Top Tips for Yacht Stewards and Stewardesses with Isobel Odendaal

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In the second part of our interview with Isobel Odendaal, the owner and director of Super Yachting South Africa talks us through her top tips for both green and established stews and stewardesses, from things not to say to your captain to everything she wishes she had known before joining the superyacht industry.

Read part one of our interview here . 

Your Facebook group Yacht Stewardess and Steward Tips currently stands at 14.5k members – what do you think is the secret to your success?

I think the key is to allow education and ideas without aggression or nastiness, and to create a supportive, welcoming environment where members can ask any questions without receiving judgment or retribution. We get so bombarded everywhere with unsolicited advertising, trolls and information, but I have always believed that you as a member have chosen to join our group, and it is our job as admins to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for each member without all the added ‘noise’ from advertising and judgmental Facebook warriors.

The Yacht Stewardess and Steward Tips group has just consistently grown since 2013, and I believe this is through monitoring it numerous times each day and only allowing content we deem of interest to the members and that they will not find on any of the other hundreds of yachting groups – it is hard work because trolls do pop up anywhere, but I think the success is also thanks to the members – we all provide a safe, nurturing culture of sharing, advice, tips, support, ideas and even humour – with the common goal to grow, educate ourselves and improve our service to our guests.

My initial intention of developing the group was to stop the secrecy that existed in the industry – like chief stews leaving the yacht without leaving handover notes, or not wanting to share your secrets and tips with anyone (what exactly does one benefit from this??) – and I believe Yacht Stewardess and Steward Tips has created an awareness of the common goal of growing and sharing information in yachting, especially in the interior department. So many other stew tips groups, blogs and Instagram accounts have been developed since I launched this group and it is wonderful to see how people are no longer trying to hog information, but rather share it with other individuals.

Isobel Odendaal Super Yachting South Africa 1200x630

Do you face any particular challenges when running such a big group?

The biggest challenge would be to find the time to answer each question in detail – often other members answer questions in a timely, helpful, informative, encouraging and positive manner, which is wonderful, but I would often like to add some valuable information or advice. However doing so would probably be a full-time job, something I simply don’t always have time for!

We are also very focused on not allowing posts that can become too political, such as: “I don’t get along with my cabin mate,” etc. This can quickly escalate to arguments and disagreements, which is something we try to avoid at all costs.

It is also a challenge to sometimes keep some information ONLY for my school’s students, as there has to be a balance between providing useful advice and tips on a large forum, and in the end not discouraging new students to join our steward/ess training programme – we still need to entice them to join us for training!

What are some of the most commonly asked questions on the group?

Shoes shoes shoes and more shoes. I feel everyone’s pain – I know what 15 to 18 hours feel like on bad shoes! I have, in one of my articles for www.onboardonline.com, specifically covered foot treatments and relaxation whilst on charter because I know this is a common problem all steward/esses deal with on a regular basis. The other most common discussion is laundry issues and stain treatment, and my biggest challenge is educating members that you cannot simply use any treatment on any fabric, different fabrics have different stain treatment solutions. Our discussions are so diverse, it is difficult to pin it down – they vary from pregnancy whilst still on board as a stewardess, games for crew while on crossings, advice on different culture guests on board and charter itineraries to writing stew training manuals , how to care for flowers , compiling checklists, fitting out a new build, using lemon, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide instead of harsh chemicals, how to make a variety of cocktails and input from a mixologist, table setting ideas - the list goes on!

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

What not to ever say to a captain:

- “That’s not the way we did it on my old boat.”

- “When do we get a day off?”

- “I’ll do it later…”

- “But I just washed the boat…”

- “That’s not my job.”

Isobel Odendaal Super Yachting South Africa 600x400 4

- Anticipate guest needs.

- Learn how to keep your mouth shut with a smile on your face – through long hours – and keep a happy, positive attitude.

- Be flexible.

- Have an open mind and a willingness to learn, listen and help where needed.

- Attention to detail – the devil is in the details.

- Common sense is not so common anymore…

- Be compatible and tolerant with multi-cultures and multi-personality types.

- There are clear boundaries between guests and crew.

- Learn grace under pressure.

- Punctuality – how to set an alarm!!!

- It is ok, no essential, to ask questions when uncertain.

- Learn personal self-drive, initiative and anticipation.

- Don’t treat the yacht as your own!

- Learn the art of multi-tasking.

- Just to get on with the job – the “No, but…” answer gets annoying.

- No drinking with the guests.

- Self control – don’t party a lot while not taking your job seriously.

- Don’t get emotionally involved with anyone on board, neither guest, the captain, or the crew.

- Keep to your job/keep your head down/stay focused on the job/mind your own business/stay out of the drama and politics.

- Stay professional at all times.

- Be polite and courteous to your fellow crew members, and respectful of your superiors, as your reputation will follow you.

- Be prepared to work extremely hard around the clock/pull your weight.

- Don’t talk badly about people/gossip.

- Listen and learn – save your suggestions until have earned a right and respect to give your input.

- Take time out to smell the roses , take time in port and have fun.

- Develop a thick skin and don’t take things personally.

- Respect the chain of command.

- There is no such thing as complete privacy while working on boats.

- Know your place and don’t get too friendly – you are not a friend of the owner, you are an employee.

- Take pride in what you do.

Isobel Odendaal Super Yachting South Africa 600x400 3

- Talk to the person you’re having a problem with. Solve it like an adult, and don’t take it to the captain, or worse, the owner.

- Remember it is a small industry and what happened in Antigua, they will know in Antibes the next day.

- Stay positive.

- Work hard, play hard, be careful.

- Don’t chase the money - it is a hard job, so you must really want some aspect of the job. Just doing it for the money will never be satisfying.

- Always persevere.

- Be attentive to safety in ALL aspects of your job.

- Be careful what you say, and to whom you say it.

- Be honest.

- Be organized.

- Choose a great crew over higher pay.

- Clean up after yourself.

- Stretch or exercise every day .

- Don’t eat every time you see something delicious.

- Don’t get star struck over celebrities – everyone that comes on board is a VIP and should be treated as such.

- Don’t take shortcuts to gain success.

- Look out for yourself and your friends.

- Never let a hangover impede your job performance.

- Put away your cell phone during work hours.

- Say goodbye to your old life and hello to your new one.

- Sleep on break times when guests are on board, you need it! You can walk around port another time.

- Stay in touch with friends and family outside the crew – keeps you out of drama and maintains sanity.

Things I wish someone told me before joining the industry:

- Always read garment labels before laundering. DO NOT tumble dry if the label says so, and DRY CLEAN only means exactly that.

- Bleach can cause serious damage and should rather not be used. It ruins clothes, and eats marble, wood and the gold on plated fixtures .

- Check the laundry for objects inside pockets (like pens, lipstick, Chapstick, mobile phones and lighters).

- Don’t mix colours and whites – EVER!

- Don’t put bottles of wine or Champagne in the freezer for a quick chill – as you might forget about it and there will be a big mess to clean up.

Isobel Odendaal Super Yachting South Africa 600x400 5

- Agents/chandlers can take care of a lot of things.

- Always spray cleaning products on the cloth first, not the surface that you are cleaning.

- Blue coloured cleaner should not be used (in the laundry).

- Check the voltage of an appliance before plugging in (USA 110V and EUR 220 – 240 V).

- Bleach on a white carpet can make it PINK!

- Collect business cards – contacts are everything in this industry. Keep them sorted into different countries and different sections: florists, transports, provisioners, etc.

- Communicate every detail that you know – share your info as someone else may need to know.

- Don’t allow acidic foods or lemon juice, etc. to touch marble, the acid will etch it.

- Don’t leave soap (like liquid hand wash soap and soap bars) on marble, it will damage the marble.

- Don’t open the door (even after knocking) unless someone has invited you in.

- Don’t overload the washing machine (especially with big heavy towels) – it will break or leak.

- Don’t use Museum Gel or Magic Erasers in the interior – EVER!

- Carrying cleaning products in a caddy prevents drips (from bleach and blue Windex, etc.) on your white carpets!

- Don’t use heavy duty steel wool to take hard water marks off mirrors – it will scratch.

- Don’t use razor blades on plastic mirrors.

- Don’t use Scotch Pads on INOX galley surface.

- Don’t use Scotch Pads on Lexan Shower doors to clean off soap scum.

- Don’t use vinegar and water on marble, granite or onyx surfaces – it will damage the surface.

- Educate, then delegate.

- Put the “runners” back on the carpets as soon as the guests leave.

- Put drop towels or protective covers down at entrances throughout the boat that are used by crew – their feet are often wet when they come from outside or some don’t even take off their shoes.

- If you make a mistake, own up immediately, as someone may know a quick solution.

- Just use water and vinegar on wood surfaces, not Pledge or Mr Min, as all those other products attracts dust.

- Keep track of your $$$$$!

- Milk gets rid of ink marks on leather (don’t ever RUB HARD to try and remove a stain off a leather couch).

- NEVER leave an iron unattended!!!!!

- Scented sprays stain silk, brass and marble (does it make sense to spray an oily scented spray over clean surfaces that you just detailed?).

- Set the glasses for the table while at anchor at the last minute, bad wake can topple them.

- Stain removers on carpets can make the carpet attract more dirt.

- Make sure you always securely stow items inside cupboards (like vases, candle holders, wine). If not, they will roll around when the boat moves and break.

- Trust your instincts when interviewing for a job – if the captain seems disrespectful in the interview, he probably is always like that.

- Varnish work on interior is softer than exterior varnish, it nicks very easily.

- When ironing in a cabin, make sure to put down a towel or protective cover underneath, so if/when the iron falls over, you don’t ruin the carpet.

- Whink rust remover stains stainless steel.

- Always have everything ready – silver polished, napkins folded, etc. Plans are guaranteed to change!

- Fold napkins and sheets while ironing to save time later.

- Febreze/Downy Wrinkle Release spray for sheets on bed or tablecloth on table to “hand iron”.

- Set up breakfast items the night before (do not actually set table, but fill jam pots, pull cutlery, table cloth, etc.)

Isobel Judge at Monaco Show Table Setting Competition 6

- Always carry something with you when you walk from one part of the boat to another, to save on trips.

- Always double check your work – leave and come back to see if you missed anything.

- Add Ginger Ale, or a capful bleach, or a teaspoon sugar, or a copper penny to the water in your flower arrangements to make them last longer.

- Be systematic – always do things in the same order, so you get in the “groove”.

- GooGone is a wonder product.

- Let your candles cool down on the table after use, this way you can carry them without making a mess from runny candle wax.

- DRIFT method – Do Right First Time – saves time not having to re-do it later.

- Flour sack cloths are the best cloths on earth.

- Dry stainless immediately to avoid water marks.

- Heat water to boiling temp in the microwave to loosen dried food.

- Keep cleaning supplies in a caddy/carrier so that you know when it is running out (instead of checking lots of storage places).

- Keep fridges stocked.

- Keep folded and ironed napkins on pants hangers after ironing them. This will avoid folding creases.

- Make lists – always have a pen and paper in your pocket.

- Place orders (flowers, etc.) on the phone while ironing.

- Put oranges in microwave for 30 seconds – this gives more juice when squeezing.

- Soak white napkins and white table cloths or white sheets and pillow cases in bucket of Napisan immediately after use – this keeps stains from setting.

- Squeegee showers or wipe with Chamois before cleaning to get rid of excess water (do not use guest towels for this!!).

- If you are out of time, use iron-on double sided tape or for a quick fix instead of sewing a hem.

- Vacuum walls, shelves, etc. with a brush fixture on the vacuum before dusting.

Oh, and life in real yachting IS NOTHING LIKE BELOW DECK !

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Boat towels: 8 of the best for use onboard

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Packing for a charter abroad or just stocking the boat for the summer? Either way space will probably be at a premium so the more you can save the better.

Modern travel towels are lightweight and thin but no less effective than a typical bulky bathroom towel, which makes them ideal for travelling and particularly for use on a boat.

They come in two primary types, man-made microfibre material or pure natural cotton.

The former utilises a Polyester blend microfibre, which is far more absorbent than a regular towel.

It also dries a lot more quickly and can be packed away into an area less than a quarter of the volume that a regular towel would occupy.

Prior to these, cotton Fouta (Turkish) towels were becoming popular among seasoned travellers.

Foutas have been made and used in Turkey for many years, originally for the traditional hammam baths.

The cotton threads used in these towels tend to be longer and woven into a flat formation, rather than in the loops generally found on a traditional bath towel.

Both types of these lightweight, ultra-absorbent boat towels are available in a wide variety of different colours, patterns and sizes, many are supplied with neat storage pouches.

Microfibre Boat towels

Dock & bay.

Dock and Bay Boat towels

Renowned for its wide selection of bright, cheerful towels, D & B supplies a good range of lightweight travel towels in five sizes, or in sets of three including S, L and XL sizes.

They also have a wide variety of different patterns and colours to choose from.

Made from an 83%/17% Polyester/Polyamide blend, D & B towels are said to be super absorbent and quick-drying and come with a handy drawstring pouch.

RRP: from £16.00

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Fit Flip range of travel towels

These fast drying, ultra-lightweight, highly absorbent microfibre towels are ideal for all sports including sailing.

A simple press stud allows them to be securely hung out to dry almost anywhere and they can then be stored neatly in the mesh bag provided, which allows them to breath and remain as fresh as possible.

Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, they can be machine-washed as normal up to 60°C.

RRP: from £9.99

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RedA girl laughing wrapped in a Paddle microfibre towel

Its soft microfibre fabric absorbs four times its own weight in water and its anti-bacterial properties will ensure it always remains totally fresh and sweet-smelling.

When rolled up its integrated strap holds its together firmly, while the hanging loop allows it to be easily stored anywhere.

RRP: £24.95

Buy it now from Red Paddle Company

Lifeventure SoftFibre

A man wearing a light blue microfibre towel around his neck walking along a beach

Each is treated with Polygiene permanent odour control as well, to keep it feeling and smelling fresh.

Surprisingly, these printed towels are made from recycled plastic bottles, although they are still as soft, durable and as absorbent as a normal towel.

RRP: £21.99

Buy it now from Lifeventure


Big Jim towel

Made from tightly weaved microfibres, it is ideal for when quick drying and compact stowage are important, such as on a sailing yacht.

Available in blue or purple.

RRP: £13.99

Turkish Fouta boat towels

Hamamingo nautical towel.

A woman with a pink and orange Hamamingo boat towels around her neck while helming a yacht

Weighing just 290gm, this 100% natural cotton Turkish towel measures 100cm x 180cm but folds neatly into a small travel pouch.

The towel is said to hold three times its own weight in water but dries three times as fast as a regular cotton towel.

The Hamamingo Nautical Collection of attractive travel towels are also versatile enough to use as a scarf, wrap or sarong when going ashore.

RRP: £29.99

Terzi Editions

Terzi Boat towel

These 100% natural cotton towels are soft to the touch and lightweight.

They’re also thin enough to fold flat neatly into a suitcase, sea bag or locker.

Sold in four different ranges, Lightweight, Classic, Superluxe and 50/50, Terzi towels comprise two colours woven together to create the soft texture in attractive, striped patterns.

They also come with a useful carrying pouch for travelling.

RRP: from £32


A boat towel hanging on the back of a helm chair on a boat

Foutala sells a large range of cheerful colours and attractive thick or thin striped patterns, each measuring a full 180cm x 95cm.

RRP: from £20


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Yacht Charter Etiquette: A Guide to Proper Conduct on a Yacht


The Yachtie’s Guide to Etiquette

A yacht charter can be a luxurious and relaxing experience, but it’s important to remember that you are a guest on someone else’s boat. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all, there are certain etiquette rules that you should follow.

Do’s on a Yacht Charter:

  • Be on time: Arrive at the designated meeting place on time, or better yet, a few minutes early.
  • Dress appropriately: Dress appropriately for the occasion, taking into account the time of day and the activities planned.
  • Be polite and respectful: Address the crew and other guests with respect, using polite language and gestures.
  • Follow safety rules: Follow all safety rules and instructions from the crew, especially when it comes to wearing life jackets or using equipment on board.
  • Enjoy yourself: Relax and have fun! This is what a yacht charter is all about.

Don’ts on a Yacht Charter:

  • Don’t wear shoes: Shoes are typically not allowed on a yacht, as they can damage the deck or leave marks on the surfaces.
  • Pay attention to toilet rules: Toilets on a yacht differ from those on land.
  • Don’t bring illegal substances: It’s illegal to bring drugs or other illegal substances on board, and it’s also disrespectful to the crew and other guests.
  • Don’t cause damage: Take care not to damage the yacht or its equipment, and report any damages as soon as they occur.

By following these do’s and don’ts of yacht charter etiquette, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone on board. So, kick off your shoes, relax, and enjoy the luxury and beauty of a yacht charter.

Ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

Etiquette: the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group..

A yacht vacation is the ultimate relaxing holiday. With sun, sea and 5-star service, it doesn’t get any better. You will experience new rules and etiquette as the nautical way of life as you step on deck. Just follow a few simple guidelines to make your trip as pleasant as possible for everyone.

No matter how large the vessel, the kitchen is called the “galley”, and the bathroom is called the “head”. While no one wants to be bound to “rules” on their vacation, we all appreciate some common courtesy.

Before boarding

When you first arrive, the polite way is to ask permission to board. A friendly “Good morning! May I come aboard?” will go a long way. This rule is as old as the sea itself and still holds today. You wouldn’t enter someone’s home uninvited, so why would you do that at sea?

There’s one thing all yachts have in common: a basket for footwear by the passerelle or gangway or at the main salon entrance when you get on deck. Here street shoes can be deposited until it’s time to go ashore again. High heels can scratch and damage the Teak decking, whereas street shoes can deposit dirt, dust and mud that ruin a yacht’s plush carpets. Aboard the boat, you can go barefoot, wear clean socks, wear a pair of slippers or sometimes clean, specific light-soled shoes. Check with your Charter Broker regarding the yacht’s footwear policy. You can still pack your stilettos or favourite street shoes for when you go ashore; you can’t step onboard wearing them.

It is preferable to take suitable soft-shell luggage easily stored as storage space is limited. Hard-shell luggage could cause damage and is difficult to store.

Your Charter Broker will work with the Captain to create a dream itinerary before your charter. Of course, once onboard, you may decide to follow a different route. If you would like to change course, discuss your wishes with the Captain. The Captain will consider your request, considering the local conditions and prevailing weather. The Captain has the final say as his first responsibility is your safety.

The Captain

Please follow the strict chain of command on a yacht. Although the crew will always aim to please you, it’s proper etiquette to direct any requests you may have while onboard (apart from drinks orders) to the Captain. If you’re unhappy with something, tell the Captain. A request about the yacht’s interior, such as swapping cabins, laundry instructions or menu changes, should be directed to the Chief Stew. The captain will discuss the day’s itinerary each morning at breakfast. So please use this opportunity to raise any issues to be resolved immediately. Should the Captain not be able to assist, please contact your Charter Broker.

The crew generally consist of a Captain, a stewardess/hostess, a chef and a deckhand. The bigger the yacht, the more pairs of hands will be on deck. The charter guests may request a crew relationship beforehand; this may be informal or discreet (where they remain in the background until asked to perform a service). Treat the crew as you would most valued employees. The crew – from the chef through to the stewardesses – have a hectic schedule. Each one is trained to ensure your holiday exceeds your expectations. Acting dismissive or rude towards the crew may influence the quality and enthusiasm of the service you will receive.

The crew quarters are tiny and separate from the guest spaces, with their own entrance. This is the crew’s private space, and their privacy should be respected. Due to the busy 24-hour schedule of yacht crew, there will almost always be someone asleep in the cabins, and the crew might not be in uniform or set to entertain guests. You’re welcome to request a quick tour of the crew accommodations if you’re interested, but this area is generally off-limits.

Do not try to be polite by helping the crew clear plates or make beds, as they may feel the service they provide is inadequate. They are proud of their jobs, so sit back and enjoy their service. Be kind to the crew and allow them time for housekeeping. You might want to party all night but bear in mind that they have to get up to prepare breakfast at 6:00. They are always busy, so afford them the respect they deserve no matter how friendly they are.

Yacht Charter Etiquette

Complete the Preference Sheet provided by your Charter Broker well before the charter to notify the chef of any special dietary requirements or favourite foods and beverages you want to enjoy onboard. The galley (of course, you knew that is the kitchen!) on a yacht is a commercial workspace like a restaurant kitchen, and entry is generally “by invitation only”. The chef is usually hard at work preparing your next delectable feast or cooking for the crew. Give the chef as much advance notice as possible if you plan to skip a meal to eat ashore. Don’t help yourself to anything in the galley without first asking the chef. Most yachts have mini-refrigerators in the guest areas, stocked with your favourite drinks and snacks throughout your stay.

On smaller yachts, like catamarans, the guests and crew generally enjoy a more casual relationship, whereas, on larger yachts, the separation between guests and crew is more formal. Unless there is a special celebration, the crew does not eat with the charter guests. If you want to have the Captain join you for a drink or dinner, don’t hesitate to ask, but don’t be offended if he declines. Operating a yacht is time-consuming and captains will often work at night and rest at unusual hours. If you wish to have a private space, whether the top deck or saloon, ask the Chief Stew, and the crew will honour that. The crew have signed confidentiality agreements, and social media blackouts are in place. So, what happens on the yacht, stays on the yacht.

Going Ashore

One of the great joys of going on holiday is seeing new places, and your yacht allows you even more freedom to decide what you want to see. However, don’t expect your crew to accompany you on sightseeing trips. While you enjoy sightseeing or shopping, the interior crew will use that time to ensure you return to a freshly spruced up yacht for you to enjoy on your return. If you spend the day on the beach picking up shells, please give them to a deckhand to rinse before going aboard.

Yacht Charter Etiquette

Most charter yachts are equipped with a wide range of tenders and water toys that can provide you with hours of fun in the sun. When anchored, you may find the toys already launched and waiting in the water before waking up. But before you jump onto that Jet Ski and take off, be sure to check with the crew. Local regulations may require a boating safety session before you can use the tenders and toys. It’s essential to be aware that different ports around the world have different rules governing watercraft. Jet Skis are not allowed in some places or licenses are required in others. The water toys vary on the different charter yachts, so if you require a particular toy, please inform your Charter Broker in advance to make the necessary arrangements. For those who wish to obtain a U.S. personal watercraft license in advance, please visit www.boat-ed.com .

Yacht Charter Etiquette

Your safety and enjoyment on board is the prime responsibility of the Captain and crew, and they, therefore, view it as a serious matter. The Captain and crew will give you a complete briefing on safety procedures before leaving port. Pay close attention as these rules are in place for your comfort and ultimate safety. Inform a crew member if you’re planning to go for a swim or leave the yacht. Generally, the crew will keep an eye on guests, but if you don’t see anyone around when you’re about to launch off the swim platform, please find someone and inform them of your intentions. The captain and crew want to provide you with the best vacation possible and, within reason, cater to your every wish – but they are also ultimately responsible for your safety and the yacht’s safety. If weather conditions or other safety constraints prevent sailing to a selected area, please don’t argue with the captain. If you have children, make sure they wear lifejackets and are with a supervising adult while the yacht is moving. Also, as an adult, wear a lifejacket if you get seasick while the yacht is in motion.

Financial Matters

It is advisable to discuss all financial matters associated with your charter vacation with your Charter Broker before your trip. During your charter, your Captain is responsible for keeping track of all expenses. Should the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) run out before the end of the charter, the Captain will approach you to top it up. You may request the Captain to view the financials at any time. Your personal taste and preferences will determine the expenses incurred during a charter. At the end of the charter, the Captain will produce full accounts of all costs, and you will be refunded any surplus.

Note that the fuel costs are also included in the APA. Check your yacht’s fuel consumption with your Charter Broker. For example, a motor yacht with a maximum speed of 30 knots per hour and fuel consumption of 800 litres per hour will perhaps have a more efficient cruising speed at 20 knots per hour, which reduces her fuel consumption to 400 litres per hour. That means you can now travel for three hours, covering 60 nautical miles and only use 1200 litres of diesel. Therefore think twice before asking the Captain to travel to a destination at maximum speed. You might like to take notes of the time and speed travelled during your charter to compare it to the Captain’s notes. More info .

Yacht Charter Etiquette

The Little Ones

A yacht vacation is a perfect opportunity to enjoy some family fun, as charter yachts are equipped with the latest toys and games for children. Young children must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. If you’re chartering with children, bear in mind that professional crews are not babysitters. The crew’s average day stretches from long before you wake up to long after you have gone to bed, with many daily tasks to complete. The crew may offer to entertain your children for a set period of time during the charter, but don’t abuse the privilege. Most yacht charter contracts require that a nanny is brought on board for children under a certain age if the adults want to enjoy some time to relax. The crew will happily teach your children water sports and play a few games on board, such as treasure hunts, but won’t be able to assume responsibility for your children if you go ashore for the evening and want to leave the children behind.

Furry Friends

Pets are not allowed. If, however, your dog is very small and well trained, your Charter Broker might be able to negotiate an exception.

Smoking is mostly prohibited inside of yachts and only permitted in designated areas, usually outside. A considerate guest will smoke on the downwind side of the yacht.

Be conscious and cautious about marine toilet systems (“heads”) as they are not always flushed or operated in the same way as household toilets. Follow the crew’s instructions on how to use them correctly. Otherwise, you may waste a day at a port in order to fix a broken sewage system. Don’t flush any “baby wipes” or foreign objects. Many yachts also do not allow toilet paper to be flushed. Don’t be concerned as this is normal. Place the used toilet paper in a provided bin lined with a plastic bag, which will be emptied by the crew as soon as you leave the heads. The attentive stewardess will always ensure a hygienic and clean head.


Seasickness or motion sickness is one of the most miserable experiences one can endure, but don’t let this condition stop you. There are numerous remedies available, so please consult your medical doctor beforehand. Refrain from alcohol consumption during cruising and wait until the yacht is back on the mooring before a drink. Most yachts now have stabilisers (both whiles cruising and at anchor) that stop the yacht from rocking. Underway Stabilisers dramatically improve ride comfort while cruising, and Zero Speed Stabilisers are designed to eliminate roll while at rest or anchored significantly. If you are prone to seasickness, please ask your Charter Broker to select a charter yacht with stabilisers. More info .

Be Considerate

Please keep the noise levels down if your boat anchors in a quiet bay, sound is amplified on water. Do not throw any litter overboard, and do not discard drinks in the water. When it is time for a meal, treat it similarly to how you usually dine on land. Throw on some light layers over your bathing suit before sitting down for your lunch or dinner. When in harbours, be courteous to neighbouring yachts when socialising on the deck early in the morning or late at night.

Illegal Activities

There is a zero-tolerance aboard yachts for illegal activities like drug use. The penalty for this kind of behaviour may cause the yacht to be impounded, or the license to be withdrawn. The Captain and crew will therefore report any illegal conduct. This also applies to weapons on board and medical marijuana.

It’s customary for guests to leave the Captain and the crew a gratuity of between ten and twenty per cent of the charter fee, based on your satisfaction with the service rendered. Customarily the gratuity is in cash or wired in advance to the Captain to be divided equally among crew members. Although not always obvious, be assured that all are working very hard to care for your every need. More info .

What is a primary charter guest?

A primary charter guest is the person who is responsible for booking and paying for a yacht charter. This person is typically considered the “head of the group” or the main point of contact for the charter company. The primary charter guest is responsible for managing the other guests on the yacht, ensuring that everyone follows the rules and regulations, and ensuring that the yacht is returned in good condition. The primary charter guest is often expected to provide information about the guests, their preferences, and any special requests they may have. This person is also responsible for communicating with the charter company and crew throughout the trip to ensure that everything runs smoothly and everyone has a great experience.

What is a drop towel on a yacht?

A drop towel on a yacht is a towel or cloth used to protect the deck or surfaces of the yacht from scratches or marks caused by items such as sunglasses, phones, or jewellery. Drop towels are often placed near lounge areas or on tables to provide a convenient and safe place to set personal items while on board. They help maintain the clean and pristine appearance of the yacht and are an essential part of yacht etiquette and good housekeeping practices.

Remember that you’re on vacation. Try to relax and stay flexible, especially about your itinerary. If weather conditions necessitate a deviation from your original destination, discover the pleasures of a totally unexpected alternative locale. The crew want you to be as comfortable as possible, and you’ll only fully appreciate how amazing the experience is until you totally relax.

Yachting is generally an informal activity, without too much protocol, but keeping these common courtesies in mind should provide an amazing, unforgettable yachting experience.

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How to choose the right linen for your superyacht

Choosing linen for your yacht is much more complicated than deciding it for the home. It needs to be more durable, more personalised and must tick multiple boxes so make sure you get it right with our superyacht linen buying guide.

Linen on board needs to work hard. At the top end of the superyacht charter market, bed linen is changed daily, so it needs to withstand the rigours of the laundry without compromising on style, comfort or durability. It must also be ordered in large quantities – experts recommend three to five sets of bed linen per cabin – and might be monogrammed with the yacht’s logo or custom-coloured to fit a particular colour scheme. Bed and table linen often must be made to measure to work with the custom-designed furniture on board. And it needs to be easy to replace: rare is the superyacht that has not lost the odd deck towel in the wind.

How to choose bed linen for yachts

1. Linen or cotton?

While freshly laundered linen sheets are considered by many to be the last word in bedtime luxury, high-quality Egyptian cotton is generally best suited to life on a superyacht because it is cool on the skin and relatively easy to care for. “The more pure a fabric is, the more comfortable it will be to sleep in and the easier it is to handle,” says Caroline Koc, owner of luxury linen specialist Haremlique . “We use 100 per cent Egyptian cotton, which allows the sheet to breathe, leaving you with a serene and fresh feeling.”

Linen has a soft, sumptuous texture and while its looser weave allows good air circulation, it creases readily and requires more care than cotton. “Linen also takes up more space in terms of storage,” Koc adds.

2. Percale or sateen?

There are two main cotton-fabric constructions for bed linen. Percale cotton is woven from the same number of vertical and horizontal threads, resulting in a flat, even interlacing. Sateen cotton has more horizontal threads than vertical, giving it a lustre or sheen. Percale sheets allow the most airflow, whereas sateen sheets, though smoother to the touch, are less porous and generally warmer.

3. The finished item

Be sure to buy bed and table linen that has been finished in Italy. Once an Egyptian yarn has been woven, the raw cotton fabric is exported to be washed, bleached and mercerised and the Italians are the undisputed world leaders at that.

4. Confused about thread count?

It’s hardly surprising. A high thread-count is not necessarily a byword for luxury linen, as a large number of threads per square inch can make a fabric dense and unsupple if the threads themselves are not gossamer thin. This is fine if you are looking for a formal tablecloth – not so good if you want a sheet to sleep under. Alexandra Swindells, international sales manager of Elite Yacht Linen , recommends a thread count of 600 for an owner cabin, upwards of 300 for charter and 200 for crew.

5. What about ply?

In terms of bed linen, ply refers to the number of strands wrapped together to make a single thread. Single-ply fabrics, as a rule, are lighter and sheerer than double-ply.

6. Is bespoke a byword for the best?

In a word, yes. “Naval architects working on superyachts are bringing their clients’ dreams to life,” says Gemma Weir-Williams, creative director of bespoke linen and tableware suppliers Gillian Weir . “Very little is standard size, so everything from the table linen to the bed sheets must be bespoke.”

Sabrina Monteleone, owner of yacht outfitter Sabrina Monte-Carlo , agrees: “Owners expect the unique. They often wish for linen to be customised with special embroidery, with their initials, or the boat’s logo, for example. The colour details of the bed and bath linen should also match the cabin’s colour scheme and may need to be ordered in a bespoke colour.”

How to choose table linen for yachts

7. How much will I need?

Depending on the occasion, a yacht will require at least three styles of table linen: a breakfast set, which will usually comprise of place mats and napkins; a set for daytime alfresco dining; and a formal dinner set. “I would always recommend white, with touches of colour through embroidery,” says Koc. A thick cotton fabric with a high thread count will give a feeling of sumptuousness, although more rustic-looking pure linen can work beautifully for informal dining. Again, bespoke is the watchword here.

8. How do I tell real quality?

“What stands a quality linen apart is when you go from machine embroidered to hand embroidered, says Jason Hales of Jonathan Fawcett. “Each and every stitch is done by hand in the latter, something a machine could never replicate. For discerning clients, hand embroidery is where you see a huge difference.”

How to choose towels for yachts

9. This is the easy bit, right?

It is, although again there are still some points to remember. Yacht cabins will need at least three sizes of towel (shower, hair and hand) plus facecloths and bath mats, all of which may be detailed to match the cabin’s colour scheme. “We recommend soft, white cotton towels mainly for practical reasons,” advises Andrea Salvador, from Venetian linen specialist Jesurum . “But I prefer linen for the face towels, which is very elegant.” And think in quantities; up to five sets per cabin will be required.

10. What about swimming towels?

“Avoid brightly coloured deck towels,” warns Swindells. “Colours will fade, even in UV-protected fabrics, after prolonged exposure to the sun.” Look for towelling that has had special treatment against sun and salt water and which will be easy to replace when the inevitable happens.

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A guide to organising superyacht laundry on board: Wash, fold, dry, repeat?

Yachting Pages

As a superyacht stew or stewardess, you will know all too well the daily task that is yacht laundry . Although you may quickly get to grips with the fact that this ongoing chore is now part of your daily routine, the task itself can often present an ongoing learning curve, with losses and shrinkage just two of the daily challenges faced.

Folded laundry

Yachting Pages presents a guide to organising superyacht laundry, with laundry tips for the busy stew or stewardess.

Organising superyacht laundry: Guest clothing and crew uniforms to yacht bedding and table linens

Whether working aboard a private or charter yacht, when owners and guests are on board, the laundry pile is sure to build at a rate quicker than you can typically keep up with.

When guests are not on board, cleaning rags, galley towels and crew linen will add a little to the laundry pile (just enough to keep the yacht ticking over), but with guests on board, countless garment bags of fine clothing and luxury fashions pile in - not to mention the additional bed linen, table linens and towels that are generated.

You will likely have the laundry basics down from life before yachting; empty all pockets, separate whites, darks and colours, and ensure that you follow the care label instructions, but this process cannot always be trusted infinitely. You will undergo some training as you start life as a stewardess or join a new yacht, but you may not have always encountered some of the finer fabrics in life – think silk, cashmere, velvet and embellishments.

Every stew, stewardess and homemaker will have their own home remedies for cleaning fine fabrics and removing stubborn stains, but, if in doubt, it truly is better to leave it to the professionals, or to call them for their advice. After all, ruining yacht linens may not be the end of world, but ruining the owner’s wife’s couture clothing could make for a tricky conversation.

Superyacht laundry duties: Schedule and rotation

Regardless of your preferences and workload, the likelihood is that, at least when guests are aboard, the laundry will run all day, and there may only be one stew/stewardess to oversee the whole operation with two or three stews to support.

Laundry duty starts off where things were left the night before, ironing the now clean table linen and napkins from supper, and organising guest laundry to be returned ASAP. Next, there is likely to be a string of requests from the kitchen, deck and housekeeping departments for clean rags, linen and uniform, before the daily bedding, bath towel and clothing cycle begins. Every single item passing through the laundry room must be washed, pressed and folded to the yacht’s standard, and all guest clothing should be logged accordingly and searched and treated for stains.

Daily tasks will also include cleaning and organising the laundry room, from cleaning out lint from the dryers (fire hazard) to distributing clean laundry around the yacht.

As part of your duties as a superyacht stew/stewardess, you may also be asked (or directed) to unpack guest luggage, folding and organising their clothing and belongings in their cabin. A daunting task, but, looking on the positive side, this offers a laundry stewardess an invaluable chance to get to grips with the fabrics and preferences of the guests, allowing you to plan ahead for the week’s laundry rotation.

Shirts put out onto a bed

Washing clothes and linens aboard a superyacht

You will likely at least begin by laundering clothes in the same way that your parents and peers taught you at home, but that doesn't mean to say that the way you learnt is the best or the only way.

Instead of sorting garments, towels and linens by colour only - a pile for whites, one for darks and the remaining colours, it is also often necessary to sort in terms of temperature, with cold, warm and hot piles before further sorting by fabric and colour. This may mean undertaking a host of smaller loads, but the fabric (and the garment's owner) will really thank you for it! Always wash to the hottest temperature that the care label states the garment can handle to ensure it is washed thoroughly, and remember, bleach is a last resort - it eats fabrics and elastics resulting in saggy waistbands!

Furthermore, you may have learnt to be sparing, or over generous with the laundry detergent, resulting in either dirty clothes or those with a sticky, soapy residue. Ensure you are adding the recommended amount of detergent, and that it is designed to work with your washer for optimal use.

Ironing, pressing and folding laundry aboard a superyacht

Although at home there might be items that escape the iron (think socks, sheets and underwear), on board absolutely everything will be ironed or pressed – from socks and sheets through to cleaning rags.

A superyacht is the most expensive five-star resort, so consistency certainly is key to superyacht laundry; every stew/stewardess must be ironing, folding and hanging items in a uniform fashion (forgive the pun). You will learn how to fold socks and underwear properly; you will wrestle bed sheets and table linens through the roller press; and you will starch napkins, bedding, crew uniforms and dress shirts.

Laundering yacht crew uniforms and linens

With your fellow yacht crew members also calling the superyacht ‘home’, living and working on board for the duration of their employment contract or charter trip, their clothing and uniforms come an integral part of the yacht’s mountainous laundry routine.

Along with knowing how to launder yacht uniforms in order to maintain their colour, fit and finish for as long as possible, you will also have to consider timing and rotation to ensure that crew members aboard will always have a suitable and presentable uniform to wear, as well as related work rags, bedding and towels.

There are always preferred ways of laundering crew uniforms, and stews will always be in charge of ensuring that the crew looks immaculate, even when there are no guests on board. But, rest assured, crew will likely be responsible for laundering their personal clothing on quieter days in the laundry room.

Outsourcing superyacht laundry

With the yacht laundry never quite being done, just when the floor underneath the laundry pile is beginning to become a little clearer, a fellow stewardess comes in with the linens of a late riser. The good news is there is often provision to send out laundry to the local dry cleaners and laundry service companies in the area – that is, if you can tie yourself down to a port for long enough! This is also true for tricky stains and luxury fabrics, as it is never worth tackling anything that may cause a problem on board.

With a little forward planning, you may be able to round up a few bundles of the yacht’s laundry and linens to send off to the dry cleaner to ease the pressure on board. Many of which will be able to collect, wash, press and deliver within a day, but it’s vital to choose a reputable laundry service for a stress-free experience.

Search for laundry services  or discover our eco-friendly laundry tips and tricks! 

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Best Lithium Battery Safety Cases for Yacht Protection

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In the realm of maritime luxury, the quest to offer yacht charter guests the perfect night's sleep has become an art form, one which luxury bed and linen supplier, CC Design, has fully committed to.

drop towel yacht

A jacket completes any crew member's uniform so it's an important garment to get right. In this Tried & Tested, Sea Design pits eight popular jackets against one another to determine which one is best for superyacht crew in 2023.

drop towel yacht

Ocean Property announce partnership with Siam Seaplane, launching a seaplane facility at Ocean Marina Jomtien, Chonburi....

Siam Seaplane and Ocean Property announce collaboration

Leading biotech cleaning company Washdown has initiated a new campaign aimed at eradicating Volatile Organic Compounds (...

Washdown launches Anti-VOC campaign

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Stew Cues: Finding perfect towels no easy task

Stew Cues: by Alene Keenan

One of the biggest challenges of consulting on an interior refit and helping the owners choose from different towel collections is being able to explain the different values and price points of manufacturers’ products. I mean, come on, towels are towels, right?

Not really. New towels for a yacht can cost a lot of money. Knowing what value differences to consider when buying new towels, and how to discuss that with clients, is key. 

A definite advantage of working with a professional outfitter for towels and other soft goods is the opportunity to draw upon their years of experience.

According to Cris Clifford of Aqualuxe Outfitting, the first thing to consider is what is already on board. Obviously, the owners are used to this brand and product, and they can communicate what they like and don’t like about it. If they are happy with this product, the easiest way would be to replace what they already have or choose from another collection by the same manufacturer. If they want something different, it will take a little exploration. 

Certain flagship brands have a heritage of quality and prestige, but some brands offer more value than others in terms of cost, durability and availability. Availability and lead time on an order are a major concern, especially if decisions are left till the last minute. High-end toweling takes longer and costs more to produce.

The most popular brands have several collections and color options, so it is important to know how much product is in stock when placing an order. White on white is the simplest, but many yachts chose different colors of bedding and towels for each cabin. 

Clifford stresses that allowing enough lead time for delivery before the yacht heads off into the sunset again is important. Boats generally order many pieces, and not all colors and designs will be in stock. Personalized color, banding and embroidery options take longer.

Color coordinating by room has distinct advantages. Although it seems like it would be easier to have all white or all one color, that can make it harder to rotate, sort and store linens properly. To protect the investment of expensive linens, proper rotation ensures that they wear evenly. With different colors for each cabin, the inventory gets rotated properly and is returned directly to the proper room after laundering. 

Speaking of laundering, top quality towels need top quality care. Over-drying towels causes real damage. If you go to take towels out of the dryer and they are too hot to touch, they are toasted – the cotton fibers are actually burned.

One thing that is helpful in preserving longevity is to use the permanent press setting on washers and dryers. On a washing machine, this cycle washes clothes in warm water and rinses them in cool. The agitation and spin cycles are gentler. On a dryer, this cycle uses medium heat, and some have a cool cycle at the end that allows fibers to relax.

Beautiful colors may fade after washing, and certainly after being exposed to sunlight. Beach towels that sit out on deck in the sun are going to discolor no matter what. Beautiful colors, high durability, and top quality brands are going to be priced high. The value in this is evident over time. Some boats, however, will go with brands that have less quality value but satisfy the design preferences of the owner. 

The best towels are a balance between softness and absorbency. If they are too absorbent, they stay wet longer and are prone to mustiness. If they are thin and unsubstantial, they will not absorb water. Many synthetic blends are soft, but don’t absorb much water. Perfect towels feel fluffy, wick moisture away and dry quickly.

For proper care of fine towels, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Quality varies greatly. Know your product and where it comes from. According to Matouk’s website (www.matouk.com), the type of cotton is important for all linens and towels. Longer staple cotton fibers always produce a superior product. Turkish, Egyptian, and Supima cotton are all high-quality cottons for toweling. They each have their own distinctions, but Supima is grown in the United States. Fabrics and towels made of Supima cotton are stronger and cost more than other cottons. 

We tend to take them for granted, but according to oasistowels.com, towels have been around since the days of the Ottoman Empire in 17th century Turkey. Used in various ceremonies, they reflected the power and status one held in society. They only became widely available in the 19th century and have evolved continuously over time. Functional and utilitarian though they may be, they can be a truly exceptional indulgence for an otherwise ordinary daily routine. 

Alene Keenan is former lead instructor of interior courses at Maritime Professional Training in Fort Lauderdale. She shares more than 20 years experience as a stew in her book, “The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht,” available at yachtstewsolutions.com . Comments on this column are welcome below.

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It is common practice to work on window cleaning with one person cleaning on the inside and another cleaning on the outside. That way, you…

drop towel yacht

Have you ever panicked because you forgot to take the butter out of the fridge in enough time to soften it before meal service? Using…

About Alene Keenan

Alene Keenan is a veteran chief stew, interior training instructor/consultant, and author of The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht.

View all posts by Alene Keenan →

drop towel yacht


Best Sailboat Towels For Fast Drying

Best Sailboat Towels For Fast Drying | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

August 30, 2022

Not all towel materials are ideal for marine use. So, which sailboat towels are the best for absorbency and fast drying?

The towels that dry fastest (and dry out best) are made of cotton and polyester. The most absorbent cotton towels use microfiber, and the most absorbent and fastest-drying towels are sheepskin and synthetic marine chamois cloth.

In this article, we’ll review three of the best cotton marine towels and three of the best natural and synthetic chamois towels. These materials serve different purposes, but they’re both highly absorbent and great for fast drying.

We sourced the information and technical specifications used in this article directly from the manufacturers and distributors of marine cotton and chamois cloths.

Table of contents

‍ Fastest Drying Towel Materials

Surprisingly, natural materials have somewhat of an advantage when it comes to fast drying. When you think about it, the idea makes sense—who better than nature to design a material that quickly disperses humidity and rainwater?

Cotton is the fastest drying natural material. As you know, most towels are made at least in part from cotton. Next to cotton, silk also dries quite fast. But silk is pricey, and so the best sailboat towels are often made of cotton.

The fastest-drying common synthetic material is polyester. But polyester alone doesn’t make a very good towel, so it is often combined with cotton to increase its absorbent qualities.

Best Sailboat Towel Materials

A blend of cotton and polyester makes the strongest, most absorbent, and fastest-drying sailboat towels. This is why the vast majority of marine towels are made of conventional materials. But what about boat drying towels and detailing rags?

 As it turns out, better options exist if high absorbency is your primary concern, with fast-drying coming in second. Chamois (or shammy)-type materials make the most absorbent marine towels, which is why they’re commonly preferred for cleaning up spills and wet decks.

Chamois towels are the cloth equivalent of sponges, and they have a remarkable ability to absorb liquids. They can absorb many times the volume of any other common material type, and they dry rapidly once the majority of the liquid is squeezed out.

Chamois towels are also used extensively in the automotive world, as they can dry metal, glass, and plastic without streaks and leave a finish similar to an air-dried surface. That said, they’re costlier than cotton, polyester, and microfiber varieties.

Do Chamois Towels Need to Be Wetted to Work?

The one caveat to chamois material is that it works best when already wet. It’s not a good idea to wet them with saltwater, as the presence of salt and other impurities will leave residue and defeat the purpose of using a chamois. Cotton and polyester towels can be used dry, which is one benefit of conventional materials.

Cotton Microfiber Blends

Microfiber towels are a good medium between a cotton/polyester blend and chamois material. Like cotton towels, microfiber cloths can be used dry, and they dry out quickly. And like chamois towels, microfiber cloths absorb a lot of liquid for their size and leave fewer streaks.

Fastest Drying Cotton Towels for Sailboats

Cotton towels, which are often mixed with other materials like polyester in a 70/30 blend, are the most economical and fastest-drying boat towels on the market. Here are 3 of the best options available.

1. Laguna Beach Textile Company Cabana Beach Towel

The Laguna Beach Textile Company’s Cabana Beach towel  is one of the most attractive and highest-quality marine towels on the market. But why a beach towel and not a regular utility towel? Beach towels are a great value, and they’re usually thicker and more durable than other kinds of cotton towels.

The Cabana Beach towel is made of thick 630 GSM material, which is made of a carefully considered proprietary cotton microfiber blend. This material is considerably more dense than most. It offers superior softness and a weight that feels similar to heavy-duty tarp canvas to cheap cotton.

The Cabana Beach towel is available in several striped pattern colors, and it’s highly absorbent. It won’t dry as fast as thinner cotton towels, but its drying time is more than acceptable given its absorbency. Additionally, this large 70” by 30” towel is ideal for both utility and recreational use.

2. Green Lifestyle Bulk Cotton Shop Towels

Are you looking for affordable and reusable cotton shop towels? If so, there aren’t many better options than the Green Lifestyle 150-pack of white cotton shop towels . These high-quality towels can be used and reused, thrown away, burned, or used as interior towels—it doesn’t matter because, for the price of one premium towel, you get 150 of these.

Shop towels are ideal for boats for several reasons. For one, they’re inexpensive. Also, they’re durable and highly absorbent, as shops rely on a steady supply of cotton towels to clean up everything from dirty surfaces to large oil spills. They can be used for the same purposes on a boat.

These shop towels measure 12” by 14”, making them similar in size to the classic red shop towels all mechanics are used to. They’re made of 100% cotton, which gives them a superior dry time. These towels are an excellent and environmentally-friendly alternative to paper towels or larger beach towels.

The primary downside to these towels is that they’re a bit small for some uses, and repeated machine washing will thin them over time. But with 150 per pack, a few worn-out or ruined towels won’t make much of a difference.

3. Zeppoli Classic Kitchen and Dish Towels

Here’s a reasonably-priced alternative to bulk shop towels if you’re looking for better quality and a longer useful lifespan. The Zeppoli classic kitchen dish towels  are made of 100% cotton and machine-washable. These towels use tighter weaving than shop towels, which reduces absorbency speed but increases lifespan and usefulness.

These plain-colored towels look and feel much nicer than shop towels but aren’t as limited by size or cumbersome as beach towels. It’s a good medium between the two, especially on a sailboat where storage space is limited. They’re lightweight for their size and larger (14” by 25”) than your typical shop towel.

These towels are designed for kitchen use, so absorbency and fast drying are key. That said, they also work great on the deck, in the bathroom, or in the engine compartment. And since they’re reasonably priced and available in a pack of 15, you’ll have enough to spread around the boat for detailing, dishwashing, engine work, and other purposes.

Best Chamois Towels for Sailboats

Chamois towels don’t dry quite as fast as cotton blended towels, but they have remarkable absorbency and are designed to be used damp. Here are the best and most economical fast-drying chamois cloths for marine use.

1. Better Boat Ultra-Absorbent Marine Chamois

Better Boat produces an ultra-absorbent and fast-drying marine chamois cloth  at an affordable price. This economical chamois is designed specifically for marine use, setting it apart from some of the competition.

So what makes this chamois marine-grade? For one, it’s more durable and made with thicker material than garden-variety chamois towels. Additionally, its synthetic blend allows it to remain softer and more flexible when dry than rock-hard automotive chamois cloths.

Chamois cloths like the Better Boat product are designed to absorb vast amounts of water without lint or scratching. They work better when damp, but they dry out fast—and dry the boat off much faster and more effectively than cotton.

This durable cloth is available in both drying versions (fast absorbency, quick-drying) and wash versions (great for soaking and distributing soapy water, along with absorbing dirty water). Both versions of the Better Boat marine chamois are machine washable.

2. Mighty Cleaner Multi-Purpose Chamois

This economical chamois by Mighty Cleaner is a multi-purpose towel  designed for fast drying and incredible absorbency. Though not designed specifically for marine use, this chamois towel is large and durable enough to work well on sailboats.

The 17” by 30” Might Cleaner miniature chamois comes in a two-pack, allowing you to use one for cleaning water and another for oil or engine room messes. And for the price, it’s an excellent value for a thick and durable machine-washable chamois cloth.

3. Sheepskin Elite Natural Chamois Cloth

This is the traditional chamois that has been preferred by automotive detailers for years. This durable, no-frills sheepskin chamois cloth  measures 7.25 square feet overall. It’s a proven towel for an economical price, and with durability that outlasts even the highest quality competitors.

These name-brand chamois towels are made of real leather, which has superior durability and absorbency to synthetic materials. It’s also significantly softer when dry than many less premium materials, including other natural leather chamois cloths.

So, why choose real leather chamois cloths over less expensive alternatives? For one, leather chamois clothes last much longer than some synthetic materials. Leather is stretch-resistant and reusable and won’t decay or tear easily. Additionally, it’s better for streak-free drying and dries out fast when damp.

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I've personally had thousands of questions about sailing and sailboats over the years. As I learn and experience sailing, and the community, I share the answers that work and make sense to me, here on Life of Sailing.

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Best Sailing Duffle Bags: Top Picks For Boat Travel | Life of Sailing

Best Sailing Duffle Bags: Top Picks For Boat Travel

September 27, 2023

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The Right Towel To Keep On Your Boat

May 31st, 2016

Towels may not be the most alluring subject to read about; however, if you have ever find yourself with the wrong towel for a given scenario it may be a more uncomfortable experience than you could have expected. For example, watching your five year old nephew shred through your $65 Egyptian cotton towel. Maybe you should have thought to hit Walmart and pick up a couple of cheaper ones. Hopefully these suggested examples can prevent towel-caused travesties.

Cotton: Basic and Cheap:

Cotton towels are absolutely the most common. You may have a few in your bathroom ready to take anywhere, any time. This is good, but consider what kind of toll the sun can take on your towel in the long run. Prolonged sun exposure can cause irreparable damage to the fabric, making home use of these towels uncomfortable.

Terry Cloth: Doubles as a blanket + Super Soft:

Terry cloth is a wondrous material. Soft and still gets the job done, although you may find the drying time slightly longer than your average towel. You may want to keep one of these around in case you ever get caught out on the water when the sun goes down and the temperature drops. A terry cloth towel will keep you warm and cozy.

Linen: Quick drying + Increased moisture wicking:

Linen towels aren’t as common as the other options — you would definitely have to order one off Amazon, but the wait is absolutely worth it. Linen is both more absorbent and faster drying than cotton. This is the ideal towel if you find yourself boating with numerous swimmers and too tight on space to keep 8 towels on the boat.

Whether you have the perfect towel or not, nothing beats a day on the water, and living on the lake offers this opportunity every day.

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Choosing yacht linens & towels


Choosing yacht linen and towels is complicated. It needs to be durable, high quality and Co ordinate with the cabin decor.  Home & Yacht Linen and Interiors are experts in this field and are here to help you.

Bedding, table linens, and towels work hard on any yacht of any size. In the super and mega yacht end of the scale the linens are changed daily so they need to be durable enough to withstand this gruelling schedule whilst at the same time maintain their perfect finish and appearance. Linens should be chosen from a supplier and a range that will have continued access to the collection and style so that replacements can be sourced.  Good suppliers will inform existing customers of any imminent deletions from collections to give clients the opportunity to top up whilst the style is still in production. Excellent suppliers will do this but also be have supplier relationships in place that allow deleted collections to be remanufacture on special order. Home & Yacht fall into the latter category and go that extra mile to keep clients inform whilst offering them total flexibility with recorders.

Yacht Linens are ordered in large quantities. Home and Yacht recommend starting at three sets per bed, five sets for large high turn around yachts. Most bed linens are individually made to the right size and shape of each bed.  It is important to get your supplier to keep these sizes on file for future refills and to tag each item with the cabin number.

Egyptian cotton fabrics woven and finished in Italy are the best for any home and yacht.

drop towel yacht

Why Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian Cotton is considered to be the best in the world. It’s long stable fibres make for strong durable yarn which can be woven to produce beautiful fabrics. Your supplier should be able to guide you through the thread counts depending on the owners preference for the thickness and hand of their linens. Italy is renowned for it weaving and fabric finishing so industry experts turn to Italian fabric houses when purchasing their fabrics.

” We purchase all our fabrics from world class fabric houses in Italy” said Danny Burnard, director at Home & Yacht Linens and Interiors .  “We find their fabrics to be the best in the world”

drop towel yacht

Percale or sateen?

The construction of the fabric can be broken down into a few finishes. Generally people speak about Percale and Sateen. Percale cotton is woven using equal number of vertical and horizontal threads which gives a   flat, even interlacing. Sateen, however, cotton has more horizontal threads than vertical, giving it a soft sheen. Sateen sheets have a smooth touch and are less porous and generally warmer than percale. Percale sheets allow the more airflow though and are smoother and a more crisp looking

The finished product

As we said, items finished in Italy are the best. Once the cotton yarn or thread has been produced in Egypt it is shipped Italy. The Italian skilfully weave, bleached and mercerised the fabric to produce an unequalled quality of  fabric. After that the linens are produced to order. Home and Yacht provide all the top brands of world class linens such are Matouk , Yves Delorme , Schlossberg, Frette and Pratesi but also use their own in house workshop shops for small bespoke collections.

drop towel yacht

 Does thread count matter?

Thread count can sound complicated. It should be remembered that Thread Count is only one factor that dictates the quality of the fabric. It should not be taken that a higher thread count fabrics it the best. The quality of the cotton fibres, where it was grown, the weather conditions at its time of growing, the thickness and quality of the thread all play their part in dictating the quality of the final item.  Generally speaking when you’re dealing with linen experts you can be confident that the quality is fine and use thread counts as your benchmark Home and Yacht recommend a thread count of 300 to 600 for an owner cabin, and 200 to 400 for charter or crew.

Is bespoke the best?

Generally speaking yes. Bespoke means that the item has been designed and produced to suit your exact requirements in terms of appearance, quality and fit. Custom items are generally considered to be items that have been adapted to fit the brief. If you want it to fit on a yacht them it needs to be bespoke. ” Bespoke doesn’t have to mean super expensive ” added Philip Hay co- director at Home and Yacht” it just means it was made for you and isn’t standard. We produce a lot of bespoke items that don’t break the bank”

drop towel yacht

Table linens

Most yacht require three styles of table linen: a breakfast set, a lunch service  and a formal dinner set. Each set would consist of a table cloth, napkins and placemats. These would be complimented with napkin rings and table decoration items. Generally speaking the breakfast sets are less formal and softer and can be brighter shades. The lunch set should be suitable or their should be a set suitable for exterior use. Dinner service can be more formal. Napkins can be larger and the fabrics can have a heavier feel. Home & Yacht recommend keeping to a white base embellished with detailing or embroidery if required. However, they offer a wide variety of colours and finishes.

drop towel yacht

Choosing Towels for Yachts

Towels for yachts break down into two categories, deck towels and interior towels. Generally yachts have three sets of interior towels in three sizes: Shower, hair and hand towel. Face cloths and make up removing face cloths can also be added. Make up towels are a darker towel and can be embroidered with the words Make Up to encourage guests to grab these when removing make up rather than the fresh white towel.

Soft white towels are easier to maintain. They don’t fade and can be replenished without any visable difference in shade.

Deck and swimming towels are usually longer. Anything from 160cm long is perfect for a deck lowel. Although all fabrics fade in the sun even if they are treated with UV products white deck towels can be a little impractical. Home and Yacht recommend having bespoke deck towels embroidered with the yacht name. These would be changed and refreshed regularly as they on the front line of presentation when boarding and should always look their best.

Linens and towel choices can be daunting on board any size yacht. Home and Yacht are here to help you find a way through the complication. Contact them to find out how they can help. www.finestbedlinen.com

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www.home-yacht.com Copyright Home Style Group Mallorca SL 2017

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New Interiors Department for for Home & Yacht

  • Uncategorized
  • Posted: 11th October 2016

After a hugely successful year of their new showroom in Santa Catalina, Home & yacht Linens and Interiors is proud to announce the opening of a new division within...

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Monaco Yacht Show 2016

Home & Yacht Linen and Interiors is proud to have it’s bespoke bed linens and interior accessories gracing the beds of some of the stunning yachts and super yachts...

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Fast Drying Towels

Published on May 2, 2024 ; last updated on April 29, 2024 by Carolyn Shearlock

Boat life is better (or at least far less stinky) with fast drying towels onboard. But which towels are the best choice for you? Let’s take a look at some common options, starting with the one I DON’T recommend.

Terry Towels – Just Say No

Some cruisers stick with what they know. They bring their traditional terry towels from home. But it’s never a good idea. Normal thick terry cloth towels seem to never dry on a boat — not even when we were cruising the Sea of Cortez, surrounded by desert. Instead, they pick up a sour smell in just a day or two.

Using thin terry cloth towels was somewhat better. They’d generally dry eventually and it’d take several days before they smelled bad.

But most cruisers choose less traditional fast drying towels.

Microfiber Fast Drying Towels

Eventually I finally found “travel towels” that did everything I wanted them to:

  • Dry fast — in about 10 minutes when it’s sunny, breezy and moderate humidity; about an hour in anything short of rain (and even in rain, they’ll dry inside in just a couple hours).
  • Go at least a week without laundering and not stink. What’s the point of getting all nice and clean in the shower, just to stink from my towel?
  • Large enough to cover me. In communal shower rooms, I wanted to be able to wrap a towel completely around me. Actually, I wanted to be able to wrap a towel around myself even on the beach!
  • Get me dry — this is, after all, the purpose of a towel. My hair too.
  • Not take up too much space even hanging on a peg in the head. Space is precious.

The only “problem” with them is that they’re not cheap. But I’m glad that I finally bit the bullet and bought them — they’ve been perfect for us not just on the boat but also on inland travel, camping and numerous other times.

The ones I bought have gone through several “brands.” And today there are many options. If you visit a camping supply store, you can test the texture before you buy. Because a fast drying towel is different from the terry towels you are used to.

Microfiber is not like a terrycloth towel, it’s more like suede. It feels different but it does absorb water well. I find that it sticks to my skin just slightly and works best if I pat or blot the water rather than wipe. I admit, it’s not the same as cuddling up with a big fluffy terrycloth towel. But it doesn’t get stinky as terry cloth does. The trade off is worth it in my book!

Since these towels are often sold to backpackers, they can be small. Check the size carefully. MicroMiracle (Amazon) makes an extra large size that is 60 x 30 inches. And it has a convenient loop for hanging.

These fast drying towels are fairly thin and the large size rolls up smaller than a t-shirt. Use a permanent marker and put your boat name on the towel just in case you leave it in the shower room! Or check out one other great option.

Personalized TaLii Towels

If you want a “classier” option than writing your boat name on your towels, check out TaLii Towels .

Over the years, a few folks have reached out to me asking where they could find personalized towels with their boat name and logo. And I never knew where to send them until I got an email from Lisa of TaLii towels. Apparently, a customer of hers had mistakenly thought I recommended them. After a nice conversation, Lisa sent me some samples to check out for myself.

These are really nice microfiber towels, a little thicker (and hence nicer) than other ones we’ve had. But they are still fast-drying, non-stinky and compact when folded. And at 71 inches by 35 inches, the bath sheet is really beach towel size (and sand just shakes off the microfiber as opposed to sticking in terry cloth). These are seriously great towels — the combination of folding up into a small size and being fast drying while being large enough to cover you (or lie on at the beach) and good for drying off makes them a great boat (or travel) towel even without the personalization options. The lasering is a bonus!

And yes, having my towel “marked” was great. When I left it in the marina shower one day (my face is a little red to admit this), the person who found it got in touch with me immediately instead of just tossing it in a lost-and-found box.

The towels come in different prints, colors, and sizes — including a pet towel!

  • See all the TaLii Towels

drop towel yacht

If you want a custom logo or font on your towel, Lisa told me how to order it:

  • Select the towel(s) you want and put them in the cart.
  • Add the laser option.
  • Put the name of your boat of whatever else you want lasered on the form. Put a note in the comments section that you are going to email a logo or other art.
  • Send your design with a note explaining exactly what you want to  Lisa . If they have any questions, they’ll contact you.

Although they are great fast drying towels, microfiber doesn’t feel good to everyone. If you prefer the feeling of cotton against your skin, here’s another option.

Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are made from smooth, loomed cotton. They are highly absorbent while being thin and lightweight. Best of all, the more you use them, the softer they become.

If you add a bit of vinegar to your wash water once a month, your towels will become softer. And soap will rinse out more easily.

I’m particularly fond of the towels offered by Marmara Imports . They come in a variety of colors. And they feel soft against the skin while also drying fast without bulk.

Note – Marmara sponsors The Boat Galley podcast (find it on your favorite app or listen through The Boat Galley website ). Check them out on our sponsor page for a discount for The Boat Galley readers.

Benefits of Fast Drying Towels

Whichever option you choose, you’ll find several benefits. Both microfiber and Turkish-style, cotton towels take up less room, dry more quickly, and, as a result, are less likely to smell. Who can argue with that?

drop towel yacht

And check out our other courses and products

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Yacht Mats

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  • Polyester microfiber base
  • Branded with your corporate identity
  • Weight 267 g/m²
  • Minimum order x12 Mega Dri towels
  • Twice as absorbent as cotton
  • Dries the body 4x faster
  • Removes up to 99% of surface bacteria
  • Durable up to 1,000 washes
  • Environmentally friendly

Here at Yacht mats, we understand the needs of our clients, and that delivering your order to your location in paramount.

Once your are ready to order your yacht or boat mats, we can determine the expected delivery date, and then can work through your location at that time, to ensure that your order is delivered to you at your port of choice, or forwarding agent depending on your location.

We deliver to all destinations worldwide, and all our deliveries are made through a secure courier service, so that you will be able to track your order at any point, and see the progress of your order in transit, with live updates, 24 hours a day.

Deliveries to Europe usually take between 2 – 3 days from despatch of your order, and deliveries to the rest of the world can be 5 – 7 working days from despatch.

Bespoke Boat Towels

We provide outstanding bespoke boar towels. Mega Dri sports towels that can be printed with your yacht’s logo, brand or name and help to reinforce your vessel’s identity.

Functional Mega Dri sports towels are slowly revolutionizing the sports and active community, the branding possibilities are phenomenal. The material plus printing techniques faithfully reproduce artwork and offer a refreshing alternative to plain white cotton towels.

As a towel they work astonishingly well, they soak up water 2x faster than a cotton alternative and once wet dry 4x faster which makes maintenance very easy indeed and if you need to launder regularly you can live with the knowledge you’re doing your bit for the environment – faster washing and drying times means you’ll consume less energy in the process.

Technical Boat Towels

Mega Dri is a technical product so please don’t confuse it for standard cotton toweling the functionality is truly 21st century, the branding options unlimited and handle and feel completely different to cotton toweling, if you’d like to see samples to help in your decision please drop a line to our customer service team who’d be happy to arrange them for you.

Mega Dri sports towel is available in 3 standard sizes, 28 cm x 49 cm small hand towel, 49 cm x 75 cm Fitness Towel and our largest swimming towels at 76 cm x 120 cm and in all variants even the largest swimming towels pack to a fraction of the volume of an equivalently sized cotton towel saving space and weight, ideal for kit bags and even general storage.

Enquire about this product

OR call direct +44 (0)161 335 9542

Standard Size Options

  • 28cm x 49cm
  • 49cm x 75cm

Enquire about Bespoke size options

Worldwide delivery on this product

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Our print process

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We then provide a competitive quote via email

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Once agreed, we provide an accurate design proof

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The proof is confirmed and the product is put into production

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Once complete, the product is inspected and quality approved

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The product is then wrapped, packed and processed for delivery

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The Best Boat Towels: 4 Options to Consider

By: Olivia Hudak on February 23rd, 2023

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The Best Boat Towels: 4 Options to Consider

As someone who spends many summer days on the boat, I know the importance of having a good towel with me. Whether I plan on jumping in the lake or not, I make sure to bring l on board every time I go out

There are several reasons I make sure to bring a towel with me. The biggest is that I cannot stand the feeling of the vinyl seats, especially when they’re hot from sitting in the sun. Now granted, I have an old wakeboard boat and the seats have wear and tear, but regardless, I would prefer to sit on a towel.

Next, if it starts getting cool out, towels double as a blanket. I always bring lots of towels when heading out for a sunset cruise. Many times it cools down immediately following sundown so it’s nice to wrap yourself in a dry towel to keep warm.

If you plan to get in the water at all, you’ll want to be prepared with at least one towel, maybe two. There’s nothing worse than sitting in your boat without a towel after jumping into the lake to cool off.

Regardless of what you plan to do on the boat, I recommend having a towel with you. It makes the entire trip much easier and more comfortable. If you’re shopping around for boat towels, I’m here to help. Let’s go through the different kinds of towels to figure out which towel is best for every adventure you take on your boat .

Traditional Towels

What first comes to mind when you think of a boat/beach towel? Let me guess, a soft brightly colored towel that is larger than an average bath towel. These are typical beach towels and come in all sizes and colors.

Traditional towels are typically very soft and great for drying off. These are a popular choice for many different occasions. Boating is one activity that requires a towel or two and traditional beach towels have been popular for years.

These towels come in many shapes and sizes to make them perfect for everyone. They come in many different styles and designs as well so it’s likely you’ll find at least one that will work for you. 

Although traditional towels are popular for a reason, there are a few things that may steer you away from them. To start, because they are thick and soft, they often retain water for a longer period. If you spend time at the beach, you’ll likely be taking some sand home with you in this towel. 

However, that’s the price you have to pay for the soft comfort of a traditional towel. When picking your towel for the upcoming boating season, consider a traditional towel.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber is one option that has become quite popular among boaters in recent years. What I have found is that you either love or hate microfiber towels . These towels are great to have onboard whether you use them for drying off or cleaning the boat.

Microfiber towels are made with small synthetic fibers that are all individually smaller than a thread of silk. Because of the way these towels are made, they are extremely absorbent, durable, and fast-drying. All of these things are great attributes for a boat towel. 

Not to mention these towels are quite the style piece. The great thing about these towels is that they don’t fade or look “used” for a very long time. They stay bright and beautiful as if they are brand new for long periods. 

Since these towels are so absorbent, you can use them to dry off after getting in the water. They work great for drying off but also, but they are fast-drying themselves. This means that after you dry off, you won’t have to sit on a wet towel all day long. Having to use a wet towel for the rest of the day is the worst. 

The only downside to microfiber towels is the texture. These towels have a different feel to them that some people don’t like. If the texture doesn’t bother you, microfiber towels might be the perfect towels to take out on the boat with you this summer . 

Turkish Towels

Turkish towels have been gaining popularity around the globe as a new take on beach towels. These towels are unique in the fact that they look almost like a blanket rather than a towel. 

They get their name because most of them are made in Turkey. They are crafted with special Turkish cotton that makes these towels so unique. Turkish cotton is different because it has long, durable fibers that prevent the formation of bacteria.

For a product that is constantly used for drying off, the prevention of bacteria is important. As long as you keep your towel washed, you will be good to go. With each wash, they also become softer and more absorbent.

Oftentimes, Turkish towels will have special patterns that are unique to Turkish culture woven in. These patterns are popular because of their unique look.

This is a fun new boat towel that you should consider and also couples as a great beach towel as they hold onto sand far less than a typical towel.

Waffle Knit Towels

Waffle knit towels are similar to Turkish towels but instead of being the same texture, the pattern looks similar to waffles. These small pockets throughout the towel aid in the drying process.

These towels are upgraded in the sense that the pockets help to absorb the water faster. The pockets also help the water evaporate faster allowing the towel to dry quickly. A fast-drying towel is a must-have when you’re out on the boat so this might be a top choice for you.

Along with being great towels, they also come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. If this towel seems like the perfect fit for you, be sure to check them out. 

Which Towel Will You Pick?

With all the options of towels for your next boating adventure, it may be hard to pick which one is best for you. However, I hope this article helped narrow down your decision to be something you need and want.

Since all these towels come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, you can’t go wrong. And, keep in mind that if you decide you don’t love the towel you choose, you could always donate them to your local animal shelter. 

Head on over to the store before summer’s here to pick out the perfect towel for many days of boating. Having your towel collection ahead of time, you’ll be prepared for the boating season. 

LC (1)

About Olivia Hudak

Avid boater and Barletta Boats team member, Olivia is no stranger to the water. She was on the MSU wake team through college and continues to ride the wake in her spare time.

Yacht Towels


Better Boat

Synthetic Chamois Dry Towel

drop towel yacht

Ultra-absorbent  chamois  made from a sponge-like material that sucks up and holds onto water to dry surfaces faster than cloth towels. This synthetic absorber chamois cloth's super-soft texture won't ever scratch, and dries surfaces to lint-free, streak-free finish. Extra large size covers a lot of area quickly making your job easier. Measures 17in x 25in and is mold-resistant, machine washable, animal cruelty-free and vegan.  Try this boat chamois drying towel risk-free for 30 days - love it or get your money back!



  • Ultra-Absorbent To Quickly Dry Surfaces: Made from a sponge-like synthetic chamois material that sucks up and holds onto water drying surfaces faster than cloth towels.
  • Thick & Super Soft: Premium quality material will never scratch or scuff surfaces.
  • Extra-Large Size: Measures 12"x25" and covers a lot of area quickly, making your job easier.
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant: Durable material is machine washable, animal cruelty-free and vegan.
  • Streak-Free, Lint-Free Finish: Won't leave behind lint, water-marks or streaks for a true clean finish.
  • Includes Convenient Storage Canister: Prevents shammy from drying out so it remains soft and pliable while keeping it neatly stored.
  • Money Back Guarantee:  Try it risk-free for 30 days and if you don't love it - get a full refund!


DIRECTIONS : Remove Boat Dry Towel from canister. Submerge towel in warm water for 3 minutes. Wring out towel to remove excess water. Use towel to dry or dust exterior or interior of boat or automobile. Once done, rinse towel with clean water, keep the towel slightly moist, roll up and store in canister. Note: if towel becomes stiff, simply submerge in water for three minutes. Towel is machine washable but do not put towel in a dryer.

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Feel Confident With a Clean Boat

Explore Our Boating Maintenance Tools & Accessories

The Absorber Boat Lover's Towel

Superior Boat Cleaning Supplies

Protecting your boat from the harsh marine environment can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard on cleaning. With the right products from Boat Lover’s Towel, you can keep your valuable investment in tip-top condition — quickly and easily. CleanTools been in marine industry for over 20 years. We're committed to helping you protect your investment because life’s better on a clean boat.

When youre looking for the best boat cleaning products, look no further than our Boat Lover’s Towel, The Absorber.

With over 3 sq. feet of drying power, it is vastly superior to a terrycloth towel and a leather chamois. The Absorber’s sponge-like pore structure allows you to dry your boat faster and easier. Often imitated, never duplicated, its manufacturing process ensures that there is no other drying product quite like the absorber .

man cleaning his boat with the absorber towel

For those in the yachting and boating world, the phrase “Don’t leave the dock without it” certainly applies to The Absorber.

Handy for fast and thorough wipe downs of dew, spills, splashes, and swimmers, the Absorber is used professionally and recreationally on lakes and oceans throughout the world.

What Boaters Think!

“We have several of these now. We keep one in our boat to keep it clean for when we are at the lake for the day.”

“These work really well. I use them on a boat to dry off the teak before I start sanding. It absorbs a lot of water and I like that I can store it in the tube. ”

“I use this to wipe down my boat every time we come out of the water. Works excellent. I have two of them. Absorbs a lot and does just the trick to prevent water spots. ”

Equisource Business Solution

what is a drop towel on a yacht

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Interior was Amazing.. Our room with canal view..

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what is a drop towel on a yacht breeches, brazen plunderer // malcolm, keen-eyed navigator

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Best Travel Towels

What’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything? 42, of course! And what’s the best travel towel? Well…that’s a little more difficult to answer.

Picking a travel towel isn’t always as easy as knowing the answer to life, the universe, and everything. You see, choosing a travel towel is a big decision.


Fortunately for you, I’ve put together this extensive guide to help you decide which travel towel is the best one for you. From why you need a travel towel, to the important aspects you need to consider before you buy, to showing some of the best travel towels on the market today, this guide will help you decide which towel is the perfect one to choose.

(This post may contain affiliate links. Check out my disclosure to learn more)

Quick Comparison Chart for the Best Travel Towels 2019

Click here to buy the best travel towel

Why Do I Need a Travel Towel?

drop towel yacht

A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have, and it’s also about the most massively useful thing a regular earthbound traveler like you and I can have.

As The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, a towel “has great practical value…[but] more importantly, a towel has immense psychological value.” So what are some reasons you might want your own towel to carry with you on your trips?

  • You are hiking or backpacking ( you can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta )
  • You are camping ( you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon )
  • You are going to the beach while traveling ( you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V )
  • You plan on doing lots of adventure travel ( you can use it to sail a miniraft down the River Moth or wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat )
  • You want a towel that can take you from everyday adventures to traveling around the world

Travel towels are useful in a variety of situations…and not just for long term travel. They can be used for everyday adventures near your home like hiking, taking trips to the beach, going to the gym, doing yoga, going on picnics, and much more. And they are useful to have anytime you want a quick-drying, lightweight towel that packs down super small for ease of transportation.

But they are also useful for long-term travel, adventure travel, or traveling to hostels and other places you will want your own towel. Having your own travel towel means you can avoid hostel fees for renting one. And having your own travel towel means you can always keep it in your bag for spontaneous adventures. So really, it would be silly not to invest in one.

You’ll find that your fellow travelers will look upon you with your towel and think “Wow! She has her life together!” They may even be a tad bit jealous of you and your preparedness.

After all, anyone who can hitch the length and breadth of the Galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through and still know where her towel is, is clearly a person to be reckoned with.

What to Consider Before Buying a Travel Towel

Need help deciding how to pick the best travel towel? Here are all the things you need to consider!

When buying a travel towel, size is one of the most important things you will want to think about. Do you want a full-sized bath towel? Do you want a smaller towel so it takes up less space in your bag?

Many travel towels come in different sizes, but picking which one you want can be difficult. If you want a towel similar to the ones you use at home, I suggest you measure your current bath towels and opt for the closest size match in travel towels.

For use at hostels, you may wish to have a larger travel bath towel for use in community bathrooms. You may also wish for a larger towel if you plan to use it for laying on the beach. But if you plan to hike or backpack a lot, the smaller size may be plenty and may make your load lighter.

There is no one answer to what size bath towel you should buy, but it really only depends on personal preference. Just make sure you check the size before you buy so you don’t make a mistake!

Travel towel weight is another aspect to consider, especially if you plan to take your towel on long journeys by foot (like backpacking). Although it seems like towel weight is a small thing to think about, if you are going to be carrying your pack over long distances…well, every little bit lighter helps!

Weights vary depending on material, thickness, and size. A lighter weight travel towel may mean you have to sacrifice some comfort and plushness, so you’ll have to decide what is the most important factor for you.

3. Material

Travel towels come in many different materials, including microfiber, linen, cotton, and bamboo. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll want to be sure to consider the “feel of the fabric” because some people prefer the feel of certain materials over others.

Microfiber is currently one of the most popular travel towel materials on the market. It is quick-drying, has minimal weight, is very durable and breathable, and is usually quite soft.

It’s also surprisingly easy to care for. You can machine wash or hand wash microfiber with detergent, but do not use fabric softeners. It is best to air dry or line dry your microfiber towels because high heat from a dryer will literally melt the fibers in the fabric.

One downside of microfiber is that the material likes to grab onto other fibers (especially cotton) and any other materials that create lint…so don’t wash it with materials like these! Also, if you drop your towel on the ground while camping, it is probable that it will grab onto a lot of leaves, twigs, etc. Depending on the make and quality of the towel, microfiber may also smell like plastic or chemicals for a while.

Check out the best microfiber travel towel

Linen is another common choice for travel towels. It is highly absorbent and soaks up water right away (no beading on the surface!) But it is also quick drying—almost to the same point as synthetic materials made expressly for quick-drying purposes.

And if you’ve ever worn linen, you’ll know that it does very well in humid and wet climates…so linen may be an even better choice than microfiber if you plan to spend a lot of time in places where it is humid. Some people do find this material to be a little scratchy, though, so keep this in mind before you buy (but of course, like all materials, the feel of linen really depends on the quality of the material you are purchasing).

Some people claim linen also has antimicrobial/antibacterial properties. This seems to be still up for debate , but in any case, linen does seem to do fairly well in the odor resistance category.

However, one of the best reasons to choose linen for your travel towel is that it is a natural fiber. It is made from the fibers of the flax plant and is very strong and durable. With all the above properties, linen material makes for a very nice eco-friendly travel towel.

Check out the best linen travel towel

Cotton is the material that most of us are used to in our usual towel use, so if you’re looking for something similar to what you have at home this may be the choice for you.

Unfortunately, cotton does not dry as quickly as some other materials which makes it less convenient to use on travels. Because of this, there are few truly great cotton travel towels on the market. They simply aren’t practical.

However, the one exception to this is Turkish cotton towels. Turkish cotton is a super thin material that is super absorbent. They are also a very comfortable material, kind of like a cotton scarf.

Turkish cotton still does not dry as quickly as other travel towel options, but because of its thinness it does become a viable option—especially for those who want to use these towels for the beach or to replace a regular towel while traveling.

Check out the best cotton travel towel

Like linen, bamboo is an eco-friendly fabric. But unlike linen, everyone agrees bamboo is very soft.

It seems that bamboo has some antibacterial qualities that help resist odor formation, but it can be difficult to find good compact towels made from bamboo. Bamboo towels can also be quite expensive.

If you are looking for a sustainable but soft towel, bamboo may be the way to go. However, like cotton, bamboo can take a while to dry.

Check out the best bamboo travel towel

4. Absorbency

Absorbency is a big factor to consider when choosing your travel towel. After all, what is a towel for but to absorb water?

Some materials are more absorbent than others, but differing quality levels can also contribute to a material’s absorbency rate. So be sure to check this before you buy!

5. Cleaning

Cleaning instructions for your towels can be very important. Can your towels only be hand washed or can you throw them in a washing machine? What detergents and soaps can you use?

When you are traveling, you don’t want to have to worry over the hassle of following intricate or convoluted cleaning instructions. And you also don’t want to accidentally ruin your towel! So pay attention to this before you make your purchase and make sure you choose a low-maintenance material if that’s what you desire.

6. Odor Resistance

Some materials are naturally more resistant to odors, and others come specially prepared with antimicrobial or antibacterial properties to keep odors in check. If you are traveling for a long time or do not have time to properly let your towels dry after every use, this may be a big factor in deciding which travel towel is best for you.

8. Drying Rate

The material you choose as well as its thickness will determine how quick your towel will dry, so if you’re looking for a fast drying towel for travel you will want to pay attention to this. (The drying rate of your towel will be particularly important if you are backpacking or always on the move to a new place)

But even if you are simply taking a day hike to a lake and then going back home, you will still want to think about how fast your travel towel will dry. After all, no one loves sticking a wet towel back into their backpack or bag!

9. Accessories and Miscellaneous

Some travel towels come with extra features that may or may not be useful for you. Some come with carrying cases. Some come with snap closures or hanging loops so you can hang the towels up anywhere. And if you care about fashion, some towels come with many color options or patterns.

These are all just miscellaneous things, but they may make a big difference depending on how you plan to use your travel towels and what your travel style is.

Cost is the final big issue to consider. Depending on the material and brand you choose, travel towels can be quite expensive.

After considering all of the above issues, you hopefully have a better idea of what features are most important to you. This can help you decide how much you are willing to spend. If you need lots of the features above, you may have to pay more…but remember that this is an investment in a towel that will take you everywhere. And if it is quality and you take care of it, it could last you for years to come!

Reviews of the Best Travel Towels 2019

drop towel yacht

Wise Owl Outfitters Microfiber Camping Towel

drop towel yacht

This Wise Owl Outfitters towel has a lot to recommend it! Although its touted as a camping towel, it’s actually perfect for a variety of uses. It would be great for pretty much any outdoor or adventure activity!

The microfiber of this towel is very soft and absorbent, as well as fast drying, which makes it perfect for taking with you on the go. It comes in two sizes: large (48″ x 24″) and extra large (60″ x 30″).

Even better: when you buy one of these towels, you get one FREE smaller towel with it. When you buy the large towel, you get a 12″ x 12″ towel free…and if you buy the extra large you get a 12″ x 24″ towel free. Two towels for the price of one? Sounds like a dream!

With a mesh carrying case and a convenient snap loop to hang this towel up anywhere, this towel has pretty much everything you could need for your next travel adventure and is possibly the best microfiber towel for travel!

Click here to check the price and read more reviews

Youphoria Sport Travel Towel

drop towel yacht

The Youphoria Sport Travel Towel is ideal for a wide range of uses: from backpacking, to camping, to going to the beach, and much more! It comes in three different sizes: small (20″ x 40″), Medium (28″ x 56″), and large (32″ x 72″).

Made with microfiber material, the Youphoria towel is lightweight and dries super fast. And it is one of the softest microfiber towels on the market!

Additionally, this travel towel comes with a carrying case which makes it a great backpacking towel as it allows you to separate it from the other items in your bag (just in case it hasn’t dried completely before you need to start hiking again). With a snap closure and hanging loop, you can also easily hang it up and secure it anywhere to dry!

Swan Comfort 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Travel Towel

drop towel yacht

These lightweight and thin cotton towels are excellent for use at beaches, pools, and in other travel situations. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, and make excellent scarves, beach cover-ups, or tablecloths!

This towel unfolds to 39″ x 70″, but because the Turkish cotton is so thin it can fold up into a very small space…and it will dry quicker than your typical cotton bath towels because of its thinness.

With the cotton texture, it is super comfortable to use and you will be surprised at how well it absorbs water!

Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel

drop towel yacht

Looking for a travel beach towel? The Dock & Bay Microfiber Towel is the perfect travel towel for the beach. It is very thin and lightweight and any sand from the beach will simply sit on top of the fabric so you can easily shake it off. No one wants to carry the whole beach home with them!

With its microfiber material, it dries faster than a typical cotton beach towel. And it folds down into a carrying bag the size of a paperback! There is also a small hook on one side to hang the towel out to dry.

This towel comes in three sizes/shapes: large (63″ x 31″ when extended and 8″ x 5″ when folded), extra large (78″ x 35″ extended and 10″ x 6″ folded), and round (75″ diameter circle extended and 12″ x 6″ folded). With a variety of colors and patterns, these beach travel towels are both functional and cute!

These Dock & Bay towels also have a 30 day return policy and a 12 month warranty, so there’s no reason not to try them for your next beach day.

Secret Sea Collection Bamboo Travel Towel

drop towel yacht

The Secret Sea Collection Bamboo Travel Towel is a perfect choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly bamboo towel for travel. Made with 80% bamboo and 20% cotton, these thin bath towels in the Turkish Peshtemal style will be a great addition to your travel gear.

They only come in one size (70″ x 35″) but are highly absorbent and are made without the use of harsh chemicals. Additionally, these are less susceptible to odors than pure cotton towels. If you are looking for a towel that will be lightweight, stylish, and better for the environment, this is a great choice!

Green Foster Product Natural Soft Linen Flax Bath Towel

drop towel yacht

This Green Foster Product towel is great because it is a compact and lightweight travel towel. It comes in one size (28″ x 58″) and is made with 100% linen flax.

Because of its linen material, this towel is all natural and dries quickly. It is also made without the use of chemicals, making this a skin-friendly and environment-friendly choice for your travel towel needs.

One other benefit is that you can conveniently machine wash this towel in hot water or wash it by hand, and it can even be thrown in the dryer on low heat if you so wish!

ECOdept Microfiber Journey Towel

drop towel yacht

This highly rated travel towel is luxuriously soft for a travel towel and a great deal for the price! It comes in size large (52″ x 32″) and comes with a small waterproof bag plus a FREE matching smaller towel (24″ x 15″).

There are four color options—green, blue, orange, and gray—and you will want to wash them before use to make sure they don’t bleed onto other items when they get wet.

The absorbent microfiber fabric helps you dry off quickly, and then you can simply hang it up with the built in snap loop so the towel will dry off quickly too! With antibacterial microfiber, you can rest assured that these towels will help prevent odor and the spread of germs.

This towel is one of the best quick dry towels for backpacking and is perfect to throw in any backpack or suitcase…and will stay strong and durable through many adventures!

Pure Flax Linen Bath Towel

drop towel yacht

This 100% linen bath towel is the perfect travel towel, especially for those who want a smaller, full sized bath towel for traveling or living out of hostels. The 25″ x 52″ size, combined with its lightweight linen, means that this is a reasonably compact towel to carry with you on your travels.

High absorbency rates and fast drying make this a great choice as well, and the natural flax material will hold up through lots of use. If you want a good, sustainable, and natural option, this is the towel to choose!

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

drop towel yacht

The Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is a cost-friendly travel towel and is especially good for those just wanting to try out travel towels for the first time.

The microfiber dries fast and is antibacterial to keep your towel fresh. The soft nature of the material is also skin-friendly.

Compact, lightweight, and with a reusable and waterproof carry bag…this towel does its job well for travel, camping, and more. Plus, with six sizes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect towel for the job!

PackTowl Personal Microfiber Towel

drop towel yacht

This PackTowl travel towel is highly rated across the board, from its quick-drying microfiber material to its odor control abilities. With four size options to choose from (face, hand, body, and beach), you are sure to find the right size for you!

This towel absorbs fast and dries fast, has super soft fabric, and comes with a hang loop for easy drying. When you purchase a PackTowl individually (not in sets) it also comes with a zippered storage pouch.

Taking up just a small place in your bag or on your shelf, this just may become your new favorite towel for at home and travel use!

Best Overall Travel Towel

If you’re looking for the best towel for travel, then I’d have to say that for overall capabilities the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel comes in as my top pick. Its versatility, durability, and material qualities plus its relatively low cost make it an all-around excellent choice!

Best Sustainable Travel Towel

The Pure Flax Linen Bath Towel is my top pick for a sustainable travel towel, as it is made with 100% natural materials. Its absorbency rates, easy drying capabilities, and durability mean it will last you through many outdoor and hostel adventures!

Best Budget Travel Towel

If you’re looking for low-cost options, the Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is the way to go. While there are other higher cost towels that may endure better in the long run, the Rainleaf towel is the perfect entry into the world of travel towels and will allow you to see whether this is something you wish to invest in more in the future. With antibacterial properties and some nice extras like a carry bag, you will find this to be a useful travel towel!

Best Backpacking Towel

The Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel is also my top pick for the best backpacking towel or hiking towel, as it is lightweight, compact, and quick drying. Its features like the mesh carry case and the snap loop for drying make it excellent for time spent in the elements.

Which is Your Travel Towel?

I hope this guide has helped you to discover the amazing variety of travel towels available, and to discover the one that is best for you! There are so many features to choose from and it really all depends on the type of travel you do and how you plan to use it.

And when you do get your new travel towel, remember to keep it close—you never know when you will need it!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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On the market for a travel towel for your next outdoor adventure? If you're a fan of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you'll already know how important a towel can be.  But if not, this guide will show you why travel towels are essential...as well as what features to look for before buying a travel towel.  Finally, this guide will show you some of the best travel towels currently on the market! | #travel #traveltowels #best #microfiber #products #giftideas #camping #vacations #packinglists

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    Foutala. Stripy and bright, these 100% cotton, machine-washable Turkish-style towels are absorbent, very quick drying, lightweight and extremely compact when folded. Foutala sells a large range of cheerful colours and attractive thick or thin striped patterns, each measuring a full 180cm x 95cm. RRP: from £20.

  3. The Drop Towel

    The Drop Towel fixes a problem we've all encountered when rigging up. Nuts, washers--and even bolts for the wing-rigged among us--like to fall and hide themselves when you rig up in a grass field, especially when you are rushing to launch on time, working in bad light or a finger-numbing 40 degree drizzle, or even just trying to grab the bits ...

  4. Yacht Charter Etiquette: A Guide to Proper Conduct on a Yacht

    A drop towel on a yacht is a towel or cloth used to protect the deck or surfaces of the yacht from scratches or marks caused by items such as sunglasses, phones, or jewellery. Drop towels are often placed near lounge areas or on tables to provide a convenient and safe place to set personal items while on board. They help maintain the clean and ...

  5. What Is a Drop Towel on a Yacht

    A drop towel, also known as a boat towel or yacht towel, is a specially designed towel used on yachts to protect the deck or any other surface from dirt, sand, moisture, and other unwanted debris. These towels are typically made from high-quality, quick-drying materials such as microfiber or terry cloth.

  6. Superyacht charter etiquette: A guide to on board dos and don'ts

    We've broken down some of the unspoken rules of on-board etiquette for those new to the superyacht charter scene. From why to take your shoes off to tipping the crew, we've outlined some essential dos and don'ts to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Shoes can dent or scuff teak decks, so many yachts will have a barefoot policy that ...

  7. How to choose the right linen for your yacht

    Sateen cotton has more horizontal threads than vertical, giving it a lustre or sheen. Percale sheets allow the most airflow, whereas sateen sheets, though smoother to the touch, are less porous and generally warmer. 3. The finished item. Be sure to buy bed and table linen that has been finished in Italy.

  8. Search Superyacht Services and Mega Yacht Suppliers

    Search Superyacht Services and Mega Yacht Suppliers | Yachting Pages

  9. Space Saving Storage Solutions for Boats

    Stretch a bungee cord overhead to make an instant clothes line to dry a wet towel after a swim. Fasten a length of shock cord along a wall at regular intervals to create a custom storage solution for hand tools like screwdrivers or a spatula in the galley. A bungee cord never stays idle on a boat.

  10. Stew Cues: Finding perfect towels no easy task

    Stew Cues: by Alene Keenan One of the biggest challenges of consulting on an interior refit and helping the owners choose from different towel collections is being able to explain the different values and price points of manufacturers' products. I mean, come on, towels are towels, right? Not really. New towels for a yacht can

  11. Best Sailboat Towels For Fast Drying

    Cotton towels, which are often mixed with other materials like polyester in a 70/30 blend, are the most economical and fastest-drying boat towels on the market. Here are 3 of the best options available. 1. Laguna Beach Textile Company Cabana Beach Towel. The Laguna Beach Textile Company's Cabana Beach towel is one of the most attractive and ...

  12. Bed linen and towels on a yacht

    If you want towels as well, you will have to pay extra for this (approximately €5.00 per person). In Italy and Spain, usually, neither bed linen nor towels are included in the price. They cost between €10.00 up to €25.00 per person. Sometimes, a set of bed linen is not only charged extra but is sometimes obligatory, especially after 2019.

  13. The Right Towel To Keep On Your Boat

    Linen: Quick drying + Increased moisture wicking: Linen towels aren't as common as the other options — you would definitely have to order one off Amazon, but the wait is absolutely worth it. Linen is both more absorbent and faster drying than cotton. This is the ideal towel if you find yourself boating with numerous swimmers and too tight ...

  14. Choosing yacht linens & towels

    Generally yachts have three sets of interior towels in three sizes: Shower, hair and hand towel. Face cloths and make up removing face cloths can also be added. Make up towels are a darker towel and can be embroidered with the words Make Up to encourage guests to grab these when removing make up rather than the fresh white towel.

  15. Fast Drying Towels

    MicroMiracle (Amazon) makes an extra large size that is 60 x 30 inches. And it has a convenient loop for hanging. These fast drying towels are fairly thin and the large size rolls up smaller than a t-shirt. Use a permanent marker and put your boat name on the towel just in case you leave it in the shower room!

  16. Custom Yacht Towels

    Print your Yacht logo on our sports towels to reinforce your vessel's identity. The boat towels will complement branding on your Yacht ... if you'd like to see samples to help in your decision please drop a line to our customer service team who'd be happy to arrange them for you. ... Mega Dri sports towel is available in 3 standard sizes ...

  17. The Best Boat Towels: 4 Options to Consider

    These small pockets throughout the towel aid in the drying process. These towels are upgraded in the sense that the pockets help to absorb the water faster. The pockets also help the water evaporate faster allowing the towel to dry quickly. A fast-drying towel is a must-have when you're out on the boat so this might be a top choice for you.

  18. Luxury Towel Sets

    For further assistance, please contact Aiko Luxury Linens. Return to Yacht and Private Jet for fine custom bedding, towels, robes, blankets, throws, table linens, dinnerware, and glassware. Create a spa experience at home or abroad with high-end towel sets from Aiko Luxury Linens! Our towels can be personalized with a monogrammed design.

  19. Synthetic Boat Chamois Cloth

    SHIPS FOR ONLY $3.50. 90% OF ORDERS ARRIVE IN 4 DAYS. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Ultra-absorbent chamois made from a sponge-like material that sucks up and holds onto water to dry surfaces faster than cloth towels. This synthetic absorber chamois cloth's super-soft texture won't ever scratch, and dries surfaces to lint-free, streak-free finish.

  20. Superior Boat & Yacht Cleaning Products

    When youre looking for the best boat cleaning products, look no further than our Boat Lover's Towel, The Absorber. With over 3 sq. feet of drying power, it is vastly superior to a terrycloth towel and a leather chamois. The Absorber's sponge-like pore structure allows you to dry your boat faster and easier. Often imitated, never duplicated ...

  21. what is a drop towel on a yacht

    The yacht was beautiful and, comfortable. The star, who has been married to Stallone for 17 years,showed off her slim figure in the black two piece, and wrapped up in a blue and white striped towel.. Real close to beach/Lagoon/Magic island .

  22. Luxury Yacht Towel Bundle

    We'll let you know when it's back! Notify Me When Available. From $448.04/mo with. Check your purchasing power. Welcome aboard! Introducing, the Weezie Yacht Bundle. Buy more, save more with 150 pieces at 15% off and quickly stock your boat with the freshest towels in town.

  23. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Best Travel Towels

    The Youphoria Sport Travel Towel is ideal for a wide range of uses: from backpacking, to camping, to going to the beach, and much more! It comes in three different sizes: small (20″ x 40″), Medium (28″ x 56″), and large (32″ x 72″). Made with microfiber material, the Youphoria towel is lightweight and dries super fast.