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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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Chrysler 22

One of just a few boats ever built by a car company, this trailer sailer still looks good today..

Chrysler 22

We’re still not sure if there’s a nationwide resurgence of interest in trailer sailers, but judging from the mail we receive, it certainly seems so. One of the used boats often mentioned is the Chrysler 22. It, like the 15′ Man O’War, 15′ Mutineer, 16′ 6″ Musketeer catamaran, 18′ Buccaneer and Chrysler 26 trailerable cruising sloop, were built by Chrysler Corporation’s Marine Products Group in Detroit, Michigan.

According to the BUC Research Used Boat Price Guide, Chrysler first offered recreational boats in 1957, building three aluminum runabouts and cruisers from 16′ to 21′. Its first fiberglass boat was the Caribbean 19′ cruiser in 1958. The Buccaneer was the first sailboat in the Chrysler line, introduced in 1971. The Chrysler 22 appeared in 1975. Just when Chrysler stopped building it is uncertain, but according to BUC, 1979 was the last year; we have not received information from readers owning boats built later than that, so perhaps ’79 was indeed the finale.

Two readers who responded to a 1995 appeal for information on Chrysler sailboat parts agreed that in the mid-80s Chrysler sold the molds and rights to the Starwind Division of Wellcraft Marine in Sarasota, Florida. Wellcraft is a large builder of powerboats. Starwind, according to one reader, “tooled up a more conventional deck mold and evidently sold some boats before it went under. That reader said a former Chrysler employee told him that the assets were purchased by a Brazilian-owned company in Florida which relocated back to Brazil. Another reader says that Wellcraft sold the molds and rights to Spindrift, which sold them to Rebel, which “was in the process of going out of business.” A third reader says it was produced for a time as the TMI 22 (Texas Marine International, which according to yet another source, bought the molds from Chrysler and in turn sold them to Wellcraft). No one seems to know where the molds are today.

The Chrysler 22 was designed by Halsey Herreshoff, now the city manager of Bristol, Rhode Island, the town where Nathaniel Herreshoff built so many great boats at the turn of the century. Halsey has designed a number of interesting boats, including the original hull for the Freedom 40.

The 22 was conceived as a trailer sailer with a swing keel that draws just 1′ 11″ up, though a fixed keel drawing 3′ 9″ also was available.

To maximize interior volume, the deck is more or less flush, though highly cambered. The deck fairs into the cockpit coaming, which leads cleanly into the backrests. There is a partial bridgedeck, unusual for a boat like this. The companionway widens at the coachroof to make cabin access more convenient. A pop top was optional, but these are always prone to leaking; a number of readers said they seldom use theirs.

Somewhat unusual is the inboard rudder, which pivots up for shallow water. There are numerous complaints about its sturdiness; and one reader said it is positioned too far forward.

The mast is mounted on a hinge and an early ad says there is a mast carrier to “make rigging simple.”

The boat displaces anywhere from 2,650 lbs. to 3,000 lbs. (depending on which brochure you believe), a bit heavier than most trailer sailers of this length. The Catalina 22, for example, displaces 1,850 lbs., the O’Day 22 and Venture 22 both 1,800 lbs. Ballast is 725 lbs., which is a lot of weight to carry in a swing keel.

Chrysler 22


The hull is of hand-laid fiberglass with a full inner liner. Foam flotation was standard. One owner said the core is Nomex; this is an aircraft honeycomb that achieved some notoriety for its use in the Stiletto 27 catamaran. Airex coring was reported by another owner. The owner of a 1977 model said the “deck has a brown water soluble glue throughout, that when it rains seeps into the cabin.”

While owners rate quality of construction as above average to excellent, a number of problems were cited in our questionnaires. These include leaks at the keel pivot pin, broken rudders (the original rudderstocks and cheeks were aluminum, the former being hollow; some have been replaced with stainless), weak spreaders, and poor quality turnbuckles.

One owner replaced the bulkheads, which seems like a rather extreme measure. “The factory bulkheads are probably strong enough,” he said, “but I replaced all of them with much heavier material.”

On the plus side, nearly all agree that the hull is heavily laid up, and that the spars are larger sections than one would expect on a boat of this size. Fittings were said to be of satisfactory quality. The trailer supplied by Chrysler is only adequate; a number of owners said it would be better to buy a heavier-duty trailer elsewhere. A double-axle trailer with brakes is recommended.

In the October 1, 1995 issue, we published under “Spare Parts” a source for some Chrysler parts, given to us by Hooper’s Yachts, 599 Manning Ave. S., Afton, MN 55001; 612/436-8795.

Bill Hooper said that his yard has worked on many Chrysler boats over the years, and has found some parts from Cardinal Yachts, Rte. 3, Box 1080, Gloucester, VA 23061.


Many owners report that light air performance is not exactly sparkling, attributing this to the boat’s relatively heavy displacement. The sail area/displacement ratio of 16.5 isn’t bad, however. In fact, owners spacious who bought larger genoas (up to 170%) report significant increases in sailing speeds.

In terms of stability, initial tenderness was a frequent comment, though ultimate stability was not a concern. The boat is claimed to be self-righting, even with the keel up. “Goes to about 22 degrees quickly, then stops. Cannot put rail under,” said one owner. The few owners of fixed keel models noted how much stiffer their boats are than the swing keel models.

To get the most out of the boat, owners suggest playing with the keel angle (which helps minimize weather helm) and installing the usual sail handling devices: larger boom vang, down haul, better quality traveler and so on. Several said that the keel was not faired particularly well, and that grinding it smooth and fair produces a noticeable improvement in performance.

The same was said about converting to mid-boom sheeting.

In summary, the boat performs best in moderate winds, and by using the various controls available, it will balance reasonably well and sail at average speeds.

Auxiliary power is furnished by an outboard mounted on the transom bracket. Models mentioned include Honda 5 and 10, Johnson 6 and 9.9, Seagull 5, Chrysler 6 and 10, and Evinrude 9.9., all long shafts. The separate, sealed tank compartment is much admired. Remote controls are regarded as a great convenience as well as a safety feature.

Chrysler 22

The basic plan provides for a V-berth forward, convertible dinette to port and a berth/settee to starboard, which may be occupied at times by the optional slide out galley. The $375 cost of the galley unit was considered overpriced by at least one respondent.

Some have made their own.

The partial bulkheads give a sense of spaciousness, which is important in a small boat with just sitting headroom. The centerboard trunk is not too tall, but does have an effect on moving around. A few owners said they thought that the cockpit suffered at the expense of the interior; the tiller extends to the bridgedeck, meaning that everybody in the cockpit will be in the way of the helmsman.

As mentioned earlier, there is a full inner liner or pan that predetermines the location and use of most spaces. Nevertheless, many owners report customizing the interior. Most often mentioned is the making of their own galley module. A few have raised the bridgedeck to the cockpit seat level. A few have upgraded the electrical panel.

The large V-berth is an attractive feature, and probably worth the absence of a private head (a portable toilet is located underneath). The sloping deck does diminish headroom forward, however.

Chrysler 22

The Chrysler 22 is still much admired for its clean lines and good looks. The option list, as with many small boats of its day, was long: pulpits and lifelines, galley and water tank, portable cooler, outboard bracket, toilet, curtains, backstay adjuster, running lights, mainsail cover, cushions, boom vang and more. Presumably, most used boats on the market today have these “accessories.”

We have always enjoyed customizing our boats, but do so with extreme caution, because when it comes time to sell (and every boat is sold sooner or later), it could be difficult finding a buyer who likes the reclino-lounge chair and navigation table you’ve installed in place of the dinette! We’d be wary of buying a boat with oddball “upgrades.”

The area of most concern with the Chrysler 22 is the rudder and rudderstock; if it still has the original hollow aluminum stock, we’d plan on replacing it. This probably will require some custom metalwork from a shop.

One should be able to buy a Chrysler 22 for somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000, depending on condition and equipment, the trailer and motor being the two most important pieces of extra gear. For an introduction to the joys of cruising, we think it’s one of the better mid-70s trailer sailers, though we’d also take a good look at a couple of other boats: the Tanzer 22 and O’Day 23.


Cardinal Yachts, Harry Sindle was building the Mutineer and Buccaneer in Ware Neck Virginia in the early 90’s I also saw a few Rhodes 22’s and Hamptons.

Does the Chrysler 22 have a drain plug? I’m looking at one that’s been sitting for several years, water about 6” over the floor.

1. Get a siphon hose placed low in the boat and draw out the water into the low end of the cockpit. 2. Get a half gallon plastic water pitcher. Sit inside the cabin with your feet in the water and begin bailing into the cockpit. 3. Get a small 12 volt bilge pump or baitwell pump and drop it into the water.

Hi All, I bought a C-22 a few years ago, the water in the bottom was from the swing keel fittings leaking. I would recommend replacing the fittings and pin, don’t worry the fittings are made of pipe flange & fittings. Also to prevent keel klunk and the keel wearing thru the hull i used a nylon cutting board to fill the gap on each side of the swing pin. using 3M 4200 adhesive its worked fine. the adhesive needs to be used once its opened so have everything cut and fitted. I just got on this site today, our long winter at lake Superior has tested my patience……I’ve also started a u-tube channel with some random vidieos, I promise to have more instructional vidieos this year including the sail pack and new solar panel installation i made “Sailing Lake Superior George Kramer”

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Buccaneer 220

The buccaneer 220 is a 22.5ft fractional sloop designed by gary mull and built in fiberglass by bayliner (buccaneer/us yachts) since 1978..

The Buccaneer 220 is a light sailboat which is a good performer. It is stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a day-boat.

Buccaneer 220 sailboat under sail

Buccaneer 220 for sale elsewhere on the web:

buccaneer 22 sailboat

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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Builder data, other photos.

buccaneer 22 sailboat

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

Published on July 30th, 2020 | by Editor

Why I prefer the Buccaneer

Published on July 30th, 2020 by Editor -->

Harry Sindle was a designer, boat builder and champion dinghy sailor. In the Flying Dutchman Class he is 6-time US National Champion, Gold Medal winner at the 1959 Pan Am games, and US Olympic representative in 1960.

Sindle was also is a 3-time National Champion in the 18-foot Buccaneer class , which was designed in 1966 and includes similar stylings to the 20-foot Flying Dutchman. The Buc continues on today, and while the class is small in numbers, it’s not for a lack of love. Here’s how Sindle described the boat:

I first sailed the Buccaneer in 1984 when Gloucester Yachts, a company I was managing at the time, purchased the Buccaneer molds from Wellcraft (Starwinds). I had long admired the boat over the years, so when we the chance to make them I was very pleased.

A few years later, when I was no longer with Gloucester Yachts, I thought enough of the Buc to buy the molds so I could continue my association with the boat and the class.

buccaneer 22 sailboat

I have sailed, raced, built, or owned most of the similar sized boats that are being sailed today. Therefore my opinion regarding the Buc may have merit.

Some of the more popular monohulls in the 14- to 20-foot range with which I have had personal sailing experience include the Albacore, Comet, Thistle, Lightening, Flying Dutchman, Mobjack, Hampton, Finn, Jet 14, Mutineer, Windmill, Highlander, International 14, Snipe, Laser, and 5O5.

Of all the boats I’ve sailed, the Buccaneer represents the best and most sensible design which is suitable for both day sailing and racing. While not a beginner’s boat, it is forgiving enough so that one quickly becomes comfortable with it. At the same time, it is a good enough performer so one doesn’t tire of it.

It is a fine daysailer, with its comfortable cockpit arrangement and roller furling jib. It is also easy to race by two people with its spinnaker launcher, sensible-size jib, and well-designed hull.

Finally, it is a very attractive design, with its contemporary styling, rakish boat, and well-balanced sailplan. And who wants a boat that is not pretty to look at.

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Tags: Buccaneer 18 , Harry Sindle

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

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Anyone familiar with Bucaneer boat

  • Thread starter sailaway78
  • Start date Jun 17, 2008
  • Forums for All Owners
  • Ask All Sailors


I have become friends with a guy who is looking for a boat. He first called about my old S2, which was already gone. Has found a Bucaneer 30, which looks pretty good in the pics, and has a ton of equipment. Anyone have any experience with or know anything about build quality on these boats. Seems to me that it was built by Bayliner, who bought out Chrysler. But I have now developed CRS, and just don't remember.  

sailortonyb Allied Mis

sailortonyb Allied Mis

I too have been diagnosed with CRS If its the boat I am thinking about, it is not a well built boat and looks kinda like an easter egg. If there are any bucaneer owners out there, I sure hope I am remembering the wrong boat. Reminds me of a joke. A guy walks into a psychiatrist's office dressed like a pirate. You know, the hat, the eye patch, the whole deal. Anyway, the psychiatrist asks him "And what are you supposed to be?". The man replies "I'm a pirate". The psychiatrist then asks "If you are a pirate , where are your bucaneers?" and the man replies "right under my buckin' hat" Tony B  


Chrysler maybe I think the Buccaneer sailboats were built by Chrysler. I have no idea whether this is K-car famed Chrysler or not. Seems to me that maybe they had this grand plan of building boats and installing inboard motors (yeah, its got a hemi!) and then branched into sailboats.  

Rick D

Memories.... Yes: Chrysler made a Buccaneer. It was a day sailor. I had one. Bayliner made a line of Buccaneer sailboats in two generations. The first were big trailerable boats. They had max interior room and and a shoal keel. They did look a little inflated, but probably had an undeserved rap as to quality. Mostly it was about looks and pointing ability (pointing like a blimp). However, the 30-ish models were a whole different ballgame as with most manufacturers and should not be thought of the same way as the trailerables as they had a whole different design objective, even if there was a family resemblance. Then, there was a second generation of Buccaneers which had IOR hulls of a then-contemporary design. They were reasonably fast even with the IOR pinched ends and were a hansom boat of the era. At least, that's what I think I remember. Rick D.  

This boat is This boat is a 1977 Bucaneer 305. Says it is a Bill Garden design.  

Check Yahoo Images ...there is a line drawing and a couple for sale with photos. Looks like a decent enough boat with a decent enough builder but looks best suited to shoal water given the smallish keel and rudder.  

Joseph Shirley

Joseph Shirley

The Buccaneer 30 that I knew was not the one with the IOR pinched ends and it was a terrible performer. It was under canvassed, slow, tender, and quick to round up in a breeze. It had a lot of headroom and nice accommodations but even under power it had a lot of freeboard. We had one in my club owned by an old couple who would only come down and sit on it. He wanted a sailboat and she didn't want to sail so they never went anywhere. If I remember correctly they have a shoal draft keel that was placed well aft. I think they were designed with a large lee helm to balance the weather couple which tended to produce weather helm and round them up. If your friend wants a boat that sails reasonably well, to have some sailing fun with, I would say don't buy it. Good Luck Joe S  


How much$ I owned a Buccaneer 21 for about 10 years back in the 80's. I sailed it only on the bay. I remember for it's size it had a huge amount of room inside (bigger than some 25 footers). It was a heavy boat which I liked, it could handle the weather on the bay. Agreed it wasn't the best sailing boat but it served my needs at the time. I thought it was put together pretty well, I never had any problems. If your friend is getting it dirt cheap and has no plans to race, it might be a good buy. But remember if he wants to move up it will be a hard boat to sell.  


Bayliner Buccaneer Bayliner began building sail boats during the gas crunch of the 70's. The first models were 'Butt' ugly (lots of windows, and looked like a power boat morphed into a sail boat). Their designs eventually evolved into the IOR design mentioned by Rick, and were eventually bought by US Yachts who produced them into the 80's. I always liked the look of the US Yachts 25. The Buccaneer's had typical Bayliner quality.  

Buccaneer 18 Let's not forget the Buccaneer 18, a super fast planing hull daysailor made by Chrysler. I had one for my first boat. They also made a 15 foot version. I think it was called the Privateer.  


Run Away Run away, fast, don't look back.  


horrid boat...It's a big floating Clorox bottle nm  

never seen a clorox bottle sail... I don't know about the buccaneers...but having had my boat analogized to a clorox bottle, even though it outsails many other more expensive production boats in most conditions (5-15 winds; and does pretty damn good after that reefed)), has gotten me to many a beautiful anchorage and has been so good to me I will be a sailor for the rest of my life...I have become a bit vigilant in busting this absurd, innapropriate, exaggerated at best analogy.  


bio, it's real simple It's not necessarily the boat, it's the sailor. I know folks that could sail a bar of soap and win. It's the same with any machinery, some have, some don't. I will agree, the Bayliner Buccaneer is NOT my cup of tea but then, neither are a few boats.  

The Buccaneer This is a dog with fleas. Short stumpy mast: too shallow draft: too much freeboard: Linolium on the floors. Made by Bayliner. Later on they made a line of IOR boats called US yachts that were better. They sold the molds to pearson sometime in the mid 80`s Avoid the buc.  

Chris Burti

Chris Burti

even ugly babies... ...are loved by somebody... Information abounds...From the 48 Degrees North website, I quote: Bayliner/U.S. Yacht Website Please advise your readers that information on the Bayliner Buccaneer and U.S. Yacht series of sailboats is available at a non-commercial website. The address is www.geocities.com/buccaneersailboats. While everyone may have different priorities (speed, handling vs. floating condo) and different budgets, we all love the water. The website features specs, photos, projects, and a registry where viewers can read comments, both good and bad, by the people who own and sail Buccaneers. As a 285 owner, I enjoy the roominess of a center cockpit, the safety, reliability and economy of a diesel, and the creature comforts of a larger boat, in a vessel that is easily financially accessable. Sure, I may not be the first one around the marks on race day, but when I am anchored off that beautiful secluded beach, I may be the only one. With a draft of three feet I can get to the unspoiled treasures of skinny water that most guys can't. I would be happy to include a link to your magazine. It is a joy to read. I would appricate a reciprocal link in your associations section for the Bayliner Buccaneer. Fair winds, Jollymon Jeff, Webmaster Buccaneer's Homeport  


I followed the link... ...in the previous post and it contains a Practical Sailor review of the 295 and 305. Based upon perusing that, I'd say that the prospective owner should be aware that the hull to deck joint bears close inspection as it is secured with screws every six inches and not through bolted. My last boat, a Lancer 25, was constructed in this fashion and a previous owner had obviously done some work on it...probably removing the toe rail, re-sealing (leaking is a big issue with a weak joint), and then resecuring it. In some cases, it was obvious that larger screws had been used. The aft keel placement is odd, but the four foot draft isn't too unusual for a shoal draft boat. My Lancer had an odd wide keel that you actually walked inside when you were in the cabin. The prospective owner just has to accept that he is going to point a little less closely to the wind that everybody else. Is that the end of the world? It depends. For the price ($1000) I was very happy with my Lancer, but I kind of outgrew her. The limited cabin space was a big issue that your friend won't face as the 305 is quite roomy. Was the upwind performance frustrating? Yes, but it equated to probably one bout of frustration every other year. Once I tried to tack out of the harbor directly into the wind with very limited success. I ultimately gave up. The other times were mostly in light air, but hey, I was / am fairly inexperienced. As someone said, some people could sail a bar of soap better than others could sail a J105. I'd say that if the price is right, she is well equiped and the survey is pretty clean...go for it...but recognize that resale will be more challenging than for more popular models. My approach was a little different. I really wanted a keeper this time. Something built well enough to restore and sail until I wear out the hull. I was amazed at how poorly maintained many 30 footers in the 10-15K range were so I ended up spending more money in the hopes of avoiding major repairs. What I learned is that a good deal is a different thing to different people. Bob  

Pretttty funnnnny tony under me buckin t'ree pinter mate! Yeah, dunno much but had one for a neighbor for a couple years in Gas House Cove SF. A bit of a drinker, the fellow had this Bucaneer up for ssil for several years. He would charge folks 75.00 ( I think) for "testing" her out and would do many of his tests per day as he would get backpacker touristas from the international hostel up the hill interested in 'buying' his Buccaneer. I remember it being a very roomy livaboard for him, had a nice bar, chess set and was a really fun kinda colorful character and spoke seereeusly of his tests too. Not much of a race/sailboat but okay to have fun in the bay with, and why knot hey? I am agreeing with bffcat, still....all of us are entitled to have fun sailing the bay, even non-sailors who cannot afford a Hansy or a Hylas.  

Capt Ron!!! How you be? I'm offshore this week, at work. Have some spare time to play on internet, but not a lot. I know you have crossed the gulf a time or two, have you ever been over Mississipppi Canyon? Lots of very very large sea life here. Tony B  

about the 305 1977 bucaneer hi my name is monte and I'm the guy who was thinking of this buccaneer I found on ablboats.com. the boat is loaded and very roomy and everything Iv'e wanted. I'm not that big on looks as long as comfort and most of all dependable. The picture of the boat makes a guy wonder the way the rudder has a 3 inch gap. The people are the original owners and lived on it for 22 years in the bahamma's. So what do you think sir?  

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  • Sailboat Guide

US 22 is a 22 ′ 0 ″ / 6.7 m monohull sailboat designed by Gary Mull and built by Bayliner (Buccaneer/US Yachts) starting in 1979.

Drawing of US 22

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

Similar to the BUCCANEER 220. Derived from the RANGER 22. Later it became the TRITON 22 (built by Pearson Yachts). Available with a fixed keel, (deep and shoal), as well as a swing keel version.

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

Buccaneer 220

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buccaneer 22 sailboat

Bayliner Buccaneer Boats for sale

1980 Bayliner Buccaneer 220

1980 Bayliner Buccaneer 220

Chesapeake City, Maryland

Make Bayliner

Model Buccaneer 220

Category Daysailer Sailboats

Posted Over 1 Month

1980 Bayliner Buccaneer 220 Nice compact daysailer. Good first timer boat.

1980 Bayliner Buccaneer 220

Category Sailboats

1979 Bayliner 210 Buccaneer

1979 Bayliner 210 Buccaneer

1979 Bayliner 210 Buccaneer Old Lady needs someone to love her.  Bent Mast, Dirty, shallow draft. sails may be inside.  Come take a look.  Cash Talks, could be the one for you.

1975 Bayliner Buccaneer

1975 Bayliner Buccaneer

Hilliard, Ohio

Private Seller (614) 625-5972 Photos Photo 3 Photo 4 Close Request Information * Name First Name * Email Telephone (optional) Best Time to Contact Anytime Morning Mid-day Evening Question/Comments (optional) Shop Safely: Protect Your Money. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Contact Seller 1975 Bayliner Buccaneer, 1975 Bayliner Buccaneer 22' Sailboat - Beautifully Restored - 9.8 hp Mercury (1984) 2-stroke outboard motor w/ new impeller & rebuilt carburetor - runs great; EZ Loader Trailer w/ new tires; Exterior: 5 coats of Interlux InterProtect 2000E Epoxy Primer plus 3 coats of Anti-fouling Paint below waterline; Easy to Sail (and very safe, even in high winds); shallow draft (30"); depth/fish finder; illuminated compass; Head & Main Sails are in perfect condition; RESTORED interior is better than original w/ beautiful cedar finished in high gloss; all new electrical wiring & light fixtures, new AM/FM CD Stereo System, new marine Uniden CB Radio w/weather channel, new wind vane, new upholstery; new windows; new vinyl floor; new battery & switch panel, new fire extinguisher; Hand bilge pump & Electric bilge pump; swim ladder; anchor; 6 life jackets; working sink and portable head; sleeping berths; lots of storage. Easy mast raising equipment included. I am willing to help launch the boat for the first time if done within 200 miles of Columbus, OH. The details can be determined at the time of sale. $5000, 6146255972 Be sure: Get a boat history report|Finance this boat|Get an insurance quote|



Foristell, Missouri


1979 Bayliner Buccaneer 335 Special Edition

1979 Bayliner Buccaneer 335 Special Edition

Port Hueneme, California

Private Seller (805) 816-9554 Photos Close Request Information * Name First Name * Email Telephone (optional) Best Time to Contact Anytime Morning Mid-day Evening Question/Comments (optional) Shop Safely: Protect Your Money. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Contact Seller 1979 Bayliner Buccaneer 335 Special Edition,Freshly renovated in 2012. Lightly and respectfully used by couple. Complete Raymarine C-90 Multi Radar, Multi Sonar, Fish Finder, Navigation out to 1200 miles Autopilot with hand held palm controller. Under water lighting, Insight Stereo system with indoor/outdoor controls, speakers, and remote. Stern mounted single pole tower with outdoor lighting in cockpit. Completely rebuilt Volvo/Penta Diesel Engine, 30 H.P. with 20 hours. Brass collapsing prop. $29000.00, 8058169554 Be sure: Get a boat history report|Finance this boat|Get an insurance quote|

1977 classic bayliner buccaneer 200 , complete everything needed to sail

1977 classic bayliner buccaneer 200 , complete everything needed to sail

Glendale, Arizona

Solid boat ready and complete, porta potty toilet, sink, cushions in good condition, sails and rigging in very good condition,auto pilot, Tires and trailer in good condition, trailer lights work, charcoal ss grill,good battery, deck compass, anchor Have all paperwork, title and tags, boat tow easy and trailer in good condition Hull solid, ready for lake camping or ocean, 2 inch hitch and exstended toung. Located in glendale AZ 85303 for shipping Dan 623-203-1952 $2500.00

Sailboat for sale

Sailboat for sale

Layton, Utah

1976 Buccaneer Bayliner 270 Sailboat.24 ftnew top rig.New anti-fallowing paint underside.Aft stay,fore stay and side stay.Garmin navigation, updated vhf radio. Window coverings .Inside cabin equipped with table, refrigerator,sink and bed.Clean and ready to sail.Make offer and call Scott 801 928 3326.

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2017 Sun Tracker 20DLX

2017 Sun Tracker 20DLX

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2015 Sea Hunt Ultra 235

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2017 Boston Whaler 230 Vantage

2017 Boston Whaler 230 Vantage

Addison, TX

2019 Godfrey 255 SDB

2019 Godfrey 255 SDB

Huntsville, AL

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2019 Malibu Wakesetter 22 LSV

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Buccaneer 18 vs Mutineer 15

  • Add to quote

Have a chance to purchase either a Buccaneer 18 or Mutineer 15. Both Chrysler boats. Can't decide pros and cons of each. They even share regattas! Which would you choose and why?  

The choice depends on how you want to use the boat. For racing, go with the Buc. And hold on!!!! The boat has a well earned rep for being a handful. And it is FAST!!! That said, its smaller sibling is no slouch. The Mutineer is not the handfull that the Buccaneer is. Of course it's not as fast, and it's tamer nature, IMO, makes it a better daysailer. Especially if you are sailing with kids or non sailing Significant Others. You know, where trying to scare the crap out of them isn't the goal. The class association for the Mutineer seems to be more active, better organized, and all around a better resource. If one of the boats has a more active fleet nearby that would weigh heavily if i was going to race the boat.  

I have a Mutineer. Easy to single-hand, once set up, I have fit 4 adults in mine (tight squeeze). The Bucc's are 3' longer. There are a few other differences, but basically, they are the same boat, just different sizes. Both share lots of parts.  

buccaneer 22 sailboat

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Washington Commanders


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Game information, injury report, find tickets, 2023 nfc east standings, 2023 nfc south standings, how the chargers viral 2024 schedule release came to life, all eyes are on broncos rookie quarterback bo nix, will saints have first-rounder taliese fuaga switch position.

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Ranking all 32 NFL schedule release videos: Eagles shine while Chargers impress again

On what is one of the most unique days on the league calendar, the NFL schedule release is the chance for social media staffs to flex their creative muscles.

Last year, the Los Angeles Chargers’ anime-inspired trailer and Tennessee Titans’ quizzing of Broadway passersby stole headlines.

Staffs didn’t disappoint this year on Wednesday. Philadelphia Eagles fans showed how unhinged they really are, the Dallas Cowboys were in a pranking mood, the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs both used hydraulic presses and the Chargers and Titans impressed again. There were plenty of other elaborate skits, celebrity cameos, funny references, friendly and not-so-friendly banter and more.


It’s only right The Athletic ranks the best schedule releases once again , this time with the help of writers Joe Rexrode and Josh Kendall.

Which team took the No. 1 spot for 2024? Let’s get to the list.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles punched all the right buttons — swatting at opponents throughout and acknowledging their own warts. Comparing the Commanders logo to a taco holder and two L’s was a nice touch, but the (possibly drunk?) Santa put this one over the top. Bonus points for presenting the schedule clearly and chronologically. — Kendall

Eagles fans: slightly unhinged @Ticketmaster | #FlyEaglesFly pic.twitter.com/RxEDJ8xlQX — Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) May 16, 2024

2. Los Angeles Chargers

An absolute masterpiece. There are so many good jokes packed into three minutes, you need to watch this several times to absorb them all. And you’ll actually want to watch it several times! It’s like a Quentin Tarantino movie, but in “The Sims” animation. The quick work to insert Harrison Butker , homemaker? Brilliant. — Rexrode

should we REALLY make our schedule release video in the sims? yes          yes          yesyes yesyes    yes      yes         yes yes  yes  yes     yes           yes yes    yesyes     yes           yes yes      yesye      yes        yes yes          yes           yesyes pic.twitter.com/MXzfAPyhe8 — Los Angeles Chargers (@chargers) May 16, 2024

3. Indianapolis Colts

These don’t all have to be snarky, right? The Colts lean into cute kids and good, wholesome fun when Shane Steichen and three players show up to help Mrs. Cook’s class solve the tough defense that is helping Mrs. Tamborini’s class dominate at recess. The glazed look when Steichen starts talking about reading the safety is precious. Anthony Richardson called out for copying? Good stuff. But where’s the payoff? Did they get their deep shot in on Suzy, the cornerback who squats on short routes? Wait until next year, I guess. — Rexrode

Drawn up to perfection. 🖍️ 📺 2024 Schedule Release on NFLN pic.twitter.com/iajAkYCJCZ — Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) May 16, 2024

4. Tennessee Titans

Last year’s undisputed champ, with folks on Nashville’s Broadway incorrectly identifying team logos in comical ways, goes back to the well with one of those folks as this year’s interviewer. It’s not a great sequel, it’s not “Godfather II.” But it’s not “Caddyshack II,” either. It’s good, especially the continued confusion over the Jaguars logo. Let’s call it “Shrek 2.” — Rexrode

Back on Broadway with some help from a friend 🤣 2024 Titans Schedule Release presented by @shift4 📺: 2024 NFL Schedule release on @nflnetwork & ESPN2 pic.twitter.com/n4EN6DmC6t — Tennessee Titans (@Titans) May 16, 2024

5. New England Patriots

You’re forgiven if you’ve got Gronk/Julian Edelman fatigue at this point, but they’ve cleaned up the language from the Tom Brady roast and — surprise! — they’re actually funnier this way. Movie parodies can fall flat, but this take on “Good Will Hunting” induces some chuckles. Also, Gronk may actually be a better actor than Ben Affleck. — Rexrode

Do you like schedules? pic.twitter.com/xxNTeCxFvv — New England Patriots (@Patriots) May 16, 2024

6. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta took it to the streets in a couple of senses. The Falcons modeled their video after the early 2000s video game NFL Street and also went bare knuckles with a few jabs. Top shots ranked: 1. The David Tepper water cup. 2. The Aints/ Kirk Cousins “You Like Dat” sign. 3. Suggesting Deion Sanders is the best football coach in the state of Colorado. (Hello, old friend Sean Payton.) — Kendall

ATL Streets Vol. ’24 @NFL Schedule Release @NFLNetwork | NFL+ pic.twitter.com/Co46Sbhec8 — Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) May 16, 2024

7. Chicago Bears

The new-look Bears got Jake Johnson to narrate a Chicago-centric storyline, and Chicago got lots of player participation. If there is a quibble, it was a bit TLDR. Caleb Williams stepping off the school bus at the end saved it, though. — Kendall

The season moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. pic.twitter.com/MpXMPEcTD6 — Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) May 16, 2024

8. Pittsburgh Steelers

This was a great idea, conveying each opponent in the form of a Dad joke and trying to get stone-faced, intimidating James “Deebo” Harrison to laugh. Simple, creative and funny. Also, it turns out to be a PR master class — Russell Wilson actually comes off as likable! — Rexrode

No joke. Our 2024 schedule is here. @laurelhighlands | @jharrison9292 | 📺: Schedule release coverage on NFLN pic.twitter.com/okiDg2L4XR — Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) May 16, 2024

9. Detroit Lions

This was good but just missed something special. Sort of like the Lions’ 2023 season, if we’re being honest. Detroit gets points for understanding that just putting likable people on the camera is half the battle. It loses points for not making a fourth-down joke. It was right there, guys. — Kendall

We hired a couple Detroiters to help us unveil this year’s schedule @ticketmaster pic.twitter.com/5DpHhcqp7X — Detroit Lions (@Lions) May 16, 2024

10. Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen may have a future in acting. Perhaps he’s getting some help from girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld, but whatever it is, he’s got some nice subtle moments of humor in this take on Chris Pratt’s character in the vastly underrated show “Parks and Recreation.” For those who don’t know that show, this might just seem weird. — Rexrode

It’s a simple life for @JoshAllenQB across the street. @Ticketmaster | #BillsMafia pic.twitter.com/PEgQEzzOL3 — Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) May 16, 2024

11. Dallas Cowboys

An original idea that just didn’t quite hit. Cowboys legends prank-called people affiliated with their opponents. Some were funny, some were confused and some just sort of sat there. National championship basketball coach and devoted Philly fan Dawn Staley’s “Yuck” was the highlight of this one. — Kendall

🎶 The Cowboys called, seen you on Facetime 🎶 We prank called our opponents' fans for our 2024 schedule release 📲 Get @SeatGeek 🎟️s now: https://t.co/BAuSp2okCF pic.twitter.com/ZhSvFVXp39 — Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) May 16, 2024

12. Cleveland Browns

Here’s another nod to another great ’90s movie, “The Big Lebowski” — Gen X, this is your year for NFL schedule releases! — though it’s not as faithful to the original as the Pats were to “Good Will Hunting.” Still, you’ve got to like “The Big Stefanski” poster and the Terrible Towels used to clean bowling balls. All capped with an amusingly awkward cameo from bowling legend Pete Weber. — Rexrode

hate us or love us, you'll watch 🎳 2024 schedule release. pic.twitter.com/TN3mCo5LGr — Cleveland Browns (@Browns) May 16, 2024

13. Baltimore Ravens

Comedian Stavros Halkias has some funny moments in this coast-to-coast adventure, and some that may be a bit graphic for young viewers — do we really need the back tattoo shot or the excessive talking with food in the mouth? Still, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” slaps. And we learn that John Harbaugh is better and less awkward than Jim Harbaugh as an actor. As in most things. — Rexrode

There was only one man Harbs trusted for the job… @stavvybaby @SeatGeek | 📺: @nflnetwork pic.twitter.com/3a9OfunYK0 — Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) May 16, 2024

14. Minnesota Vikings

Short and sweet at 1:41, but the Steve Job-sy iPhone reveal copycat is a little played out. The Vikings do get credit for presenting the schedule in a readable and understandable form. — Kendall

The next generation of #Vikings schedules is here! https://t.co/UeiFxRs60a pic.twitter.com/RTpkaEmlLF — Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) May 16, 2024

15. Washington Commanders

Why is the Cake or Not Cake thing so fascinating? It feels like they left a cupcake joke on the table somewhere, but the premise still worked. The cat joke worked, but let’s call it a day on the Will Levis -mayo jokes, huh? A nice tight 2:22 was a bonus. — Kendall

Whipped up something sweet for schedule release 🎂 🎟️ https://t.co/1MtIrnqvuP | @SeatGeek | 📺 @nflnetwork pic.twitter.com/KaDZZkSeBz — Washington Commanders (@Commanders) May 16, 2024

16. Miami Dolphins

Work smarter, not harder. Amid productions of more than 5 minutes that were 3 minutes too long, the brevity here is refreshing . — Rexrode

17. Green Bay Packers

So much of these videos is about the target audience. The television being moved into the room on a pushcart and the actual VCR cassette really speaks to the (upper) middle-age NFL fans out there. The Packers get points for keeping that theme throughout with a lot of things old(er) folks could recognize. Also, “I believed in Jordan Love the whole time” is a good line. — Kendall

18. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals went the Colts route , getting the kids involved, but did we need to shrink one and kick him through a goal post? Did we need to hit one in the face with a guitar and one with a metal bar? Also, do kids actually spell this poorly? Egals? Raydurs? “No kids were harmed in the making of this schedule release,” said the disclaimer at the end, which is true if we’re not trying to teach them to be funny. — Rexrode


NFL's best and worst prime-time matchups, top revenge games and more from 2024 schedule

19. Carolina Panthers

This one could have been just rookie wide receiver Xavier Legette monologuing the phone book, but it was a clear and funny theme and the players genuinely seemed to get a kick out of it, which is a big plus. — Kendall

20. New York Jets

This is one of those videos that seemed to have great potential. The talent was there, the guys from AreYouKiddingTV setting up a park scenario to get passersby in hilarious situations. And then it just kind of fell flat. It just sort of happened. Not unlike the Jets’ 2023 season. — Rexrode

21. Houston Texans

You’ve got to feel for the social media teams of the Texans and Chiefs when they found out they weren’t the only ones using a hydraulic press to smash things that represent the opponents on the schedule. The Texans get the nod because they switched to a bulldozer to destroy a table representing Bills Mafia. That’s much better than Kansas City’s gross chicken wings annihilation. — Rexrode

22. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks get most of their credit for a lot of cool art they released in conjunction with the video , but the release itself was pretty standard. Devon Witherspoon has some potential in front of the camera but needs some seasoning. — Kendall

23. New Orleans Saints

How did we get only one real AI reference ? You would have made a lot betting the under on that. This one, though, would have been better if they actually had let the computer do all the work. — Kendall

24. Los Angeles Rams

The graphics department put in a lot of work on this one and the final product looked cool, but the zero participation from anyone in the organization suggests all the Rams were still in the draft house sleeping off draft season. — Kendall

25. Denver Broncos

The concept is fun: Formula One star Lewis Hamilton trying various foods that represent Broncos opponents and reacting to them. But an English guy grossed out by gumbo and peach cobbler? And calling grits “prison food” and “dog puke”? You people eat baked beans with breakfast! You have a dish called “bangers and mash!” Join us now, lovers of Southern food: “U-S-A! U-S-A!” — Rexrode

26. San Francisco 49ers

Rita Oak’s drawings are always a nice touch. But what happened here? Did they just want to ride on Nick Bosa ’s boat?  — Kendall

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

Some cool animation and graphics here , but it’s time the Jags’ social media team started noticing how often the Jags are the butt of jokes — the Titans’ social media team is making a living off you — and responded. The high road has its limitations. Let’s put some snark into this next year, eh? — Rexrode

28. Kansas City Chiefs

Was anyone else bothered by the mangling of the cute little pony figurine representing the Denver Broncos? Also, please tell me that was a pile of Tootsie Rolls representing the Cleveland Browns. — Rexrode

29. New York Giants

The gag, apparently, was that the Giants were making fun of the whole concept and just didn’t even try to make a schedule video. The end result was about as successful as those uniforms they unveiled online Thursday . — Kendall

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Did the Bucs read the assignment? We’re here to make fun of other people and have cool graphics. Tampa Bay put together a really pretty 5:28 video that highlighted some really talented local artists. It would have done well at the Greater Tampa Short Film awards, but it missed this target. — Kendall


NFL schedule 2024 winners and losers: Caleb Williams has chance to thrive; Jets face treacherous slate

31. Las Vegas Raiders

Hey. Raiders? We don’t need dramatic hype videos . “No gimmicks” is what you tweeted with this thing, but it’s not gimmicky to be creative. You’ve got one playoff appearance in the past six seasons. Maybe try something different. Like having some fun. — Rexrode

32. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals fall in the same category as the Bucs , but they didn’t do it as well. This one wouldn’t have played at the Greater Phoenix Short Film festival. — Kendall

(Illustration: Sean Reilly / The Athletic ; Photos: Skip Bolen / Getty Images for PBA; Cooper Neill / Getty Images; Lionel Hahn / Getty Images for Stagwell)

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  2. Bayliner Buccaneer 22 sailboat for sale

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  4. Buccaneer 22'

    buccaneer 22 sailboat

  5. Chrysler Buccaneer sailboat for sale in Michigan

    buccaneer 22 sailboat

  6. 1978 Bayliner Buccaneer 220 sailboat for sale in North Carolina

    buccaneer 22 sailboat


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  1. BUCCANEER 220

    22.00 ft / 6.71 m: LWL: ... (Buccaneer/US Yachts) Related Sailboats: RANGER 22 : US 22 : Download Boat Record: ... it will vary with the weights of fuel, water, stores and equipment. A boat's actual draft is usually somewhat more than the original designed or advertised draft. For boats with adjustable keels (centerboards, daggerboards ...

  2. Chrysler 22

    The Buccaneer was the first sailboat in the Chrysler line, introduced in 1971. The Chrysler 22 appeared in 1975. Just when Chrysler stopped building it is uncertain, but according to BUC, 1979 was the last year; we have not received information from readers owning boats built later than that, so perhaps '79 was indeed the finale.

  3. bayliner buccaneer sailboats homepage

    There are Buccaneers and then there are Bucaneers. Some are at least designs from recognized and well regarded designers. The 305 (Bill Garden), the 22 and 25 (they became the US22/US 25 -Gary Mull designs) and the 295 and 33 (Doug Peterson) at least have decent pedigrees. The shoal draft/high freeboard 21/24/etc are simply scary boats (IMO of ...

  4. US Yachts US 22

    The US Yachts US 22 is an American trailerable sailboat, that was designed by Gary Mull and first built in 1979.. The US 22 is a development of the 1977 Ranger 22 and the Buccaneer 220 of 1978, both Mull designs. The US 22 design was later developed into the Triton 22 and built by Pearson Yachts starting in 1985.

  5. Buccaneer 220

    Buccaneer 220 is a 22′ 6″ / 6.9 m monohull sailboat designed by Gary Mull and built by Bayliner (Buccaneer/US Yachts) starting in 1978. ... The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more. Formula. D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³ D: Displacement of the boat in pounds ...

  6. Buccaneer 220

    The Buccaneer 220 is a 22.5ft fractional sloop designed by Gary Mull and built in fiberglass by Bayliner (Buccaneer/US Yachts) since 1978. The Buccaneer 220 is a light sailboat which is a good performer. It is stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a day-boat.

  7. Chrysler sailboats for sale by owner.

    Chrysler preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Chrysler used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. ... Chrysler Marine Buccaneer Sold: Length: 18' Beam: 6' Draft: 1' Year: 1970: Type: daysailer: Hull: fiberglass monohull: ... 22'6' Catalina 22 New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor, Louisiana Asking $4,500.

  8. Bock Buccaneer 22

    Has anybody seen a Bock Buccaneer 22 foot sailboat? Do you know where it is? I used to own one. There are two pictures attached. One was taken in the late 1960's sailing on the Bay of Green Bay. The second picture was taken after I modified the cabin, and painted it white. I sold it around 2000-2001. I am looking for it if it is still around.

  9. Why I prefer the Buccaneer

    Why I prefer the Buccaneer. Published on July 30th, 2020. Harry Sindle was a designer, boat builder and champion dinghy sailor. In the Flying Dutchman Class he is 6-time US National Champion, Gold ...

  10. Bayliner sailboats for sale by owner.

    Bayliner used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. ... Your search returned 24 matches of 104433 sailboats posted to date. Sort by: Length Year Price Added. Bayliner Buccaneer 210: Length: 21' Beam: 8' Draft: 2'6' Year: 1976: Type: cruiser: Hull: ... 22'6' Catalina 22 New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor, Louisiana

  11. Anyone familiar with Bucaneer boat

    Bayliner Buccaneer Bayliner began building sail boats during the gas crunch of the 70's. The first models were 'Butt' ugly (lots of windows, and looked like a power boat morphed into a sail boat). Their designs eventually evolved into the IOR design mentioned by Rick, and were eventually bought by US Yachts who produced them into the 80's.

  12. Buccaneer 220

    109.56 sq ft (10.178 m 2) Total sail area. 204.56 sq ft (19.004 m 2) Racing. PHRF. 237 (average) [ edit on Wikidata] The Buccaneer 220 is an American trailerable sailboat, designed by Gary Mull and first built in 1978. The design is now out of production.

  13. 220 buccaneer

    LDH Discussion starter. 11 posts · Joined 2004. #1 · Sep 21, 2004. I'm looking for a sailboat to be used in the inland lakes in my area. And I have never owned a sailboat or really sailed one. So far I have looked at a couple of 1979 220 Buccaneer's. People seem to love them or hate them.

  14. US 22

    US 22 is a 22′ 0″ / 6.7 m monohull sailboat designed by Gary Mull and built by Bayliner (Buccaneer/US Yachts) starting in 1979. ... Similar to the BUCCANEER 220. Derived from the RANGER 22. Later it became the TRITON 22 (built by Pearson Yachts). Available with a fixed keel, (deep and shoal), as well as a swing keel version. ...

  15. 1978 Bayliner Buccaneer 220 sailboat for sale in North Carolina

    North Carolina. $1,700. Description: 1978 Bayliner Buccaneer 23' Sailboat for sale. Fractional sloop, beam: 7.92', draft:3.00', disp: 2450 lbs, hull type: fin w/ transom hung rudder. Boat is in overall good condition with some minor cosmetic blemishes and wear that comes with age. Hawk eye depth finder working, but other electrical in boat does ...

  16. Bayliner Buccaneer Boats for sale

    Sailboat for sale. 1976 Buccaneer Bayliner 270 Sailboat.24 ftnew top rig.New anti-fallowing paint underside.Aft stay,fore stay and side stay.Garmin navigation, updated vhf radio. Window coverings .Inside cabin equipped with table, refrigerator,sink and bed.Clean and ready to sail.Make offer and call Scott 801 928 3326.

  17. Buccaneer sailboats for sale by owner.

    Buccaneer preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Buccaneer used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. Avoid Fraud. ... 22'6' Catalina 22 New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor, Louisiana Asking $4,500. 22' Hinterhoeller Nonsuch 22 Punta Gorda, Florida

  18. Buccaneer 18 vs Mutineer 15

    Buccaneer 18 The Sailing Experience. The Mutineer is, quite literally, the Bucc 18 with the last three feet cut off (and a shorter rig). No kidding -- they just took a Bucc mold & moved the transom in 36". Everything else is identical. That means the Bucc will plane easier, cuz it has those flat (ish) aft sections to ride on.

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    Live coverage of the Washington Commanders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL game on ESPN, including live score, highlights and updated stats.

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    Josh Kendall and Joe Rexrode. May 18, 2024. On what is one of the most unique days on the league calendar, the NFL schedule release is the chance for social media staffs to flex their creative ...