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ghost symbol zero 7

Ghost sYMbOL (feat. Jackie Daniels)

From yeah ghost (deluxe) by zero 7.

ghost symbol zero 7

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Zero 7 London, UK

Downtempo electronic duo Zero 7 formed back in 1997 and have had a whole host of successes from numerous Top 10s, Brit / Mercury / Gramm nominations as well gold-status albums. This Bandcamp account is dedicated to bringing you their back catalogue of releases from 2000 onwards. ...   more

  • zero7.co.uk


ghost symbol zero 7

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ghost symbol zero 7

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Image may contain Nature and Outdoors

By Jess Harvell

October 20, 2009

Hey, Zero 7 still exist. Did you know that? I have to admit I did not. The words "Zero 7" probably hadn't popped into my head for nigh on five years, around the time I last worked in a record store. I remember the duo's music (specifically 2004's When It Falls ) making a good fallback when someone complained that Franz Ferdinand was a little too abrasive, Zero 7 being the downtempo act with the gall to debut well after the fad had peaked. Hey, it was that kinda store.

Zero 7 would probably like you to know that Yeah Ghost is some sort of omnivorous post-MP3 pop record, not downtempo. Zero 7 was probably better off identifying Yeah Ghost as downtempo, a genre where it's practically impossible to limbo under where the bar's been set for what constitutes "interesting music." Even your voracious consumer of vacuous VH1-style adult-alternative would still have to listen reeeeeeeally hard to find anything remotely exceptional about Yeah Ghost . The rest of us are S.O.L.

Yeah Ghost is one of those albums where it sounds like the band happened on a bargain sale for just-past-expiration fads and a few genuinely necrotic oldies. It's easy to feel generous when you've bought garbage cheap and in bulk. No Ghost track gets by on one bad idea when Zero 7 can give us two or three.

So "Mr McGee" treats us to some horrorshow mix of vaguely post-Amy Winehouse, generically sassy R&B vocals and a cod-glam/Marc Bolan beat that was at least marginally interesting when Goldfrapp swiped it from German techno six years ago. ("Medicine Man" more or less repeats the exact same formula without a hint of shame.) "Swing" is the sort of winsome nuevo twee-pop that turned the Juno soundtrack into a glorified ATM for its compilers, shoved through overly glossy George Martin pastiche that dangerously ups the saccharine level. "Everything Up (Zizou)" is low-impact dance-rock with every possible edge shorn off. "Sleeper" is the bad blog-house remix of rock band du jour . (I hear the Gossip, yr mileage may vary.) And the overall vibe is: Every 2000s trendlet must go!

All these reheated ideas wouldn't be so bad in the aggregate if the band attacked the material with the slightest verve, rather than the pop-slumming loop-heads they come off as here. The whole thing's like Basement Jaxx for the undemanding: all of the sonically-overstuffed, cross-genre shtick, none of the energy, wit, or timeliness that makes the Jaxx (or at least old Jaxx) more than channel-hopping thieves. About the only time Yeah Ghost comes to life is on the sleepy drift of "Ghost SYMbOL" (admittedly about one vocal sample from being a straight Burial jack) and "Solastalgia" (ditto, but maybe Fennesz for Banana Republic in-store play?), which at least proves Zero 7's instincts for make-weight downtempo haven't deserted them.

So wait, I hear you asking, it's slightly unclear: Is Yeah Ghost any good? You know, as art? Well, the cover's pretty. But as music, whether pop or downtempo or lukewarm filler for marking the hours until death? Okay, it's not really very good at all. But it's there nonetheless. If you happen to work in one of the country's few remaining record stores, it will probably prove useful in placating those who don't want to be harassed by Lady Gaga as they browse. Sadly I may be among them.

Record: The Best of Zero 7

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Zero 7 - Ghost SYMbOL Lyrics

Artist: Zero 7

Album: Yeah Ghost

Genre: Electronic

ghost symbol zero 7

Wherever i'm staying, you're going away I learned to part with a smile on my face Now I'm too good at letting go Too easy to say no

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ghost symbol zero 7

Yeah Ghost


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"Ghost Symbol" lyrics

  • Zero 7 Lyrics

Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost album cover

Yeah Ghost (Deluxe)

September 25, 2009 15 Songs, 1 hour, 9 minutes ℗ 2009 New State Music

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  1. Zero 7

    ghost symbol zero 7

  2. Zero 7

    ghost symbol zero 7

  3. Zero 7

    ghost symbol zero 7

  4. Zero 7

    ghost symbol zero 7

  5. Zero7

    ghost symbol zero 7

  6. Zero 7- Ghost Symbol (Julio Bashmore Remix)

    ghost symbol zero 7


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  3. Zero 7

  4. Zero 7

  5. Zero 7

  6. Ghost from a magic picture! Part 2 #shorts


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    Album: Yeah Ghost

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    Ghost Symbol 8. Sleeper

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    Zero 7 Official 48.9K subscribers 4.1K views 1 year ago Our 2009 album "Yeah Ghost" is available now for the first time on Heavyweight Vinyl, alongside the brand new "Bonus Edition" on CD and...

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    ZERO 7 4th album Yeah Ghost from 2009, spans everything from dance pop to acoustic folk and everything in between it's an idea-splattered work of genius that even includes a quartet of instrumental tracks derived from their experimental side projects and sampled, overdubbed and rebuilt from scratch.

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    Ghost sYMbOL Zero 7 Official 49.3K subscribers 531 8.8K views 5 years ago Provided to YouTube by New State Entertainment Ltd Ghost sYMbOL · Zero 7 · Jackie Daniels ...more ...more Shop the...

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    ZERO 7 4th album Yeah Ghost from 2009, spans everything from dance pop to acoustic folk and everything in between it's an idea-splattered work of genius that even includes a quartet of instrumental tracks derived from their experimental side projects and sampled, overdubbed and rebuilt from scratch.

  7. Yeah Ghost

    Yeah Ghost is the fourth studio album by Zero 7, released in September 2009. ... Binki Shapiro (on "Swing" and "Ghost Symbol"), Rowdy Superstar (on "Sleeper"), and Binns himself (on "Everything Up (Zizou)", an homage to French footballer Zinedine Zidane). Track listing. No. Title

  8. Zero 7


  9. Ghost Symbol

    Lyrics Wherever I'm staying, you're going away Do you know any background info about this track? Start the wiki Featured On Yeah Ghost Zero 7 124,780 listeners Yeah Ghost (Deluxe) Zero 7 16,279 listeners Similar Tracks Show more Shoutbox About This Artist Zero 7 1,554,206 listeners

  10. Ghost sYMbOL

    Provided to YouTube by New State Entertainment Ltd Ghost sYMbOL · Zero 7 · Jackie Daniels Yeah Ghost ℗ 2009 New State Entertainment Ltd Released on: 2009...

  11. Ghost sYMbOL (feat. Jackie Daniels)

    Ghost sYMbOL (feat. Jackie Daniels) by Zero 7, released 25 September 2009

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    Stream Ghost sYMbOL (Kling Version) by Zero 7 on desktop and mobile. Play over 320 million tracks for free on SoundCloud. SoundCloud Ghost sYMbOL (Kling Version) by Zero 7 published on 2022-01-31T12:19:01Z. Genre Electronic Comment by autumn lizabeth. Transending. 2023-04-09T04:44:02Z Comment by ...

  13. Zero 7

    Zero 7 Ghost sYMbOL lyrics: Wherever I'm staying, you're going away / I learn to part with a smile ... Deutsch English Español Français Hungarian Italiano Nederlands Polski Português (Brasil) Română Svenska Türkçe Ελληνικά Български Русский Српски Українська العربية 日本語 한국어

  14. Zero 7: Yeah Ghost Album Review

    Zero 7 return, not with a downtempo album but some sort of omnivorous post-MP3 pop record. ... About the only time Yeah Ghost comes to life is on the sleepy drift of "Ghost SYMbOL" ...

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    Genre: Electronic Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Highlight. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Listen while you read! Wherever i'm staying, you're going away I learned to part with a smile on my face Now I'm too good at letting go Too easy to say no Submit lyrics correction → 55k Like Flore Raul Catalin • 10 years ago it makes me feel original.

  16. ‎Yeah Ghost by Zero 7 on Apple Music

    A long way from the atmospheric downtempo of Zero 7's debut, Yeah Ghost is an album of spry, kinetic, shape-shifting pop backed by a crack rhythm section and fleshed out with shimmering synths and effects. Eska Mtungwazi's joyous vocals on the bluesy, upbeat "Mr McGee" underscore their playful spirit; the lithe bass/drums/guitar interplay of "Everything Up (Zizou)" suggests dance ...

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    Ghost sYMbOL (Julio Bashmore Remix) Zero 7 13 years ago Electronic 831 17 Zero 7 39.2K 182 Report Follow Zero 7 and others on SoundCloud. Create a SoundCloud account Deep House Dance Released by: New State Music Release date: 20 July 2010 P-line: ℗ 2009 New State Entertainment Ltd C-line: © 2017 2017 New State Entertainment Ltd Show more DAMA DAMA

  18. Ghost Symbol

    Unofficial music video for Zero 7's 2009 single Ghost Symbol. The is based on Plato's Cave, and explores ideas of truth and seeing the light.Directed, Shot a...

  19. Zero 7

    Yeah Ghost Review by John Bush. Studio mainstays for well over a decade, Zero 7's Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker can wring an expert production from nearly any song, whether it's synth-based or band-based, instrumental or vocal, unadulterated pop or colored with some other genre shade thereof. Their fourth album as Zero 7 includes all of those approaches, so file it as another in a career of ...

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    Zero 7 "Ghost Symbol": Wherever I'm staying, you're going away I learn to part with a smile on my face Now I'm too good at...

  21. ‎Yeah Ghost (Deluxe) by Zero 7 on Apple Music

    Album · 2009 · 15 Songs

  22. Ghost sYMbOL (Julio Bashmore Remix)

    Provided to YouTube by New State Entertainment LtdGhost sYMbOL (Julio Bashmore Remix) · Zero 7 · Jackie DanielsRECORD℗ 2009 New State Entertainment LtdReleas...

  23. Yeah Ghost by Zero 7 on Amazon Music

    Rounding the bend, we head into what can only be described as Zero 7's most unconventional song of the entire album: Ghost sYMBOL. If you like Zero 7's previous work, be prepared to hate this song outright. It's the most `Goa' of anything heard up to this point. Consider a song constructed around a vocal track that has been deformed and detuned ...