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Annabelle (2014)

How does the annabelle movie relate to the conjuring .

The Annabelle movie is a spin-off/prequel to The Conjuring . Other than in the opening scene, it doesn't feature any of the human characters from The Conjuring . It instead focuses on the backstory of the doll that was in the possession of paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) in The Conjuring movie. The story includes a fictionalized explanation of how a demon became attached to the doll. It also somewhat reveals how the doll came to be named after a deceased young girl named Annabelle, though the 2017 prequel Annabelle: Creation clarifies this further. Lorraine Warren is pictured below with the real Annabelle doll. Left: Lorraine Warren holds the real Annabelle doll outside of her home in Connecticut in the 1970s. Right: Lorraine poses next to the doll inside the Warrens' Occult Museum in more recent years.

Was the real Annabelle doll a vintage porcelain doll?

No. As indicated in the photos below, the real Annabelle doll was actually a normal-looking Raggedy Ann Doll, not the creepy-looking porcelain doll seen in the Annabelle movie and The Conjuring . The real Annabelle doll (right) was actually a Raggedy Ann Doll, not the porcelain doll shown in the Annabelle movie (left).

Did a husband really give the Annabelle doll to his pregnant wife as a present?

No. In the Annabelle movie, husband John Form (Eric Laden) gives the doll to his pregnant wife Mia (Annabelle Wallis) as a present. Through our research into the Annabelle true story, we learned that John and Mia Form are fictional characters. The real Annabelle doll was given as a birthday present by a mother to her daughter, Donna, a nursing student who was turning 28. Donna's mother purchased the Raggedy Ann Doll from a hobby store in 1970. Given the style of the real doll, it was most likely purchased new since that particular Raggedy Ann Doll with the calico dress does not predate the 1970s. Most of the Annabelle movie focuses on the vintage doll's existence prior to Donna's mother purchasing it at the hobby store, offering a fictional account of how the demon could have entered and stayed with the doll. Donna, her roommate Angie, and Angie's fiancé Lou are depicted at the beginning of the movie telling demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren about their experiences with the doll. John Form (Ward Horton) and his pregnant wife Mia (Annabelle Wallis) are entirely fictional characters.

Were the previous owners of the doll really attacked by members of a satanic cult?

No. As we investigated the Annabelle true story, we discovered that the doll's former owners, nursing students Donna and Angie, had never been attacked by members of a satanic cult who intruded into their home and subsequently passed a malevolent entity into the doll. This part of the movie is pure fiction, which takes place in 1969, the year before Donna comes into possession of the doll (which was likely purchased new). It was created to provide a fictionalized explanation as to how the demonic spirit became attached to the doll. In real life, the spirit pretends to be that of an innocent young girl named Annabelle, who supposedly died when she was still a child. This correlates more with what happens in the prequel Annabelle: Creation . The Annabelle movie's satanic intruders (top) are pure fiction, as is the method by which the demonic spirit is passed into the doll via a drop of blood (bottom) from dying intruder Annabelle Higgins.

Did the owners really try to unsuccessfully throw away the doll?

No. In the movie, husband John Form (Eric Laden) puts the doll in the trash before the couple moves, but his wife Mia later discovers it while unpacking one of the moving boxes. According to the real Annabelle doll story, the owners never tried to throw away the doll. Their home had never been broken into by satanic intruders who passed a demon into the doll, nor had the paranormal activity associated with the doll ever gotten bad enough that they wanted to throw the doll away prior to passing it along to researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Did they find the real Annabelle doll in different positions and rooms?

According to the Warrens' story, Donna, the nursing student who shared a tiny apartment with her roommate Angie, a fellow nurse, would come home to find that the doll had shifted positions. At first, its movements were subtle and confined to the bed where Donna had left the doll. However, in time the movements became more noticeable. Donna and Angie began to discover the doll in different rooms than they had left it. It would even appear back in Donna's room with the door shut. Sometimes they found the doll with its legs crossed and its arms folded, while on other occasions it was found standing on its feet, leaning against a dining room chair. They even discovered it kneeling on a chair, which was strange because if they tried to make the doll kneel on its own, it would fall over. It couldn't kneel. Like in the movie, the owner is said to have discovered the doll in different positions and rooms. However, the owner was a nursing student who lived with a roommate, not a pregnant married couple.

How long had the paranormal activity surrounding the Annabelle doll been going on?

As stated in The Demonologist book , strange activity involving the real Annabelle doll had been going on for about a year before paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren became involved in the case and eventually took the doll into their possession. Ed and Lorraine's meeting with the doll's owner, her roommate, and her roommate's fiancé is depicted at the beginning of both the The Conjuring and Annabelle .

Did the Annabelle doll leave messages?

Yes. According to the story told by Ed and Lorraine Warren, a former owner of the Annabelle doll, Donna, claimed that she would come home to find penciled messages written in childlike writing on parchment paper. The messages read "Help Us" and "Help Lou" (Lou was Donna's roommate Angie's fiancé and had been staying with them). What made the messages even more strange was that Donna did not have parchment paper in the apartment and had no idea where it came from. Like what is shown in The Conjuring movie , the real Annabelle doll supposedly left messages on scraps of parchment paper. In real life, they were said to have been written in pencil, not crayon.

Did blood appear on the Annabelle doll?

Yes, at least according to the Warrens' story, it did. Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren claim that the doll's original owner, Donna, a nursing student, came home from work to find what looked like blood on the back of the doll's hand and three drops of blood on its chest. There was no explanation for how the red substance had gotten there. This event is what prompted the doll's owner, Donna, to contact a medium for help. In a somewhat unrelated event in the Annabelle movie, we see blood from a dying cult member drip into the doll's eye socket (pictured earlier).

Did the owner of the doll ever contact a medium and have a séance?

Yes. Although there is no medium or séance depicted in the movie, according to the Annabelle doll true story, as told by Ed and Lorraine Warren, the doll's owner, Donna, contacted a medium after noticing that three drops of blood had mysteriously appeared on the doll's chest and more blood was on the back of the doll's hand. The medium became involved 4-6 weeks after the paranormal activity first began. Buy the Mezco 18-Inch Annabelle Toy Doll and grab the attention of your guests. The medium held a séance and introduced Donna and her roommate Angie to the spirit of Annabelle, a seven-year-old girl who had played in the fields that existed where Donna and Angie's apartment complex now stood. Apparently, Annabelle's lifeless body had been discovered in the fields. Out of compassion, Donna and Angie permitted the spirit that they thought was that of Annabelle to stay with them and possess the doll. It should be noted here that the above version of the story, which is presented in The Demonologist book and is currently featured on the website of paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren, differs from the version of the story told by Ed Warren in a 1980s video tour of his Occult Museum . In the video, Ed states that the medium told Donna that Annabelle had died in an automobile accident outside Donna and Angie's apartment. Ed states that Annabelle was six, not seven. During the video, he also says that the Raggedy Ann Doll was given to Donna by her mother as a Christmas present, not a birthday present as The Demonologist book states. Are these contradictions enough to raise doubt with regard to the authenticity of the Warrens' story?

Did the demon attached to the Annabelle doll really start a kitchen fire?

No. The Annabelle movie true story reveals no evidence that the possessed doll was ever responsible for starting a kitchen fire. In fact, the entire sequence involving the fire is fictional. The demon never caused a stove to turn on, resulting in a bag of stove top popcorn to overcook and explode into flames. At the same time, the doll's owner never injured her finger on a sewing machine. The demon also never dragged the owner across the floor back toward the fire. The demon attached to the Annabelle doll never started a kitchen fire.

Has the real Annabelle doll inflicted physical harm on anyone?

Yes, but not to the degree shown in the movie. A man named Lou was the fiancé of Donna's roommate Angie and had been staying with them since the doll had arrived. Lou wasn't fond of the doll and warned Donna that it was evil. One night, Lou awoke suddenly from a deep sleep and realized that he was unable to move. He saw the Annabelle doll at his feet and watched as it slowly glided up his leg and over his chest. Before he knew it, the doll had begun to strangle him until he blacked out. He woke up the next morning certain that his experience wasn't a dream. On a later occasion, Lou and Angie were studying maps to prepare for a trip Lou was embarking on the next day when they heard rustling noises coming from Donna's room. Lou approached the closed door and waited for the noises to stop before entering. He turned on the light and saw Annabelle laying on the floor in a corner. He walked over to the doll, but as he did, he began to sense that someone was behind him. He spun around but no one was there. In an instant, he found himself doubled over, grabbing his chest, which was now bleeding. Upon inspection, he discovered seven claw-like scratches on his chest (four horizontal and three vertical) that were hot like burns. The scratches healed rapidly and were fully gone in two days.

Is Alfre Woodard's character, Evelyn, based on a real person?

No. In the movie, John and Mia's neighbor, Evelyn (Alfre Woodard), owns a local bookstore where Mia looks for books on ghosts. Evelyn is an entirely fictional character. Furthermore, no one ever sacrificed themselves in order to offer their soul to the demon that was supposedly controlling the doll. Alfre Woodard's character, Evelyn, is entirely fictional. No one ever sacrificed themselves to give their soul to the demon.

Have there been any deaths associated with the real Annabelle doll?

Paranormal researcher Ed Warren believes that the doll has been responsible for at least one death. During a video tour of Ed and Lorraine Warren's Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, Ed pointed out the Raggedy Ann doll in its case, "Many of the objects in this room here have had dire effects on people. People have been maimed, have been killed. People have wound up in mental institutions because of many of the things that are right in this building here. You have the voodoo dolls, you have the Raggedy Ann Doll, which was responsible for the death of a young man who came in here one time, who challenged the doll to do its worst and it did." The young man had apparently come to The Occult Museum on his motorcycle with his girlfriend for a tour. As Ed Warren was giving the tour, the young man started to mock the doll and while doing so, he ran up and began tapping on the glass of the case that the doll is enclosed in. He challenged the doll to put scratches on him like it had supposedly done in the past to a man named Lou, who had been friends with the doll's former owner, Donna. Ed kicked the young man out of the museum. Approximately three hours later, the young man died when he lost control of his motorcycle and hit a tree. His girlfriend survived but remained hospitalized for over a year. -Warrens Occult Museum Tour Actor Patrick Wilson (left), who portrayed Ed Warren in the 2013 movie The Conjuring , poses with the real Annabelle doll. Right: The real Ed Warren is pictured admiring the cursed doll in the 1970s.

Can I visit the real Annabelle doll?

Yes. As stated at the end of the movie, the actual doll is located in Ed and Lorraine Warren's Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. At present, tours of the Warrens' Occult Museum are limited and are only being given via an intimate event called Warrenology. To learn more, head over to the Warrens' website .

Was the spirit of a dead seven-year-old girl named Annabelle really linked to the doll?

According to the Warrens, Donna, who owned the doll, along with her roommate Angie, contacted a medium who held a séance with the doll present. "The woman had told them, the medium, that there was a spirit of a seven-year-old child in the doll by the name of Annabelle," says Ed Warren, "who had been killed outside of their apartment house in an automobile accident. Well, there was such a child, but God does not allow a child's spirit to go into a doll. This was a devil, a demon, inside the doll, which was impersonating the spirit of a child" ( Seekers of the Supernatural ). Unlike the movie, the doll's owner never saw what appeared to be the ghost of a different seven-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins, who in the film grows up to start a satanic cult. In the 2017 prequel, we learn that Annabelle Higgins is actually the fictional orphan Janice, who became possessed by the demon attached to the doll. Janice escaped, was adopted by the Higgins family, and changed her name to Annabelle after the doll, which in turn was named Annabelle after the doll maker's daughter, who died at age seven when she was hit by a car.

How did paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren end up in possession of the Annabelle doll?

According to the Annabelle true story, after the demon that was attached to the doll inflicted physical harm upon Donna's roommate's fiancé Lou, it was then that Donna, the doll's owner, came to the realization that the spirit might not be all that innocent. Donna contacted an Episcopal priest named Father Hegan, who contacted a superior, Father Cooke, who immediately got in touch with paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens convinced Father Cooke to perform an exorcism on the apartment in order to cleanse the home. He also blessed the individuals who were there. At Donna's request, the Warrens took the Raggedy Ann Doll with them when they departed. It has been in their possession ever since.

Are there any other cases of haunted dolls?

Yes. If you've ever visited Key West, Florida, then you're probably aware of one of the more well-known haunted dolls, Robert the Doll, which was the inspiration for Chucky from the horror movie Child's Play (pictured below). As the story goes, the doll had been given to Key West painter and author Robert Eugene Otto in 1906 by a Bahamian servant who worked for the Otto family. The servant was skilled in voodoo and black magic and was reported to have been displeased with the family. Young Eugene became inseparable from his doll, which he named Robert, after himself. His parents could often overhear Eugene talking to the doll. They assumed Eugene was changing his voice to make the doll talk back, but eventually they suspected that the doll was actually speaking. Over the years, passersby reported seeing the doll move from window to window. The family caught glimpses of Robert the Doll running from room to room, and others claim it emitted a terrifying giggle. When Eugene's parents heard loud noises from his bedroom during the night, they would enter only to hear Eugene say, "Robert did it!" The possessed Good Guys doll Chucky (left) from the horror movie Child's Play was inspired by Robert the Doll (right). However, Robert was far less diabolical than Chucky and never killed anybody. I had the privilege of seeing Robert the Doll (above, right) in person during a 2011 trip to Key West. He is housed in a glass case in the Fort East Martello Museum. Hundreds of fan-written letters adorn the wall next to Robert, and before taking a picture, you are instructed to ask Robert for permission. Learn more about the doll via this short Robert the Doll Documentary .

Learn more about the real Annabelle doll and the alleged true story by watching the videos below. View a tour of Ed and Lorraine Warren's Occult Museum where the doll is currently located. Also, watch a prank for inspiration on how to create an Annabelle costume, and then view instructions on how to apply Annabelle doll makeup.

  • Official Annabelle Movie Website


Annabelle: The Haunted Doll – A True Account of the Warrens’ Museum


Visitors to the Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, often mistake her for a common Raggedy Ann doll from the mid-20th century. However, the original Annabelle doll has a sinister reputation. Since her first alleged haunting in 1970, she’s been linked to demonic possession, violent attacks, and near-death experiences, even inspiring a series of horror films. But is Annabelle truly a vessel for an evil spirit or just a child’s toy used for sensational ghost stories? Dive into the real stories of Annabelle.

The Real Annabelle – An Innocent Exterior with a Dark Secret

The Real Annabelle.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, renowned paranormal investigators, house the original Annabelle doll in their Occult Museum. Annabelle’s stitched features, her endearing half-smile, and bright orange triangular nose, may remind you of childhood toys, but the warnings scrawled across her glass case tell a different story.

The Doll’s Dark Legacy – Unraveling the Hauntings

According to the Warrens, Annabelle is responsible for two near-death experiences, a fatal accident, and a 30-year-long streak of demonic activities. It all began in 1970 when Annabelle was gifted to a young nurse named Donna (or Deirdre). Initially, the doll seemed like an adorable addition to their apartment, but strange occurrences soon followed.

Donna and her roommate Angie noticed Annabelle moving on her own and discovered inexplicable notes saying “Help Me.” Even stranger, Angie’s boyfriend, Lou, encountered a terrifying ordeal, including claw marks that appeared and disappeared. A medium’s intervention revealed that Annabelle was inhabited by the spirit of a deceased seven-year-old named Annabelle Higgins, seeking affection.

The Warrens’ Intervention – Unmasking the True Nature of Annabelle

The Real Annabelle.

To rid their home of the doll’s spirit, Donna and Angie sought help from an Episcopal priest, Father Hegan, who contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens believed the doll was manipulated by an inhuman spirit seeking a human host, not a benevolent soul. Signs of demonic possession, including teleportation and the “mark of the beast,” were evident. An exorcism was performed, and Annabelle found her final resting place in the Warrens’ Occult Museum, locked in a glass case bearing the Lord’s Prayer and Saint Michael’s Prayer.

Beyond the Doll Case – A Trail of Fear and Tragedy

Annabelle’s malevolent presence persisted even after her confinement. The Warrens reported incidents of her levitation, movement within their house, and strange occurrences. Visitors who mocked her power faced catastrophic accidents, reinforcing the belief in her sinister nature.

From Reality to Reel – Annabelle’s Influence on Cinema

The stories surrounding Annabelle served as a wellspring of inspiration for director and producer James Wan, giving rise to a successful horror film franchise. While the real Annabelle retains her simple, child-like appearance, her cinematic counterpart is portrayed as a vintage porcelain doll with a penchant for violence.

The Warrens’ Occult Museum – A Legacy of Intrigue and Skepticism

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s legacy is mixed with controversy. Investigations have revealed doubts about the authenticity of the artifacts in their Occult Museum. Despite skepticism, Annabelle remains a chilling enigma, akin to playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette.

Annabelle’s Escape and Return – Separating Fact from Fiction

In 2020, rumors circulated about Annabelle’s escape from the Warrens’ Occult Museum. However, these claims were debunked by Tony Spera, who assured everyone that Annabelle remained securely within her infamous glass case.

Concluding Thoughts

Annabelle, the haunted doll, remains a captivating and eerie figure in the world of the supernatural. While the veracity of her story may be debated, her ability to inspire fear and fascination endures.

annabelle ghost story

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annabelle ghost story

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The legends behind the artifacts of ‘annabelle comes home’.

The son-in-law of late 'Conjuring' demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren goes through the history of 'Annabelle Comes Home'.

By Jessica Ariel Wendroff

Jessica Ariel Wendroff

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'Annabelle Comes Home': The Real Stories Behind the Artifacts

[This story contains spoilers for Annabelle Comes Home .]

The cursed doll Annabelle was first introduced to horror audiences in The Conjuring (2013), and proved to be so compelling that the porcelain figure quickly became the subject of her own franchise with Annabelle (2014), Annabelle: Creation (2017) and the latest, Gary Dauberman’s Annabelle Comes Home .

New Line’s Annabelle and Conjuring films are based on accounts that paranormal researchers claim to be true. But with the latest installment, when the theater lights turn back on, viewers may be left with more questions than answers. Fans have no way of knowing which haunted artifacts presented in the film are based on actual ones, and which are Hollywood ploys for quick jump-scares.

Related Stories

Gary dauberman, james wan's atomic monster tackling live-action 'gargoyles' for disney+ (exclusive), weekend box office: 'toy story 4' scares off 'annabelle comes home' with $58m.

To investigate, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Tony Spera, the real-life Occult Museum curator and son-in-law of renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Here, the curator of the Connecticut-based museum breaks down the legends that inspired the latest film, and how they differ from what made it to the big screen.

The Wedding Dress

annabelle ghost story

In Annabelle Comes Home , a wedding dress in the museum has a strong presence. Within the first half hour of the film, the backstory behind the deadly dress is revealed. Whoever puts the dress on is sure to murder her fiance. Spera debunks the dress’ roots, confirming that a white gown is present in the Occult Museum, but that it’s not known whether or not the dress ever belonged to a bride.

Spera confirms that the killer fiance origin story of the gown portrayed is 100 percent fictional, and was solely designed to up the spine-chilling ante of the film for the big screen. The official story behind the white gown in the Occult Museum that the museum claims to be true is of the White Lady of Union Graveyard, Connecticut . “She has been spotted for decades and decades,” Spera says. “Even recently people have caught a glimpse of this figure.”

According to Spera, one of the supposed witnesses of the White Lady was a young man named Rod Vescey. One night in 2009, Rod was driving past Union graveyard at around 1 a.m after he clocked out of work. He was going down Route 59 when he suddenly felt a presence take form in his passenger seat. Rod glanced over his shoulder, and to his surprise saw a man dressed in ’60s garb. Rod looked away overcome by fear, and then slowly turned to peek again. When Rod looked over, the entity vanished into thin air, just as quickly as it arrived.

annabelle ghost story

Rod refocused his eyes on the road, and in doing so unexpectedly spotted a woman about 35 or 40 yards ahead of him dressed in a white gown with a veil. The White Lady, as she is called, raised her hand up in front of her, as if to say “stop.” Rod sharply pumped the brakes. As soon as he did, the White Lady lunged at the vehicle and went right through his car. When the apparition disappeared, Spera said that Rod felt “a wisp of air go by his right ear,” and he just knew that that sensation was her going through the car. He looked out from the window once more, and saw his side of the road tinted with a brick red hue, as if someone had coated the road with red paint. When the White Lady went through Rod, he “felt a sense of sorrow and compassion, like she was trying to tell him something,” perhaps attempting to imbue the potentially tragic details of her untimely death.

On a separate occasion, when a transformer fire broke out on Route 25, the White Lady supposedly manifested herself to such a degree as to become solid. An off-duty policeman and firefighter were responding to a call when they accidentally struck the White Lady. The impact was so severe that the crash dented their truck. The White Lady was able to become solid that night because “the energy spewing from the transformers gave the spirit the energy to manifest,” Spera explains. All of the local hospitals and police were called, but no accidents were reported — there was no living lady. It is believed that the woman the officers hit was the White Lady of Union Graveyard.

The Annabelle Doll

annabelle ghost story

Spera says the Annabelle doll is accurately portrayed in the films — at least according to the mythology of the museum. The main difference between New Line’s Annabelle and the Occult Museum’s doll is appearance. The Annabelle movie fans are taught to fear has been jazzed up for Hollywood purposes. In real life, the Annabelle doll is not wide-eyed and made of porcelain. It’s actually an innocent-looking Raggedy Ann doll. Regardless of image, the real doll is said to be dangerous.

“Looks are deceiving,” Lorraine Warren, who died earlier this year, told USA Today when discussing Annabelle. “It’s not what the doll looks like that makes it scary; it is what has been infused within the doll: evil.”

annabelle ghost story

Annabelle’s origin story in the films contrasts sharply from the story maintained by the museum. In the nonfiction version of Annabelle, there were two nurses living together in Hartford, Connecticut. One of the nurses was gifted the Raggedy Ann doll by her mother in 1970. Spera believes the mother purchased the doll from a second-hand store. After she received the present, a string of eerie occurrences ensued in the apartment. For instance, the nurse would leave the doll on the couch only to return to find the doll sitting in her bedroom. Other days, she would go out knowing that she had left the doll’s legs uncrossed, and come home seeing Annabelle’s legs intertwined.

annabelle ghost story

The nurses became concerned with the inanimate object’s subtle movements, especially when they discovered parchment paper with the words “help me” written in crayon scattered around the apartment. The women had no idea where the parchment paper came from, as they had none stored in their complex. The parchment notes were nothing compared to what would happen next.

One morning while the nurses were eating at their breakfast nook, “Annabelle’s two flimsy little cloth arms levitated onto the table,” Spera says. When the startling paranormal activity took place, the nurses were oddly fascinated by the doll. One of the nurses deduced that the doll’s actions meant she was trying to communicate with the roommates, so she called a psychic for advice. The medium took no time coming to the nurses’ aid, and quickly held a seance. While hosting the ritual, the psychic reported that she was “sensing the spirit of a young girl about 6 or 7 years old,” Spera says. The psychic went on to impart that the child was killed outside of this apartment complex in a car accident. “Her name is Annabelle, and she’s in that doll,” the psychic said. That’s how the name Annabelle came to be.

annabelle ghost story

After processing what they had heard, the nurses believed that a human spirit was occupying the doll, and began treating Annabelle more like a human than a doll. For a little while everything was fine, until one night Lou, the fiance of one of the nurses, was sleeping on the couch with Annabelle apparently seated on the opposite end.

That night Lou woke up startled and sweaty. One of the nurses asked him what was wrong, to which he responded: “I just had the craziest nightmare. I had a dream that that doll there was crawling up my leg, and got to my neck, and was trying to strangle me to death.” Angrily reacting to the nightmare, Lou picked up Annabelle, and chucked her raggedy body across the apartment floor. Lou belittled the doll shouting that she “is nothing more than a Raggedy Ann doll. … She can’t hurt anybody.”

As soon as Lou launched the doll, he is said to have provoked the demonic presence attached to it, causing “seven psychic wounds to appear on his body — four slash marks on his chest and three on his stomach,” according to Spera. His wounds cropped up like claw marks or scalpel incisions on his flesh. The attack on Lou was indicative that the spirit tied to the doll was far more sinister than any 6-year-old girl.

annabelle ghost story

One might wonder why Annabelle targeted Lou and not the nurses. Spera rationalizes this by comparing Lou’s sensitivity to the doll to poison ivy. “Say you [came across] a poison ivy plant, and I told you not to touch it,” Spera says. “Well, some people can touch the plant and not get poison ivy. … Whereas other people can touch the plant and their bodies [become] riddled with [a rash].”

After the assault, the tormented nurses turned to an episcopal priest in Connecticut for help. As a result of the severity of their predicament, the priest directed them to the Warrens. Once Ed and Lorraine Warren were on the Annabelle case, they had a priest do an exorcism on the apartment to cast out any spirits. Afterward, Ed took the doll with him for safekeeping. After the paranormal investigator placed her in the backseat of his vehicle, he claimed he experienced car trouble on his way home, similar to the car trouble seen during the start of Annabelle Comes Home .

Today, the Annabelle doll remains safely housed behind a glass case in the Occult Museum.

The Mourning Bracelet

annabelle ghost story

In Annabelle Comes Home , when coping with the loss of her father, Daniela (Katie Sarife) puts the museum’s mourning bracelet on her wrist in an attempt to contact her deceased loved one. She puts a photo of her beloved dad into the bracelet, and asks to speak to him. When she does this, she disobeys the “no touching” policy of the museum.

Spera confirms there is no such item in the museum, although he suspects that the object is likely inspired by the museum’s pearls of death.

In the Occult Museum, there is a real set of pearls that a woman was given. When she placed the pearls on her neck, she claimed to feel as though she was being strangled to death. People around her had to yank the pearls off of the woman to save her. “It all goes back to cursed objects,” Spera explains. “Objects that someone put a curse onto.” It could be a bracelet, necklace or any article that someone “performed incantations and rituals over to put bad vibes into, like someone did to the Annabelle doll.” In the same way a priest can bless a holy relic, a satanic worshipper or black magic practitioner can curse a belonging, as exemplified by the pearls of death.

The Feeley Meeley Game

annabelle ghost story

There is no Feeley Meeley game in the Occult Museum (nor is there a samurai suit, in case you were wondering). Spera believes that the inclusion of the game could be reminiscent of the classic Ouija board since both games involve using one’s hands.

With the Feeley Meeley game, one person sticks their hand into a box with 24 objects inside and tries to feel around for the object seen on the card they drew. Whereas, to use a Ouija board, two people, or one person, put their hands on a plastic planchette, and ask a spirit questions. “It’s different than [the Feeley Meeley game], but actually a Oujia board is much more dangerous because you’re asking to talk to spirits — to the unknown realm,” Spera says.

“Once you open the door to the other realm, it’s very difficult to close it,” Spera says. “It’s like opening a window in a log cabin out in the woods thinking a nice monarch butterfly is going to fly in, [but] a wolf, coyote or bear can come through and harm you.” The analogy is fitting for the spirit realm. “You don’t know what’s out there, so you must be careful with what you invite in.”

The Conjuring Mirror

In Annabelle Comes Home , there is a television set in the museum that shows the future when you look into it. When Daniela looks into the set, she becomes frozen, as if the TV were Medusa’s face and she had been turned to stone. Spera says that this TV set was completely fabricated for the film, but that the idea may have come from the conjuring mirror in the Occult Museum.

annabelle ghost story

The mirror was given its name because someone supposedly attempted to conjure spirits on its reflection. With this particular object, a man in New Jersey is said to have sat in front of the wall-mounted mirror for hours on end, continuously asking to summon his deceased family members. “Hey, I want to see you, can you come and talk to me?” he would ask the mirror as he sat in darkness with nothing but a red light bulb behind him. The man beckoned the looking glass for about two weeks. After a fortnight passed, “ugly monstrosities’ faces appeared on the mirror.” The hellish faces were so diabolical that they drove the man to a mental institution.

Spera points out that this type of conjuring is known as crystalmancy: “Crystalmancy is when a spirit is able to present itself on a shiny object such as a TV, a mirror, a plate, glass window, a bumper of a car, etc.”

The Warrens gained possession of the conjuring mirror when the owner’s family called them to their home after he was admitted to the mental institution.

The Werewolf Paw

annabelle ghost story

In the Annabelle Comes Home museum, a werewolf paw is shown to audiences resting on a shelf. Later in the film, a living, breathing werewolf lurks outside the Warrens’ house in the bushes, near their chicken coop. According to Spera, no such werewolf paw exists in the museum, however the werewolf paw was likely invented as a nod to a London case Ed and Lorraine worked on and even penned a book about,  Werewolf: A True Story of Demonic Possession .

“There was a case in London where a man would turn into a werewolf,” Spera claims. He didn’t become a werewolf like in the movies, but he would act like a werewolf. The man would growl, turn his fingers into claws, and attack people on the streets of London. “It was the Werewolf of London Case , and the man who came under attack was William (a.k.a. Bill) Ramsey.”

annabelle ghost story

Spera says that the Warrens believed that Ramsey was possessed by the spirit that causes lycanthropy (the supernatural transformation of a human into a wolf). To save Ramsey’s soul, in 1989 Ed and Lorraine brought him all the way to the United States from London to have Bishop Robert McKenna perform an exorcism on him and free him of the evil force.

After the exorcism was carried out, Bill Ramsey said he was free from the evil that was in him. He returned to his former self and went on to live out a normal life.

annabelle ghost story

Once again Daniela breaks the “no touching” rule of the museum when she presses her fingers down on the keys of the museum’s piano. After only a moment the teen’s playing is disrupted when she is spooked by an otherworldly man who appears suddenly playing next to her.

As in the filmic depiction, Spera claims that there is in fact an organ in the Occult Museum and that it belonged to Ed Warren, who obtained it after authorities cleaned out a haunted house owned by Reverend Eliakim Phelps in Stratford, Connecticut.

Eventually, the residence burned down, but before the home went down in flames, it was emptied. Someone from the authority at the city of Stratford reached out to Ed, asking him if he’d be interested in keeping the organ. Ed Warren secured the instrument but unknowingly carried more than an ordinary organ back with him to the Occult Museum.

“Ed could hear the strains of this organ playing at night, so he thought to himself, ‘Geez, someone must have broken into the museum,’ so Ed would jet down the stairs to check,” Spera claims. “Of course nothing was touched, or unlocked. As soon as he’d get to the museum, the organ stopped playing. This [false alarm] happened three times.”

The organ finally quieted after a priest came to bless the museum, as is done on a regular basis. Spera says that “a Catholic priest comes in every two or three months to bless the entire museum, and all of the objects.” In an interview with USA Today , Lorraine Warren once said that the prayers work to “bind the evil — much like an electric fence for a dog.”

annabelle ghost story

Spera says he doesn’t ever want to destroy the museum’s objects because they are evidence of past cases. Besides, if one were to harm an item, that person would merely be destroying the vessel, and releasing the evil from which it is contained. There is also another crucial reason Spera continues to safeguard the objects now that Ed and Lorraine have died:

“[For] students of the paranormal, [the Occult Museum] is like a classroom where I can actually keep [tainted] objects [on display] for peers, and have them get a better understanding,” Spera says.

The Occult Museum is currently closed while it looks for a new location due to zoning regulations.

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Annabelle: The Terrifying True Story That Helped Launch A Horror Franchise

A still from Annabelle Comes Home

Haunted dolls in horror make for a perfect mix of the occult and the mundane. An everyday object, or toy to be precise, can be responsible for terrors unimaginable once it assumes a life of its own in ways that cannot be explained or articulated. The Conjuring Universe often hinges itself on haunted everyday objects and occurrences, but the Annabelle doll serves as the foundation for a franchise that revolves around the dramatized lives of paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren. These fictionalized cases, which are allegedly based on actual paranormal activity investigated by the real Warrens, generally deal with evil entities, and Annabelle's introduction to the big screen helped these films gain mainstream attention and balloon into the massive horror franchise we know and love today.

Popular perception of the Warrens, which has almost entirely been shaped by Hollywood portrayal, mars details of actual investigative reports surrounding the cases that the duo handled back in the day. Moreover, dramatized versions of paranormal cases are naturally embellished for narrative reasons, where details are added or altered for shock value and theatrical effect. A lot has been said about the real Annabelle doll and the trail of terror it left behind for those who had the misfortune of owning it — however, it is easy to misconstrue embellishments for fact or take sensationalized paranormal reports at face value. After all, there are marked differences between the garish, terrifying Annabelle of the movies, and the seemingly harmless Raggedy Ann doll steeped in mysterious notoriety.

Here's a look at the long, convoluted history of the Annabelle doll, and the dark, murky legacy it leaves behind for such a popular horror franchise that still endures. 

A birthday gift

While it is impossible to deduce exactly what actually happened, several sources point towards the fact that the real Annabelle was a gift given to a student-nurse named Donna on her birthday in 1971. The doll was a hand-me-down from a hobby store, and Donna was initially thrilled to have gotten Annabelle. Soon, Donna and her roommate Angie began to notice strange behavior exhibited by the doll, where micro-movements gradually escalated to more aggressive ones, such as when the doll moved from one room to the next. While this could have been a simple case of shared paranoia, the girls' mutual friend, Lou, believed that the doll was possessed, and soon after, sinister notes were found strewn all across the apartment, including ones that said "Help Lou" or "Help us."

Even after these strange things occurred, Donna and Angie tried to rationalize them to the best of their abilities. However, one day, Donna returned home to find the doll with blood on its hands, which prompted the arrival of a medium. The medium told the girls about the death of a child named Annabelle, whose spirit was allegedly attached to the doll, which led Donna and Angie to try their best to accommodate the seemingly possessed doll. After Lou suffered scratch marks when no one was home, the Warrens came in soon after and deduced that Annabelle's goal was to take possession of Donna's soul.

While there is no way to actually support or debunk these events, it is clear that the involvement of the Warrens led to the doll being kept in the duo's now-closed occult museum, where it still resides. The Warrens took Annabelle with them after declaring that the doll was possessed and allegedly encountered strange phenomena on their way back, including object levitation and vehicular mishap.

The idea of evil

The Annabelle doll depicted in the "Conjuring" films does not resemble the Raggedy Ann doll in any capacity, as it exudes a deliberately menacing aura meant to scare and unsettle . "The Conjuring" director James Wan said that the doll "gave off an inherently creepy vibe" and that he knew that there was something special about it "when people would go out of their way to avoid Annabelle on set" (via USA Today ). The reason behind this can be attributed to the power of suggestion, as the fictional doll embodies the real doll's perceived aura of evil, along with the uncomfortable feelings it manages to elicit. Whether the real Annabelle doll is truly haunted or not is immaterial. 

Moreover, Tony Spera, the owner of the Warren occult museum and son-in-law of the renowned couple, told The Hollywood Reporter that the doll's mythology was captured pretty well by the films, even though its dramatized origins were far more exaggerated than the one in reality. Spera also added a few embellishments to the Donna and Angie story, claiming that "Annabelle's two flimsy little cloth arms levitated onto the table," although it is unclear whether this actually happened. Apart from this, Spera went into further detail about the emotions evoked by the doll when it was in Donna's apartment, including sudden feelings of terror and nightmares that felt all too real.

Whether the true Annabelle is possessed or not, the idea of the doll is enough to evoke horror and fuel fears tied to a franchise that is still going strong. While the real doll sits inside a glass case, the mythos surrounding Annabelle grows.

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True Story of the Annabelle Doll | Real Annabelle Doll from the Conjuring

Ever since the Conjuring film was released, followed by the Annabelle movie in 2014, rumours have swirled about the Warren duo, the conjuring, and true story behind the Annabelle doll. Was the real Annabelle doll quite as vindictive and evil as the doll in the film? Did the Warrens really keep a doll with a demon attached to it? Although the real life Annabelle doll was a Raggedy Anne doll, nowhere near as frightening in appearance as the porcelain doll in the film, many of the details were frighteningly similar. Let’s dive into the details and learn more about the Annabelle true story.


The Student Nurse

The real Annabelle was given to Donna, who was a student nurse as a birthday gift by her mother. One thing to remember: Annabelle was bought second-hand from a hobby store. She was living with her friend Angie at the time, and Donna was delighted with the gift. At first. But the Conjuring doll quickly became a source of great fear for the girls. Annabelle made only very small movements to begin with, that could be put down to Donna and Angie accidentally moving her – for example, ending up on the floor instead of on the chair. Maybe she just fell off? Soon, though, the movements started to increase, and the doll started to move more – for example, she may have ended up on the couch instead of on Donna’s bed, or outside Angie’s door immediately after she was returned to Donna’s room.

Their close friend Lou was very nervous of the seemingly innocent raggedy doll. He believed that she was evil, or possessed, and that something needed to be done about it. But Donna and Annie were very progressive in their views and didn’t think anything of the sort and still believed that perhaps they were to blame for the movements of the doll.

The Annabelle doll story quickly became more sinister. Soon, the girls started to find notes around their apartment. The strange thing was that the notes were written on parchment paper, and neither of the two girls had ever used parchment paper before. The notes said various things, but most commonly, they said things like “Help Lou” and “Help us”.

Finally, the doll from the Conjuring, Annabelle, was found with blood on her hands. Donna came home from work one day and found the doll in her usual spot on her bed, (which made a change), but unfortunately she had literal blood on her hands. It seemed almost like the blood – or the red liquid, whatever it was – was coming from the doll itself. That was it. It was time for the girls to call in some help in the form of a medium to find out just what was going on with this doll before things got worse.

The First Medium

The first medium sat down with the girls and Annabelle, scary doll, and the story that Donna and Angie were given was that the land on which their apartment complex was build used to be a field. A young girl, aged around seven years old, was found dead there many years before. When the doll came into their apartment, Annabelle’s spirit was still in the area in which she’d died, and because she was fond of the doll, her spirit became one with it. Annabelle became Annabelle the doll. Unfortunately for the girls, Annabelle became Annabelle the haunted doll. Donna and Angie were very loving and giving, however, and because they were felt sorry for the poor girl that had been found dead alone in that field, they wanted the doll to stay because they didn’t want her to be left alone.

Lou was the one who was attacked by Annabelle before the Warrens were called in. Maybe she didn’t like him, or maybe he reminded her of a man who had treated her badly in life, but he was the one that she showed her true self to. A few things occurred, including some bad dreams and some visions of Annabelle, but the attack that made Donna and Angie call the Warrens was a physical one.

Angie and Lou were spending some time together when they heard movement in Donna’s room, but she wasn’t at home. They were frozen in fear; at first they were concerned about an intruder, but they quickly realised that the movement was in fact Annabelle. Lou took a look inside Donna’s room and there was no-one inside, although the doll was sitting on a chair instead of sitting on the bed where she should have been. He moved forwards toward Annabelle and a feeling crept over him, that creeping feeling you get where something is terribly, terribly wrong. He felt a terrible pain on his chest, and realised that there was a series of claw marks, raking marks like someone had leapt at him and roughly scratched him. No-one was in the room, and so he knew that the marks must have come from Annabelle. What was stranger still about these scratches is that they healed straight away and within just two days there was no trace of them at all. The Warrens were then called in.

The Warrens


A priest was called into the apartment along with the Warrens and it was discovered that Annabelle’s main goal was to take possession of Donna’s soul. Annabelle was a demon. She was attached to the doll. The Warrens said that demons don’t possess items or things, instead, they possess people. The priest eventually exorcised the apartment, and the Warrens took Annabelle away with them. They both agreed that it would be best to drive home on the back roads, worried that if they drove on the main highways that Annabelle would find a way to cause an accident. Sure enough, they were plagued with car problems the whole way home: the power steering failed, the brakes failed and the engine of the car kept stalling. The problems ceased for a little while once Ed Warren sprinkled Annabelle with some holy water.


Annabelle is still around today, residing in the locked glass case that the Warrens built to keep her from getting free and roaming around their house. There is a warning sign on the case, saying “Do Not Touch” as well as a cross. Some say that they see Annabelle moving around the case, waiting to get free.

Annabelle in the Conjuring wreaked havoc on those around her, and the real Annabelle doll most definitely did the same. The Conjuring doll is one of the spookiest tales in modern history when we talk about haunted objects, particularly because she had to be kept behind locked glass – and particularly because the Warrens didn’t manage to rid the doll of the demon. Annabelle is still available to view today. Would you dare to visit her and learn more about the conjuring true story?

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Annabelle Doll: The True Story Behind the Haunted Icon and Hollywood’s Portrayal

Photo Credit: MaCo / Warner Bros. Entertainment / MovieStillsDB

The Annabelle doll has etched its spot as a cornerstone of paranormal Americana. From its humble beginnings as a mere child’s toy to becoming the centerpiece of chilling supernatural tales, Annabelle’s legacy continues to fascinate and frighten. As we delve into the history of this notorious doll, we uncover a narrative that blurs the line between fact and fiction.

Unraveling the history behind the Annabelle Doll’s sinister reputation

Annabelle doll placed on a wooden chair

Annabelle doll at the “Hollywood Museum Celebrates The Silence of the Lambs 30th Anniversary” event, 2021. (Photo Credit: Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images)

The story of the Annabelle doll is as rich in mystery as it is in fright. Originally, it was nothing more than a Raggedy Ann doll – a popular children’s toy that had a red yarn mane and a triangular nose. However, in the 1970s, this seemingly innocuous plaything became the center of a supernatural saga that captivated paranormal enthusiasts and terrified the public.

It’s important to distinguish between the real Annabelle doll and its Hollywood counterpart. The true Annabelle is a far cry from the porcelain figure depicted in the movies. Given as a birthday gift, the real toy became entangled within a narrative of demonic possession and haunting after its recipients reported strange occurrences, which wound up catching the attention of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Involvement of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Lorraine and Ed Warren sitting together

Lorraine and Ed Warren, 1980. (Photo Credit: Russell McPhedran / Fairfax Media / Getty Images)

The story of the Annabelle doll is inextricably linked with the Warrens. Ed, a World War II veteran, and Lorraine, a self-professed clairvoyant, were pioneers in the field of paranormal investigation. They primarily focused on working with families who reached out to them after experiencing unexplained phenomena. Among those they worked with were the Perron Family (best known via The Conjuring franchise) and the Lutz family, who lived at The Amityville Horror house.

Their work with Annabelle, in particular, is one of their best-known cases, with the couple deeming the doll a conduit for a malevolent spirit. The pair’s intervention marked the beginning of Annabelle’s prominence in the world of the supernatural.

The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Connecticut once housed the doll, where it was encased in a glass box, allegedly to contain its malevolent energies. Visitors flocked to see Annabelle, now an artifact of paranormal curiosities and were often left with a sense of eerie unease. The museum served as a testament to the Warrens’ work, although it has since been closed to the public.

From Raggedy Ann to demonically possessed

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls on display on a table

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. (Photo Credit: Robert Alexander / Getty Images)

Over the years, the image of Annabelle has undergone a radical transformation. Originally perceived as a harmless child’s doll, the subsequent reports of sinister activities associated with it have reshaped its image into that of a haunted object. This change was solidified by the doll’s portrayal in The Conjuring , further perpetuating its eerie reputation.

Annabelle’s notoriety is built upon various documented accounts of paranormal activity. As per the Warrens’ account, Donna, a nursing student, noticed the doll’s subtle movements, along with her roommate, Angie. It then began shifting to different rooms, even kneeling on a chair, a pose it couldn’t hold when they tried.

Skeptics and psychologists have offered explanations for the Annabelle phenomenon as rooted in human psychology. From the power of suggestion to confirmation bias, there are theories that attempt to demystify the occurrences surrounding the doll.

How the Annabelle Doll became a horror icon in cinematic lore

Movie prop Annabelle doll on display in a glass case

Doll from the film Annabelle Comes Home at London MCM Comic Con 2019. (Photo Credit: Ollie Millington / Getty Images)

Hollywood has played a pivotal role in transforming the Annabelle doll from a purportedly haunted object into a global icon of horror. Its introduction in The Conjuring and subsequent titular films –   Annabelle , Annabelle: Creation and Annabelle Comes Home – have cemented Annabelle’s place in the pantheon of horror figures, introducing the eerie legend to a wider audience.

These movies delved deeper into the doll’s sinister history and impact on unsuspecting victims, reaffirming its status within the horror genre.

Challenges and controversies in owning haunted artifacts

Annabelle doll on display in a glass case

Annabelle doll at The Conjuring house in Harrisville, Rhode Island, 2020. (Photo Credit: Barry Chin / The Boston Globe / Getty Images)

Collecting items like the Annabelle doll comes with its own set of challenges and ethical considerations. Issues range from the potential supernatural dangers to the moral implications of commodifying objects associated with dark histories. These factors contribute to the complex narrative that surrounds the possession and display of haunted artifacts.

More from us: The Villisca Ax Murders Remain Unsolved Over a Century After They Were Committed

Even today, the doll’s legacy endures, transcending its physical form to become a fixture in the collective psyche. It continues to produce fear and fascination, influencing pop culture, fueling paranormal investigations and serving as a cautionary tale about the unseen forces that may dwell within the most unsuspecting of objects.

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Annabelle Comes Home: The True Story of Annabelle the Haunted Doll

Annabelle the Haunted Doll

Annabelle is a haunted doll who has managed to gain international notoriety, striking fear into the hearts of many. She has been written about, spoken about and depicted in recent Hollywood horror films that have now solidified her reputation for being one of the most feared objects in the world.

Annabelle Doll in the new Annabelle Comes Home film.

But what exactly makes Annabelle, an innocent appearing Raggedy Ann doll, so frightening? The answer to this is not so much the doll, yet what has become demonically attached to it. To understand this fear we need to delve into the origins of Annabelle the doll and peel away the sensationalized layers of Hollywood horror to reveal the true story of Annabelle, which begins with a well-meaning birthday present.

Annabelle True Story

The true story of Annabelle began in the 1970s when an inconspicuous doll was purchased as a birthday present. The doll was gifted to a young nursing student by her mother. The young lady who received this doll kept her within her apartment as a decorative item, often displaying the doll on her bed after making it.

The real Annabelle Doll.

Soon after the doll was brought into the home, her new owner and her roommate started noticing some strange activity. It is said that the doll would move around on its own. This initially started with subtle movements, such as the doll’s legs being crossed. This steadily increased to the point that the doll would be seen in other rooms to where it was earlier left. It was even captured kneeling, which was physically impossible for the doll to later repeat.

In addition to these unexplainable movements, small handwritten notes began to be found around the apartment. These appeared to be written by a child and contained messages such as “Help me.” The strangest part about the presence of these notes was that there were no pencils or parchment paper within the apartment, so it seemed as though they must have been coming from somewhere outside of the home.

Talking to Annabelle

This behavior both concerned and intrigued the two young students who lived alongside the doll. Yet, their concern peaked after blood was discovered on the doll one day. This fresh, wet blood was present on the doll’s hands and 3 distinct blood drops could be seen upon the doll’s chest.

Real Annabelle doll.

This event led the girl’s to make the decision to contact a medium who could assist them with a seance in their home. This was held in an attempt to uncover whether something paranormal was at play. During this seance, the medium allegedly communicated with the spirit of a young seven-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins. Annabelle had supposedly been killed and left on the empty field where the apartment complex the young nurses now lived was built upon. Her spirit was allegedly lonely and had been looking for young people who she felt comfortable around to seek acceptance from. Being the caring person she was, the doll’s unsuspecting owner made the grave mistake to invite Annabelle to occupy the doll.

Before this decision is revealed for the mistake it was, Annabelle’s activity was to take a darker turn.

Annabelle Attacks

After Annabelle was invited to occupy the doll and hang around, stranger and more dangerous events began to take place. A close male friend of the young nurse’s was to experience the wrath of Annabelle after visiting and expressing concern over the strange activity associated with the doll.

He claimed to have woken up one night, while sleeping at the apartment, to see the Annabelle doll standing over him. He claimed the doll then reached out towards his neck and commenced strangling him to the point that he passed out. The following morning when he woke up, he could have sworn that this experience was not a dream.

Scared and confused, he continued to spend time at the girl’s apartment until he was again viciously attacked. One night, as he and one of the girl’s were planning an upcoming trip, they heard a disturbance coming from the empty room, where Annabelle was kept. Fearing that an intruder may have entered the apartment, they investigated the room. The room was empty and the only thing that seemed out of place was the Annabelle doll, which appeared to have been thrown onto the floor in a corner.

The man entered the room to investigate further and was stopped dead in his tracks as he approached the cursed doll. He clutched at his chest as his own blood began to seep through his shirt. He lifted his top to reveal 7 large scratches across his chest. These formed the mark of the beast with 3 vertical and four horizontal scratch-like marks having been burnt into his skin.

It seemed apparent that something a little more sinister than a lost, little girl may be haunting Annabelle and this young group of friends became increasingly desperate for answers and help.

Annabelle and the Warrens

Since these troubling events had transpired, the young girls who were living with Annabelle decided to reach out to the church for help. After telling their story, the young women were soon referred to Ed and Lorraine Warren for assistance. The Warrens were renowned demonologists who had extensive knowledge in such matters and had worked on countless similar cases.

The Warrens and Annabelle.

They were able to determine that there was likely a negative, demonic energy that had tricked these girls into inviting it into their home by posing as an innocent child’s spirit. It seemed that the entity would have no other motive than to acquire a human host for possession and thus, should be removed from the home.

The Warren’s assisted the young students to have their home blessed and removed the troublesome Annabelle doll. Though, it seemed as though the attached entity followed the doll and caused life-threatening issues for the Warren’s, messing with their car as they drove home. These issues only ceased after Ed doused the doll with holy water.

Even once Annabelle made it to Warren’s home, it continued its diabolical deeds. Continuing to move on its own and terrorize those who were unfortunate enough to come into contact with it.

Where is Annabelle now?

Today, the Annabelle doll resides within the Warren’s Occult Museum in Connecticut. The doll is displayed within a glass case, lined with crosses and protective bible inscriptions. Annabelle, along with the entire Occult Museum, is also regularly blessed by a priest.

Warren's Occult Museum warning sign on Annabelle doll case.

Despite all of these precautions, Annabelle has been said to have caused the death of a young man. It is said that this man entered the museum, along with his girlfriend, and challenged the doll against the advice of Ed. After their visit, as they drove away on a motorcycle, this young couple proceeded to continue laughing about Annabelle. The young man driving then unexpectedly lost control of his bike, crashed and then died. Many are of the belief that Annabelle may have somehow caused this crash.

Annabelle Comes Home

The latest film installment in The Conjuring franchise is set to release featuring Annabelle. In the film Annabelle Comes Home the doll is brought by Ed and Lorraine Warren to their haunted artifact room. It is here that the Warren’s young daughter and her babysitters unwittingly release the dark entity within Annabelle, in return being terrorized.

Annabelle Doll in Annabelle Comes Home.

Though these Hollywood adaptions are not completely true to the real story of Annabelle, they do portray the fear that this doll inspired in real people well.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you are looking for some similar reading, check out this haunted rocking chair with ties to Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Thanks for reading!

Additional Credits

Featured image by imdb.com .

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annabelle ghost story

Amy is a world traveller and explorer of creepy locations. She has visited some of the most famously haunted places around the world in search of evidence of the paranormal. Follow Amy's Journey:

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this was a scary story i loved it! but god blessd you

Looks nothing like the doll in the movie :O

Hi Pusheen! They definitely made the doll in the movie look far creepier!

Hi Amy do u love to go to haunted places

Yes! It’s my life!!!!

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New prison investigation coming this weekend and it’s extra special because it features our mates @theouijabrothers 🎉👻🎉

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  • A couple begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.
  • John Form has found the perfect gift for his expectant wife, Mia - a beautiful, rare vintage doll in a pure white wedding dress. But Mia's delight with Annabelle doesn't last long. On one horrific night, their home is invaded by members of a satanic cult, who violently attack the couple. Spilled blood and terror are not all they leave behind. The cultists have conjured an entity so malevolent that nothing they did will compare to the sinister conduit to the damned that is now... Annabelle. — johntyler249
  • In Santa Monica, California, Mia and John Gordon are happily married and Mia is pregnant. John is concluding the medical school and does not have much time to give attention to his beloved wife, so he buys an ancient and rare doll named Annabelle for her collection. But soon their next door neighbors are attacked by two members of a satanic cult that break in their house and attack them after killing the neighbors. Mia and John are saved by the police officers and Mia needs to rest until the delivery. But there is a fire in their house and Mia early delivers a baby girl, Leah. The family moves to an apartment in Pasadena but first Mia throws the doll Annabelle away in the garbage. However she finds the doll in a box while unpacking things in her new home. Weird things happen to Mia and she befriends Evelyn, who works in a bookstore, and she learns about an evil cult that wants Leah's soul. When John and Mia summons Father Perez to help them with Annabelle, evil is stronger than the priest and he is sent injured to the hospital. Who may save Leah's soul now? — Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • A husband and a wife are happily married and expecting a child. Mia (the wife) has to stay at home until the baby is delivered. Then, one night, when her husband came home from work, he brought home a present for his miserable wife. He brought home a doll named Annabelle, for her collection. Little do they know, the doll is possesed and is now a sinister presence lurking around their home. — Joss Oran
  • Mia and John Gordon are happily married and when John finds out that Mia is pregnant he thinks he has found the perfect gift for her a beautiful doll in a pretty white dress named Annabelle but one night when satanic cultists invade the couples home and drip blood on the doll and smear it on the nursery wall it becomes a conduit for ultimate evil and now they must find a way to defeat the evil presence and the conduit known as Annabelle. — ahmetkozan
  • The film starts with the same opening scene of the film "The Conjuring", in which two young women and a young man are telling Ed and Lorraine Warren about their experience with the doll that they believe to be haunted, known as Annabelle. One year earlier in 1970, John and Mia Gordon (Ward Horton and Annabelle Wallis) are expecting their first child. At church, the couple talks to their neighbors, the Higgins' (Brian Howe and Kerry O'Malley), over baby names. John is obviously nervous and not completely ready for it, even commenting on that to Mia. She is upset by his attitude toward the pregnancy, but he apologizes to her and gives her a doll that she's been trying to find for ages. Mia loves it and puts it with the rest of her dolls. One day Mia has the television on and the news is reporting about the Manson Family cult and the Tate-LaBianca murders. Manson is shown on the tv screen, having recently been arrested. John tells Mia she shouldn't expose the unborn child to such negative images. At night, there appears to be a murder happening in the house next door at the Higgins home. It wakes Mia up. She tells John and he goes over to investigate. He runs out of the neighbor's house covered in blood (not his), telling Mia to call 911. She does and is about to head back outside when she hears a voice telling her it likes Mia's dolls. Mia stands back frightened when she hears it, and a man covered in blood appears from behind her in the closet, stabbing her in the side. John runs in and fights the man, while a woman is also there trying to attack the couple. Police arrive and shoot the man dead while the woman kills herself in another room. She left a bloody symbol drawn on the wall while holding Mia's new doll. A drop of her blood falls on the doll's face and sinks into its eye. A news report is shown that the assailants were Annabelle Higgins and her boyfriend. They murdered her parents and are said to have been part of a demonic cult. The doctors say that Mia's baby is fine but there was damage to her cervix. She is ordered to stay bedridden for the remainder of her pregnancy. John takes care of Mia as she recovers. Thinking the doll is creepy and involved with the mysterious happenings, Mia asks John to throw it away. He dumps it in a bin outside. Later, John is about to make Mia some Jiffy Pop popcorn until she falls asleep. The next day, Mia is sewing and watching TV, while in the kitchen, the stove turns on by itself and heats up the Jiffy Pop. Mia cuts her finger on the sewing machine and tends to it, not aware when the Jiffy Pop catches fire. She smells the smoke and sees the fire. She tries to run out of the house, tripping over a chair, falling on her stomach, she then starts to crawl but is then dragged by an unseen force. A group of men run into the house and pull her out. John, who works at the hospital, runs to find Mia. She is unharmed, and what's more, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. They decide to name her Lea. The family moves into a new apartment since Mia is afraid to return home. In their new place, Mia unpacks her dolls and finds that one doll (whom shall be referred to as Annabelle from here) in one of the boxes. Mia just places it alongside the other dolls. As expected, more strange activity plagues Mia and her new baby. Mia meets two neighbor children that are coloring on the stairwell. The girl tries to introduce herself but her brother tells her not to say anything to Mia since she's a stranger. When Mia returns home, she sees the drawings from the kids, which show a continuous animation of Mia wheeling Lea in the carriage and letting it go in the path of a truck, where Lea is dead. Horrified, Mia shows the pictures to John. On another occasion, Mia is alone and thinks she sees the ghost of a young girl. The door closes, and the girl starts to run to the door, then turning into the adult Annabelle Higgins. She disappears. Mia contacts the detective that told them earlier about the murders Annabelle and her boyfriend committed. He informs her of their history in the cult called The Disciples of the Ram that seeks to summon a demon by claiming a soul. This also explains the symbol that Mia keeps seeing. Mia goes to a bookstore run by a woman named Evelyn (Alfre Woodard). She gets a book called "The Devil's Welcome". From that, Mia determines that the presence that is haunting her wants a soul - Lea's. The couple contacts their church's priest, Father Perez (Tony Amendola). He takes Annabelle (who looks more gray and scary with bloodshot eyes) with him to church. The ghost of Annabelle is nearby, along with a demonic-looking creature. Perez enters the church but is blown back by a powerful force and is thrown on his back. He is hurt badly, and the ghost snatches the doll. John treats Perez at the hospital while Mia meets with Evelyn. Evelyn tells Mia that she had a daughter named Ruby that was around Mia's age when she died. Ruby died in a car accident caused by Evelyn. She was so distraught and guilt-ridden that she attempted suicide by cutting her wrists. However, she claims to have heard Ruby's voice telling her that it wasn't her time. Perez warns John that it was indeed Annabelle's spirit that caused his injuries, and that she will take a soul that night. John rushes to warn Mia. In the apartment, the demonic presence haunts Mia and Evelyn. It pushes Evelyn out of the apartment and taunts Mia by locking her outside of Lea's room where the baby sits beneath the bookshelf. Heavy books fall around her while Mia screams for her baby. Annabelle (the doll) falls down and stares at Mia. Mia breaks the doorknob and runs in to grab Lea. Then, the doll appears to stand up on its own. It then seems to float in mid-air, but it's really being controlled by the demon. All around the room, "her soul" is written in red crayon. Mia grabs the doll and bashes it against Lea's crib and throws it on the floor. The doll then appears to turn into Lea, bloodied and dead. Mia runs over to her and cries, thinking she's killed her baby. It then turns into one of Mia's giggling dolls. She screams and asks what the demon wants. The window then opens amidst whispering sounds, with "your soul" written across it. John runs home as Evelyn is trying to open the door. They both break it open to find Mia ready to jump out the window with Annabelle in her hands. John pulls Mia back in before she jumps, saying there must be another way. Evelyn grabs Annabelle and decides to make the sacrifice, knowing this is the way she can atone for Ruby's death. She plunges out of the window and hits the pavement. Lea is then heard in her crib, safe and sound. John and Mia mourn Evelyn but embrace their daughter. Six months later, the Gordons have moved on and have not seen Annabelle since then. Elsewhere, a woman (the mother of one of the girls in the opening) comes into a store looking for a present for her daughter. She then spots a doll that is said to be a rare collector's item. That's when she purchases... ANNABELLE. The ending text says that the Annabelle doll resides in a case in Ed and Lorraine Warren's little museum, and that it's blessed by a priest twice a month. There is also a quote from Lorraine Warren that says evil is real, and while we can contain it, we can never get rid of it. The camera then lingers on Annabelle as though she'll make a move, before cutting to black.

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The Wild True Story Behind ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ and ALL the ‘Conjuring’ Movies

From Cosmopolitan

Chances are, you’ve seen that new movie preview with the absolutely terrifying redheaded porcelain doll that looks like it’s going to end you and your entire family. Yeah, you know which one we’re talking about. And to make matters even fugging creepier, the doll actually exists IRL. (Yes, “exists” as in present-day, still alive.)

The Annabelle doll is part of the Conjuring horror story family. She first appeared in the 2013 original film about Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal researchers from the 1970s. The doll then took on its own story line based on true events that happened with the Warrens and her original family. The first Annabelle film was released in 2014, with Annabelle: Creation following in 2017, and now Annabelle Comes Home is out on Wednesday.

So, when does this take place in the Conjuring universe?

This new film will take place sometime between The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 . It starts off with Ed and Lorraine bringing Annabelle home after being called to intervene in her evil doings and putting the doll in the artifacts room. The film also features original footage from The Conjuring .

And where TF did this creepy doll come from, exactly??

It’s said that the OG Annabelle began ruining people’s lives around 1970. A mother bought the doll in a hobby shop to give to her daughter, and the rest was evil history. The doll has been said to give off every creepy devil vibe, from straight-up levitating to actually attacking family members. Allegedly, she tried to STRANGLE a family friend. WHAT.

The fam *finally* realized the doll was up to no good and called the Warrens. While Ed was driving the doll to the couple’s museum, Annabelle messed with the car’s brakes and he had to throw holy water on her in order to survive the drive. We don’t want to give away any spoilers, but basically, the doll existed, she was a li’l demon, and the new film is based on the events that are still associated with the doll and the Warrens.

Okay, but did the real-life doll *actually* look that terrifying?

The doll was def still creepy, but it was made to look even creepier for the film. For obvious reasons. Apparently, the director and producer (James Wan and Peter Safran) were trying to find the perfect balance between “innocence and creep.” Same.

Man them casually using the real Annabelle doll in one of the last scenes of Annabelle: creation was geniussss - Nicole🇸🇻 (@nico_ismyname) June 26, 2019

The creep vibe comes naturally. But to add a little innocence, the filmmakers gave her softer features, filled out her cheeks, and even corrected her overbite. (Annabelle had to get braces just like the rest of us.)

But don’t worry-even with a perfect jaw, the bitch is still terrifying.

“We knew we had something special when people would go out of their way to avoid Annabelle on-set. She definitely gave off an inherently creepy vibe,” Wan said .

Where is this doll now, and how do I avoid it at all costs?

The original Annabelle doll (you know, the one who tried to strangle someone) is kept at the Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. And the Warrens take this very seriously, even locking her box with ritualistic prayers.

“We have a priest come in and bless the museum, including Annabelle,” Lorraine told USA Today . “These are prayers that bind the evil-much like an electric fence for a dog.”

We trust the Warrens’ methods and all, but basically, avoid Connecticut at all costs.

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History Defined

The chilling true story of the real doll behind ‘Annabelle’

The supernatural realm. The home of ghosts, demons, and hauntings. In this realm, there exist few characters and stories that elicit such a combination of fear and recognition as her – Annabelle.

Her name and likeness became famous through the Conjuring film series. She has now become synonymous with tales of dark, supernatural encounters. Annabelle is now almost a household name. She is famous for her terrifying, unsettling gaze.

Beneath the lights and cameras of Hollywood, Annabelle blurs the lines between reality and imagination. The history of the real Annabelle doll is just as strange and chilling as what you see in the films.

annabelle ghost story

The Haunting of Donna & Angie

The real story of the haunted Annabelle doll begins back in 1970s America. In 1970, a mother purchased a vintage Raggedy Ann doll named Annabelle as a birthday gift for her daughter, Donna.

Little did they know that this innocent-looking doll would soon become the source of both fascination and terror. Donna was a student nurse living at college with a roommate, Angie. She took the doll thinking nothing of it.

Things began to get weird soon after. Supposedly, Annabelle started to mysteriously move around Donna’s apartment. She left peculiar messages on parchment paper, even though Donna didn’t have any parchment paper in her possession.

Some of the messages were directed at a friend of Donna’s, Lou, who hated the doll. He sensed something seriously off about it.

Perplexed and concerned, Donna sought out a medium for help. They made a chilling revelation. According to the medium, Annabelle Higgins, a young girl who tragically passed away at seven years old, was believed to possess the doll.

Donna and Angie both felt uneasy. They were caring and compassionate nursing students. So they decided to allow Annabelle to stay. It wasn’t long, however, before the situation took a horrifying turn.

Allegedly, one day Annabelle attacked Donna’s friend Lou. This was the same friend who Annabelle directed her cryptic notes to. She attempted to strangle him and she left what looked like claw marks across his chest.

They feared for their safety. They were unable to comprehend the strange occurrences. Therefore, Donna and Lou reached out to a priest. This priest contacted paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren for assistance.

Demonically Possessed

Donna and Angie accepted the aid of the Warrens. They knew they needed someone more experienced and knowledgeable about such strange and threatening circumstances.

The Warrens quickly realized that the doll was not merely haunted by a ghost. They deduced that she instead harbored something much more sinister. An inhuman and malevolent spirit.

According to their assessment, the doll acted as a conduit for a demon. They said it was demonically possessed. And its target was Donna. To address the escalating danger, the Warrens decided to perform an exorcism on the doll.

Their attempts to free Annabelle from the demon’s grip proved unsuccessful at first. Undeterred, the Warrens took custody of the doll. They recognized the urgent need to contain its malicious influence.

They placed Annabelle in a bag and embarked on a cautious journey home. They avoided highways to minimize the risk of any further interference from the malevolent force.

As they traveled on back roads, the Warrens encountered a series of harrowing incidents. The car’s engine malfunctioned, power steering failed, and even the brakes posed a challenge.

Fearing the demon’s interference, Ed resorted to sprinkling the doll with holy water. This provided a temporary respite from the disturbances. This eerie episode underscored the powerful grip the demon had on Annabelle. It left the Warrens acutely aware of the dark forces they were dealing with.

Annabelle is Moved to the Warrens’ Occult Museum

After acquiring the doll, the Warrens realized that Annabelle’s presence was too powerful to be contained within their home. They recognized the doll’s capacity to evade locks and wreak havoc. 

Therefore, the Warrens constructed a custom case to confine Annabelle’s influence. Annabelle found itself in a new home. She was put in an exhibit in the Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

Visitors to the museum were met with a chilling warning that taunting the doll was not without consequences. Numerous individuals who dared to disrespect Annabelle faced alarming fates. Many had near-fatal or fatal accidents shortly after leaving the Warrens’ presence.

The doll’s reputation as a harbinger of misfortune grew. It instilled fear in even the most skeptical observers. Despite being encased within the secure confines of the museum, Annabelle’s malevolent energy persisted.

Even within the locked case, the doll managed to maintain a sense of unpredictability. It would occasionally resurface in different rooms of the Warrens’ home. It defied any notion of containment.

Sensing the doll’s resurgence, the Warrens sought the assistance of a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism on Annabelle. But they underestimated the danger they faced. In a twist of fate, the priest’s brakes failed. 

This resulted in a horrific accident that totaled his car. Though he survived, it served as a grim reminder of the relentless power connected to the doll.

Today, Annabelle supposedly remains within her secured case at the Warrens’ Occult Museum, although it closed some years ago.

Controversies and Skepticism

The real Annabelle doll, as presented by Ed and Lorraine Warren in their Occult Museum, has long faced its fair share of skepticism and controversies. 

Many critics dismiss Annabelle as an ordinary object, with nothing supernatural about it. But some suggest that the demonically possessed doll trope, popularized by movies like Child’s Play and The Conjuring, may have been influenced by earlier legends and stories.

They argue that the ‘real’ story of Annabelle is just another construction along those themes. They claim that finding supernatural evil in everyday objects allows modern demonologists to see malevolence in any average, creepy-looking object.

Science writers and academics have long criticized the Warrens’ Occult Museum. They stated that many of the myths surrounding the exhibits may have been self-generated. They believe Ed and Lorraine Warren aren’t reliable, truthful sources.

Many doubters question the lack of concrete evidence for Ed Warren’s supernatural claims about Annabelle. They emphasize that their history relies solely on his accounts.

Despite the controversies, the Annabelle story continues to captivate. It blurs the lines between fact and fiction in the realm of the supernatural. And ultimately, it’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves – is Annabelle real? Or is she just a doll?

Annabelle. Accessed May 18, 2023. https://web.archive.org/web/20160522230945/http://www.warrens.net/annabelle.html .

Eidell, Lynsey. “The Real-Life Story behind Annabelle Is Even More Bone-Chilling than the Movie.” Glamour, October 7, 2014. https://www.glamour.com/story/real-story-behind-annabelle .

Ryan, Joal. “How the Real Doll behind ‘Annabelle’ Became Even Freakier for the Movies.” Yahoo!, October 3, 2014. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/how-the-real-doll-behind-annabelle-became-even-99081889057.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall .

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Annabelle: The Real-Life Inspiration For The Creepy Doll, Explained

The creepy doll in the Annabelle movies is one of the most terrifying, and fans will want to hear all about the real doll.

Blumhouse's killer doll M3GAN gave Chucky a run for his money, but Annabelle might be the creepiest toy in the horror genre. Her deceptively innocent appearance with her bangs and rosy cheeks hides her true nature, and her dark, sinister personality is present throughout the franchise. Just looking at her is enough to make a chill go down anyone's spine, which is part of the fun of watching these movies, of course.

Is the terrifying doll from 2014's Annabelle , 2017's Annabelle: Creation, and 2019's Annabelle Comes Home based on a true story? It turns out that there is a real doll named Annabelle, and horror fans will want to know all about it.

RELATED: M3GAN vs. Chucky: How Does The New Killer Doll Compare?

Was Annabelle Based On A Real Doll?

Ed and Lorraine Warren, the ghost hunters played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring horror franchise , are based on a real couple. And Annabelle doll is actually based on a real toy, and according to the New Haven Register , Lorraine Warren shared the story in 2014 at Lauralton Hall after the first movie came out. She said that she had the doll at her Occult Museum at her house in Monroe, Connecticut. It should be noted that the museum shut down in 2020, so it seems safe to assume that Lorraine still has the doll and has put it somewhere else.

Buzzfeed noted that the case that Annabelle is kept in is wood and there is a "warning" on it that says "positively do not open." It's smart that the movies included this detail, as it emphasizes how Annabelle should never, under any circumstances, be let out of her case. It's no wonder that Annabelle ties nicely into the creepy doll horror trope .

Lorraine Warren's son-in-law Tony Spera is also a paranormal investigator, and the two gave the talk at Lauralton Hall in 2014. They showed a video that explained the truth about the real Annabelle doll. Ed and Lorraine Warren worked on this case and wrote on their website that they "came to the immediate conclusion that the doll itself was not in fact possessed but manipulated by an inhuman presence... Truly, the spirit was not looking to stay attached to the doll, it was looking to possess a human host.”

In 2017, a nurse was given a doll for her birthday and saw that the doll would sometimes look different, from lying down to crossing one leg. Strange things then began happening, from a friend waking up from a nap with the sensation that someone had strangled him and noticing scratches on himself. There were also notes that said "Help me, help us."

After the nurse and her roommate talked to a medium, they learned that the ghost of a 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins was haunting the doll after her death. Annabelle is one of the scariest dolls in horror movies and learning this real life inspiration is definitely chilling.

How Do The Annabelle Movies Change The Real Story?

Annabelle: Come Home ties up The Conjuring franchise and the Annabelle movies change the origin story slightly. In the 2014 movie, Mia and John Form are living a peaceful and regular life when cultists attack them. One of the cult members is named Annabelle Higgins, which is how the movie uses the real story of the Annabelle doll.

Annabelle also looks a bit different in the movies, as in real life, she is a Raggedy Ann doll, but in the movies, she is a porcelain doll who looks like she has a ton of makeup painted on her face. The real doll is said to look less horrifying and eerie, although Spears and the Warrens always spoke about how evil she is.

Tony Spera spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Annabelle Comes Home and he shared some fascinating details about the changes that the film made. In the museum in the movie, there is a TV set that allows people to view the future, but Spera said that doesn't really exist in the actual museum. He said that there is a mirror, though, and a man once said that he saw a freaky image after he tried to see the faces of relatives who had passed away.

Chucky may be a loveable mascot , but Annabelle has always felt absolutely, purely evil, thanks to the havoc that she wrecks around her and that strange grin on her face. Annabelle Comes Home also includes the characters playing a Feeley Meeley game, which Spera said was made up, and a wedding dress that makes people kill their fiances when they put it on. Spera explained that there is no story attached to the white dress in the museum in real life. Spera did say that the dress is said to be connected to a legend called the White Lady of Union Graveyard, Connecticut, a ghost who appears on a nearby road.

Learning about the real Annabelle doll is just as unnerving as watching the movies that feature this famous toy. And whether or not people believe that an evil spirit can really live in a doll, it's still creepy to hear about.

NEXT: Movies: 7 Sentient Dolls That Are Not Evil

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Annabelle; The True Story Behind The Haunted Annabelle Doll

annabelle ghost story

The Haunted Annabelle doll, a normal-looking doll that has haunted every child’s dream, there are several stories surrounding the haunting of the doll and how it is not just a doll, but more than a doll, a doll possessed by a little girl, who at first wanted to play with other children but later just enjoys terrifying them to their souls.

Annabelle doll

There are stories behind those who don’t believe in the doll. When the doll was placed in the museum, one museum-goer ignored the warnings and taunted the doll, and as a result, he never made it home; he died in a motorcycle accident shortly after leaving the museum.

Annabelle sits in a glass case bearing a hand-carved inscription of the Lord’s Prayer while a pleasant smile rests on her happy face sitting under a mop of red hair. But beneath the case is a sign that reads: “Warning, positively do not open.”

The movie Annabelle does not depict the true story; in the film, the doll is owned by a young couple and given to the woman for her doll collection; as her due date approaches, a pair of Satanic cultists break-in, stab the pregnant woman in the belly, and die in their home. Annabelle Higgins is one of the cultists, and her blood is found on the doll. That’s when the doll starts acting hysterically frightening.

But how much of Annabelle’s tale is true? Is the real Annabelle doll a vessel for a demonic spirit looking for a human host, or is she just a child’s toy used as a prop for wildly profitable ghost stories?

Annabelle’s origin

Annabelle’s story began in 1970 when a 28-year-old nurse Donna received the Raggedy Ann doll as a birthday gift from her mother. Donna was thrilled with the gift and brought it back to her apartment that she shared with another young nurse, named Angie.

Annabelle doll

The doll appeared to be just like any other doll at first, sitting on a sofa in the living room and greeting visitors with her brightly colored face. However, the girls soon began to notice strange activities with the doll. Donna once put the doll on her bed and returned to find it had moved. It kept happening on a regular basis, with the doll sitting with one leg crossed or lying on its side.

Soon after, the girl and her roommate discovered papers on the floor with written messages such as “Help me, Help us.” As if that wasn’t frightening enough, the doll began to change positions even when the rooms were closed, and at one point appeared to be leaking blood.

The girls thought an intruder was messing with them and that someone was behind the doll changing positions and the help me notes, but no one was there except the girls and the doll.

Then, one day, Angie’s boyfriend, Lou, was napping and awoke to find the doll staring at him as if he were being strangled. His upper body was riddled with deep scratch wounds. Surprisingly, the scratch marks vanished without a trace two days later.

With the possibility of an intruder ruled out, the girls contacted a medium and held a seance, where they were introduced to the spirit of Annabelle Higgins, a young girl who lived on the property before the apartments were built and died there at the age of seven.

The medium was told by Annabelle’s spirit that she felt at ease with the two roommates in the apartment and wanted to “stay with them and be loved,” and this is where the trouble began: the girls gave Annabelle “permission to inhabit the doll.”

The medium then contacted the Warrens, Ed, and Lorraine Warren, who immediately recognized signs of demonic possession, such as materialization (paper notes), teleportation, and the scratch mark on Lou’s chest.

Warrens ordered an exorcism of the apartment and removed Annabelle to a safe location in the hopes that her demonic reign would be ended.

Even the Warrens weren’t safe from Annabelle

After Annabelle was removed from Donna and Angie’s apartment, the Warrens had paranormal encounters with her, the first of which occurred just minutes after they took possession of her.

Annabelle with Lorraine Warren

Annabelle was buckled into the backseat of their car, and the Warrens began driving, vowing not to take the highway in case Annabelle had an accident and gained control of them and the vehicle. Lorraine documented several instances where the brakes stalled or failed, resulting in near-disastrous crashes.

The Warrens brought the doll in for research, claiming that it levitated and moved around the house. They later claimed that she would also appear inside the house. Finally, the Warrens decided to permanently imprison Annabelle.

They had a custom-made glass and wood case made for the doll, and they inscribed the Lord’s and Saint Michael’s prayers on it. Ed would say a binding prayer over the case for the rest of his life, ensuring that the sinister spirit — and the doll — remained good and trapped.

Annabelle the doll hasn’t moved since she was imprisoned, though her spirit is said to have found ways to reach out to the earthly plane.

A priest visiting Warren’s museum once picked up Annabelle and dismissed her demonic abilities. Ed cautioned the priest against making fun of Annabelle’s demonic power, but the young priest laughed him off. On his way home, the priest was in a near-fatal car accident that totaled his new car. He claimed to have seen Annabelle in his rearview mirror just before the accident.

The Warrens continued to tell these stories as proof of Annabelle the doll’s horrific powers over the years, despite the fact that none of them could be verified.

Where is Annabelle now?

Even though Ed and Lorraine Warren are no longer alive, their legacy lives on through their daughter Judy and her husband Tony Spera. Ed Warren considered Spera his demonology protege and entrusted him with carrying on his work, which included caring for his occult artifacts, until his death in 2006.

annabelle ghost story

The Annabelle doll and her protective case are among those artifacts. Spera warns visitors to the Warrens’ Occult Museum about Annabelle’s abilities, echoing the warnings of his predecessors.

Now that you ve read about Annabelle the doll, read about Hachishakusama — 8 Feet Tall Japanese Urban Legend With Most Scary Noise

Roy Sullivan

Real or Fake? Roy Sullivan; Struck by Lightning 7 Times and Lived to Tell the Tales

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The Real ‘Annabelle’ Doll


'Annabelle' is a porcelain doll, possessed by an evil spirit, star of her own popular movie franchise. Now, meet the real Annabelle doll.

The Annabelle doll from the movie franchise

No story of Annabelle would be complete without a discussion of the supernatural investigators who now possess the real life inspiration. Prepare to meet the Warrens, as well.

Ed Warren was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1926. The son of a policeman, his upbringing was comfortably middle class, unremarkable in most respects.

But then, sometime around his twelfth birthday, Ed Warren had his first supernatural experience:

'I'd see a light beginning to form, and it would morph into like a ball shape, like a basketball.  In the ball shape was a face. The face of an old woman, and she was not looking at all pleasant. The ball would then come into my bedroom, accompanied by heavy footsteps and audible breathing. The room would become icy cold. An unnatural cold.'   - Ed Warren, from his biography

Ed was otherwise a knockabout kid, restless, gregarious, and verbose. Leaving school at 16 he took a job at the local cinema, which is where he met Lorraine Moran.

Ed and Lorraine Warren as a young couple.

Lorraine would come to the cinema every Wednesday night, to catch whatever was playing; friendly and charming, she quickly caught Ed's eye. The two outgoing teenagers became friends, and later started dating.

In 1943, at the height of World War II, Ed left the cinema to join the Navy. Lorraine promised to wait for him. The couple were subsequently married when Ed had shore leave, in 1944.

After the War, the young newlyweds lived an itinerant lifestyle.

Ed, a talented painter, enrolled in art college, but found he had little desire to return to formal education. After he dropped out the Warrens moved around, working odd jobs, living out of Ed's 1933 Chevy Eagle.

Ed and Lorraine Warren: paranormal investigators

Travelling the countryside, the Warren's found they had something unexpected in common.

Ed shared his supernatural experience from his childhood, Lorraine countered by advising she had inherited clairvoyant abilities from her mother. These experiences had left them both fascinated with ghost stories, demonology, and the the spirit world.

As they travelled they visited well known supernatural sites; firstly out of curiosity, then in a more deliberate fashion. They asked questions, took notes, and photographs. In their free time they read as much supernatural literature as they could get their hands on.

The Warrens had stumbled onto their life's work.

In 1952 they founded the 'The New England Society for Psychic Research,' which formalised their activities. People began to come to them with supernatural problems, asking for help.

The New England Society for Psychic Research

The following is largely taken from the Warren's own website. It has been told many times, and is often presented as a 'true story'; tangible, irrefutable evidence that any of this actually occurred appears not to exist.

But this is the story of the real Annabelle doll, as the Warrens tell it.

In 1970, a young Connecticut mother bought a 'Raggedy-Ann' style doll as a gift for her daughter.

After receiving it, the daughter, Donna, took the doll back to a flat she shared with her friend, Angie.  Within days, the two women began noticing odd things happening.

A standard 'Raggedy Ann' doll

The doll seemed to change position when they weren't looking at.

At first this was confined to the position of its arms, or head, later it seemed to be able to move from room to room. If Donna left the doll in her bedroom in the morning, when she returned in the evening she might find it in the lounge room.

Creepier still, were the messages. These began to appear after a month, dropped in random spots around the apartment.

'Help us,' said one.

And, 'Help Lou' another.

The messages were scrawled in a simple, childlike hand, on screwed up pieces of paper.

A scene from 'Annabelle Creation.'

Things escalated further.

Donna returned to the apartment one day to find the doll on her bed, oozing a red, viscous substance from its hands. A friend, curiously also named Lou, who stayed on the couch reported that the doll attacked him, climbing up his leg and trying to strangle him (although later he would say this may have been a dream, after all).

It was time to get help.

Donna called in a local psychic who examined the doll, and conducted a séance in the apartment. The psychic was able to contact a spirit, named Annabelle, who claimed to have been murdered on the apartment building's location, many years before it was built.

Her restless spirit had taken up residence in the doll, as a means for her to interact with the world of the living.

Alarmed, Donna contacted her local priest, to see if he could help remove this presence from the apartment. The priest, Father Cooke, referred the case to the Warrens.

The real Annabelle doll: with Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine duly came to the apartment to investigate. They concluded that the doll itself was not possessed, and that the 'Annabelle' story was false.

Rather, they determined that an evil spirit had fixated on Donna and was controlling the doll, externally, using it to communicate. The spirit's ultimate objective was to possess Donna herself, enabling it to live again.

The Warren's arranged for an Episcopalian exorcism to be conducted at the apartment. This extensive cleansing ritual, lasting several hours, was designed to promote positive energy, and so expel any evil presence.

At the conclusion of the exorcism, the Warren's declared the apartment cleansed. For good measure, they took the Raggedy-Ann doll, now known as 'Annabelle', with them.

The real Annabelle doll, as reported in the media

While the story is often told, many details are lacking.

The full names of Donna and Angie, and Donna's mother, have never been revealed. Similarly, the location of the apartment where the possession manifested, or the shop where the doll was bought, have never been disclosed.

The case has been investigated by sceptics, and most objective observers think the Warren's made the whole story up.

The Amityville House, Long Island

The Warren's continued to investigate paranormal events through the next three decades.

Among their other well known cases is the 'Amityville Horror' , a famous haunted house in Long Island. The house was the scene of a mass murder in 1974; the family that moved in subsequent, reported they were menaced by evil spirits.

The Warrens investigated, and were featured in a best selling book about the case, written by Jay Ansen. The book was later adapted into a film, that would spawn a highly successful and long running franchise.

The Warrens were again accused of helping fabricate the story. Although the family who claimed to be haunted always stood by their version of events, and even took a polygraph to help convince sceptics.

The real Annabelle doll, in the Warren's museum

As their collection of photos and artefacts grew, the Warren's would eventually open an 'Occult Museum'. They spent their later years leading tours, and showing their prize exhibits to curious visitors.

Kept in a custom built box, fortified with prayer scrolls and other psychic defences, was the original Annabelle doll.

A sign on the front read, 'POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN.'

annabelle ghost story

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Annabelle Movies Ranked

Posted: December 29, 2023 | Last updated: December 29, 2023

Annabelle! She's everyone's favorite hideous terror doll! The ugly porcelain figure has appeared in several "Conjuring" movies, first popping up in the original "The Conjuring" before starring in her own film series. And, just to make things extra scary, she's  real . Sort of. The "real" Annabelle is actually a rather harmless-looking Raggedy Ann doll, but that wouldn't fly for the movies. So when it came time for Annabelle to make her big screen debut, she was redesigned into the grinning ghoul we all know and love/loathe. In honor of Annabelle and all her horrific mayhem, we've decided to go ahead and rank all of the "Annabelle" movies. For the sake of brevity, we'll  only be counting the three films with "Annabelle" in the title, since those are officially her films. So let's get to it! And remember: if someone brings you home an ugly monster doll, just chuck that baby right in the trash before things get out of hand. 

Read more: The 50 Scariest Horror Movie Monsters Ranked

Annabelle (2014)

The first "Annabelle" film is also the worst. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's the worst movie in the so-called Conjuring Universe. A riff on "Rosemary's Baby," this scare-free outing has the doll being brought into the apartment of new mother Mia (Annabelle Wallis). It seems that the demon that inhabits the Annabelle doll wants Mia's soul or some such nonsense. But nothing that happens here is very interesting or thrilling. And save for an admittedly effective sequence set in the creepy basement of the apartment building, "Annabelle" is almost entirely devoid of anything resembling a scare. It's  boring , and that's something that a movie about a demon doll should never be. Feel free to skip this one entirely and read the Wikipedia page instead. You won't be missing much. 

Annabelle: Creation (2017)

Talk about a comeback. After the dire disappointment that was "Annabelle," the franchise bounced back nicely with David F. Sandberg's prequel, "Annabelle: Creation." The story follows a group of six orphan girls and a nun who go to live in the secluded home of a doll maker and his wife. Some years ago, the couple lost their daughter in an accident. Sure enough, Annabelle the doll is  also at the house, and when one of the girls discovers the doll, she ends up targeted by demonic forces. Everything that the original "Annabelle" lacked is remedied here, as Sandberg knows how to build dread and atmosphere with the material. It's a nifty little creepshow, and proof that the Conjuring Universe can always course-correct if they hire the right behind-the-scenes people. 

Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

I have a feeling that most people will consider "Annabelle: Creation" to be the best film in the trilogy, but in my opinion — and thus, the official opinion of this list — the clear winner is "Annabelle Comes Home." The cinematic equivalent of a Halloween haunted house, "Annabelle Comes Home" has the doll being locked up in the cursed artifact room of the Warrens, the ghost-hunting married couple at the center of the main "Conjuring" movies. When the Warrens are called away on one of their cases, their young daughter Judy (Mckenna Grace), her babysitter Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman), and Mary Ellen's friend Daniela (Katie Sarife) are left home alone with all that spooky stuff. And when Daniela lets Annabelle out of her case, all hell breaks loose, and all the cursed objects in the house come to life and start terrorizing the girls. It's non-stop spooky fun, and easily the most enjoyable film in this trilogy. 

Read the original article on /Film .

Annabelle Comes Home

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The Real Story of the ‘Haunted’ Annabelle Doll

She said her name was Annabelle Higgins.

annabelle ghost story

Annabelle was a famous haunted doll even before she made an appearance in The Conjuring that turned into her very own horror movie, Annabelle (2014), and subsequent sequel/origin story, Annabelle: Creation (2017), and third installment Annabelle Comes Home (2019). A pair of fame hungry paranormal investigators named Ed and Lorraine Warren told a story about a Raggedy Ann doll given to a young nurse by her mother. The doll turned out to be demonic and was capable of writing menacing notes for the girl and her roommate was well as scratching the girls and even running from room to room.

annabelle ghost story

Here is Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Annabelle origin story as told by their longtime biographer Gerald Brittle in The Demonologist :

Lara Clifton and Dierdre Bernard were 25-year-old nurses who lived together. Lara was engaged to a man named Cal Randell. For Dierdre’s 24th birthday, her mother gave her a large Raggedy Ann doll, “the size of a four year old child”. Soon after, the girls noticed that the doll seemed to be able to move on her own as they would frequently find her in different positions or even rooms than they left her. Once the girls left the Annabelle doll on Dierdre’s bed and came home and found the doll kneeling in the living room. They tried to recreate the doll’s kneeling position and were not able to make the doll kneel without it falling over.

Then they started finding the notes.

The girls believed the Annabelle doll was writing them messages. They’d find little scraps of paper with pencil writing that said things like “HELP US” and “HELP CAL”. They had no idea what either message referred to, Lara’s boyfriend Cal was not in danger at that time. Especially creepy was that the girls could not find a pencil in the apartment that could have been used for the notes.

annabelle ghost story

The girls thought someone was playing a prank on them so they created little boobytraps and markers that would be off if someone was entering their apartment. When no evidence of an intruder was found and “Annabelle’s actions” got scarier (one day, they found drops of blood on the doll, they also believe the doll gave them a gift of chocolate for Christmas) they brought in a medium.

The psychic told the nurses that a little girl died on the property where their apartment was and her name was Annabelle Higgins. The ghost of the little girl liked the nurses because they were the only younger people in the building, so the ghost began “playing” with them by moving the doll. The little girl ghost said she was lonely and wanted to be loved. She asked the girls if she could inhabit the doll so that she could live with them. The girls said yes.

According to the Warrens, this was a huge mistake. They said that the girls should never have called a medium who was so inexperienced in dealing with malevolent spiritual matters that she ended up harming the girls more than she helped them. By invited the spirit to inhabit the Annabelle doll, the girls inadvertently invited a demonic presence into their lives.

In reality, there was no Annabelle Higgins. No ghost of a little girl who used to live in the building. What the girls met (according to the Warrens) was an inhumane spirit, also known as a demonic entity, the Warrens say human ghosts are not able to move objects or harm the living. Indeed the doll’s activities increased and she seemed to become more powerful. Lara’s boyfriend, Cal, had lucid nightmares about Annabelle attacking him. One night when Lara and Cal were alone in the apartment, they heard a noise coming from Dierdre’s room. When Cal went to investigate, he saw Annabelle and when he turned his back on her “someone” clawed his chest, leaving 7 claw marks and bloodying his shirt.

Of course, this is just what the Warren’s tell us. It might be a more “real” version of Annabelle’s creation story than her Hollywood movie Annabelle: Creation , but that’s not saying much. The “real” story involves whatever the Warrens told each other and their biographer. Was this story cooked up over a few bottles of wine like those involved in the Amityville Haunting claim that story was?

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tony Spera (@tonylspera)

The Warrens called a priest and the priest performed an exorcism on the apartment as well as Dierdre, Lara and Cal. The Warrens took the Annabelle doll for safe keeping and kept her locked in a glass case in their occult museum, which was the main draw for visitors during its existence. Now that Ed and Lorraine are both deceased, their daughter and son-in-law (pictured above) have possession of the Annabelle doll.

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Meet The Author

Chrissy Stockton

Chrissy is the co-founder of Creepy Catalog. She has over 10 years of experience writing about horror, a degree in philosophy and Reiki level II certification.

Chrissy Stockton


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  1. The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

    The medium held a seance and told the women that the doll was inhabited by the spirit of a deceased seven-year-old named Annabelle Higgins, whose body had been found years earlier on the site where their apartment building had been built. The medium claimed that the spirit was benevolent and simply wanted to be loved and cared for.

  2. Annabelle (doll)

    Paranormal Main articles Skepticism Parapsychology Related v t e Annabelle is an allegedly- haunted Raggedy Ann doll, housed in the now closed occult museum of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Annabelle was moved there after supposed hauntings in 1970.

  3. Real Annabelle Doll

    12 Strong 12 Years a Slave 13 Hours 15:17 to Paris, The 1917 2 Hearts 21 22 July 300 300: Rise of an Empire 42 80 for Brady A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood A Journal for Jordan A Million Miles Away A Small Light Act, The Adaptation Adrift Against the Ice Air All Eyez on Me All My Life All Saints Alpha Dog American Gangster American Hustle

  4. Annabelle (film)

    Plot In Santa Monica, California, John Form, a doctor, presents his expectant wife Mia with a rare vintage porcelain doll as a gift for their first child, to be placed in a collection in their daughter's nursery. That night, the couple is disturbed by the sounds of their next door neighbors, the Higgins, being murdered during a home invasion.

  5. The true story behind the CT doll at center of 'Annabelle' film series

    Real 'Annabelle' story shared by Lorraine Warren. Warrens brought paranormal 'skeleton' out of CT closet. At the height of their fame, the Connecticut ghost-hunters were called in for all ...

  6. Annabelle: The Haunted Doll

    According to the Warrens, Annabelle is responsible for two near-death experiences, a fatal accident, and a 30-year-long streak of demonic activities. It all began in 1970 when Annabelle was gifted to a young nurse named Donna (or Deirdre). Initially, the doll seemed like an adorable addition to their apartment, but strange occurrences soon ...

  7. 'Annabelle Comes Home': The Real Stories Behind the Artifacts

    [This story contains spoilers for Annabelle Comes Home.]. The cursed doll Annabelle was first introduced to horror audiences in The Conjuring (2013), and proved to be so compelling that the ...

  8. The true story of the haunted doll that inspired Annabelle

    The Annabelle doll is inspired by a Raggedy Ann doll, a popular child's toy which looks a lot sweeter than the movie version. The real Raggedy Ann doll is made out of fabric, rather than porcelain, and looks far more child-friendly. For the big screen depiction of the doll, Wan decided to sharpen all of Annabelle's features, thus making her ...

  9. Annabelle: just how real is the 'true story' of the haunted doll behind

    James Wan's 2013 The Conjuring, which first introduced the Annabelle story, albeit as a small side plot, took the decision to portray the religious Warrens as a dedicated, well-intentioned pair ...

  10. Annabelle: The Terrifying True Story That Helped Launch A Horror

    Annabelle: The Terrifying True Story That Helped Launch A Horror Franchise. Haunted dolls in horror make for a perfect mix of the occult and the mundane. An everyday object, or toy to be precise ...

  11. The Real Annabelle Doll

    The real Annabelle was given to Donna, who was a student nurse as a birthday gift by her mother. One thing to remember: Annabelle was bought second-hand from a hobby store. She was living with her friend Angie at the time, and Donna was delighted with the gift. At first. But the Conjuring doll quickly became a source of great fear for the girls.

  12. Annabelle Doll: The True Story Behind the Haunted Icon and Hollywood's

    Lorraine and Ed Warren, 1980. (Photo Credit: Russell McPhedran / Fairfax Media / Getty Images) The story of the Annabelle doll is inextricably linked with the Warrens. Ed, a World War II veteran, and Lorraine, a self-professed clairvoyant, were pioneers in the field of paranormal investigation.

  13. Annabelle (2014)

    Horror Mystery Thriller A couple begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists. Director John R. Leonetti Writer Gary Dauberman Stars Ward Horton Annabelle Wallis Alfre Woodard See production info at IMDbPro STREAMING RENT/BUY from $3.99 Add to Watchlist

  14. The True Story of Annabelle the Haunted Doll

    The true story of Annabelle began in the 1970s when an inconspicuous doll was purchased as a birthday present. The doll was gifted to a young nursing student by her mother. The young lady who received this doll kept her within her apartment as a decorative item, often displaying the doll on her bed after making it.

  15. Annabelle (2014)

    The ghost of Annabelle is nearby, along with a demonic-looking creature. Perez enters the church but is blown back by a powerful force and is thrown on his back. He is hurt badly, and the ghost snatches the doll. John treats Perez at the hospital while Mia meets with Evelyn. Evelyn tells Mia that she had a daughter named Ruby that was around ...

  16. The Wild True Story Behind 'Annabelle Comes Home' and ALL the

    The Annabelle doll is part of the Conjuring horror story family. She first appeared in the 2013 original film about Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal researchers from the 1970s.

  17. This is the Terrifying True Story Behind 'Annabelle Comes Home'

    The real-life Annabelle doll is a vintage Raggedy Ann doll that a mother purchased for her daughter, Donna in 1970. Soon after Donna brought the doll home, where she lived with her roommate, Angie ...

  18. The chilling true story of the real doll behind 'Annabelle'

    The home of ghosts, demons, and hauntings. In this realm, there exist few characters and stories that elicit such a combination of fear and recognition as her - Annabelle. Her name and likeness became famous through the Conjuring film series. She has now become synonymous with tales of dark, supernatural encounters.

  19. Annabelle: The Real-Life Inspiration For The Creepy Doll, Explained

    After the nurse and her roommate talked to a medium, they learned that the ghost of a 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins was haunting the doll after her death. Annabelle is one of the...

  20. Annabelle; The True Story Behind The Haunted Annabelle Doll

    Is the real Annabelle doll a vessel for a demonic spirit looking for a human host, or is she just a child's toy used as a prop for wildly profitable ghost stories? Annabelle's origin. Annabelle's story began in 1970 when a 28-year-old nurse Donna received the Raggedy Ann doll as a birthday gift from her mother.

  21. The True Story of the Real Annabelle Doll: Fact vs. Fiction

    Its story has captivated audiences worldwide, leading to a surge in interest in the paranormal and the work of the Warrens: The Annabelle films have grossed over $800 million worldwide. The Annabelle Doll has inspired numerous other horror films and TV shows. The doll has become a popular subject for Halloween costumes and horror-themed ...

  22. The Real 'Annabelle' Doll

    by museumoflost December 7, 2017. 'Annabelle' is a porcelain doll, possessed by an evil spirit, star of her own popular movie franchise. Now, meet the real Annabelle doll. No story of Annabelle would be complete without a discussion of the supernatural investigators who now possess the real life inspiration. Prepare to meet the Warrens, as well.

  23. Annabelle Movies Ranked

    Annabelle the doll is the subject of our latest ranking, as we look at the three films in the Annabelle series. ... Story by Chris Evangelista • 1w. ... the ghost-hunting married couple at the ...

  24. The Real Story of the 'Haunted' Annabelle Doll

    The ghost of the little girl liked the nurses because they were the only younger people in the building, so the ghost began "playing" with them by moving the doll. The little girl ghost said she was lonely and wanted to be loved. She asked the girls if she could inhabit the doll so that she could live with them. The girls said yes.