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Lodolite, the Shamanic Dream Stone


The name, Shamanic Dream Stone , refers to the gem’s potential to help unlock the doorway to spiritual realms and to facilitate lucid dreaming. Lodolite is also believed to open one up to divine guidance and direction and to offer support on the spiritual path.

Wearing jewelry featuring lodolite is like wearing a tiny piece of fine art. The intricate details and dimensional quality of this gemstone add versatility and give captivating charm to the overall look of the jewelry. Every time you catch sight of its complexity, you will marvel at its magnificence and perfection.

Lodolite Jewelry

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phantom quartz lodolite jewelry

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phantom quartz lodolite jewelry

Live in Light

Phantom Quartz (Lodolite) with Quartz nugget- 9mm gemstone bead bracelet

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Lodolite looks like a tiny underwater scene. Each stone has gorgeous inclusions that look like underground eco-systems. Quartz is a powerful manifesting stone, encouraging you to ask for what you want, know it's already here, and then create it in your life by being that energy now.

Please note, these bracelets are handmade to order, and crystals are unique and vary in color.

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phantom quartz

Phantom Quartz: The Only Guide You Need

Similar to clear quartz, phantom quartz is the more majestic alternative. It is one of the most reputable energy cleansers and it gets its unique properties from the random formations in its composition – most of them caused by interruptions in the growing cycle. Apart from its unique appearance, the crystal also has a bunch of healing capabilities.

Blockages in its growing cycle lead to concentrated deposits of minerals. Their shapes are quite unique and look similar to ghosts within the stone. Each such dreamy formation has its own random story, bringing truth and wisdom – meaning associated with the stone over the past centuries. Now, what else should you know before bringing it into your life?

Phantom quartz has specific uses and a series of properties that indicate its uses. Generally speaking, this crystal will teach you the first steps in moving on. It will help you let go of traumas from your past and find closure. While some people can easily move on after unfortunate events, some others struggle with such situations.

Phantom Quartz Stone

Forget about the ego or drama. Instead, focus on your soul. The soul must have learned something from this experience and will have to keep growing. Believe it or not, there is even a psychological term for such a treatment – known as post-traumatic growth. No one can change the past, so the best you can do is adapt and move on.

Phantom quartz basically tells you that what does not kill you will make you even stronger in the long run. No matter how bad it was, keep in mind that it could have been even worse. Other than that, the crystal is rich in wisdom and general guidance based on millions of years of consistent growth in the planet’s harsh crust.

The crystal is a great aura cleanser and will help you get rid of negative energies overcoming you with their weight. It will release negative emotions away too, as well as bad thoughts – making more room for a positive energy flow. As for the healing energies, they are associated with strength, inspiration and clarity.

Just like any other crystal out there, phantom quartz is appreciated for a few different things. It is a beautiful natural stone, so its physical properties make it a good choice for decorative items, as well as various pieces of jewelry. To some people, these things are not relevant – they are mostly after the metaphysical properties of the crystal.

Physical Properties

Phantom quartz is just one of the numerous varieties of quartz crystals out there. What makes it unique is the abundance of natural phantom crystal shapes growing inside the actual quartz crystal. Basically, you have a bunch of crystals trapped into a larger crystal. It ranges in appearance and can be super clear, but also cloudy.

phantom quartz bracelet

The stone is a macrocrystalline stone part of the quartz family . The quartz itself is by far the most common single mineral in the world. After all, about 12% of the planet’s crust is based on it. It can occur in various places, such as sedimentary rocks or perhaps metamorphic rocks – just as common in igneous rocks as well.

Macrocrystalline quartz is a variety with built-in individual crystals that can be seen with the naked eye. On the other hand, you also have cryptocrystalline quartz, meaning these crystals are too small to be observed. Phantom quartz is rated as a macrocrystalline stone, so you will always spot the other crystals in its build.

Phantom quartz belongs to the tectosilicate class. It is usually horizontally striated and comes in hexagonal prisms. Its refraction is rated at about 1.55. Compared to other stones, it is quite hard – rated as seven. Phantoms can come in a few different colors, but you will mostly find the clear and white ones. It has a vitreous luster and transparency varies – from transparent to opaque.

Metaphysical Properties

Phantom quartz has a bunch of properties that will make a difference in your lifestyle. It also has healing properties and will help your body get rid of toxins. Whether you end up with an injury or you end up sick, the crystal has healing energies that will push for a faster recovery. Furthermore, it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

phantom quartz pendant

Struggling with a vitamin deficit? Phantom quartz will take care of you. It will help you assimilate vitamins A and E in a more efficient manner, but it has similar properties for magnesium and calcium as well. It will push your immune system forward and will bring a bit of balance to your body. The crystal’s healing properties have been associated with hearing problems too, among many others.

In terms of finances and wealth, phantom quartz is used when dealing with sophisticated projects. Such projects must be completed in small stages and you can go through them with no issues at all. You will feel fresh and more creative, but you will also interact with intellectual energies flowing around like never before.

The stone will let you stimulate positive energies. Great results come with positive thoughts. Things will fall together like in a puzzle when you handle projects with the right energy. This stone will show you that even apparently small dreams could turn into amazing realities. Your decisions will be wiser and your plans will stand out in the crowd.

Phantom quartz is often appreciated for its effects on love and relationships. Emotions affecting your relationship will get better. Forget about excessive reactions and issues that might push you and your partner away from each other. The foundation of your partnership will become stronger than ever. Handling emotions is a must and this is what the stone will do.

Indeed, relationships change. A relationship is a continuously changing landscape. You will need to adapt, but the crystal will help you with the balance. Stick to things that truly matter and avoid all unnecessary distractions. Your negative ideas and assumptions will become history – instead, you will be flooded with positive thoughts.

No matter how bad an experience might seem, there is always a good part as well. You will learn to see those parts and make the most out of anything. Learn how to heal yourself from confusion and anger. Both you and your partner will face growth and change your perceptions a little. You will be reminded to keep growing over your own expectations and limitations.

Phantom quartz is great if your earth star chakra is not well balanced. Symptoms include anxiety or the lack of connection with those around you. The same goes if the heart chakra is out of balance – jealousy, anger and so on. Sudden bursts occur out of nowhere, hence the necessity to keep this chakra balanced as well.

With phantom quartz around you, you will easily manage to find a connection to lower chakras and higher chakras – they will also come together to help you reach homeostasis. This is what boosts the healing abilities in the long run. It will improve the immune system and can help with tissue regeneration. Similarly, the soul star chakra will be positively influenced as well.

Where to buy Phantom Quartz

Usually Etsy  or  Amazon is a good idea. Etsy is the leading online global marketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. Amazon is one of the largest global online marketplaces. Both of them are reliable and easy to find your favorite items there.

Phantom Quartz in jewelry uses

There are no doubts about it – phantom quartz is one of the most attractive types of quartz. While quartz itself is often used in inexpensive pieces of jewelry, phantom quartz will stand out due to its internal crystals. It is obviously a bit more expensive as well, but it is still a reliable choice with great value for money.

phantom quartz earrings

In terms of hardness, it is rated at seven. It is quite high compared to other types of crystals, but common for quartz stones. In other words, it can be worn on a daily basis and expose to everyday wear and tear without showing too many signs. Obviously, it can still get scratched, but a little attention will keep it in great condition for a long time.

With these thoughts in mind, you will find phantom quartz in all kinds of pieces of jewelry. It is quite common in earrings because it has a nice spark and its price is relatively low. Then, it can also be used in brooches or pendants . At this point, stones are quite large, so the crystals built inside them will be even more visible.

Bracelets are not very common, but you can still find some. Given its value, it is not a common choice for engagement rings. However, it is popular in regular rings and will make a good impression. It keeps well with time and it is easy to look after. It is also relatively simple to cut and polish. Wearing it on a daily basis will keep its positive energies by your side.

Where does Phantom Quartz come from

Quartz makes more than 10% of the earth’s crust, so it is widely accessible pretty much everywhere. Since phantom quartz is not in such great demand as other stones, there are only a few big deposits around the world. It can be found in other countries as well, but the relatively low demand does not justify the necessity of new mines.

Most of the phantom quartz you will find in bazaars or online comes from Austria and Brazil. Other countries with large known deposits include Switzerland and the USA. Unlike other stones, phantom quartz is similar all over the world. In other words, location is not a relevant factor when making a decision.

How much is Phantom Quartz worth

You can find a bunch of tiny pieces of phantom quartz for less than $10, but chances are most sellers will focus on rare and beautiful large pieces. The crystal itself is not extremely expensive, hence the focus on bigger pieces – more money, more profit. But then, if you only need a few decorative items, you should not spend a fortune.

The inclusions and internal crystals often make the difference, especially if they have unusual shapes that resemble everyday objects. For example, you might pay more than $1,000 for a large piece with internal crystals that resemble an animal. Beautiful big clusters of stones may also fetch quite high amounts of money.

How to identify Phantom Quartz

Phantom quartz must be identified from two different directions. First, you need to identify the stone and ensure it is actual quartz. Second, you will have to make sure it is phantom quartz. When it comes to identifying quartz, you would have to pay attention to its crystal habit, as well as the luster, hardness, transparency, lack of cleavage, fracture and occurrence.

Now that you know you are looking at quartz, how do you know it is phantom quartz? Simply pay attention to what you can see inside. This is what defines phantom quartz. The phantom crystal built-in naturally within itself is the main element that makes the difference between phantom quartz and other types of quartz.

How to use Phantom Quartz

There are more ways to use phantom quartz. Meditating is one of them. If you have a flat stone around you, balance it on the crown of the head. If it has a different shape, lie down and place it behind your head. Make sure you never lie down on the bed – all in all, stay calm and let thoughts go away. Focus on your breath.

Keep going with your meditation for as long as you need. Do not think about anything – just be there and stay mindful. Let go of your ego and traumas as well. Setting a timer can put pressure on you, so avoid it. Anything between 10 and 30 minutes will do. Phantom quartz will help you manage your emotions, but also relax a little.

Obviously, phantom quartz can be used in a plethora of other ways. Keep it always around you with a piece of jewelry, such as a ring or some earrings. Get some decorative items and keep them around your home or office. As long as the crystal is around you, its positive energies will inevitably kick in to make you feel better.

How to cleanse and charge Phantom Quartz

Quartz itself is a purifying crystal, but it also needs to be cleansed every now and then. There are more ways to do it though. The water is great. Natural water from a spring is better than tap water though. The moonlight is just as important – more is better. Opt for a night with no clouds and let the crystal purify under the moonlight.

Sound is great too – calming sounds, not to mention direct sunlight. Some types of quartz could fade when left in direct sunlight for too long, so do it for about half an hour to an hour. Nature will do too. Go out and spend a few hours in a forest – let your crystal cleanse. Clear quartz or selenite can be used to cleanse phantom quartz as well – they do not require cleansing themselves.

Finally, smoke is often used to cleanse crystals, but also starlight. The starlight and the energy associated with planets and stars will definitely help in the process – apart from the light coming from the moon. Again, you need to get the cleansing done on a clear night, with no clouds at all. Starlight works even better when mixed with meditation.

Keep in mind that no matter what option you choose, your positive energy is just as important. Stay close to the crystal during the cleansing stage. Meditate if you want to. Bring in some scents if they make you feel better. As long as you can transmit positive energies to the stone, there is literally nothing to be concerned about.

Phantom Quartz vs. Lodolite

There are no differences between phantom quartz and lodolite. Both terms are used interchangeably to describe the same type of crystal. However, different sellers may use different names to describe their stones. At the same time, they give crystals different names based on their appearance. From physical and metaphysical points of view, there are no differences whatsoever.

The best combination to use with Phantom Quartz

There are no special combinations to mix phantom quartz with. Since it is a type of quartz and quartz works with pretty much every other crystal, you can simply mix it based on your necessities or looks. If you are only after the appearance of this crystal, bring in other pieces of jewelry that will complement its appearance.

With these thoughts in mind, you have to analyze the properties of other crystals you plan to bring in. Think about what you actually need help with and bring some extra crystals in. They will not interact negatively with phantom quartz, so there are no risks of altering energies and positive vibes.

Final Words

The bottom line, phantom quartz will give you a smooth transition in your life and can help you break out of bad patterns. It will help you get rid of negative energies, so you can move on and find closure. Forget about traumas and understand that the past cannot be changed – it is all about how you are reacting to what happened.

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Lodolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Lodolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Lodolite is a type of Quartz with different colors and types of inclusions. These inclusions often look like underwater scenes, landscapes, and gardens, making this crystal especially magical. Lodolite is also known as Inclusion Quartz, Lodelite, and Lodalite.

It is sometimes called Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz, and Garden Quartz. This stone’s inclusions usually consist of Chlorite, Feldspar, and other materials that give different colored inclusions.

These inclusions can be cream, orange, green, or red. They have a healing vibration that’s also magnified by Clear Quartz.

The Meaning Of Lodolite

The inclusions that make this variety of Quartz so attractive to look at each add their unique properties to the crystal specimen.

They represent a land or seascape through which you can imagine yourself journeying to find tranquility, peace, serenity, communication with higher beings, and spiritual insights.

This crystal is a gentle, loving stone that resonates with harmonious vibrations, bringing reconciliations where there is discord and compassion where there is judgment. 

Lodolite is a wonderful stone to use for manifesting as it responds very well to programming. Simply send your positive intentions for a better life telepathically into this crystal, and it will accompany you on your quest to achieve the best outcomes possible in every situation. 

When you are in possession of this stone, you cannot help but be infused with its calm but powerful strength to help you conquer your challenges.

Its spiritual healing energy will be very beneficial to both your subtle and etheric bodies as well.

Lodolite will help you achieve any goal you desire and any dream you want to manifest in your life.

It’s a potent stone when you combine it with other stones and crystals. But it’s also very powerful on its own.

Lodolite will attract vibrant energies and help cleanse your inner soul and your spirit. It’s also handy in cleansing your environment of toxic energies that prevent your spirit from shining through.

It should be your go-to stone when you want to align your chakras and bring back the chaotic frequencies in order.

It has a wonderful effect on inactive or blocked chakras, and the results will make you feel like a completely new person!

If you want to strengthen your connection to the spirits or boost inspiration in your life, Lodolite’s spiritual energy will help you achieve just that.

Its warm and loving energies will encourage you to live a bigger and bolder life. It will inspire you to take more risks so that you can be closer to your dreams.

The warm and loving energies of Lodolite will give you the encouragement that you need to explore the world and discover aspects of yourself you didn’t even know existed.

The spiritual energy of stones like Lodolite will remind you to keep going and do what’s best for your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Lodolite is a masterful healer and will act as a soothing balm to your tired spirit, broken heart, or noisy mind.

If there’s anything in your past that is causing you to hurt, fear, or trauma in the present, the energy of Lodolite will effectively get rid of them.

It will also work to dissolve all negative thoughts and emotions that are filling your heart and mind so that you can have more room for love and happiness.

Lodolite Gem

The Properties Of Lodolite

Physical and geological properties of lodolite.

Lodolite is a form of Quartz and is chemically classified as a silicate. It has a vitreous luster and is transparent to translucent.

It measures 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Its chemical composition is Si02, and it has a hexagonal crystalline structure.

Lodolite can be found in a variety of colors, including clear, white, pink, red, purple, green, and yellow. It is often multicolored or included with other minerals.

Lodolite is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Lodolite are very much the same as Clear Quartz because, of course, it is Clear Quartz with inclusions of various other minerals.

Therefore, it is a powerful healer stone and will amplify the energies of anything it comes into contact with. 

Its vibration is gentler than that of Clear Quartz, and it is a comforting, nurturing crystal to have near to you if you are going through any form of emotional upheaval.

Lodolite is a spiritual stone that helps with opening up channels of communication between you and your soul. It can strengthen your connection with the world of spirit and open you up to the cosmos’ benevolent energies. It helps to raise your consciousness to new levels and promotes self-awareness, intuition, and spiritual development.

Lodolite Gemstone

Varieties Of Lodolite

Lodolite is itself a variety of Quartz and therefore shares many of the metaphysical properties of the “mother stone” of Clear Quartz.

Lodolite is known by other names, of which “Landscape Quartz” is one, giving a good idea of the physical appearance of specimens of Lodolite. Lodolite is a good crystal for any form of spiritual work and a facilitator of communication in all its forms.

Using Lodolite

Lodolite is often used in meditation. Its powerful yet soothing energies can instantly put you in a deep meditative state.

When combined with Howlite, this charismatic stone will help you attain your desired goals by employing meditation practices.

If you program the potent vibrations of this crystal by affirming your positive intentions and sending them telepathically into its structure, it can speed up your manifestation work immensely. It can help you to achieve your heart’s desires.

Benefits Of Using Lodolite

Lodolite will enhance your communication with beings from other higher realms and increase your spiritual energies.

It will enhance your psychic intuition and allow you access to your past lives. It can help to gently open and activate your Third Eye.

Lodolite will bring loving energies into your life. It will infuse you with a quiet and gentle strength that will help you overcome your personal challenges.

It is also a very therapeutic stone that will bring healing to your subtle and etheric bodies.

Lodolite can be called upon to enhance your communication skills. Both on the physical plane and in the realms of spirit. 

Lodolite is also an excellent healing stone that will bring vibrant energies to your aura. It will effectively cleanse your aura, your inner soul, and your environment.

This stone will realign the disrupted frequencies in your chakras. Lodolite is also a dream stone that will evoke lucid dreaming.

Lodolite is often thought of as a magical scenic rock. This stone can forge a powerful connection with the spirits of the cosmos and induce inspiration and elicit dreams.

It will also inspire you to be brave and to take more risks. It will push you to try things that you have never done before.

The energies of Lodolite will also support your emotional healing. The potent vibrations of Lodolite will help you release your past life trauma, along with any kind of distressing memories from the past. Lodolite will weed out the negative thoughts and feelings and put your heart and mind at ease!

How Best To Use Lodolite

Lodolite is a seeker transformer stone. It amplifies the energies of other crystals when they are in close proximity and can help you to focus your will and intention on transforming the difficult situations in your life.

It can help you turn things around to feel safe and secure, happier and more confident, no matter what your outside circumstances might be. 

Stones like Lodolite can help you find ways to make your desires a reality.

It has the power to remove the negativity that you perceive and connect you to energies that will make your desired transformation happen.

Lodolite makes very striking jewelry pieces, especially the larger pieces, which can be made into magical-looking pendants. 

Lodolite has wood energy that is often associated with the east or southeast area of your home.

When you place a piece of Lodolite in this area, you will be attracting only good and uplifting energies. You will also be inviting more abundance and prosperity!

Lodolite Polished

The Powers Of Lodolite

Emotional healing powers.

The emotional healing powers of Lodolite are quite remarkable in many ways. It can dissolve karmic disturbances in your emotional body that may stretch back into your ancestral line. 

It brings a soothing vibration to an over-anxious or stressed mind and helps you to find your center when things seem to be spinning out of control.

It cools hot tempers and engenders feelings of compassion and understanding in place of judgment or criticism, leaving all concerned feeling happier and calmer.

Physical Healing Powers 

Lodolite has a high level of life force energies that can be an effective cleanser for the body’s internal organs. 

This stone can stimulate the immune system and the energy system by bringing everything into harmony and balance — it clears energy blockages from the tsubos or nexuses along the body’s meridians. 

This stone can also be beneficial for the thymus gland, the thyroid, and the pineal glands.

It can oxygenate the blood and treat issues that affect the pancreas, spleen, and liver.

Lodolite can also be soothing to the eyes and help in the treatment of all eye-related conditions.

This stone is also considered a natural antiviral. It can boost the immune system to fortify the body and make it anti-inflammatory.

The soothing vibrations and colors of this stone also protect the skin. It also protects the respiratory tract and mucus membranes. 

It can eliminate the symptoms of flu and colds. Lodolite can also heal sinusitis, pneumonia, strep infections, emphysema, and ulcers.

It’s known to help in the treatment of nerve-related pains, as well as bronchitis, staph, and dry cough.

It can also be beneficial in treating highly infectious diseases.

Lodolite And Wealth

Lodolite is a lucky stone that will help you manifest your desires, especially when it comes to wealth and abundance.

This stone will keep you grounded, stable, connected, and aware.

It will dispel any negative energy in your environment so that you can entirely focus on your money goals.

Lodolite is a calming crystal that will also bring you calming and subtle energy during really loud and busy days.

It will transmute unwanted energies and keep you feeling inspired and motivated.

It will stabilize your goals and desires and make you focus on the one that most resonates with you. It will bring you focus, and it will keep you aware of what is happening around you, allowing you to see any hidden agendas or pitfalls when it comes to your financial well-being.

Lodolite For Love And Relationships 

The clear and powerful energies of Lodolite will help you achieve deep emotional healing.

It will also help you let go of your past life attachments to be fully present in your current life.

Whatever you no longer need, you will be able to release easily. This will help with feelings of jealousy or resentment if they are affecting your relationships.

This stone will help you let go of your fears regarding love, passion, and intimacy. It will reassure you that it is safe to express your true feelings and accept others’ love without conditions. 

It will reassure you that nothing extraordinary will occur if you spend your life being afraid, angry, bitter, or mistrustful. 

The energies of Lodolite will encourage you to let go of anything that holds you back.

It will reassure you that even if you fail or get hurt in the end, nothing will compare to the fact that you tried and put yourself out there for love!

Lodolite will bolster your confidence and make you look on the bright side of life. It will make you realize that mistakes are life’s way of teaching you what you need to know.

Mistakes teach you lessons, and lessons give you wisdom!

Lodolite is a stone that will guide you through all the transformations that will happen in your relationship and your life.

When it comes to relationships, it will not always be smooth sailing. There will be peaks and valleys, rough roads and smooth roads, and stops and starts, but this stone will make sure that your bonds are strong and that there is equal love and affection, especially if you pair it with Andradite.

It will ensure that your communication lines are open and that issues are talked about when needed.

Lodolite symbolizes the manifestation of your desires for yourself, your significant other, and your relationship.

It will work together with you to make your biggest wishes and deepest desires come true. It will also keep you faithful during your season of waiting.

Lodolite will infuse you with warm and loving energies that will keep you afloat even when you think everything else is going to sink.

It will strengthen your faith in your relationship and your partner, and it will remove the feelings in your heart that make you feel weak or uncertain.

This stone will also show you how to be more sensitive to your partner’s needs, especially if you combine it with blue or blue/green stones. It will guide you about the best ways to express your love and appreciation in ways that your loved one will truly never forget!

When you work with the energies of Lodolite, there will be more kindness and compassion in your relationship. You will be kinder, calmer, sweeter, and more appreciative!

Lodolite Inclusion

How To Use Lodolite In Feng Shui

Lodolite is a powerful stone that can be used in feng shui to create a more harmonious environment.

It is said to bring good luck and fortune, and to help manifest one’s desires. Lodolite can be placed in the home or office in areas where you want to create more harmony, such as the living room or bedroom.

It is also said to be helpful in promoting communication and understanding, which makes it a good choice for placing in the family room or home office.

Chakras And Lodolite

Lodolite is an excellent chakra cleanser and can be used on all of the chakras to align them. The unique energies of Lodolite allow intellectual thought to be grounded into the physical body, ready to be acted upon.

If you use Lodolite at both the Crown and the Base chakras, you set up a powerful, circular energy flow that keeps all of the chakras clear and energized. 

You can use Lodolite at the Heart chakra to protect you during times of vulnerability as its vibration clears away negativity and instills resilience and strength. 

Used at the Throat chakra, Lodolite helps you communicate more quickly and powerfully with your spirit guides and the people around you in your physical world.

The Best Crystals To Combine And Use with Lodolite

Chakra crystal combinations .

Combine Lodolite with any of the members of the Quartz family to access the incredible healing vibrations of Quartz. 

Rose Quartz and Lodolite together work powerfully on the Heart chakra, helping it open and stay receptive to Universal Love’s vibrations. 

Golden Healer Quartz combines well with Lodolite when working on both the Sacral chakra and the Solar Plexus.

Other Crystal Combinations 

You can combine Lodolite with other stones and crystals to amplify its energies.

If you want to manifest your desires, you can combine Lodolite with:

  • Volcanic Black Salt,
  • Quartz Crystal,
  • Oregon Opal.

You can also pair it with Obsidian, Moldavite, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Grossular Garnet, Euclase, Dolomite, Citrine, Green Calcite, and Carnelian.

Lodolite is a powerful stone that can benefit not just your body but your emotions, your thoughts, and your spirit as well. When you combine it with Lepidolite, your mood is instantly uplifted. 

This is because the Lepidolite carries wonderful energies of love and light to you!

Lodolite Tumbled

Cleansing And Charging Lodolite

Lodolite is a hard crystal and can stand a few knocks. It responds well to cleansing in saltwater now and then and being held under plain running water.

As with all of your crystals, be sure to regularly cleanse Lodolite of dust and so that it continues to work at its full potential.

To charge Lodolite, hold a piece in your hand and affirm a positive intention for its work. This might be to furnish you with a protective shield if you are going to face some challenges, or it may be that you need the healing energies of the stone to help you manage anxiety or depression.

Programming Lodolite

Lodolite can also be programmed with your intention. To do this, simply hold the stone in your hand and focus on your intention while repeating it out loud or in your mind.

Some people like to keep their Lodolite stones in their pockets or close to them throughout the day to keep their intention focused.

Lodolite Crystal Grids

Lodolite can be used in crystal grids to create harmony and balance in your life. You can use Lodolite with other stones such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, or Lepidolite.

To create a Lodolite crystal grid, first, choose the area where you will be placing your grid. It can be helpful to choose an area that is in need of more harmony, such as your home or office.

Next, gather your stones and arrange them in a circle. Once you have placed your stones in the desired pattern, you can then begin to activate your grid by repeating your intention out loud or in your mind.

You can leave your Lodolite crystal grid in place for as long as you like, or until you feel that harmony and balance have been achieved in your life.

Lodolite As A Birthstone

Lodolite is not a traditional birthstone for any month. It is not a recognized crystal for any of the sun signs of the zodiac.

However, as a member of the Quartz family, it can be used by anyone as their birthstone if they feel drawn to its powers and vibrations.

Lodolite In Legends And History

As Lodolite is a form of Quartz, it has been used for thousands of years by humans worldwide for healing purposes and religious rituals. 

Lodolite is also known as Landscape, Garden, or Scenic Quartz, so it is not surprising to find it mentioned in old texts on herb lore and natural healing methods.

It is thought that the Wise Women in medieval Europe prized Lodolite above all other stones because of the seemingly magical pictures to be found within its depths.

They believed that this crystal would connect the wearer to the Earth and allow them to access all of the healing powers of Mother Nature. It was a popular stone to place in herb gardens to protect and nurture the plants.

How To Clean And Care For Your Lodolite

Lodolite should be cleaned with warm, soapy water and dried with a soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners on your Lodolite as it can damage the stone.

How To Know If A Lodolite Is Real Or Fake

There are a few ways to tell if a Lodolite stone is real or fake. First, look at the colors of the stone. If the colors are too bright or uniform, it is likely that the stone is fake.

Another way to tell if a Lodolite is real or fake is to look at the clarity of the stone. If the stone is cloudy or has a lot of inclusions, it is likely to be real.

You can also try scratching the surface of the stone with a knife. If the stone is real, it will scratch easily.

If you are still unsure if your Lodolite is real or fake, you can take it to a jeweler or gemologist to have it evaluated.

My Final Thoughts On The Power Of Lodolite 

Lodolite is a beautiful and powerful crystal with unique inclusions of types and colors.

No two Lodolite stones are ever the same, making Lodolite an even more special gemstone to have. You may find the perfect specimen as soon as you start looking, or you may enjoy collecting various crystals of Lodolite to create a variety of sea and landscapes to gaze at and lose yourself in.  

Gazing into this stone will bring about a shift in your consciousness.

It will harmonize the higher vibrational energies present in your aura with the energies of your subtle body and light body.

Lodolite is a stone that you must have if you want to take a powerful journeying stone with you on your personal, soul, and cosmic journeys!

lodolite meaning

About the author

phantom quartz lodolite jewelry

Diana Houston

Diana Houston is a respected crystal expert and the author of 'A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals: Getting Started With Crystal Healing – A Complete Guide.' Her passion for crystals and their healing properties made her a leading authority on the subject.

Diana's expertise and passion for crystals have inspired countless readers and practitioners, and her book has received rave reviews on Amazon. With her clear and insightful guidance, Diana is a trusted guide for anyone seeking to unlock the transformative power of crystals.

Available on Amazon!

What is Lodalite?

Lodolite aka Lodalite crystal on a brownish background

Lodalite is a naturally occurring fusion of Clear Quartz with organic matter, so it’s called Inclusion Quartz or Lodalite Quartz. It refers to Quartz crystals with intermediate minerals as inclusions. They may be small, medium, or large.

The stone often has a clear or hyper-clear appearance, with inclusions of red, cream, orange, green, brown, white, yellow, golden, purple, or blue. They may come from Chlorite, Hematite, Pyrite, Rutiles, Feldspar, Iron Oxides, Kaolinite, or Sulphur.

All these minerals paint the inside of Lodalite crystals with scenic landscapes, underwater vistas, mountains, forests, smoke, and gardens. That’s also why they’re usually cut into slabs and cabochons to highlight the inclusions. So, you may hear it being called Scenic Quartz, Garden Quartz, and White Clay. 

The stone earned many alternative names like Phantom Quartz, Ghost, Dream Stone, Shaman’s Stone, and Seer Stone due to its intricate shapes, colors, and composition of inclusions.

Fun Facts: Lodalite is also called the “Frozen Universe” when its inclusions look like the Milky Way Galaxy. Every Lodalite is unique, with no two stones being identical. 

Lodalite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Most Lodalites are clear, white, cream, brown, or green. Hence, they open the Root, Sacral, Heart, Crown, Earth Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. These Lodalite properties protect, ground, enlighten, calm, and guide the wearer. 

Garden Quartz is seen in many colors. It’s also responsible for health, vitality, luck, communication, intuition, and astral travel. These Lodalite benefits come from opening the Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye, and Solar Star Chakras.

The elements of Storm and Earth are responsible for bringing the power of manifestation, psychic protection, courage, healing, and stability to the stone . 

Where to keep Lodalite at home? The best places to keep Lodalite at home are the Center, Northeast, Southwest, and East. Doing so attracts harmony, wealth, love, motivation, positivity, and growth around your home.

Did you know Garden Quartz is linked to all nine planets? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are responsible for its psychic powers, healing, destiny, luck, divine assistance, and spiritual development.

Who should wear Lodalite? The best zodiac signs for tapping into the Lodalite healing properties are Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Expect life-changing experiences and opportunities with Lodalite if this is your sign.

Lodolite is also linked to deities from diverse regions, such as Pachamama, the Incan Earth Goddess; Indra, the Hindu King of Gods; Pruthvi, the Hindu Earth God; and Anu , the Celtic Prosperity Goddess . 

Psychics say the energies of Garden Quartz align with the cosmic number 3 , meaning self-expression, willpower, success, awakening, and rebirth.

Lodalite Healing Properties and Benefits

 power and vitality.

  • Terra, Orange, Moss, and Pyrite Lodolite are ideal for clearing physical chakra blockages in your kundalini energy center of Sacral Chakra. It helps with fatigue, drowsiness, and pain. 
  • Program your stone for vitality and energy by meditating with it for a few minutes while facing the rising sun.
  • Most of us are aware of the purification abilities of Clear Quartz. Garden Quartz or Lodalite disperses feuds, sorrow, loneliness, arguments, etc., and changes negativity into positivity .
  • Smudge your crystal with sage every morning and set it in the center of your living room.
  • Did you know Bicolor Lodalite boosts your self-esteem? You’ll discover more about yourself and find self-worth by keeping a charged stone on your dominant side. 
  • Set your intention for confidence by holding your stone for a few minutes before a lit candle. 
  • Lodolite with Malachite and Green Chlorite stabilizes imbalances in the body from hormones, organs, and tension. Healers often recommend this type of Quartz for thyroid imbalances. 
  • Find balance in your body, mind, spirit, and house by burying four Garden Quartz crystals in each corner of your house. Make sure to charge the stones daily with the amplifying energies of Palo Santo. 
  • Keep a charged Lodalite on your desk if you struggle with memory retention. It will clear blockages in your higher chakras and awaken dormant areas of your mind.
  • Create an indirect crystal elixir from Garden Quartz and consume it regularly.

Lodalite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

hand planting coins on the ground

 Psychic Visions

  • Blue, purple, and rainbow flashes in Lodolite indicate its high vibrations . You can use them to tap into parts of your psyche to activate abilities like clairvision, premonitions, and clairvoyance. 
  • Lie down on a yoga mat in a quiet space, place the crystal on the Crown Chakra, and meditate for a few seconds. Then move on to the rest of the 7 chakras until the Root. 

Karmic Healing

  • Destiny can sometimes bring the repercussions of karmic debt from past lives. Cream and Green Lodalite gives you access to Akashic Records so you can do penance.
  • Light a candle in a dark room with an open window on a moonlight night. Hold the stone for a few seconds before the flame. Finally, close your eyes and visualize the universe.

Wealth and Abundance

  • Golden Garden Quartz, especially with Golden Rutiles, is a wealth magnet when placed in your purse, wallet, or money vault after charging. You can also add it to your garden to rejuvenate your plants.
  • Set your intention for wealth by smudging the stone with a sage stick during sunrise or after waking up. Visualize good fortune walking into your life from small milestones first.

Shamanic Journeying

  • Garden Quartz is called Shamanic Dreamstone because it helps you discover and tread on your spiritual voyage. You may travel astral or shift to your desired realities.
  • The best way to tap into shamanic journeying with Lodalite is by gazing into your crystal for a few minutes. Do it briefly and keep the crystal under your pillow .

Spiritual Awakening

  • Multicolor and Hyper Clear Garden Quartz connect your physical chakras to the etheric ones. They help you find your spiritual destiny by completing mind expansion milestones.
  • Set a crystal altar with Lodalite in the center on the bedside table. Visualize and activate the grid before sleep.

Side Effects of Lodalite

  • Excessive Daydreaming: If you are new to Lodalite and use it for days on end, it might push you to spend a lot of time daydreaming. Take a break and take a balancing crystal. 
  • Disruptive Dreams: Brace yourself for many vivid, vibrant, and unsettling dreams that shatter your perspective. These may jolt you from slumber, driving you to make life-altering decisions.
  • Feeling Lighter: When the chakra blockages clear up , you may feel lighter in the mind, body, and spirit. If it’s disrupting your daily chores, keep a Black Tourmaline on you.

Lodalite Meaning: What Does Lodalite Symbolize?

woman feeling recharged from doing meditation

The meaning of Lodalite is “ spiritual journeying.”  

Lodolite comes from the Greek language, meaning “muddy stone.” Lodo means “dirt or sludge” in Spanish, owing to its formation and origin. It’s linked to peace, harmony, inner power, psychic visions, transformation, karmic healing, awakening, and balance.

Did you know most Lodalite comes from one area in Brazil? That’s why Lodalite is also called Brazilian Quartz.

This crystal is called Scenic or Garden Quartz for its beautiful inclusions, and hence featured a lot in holistic and alternative healing rituals worldwide. 

It was a magical item for European women in the Middle Ages and was constantly used in herb gardens. Lodalite benefits include complete healing of the mind, body, and soul by eliminating negative emotions , thoughts, and outcomes.

Types of Lodalite

  • Garden Quartz: Common Lodalite crystals show sprawling inclusions in multiple colors, resembling a scene, undersea, or landscape. They are known for willpower, manifestation, and psychic guidance.
  • Clear Lodalite: This is the see-through variety of Garden Quartz with sparse inclusions and haziness. Use this Quartz for mental clarity, spirit contact, and psychic visions.
  • Hyper Clear Lodolite: With super-high clarity and stunning transparency of the clearest Lakes in the world, HC Lodolite is a high-vibration stone used for purification and manifestation. It’s also an energy generator. 
  • Green Lodalite: Also popular as Moss Lodolite, this vitality stone motivates and boosts your health. It’ll appear in pale green to dark green, white, gray, black, and brown hues.
  • Pink Lodalite: Healers say placing a charged Lodolite on the Heart Chakra clears chakra blockages and scars in your heart. Pink Garden Quartz shows plumes, growths, or inclusions in pink with a clear base color. 
  • White Lodolite: This is a Garden Quartz variety with clear base color and white inclusions in the shapes of specks, plates, plumes, and clouds. Use it for stability and divine guidance.
  • Floating Lodalite Snow: If your White Garden Quartz shows a clear base color with snow-like inclusions and rutiles, it’s a good stone for self-discovery and self-worth. 
  • Golden Lodalite: A combination of two crystals – Rutile and Garden Quartz – this variety is a luck magnet showing patches of golden flecks. 
  • Orange Iron Oxide Lodalite Quartz: When Lodolite forms clear color zoning of orange and dark yellow hues, it’s an Iron Oxide inclusion. Use it for kundalini awakening and shamanic journeying.
  • Lodolite with Sulphur : Brighter varieties of Yellow Garden Quartz come from Sulphur inclusions. Use the crystal for physical healing and energy.
  • Peach Lodalite: This is a pale orange Garden Quartz with the inclusions occurring toward a single end. Use this crystal for willpower and self-esteem.
  • Terra Lodalite: Appearing with earthy brown and maroon tones, Terra Garden Quartz shows inclusions of burnt orange from Red Chlorite. It’s a good stone for vitality, immunity, and fertility. 
  • Purple Lodalite: From hazy to Hyper Clear Garden Quartz with purple inclusions, this is a high-vibration stone for manifestation and wisdom.
  • Blue Lodolite: When you see pale blue, blue-green, or indigo hues on your Garden Quartz, use it for opening the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.
  • Smoky Garden Quartz: This stone shows several inclusions in varied colors, resulting from the natural combination of Smoky and Garden Quartzes. It’s ideal for thriving in tough situations. 
  • Rainbow Lodolite: Chlorite inclusions in Garden Quartz sometimes lead to rainbow flashes in a brown, tan, or dark base color. In such cases, it’s great for spiritual journeying and is called Dream and Shamanic Stones.
  •  Bicolor Lodalite: When you see two contrasting colors in one Garden Quartz, often green-maroon, clear-yellow, clear-black, etc., use it for chakra alignment and balance. 
  • Cloudy Lodalite: Resembling Selenite, this is a milky-white to translucent variety of Garden Quartz. It’s a psychic vision stone that leads you to your destiny. 
  • Phantom Lodalite: In this Garden Quartz, you’ll see ghost-like inclusions in white, green, brown, or yellow colors. Use it to discover the destiny and psychic abilities dormant inside you.
  • Lodolite Lens: These are Garden Quartz cut into a convex shape with rutiles or landscapes inside. They are excellent for perspective, empathy, and wisdom.
  • Hematoid Lodalite: Yellow and brown inclusions on a clear, white, and cloudy Garden Quartz come from Hematite. It’s a good stone for grounding and protection.
  • Lodalite with Pyrite: This is a unique type of Garden Quartz with shiny golden inclusions in a hyper clear stone. They’re often cut into spheres and work well for scrying angelic communication and divination.
  • Lodalite with Chlorite: Garden Quartz often forms with Green Chlorite to form green, brown, white, yellow, gray, black, and orange inclusions. They’re called Chlorite-included Lodolite and are suggested for peace and harmony.
  • Lodalite with Kaolinite: Appearing in green, yellow, white, and clear hues, this type of Inclusion Quartz is a shamanic journeying stone for psychics.
  • Lodalite with Iron: Some types of Garden Quartz may show red, yellow, or golden stains from Iron. They’re great for good fortune and power.
  • Lodolite with Azurite, Malachite, and Copper: This is a man-made glass display item including Garden Quartz, Azurite, and Malachite with Copper backing. Although not a natural variety, this works like a chakra wand by healing different parts of your body, mind, and soul.

How To Cleanse Lodalite?

A woman sitting on a wooden pathway in nature

Note that most Lodalites don’t need cleansing, as they’re self-cleansing unless your intuition says otherwise.

  • Soil: Burying Garden Quartz overnight under moonlit nights is perfect for cleansing the negativity absorbed by it. 
  • Clear Quartz Wand: Circling a Clear Quartz point toward your Lodolite will reset its energies after intense spiritual rituals. 
  • Seed Mantra: Hold your crystal before your lips and chant mantras like OM, LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, or HAM for a few minutes .  

Questions and Answers

Lodolite is a Quartz stone with inclusions from the Chlorite group of minerals in orange, purple, yellow, white, and pink.

Yes, Lodolite is safe in the water, thanks to its higher hardness than Quartz. However, avoid consuming direct infusions and prolonged exposure to water for soaking rituals.

Yes, Lodolite is safe in the sun for a short period, like 5 to 10 minutes. Even then, make sure to avoid direct sunlight as it may damage the integrity of the stone.

No, Lodolite is not dangerous or toxic to the touch. Touching it with bare hands doesn’t pose any risk, but washing your hands after touching crystals is better.

Real Lodalite will not be scratched from other Quartzes, like Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, etc. It has a white or colorless streak.

No, Lodalite is not the same as Phantom Quartz, but they’re two varieties of Quartz. Garden Quartz has scenic inclusions, while Phantom Quartz has crystals inside with interrupted growth.

Lodolite is a versatile Quartz compatible with most crystals.

Here’s a brief look at some of its best crystal pairings:

  • Clear Quartz and Lodolite for purification and amplification.
  • Amethyst and Lodolite for higher powers.
  • Rose Quartz and Lodalite for love and healing.
  • Citrine and Lodolite for abundance and luck. 
  • Nuumite and Lodalite for spiritual awakening.
  • Green Calcite and Lodolite for prosperity. 
  • Lapis Lazuli and Lodalite for astral travel. 
  • Carnelian and Orange Lodolite for kundalini awakening.
  • Moldavite and Lodalite for inner healing and peace.

No, Lodalite isn’t expensive in medium quality at $10 to $30 per specimen. However, rare pieces, like Hyper Clear, Orange, Purple, Rainbow, Blue, Golden, etc. can fetch higher prices from $100 to $300 per specimen.

Geologists say Lodalite formed millions of years ago due to Quartzes crystallizing in deep vugs or cavities with organic matter and minerals like Chlorite. They’re embedded with moss or other minerals inside the Quartz mineral.

Interactions with Lodalite

Lodolite aka Lodalite crystal on a brownish background

Lodalite vs. Rutilated Quartz

Combining the energies of Rutilated Quartz with Lodalite is good because the same planets rule them. Use this combination to attract wealth, fortune, and success.

clear quartz on a black granite

Lodalite vs. Clear Quartz

You can use Clear Quartz with Lodalite or any other crystal without conflicts. It’s a good crystal combination for purification and manifestation. 

Herkimer Diamond on a black reflective background

Lodalite vs. Herkimer Diamond

You can use Lodalite and Herkimer for working on divination and dreamwork because the same planets rule them. 

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Phantom Quartz · Smooth · Round · 6mm, 8mm **CLEARANCE**

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 Strand Length: approx. 15.5 inches.

100% natural polished Phantom Quartz beads.

This stone is also sometimes referred to as Ghost Quartz.

Count of beads on a strand:

  • 4mm = 85 Beads
  • 6mm = 58 Beads
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Note: These are general guidelines. The actually count may be greater or slightly less than stated.

Bead hole size ranges:

  • 4mm = 0.6mm to 0.8mm
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Note: These are general guidelines. The actually hole size may be slightly larger or smaller than stated.

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FEIG ELECTRONIC: Moscow-City Skyscrapers Streamline Parking Access and Control with Secure RFID

Feig electronic partners with isbc group to deploy ucode dna rfid security and parking access control solution in moscow business district.

Weilburg, Germany  — December 3,  2019  —  FEIG ELECTRONIC , a leading global supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers and antennas with fifty years of industry experience, announces deployment of the UCODE DNA RFID security and parking contactless identification solution in the Moscow International Business Center, known as Moscow-City, one of the world’s largest business district projects.

The management of Moscow-City not only selected long-range, passive UHF RFID to implement in its controlled parking areas, it also chose to implement UCODE DNA , the highest form of secure RAIN RFID technology, developed by NXP Semiconductors.

phantom quartz lodolite jewelry

Panoramic view of Moscow city and Moskva River at sunset. New modern futuristic skyscrapers of Moscow-City – International Business Center, toned

“Underscoring NXP’s innovation and leadership in developing advanced RAIN RFID technologies, our UCODE DNA was chosen to be incorporated with the FEIG and ISBC implementation of the contactless identification system in the prestigious Moscow-City,” said Mahdi Mekic, marketing director for RAIN RFID with NXP Semiconductors. “This exciting project represents yet another successful deployment of NXP’s contactless portfolio, and showcases our continued ability to meet the high-security requirements of highly demanding applications without compromising user convenience.”

“UCODE DNA is considered the only identification technology to match the physical protection of a barrier with the cybersecurity necessary to truly protect entrances from unauthorized access,” said Manuel Haertlé, senior product manager for FEIG Electronic. “As a respected contactless payment technology company, FEIG applies security know-how from its payment terminals, which are fully certified according to the latest high-class security standards, into our RFID systems. FEIG vehicle access control RFID readers incorporate advanced secure key storage elements, supporting various methods for secure key injection.”

FEIG’s partner ISBC Group provided the knowledge and support for this successful implementation using  FEIG’s long-range UHF RFID . The resulting system enables authorized vehicle entry into areas reserved for private residential use or corporate tenants, while also allowing availability of temporary, fee-based visitor parking. Thanks to the cryptographic authentication of UCODE DNA, both the tag and reader must go through an authentication procedure before the reader will validate the data from the tag, which is transmitted wirelessly. This level of authentication is typically used in the most secure data communication networks.

“The system’s two-step authentication means that only authorized equipment can handle the secure protocol and the data exchange with the UCODE DNA based tag. Without the required cryptographic secrets, other readers would query the tag in vain, because the tag’s response cannot be interpreted or understood,” said Andrey Krasovskiy, director of the RFID department at ISBC Group. “On top of this, each data exchange in the authentication process is unique, so even if a malicious actor were to intercept the communication, the transmission is only good for a single exchange and the tag’s unique identity is protected from cloning.”

Established in 1992 and still growing, Moscow-City is the revitalization and transformation of an industrial riverfront into a new, modern, vibrant and upscale business and residential district. A mix of residential, hotel, office, retail and entertainment facilities, it is located about four kilometers west of Red Square along the Moscow River. Twelve of the twenty-three planned facilities have already been completed, with seven currently under construction. Six skyscrapers in Moscow-City reach a height of at least 300 meters, including Europe’s tallest building, Federation Tower, which rises more than 100 stories.

Partnering with ISBC and deploying FEIG Electronic RFID solutions, the Moscow International Business Center is delivering security and access control to its city center today, as it grows into the city of tomorrow.


FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas is one of the few suppliers worldwide offering RFID readers and antennas for all standard operating frequencies: LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (860-960 MHz). A trusted pioneer in RFID with more than 50 years of industry experience, FEIG ELECTRONIC delivers unrivaled data collection, authentication, and identification solutions, as well as secure contactless payment systems. Readers from FEIG ELECTRONIC, which are available for plug-in, desktop, and handheld applications, support next-generation contactless credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, NFC and access control credentials to enable fast, accurate, reliable and secure transactions. For more information, visit:

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  23. Moscow Jewelry

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