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Russell 2000, bitcoin usd, cmc crypto 200, 12 actors who told the mcu, "i'll never join" and 15 who said, "put me in, coach", some of the biggest stars in hollywood have donned a super suit in the marvel cinematic universe — but not every actor wants a chance to bring a comic character to life..

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However, for every actor who'd turn down a Marvel role without a second thought, there's one who'd leap at the chance in a heartbeat.

There are also several actors from non-MCU Marvel projects who'd love to see their characters join the official MCU.

Here are 12 actors who would never be in a Marvel movie:

1. though being forced to turn down the role of black widow in iron man 2 due to contractual obligations was "a bit of a heartbreaker" for emily blunt , she now doesn't "know if superhero movies are for [her]" because she really doesn't like them..

On The Howard Stern Show , she said that the superhero genre was "exhausted' because "we are inundated — it’s not only all the movies, it’s the endless TV shows as well."

2. John Cho isn't interested in doing a superhero movie because he doesn't "particularly want to diet...or work out like crazy." He also takes issue with the multi-picture deals such films require, which he called "indentured-servitude contracts."

He told Vulture , "If you play, you know, Condorman, you’re young, you’re just in from Ohio or whatever, you’re signing a 15-year contract, and they have the option to make three or four. That’s the weird thing about it."

3. Prior to his breakout role in Call Me By Your Name , Timothée Chalamet actually auditioned for the role of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming , but more recently, he recalled some acting advice "one of [his] heroes" gave him — "No hard drugs — and no superhero movies.”

He told Time that he attributed his fame to "a combination of luck and getting good advice early in my career not to pigeonhole myself."

4. Amanda Seyfried loves watching Marvel movies, but she doesn't "want to put on the suit" because after doing stunt work for Pan , she never wants to do it again.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers , she said "When I signed on [for Pan ] there was no wire work or green screen stuff happening to my character. I am not playing a fairy, so why would I be flying around? ...Two months ago, I had to go back to London and I was flying and I was like, ‘Please, I didn’t sign up for it!’”

She previously turned down the role of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy because she "didn’t want to be green for six months out of every year" and didn't think she'd be happy in the role.

5. When Matthew McConaughey asked to play Hulk, but Marvel turned him down. A few years down the road, they offered him a role in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 , but he denied them because he didn't want to "feel like an amendment."

He told Playboy , "I like Guardians of the Galaxy, but what I saw was, 'It's successful, and now we've got room to make a colourful part for another big-name actor.'"

6. Reese Witherspoon has never done a live-action superhero movie, and she told Entertainment Weekly that the prospect "doesn’t interest [her] too much."

However, she was extremely supportive of Captain Marvel , the first female-led Marvel film, and praised Brie Larson for "inspiring young girls all over the world."

7. Jon Hamm has been considered for several superhero roles, but he thinks turning down them down was the "right decision" because "you are signed on for not only the movie that you are signed on for…but at least two more that you haven’t read and you have no idea what they are going to be and all the crossover ones you are going to have to do."

He told the Radio Times , "It’s a lot of work at one thing which is not necessarily the reason I got into the business which is to do many things. If you want to spend all day pressing the same key that…seems an odd choice."

While he isn't interested in playing a live-action hero, he does voice Iron Man in the animated series M.O.D.O.K .

8. Jennifer Aniston said that "big Marvel movies" are "diminishing" the value of cinema.

Her statement was heavily criticized by Marvel fans.

9. Jason Statham has "no ambition" to be in a Marvel movie because "any guy can do it" and, in his opinion, they rely too heavily on green screens, stunt doubles, and huge budgets.

He told I 400 Calci , "I could take my grandma and put her in a cape, and they’ll put her on a green screen, and they’ll have stunt doubles come in and do all the action."

Kevin Feige later revealed that Statham was offered a Marvel role, but he politely turned it down.

10. Criticizing the status of superhero movies as tentpole films, Rose McGowan said that she quit acting because "it got so boring in front of the camera" and she didn't "want green goblins and tight outfits."

On Instagram , she said, "Where are the human stories?...I want intelligence, daring work that drives society forward. I want a mirror, not every cliché regurgitated ad nauseum."

11. Josh Hartnett turned down the role of Superman because he "somehow knew those roles had potential to define [him]."

He told Details , "I didn't want to be labeled as Superman for the rest of my career. I was maybe 22, but I saw the danger."

12. And Sean Penn lamented that Marvel movies have taken up too much space and "claimed so much time in the careers of so many talented people.”

He told the Toronto Star that he misses films that weren't "just razzle-dazzle, Cirque de Soleil movies.”

And now, here are 15 actors who are begging for a Marvel role:

13. john krasinski said he would love to play mister fantastic in the upcoming fantastic four reboot because "to be a part of the marvel world would be amazing anyway" and "the fact that people would even consider [him] for that level of a part would be amazing.".

He told , "I genuinely have had no conversations or don't know anything that's happening with that. I'm awaiting Kevin [Feige]'s announcements of what the hell's happening with that as much as you are."

He previously auditioned for Captain America .

14. Nhut Le said he'd love to play "a different iteration of the Ancient One" in the Doctor Strange universe.

He told the Direct , "[It] would be really interesting just because I look so young. Maybe it could be like a commentary on old souls using a human vessel."

15. Method Man is "ready" to play a Marvel lead because he's "got the shirt-off action film thing" and "could run, stoic, face straight, running with your shirt off kinda thing."

He told Insider , "You know, I’m ready, man. Come on Marvel. Come on Russo brothers, I’m here.”

The founding Wu-Tang Clan member previously appeared in Luke Cage as himself.

16. Janelle Monáe has "definitely thrown it out there" that "one of [her] dreams has always been to play Storm" — a role she'd love to play in the Black Panther movies.

She told Empire , "It would be a dream to have her in it. I don’t know where they are with that. A lot of women have played Storm and they’ve done an exceptional job, and I would love to be in that line of artists and get to do Storm justice."

17. Halle Berry, who played Storm in 20th Century Fox's X-Men franchise, is willing to "revisit" the role in the future.

She told , "I loved all [Storm and Catwoman] and I was always grateful to get to play them and be a part of those big franchises, you know? So I would revisit any of them."

18. Lana Condor played Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse , and now that Disney owns the rights to the X-Men, she "would love to go back and do something with her" because "she’s a fantastic character and the perfect time to give her what she deserves."

She told the Wrap , "I think that now is a really good time and I would really like to do her justice because she didn’t have it five years ago and I don’t think ever has."

19. Norman Reedus wants to play Ghost Rider in a remake of the 2007 film, and he's fueled fan speculation about his casting for years by liking tweets and sharing fan art depicting him as the hero.

He told, "The Ghost Rider conversation has been coming up for years, and yeah, tell them to put me in it."

20. Jessica Chastain rejected the role of Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange because she wanted to play a superhero instead of an ordinary human, but after playing the villain Vuk in Dark Phoenix , she now wants to play an MCU villain "that's already been established in the comic books" because "villains have more fun."

She told , "I would like it to be a villain that you don't have to sign such a long deal for. I'm a one-and-done kind of girl. So it would be great to play a character that was naughty and then would disappear."

21. Eddie Redmayne said he wants to play "some sort of weird English baddie" in a Marvel movie because "they look like they have quite a lot of fun."

The actor previously auditioned for role of Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 .

He told MTV , "I tested for Spider-Man to play opposite Andrew Garfield, who's an old pal. That would've been fun."

22. Despite auditioning for several Marvel roles, Alison Brie has yet to book a part. However, she directed an episode of Marvel's 616 , and she told that she "absolutely would be open to working with them again in front of, or behind the camera again."

23. kevin smith has no interest in directing a marvel movie, but, in the upcoming fantastic four reboot, he'd like to play willie lumpkin, the mailman previously played by stan lee..

He told ET Canada , "That’s a character who doesn’t get into any trouble. He pops in, delivers the mail. Maybe he gets involved in an adventure here or there. That’s my speed."

Smith already has ties to Stan Lee in the MCU. In his Captain Marvel cameo, Lee can be seen reading a screenplay of Smith's film Mallrats .

Smith previously played Jack Kirby in Daredevil .

24. Ryan Hurst manifested his desire to play Sentry in a post asking Instagram to "do your thing."

He said, "I’m very often asked if I would like to play a character from a comic book? Yes. Who? I didn’t know for a while. Such a fan of so many, but yeah. Dude with troubled past, super powers equal/greater to SUPERMAN and Thor combined…and talks to dogs. I’m putting this out there. This dude. I’d like to play."

25. After Marvel canceled Gambit , Channing Tatum "was so traumatized" that he hasn't "been able to see any of the movies" — but he would still "love to play" the character in the future.

He told Variety , "Disney had just gotten the X-Men from Fox...I think they needed to redesign the ‘X-Men’ from the ground up.”

26. Jason Momoa removed himself from running for the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy because it was too similar to other characters he's played, but he would really love to play Wolverine .

He also previously met with the Russo brothers to discuss an undisclosed Marvel villain role, but it didn't work out.

27. And finally, Keanu Reeves said "it would be an honor" to join the MCU — and he confirmed that he's been in talks with Kevin Feige about finding where he could fit.

He told Esquire , "There's some really amazing directors, and visionaries, and they're doing something no one's ever really done. It's special in that sense in terms of the scale, the ambition, the production. So it'd be cool to be a part of that."

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Ghost Rider could also have been obtained for free by ranking high enough in the Ghost Rider Cup on November 4th 2020.

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How to get the Ghost Rider Fortnite skin

Epic is offering a chance at winning the skin early.

fortnite ghost rider skin

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 : Start date, battle pass, more Fortnite Creative codes : Unleash your imagination Fortnite deathrun codes : Most challenging maps

After a brief teaser, Epic has officially announced the Ghost Rider Cup in Fortnite , which will let players compete to win the titular Ghost Rider skin.

Fortnite season 4 has introduced players to numerous Marvel characters they can use as outfits, including Blade, Daredevil, and Silver Surfer—and that's not including the battle pass, which features several of Marvel's biggest names.

But who cares about stuffy do-gooders? We're here to win that Ghost Rider skin and do Johnny Blaze proud. We've got all the details on the Ghost Rider Cup below. Here's how to get the Ghost Rider skin.

Ghost Rider Cup date

The Ghost Rider Cup starts on November 4. You only have that Wednesday to compete, so make sure you're ready for whatever is thrown at you.

Ghost Rider Cup rules and format

The Ghost Rider Cup will be played through the Marvel Knockout trios mode. For those not in the know, Marvel Knockout is basically a riff on Fortnite's Operation: Knockout mode, except players will have access to the Marvel superhero powers that players would normally obtain by defeating boss characters on the map.

Marvel Knockout is a four-round brawl, with both teams getting a mirrored set of super powers to battle with. Teams will fight to be the best team in their bracket. Epic has official rules here .

Players must also be account level 30 and have two-factor authentication set up in order to participate.

Ghost Rider Cup: Additional Details

Epic hasn't confirmed it yet, but judging from the phrasing of their announcement, I'd say it's safe to assume that the Ghost Rider skin will come to the item shop in the future. Ghost Rider Cup winners will only really be getting access to the skin earlier than others.

Epic has also announced two duos Marvel Hero/Villain Cups: One on November 11 and the other on November 18. That's all followed by a $1 million duos cup on November 21.

It's also worth noting that the Ghost Rider skin evidently comes with a new back bling cosmetic as well, although Epic hasn't shared any look at that just yet. Safe to say it'll be something edgy and flammable.

Don't forget we've got a ton of other Fortnite guides and news . If you're in the mood for rare Fortnite skins, here's our guide on how to get the Lachlan Fortnite skin as part of the Icon Series .

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Every Ghost Rider Ever

Johnny blaze, danny ketch, robbie reyes, and so many more. beware the spirits of vengeance….

Have you tried Marvel Unlimited yet? It’s your all-access pass to over 30,000 Marvel comics at your fingertips. Start your 7-day free trial, or sign up with plans as low as $9.99 a month.

Just how many Ghost Riders are there in the Marvel Universe?


They are the Spirits of Vengeance. Fiery, angelic beings. “Heaven’s Black Ops.” They were, as told in a flashback from GHOST RIDER (2006) #33 , born out of a supreme being’s will to keep depravity and wickedness in check. They weren’t native to America but spanned countless countries, cultures, and eras. And, one Ghost Rider is bad enough, but to face a whole army of them? GHOST RIDER: HEAVEN’S ON FIRE (2009) #6 and DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION (2018) #4 showed that it was a fate worse than death.

It was once believed that Hell-lord Mephisto was the creator of the Ghost Riders. Sell your soul, become a cursed, flaming skull with immense power. But it’s a little more complicated than that. According to GHOST RIDER (2006) #18 , the rogue archangel Zadkiel bonded the Sprits of Vengeance to the chosen, as he was in charge of maintaining them. This spirit, an “entity of heaven,” would be connected to a targeted human host, like stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze , whose purpose was to purify sins through fighting. Whereas the Spirits of Vengeance that served Mephisto directly were demonic entities, as portrayed in DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION (2018) #1 .

Regardless of their origin, one thing is for certain. The legacy of the Ghost Rider is filled with “pain, punishment, and vengeance.” So, hop on your preferred Hell-Vehicle of choice, and let’s take a fiendish ride down this hair-raising highway of history.


In AVENGERS (2018) #7 , an intelligent caveman from 1,000,000 B.C. was the lone survivor of a Wendigo attack. The monster named the caveman “Ghost” and challenged him to find them. It was during this journey that Ghost was approached by a snake and was given a Spirit of Vengeance, thus making him the 1,000,000 B. C. Ghost Rider . Although he loses the battle and his Hell Mammoth to the Wendigo, B.C. Ghost Rider would later join the Stone Age Avengers, such as 1,000,000 B. C. Black Panther, to battle the Fallen in MARVEL LEGACY (2017) #1 and the First Host in the pages of AVENGERS (2018) .

The following Ghost Rider was Hellhawk , a Sioux chieftain during the 11th century. First appearing in GHOST RIDER (2006) #33, he was part of the 1,000 A. D. Avengers, and, according to some dialogue in AVENGERS (2018) #24 , had a rivalry with the Puritan Avenger/Ghost Rider Noble Kale . (Kale is also the ancestor of two other Ghost Riders, Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch ). Hellhawk was killed by Necrosis, on orders by Belasco of the Corrupted as a threat to Mephisto to keep all Spirits of Vengeance out of Limbo. The message was definitely received.

The next prominent Ghost Rider was Kushala , AKA the Spirit Rider. An Apache woman from the 19th century, her parents and her tribe were killed by the United States Army. She prayed for help from the Creator but instead received an answer from Leviathan, a Spirit of Vengeance. During that time, she was known as the Demon Rider and was even the Sorcerer Supreme. She would be transported to the modern era with other Sorcerers Supreme to fight the Forgotten in DOCTOR STRANGE AND THE SORCERERS SUPREME (2016) and starred in her own vertical series on the Marvel Unlimited app, GHOST RIDER: KUSHALA INFINITY COMIC (2021) .

[ RELATED :  The History of Kushala: Who Is the Spirit Rider? ]

The prehistoric Spirit of Vengeance in AVENGERS (2018) #7.


Debuting in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #5 , Johnny Blaze was the first Ghost Rider in Marvel Comics history and the second character to use the name; Carter Slade, the Phantom Rider , has the honor of using the name first. Blaze was a motorcycle stuntman who bonded with the Spirit of Vengeance named Zarathos to save his surrogate father from death. Of course, Mephisto couldn’t just stand by when such a deal was forged. Since this pivotal life choice, Blaze has been on tons of teams including the Legion of Monsters and most notably the Midnight Sons . Oh, and he was also the King of Hell for a few years . Talk about a promotion!

Blaze hasn’t always been the Ghost Rider in the present era. He actually gave up his powers in 1983, and it wouldn’t be until GHOST RIDER (1990) #1 when a new person stepped in to fill the Ghost Rider vacuum. Danny Ketch is Blaze’s long-lost, younger brother, and unlike his predecessor, would get along well with his Spirit, the Marvel Universe’s iteration of the Angel of Death. It was assumed Ketch died at the end of his series, until he was seen alive and well. In addition to being a Ghost Rider, Ketch was the host of Noble Kale, a knight of Zadkiel, and the Death Rider. Adding to his ever-growing resume, Ketch was also one-fourth of the NEW FANTASTIC FOUR , along with Gray Hulk Joe Fixit , Spider-Man , and Wolverine .

Johnny Blaze makes a deal in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #5.

After the FEAR ITSELF event, a Central American woman named Alejandra Jones was introduced as the new Ghost Rider. One difference between her and her fellow Ghost Riders was that she trained for the role; when the time came, her mentor, Adam, performed the ritual to transform Jones into the formidable being. She would later be trained by Blaze, but after some wild occurrences, he would take most of his powers back from her. Furious, Jones used her remaining powers to protect her village as the Guardian Fantasma, but it would be short-lived as maniacal symbiote Carnage killed her in ABSOLUTE CARNAGE: SYMBIOTE OF VENGEANCE (2019) #1 .

One of the latest Ghost Riders is Robbie Reyes , introduced in ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER (2014) #1 . A young man from East Los Angeles, Reyes was a high school student and auto body mechanic. He wanted to move him and his younger brother Gabe into a safer neighborhood, but didn’t have the money, so Reyes entered a street race to win $50,000. All did not go to plan. Reyes was shot—and then revived—by the spirit of Eli Morrow (his estranged uncle who was also a satanic serial killer). While fending off his uncle’s urges to kill indiscriminately, Ghost Rider: Reyes became an Avenger and would eventually be freed of Eli’s influence in AVENGERS (2018) #25 .

The next character to become a Ghost Rider is a bit of a detour, as he didn’t become one in the “traditional” sense. During Mephisto’s takeover of Las Vegas, Doctor Strange —yes, that Doctor Strange —was a Ghost Rider in DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION (2018) #2 . How did it happen? Strange’s consciousness was tricked by letting him believe that “Loki,” “Scarlet Witch, and “Clea” helped him escape from his cell, when in reality, he was attacking his rescuers while his soul was in Hell. Fortunately, with help from some Avengers, Bats the Bassett Hound, and even Dormammu , Strange was able to escape Hell and return to his “normal” state in DOCTOR STRANGE (2015) #389 .

Meet Robbie Reyes in ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER (2014) #1.

Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane was an anarchist hacker in a gang called the Hotwire Martyrs in the year 2099. Shot by a rival gang and on the brink of death, he transferred his consciousness to cyberspace, where he was discovered by an AI collective named Ghostworks. When asked to become their avatar of change, Cochrane obviously said yes and was downloaded into a Cybertek 101 warbot. He made it his mission to avenge his and his fallen friends’ deaths, but the rest of his story would remain unwritten. He would, however, reappear in GHOST RIDER 2099 (2019) #1 and SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS ALPHA (2022) , the latter of which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the 2099 universe. Maybe his story isn’t done after all…

GHOST RIDER 2099 (2019) #1


What happens when you combine the Punisher , Ghost Rider, and awesome cosmic might? You get Frank Castle as the Cosmic Ghost Rider ! This version of Castle was from an alternate universe in which Thanos conquered everything . After making a deal with Mephisto to become the Ghost Rider (and receiving an upgrade from the Power Cosmic), Castle would end up as a servant of Thanos after spending centuries trying to kill him. In COSMIC GHOST RIDER (2018) , Castle traveled through time and attempted to raise baby Thanos to be a better person, but unfortunately this plan had the exact opposite effect. Post- INFINITY WARS (2018) , he spent time with the Guardians of the Galaxy for a bit, destroyed Marvel history in a series of the same name , and was last seen seeking revenge on Mephisto in REVENGE OF THE COSMIC GHOST RIDER (2019) #5 .

The backstory of the Cosmic Ghost Rider in COSMIC GHOST RIDER DESTROYS MARVEL HISTORY (2019) #1.

In short, Marvel history has always had its Ghost Riders. Just make sure you’re not on the wrong side of them. Especially if your name is Mephisto .

All comics mentioned here can be found and read on Marvel Unlimited!

Read the complete history of the Spirit of Vengeance on Marvel Unlimited , and choose from a catalog of over 30,000 digital comics spanning over 80 years of Marvel Comics.

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The Legendary Ghost Rider Motorbike Inside Out

The Ghost Rider motorbike is a true icon in the motorcycle world, featured in both comics and movies. Nicolas Cage famously rode the Ghost Rider bike in the movie of the same name, and the bike has become a symbol of power, strength, and fearlessness.

The bike itself is an impressive sight, measuring 11 feet in length and weighing over 500 pounds. It was custom-built for the movie using a one-off frame, and features a custom gas tank as well. The bike’s design is sleek and modern, with a powerful engine that can take on any challenge.

One of the most striking features of the Ghost Rider bike is its unique styling. Unlike previous bikes assoiated with the Ghost Rider character, the Yamaha VMAX used in the movie is a modern machine with a powerful engine and a sleek, streamlined design. The bike looks like it’s ready to take on anything, with its black and silver color scheme and aggressive styling.

In terms of performance, the Ghost Rider bike is a true powerhouse. The Yamaha VMAX engine is capable of producing up to 200 horsepower, giving the bike incredible speed and acceleration. The bike is also equipped with a custom exhaust system that helps to increase its power and performance.

The Ghost Rider bike is an incredible machine that represents everything that the character stands for. Its powerful engine, sleek design, and iconic styling make it a true legend in the world of motorcycles. Whether you’re a fan of the comics or the movies, there’s no denying the power and impact of the Ghost Rider motorbike.

Exploring the Reality of the Ghost Rider Bike

There is a real Ghost Rider bike. The Ghost Rider bike is a custom motorcycle designed and built specifically for the movie Ghost Rider. The bike is 11-feet long and weighs more than 500 pounds. It features a custom one-off frame and a unique gastank that also serves as the bike’s seat.

The Ghost Rider bike was designed to match the character’s demonic appearance and flaming skull head. It features a black and chrome color scheme with fiery red accents. The bike’s wheels are custom-made with a skull design that matches the character’s iconic symbol.

The Ghost Rider bike was created by a team of custom motorcycle builders and designers. The bike’s frame was designed and fabricated by the team at California-based custom bike builder, West Coast Choppers. The gastank and other custom parts were created by the team at another California-based custom bike builder, Kiwi Indian Motorcycles.

While the Ghost Rider bike was created specifically for the movies, thre are replicas and custom builds of the bike that have been made by fans and custom bike builders. These bikes often feature similar designs and styling as the original Ghost Rider bike, but may have different specifications and modifications.

The Ghost Rider bike is a real motorcycle that was custom-built for the movie of the same name. It features a unique and demonic design with custom-made parts and a one-off frame. While there are replicas and custom builds of the bike, the original Ghost Rider bike is a one-of-a-kind creation.

ghost rider motorbike

The Cost of the Ghost Rider Motorcycle

The Ghost Rider motorcycle, also known as the Hell Cycle, is a custom-built motorcycle that was featured in the 2007 movie “Ghost Rider” starring Nicolas Cage. The motorcycle was designed specifically for the movie and is not a production motorcycle that is available for purchase by the public.

According to sources, the Ghost Rider motorcycle was built at a cost of $300,000, making it a very expensive custom motorcycle. The bike was constructed by the team at Sea-Doo boat manufacturer, which is owned by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP).

The Ghost Rider motorcycle is a unique and highly customized motorcycle that features a number of special effects and design elements. The bike is powered by a 500cc Suzuki engine that has been modified to produce flames from the exhaust pipes. The bike’s wheels are also designed to spin independently of each other, giving it a distinctive look and allowing it to make sharp turns.

Although the Ghost Rider motorcycle is not available for purchase, tere are many custom motorcycle builders who specialize in creating unique and personalized motorcycles. These builders can create a custom motorcycle that is tailored to the individual’s preferences and specifications, which can range in price from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000.

While the Ghost Rider motorcycle is not available for purchase, it was built at a cost of $300,000 for the movie “Ghost Rider” and is a highly customized and unique motorcycle. Custom motorcycle builders can create personalized motorcycles for individuals at varying price points.

The Bike Featured in ‘Ghost Rider 2’

In Ghost Rider 2, the bike used by Nicolas Cage’s character is the Yamaha VMAX. This motorcycle is widely regarded as one of the most powerful and iconic bikes in the Yamaha lineup. It is known for its sleek and modern design, making it a perfect fit for the film’s dark and edgy aesthetic.

The Yamaha VMAX is equipped with a powerful 1,679cc V4 engine, which can produce up to 197 horsepower and 123 lb-ft of torque. This makes it one of the fastest bikes on the market, capable of reaching top speeds of over 140 miles per hour.

In addition to its impressive performance, the Yamaha VMAX also boasts a number of advanced features, including fully adjustable suspension, advanced braking systems, and a cutting-edge electronic fuel injection system. It also has a unique, aggressive styling that sets it apart from other bikes in its class.

The Yamaha VMAX is an excellent choice for anyone loking for a powerful and stylish motorcycle, and its inclusion in Ghost Rider 2 only serves to highlight its impressive capabilities.

What Became of the Ghost Rider Motorcycle?

The Ghost Rider motorcycle, known for its fiery appearance and starring role in the 2007 movie Ghost Rider, had a tumultuous journey after its film debut. The bike, designed by custom motorcycle builder Arlen Ness, was initially sold to a private collector for $350,000.

However, the collector later sold the bike to Hollywood producer Gary Foster, who then gifted it to actor Nicolas Cage. Cage, a notable motorcycle enthusiast, kept the bike for sevral years before reportedly running into financial troubles and selling it at an auction in 2014.

The bike was then purchased by a man named Michael Fürstenhoff, who claimed to have been a fan of the Ghost Rider film and its iconic motorcycle. Fürstenhoff reportedly paid $420,000 for the bike at the auction and intended to display it in his motorcycle museum in Hamburg, Germany.

However, Fürstenhoff’s ownership of the Ghost Rider motorcycle was short-lived. In 2012, he allegedly raffled off the bike in an internet competition due to financial difficulties. The current whereabouts of the bike are unknown.

The Ghost Rider motorcycle had a rocky journey after its film debut, changing hands several times before its final owner raffled it off in an internet competition due to financial difficulties.

The Speed of a Ghost Rider’s Bike

Ghost Rider’s bike is a highly advanced motorcycle that is capable of achieving tremendous speeds. The exact maximum speed of the bike is not officially confirmed, but it is widely believed to be in excess of 400 km/h (250 mph).

Ghost Rider has demonstrated his bike’s impressive speed in several instances. In the comic book series, he has been shown outrunning a fighter jet and reaching speeds that allow him to travel across the entire United States in just a few hours.

In the film adaptation of Ghost Rider, the bike is shown to have a top speed of 400 km/h (248.5 mph), wich is consistent with the character’s comic book portrayal.

One of the most notable feats of Ghost Rider’s bike is showcased in the book Ghost Rider: The Final Ride. In this book, Ghost Rider undertakes a timed run in Sweden from Stockholm to Uppsala, a distance of 68 km (42.6 miles). He completes this run in just 14 minutes and 55 seconds, with an average speed of 273.1 km/h (170.1 mph) in heavy traffic.

Ghost Rider’s bike is an incredibly fast and powerful machine that is capable of achieving speeds that are beyond the capabilities of most other vehicles on the road.

ghost rider motorbike

The Origin of the First Ghost Rider

The first Ghost Rider in Marvel Comics history was Johnny Blaze. He made his debut appearance in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #5. It is worth noting that the name “Ghost Rider” was previously used by Carter Slade, who is also known as the Phantom Rider. However, Johnny Blaze was the second character to use the name and the first to take on the fiery mantle of the modern Ghost Rider.

Blaze was a talented motorcycle stuntman who made a deal with the demon Mephisto to save his father from a fatal illness. In exchange, Blaze became bonded with the demon Zarathos and was transformed into the Ghost Rider. As the Ghost Rider, Blaze had superhuman strength and durability, and he could conjure and control hellfire. He rode a fiery motorcycle and had a flaming skull for a head, which struck fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Since his debut, Ghost Rider has become a popular and enduring character in the Marvel Universe, spawning multiple spin-off series and appeaing in numerous crossover events. Some of the other characters who have taken on the Ghost Rider mantle include Danny Ketch, Alejandra Jones, and Robbie Reyes. However, it all started with Johnny Blaze, the original and iconic Ghost Rider.

What Is Bruce Wayne’s Motorcycle?

Bruce Wayne’s motorcycle, also known as the Drifter Motorcycle or Drifter Bike, is a custom-made Café racer designed for optimum speed and maneuverability on the streets of Gotham City. The motorcycle is based on a Honda CB 750 DOHC and has been modified to suit Bruce Wayne’s needs as the Drifter.

The Drifter Motorcycle is a sleek, black bike with minimal flare and a focus on functionality. The design includes a narrow frame, low handlebars, and a streamlined seat to allow for maximum agility and speed. The Honda CB 750 DOHC engine provides plenty of power, allowing Bruce Wayne to quickly navigate the city streets and escape danger when necessary.

One of the key features of the Drifter Motorcycle is its modified exhaust system, which has been designed to be almost silent. This alows Bruce Wayne to move through the city unnoticed and avoid drawing attention to himself. The bike is also equipped with a GPS system, allowing Bruce Wayne to quickly and easily navigate the city and stay one step ahead of his enemies.

The Drifter Motorcycle is a highly specialized vehicle designed specifically for Bruce Wayne’s needs as the Drifter. Its sleek design, powerful engine, and advanced features make it an essential tool for Bruce Wayne in his fight against crime in Gotham City.

graces bike ghost writer 1680955783

Grace’s Bike in Ghost Rider

In the movie Ghost Rider, the bike ridden by Grace, who is portrayed by actress Eva Mendes, is a Harley-Davidson Panhead. The Panhead engine, as previously mentioned, was a two-cylinder V-twin engine that was in production from 1948 to 1965, and was knwn for its distinct rocker covers. The Panhead engine was renowned for its reliability, power, and smoothness, making it a popular choice for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. The bike ridden by Grace in Ghost Rider was likely customized to fit the character and the movie’s aesthetic, but it was still unmistakably a Panhead. It is worth noting that the Panhead has become a classic and highly sought-after motorcycle among collectors and enthusiasts.

What Is The Motorcycle Featured in Venom 2?

Venom 2, the 2018 superhero film, features two models of Ducati Scrambler motorcycles as the bikes of choice for the title character, ridden by Tom Hardy. The first bike is the Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle, a custom model designed with a vintage look and feel. The bike is equipped with a 803cc L-twin engine, whih produces 75 horsepower and 50 lb-ft of torque, making it a powerful and agile ride.

The second bike featured in the movie is the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special, which is a more modern and updated version of the classic Scrambler design. This bike is equipped with a larger 1,079cc L-twin engine, which produces a whopping 86 horsepower and 65 lb-ft of torque. The 1100 Special also features a number of advanced features, including a full-color TFT display, LED lighting, and advanced safety systems.

Both bikes are designed to provide an exceptional riding experience, with a focus on performance, style, and comfort. They are the perfect choice for any rider looking for a powerful and agile motorcycle that can handle any terrain or situation. With their unique design, advanced features, and exceptional performance, the Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle and Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special are sure to turn heads and impress any rider who takes them for a spin.

The Name of Ghost Rider’s Horse

Ghost Rider’s horse is called Banshee. This stallion was originally wild and untamed until Carter Slade, who was the frst Ghost Rider, managed to tame him. As a result of Slade’s taming, Banshee became the loyal and trusted horse of the Ghost Rider. Banshee is known for his ability to run at incredible speeds and his exceptional endurance, which makes him the perfect partner for the Ghost Rider. Together, they make a formidable team that is feared by all who oppose them. In the comics, Banshee has been shown to possess mystical abilities and is able to disappear and reappear at will. This unique ability has saved the Ghost Rider on many occasions. Banshee is an essential part of the Ghost Rider’s story and is a beloved character in the Marvel Comics universe.

Current Ghost Rider Identity

Currently, the Ghost Rider is portrayed by Robbie Reyes. Reyes is a young Los Angeles mechanic who finds himself possessed by a vengeful spirit and transformed into the latest incarnation of the legendary character. Unlike previous Ghost Riders, who rode motorcycles, Reyes drives a souped-up car that is just as deadly and supernatural as its rider.

Reyes first apeared in the Marvel Comics series “All-New Ghost Rider” in 2014, created by writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore. Since then, he has become a popular character in the Marvel Universe and has appeared in various comic book series, including “Champions,” “Secret Wars,” and “Avengers.”

Robbie Reyes’ version of Ghost Rider has also been adapted into other media. He was portrayed by Gabriel Luna in the television series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and will be featured in the upcoming “Hulu” series “Ghost Rider.”

Robbie Reyes is currently the Ghost Rider, a young Los Angeles mechanic who drives a supernatural car and is possessed by a vengeful spirit. He has appeared in various comic book series and has been adapted into other media, including television.

ghost rider motorbike

Does Ghost Rider Require Fuel?

Ghost Rider is a fictional character that possesses supernatural abilities, including the power to transform into a flaming skeleton with a motorcycle. The character has been portrayed in various forms throughout comic books, television shows, and movies.

In the earlier versions of the Ghost Rider comics, the character’s transformation was triggered by touching the gas cap of his motorcycle. This led many fans to assume that Ghost Rider needed gas to fuel his motorcycle and maintain his powers.

However, as the character evolved over time, it was revealed that his powers were not dependent on gasoline or any other external source. Instead, the power of the Ghost Rider is within the host, usually a human being, who is bonded with a demonic entity known as Zarathos.

When the host is in danger or nees to unleash the Ghost Rider’s powers, they simply need to concentrate and allow the demon to take control. This transformation does not require any external factors such as gasoline, making Ghost Rider a self-sufficient entity.

Ghost Rider does not need gas to function. The character’s powers are derived from within the host, and the transformation into the Ghost Rider does not require any external sources of energy.

The Power of Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is an incredibly powerful entity in the Marvel Universe. As a supernatural being composed of bone and hellfire, the Ghost Rider possesses immense superhuman strength. According to various sources, Johnny Blaze as Ghost Rider can lift and press around 25 tons (50,000 lbs). This is a staggering amount of strength that allows him to easily pick up heavy objects and hurl them across long distances.

In addition to his physical strength, Ghost Rider also possesses a wide range of oher powers. These include the ability to generate and control hellfire, which he can use to burn and destroy his enemies. He is also able to travel at incredible speeds and has a high degree of durability, allowing him to withstand even the most powerful attacks.

Ghost Rider’s powers are not limited to just physical abilities, however. He also has the ability to sense supernatural activity and track down evil entities. He is able to communicate with spirits and has a deep understanding of the supernatural world.

Ghost Rider is an incredibly powerful being with a wide range of abilities. His strength, speed, and durability make him a formidable opponent, while his supernatural powers give him a unique advantage in battles against other entities. Whether he is fighting against demons, superheroes, or other supernatural beings, Ghost Rider is always a force to be reckoned with.

The Ghost Rider’s motorbike is a truy iconic vehicle in the world of comics and film. The bike has gone through several iterations over the years, each with its unique style and characteristics. From the classic Harley-Davidson to the custom one-off frame, the Ghost Rider’s bike has always been an essential part of the character’s identity.

The latest iteration of the bike, as seen in the Ghost Rider movie, is the Yamaha VMAX. This bike is a modern, sleek, and powerful machine that perfectly fits the character’s image. With its impressive specs and unique design, the VMAX is an excellent representation of the Ghost Rider’s style and attitude.

The Ghost Rider’s motorbike is a fascinating piece of pop culture history that continues to inspire and captivate fans worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of the comics or the movies, there’s no denying the impact that this bike has had on the world of entertainment. Its unique style, imposing size, and powerful engine make it a true icon of the motorcycle world, and it will undoubtedly continue to be an essential part of the Ghost Rider’s story for years to come.

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Johnathon "Johnny" Blaze [18] a.k.a Ghost Rider [19] is an American motorcycle stunt performer, and entertainer turned Spirit of Vengeance . [13] [14] He was the son of famed stuntman Barton Blaze who tragically died during a stunt. He became bound to Zarathos the Spirit of Vengeance after making a deal with the Demon Mephisto to spare the life of his surrogate father Crash Simpson . [20] Now with the power to control Hellfire and to inflict pain on those he deemed evil with his Penance Stare , Blaze seeks vengeance riding his Hell Cycle as the Ghost Rider . [21]

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  • 1.2 Early Life
  • 1.3 Stunt Performer
  • 1.4 Becoming the Ghost Rider
  • 1.5 Champions of L.A.
  • 1.6 Leaving Stunt Riding
  • 1.7 Meeting Dan Ketch
  • 1.8 Damnation
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Origins [ ]

Zarathos the demon had built a power base for himself many years ago. Zarathos had a penchant for human souls which led him into many conflicts, including against the Blood cult and his fellow demon Mephisto , who felt that Zarathos was one of his rivals. Because of these conflicts, and Mephisto's belief about their rivalry, he tricked Zarathos and enslaved him, trapping him in the bodies of various mortals throughout the years while keeping him amnesiac. The torture of Zarathos combined with Mephisto's search for a mystical artifact, known as the Medallion of Power which had been crafted by another of Zarathos' foes, the Blood, to house the essences of the original Spirits of Vengeance . [14]

This medallion had become embedded into the spiritual bloodline of two families after it was broken. The Kale family were one of these bloodlines who drew the attention of Mephisto in the 18th century after the shard of the medallion within Noble Kale transformed him into a Spirit of Vengeance known as the Ghost Rider. Mephisto tried and failed to corrupt Noble and set his sights on rest of the Kale clan, watching them from then on the firstborn Noble of every generation manifest their power. [14]

Early Life [ ]

Johnathon Blaze (Earth-616) from Marvel Spotlight Vol 1 5 001

Earlier appearance

Johnny Blaze was born the son of Barton Blaze and Naomi Kale and spent his formative years growing up among the Quentin Carnival . Both of Blaze's parents starred alongside Craig "Crash" Simpson in a motorcycle show. This life seemed idyllic for a time, until Blaze's mother left him and took his siblings Barbara and Daniel with her and left him behind. Naomi was aware of her family curse and was afraid of the suffering that would come to Johnny as it had to her, she chose to leave him and to place his siblings into the care of Francis Ketch whose name they would take. [14] [22]

Johnny was deeply affected by the abandonment of his mother to the point that it caused him to repress many memories he had of both her and his siblings. Shortly after the loss of his mother, Johnny would also lose his father Barton to a stun accident and came to be adopted by their friend Crash and his wife Mona Simpson . The couple hoped to hide the truth of Johnny's painful past from him and instead fabricated a less tragic backstory for him, including that his mother 'Clara Blaze' had died. Johnny grew up happy among the Simpson family and grew ever closer to his foster sister Roxanne , leading to their relationship growing beyond a familial sibling bond as they fell in love. [14] [20]

Johnny's true mother would return to watch over him, pleased to discover that he was growing up happily while also remaining afraid that the Kale family curse would affect him. This drove Naomi Kale to make a bargain with Mephisto to spare Johnny from the family curse and hopefully put an end to it altogether. Naomi was betrayed by Mephisto though, the demon swore in the last moments of Naomi's life that Johnny wouldn't become the true Ghost Rider he was supposed to become, but that he would still become 'a' Ghost Rider. [14] [22]

Stunt Performer [ ]

Johnny remained blissfully unaware of his connections to multiple mystical forces and grew to follow his parents and the Simpsons into the family business, joining the Simpsons travelling stunt show, the Crash Simpson Stunt Cycle Extravaganza. During this time Johnny had come to see Crash as a father and had been taught to ride and perform stunts on motorcycles by Crash who hoped that his foster son would follow his legacy. When Johnny was fifteen this dream came to an end, when Mona Simpson was killed while practicing a stunt which also nearly claimed Johnny's life. On her deathbed Mona asked Johnny to quit riding and Johnny promised her that he would. [14]

Johnny would continue refusing to take part in the Simpson families shows for the next five years, placing a strain on his relationship with Crash who remained unaware of the reasons behind Johnny's refusals. Crash also remained unaware that Johnny had been keeping up his practicing at night and had honed his skills to the point of surpassing his foster father. Unbeknownst to Crash, who had accused his son of cowardice, Johnny was also keeping other secrets, such as the nature of his relationship with Roxanne. Johnny would come to learn that Crash had developed cancer and was going to die from it, which drove Crash to once again ask Johnny to take over the family show, Johnny continued to refuse which disappointed Roxanne. Johnny was unable to live with the idea of Crash dying and ultimately chose to study the occult, hoping to find a mystical way to save his foster father. The magic that Johnny discovered including a spell to supposedly summon Satan, the demon that Johnny raised though was in fact Mephisto. [14]

Mephisto and Johnny made a deal which cured Crash of his cancer, as long as Johnny promised to serve the demon, and spend eternity in Hell. Despite their deal, Crash would die almost instantly after, while attempting to set a new world record with a 22 car jump. Johnny was devastated by Crash's loss and while seeking to honor the memory of his foster father, attempted and made the jump himself. Johnny then came close to losing his soul to Mephisto, had it not been for the timely intervention of Roxanne proclaiming her love for him and temporarily driving Mephisto away by the purity of her love. [14]

Becoming the Ghost Rider [ ]

After Crash's death Johnny transformed into Ghost Rider for the first time, causing him to believe that the flaming skulled skeletal being was a demonic manifestation of the evil within him. Johnny soon realized that this was not true and that the being he became at night was an entirely different entity which had become bonded to him. Johnny would then become involved with a local motorcycle gang who called themselves Satan's Servants during his nightly transformations. Their leader, a man named Curly Samuels gained the Ghost Rider's trust up until Johnny learned that within Curly's body was the soul of Crash Simpson. Mephisto had enlisted Crash in his efforts to gain hold of Johnny and offered him new life as long as he betrayed his adopted son, a bargain that Crash accepted. After being cast into Hell the Ghost Rider was able to reason with Crash, reawakening his love for his son and his sense of honor. Crash would then sacrifice himself to allow Johnny to escape from hell, while also making the Ghost Rider promise to protect his daughter Roxanne. [14]

Johnny would begin a journey through the American Southwest alongside Roxanne where he would first battle a Satanist known as Witch Woman while transformed into Ghost Rider. Johnny stayed near Copperhead Canyon for a time and came across Daimon Hellstrom , the Son of Satan who he would also fight. Johnny and Roxanne would continue travelling the West seeking to escape Mephisto and stay safe. After making their way to San Francisco , Roxanne was tricked and renounced for love for Johnny, allowing Mephisto to seemingly almost claim Johnny's soul. At the last moment they were saved by a mysterious long-haired and bearded mystery man who would only tell them that he was 'a friend'. Johnny believed this man to be a heavenly figure, someone helping them and offering hope and salvation. There would come several more run-in with this man before he would come to be revealed as a trick of Mephisto's. Johnny became discouraged when he learned the truth about his 'friend' and when combined with his fear of the growing difficulty in controlling the Ghost Rider, he came to the decision to leave Roxanne and strike out on his own, which he would continue to do for the following years. [14]

Champions of L.A. [ ]

Johnny would come to team up with the Black Widow , Angel , Iceman and Hercules to help stop Pluto 's attempts to invade Olympus . This group of five heroes then founded the superhero team known as the Champions . [23] The champions attempted to be "super heroes for the ordinary man," but suffered through too many tensions amongst themselves to truly work together as a group. After working with the Champions for a few months, Johnny came to realize that as Ghost Rider he had become too much of a lone wolf to work as part of a team and bid the group farewell as they disbanded. [24] Ghost Rider would also unwillingly become a member of the Legion of Monsters during this time, fighting and killing Starseed alongside them. [17] [14]

Leaving Stunt Riding [ ]

Ghost Rider Vol 5 6 Textless

Ghost Rider on his cycle

Johnny came to find that his demonic half, Ghost Rider, was able to exert more and more control over both his actions and his personality. Because of this Johnny was unable to keep up with his career as a professional stunt rider, losing his title as 'World Champion Stunt Rider' to Flagg Fargo after a series of losses. Johnny would then go on to join the Quentin Carnival, although he didn't remember it from his childhood it felt like home to him in his demoralized state. While Johnny was a member of the Carnival he formed a friendly rival with Red Fowler , a fellow rider, and flirted with Cynthia Randolph , a journalist for Woman Magazine who had been assigned to follow the Carnival. Johnny would also come up against Centurious who fed off souls imprisoned by an ancient artifact known as the Crystal of Souls ; an encounter that would bring up dark memories within the Ghost Rider. Johnny would also be captured being the being known as Nightmare who revealed to him the name of the demon bonded to him to be Zarathos. [14]

Johnny and Zarathos' struggle for control of his body would continue until the return of Roxanne Simpson. Roxanne sought Johnny out for aid when a small town had been overrun by Centurious and Ethan Domblue known as Sin-Eater . Johnny became Ghost Rider to fight Centurious one again and learned through him that he had a feud with Zarathos that had been going on for centuries. Their fight ended when the demon Zarathos and Centurious became bound within the Crystal of Souls, freeing Johnny Blaze from the Ghost Rider. Johnny bought the Carnival and settled down with Roxanne, who he married and had two children with, Craig and Emma . [14]

Meeting Dan Ketch [ ]

Years after becoming free of the Ghost Rider, Johnny would learn of a new Ghost Rider operating in New York . Johnny was afraid that the demon Zarathos had become free of the Crystal and become bound to a new Rider. Johnny was so concerned that he captured the new Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch but quickly learned that Zarathos wasn't within Danny. During their fight, Hellfire passed through Johnny's Hellfire Shotgun into him, revealing to Johnny that he was still able to discharge Hellfire from his gun. Johnny took the shotgun and a mystical motorcycle and went on to become a mentor to Danny, teaching him about his Ghost Rider powers and guarding him against those evil forces which would target him. [14]

Johnny had once again become involved in the world of the supernatural, entirely against the wishes of his wife. After Johnny joined with the Midnight Sons to fight against the Mother of Demons Lilith , their Carnival became targeting by the enemies that Johnny was accruing. Vengeance , blaming Johnny for the downfall of his father's career, went on to target the Carnival. Johnny continued to team-up with the Midnight Sons to stop an alliance between Centurious and Lilith who were aiming to free Zarathos. Carver , an agent of Centurious, aimed to cut a fragment of the Medallion of Power from Johnny. The wounds that Johnny earned were burned with Hellfire and he had to be encased in a cybernetic shell to save him. A member of the Blood, known as the Caretaker would then reveal to Johnny and Danny that they were in fact brothers, a fact that would further strengthen their bond. Johnny and Danny worked together to destroy the physical form of Zarathos, causing the temporary loss of Danny. [14]

Johnny grew closer to Danny but at the same time life with his family was falling apart. Johnny's children were taken from by a rogue Blood known as Regent . After Johnny rescued his children he learned that Roxanne had made a bargain with Regent to remove the Kale family curse from them. Just as Johnny and Roxanne had begun moving past this, Roxanne was killed by a foe of Danny's, Anton Hellgate , and his children were once again kidnapped. Johnny killed Centurious and swore ON Roxanne's grave that he would rescue their children and rebuild their Carnival home. Johnny removed his cybernetic shell and went to confront Icebox Bob , an undead skiller killer who would reveal to Johnny that Emma and Craig were being held by Ba'al a Mesopotamian God who had become a demon. Johnny crossed dimensions to free his children on a mission with a mystic Wendigo spirit and the Angel Uri-El . Johnny was reunited with his children but this would prove temporary as they would yet again go missing, just a few months later. [14]

Johnathon Blaze (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 4 26 001

Johnny Blaze's human form

Johnny went on to help his brother Danny to learn the origins behind his Ghost Rider spirit and discovered that Jennifer Kale , a sorceress, was their cousin. Jennifer would help Johnny to search for his children but even together they were unable to return them to their father and ultimately had to admit they had been defeated. Roxanne was returned to Earth during this time to serve as a demonic servant to Blackheart , going by Black Rose . Roxanne initially had no memory of her past life on Earth and after Noble Kale, the current Ruler of Hell, gave her back her memories and decided she would let Johnny continue believing she was dead as she felt he had moved on. [14]

Johnny decided to start over and found himself a new job working as an accountant as well as a new girlfriend, Chloe . Johnny still had a connection to the demon Zarathos, allowing Zarathos to begin reconstituting itself within him. This would cause Johnny to again begin transforming into Ghost Rider, leading Johnny hit the road and quit his job. The reborn Ghost Rider was different than it had been before, with a less talkative and more indifferent personality, caring less for the safety of innocent bystanders. Johnny again became desperate to escape the curse of the Ghost Rider and went as far as hiring Gunmetal Gray , a mercenary, to kill Ghost Rider. Gray enjoyed the pursuit of the Ghost Rider in a particularly malicious way and finally had him cornered at a biker convention. Despite Johnny's previous attempts against Zarathos' life the two of them made peace and truly merged together, defeating Gray. [25] [14]

Damnation [ ]

Once again became bonded to the Ghost Rider, Johnny ended up in Hell as part of the bargain. There, he endures excruciating torment by hordes of demons every night, and is made whole again by dawn. He attempts to escape through the Gates of Hell but couldn't outrace the horde. One day, he was met by the angel Malachi , and was offered a deal of freedom and redemption if he captures the demon Kazann loose on Earth and bring him back to Hell. Malachi also advised Johnny that both Heaven and Hell have sent out their own agents, Hoss and Ruth , to hunt the demon. Johnny agrees, and is on Earth again. [26]

Johnny encountered Hoss while on the road and fought him. However, the ongoing conflict led them to Ruth. In an attempt to "narrow down the opposition", she attacked both of them, and took Johnny's bike. Johnny and Hoss decided to team up, and make their way to Kazann's location. Ruth, however, beaten them, but to their surprise, hordes of demons have exploded unto the Earth. Kazann was summoned by Earl Gustav , the owner of Gustav Petroleum, and had been planning to raise a new Hell, away from the old customs of the original. Gustav was loyal to Kazann, and had been building a special drill, with the assistance of his secretary, Miss Catmint , designed to punch a hole to the spiritual realm. Ghost Rider and Hoss repel through the carnage and goes after Kazann while telling Hoss to distract Ruth. He confronted Kazann and as they battle, the demon horde returned back to the Pit after Miss Catmint forced Hoss to recite the hymn of recall. Ghost Rider relishes in his victory but was shot by a magical bullet from Father Adam , an ex-army ranger turned priest that was tasked from Hell to assassinate Johnny, sending him back to the Pit again. Malachi revealed that his deal with Johnny was a lie, and that no one can save a soul from damnation. As Malachi was explaining, Ruth suddenly ripped his wings out. Hoss then revealed that Malachi and Kazann, who was named Micah then, were actually brothers and have exchanged information in secret granting both of them higher ranks in their respective realms. Malachi tasked Johnny so their secret would remain unchecked before Ruth could apprehend Kazann and that Heaven would torture him revealing their covert partnership. Hoss escorted Ruth to their promotion while Johnny, enraged and furious, spends the rest of his time in Hell but with Malachi chained behind him. [27]

At some point afterwards, due to the machinations of Lucifer , Johnny was set free once again. This has led to a confrontation with Doctor Strange . Ghost Rider fought Strange thinking it's one of Lucifer's tricks, and used the Penance Stare against him realizing too late that it was actually him. Numecet , Stange's friend, arrived and while she cannot have herself involved, she informed that Johnny's escape was all according to Lucifer's plan. Lucifer was behind him when he traversed from the celestial plane, and disintegrated into six hundred sixty-six fragments. Each piece fell into the bodies of the deceased, and reawakened them. If each possessed body were to be destroyed, the last form would be powerful enough to be Lucifer's one true being and would have reign on Earth. Ghost Rider decided to pursue his quest for vengeance, and vowed to returned every fragment back to Hell. [28]

Fragments of Lucifer [ ]

Johnny continued his search for the fragments of Lucifer in Sleepy Hollow , Illinois during the first Superhuman Civil War . Johnny discovered that a local serial killer, who had been decapitating children, was in fact Lucifer within the recently dead body of the supervillain Jack O'Lantern , who had been murdered by the Punisher and had his body returned to his home town for burial. Johnny was initially suspected of being the killer by the towns sheriff but the truth quickly came out and Sheriff Harry O'Connor worked alongside him to defeat the Lucifer possessed Jack O'Lantern. [29]

Johnny attempted to save the lives of innocent passengers aboard a plane while Ghost Rider fought the fragment of Lucifer within the pilot. Johnny agreed to go after Lucifer when his indecision led to the possessed pilot getting away but soon changed his mind after seeing that the Hulk was in New York City. Johnny exerted control over Ghost Rider, fighting against Zarathos' will and engaged the Hulk in Battle. Their fight was monitored by both Dr. Strange and Reed Richards , who witnessed Johnny fall to the Hulk. Dr. Strange knew that residing within a human host tempered the power of the Ghost Rider and that without Johnny Blaze conscious to hold him back, the Riders 'godlike' power might defeat the Hulk. Once Zarathos was fully in control of Johnny's unconscious body though he chose to leave New York and continue his hunt for Lucifer, as the Ghost Rider only protects the innocent and in this situation the Illuminati , who the Hulk was seeking vengeance upon, were not innocent. [30]

Johnny continued his fight against Lucifer, engaging help from his then girlfriend, Dixie . Johnny tracked down another of Lucifer's fragments, this time residing within the body of a man who owned a sports team and was planning to blow up a packed stadium. Johnny was forced to leave this fragment though when he was told that another person possessed by Lucifer was a little league coach holding his team hostage. Johnny arrived at the barn where the children were being held and fought Lucifer as Ghost Rider, realizing that the barn had accidentally been set alight during their battle. The children Johnny had come to protect were saved by two Angel brothers of the Malakim , Emmael and Vraniel , who had been reborn on Earth for atonement and to fight against the evil fallen angel Zadkiel who they'd previously been aligned with. [31]

Ghost Rider brought the two Angels with him when he returned to the sports stadium to stop Lucifer from destroying it. After learning that the two Angels were harboring a secret the Ghost Rider used his penance stare on Emmael, destroying him. Johnny also learned that the Ghost Rider was in fact an agent of Heaven , created by God, who had been bonded to him by Zadkiel after Roxanne prayed for Johnny's soul to be saved and that Lucifer had aided in his escape from Hell so that he could also be freed. After learning this, Lucifer attempting to ally himself with the Ghost Rider, as he was also an enemy of Zadkiel, having been betrayed by Zadkiel during his war against Heaven. The Ghost Rider responded to this offer by blowing up the building with both himself and Lucifer still inside. [32]

Johnny was down to two avatars of Lucifer and was able to defeat the 'final' Avatar as he had kept the second to last brain-dead but alive, [4] which split Lucifer's power in two. The now truly final avatar of Lucifer was killed shortly after when it was shot dead by incompetent cops in the hotel room where Johnny had Dixie keeping it alive. Before the shootout happened Dixie tried to explain everything when the cops entered the room they found the story to hard to believe until the avatar started moving. During the shooting Dixie was also shot and died as she was heading to the door trying to leave the room. Johnny had defeated Lucifer, stopping his rise to power on Earth and returning him to Hell where he belonged but had also lost the few things he had to care about once again, causing him to decide to turn the Ghost Rider loose on Zadkiel next. [33]

Zadkiel [ ]

Johnny learned of a young man, Lucas Collier , who had briefly died and gone to Heaven, only to return afraid of Angels. After tracking him down to the cursed town of New Beulah in the hope of learning a way into Heaven from him, he instead learned that Zadkiel was enslaving souls as part of his attempt to siege Heaven and that Zadkiel had agents on Earth to ensure no one living stopped him or spread word about what he was doing. [34] Unbeknownst to Johnny, Danny Ketch was one of those servants, having been convinced of the need to hunt down every Ghost Rider and remove the Spirit bonded to them so as to prevent their 'corruption'. Danny was unaware of Zadkiel's other motives, including the fact that the fallen angel was using the gathered power of the Rider to wage war on Heaven by tearing down the walls of New Jerusalem. The direction Johnny's brother had taken would pit them against one another as Johnny was working alongside Sister Sara to take down Zadkiel. Together they travelled to Tibet and discovered the body of Nima , a Ghost Rider killed by Ketch. [35]

Sara and Johnny were visited by his brother that night and a battle erupted. During the fighting Johnny used the penance stare on his brother and learned what had become of him, including the fact that Danny had already murdered numerous other Riders for their power. Johnny ended up on the other side of a penance stare from Danny which left him temporarily broken in spirit. Danny would have taken the power of Zarathos from his brother if it wasn't for the timely intervention of Sara who saved Johnny and was able to get him to a safehouse. At this safehouse they met two other Ghost Riders, the Chinese Bai Gu Jing and the muslim Ghost Rider Molek who they agreed to follow to Japan . [36]

After arriving in Japan, Johnny and his team learned that Danny had already murdered another Rider, Yoshio Kannabe , for his power. Unbeknownst to Johnny, while this was happening Vengeance , a former deputy whom Johnny had used the Penance Stare on, had come into possession of a Hellfire Shotgun , which he was planning on using against him. [37] Johnny and his team carried on to the City of the Skulls in the Congo where they planning on making their last stand against Danny and Zadkiel. There they were met by the two Ghost Riders of the Congo, Baron Skullfire and Marinette Bwa Chech alongside their Phantom Riders , with Johnny snapping out of the depression his fight with Danny and the penance stare had left him in. [38]

During the ensuing battle Baron Skullfire was lost but the Ghost Rider within was transferred to a Phantom Rider before Danny Ketch could claim it. Ketch created duplicates of himself from Hellfire to fight for him and made a wager with his brother, that they would race around the world to decide their fates. During this race Johnny was badly injured by the Hellfire Shotgun that Vengeance had retrieved, allowing Danny to take his Spirit from and then release the power of all Spirits he had gathered to Heaven. When Johnny returned to the City of the Skulls, his brother fell from the sky and revealed that he now knew he had been used and that the battle for Heaven was decided as energies and Spirits rained down. [39]

Johnny briefly parted ways with his brother and the others after their battle with Zadkiel and his Black Host , finding his way to a village in Japan and taking up residence in a nearby temple. The village was invaded by demons and its people transformed by a creature calling itself the Skin-Bender . She and Johnny fought, during which she attempted to use her powers to manipulate his flesh but was unable to as his body burned her. Johnny then transformed into the Ghost Rider at her request and used its power to kill her and the demons within the village, with his fire returning the villagers to normal. Sara arrived in the village as Johnny was in the process of cleaning up the Skin-Benders body and he agreed to go with her and continue their fight against Zadkiel. [9]

Kid Blackheart , the Antichrist, was hunted down by agents of Zadkiel but was saved by an occult terrorist named Jaine Cutter , despite Daimon Hellstrom's attempts to kill him. These three encountered Johnny, Danny and Sara and joined forces to defeat Zadkiel in Heaven. Once they were able to reach Heaven, Johnny and Danny both attacked Zadkiel but were quickly defeated, causing the souls of Johnny's dead wife Roxanne and their two children to encourage him to continue his fight. Johnny rallied the Spirits of Vengeance who Danny had been tricked into returning to Heaven to fight alongside them. During this fight Zadkiel finally realized that he was, nor could he ever become, the God he wanted to be. Zadkiel was defeated and banished to Hell, leading God to return to Heaven and thank Johnny for saving Heaven and the billions of souls who reside there. [40]

During Shadowland , Kingpin and Lady Bullseye were able to perform a mystical ritual to summon and control the Ghost Rider as part of a plot against the Hand . While under the Kingpin's control, Ghost Rider was forced to travel to Japan and confront the Hand, who he found he was unable to directly combat due to magic the Hand employ to bind him before he provoked them into killing him. Johnny's soul travelled to a white void where he spoke to God, who told him that he was being returned to Earth as he was still needed there. God also sent along a battalion of Black Host warrior angels to fight alongside him, as gratitude for Johnny's role in the defeat of the rogue fallen angel Zadkiel. With the Black Host to back him up, Johnny was able to defeat the Hand with ease and was freed from the Kingpins control. [41]

Alejandra Jones [ ]

Johnny had once again become concerned about the curse of the Ghost Rider, when he happened to be approached by a man calling himself ' Adam ' who claimed he could Johnny to rid himself of Ghost Rider forever. Johnny believed it to all be too good to be true but ultimately decided to agree to Adam's offer, after learning that the Ghost Rider would pass to someone else. [42] Johnny was present in Dayton , Ohio when Sin , having become Skadi during Fear Itself , was attacking the city and fighting off against a new Ghost Rider, Alejandra Jones . This Ghost Rider was defeated by Sin and Johnny learned from Mephisto that Adam had cursed her with Zarathos to serve his goal of wiping all sin from the Earth, which would turn everyone into emotionless and mindless drones. Johnny felt responsible for Alejandra being used by Adam and vowed to help free her and the Ghost Rider from Adam. [43]

Alejandra and Adam would then return to the Nicaraguan temple where she was trained and where he wanted her to 'extinguish' the sin from the other students. After Alejandra refused she was enslaved by Adam. [44] Shortly after this Johnny would arrive and team up with the Seeker , who also wanted to stop Adam. Alejandra had been turned into a kind of bomb, which wiped all sin from Nicaragua after she blew. Only Johnny and the Seeker were spared as the Seeker had used his power to nullify a Ghost Rider's abilities to protect them. [45]

Alejandra was then taken to Cape Canaveral by Adam who made her board a space shuttle heading to a space station in orbit. [45] Adam planned for her to use the stations observation equipment to focus her power to hit the entire planet and wipe it free from sin. Johnny was able to get aboard by using a motorcycle Mephisto provided which was capable of space travel. Johnny was able to get through to Alejandra who released her power into the station instead, destroying it. Johnny was saved by Alejandra who returned them to Earth but refused his help in returning the people of Nicaragua to normal, as she did not want another person telling her what to do again. [46]

Alejandra learned that the sin she had removed from the Nicaraguans was in Hell and that as Johnny was in contact with Mephisto, he would be able to get them there. Having survived the destruction of the space station, Adam had called upon Steel Wind and her dead sister Steel Vengeance to aid him in getting the Ghost Rider back under his control. Alejandra discovered that Hawkeye believed Johnny to be responsible for the situation in Nicaragua and was hunting him. Alejandra arrived to help him but they were transported to Japan and targeted by Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance who attacked Johnny instead of Alejandra, as they were also seeking vengeance against him. Hawkeye attempted to help Johnny but was captured himself, leading Alejandra to have to defeat the sisters and free the captured men. Johnny again offered Alejandra his help and this time she accepted. [47]

Circle of Four [ ]

Alejandra was betrayed by Blackheart and became even more determined to get to Hell and do whatever was necessary to reverse what she had done. [48] Johnny was able to follow Alejandra to Hell and discovered her attempting to destroy the entire dimension by destroying Mephisto's heart. Johnny was able to stop her but had to catch Alejandra as she fell off a ledge over a pit of lava. Johnny attempted to hold onto Alejandra but she let go of her hand as felt she had used the Ghost Rider for selfish reasons. Zarathos then returned to Johnny who used the power of the Ghost Rider to save a burning Alejandra, who had herself survived as part of the Spirit was still within her. Johnny returned Alejandra to Nicaragua to show her the good she had done in restoring its people, Alejandra was angry at everything she had been put through and believed that Johnny's actions were deserving of vengeance, causing the two to go their separate ways.

Thunderbolts [ ]

Johnny made a brief attempt to start a career as an actor before deciding to retake his stunt riding career instead. At this time he would come to join a team of Thunderbolts and helped them in taking down a former member known as Mercy . [49] While on a mission the Red Leader temporarily removed Zarathos from Johnny who was then killed by a swamp demon. At the completion of this mission time was reset and Johnny was once again alive and the Ghost Rider. [50]

Punisher would go on to leave the Thunderbolts, as well as seeking revenge upon them. Punisher was able to remove the Spirit of Vengeance from Johnny by using his mystical chain against him. Johnny was grateful to him for this and left the Thunderbolts to live a life free of the Ghost Rider. The Punisher used Ghost Rider's skull against the Red Leader, seemingly locking him into a permanent Penance Stare . Mephisto also apparently took Red Leader to Hell and returned the Ghost Rider to Johnny. [51]

King of Hell [ ]

Johnathon Blaze (Earth-616) from Doctor Strange Damnation Vol 1 4 001

King of Hell

When Doctor Strange used magic to restore Las Vegas after its devastation, he accidentally opened a magical doorway which Mephisto used to invade Earth. [52] Wong devised a plan to help him, and to this end assembled the Midnight Sons , among which was Ghost Rider. [53] As part of Wong's plan to defeat Mephisto, Ghost Rider confronting him head-on. Just as they expected, Mephisto lifted Zarathos' curse from Johnny and killed him. [54] Johnny's soul was sent to Hell, and he convinced Zarathos to help him in a journey to Mephisto's throne. Since it was vacant due to Mephisto's venture in Las Vegas, Johnny effortlessly usurped it and became the new king of Hell. [55]

Using his new authority, Blaze turned Mephisto's minions against him, and freed the souls that were imprisoned. He additionally empowered Doctor Strange so that he could defeat Mephisto one-on-one. Even though Mephisto managed to escape and returned to Hell, Johnny defeated him with the help of an army of Spirits of Vengeance from across the time. Blaze then sent Mephisto back to Earth, where he was held captive. [54]

Challenge of the Ghost Riders [ ]

Wanting to gather more power, Johnny dragged Robbie Reyes down in Hell during his exorcism, [56] and challenged him to a race for his power, while sending Cosmic Ghost Rider to deal with the Avengers . At first Robbie disagreed, but after Johnny threatened him with the life of Robbie's brother, Gabe , the two started racing. However, during the race, Blaze ordered his demons to deter Reyes. [11] As Johnny kept racing, the other Spirits of Vengeance helped Robbie to surpass Blaze, but Johnny eventually summoned Eli Morrow , possessing Callus the Void , along with the souls of Robbie's parents. This allowed Johnny to surpass Robbie, while Eli destroyed Reyes' Hell Charger . [57] Thankfully, Cosmic Ghost Rider betrayed Blaze, and led the Avengers to Hell, and helped Robbie in his race. Following the victory of Robbie and his abdication to the throne, Blaze had enough and left. [58]

Degeneration [ ]

Johnathon Blaze (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 9 1 001

Johnny then began capturing the various demons who were still roaming the Earth and tried to recruit his brother Danny to his cause. However, Danny declined and tried to convince Johnny to leave his position as King of Hell, due to his soul was beginning to be corrupted by the demons he banished. [59] Johnny, not thinking right, stripped Danny off him his Spirit of Vengeance, and threw him off the Manhattan Bridge , leaving him to drown. [60] He then went to Hotel Inferno and broke Mephisto out in order to have more control over his demons. [61] While on their way, Mephisto informed Blaze about Lilith intention to unite the underworlds and become its ruler. However, they were then faced by Doctor Strange. [62]

Strange tried to reason with Blaze, but Johnny didn't listen and forced Strange to go transport them to Manhattan. [63] He was then approached by Wolverine, Punisher, Sara, and Danny who bonded to the Spirit of Corruption . During their confrontation, different demons arrived for Mephisto's head. Danny stabbed Johnny with his blade consuming his corruption and then Strange exorcised the remaining demonic corruption off Johnny. Following this, Johnny fully regained his mind and thanked his brother for freeing him before taking Mephisto to his next location. [64] Blaze was then interrupted by a Symbiote Invasion on Earth, where he was reunited with his brother who was accompanied by Blackheart. Ketch revealed to Johnny that he needed to let Mephisto take back his throne in hell to stop Lilith, to which Blaze reluctantly agreed, saying that he wasn't happy with choosing one devil over another one. [65]

New Status Quo [ ]

Having returned to his normal life, Johnny was trapped in Hayden's Falls by a number of demons disguising themselves as residents of the town. Wanting the Ghost Rider to never emerge again, the demons made him believe he was living his ideal life with his family. Fortunately for him, a mysterious individual known as Zeb intervened, slaying the demons and showing Johnny the truth of this fabricated life. The two collaborated in fighting the demons and after the fight was over Zeb quickly left Johnny confused. [66] Suffering from memory loss, Johnny went on a journey to find answers. He reunited with his Spirit of Vengeance, but as he thought of how the Spirit took control of him when turning into the Ghost Rider, Johnny sought to find himself while fighting the demons that had arrived on Earth during his absence. [67]

With the assistance of Zeb and FBI agent Talia Warroad , Johnny fought a number of demons plaguing Earth. Following the clues his Spirit of Vengeance left for him, Johnny stumbled in a massive race held by the demons with the winner being one wish. Despite all odds, Johnny succeeded in surpassing the other racers and winning the race. However, instead of his wish being granted Johnny was confronted by Blackheart. Blackheart wanted to get his revenge on Ghost Rider by trapping him and his Spirit of Vengeance, and seeing that their relationship was fractured and Johnny was suffering from a infernal infection the demon took the opportunity to take him down. Thankfully, Wolverine helped Johnny by using his claws to cut down on him and exorcise the unwanted demon in him, allowing Ghost Rider to return to his former self and fight Blackheart. [68]

Working alongside his new girlfriend Talia, the duo began going after the Cult of Mephisto which Talia used to be a member of when she was a teenager. [69] Seeing that the cult's leader, Stefan Skaar was indoctrinating rebellious children into joining, [70] Johnny and Talia tracked the cult to the Rocky Mountains School for Troubled Youth which to their dismay was surrounded by a wall of blood through which only children could pass. The couple then decided to combine their powers to form a homunculus acting as an extension of themselves, which they named Moonchild , in order to infiltrate the school. [71]

In human form, Johnny has no possession of any super-human powers or supernatural capabilities. But as the Ghost Rider, he's the supernatural combination between human host and experienced motorcyclist Johnny Blaze and Zarathos. As the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze possesses a variety of supernatural powers at his disposal;

  • Superhuman Strength: The Ghost Rider possesses superhuman strength sufficient to lift up to 25 tons under normal circumstances, nevertheless if desired he could, given the divine nature of his powers increase them to incalculable levels.
  • Superhuman Stamina: When Johnny transforms into the Ghost Rider, his flesh melts off leaving only his skeleton, and is imbued with supernatural flames. This otherworldly energy that empowers Ghost Rider does not let him feel any fatigue, and grants him limitless superhuman stamina during physical activities. [ citation needed ]
  • Superhuman Durability: Johnny Blaze is highly resistant to the point of being basically immune to all types of earthly physical damage, as he has taken blows from beings such as the Hulk, had his entire skull destroyed and regenerated instantly without any discomfort, [ citation needed ] and while the Ghost Rider is in control only divine weapons (forged in Heaven) can harm the Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider is capable of withstanding great impact forces, temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts, and falls from great heights without sustaining injury. As his bodily tissues have been transformed, leaving only a skeleton, most projectiles such as bullets simply pass through him or bounce off his bones. Ghost Rider's body is for all intents immune to physical injury, as he is evidently not able to feel pain and is able to survive with no apparent discomfort no matter how severe the injury (unless a weapon forged from Heaven itself is used against him). [ citation needed ]
  • Superhuman Agility: His mystically augmented being grants him enhance reflexes, coordination, dexterity and accuracy. This, along with his experience as a stunt cyclist, provides heightened movements allowing him to dodge projectiles such as Thor's hammer. [74]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his invulnerability to conventional forms of injury, objects such as weapons forged in heaven by the archangel Zadkiel, can actually harm the Ghost Rider to a certain extent. [75] However, if his being is damaged, the magical energies imbuing him allows the Ghost Rider or Johnny Blaze to instantly regenerate any and all damage done, even to the point of fully regenerating lost limbs in moments, and regenerating his skull after it was destroyed in seconds without any discomfort or any evident pain.
  • Supernatural Awareness: Ghost Rider possesses an extrasensory ability that allows him to detect any supernatural occurrences around him. [63]
  • Hellfire Infusion: His ability to channel hellfire allows him to imbue objects and vehicles by choice with his mystical element. [6] He can alter any object into a weapon, [67] and control hellfire infused objects through his mind. [77]
  • Hellfire Projection: He can spew the fire from his eyes, mouth, hands and chest, including channeling the fire from his body into his weapons such as his shotgun. In addition to projecting and infusing hellfire, he can perform a number of attacks. He can create hellfire balls, spew out a massive wave and unleash omnidirectional explosions that are incredibly powerful, capable of bringing great pain to the Hulk.
  • Hellfire Constructs: He is able to construct various things such as walls, weapons, and his motorcycle. He can also forge objects by combining hellfire with other things such as a motorcycle from demon bones. [78]
  • Hell Firestorm: He is able to rain down a firestorm of hellfire directly towards the surrounding enemies resulting to devastating destruction. [9]
  • Sin Perception: He can determine what sort of sin the individual has committed in their life by reading their mind, heart, and soul. This is greatly enhanced during his reign as king of Hell. [60]
  • Sin Eating: Also known as Sin Removal. Ghost Rider can remove/absorb any sort of sin from the individual if so desires.
  • Ride Symbiosis: Ghost Riders have an in-depth affinity for connecting and commandeering with their chosen transportation without need for direct control of it. Johnny’s able to order his Hellcycle to drive around by its lonesome at his discretion or recall it to himself at will. He can even shoot out chains out of it, perform death defying jumps, easily ram through objects, move to incredible speeds, and scale on any surface contradicting the laws of physics. [ citation needed ] He could even commandeer the decimated parts of his motorbike in order to fashion a makeshift gavel for himself while battling the Avengers during his time as King of Hell. [58]
  • Soul Reading: Ghost Rider is able to feel the transgression of an individual he encounters by looking into their heart and soul. He can also decide whether or not a person is innocent or evil and in need of punishment. He is capable of doing this ability without the process of transformation. He can also determine the identity of the individual by simply looking into their soul. He can even use this ability on certain beings who do not possess a soul, such as a symbiote or demons. [ citation needed ]
  • Soul Cleansing: Ghost Rider is able to purge souls of their filth and sins to the point where he can command souls to discharge the wickedness inside them. [79]
  • Soul Consumption: He can consume souls if the individual is degenerate and heartless to an extent where the victim becomes lifeless.
  • Dimensional Travel: Ghost Rider is able to traverse different dimensions. Though it may have some complications due to hosts' unfocused behavior, he can open vortexes to escape other realms.
  • Demon Magic Manipulation: Ghost Rider utilizes demonic forces and satanic spells to his advantage. His knowledge of hellish energies and essence provides him supernatural awareness when he encounters otherworldly figures. [80]
  • Mystical Chain Projection: Ghost Rider wields a mystical chain that is capable of growing in length, cutting through almost anything, and transforming into other weapons. He can also spew and project chains from his mouth or chest at will, and control the movements with his mind.
  • Damnation Stare: As the king of Hell sitting on the infernal throne in place of Mephisto, Ghost Rider has the power to bypass typical methodology of burning sinners from the inside out using their past crimes and general maleficence in order to punish the wicked for a much more expedient means of deporting the unjust straight to Hell. [60] The damnation stare works (primarily best upon demons) by judging whether or not the individual deserves to be caste back unto inferno for their prior judgement both in life and in death. Eviscerating the target while sending their souls screaming through the purgatory gates in a visceral fireball of gore and agony once upon being found guilty. [64]
  • Self-Size Alteration: In the past, Ghost Rider demonstrated his ability to increase his size. After being shrunk, he was able to grow back to his original height through a sheer act of will. [89] Recently, he once again perform this action but only by enlarging himself against beings such as Thor and Satana Hellstrom. [83]

Johnathon Blaze (Earth-616) from Uncanny Avengers Annual Vol 1 1 001

Ghost Rider increases in size while fighting Thor

  • Exorcism: Ghost Rider can exorcise souls from whatever demonic force that's controlling them. [79] During his reign king of Hell, Johnny gained control over other Spirits of Vengeance, allowing him to strip Danny Ketch of his power by forcibly removing the spirit from within him. [60]
  • Expert Stunt Rider: Blaze is an expert motorcycle stunt rider.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although he's had no proper training, Blaze is a formidable hand to hand combatant and has become quite adept at using his powers in combat situations.
  • Occult Knowledge: Ghost Rider possesses knowledge of the occult and supernatural.

All Ghost Riders possessing the Spirit of Vengeance have common disadvantages:

  • Corruption: A very dangerous side effect of using the "Damnation Stare" on demonic entities is that their moral bankruptcy contaminates the rider bit by bit. Making Blaze susceptible to Mephisto's direct control the more he uses it on the escaped condemned. [64]
  • Heavenly Weapons: Any weapon crafted from Heaven or blessed can mutilate the Ghost Rider. This is the only way to decapitate a Spirit of Vengeance.
  • Host Separation: Though killing with a Heavenly weapons is one way, another way to defeat the Ghost Rider is to separate the Spirit away from the host. This makes the host return to be mortal but the Spirit will remain in its current state until it finds a new body to inhabit.



  • Johnny was considered as a possible Sorcerer Supreme . [ citation needed ]
  • Johnny claims to hate Daredevil because he believes himself more suitable for that particular alias. [90]
  • At one point in time Johnny held nine Guinness World Records , presumably related to his stunt career. [91]
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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider for GTA 4

Ghost Rider - scripting mod that turns you into a fiery Ghost handicap contrast to other similar modifications, here is burning not only the body but the head. Management: F4 - Enable/Disable the mod. F5 - Spawning bike. Shift - nitro.

  • Download from DepositFiles

Screen Rant

15 superpowers you didn't know ghost rider had.

The Spirit of Vengeance's arrival on Agents of SHIELD will spell trouble for all involved. But just what sort of tricks does he have up his sleeve?

One of the most well-known and beloved of all Marvel characters, the Ghost Rider has finally hit screens in something other than a crazy Nicolas Cage haircut . Little has changed with the character since first igniting the comic scene back in 1972. Sure there's been a slew of people who have filled the role for a convoluted number of reasons, but behind all that leather and fire, the Rider's purpose has remained righteously the same -- to scorch evil while protecting the innocent from ungodly and supernatural forces.

The most recent incarnation of the afterlife's ultimate weapon has already heated up season 4 of  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  and appears ready to carry the torch of all those Riders that came before. Neither hero nor villain, this Spirit of Vengeance employs a bevy of powers in punishing the wicked. Some of his methods are well known, like his fiery weapons, killer ride and ability to burn the souls of his victims. Others, not so much. While there are still plenty of questions surrounding TV's latest flaming skeleton still to be answered, there's a good chance we'll see the Ghost Rider's impressive skillset grabbing the spotlight in episodes to come. So what better time to brush up on all this avenging spirit has to offer.

Here are the 15 Superpowers You Didn't Know Ghost Rider Had .

15. Breathing (and Peeing) Fire

Remember that touching moment from the trailer of 2012's  Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance   film when Nicolas Cage pees fire? Well that's just one of the Rider's many fire related party tricks. You might have also noticed the scene where a gun-wielding thug unloads into the character's mouth, after which he vomits a spray of fire bullets. As you probably can tell from just looking at Ghost Rider, generating, controlling and manipulating fire is kind of his thing.

The ethereal element known as Hellfire is at the core of the Ghost Rider's powers and allows him to do a whole bunch of awesome things (many of which we'll discuss here). Aside from the obvious of being able to sear the soul and singe the flesh, it can burn underwater, create massive nuclear-sized explosions, rain down firestorms from above that incinerate creepy children , and shoot from the eyes, hands and mouth, along with “other places.”

14. Superhuman Strength

Bound to the Spirit of Vengeance Zarathos, it's no surprise that Ghost Rider can pack one helluva punch. While he may not be  the most physically strong of superheroes , any human host who's been transformed into the Ghost Rider gets a sizable boost in their strength, to the tune of being able to lift around 25 tons. As an example, we've seen Riders casually flip cars while motorcycling by and toss a massive construction crane across a forest.

One important thing to know about the Ghost Rider's powers is that they are boundless. When Johnny Blaze, the original Rider to appear in comics, went up against World War Hulk, Dr. Strange comments that the abilities of the Ghost Rider entity are “godlike” and the only reason the character doesn't wield its full force is because their human hosts act as a built-in safety, holding back the Rider's full power. This means that the Ghost Rider actually possesses infinite strength. When fully unleashed, he can single-handedly lift far in excess of 100 tons with ease, obtaining Thor and Hulkian levels of strength. However, it's unlikely that we'll ever see such a display (he'd simply be too powerful, which could make him less compelling as a character). Which is probably for the best, since giving Nicolas Cage the ability to punch a hole through the planet is in no one's best interests.

13. Hellfire Weaponry

You might think that Ghost Rider has a nice collection of chains at home just waiting to be taken out on the road and swung around sinners' necks. But it turns out those chains aren't what they seem. In fact, they're not even real metal. Apparently, when one becomes a Spirit of Vengeance, you get a swag bag that includes an unbreakable enchanted chain made out of Hellfire capable of altering its shape and size and firing off its individual links  like fiery ninja stars . Even cooler, Ghost Rider's signature weapon can be willed to do pretty much whatever he wants, including disobey gravity and shoot from out of his mouth and chest.

Beyond metal whips, the Rider has been known to use his flames to conjure up other mystical weapons, like pistols, knives and, most awesomely, shotguns that shoot Hellfire bullets. This particular gun, which never runs out of ammo of course, has been used by Johnny Blaze when he's not even fused with the Spirit of Vengeance. Suffice to say, if you plan on going out on the town to snuff out a few demonic threats, you should never leave home without one.

Of course, shotguns and chains aren't the only cool things Ghost Rider can whip up from the fiery depths of hell....

12. Hellvehicle Summoning

The Ghost Rider doesn't just swing by a local chopper shop and pick up any old bike to ride across the river Styx. Possessing the ability to summon whatever Hellfire-enhanced mode of transportation he desires with a simple whistle of his bony lips or a mental command, the Rider gets around in ways befitting his spirited style.

Most famously, this includes the flaming motorcycles used by Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch, which can fly, travel between dimensions, across water, up buildings and through space, not to mention the fact that they reform from nothingness and can ghost through matter. Then there's Robbie Reyes and his Hell Charger, the most recent incarnation of the character and the one featured on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D . When Reyes was imbued with mystical vengeance powers,  his black 1969 Dodge Charger  naturally transformed as well, possessing all the same capabilities as it's two-wheeled predecessor, with the added feature of its trunk acting as a portal that can transport anyone (or anything) anywhere. Finally, there are all the other Ghost Riders in existence, who have used a little more imagination when it came to getting around. These included everything from planes to trucks, horses, sharks and even  Hell Elephants . Because if you're going to make a big fiery entrance, it might as well be on a flaming elephant.

11. Increasing Size

What could be scarier than a vengeful skeleton of fire riding a motorcycle? How about a  gigantic vengeful skeleton of fire riding a motorcycle. In the Uncanny Avengers Annual #1, Ghost Rider goes up against Thor and reveals yet another one of his many hidden talents by skyrocketing in size. To his credit, the God of Thunder doesn't back down -- that is, until giant Ghost Rider spews a volcano-full of fire in his face.

The Spirit of Vengeance has used Hellfire to manipulate matter before, so why not its host's own body? Which also begs the question over what other tricks he's got up his bony, leathered sleeve. We've only seen a Rider pull a Gulliver one other time (when Alejandra Jones grew to half a mile in size to fight the satanic Mephisto ), but we're betting that if he/she can go all Giant-Man on us, then the Flamehead can probably switch things up and get really small too. Just imagine a pint sized Ghost Rider motorcycling across your floor, adorably unleashing hell's fury. Looks like  Ant-Man might be out of a job.

10. Superhuman Speed and Agility

Obviously, the Ghost Rider can move pretty fast, thanks in no small part to some smoldering rides. But on account of his otherworldly abilities, he can push these vehicles beyond normal limits to super speeds that would appear as nothing more than a fiery blur to the naked eye. This also means he possess heightened reflexes, which lets him pull off some truly epic stunts. And because the Rider's movements aren't bound by pesky bodily mass, his magically augmented dexterity is bar none, allowing for enhanced coordination and accuracy.

All of these skills are on full display when Ghost Rider beat up an entire team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in  Avengers  #214. The true highlight of the brawl came during his showdown with the God of Thunder, when not only is he able to dodge Thor's hammer, but he hops on his bike and outraces it to boot. He then grabs Mjolnir mid-flight and rides it back to slam Thor in the face with his motorcycle, diabolically laughing all the way.

9. Sin Perception

The Ghost Rider can literally smell sin --  a nifty party trick that probably comes in handy when he's trying to find evil to destroy. But his ability to sense wickedness goes well beyond just his nasal cavity. This ethereally-enhanced extrasensory perception allows him to see a person's sin just by looking at them, as well as “feel” it, no matter where he is. Which kind of makes that kid from The Sixth Sense look like even more of a pansy than he already was.

But why step there? Because he's hella extreme, Ghost Rider can see into the soul of any living creature, righteous, depraved or otherwise. So if the whole superheroing thing ever falls through, he at least has a career as a new age soul reader. But just be warned, he also has the ability to consume souls, which is probably one reason why we won't see him invited to any Avenger parties anytime soon.

8. Raising the Dead

Riders can raise souls from the dead and restore them to their bodies just by touching a corpse. Or, as seen in 2011's  Ghost Rider Vol. 7,  they can remove all the sin from humanity, and they even have the power to return it. In that story, the female Ghost Rider Alejandra Jones is tricked into wiping out the sin of every person in Nicaragua, which basically leaves them as walking dead. To rectify the situation, she wages war against hell to retrieve their sins and save their souls, in essence bring them back from their waking deaths.

This particular power isn't limited to just the comics. For anyone who's ever played the video game  Marvel Ultimate Alliance , the Ghost Rider character has the ability to save a teammate that dies in battle by returning them to full health. Apparently, he can also do the same to himself in the real world. Case in point:  resurrecting the character in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  after being thoroughly murdered by two Nic Cage movies.

7. Invulnerability

One of the perks of being a Ghost Rider is that you can sustain all kinds of beatings, abuse and physical damage without ever feeling a thing. When World War Hulk steamrolled his way through Earth's Mightiest Heroes,  pulverizing their bodies into jelly , the Ghost Rider bounced back from the worst the Jade Giant thunder clapped his way without a scratch on him. And unlike pretty much every other superhero that went up against the green rage monster, Ghost Rider rides away of his own volition because he's got more important things to avenge. Hulk, on the other hand, lets him go because he knows Ghost Rider is one of the few things he can't smash.

The only caveat to this invulnerability is that some Heavenly-forged objects, such as the archangel Zadkiel's blade, can harm the Rider. But even in those instances, when divine weapons unleash their wrath and revert Johnny Blaze into a pile of ash, he won't stay down for long.

6. Regenerating His Skull

Deadpool's not the only one who can regenerate his body from nothingness . During The Legend of Sleepy Hollow story arc, the pumpkin-headed Jack O'Lantern blows the Ghost Rider's head to smithereens, only for it to nonchalantly grow back as if nothing had happened at all. What's more, the whole process takes all of one second. Even Deadpool's creepy 127 Hours baby hand  takes its sweet time returning.

As cool as it is to have your skull blown off and then have it instantly regenerate in a blaze of glory, that's not the limit of Ghost Rider's healing abilities. Any limb, digit, orifice (or even his entire body) can be brought back after the most devastating of disintegrating attacks. And unlike Wolverine, who seems to go through all sorts of agony recovering from his wounds, the Rider heals with little pain or discomfort, as if having his skull blown off was just another day in the devil's park.

5. Manipulating Weather Patterns

Of all the Riders, Alejandra Jones has displayed the most exotic powers. We've already seen her become a giant and turn an entire Central American nation into drooling zombies, so why stop now? But first, a little background. Whereas Johnny Blaze ignorantly sold his soul to the devil/Mephisto, Danny Ketch unknowingly touched a gas cap, and Robbie Reyes was involuntarily cursed by his dead uncle, Alejandra knew exactly what she was getting into when she became a Ghost Rider. She was chosen by Adam (yep, that Adam) to be trained as a Spirit of Vengeance to help him undo sin on Earth. The fact that she was tailor-made to be a Rider -- and has a helping hand from the man who created sin in the first place -- explains why Alejandra has displayed powers that none of the others have ever demonstrated, or even knew they could wield.

Oddly enough, one of those is the ability to manipulate the weather on an epic scale. Like the time she created a massive skull-shaped desert cloud just so she could make an awesome entrance . Much more devastating, if not just as flashy, was when she summoned, held, and cast lightning from the sky in a fit of rage to destroy some redneck swamp people.

4. Summoning Locusts

What fun is there in exacting vengeance on sinners without a locust or two? Thankfully, Alejandra Jones realizes that if you're going to ride around with your head on fire, your powers should have a comparable flare for the dramatic. So if ginormous skull clouds and lightning bursts weren't biblical enough for you, then there's always her signature move: shooting Hellfire locusts from her mouth.

Unlike her two other weather-related powers, Alejandra has used this one on a number of occasions. There's the time she sent a massive swarm to incinerate a being from Hell made of pure sin. Or the time she unleashed a bevy of locusts to dive bomb a human trafficking ring in Mexico. Most recently, Alejandra went up against Robbie Reyes and showed him the true meaning of vengeance by vomiting an explosion of locusts right in his face. No matter the occasion, the results are always the same. Mainly, the locusts consume all in their path and annoy the crap out of the wicked. Because isn't that what being a Ghost Rider is all about?

3. Agelessness and Immortality

So long as the Spirit of Vengeance resides inside them, their human host has the potential to physically live forever. As an added bonus, they remain ageless. Kind of like Nicolas Cage . (We could go all day.)

In  Ghost Riders: Heavens on Fire #6, Johnny Blaze states that since God created the Ghost Riders, only God can destroy them. All theological debates aside, the fact that a Ghost Rider possesses the already mentioned invulnerability and regenerative abilities, not to mention a limitless stamina, there's a pretty strong case for immortality to be made. However, there have been instances where a Ghost Rider's host has been killed. (Daniel Ketch has actually gotten the ax a couple times.) But since the Spirit of Vengeance is an celestial entity, it can never be killed, and even if a host is somehow done in, it will simply find another one to bind with. Suffice to say, it's hard to permanently put the Ghost Rider down. And even if you manage to, he'll look as young as the day he was possessed when you do it.

2. Creating Clones of Himself

As we just mentioned, the Ghost Rider is incredibly hard to exterminate, and the Spirit of Vengeance can never truly be killed. However, there is a loophole. In 2009's  Ghost Rider #32,  Zadkiel is up to his old tricks and is trying to overthrow Heaven, this time tricking Daniel Ketch into helping. Long story short, Ketch wages war against all the existing Spirits of Vengeance. Since murdering them is pointless, Ketch decides to take a different approach and manifests avatars of himself composed entirely of Hellfire.

What's particularly powerful about these Ghost Rider clones is that Ketch uses them to absorb the Spirits of Vengeance out of their dead hosts and into himself, in essence creating a super duper (technical term) Ghost Rider. Obviously, this is too much Ghost Riderness for any one being to handle, and as this all-powerful Spirit ascends to heaven on angelic wings, Ketch inadvertently blows open the gates of Heaven. Epic blunders aside, seeing a Ghost Rider multiply himself is a pretty cool feat, so much so that even his fellow Riders are impressed .

1. The Penance Stare

We arrive at the greatest and most awesomest of all of Ghost Rider's powers. By merely making eye contact, this ability allows a Rider to set someone's eyeballs on fire while forcing them to feel the torment of a billion billion (that's a lot) extinguished souls and experience the pain of eternal guilt (also a lot). Or, to put it another way, Ghost Rider can instantaneously put you through all the pain you have ever caused anyone while at the same time causing you to remember every painful memory you've ever had. Also, make you go blind. And insane. And dead. In some cases, a person's sins are so great that their bodies will spontaneously combust.

Only a select few have ever proven immune to its effects, most notably Venom, Deadpool and the Punisher, who, as you might have guessed, regrets nothing. Though the eye burning has still got to hurt quite a bit, we imagine. Most impressively, in the 1994 Fantastic Four animated series, Ghost Rider rides out of nowhere and uses the Penance Stare to bring down Galactus, the devourer of worlds, ravager of planets and sometimes  huge fart cloud , in withering pain. It's probably only one of the greatest scenes ever drawn  in a superhero cartoon, but the inexplicably bad voice acting damn near ruins it.

The point is, the Penance Stare is no joke.

Did we miss any of Ghost Rider's hellish powers? Will the Spirit of Vengeance's arrival on the small screen have you tuning in to catch him on  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ? Let us know in the comments.

Marvel's Hottest: Ghost Rider's Powers and Abilities, Ranked

Buckle up (and put a helmet on!) because we're ranking fifteen of Ghost Rider's most incredible and infernal abilities.

With fire and flair, the spirit of vengeance burns the road with a flame-fueled ride. One of the most intimidating and powerful members in the Marvel canon, Ghost Rider bursts from the panels on the prowl for the souls of wrongdoers with a sinister skeletal smile. Whether we're talking Johnny Blaze, Robbie Reyes, Daniel Ketch or Alejandra Jones, this skeleton sin-eater is one scary superhero.  With the studded leather jacket, flame-spitting motorcycle, and signature stare, this hero is easily a few steps away from Marvel's more friendly roster. Yes, we can all agree that the character is pretty gnarly for someone associated with the likes of Captain America, The Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man, but there's no denying Ghost Rider's got some serious style. We're just glad the character is one of the good guys.

But what exactly does Ghost Rider do that makes the character so awesomely fearsome? A flaming skeleton on a motorcycle could be something ripped off of a Meat Loaf album cover, what separates the entity from Scorpion at a Sons of Anarchy convention? Well, for one thing, Ghost Rider has quite an array of supernatural skills that even give Doctor Strange a run for his money, a monster mode of transportation, and don't even get us started on that scare factor. Ghost Rider has some pretty impressive powers and we're going to go through them all today. Say your prayers, dust off your leather, and hold on tight to those handlebars as we take a long ride and look deep into those soul-burning sockets as we rank the best powers of the Ghost Rider.


We know what you're thinking, "A motorcycle isn't a superpower." You're right, a motorcycle isn't a superpower. But the ability to summon a flame-spitting, trail-blazing, nightmare motorbike from the underworld? We'd consider that a little bit above average.

Ghost Rider's bike is like Thor's hammer or Cap's shield, they just aren't the same without it. With a name like Ghost Rider, you pretty much need some impressive form of transportation. Some might say that a metallic, flaming, skeletal motorbike with wheels of fire is overkill, but we prefer to think of it as appropriately bombastic.


Nowadays, these traits are pretty standard with most superheroes. But consider this observation if you will, Johnny Blaze, the first Ghost Rider, was a professional stunt rider before he was bestowed the infernal alter-ego. You could make the argument that Blaze already had a jumpstart on the physicality portion of the superhero checklist. Either way, the increased attributes are a welcomed plus to the arsenal.

That all being said, Ghost Rider certainly packs quite a literal punch, being able to send enemies yards away with a skeletal fist is pretty impressive in conception. Its attributes are divinely given, so it makes sense for them to be stronger than average. After all, it's not like a flaming demon of vengeance to go down easily.


This one is practically a given, but we have to include it. When most superheroes get their powers, they don't change much in the looks department. Characters like Peter Parker or Tony Stark still look like themselves after their inciting incidents, but characters like Bruce Banner and, obviously, Johnny Blaze take that notion and toss it out the window.

The transformation from man to rider is without a doubt one of the most incredible sequences to grace Marvel Comics. Seeing Johnny Blaze (or anyone for that matter) burst into a flaming skeleton consumed in Hellfire is a pretty unforgettable sight. Bruce Banner can keep his green roid-rage, literally erupting as a spirit of fiery vengeance is easily the more impressive stunt.


The comic book world has no shortage of empaths, just look at Mantis, Professor X, and Raven. But whereas those empathically gifted individuals use their powers to communicate or detect peril, Ghost Rider's variation of this ability is used to scope out potential targets. Like a supernatural sense of smell, the Ghost Rider can detect the condition of a person's soul, judging them with ethereal flames.

Ghost Rider's empath abilities allow him to detect and decipher the sinful from the righteous. Whether the character is in its spirit form or not, they are still able to detect an impure soul. Ghost Rider is drawn to these energies, particularly strong in the Nicolas Cage-led adaptation, as if hankering for wicked souls to burn.


Since the character's power comes from paranormal means, it's a given fact that Ghost Rider has a general understanding of the occult. Though not as practiced and studied as a certain sorcerer supreme, the knowledge of beings and planes both divine and infernal is present in nearly every version of the character. As the saying goes, experience really is the best teacher.

This knowledge of the occult allows Ghost Rider to manipulate certain spells whether common or demonic. This is shown in dealings with Mephisto or other lesser demonic entities that cross its path. But no matter what Ghost Rider's up against, it'll have a leather-clad leg up on monsters and demons from other dimensions.


Similar to Spider-Man's Spidey Sense, Ghost Rider possesses a supernatural sense that alerts him to the presence of any supernatural being or entity that enters the entity's home plane. Whether they be a demon, ghost, or other entity good or evil from an ethereal plane or dimension, Ghost Rider will know. Perhaps "spirit sense" would be a more appropriate title?

Similar to its empathetic abilities, Ghost Rider's superior senses are able to detect any supernatural occurrence near him. When paired with its empath skills, Ghost Rider can determine whether or not the entity is friend or foe. This makes him formidable against nearly any nonhuman or noncorporeal enemy.


Wolverine's not the only one around here with incredible healing skills. Ghost Rider doesn't take a fall very easily, but certain obstacles like holy magic and the like can cause him to stumble. Thankfully, the character is packing a heck of a healing factor. The dude can even regenerate missing limbs if need be. That's pretty impressive for a walking skeleton, wouldn't you agree?

If shot, severed, or otherwise mutilated by mortal means, Ghost Rider can easily put himself back together and get back in the game. The entity might be a little more than ticked off when they get back up, but all the better for beating the bad guys with, right? These dry bones might be a bit more difficult to connect.


As mentioned before, it's incredibly difficult to hurt Ghost Rider, no matter what version. The character is impervious to most dark magic, bulletproof, fireproof (obviously), and all with the ability to pull itself back together. Believe us, not all of the Marvel mainstays can say that.

Bullets melt within its flames -- most blunt instruments won't phase the Rider, and anything non-magical won't even leave a scratch. The Spirit of Vengeance has had its entire skull shattered and even walked away from a massive Hulk beating! When your durability has even the god of thunder and Sorcerer Supreme casting a watchful eye, you know you've got some skills.


Now we're getting into some really bad mojo: Ghost Rider's soul manipulation. Along with the being's empathic abilities, of course able to detect and identify a damned soul from an innocent one, Ghost Rider possesses the ability to bend and control the noncorporeal essence of just about anything. We can't name too many other Marvel members with this ability.

Not only can Ghost Rider perform a Soul Read to see into the sins or innocence of another, but the character can actually consume an impure soul, leaving the body a lifeless husk. It's starting to sound like the Spirit of Vengeance might have influenced a certain group of specters from Azkaban. All joking aside, we are in a slight shock that a "good guy" has this incredibly sinister ability.


No, this is not the same thing as the previously mentioned soul manipulation! Ghost Rider also possesses the ability to interact and purify the sins of a mortal soul, regardless of whether they are damned or innocent. Though this act is a great deal more benign than the one prior, it can still leave some damage

Like an enhanced Soul Read, Ghost Rider can look inward and see all the past sins committed by a mortal soul. After doing this, the character  can purify the host by consuming the sins. This act will make the soul innocent, but it leaves the host emotionally altered. They can be drained of all emotion or have a complete breakdown. Either way, it's no picnic.


Scorpion's not the only one with a flaming skull and chain-whip. Let's just say Ghost Rider has the upgraded version. This chain of perdition is a great deal more than a way to round up some souls. Depending on the mind of the ghostly wielder, its potential can be incredibly deadly.

Because the weapon is linked to the Ghost Rider's mental abilities, the chain can be manipulated into a number of different weapons. It can be the standard fiery whip and lasso, a bo staff, and even a collection of shuriken. Easily one of the most versatile weapons in the Marvel canon, this piece of flaming metal is certainly a deadly asset in Ghost Rider's arsenal.


Being consumed by infernal fire and flames, this ability should come as no surprise. Ghost Rider can summon and manipulate streams of Hellfire to whatever the situation might call for. The Spirit can form it into weapons, projectiles, or use it for a shield. Basically, Ghost Rider is a scarier version of the Human Torch, minus the flying ability.

Ghost Rider's fire conjuring allows the character to imbue weapons with a fiery blaze, channel the flames from its hands like a shotgun, and cause it to rain down from the sky upon his foes. Like the chain, the conjuring ability is limited only by the character's will and imagination. The sky is literally the limit for these fearsome flames.


Of course, we can't talk about Ghost Rider's fire conjuration without addressing the character's fire projection. We're not talking about conjuring images or portals with the flame (though the character can do the latter!). We're talking spewing a fountain of Hellfire out of its eye sockets and mouth like an infernal dragon.

Not only is this attack the stuff of nightmares, but it certainly leaves the target more than a little toasty. Demons and mortals alike have all felt the burn of Ghost Rider's blazing breath, and it's always quite the spectacle. As amazing as it is, we'd imagine Johnny Blaze packs a few mints on hand to take care of that sulfur smell afterward.


Aside from gods, demigods, and other divine characters in the Marvel Universe, we can't name many superpowered humans granted immortality. We've already mentioned how outright impossible it is to do permanent damage to him, but sometimes fans forget the exact extent. Not only is Ghost Rider incredibly invulnerable, but the character is also impeccably immortal.

According to Ghost Rider lore, since the riders were created by God, only God can destroy them. That's quite a factor to put on the superhero resume. Even the mighty Thor lost his divine powers at one point, so seeing a character this powerful really gives some perspective. Perhaps a bit OP, but when dealing with the likes of Mephisto and other demonic threats, it certainly couldn't help to have some life insurance.


Admit it, you all knew this one was coming. The Penance Stare is Ghost Rider's coup de grace of superpowers. It's a devastating finishing move that leaves its victims burnt to a crisp on the floor. There are few Marvel characters that can boast this chilling ability.

For those few unfamiliar, Ghost Rider's Penance Stare forces its victim to feel all the pain their sins have caused others, damning them for all eternity. Just reading that is enough to give us shivers. Superman might have the Phantom Zone, but feeling other people's pain for... forever is leagues more severe than imprisoned in a cheap CGI effect. The Penance Stare is without a doubt the darkest of all Marvel abilities.


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