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Ace: On board the 85m Lürssen superyacht for sale

A bold owner defied convention to create Ace , an 85-metre Lürssen that tailors onboard experience to family life – with no compromises. With her interiors revealed for the first time, Caroline White steps on board this superyacht to discover just how daring the gamble was...

Ace  seems an apt name for a yacht that shuffles her decks with charismatic success. This 85-metre Lürssen, delivered in 2012, is instantly recognisable, from the sweeping arches that her designer Andrew Winch likens to the “fantastic power of a wave”, to what everyone refers to as her “eyes”: two neat oval balconies emblazoned with the yacht’s name in stainless steel. You know just by looking at her that she’s something different. But since she’s always been a private yacht, with her interiors off limits to the media, few have seen just  how  different... until now.

“ Ace  reflects her passionate and enthusiastic owner,” says Robert Moran, president of Moran Yacht & Ship, and it’s certainly clear that such a boat could only come about with a strong character to shape her. Moran’s team guided the project from inception to completion; from the macro, such as bringing the owner to the yard and negotiating (hard) on the contract, to the micro, such as writing the specs and working out the audiovisual and IT systems. “The owner was interested in a fully custom yacht with a classical interior, so we recommended Andrew Winch and his design team.” 

Winch was summoned to The Ritz London and over six months he and the owner sketched out an unconventional vision. “He had chartered yachts and he really felt that they were all wrong. He’d worked out what he wanted, how he lived. He wanted to get it right first time,” says the designer. That meant a layout that was “really, really different”.

Winch sums up the approach as “thought-inducing, ultra-creative and confident of itself”. But he admits that, “as a designer, one of the biggest challenges was explaining the philosophy to the build team. It’s very, very good, engineering-wise. But it caused quite a lot of headaches because it wasn’t a standard construction.”

Whereas on many yachts of this size you might lose family members in the warren of rooms, here you have just one deck for most social spaces – the upper deck. There’s an owner’s deck above, but it’s not vast – and why would you sit up here when your family and friends are having fun one deck below? Social guest areas (cinema, gym, guest cabins, etc) and crew spaces are on the main deck.

Lürssen project manager Dietrich Kirchner gives a taste of the reimagining that had to be done. “We have a cinema and a gym on the main deck, where normally there is a saloon; you have a huge spa on the lower deck amidships, where you would normally expect to have the technical areas; and you have forward dining on the upper deck, where we would normally have the owner’s [suite] or VIP cabins,” he says.

It’s important to understand that while all this is unusual, it is not capricious – its primary aim is to make life on board work better. As Winch puts it, “he thinks through functions for efficiency and pleasure”. For example, the owner wanted to talk about crew spaces before discussing his own quarters. Rather than being tucked away on the lower decks, the crew mess is on the main deck, with sliding doors to a side deck so that they can get some air. Winch recalls: “He said when they come up off the dock, the crew mess is the first [area] they go to. So why make them go down into the belly of the boat? I want them to want to be on the boat.” It’s a sensible approach for attracting the best crew and enabling smooth service. (Also helpful are the vast galley and intelligent circulation throughout).

But the planning did get to the owner’s quarters eventually: “He wanted a master [suite] facing aft so that when he woke up, he would have panoramic views of the ocean all around him,” says Moran. “This was accomplished by adding bulwarks on the aft deck that drop down to create an unobstructed view of the surroundings.”

The suite itself has “a pared-back design scheme in soft champagnes and whites to showcase the client’s art collection,” says Selina McCabe, partner at Winch Design. But it’s certainly not plain – there’s a hand-carved headboard in a contemporary ribbon design and floral marquetry above the bookshelves. The bathroom floor is inlaid with a graphic pattern using semi-precious stones and marbles, and the wardrobe – while it has a simple exterior – opens to reveal a bold lining in a marquetry stripe inspired by Savile Row suits.

McCabe points out that positioning the owner’s suite here also protects its petite aft terrace when the boat is under way (as opposed to the more traditional owner-up-front arrangement, where a forward terrace can be pretty breezy).

It benefits routing too. From here, the owner can stroll down what Winch likens to Rome’s Spanish Steps (for their drama rather than their design): port and starboard staircases flow from the owner’s deck all the way down to the swim platform and – crucially – they are built into those wave-like haunches of superstructure, so they’re partially sequestered from the decks they run past. That means the owner can go directly and discreetly from his suite for a swim in the sea without having to stop and speak to anyone unless he wants to.

Building those arcs, Kirchner says, had the Lürssen team “scratching our heads”. They had to be strong enough to function as structural staircases, but flexible enough to deal with movement when waves place stresses on different parts of the boat. “You either make them very rigid in order to take all the load or you detach them from being taken with the bending moment of the hull,” says Kirchner. In the end they chose the latter and built them in a similar way to fashion plates – but they are still incorporated into the superstructure, which involved plenty of complex calculations.

Another dramatic intersection of exterior design and lifestyle can be found within those “eyes”. They sit either side of the owner’s deck sitting room and study, creating sheltered, balcony-like spaces out of the side decks.

Inside, Winch describes the style as “contemporary grand hotel”, capturing the feeling of glamorous escape that you get in Le Bristol Paris, or the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo. But that does not equal a composite replica. “I would say the brief was classical contemporary,” says McCabe. “So it has an architectural envelope inspired by classical interiors, but it’s been reimagined with contemporary finishes, materials and proportions.” 

In particular, she says, that meant keeping spaces “light, fresh and bright” except in a small selection of spaces – such as the owner’s study – where a deliberately moody, atmospheric “jewellery box” feel has been created.

Entering the upper deck from the vast aft deck, the light classical theme pervades subtly via cream panelling and walnut flooring, inset with Rosa Aurora Light marble in a geometric pattern. First stop is a reception space and a bar topped with pearlescent shell (sourced as a by-product) and backed with recesses that display glinting bottles as if they were works of art. 

Further in, the upper saloon features sink-in custom sofas and ivory silk chaises longues designed by Winch and a treasure trove of pattern and precious materials: a gold Grecian motif is picked out in the silky carpet and echoed in mother-of-pearl door inlays, while leaf-like patterns in silver leaf adorn the fabric wall panels.

But the decoration moves up a gear in the main lobby just forward of here, where an ornate silver staircase curls up through three decks. Silver for gold is a clever substitution to lighten classical decor, but the creation was “quite challenging for logistics,” says Kirchner, “because this was one of the last elements to get into the boat.” While the free-standing spiral appears to be one piece, it had to be pre-fabricated in bits. McCabe notes that “the pieces were so large, they needed to build the biggest vats in the world to plate the silver”. After that, they had to put it together in situ like a giant and frighteningly expensive jigsaw puzzle.

Forward of here, things get even less conventional. Where you might expect to find an owner’s suite lies a formal dining saloon. Here, cream columns and panelling are enriched with blood-red glass lamps by Porta Romana and in coral patterns on the chairs and Holland & Sherry curtains. There’s silver here too, glinting from the sideboards and highlighting the overhead panelling. The standout piece in this space is the intricate marquetry panel designed by McCabe. Built by a Parisian artisan, it depicts an ace playing card in fluid, organic lines and was inspired by a Hermès scarf that is framed on the opposite wall. 

Forward of the dining saloon lies a sitting room-cum- library. This more relaxed saloon features a fireplace, piano and games table, while splashes of blue in the neutral scheme – custom colourways for the Holland & Sherry cushions, luminous azure in oil paintings and glass sculptures designed by Winch and made by a Czech studio – are part of a running ocean theme. 

McCabe points out “Matissesque underwater forms” in wall paintings and coverings. All this complements the lightness of the room, thanks to 180-degree windows on to the foredeck and pool. You can imagine entire days here, sunbathing and swimming, coming in for fresh juice and a game; evening cocktails out on deck, the sound of the piano drifting from inside. And because of this space’s position, life here can be lived in privacy, even if moored (stern-to) in port.

It’s worth noting that the deck spaces throughout the boat have been decorated with an interior mindset, to enhance the seamless inside/outside transition that the architecture creates. Take the upper aft deck dining table, decorated with marquetry and inlaid with coins from the yacht’s voyages; or the outdoor cushions: “We did about three different (interchangeable) designs for the exterior upholstery and cushions,” says McCabe. “There’s a Riviera collection, Monaco and Rio de Janeiro. [The owner] wanted a carnival of colour so there’s a real explosion of patterns and materials, lots of Missoni prints, geometric shapes and bold pops of colour.” And they made sure the fabrics were not of the scratchy, hard all-weather variety, but soft and luxurious, “encouraging people to want to be outside, relaxing”.

There are also a couple of very special social spaces cocooned within the boat. One is a (relatively) petite space on the upper deck. “The brief included a Russian tearoom and nightclub,” recalls Moran. “The designers were able to cleverly combine these two vastly different concepts into an amazing area on her top deck.” It’s decorated with Macassar ebony panelling, embossed leather by a Parisian studio, a custom-designed quartet of mirrors, plus cashmere throws with marine designs in pops of coral and mandarin. It feels intimate and fun at the same time.

The other space is the lower deck spa, which Moran describes as “one of the most beautiful and functional spas I’ve ever seen”. It was inspired by Roman villas and comprises a hammam, sauna, spa pool, icy plunge pool and a lounge adjacent to a huge fold-down sea terrace. There are Romanesque pietra dura (mosaics using semi-precious stones), Byzantine-style mosaic floors, columns and hand-painted trompe l’oeil lemon groves.

There’s a lot of stone here and on  Ace  generally: and all of it had to be perfect. For example, says McCabe, “the main white stone throughout the upper deck is Rosa Aurora, with this accent of blue sodalite. We specifically hand-selected each slab so that it would be the purest blue, rather than having any grey or striations through it.”

Given that this no-compromise “best of the best” attitude runs all the way through the boat – from the fundamentals of the general arrangement to the finest of finishes – it is little wonder that she’s a modern icon. More surprising is that, shepherded by the Moran team, the yacht was delivered on budget and three months early. It even sounds like it might have been fun. “He’s a great guy and we really enjoyed working with him to see his vision become reality,” says Moran of the owner.  Ace  is perhaps the most lavish example of nominative determinism afloat.

Ace is currently listed for sale with Burgess and Fraser.

This feature is taken from the October 2020 issue of BOAT International. Get this magazine sent straight to your door, or subscribe and never miss an issue.

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megayacht ace

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megayacht ace

Motor Yacht

Ace is a custom motor yacht launched in 2012 by Lurssen Yachts in Rendsburg, Germany and most recently refitted in 2018.

Lürssen has remained a family-run German shipyard since its inception in 1875 and is now in its fourth generation of private ownership. The company was founded by Friedrich Lürssen with a desire to create a leading shipyard in both quality and performance.

Ace measures 85.00 metres in length, with a max draft of 3.85 metres and a beam of 14.44 metres. She has a gross tonnage of 2,732 tonnes. She has a deck material of teak.

Ace has a steel hull with an aluminium superstructure.

Winch Design is an award-winning design studio, established in 1986 as a specialist exterior and interior yacht designer, by Andrew Winch and his wife Jane.

Ace also features naval architecture by Lurssen Yachts.

Performance and Capabilities

Ace has a top speed of 17.00 knots and a cruising speed of 12.00 knots. She is powered by a twin screw propulsion system.

Ace has a fuel capacity of 205,000 litres, and a water capacity of 43,000 litres.

She also has a range of 4,000 nautical miles.


Ace accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 cabins. She also houses room for up to 30 crew members.

Other Specifications

Ace is MCA compliant, her hull NB is 13665.

Ace is a Lloyds +100A1, SSC Yacht (P)MONO, G6 class yacht. She flies the flag of the Cayman Islands.

She is also fitted with a jacuzzi (on deck), helicopter landing pad and beauty salon.

  • Yacht Builder Lurssen Yachts View profile
  • Naval Architect Lurssen Yachts View profile
  • Exterior Designer Winch Design View profile
  • Interior Designer Winch Design View profile

Yacht Specs

Other lurssen yachts, related news.

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Lurssen Megayacht ACE Offers the Complete Charter Package

Photo of the week

megayacht ace

luxury yacht ACE for charter

8th February 2015

Majestically illuminated by her lights, adding to the glow from the sunset, superyacht ACE is quite a spectacle to behold in evenings spent cruising the French Riviera or exotic Caribbean islands.

A pedigree Lurssen build delivered 2012;  87m motor yacht ACE  is the complete charter package - offering megayacht luxuries including a helipad, a Hamman, gym, disco, movie theatre and Beach Club complete with a Roman-style Jacuzzi. Up to 10 guests can enjoy staying in one of five striking staterooms, all opulently styled with the finest materials by the esteemed Andrew Winch. 

For adventure beyond the onboard comforts ACE offers, three jet-skis, three Seabobs and water-skis provide endless hours of fun for all ages, accessible by her large swimming platform.

For more information about chartering M/Y ACE in exotic destinations across the globe, contact your preferred yacht charter broker .

  • Andrew Winch

O'PARI Yacht Review

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Billionaire fights to dock his boat on water behind his house. His 164-foot boat, that is.

For some people, the ultimate Florida lifestyle is a waterfront house , a private dock and a boat parked next to it. But what if that boat is a mega-yacht , and the mega-yacht stretches 164 feet?

That's the conundrum facing the Village of North Palm Beach.

This tiny community in northern Palm Beach County, with only 13,000 full-time residents, has an identity so tied to the water that a ship's steering wheel is the village's emblem.

But it's that love of the water that is putting one resident at odds with village leaders.

For the past several years, homeowner Michael Bozutto has been battling the village for the right to park his 164-foot Westport, dubbed Honey, behind a home he owns at 932 Shore Drive.

The house, built in 1961, is a one-story, ranch-style property with three bedrooms on a half-acre lot. Bozzuto paid $840,247 for the house in 2014, according to Palm Beach County property records.

Lawsuit rooted in dispute over where to dock mega-yacht

What makes this plain house special is its location. It's on a rare corner bordered on the north and east by navigable waters that provide access to the Atlantic Ocean via the Lake Worth Inlet. The east-facing dock is large enough to accommodate Bozzuto's motor yacht.

Since Bozutto bought Honey for an undisclosed sum a decade ago, he mostly has parked it at the Old Port Cove Marina, near Tiger Woods' 155-foot showy mega-yacht, ironically dubbed Privacy.

More recently, Bozzuto has wanted to park Honey alongside his Shore Drive house, one of four houses he owns in the village. While Bozzuto keeps some personal property at the Shore Drive house, he lives at a house he owns at Harbour Isles Court.

Village officials warned Bozzuto he can't park Honey at 932 Shore Drive because boats can only be parked on docks behind houses that are occupied by the homeowner.

But village rules do not define the word "occupied." For instance, the rules do not state that occupied means the house is a residence where the owner lives. Village rules also contain no restrictions on the size of boats that can be kept at private docks.

After years of pushing back against what he believes are fuzzy rules, Bozzuto in March filed a lawsuit against the village.

More: Cannonsport Marina sells for $58.5 million in big deal for tiny Palm Beach Shores

He alleged the municipality is illegally depriving him of his property rights because nothing in the village code prevents him from mooring Honey at his house. He is asking a Palm Beach County Circuit Court judge to rule that he has a constitutional right to dock Honey there.

Gregory Coleman, Bozzuto's West Palm Beach attorney, said the village has plenty of waterfront homes with yachts parked behind them. But Coleman said the village is illegally blocking Bozzuto from docking Honey at his house because the village is bending to pressure from a handful of neighbors who think the boat is too big.

The selective enforcement is wrong, said Coleman, a former president of the Florida Bar.

"He's a very under-the-radar guy who doesn't cause anybody any problems," Coleman said of Bozzuto. "He pays his property taxes, and he wants to be left alone by the village of North Palm Beach. Unfortunately, they are singling Mike out."

Neither Leonard Rubin, the village's longtime attorney, nor Village Manager Chuck Huff responded to requests for comment.

Eric Stettin, a Fort Lauderdale-based attorney who is representing the village in the Bozzuto lawsuit, said he could not comment on pending litigation.

What good is a man's castle if he can't have a boat in his moat?

Coleman's lawsuit describes the conflict as a battle over property rights, but real estate and yachting experts say it's also a sign of the times.

As wealthy new residents pour into the county wanting all the perks of the Sunshine State, they want a boat to go along with their waterfront homes and golf club memberships. Some longtime residents fear Palm Beach County is turning into a playground for billionaires, to the detriment of everyday people who also want to live in sunshine and peace.

This conflict between Old Florida and new money is an ever-present tension, but even seasoned yacht brokers say they've never seen interest in luxury yachts quite as strong as it is now.

More: Illegal boat slips are popping near Palm Beach Gardens. Residents want regulators to act

"What we've seen in the marketplace right after COVID in the yachting industry, and especially the superyacht segment, is the most incredible growth ever seen in the history of yachting to date," said Shannon McCoy, a luxury yacht advisor and broker with Worth Avenue Yachts in Palm Beach.

"A lot of people are moving here with serious money," added Pascal Savoy, U.S. managing director of Camper & Nicholsons International yacht brokers in Fort Lauderdale.

While in the past Palm Beach County was not considered lively enough for some buyers, Savoy said the county's growing sophistication is putting it on the map in a way never seen before.

"It's a mini-Monaco for us," Savoy said.

Prices for mega-yachts can range from $18 million to $60 million, or many times that, for the largest and most decked-out mega-yachts, Savoy said.

While some yachts can be glitzy, a 164-foot Westport is considered a more low-profile boat, Savoy added.

Michael Bozzuto's interests: Houses, boats and philanthropy

Bozzuto is no newcomer to North Palm Beach. He's been a resident of the village for 20 years.

He is the billionaire owner of a family-owned supermarket wholesaler in Connecticut, and an investor and philanthropist who likes to collect houses and yachts, Coleman said.

In addition to the four North Palm Beach houses and several yachts he owns, Bozzuto in February paid a whopping $31.1 million for a house in the Town of Palm Beach Shores. The house, which has two docks, sits just north of the Palm Beach/Lake Worth Inlet.

Twin City Mall: North Palm clears way for redevelopment, taller buildings at landmark site

Coleman said there is plenty of room for other boaters to navigate the waterway when Honey is parked at the Shore Drive house in North Palm Beach. And while other people may not have as large a yacht, there are other sizeable yachts parked on docks behind other North Palm Beach homes, too, he added.

At a 2017 village council meeting, then-Mayor Darryl Aubrey commented on the issue, according to the complaint.

"When I didn't live here full time, I had a boat sitting in my dock, I was gone nine months of the year. I don't see how you can say that someone has to be in a residence year-round, seems to be some interpretation of occupant, there would be an enormous number of violations," Aubrey said.

Another member of the village council asked if the village had a definition now, the complaint said.

Rubin, the village attorney, replied: "No, we don't," according to the lawsuit.

Show me the money? Here it is: West Palm and Palm Beach rank in top 5 as cities with fastest growth in millionaires

Palm Beach County's waterways run deep, and they are popular

The yacht docking dispute is particularly timely, given the scarcity of dock space for boats of all sizes.

The most convenient place to park a boat is on the water behind a house, brokers say. But not every waterway or channel can accommodate the draft, or depth, of a mega-yacht.

However, the dock behind Bozzuto's Shore Drive house can.

Not only is the Westport not known for its deep hulls, but the waterway also is typical of northern Palm Beach County, which boasts deep water and easy access to the ocean via the Lake Worth Inlet, said Coleman, a lifelong boater.

"In Palm Beach County, they have deeper water, and it allows people to have larger yachts," Savoy agreed.

But not every waterway is deep enough for every boat.

McCoy said she specializes in helping advise potential yacht owners about the county's varied water depths before they buy a house, if they plan to dock their yacht behind it.

If yacht owners don't have a private dock, the other option is a marina. But marina space is hard to find, with many dock berths reserved for months in advance, McCoy said.

Despite the challenges of owning a boat and finding a place to dock it, yacht brokers say demand continues.

They see interest continuing from business executives moving here with their families as they relocate their companies to Palm Beach County. There's also a growing demand for yachts among female buyers, McCoy added.

They also see younger mega-yacht buyers, some even in their early 30s. This is in sharp contrast to the mostly older buyers in the past, Savoy said.

Palm Beach County may not be as go-go as Miami-Dade County when it comes to showy ships, but if interest continues, "it's coming," Savoy said. "You're going to attract bigger yachts."

Put another way: "No one needs a boat, but everyone needs a boat," McCoy said. "It's the ultimate lifestyle."

Alexandra Clough is a business writer and columnist at  The Palm Beach Post . You can reach her at  [email protected] . Twitter:  @acloughpbp .  Help support our journalism. Subscribe today.

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Post: Mega-yacht owner fights to dock boat behind North Palm Beach home

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Shinola Moves Upmarket with an Impressive Automatic Yacht Timer

A rare Swiss-made movement, a unique dial layout and more make for one special Detroit-built watch.

blue square shinola watch hovers above a pool of water

By Johnny Brayson

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The watch market has seen a huge increase in premiumization over the past several years. While smartwatches have decimated the affordable watch industry, the luxury watch market has never been hotter . In order to survive, more and more brands are elevating their offerings to compete at a higher price point.

One brand that’s taken to this trend is Detroit-based Shinola . With a new focus on incorporating more mechanical movements into its watches, Shinola has been putting out better and better products of late, most of which are priced firmly in four-figure territory. The brand’s latest is one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen from the brand: a $3,500+ automatic yachting chronograph called the Mackinac. Here’s what you need to know about it.

megayacht ace

Shinola Mackinac

  • $3,650 at Shinola

The Great Lakes Region Has Yacht Races?

When I think of yacht races (also called “regattas”), I picture such events happening in glamorous locales like the Mediterranean — not Michigan. But apparently, the Great Lakes region has a storied history of yacht racing. Most notable is the Bayview Mackinac Boat Race , which has been going on for nearly a century and is run by Detroit’s own Bayview Yacht Club. Traversing the entire length of Lake Huron and ending at Michigan’s Mackinac Island, the race ranks among the longest freshwater boat races in the world.

“The Mackinac is an ode to Great Lakes sailing and the world’s most grueling fresh water sailboat race,” Greg Verras, design director at Shinola tells Gear Patrol. “To not only authentically capture the scale and sense of awe of 200 sailboats racing for 300 miles but also the culture, we worked closely with sailmakers, boat mechanics and the regulars at the sailing bars.”

Not the First Mackinac, But Still Pretty Unique

If you’re thinking the Mackinac looks familiar, you’re right. The brand released its first Mackinac chronograph back in 2022 as a limited-edition of just 250 watches. That watch, with a yellow dial and bright yellow strap, had a much more limited appeal than this far-prettier blue version, in my opinion.

Even for a regatta timer, the Mackinac boasts a pretty unique layout. There’s the requisite single-eye chronograph with the register split into three sections, a traditional feature on yacht timers that’s considered a necessity for the sport’s unique timing requirements. But what makes it weird is that it’s combined with a destro date window. I can’t recall ever seeing another watch with such a dial layout, with the closest I can think of being Hodinkee’s version of the TAG Heuer Skipper , but that featured a traditional 3 o’clock date window.

shinola watch with lume glowing in the dark

Some more TAG Heuer inspiration, whether deliberate or not, comes from both the case shape and the colors used. The square case, even with the rounded dial, brings to mind the Heuer Monaco, one of the most iconic chronographs ever made. This similarity is further enhanced by the Mackinac’s use of blue and orange/red on the dial.

“The square case and circular dial were inspired by the simple geometric shapes used in nautical sailing flags for clear, visible communication,” Verras says. “It was something we hadn’t seen before in a yacht timer and knew we needed to incorporate into this one-of-a-kind timepiece.”

The movement powering the watch is a Sellita SW511.bhc, which is a Swiss-made automatic chronograph that does not appear to be used by any other current watch in this configuration. The movement is nicely decorated with perlage, Geneva striping and blued screws, along with a black rhodium-plated custom rotor, and is visible through a sapphire caseback.

shinola watch caseback showing automatic movement

A New Mesh Bracelet

Outside of the colors used, there is one major difference between this Mackinac and the one introduced two years ago, and that’s the bracelet. As I mentioned previously, the first Mackinac was sold on a bright yellow rubber strap. This time around, Shinola has crafted a new heavy-duty stainless steel mesh bracelet that definitely makes the watch look more high-end overall. However, I think the clasp appears a bit chintzy, at least in photographs.

Is It Worth $3,650?

Watch prices are undeniably subjective. Is any luxury watch really worth what it costs? The short answer is, if people are buying it, then it is. I admittedly scoffed when I first saw the price. $3,650 for a Shinola? I asked myself, incredulously.

But after looking more closely at the watch, I don’t think the price is that far off base. The movement is impressive, with 27 jewels and a 56-hour power reserve. The materials are as expected (stainless steel for the case and bracelet and sapphire crystals front and back). And the specs and finishing all appear to be up to par (I always love seeing a chronograph with 100m water resistance).

closeup of blue shinola watch dial

Are there better buys out there when it comes to automatic chronographs? Definitely . Does this price feel overly aspirational for a Shinola? Probably. But the previous Mackinac sold out all 250 units at $3,500 a pop. Shinola is making twice as many of this model and pricing it slightly higher at $3,650. And if it sells out too, that means the Detroit brand’s eye-popping price was right on the money, so to speak.

I won’t be surprised if it does.

  • Unique and interesting dial layout
  • 100m water resistance is solid for an automatic chronograph
  • Pricing feels ambitious
  • The clasp feels less high-end compared to the rest of the watch

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85m luxury motor yacht ACE (ex project Rocky) – Photo by Klaus Jordan

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Written by Zuzana Bednarova

This image is featured as part of the article 85m megayacht ACE (ex project Rocky) by Lurssen Yachts completes sea trial .

85m luxury motor yacht ACE (ex project Rocky) - Photo by Klaus Jordan

Please contact CharterWorld - the luxury yacht charter specialist - for more on superyacht news item "85m luxury motor yacht ACE (ex project Rocky) - Photo by Klaus Jordan".

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87m Lurssen superyacht ACE (ex Project Rocky) delivered

87m Lurssen superyacht ACE (ex Project Rocky) delivered

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85m motor yacht NICKI transferred at Lurssen Yachts

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    Ace is a 87 m (285 ft) yacht built by Lürssen. She was delivered to her owner Yuriy Kosiuk in July 2012. The yacht accommodates 10 guests and 28 crew members. Her exterior and interior were both created by Andrew Winch Designs. One of ACE's interior features is the spa. The spa includes a hammam, massage room, plunge pool and a Jacuzzi.

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    Eye is a 87 m / 285′6″ luxury motor yacht. She was built by Lurssen in 2012. With a beam of 13.8 m and a draft of 4 m, she has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. This adds up to a gross tonnage of 2850 tons. She is powered by MTU engines of 2300 hp each giving her a maximum speed of 18 knots and a cruising speed of 11 knots. Eye's maximum range is estimated at 6500 nautical miles ...

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