualities of the 565 haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2017, the Oyster 565 was crowned the Best Luxury Cruiser at the Sailing Today Awards, where judges acknowledged her lavish interiors, versatility, and suitability for shorthanded family sailing.

Oyster 565 by Oyster Yachts, British Yacht Builders

Stepping inside Oyster’s new sailing yacht

The Oyster interior style is luxurious and contemporary with an impressive amount of onboard living space, and this is something that the shipbuilder has stepped up even further with its ‘G6’ range. The 565 benefits from the distinctive large windows which have become Oyster’s signature look, with triple Seascape windows in the saloon and master cabin infusing the interior spaces with natural light. In addition, Skyscape windows in the Master and VIP cabins provide incredible views of the sky day and night, meaning even when you’re tucked up in bed you can still look up at the stars and dream of wherever you’re heading next.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts, UK

As you would expect with a new Oyster sailing yacht, the interior decor is premium quality and hand-crafted from the finest materials. The main saloon and cabins exude sophistication with their combination of American white oak joinery and crown cut walnut-veneered cabin soles. However, if those materials are not to your taste the surfaces and upholstery can all be modified to suit the owner’s exact taste and wishes. In fact, there is a broad selection of joinery, fabrics and even leathers available for specification on this yacht, making the Oyster 565 a luxurious blank canvas for a yacht owner with a discerning eye and impeccable taste.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts UK

What’s more, the sub 60ft sailboat model is not just contemporary in look, the onboard technology is akin to that you would find in a 5-star apartment or luxury suite. State-of-the-art AV equipment, Apple connectivity and twin loudspeakers in the deck saloon makes her a wonderful yacht for both entertaining and relaxation. Raymarine technology designed to augment a captain’s boat handling skills is also available in the bridge.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts, UK

The Oyster 565 – where beauty meets efficiency

The semi-custom 565 builds on its predecessors’ (the Oyster 56 and Oyster 575) strengths as a circumnavigation vessel. Her twin-rudder hull form provides a well-balanced steering system while facilitating two different layout and keel options. A high-performance sail plan comes as standard, while a ‘sports pack’ makes participating in sailing events like the Oyster Regattas an enticing proposition for those who love competitive sailing. This new sailing yacht model can also offer more space on deck through its extended transom deck plan.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht from Oyster Yachts England

Oyster Yachts’ in-house team was responsible for the deck design and interior layout of the Oyster 565 , and they have provided two standard options for the owner to choose between. The first is the traditional layout, with the Master Cabin aft, two guest cabins forward and a fourth cabin amidship, which can be set out as a utility space or lengthened to include an additional berth. Moving the Master Cabin forward in the bow is a break from tradition and an innovative first for this Oyster yacht, and this is layout two for the 565. In this format, the aft can remain as another large cabin or can be changed to two double cabins for hosting more guests.

Blue Water Sailing Yacht interior by Oyster Yachts

A sub 60ft sailboat with a lot to offer

This new sailing yacht model and its impressive features are the result of years of experience building 120 Oyster 56 and the Oyster 575 hulls, and this expertise can be seen in every aspect of its design. This sub 60ft sailboat offers an owner-centric, customisable experience, with everything from her different sail and rig combinations to her bespoke configurations and furnishings making this luxurious yacht a great choice for couples and families; both casual cruisers and competitive sailors will find a lot of potential in her efficient hull shape and deck. That’s why, in our opinion, the Oyster 565 promises to be one of the finest semi-custom sub 60 ft sailboats of 2019.

Luxury Blue Water Sailing Yacht interior by Oyster Yachts UK

Location: Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK

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Iconic hand-crafted sailing yachts designed by sailors, for sailors: luxury boats built for quality blue water and ocean cruising.

Comments / photos for the Oyster 565 by Oyster Yachts page welcome

Website: Netherlands

This $3 million yacht features panoramic portholes, cool gadgets, and a champagne fridge. Take a look inside.

  • The Oyster 595 features cool tech gadgets, a champagne fridge, and panoramic portholes.
  • The yacht is worth nearly $3 million, and was on display at the London Luxury Afloat event. 
  •  Customers can personalize the 60ft yacht, but they can expect to pay even more.

The $2.8 million Oyster 595 was showcased at a luxury boat event in central London. It was made by British company Oyster, which has been building yachts for almost 50 years.

60ft oyster yacht

The particular model at the London Luxury Afloat show was called Karioca III. It will be sailing to various countries to attract buyers.

60ft oyster yacht

It comes with three bedrooms, including the master with ensuite, as well as lounge spaces, a kitchen, a crew quarter, and an entertaining space on the top deck.

60ft oyster yacht

Dan Wurzbacher, US head of Oyster sales, told Insider that the base price of the Oyster 595 is $2.8 million but customers can personalize the yacht via an options list, which increases the price.

60ft oyster yacht

Customers can choose different layouts, colors, and materials for the exterior and interior design of the yacht, Wurzbacher said.

60ft oyster yacht

The main deck features two steering wheels facing the outdoor entertainment area with a folding table.

60ft oyster yacht

In the front of the steering wheels, there is a control panel on each side...

60ft oyster yacht

... but there is another one in the lower deck, where there are more navigation and communication systems.

60ft oyster yacht

As you take the stairs from the main deck to the lower deck, you arrive in the lounge area where there are plenty of spaces to sit.

60ft oyster yacht

On one side, there is a dining table, and a bench on the other.

60ft oyster yacht

Purchasing a yacht "tends to be one of these things where ... all your life events have to line up to be able to do something like this," Wurzbacher said.

60ft oyster yacht

The galley has all the features you would expect in a modern kitchen, and the space is smartly configured with bins incorporated into the worktop.

60ft oyster yacht

The main cabin has an ensuite and features two panoramic portholes. The room is quite spacious and has plenty of storage.

60ft oyster yacht

The bathroom, in the ensuite master bedroom, is roomy and has even a bench in the shower.

60ft oyster yacht

The yacht's saloon and owner's cabin feel light and airy thanks to the four sets of signature Seascape windows that connect the interior and the ocean.

60ft oyster yacht

The champagne ice cooler is on the main deck and can fit... quite a number of bottles.

60ft oyster yacht

The yacht also has a "boot" that is accessible from the back of the main deck and has plenty of room for luggage.

60ft oyster yacht

It also features a hydraulic bathing platforms to let passengers swim from the rear of the yacht, Wurzbacker said.

60ft oyster yacht

Entrepreneurs are the typical buyers of the yacht, Wurzbacher said.

60ft oyster yacht

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Oyster Yachts

Founded in 1973, Oyster Marine is an established international market leader of world-class cruising yachts. Yachting World named Oyster the United Kingdom’s most successful builder of large series cruising yachts. Oyster’s core values are strength, sea worthiness, and a multitude of practical, sailing features. Customer loyalty has earned Oyster the business of custom builds from repeat customers.

Oyster Marine, founded in 1973, is an established international market leader of world-class cruising yachts. Oyster sailing yachts are famed for their distinctive deck saloon deck design and are globally recognized for quality, comfort, and performance.

With 40 years of boat-building experience, Oyster has made advancements to its designs and construction techniques while keeping the same core values of strength, seaworthiness, and a multitude of practical, sailing features. Every Oyster has its own quality control build log to monitor the construction process. Oyster yachts have award-winning sailing performance. Over the years, several Oysters have been class winners in the ARC transatlantic.

  • Year Established 1973
  • Shipyard Location Southampton and Wroxham, United Kingdom
  • Boat Construction Fiberglass
  • Boat Category Cruising Yachts, Sailing Yachts
  • Worthy Notations Yachting World named Oyster the UK’s most successful builder of large series produced cruising yachts.

Oyster Yachts For Sale

89' oyster 2015, izola, slovenia, 82' oyster 2016, barcelona, spain, 82' oyster 2019, palma, spain, 81' oyster 1993, curacao, netherlands antilles, 66' oyster 2008, barcelona, es-b, spain, 64' oyster 2019, newport, ri.

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Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Amel 60 review: This modern cruiser is a true benchmark for quality

Matthew Sheahan

  • Matthew Sheahan
  • March 12, 2020

The French yard has built 50+ years of knowledge into its new world cruising flagship the Amel 60, reports Matthew Sheahan

Product Overview

Manufacturer:, price as reviewed:.

I’m guessing that rival manufacturers of bluewater cruisers know when their prospective clients have been to Amel. They realise when their prospects come to them to discuss the detail, and they’ll be holding a long list of questions about what is included in the standard specification.

The list will be long. Very long. And if these potential customers then choose to reveal their budget based on this detailed list, the challenge for any of Amel’s rivals will be to suppress the inevitable sharp intake of breath when their sales staff hear the bottom line.

Amel has long held a reputation for producing high quality, long distance cruisers that come equipped with everything. It’s a reputation that’s well deserved.

Since launching their first boat, the Euros, back in 1966 the French builders were led by the company’s founder Henri Tonet, (better known as Henri Amel), with his seemingly simple objective – to create the best cruising yacht for a couple to sail to deliver “maximum pleasure for minimum effort.”

While other yards may lay claim to a similar goal, it has been Amel’s dogged determination to keep things simple that has contributed to the French company’s sustained success.

For starters, it has never produced more than two models at any one time. “In our firm, we don’t change models every year, but we keep perfecting the ones we make,” Henri is quoted as saying.

Article continues below…


Oyster 565 yacht test: This bluewater cruiser marks the rebirth of a legend

For the sake of this iconic British brand, the new Oyster 565 can’t just be good, it has to be…


Amel 50 review: An indoor sailing experience to excite even hardened sailors

Amel has a long established following for yachts designed and built to match the needs of liveaboard and bluewater cruisers.…

But restricting its new launches to one a decade for the first 34 years was a strategy at odds with others in the business. Surely anyone looking to buy a boat they call home rather than a weekend plaything would want to express themselves and put their mark on it?

This is where Amel has been so clever because, while this is broadly true, the flip side of swapping life ashore for that of living the dream afloat is that many people are nervous about such a big step, no matter how boldly they started out.

To be shown a detailed standard specification where all the key thinking has been done goes a long way to calming any post-purchase, pre-delivery anxiety.


The new style Amel involves more than just good looks. Modern lines, a plumb bow and wide aft sections make for a powerful boat. Her jib leads on the coachroof are a subtle indication of the new focus on performance. Photo: Rick Tomlinson

As an example, the list of options for its latest and largest Amel doesn’t even make two pages of A4. For most, the decisions that are required will need so little debate that the entire boat could be specified over a lunchtime pint at the pub.

So, when it comes to writing a boat test for the new Amel 60, there’s a temptation to start with the long list of standard equipment and build a story around that. Yet to start there would be to do little justice to a new model that marks the second chapter in a big step forward for this company.

Let’s be honest. For all their attributes, Amels have rarely been the prettiest of boats nor, I would argue, the most contemporary. But the Amel 60 changes all that. This new Berret-Racoupeau design doesn’t just look modern, she is clearly on trend, starting with her hull shape.


The Amel 60 is a Berret-Racoupeau design. Photo: Rick Tomlinson

Plumb bows are all the rage, as are fixed bowsprits. So too are lines that open out into beamy, powerful sections aft that then benefit from twin rudders. And given that when these shapes are combined with the correct buoyancy distribution they can deliver a quicker hull form with few vices, it’s an obvious choice for cruising designs to adopt the secondary benefits that come with this fuller form.

Increased volume, both for the accommodation and the deck lockers, are among the key advantages. Twin rudders reduce drag when heeled and provide a more balanced, surefooted feel when under way, but they also provide a level of redundancy should one of them get damaged. Plus, for those who spend more time in areas like the Mediterranean, the shallower rudders help with mooring stern-to.

The Amel 60 has all of these advantages and, with its dark, rectangular hull portlights and tinted wraparound windscreen, it takes on the looks of the modern cruising generation.


With a layout designed to be as versatile as possible, the Amel 60 can be operated by two, easily sleeps six and has the capacity for eight people in total

The smaller Amel 50 was the first to break the mould and set the new style when launched in 2017. A brave new look along with its quality of build and fit out was recognised straight away and it shot up the charts winning European Yacht of the Year in 2018. The company has since built just short of 50 boats. Apart from looks, one of the biggest departures from the original style was the move from ketch to sloop rig.

Previously, ketch rigs were incorporated to divide the sail plan into manageable chunks and make sail handling easier. Yet that was in an era where sail handling systems were not as efficient and reliable as they are today. Plus, with the modern trend for aft swept spreaders and full-width chainplate bases, taller rigs can be more secure and dispense with the need for running backstays.

Higher aspect ratio sail plans are more efficient as a result and are also easier to manage thanks to improvements in sail furling technology. Add twin independent fixed backstays into the equation and you have an extremely well supported mast.


Fixed bowsprit and electric furlers are standard, the second windlass an option. Photo: Jérôme Ricoul

In short, times have changed and Amel has responded. But the 60 takes the concept even further by making a bold statement with a carbon mast fitted as standard. Interestingly, it’s the sail plan that provides some of the bigger decisions when it comes to ticking boxes on the options list.

Among the key choices is the option to have a self-tacking cutter rig. The test boat had this and it worked well, particularly as the staysail has decent proportions and is mounted sufficiently far forward to make it a good sail on its own in a breeze. Unfortunately we didn’t have such conditions for the test, but even though a staysail adds just short of €20,000 to the bill, for me it’s an obvious box to tick.

Another is the option for a free-flying, furling Code 0, which will nudge the bill up by another €18,000. But again this is money well spent in my mind to provide an extra gear for light airs upwind sailing (which we did get to experience), along with better performance in stronger breezes downwind.

On the other hand I’d be less inclined to rush into opting for the furling gennaker. Fine if money isn’t an issue (this adds another €12,500), but the areas of sail development and handling systems are changing fast and improving with each iteration.

The move to sloop configuration has also freed up deck space as well and simplified the overall layout. The most obvious area is on the after deck which is now a wide, open space, perfect for sunbathing or stowing a dinghy on deck if you don’t want the optional davits.

Keeping the side decks clutter free has always been one of the key features of an Amel and nothing has changed aboard the 60, which has to be one of the easiest and most secure decks to move about on that you’ll find in this size and style. The solid rails running around the entire deck, higher than most conventional guardwires, are another common and popular feature of the marque.


Solid deck rails add to the sense of security on board. Photo: Jérôme Ricoul

Security, both real and perceived, is an important feature of an Amel and nowhere is this more obvious than in the centre cockpit. This deep and largely enclosed area is more pilothouse than cockpit, albeit with a sliding solid sunroof that helps to open things up in the right conditions. Yet given how enclosed this area is, the all round visibility is generally very good.

When it comes to handling the boat alone under sail, it is pretty easy thanks to the well-sorted panel for the sail control systems. Indeed, although it is possible to wind everything by hand, you’d consider yourself pretty unlucky if you had to break out a winch handle.

But while I was impressed with the layout, comfort and security, a particular reservation I have with this configuration is the ability to drive electric sheet winches that are behind you. The ease with which you could activate a winch without seeing a hand placed on it or the accidental development of an override is worrying.


Amel has stuck to its offset, forward helm station from which the entire boat can be managed with guest seating behind. Photo: Ilago

The answer would seem to be to be diligent about never operating a winch without looking aft, but then this does raise issues about looking ahead too. Having said that, what did get my vote in this department was the mainsheet winch mounted to starboard of the companionway hatch and within easy reach of the helmsman.

A far smaller issue was the angular and rather sharp feel to the grab handles mounted in the guest area of the cockpit. Stylish perhaps, but not a great feel.

But a big plus, especially for those with plenty of sea miles and real world experience, is the engine room access. Lifting the cockpit floor with the help of the permanently fitted gas struts provides access to the business end of the boat in seconds. It is, quite simply, the best engine access you can imagine.


Engine access is the envy of the bluewater cruising world. Photo: Rick Tomlinson

And with such a large opening the engine room cools down quickly and provides plenty of light, air and space when you’re down there.

Comprehensive fit-out

When Isabelle Racoupeau set about creating the interior design for the Amel 60 she put a particular focus on lights and lighting that create, ‘warmth and refinement’ as well as a ‘chic, open and bright’ atmosphere. And from the minute you descend the companionway steps to enter the saloon you can’t miss what she’d set out to achieve.

Light streams into the accommodation and, aside from being very much on trend, the effect is a welcome one that is enhanced by the modern styling throughout the accommodation.

When it comes to the overall layout there’s nothing particularly surprising. The main saloon is amidships with the navigation station tucked away to port while the longitudinal galley is to starboard and the owner’s cabin set aft. Forward a pair of doubles is mirrored each side of the centreline, each with its own shower and heads.

All are finished beautifully in a choice of either light oak or walnut. Mahogany is no longer an option aboard Amel yachts. Style and layout are, as always, subjective, but what is not up for debate is the level of detail and the comprehensive fit-out.

The galley is the best example. Here, from the microwave to the induction hob, the washer-drier to the dishwasher and plenty more, all are fitted as standard. And when the layout has been so expertly installed it would seem rude not to tick the boxes for an icemaker, a wine cooler and a second deep freeze.


The comprehensively fitted out galley is set to port. Photo: Rick Tomlinson

Among the most expensive extras on a short list of options is the air-conditioning at €26,000, the heating system at €18,000 and the watermaker at €18,500. Given the variety of uses that owners may wish for their 60, it is easy to see why Amel has left these as options rather than adding them to the list of standard equipment.

Our light weather sea trials demonstrated how well the Amel 60 would slip along in light airs. In 6-7 knots true wind and flat water, we sat at 5.4 knots – impressive stuff for a 26 tonne boat. With its cutter configuration, the Amel sails well and is easy to manage while its electrically furled Code 0 is a doddle to operate.

Sadly we didn’t get to sail in a stronger breeze and bigger seas. Here, the key for me would be in whether it has the feel to make it a boat you would want to helm for the pleasure of it or whether the autopilot would go on.


I say this because I have reservations about the long steering cable runs to her twin rudders and, based on colleagues’ comments about the Amel 50, I would take a guess that finger light feel is not her strongest card.

While twin rudders provide some real benefits when the breeze is up and the pace is on aboard any yacht, another drawback comes when it’s time to manoeuvre at close quarters under power. The Amel 60 is no different, and the lack of propwalk makes it difficult to turn tightly in a small space.

Fortunately, the option to fit a retractable stern thruster in addition to the standard bow thruster changes this and makes her a nimble and manageable boat under engine. In many ways the yacht’s construction is the easiest part to describe and assess. Built as a solid laminate below the waterline and a PVC foam sandwich above it, the hull and deck are resin infused, a technique introduced with the Amel 50.

Where it remains the same as its predecessors is that this is a solidly built boat throughout, has Amel’s well known maintenance-free, teak effect decks and adheres to the best practices of bluewater boat building. The conclusion is clear: this is a genuine go-anywhere cruiser for two from a company with a pedigree and popularity to back up such claims and a price tag to make others draw breath.

For those familiar with Amel it will come as no surprise at all that the 60 is a comprehensively fitted out boat, well built and reassuringly easy to handle short-handed. For those who are not, and who are looking to buy a boat of this size and type, you really should put this on your list in order to check out where the true benchmark for value for money versus practical and solid engineering lies. And, if you can, go to the yard in La Rochelle and see the operation for yourself. There are few others like it in the world.


The Oyster 885SII is a remarkable, crewed 90 foot sailboat, delivering uncompromising performance, bluewater capabilities and luxurious living spaces

The Oyster 885SII. Experiences you will love.

Combining luxury and entertaining space with exhilarating sailing, this remarkable 90 foot yacht is the platform to adventures anywhere in the world.

Oyster 885SII 90 Foot Sailing Yacht D 1

Exhilarating sailing

A choice of centreboard, T-keel or standard keel, each with an optimised and dramatic sail plan offers uncompromising performance and fast, effortless passage making.

Oyster 885 Space to enjoy D

Space to love

The large, protected cockpit, optional tender-well chillout zone, fore and aft deck and bathing platform all makes ideal spaces for entertaining family and friends on the Oyster 885.

Oyster 885SII 90 Foot Sailing Yacht D 3

Relax and enjoy

Dedicated quarters for four crew makes the Oyster 885 ideal for relaxing, entertaining or charter.

Building my Oyster 885


Adrian Newey, the greatest Formula One race engineer, builds his Oyster 885

Featuring the latest iconic Oyster deck saloon styling, twin rudders and a choice of keels, this 90 foot sailing yacht offers an extensive range of customisable options.

Oyster 885SII 90 Foot Sailing Yacht Exterior Highlights D 1

Iconic Oyster flagship

The large, split cockpit is the heart of the oyster 885. offering panoramic views, it is the perfect place to relax and entertain on ocean passages..

Safe and protected under a large bimini and sprayhood, the expansive cockpit has a multi-functional table that seats eight with ease, with drinks on hand from the convenient integrated refrigerator. The deck offers a wide choice of other entertaining spaces. The sunken foredeck tender-well transforms into a chillout zone, with bimini and entertainment system. Her wide beam aft provides more space for sunbathing and the large hydraulic bathing platform is the perfect space from which to enjoy watersport toys. It also doubles as a unique spot for alfresco dining.

The sheer scale of the Oyster 885 sail plan delivers performance cruising with any of her keel variants.

Her well-balanced, high-performance hull with twin rudders delivers safe and exceptional sailing characteristics. Responsive and fast moving, she delivers consistently high speeds for excellent passage-making on extended ocean voyages. For a 90 foot yacht, she is beautifully balanced and light on the helm. The standard carbon rig with Park Avenue style boom is precision engineered for safety and durability. The single point mainsheet, with push button control through a captive reel winch, makes for easy trimming of the sails when sailing. The wider hydraulic systems for both sail-control and bow and stern thrusters make for both easy sail handling and effortless manoeuvring in tight spots. With a choice of fixed keel or centreboard option, you can explore the most inaccessible places in the world with confidence. And the 885GT variant, featuring lead T-keel and extensive rig specification upgrades, takes performance to another level.

At a glance, the Oyster 885 iconic styling is refined and elegant, highlighting Oyster’s trademark deck saloon.

Available in both raised split-level saloon and standard deck saloon versions, the Oyster 885 features instantly recognisable Oyster design cues. From her wraparound saloon and triple Seascape windows to the extended bowsprit and wide beam aft, she is every inch an Oyster. She combines the experience of Oyster’s in house design studio and skills of our master craftspeople, with the expertise and finesse of Humphreys’ naval architects. Clutter-free, flush teak decks and ergonomically designed cockpit and helm positions make her safe and easy to move around. Adaptable to any sea state, with uncompromising strength of construction, her hull and decks are certified by Lloyd’s Register, giving you the reassurance that she is robustly built and able to take you anywhere in the world.

Oyster 885GT D



Enhanced performance in luxury, comfort and style.

Designed for entertaining, the Oyster 885 boasts luxurious indulgences, expansive comfortable living spaces and privacy you will love.

Oyster 885 Luxury Interior 1

Magnificent detail

Practical, versatile and spacious, the oyster 885 is designed for onboard living and equipped with the comforts of home..

The luxurious, full width owner’s cabin sets the standard for the four ensuite double guest cabins. Light, airy and spacious, with excellent standing height, each ensuite features walk-in shower and electric flush toilet. There are quality, deep mattresses, mirrors, cedar lined wardrobes and ample stowage. Touchscreen controls operate Oyster’s proprietary mood lighting system, along with the audio and optional infotainment systems.

At just under the 24m Load Line Rule, this 90 foot sailboat for sale offers many advantages over larger yachts. She avoids the onerous red tape and costly requirements involved when chartering. She boasts dedicated crew quarters with mess for four crew, making her perfect for guest privacy and ideal for charter. The luxury of a full-time crew takes entertaining and enjoyment to another level, whether on extended ocean passages or entertaining family and friends in a secluded bay.

Handcrafted by our skilled master craftspeople, the Oyster 885 is built with meticulous attention to detail and a deep sense of pride and passion.

With over 50 years of designing and building exceptional bluewater cruisers, the insights of our owners, skippers and crew, sailors and our own team inform every aspect of her design and build. Every detail has been considered to create a unique combination of design, technology and engineering, alongside exquisite handcrafted build quality. Beautiful hardwoods run through every inch of this 90 foot sailboat. This focus on detail reveals itself in the handcrafted cabinetry, as well as in the easily accessible, carefully labelled cables and pipework that run behind the scenes to make maintenance tasks simple.

As you would expect, the Oyster 885 is fitted with the latest convenient and connected technology for complete versatility, comfort and work-aboard potential.

The generous navigation station doubles as a technology hub, featuring a range of choices of PCs and plotters, VHF and SSB radios, power management, generator control, switchboard and plenty of power sockets. It doubles as the ideal work-aboard space and is home to the Oyster Command™ system – Oyster’s intuitive digital switching system which connects everything, including the entertainment, utilities, lighting and monitoring systems.

In addition, there is wireless sound, mood lighting, a range of optional infotainment systems, enhanced navigation systems and connectivity options to meet every requirement.

yachts at anchor in beautiful location d

The joy of Oyster ownership

There is more than just pride on offer when it comes to owning an Oyster 885. Every new Oyster comes with a comprehensive warranty, personalised care, access to our global service network, unrivalled support, life-changing experiences and so much more.

On an Oyster the world is yours.


Ownership benefits rarely experienced in marine

oyster warranty


More information


Specifications & features

Lloyd’s register certified hull and deck moulding.

This 90 foot yacht’s hull and deck mouldings meet EU RCDII standards, with strength, integrity and build quality, certified by Lloyd’s Register.

Custom hydraulic sail handling

Powerful, custom Lewmar hydraulic system for sail handling systems including the mainsheet captive reel winch, headsail furling, winches and windlass.

Hydraulic bathing platform and passerelle

Generous, teak-laid swim platform operated by onboard hydraulic systems. A powered letterbox passerelle extends for easy access while berthed stern to.

Retractable hydraulic bow & stern thrusters

Lewmar vertical Bow and Stern thrusters make it easy to manoeuvre in tight marina berths.

High output water maker

A 276l/hr desalination system provides a plentiful fresh water supply on the Oyster 885 Series II.

Forced air ventilation and 100,000 BTU A/C system

The forced air ventilation and reverse cycle air conditioning is fitted throughout for climate control. This unique system keeps the yacht ventilated and fresh below decks, whatever the climate.

Sprayhood and bimini

A sprayhood and bimini, in a choice of colours, provides protection from the elements at the cockpit and helm stations. An optional bimini is available for the tender well chillout zone.

Fully equipped galley amenities

Appliances include: induction hob, fan oven, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer.


A large, 24v Frigomatic custom fridge-freezer with digital temperature gauges, heater door seals and internal fans and a cockpit fridge for easy access to refreshments.

Lowered saloon configuration

The format offers a spacious saloon that seamlessly connects the forward crew area and guest cabins to the main accommodation.

Raised deck saloon configuration

This format increases headroom in the saloon to create one level in the upper deck saloon.

Tender well entertainment package

This package converts the tender well into a chillout zone, with deck cushions, table, bimini, cinema and surround sound audio.

Enhanced external deck lighting

The additional deck lighting package provides an array of lighting solutions for every occasion, incorporating mast light, bulwark lights, hull lights, tender well lights and deck lights.

Custom hull colours

Create your unique look and feel with a wide choice of painted finishes.

Plans and interior layouts

Oyster 885 90 Foot Sailing Yacht Sail Deck and Interior Layout Plans 1

Colour inspiration

Oyster 885 Yacht Tour


Experience the best of both worlds. Ultimate accessibility of a shallow-draft and unmatched performance with the centreboard down.

Oyster 885 360 Tour

The Oyster 885

Oyster 885 90 Foot Sailing Yacht Exterior Gallery 1

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2022 23 Oyster World Rally D

Oyster World Rally

Take the voyage of a lifetime.

885 Launch

The new Oyster 885SII deck saloon revealed

The Oyster Fleet

Explore other models

Oyster 595

The new Oyster 595, a 60 foot sailing yacht capable of great things.

Oyster 675

A versatile sub 70 foot sailboat designed for the adventurous at heart.

Oyster 745

A crewed 75 foot cruising yacht designed for very big adventures.

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Oyster 565 Series II

The new 565 Series II

The pursuit of perfection continues

Oyster Ownership

Explore the benefits that come with taking ownership of a new Oyster, and becoming part of the family

Oyster 885GT 3 v3

The new Oyster 885GT revealed. Watch her in action

Oyster Charter Luxury Sailing Yacht Charters


Experience exhilarating sailing, luxury and style on an oyster charter. personal, exclusive and uniquely oyster.

Palma Boat Show 2024 6

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Untitled 9

Winner of European Yacht of the Year 2023. She sets a new 50 foot bluewater benchmark, offering a stunning combination of sailing performance, comfort, safety and luxurious living space.

Oyster 495 sailing yacht with man at helm

Heralding a new generation of Oysters, this 60 foot bluewater cruiser is a sailing yacht for all oceans. Practical and well-provisioned for long distance sailing or cruising in coastal waters.

Oyster 565 sailing yacht at sea in med

The much-anticipated Oyster 595 is well-proportioned and extremely versatile. Offering exciting, customised build options with no compromise, she is capable of great things.

Oyster 595 sailing yacht sailing at sea

A versatile sub-70 foot sailboat offering the perfect balance of size and practicality. She can be sailed shorthanded effortlessly or take a full crew and up to eight friends and family.

sailing yacht oyster 675

This long range 75 foot cruising yacht is designed for very big adventures. A joy to sail yourself, she also boasts dedicated crew quarters.

Oyster 745 sailing yacht at sea with mountains 1 v2

Oyster 885SII

An exhilarating 90 foot sailing yacht, delivering comfort and safety with uncompromising performance. She is capable of taking you anywhere in the world effortlessly, in luxury and style.

Oyster 885 sailing yacht with crew

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Editor’s Choice: 18 Bluewater Sailboats We Love

Advantages of bluewater sailboats, factors to consider when buying a blue water sailboat, allures 51.9, contest 55cs, discovery revelation 480, grand soleil 42 lc, hallberg-rassy 48mk ii, island packet 349, j/boats j/45, najad 395 cc, outbound 56.

Bluewater sailboats

Looking to sail the open seas? Bluewater sailboats are your answer. With their sturdy construction and ability to handle rough conditions, these boats are designed for serious offshore sailing adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of blue water sailboats and provide you with everything you need to know. From their unique features to their advantages and considerations, we will explore it all.

Bluewater sailboats are known for their strength and durability. Built to withstand the challenging conditions of ocean crossings, these boats offer stability and safety on long voyages. Whether you’re planning a solo trip or setting off with a crew, a blue water sailboat is an excellent option to explore the depths.

We will discuss the key characteristics that make blue water sailboats stand out, such as their hull design, rigging, and navigation systems. Additionally, we’ll explore the various types and sizes available to help you find the perfect fit for your sailing aspirations.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of embarking on a thrilling ocean adventure, join us as we navigate the world of bluewater sailboats and uncover everything you need to know.

Bluewater sailboats are designed to withstand the demanding conditions encountered during long ocean voyages. They possess several key characteristics that set them apart from other types of sailboats. 

bluewater sailboats

1. Sturdy Construction

Bluewater sailboats are built with robust materials and construction techniques to ensure their strength and durability. They feature reinforced hulls made of fiberglass, aluminum, or steel, which can withstand the impact of large waves and adverse weather conditions. These boats are designed to handle the constant stresses of offshore sailing without compromising their structural integrity.

2. Seaworthiness

One of the defining characteristics of bluewater sailboats is their seaworthiness. They are designed to handle rough seas and strong winds, providing a stable and comfortable ride even in challenging conditions. The shape of their hulls, with a deep V or modified full-keel design, allows them to cut through waves and maintain stability, minimizing the rolling motion commonly experienced on other types of sailboats.

3. Self-Sustainability

Bluewater sailboats are equipped with systems that enable self-sustainability during long voyages. They typically have large water and fuel tanks, allowing sailors to carry ample supplies for extended periods at sea. In addition, these boats often come equipped with renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines, reducing the reliance on external power sources.

Bluewater sailboats offer numerous advantages for sailors looking to embark on offshore adventures. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a blue water sailboat for your next sailing journey.

1. Safety and Stability

When sailing across vast oceans, safety is paramount. Bluewater sailboats provide a high level of safety and stability, thanks to their sturdy construction and seaworthiness. These boats are designed to handle adverse weather conditions and rough seas, ensuring the safety of the crew and the vessel. The robust hulls and well-balanced designs make them less prone to capsizing or taking on water, providing peace of mind during long voyages.

2. Long-Distance Capability

Bluewater sailboats are specifically designed for long-distance sailing. They have the capacity to carry ample supplies, including food, water, and fuel, allowing sailors to embark on extended journeys without the need for frequent resupply stops. With their self-sustainability features and efficient hull designs, these boats can cover long distances efficiently and comfortably.

3. Comfort and Liveability

Living aboard a bluewater sailboat for an extended period requires comfort and practicality. These boats are designed with spacious interiors, allowing for comfortable living quarters during long voyages. They often feature multiple cabins, a well-equipped galley, and ample storage space for provisions and personal belongings. The layout and design of blue water sailboats prioritize functionality and convenience, ensuring a comfortable living experience even in the middle of the ocean.

And now… it’s time to discover together our selection of 18 Bluewater sailboats we love!

The Allures 51.9 innovates with its full-beam aft owner’s cabin. This model disrupts the codes of the yard also outside with its cockpit of 6 meters long with sunbath and swim platform for comfort; the navigation space can be protected by a hardtop to navigate in any security. The boat has a length of 51.9 feet (15.8 meters) and a beam (width) of 15.4 feet (4.7 meters). It is equipped with a fixed keel and a composite hull, which provides good stability and seaworthiness. The Allures 51.9 is available in a variety of configurations, including a three-cabin layout with a spacious owner’s cabin and two guest cabins, or a two-cabin layout with a larger owner’s cabin and a smaller guest cabin. It is also equipped with a well-equipped galley, a large saloon, and a navigation station.  Allures official website .

amel 60 Bluewater sailboats

In a dynamic evolution and complementary to their range,  Amel  launched a larger model, with a higher specification and built with attention to details. Riding on the success of the  Amel 50 , the Amel 60 is an enhanced version of the new Amel design . The brand’s fundamental characteristics are well represented in this large yacht, with an additional 10 feet increasing her volume as well as her interior and exterior living spaces, while still ensuring ease of use for a small crew. 

Signed Berret-Racoupeau, the generous volumes of this large yacht have been designed to allow owners and their guests to fully enjoy life on board, while preserving everyone’s privacy: a large living space in the saloon, an ultra-equipped high-end galley three cabins each with a bathroom, an even larger protected cockpit, opening onto sunbathing areas ideal for relaxation.

contest 55cs Bluewater sailboats

The  Dutch specialist  in semi-custom constructions Contest Yachts presented the brand new 17-metre Contest 55CS at Boot Dusseldorf 2020. Don’t call it “simply” a  bluewater  yacht. The stunning lines both above and below water from star designers Judel/Vrolijk shall ensure a real sporty character. A newly conceived interior styling now features an even bigger flowing corner radius to the exquisitely finished timber work. There are also now more optional hull windows in up to four stations along the yacht’s length.

discovery revelation 480

Discovery Yachts  presented the new Revelation 480 at  Boot Dusseldorf 2020 . This is the first model of the new Revelation line and differs from the Southerly line for the fixed keel and the lowered saloon. Yes, the Revelation 480 is a lowered saloon boat based on the well-known Southerly 480. The Revelation 480 combines bluewater capability with a low, sleek coachroof that contributes to an interesting aesthetic. Down below, the single level interior is extremely light and exquisitely furnished.

grand soleil 42 lc

The Grand Soleil 42 LC is  Cantiere del Pardo ’s latest entry model of the bluewater line. Comfort and sailing autonomy are the main features of this 12-meter, designed by Marco Lostuzzi together with Nauta Design and Cantiere del Pardo’s Technical Office.

The 42 LC is available in two versions; standard or sport. The former is equipped with aft benches, and a carbon arch over the cockpit, designed to keep this area free of the mainsheet traveller. The GS 42 LC’s hull guarantees great stability thanks to greater hull volume. The well-proportioned sail plan optimizes the high-performance sailing standards. As with the rest of the Long Cruise range, the Grand Soleil 42 LC is designed to provide greater and more luxurious comfort on board.

The interior layout is available with either two or three cabins, to meet the client’s needs. Both versions include two heads with a shower. In the saloon, a three-seater sofa is found on the starboard side, while the central seat can be transformed into a chart table.

Hallberg Rassy 48 Mkll Bluewater sailboats

The Hallberg-Rassy 48 MK II is a true bluewater cruiser that offers more natural light, more comfort and more elegance than ever before. With three double cabins and a vast saloon, she offers great space for modern comfort aids. Known far and wide for sturdy construction, superb craftsmanship and signature seaworthiness, Hallberg-Rassy boats are globally respected for their elegant lines and spirited performance.

Hylas H60

Hylas Yachts has collaborated with German Frers for over 40 years and built a reputation for yachts that combine ocean sailing capability, classic lines and exquisitely finished interiors.  Now the company is staking out new territory with the H60. Still ocean capable, still with an exquisite interior but also embracing some of the contemporary demands of today’s cruising sailors. 

Longtime Hylas fans will not be disappointed by her performance. Built using the most advanced construction technologies, the H60 has been designed to excel in all conditions with excellent seakeeping ability. A plumb bow and broad transom make the most of her waterline length underway, providing speed with optimal comfort.

The builder partnered with Milan-based firm  Hot Lab , known for their elegant designs in the superyacht world, to offer interiors that immediately set the new Hylas on a new level.

ice yachts ice 70

The project of the ICE 70 by  ICE Yachts  has been realized using the most advanced modeling and analysis software available today. “ Thanks to the new virtual reality ‘tools’ ,” explains  Felci Yacht Design , “ we have been able to make the owner and the shipyard participant of many geometric and stylistic choices. It is a yacht with high technological potential, starting from the design of the hull and the appendices “. With this sporty bluewater sailboat, the Italian yard wanted to create a technologically avant-garde boat with large, comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces, which is easy to sail and entirely safe at sea. Like all ICE Yachts models, the ICE 70 is a semi-custom product with which the owner has many possibilities for customization and equipment. ICE Yachts official website

island packet 349 Bluewater sailboats

With this model, iconic Island Packet has returned to the Solent-style rig as standard, featuring a mainsail with a working jib and an optional lightweight 170% reacher or asymmetrical that mounts on the integral bow platform and furled with Harken systems. The working jib is fitted with a Hoyt Boom that is self-tending and improves performance with its close sheeting and self-vanging feature, while the large optional reacher or asymmetrical boost performance in light air or when off the wind.

The fully battened mainsail is equipped with a low friction Battcar system and drops easily into a stack pack with an integral cover and lazy jack system.  This rigging offers ease of use and versatility in the varied wind or sea conditions and increased speed and maneuverability.

j/boats j/45

The J/Boats J/45, is a true  bluewater sailing yacht, designed and built for the sea by life-long sailors. The  J/Boats  and  J/Composites teams have collaborated to create a special design for discerning sailors seeking an exceptional sailing experience. The J/45 can be sailed solo, cruised by 2-3 couples or large family, and pleasure sailed or raced with room for the whole crew. This is an investment-grade sailboat that won’t require a professional crew to sail, handle or maintain. J/Boats official website

kraken 50 Bluewater sailboats

The Kraken 50 is designed to be the short-handed bluewater cruising yacht. Due to her steady motion and stability, her crew will be equally comfortable at sea or in the anchorage, and special consideration has been given in the K50 layouts above and below deck to allow for short-handed ocean passage making. The Kraken 50 features the renowned integral  Zero Keel  and fully skegged rudder.

najad 395 cc Bluewater sailboats

N395 CC (centre cockpit) is part of the all-new Najad 395 range, designed in a joint venture by Najad, Farr Yacht Design, and Ken Freivokh Design – superyacht stylist, architects, and interior designers. The N395 CC is characterized by a well-protected large cockpit located close to the center of gravity. It has a well-designed interior and a very comprehensive options list that includes all equipment necessary to tailor the yacht to any individual needs. This model is available in two or three cabin layouts with one or two large heads.

outbound 56 bluewater

Welcome aboard the newest addition to Outbound’s impressive line of offshore passage makers. The new Outbound 56, built from German Frers timeless and proven design continues to fulfill our single mission of building great offshore yachts.  Fast, accommodating and gorgeous, the 56 will take you anywhere your heart desires in style and comfort.

oyster 565 Bluewater sailboats

The entry level yacht for the ‘G6’ range of seven models up to the Flagship Oyster 118.  Using the latest generation of Oyster hull shapes, developed with Humphreys Yacht Design, the Oyster 565 is designed for family sailing without professional crew.

A generous sail locker and lazarette, headroom and bunk lengths to match the larger Oyster Superyachts, the 565 can be configured with many different cabin layouts – and for the first time in Oyster Yachts – can have the master cabin forward and a dinghy garage in the transom.

rm970 Bluewater sailboats

The Brittany based yard is well known not only among ocean sailors but also to those who love short-handed sailing and are looking for seaworthy and easily driven bluewater sailboats, both safe and comfortable. This last aspect is where Fora Marine has made great progress in the last few years, shedding some of the spartan image that characterized their products for many years.

What has not changed, and what is still the RM range’s defining characteristic, is the twin-chined hull, made of Okumé plywood impregnated with epoxy resin (the deck is in fiberglass sandwich). Below the hull, the yard offers two options, a single deep keel or double shoal draft keels. The RM are designed by Marc Lombard, probably one of the architects most able to transform the fashionable chine into an important element in cruising design. A chined hull, when properly drawn, gives both better hull shape and interior volumes. ( Read our test )

rustler 42

The Rustler 42 is a classic looking yacht which combines style that is traditional yet modern. Her cruising layout results in a live aboard yacht that has stability and elegance with the same unique sea-kindly characteristics as the Rustler 36. Below the waterline, she looks conservative with a deep canoe body, long fin keel and a big skeg hung rudder.

Below the decks, this yacht has a spacious open plan saloon. The large, finished saloon table can comfortably seat eight. The aft cabin has standing headroom, a full-width double berth and plenty of storage within lockers and a vanity unit with seat. The aft head incorporates a shower unit and a ‘wet lilies’ locker. At the forepeak the grand master cabin has a 6 ft 6 in double V berth.

swan 58

Signed by  German Frers , the Swan 58 needs to combine the spaces of bluewater sailboats with a fast cruiser performances. Key details include a deck featuring soft and rounded shapes, a new cockpit design, a redefined coach-roof style and large swimming platform. The concept is easy: to give the maximum comfort and liveability at rest, together with maximum efficiency for short handed sailing, without losing the capability to race with a full crew. 

The interiors of the new Swan 58 , which is fitted with European oak, have been conceived as a combination between luxury and comfortable living spaces, storage and volumes for systems and safety features; we find here a large saloon, a galley with a 360 degree layout and three heads. Various interior styling layouts are available varying woods and materials. 

tartan 395 Bluewater

Designed by Tartan naval architect Tim Jackett, the 395 comes out of the Tartan factory in Fairport Harbor and is the perfect example of bluewater sailboats. Her hull shape is an evolution of tried and true concepts proven to deliver great stability and high interior volume while maintaining comforting manners throughout a wide range of sailing conditions. On deck Tartan 395 sports hallmark Tartan design elements such as a traditional cabin house fitted with functional polished stainless steel rectangular portholes.

Like her smaller sister 345, 395’s handcrafted interior is built in maple as standard, with cherry a no-charge option. The lighter maple opens up her interior in ways the darker cherry simply cannot.

The countdown has begun for the new ICE 66 rs

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Better Sailing

Best Sailboats Over 60 Feet

Best Sailboats Over 60 Feet

In recent years, sailboats and yachts 60 feet have become very popular. This development is mainly due to the demand for comfort among boat enthusiasts and boaters. Advancement in technology has made it easier for simple boat users to handle large-sized boats without a boat crew’s help. Innovations such as bow thrusters help with mooring, and improvement in deck-gear technology has made sailing less difficult. 

It is no gainsaying that, to a great extent, larger boats are more comfortable; there is more space for more luxurious rooms and amenities. If it were a car, we’d say, “there’s more legroom.” 

Below, we have described the best bluewater sailboats that are above 60 feet. If you love large boats and are looking to buy one, it is hoped that this list will inform your purchase and help you to know what to look out for as you make your purchase.

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

Price: From 900k to 1.5 Million USD on the Used Market

Designed by Barret Racoupeau Yacht Design and the Pierreangelo Andreani, the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht is quite elegant. Inside, this sailboat has a wide salon that can take a mass of people. The boat possesses six sunbathing areas; these bathing areas have loungers in different parts. It also has a gallery that makes for a comfortable view around the deck.

Furthermore, this Beneteau boat has two steering stations close to the cockpit. The controls and resources are ergonomic and designed for functionality with resources such as drink holders and halyard bags. In the cockpit, there are storage lockers on each side, and a dinghy garage can be accessed through the floor. There are also instruments to ensure effective and safe dinghy launching in case of any emergencies or problems while at sea. 

Its master suite, a feature which the Beneteau boat is well known for, is a large space with two hanging lockers, portholes on both sides, and a relatively large island bed. There’s room designed for an office, bench, or set of drawers. 

The galley of this elegant yacht is enabled with a 300-liter refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, an oven, a wine cellar, waste-sorting garbage, and space for storage. There are portholes all around the hull of the boat, which create a situation where there is plenty of natural sunlight inside the boat all day round. 

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 - Big Bluewater Sailboat Over 60 Feet

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 Specifications 

Overall length: 62.86 feet.  Hull Length: 59.48 feet.  Light displacement: 57558.287 pounds.  Hull beam: 17.486 feet. Fuel tank capacity: 264.172 US gallons.  Freshwater capacity: 280.0224 US gallons.  Engine power: 167.674 mechanical horsepower. 

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The Oyster 675 cannot be talked about without the mention of its U-shaped galley. This shape provides enough space for sailors to explore their culinary skills. The boat possesses extended transoms that create a wonderful space for sunbathing and other outdoor activities. With smooth-looking decks and interior, this boat is pretty pleasing to the eyes. 

If you love traveling with your family or a crew, you can hardly buy a better boat than the Oyster 675. It is just suitable for cruising along the coast with a few people; enjoying the water and scenery. Even more, this sub-60-foot blue water sailing yacht is also perfect for long distances.

In addition, the Oyster 675 makes our best 60-feet boat list for many other features that it possesses, such as its strong G6 twin rudder hull, its hydraulic push button, its perfect, luxurious owner’s garden, and its variety of rooms for other members of the crew. The hull of this boat is Lloyd certified, the same as its deck molding.

Oyster 675 - Liveaboard Sailboat

Oyster 675 Specifications 

Overall length: 69.2 feet.  Hull length: 65. 23 feet.  Waterline length: 18.31 feet.  Beam length: 18.6 feet. Engine: Volvo Penta D4-180 132 (180HP)  Fuel tank: 470 US gallons.  Water tank: 335 US gallons. 

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Hallberg Rassy 64

Price: Around 2 Million USD on The Used Market

Hallberg-Rassy’s official website describes this boat as the best to ever be made by the company. With impeccable, glistening woodwork and windows for natural light all day long, the Hallberg-Rassy 64 provides a very sophisticated look. Altogether, its hull possesses six windows and 31 portlights. If lighting is an important criterion in choosing boats for you, then the Hallberg-Rassy is a perfect choice. 

The engine room of this boat is easily accessible and spacious. It can be accessed through the walk-in and can house various mechanical equipment such as the boat’s 230 v 8 kW 50 Hz generator. Also, the boat’s saloon, like its engine, is spacious. It can comfortably accommodate a whole crew and more guests. 

The Hallberg-Rassy’s 64 cockpit is about 10.17 feet long. It contains a magnetic compass, enough space for navigation instruments, and electric push buttons assigned to different important functions. 

The hull of this boat is equipped with different measures against corrosion, rust, and other processes that make rid a vessel of its elegance. Applied at different parts of the hull are Gelcoat and anti-fouling paint. The deck contains scuppers that drain under the waterline in order to always keep the hull clean. 

Hallberg Rassy 64

Hallberg-Rassy 64 Specifications 

Hull length: 65.1 inches.  Beam length: 17 inches.  Keel type: Lead on deep bilge.  Keel weight: 28,000 pounds.  Waterline length: 57.6 inches.  Freshwater tank capacity: 344 US gallons.  Diesel tank capacity: 476 US gallons.  Engine: Volvo Penta D6-300. 

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Premier Dixon 62

Price: Around 500k Used

Premier Dixon 62 is a luxury bluewater cruising yacht. Since its hull is made of steel, this luxury yacht is suitable for traveling long distances at sea. With six berths in three cabins, this boat can comfortably house a family. It is equipped with various equipment and possesses adequate equipment for ease and comfort. 

This yacht was designed by Bill Dixon. Ingeniously, not only is its hull made of steel, but most of its superstructures are also made of the same material. This yacht also possesses a round bilge with a long keel to complement its base.

Like the Hallberg Rassy 64, this boat possesses a walk-in engine room. Its cockpit is also easily accessible as it is in the center. The yacht uses a wheel but is equipped with various electronic machinery for movement. 

Premier Dixon 62

Premier Dixon 62 Specifications 

Overall length: 62 inches.  Length on deck: 60 inches.  Waterline length: 49.5 inches.  Displacement: 40 tons.  Fuel tank capacity: 450 gallons.  Freshwater capacity: 200 gallons.  Blackwater capacity: 46 gallons.  Engine: Perkins 225 HP six-cylinder diesel engine. 

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Price: Around 600k Used

The Swan 65 is another boat on our list that was designed by the legendary German Frers. There are not many boats, cruisers, or yachts with woodwork like this one. Its finishing is done with quality European Oak. 

The Swan 65 comes with two types of interior, thanks to the creative genius of the interior designer, Heini Gustafsson. These two models are Owner Forward and Owner Aft. The only difference between these two models is the layout and placement of materials such as furniture; the purpose of the difference being flexibility and fluidity.

The deck of this boat is designed with straight elegant parallel lines. The spaces between the lines are all of the same brownish color but different shades. The Swan’s 65’s cockpit possesses five winches stationed close to two helm stations; it can house a small racing team without qualms. If you need a flexible, versatile boat, the Nautor’s Swan 65 is the way to go.

Nautor Swan 65

Swan 65 Specifications

Overall length: 65.98 feet.  Waterline length: 18.38 feet.  Beam: 18.44 feet.  Light displacement: 60,075 pounds. Engine: Volvo D3-150. 110 kw, 150 HP.  Ballast: 14.484 pounds.  Draught (Standard fixed keel): 13.78 feet.  Fuel tank capacity: 317 US gallons.  Water tank capacity: 264 US gallons.  Greywater capacity: 53 US gallons.  Blackwater capacity: 53 US gallons. 

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Jeanneau 64

Price: From 900k to 1.4 Million USD on the Used Market

The Jeanneau 64 design was brought about by a collaborative effort between Phillipe Briand, Andrew Winch, and Jeanneau design. With interior woodwork made from teak and natural oak, the interior part of this boat has a modern look. There is a lot of natural light coming in through the hull windows and the portlight. 

Like the Swan 64, the deck of the Jeanneau 64 is designed with parallel lines. Coupled with the modern ambiance of the interior part, these classic straight lines give this boat a classy, timeless appearance. Even more appealing is the Foglizzo leather used in decorating the furniture in the saloon and other areas. 

This boat can be divided into three or four cabins and can fit a sizeable crew; it is well-suited for a family adventure at sea. The boat comes in two versions: the Deep keel draft and the Shoal keel draft. If you want a boat with a simple galley, simple specifications, and simple control mechanisms all mixed with elegance, the Jeanneau 64 is your go-to boat. 

Jeanneau 64

Jeanneau 64 Specifications 

Overall length: 65.11 inches.  Hull length: 64.2 inches.  Hull beam: 17.9 inches.  Displacement: 68, 343 pounds.  Fuel capacity: 218 US gallons. Water capacity: 264 US gallons.  Engine: Volvo 180HP / 132KW.

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Price: Around 1 Million USD on the Used Market

The Amel 60 is an upgrade from the former boat in the Amel series, the Amel 50. It possesses a carbon mast that makes movement and maneuvering much easier. The well-balanced hull shaped is also partially responsible for this feature. Other quality technological equipment that make this Amel peculiar are a lithium service battery, electric winches, carbon gangway, autopilot, and other navigation electronics. 

Inside the Amel 60 is a huge owner suite and two luxurious guest cabins. The boat has watertight collision bulkheads that make it very difficult for it to drown in any situation. Its cockpit is well covered so that the steering station is protected and the vessel can continue moving in adverse weather conditions. Like many well-designed boats, the engine room of this Amel is centrally accessible. 

The Amel brand known all over Europe and other continents for their quality boats, and they have not fallen short of their standard in the construction of Amel 60.

Amel 60

Amel 60 Specifications 

Overall length: 62.34 feet.  Length of hull: 59.06 feet.  Waterline length: 52.49 feet.  Max beam: 17.55 feet.  Waterline beam: 14.86 feet. Air draft: 85.30 feet.  Freshwater tank capacity: 184.92 US gallons.  Diesel tank capacity: 237.76 US gallons.  Mainsail area: 839.59 square meters.  Staysail area: 387.501 square meters.  Genoa area: 990.28 square meters. 

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Bavaria C65

Price: Around 1.2 Million USD on the Used Market

The Bavaria C65 is the biggest yachts that have ever been built by the Bavaria yacht brand. Somewhat like the Swan 64, the Bavaria C5 has a myriad of interior layout options that buyers and intending buyers can choose from. 

This yacht is quite fast and can be used to race. It can also be used as a blue water cruiser. The hull of this magnificent yacht has really nice windows that complement its shape. These windows are also instrumental in providing natural light for the interior of the boat. What’s more? It possesses a large bathroom that also happens to be a dinghy garage. This encourages activities such as sunbathing. 

No doubt, the interior of the Bavaria C65 is everything to write home about. Its owner’s cabin is pretty grand, just as its salon and even its pantry. The yacht displays another level of luxury. It eschews features that are quite modern as it was constructed in 2018. 

Bavaria C65

Bavaria C65 Specifications 

Overall length: 62.81 feet.  Overall beam: 17.7165 feet.  Sail area: 2292.71 square foot.  Draft: 8.69 / 11.48 inches.  Displacement: 55115.56 pounds. 

Price: From 600k to 800k USD on the Used Market

This boat was designed by Bill Dixon in conjunction with Roel de Groot. In its construction, nothing was spared in trying to make the Moody 64 a masterpiece, just as it turned out. Its hull is made chiefly of fiberglass, cored and mixed with a host of other materials to make it even stronger. 

The cockpit of this Moody 64 is divided between a somewhat higher position aft and the more spacious main cockpit area that can house about six people. This main area enables better control of the boat and contains most of the steering electronics. However, the higher station offers a better view of the water. 

Designed by Roel de Groot, the interior of the Moddy 64 looks quite alluring and, at the same time, manages to look a tad utilitarian. There are stairs all around for movement from one station to another. The salon has a dinette that is C-shaped, designed to create ample space for other activities that go on in the room. Also, this boat provides plenty of natural light through windows, portlights, and hatches. 

What’s more? Apart from the dinette, the Moody 64 has a U-shaped galley that possesses ample space for many kinds of culinary activities and equipment. It is worthy to note that this boat comes equipped with different kinds of machinery to make life aboard more comfortable. If you need a boat that is functional but with a perfect blend of pleasure, you will not find many that are better than the Moody 64.

Moody 64

Moody 64 Specifications

Overall length: 63.5 feet.  Waterline length: 54.3 feet.  Beam: 17.6 feet.  Shoal keel: 6.6 feet.  Draft: 8.6 / 6.6 feet.  Sail area: 1,794 square feet. Ballast: 22,000 pounds.  Displacement (half pound): 66,220 pounds.  Water tank capacity: 360 gallons.  Fuel tank capacity: 528 gallons.  Mast height 87.11 feet.  Engine: YANMAR 4LHA-STE (230HO-169.3kw) 

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X-Yachts IMX 70

Price: Around 1.1 Million USD on the Used Market

With a high-tech hull and deck, the IMX 70 is technologically optimized. The yacht was built through a collaboration between some of the best marine constructors and construction firms in Europe. 

The IMX 70 possesses a carbon fiber mast, a carbon hull, and its deck construction is made up of carbon composite bulkheads keel floor structures. Furthermore, this yacht is equipped with a carbon fiber furling bottom, elite hydraulic systems, and keel floor structures. 

The interior of this high-tech boat possesses about four cabins and 8 berths; hence, it can house a good number of people. There is plenty of natural light coming through the windows. The IMX 70, as aforementioned, is technologically equipped, thereby making life easier for all the people on board. Teak veneers are used on the panels covering the carbon bulkheads. 

The IMX 70 is a great boat if you are looking for comfortable technology that is easy to use. It also has ample space for a crew or a family to carry out different activities while onboard.

X-Yachts IMX 70

X-Yachts IMX 70 Specifications

Overall length: 70.2 feet.  Waterline length: 61.1 feet.  Beam: 17.7 feet.  Draft:13.5 feet.  Displacement: 61,729 pounds.  Engine: Yanmar 4LHA-HTP diesel engine.  Fuel tank capacity: 185 US gallons.  Fresh water capacity: 238 US gallons.  Maximum speed: 13 mph.  Cruising speed: 9 mph. 


Peter is the editor of Better Sailing. He has sailed for countless hours and has maintained his own boats and sailboats for years. After years of trial and error, he decided to start this website to share the knowledge.

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The 10 Most-Exciting Yacht Debuts at the Palm Beach International Boat Show

Besides the debut of smaller vessels, more than 60 yachts over 100 feet will be at palm beach this week. it promises to be a banner event., howard walker, howard walker's most recent stories.

  • This 1967 Shelby GT500 Has Been Reimagined to Perfection. Now It’s up for Grabs.
  • One of Ferrari’s Earliest Formula 1 Cars Is Now Up for Grabs
  • Aston Martin Unveils Its Fastest Vantage Road Car Ever. Here’s What We Know.
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Palm Beach International Boat Show

For superyacht shoppers, the Palm Beach International Boat Show, kicking off its four-day run this week, is set to break records with more than 60 yachts over 100 feet long on display. Last year was also a banner year for superyachts at the show. 

Headliners will include the likes of the 295-foot Corsair Nero ,  the 278-foot Victorious by AKYacht, the 230-foot Turquoise-built Talisman C , and 213-foot Benetti Triumph among brokerage yachts, and in new yachts, the 113-foot Ocean Alexander Puro 35 is making its world debut.  

There are so many gleaming white vessels over 100 feet, in fact, that the fleet will be split between the Palm Harbor Marina at the main show site on the downtown West Palm Beach waterfront and the Safe Harbor Rybovich Marina two miles north. 

Now in its 42nd year, PBIBS will also showcase hundreds of models of dayboats, cruisers, and fishing boats, as well as marine accessories. Running from this Thursday through Sunday, the show coincides with the Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary art show, a fortuitous opportunity for yacht owners wanting to add new art to their collections.

Here are 10 must-see boats at this year’s show.

Corsair Yachts ‘Nero’

60ft oyster yacht

The undisputed star of this year’s Palm Beach show? That would be the 295-foot, classically styled superyacht Nero , built in 2007 and inspired by American financier J.P. Morgan’s legendary 1930s steamer Corsair IV . Nero ‘s attendance at PBIBS marks its return to the charter market after an extensive refit in 2021. Now better than new, the boat is being managed by Burgess. With weekly charter rates from $497,000, the vessel offers five-star accommodations for 12 guests in six cabins, with pampering from a crew of 20. Part of the refit included a full interior refresh by Italian interior designer Laura Pomponi, plus a major focus on wellness. That meant the construction of a new, state-of-the-art gym and spa, the assistance of a certified onboard trainer, a masseuse and beautician. After PBIBS, Nero will spend the winter in the Caribbean before returning to the Med for the summer season.

Ocean Alexander Puro 35P

60ft oyster yacht

Ocean Alexander is debuting the first of its new Puro superyacht series at PBIBS. The 113-foot Puro 35P comes from the drawing board of Italian designer Giorgio M. Cassetta and is a step back from the polarizing lines of OA’s recent Revolution and Explorer series with their bold, vertical bow designs. Aimed at long-distance cruising, the 35P can carry over 5,000 gallons of fuel and is powered by twin 2,000 hp MAN V12s for a 24-knot top speed. Twin 55kW Kohler generators can also keep the yacht powered at anchor for long periods. Other standout features include extensive glazing in the chiseled fiberglass hull, a forward deck plunge pool, and spacious accommodations for 10 guests. 

60ft oyster yacht

Think of it as the “starter” Sirena. Aimed at a younger demographic, the Turkish builder’s brand-new Sirena 48 is making its U.S. debut at PBIBS after a global reveal at last fall’s Cannes boat show. Such is its appeal that 27 hulls have already been sold, with 13 of the orders coming from North America. Looking like a scaled-down version of Sirena’s popular 58, its distinctive, trawler-style lines are from Argentinian designer Germán Frers. With more interior space than a typical 48-footer, the yacht offers three staterooms—plus a crew cabin—a spacious, light-filled salon, a large cockpit, an oversized flybridge, and a vast forward social area. Take your pick from twin 550 hp Cummins QSB, or 670 hp Volvo D11 turbo diesels. Or the builder is also offering hybrid power with twin 285 hp electric motors charged up by variable-speed generators that are good for a 30-mile battery-only range.

Feadship ‘Olympus’

60ft oyster yacht

Picture purchasing a classic 180-foot Feadship superyacht, and then getting a $10 million bill for a major refit. That was the case with Olympus , built by the Dutch masters at Feadship in 1996 to a design by Britain’s Andrew Winch and the celebrated naval architect Frits De Voogt. Sold in 2022, the new owner sent it to the Monaco Marine refit center in La Ciotat, France for a major makeover. It included overhauling the 2,600 hp Caterpillar engines and generators, repairs to the structure, substantial upgrades to the guest areas and crew quarters, and new paint throughout. With the work completed just last year, the vessel is said to be in mint condition. Offered jointly by brokers Fraser and Edmiston, Olympus has an asking price of $28.5 million. With accommodations for 16 guests in eight cabins, the boat’s highlights include two primary suites, tropical-spec air conditioning, and Palm Beach-chic decor.

Benetti ‘Triumph’

60ft oyster yacht

Italian yachting powerhouse Benetti is showing off its superyacht-building skills with the 213-foot Triumph . Delivered in 2021, this Giorgio M. Cassetta-designed steel-and-aluminum world girder features six decks, a 1,400-square-foot primary suite with outdoor terrace and adjoining lounge, a 750-square-foot beach club, and a touch-and-go helipad. What sets Triumph apart, however, is its lavish interior furnishings put together by the owner along with Benetti Interior Style and Monaco-based Green & Mingarelli Design. It includes pieces by French glassmaker Lalique, marble from Marfil, Statuario and Armani, furs, silk and wool carpets, plus a collection of cool black-and-white wildlife photographs by British fine art photographer David Yarrow. The pièce de résistance? That would be the owner’s Triumph Bonneville motorcycle displayed in the salon.

Fjord 39 XP/XL

60ft oyster yacht

Germany’s Fjord Yachts, part of the Hanse Group, has a new 39-foot day boat that it’s unveiling at the Palm Beach show. The 39 XP and XL keep all the bold design cues of the bigger Fjord 41 XP and XL, like a big, open cockpit, walkaround center console, vertical bow, mile-high windshield and stretched hardtop. As for the differences between the XP and XL, it’s all about power. The XL comes with a choice of twin 320hp Volvo D4 diesels, or bigger 440 hp D6 versions, both with Volvo stern drives. Likely more appealing to U.S. buyers will be the XP powered by twin 400 hp Mercury Verado V10 outboards giving a 50-knot top speed. Pricing starts at around $500,000.

Turquoise ‘Talisman C’

60ft oyster yacht

Chandeliers don’t come more dramatic than this. Cascading down the central spiral staircase of the Turkish-built, 231-foot superyacht Talisman C , this jaw-dropping piece of art comprises an array of multi-colored glass balls threaded on stainless-steel rods and illuminated by hanging fiber-optic strands. It’s the creation of Prague-based Crystal Caviar and is one of a number of glass installations on this sleek, low-profile superyacht. Built in 2011 by the Proteksan Turquoise shipyard, Talisman C was designed inside and out by London-based studio H2 Yacht Design, with naval architecture by Italy’s Hydro Tec. With cabins for 12 guests, one of its highlights is a huge primary suite, which boasts more crystal chandeliers and a private library. Twin 2,447 hp Caterpillar diesels give a top speed of 18 knots and a transatlantic range of 7,000 nautical miles at 12 knots. It’s listed with Burgess for $59.9 million. 

Sanlorenzo 44 ‘Kamakasa’

60ft oyster yacht

Delivered in 2020 and sold to a new buyer just last August, the 146-foot Sanlorenzo 44 Alloy Kamakasa will be for sale at PBIBS. The asking price, through the Italian Yacht Group, is $23.75 million. Lack of use might also be the issue here; the yacht’s twin 2,600 hp MTU V16 diesels have a mere 289 hours on the clock. Built in aluminum to a design by Rome-based Zuccon International Project, Kamakasa was the second hull in the Sanlorenzo 44 Alloy series. One of the top features is a primary suite that spans three levels and almost 1,600 square feet; it also comes with a private Jacuzzi, separate bathrooms, a walk-in closet, and a private study. The yacht’s lightweight construction and MTU power combine to deliver an impressive 20-knot top speed.

Bahama 41 GT2

60ft oyster yacht

As ultimate, reel-’em-in, fishing center consoles go, the Bahama 41 from West Palm Beach-based Bahama Boat Works is as hard-core as they come. But when owners kept asking for a little more comfort for the family, the builder responded. The result is the brand-new flagship 41 GT debuting at PBIBS. While the proven, wave-slicing hull stays the same, the cockpit layout is new. In place of the single bench seat, there are now three-across bucket seats with a second row behind. The wider console now has space for a pair of 22-inch Garmin screens, while the new extended hardtop features sun shades and even a rain shower. Outboard choices stay the same with either twin Mercury V12 600s, or four 400 hp Mercury V10s, good for a 65-knot-plus top speed. Pricing is from around $920,000.

Heesen ‘Book Ends’

60ft oyster yacht

Launched in 2022, this 164-foot Heesen is part of the Book Ends collection, owned by an American couple who have had more than 18 yachts with the same name. The exterior design of this Heesen was by Omega Architects, while Dutch studio Van Oossanen did the naval architecture. The yacht is part of Heesen’s fast cruising series, which is more efficient than other vessels its size, and can reach 23 knots at full speed with its MTU 16V 4000 M65L engines. The yacht is listed through Ocean Independence for 42 million Euro, or about $45.7 million.

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Coordinates of elektrostal in degrees and decimal minutes, utm coordinates of elektrostal, geographic coordinate systems.

WGS 84 coordinate reference system is the latest revision of the World Geodetic System, which is used in mapping and navigation, including GPS satellite navigation system (the Global Positioning System).

Geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) define a position on the Earth’s surface. Coordinates are angular units. The canonical form of latitude and longitude representation uses degrees (°), minutes (′), and seconds (″). GPS systems widely use coordinates in degrees and decimal minutes, or in decimal degrees.

Latitude varies from −90° to 90°. The latitude of the Equator is 0°; the latitude of the South Pole is −90°; the latitude of the North Pole is 90°. Positive latitude values correspond to the geographic locations north of the Equator (abbrev. N). Negative latitude values correspond to the geographic locations south of the Equator (abbrev. S).

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Elektrostal , Moscow Oblast, Russia


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    Explore other models. The Oyster 595 bluewater cruiser is a well-proportioned, versatile 60 foot sailboat. This luxury Ocean cruiser for sale features space for eight guests, customised build solutions and a shallow-draft keel option.

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    Oyster. Oyster is a yacht builder that currently has 76 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 4 new vessels and 72 used yachts, listed by experienced boat and yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Antigua and Barbuda. YachtWorld offers a diverse array of models, showcasing a ...

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    OYSTER 595. A well-proportioned, versatile 60 foot sailing yacht, offering customised build solutions and shallow-draft keel option. DISCOVER. OYSTER 675. A versatile sub 70 foot sailboat, the perfect combination of space and sailing capability, she can be sailed shorthanded or with crew. DISCOVER. OYSTER 745.

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    The Oyster 565's £1.5m price tag is steep, but it is comparable to similar-sized yachts from competitor brands and, unusually, comes with a very high standard spec. This includes hydraulic ...

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    Our sailing yacht brokers have sold over 900 pre-owned Oysters, from 26 to 100 feet, and have an extensive collection of Oysters for sale. We know these sailing yachts inside out and have access to the build files of every Oyster built since 1978, not to mention the designers, project managers and craftspeople who built them.

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    Explore the 60-foot Oyster 565 and take a look around 565-03 Akoya in this yacht walkthrough. See for yourself what makes her the perfect shorthanded cruiser...

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    The Oyster 565 has no limits: practical and well-provisioned for long distance sailing with excellent passage making speeds, she is equally happy cruising in coastal waters. Her powerful, easily-manageable sail plan means she is the ideal 60 foot sailboat for circumnavigation - five 565s will join the 2022-23 Oyster World Rally fleet.

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    The Oyster 495, European Yacht of the Year 2023. A new breed of 50 foot sailing yacht, delivering bluewater sailing performance, luxurious living space for six guest and shallow-draft keel option. ... The new Oyster 595, a 60 foot sailing yacht capable of great things. EXPLORE. Oyster 675. A versatile sub 70 foot sailboat designed for the ...

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    The Oyster 565 - where beauty meets efficiency. The semi-custom 565 builds on its predecessors' (the Oyster 56 and Oyster 575) strengths as a circumnavigation vessel. Her twin-rudder hull form provides a well-balanced steering system while facilitating two different layout and keel options. A high-performance sail plan comes as standard ...

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    Oyster attributes their success to the owner feedback as a central pillar to product development. In September, they are launching a 60-foot sailing yacht, the Oyster 595 that hits a sweet spot in the line up. Their new 60 foot sailing yacht is expected to be their most popular sailboat as it caters to all requirements.

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    The 60ft plus market represents only around 120 yachts worldwide per year, but according to Oyster CEO David Tydeman, there is a need for variety. "Where Beneteau likes the fact that we series ...

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    For superyacht shoppers, the Palm Beach International Boat Show, kicking off its four-day run this week, is set to break records with more than 60 yachts over 100 feet long on display. Last year ...

  21. Geographic coordinates of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    UTM or Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system divides the Earth's surface into 60 longitudinal zones. The coordinates of a location within each zone are defined as a planar coordinate pair related to the intersection of the equator and the zone's central meridian, and measured in meters.

  22. Elektrostal, Russia Weather Conditions

    Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 30%. Cloudy. High around 30F. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 mph. Variably cloudy with snow showers. Low 28F. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 60%. Snow ...

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    Moscow, Russia. Moscow is the capital and largest city of the Russian Federation. The city stands on the Moskva River in Central Russia, with a population estimated at 13.0 million residents within the city limits, over 18.8 million residents in the urban area, and over 21.5 million residents in the metropolitan area.