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  3. The iFLY15

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  4. Solent Whisper, catamarán de 6m con foils +Video

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  5. 40' SUNREEF Hyper Foiling Power catamaran

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  1. In catamarano sul golfo dell'Asinara

  2. Catamarano Federica M in arrivo al porto di Favignana

  3. Catamarano Vittoria M in partenza dal porto di Favignana

  4. inaugurazione Varo del Catamarano "Ortenzia"

  5. focaccia ripiena sul catamarano 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Catamarano FEDERICA M della LIBERTY Lines in ormeggio al porto di TRAPANI


  1. FoilCat

    The FoilCat Team is relentlessly dedicated in our pursuit of the ultimate user experience accentuated by the highest performance and safety standards throughout the marine industry. A RIDE LIKE NO OTHER. The foil greatly improves ride quality and efficiency. Reduction in operator and passenger injury and fatigue.

  2. iFLY15

    flySafe® dynamic foil control system. The foils are controlled independently, dynamically and precisely on both sides by the flySafe® foil control system. This enables high performance sailing through stable flight. The unique foil control system of IFLY15 is a 7 years proven system developed by CEC Catamarans. Know More >>>.

  3. iFLY

    The flight control system, combined with numerous fine-tuned innovations, ensures safe foiling even in strong winds and rough seas.. Stable flight attitude allows pushing hard, so in good conditions, iFLY reaches high boat speed beyond 30 knots in a controllable way. IFLY15 offers freedom to fly alone or in pairs.

  4. Vandal 46 Explorer: An Industrial-Chic Foiling Cat Built For Adventure

    Starting at the stern, the boat is powered by twin Yamaha V8 5.6L 425 XTO engines. These lightweight and efficient four-stroke powerhouses enable the Explorer 46 to cruise effortlessly at 30 knots, with a top speed of 40 knots. Impressively, the boat can maintain a comfortable 25 knots even in 4-5 foot head seas, thanks to its foil-assisted ...

  5. FoilCat: The Foiling Power Catamarans Elevating Center Console Boats

    FoilCat Performance Numbers. The Foil Cat holds 400 gallons of fuel and with twin Mercury 400 Verado engines, has a 600-700-mile range, cruising at an easy 32 mph. That horsepower and speed provides an economical 2 mpg burn. The amidship location of the 28" foils come into play as the boat planes, balancing the amount of boat in the water ...


    iFLY15 is a series-produced sport catamaran for anyone who enjoys high-speed sailing. It's unique Flysafe ® Foil Control System autonomously supports a stabl...

  7. Foiling Catamarans

    By Zuzana Prochazka. January 31, 2019. In 2013, the world sat up and took notice of foiling boats mostly due to the much-promoted America's Cup. The AC72 catamarans flew across our TV screens with great speed and grace, hardly touching the water. These high-priced models achieved 40 knots in 17 knots of breeze with their T-shaped rudders and ...

  8. F1X Foiling Catamaran

    Technical details. The F1x A-class foiling catamaran has a number of unique features that improve performance. For example: Semi ridged trampoline. Gives extra torsional stiffness to the boat and increases its aerodynamic characteristics. Patented main-sheet-wheel-system. For more direct and faster trim of the main sail.

  9. [2023] Hydrofoil Catamaran: The Ultimate Guide to Foiling on Water

    Hydrofoil catamarans can reach speeds of up to 40 knots (46 mph) or more, depending on the design and conditions. The foils on a hydrofoil catamaran can lift the hulls out of the water, reducing drag and allowing for a smoother and faster ride. Hydrofoil catamarans are used for various purposes, including racing, recreational sailing, and even ...

  10. The AC72 Teams Makes Foiling Catamarans Look Easy

    Foil design is complicated because of the need to control roll, pitch and yaw, the results of which are plain to see in videos of AC72s foiling. If the foils leave the water, they cease to generate lift and the hulls drop back into the water, sometimes abruptly. The vertical element of the daggerboard also ceases to prevent leeway.

  11. About S9

    S9 is the first foiling catamaran that uses 4 point constantly at work in the water, more easy , more stable ! WIth the "T" foil s9 there is an automatic adjusting trim tabs called "Wand". This system is used only in the "Moth", none of the recent projects Flying catamaran used this and it is the best foil choice.


    THE BOAT THAT FLIES ALONE. The Mothquito Foiling Catamaran is the first foiler in the world with an increased dynamic stability and performance, by the IFS system, a system that increases its dynamic length and beam to make foiling easy, safe and fun for any sailor. Due to this system, the Mothquito surprises with its great stability, both at ...

  13. F50 (catamaran)

    The F50 is a one-design foiling catamaran used in the SailGP race series. The name is an abbreviation of "Foiling" and "a hull length of 50 feet".The F50s are adapted from the AC50s used in the America's Cup, with modifications including new control systems and modular wingsails. The F50s are one of the fastest racing classes in history, with a predicted top speed of 52.2 knots (96.6 km/h, 60 ...

  14. How Do Hydrofoil Catamarans Work? (The Science Behind It Explained)

    Hydrofoil catamarans work by using foil-shaped wings that protrude from the bottom of the boat, below the water line. The foils are designed to lift the vessel out of the water, reducing the surface area touching the water, and therefore reducing drag. As the boat moves forward, the airflow on the foils generate lift, causing the boat to rise ...

  15. Persico Cat 72': a New Luxury High Performance Catamaran With Advanced

    The Persico Cat 72' is equipped with rightingmoment foils (RMFoils), that are rake controlled foils over 7 metres long, daggerboards for leeway control and T-rudders with rake control. This foil system is brought together using Gomboc's Flight Control System that manages the foil angles of attack. "The RM foil is the most evident ...

  16. 40 Foil-Assisted Catamaran

    For detailed specifications, contact us today. The "Flying Hub II" shown here is a 40-foot custom welded-aluminum passenger vessel designed by Jutson Marine Design and built by Metal Shark for a Florida-based fishing and tour boat operator. This innovative vessel features a highly efficient foil-assisted catamaran hull and has been built to ...

  17. FoilCat: Amazing 34' Hydrofoil Power Catamaran Center Console Boat!

    Join and Marilyn DeMartini in Cape Canaveral Florida along with Tarpon River Boatworks CEO Todd Meyer for a full walkthrough video tour and review ...

  18. The Efficiency of a Foiling Powercat

    The Efficiency of a Foiling Powercat. Matanzas Watercraft's founder, Jan Brandt, in his office with a rendering on the wall and the prototype of the Matanzas 29 foiling powercat peeking through the shop door. Motivated by his own boating experience and America's Cup foiling technology, a startup builder launches the Matanzas 29, a new breed ...

  19. Improved Efficiency with Hydro Glide Foil System™

    It enhances the performance, consumption, and handling of the already spectacular performance of these two power catamarans. For the Aquila 36 Sport, the hydro-glide foil improves miles per gallon by 40% when compared to a competitor's 36' power catamaran and decreases the fuel consumption rate by 37%. As reviewed by Boating Magazine: "It's ...

  20. What is the AC45 America's Cup World Series foiling catamaran?

    We find out. The boat being raced in the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series is the AC45 - sometimes also called the AC45f. It is a one-design 44ft foiling catamaran (that's what the ...

  21. Racing the Flying Phantom Hydrofoil Catamaran

    The Flying Phantom catamaran is quite arguably the future of sailing. It's a two-person vessel powered by the wind and a unique hydrofoil design. The hydrofo...

  22. Luxury Power Catamarans

    Aquila Power Catamarans is the recognized leader for performance, innovation and quality in this growing category of pleasure boats.

  23. iFLY

    IFLY 15 ONE DESIGN AND IFLY RAZZOR PRO. Einfacher Einstieg ins Foilen mit einem performance foiling Katamaran. Dynamisches Flugassistenz System - FlySafe ® Foil Control. Höchste Qualität - High-Tech Vollcarbon Segelboot. Vollständig modular - komplett individualisierbar. Während des Segelns: einstellbares Rake / MAIN FOIL ...