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Review: GhostForce “Bananice/Pharaok” ; “Trashotic/Mikroo” ; “Mizuo/Sharkoak”


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Green Lynx (David Kaldor): Aimless 20-something given a paid outlet for his thoughts on cartoons. Fears being boring slightly more than being outright disliked.

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ghost force banana hielo

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The muppets mayhem: disney+ cancels series after one season.

Emperor Fred

Shame. I really liked this series - more than I've liked modern Muppets content in a long time. That said, it really had the feel of a limited series - so maybe better for it to go out on a high note (pun intended).



New year and still defending The censorship org that is The PTC Lil Al there number 1 fan after all, since you clearly support there censorship Little Al which is wrong on all levels which you clearly don't get bully and troll. That is wrong just like the censorship org that hides in the basement that can't handle the truth. I speak the truth about The PTC Lil Al.

Netflix Cancels A Slew of Adult Animation

Anthony DiPaola

They should be focusing on talking to Universal about renewing Chris Meloni's Syfy comedy Happy! for more seasons, now THAT'S a better investment.

ghost force banana hielo


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This page has a wiki of its own: Ghostforce Wiki .

Ghostforce is a French CGI animated series that is a co-production between Zag Animation, Method Animation, Disney Channel EMEA, Toei Animation, SAMG Animation, and PGS Entertainment. It is broadcast on TOFU in France, Disney Channel or Disney+ in some international markets & Discovery Kids in Latin America. It premiered on October 4, 2021 on Disney XD in the US and on November 1, 2021 on Disney Channel.

Synopsis [ ]

Liv, Andy, and Mike are three teens who form the ultra-secret Ghostforce, a squad of superheroes with ghostly powers!

With the help of the mysterious Glowboo and an arsenal of high-tech invented by their mentor, Miss Jones, our heroes battle and capture the ghosts that haunt New York City… before racing back to school for their next class!

Gallery [ ]

GF ANDY FURY.002e5154

External links [ ]

  • Ghostforce Wiki
  • Disney Channel Broadcast Archives Wiki: GhostForce
  • Toon Disney/Disney XD Broadcast Archives Wiki: GhostForce
  • Cast & crew
  • User reviews


Episode list

Bananice (2021)

S1.E1 ∙ Bananice

Pharaok (2021)

S1.E2 ∙ Pharaok

Trashotic (2021)

S1.E3 ∙ Trashotic

Mikroo (2021)

S1.E4 ∙ Mikroo

Mizuo (2021)

S1.E5 ∙ Mizuo

Sharkoak (2021)

S1.E6 ∙ Sharkoak

Cassandra Lee Morris, Ogie Banks, and Jordan Quisno in Ghostforce (2021)

S1.E7 ∙ Mastaar

S1.e8 ∙ arakgum, s1.e9 ∙ zipzap.

Artiflame (2021)

S1.E10 ∙ Artiflame

S1.e11 ∙ xhypno, s1.e12 ∙ sporofungus, s1.e13 ∙ krik krok, s1.e14 ∙ burghorror, s1.e15 ∙ raijin, s1.e16 ∙ chronoklok, s1.e17 ∙ katastroph, s1.e18 ∙ jellystrey, s1.e19 ∙ vochaos, s1.e20 ∙ agia, s1.e21 ∙ cyclopee, s1.e22 ∙ gmagicard, s1.e23 ∙ bubble-brush.

Glouglux (2021)

S1.E24 ∙ Glouglux

S1.e25 ∙ scream scratch, s1.e26 ∙ creepop, s1.e27 ∙ somnibou, s1.e28 ∙ troublestretch.

Meta&lix (2021)

S1.E29 ∙ Meta&lix

S1.e30 ∙ cookieflame, s1.e31 ∙ graffurious, s1.e32 ∙ levisfer, s1.e33 ∙ paniclick, s1.e34 ∙ sandyrok, s1.e35 ∙ hypnolion, s1.e36 ∙ jinjoke, s1.e37 ∙ gumglue, s1.e38 ∙ scorpod, s1.e39 ∙ turbokorn, s1.e40 ∙ biballoon, s1.e41 ∙ mascrade, s1.e42 ∙ batata, s1.e43 ∙ prehistorrible, s1.e44 ∙ chaorion, s1.e45 ∙ dinozos, s1.e46 ∙ piraniak, s1.e47 ∙ dunky boss, s1.e48 ∙ scaregrow, s1.e49 ∙ jellyjack, s1.e50 ∙ kaboom, contribute to this page.

Cassandra Lee Morris, Ogie Banks, and Jordan Quisno in Ghostforce (2021)

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Ghostforce (TV series)

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Ghostforce (also named Ghost Force ) is a French CGI animated series. It is a co-production between Zag Animation, Method Animation, Disney Channel EMEA, Toei Animation, SAMG Animation, and PGS Entertainment. It premiered around the world starting in August of 2021. The show is licensed by Disney in the United States where it aired the first season on Disney XD.

The series consists of one season with 56 episodes, comprised of 52 11-minute episodes and 4 22-minute episodes, along with a live-action film . [2] [3]

  • 2.1 Andy Baker
  • 2.2 Mike Collins
  • 2.3 Liv Baker
  • 4.1 Concept art
  • 4.2 Miscellaneous
  • 6 References

Synopsis [ ]

Three high school kids working as a team of superheroes, the GHOSTFORCE, secretly fight against the ghosts that haunt their town in a wacky, comedic fashion! With inherent desire to troublemaking, the ghosts, which are invisible to the human eye, will use fright as fuel to increase their power and ability to affect the world around them. Our heroes have no choice but to put their daily lives on hold in order to ghost power-up and restore the city to normalcy before citizens catch . [4]

Main characters [ ]

Andy baker [ ].

Andy Baker (voiced by Jordan Quisno ) is one of the main protagonists of Ghostforce . He is a student in Professor Pascal's class at NYC school in Manhattan, New York. Using the power of his Ectocap, Andy transforms into the superhero Fury , gaining slime-based powers to stop the paranormal ghosts that terrorizes the city.

Mike Collins [ ]

Mike Collins (voiced by Ogie Banks ) is one of the main protagonists of Ghostforce . He is a student in Professor Pascal's class at NYC school in Manhattan, New York. Using the power of his Ectocap, Mike transforms into the superhero Krush , gaining the power of ice creation to stop the paranormal ghosts that terrorizes the city.

Liv Baker [ ]

Liv Baker (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris ) is one of the main protagonists of Ghostforce . She is a student in Professor Pascal's class at NYC school in Manhattan, New York. She is also the younger sister of Andy. Using the power of her Ectocap, Liv transforms into the superheroine Myst , gaining the power of portal creation to stop the paranormal ghosts that terrorises the city. She serves as the leader of the Ghostforce team.

  • This is the fourth show to be released under the ZAG Heroez brand, following Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir , Zak Storm: Super Pirate , and Power Players .
  • With a few exception in Miraculous , every episode is named after a titular supervillain.
  • Both their origins episodes are being placed in the middle of their first season.
  • Many crew members who worked on Miraculous also worked on Ghostforce .
  • Both Miraculous and Ghostforce aired on the same TV channel together in most countries; TFOU in France, while Disney Channel in other countries (with the exception of the United States since Ghostforce aired on Disney XD).
  • Both series were animated by SAMG Animation (though, not every Miraculous episodes). And because they share the same animation studios, there are many hints in the background of " Miraculous New York " that both series take place in the same universe.
  • There are many cross-references to each other's shows. For example, many posters of Ladybug can be seen in the background of Ghostforce .
  • Ghostforce is a part of Chibizag among other ZAG Heroez shows. [5]
  • Interestingly, the series release date have been pushed back five times. It was originally announced to be release in 2016, then 2017 [6] , later 2018 [7] , then 2019 [8] , afterwards 2020 [9] . Eventually, it was announced that the series will finally premiere in 2021. [1]
  • According to an Animation Magazine article, the series was originally going to be a CGI/live-action hybrid. [10]
  • In the past, multiple official sources have referred to the series as Ghost Force instead of Ghostforce . This because it's name was originally meant to have a space between Ghost and Force.

Gallery [ ]

Concept art [ ].

Ghostforce concept art 1

Miscellaneous [ ]

The show's official logo

See also [ ]

  • Ghostforce Wiki

References [ ]

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  • 1 ZAG Heroez
  • 2 Pixie Girl (TV series)
  • 3 Tales of Fairyon
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ghost force banana hielo

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Western Animation / Ghost Force

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Ghosts better stay hidden!

Ghost Force is a French computer-animated children's television series created by Jeremy Zag and produced by Zagtoon and animated by SAMG .

Andy, Liv and Mike, three high school kids working as a team of superheroes, known as Ghost Force, are tasked with secretly hunting down and capturing the ghosts that terrorize New York City . Operating from the secret underground laboratory built by Miss Jones, they are the city's only line of paranormal defense and must put their daily lives on hold in order to ghost power-up and restore the city to normalcy before citizens catch on. With inherent desire to “troublemake,” the ghosts, which are invisible to the human eye, use fright as fuel to increase their power and ability to affect the world around them.

Production began mid-May 2018, and released in Fall 2021 on Disney Channel throughout the globe.

Tropes in this series include:

  • All-CGI Cartoon
  • Artificial Limbs : Miss Jones has an arm ( and hair ) that appears to be made out of the same boo energy that comprises ghosts.
  • Big Brother Instinct : Andy and Liv both have this for Mike and Andy very vividly demonstrates this trope towards Liv; Liv, for her part, has a pretty big Little Sister Instinct and is fiercely protective of Andy.
  • Black and Nerdy : Mike. He wears glasses and is very much a science nerd.
  • Both Sides Have a Point : Comes into play about Liv and Andy's fight about Liv revealing that her brother can't swim despite his bravado; Liv was correct that Andy shouldn't have been lying but Andy was well-within his rights to be furious that his sister revealed one of his secrets without his consent.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy : Many ghosts have been shown to have mind control powers but Piraniak in particular brainwashes Liv/Myst into a very dangerous opponent for the two male leads.
  • Brother–Sister Team : Andy and Liv are siblings and work in the same team.
  • Color-Coded Characters : Andy/Fury is green, Liv/Myst is pink, Mike/Krush is blue, and Glowboo is orange.
  • Color-Coded Secret Identity : Andy, Liv and Mike all dress in color schemes that are heavily reminiscent of their hero costumes.
  • Cross-Cast Role : In "Xhypno", Andy tries to get the role of a Damsel in Distress in a film his parents are making when the actress who originally got the role doesn't show up. His parents instead choose Stacy to play the role.
  • Delusions of Doghood : The eponymous ghost of "Hypnolion" hypnotizes people into acting like animals.
  • Ectoplasm : Fury's powers are about using ectoplasm or something slimey to bind rogue ghosts or shield himself and his friends.
  • Familiar : Each hero has a personal ghost that they can release to use their respective finishing moves. Fury has a dragon, Krush has an ice golem, and Myst has an "octocat". Ms. Jones has her own pet ghost, but its powers are unknown.
  • Fluffy Tamer : Ms. Jones studies the ghosts that the team captures so she may eventually tame them.
  • Foil : In a way, to Miraculous Ladybug . While Ladybug and Cat Noir are the main protagonists, Ladybug is the title heroine and she's the one to ultimately save the day with Cat Noir as a support hero. Plus, the antagonists are random humans turned into Villlians of the Week that act under the Big Bad 's influence. In Ghost Force , Fury, Myst and Krush act as a team to stop the Monster of the Week , acting on their own volition, and any of them can finish the ghost using special moves.
  • Grade Skipper : Mike is actually a year younger than Liv (who actually is the appropriate age for their current grade) and is stated to have skipped a grade.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot : Fury's weapon is a bo staff while Myst fights with a bow that shoots spectral arrows.
  • Hour of Power : The team each has a finite amount of "Boo Energy" when transformed that's used up quicker the more they use their powers. When their reserves are depleted all their powers shutdown, including flight, often leaving them dropping out of the sky and requiring rescue by another teammate. In one episode Miss Jones manages to rig a battery for a field recharge, but says it's only viable because they're currently shrunken enough for it to be effective.
  • In Medias Res : The series opens with Ghost Force openly operating as well-known heroes and we have yet to get any info on how Miss Jones recruited them or how the ghosts started invading New York.
  • Insistent Terminology : Downplayed but it's not ever really shown in canon that Liv and Andy are part of a blended family as both of them refer to both parents as "Mom" and "Dad" and only refer to each other as "bro/my brother" and "sis/my sister".
  • Mama's Boy : Marlo, one of the Ghost Force's classmates, gives his mom a bouquet of flowers in one episode.
  • Miniature Senior Citizens : Professor Pascal is shorter than most of his twelve-year old student body.
  • No Ontological Inertia : After a ghost is captured, whatever effects it was causing immediately cease, be it a blizzard, heatwave, hypnosis spells, webs made of gum that were keeping people suspended in the air.
  • Not What It Looks Like : When classmate Milo sticks a bouquet in Liv's locker, she's quickly flustered because she has no idea how to handle this and is further confused when Milo takes back the bouquet; turns out the flowers were for his mom and he meant to stick them in his locker but accidentally put them in Liv's because he was concerned about being seen with flowers as it didn't fit with his "cool guy" image.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy : One of the male co-leads, Mike, has electric blue highlights on his outfit, while the female co-lead Liv has pink ones instead.
  • Power-Up Food : Certain ghosts enter Booster Mode from bonding with foods they've eaten. The freezing ghost in "Bananice" becomes a banana monster from eating the titular ice cream pop, and the ghost in "Arakgum" becomes a gum-based giant spider from eating a wad of gum.
  • Real-Place Background : Just as Miraculous Ladybug is set in Paris and uses real areas from the city, Ghost Force is set in Manhattan. While there's obviously landmarks like Central Park and the Times Square, there are also streets like Lexington Avenue.
  • Word of God invoked says Miraculous World: New York was originally meant to be a crossover between Miraculous , this and the yet unmade Pixie Girl . A crossover between Ghost Force and Miraculous Ladybug is still planned.
  • Single-Minded Twins : Andy sees Jane and Stacy as this. While they are very much in sync with the other and often have similar goals, they aren't as similar at a glance, though Jane keeps some of her own interests secret from Stacy who prefers the two of them to be more similar than different.
  • Sixth Ranger : In some episodes the team is assisted by Glowboo, a Robot Buddy provided by Miss Jones though not built by her.
  • Sleep-Mode Size : Ghosts start off in tiny, cute but impish forms that cause chaos until they gather enough strength to enter "Booster Mode", which transforms them into a much stronger form capable of projecting their powers on a larger scale.
  • Spell My Name With An S : The title and group are either spelled "Ghost Force" or "Ghostforce".
  • Spoiled Sweet : Downplayed but the main trio is probably all somewhat well-off given that Liv and Andy are the children of decently successful film makers and Mike is the son of a well-known basketball player but are generally nice kids who are friendly and kind to their peers.
  • Superheroes Wear Capes : Zigzagged with the trio, who wear brightly skin-tight black rubber suits, with capes made of light formed when they use their built-in jetpacks.
  • Superman Stays Out of Gotham : While this trope is not quite in effect for the Paris-bound Ladybug and Cat Noir, the fact the series do exist in a Shared Universe brings one to ask where the many New York based heroes shown in Ladybug are during the events of this series. Hero capital of the world yet no sign of them in series, though dialogue in and out of universe does imply that New York does have other superheroes.
  • Andy have some of Adrien's Cat Noir persona (even his hero uniform have black and green as main colors, and his main weapon is a staff), being cocky and rash, mixed with Kim's competition tendencies and love for sports, namely basketball;
  • Liv displays some of Marinette's more levelheaded side and a light resemblance with Juleka's gothic streak, using mainly black and pink clothes with some bats on it;
  • Mike have some of Nino and Max on him, sometimes showing a knack for complex plans similar to Marinette's, aside from being the most intelligent of the trio.
  • Drake fills a similar role to Kim and Chloé, being both the athletically inclined one and the main thorn in our heroes' side.
  • Bobby serves as one to Ivan, being the largest student, and fills Sabrina's role as the mean kid's henchman.
  • Charlie fills out a role similar to Alya, both are big fans of the protagonists' hero identities who frequently film and blog about the heroes exploits.
  • Rajat is one to Max, being the bespectacled intelligent class member.
  • Jane and Stacy look similar to Chloé, and while they do annoy the heroes in their civilian identities while being fans of their heroic selves they're far less aggravating than Chloé and are not generally bullies.
  • Officer Callinghan fills in the ineffectual police officer role that Roger does in Ladybug , but while Roger is typically well meaning but bumbling, Callinghan has delusions of grandeur and less allied to the heroes than his French counterpart.
  • Teachers Out of School : When the main characters chance upon Professor Pascal when the latter is making fireworks for Central Park's Fourth of July celebrations, Andy is surprised that teachers have lives out of school.
  • Technicolor Science : In one episode, Miss Jones is mixing beakers claimed to be water and sulfur trioxide, only one glows green while the other glows bright blue.
  • Tempting Fate : When the main characters go to Central Park to celebrate the Fourth of July, Andy is in the middle of commenting on how the best part of summer vacation is not having to endure Professor Pascal's lessons when he notices Professor Pascal is there as well.
  • Thinking Up Portals : Myst's unique power.
  • Trickster Mentor : Ms. Jones can be that to her kids in spades!
  • Tuckerization : This series has a character named Professor Pascal and a writer named Pascal Boutboul.
  • Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World : Our main trio attend Central High, while moonlighting as ghost-powered superheroes fighting other evil ghosts.
  • X-Ray Sparks : The opening sequence shown in the trailers has the sparks reveal Andy's nerves and organs as they run down his body when he suits up.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One : When left for too long, ghosts can boost to a more powerful form, which is why it's recommended for the Ghost Force to capture them before that happens. Don't count on them managing to do that though. Lampshaded in "Piraniak" when Glowboo asks if they were supposed to capture the ghost before it boosts and Myst comments on how it never works.
  • Power Players
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  • Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie
  • The Ghost and Molly McGee
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  • WesternAnimation/E to L
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  • Ghost Wanted
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ghost force banana hielo

Disney+ Hotstar Home

Watch GhostForce  Online on Disney+ South Africa

Three teenagers fight the ghosts haunting New York.

Watch GhostForce Episode 1 Online

Our heroes battle against Bananice and Pharaok.

Watch GhostForce Episode 2 Online

A smelly ghost is awakened. GhostForce vs. Mikroo!

Watch GhostForce Episode 3 Online

Andy vs. Drake. Liv thinks Marlo is in love with her.

Watch GhostForce Episode 4 Online

Liv gets stage fright. Mike hates spiders.

Watch GhostForce Episode 5 Online

Mike's game addiction. Andy battles Artiflame.

Watch GhostForce Episode 6 Online

Andy dreams of movie stardom and faces a gross ghost!

Watch GhostForce Episode 7 Online

Andy awakens Krik Krok. Liv and Andy vs. Burghorror!

Watch GhostForce Episode 8 Online

Mike battles Chronoklok as GhostForce faces Raijin.

Watch GhostForce Episode 9 Online

Andy vs. Katastrophe. Liv vs. Jellystery.

Watch GhostForce Episode 10 Online

Liv reveals that Andy can't swim. Liv battles Agia.

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Ghostforce Wiki

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  • 5 Ghost Families
  • 6 Sightings
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Personality and Behavior [ ]

Sporofungus terrorizing NYC

Sporofungus terrorizing NYC with his smelly odor.

Ghosts can have greatly different personalities. Some ghosts are serious, while some are fun-loving, and some are even skittish. This can influence some ghosts to seek out humans with the sole objective of terrorizing them, while others can be drawn to avoiding busy and heavily populated areas.

Many ghosts seem to have a natural impulse to hunt materials similar to themselves. Typically they want to consume these materials, but they will also fuse with them and incorporate them into their Booster mode.

One thing all ghosts seem to have in common is their general dislike of humans. Ghosts have no problem using their powers against them, and actually become stronger as they do. The only known ghosts known to be cooperative with humans are those employed by the Ghostforce themselves.

Appearance [ ]

Ghosts are awoken from the objects they are dormant in already in their basic forms. Basic forms are either of the snowball variety - small and round, with nubby limbs and minimal details - or distinct - miniature versions of their booster modes with unique body shapes such as an electric eel or a sarcophagus head.

All ghosts share the ability to enter booster mode. Booster mode is a state a ghost can enter through two ways. Ghosts can feed off of fear people get from being haunted by them, or they can fuse with objects similar to their own makeup. Ghosts who choose to feed off fear use their powers to terrorize individuals, and at a certain point transform into a large, evolved version of their basic form. For example, look to Mikroo or Pharaok , whose booster modes were larger, more intricate versions of what they looked like before.

The other way a ghost can transform is through fusing with material chemically similar to them. That includes ghosts such as Bananice , who has an ice-based physiology and seeks out frozen treats. Once these ghosts have eaten or entered those objects, they become fused with the ghosts energy, and are combined with it in it's booster mode.

Notably, some ghosts appear to have siblings with different powers, that retain separate bodies in their basic form, but combine into a single body when they enter booster mode. Some ghosts may be identical twins, such as Katastroph , or be different in appearance, such as Meta&Lix . These twins are also connected with boo power gaining more power all at once and can enter booster mode by gathering together and forming a special technique.

Abilities [ ]

To see each ghost's nest, visit List of nests . To see each ghost's receptacle, visit List of receptacles .

Every ghost has its own unique powers. Apart from this, ghosts have several other abilities that are shared across the entirety of the species, including: Flight, Intangibility, and Possession. They also have a specific level that indicates how powerful and dangerous they can be. Ghosts with high levels (level 6-9) can be very dangerous and cause major damage to the city. Alternatively, ghosts with lower levels (level 1-5) are generally weak and may cause little damage to the city. The highest known level of a ghost is level nine, according to Miss Jones .

Ghosts lie dormant within different, random objects that can be found throughout New York City . Once a ghost has emerged, either because the object was broken or because it was exposed to something that gave the ghost enough power to escape, they are in a small, tiny form known as the Basic Form .

When they have scared or used their powers on too many civilians, they gain enough Boo Energy to enter a large, enhanced state called booster mode . This allows them to become bigger and mightier, and they gain stronger and previously unseen abilities. Another way to enter booster mode is by digesting or possessing an object, preferably one whose function is compatible with the ghosts powers. Regardless, the ghost gains certain abilities related to the object they have taken control of. This means that there previous special powers are gone, but they gain new, different ones that are on a much larger scale.

Ghosts can be captured solely by the members of Ghostforce using Boo Caps . The process of capturing them begins with a team member releasing their respective ghost's capsule, who will attack the targeted ghost. This will weaken the boosted target, reverting them to their basic form, at which point they can be caught in a small capsule. Although, a ghost can be captured before they enter booster mode. What really matters is that the target ghosts Boo Energy is low enough.

Once inside this capsule, all the effects of the ghosts powers are undone. Ghosts in the capsule can be temporarily released by a member of the Ghostforce, and their abilities can be used against enemies and targets. Most captured ghosts, however, are taken back to the underground laboratory , sucked into the console, and uploaded into the Ectocloud .

In-Universe canon [ ]

  • Tamed Ghosts
  • Wild Ghosts

Non-canon [ ]

Ghost families [ ].

  • Flexible Family (four known members)
  • Fractal Family (seven known members)
  • Molecular Family (eight known members)
  • Spectral Family (seventeen known members)
  • Strange/Bizarroic Family (nine known members)
  • Viscous Family (seven known members)

Sightings [ ]

  • Zak Storm: Super Pirate has a ghost named Clovis , but unlike the ghosts in Ghostforce he isn't dead only having lost his body.
  • The ZAG Heroez series, Pixie Girl , has a ghost that looks similar in design to the concept arts of the ghosts in Ghostforce .
  • Bananice , Raijin , Bubble-Brush are both colored white.
  • Sharkoak and Krik-Krok are both colored light green.
  • According to the Ghostforce MIPCOM 2014 trailer , ghosts were originally meant to attack at nighttime instead of daytime. [2]
  • For some reason, when each ghost is dazed or weakened, there eyes turn into a circular line.
  • Unlike Miss Jones who relies on Boo Energy using the Boo Fridge, ghosts actually gain Boo Energy by either scaring or using their powers on many civilians. This substance powers ghosts and allows them to become more mightier, without it ghosts would almost be powerless and stuck in their basic form.
  • As seen in " Mikroo ", ghost's are immune to their own powers, but they can still be affected by them. For example, although Mikroo's spiky arms shrinks people, since ghosts are immune to their powers, in this case the ghost's arms can only smack itself.
  • Sometimes when a ghost enters booster mode, they can greatly affect up their surroundings, without using any of there powers such as the storm in " Raijin " or " Mastaar ".
  • Ghosts are aware of the use for the Boo Caps that Ghostforce always carry around them, as seen in " Raijin " where the titular ghost knew it had to dodge Myst's capsule.
  • Although, most ghosts seem to mainly terrorise New York City , it has been confirmed that they would also attack in other places as well. [3] [4]

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