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Hustle Castle Guide (2020 Update): Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Mighty Kingdom and Dominate Each Battle

By: Author Philip Reyes

Posted on Last updated: October 3, 2020

Three years following the release of MY.COM’s Hustle Castle and it continues to hold on to respectable spots within top lists of games in several countries. Hustle Castle already offered a plethora of content and features at launch, and has then since continued to grow following its subsequent updates. With over 10 million downloads accumulated from the Google Play Store alone, and maintaining largely positive average user review ratings on both Android and iOS platforms as well, Hustle Castle is set to be among the top mobile games of strategy RPG enthusiasts who have immersed themselves into its world.

If you have just discovered Hustle Castle now, it is never too late to jump in on this unique base-building strategy RPG. While there are certainly a lot of players who have amassed power and wealth way ahead of you, catching up is a lot easier for new players, especially with the right strategy. Be sure to read our Hustle Castle ultimate guide as well as the tips and strategies we discussed in that guide still applies to this day.

Hustle Castle holds a ton of features and mechanics that are impossible to dig deep into with just one guide, which is why we have come up with an updated guide to cover more aspects of the game. In this guide, we will be providing additional tips covering the updated content in Hustle Castle. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been playing the game for quite some time, this Hustle Castle guide could be helpful in your quests!

1. Accomplish Storyline And Daily Quests

There is a comprehensive tutorial that greets you as you dive into Hustle Castle. The flow of progression during the tutorial session works around completing objectives within the storyline quests, which involves not just progressing through battles across the map but also the construction and upgrade of certain rooms within your castle and training residents.

As you continue to develop your castle and more rooms become available for construction and upgrades, your will have a lot of liberty to choose which ones to prioritize. The availability of resources will constantly remain as an impediment to continuous progression and to a huge extent, some rooms you have within your castle made for storing these resources will only be able to hold a limited amount.

hustle castle daily quests

In this sense, it is always important to consider dependencies and instead of randomly choosing whichever you can upgrade, know that the storyline quests are designed as a sequential guide that you can follow with ease.

Following quests goes beyond simply progressing as efficiently as you can as completing each objective can earn you rewards that can help you gather resources faster to be invested in numerous upgrades and other needs. You can and should deviate from following it later on once you have grasped a better understanding of how to keep your palace balanced as far as generated resources and expenditures are concerned but until you do, it is best to follow the plan.

There are daily quests that contain objectives directly related to the usual activities you should engage in as you make progress in Hustle Castle, well, except for the ads. In any case, the 15 to 30-seconds video ads you can watch are actually the fastest ways to earn points and grab that extra chest. Each objective you accomplish from the list also earn you rewards. As each task is easy to accomplish, it is best to complete all daily quest objectives.

2. Keep Everyone And Every Room Busy

Every strategy game that involves building your base implies the need for an extensive capability to multitask and with Hustle Castle’s title being as it is implies a competitive aspect of the game when it comes to . Although you will always make progress regardless of how you go about managing your castle, being able to keep productive rooms busy and ensuring that there is always something being constructed or upgraded as much as possible, is key to maximum efficiency.

You will start off with only one builder, but we recommend prioritizing the purchase of the second one as soon as you can. This implies holding on to your gems until you are able to afford the extra worker. With a plethora of construction and upgrades to choose from for the most part of your journey, choosing which ones to prioritize may deviate from the list of storyline quests at hand. This can also depend on your playstyle relative to how much time you spend on the game and how often you drop by for a visit.

how to keep everyone busy in hustle castle

If you have a construction option that is well within the timeframe you will be online or will complete at a time you can log in on the game, then you should definitely start on that project. For construction that takes at least half a day to finish, you should consider starting them when you are about to go offline and call it a night. In the case of having multiple builders and several potential construction queues, making it so that both projects finish at times close to one another will help you lessen, if not eliminate, idle times.

The same extent of efficiency should extend to every resident of your castle. What you would want as much as possible is to keep everyone busy doing some work or training for combat or for any of the given castle duties. Note that for the warriors deployed to the barracks, part of their job description is to defend against potential invaders. In essence, and despite the fact that they stand idly in the barracks, we consider this as the most important task in the castle and should always be top priority.

The most important skills to max out relate to fighting as battles make up more than half of the activities you will engage in to make progress in the game. Fortunately, this skill is the easiest to max out relative to level of the training room. All other rooms built for training residents can be prioritized based on your current needs but be sure to max out training for one dweller before moving on to the next candidate.

3. Always Set The Best Defenses Possible

Battling through the various PvE content in Hustle Castle is actually the easier half of the game. What you constantly need to be ready for are other players who can attack your castle and steal some of your resources while you are away. For beginners, it may come as a surprise that they get attacked whenever they go offline and the worst part is if they did not leave any fighters on the barracks to defend their castle while they are away.

how to set up the best defense in hustle castle

Ensuring that your best fighters stand guard within your barracks covers just the basics of defending. Given that there are wide varieties of abilities gears can provide dwellers mean that some skills are better for defending than attacking. You may have a good mix of tanks, archers, and mages whenever you attack another player or battle through the PvE content within Hustle Castle, but the same mix may not be as effective when it comes to defending. The tank itself can be built a number of ways and some are more suitable for defense rather than offense.

Another important aspect of defense lies within your arsenal and as upgrading it may not always form part of the storyline quests, you might forget about it entirely or exclude it from the prioritization list of upgrades just the same. There are various defense strategies that can be designed centering around the availability and upgrade levels of your defensive tools within the arsenal. On top of upgrading the arsenal itself to unlock more weapons, you also need to invest in the devices you most heavily rely on.

Keep in mind that attacking players will have the advantage of spells at their disposal and even if the attacking party and your stationed fighters are of equal strength, spells attackers can utilize will always tilt the tide of battle to their advantage. This is why you need to counteract and offset their advantage with defensive strategies and having a decent arsenal, along with maxed out tools, is your best bet to reducing, if not eliminating, losses as a result of player invasions.

4. Continuously Train Substitutes

One important consideration you have to make is be ready to train substitutes for each of the resident’s assigned roles. No dweller will continue to stay on his or her role as they will have to undergo more training whenever the training rooms are upgraded or when their star grades or quality finally reaches a point where they will have to be reshuffled.

Cross-training people within your castle is a proactive approach to seamless transitions and you should start preparing for this as soon as you are able to. As you upgrade the fighter training room, for example, the maximum level cap of each resident’s fighting skill increases. What you would naturally want is to increase the skill level of your best fighters.

how to train substitutes in hustle castle

However, your best fighters are most likely deployed at the barracks to guard your castle in case another player attacks you and in this scenario, you would have to choose between reducing the stationed guard’s number or having other residents utilize the newly upgraded fighter training room instead.

There are unavoidable instances as well where one resource you produce will max out and it will become pointless to continue deploying a resident for the room that produces the resource. At the same time, some production rooms like the treasury will hardly keep up with the continuous need for gold. In such instances, it becomes necessary to have residents that you can readily deploy to other resource-producing rooms. As such, the necessity for some, if not all dwellers having maxed proficiencies in productive skills become important.

One common instance is when your mana well is maxed out and you can no longer claim the mana being produced as your mana pool may be capped as well while everything you can craft is in process. The treasury or the dining hall may make better use of the additional manpower at the same time so having residents who can temporarily transfer to either rooms are important to have.

Last, but definitely not the least, you will also have to continuously produce new residents by lodging a male and female dweller in the living room. Even if you are close to or have actually have the maximum number of dwellers within the palace, you should continue to strive having residents that have higher potential.

As you make progress, the maximum training limit will eventually catch up to a resident’s potential. Each star caps at 20 points so soon enough, 1-star and 2-star dwellers will have to be replaced by people with at least a 3-star potential. Although you can increase a dweller’s potential through spending gems, it is always best to save premium currency for other items that you cannot obtain without doing so. While it is very challenging to hope for higher potential residents out of the ones you have in your castle, it is still free and worth investing time in.

5. Plan Upgrades Ahead Of Time

Being efficient as far as keeping everyone and every room as busy as possible is just a basic step towards climbing up the ranks as far as castle growth and development is concerned. Hustle Castle is designed for players to enjoy regardless of how much time and effort they put into it but at the same time, it also caters to strategy RPG enthusiasts who would do anything to stay ahead of the crowd.

For one, there are premium services you can subscribe to if you are open to spending real money, but for free-to-play gamers, there are still plenty of opportunities in the game to stay ahead of the pack.

hustle castle upgrades

Although progress in Hustle Castle happens even if you are offline and away from the game, there is a huge advantage for players who remain as active as much as they can. Being active on its own, however, is not enough to claim maximum efficiency especially as you unlock all possible rooms within your castle and tons of upgrade options become available.

In such cases, planning well ahead of time becomes crucial in terms of which rooms you will need to upgrade next and amassing the needed resources to do so. Regardless of how many builders you have unlocked, it will always happen that more upgrades are on hold as you prioritize working on others. There is, of course, a constant drought of resources that you need to generate and farm to sustain your castle’s needs. To ensure a steady and uninterrupted course of upgrades, you have to take advantage of periods within which you are waiting for projrects to finish.

In general, as soon as your builders are busy and no battles are pending you can take time off from the game and come back once a construction finishes or when it is time to collect resources generated by your castle. For the best results, however, what you should do once all construction queues are filled up is to look into the next set of construction and upgrade activities you will queue in next. You may want to create a list or note of your pending construction activities but in any case, having a solid plan of the sequential order of how you will go about improving your castle should always be maintained.

6. Power Isn’t Everything

One of the most deceptive elements of RPGs come in the form of power ratings associated with each combatant. In the case of Hustle Castle, beginners will most especially be inclined to believe that power ratings between their team and the enemy team are the sole basis of success or failure in a match up. While this may hold true in some cases, it is never absolute as Hustle Castle values strategy over power in every battle you can engage in.

A fighter’s power has great value had battles in Hustle Castle been designed to be a one-on-one skirmish. Given that there are always teams to work with and fight against, what matters more than actual power in numbers is how each member of the team synergizes with one another. Likewise, the set of abilities and stats each fighter has will have to be complimented further by the active spells you carry with you in battle or the selected defensive tools in your arsenal in terms of castle defense.

hustle castle power

For one, you may come up with a higher team power with a full roster of archers that focus on DPS but this setup will likely result in more losses. The same goes for a set of tanks that offer little damage and banks more on defensive capabilities. With each different role fighters can take on, there are numerous possible combinations to choose from and, in truth, no single mixture of these roles will stand triumphant across all battles.

For example, you can have a tank that does little damage but is equipped with a weapon that reduces the enemy’s attack. The same tank also has an armor that regenerates HP and accessories that further boost defense and HP. This tank can be supported by a mage that can heal fairly well and can keep the tank’s HP up for a long time despite not contributing to DPS. An archer, as a third member of this party, can focus entirely on DPS and weed out attackers one by one.

This set-up would be a decent sample of a collaborative team that will ensure victory against PvE mobs in general. However, some enemies are built to prioritize attacking mages or even start dealing damage to archers in the back row first. In some cases, therefore, this combo of fighters can be beaten. Suppose this same team is faced by a team that stuns or makes short work of the tank. It will be fairly easy to eliminate the rest of the party.

The idea here is to consider the possible battle outcomes well beyond what the difference in power ratings indicate. There will be numerous instances in your journey, where the battle ahead can be won with a less powerful, yet coordinated team paired with the right spells. Feel free to mix and match different gears for different situations and do not entirely rely on an equipment’s power rating to choose it over others. Do not readily disassemble all extra gears as well as you may still have to switch to using them in some battles.

7. Always Look For Better Gears

Discussing strategies on building each fighter without exclusively focusing on power will always involve the gears they have and as much as gears are as basic to characters in Hustle Castle as it is for most strategy RPGs, the wide array of available stat attributes and skills gears possess in the game make for an elaborate customization option for each dweller. While it is easy to notice how each piece of equipment can be grouped into the roles that the dwellers take, the selection of the right gears to win you more battles can be very elusive.

There are the usual standards for choosing the best gears and beyond the designated roles each one is designed for, each equipment also falls within a certain rarity or grade. Each equipment you obtain may be common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), or legendary (gold). For the most part, rarity levels dictate the overall superiority of gears but not in all instances. Higher rarity gears exhibit higher power and stat boosts compared to lower grade gears of the same level and the higher the grade, the better extra options are provided.

how to get better gear in hustle castle

Gears are also classified based on the fighter skill level needed to equip them. You can therefore have an epic gear that can be equipped by a level 20 fighter but a lower rarity equipment built for a level 28 fighter may hold better stats. For these reasons, you cannot simply choose the best gear based on their rarity and even in the case of higher grade tiers that offer more options, what matters more is how each of those options help your fighter’s build.

For the tank armor as an example, the main stat provided is health, and the more health given typically means better for the tank. However, while an increase in armor will always be among the substats provided, the other one could be a critical factor to your decision in choosing which is better. Beyond that, the triggered ability granted by the armor as well should be looked into.

Tanks, by default, are supposed to withstand as much damage as possible and be the only line of defense for the whole team that enemies should have a difficult time piercing through. If the substats of the armore in question relates to armor and magic armor, then that typically sounds like a better combination than the usual armor plus damage combination. Triggered effects may involve health regeneration, health boost, or damage reduction to the attacking enemy. It can depend on the percentages provided, but what we recommend is HP regeneration, with or without a healer in your party.

8. Check Enemy Details Before The Battle

Given that battles in Hustle Castle are not decided by power alone, you can always try to win your way through battles where the enemy roster has more power than your team. Whether it is for progressing through the story map or taking on other players for more resources, even a 40,000 difference in power in the enemy team’s favor does not make it an impossible feat. Difficult as it is, there are still ways to win at such a disadvantage.

For starters, though, try something a little less intimidating as you hone your skills in adjusting your offense for the coming battle. An important habit to make is to look into the details of the enemy team’s roster, regardless of whether you have the advantage in power or not. Before the actual battle you can tap on each enemy within the scout window to see details about them.

how to prepare for battle in hustle castle

Enemy bosses, in particular may have unique abilities such as immunity from physical attacks while mobs can often have preferences in terms of which class to focus their attacks on. For player teams, it is always a good idea to look into their gears, specifically the abilities each one has that you need to look out for.

Relative to this, deviation from your current setup can be done and in Hustle Castle, you are very much liberated to mix whatever types of gears you want on any fighter, so long as they have a high enough level to equip the item. For example, you are to face an enemy boss that is immune to physical damage. By default, what comes to mind is to consider a full party of mages to take on the enemy.

Alternatively, however, you can instead equip your tanks with wands or orbs to have them deal magic damage, even if just a little, while maintaining their buffed up defense stats. If you are confronted with enemies that specifically targets mages ahead of everyone else, then a higher defense armor for the mage may give you the necessary advantage in battle.

In every scenario, what is important to keep in mind is that winning matters. Even if you lose 3 of the 4 fighters in your team it does not merit any difference so long as you take the win. An out of the box hodge-podge of gears that break the role stereotype can sometimes work beyond expectations, so be sure to spend some time experimenting with different gear combinations.

9. Take Advantage Of Premium Days And Goblin Assistants

Progression in Hustle Castle is fast enough without spending any real money. Despite the long periods of time it would take for some rooms to be upgraded later on, there will always be plenty of activities to engage in to pass the time and progression can be felt even through the loots you can earn from one battle to the next one.

While a premium account can only be purchased with real money and not diamonds, there are still ways for you to experience it. Hustle Castle holds time-limited events that offer plenty of valuable rewards that include premium days and even hiring a goblin assistant for a day or so. Once you receive these rewards, they will automatically be activated and within the time period, it is best to remain as active as possible as these will be the best opportunities to maximize the progression of your castle and each dweller within it.

how to take advantage of premium days and goblin assistants in hustle castle

With a premium buff active, the maximum happiness of your dwellers will be 20%, which means that productivity will likewise increase as much. Every battle you engage in will yield about 10% more resources. The amount of your resources pillaged by successful attackers will also be reduced by 30%. All waiting times related to training, construction, upgrades, and production will be severely cut down as well. You also can earn better rewards from chests within the premium period and rewards are doubled for daily quests accomplished.

One unique perk is the healing for injured fighters that work even if they are not in the hospital. Along with the ability to speed up battles itself, faster healing will make for a quicker run through across all daily battles like invasions and player castle attacks.

Although you can hire the goblin assistant at the cost of diamonds, having him for free makes for a much easier gameplay. The goblin assistant wanders around your castle and collects resources as well as helps in levelling up of dwellers in training. The goblin assistant remains active as well while you are offline and away from the game, making idle progression much faster all throughout the days he is active.

In such cases, be sure to take full advantage of these perks when you unlock them as it can be regretful to pass the time without making full use of both these benefits.

10. Stay As Active As You Can With Your Clan

Clans, guilds, alliances, or factions have always been an integral part of every strategy RPG. In Hustle Castle, it is possible to still make good progress in the game even without a clan but the added benefits that come with having an active clan can really boost your castle’s growth and development.

To start off, clan members can send and receive resources to one another. Given that it is always a challenge to balance out your resource production and resource needs, this feature will be very helpful to get you what you need fast. For the most part, though, everyone will be falling short of gold so chances are that you will see mostly requests for gold in the clan chat.

how to win clan war in hustle castle

The amount of resources you can request vary depending on the level of your clan room. While upgrading it does not normally form part of the storyline quest, you need to tend to it depending on how often you will have to ask for help. How fast you receive the full amount of the resource you requested is a solid indicator of how active your clan is.

As we mentioned in our previous guide, it is important to belong to an active clan especially if you want to take as much as you give to it. This most especially applies to the clan leader whose job includes kicking out inactive members and registering the clan for clan wars. Regardless of how active most clan members are, progression will still be stumped if inactive members are kept and active participation in clan wars is not maximized.

Regularly logging in to check on your castle and dwellers should also include checking in on your clan, especially during hours when there is an active clan wars. The chests each clan member can receive from points earned during the clan wars holds much better rewards than most chests you can obtain on your own.

As challenging as it can be to hop from one clan to another, looking for one that suits the level of activity and dedication you have is important so be sure to continuously gauge your clan’s performance with your own and try to be more involved with its activities and chats.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have for our updated Hustle Castle guide. We hope that you learned a lot of new things to help you progress through the game at a much faster rate and that you enjoyed reading through it as well. Hustle castle will certainly keep on growing with new content in succeeding updates but for the most part, we are certain that the tips and strategies we shared with you should suffice to pull you through any challenge.

If you have immersed yourself heavily in Hustle Castle and have discovered some unique tips or strategies in addition to what we mentioned, be sure to tell us about them and leave us a message in the comments below!

Wednesday 7th of April 2021

How can I defeat the BOTS in pvp maps , there is nothing in the rules that mentions the use of BOTS. I find this very unfair , espically when the game states it has over 10 million players worldwide , my strength is almost 16 million every player has either purple or orange gems ,i have 8 players and yet I get beaten by a BOT who has 6 players 3 of these a plebs with no armour and no weapons and 3 of his players have very little gems his power is just over 6 million and he aninilates me 3 times in a row ,how can this be fair , i created a ticket and was told to play more often ,WOW what a stupid answer if you play more than 6 hours your castle becomes vunerable for 24 hours

hustle castle ghostly aides

10 Beginner Tips For Hustle Castle

Players embarking on their Hustle Castle quest of tending to their castles should take note of these simple tips as they start out.

Hustle Castle is an RPG and medieval building game that puts players in charge of their very own castle. Responsible for assigning new subjects to work, upgrading the castle, and protecting the men and women living in it, Hustle Castle is a great experience for mobile gamers who want a game with lots of replay value.

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There's a lot to do in Hustle Castle , which means that new players could reasonably feel overwhelmed by it. By following community resources and researching before diving in, new players will have the best chance possible of succeeding in the game and helping their castle thrive while building relationships between the castle's inhabitants.

10 Join A Clan To Get Better Rewards

Joining a clan should be players' first step when beginning on Hustle Castle . Clan members get better rewards that come in handy, especially during the early stages of the game when a player is building up their resources and castle.

It is also advised to save the Red top chests, these are season rewards and it's better to save these up until later in the game for maximum reward. With Hustle Castle having such an active community, players won't struggle to find a clan to join.

9 Split Big Rooms Up

New players may be tempted to keep big rooms the size they start off as an upgrade them, but this is not the ideal strategy. It is actually better to split big rooms up into two, and then instead upgrade these smaller rooms.

Two builders are more than enough when utilizing this method. Players will find that their upgrades move along faster and in the long run works out to be cheaper. Splitting rooms is easy to do and will be a much more effective method for newer players.

8 Keep Resource Value Low When Inactive

Real-life stuff happens, and often forces players to take a break. While this is expected for everyone from time to time, new players should try to make sure that they don't go to bed (on the game) or go inactive when they are in possession of high-value resources.

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This is more likely to result in other players attacking in order to steal the resources for themselves. This is likely to set a new player back, so ensuring that only low-value resources are in the player's inventory when they go inactive is a safe bet.

7 Don't Waste Gems On Speed-Ups

The modern-day player doesn't have much patience, but this can result in consequences if beginners aren't careful! It can be tempting for new players to use their gems to speed up builds, thinking that it'll help them get through the game quicker and be able to make the gems back.

Using gems on speed-ups is always a bad decision and a waste. Players should be patient and allow builds to finish of their own accord; there is plenty in the game that is more important to spend gems on than speed-ups.

6 Don't Open Resource Chests If Resources Are Full

Inventory space is the bane of all gamers everywhere, and it's no different on Hustle Castle . Unfortunately, the game doesn't handhold beginners when it comes to resource management, and many beginners accidentally waste resources because of this.

If a player opens a Resource Chest while their resources are full, the resources won't be added but the chest will still have been redeemed. Players of all experience levels should always check their resources aren't full before opening a resource chest. Newer players especially will struggle if they lose valuable resources in the early game.

5 Keep Workshop At A Lower Level For A While

All of the different rooms available in the castle can be upgraded, and the player may be tempted to keep upgrading all of the rooms as often as they can; including the workshop. This is actually a less effective method; players should keep workshops at the lowest level they can for as long as possible.

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Keeping the workshop at a lower level ensures that transforming grey, green, and blue shards is cheaper. This is a far more cost-effective method in the long run, and will really help newer players who are trying to keep a tight hold of their budget.

4 Don't Rush the Throne Levels

The throne room is the pride and joy of all castle-owners, making them feel like they're in a Game of Thrones video game , but a lot of new players fall into the mistake of leveling their throne room too high and not taking their time with it. It is better to upgrade the throne room slower than seems natural.

Upgrading all of the buildings while maintaining a throne level will make it easier for players to farm the arena for quick upgrades and means when the time comes to upgrade the throne room, players won't feel too much of a jump in difficulty.

3 Try PVP Battles

Hustle Castle may be predominately a medieval castle building game, but it has PVP battles with fun mechanics that can be both fun and rewarding, especially to newer players. Newer players may be intimidated by PVP and neglect to try it, but it is definitely worth playing!

Engaging in PVP battles can reward the player by allowing them to loot the other players' resources. The victim's castle can be scoped out first, and players should pay attention to the arsenal, the arsenal's level, and the troops that the intended victim has. There are no real PVP tips and tricks , only to keep playing and build up experience.

2 Do The Daily Quests

Daily quests are a staple feature in most modern games, and can sometimes feel a little intense for gamers who also have to balance story quests and side quests . However, if players are enjoying Hustle Castle and like playing it daily, they will benefit a lot from doing the daily quests.

The player is rewarded with 8 chests upon completion of the daily quests. Eight chests will grant a lot of resources, which is definitely needed by newer players when they are building the castle up. Newer players should be aiming to complete the daily quests as often as they can.

1 Always Clear The Castle Junk

Over time the player's castle will generate junk items , such as skeletons. The game doesn't make this completely obvious to the player, which means beginners can often neglect to clear their castle's junk and miss out on potential rewards.

Clearing out this junk every few days could yield either gold or diamonds, which will be incredibly useful to players particularly in the early game when they're trying to build up what they have and get any headstart possible on Hustle Castle .

Hustle Castle is available now on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.

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Hustle Castle guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Hustle Castle game? Master all of its core concepts with this Hustle Castle guide published with tips, cheats & strategies

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom

Hustle Castle guide, tips, and cheats: – 

This Hustle Castle guide for beginners covers how to play basics info, about the dwellers, babies, rooms, and other things such as their roles, getting diamonds, progression, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Hustle Castle guide and tips: – 

Guide To Dwellers In Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle

How to identify the role? Well, all the characters can perform any job; fighter, cook, alchemist, and as treasurer. But their role’s level determines the field in which they are well. For example; You have a dweller and its stats are as follows: –

  • Cook – 5
  • Alchemist – 3
  • Fighter – 2
  • Treasurer – 1

From the above table, we get the conclusion is this dweller is good at cooking as its cooking level is high as compared to other roles. All you need to do is tap the dweller/character to check its detail.

Place The Dwellers Based On Their Attribute Strengths

You have to place the Dwellers according to their roles to get more benefits. For example; place the cook(the dweller with high cooking attribute points) in the Dining hall, Alchemist in the mana well, Fighter in the barracks, and Treasurer in the treasury.

Among all these, fighters are really important. You have to increase their role’s level constantly to defeat the powerful enemies in the PvP, arena/tournament, or in the invasion battle. Let’s learn about the fighters.

Guide To Fighters In Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle

Guide To Gears In Hustle Castle

To increase the power of a dweller in the Hustle Castle game, you can equip gears(Armor, weapon, accessory). Depending on the weapon type, your character will get a specific role; Mage, tank, archer. For example; if you equip a sword to the dweller, then it will work as a tank character.

On the main screen, at the bottom-left corner, tap the chest button just above the map option -> go to the weapon tab -> there you can check the weapon’s details; tap the weapon to check its type; Mage, Archer, or Tank.

  • Mage – Mage type weapons are magical weapons and contribute to the battle with their special CC(crowd control) abilities. For example; Some mage type weapons can heal the allies, revive the allies in the battle(Equip this type of weapon to a character to assign it as the healer, reviver). Just tap the weapon to check its detail.
  • Tank – Deals a good amount of damage to the enemies, but from a close range.
  • Archer – Deals massive damage to the enemies, from a close range, but poor health stats.

Similarly, armors can be equipped to the dwellers. Armor types: –

  • Mage – Contributes to the battle with the special abilities
  • Archer – Increases the damage power+buffs
  • Tank – Increases the health stats of a character+buffs
  • Cook – Equip this suit to a character(cook role) to produce more food
  • Alchemist’ suit – Equip this suit to a character(Alchemist role) to produce more mana in the mana well
  • Treasurer’s suit – Equip this suit to a character(treasurer role) to produce more gold

Increase The Dwellers’ Performance

To equip high-rank weapons, armors to the dwellers, dwellers must meet the role level requirement. You would not be able to equip it if the role level is low. How to increase the attribute/role level? Train them. You can train the fighters in a fighter training room. Cook in the kitchen. Treasurers in the Mint. The alchemist in the laboratory. As they get trained, the corresponding attribute will rise and they will get to equip high-level gears. 

Getting Dwellers In Hustle Castle Game

Send a male dweller and female dweller in the living room. After a certain amount of time, the female dweller will become pregnant and give birth to a cute baby. You can check the time by tapping the living room -> info. After it, tap the baby icon just above the pregnant dweller -> the baby will grow into the adult(dweller) after a certain amount of time.

The baby’s attribute/grade/role depends on the parent. For example; You use a 3-star female dweller and 3-star female dweller, the baby’s grade could be 3-star or higher(4-star).

Getting Gears In Hustle Castle

Defeat the enemies in the campaign mode(invasion battles) or in PvP, tournament to get the chests. From these chests, you get the gears.

Get To Know The Game Modes

In the Hustle Castle game, there are three main game modes; campaign mode(Invasion battles), PvP, and arena/tournament. In the campaign mode, you battle against the enemies in different zones(tap the map option -> choose a region -> battle). In the PvP mode, you raid other player’s castle and earn their resources.

Map -> above the regions, you can check the number of invasion battles or enemies -> enter the zone -> tap the enemy -> scout -> if your power is(power -> total strength of fighters, placed in the barrack) high, then attack the enemy castle and loot resources.

And in the arena mode or tournament mode, you compete against other players from all over the world in real-time. The tournament held between 15 players(including you). Attack the players and earn points in all the rounds. Additionally, you earn the badge of courage; you can exchange these points for artifacts or precious weapons.

Removing The Useless Dwellers

Tap the dweller -> tap the menu button(near dweller’s name) -> banish. Since 1-star and 2-star characters are useless(not in the early game), it would be better to show them the exit.

Tips To Manage Resources In Hustle Castle

Food, Wood, Mana, Gold, Iron are the main resources in the Hustle Castle game. These resources are required to craft spells(mana), upgrade buildings, in building facilities, crafting, and more tasks.

  • Food – Produces in the Dining hall
  • Gold – Treasury Room
  • Lumber Mill – Wood
  • Mine – Iron

Make sure to build the storage for these resources to store more. For example; Build iron depot to store Iron, store wood in the shed.

Upgrade The Throne Room

Throne Room is the core of the castle; Upgrade it to unlock new features, facilities, and upgrades for other rooms. You can customize the castle by tapping the throne room -> castle editor.

So this is the Hustle Castle Guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out our Hustle Castle cheats, tips & a strategy guide .

Save Diamonds And Recruit The Builder

By default, the game provides one builder to the player. You can recruit more using diamonds. Since the builder is required to build and upgrade the rooms, it significantly impacts the game’s progress. Make sure to don’t spend diamonds in the useless tasks and keep saving until you get the second builder. You can recruit the second builder for 750 diamonds. How to get diamonds in Hustle Castle game? Watch the video ad daily to get 5 diamonds per day. Remove the obstacles with dynamite to get diamonds(near rooms, there would be some obstacles -> tap -> delete).

Train The Fighters, Break Apart, And Craft

Getting powerful gears in the Hustle Castle game is not too difficult. After reaching a certain level, you will be able to build the weapon workshop in the castle. In the weapon workshop facility, the player can craft powerful gears for free; Mage, Archer, and Tank. You can even craft rare, epic, and legendary weapon. All you need is shards? How to get? Dismantle the useless items to get shards. Go to the inventory(tap the chest button, just above the map option -> tap on an item – break apart – get the shards). Depending on the item(you destroyed), you get shards. For example; breaking rare item grants rare shard.

And as you know, to equip the weapon, dwellers must meet the role’s level requirement. Train the fighters in the fighter training room to increase their role level.

Send The Free Dwellers In Work-In-Progress Room

Either you are building or upgrading a room in Hustle Castle, it takes time. The player can reduce the time by sending free dwellers to that room. Tap that room -> info -> tap the + icon -> drag and drop a dweller to the empty slot.

Complete All Quests To Get A Rare Chest

Completing the quest rewards you a number of items for free. The game gives you lots of quests daily. Completing all the daily quests reward you a rare chest and from the rare chest, you could get precious items; better gears, resources or more.

Focus On The 3-Star Or Higher Grade Dwellers

Obtaining a 4-star or 5-star dweller would not be easy for the beginner(keep sending the 3-star male+3-star female to living room until you get), so we would recommend focussing on the 3-star grade characters as 1-star and 2-star character are useless(because of low-level attributes/stats). 3-Star characters are average. However, you would not be able to dominate in long run with 3-star characters. The reason is as you move to the higher league, your progress rate will go down.

Increase The Castle’s Defense

As you know, you can raid the enemy’s castle(read the game mode guide above for more info) and loot the resources. Similarly, other players can loot your resources by raiding. Make sure to increase the defense of castle; place better fighters in the barracks(upgrade barracks to place more fighters), upgrade the Arsenal and unlock defense technologies; upgrade those technologies to increase more. Where is the arsenal? Just below the fighter training room.

So these are our top Hustle Castle tips, cheats & a guide for the beginners.

Old Hustle Castle Guide, Tips, Cheats ->

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is one of the best games on Google Play Store and App Store. It was released in 2017 and has crossed over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store. And the reason behind its success is its unique gameplay, characters, and regular updates. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a beginner; Hustle Castle Guide and Hustle Castle cheats, tips, strategy to progress fast.

Dating Guide(Get A Baby)

Hustle Castle

You can keep track of the pregnancy status by tapping on the female character. The baby will grow up and become the dweller after 6 hours(approx.). Read the Hustle Castle cheats, tips below to know how to get a 5-star baby/character. Repeat the process with another female character of your castle to get another baby.

Complete the chapters

At the beginning of the game, you have no armors and equipment, it would be better to complete the quest and battle in initial stages. Complete the quest, earlier stages; you will get rewards such as armors, weapons, and other items.

Getting 5-Star Characters

By breeding, you can get the 5-star character. Just send two high-class dwellers to the living room and wait for the result. (3-star+3-star=3-star, 4-star)(4-star+3-star=3-star, 4-star)(4-star+4-star=5-star,4-star). To get the better result, increase the class points of the character. Read the dweller guide above to know about classes.

So, these are Hustle Castle cheats, tips , and the Hustle Castle guide for the beginners. Download- Here (Google Play Store). 

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6 thoughts on “hustle castle guide: tips, cheats & strategies”.

John, if you look at the 3 star info you will see it tops out in training (at 70 I believe??) the four star can keep training until level 85 and the five star can train to level one hundred. after you get enough five stars to fill your working team (ultimately 12 level fives trained to level 100)* you will want to use the threes and fours for producing ingredients and speeding production of items in your workshop or upgrades. 🙂

*You need 4 to six active fighters for regular work in the quests and to pillage. (Your fighter room determines how many). but Dungeon requires 8 people ready to fight and gem bay allows / requires 12 suited up for battle. Right now I have, at level 34, 5 lvl 5s and four level four fighters to go to arena, dungeon and gem bay. AT level 30 this was adequate and I only had trouble in the arena. I have 1400000 squad points more or less and I get my butt handed to me in every arena because the game sorts you by level of castle not squad level. My advice would be to train up and suit up your fighters as your highest priority. leave buildings and upgrades and quests alone except as they help your fighters level. I wish I had known that when I started. I was much better placed at level 25 than I am at 34. hope that helps.

But WHY is the 5 star better than the 1 star? Do they just start with better stats? Do they train quicker? Do they have more at their skill level?

They can train to higher level.

I don’t see any cheats of tricks here, just advices on how the game coupd be played

One stars can only train up to level 20. Five stars can go up to level 100.

Lol it’s MAGE not Maze. Big difference.

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Home Game Guides Hustle Castle Guide: How to Beat Abode of Argonius Boss

Hustle Castle Guide: How to Beat Abode of Argonius Boss

Hustle Castle Guide: How to Beat Abode of Argonius Boss

Abode of Argonius is one of the most difficult bosses in Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom. Or at least, it was my first real challenge and, for a while, it seemed that no troop combination was able to defeat him.

But I finally managed to do so and I am now here to share with you my guide on how to beat the Abode of Argonius boss in Hustle Castle.

This is indeed a really though boss and you will need some solid troops in order to stand a chance. Therefore, I recommend to only think about even trying to fight it if you have level 30 and above troops.

But the level of the troops is not the only thing that matters – although it is a requirement in my opinion. You also need to have a solid selection of fighters, and fortunately there are a few ways to go about defeating Abode of Argonius. Here are some facts about the boss himself:

hustle castle ghostly aides

As you can see (and probably noticed already), his biggest strength is that it reflects damage.

Therefore, a tank that deals a lot of damage is completely useless against him, since it only makes him stronger. So we have to think a bit outside of the box.

Here is a setup suggestion that will work wonders against him:

1 tank with massive health and armor (and eventually dodge), but with NO weapon. 2 Mages with heal 1 Mage with revive

This is going to be a very long battle, but you will win it eventually. Having some spells on hand is also extremely useful.

For example, you can bring into battle the Magic Orb and shoot the boss down when its health is low in order to hurry things. But I believe that it’s still doable even without the use of magic and my recommended team setup will help you defeat the boss.

Also, for your tank, it would be even better if you had some sort of armor that has a healing effect.

I have also heard of people being able to defeat with a complete mage team, but I am not 100% sure what to recommend in this case and definitely the use of magic is very important in the battle.

I’d go with something like 2 DPS mages, 1 healer and one reviver and some healing spells as well. This could work as an alternative, but I see no reasons why you shouldn’t try the first option.

Related reading : Even though at this stage in the game, you probably know all the basics, why not check out our Hustle Catle tips and tricks as well? Maybe you’ll find some useful information that will make you better at this game!

So this would be it. Now you know how to defeat Abode of Argonius in Hustle Castle. If you manage to do it with a different team setup, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

We are hiring game guide writers!

Touch, Tap, Play is looking for experienced writers to produce guides for popular mobile and Nintendo Switch titles. If mobile gaming is your passion and you want to get paid to create guides, you’re in the right place. Check out our job ad today!

About the author

40 comments, 40 comments.

Hi! I can’t kill Abodus since 2 weeks. I read your note but I don’t understand several things. What does it mean “heal” and “revive”? Is it magical powers from Magic Workshop?? Green Healing Ray?

No, I am talking about equipping your mages with wands that have healing properties or reviving properties, like Gro said.

This same setup I tried it’s work thanks

Hey just level up two of your dwellers to 35 and two to 31 and equip the best armour,weapons,amulets and rings For me had made 2 archres and two tanks give this a shot it worked for me well

Worked just fine for me! @Andzia : heal and revive are powers magical wands can have : from what I’ve encountered so far they’re either damageor heal or revive

You’re a genius… he only reflect physical damage. No wonder the higher I equipped, the faster I died.

Exactly, he’s really tricky because of that. I am happy I could help!

Even if I was only level 20, it worked. Thanks!

Sure it did….

Yeah lol. My guys are lvl 30, 2 revivers, 1 healer, one tank with no weapon. Dies just as quick as anything else.

I manage to kill him, giving my warrior a ressurecting orb, to at least rise any fallen mages. It helped.

Thanks for posting this. It was working beautifully, until the timer ran out. Looks like I still need to tweak something:/

I did it with 4 mages and it was slow but it worked

I have also read that some people have defeated him using the same basic setup as described in this guide, but with 3 resurrection mages, rather than 2 resurrection mages and 1 healing mage.

I did it in 1 go, I uses 2 mage with resurrect weapon, 2 tanks with 11k armour, both equip with 1k dmg punisher swords. And 2 Cliff totem spells (though useless). The tanks serve as a distraction for mages. When 1 mage is down, it auto aim for the tanks while the other mage resurrect the other mage. The cycle goes on. Takes abt 1 min to clear

I’ve tried your setup and am still struggling I die everytime nothing I’m doing is helping what rarity was your weapons and did you have your mages in mage or tank outfit for the extra armour?

Same here buddy

Yea everyone here is either lying or the game has since changed because none of this works.

Thanks for the advise, it worked wonders. I was getting crushed with my normal lineup. Used 2 strong revivers, 1 weak healer, and 1 weak reviver. Finished with 30 seconds left.

I manage with two warriors and two mages (healer/reviver), all four trained to level 30. It helps if warrior have weapon than stuns opponent.

I beat him with the 1 tank no weapon, and 2 heals and 1 resurrect, thank you !

Anyone know how to beat him second time round? Those fire demons make it 10 times harder!

Thanks, it worked! For me though, with 2 mages (both resurrect) and 2 tanks (no weapons) – the battle timed out with the enemy having 150 health lol. So next time I gave one of my previous tanks a wand – and that was enough to get the win

Thanks, i beat him with 1 tank no weapon, 2 ressurect mages, and 1 reviver mage. Now i’m in giant’s temple, does anyone know how to win the animated boulders?

Finally beat him, after like 2 whole weeks. Sheesh I was honestly losing it. So I did the whole 1 tank 2 mages, 2 with resurrect and 1 revive. Stupid thing still wouldn’t let me through. So I upgraded my magic workshop to let me summon an ally and made sure I had 3 of them in the field with me. Someone say over kill but honestly I was reaching the end of my tether with this demon, he had to go. Dude didn’t know what hit him. He died in one go, yay me. Finally.

Sorry guys meant 3 mages not 2

This didn’t work for me. I can’t pass him. I used 1 tank and 3 mages and 2 healing spells but nothing is helping me.

Nothing is helping me either. I’m struggling and ready to put the game away for a while.

Even if the tank is resurrected, the boss keeps attacking my mages…not working at all

How to defeat Volcano Slope please help me

I did it with 2 resurrect mages and 2 tanks one with a healing weapon and one for damage

Anybody have any info for defeating the stronghold of the abyss lord??

Beat him quite easily

1 Tank 2 Mages (1 with reviving powers) 1 Archer

Used 2 resurrection mages, 2 mages that attacks. No warriors, no archers. Level has to be above 35 minimum.

Well, I tried some different things … but when I equip my tank with orbs/wands they Keep Standing with the other mages in the back and my whole Team gets attacked …?? What makes a tank a tank? just the Equipment or the weapon too ?

It honestly wasn’t that hard. I have all lv. 30 warriors and I have a tank a mage and two archers. I failed several times before I read this thread and then I just took my tanks weapon away and I won on the first try.

Approach from article did not work for me. Maybe they have updated something. I had all level 30 and tried many, many times with tank no weapon + 3 mages (ressurect and healers combination to no available).

What did help was new healing ray and cliffs totem spells in combination with regular strong 30 fighting squad: 2 tanks (first sword, second daggers), archer and 1 ressurect.

This worked thanks a lot

I tried this strategy again, and again, and again, and again, etc!!! It wouldn’t work. As soon as the tank died, the boss would only focus on the mages. BUT here’s how I finally got it!!!! (woo hoo!!) – one tank, no weapon – two healers – one reviver (which I didn’t even need a revive) – 3 heal spells

Once the tank gets low health, just give him a heal spell. Rinse and repeat. I used 2 heal spells and none of my fighters died. They are level 30 fighters. Good luck!!

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Devoted to all Gamers

Ultimate Hustle Castle Dungeon Boss Guide

Do you play Hustle Castle? Have you been trying to defeat the bosses in the Dungeon? Well, this may help. These are some of the combos that we and others have tried and have had success.

General Tips

In general it is recommended that you keep a couple of Resurrection and restore mages around for use at most of the way stations. Read the cards for each boss and the way station modifiers very carefully. Many times, that is what causes teams to lose very early in the match. Understand that there is more than one way to win and infinite levels and types of troop combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works well for you and your partner!

Click the links below to jump to a specific boss and stay tuned for more updates!

You can also bookmark this page to use while playing.

Use: 2 archers, 3 tanks, 2 mage. Avoid:

hustle castle ghostly aides

Description: Large brown creature. Attacks all enemies starting in the back line, middle and finally front.

Strategy: The faster you can get his health down (damage per second), the faster he will change phases. Usually when he hits the middle group (mages) will be the most dangerous.

Back to the list

Use: Tanks, 1 archer, 3 healers. Avoid: REZ ( Resurrection), Damage Mage. Anything with Instakill.

hustle castle ghostly aides

Description: Prevents resurrection and attacks all enemies. Absorbs magic damage and heals himself.

Strategy: Uses magic damage to restore its own health.

Tip from Alex below: Bring a self rez rez mage. He stuns mages, so your whole mage line will likely wipe. Then the next phase, the self rez can bring them all back up

Goblin King

Use : Rez, heal and 3 tanks (archer ok too). Avoid

The Goblin King

Description Hairy green looking thing Casts chain lightning.

Strategy: Tip: A balanced or front heavy squad seems to work best, but you may have mixed results. The chain lightning adds up so rez/restore is a must

Invincible One (mole/rat)

If you know how to beat this boss, please share how you did it in the comments!

Use: Avoid: No Mage

hustle castle ghostly aides

Description: Grotto of the invincible One Way station Strategy: Do not use mages at all. We have won that way. But We’ve lost a lot of fighters. Also try to beat your other boss(es) before tackling this one.

@Matthew used all tanks on the Invincible Mole/Rat boss.

NEW – Kingdom of Sand

hustle castle ghostly aides

(NEW) Lost Temple

Use: Still testing Avoid: Archers

This guy throws fire arrows that pretty much take out the whole army!

@Seppe thanks for the advice! Per Seppe: avoid archers. Also 4 self healing tanks, Rez and Healing)

hustle castle ghostly aides

Monstrosity Boss (AKA Squid)

Use: Rez and Damange Mage, Archers. Avoid: Tanks

Monstrosity Boss Hustle Castle Dungeon

Description: Green Lakey kinda swampy thing.

Strategy: Range. Archers, Mage, and especially Rez are helpful. It kills tanks on death so not a great idea.

@Patty below adds the following: we will update once we come across him again. Monstrosity (the squid) you can’t use archers since he’s immune to physical damage, only mages. And now he heals with your healers so best to use only rez and damage mages.

Use: Tanks and rez in case of mind control. Avoid: No Instant Kill units

Description: Three-eyed Red Monster. He mind controls and summons minions to attack you. Strategy: Having heavy frontline/backstab appears to work the best here.

Pharaoh (Emperor’s Chambers)

Use: 2 Rez, heal, Archer and Tanks Avoid:

hustle castle ghostly aides

Description: Looks like a skinny mummy

Strategy: Tip: the problem is really that the annoying minion who slashes through the backline do not let him get to the mages. Assassins are good.

Use: Resurrection and Restore mages. Avoid: Archers and assassins. Even if nothing else is available.

Description: Giant. Only his feet are visible in battle. Strategy: to win. Survive three 30-second waves. Tip: Bring an “Once in a while – “ Abyssal Summoning artifact, if available. It will distract the Boss and lessen group hits.

Tip from King Saxomo: It’s classic David vs. Goliath. I use my 4 weakest and have 1-run him 5 out of 6 times.

Tip from Alex in the comments below: Just use rez and heal mages. Our clan has beat him with just 4 mages (3 rez one heal).

Summoner Mage

Use: Mixture (Example: 2 tanks, 2 healers, 2 resurrections, 1 archer, 1 assassin) Avoid:

hustle castle ghostly aides

Description: Large Mage

Mistress (AKA Spider Queen)

Use: Archers, Mage, 1 tank. Avoid:

hustle castle ghostly aides

Description: Mistress Realm Waypoint. She summons mobs of minions but is relatively easy to beat. Strategy: Use lots of range. Can use one tank or assn. mostly mage and summon artifacts.

Use: 2-3 rez, tanks/assassins Avoid:

Description: Red Dragon

Strategy: First he only wounds the back row (archers) with a lava-rock spell, then the middle row where the wizards are, and finally the melee fighters.  Assassins are great here.

Supreme Mage

Use: Balanced group of troops Avoid: Tanks. Could use one but avoid many.

hustle castle ghostly aides

Description: Teleports around the map and damage does area damage.

Strategy: Balanced army

@ matthew adds: For Supreme Mage, using an teleporting assassin works best, or teleporting tank works very well. My wife killed it solo with her assassin.

Use: 2-3 Archers, 5-6 Rez Avoid: Tanks, healers, damage mages, instakill ability.


Vampire Count

Use: All Range troops (Example: 4 archers, 1 dmg mage, 2 rez, 1 healer) Avoid: Insta-kill, Tanks.

hustle castle ghostly aides

Description: Flying Bat

Strategy: Use range. Usually pretty easy to beat.

Calculate Clan War Bonus

24 thoughts on “ Ultimate Hustle Castle Dungeon Boss Guide ”

Overall. Always use the rez ankh on your hero Shorty – just use rez and heal mages. Our clan has beat him with just 4 mages (3 rez one heal). Gatekeeper – bring a self rez rez mage. He stuns mages, so your whole mage line will likely wipe. Then the next phase, the self rez can bring them all back up

Those are great tips. Thanks!

Monstrosity (squid) has changed, the strategy is out of date

You are correct! Thanks for the heads up. Will do an update soon.

Used all tanks on the Invincible Mole/Rat boss.

Agreed that a high DPS set up is critical against this guy. My assassin has 85,000 DPS and wins his duel more often than not.

For Supreme Mage, using an teleporting assassin works best, or teleporting tank works very well. My wife killed it solo with her assassin.

Thanks for the info, Mathew:) I will do an update soon as well.

Lost Temple : Avoid : Archers !! 4 self healing tanks + mages (rez and healing)

Thanks for the update!

Why would you advise tanks with Shorty? It’s never about getting any damage on him, it’s just surviving the timer, so definitely only heal and rez mages. Monstrosity (the squid) you can’t use archers since he’s immune to physical damage, only mages. And now he heals with your healers so best to use only rez and damage mages.

Invincible one probably has a bug. Last time we have nothing good to place on last slots, so we’ve put 1rez+1heal mages. Somehow they were able to “save” each other, and there was duelist+mage attacking boss for a while (before they died).

Boss : Scorpion 3 res, 2 assasins, 2tanks,1arch De tanks en assasins stay good 4ressers looks me even better

your missing the mystic circle, archers and res mages works great for me there

Please add new Boss : Mystic Circle Balanced Troops … 2 Tank … res/heal Mages (4-5) … archer

I’ll update this week. Didn’t notice your comments there. Thx:)

dont use res mages on this for obvious reasons. They are a waste.

Thanks for the feedback. Which Boss were you writing about?

the mystic circle is what I was replying to. Prevents resurrection. Soi the first comment in this thread of res/heal mages… shouldn’t use res, not a huge deal if needed but they don’t get to actually res so dmg/heal would be a better choice.

(link deleted. It did not work)

easy table : how to beat a boss

‘Lost Temple’ is also called as ‘Ronin’ ….. just in the recent event is the name ‘Ronin’ in place

Shorty: It’s classic David vs. Goliath. I use my 4 weakest and have 1-run him 5 out of 6 times.

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Fill your castle with high star dwellers: New babies born in the living room borrow stats and rarity from their parents. This means that if you bring two 1-star residents in the living room, you will get a 1-star baby.

Since these are worthless, you will need to bring your best dwellers in the living room and keep them busy until you have the best possible crew in your castle. This will require time, but here is how to do it:

1. First, mate dwellers without caring too much about star ratings until you fill your castle. Ideally, have 2 star and upwards people in the living room.

2. After filling up your castle, it’s time to be picky. Bring two of your highest star males in the living room (ideally 5 star ones). Rotate ladies there as one woman can get pregnant once per day.

3. Banish the low star dwellers of your castle and keep trying until you have only 5 star ones. This will take time, but now that you have a system in place, it will take a lot less than randomly going about it.

If you want to banish dwellers from your castle, you can do so. Simply tap a dweller, then the hamburger menu near their name, and select the option.

Upgrading : [ ]

When upgrading it is important to upgrade the storage rooms first, especially food and gold. Food is the most important thing you will need the entire game, so the more you can store the more you will be able to collect when you are not playing. Placing dwellers in a room that is upgrading will reduce the upgrade time.

When upgrading your Throne Room a lot of things will become more expensive, so make sure you check the charts before you upgrade your Throne Room.

PVP rating: [ ]

It might be useful to reduce your rating for a few reasons. You will lower your chances of being attacked when you are away and you will be matched with people with lower ratings the next round. If you have a lower rating you have a higher chance to be stronger and thus defeating more and getting the resources.

Especially when you have food left before you go to sleep, just fight and lose on purpose. (you could remove dwellers from your barracks until  you have one left). That way the next day you may be able to defeat everyone because of your lower rating.

If you get attacked when you were away you have the revenge option and it won’t cost food. So that is the best way to reduce your rating, but may not be always available.

Equipment: [ ]

Make sure you equip all dwellers with the highest possible gear. Break all the gear you do not need anymore, be careful of gear for everything else besides your fighters. Always keep six of each item you need for cooks for example, when you upgrade you can have more dwellers in each room.

Once you are able to craft gear use the shards to craft better gear. Save the purple shards for when your fighters are level 70+.

I nvasions & Daily Quests: [ ]

Make sure you finish these every day, you need to collect as much gear as possible. Daily quests give diamonds (you can watch a video for diamonds) and chests.

Diamonds: Getting the Goblin assistant is a no brainer. He is 450 diamonds for 15 days and he will gather resources and complete training when you are away. You will get the diamonds from playing daily so no need to invest any money. Buying Premium when there is a discount may be worth it if you feel like supporting the game.

Friends: [ ]

You can make friends in this game through Facebook. You can sent and receive resources and when you sent to 10 friends you will receive a chest with resources. These chests could be saved for farming dark souls.

Arena brackets list: [ ]

(in bold are the brackets with a lack of players and a long waiting time in queue)

4x30, 4x40, 4x47, 4x55, 4x70 5x40, 5x47, 5x55, 5x62, 5x70, 5x77 , 5x85, 5x92 , 5x100 6x40 , 6x47 , 6x55 , 6x62 , 6x70 , 6x77, 6x85, 6x92, 6x100 

Your bracket calculation:

The left part of your bracket (named A ) is the number of allowed fighters of your barracks.

The right part of your bracket (named B ) is the average level of your best <A> fighters (between all your dwellers, in your whole castle). Note that the average level is always rounded down (for example 47.9 => 47). As soon as your average level is over a bracket level, you go to the next bracket. For example, with an average level of 48, you go to the level 55 bracket. Your bracket is AxB . 

·  In order to win tournaments, try to choose a bracket where you have a good stuff

·  Once you play a tournament on a bracket, you can't go down to a previous bracket

·  In your team you can have some fighters over your bracket theoretical level, your bracket only depends of your best average level

Dark Souls: [ ]

It is a good idea to save food chests for farming dark souls. There are a few levels that will give you the most for the food you need to spent. For lower levels you could farm level 9 and 10 and once you are strong enough you should farm level 30 . Buying a soul stealer for x2 or x3 may be a good idea if you know you could get something you really want. If you save food chests it may be worth it to get Legendary gear.

If you are just starting out, farm as much as you can and buy a chest or some high level gear. Once the dark souls run out, you cannot get any more and you will lose your multiplier. You will have to buy it the next time, so keep in mind those are just a onetime use.

Buying purple shards on a low level may also be a good idea, since they will be needed later on and everything will become more expensive every time you upgrade your Throne Room. The gear you receive on a low level will be destroyed soon anyway, so saving up purple shards will get you good legendary gear when you are on a much higher level. Do not use the purple shards until you’re dwellers are at level 70+, otherwise you will end up destroying the gear when you get to a higher level. NEVER BUY DWELLERS IN DARK SOUL SHOP.

Gembay: [ ]

From the moment you can do Gembay do it twice for free every day. Even if you do not have enough dwellers that are strong enough, just try to farm as much as you can from it for later on.

The chart is still under construction. If you have info to add please comment here.

Hustle castle throne room guide

  • 1 Starter Guide
  • 3 Fighter Training Room

HustlePedia English

HustlePedia English

hustle castle ghostly aides

Update Hustle Castle 1.40.0

In the update that Hustle Castle will announce :

  • Great Knightly Challenge with a huge variety of unique rewards.
  • Gem upgrade functionality improved.
  • Players can exit neighborhoods in the Clan Territory at will.
  • Changes to gem chests in the castle store.
  • The ability to link My.Games accounts We will provide the event date and more info as soon as the update is completely active.

Triggered: At the start of the battle The owner of the artifact gradually increases his maximum health by {} for {} s. After that, he becomes worthy and frees the king’s power. A powerful explosion occurs, which deals {} damage in a large radius, after which all opponents cannot use the weapon’s abilities for {} s.

Rune of Transformation :

The owner of the artifact gradually increases his maximum health by {} for {} s. After that, he becomes worthy and frees the king’s power. A powerful explosion occurs, which deals {} damage in a large radius, after which all opponents cannot use the weapon’s abilities for {} s. In this case, the following {} attacks of the owner of the artifact ignore all the enemy’s armor.

Once every time, sets fire to the enemy with the lowest current health. Fire deals {} damage to the enemy for {} s. and instantly kills if his health drops to {} from maximum.

With of Wisdom :

Once every time, sets fire to the enemy with the lowest current health. Fire deals {} damage to the enemy for {} s. and instantly kills if his health drops to {} from maximum. At the same time, the murder causes fear in all opponents for {} s.

Mage Armor :

When using a weapon ability, a fighter with a {} chance can entangle the nearest enemy with roots and bring him out of equilibrium by {} s.

Rune of Magic :

When using a weapon ability, a fighter with a {} chance can entangle up to two closest opponents with roots and unbalance them for {} s.

Once in a while, the fighter delivers a crushing blow that explodes and ignites enemies in a small radius around the target. Burning enemies deal {} less weapon damage and take damage equal to {} their maximum health for {} s.

Tank Armor :

Once every time, a fighter receives a shield that reduces damage taken from attacks by enemy warriors by {}, reflects attacks of enemy mages and archers, inflicting {} from their damage.

Rune of Tenacity :

Once every time, a fighter receives a shield that reduces damage taken from attacks by enemy warriors by {}, reflects attacks and weapon abilities of enemy mages and archers, inflicting {} on them from their damage.

Once in a while, throws a grenade at the enemy, which deals {} damage to the target. After the explosion of the grenade, random enemies are hit by shrapnel, which inflict {} from the maximum health of the main target of the ability.

Archer Armor :

Each time an opponent uses an armor ability, the fighter gains a charge. The next critical attack will inflict additional {} damage on the target for each charge, after which the charges will be removed and will be accumulated again. Maximum {} charges at a time.

Rune of Rage :

Each time an opponent uses an armor ability, the fighter gains a charge. The next critical attack will inflict additional {} damage on the target for each charge and stun for {disableDuration} s, after which the charges will be removed and will be accumulated again. Maximum {} charges at a time.

Each time an allied mage uses a weapon ability, the ring’s owner gains a charge that increases his magic power by {} from that ally’s magic power. The effect stacks up to {stackLimit} times. Charges are discharged after {} s. or when a fighter uses a weapon ability.

Once in some time, a smoke screen appears around the owner, which prevents enemy mages and archers from attacking or targeting the fighter’s spells. Valid {} s.

Spear (Tank(T10/11) :

Once in a while, a fighter throws spears at {maxTargetCount} random opponents. This can trigger all weapon effects.

Otoruk Set (Orb/Mage)

hustle castle ghostly aides

Launches a ghostly hand at an enemy every time, dealing {} damage.

At the same time, in a large radius around, ghostly hands begin to spread, entangling opponents. All enemies hit are slowed down and take {magicalDamageAbsolute} damage over {} seconds.

At the same time, ghostly hands begin to spread throughout the battlefield, entangling opponents. All enemies hit are slowed down and take {} damage for {} s. Once in a while, in the absence of living allied warriors, it turns into a terrible ghost that fights in close combat. His health becomes equal to {}, attacks do {} damage. In doing so, he forces all opponents to attack him. After the death of the ghost, it appears with full health. The ghost also has the following abilities: Once in a while scares all opponents in a small radius around for {} s. After the end of the fear, all opponents cannot use their abilities for {} s. Once every time, it deals damage to all enemies in a large radius around. The damage is equal to {} from the attack.

Van Helsong (Bow/Archer)

hustle castle ghostly aides

Once in a while Helsong sings one of his songs: All enemies’ outgoing damage is reduced by {damageModifier}, and their armor is reduced by {statModifierRelative_PHYSICAL_ARMOR}. The effect lasts {buffDuration} s. Increases the damage dealt by all allies’ next attack by {damageModifier}.

Places a shield with {absorbUnspecifiedDamageAbsolute} on all allies. Heals all allies on {heal}.

Deals {magicalDamageAbsolute} damage to all enemies. Once in a while, Helsong masterly plays all his songs at once, the effect of the songs is enhanced and lasts for {buffDuration} seconds: The outgoing damage of all opponents is reduced by {damageModifier}, and their armor is reduced by {statModifierRelative_PHYSICAL_ARMOR}. Increases the outgoing damage of all allies by {damageModifier}. Imposes a shield with {absorbUnspecifiedDamageAbsolute} on all allies. Heals all allies for {heal}. Deals {magicalDamageAbsolute} damage to all enemies.

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