1. Review: Mercury Racing Debuts 450-hp Outboard

    best yachts outboard motor

  2. Most powerful outboard? Mercury's 600hp V12 monster

    best yachts outboard motor

  3. Back Cove 390 Outboard Motor Yacht

    best yachts outboard motor

  4. Compact Mega Yachts aiming big with 53ft outboard-powered debut

    best yachts outboard motor

  5. Best Outboard Engines In 2021

    best yachts outboard motor

  6. Evoy presents the world's most powerful electric outboard motor

    best yachts outboard motor


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  1. Best Outboard Motors and Brands

    Yamaha's F70 outboard motor is perfect for family fishing and fun. Weighing 253 pounds, it's the lightest in class and delivers quick starts, high performance and efficiency for aluminum fishing boats, pontoons and fiberglass boats. This 1.0-liter engine also boasts the best horsepower-per-liter ratio in its class.

  2. 15 Best Motor Yachts in 2024

    Smaller motor yachts (33ft - 50ft) typically range from $500,000 to $3 million. Mid-size yachts (50ft - 80ft) can fall between $3 million and $15 million. Superyachts (over 80ft) enter a whole new pricing category, reaching into the hundreds of millions and beyond, depending on size, customization, and features.

  3. 13 Best Outboard Motors in 2024

    Honda 5 HP BF5. This little 5-horse, 4-stroke engine works great as a kicker for your dinghy or a trolling motor for fishing. You'll get between 3-5 MPH on a 10-foot boat, depending on the weight. While it has a built-in tank, there's an option to connect an external too.

  4. Electric outboard motor: we test 13 options

    Motor weight: 10.5kg. Battery weight: 9kg. Battery capacity: 1276Wh. Top speed RIB: 4.5mph. Top speed skiff: 6.0mph. Thrust: 31kg/68lbs. The Chinese firm ePropulsion has been developing its electric outboard motor range and lithium batteries for some time. We tested the Spirit 1.0 Plus and Evo, both 1kW motors with integral batteries.

  5. Best Outboard Motors 2023: The Ultimate Guide

    Newest 2023 Outboard Motors. In 2023, the big news is still Mercury's introduction of the V-10 350- and 400-hp Verados. Filling the gap between their existing V-8 ad the big V-12, the V-10s are naturally aspirated, and replace the supercharged V-6 Verados in this horsepower range.

  6. Best Outboard Engines in 2024

    This engine is ideal for boaters who prioritize long-term value and performance. 6. Vision Marine E-Motion 180E (180hp) - Best Electric Outboard. Above: The Vision Marine 180E Electric Outboard Motor rigged on the transom of a Four Winns H2E bowrider boat. Photo by Four Winns.

  7. Best Outboard Engines In 2021

    These remarkable 330-pound outboard motors work in tandem with the company's 160-watt-hours per kg batteries. Evoy says the motor is best suited for boats 18-25 feet long for single installments, and 25-35 feet long for dual outboards.

  8. Which 150-HP Outboard is Best?

    Which 150-hp Engine is Best For You? The 150-hp outboard engine is a workhorse for bowriders and center consoles/dual consoles in the 18' to 22' (5.48 to 6.7 m) range, depending on the application. ... lots of attention from the coastal and inshore cruising crowd that has to contend with low bridges but still wants a yacht built to high ...

  9. Best Outboard Engines

    Five years ago Mercury rolled out a new 2.1-liter outboard in 75, 90, and 115 HP ratings, and these engines have close to the most displacement in their class while keeping weight at the lowest end of the class. At 359 pounds, in fact, it under-cuts the older 1.7-liter Mercury offerings by 40 pounds.

  10. Best Outboard Motors in 2024

    With a 3-cylinder, 1.9-liter directly-injected 2-stroke, the G2 Evinrude 150 E-TEC forgoes the V6 G1's architecture for improved efficiency. As a result, you can delight in a 12mpg at a faster-trolling speed on a boat that is 20-feet long. The best outboard motor with a horsepower of 150 can be deployed on a broad range of boats.

  11. Best Outboard Motors For Your Boat This 2024

    Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus. Another noteworthy Epropulsion outboard motor for 2024 is the Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus. This electric motor is gaining popularity among boaters due to its exceptional features: Compact Design: The Spirit 1.0 is lightweight and compact, making it easy to install and maneuver.

  12. Outboard Motor Comparisons

    The best part is that once you find an appropriate outboard motor, we'll even help you find a dealer with just one click. Most Popular Outboard Motors MERCURY 600HP Verado, YAMAHA 425HP XTO, SUZUKI 350HP, MERCURY 350HP Verado, YAMAHA 300HP, MERCURY 300HP FourStroke, YAMAHA 250HP VMAX, HONDA 250HP, MERCURY 250HP FourStroke, MERCURY 250HP Pro XS ...

  13. Best electric outboard motors: 11 top options ...

    Specs. Weight: 15.5kg. Power: 600W / 0.8hp. Battery: 500Wh. Range: 11nm. Price: £1,499. Torqeedo has been making electric outboard motors for quite a while now, and their latest offering slots into the travel range of electric outboards between the 503 (1.5hp) and the 1103C (3hp). All the usual Torqeedo refinements are present and correct.

  14. 3 Best Outboard Motor Brands Reviewed by Buyers in 2024

    Highest Rated. Best Rated. Most Reviewed. Highest Rated. Evinrude. Read 34 Reviews. Evinrude is a brand of Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc. specializing in outboard motors. Consumers can ...

  15. Best Outboard Motor: A Complete Guide For Boat Owners

    Anbull 2-stroke. While the Coleman was the best overall outboard engine, the Anbull 2-stroke boat motor is by far the best value. Boasting advanced cooling technology, this motor has a horsepower of around 3.6. Because it uses cool air, it can run in shallow waters, especially in comparison to other motors out there.

  16. Best Outboard Motors 2022

    Best 4 Outboards For The Price - Smaller Boats. 1 ) HANGKAI 6.5HP Outboard Boat Motor. 2 ) SEA DOG Water Sports 2 Stroke Outboard Motor. 3 ) Sky Superior Water Cooled 2 Stroke Outboard Motor. 4 ) Coleman Powersports Outboard Motor 2.6 HP.

  17. 5 of the Best Outboard Cruisers for 2019

    See for yourself - here are five of the best outboard cruisers you'll see on the water this year. Boston Whaler 420 Outrage. Boston Whaler 420 Outrage. Center consoles are popular because they do so many things really, really well. Bowriders are popular because of their versatile seating and family-friendly layouts.

  18. Best Outboard Motors for Your Boat

    The Yamaha F200 V-6, one of the best 200 hp outboard motors, features 3.3 liters of displacement. That's 17.8 percent more than the Yamaha F200 I-4, with 2.8 liters, and that can make a big difference in acceleration. "With our F200 V-6, the torque comes on early," Meeler explains. "All things being equal, including optimum propeller ...

  19. Top 5 Outboard Motor Brands Ranked

    Backed by a 3-year limited warranty, Evinrude Outboard Motors are the perfect choice for all types of boating adventure. 5. Honda, Tohatsu, Force, and Mariner Outboard Motors. Coming in 5th is a four way tie between the Honda, Tohatsu, Force, and Mariner brands. Why are these ranked so low?

  20. 5 Best Outboard Motors 2019

    On a Sea Pro 239, the DFA350A pushed the boat to 54.2 mph and got 3.35 mpg at a cruise speed in the high 20s. Quad 350s pushed an aluminum Gaudet 38 to 65.8 mph. Per Suzuki MO, the DF350A offers a ...

  21. 5 of the Best Boat Motors for 2022

    2022 Mercury 5 HP 5MLHA-LPG Sail Power Propane Outboard Motor. More Convenience, Less Hassle with Sail Power. Mercury's all-new 4-Stroke Propane boat motor is designed for sailboats and features an alternator and more thrust. While it's ideal for sailboats, it's also a great fit for aluminum tillers and inflatable jon/utility boats.

  22. Best Outboard Motor Brands for Your Boat

    Mercury Marine undisputedly builds the most powerful outboard engine being manufactured today. Their 600-hp Verado is the world's first V-12 outboard engine, producing a full 100 horses more than the next closest option. This engine is a 1,260-pound beast, displaces a whopping 7.6 liters, and is available in shaft lengths to 35 inches.

  23. 10 best outboard engines

    Evinrude G2 E200 HO. If Evinrude 's Generation 2 C200 outboard looks like a good package at £18,499 (and it is) then the E200 HO looks even better. With its larger block (3,440 instead of 2743cc), its larger display (4.3 rather than 3.5-inch), its touchscreen interface and its 'Premium' steering package, it comes in at just £700 extra.

  24. Mississippi officials looking for culprits after new outboard motor

    Mississippi officials are looking for the persons responsible for stealing outboard motors from a boat on the Gulf Coast. According to a post on the Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers Facebook page, two NEW Yamaha 300 outboard motors were removed from a boat on Lee Road in Bay St. Louis. The theft reportedly occurred on Saturday, […]

  25. Line Wraps on Outboard Props: Avoid at All Cost!

    The Best Trolling Motor Batteries For Your Boat June 4, 2024. Get that fishing line off of there, asap! There isn't a boat angler on the face of the planet who hasn't run over a line once or twice or 1,000 times. And if you own an outboard boat, you're probably aware that this can cause significant damage. ... Tilt the outboard up, and ...

  26. Boat Price Checker Tool

    1. Enter Boat Details: Provide basic information about the boat, such as make, model, year, and location and our tool will analyze the data to give you an accurate market valuation. 2. Instant Valuation: Our advanced algorithm reviews active listings and sold boat data, providing you with a low, average and high price range for your boat. 3. Market Comparison: Compare your boat's value with ...