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‘Below Deck’ Charter Guests Break Silence On Low Tip Controversy

Below Deck Charter Guests Break Silence On Low Tip Controversy [Credit: YouTube]

The charter guests of Below Deck Sailing Yacht are speaking out about that low tip. In the Monday, March 14, episode, the notorious charter guests only tipped $6,500, which is the lowest in the show’s history. The charter guests are already making history for all the wrong reasons. Fans called them the worst charter guests in Below Deck history.

Erica Rose returned with her mom, Cindi Rae Rose, and her husband, Charles Sanders. Chief stew Daisy Kelliher was not excited about her returning, and the two have been in a war of words ever since. In fact, the charter guests haven’t stopped talking about their time on the yacht.

Erica Rose explains the reason for the low tip

Erica made an appearance on the Another Below Deck podcast . She explained that her fellow guests refused to contribute to their tip. The group knew they were responsible for the tip. While they were aware of the rules, they didn’t want to tip the hard-working crew members.

“The whole group is responsible for tipping. We had to pick up the slack for everyone else because no one else tipped.”

As Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans know, the crew busted their behinds to make the charter guests happy. In a previous episode, Erica’s husband Charles received backlash for calling the food “disgusting” and that he had better at a “ballpark.” He claims that producers told him to call out Chef Marco Spaziani’s food.

Below Deck Charter Guests Charles And Erica [Credit: Instagram]

The couple said that all of the guests had to contribute to the tip. If that were the case, that would’ve brought the tip to $25,000. She claims they had a serious conversation about the tip before leaving the boat. Yet, her former friends have a different story as well as the proof.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 crew got the worst tip in history

Both Erica and Charles got called out for their lies. Per Monsters & Critics , fellow charter guests Rhett and Janelle Flatt said they have proof of a conversation she had with Erica. Janelle took to her Instagram account to share screenshots of their text message exchange. She claims that Erica lied about the tip.

In the text message exchange, Janelle asked Erica how much they should tip the crew. Erica responded, “Our price includes tip! We can bring cash and tip extra if we want. I over tipped last time. I think prices is ($) 5000/ per person including tip!! Not per couple. [SIC].”

Erica also seemingly wrote, “So it’s like ($) 3,000 per person, the $900 required tip and then ($)1,100 airfare is how it comes out to $5,000.”

Rhett became the hero of the show when he called out Charles for slamming the food. In another scene at their beach lunch, Charles called Janelle a “b***,” Rhett approached him and threatened to punch him out. Many Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans praised him for it. Janelle had more to say on Instagram and said they were never friends of Erica and Charles.

Janelle is a hairstylist and Erica was one of her clients. Erica invited her to the yacht trip, and of course, she wanted to go. But the moment they left the yacht, she fired Erica. The two are no longer speaking.

What are your thoughts on the tip? Do you agree that it’s the worst in the show’s history? Sound off below in the comment section. Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET, on Bravo.

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Haha, sure. You understand that no one believes your made up story.

Not just the worst guests, Charles, Erica, and Cindi are horrible humans. However, producers do pull people aside and give directions for story line. Charles may be telling the truth about that one thing, especially since he praised the dinner at first. Best dinner he ever had, apparently. I wish producers would stop. It doesn’t have to be drama all the time!!!

The most classless was LaQuisah from episode 13 season 10. She requested gold steak. She was a pain in the a– 7 a HUGE glutton. You can tell that she eats at Popeyes, and Red Lobster, and would take all the shrimp even if she didn’t eat it.

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht: All The Charter Guests From Season 3

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Charter Guests Dawn Zacha & Husband Tim Miller

Below Deck fans always want to learn more about the charter guests that come on the show. In Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 , a lot of colorful characters paid to be charter guests on Parsifal III .

Like most seasons of Below Deck , BDSY season 3 included some charter guests who were total nightmares for the crew to please. Meanwhile others were polite and kind. Here are all the BD SY primary charter guests, and many of their friends also on the show, from season 3. The total charter tip money given by each group is also included.

Wedding Charter Guests Allegra & Gabe From Charter 9

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Allegra and Gabe ‘s wedding on the beach had Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and Captain Glenn Shephard emotional because of the beautiful ceremony. Co-primary charter guests Matt and Laura, along with other friends, watched their good friends tie the knot. Chef Marcos faced a challenging group of guests and had to make a gluten-free wedding cake.

Junior Stew Ashley Marti got high praise from Daisy and fans for her work preparing the wedding.

Primary Charter Guest Lane Merrifield & Other Guests From Charter 8

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Rich Canadian tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Club Penguin Lane Merrifield brought along a group of friends and his fiancé Amanda. This group of Canadians had a blast partying on the yacht, despite not being able to sail. They showed the crew how to do a hurricane, in which you take a shot, then have someone throw water in your face and slap you. They also had a sailing competition against the crew, which they narrowly lost.

Chef Marcos was put to the test because Lane requested molecular gastronomy , but as always, he rose to the challenge and wowed the guests.

These “classiest, funniest and kindest” charter guests left the crew the best tip of the season, $23,000 or $2,555 per crew member.

Primary Charter Guest Keely Washburn & Other Guests From Charter 7

Everything To Know About Keely Washburn & Other Charter Guests On Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3

“Aspiring real estate agent” Keely Washburn, her friends and their moms were the guests on charter 7. This group of charter guests were well-behaved compared to Dr. Kim Nichols and Erica Rose’s groups.

The other charter guests alongside Keely were: friend Jennifer Husk, Husk’s mom Susan, friend Belinda Benham, Benham’s mom Debbie, friend Bailey Fuller, Bailey’s mom Wendy, and friend Jess Cimato.

The ladies didn’t get a lot of screen time to drama happening between the crew, but the most memorable moment was when some of the ladies called Chef Marcos “muy caliente” several times.

Keely and her gang left the crew $16,400, $1,820 for each crew member.

Primary Dr. Kim Nichols & Other Charter Guests From Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Charter 6

Charter Guest Dr. Kim Nichols From Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Dr. Kim Nichols hasn’t yet come aboard Parsifal but she’s already making waves. Her preference sheet was read out by Captain Glenn Shephard in episode 10 and she wants all the crew to refer to her as “Dr. Nichols”.

Kim is a self-described celebrity cosmetic dermatologist with her own practice, called SkinLab , based in Greenwich, Connecticut. She is happily married to attorney Chris Cabanillas and is a mom of three children.

Kim made TV appearances on Megyn Kelly and Dr. Oz’s shows. Dr. Nichols’ Instagram mostly includes work-related posts of her and her employees conducting procedures and skincare advice.

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Kim and her husband Chris chartered Parsifal III with their friends: Investment banker Dino and his wife Donna, Miami surgeon Pedro and his wife Adriana. The group tipped the crew $20,000, which resulted in each cast member making $2,500.

Primary Charter Guest Dawn, Husband & Friends From Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Charter 5

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

On charter 5 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3, charter guests Dawn Zacha and her husband Tim Miller join the crew to sail. The other guests on the charter include their friends: Marni and her husband Brian, Lauren and her husband Jamie.

On Dawn’s Instagram , she shares pictures of her enjoying life in Chicago with husband Tim and their daughter. Dawn’s an independent sales professional, vegan foodie who loves bikinis, yoga and dance. Her husband Tim is a software company CEO who loves sailing on Lake Michigan.

Her friends and husband don’t have their Instagram accounts set to private. On the show they have been relatively tame compared to other charter guests.

These charter guests were pleased with the service, and Dawn enjoyed her vegan meals. They left a generous charter tip of $20,000 or $2,500 for each crew member remaining after Tom’s firing.

4th Charter: Charter Guests Jim Blumenthal, Veronica, Chris, Ken, Rick & Marni

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Primary charter guest Jim Blumenthal owns businesses in Boulder, Colorado. He’s the President of Trailer Source and owns an RV dealership, per LinkedIn .

Jim and his friends were fairly easy-going while on the show, except they made the crew do a talent show. His long-term girlfriend Veronica stipulated the sailing yacht should be full of flowers. She’s a registered nurse.

Jim’s good friend Ken is another charter guest on the boat. He’s also a businessman who owns and operates office buildings. He’s a self-described comedian and is married to his wife Chris. She is in charge of the upkeep for their “multiple” homes across the US.

Jim and Veronica’s other friends invited as charter guests were Rick and Marni. Rick is a retired tech company executive and his wife Marni is in sales. Rick also loves to try rare and expensive wines.

Jim, Veronica and Co. left the cast a great tip of $21,000, or $25,030 for each crew member. Tom was fired in the middle of charter, so he was given only $760 in tip money.

3rd Charter: Charter Guests James Cox Junior, Bunny & Brother Tyler

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Charter Guests James Cox, Bunny, and Tyler

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 charter guests James Cox Junior, his brother Tyler Cox , their “cougar” friend Amy “Bunny” Dunn and the guys’ dad James Cox Senior all had a blast on Parsifal III.

On their charter, the group had a great time despite the lack of wind for sailing. Tyler, a wine connoisseur, imbibed too much and passed out cold at the first dinner. Tyler took over the family tile business based in Florida. Meanwhile, James Jr. is a successful real estate broker based in Manhattan, New York.

Their long-time friend Amy Dunn posted on Instagram a lot on their trip. Amy, a stunning 51, had fun hitting on the male crew members.

James Sr. celebrated his 75th birthday while on the sailing yacht.

This group of guests gave the crew a tip total of $16,000 or $1,778 per person.

2nd Charter: Charter Guests Erica Rose & Charles Sanders

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Charter Guests Erica Rose and Husband Charles Sanders

Reality TV lover Erica Rose and her husband Charles Sanders made their mark in Below Deck charter guest history. They will not soon be forgotten as some of the worst charter guests to disgrace themselves on a yacht.

Erica Rose is an Instagram influencer and lawyer from Houston, Texas. She is an aspiring reality TV star who has been on The Bachelor , Bachelor Pad , Dr. Phil and Inside Edition . She has two daughters, one with Charles “Chuck” and one with her ex fiance.

Charles is also a lawyer, and shares a practice with Erica . He focuses on auto injury law. Charles gave a crying apology for his appalling behavior while on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

Erica’s mom Cindi Rose was also on the charter. She added to the madness of the charter by staining a white couch with brown bronzer and arriving late after getting kicked off a flight.

This Erica Rose’s infamous group of charter guests gave a pathetic $6,500 tip to the crew. This meant crew members only received only $722 each for the charter.

1st Charter: Primary Charter Guest McCordia Young

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Primary Charter Guest McCordia Young & Friends

Washington DC real estate investor McCordia Young and the other charter guests were a relatively tame group compared to Erica Rose’s family.

They kept Chef Marcos very busy in the galley due to their insatiable appetites. Things took a bad turn when McCordia got too drunk and was sexually harassing Gabriela Barragan . She brushed off his inappropriate advances like a pro.

McCordia’s friends on the charter with him included his ex lover and business partner Norman Slye-Hawkins . He also invited other real estate agents including Leisel Taylor, Arnita Greene, Aliya Johnson.

McCordia and the other charter guests gave a total tip of $17,600. Each crew member received $1,955 in total tip money from the first charter.

This article will be updated with the latest on new charter guests from this season.

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Recap: Kiss and Tell

Below deck sailing yacht.

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Is it just me, or have almost all of the intense and dramatic moments teased so far been a letdown? We’re now five episodes in and all we’ve gotten is petty bickering, constant conversations about who likes who, and Gary being ickier than ever, none of which have led to anything substantial.

This episode opens with Gary and Mads still kissing in the Jacuzzi as Alex stumbles through the boat. Colin awakens to find him eating alone in the crew mess and asks if Gary, whom Alex calls “fucking Farquaad,” is “cutting your lunch.” “Leaving the girl you like in the hot tub with Gary is like waving a banana in front of a monkey and expecting him not to eat it,” Colin — the only person of sound mind on the boat — tells us.

The next morning, Lucy continues her streak of being a klutz by hitting her face on her bed’s guardrail. It’s the day before the third charter, so everyone’s recapping the previous night. Colin asks the guys if they hooked up with anyone, and Gary says he doesn’t remember. Chase, on the other hand, is “done with the lady situation” to avoid tension between him and Alex. Meanwhile, Alex worries his excessive drinking may have “fucked up [his] chances with Mads,” which may be true now but doesn’t matter in the long run because, remember, she has low standards.

Gary and Colin head outside to chat, and Gary says that “a man never tells his secrets” before admitting that he and Mads kissed but that he feels bad because the other guys like her. He has never been one to think first before acting. At the same time, Mads spills about her and “Gazza” to Lucy, who says it was “fucking obvious.” When asked if it was a good kiss, Mads says she “wished I made out with other people.”

At the preference sheet meeting, we learn the next primary is John Cerasani, a “serial entrepreneur” celebrating his new book with his girlfriend Natalia, daughter Anastasia, son Jacob, and friends TJ and Lauren. Ileisha is provided with a lengthy list of dietary restrictions, but she doesn’t seem overly stressed about it. Once that’s out of the way, Captain Glenn announces that a stew will accompany guests when leaving the boat from now on because it looks more professional. This frustrates Daisy, who believes it’s a waste of the interior’s time. “If I notice things that need to be adjusted, I’m going to challenge my team to make those adjustments,” Captain Glenn shares. Sure, but this is something that should’ve been discussed privately with Daisy rather than calling her out in front of her co-workers.

After that’s over, Gary attempts to chat with Mads about the makeout, and she brushes it off because she doesn’t feel like talking about it. “I had fun; I’m just not trying to start drama,” she tells him. Elsewhere on the boat, Colin and Daisy flirt while he fixes a broken drawer. Colin asks if she hooked up with someone, and Daisy says she’s “staying away from everyone.” Colin plans on doing the same because the “two young girls are too young,” and he isn’t attracted to them. Gary could never!

Gary then checks on the guys and pulls Alex aside to inform him about the Jacuzzi hookup. Gary adds that he’ll “back off” if Alex likes Mads, which he should’ve considered beforehand. Interestingly, he doesn’t extend the same courtesy to Chase, who told him he liked her. In a confessional, Alex, who thinks this was a “strange move,” shares his thoughts: “What do you want me to say, thanks for hooking up with the girl I like?” Gary’s shenanigans are starting to get old.

In the evening, while having drinks outside, we learn that Ileisha used to be a contortionist in a local circus growing up. She has lived so many lives. Mads then tells us that she only really smooched Gary because Alex was drunk and “a girl needs her needs met.” Fair. The following day, Gary tells Colin he thinks Mads only hooked up with him because, as Colin puts it, he was the “last man standing,” which is true. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Meanwhile, Chase is thrilled about being assigned anchor watch this charter because he needs a “break from Gary bitching about everything I do wrong.” He adds, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” I, too, welcome this break from their annoying drama.

The guests finally arrive, and it’s immediately clear that they’re a demanding bunch. Mads says that John radiates “high-school douchebag vibes,” and I couldn’t agree more. After Daisy shows them around, they head up to the flybridge to take in the view while enjoying Ileisha’s hors d’oeuvre and requesting countless drinks.

Captain Glenn tells Gary that a deckhand needs to drive the tender rather than towing it like usual, which introduces a new issue for him and Daisy to bicker about. Gary tells Daisy that a stew should learn how to drive the tender to help out, and Daisy is rightfully “flabbergasted” by the request. “I think Gary thinks I’m sexy when I’m angry,” she tells us before adding that she’s mad and currently  not  feeling sexy. Gary whines to Captain Glenn and Colin about how he always helps out the interior, but Daisy never returns the favor. Captain Glenn’s response: “Have you guys set a date for the wedding?”

Outside, John is showing off his cockiness as Anastasia records a video of him flaunting his chain necklace while saying, “I’m on a yacht, motherfucker!” Captain Glenn then captivates the guests with his sailing, which goes smoothly (sorry). Afterward, John really wants Captain Glenn to wear his chain for some reason, so he agrees and takes photos wearing it, which gets some laughs from Colin and Gary.

Throughout all this, the interior attempts to keep up with the guests’ constant requests. Daisy thinks the guests will “ask for everything under the sun,” and she’s right. “Nobody sees how many directions we’re being pulled in,” she expresses before mocking Gary’s request of having a stew drive the tender. Agreed, and I don’t like how Captain Glenn refrains from coming to the interior’s defense in situations like this one.

Once they drop anchor and the guests go out for water sports, Daisy starts planning the ’90s theme party they requested and suggests a Spice Girls–inspired crew performance. She asks Gary to be involved, and he agrees but complains about his doing her yet another favor. Babe, briefly having to entertain guests is  not  the same as asking a stew to stop working to drive a boat!

As Gary and Captain Glenn chat in the laz, Jacob, who was warned to keep a distance when using the eFoil, crashes into TJ. And with that, we have this season’s first guest injury, and it’s a bad one. TJ says he’s fine, but the gnarly gash on his head says otherwise. Captain Glenn calls a medic, who arrives shortly after and determines that TJ must go to the hospital. This kills the vibe and alters Ileisha’s original plan of having vegetarian dishes for dinner, but, as John decides, the night must go on.

At dinner, John thinks crew members should fill the empty seats at the table, and Jacob requests that Gary join them. Daisy is annoyed because she thinks “me serving Gary is a sick joke,” so she suggests that he be at dinner the following night. Is this going to be a recurring theme this season? Does the crew not already have enough on their plates that they have to add last-minute crew-guest meals to the list??

Next, the crew gets ready for the tacky theme party (which should be banned from the  BD -verse). Chase wears Daisy’s leopard-print dress, Mads sports an orange wig, and Gary wears a sports bra and short shorts because he’s Sporty Spice, though Chase says he’s “more like Old Spice or Hairy Spice.” Nothing about the décor for the evening — a depressing display of colorful lights and some balloons — feels reminiscent of the 1990s. Even I, someone who wasn’t alive in that decade, am aware of that. Without Gary’s hyper energy, the “performance” would’ve been even cringier. However, the guests are so preoccupied with TJ and Lauren, who have yet to return from shore, that they don’t notice the absence of the gelato station requested on their preference sheet.

The next morning, John grows more worried after waking up to find TJ and Lauren’s beds left untouched. His phone calls to TJ won’t go through, so Chase wakes up Captain Glenn to update him on the situation. But after being sent to voice-mail several times, John is able to get ahold of TJ, who says that he has yet to be seen by a doctor but will be “ready to rage” soon. Talk about an anticlimactic conclusion to a tense moment.

As TJ and Lauren return via water taxi, Alex and Lucy head to the beach to set up for a trip requested by the guests. It doesn’t take them long to get everything ready, so they’re left sitting on the beach doing nothing. Meanwhile, the guests are requesting things left and right, which makes Daisy feel “like I’m drowning” and unable to keep “things under control.” The episode ends with Daisy going to her room to presumably have a breakdown, and I feel awful for her. Based on next week’s preview — in which she cries at the tip meeting — it’ll only get worse.

  • below deck sailing yacht

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below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

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Daisy Kelliher dishes Below Deck Sailing Yacht success, reveals if she still stalks to Gary King after scandal

Daisy Kelliher on BDS Season 4

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher has dished about her success on the hit show ahead of Season 5.

Daisy has appeared on three seasons of Below Deck Sailing Yacht and helped turn the show around after a lackluster first season.

Despite a serious rift in the dream team trio of Colin, Daisy, and Gary following Season 4, fans still can’t get enough of them.

Ahead of her fourth stint on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy has opened up about life following her success and how she ended up on the show.

Daisy lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic and at the urging of friends, she applied to be on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Speaking with The Irish Independent, Daisy admitted that a couple of weeks after applying, she was filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 in Croatia.

Daisy Kelliher dishes Below Deck Sailing Yacht success

Although it may seem like Daisy’s life has changed drastically since she became a staple on the sailing franchise, she insists that’s not the case.

“My life hasn’t changed dramatically, but there have been small, subtle changes – it’s been fun,” she expressed to the outlet.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, one big change for Daisy is her new friendship with Hollywood A-list star Christina Applegate.

Daisy also looked back on her life since her Below Deck Sailing Yacht debut, admitting she didn’t think she would get the gig, but is beyond happy she did.

“The last three years have been kind of a whirlwind, I really can’t complain. I’m getting to do all my yachting work and slowly getting to do other things as well,” Daisy stated.

With her fourth season hitting Bravo airwaves this year, one can’t help but wonder how much longer Daisy will still be on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

“I’m just being a ‘yes person’ at the moment. The last few years have changed very quickly, so my attitude right now is just saying yes and seeing where things take me,” Daisy spilled. “I’ve done everything from podcasts to the show, to still doing both, so every day is very different. I don’t know what the future holds right now.”

Along with opening up about her success on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy also shared if she still speaks to Gary following sexual misconduct allegations against him.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Daisy (@daisykelliher87)

Daisy Kelliher reveals if she still talks to Gary King

Last summer, Gary was accused of sexual misconduct by a production team member. However, even before that, Daisy and Gary were at odds over things that went down during Season 4, especially her hooking up with Colin.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans have wondered where Daisy and Gary stand today following the scandal and their fallout. After all, Gary was removed from BravoCon after the allegations against him came to light, so no resolution to his and Daisy’s friendship was revealed there.

During an Instagram Stories Q&A session, Daisy asked who she talks to from the show. Dani Soares and Gary were two names Daisy brought up immediately.

Daisy Kelliher IG Story

Although she did mention she keeps in touch with others like Alli Dore, Daisy also declared that they all simply live different lives. Daisy confirmed that no other cast members from Below Deck Sailing Yacht live in London, where she resides.

Daisy frequently hangs with Below Deck stars Fraser Olender and Hayley De Sola Pinto. She also spends time with Below Deck Med alum Courtney Veale since they live in London.

The wait to see Daisy Kelliher back on Below Deck Sailing Yacht won’t be much longer. Captain Glenn hinted at when the Parsifal III crew will be back, and you can read what he had to say here.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-4 are streaming on Peacock.


below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Daisy Goes Crazy

Welcome to  Below Deck Sailing Yacht  Season 4, Episode 5, where we find Gary King and Madison “Mads” Herrera still making out in the jacuzzi. It was 3:14 am and everyone else had gone to bed. A drunken Alex Propson was having a bedtime snack in the galley. As he staggered off to bed, Gary and Mads finally decided to call it a day, too.

Memories are hazy

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

The next morning as the guys were waking up in their cabin, Colin MacRae asked, “Did anyone hook up with anyone last night?”

Sleepily, Gary answered, “[Bleep], I don’t know. I don’t think so.” So he doesn’t remember Mads almost drowning him in the hot tub then?

Chase Lemacks admitted, “Yeah, I’m done with the lady situation, boys.” That’s because loser Chase has no game. He can’t compete with the smooth moves of Gary and Alex.

“They all love Fabio,” he whined into his pillow. “I feel like if I try to pursue anything now, it’s just going to make tension with me and Alex, and I don’t really want to have a f***ing miserable charter season.” So he totally missed drunken Alex going below for a snack and Gary moving in on Mads. So did Alex apparently. But it doesn’t matter, because Gary doesn’t remember anything either! Or so he says.

Meanwhile, Alex was helping Mads with the cleanup, while wearing a pair of shades to protect his eyes. “I think I may have drank a little bit too much,” he said in an interview, “cause I’m pretty sure that I blacked out.” Yup, you did, buddy. He was also pretty sure he “f***ed up his chances” with Mads. What he doesn’t know is that Gary picked up that ball and ran with it.

Up on deck, Colin was filling Gary in, “I heard it was just you and Mads in the f***ing jacuzzi at the end.”

“Was it?” Gary innocently asked. “Oh, yeah, it might have been.”

“What did you do?” Colin said in a sing-song voice.

“A man never tells his secrets,” Gary laughed. Especially if that man doesn’t remember anything about last night.

Prepping for Charter 3

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Trying to recover from their hangovers, the crew went about getting the Parsifal III ready for the next charter. Speaking of which, Captain Glenn Shephard called for Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher , First Mate Gary and Chef Ileisha Dell to meet him in the crew mess for a preference sheet meeting.

When he saw that the guests were requesting a beach picnic on their second day, Captain Glenn reiterated that whenever the guests leave the boat, there should be a member of the interior crew to serve drinks while they’re away.

“To serve beer and wine in the tender is a pretty basic thing,” Daisy pushed back. “They’re kind of f***ing around in the tender for a couple of hours. We can do a lot on the boat [in that time].”

“It’s the same for the deck department,” Glenn countered. “There’s tons of stuff for them to polish and clean, and they’re f***ing around in the boat. If all of the guests [are] off the boat, I think we can afford to send to send one from each department. It adds a level of higher service and professionalism.” Give it up, Daisy. You’re not gonna win this one.

“Okay,” Daisy grudgingly conceeded. “If you want it, that’s fine.” I think what you meant to say, Dais, was, “Aye aye, Captain!”

“The guests should always feel like they’re being waited on hand and foot,” Glenn added.

“Honestly, Glenn,” Daisy blurted. “If you want it, I will do it.” All righty then. Glad that’s settled.

And with the meeting concluded, Glenn dismissed everyone with, “Let’s get crackin’ on it. Thank you very much.”

Colin and Daisy: Is there something stewing?

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

While Gary was pressing a reluctant Mads for a critique of their makeout session the previous night, Colin was attempting to repair a cabinet in the galley. When Daisy knelt down to check on him, he asked her, “Make out with anyone last night?”

She answered, “No,” and he quickly said, “Don’t lie!”

“I didn’t!” she insisted. “I’m not hooking up with anyone. I’m staying away from everyone.” Meaning Gary?

“I think that’s my plan as well,” Colin told her. “The two young girls [Mads and Lucy Edmunds ] are too young. Chef’s got a boyfriend. Not that I find any of them attractive anyway, in that way.”

“Or you,” he added. Really, Colin? We’ll see about that .

“Well, I’m not hooking up with anyone,” Daisy told Colin, as she batted her eyelashes and gave him a big smile.

“Good chat,” she finished, patting Colin on the belly and rising to leave.

In the meantime, Gary found Alex on deck. “I’m going to tell you something,” he began. “I hooked up with Mads last night.”

“Did you really?” Alex asked.

“Well, we just kissed,” Gary admitted. “[But] if you are into her, I will back off, because I don’t want to piss you off. I enjoy working with you.”

Even though he told his boss, “No, you’re good, bro,” Alex clearly thought it was weird for Gary to be talking to him about Mads.

“What do you want me to say?” Alex said in an interview. “Thanks for hooking up with the girl that I like?” Awkward.

Last night before charter

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

As the work day wound down, Chase and Lucy headed off to their respective cabins to get some rest. Mads was taking a second run at Alex, aka “Fabio.”

“Let’s talk about you,” she told him. “What are you interested in?”

Apparently Alex was still mad about the kiss between her and Gary and wanted to talk about that .

“Nope,” Mads replied. “Next. That bastard.” She wasn’t happy that Gary had told Alex about their kiss in the jacuzzi.

“I would have rather not made out with Gary at all,” Mads admitted in an interview. “But Alex was very, very drunk, and a girl needs her needs met. Oh, I’m such a bitch.”

At the same time, Ileisha was up on deck telling everyone about her days in the circus as a contortionist. She did a quick backbend, a walkover and the splits to demonstrate what she could do, even though she claimed, “I’m old now.”

“It was called the Spaghetti Circus,” Ileisha laughed, “and I was really good at the unicycle. I’m a circus girl!”

No drunken carousing tonight, I guess. I was looking forward to seeing who’d be hooking up in the hot tub.

The charter guests arrive

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

“Welcome to Sardinia!” Captain Glenn greeted them.

As soon as he stepped onto the boat, Primary Guest John stripped off his shirt. “It’s hot out,” he claimed. “I was sweating through the damn thing.”

“Well then you definitely need one of these,” Mads said, offering him a cool towel. She added in an interview, “He gives me high school douchebag vibes.”

After welcoming the guests to the Parsifal, Daisy took them on their tour of the boat, while the deck crew loaded their luggage on board. Somewhere along the way John found another shirt, because he was once again wearing clothes.

As soon as the lines were all on board, Glenn pulled away from the dock. He told Gary they’d need to put someone into the tender and follow the boat, since Italian law prohibits towing a tender to the place they would be anchoring.

Daisy and Gary got into a misunderstanding when he started to tell her about the towing situation, and she put her hands over her ears. He got offended, but she assured him she was just joking.

After Daisy went below, he complained to Glenn and Colin. “As soon as that chick needs something,” he said, “you must bend over backwards. But as soon as you ask a favor, it’s f***ing, ‘I don’t want to hear it!'”

“Have you guys set a date for the wedding?” Glenn joked. Good one, Glenn.

Meanwhile down below, Daisy was perplexed whether Gary was serious or not. “I know Gary thinks I’m sexy when I’m angry,” she said, “but I’ll tell you something. I’m f***ing pissed, and I definitely don’t feel sexy.”

Time to go for a sail! As the sails were going up, the interior crew was busy making sure everything was securely stowed away for heeling over.

“Daisy, Daisy,” radioed Glenn, “we’re starting to sail now.”

And the guests were thrilled. “This is so cool!!!” they said, as everything below deck began to slide to one side of the boat.

Evidently, Charter Guest John thought it would be cool to have Glenn wear his giant, douchy gold chain necklace while sailing the boat. “My dad and I were wondering if you would wear this,” his daughter told Glenn, handing him the chain.

“Yeah, absolutely!” Glenn agreed. Anything for that fat tip, right?

These guests were very demanding. Within the space of about five minutes they asked Lucy for a cookies and cream milkshake, another espresso martini, an aperol spritz, some water and a grilled cheese. Come on, people! She’s only one person. Oh, and a football (American football, please).

Approaching the galley timidly, Lucy asked Ileisha, “Don’t bite my head off, but can I please have a grilled cheese?”

“A toastie?” Ileisha clarified, speaking in British.

“I think these guests are going to ask for everything under the sun,” Daisy predicted. Why not? They’re paying for it.

When water toys attack

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Once the Parsifal reached the anchorage, it was time for toys. All the water toys were brought out and everyone started playing in the warm Mediterranean. Gary demonstrated how to operate the e-foils. “Just don’t get too close to each other when you’re out there,” he warned.

Of course, two of the guests got too close and collided with each other. “I just heard a crack, dude,” said Glenn with concern.

When they returned to the floating dock, Glenn asked if they were all right. The older man, TJ, said he was okay, other than getting hit in the head “a little bit.”

“Hang on a second,” Glenn objected. “You’re not fine. You’re bleeding.” While Glenn put the guest under the outside shower to wash off the blood, Gary ran below to find something to press against the cut to staunch the flow.

Gary was pissed that the two guests ran into each other, when there’s “literally miles of ocean to play in.” Accidents happen, though, especially when one of those involved is a teenager who might not have been paying attention.

Deciding that TJ didn’t seem concussed, Glenn advised him to go sit upstairs on the deck and relax for a while. Gary bandaged his head, while he sat in a deck chair. Just to be on the safe side, Glenn phoned the local medic to come take a look at the man’s injury.

Determining himself to be “retired from water sports,” TJ relaxed in his cabin, while his wife/girlfriend hovered over him. Glenn told Daisy and Ileisha to push dinner back a bit, since the medic would be coming in about an hour to check out the head injury.

Eventually, Conor the Medic arrived and examined TJ’s head injury. When he asked what happened, TJ cracked, “Somebody threw a harpoon at me or something.”

Sadly, Conor decided that TJ’s cut would need stitches and suggested he go to an emergency clinic. “It’s still bleeding,” he said. “It needs stitches.” So TJ and his partner headed off to the clinic.

Without a doubt, Ileisha’s job just got a lot easier. Not only would there be two fewer guests for dinner, but Mr. and Mrs. TJ were also the vegetarians, which eliminated the need for her to prepare the meatless entrees.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

As the family headed to the table, John joked, “We have two extra seats at the table now, cause Jacob knocked out two of our guests. So maybe we should invite some other people to join us.”

“Oh my god!” moaned Jacob at his dad’s lameness.

But John was serious. “Who shall we invite?” he asked. “How about someone on the staff?”

“Gary!” Jacob grinned. “Gary, yeah!”

“Jacob wants to invite Gary to dinner,” John told Daisy, as she was serving the food. “Is he available?” Did Ileisha prepare enough food for Gary is a better question.

Daisy said she’d go and find out. “Like is this f***ing happening right now?” she interviewed. “After a day like today, me serving Gary . . . this has to be a sick joke. Today is a f***ing day.”

“Hey, Gary,” Daisy told him, “they want to invite you to dinner, but I’m not going to do that to Ileisha. But can you join tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I’ll do tomorrow,” Gary agreed.

“[Bleep] if he’s having dinner with the guests on my watch,” Daisy said in an interview. “Not today. It’s just not happening.”

When she returned to the guests, she told them, “I just spoke to Gary. He has a bit on because of everything that was happening. But tomorrow night, does that work?”

As the guests were enjoying their steak dinner (which looked delicious, by the way), Daisy told the girls to get ready for the 90s party. They were planning to do a Spice Girls theme, including Gary and Alex since they were a couple of Spices short.

Daisy called Alex and Gary to the crew mess to get ready. “When Daisy calls, Gary listens,” Gary cracked. “When Gary calls, Daisy f***ing couldn’t give a sh**.” Is it any wonder Daisy cooled her jets with Gary? He’s kind of grumpy this season.

As Alex and Gary were getting into their Spice Girls outfits — Alex in a leopard print mini and Gary in a sports bra and hot pink short shorts — there was a lot of giggling in the crew mess. “Gary’s not exactly Sporty Spice,” quipped Chase. “He’s more like Old Spice or Hairy Spice.”

When the guests were gathered on the sun deck for their party, Daisy announced, “All the way from London, we have brought in the Spice Girls just to dance for you guys.”

Enter the crew in costume, carrying sparklers. They especially loved Gary skipping across the deck. “Tell us what you want, what you really, really want,” the crew chanted. Couldn’t someone have pulled up a track of the Spice Girls on their phone? Come on, guys!

“Oh my god,” Mads interviewed. “I mean, they’re both hot [Alex and Gary]. But seeing guys in dresses, not necessarily my jam.”

Of course, the guests LOVED it! “You guys are awesome! That was hilarious!”

At 10:15, John asked his daughter if she’d heard from TJ, since they’d been texting. “He’s now in the waiting room,” she said.

“So they’re not coming home for three hours. At least,” John sighed. Wow. Must be a busy night in the ER. What a sucky way to spend your vacation. So sorry, TJ.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Glenn was also texting the medic. “Hey, Conor, any update?”

“No sorry,” Conor responded. “We are still waiting to be seen in the ER.”

By 11:45, TJ had been off the boat for three hours. Chase was on anchor watch. “I’m going to bed,” Glenn told him. “If you get any reports, let me know.”

I guess that’s why they call it a “waiting” room

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

At 6:30 the next morning, Mads greeted the deck hand, “Morning, Chase.”

“The guests never came back,” he told her. “TJ and Lauren.”

At 7:05 John came out of his cabin. At this point, TJ and Lauren had been off the boat for over 10 hours. Glancing into their cabin and seeing their unslept in beds, he uttered, “What the f***?”

Finding Chase on deck, John asked, “Do you have any idea where TJ and Lauren are?”

Sadly, Chase had no idea what was happening with TJ. In an interview, he admitted, “I’m pretty f***ing worried about TJ. I’m starting to wonder, ‘Is this guy okay?'”

As John attempted to make an outside-of-service-area phone call to TJ, Chase knocked on Glenn’s cabin door. “Captain, sorry to wake you. Just wanted to let you know the Primary is up. TJ and Lauren never came back last night, and he’s just a little upset about it.”

“I’ll come up,” Glenn told Chase. In an interview, the Captain admitted, “This is one example where no news might not be good news. What a disaster!”

Just as he was about to totally lose his sh**, John finally got a call from TJ. “I’m okay,” he said. “There was a ton of people. I gotta get my name called at some point.” It’s been 12 hours and he hasn’t been seen yet? That’s nuts!

“Sooner rather than later,” he told his buddy John, “I’ll be ready to rage.”

“Unf***ing believable,” John muttered as he hung up the phone.

Finally Glenn got a text from Conor, “TJ is just now getting in to see the doctor. I’ll keep you posted.”

Glenn went up to the sun deck to tell John his news. “Sounds like he’s in seeing the doctor now. And hopefully, we can get him back on board soon. A little bit later, we’re gonna do the beach setup.”

While the guests were eating breakfast, TJ finally called with the news that he was done. “I got stitches with no anesthetic,” he announced. Ouch. But the good news was that he was on his way back. Poor guy. He and his wife must have been exhausted.

After 14 hours, TJ and Lauren finally returned to the boat. “I’m just glad you’re okay,” Captain Glenn told them. “That’s the most important thing.”

As Alex and Lucy were setting up the beach picnic, Daisy and Mads had to serve a second breakfast to the returning guests and do cabins at the same time. Even though they were short a stew, the guests kept requesting drinks, smoothies and food. Sweet Colin offered to help, but didn’t know how to make a smoothie, so Daisy just ended up doing it herself. She was getting overwhelmed.

“I’m this close to having a f***ing meltdown,” Daisy said in frustration. “People can stop sitting up in the f***ing bridge, while we’re insanely busy. I just feel like I’m drowning, and I can’t get my head above water. I feel like I can’t get things under control.”

“If I’m running up and down the stairs,” she complained to Ileisha, “stop asking me if I need help and just f***ing help.”

“I feel so beaten down,” Daisy admitted in an interview.

“Hey, Daisy!” called John, as the Chief Stew was sobbing in her cabin below deck. Hang in there, Daisy! Only 24 more hours before these guests leave and you can relax.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht continues Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.



Just a California girl with an English Lit degree who watches way too much reality television and likes to talk about it. Favorite shows: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New Jersey, New York, Orange County, Salt Lake City; Vanderpump Rules; all Below Decks; Summer House; Bachelor in Paradise. Reality Tea News/Recap Writer since 2022.

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Below deck sailing yacht.

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S2.E11 ∙ Crash Boom Bang!

Glenn Shephard in Below Deck Sailing Yacht (2020)

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S2.E13 ∙ Nip N Slide

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S2.E14 ∙ No Shirt, No Clue, Big Problems

Sydney Zaruba in Below Deck Sailing Yacht (2020)

S2.E15 ∙ Sexual Heeling

Dani Soares in Below Deck Sailing Yacht (2020)

S2.E16 ∙ Last Call for Parsifal!

Glenn Shephard, Colin Macrae, Gary King, and Alli Dore in Below Deck Sailing Yacht (2020)

S2.E17 ∙ Reunion Part 1

Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux in Below Deck Sailing Yacht (2020)

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Below Deck Loses 2 Crewmembers After a Firing and a Dramatic Season 11 Departure

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The  St. David  is down not one, but two crewmembers.

During Below Deck 's March 18 episode, Captain Kerry Titheradge  fired the first season 11 yachtie when he let Bosun Jared Woodin go for unprofessional behavior, the last straw being an inebriated Jared barging into Stew Barbie Pascual 's cabin the night prior and yelling at Deckhand Kyle Stillie for leaving a mess of loose tobacco on the deck after a night of partying. 

"This is the second time you've gone on the piss and you've had bad behavior," Kerry told his subordinate. "You're in a leadership role. You can't be acting like that. You gotta be above the fray. The way that you're treating these guy is not acceptable."

But it wasn't just the alcohol that was the problem, as Kerry noted Jared's mental state wasn't where it needed to be. "You've got s--t going on, man," he shared. "You're your own worst enemy right now. You need to depart the vessel."

However, Jared agreed his head wasn't in the right place and accepted his termination graciously.

"This ain't the right place for me at the right time," Jared replied, to which Kerry responded, "I don't blame you for that. Take this time and work on yourself. Me keeping you here is a disservice to you."

Before departing the super-yacht, Jared reflected in a confessional, "I thought I was in a good headspace coming into this. I'm really not. And as much as I'd like to be I'm just lying to myself."

But Jared wasn't the only teammate to set sail during the latest episode. Stew Cat Baugh willingly left the ship after admittedly struggling with the job all season long.

"I really wanna push through for you guys," Cat, in tears, told Chief Stew Fraser Olender after receiving a very distressing call from a friend back home in America. "I'm just losing my mind right now."

And Fraser totally understood his crewmember's needs.

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"If you're in a very unhappy place," he told her, "I'd rather you put your health and your mental health before that and we get you the help you need as soon as we can."

In a confessional, Fraser elaborated, "I don't know what is going on, but you can look into someone's eyes sometimes and see that there is no more that they can give. They are going through enough to be incapable and I need to do what's right for her. "

See how the crew copes with the unexpected departures when Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. And keep reading to look back at the most shocking Below Deck firings ever.

If there's one thing to learn from Camille Lamb 's Below Deck firing, it's to not slack off on the job. That's exactly why the season 10 stew was let go by substitute Captain Sandy Yawn , as Chief Stew Fraser Olender continued to criticize Camille's behavior on board.

From being caught drinking while preparing for a new charter to partying at late hours and more, Fraser informed Captain Sandy that he had reached his "last straw."

"She's the common denominator in all of this," said Captain Sandy. "Great girl, great personality, but at the same time, we have to do what's best for the boat."

Below Deck Adventure 's Kyle Dickard was let go just three episodes into the reality franchise's latest series—which premiered in November 2022. After picking fights with his fellow deckhand Nathan Morley —as well as kissing crew mates in front of guests—Kyle was offered by Captain Kerry Titheradge the opportunity to resign so that his firing would not end up on his personal record.

Kyle took the Captain up on his offer and left the boat after just one charter.

Captain Sandy let bosun Raygan Tyler go during season seven of Below Deck Mediterranean ,  not only for causing the boat to  take a small hit while docking, but also for not stepping up to the plate as a leader.

But Captain Sandy didn't want her firing to discourage the bosun, as she told Raygan, "If I had the time and I wasn't running a boat this size, I would train you. I would teach you."

In addition to onboard romances and failing to follow directions , one of the biggest reasons behind stew Elizabeth Frankini 's Below Deck firing was her infamous laundry room accident , during which made a toxic mess when combining bleach and laundry soap.

"Unfortunately, I didn't know that was so toxic and I feel so bad about it," she told E! News of the incident in December 2020 . "You know, I do feel really bad, especially 'cause Francesca [ Rubi ] did say, 'Take it outside.'"

The bosun and stew were both fired by Captain Jason Chambers for inappropriate behavior after a night of partying with their fellow yachties.

Luke Jones was let go after getting into Stew Margot Sisson 's bed naked while she was drunk and unconscious. Laura Bileskaine also made unwanted advances on Deckhand Adam Kodra despite him telling her he was not interested in hooking up.

Jason made it known that consent was a must, and sent both crewmembers packing.

Tensions between stew Lexi Wilson and Chef Mathew Shea came to a head during an explosive dinner fight on season six of Below Deck Mediterranean , during which Lexi told Matt that his parents "should've aborted you." That was the last straw for Captain Sandy, who fired her not long after the incident.

Deckhand Tom Pearson said "bon voyage" to Below Deck Sailing Yacht after getting let go by Captain Glenn Shephard . Tom hit his last strike with the Captain after failing to report that the boat's anchor was dragging during heavy winds one night, causing a potential safety risk for everyone on board.

"It had to be done. It was such a grievous thing that he dropped the ball there, he had to go, and we had to just be man down and live with it, you know?" Captain Glenn said of the decision  on Watch What Happens Live. "So, obviously, you don't want to do that, but yeah, it had to happen."

Some people are picky eaters, but Below Deck Down Under' s Ryan McKeown was quite the picky chef, as he would judge guests'  food requests  and fail to take  criticism from Captain Jason Chambers , as well.

Perhaps Ryan's Below Deck exit is one of the franchise's most memorable, as he mooned Jason and viewers on his way off the boat.

Below Deck Down Under stew Magda Ziomek 's firing was another case of slacking on the job. After constantly being on her phone texting or video chatting with her boyfriend, Chief Stew Aesha Scott decided to replace Magda before the end of the charter season.

Below Deck Mediterranean 's Peter Hunziker was fired from the series in June 2020 after he shared an offensive post on social media.

"Peter Hunziker of Below Deck Mediterranean has been terminated for his racist post," Bravo wrote in a statement at the time. "Bravo and 51 Minds are editing the show to minimize his appearance for subsequent episodes."

Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier was let go by Captain Sandy on Below Deck Mediterranean after boson Malia White discovered her co-star possessed undeclared Valium and a vape pen, the former of which Hannah claimed was for her anxiety.

"If I could do it all over again, I would've just declared them as soon as I came on board," Hannah stated in an August 2020 interview with E! News. "It was definitely not something that was intentional. I wasn't trying to hide anything.

Below Deck Mediterranean 's Delaney Evans left just as quickly as she arrived. After initially being brought on during season six to help out Chief Stew Katie Flood , Katie determined that Delaney was doing more harm than good, choosing to let her go after just one charter.

"I think she was overwhelmed with the situation, and I think that, you know, in her mind, the best solution to the situation was just to go back to what they had before," Delaney told Bravo Insider of Katie's decision. "I think she was just overwhelmed with everything that was going on and all the feedback she was getting."

Deckhand Shane Coopersmith was a bit in over his head on season eight of Below Deck , as he was let go for failing to know basic skills, reporting late for duty and taking naps on the job.

Chaos in the kitchen led to Captain Lee Rosbach letting Chef Leon Walker go on season three of Below Deck . After an oven fire broke out , Lee placed the blame on Chief Stew Kate Chastain but was ultimately the one sent home.

Like several of the franchise's stars, Below Deck 's Chris Brown  was fired  during season five for failing to fully perform his duties. After being let go by Captain Lee, Chris shared some parting words as he left the boat, stating , "Who gives a s--t?"

Chef Mila Kolomeitseva was fired by Captain Sandy on season four of Below Deck Mediterranean after failing to use her cooking skills to produce top-quality food for guests—including some not-so-nice nachos .

"Of course it makes me feel awful," Mila said of her departure . "People like me who have big egos sometimes have to be put down to earth a little bit. But it makes me feel like I want to work even harder."

Sometimes people just don't work well together. That's exactly why Captain Lee fired Chandler Brooks during season six of Below Deck , telling the boson, "I don't think it's a good fit."

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family)

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‘Below Deck’ Sails Into a New Era

With a different captain at the helm and new production elements, the reality show about charter yachts is switching up its style.

A man in a crew member suit stands behind a bar and tends to flowers in a vase.

By Shivani Gonzalez

Starting a new season of “ Below Deck ” can be similar to returning to summer camp as a kid — you know it’s going to be fun and that you’ll be in the same environment, but some of the people will be different and you’re not quite sure what the vibes will be.

This time around, in particular, feels that way because for the first time in the show’s 11-season run, Captain Lee Rosbach is no longer at the helm. It’s a pivotal moment for a franchise that has become one of the most popular entities in the sprawling universe of reality TV since premiering on Bravo in 2013 . The show’s appeal was built on endless romances between various crew members (“boatmances,” as they came to be known), horrible charter guests and some sort of passive-aggressive fight about how many shackles of the anchor chain should be in the water. And there was always Rosbach presiding over the drama as he trudged around the boat, reeling off one liners like “I’m madder than a pissed-on chicken” and “we screwed the pooch so many times we should have a litter of puppies running around.”

At the center of the show now is Kerry Titheradge (the stern yet goofy captain of “Below Deck Adventure” fame), who is managing the Motor Yacht Saint David with the cheeky chief stew Fraser Olender by his side.

With that change in captain, the energy on the boat — both onscreen and off — is different, according to Olender.

“Lee has a no B.S. attitude, which I love with him,” Olender said in an interview. “With Kerry, he taught me a lot and sort of forced to me confront issues directly with my team, work them out, as opposed to making executive decisions too soon.”

This shift in management style changes the central conflict — whereas the drama once focused on the captain swiftly kicking out any unpleasant crew member (as we might have seen with Rosbach), the drama now focuses on the whole crew trying to get along (since Titheradge gives people those second chances).

Additionally, Olender noted that the captain’s relationship with the crew can also affect the drama on board.

“Captains absolutely do get involved, whether they know it or not,” Olender said, adding that for the crew, everything is about “trying to impress your captain.”

This phenomenon plays out early in the new season when the lead deckhand, Ben Willoughby, called out a fellow crew member over the radios about not wearing a life vest — something he easily could have done in private. The drama that followed became an interpersonal conflict between the two of them, both with the ultimate goal of impressing Titheradge. (Of course, the two deckhands had kissed on the previous crew night out, which is more in line with the “Below Deck” drama viewers are used to.)

For “Below Deck” showrunners, the changeovers in the cast allowed them to rethink what the show would look like.

From the season premiere, it was immediately apparent that Rosbach’s absence wasn’t the only change this season: The filming is sleeker, the daily, multicourse meals prepared by the chef are given their own glamour shots and the cameras sometimes cut to the perspectives of yachties running around on deck and through the galley.

“Our showrunner, Lauren Simms, is an avid consumer of all different kinds of media,” Noah Samton, a senior vice president of unscripted current production for NBCUniversal, said in an interview. “She pitches us different ideas on how to stylistically evoke different feelings and change the mood a little bit of ‘Below Deck’ without removing what really works.”

Moving through the rest of the season, and potentially through seasons to come, Olender is aiming to bring a cutthroat management style while also bringing affection for his stews, all with his signature British humor.

On Bravo’s side, there are changes in the works for the other “Below Deck” spinoffs — including “Sailing Yacht,” “Mediterranean” and “Down Under” — which collectively, have 26 seasons. Specifically, Samton said that “Down Under” is currently filming and that even though fans should be ready to see new things, the show will stay true to its original concept.

“These are real yachties doing a real job so you have to stay within those confines because the audience isn’t going to want anything that is too produced or fake,” Samton said. “So we have to find ways to reinvent while staying true to the original concept of the show.”

And as Olender said: “I’m sure that every year if I were to work with this franchise again, that I’ll be thrown a collection of total chaotic and disastrous stews — that’s what makes it watchable.”

An earlier version of this article misquoted Fraser Olender, the chief stew of “Below Deck.” He said, “I also feel like Kerry this season. ... Lee has a no B.S. attitude, which I love with him,” not “I feel like Kerry this season, as opposed to Lee, has a no B.S. attitude, which I love with him.”

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A Great Chief Stew Keeps 'Below Deck' Afloat

We love our 'Below Deck' Chief Stews!

The Big Picture

  • Chief Stews like Kate Chastain keeps Below Deck exciting with vibrant personalities and skills.
  • Fans have seen stews rise to become chief stews, like Aesha Scott and Fraser Olender.
  • The chief stew is essential to the success of the franchise, serving as the lifeline of the charter season.

While the captain may be steering the boat, it's the chief stew that keeps the yacht going! On Below Deck and its various spin-offs, fans have always taken a liking to Chief Stew. Whether it's figuring out how to make the impossible possible or handling the worst of the worst guests, the chief stew keeps Below Deck exciting . Some of the best in the reality show franchise have included Kate Chastain , Aesha Scott , and Fraser Olender . Their vibrancy and skills have kept viewers coming back for more , and dreaming of a chance to attend one of their amazing yacht parties!

Since the flagship series debuted on Bravo in 2013, Below Deck has been a fans' chance to get an inside glimpse of work life on the high seas. Spawning four spin-off series, Below Deck has been sailing strong as one of the top franchises on the network. Each series follows a crew of yachties as they spend a season chartering the highfalutin through exotic and picturesque locales. Displaying the on and off the super yacht antics, fans have fallen in love with the various cast members who have brought their work to the screen. Each charter features a captain who leads the crew. The exterior team comprises a bosun, sometimes a first officer, and a handful of deckhands. In the interior, the team comprises a series of stewardesses or stewards, led by the chief stewardess, lovably known as the chief stew. Throughout the various series of Below Deck , fans often have found their closest bond to the chief stew as they tend to be the most hands-on with the charter guests, handling their wild and outlandish requests. As proven season after season, a good chief stew keeps the ship's sanity and the program sailing. And it seems the c hief stews with the longest tenures have stood the test of time thanks to their rapport with both the crew and the guests , all while maintaining a confident and professional demeanor.

Follows the crew of a multi million dollar charter boat in the Caribbean.

Kate Chastain Is the Gold Standard of Chief Stews Across 'Below Deck'

Even though Captain Lee Rosbach has been the longest-lasting cast member in the Below Deck cinematic universe, it is Kate Chastain who has seemingly been the face of the franchise. And for good reason! Joining the crew during Below Deck Season 2, Kate didn't necessarily have big shoes to fill. Like any great reality television program, the first season of the franchise had some major growing pains to overcome. As viewers had to learn just how life on a super yacht works, they were introduced to a cast of characters that were tasked to balance work and filming a reality show. In Season 1, fans saw the interior led by Adrienne Gang , who spent the season struggling to cement power among her team and bond with the rest of the yachties. She was super serious and often lacked a personal connection. In the real world, she would likely be a top tier hire, but she just didn't click for the program. For Season 2, she was replaced with Kate, and while it took some time for her to grow a working relationship with Captain Lee and Chef Ben Robinson , fans were taken by her snark and her ability to keep things exciting. Maybe she didn't always do things appropriately. Just look back at the "rocket ship" blanket. What she did was keep things entertaining for the guests and the fans.

‘Below Deck's' David Bradberry Discusses Sexual Exploitation by Abercrombie & Fitch ex-CEO

Kate Chastain has become the gold standard for Chief Stews on Below Deck , no matter which version. Though she has passed her stripes over to new stews, Kate was a part of the flagship program from Season 2 through Season 7. Season after season, Kate has had a revolving door of stews working for her. And not all of them were the best. Kate was determined to be a professional manager, even if her employees could not work at her standards. Kate has had some gold star stews. While she did have a rocky start with Amy Johnson on Below Deck Season 2, they were a formidable pair a season later. Emily Warburton-Adams was a saint for Kate during Season 4. Despite some distractions during Season 5, Brianna Adekeye was the dream 2nd Stew for Kate. But her greatest bond was with a male stew on Season 6, Josiah Carter , who was a professionally trained butler. But for every Amy, Emily, Brianna, or Josiah, Kate suffered with some drama queens. It seems that for every good stew, there was one bad stew on the interior. How Kate was able to keep sane while handling Rocky Dakota in Season 3 is anybody's guess. Had there not been so much drama with the sudden crew turnaround,

Kate Had Run-insWith both Crew and Guests

Rocky would likely have been fired. Instead, Kate bit her tongue as best she could while Rocky stepped in as chef, pouring grenadine on oysters, becoming a boy magnet, toying with ever-so-sweet Emile Kotze , and being a homewrecker to fan favorite Eddie Lucas ' relationship. Season 5 was a season of unfortunate mistakes, as a good portion of the crew lacked experience. And such was the case with Jennifer Howell . Jen, a wonderful mother, was quite lazy and did nothing but irk Kate, who was forced to micromanage everything Jen needed to do. With Josiah being a near-perfect employee for Kate, she had trouble with 3rd Stew Caroline Bedol . Between her bed rest due to her foot injury and giving a two-day notice that turned into a few hours, Caroline was more of a burden and couldn't handle the pressure. Sadly for Kate, Caroline was replaced by Laura Betancourt , who was nothing but a know-it-all and tried to go toe-to-toe with Kate, who immediately put her in her place. Her previous Chief Stew status was nothing on Kate. No matter who Kate had on her team, she managed to succeed, charter after charter. Captain Lee adored Kate, trusting her with everything that needed to be done.

Viewers Should Pay Attention to 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen'

Whether it was the Caribbean or Tahiti, Kate was faced with some of the most incredulous charter guests. And some of those guests came back for more! Part of why these wealthy guests had a desire to return was the experience on board. Their onboard experience can only be credited to the work that Kate and her various teams provided. Oftentimes, she was able to make the impossible possible. One of the most prominent recurring guests was the infamous Dean Slover . Of course, Kate and Mr. Slover came to form their love-hate bond thanks to her phallic-shaped folded blanket on his bed. While Captain Lee was furious and was fearful that it would lead to a reduced tip, Dean Slover was a lover of the joke, and expected an artistic gift on his bed during every charter he was on. He became her charter soulmate as they developed a shorthand.

Unlike Chef Ben who was always receiving a lashing due to the specifically timed meals. Parties are essential on charters. Most of the time they were reasonable, but when the foam wasn't foaming, Kate had to make it up. His appearance in Season 3 was a headache for the crew, so when his name came up during the Season 6 preference sheet meeting, Kate was already prepared. Despite that, his rowdy and demanding behavior resulted in another problematic trip. His flirtatious nature went beyond appropriate, and Kate sadly let her stew stay in the line of fire. No matter what, she's Kate the Great! And Below Deck fans were saying," we told you so," after her two-season star turn on The Traitors .

Fans Have Watched Stews Turn Into Chief Stews Before Their Eyes

Rising in the ranks is true in any industry. Not every chief stew starts on Below Deck in the top position. Fans have been allowed to watch some of their favorites develop on the show, and turn into stews before their eyes as they are hired as chief stews on future seasons, or even future franchises! One of the absolute fan-favorite cast members in the Below Deck cinematic universe is Aesha Scott . The bubbly and high-energy New Zealander first came to fame in the fourth season of Below Deck Mediterranean . She was a hard worker, dedicated to her craft. However she did find love on the open seas. And when trouble was bubbling under the water in Season 5, Aesha was called in to serve as a replacement. As a fan favorite, Aesha was tapped to lead her own Below Deck spin off, serving as the chief stew for seasons 1 and 2 of Below Deck Down Under .

Now at the top of the Stew food chain, Aesha, once again, proved why she is one of the most beloved yachties in Below Deck history. Aesha was personable with everyone, even if she had a troublemaker in the galley with Chef Ryan McKeown . Her bond with Captain Jason Chambers mirrored the close bond Kate Chastain had with Captain Lee. Fans often speculated a budding romance between Aesha and Captain Jason. It was a relationship they wanted to ship off the ship. Aesha was a team player and encouraged the best from her team. She was so strong at her job, she even brilliantly trained a future chief stew, Tumi Mhlongo , who would journey over to Below Deck Mediterranean for Season 8. Though unlike Aesha, Tumi was much stricter, turning off some Below Deck fans in the process.

Andy Cohen Is Right, Don't Come On 'Housewives' If You Have Something to Hide

Below Deck reflects the real world of yachting, displaying what life aboard a yacht might be like in the real world. In general, gender roles play greatly into the employment of certain positions in the yachting industry. On Below Deck Mediterranean , Captain Sandy Yawn was the ferocious first female captain in the Below Deck franchise. She came in with a purpose, to prove that it doesn't have to be in a male-dominated position. While Below Deck did have male stewards, history was made during Season 10 when Fraser Olender became the first male chief stew. And he has proven that he is the official new face of the flagship franchise. Originally joining the crew as a second stew during Season 9, Fraser proved his worth and his ability, so that Captain Lee invited him to serve as the chief stew on the St. David. As fans remember, Captain Lee had a difficult tenth season as he struggled with some severe nerve issues. He had to temporarily leave the charter season to get better. And who better to serve as his substitute than Captain Sandy?

Even though both Captain Sandy and Fraser were groundbreaking when it came to historic hires for Below Deck , they were at odds often during her tenure. She even broke him down to the point where he seemed like a sad puppy trying to do right. Despite that, Fraser was a seasoned professional and ensured that his guests had the best experiences possible. Fraser has an impeccable work ethic, yet still finds a way to entertain himself and his fellow crew. His bond with Chef Rachel Hargrove and stew Haley De Sola Pinto always found a way to let steam off, enjoying the experience in the process. He may not be as strict as Kate was, but like Kate, he's had some terrible stews under him. He somehow managed to handle the mess that was Camille Lamb and Alissa Humber drama during Season 10. For Below Deck , Season 11 was a major transition season as it marked the first season without Captain Lee fully at the helm. Captain Kerry Titheradge transitioned over from Below Deck Adventure to take over. With a new captain, it made sense that Fraser returned as Chief Stew. Below Deck is in more than capable hands with Fraser Olender. His legacy is just beginning.

Below Deck is a beloved Bravo series. And it's thanks to some of the brilliant characters the fans have met along the way. In the history of the franchise, there have been many more other Chief Stews that have been monumental and could easily be discussed in this article. Good thing that the franchise isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Without a great Chief Stew, the charter season would fail. And with a failed season, comes a bad season on Below Deck . The chief stew is the lifeline of the franchise.

Below Deck airs on Mondays on Bravo. It's available to stream on Peacock the next day.

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below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

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Here's What Daisy Kelliher Has Been Up to Since Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht

The chief stew is sharing some major life updates, including recent traveling adventures. 

below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Over the past few months, we've been keeping up with  Daisy Kelliher  as she's shared some smoldering swimsuit photos. From her light purple two-piece she wore while visiting Los Angeles, California, in January, to the cheeky black one-piece  she rocked in Dubai in February, the  Below Deck Sailing Yacht  cast member has been busy on the vacation front.

How to Watch

Watch Below Deck Sailing Yacht on Peacock and the Bravo app . 

In addition to her swimsuit photos, Daisy has also recently shared details about her travels, hopping on her Instagram page to post, yes, more swimsuit pics, but also views of the different places she visited since we last saw her on BDSY  Season 4. Keep scrolling to get all the details! 

Daisy Kelliher's life update since Season 4 of  Below Deck Sailing Yacht 

"February," Daisy plainly captioned a series of March 4 Instagram posts, which first showed off that stunning black one-piece in Dubai. 

We Weren't Ready for Daisy Kelliher and Malia White's Jaw-Dropping Swimsuits (PICS)

Elsewhere in the series, Daisy hit up the slopes in Colorado, checked out Universal Studios , partied in Los Angeles, hit up a concert in Hollywood, and also visited  Lindsay Hubbard  for the Summer House  cast member's unveiling of her new Nashville home, "Hubb House Nash."  

Here's What You May Have Missed on Bravo: 

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Daisy and Colin Reveal the Truth About What Happened After Filming BDSY Season 4

Captain Glenn Shephard Shares a Surprising Throwback Photo (Hint: He "Had More Hair Back Then")

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Daisy (@daisykelliher87)

Daisy Kelliher details her visit to Los Angeles, California 

In another Instagram post shared on March 4, Daisy revealed a carousel of images detailing her different adventures in California. 

Daisy Kelliher Is in Her “Element” in a Teeny Lilac Bikini (PHOTO)

"It was another amazing week in LA. I just love how there is so much to do!" Daisy captioned the post, in which she noted how she visited Universal Studios, Mother Wolf restaurant, The Bungalow in Santa Monica, the club Lock & Key in Koreatown, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and Shirley's restaurant located inside the hotel. Daisy added that she saw the music group Kaskade at Avalon Hollywood for an "amazing" night out in the city. 

Daisy shared several photos from her travels, including snapshots of delicious-looking food, nights in the club, and outfits for her California occasion. 

Daisy Kelliher is friends with Christina Applegate 

What's more, Daisy has also formed an unlikely friendship over the past few months with actress Christina Applegate, who became a big fan of the Below Deck   franchise. 

"She’s a huge Bravo fan, and she reached out to me via Instagram, and was massively supportive," Daisy shared in an interview with the  Daily Mail on February 19. She said, 'Hey Daisy,' and we FaceTime and stuff. She's just so nice."

The chief stew also noted she hoped to "meet up" with Christina some day. Daisy didn't post any photos from her L.A. trip with Christina, but we wonder if they did indeed meet up during Daisy's trip. 

"She's busy with her family and I know she is taking it easy, and keeping all of her energy for her [Multiple Scelorsis], but hopefully we’ll make time," Daisy concluded to the outlet. 

More details from Daisy Kelliher's vacation in Los Angeles 

Earlier in January, we caught up with Daisy when she visited out west. For the occasion, took to her Instagram Stories to share a view of herself taking in the beautiful sunset by the beach.

A series of Daisy Kelliher at the beach in Los Angeles.

In addition to her sunset pic, Daisy also shared a snap of herself soaking up the sun on the gorgeous California beach. 

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  • Daisy Kelliher

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

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Below deck sailing yacht: the worst charter guests so far.

Throughout the Below Deck Sailing Yacht series, there's undoubtedly been some terrible guests. Which group should be crowned the worst?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht  season 3 is currently airing, and so far, the season has some of the worst charter guests. The  Below Deck franchise is set on a luxury vessel with a crew who are expected to provide their guests with five-star service.  Naturally, there are some horrendous clients, with these guests being some the worst the franchise has ever seen.

Captain Glenn Shephard of BDSY has had to deal with his fair share of issues while leading the superyacht Parsifal III. The seasoned captain had to navigate annoying deckhands not handling their alcohol, dock accidents, and tedious guests who always seem to want a beach picnic. Glenn always does his best to make sure each charter season is as splendid as the last. With only two seasons and a third airing of the spin-off, the captain and his crew have been able to work through almost any issues and are looking forward to having another wonderful year full of large tips and hopefully no complaints. However, along the way, they met some of the worst guests.

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The  Below Deck  franchise has captured the hearts of Bravo viewers thanks to its nautical adventures. With multiple spin-offs, the show has taken fans on a sea of adventures and enlightened them on how some charter guests actually act. Some charter guests have been absolutely lovely , while others are picky, demanding, and obscenely wealthy guests who feel they deserve anything and everything at the snap of a finger. It has become apparent to  Below Deck  fans that working on a luxury yacht is not always a dream job. These are some of  Below Deck' Sailing Yacht's  worst guests.

Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow

Fans first met Barrie and Tony when they brought their family on a luxury holiday in Croatia, away from the cold weather in England. The couple made waves thanks to their LGBTQ+ history and petty drama. Viewers were quickly annoyed at Barrie's rude attitude and lack of manners. Barrie came off way worse than Tony, who genuinely seemed embarrassed by his former partner's actions. While he and his group were high maintenance, they were nothing compared to these next two charter groups.

McCordia Young

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 stew Gabriela  Barragan thought she would be fine on the night shift, but McCordia proved her wrong when he attempted to flirt with her. The Below Deck charter guest in question was on a trip with his friends, but on one night, had too much to drink and started asking Gabriela personal and inappropriate questions. He inquired about sexual preferences and how he found her attractive. Viewers were left shocked and uncomfortable by his advances.

Erica and Chuck Rose

While Erica was always legend on Below Deck Sailing Yacht , she and her mother had a lot drama around them this season. This time, Erica brought her husband, Chuck, onto the trip, and fans got more than they bargained for. On top of leaving an abysmal tip of only $6,500 , the couple was extremely rude to the staff, who tried to go above and beyond for their group. Not only was the tip the lowest in franchise history, but her husband, with his "amazing" pallet, had the audacity to say McDonald's was better than Chef Marcos Spaziani's food.

Viewers are over these particular guests but know that rude ones will always be mandatory. They add drama to the series that, for once, isn't between the crew. These horrible charter guests are what make  Below Deck Sailing Yacht such an entertaining series.

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below deck sailing yacht season 5 guests

Below Deck Season 11 Episode 6 Recap: Love Me Tender

W elcome back to Below Deck, Episode 6 of Season 11. In the episode “Love Me Tender” this week, Captain Kerry teaches Cat an eFoil lesson to cheer her up while the annoying charter guests try to finish the entire amount of wine on the boat.

Jared receives criticism for his poor calling distance-calling during docking and is still upset over not being able to reach his daughter. Eventually, late at night, drunk Jared screams at Kyle so loudly that the captain is awakened, and he’s not happy about it. The best parts of Below Deck Season 11, Episode 6 are listed below.

About Eileen, Jared reports to Captain Kerry. She “fell off the jacuzzi last night,” according to him. She remained upright in the jacuzzi. Her head collided with the jacuzzi’s side as she slipped. very likely caused a concussion to herself. It was startling.

She’s a liability, according to Jared. “We must monitor her closely,” the captain remarks. “It’s okay if they want to drink, but they won’t be using the skis. When something goes wrong, we’re the ones that get blamed. Cap later approaches Barbie for further information regarding Eileen’s accident.

“I wasn’t there when it really happened.” Although she didn’t appear hurt, she was really shaky. When they have time, Captain Kerry offers to teach Cat and Barbie how to operate the eFoil. “Cat doesn’t belong,” he says in the interview. She is very perceptive, and there seems to be something wrong with her.

When I’m having a difficult day… Using the eFoil, I leap. I meditate like that. “I wish to provide her with a chance to genuinely leave the boat and replenish her energy,” he continues. “Are you comfortable with that?” While the visitors are away, Cap asks Barbie if she can manage without Cat.

“Definitely,” responds Barbie. “That salt water is really needed by her.” He says, “We’ll get you in next.” “I am unable to.” It will sabotage my makeup and hair. “That will be so refreshing for you,” Barbie says to Cat. I hope it improves her energy and attitude.

Barbie says, “Salt water is a cat’s therapy.” It’s just one of those times when I have to step up and take charge. Cap is prepared to take Cat out once he drops the visitors off at the beach. She smiles the widest. It’s the medication she has been in need of.

Cat is naturally gifted. At home, she has a longboard. In fact, she succeeds in getting the board up on the foil, but she tripped and fell facefirst into the ocean. Indeed! Cap screams. “Well done!” Barbie is unhappy because she is doing “all the work” on the boat.

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    On charter 5 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3, charter guests Dawn Zacha and her husband Tim Miller join the crew to sail. The other guests on the charter include their friends: Marni and her husband Brian, Lauren and her husband Jamie. On Dawn's Instagram, she shares pictures of her enjoying life in Chicago with husband Tim and their ...

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    Below Deck Sailing Yacht is an American reality television series that was developed as the second spin-off of Below Deck. It premiered on Bravo on February 3, 2020. ... But the first charter of the season gets really rocky when the guests get in a drunken personal fight. The next morning, the guests' excitement to sail puts Daisy and Natasha ...

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    Dream on. Read on. It's just been announced that season 11 of Below Deck is due to set sail on February 5, 2024, and St David is the yacht of choice again — the biggest, most luxurious and ...

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    Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Top-rated. Mon, May 17, 2021. S2.E12. Total Ship Show. Glenn reels in the aftermath of the boat crash. After assessing the damage, the crew does their best to get the boat - and their mindset - into charter-ready condition - but a high-maintenance group of female guests only sends the crew further into a spiral.

  19. 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' Season 4, Episode 5 Recap

    Captain Glenn tells Gary that a deckhand needs to drive the tender rather than towing it like usual, which introduces a new issue for him and Daisy to bicker about. Gary tells Daisy that a stew ...

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    Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher has dished about her success on the hit show ahead of Season 5. Daisy has appeared on three seasons of Below Deck Sailing Yacht and helped turn the ...

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    By Debbie. Welcome to Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4, Episode 5, where we find Gary King and Madison "Mads" Herrera still making out in the jacuzzi. It was 3:14 am and everyone else had ...

  22. The Most Iconic Below Deck Guests From The Franchise (Including A

    American Idol season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini made an unexpected reality TV appearance as a charter guest on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4.Justin came on the charter as a friend of the primary guest, Kim. On the Parsifal III, the popular celebrity made his mark by spilling his drink on the boat's staircase, and complimenting Chef Ileisha Dell's cuisine by calling it "out of this world."

  23. Below Deck Sailing Yacht (TV Series 2020- )

    S2.E1 ∙ Running on Fumes. Mon, Mar 1, 2021. The first charter gets rocky when the guests get in a drunken personal fight. The next morning, the guests' excitement to sail puts Daisy and Natasha at odds over serving breakfast on heel. Jean-Luc realizes he may have lost two guests at sea.

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    Below Deck's Capt. Kerry Titheradge fired the first season 11 yachtie during the Bravo series' March 18 episode, but that wasn't the only shocking departure. Find out who else left the yacht.

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    A version of this article appears in print on , Section C, Page 5 of the New York edition with the headline: 'Below Deck' Sets Sail With a New Captain. Order Reprints | Today's Paper | Subscribe

  26. A Great Chief Stew Keeps 'Below Deck' Afloat

    The bubbly and high-energy New Zealander first came to fame in the fourth season of Below Deck Mediterranean. She was a hard worker, dedicated to her craft. However she did find love on the open seas.

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    Daisy Kelliher's life update since Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht "February," Daisy plainly captioned a series of March 4 Instagram posts, which first showed off that stunning black one ...

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    Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 is currently airing, and so far, the season has some of the worst charter guests. The Below Deck franchise is set on a luxury vessel with a crew who are expected to provide their guests with five-star service. Naturally, there are some horrendous clients, with these guests being some the worst the franchise has ever seen.

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    A peek into the luxury super yacht scene and the daily lives of the crew who work and live on them returns this February in Season 11 of "Below Deck.". Following Captain Lee Rosbach's departure ...

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    W elcome back to Below Deck, Episode 6 of Season 11. In the episode "Love Me Tender" this week, Captain Kerry teaches Cat an eFoil lesson to cheer her up while the annoying charter guests try ...