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Dubble & Jesse 48 Nordsee

What is an aluminium sailing boat?

As the name suggests an aluminium sailing boat is one constructed from aluminium (also know as aluminum in the United States). Aluminium is a stronger metal than the same weight of steel, so aluminium boats can be lighter in weight whilst still being strong, which is an advantage for sailing boats, especially those used for racing where lower weight equals more speed. There are a few disadvantages too though, for example, aluminium does corrode, and more so in saltwater, so aluminium boats need repainting every couple of years and you will need a sacrificial anode.

Which manufacturers build aluminium sail boats?

Manufacturers that produce aluminium sail boats include Alubat , Jongert , Nordia , Allures and Dubble & Jesse .

How much does an aluminium sail boat cost?

A used aluminium sail boat on TheYachtMarket.com ranges in price from £42,100 GBP to £2,780,000 GBP with an average price of £894,000 GBP . Factors including the condition, age, model and specification will affect the price of an aluminium boat.

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British Marine

steel centerboard sailboat for sale

41 ft centreboard similar search results:







The 41 ft centreboard shown below has been sold:, 41 ft centreboard.

steel centerboard sailboat for sale

Sales information

  • De Valk Hindeloopen The Netherlands
  • +31 514 52 40 00
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Seen a boat that piques your interest but can't make a visit in person? One of our brokers will be your eyes and ears as they take you on a video tour with their phone. You can also ask them questions about anything that isn't visually obvious. Make the call and be welcomed aboard...

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Broker's comments.

Preleminary Information: Spacious, shallow draft, "Aletis" combines her nice lines, her lifting (1,15/2,50 m) keel and ketch sailplan with decksaloon, providing lots of cruising possibilities. This is a change for the yachtsman who can restart a project to fullfill his dream.


Aluminium sailingyacht 41 FT Centreboard Ketch "Aletis", built in 1993 and launched in 2000, dim.: 12.60 x (lwl 10.40) x 3.95 x 1.15/2.50, casco built by Almaz in St. Petersburg, designed by Stolk & Jansen, aluminium superstructure, deck and hull, Marix/Gebo hardened glass windows in aluminium framing, round-bilged hull, electric hydraulic centreboard keel, diplacement approx. 13.8 tons, fuel capacity approx. 1 x 250 ltrs in a aluminium tank, water capacity approx. 1 x 500 ltrs in an aluminium tank, sump capacity approx. 1 x 80 ltrs in a stainless steel tank, hydraulic wheel steering inside and mechanical wheelsteering inside, steering with two rudder-blades.


Classic mahogany interior with white ceilings, 2 cabins, saloon and decksaloon, 4 fixed berths and 2 extra berths in the saloon, tip-up saloon table, headway approx. 1.85/1.90 m, 1 x manual toilet, 1 x shower (needs connection), Wallas 3000D diesel heating, electric hydrofoor waterpressure system, Isotherm 40 ltrs boyler on the motor and 220V, 3-burner half cardanic stove with oven, gasdetector (electric valve on the gasbottle), Isotherm 12V refrigerator with deepfreeze compartment.

Perkins Prima M60 engine, 60 hp (44,1 kW), installed 1998 and used from 2000, approx. 839 enginehours, indirect coolingsystem, double seaweedfilter, hydraulic PRM gearbox, stainless steel shaft, Volvo stuffing box, 3-bladed fixed propeller, 1 x manual and 2 x electric bilgepumps, 12/220V electric circuit (bowthruster and windlass on 24V), 2 x Sonneschein 200 Ah service batteries and 1 x Optima starting and 1 x Optima bowtrusther battery, shorepower, Combi intvertor charger Trace 1200 W with soft start, Rheinstrom bowthruster.

2 x Flexgate electric fluid compass, Dataline echosounder, log and windset (windset is not installed), Skanti, DSC and Atis VHF, Robertson APX 300 autopilot, MLR (FX-312) build in GPS, radio/cd-player.

2 x lifebuoys, 24V electric windlass, Ploegschaar anchor with 50 m chain, bathingladder, bowladder, cockpittable, deckwashinstallation, 3 x wipers (2 needs connection), 7 x fenders, lines, spareparts, clock, barometer, hygrometer, 2 x powder fire extinguishers.

Ketch-rigged (masts are not included), sailplan and quotation for the masts are available, Allpa 2-speed winches: sheet winches 2 x 59, halyard winches 2 x 45 and 1 x 30 and reefing winches 2 x 30, Antal blocks, genoatrack etc.

steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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Waxing and Polishing Your Boat

steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

Tricks and Tips to Forming Do-it-yourself Rigging Terminals

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Marine Toilet Maintenance Tips

steel centerboard sailboat for sale

Learning to Live with Plastic Boat Bits

  • Safety & Seamanship

Making the Most of Centerboards

Understanding how centers of effort shift can help make you a better sailor and reduce loads..

steel centerboard sailboat for sale

A deep, ballasted keel does a lot of good things. It lowers the center of gravity, provides lift to windward, and stabilizes the boat. It can add great strength if integrated into the construction of the hull, allowing the boat to sniff soft bottoms without damage.

There are downsides. Trailering is impractical. Countless shallow creeks and snug harbors become inaccessible. Docking is more expensive.

A centerboard is one solution, but there are differences. You probably read something about raising and lowering the centerboard or daggerboard in a book on dinghy sailing years ago, and unless you’ve been racing centerboard boats all these years, you’ve probably forgotten the details. Here’s a little refresher.

Even for the cruising sailor, centerboard position is as vital an adjustment, as sail balance and trim.

Balance. On a poorly trimmed boat, one of the largest sources of drag is often excessive rudder angle. Assuming you have the typical rudder profile (NACA 0021), the optimal helm range is generally 2-4 degrees when close hauled. A few degrees helps it share the work of the keel, providing lift to windward. More rudder angle and you are increasing drag, and if the angle exceeds 6 degrees, you are courting a stall when a strong turn to leeward is needed.

What causes excessive load on the rudder?

  • Too much sail area aft. Sailing with main-only or a partially rolled-up genoa can do this.
  • Over-trimmed mainsail.
  • Excessive mast rake. Check the manual. Beach cats and planing skiffs have very specific reasons for radical mast rake. It only translates into more speed or better handling if the boat was designed for it.
  • Excessive heel or bow-down trim. The hull form itself can force a turn to windward. A deeply buried bow can act like a forward rudder.

Centerboard trim

There are ways to fix these tendencies. Ease the main or lower the traveler. Reef the main and the headsail in balance. When sailing off the wind, it is often better to reef the main before the jib, to help keep her head down. Rake the mast to spec. Sail the boat flat. Bear away in the puffs when sailing deep, before the boat begins to heel excessively. Always steer for balance.

However, a centerboard or daggerboard adds an additional trim tool that is often forgotten. When the centerboard first begins to swing up, it moves more aft than up. In fact, a centerboard that is half up has typically lost only 20 percent of its draft and 15 percent of its projected area. On the other hand, the center of lateral resistance (CLR) on a 4-foot centerboard has moved aft about 1½ feet.

What about the change in righting moment of a weighted board? You have lifted it no more than 15 percent of the distance to the waterline, and depending on the board’s maximum depth, you’ve probably lost no more than 10 percent of the board’s contribution to righting moment. Don’t lift a weighted board more than this under sail, but experiment with how a slight movement aft changes things. Always mark the pendant so you know how far you have lifted the board.

Making the Most of Centerboards

Rising windspeeds

Consider the case of our Corsair F-24 test boat. As the wind rises, we might furl the jib for easier sailing. Reefing the main gives better balance, but rolling up the jib is easy and eliminates handling a whole set of sheets. Unfortunately, the sail center of effort (COE) then moves aft three feet, badly overloading the rudder.

In this situation, sailing becomes sluggish and we get trapped in irons every single time we try to tack. And there is no escape from irons, because even when we back the boat out as far as possible by reversing the rudder and fully easing the main sail—as deep as a beam reach—the moment we attempt to sheet in to make way, the bow swings right back into the wind.

However, if we lift the centerboard halfway, the center of lateral resistance moves aft about 1½-feet with very little change in area. We have less sail up, so the loss in area does not significantly increase leeway. The rudder will still be slightly overloaded and successful tacking requires easing the mainsheet as the boat comes through the wind, but you won’t be trapped in irons and the boat  accelerates well as the main is slowly brought in. The rudder angle remains a little higher than normal, but it isn’t a brake.

Reaching in Strong winds

Strong reaching conditions are another time when centerboard adjustments help. When the wind gusts, the boat heels, and the resulting submerged hull form wants to turn to windward. In the case of a multihull, the lee bow digs in, acting as a forward rudder. The helmsman tries to bear off, but the rudder stalls and the boat swerves to windward anyway. Apparent wind accelerates, flow over the sails becomes better attached (reaching sails are often partially stalled, so rounding up attaches the flow), apparent wind increases, and power increases dramatically, just when you don’t want it. Centrifugal force from the rapid turn adds to the mess. A monohull will broach. A multihull can capsize.

The solution? First there are the standard solutions. Reef the mainsail early and fly more headsail; this will help keep her head down. Bear off early and smoothly before the boat heels excessively rather than waiting until the need is urgent. The earlier correction is actually faster, because the rudder angle relative to the water stays low, keeping drag low.

But also consider lifting the centerboard halfway or a bit more. Because there is little side force from the sails when reaching deep, you don’t need as much area. The boat will probably be moving faster through the water relative to the side force, generating more lift with less area. But don’t lift it all the way up unless the boat has a stub keel; you still want some board down as a leverage point for steering. The goal is to move the center of effort aft, so that the boat doesn’t want to round up.

You cannot adjust a board under load. If you apply enough force, you will only break something or hurt your back. Even if there are slides and a sturdy tackle, only adjust the board when traveling straight upwind or downwind, slowly if possible. This will reduce the load. Sometimes shooting straight into the wind for just a few moments is enough; quickly make the adjustment and then return to your original course.

Centerboard adjustments are not just for racers. It is a cruiser adjustment, just like reefing, for those who value good handling and safety. It’s all about balance, and by swinging the board aft just a little bit, you can cure certain handling problems.


steel centerboard sailboat for sale

Collision Avoidance When ‘See and Avoid’ Fails

steel centerboard sailboat for sale

When a Welcome Home Becomes a Rescue

Your get-home jury-rig won't be pretty. It consists of a bridle line (spinnaker sheet works nicely), a length of chain to keep the drogue submerged, and a series of fenders to aid recovery.

Emergency Steering? You Can Jury-Rig a Drogue For That

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Alan Payne Custom Designed Centreboard Yacht

Used yachts for sale, sail monohulls 40ft > 50ft,        alan payne boats for sale.

steel centerboard sailboat for sale

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steel centerboard sailboat for sale

Steel Sailboat By Owner Boats for sale


Miami Beach, Florida

Make Beneteau

Posted Over 1 Month

ngine hours (total): 500 length overall (LOA): 39 make / manufacturer: Beneteau propulsion type: sail year manufactured: 1991 length overall (LOA): 39 make / manufacturer: 1991 Beneteau Oceanis 390 propulsion type: sail year manufactured: 1991 Beneteau oceanis 390 owners version building 1991 powered by Universal diesel very good and clean boatThe BENETEAU Oceanis 390 (39')Owner's Version (Special Layout Design) is the two cabin layout, two head arrangement with separate walk in shower, A large L-Shaped sofa and large folding teak table, galley is to starboard entering from the cockpit, there is also a starboard entrance to the aft cabin, there is a large double berth, a sit down navigation station then aft a head, the main salon is very light and features center line teak table drop-leaf with L-shaped convertible settee at starboard, going forward the head is also starboard with hanging locker to port. The spacious salon is large enough for everyone. Boats for Sale Search YachtWorld United States (change) 1991 Beneteau Oceanis 390 Owners Version Boat Name NOBLE AMBITIONS Specs Builder: Beneteau Dimensions LOA: 39 ft 0 in Beam: 13 ft 5 in LWL: 36 ft 8 in Maximum Draft: 4 ft 6 in Bridge Clearance: 54 ft 5 in Engines Engine 1: Engine Brand: Universal Year Built: 1991 Engine Model: 3m20 Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel Engine Hours: 568 Tanks Fresh Water Tanks: (40 Gallons) Fuel Tanks: (45 Gallons) Holding Tanks: (1 Gallons) Accommodations Number of twin berths: 2 Number of cabins: 2 Number of heads: 2 Layout & Accommodations Salon: Headroom: 6'5 Lockers under berths with rigid water tank (40 gal.) Table with fiddlers, bottle rack Anodized aluminum mast support Deck liner with wooden panels, access to mast wires, sliding shutters Opening deck hatch Opening port in coach house Fixed porthole Bar and shelf along the hull Fluorescent light above table Cushions and backrests with removable covers Grab rail Teak and holly floorboards Forward Cabin: Double bed Lockers on the hull Stowing space under berth Seat with stowing space Shelf, drawer & mirror Hanging locker Two fixed ports Ventilation through dorade Ceiling light Two reading lights Curtains Wooden paneling and vinyl lining Forward head: Formica laminated bulkhead Marine toilet with holding tank Stowage with mirror and door Wash basin with hot and cold pressurized water with shower Opening deck hatch Ventilation through dorade Fluorescent light Accessories: glass with holder, towel holders, toilet paper holder Aft cabin: Double bed Shelf along the hull Hanging locker with mirror Vanity Drawer Settee with stowage Two opening ports on coach roof and cockpit Ceiling lamps Reading lamps Ventilation through dorade Access to back of engine, stern gland, engine water intake and electrical bilge pump Aft marine head with separate stall water Aft head: White Formica laminated bulkhead USCG Marine head with holding tank Washbasin with hot and cold pressurized water Mirror & Shelves Stowing space under washbasin Opening port Fixed port in hull Ceiling light Ventilation through dorade box Accessories: glass with holder, towel holders, toilet paper holder Separate shower Galley The well ventilated functional galley will bring out the cook in everyone. Designed for extended cruising, this vessel offers a large refrigerator/icebox, 3 burner stove with oven and hot &cold pressurized water, stainless steel sinks and stowage space. Hot/Cold pressure water in showers and galley, Immersion Heater & Calorifier , 12v Refrigerator , Cooker/Oven/Grill, Radio (VHF), Cockpit cushions, Showers with self-activated pump-out Electronics & Navigation Chart table with stowing space for charts Shelves under chart table Bookshelf Panel for navigation instruments Electronic panel, 16 functions, hinged for easy access to wiring Fluorescent light Chart reading light Electrical, Power & Plumbing 12v / 120v including shore supply, Hot/Cold pressure water in showers and galley , Immersion Heater & Calorifier , 12v Refrigerator , Cooker/Oven/Grill , Radio CD-Player ,Speakers in saloon and cockpit (with fader), Showers with electric pump-out Deck & Equipment Bow stemhead fitting with anchor roller, fast track attachment, and 2 fairleads with built-in rollers (patented) Self bailing anchor well with mooring eye Mechanical windlass One opening hatch for lighting and ventilation of front cabin and head Pulpit with navigation lights Opening aft push pit with horseshoe buoy support and teak flag pole Anodized aluminum toe rail with 4 fair heads in-corporating built-in rollers (patented), 2 aft and 2 amidships Stainless steel profiled stanchions Double s/s lifelines with opening gates Four dorades with s/s guards Genoa tracks with adjustable car Two teak grabrails Mainsail traveler with adjustable car One winch Lewmar 30 S/T or equivalent for main sheet with cleat One winch Lewmar 30S/T or equivalent for main halyard and reefing lines Two Footblocks Two Lewmar 46 S/T (or equivalent) genoa sheet winches with cleat Four blocks for reefing lines with jammers Two genoa turning blocks Slatted teak seating in cockpit Cockpit table Teak cockpit grating Steering wheel (leather covered) with pedestal compass Two sail lockers with life raft storage in cockpit One gas bottle locks One bathing platform, teak laid, with 2 lockers Rubber protection at base of transom S/s chain plates for shroud, forestay, baby stay and backstay One winch handle holder One double action manual bilge pump One aft self-bailing anchor well One aft anchor roller Swim ladder Companionway step/locker Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

46' Motorsailer Yacht: FISHER 46 - Powerboat / Sailboat - Estate sale

46' Motorsailer Yacht: FISHER 46 - Powerboat / Sailboat - Estate sale

Bellingham, Washington

Make 46' Motorsailer Yacht Powerboat Sailboat

Model FISHER 46

Length 46.0

46' Motorsailer Yacht: FISHER 46 - Powerboat / Sailboat - Estate sale Due to unique circumstances, and the passing of her longtime owner (31 years), we are offering this beautiful Fisher 46 motorsailer yacht for immediate auction sale. This situation offers a great opportunity for a new owner to acquire this very rare, and desirable vessel, and pilot her on many more happy voyages into the future. PLEASE NOTE: We are not mariners, or boat experts, but we have tried to describe this yacht to the best of our ability. Read on to, discover more about legendary Fisher yachts, and the fascinating story behind The Meretune! The Meretune: This beautiful yacht features a distinctive design large displacement hull that offers ample room down below, with 2 cabins, and 2 washrooms. It also offers a neat galley, and large saloon with couches, and ample storage. The over-sized Pilot house with large sunroof that makes a warm enclosed area above deck, that can comfortably seat the whole crew, which is very much appreciated in the evening, or in cooler or windy weather. It is equipped with an inline 6 cylinder 6.2 liter Ford Diesel engine, located directly below the pilothouse, and accessible from both a hatch in the pilothouse floor, and from alongside in the passageway down below. It has a front and rear private cabin, 2 heads (full washrooms), and a well equipped galley. The saloon area with couches on each side can be used as a lounge, for dining, or additional sleeping area. Ceiling height is a very comfortable 6' 6". Pictures of the Meretune - Fisher 46 HULL: DECK: PILOT HOUSE: BELOW DECK: SALOON: FORWARD PRIVATE CABIN: GALLEY: FRONT WASHROOM: PASSAGEWAY TO AFT: ENGINE ROOM: REAR PRIVATE CABIN: REAR BATHROOM: The Fisher legend: Considered to be one of the best designed Motor-Sailers ever built, the Fisher Sailing Yachts strength is renowned for being able to deliver her crew safely to any destination in the world. The Fisher Sailing Yacht line is easy recognizable: The professional looking wheelhouse and a hull resembling a North Atlantic fishing boat with rounded stern and high freeboard. The double masts with Ketch sailplan is another distinctive feature of the larger yachts in the Fisher line. They have always revered for their seaworthiness and the ability to remain unflustered in extreme weather. Fishers were built in a number of different sizes, with only about a dozen built in the largest size: The Fisher 46 The Meretune Story: The Meretune started life in 1977 in a boatyard, in Chichester England. The heavy solid fibreglass hull was built around a long shallow 10 ton cast iron keel. After the major construction work was completed she was christened "The Meretune of Chichester" before being moved to Sri Lanka for woodwork finishing in exotic hardwoods there by Neil Marine. The early part of her life just after being built is a bit unclear, but at some point she was sold to her first owner in 1978 at at some point made it across the Atlantic and ended up in Florida where she was purchased by her second owner in 1984. She was brought through the Panama canal in the early 1990's, and has explored the coastlines, and islands of the Pacific Northwest ever since. Specifications: Length: 46 Feet Beam: 15 Feet Draft Minimum: 6' 6" Displacement: 49.999 Lbs Headroom between decks: 6' 6" Fuel Capacity: 400 Gallons (2 stainless steel tanks) Fresh water Capacity Capacity: 300 Gallons (2 tanks) Engine: Ford 6.2 Liter inline 6 Cylinder diesel - 140 HP Engine cooled: Fresh water Steering: Wheel Drive: Shaft Prop: Bronze 3 Blade Rigging: ketch rigged with aluminum spars, and stainless steel rigging. Fuel consumption (approx): 1.3 Gallons/ Hr. at cruising speed (according to sales brochure) Cruising Speed: 9 Knots Batteries: 3 x 12 Volt Deck Gear: 3 halyard winches, 3 sheet winches, Electric Francis Marine 400 Windlass Anchors: Danforth and Plow - 328 feet of chain Safety gear included: Life jackets, Search Light, Danbouy, Horn, Emergency rudder steering. Bilge pumps: 3 electric Heads: 2 manual, with handbasin and shower. Cabin: Heating and dual A/C Fresh Water: Pressurized. Hot Water. Galley / Kitchen: Sink, Oven, Icebox Disclaimer?: The particulars detailed herein are intended to give a fair description of the vessel but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed, these particulars are not a part of any contract or offer and are supplied to give the best general description of the vessel possible, as basic reference only. Recent Restoration & Refurbishing (completed a year and a half ago): About 3 years ago the Meretune was brought ashore for some extensive restoration work that included all new windows throughout, all exterior finishes were redone, with considerable reworking of the scuppers. The interior has had considerable refinishing too including most of the woodwork, and paneling. Sadly the long time owner passed away before the work was completed. The work went on and was finished, and took over a year to complete. She has been sitting for about a year and a half in a boatyard ever since. She has not returned to the water, but is looking for a new owner now to take charge of her, and pilot her onto future adventures. Approximately $90,000.00 was spent on this extensive exterior, and interior restoration work. See photos below: A partial Marine Survey was done around a year and a half ago focusing mainly on electrical systems, with some minor look at mechanical points too. It was determined that some of the electrical systems should be brought up to date, as most of them are original. We will leave this up to next owner to decide how to proceed with this. Update to your specifications, or continue to use her as-is. This survey is available as a PDF file by email for your reference. We will cooperate fully with any current complete Marine Surveys that you wish to have done (at your expense). Pricing and Terms: Although offered by broker recently at 249,000USD we are offering it direct for $199,999.00. A non-refundable $2,000.00 deposit is due immediately, payable by Paypal. Balance must be paid in full within 7 days of sale. The boat is sold as-is, where-is, and it will be the new owners responsibility to do any final fitting and adjustments, and pay to have it moved back into the water at the boatyard, and any applicable taxes etc. Replacement cost on a yacht like this is $800,000.00, and possibly much more, depending on fittings, and accessories. This is a superb vessel. In the right hands, with minor finishing, it can deliver many more years of faithful service and enjoyment. With the reputation Fisher yachts have, and with only about a dozen made in this largest size, these are not available often. The new owner of this beautiful yacht won't be disappointed! Inspection arrangements and reimbursement: We recommend you visit the Meretune firsthand located in a boatyard in Bellingham WA. I am available to show prospective bidder/buyers this beautiful Yacht, and can meet them in the area, or pick them up at the Bellingham airport if they are flying in to see it. Reimbursement of travel expenses (regular air & hotel) will be deducted from purchase price on a completed transaction. Contact Info: Click here - if you have any questions you would like answered by email Or, call or text Paul at cellular: 604-377-3225 if I can give you any support, or to arrange an inspection or purchase of this beautiful yacht. Links: Fisher Yachts International Fisher Owners Association - UK based Fisher Owners Group (FOG) - North America

38foot pilothouse sailboat

38foot pilothouse sailboat

Fort Pierce, Florida

Make Mariner

Model Pilothouse Cutter Rigged Sloop

Length 38.0

1980 Mariner Pilot House 38’ 12’ beamLocated in Fort Pierce FloridaFor Sale by owner $43,500 Rugged Cutter rigged with self tending boom with Pilot house! Great sailing and live aboard vessel with comfortable accommodations and layout. One of only eight New Hampshire built 38 Mariners built. Fast and seaworthy! Can be controlled from within the pilot house or the cockpit.Fuel DieselHule Material Fiberglass Draft 5 FeetEngine Perkins 4108 DieselEngine Hours 20This vessel has a recent refit over the last 2 years included in the list below . .replace bearings in roller furling new CQR anchor and Danforth 4 0 Lb. New anchor rode replace all halyards all wiring inspected replaced and re-fastened / secured as needed (old wiring not in use removed) this was done by a licensed electrician 4 new 6 volt batteries and cables etc.New CEN-Tech 1200 watt power inverter New plumbing hoses etc. for the toilet and waste disposal tankNew deck pump out for waste disposal New waste macerator and through hullNew fresh water plumbing installed in bathroom area sink and showerRebuilt hydraulic steering pumpNew seat cushion covers New hatch cover gasketsNew port window screens, glass, and gaskets Perkins 50 hp engine Rebuild all new cylinders, pistons,rings, main and rod bearings, crankshaft polished, cylinder head, Coast Guard approved hoses, new water pump and heat exchanger, new thermostat, new clutch plate, rebuilt starter, rebuilt sea strainer. New gauges tachometer, oil pressure, amp, water temp. depth sounderRebuild rudder New Stainless steel shaft and cutlass bearing and stuffing box seals.Recondition 16” dia. Maxie-Prop variable pitch propRecondition Racore water separator Recondition cock pit compassRebuilt Windless motor

33' 1978 Yorktown Sailboat

33' 1978 Yorktown Sailboat

Stockton, California

Please call owner John at 916-765-5874. Boat is in Stockton, California. Yorktown Yachts • Built in Wilmington, CA Long Beach area • Sloop rig • LOA 34’4’, LWL 32’6” • Beam 11’6” • Draft 6’6” • Bulb type keel with 3000 lead topped off with concrete to below the bottom of the keel. No keel bolts required on most boats • Rack and pinion to a skeg hung rudder • Displacement 11 tons • Aluminum spars • Last hauled out 2015, bottom painted by Ladds Marine,topside painted • All lines lead aft for single handed sailing Engine • Perkins 4.108, 49hp diesel with service manual • Engine is easily accessible for service as covers are removable • 39 gallon fuel tank • 3 blade brass propeller Electronics and Navigation • 4 Trojan sealed 6 V-AGM batteries • Increased capacity alternator • Raytheon ST4000 autopilot • Raymarine ST40 Bi-data fathometer • Standard Horizon HX8505 Handheld VHFGPS • Xantrex TrueCharge 20 amp Battery Charger • Xantrex pro XM1800 110VAC Inverter • Clarion Bose stereo, DVD, Flat screen TV with external antenna • Two-110 v Dock cords • Cockpit gauges with oil temp, voltage, tachometer,engine hours and fuel • Wind speed indicator • Easy access electrical control panels in main cabin • Compass Sail Inventory and ground tackle • New Somerset sails, used 3 times Main, 110 Jib Profurl furling system • Spinnaker pole • New only used once Lewmar Pro 1000h windless with on/off control switch in main cabin • CQR anchor mounted on bow with 150’ 516 galvanized chain • 22 stern Delta Anchor with 50’ 516 chain plus 200’ 916 line • Two Top Action ratchet winches, one winch handle • Steering pedestal with 36” leather covered Stainless Steel steering wheel Interior • Galley to port with Nav-station to starboard with seating at end of quarter birth • Main salon with 4-6 person dining table • Dinette converts into large double bed using custom cushions •Spacious V Berth 6’ x 6’ • V-Berth walls have tongue and groove wood as insulation •Quarter berth to starboard • Custom made cushions in main salon • One hanging locker to starboard • Linen closet to starboard next to hanging closet • Enclosed head with H C running water • Electric flush marine toilet with macerator to holding tank and “Y” valve • Vanity area in head with stainless steel sink, teak tooth brush and cup holder, towel bar, mirror and storage below and to port, hot/cold faucet converts to shower head • Refrigeration 12v • Microwave 110v • 11 Gallon Stainless Steel hot water heater 110v • Double Stainless Steel sink in galley with hot/cold 12v water system • 32 gal water tank • 3 burner propane gimbaled stove/oven including LPG remote Control Safety System • Storage cabinet space below sink • 12v Clarion Bose stereo, 110v DVD, Flat screen TV with external antenna • Three LED ceiling lights,one Nav light over station, two flexible mounted lights to bulkhead • Kitchen service including dishes and silverware Deck and Additional • Full dodger with snap on off window cover. Windows unzip for easy removal • Bimini with see through window attaches to dodger and standing rigging • Stainless steel grab rails on top of dodger, port and starboard • Dock water tank fill, port side forward • Fuel tank fill is port, adjacent to cockpit • Dock 110v power hook-up is starboard near dodger • Cocktail fold-down wooden table, drink holders under a canvas cover • Folding ladder • Lazarette storage, cockpit port side, for auxiliary items, i.e. fenders, ladder, extra line… • Solid canvas shade cloth for cockpit coverage with support tubing • Life jackets • Easy access ignition key and kill switch in cockpit • Propane BBQ with matching blue canvas cover • Man overboard lift • Throw horseshoe •LPG storage in aft lazarette • Boat hook is attached topside starboard midship • Coat Guard pack •Custom cockpit seat cushions • 6 hp Johnson outboard motor with matching blue cover • 8’ West Marine rubber dingy with matching blue canvas cover • Slip available

Crusing Catamaran Sailboat

Crusing Catamaran Sailboat

Slidell, Louisiana

Make Fountaine Pajot

Length 38.5

Cha Ching is a very well maintained and upgraded cruising catamaran. She sails fast and points to wind better than most catamarans. The large centrally located helm station allows for visibility at all four corners of the vessel, and features two entrances to the salon. The galley up configuration and ample 6 seat dining table makes entertaining fun for everyone. This fine vessel is offered at $165,000, which is significantly less than the last appraised value (appraisal available upon request). Owner has purchased a new catamaran and is motivated to sell. Bring all offers! Reliable low cost delivery of vessel by licensed captain available. DIMENSIONS: LOA- 38.5 ft. BEAM- 21 ft. DRAFT- 4’2 MAST HEIGHT- 58.5 ft. MANUFACTURER: Fountaine Pajot 1990, Model- Fiji NUMBER OF CABINS: 4 (2 Heads with showers) TANKAGE: Fuel- 55 gallons upgraded stainless tanks, Water- 120 gallons main tank, 45 gallons reserve (aluminum). Two holding tanks with macerator pumps (one each hull). ENGINES: 2 Inboard Diesel- Volvo Penta, Model- 2002 Approximately 1500 hours each TENDER: 12 foot AB hard bottom inflatable with 15 HP Evinrude (2 stroke) ELECTRONICS: All new Garmin Electronics in 2014 including Garmin 546-S Chart Plotter with blue chart chips, GMI-10 (one at nav station and 3 at helm), GHC 10 autopilot with GHC10 wireless remote, Standard Horizon VHF with DSC connected to GPS at nav station, with Ram 3 microphone at helm, ICOM M802 Single Sideband Radio, JRC 1500 MK II Radar, West Marine Submersible hand held VHF radio, Pioneer DH 2200 UB with Ipod and Iphone connectivity. MECHANICAL/ELECTRICAL: Pressurized hot and cold water to heads and galley. Hot water produced from heat exchanger on Stbd. Engine. Hot and cold shower on transom at cockpit. Fully air conditioned with Cruiseair STX-16 (16,000 BTU reverse cycle unit new in 2012) and one 6000 BTU unit in each hull. House Batteries- 8- 6 volt golf cart batteries new in 2015, and one starting battery 12v new in 2015. All LED nav lights installed 2014. Halogen salon lights replaced with LED lights, courtesy rope lights for “mood lighting”. 2 automatic and manual electric bilge pumps, one manual bilge pump in cockpit. 6 solar panels mounted on bimini with charge controller, Kiss wind generator on davits. Set up for water maker under Stb. forward berth with electrical and plumbing connections installed. New Barber Adler refrigerator (new compressor installed 2015) and Engle refrigerator/freezer in Port forward cabin. New 2000 watt charger inverter installed in 2014 with AC outlets in each cabin, head, galley, and nav station. ENO brand Propane 3 burner stove and propane grill at transom. Yamaha 3200 EFI gas generator powers AC system. DECK AND SAILING EQUIPMENT: Fractional rig aluminum Z-Spar mast and boom, with 3 Lewmar winches at mast base. Mainsail new in 2010 (heavy cruising main with 3 reefing positions). Boom vang installed 2010. Genoa on roller reefing with UV protective canvass and padeyes for downwind sailing. 2 large Lewmar 45 winches at cockpit and 2 smaller Lewmar winches for traveler. 65 lb. CQR anchor on crossbeam roller with 200 foot 5/8” chain rhode. Goiot electric windlass. Large plow anchor with 100’ chain and rope rhode, and one mud anchor. 6 aluminum mooring cleats. Crossbeam reinforced and compression post added in 2012. Dinghy on stainless davits with stainless steel chain, anchor, etc. Fully enclosed cockpit with custom canvass enclosure that allows for operation of vessel while deployed (with spare set of new forward dodger windows) ADDITONAL NOTES: This vessel has sailed all over the Caribbean and proven herself more than capable for longer offshore bluewater cruising. The boat is equipped with spares like fresh water pump, engine parts (alternator and starter motor, impellers, gaskets, relays, etc.). Other amenities like custom made sunscreen that fits over the entire bow and salon of vessel is included. The vessel recently had all bottom paint removed by soda blasting and new epoxy barrier coat installed along with new Trinidad SR bottom paint (high copper content). The large roomy cockpit comes equipped with 2 large storage lockers, and newly varnished teak benches and drain boards. Aft of the cockpit is a 2 foot varnished teak dinghy dock with plenty of room for generator, large cooler and space for shower and rinsing snorkel equipment. All bilges were sanded and repainted in 2014. New holding tanks and macerator pumps installed 2015. The boat comes with a newly certified 6 person valise life raft which was purchased in 2012. You must see this vessel in person to fully appreciate the level of maintenance and upgrades that have been done to this boat. She is truly ready to sail away.

32 Foot Ericson Sailboat Diesel

32 Foot Ericson Sailboat Diesel

Marina Del Rey, California

Make Ericson

Category Cruiser Boats

Length 32.0

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 A great family cruiser/racer the Ericson 32. The beautiful teak interior gives a warm feel below while providing 6' 2" of headroom and a spacious 10' 10" beam with plenty of comforts for the cruising family. There is a spacious U shaped galley to starboard with hot and cold pressure water, a 10" stainless steel sink with through-hull drain. It has a mini refrigerator (120 volt) installed with the original gimbaled 2 burner stove with oven provided separately. The galley also has plenty of counter space, a 6 cubic foot insulated ice box with insulated lid, a tilt-out dish caddy, a wine locker and additional storage drawers and cabinets. There is plenty of storage on board and two water tanks plus one water bladder for some 40+ gallons of water available. There is a navigation station to port and behind it there is a spacious 6' 6" quarter berth with opening ventilation ports. Forward of the nav station is the settee with seating for 4, and a convertible table that provides sleeping accommodation for 2 adults. All the way forward is the owners stateroom secluded by a private teak panel door, has a private changing area, hanging locker and bathroom with shower attachment on the sink. The head also has an 18 gallon holding tank for when mooring at the islands. On deck Beryl has everything you need for that casual afternoon sail, a cruise to the So-Cal islands or some competitive racing with a full crew. The vessel is designed and set up also for single handed sailing when you feel adventurous. The 6 gallon water heater is about one year old and the heat exchanger has been removed serviced and is like new. The motor is the Universal M25, 21 hp diesel and is bullet proof driving the boat on a windless day to 5-1/2-6 knots. As with any boat that has been enjoyed there are some issues for the buyer to be aware of: The hatches are crazed but not causing any issues. The upholstery is clean and healthy but is showing normal wear. There are various dents and dings that accumulate with an actively used boat.The boat is delivered to buyer as is where is on the water, Marina Del Rey area. Any shipping is at buyers cost and up to buyer to arrange.I am the second owner and have had and enjoyed this boat for 15 years, sale due to limited use.Payment to be cash or certified bank cashiers check before boat is turned over to buyer.To view the boat before making an offer contact me, serious buyers only please, no sea trial without accepted offer and $500-deposit. Any questions please call Frank 310-493-7786.

1970 Van der Meer Sailboat

1970 Van der Meer Sailboat

Ventura, California

1970 Van der Meer Sailboat, 51 ft Steel Ketch, Super World Cruiser. Felicity was built in Holland by Van der Meer with the finest quality of Steel construction, and has been well maintained by her current owners for over 25 years. She is 44 ft on Deck, 51 ft O.A. Length, 12 ft 11 in Beam, Center cockpit. Ford Lehman 4D254 80hp diesel engine with 100 low hours, crusing speed of 7 knots, max speed of 8.5 Radar, Inverter, Furling jib and Genoa, with an elegant Mahogany interior. Teak decks, mahogany interior. Aft cabin with head and shower, also has a separate entrance from cockpit. Forward cabin with galley and chart table. Dinette with sleeping bunks, shower and head, and v-berth. Center teak cockpit with dodger. Sleeps 6-8, dining table, Mahogany floor throughout, 2 heads with sinks ans showers, manual fresh water system, pressure fresh water system, water heater, 110v engine, engine heat exchange heat, salt water pump, single sink, Force 10 8-burner propane stove with oven, microwave oven, Grunert Refrigeration, Freezer. Raytheon 201 VHF, Brookes and Gatehouse Fathometer, knotmeter, windspeed, wind direction, NAVADD 8000 Electronic chart, Furuno 1731 radar, wood freeman 420 autopilot, pedestal compass, barometer, humidity, 12v and 32v DC, 110v AC, shore power cord, manual bilge pump, electric bilge pump, newmar 12v & 32v battery charger, heart inverter, 32v battery, 12v battery, Northern lights M673 Diesel generator, cutter rig ketch, pro furl roller reefing jib, pro furl roller reefing Genoa, Mizzen staysail, Cockpit Dodger, sail covers, Window covers, CQR Anchor with chain, AFT Bruce Anchor Bow Roller, 2+2 Anchors (CQRs), Stern Roller, plath electric windlass, wheel steering, emergency tiller, deck stepped main mast, deck stepped mizzen mast, Spreader lights, wind indicator at Masthead, Stainless standing Rigging, external Halyards, double rail bow pulpit, double stern rail, double lifelines, stainless and teak handrails, portable ladder (2) headsail furling gear, boom vang, cockpit table, cockpit cushions, BBQ She is currently in need of some TLC and minor repairs, but this is a stout, well built offshore cruiser. With a draft of less than 6 ft, she is the perfect vessel for cruising to Mexico, the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. The possibilities are endless. Current replacement cost exceeds 1 million dollars. Price reduced to best offer over $26,000 for fast sale to a good home! Located in VENTURA CA 93003, Contact Dennis at 805-290-6119 (cell) or 805-650-8888 (office) for more information. This For Sale by Owner Listing was provided by BoatSellersUSA, a division of National Marketing Classifieds - NMSell To view the original go to http://www.boatsellersusa.com/view/1181 cartype: Sail Boats

1997 MacGregor 26X Sailboat

1997 MacGregor 26X Sailboat

Las Vegas, Nevada

1997 MacGregor 26X This MacGregor 26X is a great trailerable sail boat that is also powered by a 15 HP Honda 4-stroke engine that operates well without any problems. Engine controls are on the center console to the left of the helm. It is a terrific boat for learning to sail. It is very forgiving and yet it can also be very competitive in club racing. It has a retractable keel with a draft of about 10 inches, allowing you to beach the boat all the way to the shoreline. This boat really has a lot of room for its size! It is good for motoring and sailing allowing you to go anywhere even when there is no wind. With a larger motor, it can easily pull a water-skier or a person in a tube. It's a very enjoyable boat that's easy to sail and very stable. EQUIPMENT The MacGregor is equipped with mainsail, jib and spinnaker along with sail bags. It has all of the standard equipment including stainless steel wheel, engine controls on the pedestal, hinged helm seat which allows easy access to motor and swim ladder on the transom, Emergency exit hatch on the foredeck, anchor locker, one over-sized gas tank, mooring cleats, custom mast raising winch, anodized mast and boom, deck tracks for jib and genoa, self furling jib, water ballast system, positive foam flotation, self-bailing cockpit, non-skid deck surfaces, stainless bow pulpit, stainless safety rails and lifelines, twin kick-up rudders, and swing centerboard. Also included is a Danforth anchor with 3/8" chain and poly rope. INTERIOR The boat has a galley with a sink and faucet as well as storage under the seats and in the drawers. It has a private head with a new porta-potty and a sink. There is full-standing headroom in the cabin and it can sleep six. AUXILIARIES Running lights, interior lights, electric panel, 2 commercial deep cycle 12-volt batteries, battery charger and isolation switch, Sony CD radio with interior and exterior speakers, handheld Magellen GPS, V berth, aft queen berth, and convertible dinette, helm and cockpit seat cushions, sail cover, and more. A fully functional Bimini over the after deck keeps you cool as you speed across the waves at 4 knots. TRAILER The dual axle trailer with surge brakes is upgraded from the normal singe axle trailer and can safely run at highway speeds in any State with absolutely no wandering. Tires are in almost new condition with an accompanying spare. "Boat also comes with a spare mast raising system as well as a spare mast ($1400 value). This spare mast is brand new and has never been installed. Old mast works very well but the previous owner felt that he had to have a new mast in reserve, just in case (??)" Contact Information: Brian (907)-252-1280. Please call me if you have any questions or you'd like to view the boat. This boat is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. PRICING NADA pricing for this boat quotes a price of $12,535 for low retail and $14,240 for average retail. This does not take into account the additional new mast which has a value of $1400 and the upgraded trailer would cost $3500 to replace. This gives this package a conservative value of $15,500 to $16,000 and we are offering this boat, motor and upgraded dual axle trailer at: $12,950 (including the spare mast.) THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS FROM THE MANUFACTURER "Every year, for the past 35 years, the various models of the MacGregor 25 and MacGregor 26 have been the best selling cruising type sailboats, not only in the United States, but in the entire world. We can think of no other manufacturer, of any type of product, that has so totally dominated its market for so long a period of time. The MacGregor 26 is one of the fastest and best handling of the trailerable cruising sailboats. It is easy to sail, and easy to trailer to your favorite sailing waters. You don't need an expensive mooring. It can be stored on its trailer, launched at any ramp and rigged in just minutes. On the trailer at highway speed, you can visit great places that water-bound boats will never see, and you can avoid the expense of in the water storage. The MacGregor 26 offers high speed powering without compromising sailing performance. You can have the peace and quiet of sailing, or the fun of powering around at a good clip--over 22 mph. Unlike any other boat, it opens up a world of endless variety--sailing, swimming, fishing, diving, water skiing or just fooling around on the water. Its high speed under power lets you get to cruising waters that are out of reach for a conventional six mph sailboat. You can live on this boat on land or on the water. Launch the boat, anchor in a quiet cove, and you can be as far away from the world as you want to be, You can have your own island, for free, at some of the most beautiful vacation areas on earth. Unlike land bound recreation vehicles, you will not be limited to crowded and expensive RV parks. You will never tire of the wonderful sensation of shutting off the engine and enjoying the quiet serenity of moving along under sail MacGregor has delivered over 5000 of the 26X, 3000 of the new 26M and a total of over 38,000 sailboats. They have been thoroughly proven over millions of hours of sailing. No other boats can match our quality, performance, comfort, convenience and low cost" "The price is low, the trailer is your mooring....... and the wind is free"



Winter Park, Colorado

Make O'DAY

Category Cruiser Motorcycles

Length LOA 26.11

1986 ODAY 27.2 W/ custom dual axle trailer. This easy to sail, roomy, shoal draft family cruiser is in great shape and ready for her next adventures. Drawing only 2'11" with her wing keel, she can gunk hole where others would not dare. This boat is in excellent condition and she has a lot of gear, lots of upgrades and the boat has been well cared for. The O'Day 27 is a roomy vessel with standing headroom (6'2") in a cabin trimmed in teak. Powered with an inboard very reliable Westerbeke diesel with only 1145 hours. She has Garhauer genoa travelers and a 110 furling Jib on a Furlex furler. In 2014 she was updated with new paint job. A very large companionway and deck hatch brings the outside in and opens to a very generous salon, She is loaded with features and extras like a Edson wheel steering, bimini and full deck covers, Navico wheel autopilot, dual batteries set up with switch, Magma propane grill, , 2 burner alc. stove , s.s. sink, deep ice box with added insulation, aft 7' pilot berth, 7'salon settees with custom upholstery, a swing down bulkhead table hiding a custom dish, glassware and wine cupboard, pressurized water system, bath sink and electric head, macerator, holding tank, and too many more extras to list here. The deck stepped mast height is only 35 feet and comes with a custom raising system for trailering and storage. Lots of elbow room with her 9 foot beam. Weight 5,000 lbs. Ballast 1,930 lbs. Fresh Water 40 gals. Custom dual axle trailer. The current owner has had the boat in fresh water over twenty years. Hull: Fiberglass Speed: Cruising 5K Year: 1986 Maximum 7K Rig: Sloop rig Weight 5500 lb. 2'11" draft Wing Keel with 1870 lbs. of lead ballast Just painted hull! Stainless steel swim ladder mounted to molded swim platform Two opening cabin ports Translucent forward opening hatch Two each, bow and 2 ea. stern 7" Mooring cleats Teak Cabin top handrails Anchor locker at foredeck A couple can easily rig and sail this boat. Large gear and equipment locker in cockpit for fenders dock lines etc. MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL: Apelco VXL 5150 VHF Radio with marine antennae and cockpit speaker 12 volt (DC) 110 volt (AC); battery selector Switch International running lights mounted on pulpits Custom made 110 & 12 volt circuit breaker panel 110/12v lighting in salon Electric bilge pump with counter Anchor 20lb. Plow with stainless anchor roller Tank minder system for fresh water and holding tank Onboard battery charge system & charge gauge New battery Shaft protector (donut style) PSS dry packing gland ENGINE: Inboard Westerbeke 10 hp. 2 cylinder FWC, 1" shaft, 2 blade prop, 1146 hours Recent low hour Hurst transmission 10 gallon aluminum fuel tank Quick Drain oil change system Racor Fuel filter System INTERIOR / MAIN SALON: Facing settees, Port Settee is 6'3, starboard in 5'6" Large quarter berth 7'6" long by 4' wide. Headroom 6'2" under companionway Custom Drop leaf bulkhead mounted table: folds to store when not in use. Custom dish, glass and wine rack cupboard hidden behind. Custom teak tool and parts cabinet Storage locker aft of port settee Cabin Curtains Kenwood cd player 6 stacker Polk audio speakers Teak cutting board, soap holder, towel rack, paper towel and toilet paper racks Brass barometer and clock Security system Brass halogen reading lights in v berth Red map light Gimbaled brass oil lamp V berth storage pouches GALLEY: Origo Stainless steel, two burner, gimbaled non pressurized alcohol stove Pressurized water pump with separate pressure tank Deep stainless steel sink 3.5 cubic foot ice box with customized added insulation Custom Teak food and dish lockers Custom storage / cutlery drawer Fresh and seawater faucets HEAD: Pressurized Water Jabsco electric Marine head with holding tank: Y valve and shore pump out fitting Storage Locker and medicine cabinet 30 gallon holding tank with macerator and diverter valves Hanging locker 25 gallon seamless water tank with deck fill SAILS & RIGGING: All sailing functions fully controllable from cockpit Furlex Jib Furling and Reefing system Model A Ullman 110 jib with Sunbrella UV Cover Ullman main large roach cut with 4 stays, 2 single line reefs and single line outhaul Custom Sunbrella mainsail cover Cruising designs Gennaker with Chute scoop and light wind pole Adjustable sliding spinnaker mount on mast Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang Adjustable boom topping lift Adjustable backstay 2 Barlow Self tailing winches Cabin top Mounted Lewmar # 15 halyard & mainsheet winch Genoa track with lead blocks Mast stepped on deck with custom hinged mast step Mast running lights Single line reef system leads to cockpit for quick reefing without going forward Mainsheet traveler on cabin top - custom Anodized aluminum mast and boom Internal Halyards COCK PIT AND STEERING: Edson Pedestal Steering System Navico wheel autopilot Si-Tex digital 4" instrumentation at the wheel in a pod. Includes wind, speed and depth Teak folding wheel table Teak drink and binoculars holder Signet depth gauge back up on bulkhead Signet bulkhead mounted compass Full custom cockpit cushions MISCELLANEOUS: CD player with cockpit and cabin speakers Cockpit Shower Outlet Dock lines & cleaning equipment & miscellaneous line Mooring pole CANVAS COVERS: Spray Dodger Winch Covers Wheel cover Mainsail Cover Cabin top Cover Custom shade cover TRAILER: Custom Built Twin Axle Trailer. Includes built in Mast raising system, sliding built in extra extension tongue for launching, front ladder, tire covers, utility box, and cables for launching

1963 Pearson Alberg 35 Sailboat Fully Restored Rebuilt Yanmar Diesel!

1963 Pearson Alberg 35 Sailboat Fully Restored Rebuilt Yanmar Diesel!

Oyster Bay, New York

PEARSON ALBERG VINTAGE 1963/RESTORED. This classic sailboat has been completely restored and upgraded. Owner has purchased a larger Pearson and is motivated to sell. Lovingly and Skillfully restored by experienced craftsman and sailor. Call Patty to view vessel at show contact info LOA: 34.9 Beam: 9.6 Draft: 5.3 Displacement: 12,600 lbs Engine: Yanmar 2012 Diesel with under 100 hours Fresh Water Tanks: 40 gallons Fuel Tanks: 20 gallons Holding Tanks: 9 gallons Hull #59. Classic, solid boat for cruising or blue water w modern updates. Beautifully restored as evidenced by the photos. Equipped w new Yanmar Diesel with under 100 hours. Custom 38" Edson Teak Wheel, Raymarine ST-6000 below deck autopilot, Garmin 492 chart plotter, depth finder, fish finder and VHF ICOm radio. There is anchor windlass, swim ladder, pressurized hot and cold water, four burner stove with oven, 12 volt refrigerator and freezer. 2012 Yanmar Diesel with under 100 hours, new prop shaft, cutlass bearing and propeller. The interior was completed redone - teak laminate, new counter tops, custom sink and faucet, new cushions, cabin sole and many more. Complete suit of sails all reconditioned in 2013 - Pro Furl on Jib. Main 135% in excellent condition. Main sail cover new. Weeble 1963 Pearson 35, Hull #59 Equipment List Engine: • Yanmar 2 GM • Under 100 hours since rebuild • Installed, Spring 2012 • New Prop, Prop Shaft, Coupling, Mounts & Bed Tankage: • Fuel: 20 • Holding: 9 Gal • Water: 40 Gal - 2 Tanks Galley: • 4 Burner Alcohol Stove • Custom Stainless Steel Sink and Faucet • Pressure Hot & Cold Water • Alder Barbour Refrigeration • 6 Gal Engine/110 V Hot Water Heater Electronics & Navigation: • ICOM M 45 VHF Radio • Auto Helm ST 6001 Auto Pilot - Below deck drive • Garmin 492 GPS Chart Plotter at Binnacle • Humminbird 160 Depth Sounder/Fish Finder • Duel Stereo w/ UPC Port Electrical: • 3 Group 27 Deep Cycle Batteries, New Spring 2014 • 1 Group 24 Starting Battery, New Spring 2014 • Blue Sea DC Panel with VOICT & Amp Meters • New Mar AC Panel • 12V Receptacles • 12V Lighting • 12V Running, Anchor, Steaming, Deck Flood Lights • Small Solar Panel Weeble 1963 Pearson 35, Hull #59 (cont.) Sails & Rigging: • Main 3 Reef Points • Gen 135% on Roller • Completely reconditioned by SailCare in 2013 • Standing Rigging - Complete Mast Down Inspection, by David James/Rigging Locker. Components replaces as needed, Spring 2014 • Mast Rewired, 2008 • New Sail Cover and Binnacle Cover, Spring 2014 • 2 Anderson ST 40 Winches, 2008 • Garhauer - Main Sheet System, Traveler, Jib Sheet Blocks, all new 2008 • ProFurl Head Sail System, New 2008 Deck Gear: • Bowmar Hatch • 3 Nicro Solar Vents • 4 Opening Parts: 2 in Head + 2 in Forward Cabin • Uncoated Stainless Steel Life Lines, New Spring 2014 • Edison Pedestal with Engine Controls • Grab Bar, Teak, Instrument Pad • 42" Custom Teak Wheel • New Rudder 2010 Ground Tackle: • Bow Rollers • Simpson Lawrence Windless - Hy Speed #510 • 90 Ft. 5/16 HT Chain, New Spring 2014 - Never Wet • 100 Ft. 5/8 Rode, New Spring 2014 - Never Wet • Danforth 22 lb. Anchor Photos: www.sellyourboatnow.shutterfly.com

Rebel 16 Mark II Sailboat with Aluminum Trailer

Rebel 16 Mark II Sailboat with Aluminum Trailer

Angola, Indiana

Category Daysailer Sailboats

Length 16.6'

Stable fiberglass sailing boat carries six people (or 1170 pounds). Includes trailer, full rigging, and TWO suits of sails. One suit of sails is in like new condition, the other set is in very good condition. Serial number 1929 (built in late sixties to early seventies I believe). The centerboard swings up into the cockpit, so you can change the depth to dock in shallow water. The rudder also swivels up if it hits an obstruction. The trolling motor in the photos is not included. There is, however a permanent motor mount on the stern. The boat will take up to a 5hp motor, but my 30lb. thrust trolling motor drives it around just fine. The boat is located on West Otter Lake, Angola, IN. Buyer with the selling price in cash or Pay Pal payment can drive it away. (Trailer takes an 1 7/8" ball hitch.) The following article from Sailing Magazine gives a great description of Rebel sailboats. You can access the original on SailingMagazine.net. Rebel 16 2008 January 8 By Staff This nimble and tough classic is perfect for a daysail or a day of racing This year the boat that holds claim to being America's first production fiberglass one-design will celebrate its 60th birthday. That the boat is still in production makes this milestone that much more remarkable. In 1948, fresh out of the Navy, Ray Greene began building a 16-foot family daysailer out of his Toledo, Ohio, shop using a revolutionary new material called fiberglass. The design of the boat was based on lines drawn by a local high school drawing instructor by the name of Alvin Younquist. With its wide, 6-foot, 7-inch beam and 110-pound steel centerboard the stable little boat known as the Rebel soon became a hit on the Midwest's inland lakes. And while Greene said he never intended to create a racer, thanks to the boat's performance-courtesy of a large 120-square-foot main and 46-square-foot jib on a fractional rig-it wasn't long before a competitive structure was built around the boat. By 1952 a class association had been firmly established and by 1963 the class boasted 138 active members. Not bad. Fleets started popping up across the Midwest, south into Kentucky and all the way down to Texas. Meanwhile, class members could be found sailing the inland lakes of the Eastern Seaboard from New York to Florida. After 25 years of building the Rebel, with more than 3,000 hulls produced, Greene was ready to call it quits and sold the works to a group of Chicago investors. Production of the Rebel continued at a steady pace during the 1970s, and was done under a number of names: Melling Tool Co., Rebel Industries and finally Spindrift One Designs. After Spindrift folded, the Rebel moved to Michigan in 1988 when Nickels Boat Works of Fenton took over with the production of the Mark V model. Nickels continues to build the Rebel, offering buyers a choice of a daysailer version for $9,860 or the optimum racing version for $11,872 less sails and trailer. A stainless steel centerboard now comes standard with the Rebel. Nickels also continues to be a great source for parts and accessories, as well as information, on the Rebel. One tough Rebel While there have been reports of problems with the foam flotation on older boats becoming waterlogged, that has been less of a problem on boats from the 1970s and later. Other than that, a buyer of a used Rebel should find few issues with the condition of this durable little boat. Indeed, boats 25 years and older will still top regatta leaderboards. "They're well made, very rugged boats that will last forever," said Al Vorel, National Rebel Association Commodore, who has been racing the same boat, No. 3914, for almost 20 years. "You don't have to run out every 5 to 10 years to buy a new boat." This is one of the reasons for the longevity of the class. Boats tend to stay in the family, passed down from parent to child, with the younger generations wanting to keep the racing going. "My mother races, and my daughter sometimes races, so there are times we'll have three generations on the course," Vorel said. This also, of course, keeps a lot of boats off the market, and finding a used Rebel can be a bit of a challenge. But thanks to the Internet, it's possible to locate a few sellers. Prices can vary from just under $1,000 for an older boat in need of some work to $3,000 or more for a later model. Buyers can typically expect to pay in the neighborhood of $1,500 for a pre-Nickels-era boat in good shape. We were fortunate enough to find a late 1970s Rebel listed for sale on www.craigslist.org. Better yet, the seller was within trailering distance. The offer on the boat was $1,400, so we drove out to take a look. The boat was well cared for, kept under a roof winters, and showed no structural damage. Other than some algae stains and scuff marks the finish looked good, and all the gear was there, including the main and jib, which the owner said he bought new about seven years ago. We did see some possible issues, including a rusty, pitted centerboard and a wooden rudder that looked to have some rotting. So we offered to pay the full $1,400 if the owner threw in the trailer, which he originally wanted an extra $200 for. The deal was closed and we drove off with the Rebel in tow. Rebel with a cause With the boat parked in our yard the first item of business we wanted to take care of was the rusty centerboard. Nickels offers a stainless steel replacement board, and we could picture how sweet the boat would look with a shiny new stainless fin. Unfortunately, these centerboards run close to $1,000; more than two-thirds the cost of the entire boat. So such an extravagant purchase didn't make much sense. Instead we set about rehabilitating the old board. We removed, with a bit of difficulty, the 110-pound board and set in on sawhorses. The first step was to remove the old paint using paint stripper, then power sanding. We then slathered on some Duro Naval Jelly to remove the rust, wiping down everything with paper towels then finishing up with a clean, acetone-soaked rag. Next, we filled in the pits and hollows with West Marine Surfacing Putty, and sanded everything smooth. We made certain the blade was fair by running a straight edge along the board. We also further faired the rounded leading edge of the board to within the class rule limits, which prohibit tapering less than 1/16th of an inch and more than one inch in from the leading edge. We then primed the board with several coats of Interlux Primocon primer, which when dried we wet sanded with 400-grit paper, and finished with a couple coats of Interlux VC-17m Extra bottom paint. With the centerboard done, we then turned to the rudder. An ice pick determined the wood was beginning to rot near the lower trailing edge. We probably could have rehabilitated the rudder as well, but since we had saved some money by not replacing the centerboard we decided to spring for a new rudder. We opted for a fiberglass blade, supplied by Nickels for $375. This cost covered just the blade, as the original aluminum rudder cheeks and hardware were still in good shape. While we were on the phone with Nickels, we decided to order all new running rigging to replace the weathered lines the boat came with. This included lines for the cunningham, boom vang, centerboard system, as well as sheets and halyards for both main and jib. The total for 112 feet of ¼-inch line and 105 feet of 5/16-inch line came to $100. Next we took a closer look at the standing rigging. The spars showed no defects, and with a bit of metal polish and elbow grease the rotating mast, boom and aluminum whisker pole looked good as new. The 1-by-9 stainless steel shrouds and forestay also showed no visible defects. We did, however, find the diamond stays on the mast to be tuned rather tight. According to the North Sail's One-Design tuning guide for the Rebel, an overly tight diamond can limit fore and aft mast bend, and can even cause negative pre-bend, where the mast bends forward at the tip. Since we want to have a competitive boat, we loosened the diamond tension and will readjust after doing some sea trials. As we said, we ultimately wanted to race our Rebel and didn't want a slow boat. So obviously the 7-year-old suit of sails had to go. This would be our biggest expense, and a new suit of sails would alone exceed the original cost of the boat. A new main and standard jib (a light air jib is also available) from North Sails set us back $1,615, which included $20 for class royalties but not shipping. Certainly this was a blow to our budget, but we rationalized it by thinking about the fun we would be having with some close racing come summer. Our last order of business was getting our bottom clean and smooth. We first scrubbed the hull down with a detergent then wet sanded everything below the rails to a slick surface with 1,200-grit paper. After a rinse and wipe down with the hose and clean towels we were satisfied we had a slick bottom. We finished off by treating all our hardware and moving bits to a little McLube Sailkote spray. We now have what we feel will be a contender on the course for our racing crew of two. Yet, with the roomy Rebel cockpit that can seat six, we're also looking forward to some lazy summer daysailing when friends and family show up. Either way, we'll certainly get our money's worth from this tough but nimble little classic. LOA 16' 1.5" LWL 15' 10" Beam 6' 7.5" Draft 3' 4" Weight 700 lbs, Sail area 166 sq. ft.

1975 Catalina 22 Pop Top Sailboat and Trailer - Project

1975 Catalina 22 Pop Top Sailboat and Trailer - Project

Martinsville, Indiana

Make Catalina

Length 22.0

1975 Catalina 22 Pop Top Project Sailboat and Trailer The Catalina 22 is a popular sailboat produced by Catalina Yachts. Its hull measures 21 foot 6 inches (6.55 m), which is rounded up to 22 feet (6.7 m) for use in the model's name. First produced in 1968, it is one of the longest continuously produced sailboats in the world...Over 15000! Parts, videos and know-how are abound on the net 2005 last time previous owner had boat in water. I have never had boat in the water or was able to work on her. 2005 was the last time I was inside the cabin before preparing this listing for ebay. She has been closed up for ten years and is dirty in and out. I sprayed Windex in a few areas inside and dirt just wiped off with no scrubbing. Water, at one time, intruded around the forward hatch. Has complete set of interior cushions in gold plaid pattern. Most are in surprising good condition. NO SMELLS. One has a 1.5x1.5 inch hole in fabric that isn't seen when in place. 1 or 2 have an area of cracking vinyl. In all the noted exceptions, I don't think they would be seen or stop you from sailing PREVIOUS OWNER'S DESCRIPTION: '75 Catalina 22 pop top w/trailer • fair condition - Project boat • Swing Keel • Pop top • Sail Inventory: 2 mains, Jib (Marked San Juan works w/Cat 22s) and 150 Furling I think all are usable • Scupper upgrade in transom • Ablative paint on hull and keel • Never in salt water • Needs good cleaning • I know of no problems with the swing keel • No known leaks around keel pin • Comes with 2 Rudders. Usable but not perfect • Port side blemish in the gel coat • One pop top support needs to be re-bedded • Front hatch needs the frame reinstalled and sealed • Soft spot forward of hatch • Crack in cabin threshold but does not affect anything much • Cracks and crazing in the deck gelcoat that need filling • One stanchion base needs to be re-bedded • Small dent/crack in mast near stays, like pinched on one side at the spreaders. When raising the mast, one of the stays was caught and pulled the spreader forward. See photo. A pontoon boat repair guy told me that a braze could patch for about $25 • Needs halyards but I would get all new running rigging • Replace Hatch Boards or just cut a Plywood Hatch • Standing rigging, I am no judge but it worked when last used and it has been out of the elements since. • The forestay also has a quick-release lever purchased from Catalina Direct, along with quick-release pins for quicker and easier mast- raising and lowering. Those parts are, of course, stainless steel. • Will also include a sliding galley out of a 1984 Cat 22. It slides under the cockpit starboard seating when not in use. It has a faucet, sink, water fresh water holding tank, a drawer and a place for a small portable propane stove. I was going to sell it separately on ebay. They normally go from 150-200. TRAILER • Trailer in good shape, but could use some paint• Has 10 ft extension• Has surge brake system used for two trips since it was installed• Has Buddy Bearings• New load range 'C' tires were put on in Spring of 2010. 63 Miles total mileage as boat was towed from one of our rental homes to our house in Martinsville. No cracks or aging seen.• Extra duty bunks BTW: Good used trailers for sailboats are hard to come by. Have clear titles for boat and trailer. I have described everything I know about her to the best of my ability but I am no sailor. Somethings may be better and others may be worse. She is a project boat and sold as is. This is for local Pickup in Martinsville, Indiana (Just south of Indianapolis) An immediate non-refundable PayPal deposit of $200 is required upon purchase. Balance due in CASH when picked up. No checks or money orders of any kind. Pickup within 7 business days of end of listing. This is not an auction. Will be happy to answer questions Thanks for looking and your interest

1975 Catalina 22 Pop Top Project Sailboat and Trailer

1975 Catalina 22 Pop Top Project Sailboat and Trailer

1975 Catalina 22 Pop Top Project Sailboat and Trailer The Catalina 22 is a popular sailboat produced by Catalina Yachts. Its hull measures 21 foot 6 inches (6.55 m), which is rounded up to 22 feet (6.7 m) for use in the model's name. First produced in 1968, it is one of the longest continuously produced sailboats in the world...Over 15000! Parts, videos and know-how are abound on the net 2006 last time previous owner had boat in water. I have never had boat in the water or was able to work on her. Selling because soon after buying her, a heart problem took the wind out of my sails. Thought I would sooner or later, but unfortunately I will never be able to sail her. The following is description of previous owner: '75 Catalina 22 pop top w/trailer • fair condition - Project boat • Does not include motor (One available for a separate purchase) • Swing Keel • Pop top • Has sails, usable • Scupper upgrade in transom • Ablative paint on hull and keel • Complete set of interior cushions in gold plaid pattern are in decent condition • Never in salt water • Needs good cleaning • I know of no problems with the swing keel • No known leaks around keel pin • Rudder is good, but not perfect • Port side blemish in the gel coat • One pop top support needs to be re-bedded • Front hatch needs the frame reinstalled and sealed • Small crack in cabin threshold but does not affect anything much • Some cracks and crazing in the deck gelcoat that need filling • One stanchion base needs to be re-bedded • Small dent/crack in mast near stays, like pinched on one side at the spreaders. When raising the mast, one of the stays was caught and pulled the spreader forward. It pushed into the mast, and the mast has a small crack in it of approx. one inch. A aluminum boat repair guy told me that a weld could patch for $25 • Needs halyards but I would get all new running rigging • Replace Hatch Boards or Just cut a Plywood Hatch • The forestay also has a quick-release lever purchased from Catalina Direct, along with quick-release pins for quicker and easier mast- raising and lowering. Those parts are, of course, stainless steel. TRAILER • Trailer in good shape, but could use some paint• Has 10 ft extension• Has surge brake system used for two trips since it was installed• Has Buddy Bearings• Good tread on tires• Extra duty bunks BTW: Good used trailers for sailboats are hard to come by. Have titles for boat and trailer She is a project boat and is sold as is. I will cannot entertain low balling, consider trades, or Ebayers with negative feedback. This is for local Pickup in Martinsville, Indiana, just south of Indianapolis. An immediate non-refundable PayPal deposit of $200 is required upon purchase. Balance due is to be paid within 7 business days in cash only. No checks or money orders of any kind. You may pay balance via PayPal prior to picking up the boat. This is not an auction. Will be happy to answer questions Thanks for looking

Catalina C30 sailboat fully loaded and upgraded outstanding condition!

Catalina C30 sailboat fully loaded and upgraded outstanding condition!

Clearwater, Florida

Length 30.0

Walkthrough Video: youtube.com/watch?v=2JcKTlJhMRA170 HD pictures: myalbum.com/Album=3OWWSCORSold by OWNER UNIQUE Catalina 30 tall rig 1983Location: Clearwater, FL (will deliver to Gulf coast and East coast) unbelievable condition fully loaded and fully upgraded Whether you want a floating condo to liveaboard, a nice cruising boat, or a yacht club racer, this boat will surprise you! It is time to upgrade to bigger, and I am selling my well loved Pelikan II. Nothing is from 1983 except for the hull itself. Fully equipped, fully upgraded, FRESH WATER BOAT for 20 years, exceptionally maintained, only 2 owners, over $100,000 spent in maintenance and upgrades, all receipts and history available from DAY 1. Perfect condition, turn key boat fully loaded and ready to cruise, race or liveaboard. Rebuilt engine with 255 hours only!!!! NOTHING needs to be done. This boat is dry, has no leak whatsoever, no Catalina smile, ... Deck hardware rebedded and new non-skid installed. Bottom paint in good condition (cleaned monthly, latest reports available). A/C, pressurized hotwater, sound system inside/outside, LED lights, electrical head, upgraded galley, toaster, fridge, microwave, grill, brand new autopilot, upgraded sailing hardware, it has it ALL and it comes fully loaded up to the V-berth sleeping bag and kitchen silverware! You will need NOTHING that isn't already on the boat. Just bring your toothbrush and set sails. Look below for list of features, equipment, history of maintenance. This boat has been loved and cared for since day 1 and you will not find a better boat for the price.Cruise, race or liveaboard in this versatile, comfortable unique vessel. General Description of the vessel: This is a catalina 30 Mark I from 1983, tall rig, Hull #3022. Dimensions: lenght LOA 30', vertical clearance 48', draft 5'1" beam 10'10" This is the most famous design of Catalina 30: amazing sailing abilities for a catalina (beats any of the more modern designs), great livability and space (6'2" vertical clearance inside throughout and 6'1" clearance in cockpit, you can stand up straight everywhere!), sleeps up to 7, huge V-berth, huge cabin, tons of storage space... way bigger inside than most boats under 40' ! This specific boat was used for both racing, cruising and liveaboard and performed very satisfactorily in each category! A - Comfort/Liveaboard equipment newer Marine 12,000 BTU A/C (hot and cold) with digital panel (New 2003, last serviced 2014) NEW pressurized HOT and COLD water, upgraded and serviced 2014 (new water pump, ,new water lines, 2 water tanks (30GL and 25GL) rebedded and cleaned) newer ADLER BARBOUR marine refrigerator (2005) NEW marine grade LED lighting throughout (2014) providing bright light with low energy consumption. NEW batteries (2 house, 1 start) still 1 year warranty (2014), digital battery load display, automatic battery maintenance and monitoring. NEW portlights (2014)! ALL portlights refurbished and rebedded. All seals are new. NO LEAK whatsoever. NEW microwave (December 2013) 3x 12v fans (2008) newer 4 speakers sound system (2008) 2 cabin speakers + 2 waterproof marine cockpit speakers, remote control, radio, CD, MP3, Aux. Connection at the Nav Station. NEW custom kitchen cabinets and countertops (2014): more storage space than ever! electrical head, new toilet seat (2014) New shower head (2014) New vanity sink faucet (2014) New galley faucet (2014) Dry cleaned LL BEAN V-Berth 2 persons sleeping bag! Great, great item to have! invertor and cigarette plug on nav station (so electronic devices can be charged and used on the 12v system while sailing/cruising). SOLID 3/4' TEAK AND HOLLY sole (not a thin veneer!) from 1992, maintained regularly, last cleaned, sanded and varnished a few months ago (2014) RECENT electrical system! The boat was hit by a lightning in 2003. ALL electrical was replaced. All circuit breakers, electrical lines, electrical system, ... New control panel. New everything! Newer HEAVY-DUTY BIMINI (2006)! Very solid, 6'1" clearance under. Comes with an extension that connects to the traveler to create a continuous protection against wind/rain from the cabin to the cockpit. West Marine Captain Chair (2010) Sunbrella cockpit cushions (2006) Shorepower electrical cord + Adaptor plug. Air dehumidifier. Electrical outlets everywhere (2 in V-berth, 2 on salon port, 2 on salon starboard, 2 in quarter berth, 2 in head, 2 in cockpit). Fully equipped galley (kitchen). On top of having twice more storage space than any other catalina 30, a microwave, 2 stainless-steel sinks, an adler barbour fridge, a toaster, a grill... it also comes with plates, pans, silverware, glasses, ... all assorted, non-slip unbreakable marine items. And also: teak fold down cockpit table teak wine bottle holder teak cockpit glasses holder Toaster portable propane 2-burner range propane locker teak swim ladder teak soap holder and stainless steel toilet paper holder. teak butcher's block in galley ... and ALL wood / teak inside and outside has been taken apart, sanded down, cleaned, sealed, varnished with the best marine varnish available (epifanes), and put back together! B - Sailing/ Cruising equipment NEW LATEST RAYMARINE Autopilot! SPX-5 with P70 control head. 2 years warranty left. Autopilot system and control head just installed (2014). GARMIN GPS with all USA maps. upgraded GAR HAUER oversized traveler (1998) relocated over sliding companionway. Upgraded GAR HAUER backstay adjuster (1998) relocated on starboard aft (out of the way) upgraded GAR HAUER hydraulic boomvang all ball bearing (1998) upgraded HARKEN roller furler 800 B (1996) upgraded winches 2 huge #48 LEWMAR SELF-TAILING 2 SPEED WINCHES (1999) 3 additional smaller lewmar winches (1 for raising the main, 2 on the mast). Winches have been serviced September 2014. Outer and inner jib tracks for improved sailing performance New top quality KIWIGRIP NON-SKID, best available! New Main halyard (2013) New jib Sheets (2011) 2 SCHURR headsails: Brand new Jib 130%, good condition 150% jib. 1 SCHURR mainsail in good condition. Mainsail cover. Wooden spreader grabers All lines to cockpit (easy single-handling) Compass on the helm Speed and Depth meters. Rebedded deck hardware (2014). Mast track. Whisker pole (1997). Hardware location makes it easy to single-handle the boat. Newer lifelines (1997). Upgraded spreader assembly (1990). 2 feet teak bowsprit extension. 2 anchors: 1 25lbs Danforth anchor, 1 30 lbs plow anchor. 4 fenders, 3 of which are new (2014) radar reflector deck flood light, navigation lights, steam light, etc (all bulbs replaced 2012). Also: Sinbrella winch covers, companionway cover and wheel cover, 2 boat hooks, sunbrella bimini, 3 winch handles, bosun's chair, 4 pairs sailing gloves, navigation maps, adjustable night red light on nav station, and plenty of lines for docking or replacement of running rigging, and many, many stainless steel spare part for standing rigging, sail repair kit, fuel container, ... Pelikan II is a great performer under sail and has been outfitted to perform! Won several races and countless second places. C - Safety/ Communication: VHF Standard Horizon at Nav station (1997) Handheld waterproof VHF (2014) with cockpit holder. VHF antenna on top of the mast! (increased range when cruising offshore) Garmin GPS Heavy duty ATTWOOD bilge pump (2011) with automatic switch. Emergency manual bilge pump activation from Nav Station Secondary emergency heavy duty manual bilge pump (WHALE) from cockpit. Coast guard inspected 2012. Valid flares. Emergency horn. Hand held 12v flood light. Fume alarm. CO2 alarm. 2 fire extinghishers (1 all type A/B/C, and one specifically for electrical fires and engine). First aid box, dental first aid box. Lightning protection plate Emergency rudder. 4 life jacket (2 basic orange, 2 nicer ones yellow/black west marine) D – Engine / Mechanical / Maintenance. Atomic 4 rebuilt with 255 hours on it, 30 HP. Extremely quiet, reliable and safe gas engine. Starts in a heartbeat everytime, so much quieter than a diesel. For those worried about fumes, there is of course a blower to use before starting, also a fume alarm that is very sensitive and works wonders (Spilling some fuel on the outside of the boat when I am fueling the boat triggers it, despite the alarm being inside..!) , as well as an automatic fire extinghisher and 2 manual fire extinghishers. Latest maintenance: Oil changed, spark plugs replaced, filters cleaned (Oct 2014), Carb rebuilt and cleaned (Nov 2013), New fuel filter (2008), New Water separator (2008), New alternator (2012). Bottom cleaned monthly by professional diver, paint in good shape, zinc changed 3 months ago, last bottom paint in 2010 with micron optima. E- Misc Tons of *expensive* spare parts and stainless steel hardware. Cleaning and maintenance products (hull polish, engine oil, etc, stainless steel cleaner, oil change kit, ...) all upholstery in good condition. For more information: please ask and provide your email! I have hundreds of HD pics, HD videos, log history, etc...And remember that Pelikan 2 can be delivered anywhere on the Gulf coast or the East coast, or I can help her new owner sail her home! (i would charge $2 /nautical mile + port fees if any).

Hunter Sailboat 216 Excellent Condition Designed not to Capsize - 21'

Hunter Sailboat 216 Excellent Condition Designed not to Capsize - 21'

Gilbertsville, Kentucky

The sailboat is located in Western Kentucky. The photo of a 2004 21' Hunter sailboat in the water is a dealer photo and may not accurately reflect the Hunter 216 we are selling. However, the remaining photos are actual photos of the sailboat. This fabulous 2004 Hunter 21’ sailboat has been thoroughly enjoyed and meticulously maintained. The Hunter fit our needs as a single person craft that worked as a keel boat that would not capsize. While a single person can easily handle this craft when day sailing, a crew of 4-6 will have tons of fun quickly skimming the water. This sailboat, motor and trailer were bought new from the factory in Saint Louis and have had one owner. There are less than 100 hours of water time. The mast is light and can be taken down by one person very easily in about 15 min. for trailering. Front support for the mast when down is on the trailer, and a rear support slides into a bracket on the stern of the boat. The boat has been garage kept and well maintained for continued and memorable hours of water fun. The price includes the sailboat, motor and trailer. Manufacturer Provided Description From the drawing board of noted sport boat designer, Glenn Henderson, the Hunter 216 is truly a fun boat to sail. Novices or seasoned skippers will appreciate the forgiving nature of the rig, the stability of the hull and simplicity of sailing it. The innovative underbody will provide exhilarating performance when pushed with the ability to power down whenever needed. The large cockpit will accommodate the crew with comfort and the cuddy can handle a portable head and a V-berth with storage. A special hydraulic lift mechanism allows for effortless lifting of the lead keel, and a unique lifting, VARA inboard rudder gives real performance with true beaching ability. Construction is by Hunter’s patented Advanced Composite Process, which combines thermoformed UV protected plastic, fiberglass mat and injected foam. The result is a tough, almost maintenance-free hull that is virtually unsinkable Specs – • Year – 2004• Length – 21’• Keel – Lifting• Hull Material – Composite Hull • Shape – Monohull• Engine – • Seating Capacity – 6 Dimensions – • Beam: 7 ft 11 in• LWL: 21 ft 6 in• Minimum Draft: 1 ft 0 in• Maximum Draft: 3 ft 6 in• Displacement: 1250 lbs• Dry Weight: 1250 lbs Sails – • Battened mainsail• Furling genoa Rigging – • Fractional Sloop Covers – • Lazy Bag• Lazyjacks Features –• Floats in only 12" with swing keel in up position• Draws only 3.51' with board down (and you can sail with her partially down)• Huge Cockpit• Can be sailed by one• Can carry 4 to 6• Includes small cuddy cabin big enough for a portapotty or head• Unique structure - - cut into pieces every piece will float due to foam core• Includes Motor mount and motor• Includes Mast support system• Includes Trailer Guide Bars• Includes Mainsail cover• Includes docklines, fenders• Includes Anchor and lines Equipment –• Anodized Fractional Rig w/Spreaders• 4:1 Boom Vang System• Hinged Mast• Halyards & Running Rigging• Mainsail/Jib• 4:1 Mainsheet System• Reefing System for Mainsail• ACP Structured Hull• Cast Lead Centerboard w/Hydraulic Lift System• Cuddy Cabin for Storage• Hatchboard and Lockable Hatch• Inboard VARA Rudder System• w/Easy Lift Rudder• Integral Centerline Toe Rail• Over 1,500 lbs. of Positive Flotation• Protective Rubrail• Stainless Steel Bow Eye• Stainless Steel Mooring Cleats (4)• Tiller ExtensionAdditional Equipment – • Trailer• Motor Shipping - The sailboat will not be shipped by the seller.

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    A used aluminium sail boat on TheYachtMarket.com ranges in price from £74,800 GBP to £2,810,000 GBP with an average price of £936,000 GBP. Factors including the condition, age, model and specification will affect the price of an aluminium boat. Used Sail Aluminium boat for sale from around the world. Search our full range of used Aluminium ...

  11. Sail boats for sale in Florida

    Find Sail boats for sale in Florida. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  12. steel sailboats for sale by owner.

    30' Etchells 22 Nautical Donations Crowleys Yacht Yard 3434 E 95th St Chicago Il 60617, Illinois Asking $12,000

  13. Steel Hull Sailboats Boats for sale

    Steel Hull Sailboats Boats for sale. 1-15 of 128. Alert for new Listings. Sort By 1975 Dufour 31 ... The yacht is very shallow of draft with the centerboard up though the low aspect fin keel should prove efficient on its own, the gained aspect ratio with the board down should make her perform very well to weather. The yacht is moderate to heavy ...

  14. 41 FT CENTREBOARD sailing yacht for sale

    General - 41 FT CENTREBOARD. Aluminium sailingyacht 41 FT Centreboard Ketch "Aletis", built in 1993 and launched in 2000, dim.: 12.60 x (lwl 10.40) x 3.95 x 1.15/2.50, casco built by Almaz in St. Petersburg, designed by Stolk & Jansen, aluminium superstructure, deck and hull, Marix/Gebo hardened glass windows in aluminium framing, round-bilged ...

  15. Making the Most of Centerboards

    Ease the main or lower the traveler. Reef the main and the headsail in balance. When sailing off the wind, it is often better to reef the main before the jib, to help keep her head down. Rake the mast to spec. Sail the boat flat. Bear away in the puffs when sailing deep, before the boat begins to heel excessively.

  16. Alan Payne Custom Designed Centreboard Yacht

    It could be you! This beautifully handcrafted custom Alan Payne designed steel yacht is constructed for ocean sailing, built for the French Canals with a centreboard, and has completed a circumnavigation. Launched: 1980. Length: 47ft 10in. Beam: 14ft 10in. Draft: 4.6ft and centreboard down is 8.6ft. Engine: 37hp Yanmar 3TE, manual transmission.

  17. Steel boats for sale

    Find Steel boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  18. Steel Sailboat By Owner Boats for sale

    Posted Over 1 Month. Please call owner John at 916-765-5874. Boat is in Stockton, California. Yorktown Yachts • Built in Wilmington, CA Long Beach area • Sloop rig • LOA 34'4', LWL 32'6" • Beam 11'6" • Draft 6'6" • Bulb type keel with 3000 lead topped off with concrete to below the bottom of the keel.

  19. Sailboat Listings sailboats for sale by owner

    Freedom 33 Cat Ketch Centerboard Shoal Draft 33: Length: 33' Beam: 11' Draft: 3.5' Year: 1981: Type: cruiser: Hull: ... 60' Alan Buchanan custom steel ketch Bocas Del Toro Asking $40,000. 26' Hunter 26 Boulder City NV 89005, Nevada ... Show all sailboats for sale under: 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 70 80 (feet LOA) | Multihulls: ...

  20. centerboard sailboats for sale by owner.

    centerboard preowned sailboats for sale by owner. centerboard used sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. ... 60' Alan Buchanan custom steel ketch Bocas Del Toro Asking $40,000. 16.5'' Rebel 16.5' Auburn, California Asking $3,250. 44.8' Gib'Sea 126 Master Marathon, Florida Asking $29,000.

  21. Pre-Owned Bluewater Cruising Sailboats For Sale

    OYSTER COLLECTION. Oyster is one of the world's top bluewater cruising sailboat brands. Built in the UK, Oysters are finely crafted seaworthy yachts that capable of ocean passages and circumnavigation, with their most popular models being in the 50-70ft range. The Oyster Collection features current Oyster yachts for sale as well as videos ...

  22. Sail Custom Steel boats for sale

    Steel; Sail Custom Steel boats for sale. Save Search. Clear Filter Make / Model: Custom - steel Category: All Sail. Location. By Radius. By Country. country-all. All Countries. Country-CA. Canada. Country-TR. Turkey. Country-US. United States. All. All 25 miles 50 miles 100 miles 200 miles 300 miles 500 miles 1000 miles 2000 miles 5000 miles.

  23. 1979 Wellington 44 center cockpit sailboat for sale in Florida

    1979. 44'. 13.5'. 4.3'. Florida. $59,000. Description: Looking for an unsinkable bluewater capable center cockpit, cutter with retractable keel (43 draft with centerboard up and 76 with it down), 6.2ft headroom and hard top cockpit enclosure? Look no further.