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Cercasi architetto/designer progettazione yacht (mi), project consulting designer - azienda arredo bagno - milano, floral designer manager, progettista elettronico senior - fare domanda a, progettista elettronico senior, floral designer manager - fare domanda a.

Stai cercando un lavoro yacht designer? Che tu sia un cercatore di lavoro esperto o che non abbia mai cercato prima, potresti chiederti da dove cominciare.

Questa zona ha ospitato molte attività di lunga data e diverse società moderne come i media digitali, l'ingegneria e i servizi industriali.

Se vivere e lavorare è qualcosa che ti entusiasma, il seguente articolo fornirà alcuni suggerimenti su come individuare le opportunità di lavoro disponibili in questa vibrante conurbazione metropolitana. Discuteremo dei vari settori esistenti, dei datori di lavoro locali che stanno assumendo ora e dei diversi mezzi di ricerca di ruoli online.

Cosa fa yacht designer?

yacht designer è responsabile della fornitura di una gamma di servizi alle persone, tra cui istruzione, assistenza sociale, alloggi, pianificazione e sviluppo economico. Lavora a stretto contatto con le imprese locali e altre organizzazioni per garantire che l'area rimanga prospera e attraente per i visitatori.

yacht designer fornisce un'ampia gamma di servizi ai suoi residenti, tra cui consigli sulla ricerca di lavoro, opportunità di formazione e sviluppo e assistenza nella ricerca di un alloggio adeguato.

Dove posso trovare lavori yacht designer?

Esistono diversi modi per cercare lavoro. Il metodo più popolare è utilizzare le bacheche di lavoro online come Jobsora. Ti permettiamo di filtrare le tue ricerche per località e settore in modo da poter trovare facilmente ruoli che corrispondano alle tue capacità ed esperienza.

Puoi anche cercare lavoro sui siti web di lavoro locali, che elencano tutti i posti vacanti nella zona. Inoltre, puoi contattare direttamente i datori di lavoro locali per chiedere informazioni su eventuali posizioni disponibili.

Infine, ci sono un certo numero di agenzie di reclutamento specializzate nella ricerca di persone che lavorino nell'area. Queste aziende hanno spesso accesso a opportunità di lavoro esclusive che non sono pubblicizzate altrove.

In conclusione, ci sono diversi modi per trovare lavori yacht designer. Che tu stia cercando un ruolo permanente o qualcosa di più flessibile, il distretto ha molte opportunità disponibili. Con la ricerca e la preparazione adeguate, puoi facilmente individuare il lavoro perfetto per te.

Quanto viene pagato yacht designer?

yacht designer sono rappresentanti eletti della comunità locale e ricevono un'indennità annuale per il loro lavoro. L'importo di questa indennità è determinato dal Comitato indipendente per la remunerazione, che rivede le indennità ogni quattro anni.

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Becoming a Yacht Designer: Careers, Salary Info & Job Description

About this article

Pros and Cons of a Yacht Designer Career

Designing yachts and other luxury watercraft requires a sound background in naval architecture. Read the pros and cons of this profession to see if it's right for you.

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ** O*Net Online, ***Job Postings from CareerBuilder.com.

Essential Career Information

Job description and duties.

Yacht designers supervise and design the construction of luxury recreational watercraft. They plan ships in accordance with specifications that establish the basic size, weight and speed of a yacht. They design the waterlines and sectional curves of hulls to establish gravitational centers and buoyancy. Designers may also develop ship superstructures and interior spaces, including cargo holds and passenger compartments. They may work closely with marine engineers in order to develop specifications for propulsion systems, ventilation and heating systems, boiler room machinery and refrigeration equipment. As a designer, you might lead development teams in order to test prototypes and evaluate yacht designs.

Job Growth and Salary Info

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for naval architects and marine engineers was about $93,000 in May 2014. The top ten percent of these workers earned $147,000 or more, while the bottom ten percent earned less than $59,000. Between 2012 and 2022, employment in this field is expected to grow by 10%, which is about as fast as average among all occupations, according to the BLS.

Education and Licensure

In order to become a yacht designer, you typically need to have a bachelor's degree in an area such as naval architecture or marine engineering. In these programs, you can study topics in areas such as marine engineering, hydrodynamics, electrical systems and small craft design. These programs emphasize concepts in engineering and science, and they also provide students with a strong and necessary foundation in mathematical concepts, such as trigonometry and calculus. Some programs may allow you to focus your education in a specific area, such as sailing yachts.

Licensure may also be required for certain employment positions. Marine engineers and naval architects may take an examination offered by the U.S. Coast Guard in order to obtain a mariner's license, which can be obtained at several levels. A higher level of license can result in higher pay. The first grade of licensure is known as the 3rd Assistant License. With adequate experience and further testing, you may obtain a 2nd and a 1st Assistant License. The highest grade of licensure is titled Chief Assistant.

Useful Skills

Beyond education and licensure, there are some general skills that all naval architects should possess in order to ensure success in this field. Yacht designers may want to develop the following skills, concepts and talents:

  • A solid background in engineering, math and science
  • Skills in drafting, including knowledge of computer-aided drafting (CAD) software programs
  • The ability to work and communicate with other professionals, such as marine engineers
  • The ability to explain complex concepts and give instructions when interacting with professional teams
  • The ability to solve problems related to ship design while complying with the needs of clients

Job Postings from Real Employers

Employers in this field typically value bachelor's degrees in naval architecture and relevant work experience. Some employers may require you to hold licensure and be familiar with a variety of software applications. In order to get a better sense of the kinds of jobs available to naval architects, see the following examples of job postings found online during May 2012:

  • A company was hiring naval architects in Louisiana and Mississippi. Candidates needed a bachelor's degree in naval architecture, 2-5 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry and 8-12 years of professional engineering experience. Proficiency in a variety of software applications that are instrumental to naval architecture, such as AutoCAD and ASSET, is also important, as well as expected to have expertise in areas such as weight estimating, seakeeping prediction, deck equipment sizing and layout, computational fluid dynamics and hydrodynamic estimation.
  • A Washington company was looking for a naval architect with a bachelor's degree in naval architecture and 1-2 years of work experience. Other requirements included passing the Fundamentals in Engineering examination and proficiency with AutoCAD, GHS, Microsoft Word and Excel. Job duties included developing stability test procedures, overseeing inclining tests and providing lead engineer support on projects.
  • A company in Texas was seeking a naval architect who would plan the building process of vessels. This would include all steps, from the conceptual phase through the delivery of the final product. This employer expected candidates to be able to use CAD applications, prepare documentation on weight control and material management, and act as a consultant for clients who need engineering solutions and technical support.

How to Stand Out in the Field

Earn a graduate degree.

While earning a bachelor's degree, it may be helpful to attend a program that offers specialized courses in yacht or recreational watercraft design. You can also stand out by earning a graduate degree in naval architecture. In a graduate program, you can take more advanced courses in marine systems and structures and participate in a variety of research projects that may augment your skills and allow you to compete for a larger variety of jobs. According to O*Net Online, about 18% of all marine architects have master's degrees, so obtaining one could help you compete.

Get Certified by the American Boat and Yacht Council

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) develops safety standards for the construction, design and maintenance of recreational boats. ABYC also offers a comprehensive education program that includes workshops, seminars and a Marine Technician Certification program. You can earn certification through the ABYC by attending their special certification class and taking their examination. These certifications remain valid for five years.

Alternative Career Paths

Mechanical engineer.

If you're interested in engineering concepts but you don't want to specialize in marine structures, then you may enjoy a career as a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineering is a broad discipline with many subspecialties. These professionals design, build, develop and test various mechanical devices, such as engines, tools and machines. In order to become a mechanical engineer, you need to earn a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Employment positions that require more responsibilities may require a graduate degree. Mechanical engineers who offer services directly to the public must be licensed in every state. According to the BLS, in May 2011 the median annual wage in this field was about $79,000. The BLS reported that employment in this field is expected to grow by nine percent between 2010 and 2020, which is slower than average among all occupations.

Petroleum Engineer

If you are interested in marine technology, but want to specialize in developing and overseeing the drilling operations of oil rigs, then you may wish to become a petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers design methods for extracting gas and oil from below the surface of the earth. They design equipment and develop ways to extract as much oil and gas as possible while keeping expenses at a minimum. They also ensure that all oil field equipment is operated, installed and maintained in a proper manner. In May 2011, the BLS reported that the median annual wage for petroleum engineers was about $122,000. Between 2010 and 2020, employment in this field is expected to grow by 17%, about as fast as average among all occupations according to the BLS.

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  • Jun 20, 2022
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The Top 20 Superyacht Designers: Find the Right Designer for You

Superyacht Interior Design

If you're in the market for a superyacht, the most important decision you'll make is finding the right designer to work with, this decision will have a drastic impact on the final design of your yacht. With so many talented designers out there, it can be tough to decide who is the best fit for your project. In this article, we will take a look at the top 20 superyacht designers working today at the cutting edge of yacht design.

To help you make an informed decision we'll discuss their areas of specialism, what makes them unique and what kind of yacht owner they are best suited to . By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of which superyacht designer is right for your next project.

Artelier Art Consultancy

Location: United Kingdom & International

Years in the Industry: 15 years

Notable Projects: Art Selection for M/Y Serene, M/Y Zen, M/Y Dilbar, M/Y Plvs Vltra, M/Y Neninka

Specialised: Art collection for superyachts

Website: https://www.artelier.com/art-consultant-yachts

Here at Artelier we are an art consultancy specialising in the placement of art onboard superyachts. As a leading yacht art consultant, Artelier provides complete art collections & bespoke commissioning services for superyachts working either with the design team or directly with the owner.

Each artwork collection is carefully designed to reflect the interiors of the ship as well as the owner's taste and style you can discover more about our offerings here. Having worked closely with many superyacht designers over the years we have put together this comprehensive list of our top 20 superyacht designers working today.

1. Bannenberg and Rowell

Location: London, UK

Years in the Industry: 60+ years

Notable Projects: 65-metre Heesen Galactica Star, Feadship Predator, 85 metre Lürssen Pacific

Specialised: Yacht interiors and exteriors

Recognition: 5 World Superyacht Awards & Jon Bannenberg's Legacy

Website: www.bannenbergandrowell.com

Bannenberg & Rowell is one of the world's leading superyacht design firms. Dickie Bannenberg has taken the reigns from his father the legendary Jon Bannenberg, often referred to as the 'godfather of modern yacht design' his studio paved the way for many of the industry's leading designers including Andrew Winch.

The studio is stands out for their truly bespoke yachts, starting from a blank page they work closely with their clients from the yachts initial concept all the way through to final details such as linens and crew uniforms.

© Image Copyright Bannenberg & Rowell

2. Feadship

Location: The Netherlands

Years in the Industry: Founded in 1849

Notable Projects: 85-meter Ecstasea , 110.5 meter Anna, 78.2 meters Venus (Commissioned by Steve Jobs), 83.5 meters Savannah

Specialised: Ship build, design & exteriors

Recognition: The only superyacht builder with a Royal warrant from His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

Website: www.feadship.nl

Feadship is a superyacht builder based in the Netherlands with a rich history dating back to 1849 when two Dutch families, De Vries and Royal Van Lent, joined forces. These days Feadship is still family-owned and operated and specializes in building custom superyachts of the highest quality in collaboration with leading designers or with their own in-house team. All Feadship superyachts are built entirely to order and the company prides itself on its ability to turn clients' dreams into reality.

© Image Copyright Feadship

3. Winch Design

Location: London

Years in the Industry: 30+ years

Notable Projects: 133 metre Al Mirqab, 90.2 metre Phoenix 2, 87 meter Ace, 99 metre Madame Gu and 62 metre Sea Owl, 88.5 metre Cloud 9

Specialisation: Interior & Exterior Design

Recognition: 6 World Superyacht Awards, 19 Showboats Design Awards,

Website: www.winchdesign.com

Winch Design is a luxury yacht design & build firm with over 30 years experience in the superyacht industry. Founded by Andrew Winch, they have worked on some of the world's most iconic superyachts the 133 metre Al Mirqab and 88.5 metre Cloud 9. Most well known for their interiors, Winch design have won at least 3 awards for the interiors of superyachts they have worked on.

© Image Copyright Winch Design

4. Tillberg Design of Sweden

Location: Hoganas, Sweden, Poland, Miami & Singapore

Years in the Industry: 50+ years

Notable Projects: 222 metres Somnio Yacht (master planning & interiors concept), 120 metres Desert Pearl, Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection

Specialisation: Naval Architecture & Exterior Design

Recognition: 3 x Gazelle Award for Fastest Growing Company in Sweden

If you're looking for a design firm that can take your project to the next level, look no further than Tillberg Design of Sweden. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Tillberg Design is a pioneer in cutting-edge design and innovation, currently working on 222m Somnio the world's largest superyacht.

Their team of talented designers have a wealth of knowledge and contacts in the industry, and they're always up-to-date on the latest resources and technologies. From commercial shipping to hospitality and leisure, Tillberg Design has a proven track record of success in a variety of sectors. And with offices worldwide, they can handle projects of any scope or size.

© Image Copyright Tillberg Design

5. Nauta Design

Location: Milan, Italy

Years in the Industry: 50 years

Notable Projects: M/Y Azzam (the world's largest superyacht), M/Y Eclipse, S/Y Serene, M/Y Dilbar

Specialisation: Exterior & Interior Design

Recognition: 40+ awards from superyacht and boating competitions.

Website: www.nautadesign.com

Nauta Design is a superyacht design studio based in Milan, Italy with over 50 years experience in the industry. The Studio was founded by Mario Pedol and Massimo Gregori Passera who have worked on some of the world's most iconic superyachts including the world's largest superyacht 180 metre Azzam. Nauta Design is widely recognized as one of the leading superyacht design studios in the world with a team of over 60 designers and architects.

© Image Copyright Nauta Design

6. Rémi Tessier

Location: Paris, France

Years in the Industry: 20+ years

Notable Projects: 97 metres M/Y Vava II, 49 metres Satori, 55 metres Kahalani, 49 metres Zefira

Specialisation: Yacht Interiors & Furniture

Recognition: Over 12 International Awards

Website: https://www.remi-tessier.com/

Rémi Tessier is one of the world's most revered yacht interior designers, known for his sophisticated and timeless designs. His approach to design is founded in simplicity, where function determines form. Each interior project is client-tailored and bespoke, but all share a peaceful elegance. Rémi believes that luxury and refinement should be sensed rather than ostentatiously forced. As such, exceptional quality and impeccable detail are the cornerstones of his design philosophy.

Rémi's Paris studio is home to an international team of designers, though he personally oversees every millimetre of each scheme. He has designed interiors for private residences, yachts, private jets, and bespoke furniture collections.

© Image Copyright Remi Tessier

7. Francis Design

Years in the Industry: 40+ years

Notable Projects: 124 metres Golden Odyssey, 74.5 metre Zeus, 59.2 metre Senses

Specialisation: Superyacht Interiors & Exteriors

Website: www.francisdesign.com

Francis Design is a superyacht design studio based in Southampton, UK with over 40 years experience in the industry. The Studio was founded by Martin Francis who is one of the world's most established superyacht designers. He has worked on some of the world's most iconic superyachts including the 124 metre Golden Odyssey.

© Image Copyright Francis Design

8. Seymour Diamond

Location: London, Mayfair

Specialisation: Yacht Interior Design

Recognition: Awards for best interiors

Notable Projects: 164 metres MY Eclipse, MY Al Salamah, 115 metres MY Pelorus

Website: www.seymourdiamond.com

Seymour Diamond is a company with a rich history in yacht design. Founded by Fiona Diamond in 2010, the company has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and has been responsible for some of the world's most iconic and award-winning yachts.

Seymour Diamond is known for their attention to detail and their ability to translate a client's vision into a workable reality. Their clients are at the heart of everything they do, and Seymour Diamond is dedicated to providing a service that is tailored to each individual's needs. Whether it is for an interior or exterior design, Seymour Diamond values above all originality and diversity.

9. Reymond Langton

Location: Bath, UK

Notable Projects: 80 metres M/Y Artefact, 93 metres M/Y Lady S, 56 metres M/Y Galvas, 109 metres

Specialisation: Yacht Interiors & Exteriors

Recognition: Best Interior Design, Boat International

Website: www.reymondlangtondesign.com

Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton are the creative minds behind the successful design studio, Reymond Langton. For over a decade, the duo has been impressing clients with their innovative and functional designs. Whether it's a superyacht or private residence, Reymond Langton is dedicated to creating spaces that are as stylish as they are practical.

They understand that every client is unique and strives to exceed expectations by delivering projects on time and within budget. With a wealth of experience in the industry, it's no wonder that Reymond Langton is one of the most sought-after design studios in the world.

© Image Copyright Raymond Langton

10. H2 Yacht Design

Years in the Industry: 28 years

Notable Projects: 85 metres Victorious, 80 metres Tatiana, 75 metres Arrow

Specialisation: Yacht Refits, interiors & Exteriors

Recognition: World Superyacht Awards Nomination

Website: https://www.h2yachtdesign.com/

H2 Yacht Design is a London-based firm that specialises in superyacht design. The company was founded in 1994 by Jonny Horsfield, a former car designer who found his true passion in the world of yacht design.

H2 has worked on both new-builds and refits, and their portfolio includes some of the most impressive yachts in the world. One of their most well-known projects is Talisman C, a 54 metre superyacht that was delivered in 2005. H2’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail has earned them a reputation as one of the leading superyacht design firms in the world.

© Image Copyright H2 Yacht Design

11. De Basto Designs

Location: Miami, Florida, USA

Years in the Industry: 20 years

Notable Projects: 90 metres Dar, 53 metres Tala, Nautilus

Recognition: Award Winning Studio

Website: www.luizdebasto.com

A world-renowned name in maritime design, De Basto has been responsible for some of the most iconic and luxurious boats and yachts ever built. Specialising in custom and production vessels, as well as one-of-a-kind commercial designs, the company has an unrivalled knowledge of maritime trends and possibilities. No matter what your vision for your vessel, De Basto is available to consult across every stage of the design journey, from preliminary concept and styling to interior design and space planning.

© Image Copyright De Basto Design

12. Terence Disdale Yacht Design

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom

Notable Projects: 162. metres Eclipse, 160 metres Project Blue , 139.29 metres Al Salamah

Recognition: 40+ prestigious international awards

Website: www.terencedisdale.com

If you're looking for an award-winning design studio that is responsible for the interior and exterior design of some of the world's most significant yachts, look no further than Terence Disdale Design. Based in the UK, this design studio is renowned for its refreshingly casual yet chic designs. The team of 15 operates under the direction of Terence Disdale, one of the industry's most respected designers, who without formal training has become a true legend in the world of superyacht design.

© Image Copyright Terence Disdale Yacht

13. Dixon Yacht Design

Location: Southampton, UK

Notable Projects: 152 metres Liberty, 105 metres Falcon, 55 metres DYD

Specialisation: Diverse selection of boats

Website: www.dixonyachtdesign.com

Dixon Yacht Design is a world-renowned design studio that has been creating some of the most impressive and innovative yacht designs for over four decades. With a vast portfolio of work that spans multiple disciplines, Dixon Yacht Design is a true pioneer in the industry, having been credited with numerous awards for their ground-breaking designs.

The studio's key strength is its unrivalled diversity. Their broad spectrum of designs includes sail and power boats, production boats and custom superyachts, displacement craft and fast planning powerboats, monohulls and multihulls - working on a variety of projects allows the studio to be at the cutting edge of innovation

© Image Copyright Dixon Yacht Design

14. Hoek Design

Location: Netherlands & Mallorca

Years in the Industry: 30 years

Specialisation: Naval architecture & Yacht Interiors

Website: www.hoekdesign.com

If you're looking for a world-renowned design studio to create your dream yacht, look no further than Hoek Design. Founded in 1986 by Andre Hoek, Hoek Design has established itself as a leader in yacht design, naval architecture and engineering. With a team of highly experienced professionals using the latest design tools, Hoek Design is able to offer a wide range of styles to suit every taste, from classic to ultra-modern while featuring the studio's distinctive and elegant signature style.

© Image Copyright Hoek Design

15. Gresham Yacht Design

Location: Mayfair, London

Notable Projects: 87 metre Alucia2, 82 metre Graceful, 71 metre Victoria

Specialisation: Yacht Exteriors

Website: www.greshamyachtdesign.com

Gresham Yacht Design is considered one of the leading studios for luxurious superyacht design. They combine traditional and digital techniques to create custom designs that are truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need help bringing your ideas to life, their team is here to assist you every step of the way.

They offer a range of services, from sketches and renders to CAD drawings and interactive 3D presentations. And because they believe that the devil is in the details, they pay meticulous attention to even the smallest elements to ensure that your end result is nothing short of perfection.

© Image Gresham Yacht Design

16. Ken Freivokh Design

Location: Hampshire, UK

Notable Projects: 88 metre Maltese Falcon

Specialisation: Modern Design & Yacht Interiors

Recognition: 30+ International Awards

Website: www.freivokh.co.uk

Ken Freivokh Design has created some of the most cutting edge and stunning designs in the industry. His studio, based on the River Hamble in the UK, is known for its innovative and futuristic approach to yacht design. Freivokh's experience as an architect and engineer makes him uniquely qualified to create beautiful and functional spaces on board superyachts.

His attention to detail and passion for sailing are evident in his work, which is characterised by clean lines, functionality, and a unique sense of style. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern exterior or a luxurious and comfortable interior, Ken Freivokh Design can design a custom solution for your needs.

© Image Copyright Ken Freivokh Design

17. Design Unlimited

Location: Fareham, UK

Notable Projects: 64 metres Shemaraa, 53 metres Elisabeth F, 30 metres Leopard 3

Specialisation: Yacht Interiors

Recognition: Multi-Award Winning Studio

Website: www.designunlimited.net

Design Unlimited is a world-renowned yacht design studio that has won multiple awards for excellence in both interior and exterior design. Led by founder Mark Tucker, the studio's team of skilled designers are ready to take on any challenge, big or small.

Whether you're looking to create a unique vision for your own yacht, or simply want an experienced hand to help you customise your boat, Design Unlimited is the perfect choice. With a vast portfolio of successful projects to their name, as well as a flexible approach to design, they work with each client to meet their specific needs and requirements.

© Image Copyright Design Unlimited

18. Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Notable Projects: 59.7 metres Project 404, 50.44 metres Blackcat, 34.4 metres Liara

Specialisation: Eco Friendly Construction & Yacht Interiors Design

Recognition: Multiple International Design Awards

Website: https://www.malcolmmckeonyachtdesign.com/

Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design is unrivalled in terms of style, performance, and comfort. With over 30 years in the superyacht industry, the studio has designed 200+ sailing and motor yachts, 50+ of which are over 30 meters long.

Their work has earned them multiple international design awards while also having a long- standing relationship with some of the world's leading shipyards, mast makers, interior designers, and equipment providers. In addition, the studio has a green approach to projects which is friendly on the environment while reducing construction and operational costs for their clients.

© Image Copyright Malcolm McKeon

19. Beiderbeck Designs

Location: Bremen, Germany

Notable Projects: 75 metre Phocea, 105 metre Nautor Swan, 138 metre Rising Sun

Recognition: 15 World Superyacht Awards, 16 Showboats Design Awards

Website: www.beiderbeckdesigns.de

Introducing Beiderbeck Designs, the German design company specialising in the design of super yachts, yacht interiors, and ship infrastructures. With a team of experienced designers, naval architects, and interior designers, Beiderbeck is able to push the boundaries of construction, design, and styling.

Beiderbeck owners and creative minds are lmmo Lüdeling and Tim Ulrich, who combined have over 50 years of experience in the design of super yachts.They have worked on some impressive ships, including the exterior design of the 75 m yacht M/Y Stargazer.

© Image Copyright Beiderbeck Designs

20. Frank Neubelt / German Yacht Couture

Notable Projects: 66.7 metre Triple Seven, 73.5 metre Sapphire, 70 metres Screen 70, 24 metre Opium,

Specialisation: Naval Architecture, Interior & Exterior Design

Recognition: Recipient of World Superyacht Awards

Website: www.gycstudio.com

German Yacht Couture is an international design and project management agency specialising in bespoke yacht designs and engineering. They represent the very best in German yacht design, styling, and naval engineering, and their services cover the entire spectrum from initial concept ideas to design, technical considerations, interior design, and delivery of first class custom yachts.

They also offer affiliated project management and advisory services for legal aspects. Their goal is to create the perfect custom yacht that exceeds their clients expectations every time.

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And there you have it, 20 of the world's top superyacht designers, we certainly hope you found this list helpful and informative.

As a superyacht art consultant we work very closely with owners and designers to curate a bespoke art collection for each superyacht, if you would like to find out more about our dedicated art service for visit our yacht art page. If you would like to find out more about our offerings don't hesitate to get in touch to setup a meeting.

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Yacht design.

“Nel lavoro progettuale la parte che mi diverte di più è quella che non ho ancora fatto. Fare le stesse cose per 20 anni sarebbe di una noia mortale”


Ho amato studiare e rifinire ogni dettaglio della barca. Mi piacerebbe disegnare ancora racers puri come Marisa.

Ancora oggi quando disegno barche da corsa, queste devono andare più forte di lei.

Una barca che mi ha impegnato e la cui realizzazione mi ha particolarmente divertito. L’armatore mi aveva dato carta bianca, è come quando dopo una lunga settimana di lavoro prima del week end vinci alla lotteria.


Tre anni di studio, di disegno e di lavoro insieme ai migliori tecnici del mondo con un’attitudine progettuale normalmente usata solo in una campagna di Coppa America.  

Il risultato, una barca premiata nel 1994 da Showboats come “Most Innovative Sailing Yacht”


Sono passati ormai anni dal varo di Stella Filante, una barca che è ancora oggi tanto innovativa nelle forme, nella tecnologia costruttiva e progettuale da far invecchiare precocemente tutto quello che la circonda.

Ghost è stato descritto come uno degli yacht più significativi degli ultimi anni ed è quindi corretto dedicarvi particolare attenzione. E’ il culmine dei nostri sforzi, un progetto che reputo eccellente proprio perché i suoi proprietari lo hanno amato profondamente . Milly e Arne Glimcher hanno sempre scelto di lavorare con persone in grado di dare a Ghost quel senso di unicità, riunendo una squadra esperta e dedicata.


“Ancora oggi quando disegno barche da corsa, queste devono andare più forte di Marisa”


Dal 1972 ad oggi.

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LADY M yacht NOT for charter*

28.96m  /  95' | sunseeker | 2016.

Owner & Guests

Cabin Configuration

  • Previous Yacht

Special Features:

  • RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) C ✠ HULL ● MACH classification
  • Cruising speed of 22 knots
  • Sleeps 10 overnight

The 28.96m/95' motor yacht 'Lady M' (ex. Lavoro) was built by Sunseeker in the United Kingdom at their Poole, Dorset shipyard. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Sunseeker.

Guest Accommodation

Lady M has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 suites comprising one VIP cabin. She is also capable of carrying up to 4 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

Her features include underwater lights, WiFi and air conditioning.

Range & Performance

Built with a GRP hull and GRP superstructure, with teak decks, she has impressive speed and great efficiency thanks to her planing hull. Lady M comfortably cruises at 22 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 26 knots. Her water tanks store around 1,750 Litres of fresh water. She was built to RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) C ✠ HULL ● MACH classification society rules.

*Charter Lady M Motor Yacht

Motor yacht Lady M is currently not believed to be available for private Charter. To view similar yachts for charter , or contact your Yacht Charter Broker for information about renting a luxury charter yacht.

Lady M Yacht Owner, Captain or marketing company

'Yacht Charter Fleet' is a free information service, if your yacht is available for charter please contact us with details and photos and we will update our records.

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection


M/Y Lady M


Here are a selection of superyachts which are similar to Lady M yacht which are believed to be available for charter. To view all similar luxury charter yachts click on the button below.

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27m | Princess

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29m | Sanlorenzo

from $76,000 p/week ♦︎

 charter yacht

30m | Custom Line

from $55,000 p/week

 charter yacht

Anastasia V

29m | Azimut

from $82,000 p/week ♦︎

 charter yacht

30m | Princess

from $93,000 p/week ♦︎

 charter yacht

from $98,000 p/week ♦︎

 charter yacht

28m | Sunseeker

from $54,000 p/week ♦︎

 charter yacht

27m | Horizon

from $95,000 p/week

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Riva Iseo superyacht tender

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Written by Zuzana Bednarova

This image is featured as part of the article Ferretti Yachts and Riva to attend Moscow Boat Show 2013 .

Riva Iseo superyacht tender

Please contact CharterWorld - the luxury yacht charter specialist - for more on superyacht news item "Riva Iseo superyacht tender".

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Ferretti Group announces its presence at Moscow Boat Show 2013

Ferretti Group announces its presence at Moscow Boat Show 2013

Ferretti Group attending Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show 2014

Ferretti Group attending Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show 2014

Ferretti Group Days 2013 to be marked by premiere of Ferretti 960 Yacht

Ferretti Group Days 2013 to be marked by premiere of Ferretti 960 Yacht

Ferretti Group to deliver first Ferretti 960 superyacht and Riva 86 Domino yacht to Hong Kong by mid-December

Ferretti Group to deliver first Ferretti 960 superyacht and Riva 86 Domino yacht to Hong Kong by mid-December

yacht designer lavoro

Stunning 70m superyacht ALFA welcoming charter guests for the first time

yacht designer lavoro

47m motor yacht KING BENJI embarks on a luxurious voyage of opulence and adventure

yacht designer lavoro

Classic 37m motor yacht LADY VICTORIA for charter in the Bahamas

yacht designer lavoro

39m luxury yacht EVOLUTION for charter on Australia’s east coast

Croatian charter yacht LA PERLA offering 10% discount on exclusive vacations in the Adriatic

Croatian charter yacht LA PERLA offering 10% discount on exclusive vacations in the Adriatic

Charter a yacht during the Monaco Historic and F1 Grand Prix festivals and soak up the atmosphere from on deck

Charter a yacht during the Monaco Historic and F1 Grand Prix festivals and soak up the atmosphere from on deck

Charter Special on board 36m luxury yacht CALYPSO I from Italy to Greece

Charter Special on board 36m luxury yacht CALYPSO I from Italy to Greece

39m luxury yacht EVOLUTION for charter on Australia’s east coast

65m Feadship superyacht PROMISE.D delivered

Discover our Top 10 brand new yachts available for charter worldwide this year

Discover our Top 10 brand new yachts available for charter worldwide this year

Florida charter yacht REAL SUMMERTIME offering 10% discount

Florida charter yacht REAL SUMMERTIME offering 10% discount

Discover summer in New England aboard a luxury charter yacht: Escape to this beautiful northeast corner of the USA

Discover summer in New England aboard a luxury charter yacht: Escape to this beautiful northeast corner of the USA

Looking ahead to the 2024 MYBA Charter Show in Genoa

Looking ahead to the 2024 MYBA Charter Show in Genoa

Westport announce the first hull of their 36m W117 range is nearing completion

Westport announce the first hull of their 36m W117 range is nearing completion

Luxury superyacht TCB

Last minute yacht charter deals in the Bahamas

49m sailing yacht ANIMA MARIS is offering discounted rates for the remaining summer weeks in Croatia

49m sailing yacht ANIMA MARIS is offering discounted rates for the remaining summer weeks in Croatia


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  16. Home · Luca Brenta

    YACHT DESIGN "Nel lavoro progettuale la parte che mi diverte di più è quella che non ho ancora fatto. Fare le stesse cose per 20 anni sarebbe di una noia mortale" ... Tre anni di studio, di disegno e di lavoro insieme ai migliori tecnici del mondo con un'attitudine progettuale normalmente usata solo in una campagna di Coppa America. ...

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  18. The World's Most Successful Yacht Designers in 2023

    Espen Oeino. Espen Øino is a Norwegian yacht designer who is known for designing some of the world's largest and most luxurious yachts.He is the founder and principal designer of Espen Øino International, a yacht design firm based in Monaco. Espen Øino has designed over 200 yachts, including many of the world's largest and most technologically advanced yachts.

  19. LADY M Yacht

    The 28.96m/95' motor yacht 'Lady M' (ex. Lavoro) was built by Sunseeker in the United Kingdom at their Poole, Dorset shipyard. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Sunseeker. Guest Accommodation. Lady M has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 suites comprising one VIP cabin.

  20. Yachts for Sale in Moscow

    Tailored Solutions for Yacht Marketing; Superyacht Sales - Featured Yachts Sold; Sale Inquiry; Build. New Yacht Construction; Design & Build a Yacht. Design Studio; Yacht Designers & Naval Architects. Yacht Designer Adam Voorhees; Yacht Designer Ivan Erdevicki; Naval Architect Sergio Cutolo; Vripack Yacht Design; Luxury Yacht Builders Shipyards

  21. Ferretti Group announces its presence at Moscow Boat Show 2013

    The Ferretti Group, one of the world top companies specializing in the design, building and sale of motor yachts, with an amazing portfolio of eight of the most exclusive and prominent brands, is thrilled to announce its participation in the Moscow Boat Show 2013. From 12 to 17 March, two of the Group fleet's most successful yachts will be presented as absolute premieres for the Russian ...

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  23. Riva Iseo superyacht tender

    This image is featured as part of the article Ferretti Yachts and Riva to attend Moscow Boat Show 2013. Riva Iseo superyacht tender Please contact CharterWorld - the luxury yacht charter specialist - for more on superyacht news item "Riva Iseo superyacht tender".