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First-of-its-kind Haunted House Restaurant offers family-friendly frights

Cleveland, Ohio has more than made a name for itself on the culinary scene as of late, thanks to the breadth and depth of its restaurant concepts (as a quick look at Melt Bar & Grilled, which now has a home at Cedar Point , more than attests to). And the city’s newest gastronomical addition is already starting to garner interest on the national stage: The Haunted House Restaurant is a loving homage to classic horror films, particularly the ones of the 1980s and ‘90s, while still attempting to curate a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

haunted house restaurant

By Marc N. Kleinhenz

During a recent visit on their sole day of the week off, it’s immediately clear how this is achieved — and also why they’ve received out-of-state guests literally every single evening since July 20, 2021, their grand opening day.


You first enter into a waiting room that has been (lightly) themed to the box office of a movie theater; a wall partitions off the dining space, decorated by a giant mural featuring a loving homage to Jason Voorhees, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, and others.  The host — or “goodwill ambassador,” as he’s officially called — is seated behind a ticket-booth window nearby, flanked by movie posters of “Scary Movie” and “It,” of course. The smell of popcorn immediately greets you, and there are boxed candies for sale, just to seal the immersive deal.

haunted house restaurant

Once inside the restaurant proper, you’ll immediately spot a few larger-than-life figurines in the corners, cobwebs entangling the bar, film-reel lighting fixtures, and even more movie posters. Owner Andre Scott told us they’re continuing to roll out the theming, which will eventually include another horror icon-infused mural on the back wall and table-specific paintings. The aesthetics are meant to be just enough to get you into the mood but not to intimidate or actually scare — remember that the whole family is meant to feel welcome. “We take it to a certain level, but not too crazy,” Scott said. “We want you to bring your kid, and your kid would be comfortable eating here. [But] I wouldn’t advise you to bring your kids if [they] don’t like scary movies.”

To further foster a fun atmosphere, there are a whole host of additional items that run throughout the week: on Tuesdays, a saxophonist walks around the venue, playing classic tunes, such as the “Ghostbusters” theme; on Wednesdays, it’s Cosplay Night, with The Haunted House actively encouraging you to come dressed up as your favorite character from any property.  But the icing on the festive cake comes in the form of trivia, which runs every Wednesday through Saturday, from 4-10 pm — patrons can engage in a series of questions (such as, “What weapon did Jason perform his first kill with?”) or games (like “name that scary tune” or, even better, see who can sit on and be the first to pop a balloon-animal version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown). The rounds occur every 30-45 minutes, and the prizes include film posters, gift cards, or movie tickets.

box office

If that last item makes it sound as if Scott and his business partners are in collaboration with Hollywood, that’s because they are. Since their opening a little over a month ago, the studios have reached out to The Haunted House Restaurant, looking to partner with them to help advertise to a ready-made fanbase — in addition to the trivia prizes, visitors can see the latest scary flicks being marketed in one form or another in the box office-esque waiting area (during our visit, we saw nods to “Candyman” and “The Night House”.

But the real star of the Haunted House Restaurant show, of course, is the food. Here again, we see the interplay between the light theming and the mainstream appeal; the menu, which consists of salads, burgers, pizza, and chicken, is your standard, for-the-whole-family affair (albeit one shepherded by Darnell “Superchef” Ferguson, an Ohio native who’s appeared on Bravo and The Food Network with the likes of Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri). However, while the items themselves are more-or-less routine, their names fit the spooky bill, with such entries as The Salad on Haunted Hill, Children of the Street Corn, Scooby Snacks, and Chucky Rolls, Southern soul rolls so named because “every time Chucky hits the ground, he rolls over somewhere,” as Scott explained to us. The horror overlay can also be memorably found in one particular dish: the Jaws seafood pizza, which is loaded with shrimp, salmon, and a lobster tail and which is presented to diners with the telltale music, sparklers, and a mini-American flag (and the “saxophone guy,” if he’s around that night).

We should also take a moment to note that Haunted House’s menu comes festooned with both vegan and gluten-free options, as well as a hearty spotlight on “brinner,” a combination of breakfast and dinner and a culinary sibling to brunch — something which Superchef Ferguson is well-known for. And there’s also the over-the-top Haunted Potion Bowls, which are a series of seven 51-ounce concoctions [either alcoholic or virgin] that include such dramatic touches as fog pouring over the side of their giant cups. Needless to say, it makes for quite the Instagram moment.

haunted house restaurant

Such theatrical presentations carry over into our two favorite elements of the new restaurant. Costumed characters prowl the premises, stalking guests and posing for pictures with them in equal measure — even sometimes walking to the outside of the building and looking in at patrons through the windows as they eat. And then there’s the Purge birthday experience, which deploys roughly five mask-wearing employees to your table as the legendary sirens sound. But here, again, you can see the delicate balance between the thrilling and the familial: after about 30 seconds of the Purgers staring you down, they break out Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” and some more sparklers. “It kind of starts off weird and spooky, but then it goes to a happy moment,” Scott summed up.

Given all this, it’s no wonder that The Haunted House Restaurant’s popularity has been shooting through the roof since even before its July opening — visitors have come from as far as Utah to dine, and reservations have been booked up through Halloween (though Scott advises would-be patrons to call to see if there’s been any last-minute cancellations, and the bar is now first come, first serve). Turning the venue into a nationwide franchise is already being discussed, with the owners looking far afield to prevent over-saturation of any given market — the West Coast, Florida, and Nevada are on the dream list for possible locations (and let us just say that Haunted House would be a natural fit for Universal CityWalk Orlando , for sure).  Bigger and better partnerships with the studios, local movie theaters, and, even, a hotel for all those out-of-towners are on the table, as well, along with other, yet-to-be-disclosed features for the Cleveland headquarters that will constitute “phase two” of the concept.

The Haunted House Restaurant is located at 13463 Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights, in a 5,000-square-foot space (the former home of a Melt Bar & Grilled, ironically). It has just started a partnership with Grubhub and other services for home deliveries, and you’re also able to place orders on the website for pick-up — which would allow you to get a quick taste of all the atmospherics for yourself.


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Sounds like a perfect fit for City Walk.

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Baguio’s Famous Haunted House Transforms into its Latest Dining Destination

The Laperal House in Baguio is famous as a haunted joint. The century-old house would often get featured in the Halloween episodes of popular television programs in the 80’s and 90’s with matching eerie background music and low-cost dramatization of ghost sightings. After being purchased by a successful Fil-Chi businessman Lucio Tan in 2007, the Victorian-style house underwent modern renovations but still preserved its structural integrity and style. It even became a bamboo museum in 2013 featuring Ifugao works made out of bamboo and wood.

Today, the house has transformed again, this time into a fine dining restaurant under a new name: Joseph’s .

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Nikki Dolor (@nikkicamua)

According to its website, Joseph’s menu is developed by Joseph Sembrano , a young French chef with more than 15 years of experience including a decade of service in a Michelin-star restaurant. He is joined by a talented home cook and seasoned restaurateur in training the kitchen crew to ensure the quality of their food.

Joseph’s plans on sourcing its ingredients locally while pairing them with premium meats and seafood obtained from various brands locally and internationally. Baguio certainly has great produce harvested from the Cordillera mountains and to imagine them cooked with premium ingredients using classic French-cooking techniques is quite a delight.

Some of the moutherwatering dishes you can already expect include Pork Roulade (bacon-wrapped tenderloin with baby potatoes, arugula, blue cheese, and mustard cream), Salmon Fillet (grilled salmon with zucchini and bearnaise sauce), and Angus Rib eye that’s good for 3-4 and comes three sides. They also have multi-course menus available that are suited for various fine-dining budgets. There’s also a children’s menu if you’re bringing the kids along.

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by ThePatKidInside (@thepatkidinside)

Planning on visiting Baguio soon? Then spoil yourself by adding Joseph’s to your itinerary and have a hauntingly good fine dining experience.

Joseph’s. 14 Leonard Wood Road Brgy. Cabinet Hill – Teachers Camp Baguio City 2600 Benguet Dining is strictly by reservation. Contact +63 917 -JOSEPHS  (567 3747 ). If you want to check out the current menu you can check it here .

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  • 13463 Cedar Road Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
  • Call (216) 862-5584

The Haunted House Restaurant

Today's haunted Offer

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

The Salad on Haunted Hill

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

The Twilight Exquisite taste

Brunch menu.

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh


haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

Local Flavor: Haunted House Restaurant attracts hordes of fright fans and foodies

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

The only thing scarier than the new Haunted House Restaurant is, well, the wait to get a reservation at the frightful site.

It seems folks are dying for a chance to visit the relatively new and unique eatery in Cleveland Heights.

The lines were so long when it opened up its crypt doors in July, the owners had to conjure up a new plan and switch to online reservations through OpenTable. And when they do become available, they are snatched up faster than corpses from a graveyard.

Local Flavor recap: Miss a restaurant review? From Chicken Ritz to Reuben omelettes to crepes, read them here

This restaurant has been on my bucket list since it opened.

My ghoulfriend (actually my wife, Jennifer, of 30-plus years, but I wanted to keep this pun thing going) and I visited on a recent weekday.

Like other businesses of late, the restaurant has been plagued by staffing challenges, so it only opens up a limited number of tables.

It is located in a former Melt on Cedar Road, so street parking can be a bit tricky. 

We found a space by a creepy, overflowing dumpster tucked behind the restaurant.

I thought maybe it was part of the restaurant's motif and some creature or fiend might jump out and grab us.

But, alas, we were not on the first course and hapless victims even before the opening credits.

The fun really begins when you walk through the front door and into the restaurant's lobby, which more resembles that of a movie theater. You check in at the box office and then wait to be called for your table.

This gives you a chance to admire the movie posters and large murals that highlight some classic horror creeps and take an obligatory selfie or two or three.

Like a movie theater, the smell of fresh popcorn is in the air.

And once you make your way to the table, you are greeted by a bowl of fresh popcorn instead of the usual warm bread served up at more traditional restaurants. A nice added touch is an assortment of flavored toppings from the requisite butter to the more adventurous garlic Parmesan.

All this munching on popcorn makes one thirsty.

We were rather boring and ordered an Old Fashioned for me and a Long Island Iced Tea for Jennifer, whose drink was a not-so-scary $5 during Happy Hour. But we were envious of those around us who ordered the adventurous house drinks served in bubbling bowls and test tubes.

Some of the appetizers were also a bit cheaper during Happy Hour so we ordered a round of the Chucky Rolls.

The Southern-style egg rolls ($7.99 for the smaller "preview" portion) were an interesting pairing of chicken, greens and mac & cheese in a deep fried roll served on a plate with the words "wanna play?" spelled out in sweet potato purée.

The one-page menu is rather short — sort of like the staff — but what it lacks in offerings it certainly makes up in creativity.

The wait staff hustles to keep up with serving food and drinks while participating in boisterous birthday greetings that involve large flaming sparklers.

Our waitress was running to serve tables on both sides of the restaurant, with a bar-like setting on one side and the smaller, more traditional dining room where we were seated on the other side, which are separated by a wall.

We were intrigued by the Brinner offerings that combine breakfast, lunch and dinner items all on one plate.

Jennifer chose the Twilight entrée ($15.99) that consists of a crispy black waffle with  cream cheese whipped topping and a pair of "sticky" fried chicken wings with a red,  blood-like syrup along the edge of the plate.

The tastes were an interesting pairing, but we wondered whether a boneless chicken might have made for a more traditional chicken and waffle offering.

But I suppose in a horror-themed restaurant offering the unexpected is, well, sort of expected.

I opted for the more boring BirdBox ($13.99) sandwich served with waffle fries.

Like a plot twist in a horror movie, the sandwich had a surprise or two.

It seemed traditional enough at first. At first glance, it was a nice, thick chicken sandwich.

That was until the first bite when blood-like juice squirted out. Don't worry, the chicken was fully cooked.

Amused, I ate on.

It wasn't until much later in the evening while at Progressive Field that I spotted blood spatters on my pants from dinner.

This might explain all the side-eyed glances I was getting all evening.

Even Slider took off running when I approached.

Blood splatters aside, the foul murder — err, sandwich — was quite tasty with its Cajun mayo, brown sugar slaw, white American cheese and haunted sauce.

Although it bills itself as a Haunted Restaurant, the theming inside is perhaps better suited for scary movie fans.

There's a large animated Pennywise figure in one corner and another creepy fellow holding court in another corner.

The restaurant provides a nice and scarily refreshing change from the usual fare with an unusual menu that includes a green waffle sandwich named the Slimer and a not-your-typical hamburger with smoked Gouda and bacon jam dubbed the Lurch.

And should something nefarious happen, the chicken sandwich can always be a fine alibi for the blood stains on one's pants.

Craig Webb, who particularly enjoyed watching "Ghostbusters" on one of the restaurant's big TV screens, can be reached at [email protected].

What: Haunted House Restaurant

Where:  13463 Cedar Road Cleveland Heights  

For more: Visit  

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

Demon Summoning Summertime Specials

Lunch and dinner, undead desserts, witches brews and crypt keeper cocktails.

  • Merch Store


Long island's only halloween themed restaurant, it's always halloween at hhh, come check out our spooktacular vampire bar.

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

Make a Reservation at Haunted House of Hamburgers

  • 330 Fulton Street Farmingdale, NY 11735

Here at HHH we love Halloween and Hamburgers, So why not have them both everyday? We are proud to serve delicious hamburgers, mouth watering appetizers, fresh green salads, hot soups, desserts and so much more. Please feel free to stop by dressed in a costume and check out Long Island's Only Halloween Themed Restaurant.

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh


Our Haunted House themed restaurant is the perfect way to have some fun.

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

Birthdays and More

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

Gift Cards Available

Make hhh your year round halloween destination.

haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

June - October Hours

  • Monday - Thursday 11:00 am - 10:00pm
  • Friday and Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00pm
  • Sunday 11:00 am - 10:00pm

November - May Hours

  • Monday - Thursday 11:00 am - 9:00pm
  • Friday and Saturday 11:00 am - 10:00pm
  • Sunday 11:00 am - 9:00pm

Contact HHH

  • Location : 330 Fulton Street Farmingdale, NY 11735
  • Email Address : [email protected]
  • Phone Number : (516) 777-1031

The Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland Heights

  • David Petkiewicz,

The Haunted House Restaurant in cleveland heights

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FreshWater: Covering all that's Good in Cleveland

Tailgate year-round: Restaurant caters to Cleveland sports fans

  • Local Food Economy
  • Campus District
  • Cleveland Heights

Lake Erie Monster Pizza

It’s no secret that Cleveland sports fans are a die-hard, all weather devoted group. And what goes better with Cleveland sports than a traditional tailgate?

That’s why the team behind Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill chose to open its new establishment last month in the heart of the Cleveland State University campus with the motto #WeTailgateAllYear.

The ownership team of Andre Scott, Chris Thomas, and Jeremiah Burks, who opened Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland Heights in 2021 with Darnell "SuperChef" Ferguson , along with owners Aja Mattox, Chantel Coronel, and Joe Damato, held the grand opening of Tailgate Sports Bar & Gill on Thursday, March 23 at 1938 Euclid Ave. in the former Burgers 2 Beer space.

“It’s a conceptual sports bar,” says Scott, who is also assistant varsity basketball coach at Cleveland Heights High School and works in sports management for NBA players. “It plays a little bit of homage to Cleveland State University, so we wanted to cater to the students and faculty of Cleveland State.”

The restaurant also pays homage to all the major Cleveland teams—the Browns , the Guardians , the Cavs , and the Monsters . “Come for the food and watch your favorite Cleveland sports team,” Scott says. “They each have their own wall.”

The food—centered around an ideal tailgate feast—includes everything from salads and appetizers to pizza, sandwiches, entrees and Tailgate’s signature one-pound burgers. “They’re hefty,” Scott says of the burgers. “They’ll fill you up.” The establishment even has a vegan menu.

Chubb's Burger

Scott’s favorite? The J.R. Bremer, named after former NBA point guard and current Cleveland Heights High School basketball coach,—a grilled salmon wrap with cheese and chipotle ranch. “It’s delicious,” he says.

Scott hired Detroit-based muralist Mars to hand draw murals of the iconic Free Stamp sculpture and the Tailgate logo in the restaurant.

Scott says the CSU students are starting to discover Tailgate Bar & Grille as they return from spring break. “It’s a unique space, and the parking is not great,” he admits. “We’re still getting the word out.”

Meanwhile, he says Haunted House continues to draw scary movie fans locally and from all over the country. “The concept is still working, and people come from out of town,” he says. “The lines are still out the door and down South Taylor on Saturdays and Sundays.”

Karin Connelly Rice

See all of Karin Connelly Rice's Articles

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haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

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Dine with Ghosts at the 11 Most Haunted Restaurants In New England

Grab breakfast with lizzie borden and dinner with bridget bishop., jacqueline gualtieri, get spoon university delivered to you.

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By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier

Is there a more haunted place in the United States than New England? It’s the oldest settled area of the country and it’s filled with incredible stories. Of course we all know the story of the Salem witches. Many others throughout New England are less known but just as terrifying. If you’re looking for a place to dine with ghosts in New England, you really don’t have to look hard. Check out these 11 haunts for the next time you’re feeling up to a good scare.

1. The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast  (Fall River, MA)


Photo courtesy of Damian S. on Yelp

Lizzie Borden was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts. In 1892, tensions were high between Lizzie, her father, and her stepmother, Abby Gray. On August 4th, Abby Gray went upstairs to do chores, where she was delivered a blow to the head by a hatchet. Someone then sat on her back and delivered 19 more to the back of her head. Hours later, Lizzie’s father was struck 10 or 11 times with a hatchet while he slept on the couch.

Today, that house is a bed and breakfast , where many claim to have seen a woman that looks quite a bit like Lizzie at the foot of their beds. Some also say that they’ve been touched or pushed, even when no one is there.

2. Captain Grant’s Inn (Preston, CT)


Photo courtesy of Lisa C. on Yelp

Another haunted house turned bed and breakfast is the Captain Grant’s Inn. Captain William Grant built this home for his wife and children in 1754, and over the years it housed soldiers during the Revolutionary War and escaped slaves during the Civil War. The Adelaide Room is supposedly the most haunted, with some guests seeing a Colonial woman and her two children at the foot of the bed and the television being turned on and off.

Throughout the inn, other guests have had strange occurrences as well. One guest said she felt invisible hands caressing her face. Another said a shadow that looked like a small child passed right through her in the hallway.

3. Jasper Murdock’s Alehouse (Norwich, VT)


Photo courtesy of Jae L. on Yelp

In 1920, Charles and Mary (Ma) Walker bought the Norwich Inn, which today houses Jasper Murdock’s Alehouse, but found that the prohibition was really putting a dent in their earnings. Ma took up selling beer in the basement and some say that she never really stopped. Guests and staff say that they’ve seen a woman in a long black dress float through the dining room and some of the guest rooms.

She also has a strange fixation on liquids , always turning the faucets and showerheads on and off. Another guest claimed that he thought he was shaken awake by his wife, but there was no one there and the rocking chair in the corner was rocking on its own.

4. Turner’s Seafood (Salem, MA)


Photo courtesy of Marceline V. on Yelp

Turner’s Seafood is located in Lyceum Hall, a building that has housed many restaurants over the years that drew guests like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Alexander Graham Bell. What came before all those restaurants is what makes this place truly frightening . It was believed to have been built upon an apple orchard owned by Bridget Bishop, the first woman killed in the Salem witch trials. Her image is often seen in windows and mirrors throughout the building and some claim to have seen a woman in a long, white gown descending the staircase.

5. American Flatbeard (Burlington, VT)


Photo courtesy of Haj A. on Yelp

Not all ghosts are as friendly as Casper. American Flatbread used to be Carbur’s Restaurant, which wasn’t haunted for most of it’s existence. Later, shortly before Carbur’s became American Flatbread, the strange and somewhat scary occurrences started. A server was locked in a walk-in cooler. A similar event happened shortly after it became American Flatbread, when one of the restaurant’s new managers was locked in the basement, despite the fact that the basement had no locking mechanism.

Two stories exist that try to explain the specter . One is that it’s the ghost of one of the rum runners that used the tunnels under Burlington for his trade. The other is that it’s the ghost of a cook from Carbur’s that killed himself after work one night. According to American Flatbread’s manager, though, the ghost is currently dormant.

6. Abigail’s Grille and Wine Bar (Simsbury, CT)


Photo courtesy of Dan R. on Yelp

For almost two centuries, Abigail’s Grille and Wine Bar was known as the Pettibone Tavern . The story goes that Abigail Pettibone was the wife of a whaling captain who was away for long stretches at a time. One day, her husband came home early to find Abigail in bed with her lover and he promptly killed them with an ax. Today, guests and staff alike claim that they’ve seen Abigail wandering throughout the tavern.

Strangely enough, many say that Abigail is not alone in the residence. Some report seeing a young child and staff say that they often hear different, strange voices calling their names.

7. Jameson Tavern (Freeport, ME)


Photo courtesy of Patrick V. on Yelp

Several years ago, Carol Preney, the dining room host at Jameson Tavern, watched as a couple got up to leave the restaurant and attempted to get their daughter, who was playing under the table, to come with them. Her skin crawled as she heard the little girl say, “Give me back my ball, Emily.”

Emily was the name of the girl who died in a fire in the attic in the early 19th century. Supposedly, the tavern is haunted by her. Patrons claimed to have seen a young, blonde girl around. For the most part, people who have encountered her say that she just seems like she wants to play and they actually get a playful feeling when they see her.

8. Country Tavern  (Nashua, NH)


Photo courtesy of Curtis S. on Yelp

In 1741, this tavern was the home of Captain Ford and his wife, Elizabeth . Ford was often away at sea and he was once away for an entire year. When he returned home, he found that his wife had given birth to another man’s child. Enraged, he locked Elizabeth in a closet for several days and brutally murdered her child, before burying the body under their apple tree. When he let Elizabeth out, she attacked him but he managed to kill her first and then threw her body down their well.

It’s said that Elizabeth haunts the home, which turned into a tavern in the 1980s. She moves dishes and other things, but she’s mostly quiet. The few that have seen her describe her as a young, blonde woman, who is often staring wistfully out the barn windows, towards the yard where her child was buried.

9. Tavern on Main (Chepachet, RI)


Photo courtesy of Amanda J. on Yelp

Supposedly, Tavern on Main is haunted by  at least four ghosts.  In the first floor dining room, a shadowy man drifts around. Alice, killed by her jealous lover, sits sadly in the corner booth. A little boy, who is seen with an impish grin, likes to mess around in the first floor ladies’ room. Thomas Dorr, leader of an 1842 rebellion to change the voting system so that people who did not own property could vote in Rhode Island, is said to be in the upstairs banquet room.

For the most part, the most active is the little boy, who just likes to turn the faucets on and off and likes to play with the lights. However, staff members claim to have heard voices and even screams when no one is around and that glass shatters for no reason.

10. The Gallows (Boston, MA)


Photo courtesy of Michael U. on Yelp

Today, the Gallows is a pretty swanky bar and restaurant. You’d never know that it’s actually built upon an area where many 17th century hangings took place . Religious rebels and criminals were hanged and supposedly still haunt that location. The bodies were disposed in the surrounding area, some dumped there or some actually buried.

The most guests have experienced are strange noises and whispers. Staff, on the other hand, say that the ghosts are fairly violent. They’ve encountered objects flying through the air, aiming for them.

11. Bull Feeney’s (Portland, ME)


Photo courtesy of Mae W. on Yelp

Bull Feeney’s is great if you’re looking for good fish ‘n’ chips and a scare that’s not too scary . Patrons and servers alike claim the restaurant is haunted by a woman dressed in period clothing in the bar and upstairs tea rooms. She’s never disturbed the guests and seems very quiet, but friendly. One guest even once remarked to her server how clever it was for the pub to have hired a woman in period clothing to entertain the guests while they ate. The only thing was that the pub never hired such a woman.

They left no crumb toppings.

If you catch a cold this season, soup is the best remedy. here is a list of local places and soup dishes to snag when you get the sniffles., grocery shopping, picture a cauldron of these spirits at your next ghoulish get-together..


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    The Haunted House Cafe at Bijoygarh, #Kolkata Watch on #youtubechannel for complete information #foodie #food #foodvlog #foodblog #tourism #touroperator #tourmantras #tourmantrasvlogs #visitnow...

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    The Haunted Cafe, Bijoygarh, Kolkata #thehauntedcafe #haunted #horrormoviesandchill #horror #supernatural #bhoot #thriller #themecafe #kolkata #westbengaltourism #tourmantrasvlogs #tourmantras #food...

  5. The Haunted House, 4/42/1, opposite axis bank, Bijoygarh ...

    The Haunted House, 4/42/1, opposite axis bank, Bijoygarh, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032***SOBAI PLZ SUBSCRIBE KORO AND SOPPORT ME SO THAT I CAN MAKE ...

  6. Best haunted theme Cafe in Kolkata ☠️ #shorts The ...

    @SanchitarSathe Visited the best haunted theme Cafe of Kolkata. The Haunted House at Bijoygarh#foodsshorts #thehauntedhouse #food vlog#minivlog #themecafe

  7. Experience Unforgettable Creepy Dining at Haunted House Restaurant

    The Haunted House Restaurant is not your run-of-the-mill eatery. As the name suggests, it is a restaurant steeped in eerie and spine-tingling ambiance. From the moment you step in, you are transported into a world where ghosts, ghouls, and all kinds of paranormal activities reign supreme. The dimly lit dining room is decorated with macabre ...

  8. The Haunted House, Pallisree Bijoygarh #food # ...

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  9. Avijit Biswas || Foodie Mama on Instagram: "If you visit this spooky

    6,921 likes, 22 comments - av.jit.bis_kolkata on August 1, 2023: "If you visit this spooky cafe The Haunted House, Pallysree, Bijoygarh 🥹😅😂 You will defin..." Page couldn't load • Instagram

  10. My experience at The Haunted House with their super spooky ...

    2.7K views, 37 likes, 19 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Reels from Avijit Biswas: My experience at The Haunted House with their super spooky ambience along with their Awesome Starters and Main Course...

  11. House of bhukkar's 2 new outlet in South kolkata || new restaurant open

    House of bhukkar's 2 new outlet in South kolkata || new restaurant open in bijoygarh ||Hello everyone, we are recently visited a restaurant come cafe in Sout...

  12. haunted house restaurant bijoygarh

    The theme of "A Haunted House" by Virginia Woolf is the treasure of love. The tone of the story is lighthearted and playful. "A Haunted House" by Virginia Woolf is a love story about a couple who move into a new home and discover that a gho..... Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared out of your wits? Are you a fan of horror movies and looking for a new way to experience fear?

  13. The Haunted House Restaurant

    The Haunted House Restaurant . Recommended on Restaurant Guru 2021. Now Playing. The Twilight. The Salad on Haunted Hill. House salad, w/ romaine wedge, smoked blue cheese, marinated, charred onion, thick cut bacon, grippo egg, cucumber rose. $ 15.99 The Twilight Exquisite taste.

  14. First-of-its-kind Haunted House Restaurant offers family-friendly frights

    The Haunted House Restaurant is located at 13463 Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights, in a 5,000-square-foot space (the former home of a Melt Bar & Grilled, ironically).

  15. Baguio's Famous Haunted House Transforms into its Latest Dining

    589 likes. thepatkidinside. Started 2023 with a one of a kind experience. Baguio's famously haunted Laperal White House gets a new life as an upscale fine dining restaurant called Joseph's. We chose their 4 course menu which is at Php 2350 each. Ordered the fried camembert, Soup of the day: Cream of cauliflower, strip steak and the molten ...

  16. Our Menu

    The Haunted House Restaurant . Recommended on Restaurant Guru 2021. Click here to order online. BRUNCH MENU. DINNER MENU. Contact Us. 13463 Cedar Road Cleveland Heights, OH 44118; Call (216) 862-5584----Sunday | Brunch - 10am - 3pm & Dinner 5pm - 8pm; Monday | Closed; Tuesday - Thursday | 4pm - 8pm;

  17. Haunted House Restaurant serves up chills and scary food in Cleveland

    Blood splatters aside, the foul murder — err, sandwich — was quite tasty with its Cajun mayo, brown sugar slaw, white American cheese and haunted sauce. Although it bills itself as a Haunted Restaurant, the theming inside is perhaps better suited for scary movie fans.

  18. The Haunted House restaurant opening in Cleveland Hts

    The suspense continues to build for the world premiere of The Haunted House restaurant, with a dream of a theme and a July 20 grand opening planned.

  19. Welcome to Haunted House of Hamburgers

    Make a Reservation at Haunted House of Hamburgers. 330 Fulton Street Farmingdale, NY 11735; Waitlist: The Haunted House of Hamburgers Story ... Our Haunted House themed restaurant is the perfect way to have some fun. Birthdays and More. Looking for a fun venue to book your next party? Come down and check out our space.

  20. The Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland Heights

    19 / 35. David Petkiewicz, The Haunted House Restaurant. The Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland Heights will be opening on July 20, 2021. Darnell "Superchef" Ferguson brings ...

  21. Tailgate year-round: Restaurant caters to Cleveland sports fans

    The ownership team of Andre Scott, Chris Thomas, and Jeremiah Burks, who opened Haunted House Restaurant in Cleveland Heights in 2021 with Darnell "SuperChef" Ferguson, along with owners Aja Mattox, Chantel Coronel, and Joe Damato, held the grand opening of Tailgate Sports Bar & Gill on Thursday, March 23 at 1938 Euclid Ave. in the former ...

  22. Dine with Ghosts at the 11 Most Haunted Restaurants In New England

    11. Bull Feeney's (Portland, ME) Photo courtesy of Mae W. on Yelp. Bull Feeney's is great if you're looking for good fish 'n' chips and a scare that's not too scary. Patrons and servers alike claim the restaurant is haunted by a woman dressed in period clothing in the bar and upstairs tea rooms.

  23. #thehauntedhouserestaurant

    "Brunch on Sundays" The Haunted House Restaurant #roadtrip #foodie #foodtiktok #thehauntedhouserestaurant #fyp #cleveland #brunch. thehauntedcle. Reminder about our Spellbound Witch's Week ‼️ Come in wearing your favorite witch's costume and receive 15% off of your meal 🧙🏽‍♀️🧝🏽‍♀️🤎 ends on July 17th, ...