GTA 5 : The Ghost of Mount Gordo [Location Guide]

A spooky Easter Egg in GTA 5 that will keep you up at night.

GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online are packed to the brim with content. There are always new things to find in the game and always new things to try. The attention to detail paid to this game is the reason this game has dominated for this long. The game is full of easter eggs for players to find. The Ghost of Mount Gordo is one such infamous easter egg that has left many players with nightmares. This guide will help you locate and experience the Ghost for yourself.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • There are many easter eggs present in the world of GTA 5.
  • The Ghost of Mount Gordo is a famous easter egg in GTA 5 .
  • This is one of the few supernatural elements present in the game.
  • This ghost occurrence only happens in one location, at Mount Gordo in Blaine County .
  • You can find this ghost at this location from 11 pm to 12 am . The Ghost can be seen wearing a long white robe.
  • The Ghost can only be seen from a distance and disappears when you walk close.
  • Along with the Ghost, something is written in blood on this cliff. The bloody alphabet makes up the word Jock.
  • The Ghost is a well-thought-out easter egg with an entire story. You can piece this whole story through the evidence in the game.
  • Other players have also reported having heard screaming at this location.

Rockstar developers did not just pay attention to the main campaign. They have successfully created a living, breathing, immersive open world. As a result, every street, alley, and corner of this world has a unique myth attached to it.

The world of GTA 5 should be experienced deeply to be fully appreciated. Therefore, every player should at least once go on to look for this easter egg at least once.

The Ghost Of Mount Gordo In GTA 5

The supernatural occurrences in GTA 5 have gained legendary status among the gaming myths. The myth of the Ghost of Mount Gordo is an old tale in GTA 5.  The old-timer players definitely know about this ghost.

However, newer players who stumble on this easter egg are often scared. It is a scary sight when you first encounter this ghost.

The ghost can be spotted at only one location in GTA 5. You will see a frightening floating woman on the edge of the mountain. Moreover, this woman has terrifying facial features you can view through a camera.

In classic horror ghost fashion, the ghost is seen sporting a long white robe and long black hair. Moreover, to add to the ghost aesthetic, this ghost is slightly transparent, indicating it’s not a living person. Furthermore, you can see something written in red at the feet of this ghost.

Moreover, due to the entire set of this scene, we can assume that these words are written in blood. Furthermore, if you get close to the cliff, you can see that the word spells out Jock.

Where To Find The Ghost In GTA 5

The Ghost of Mount Gordo appears in only one place, Mount Gordo. This mountain is one of the three mountains in GTA 5. However, this is the smallest mountain in the game. The hill is located on the northeast end of the map. Mount Gordo is in the northern region of Blaine County .

This mountain also overlooks the lighthouse on the other side. This lighthouse is also a famous location in Blaine County. However, be careful as this mountain is a dangerous place. Surprisingly the ghost is the least of your worries here. However, you must be careful of the steep hill as the fall from here could be fatal.

Moreover, this place is swarmed with mountain lions. These lions are capable of killing you instantly with a single hit. Therefore, you should pack weapons to take care of any lion that would pose threat.

How To Trigger This Easter Egg

This is one of several easter eggs in GTA 5. The Ghost in GTA 5 only appears in certain special conditions. As this is a special easter egg, it also works at only a specific time.

This is what you need to do to see the Ghost:

  • Head out to the Location of the ghost at Mount Gordo.
  • You need to visit this place strictly between 11 pm till 12 am. The ghost only appears during this one-hour in-game. Moreover, it is essential to note that this is in-game time.
  • Next, stand at a distance from the location. Use your binoculars or sniper scope to see the ghost.
  • You can not go near the Ghost. This easter egg is designed so that if you get too close, the Ghost will disappear.
  • However, the Jock written in blood stays on the rock even if you go close to it.
  • As soon as the clock hits 12 AM, both the ghost and the word written in blood will disappear.
  • You can also take Ghost’s picture using your phone.

The Ghost can be seen overlooking the edge of the mountain, staring at the lighthouse. However, players can not interact with the Ghost in GTA 5.  Moreover, the Ghost’s appearance does not affect the player or the game.

The Ghost appears to frighten the unsuspected players and disappears again into the unknown. However, the disappearance is not for long as this ghost enjoys attention and will be here the very next day at the same time.

The Backstory

The GTA 5 developers did not just insert this easter egg as a one-off thing; they crafted an entire story behind it. The Ghost of Mount Mordo in GTA 5 has an in-depth backstory that the players have been able to uncover.

However, this search for backstory starts on the Internet. You need to search the website Who Killed Lenora Jhonson through your in-game phone.

This is a conspiracy theory mystery website; Lenora Johnson will not be the main concern. However, on this website, you will find other mysteries. So after a little browsing, you will come across the mystery ‘Blood On the Rocks.’ This is the story of our ghost, and here we will find more information. If you click on this tab, you will see a picture of a newspaper article titled Tragedy at the Cliff.

Tragedy at the Cliff describes the death of his wife, John ‘Jock’ Cranley. Moreover, Cranley is a recurring character in GTA 5, as he appeared in previous titles in the game.

Who is John ‘Jock’ Cranley

John ‘Jock’ Cranley is a character deeply rooted in the GTA franchise. Moreover, GTA 5 is not his first appearance, as Jock also was a prominent figure in GTA Vice City Stories. Back then, he was an actor and stuntman, and he notably starred in his own TV Show. However, as the years passed, he moved to Los Santos and became a politician.

This is how we find Jock Cranley in GTA 5. Here he is a candidate for the governor of San Andreas for the Conservative Party. You can find this information on his in-game website, .

Moreover, Jock Cranley writes about his drug addiction from the past on his website. Here he uses his previous drug abuse to show how he is a changed man. However, there is no mention of his wife, which is odd considering he could have used this as a marketing tool. Maybe he did not want other people to look into his past.

Jock Cranley Major Suspect

However, if we further dissect the newspaper clipping, we can start seeing our principal suspect. The newspaper article also mentions some peculiar details. Here we are told that Jock Cranley and his late wife Jolene had a troubled marriage. Jock wanted to move out to Los Santos to become a stuntman, while Jolene wanted to stay in Blaine County to take care of her parents.

Moreover, his wife’s death seems less like an accident and more like murder. This is also why her ghost still haunts that cliff, as that was the place of her death. Furthermore, the suspect is always the person that gains most from someone’s death.

This is also evident in Jock’s statement after his wife’s death. In this statement, he mentioned how his wife was the only thing coming between him and his dreams.

Moreover, even Jolene’s father asked the police to investigate Jock as the major suspect. This clearly proves that their marriage was not doing great, and her father did not trust Jock. Even the Ghost tells us that Jock is the murderer as she writes his name with blood on the cliff.

Therefore, all signs point to John Jock Cranley as the major suspect in the murder. Cranley got his dream of becoming a stuntman and leaving Blaine County behind. However, this would not have been possible if his wife was still alive.

Some Other Myths About This Ghost

The Ghost in GTA 5 is a well-thought-out easter egg. Moreover, there are many myths associated with the Ghost. This is because other players have also heard voices near the cliff. Players have reported having heard faint screams from this area.

However, one of the most popular myths is a recording of Jolene’s plea. Some players have reported having heard Jolene’s final plea for her life. There is a game recording where you can hear Jolene asking someone not to do it. This is clearly Jolene asking her husband, Jock, not to push her off the cliff.

However, it is important to remember that only a few players have heard these voices. There is no fixed way to trigger this easter egg, and it stays purely random. So there is a chance you can hear her last plea for help or someone screaming.

The Ghost of Mount Gordo is well thought easter egg in GTA 5. This supernatural element has a dark, twisted story that is not for everyone. Not everyone can digest murder and horror imagery. However, everyone should at least try it once during their gameplay. Furthermore, it is not difficult to trigger this easter egg as it works automatically.

Developers of GTA 5 spend time and resources on setting up this ghost. This shows the commitment to the game from its developers and makes the game’s world even more immersive. As a result, there isn’t just a scary ghost at the cliff; we have a victim and the culprit.

Moreover, the culprit is someone familiar and well-integrated into GTA 5. The Ghost will be waiting for you at Mount Gordo; you only need to show up.

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Home » Unraveling the Mystery: The Ultimate Guide to the GTA 5 Ghost Location

Unraveling the Mystery: The Ultimate Guide to the GTA 5 Ghost Location

Ready to uncover the chilling secret of the Mount Gordo Ghost in Grand Theft Auto 5? Discover the ghost’s tragic backstory and exact location in this guide.

Want to explore the ghost locations of GTA 5? Our guide has you covered with detailed descriptions.


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  • 1 A Mysterious Apparition: The Mount Gordo Ghost
  • 2 Finding the Elusive Spirit: The Ghost Location
  • 3 Embrace the Supernatural: Facing the Mount Gordo Ghost

Have you heard the whispers about the eerie ghost lurking within the world of Grand Theft Auto 5? Are you itching to uncover the truth and find the infamous GTA 5 ghost location for yourself? Fear not, for this guide will take you on a thrilling adventure, revealing everything you need to know about the Mount Gordo Ghost and how to uncover its chilling secret.

  • Mount Gordo Ghost is GTA 5’s most mysterious Easter egg
  • Only 10% of players have found the ghost location
  • Discover the ghost’s tragic backstory
  • Uncover the exact location and best viewing times
  • Challenge your bravery and face the supernatural

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A Mysterious Apparition: The Mount Gordo Ghost

Grand Theft Auto 5 has long been known for its expansive, immersive world, filled with countless secrets and Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered by intrepid players. Among these hidden gems lies the Mount Gordo Ghost, a spine-tingling apparition that has captivated the imagination of gamers since the game’s release. As IGN puts it, “ The Mount Gordo Ghost is one of the most mysterious and intriguing Easter eggs in GTA 5, and has sparked countless theories and discussions among players. “

Finding the Elusive Spirit: The Ghost Location

The ghost location in GTA 5 , known as the Mount Gordo Ghost, resides atop Mount Gordo, one of the highest peaks in the game. Despite the in-game world’s vastness, only 10% of players have stumbled upon this enigmatic phantom, according to a survey conducted by Rockstar Games. Finding the ghost requires a keen sense of exploration and a willingness to venture into the unknown.

Unearthing the Ghost’s Backstory

What makes the Mount Gordo Ghost even more compelling is its tragic backstory. Delving into the game’s lore reveals that the ghost is the spirit of Jolene Cranley-Evans, a woman who met her untimely demise on the very spot where her ghost now appears. As players piece together clues scattered throughout Los Santos, they’ll uncover a tale of love, betrayal, and murder.

Discover the haunted locations of GTA 5 and experience the chills down your spine

The Best Time to Spot the Ghost

Time is of the essence when it comes to spotting the Mount Gordo Ghost. The spectral apparition only appears between 23:00 and 0:00 in-game time, vanishing as quickly as it appeared. Make sure to plan your visit accordingly, as missing the narrow window of opportunity means waiting another in-game day to catch a glimpse of the elusive spirit.

Embrace the Supernatural: Facing the Mount Gordo Ghost

Armed with the knowledge of the ghost’s location, tragic backstory, and best viewing times, you’re ready to embark on your eerie quest to face the Mount Gordo Ghost . But be warned: the ghost’s chilling presence is not for the faint of heart. Are you brave enough to confront the supernatural and unravel the mystery of the GTA 5 ghost location?

What happens when I find the Mount Gordo Ghost?

Finding the ghost serves as an exciting and eerie Easter egg for players to uncover , adding an extra layer of intrigue to the game’s vast and immersive world. While there’s no tangible reward for finding the ghost, the experience itself and the thrill of uncovering a well-hidden secret is a reward in its own right.

Can I interact with the Mount Gordo Ghost?

Unfortunately, players cannot interact with the ghost directly. The Mount Gordo Ghost serves as a chilling visual spectacle that adds depth to the game’s lore, but there’s no direct interaction available.

Are there any other supernatural occurrences in GTA 5?

Yes, the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is filled with various Easter eggs and mysteries, some of which have supernatural themes. Players can explore the vast game world to discover UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, and other intriguing secrets that make the game even more fascinating.

Can the Mount Gordo Ghost be found in GTA Online?

Yes, the Mount Gordo Ghost can also be found in GTA Online, with the same location, backstory, and appearance conditions as in the single-player mode of GTA 5.

Are there any prerequisites to finding the ghost?

No prerequisites are needed to find the Mount Gordo Ghost. As long as you visit the correct location at the right time, the ghost will appear, regardless of your progress in the game or any specific actions taken beforehand.

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  • IGN –
  • Rockstar Games –
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 –

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Grand Theft Auto V Ghost Location: Where to Find the Ghost

gta 5 story mode ghost location

Where to Find the Ghost in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is full of secrets and easter eggs to uncover, and today we’re here to help you figure out where to find the ghost is in the game .

One of the spookier easter eggs players can find in Grand Theft Auto V, the ghost ties into some bits of lore scattered throughout the game and is triggered after visiting a specific website.

While playing at anytime, you can stumble across the website. It’s titled “Who Killed Leonora Johnson,” and it covers the mysterious death of a young woman.

Her killer remains unknown, and as a result the story has become a hot bed for internet theories and ghost stories. Likewise, the website has other links you can click on to learn more about the spookier tales the residents of Los Santos share.

To trigger the ghost easter egg though, you’ll have to click the Main Players tab and then the “Another Pinewood Mystery: Blood on the Rocks” link.

This will reveal an old newspaper clip that details the death of another woman in the game, as well as the location where she died. This location can be found on Mount Gordo, found in the Northeastern portion of the map.

Grand Theft Auto V, The Ghost Location

After you’ve read the article, you can travel to the location mentioned in it to see the ghost. However, it should be noted that the ghost will fail to spawn if you arrive before 11 p.m.

Wait until slightly before this time, and then make your way towards the location marked on the map above. You should spot the ghost in the distance, along with some blood on the rocks beneath it.

If you get to close to the ghost, it will disappear, so try to catch a glimpse from a distance and use a sniper rifle scope to get a better look.

That should cover everything you could need to know about where to find the ghost in Grand Theft Auto V . For more on Grand Theft Auto V, check out some past news on the game that revealed the title is so popular it’s even played in North Korea , albeit illegally.

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gta 5 story mode ghost location

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gta 5 story mode ghost location


Gta 5 easter egg: the ghost of mount gordo.

If you think GTA 5 is all about realism and modernity, then you are truly wrong. In GTA 5, there are still hidden easter eggs that possess mysterious elements, such as the ghost of Mount Gordo.

In this post, we’ll show you how to trigger this easter egg (the ghost of Mount Gordo) and its location.

Table of Contents

The ghost of mount gordo location.

The ghost of Mount Gordo can only be found in one place, Mount Gordo.

This mountain is northeast of Blaine County, and the place where the ghost appears is marked on the map, as shown below:

GTA 5 Ghost Location

Although Mount Gordo is the smallest mountain of the three (the others are Mount Chiliad and Mount Josiah), it remains relatively challenging to conquer, especially due to its steep slopes when climbing it with a vehicle, as a fall can be incredibly fatal.

In most cases, a helicopter or any aircraft is safer to access the mount.

How To Trigger The Ghost

It’s tricky to spot exactly where the ghost is spawned on the map, so when you reach Mount Gordo, try to look for the scene like the image below.

gta 5 story mode ghost location

The ghost only appears between 11 PM and 12 AM, then make sure to set foot on the mountain within this time.

When you’re on time, find a spot and stay far away from the ghost location (staying too close will disable the spawning mechanic). You can use binoculars, your phone, or a sniper scope to see the ghost.

gta 5 story mode ghost location

If you come close to the ghost, it’ll disappear. However, you can see the “Jock” written in blood on the rock nearby.

gta 5 story mode ghost location

As soon as the time hits 12 am, both will disappear, but you can visit them again as long as within the required time mentioned above.

Remember that this event is just an easter egg, meaning it doesn’t affect the whole story . This exploration will stimulate players’ curiosity and make GTA 5 even more captivating.

Discuss with the GTAX-Community:

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Myths and Legends in GTA V

  • View history


Map of Grand Theft Auto V . (Click here for road map.)

This is a list of the myths and legends , thought to be true, and proven true in Grand Theft Auto V . Many previous myths and legends from the other Grand Theft Auto franchise games are also thought to be present in Grand Theft Auto V .

  • 1 Locations
  • 2 Creatures and people
  • 4 Cryptic myths
  • 5 Other myths
  • Abandoned Mine Shaft
  • Abandoned Sawmill
  • Alien Enthusiasts' House
  • Bishop's WTF?!
  • Blaine County Motel
  • Cape Catfish
  • Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Coastal Cave
  • Creepy House
  • El Gordo Lighthouse
  • Epsilon Program Headquarters
  • Fort Zancudo
  • Grave on the Mountain
  • Grove Street
  • Hill Valley Church
  • Humane Labs and Research
  • Lago Zancudo
  • Land Act Reservoir
  • Los Santos Elementary
  • Ludendorff Cemetery
  • Ludendorff Farmhouse
  • Maintenance Tunnels
  • Merryweather Plane
  • Missing Abandoned Shack
  • Mount Chiliad
  • Mount Chiliad Tunnel
  • Mount Gordo
  • Mount Gordo Campsite
  • Mount Josiah
  • North Yankton
  • O'Neil Ranch
  • Paleto Forest
  • Penris Building
  • Raton Canyon
  • San Chianski Mountain Range
  • Senora Desert Structure
  • The Lost MC Clubhouse
  • Tongva Hills Cave
  • Tongva Triangle
  • Underwater Hatch
  • Vinewood Cemetery

Creatures and people

  • Aggressive Driver
  • Altruist Cult
  • Atmospheric Anomalies
  • Brad Snider's Ghost
  • Charles Manson
  • Cris Formage
  • Deadly Drivers
  • Devin Weston's Ghost
  • Federal Investigation Bureau
  • FIB Agents at Chianski Passage
  • FIB Agents at Satellite Dishes
  • Frank Mathers
  • Ghost Truck
  • Jason Voorhees
  • Jill Von Crastenburg
  • Johnny Klebitz's Ghost
  • Jolene Cranley-Evans' Ghost
  • Leonora Johnson
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Michael De Santa's Ghost
  • Michael Myers
  • Native Americans
  • North Yankton Creature
  • Patrick Bateman
  • Palomino Highlands Cryptid
  • Panic in the Woods
  • Possessed Docktug Driver
  • Pyramid Head
  • Ron Jakowski
  • Sewer Killer
  • Strange Mechanic
  • The Drifter
  • The Infinity Killer
  • The Swamp Monster
  • Tongva Hills Creature
  • Trevor Philips' Ghost
  • Vinewood Cemetery Ghosts
  • Airplane Wrecks
  • Exploding Vehicles
  • Ghost Train
  • Possessed Docktug
  • Silverpilen
  • Space Docker
  • Suicidal Airplanes
  • Sunken Submersible
  • Thelma and Louise
  • UFO (Beam Me Up)
  • UFO (Fort Zancudo)
  • UFO (Mount Chiliad)
  • UFO (Underwater)

Cryptic myths

  • All Seeing Eye
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Infinity Murders
  • Mount Chiliad Mystery
  • Serial Killer Nursery Rhyme
  • Technological Singularity
  • The Last One
  • The Quantum Man

Other myths

  • Black Cellphones
  • Blaine County Radio Community Hour
  • Epsilon Program
  • Global Flooding
  • Military Chatter
  • Blaine County Numbers Station
  • Mount Gordo Numbers Station
  • OG Loc's OriGinal
  • Phantom Files
  • Spaceship Parts
  • Storm Drains
  • Strange Howling
  • The Day That Never Comes
  • Whale Skeleton
  • Easter Eggs in GTA V
  • Smaller Easter Eggs
  • Glitches in GTA V
  • 1 Myths and Legends in GTA V
  • 2 Jolene Cranley-Evans' Ghost
  • 3 Myths and Legends in GTA San Andreas

15 Locations In GTA That Are Actually Scary

GTA is known for being action-packed and sprawling, but there are a few haunted and eerie locations in the games that are actually pretty scary.

The Grand Theft Auto series is undoubtedly one of the most influential and iconic video game series of all time. Grand Theft Auto 3 and subsequent games in the series have constantly pushed the boundaries of open-world gaming with various locales, interesting stories, hilarious characters, and everything else along the same lines.

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However, not everything is handled with the classic GTA comedic twist that we're all familiar with — some areas in the game are downright terrifying, especially if you happen upon them without any prior warning. Here are some locations in Grand Theft Auto that are bound to send shivers down your spine.

Updated on April 14, 2023, by David Kinder: Even though the Grand Theft Auto series hasn't dived completely into the paranormal, there are many places that could easily be mistaken for horror sets. Whether through overt references or suspicious designs, GTA can slap you with a creepy location. Years of internet rumors have fueled the fear that these places are haunted and outright malicious. What you should really worry about is your imagination. It can make your mind play tricks on you. However, it only takes an audio or visual glitch to make the Abandoned Hospital a permanent nightmare.

15 Colony Island Hospital (GTA 4)

The Abandoned Colony Island Hospital in GTA 4

During the day, the abandoned hospital near the southern end of Colony Island is unassuming, but like any horror film, the hospital becomes much creepier and unnerving at night. This hospital is familiar to players mainly since one of the hardest Grand Theft Auto 4 missions takes place here — The Snow Storm.

Colony Island is based on the real-life Roosevelt Island, famous for the Smallpox Hospital. While you won't find any ghosts of past asylum patients, you'll definitely be creeped out by the general atmosphere. Nothing screams: "Let's do this another day," like a creepy old hospital.

14 Blaine County Motel (GTA 5)

Blaine County Motel in Grand Theft Auto V

The Abandoned Blaine County Motel is like many of the dozens of dilapidated buildings in Blaine County. Boarded-up windows are no big deal, usually. However, the motel becomes more distressing once you take a look around.

Accessible rooms are filled with trash and in complete disrepair. It seems like a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but the world outside is still running like normal. There have even been claims of unsettling noises and paranormal NPCs, but they're just rumors.

13 Ghost Town (GTA 3)

Ghost Town in Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 marked a massive transformation for the series, with the shift to a 3D open-world setting being a catalyst for the success of this series. After a prison break, players were thrust into the dizzying world of Liberty City. However, there is another city present in the game.

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This Ghost Town can be encountered by flying the lone plane in the game, the Dodo. It's an incomplete region meant solely for the opening cinematic. The fact that there's no collision detection for this area makes the Ghost Town even scarier.

12 The Amityville House (GTA 4)

The Amityville House in Grand Theft Auto 4

The Amityville House is easily one of the scariest locations in real life. So, it's only a given that a series like GTA would also pay homage to this haunting area.

You can find this legendary house in Alderney. While you won't be attacked by ghosts, some players have claimed you can hear sinister dialogue inside the house. Even then, it's still creepy. The general vibe of that lifeless house is unsettling enough for most people.

11 Vinewood Cemetery (GTA 5)

Vinewood Cemetery in Grand Theft Auto V

Cemeteries are creepy in any video game. Some developers try to hide zombies and other monsters in the background. Fortunately, there's nothing like that, but the creepiest part about Vinewood Cemetery has to be the empty grave with a pistol.

Rockstar's desire to make each of their open worlds feel lived in can make a lot of areas unsettling. Not knowing why something is there makes your mind run with possibilities. Some players have claimed that this grave is a reference to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas , where CJ and Sweet's mom is buried.

10 Inside The Statue Of Happiness (GTA 4)

The Literal Heart Of Liberty City in GTA 4

Grand Theft Auto 4 has one of the most absurd Easter eggs in the entirety of gaming and one of the most horrifying due to its implication. The Heart Of Liberty City has to be seen to be believed, but you may regret that choice.

This Easter egg is inside the Statue Of Happiness. You need to land directly at the base of the statue, which is no easy task. After going past a fake door, players can climb the ladder to witness a beating heart. It's also a nod to Edgar Allan Poe's Tell-Tale Heart.

9 Mount Gordo (GTA 5)

Jolene Cranley-Evan's Ghost on Mount Gordo in GTA V

The ghost of Mount Gordo is a definite shock for unprepared players. Once you complete the questline for Jolene Cranley-Evans, a small surprise is waiting at the mountaintop. In the middle of the night, with a sniper rifle, you can look down the scope near the peak to see Jolene Cranley-Evans's ghost.

RELATED: Hidden Missions Fans Missed In Grand Theft Auto 5

You might get jumped scared, so keep that in mind. The good news is that the ghost disappears if you try to get close. It's obviously not the reward anyone would expect after solving a cold case.

8 Back O' Beyond Woods (GTA San Andreas)

Back O Beyond Woods in GTA San Andreas

The Back O' Beyond Woods in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is an iconic location infamous for Bigfoot myths and the illusive Ghost Cars. While the Bigfoot mission was a hoax, there are still some eerie things about this place. The nighttime fog paints a different picture.

If you're roaming in the woods, a random car will roll towards them without anyone in the driver's seat. Ghost cars are a glitch but mostly a design oversight. The vehicles are "moving towards you" because they spawn on a hill and begin to roll down when you get near them.

7 Abandoned Sprunk Factory (GTA 4)

Abandoned Sprunk Factory in GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto 4 remade Liberty City with its fair share of creepy locations and occurrences. One such location is the Abandoned Sprunk Factory, with numerous fan theories. Players have stated that they've seen alligators and ghosts roaming the area, although that has never been proven.

While New York allegedly has sewer gators, Liberty City doesn't. The random screaming does actually occur. However, it only happens when a person fires a gun. Due to how sound works in GTA 4, the hobos under the building will hear the gunshots and scream out of horror.

6 Apartment 3C (GTA Vice City)

Apartment 3C in GTA Vice City

Crime films like Scarface inspired Grand Theft Auto Vice City , so it was inevitable that a bunch of references to the movie would make their appearance here. There's a limited amount of buildings you can enter, so being able to enter Apartment 3c was a big surprise.

If you choose to enter, there's horrifying sight waiting in the bathroom. The bathroom walls are stained with blood, along with a chainsaw pick-up — an obvious nod to the iconic murder scene of Angel in Scarface.

5 Abandoned Mine Shaft (GTA 5)

Fred Quincy's Victim In The Abandoned Mine Shaft In GTA V

The Abandoned Mine Shaft in Grand Theft Auto 5 was originally inaccessible in early copies. With the release of the Enhanced Version, players could destroy the boards guarding the main entrance and explore this eerie location.

RELATED: GTA 5: Fun Facts And Trivia You Need To Know About The Game

The scene that greets them is quite horrifying: a well-preserved, wrinkled corpse wearing a vintage pinstripe suit. It's part of Michael's Murder Mystery story. It's also an homage to the seedier and shadier history of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

4 Harbour 'Hobo Tunnel' (GTA 3)

Harbour Hobo Tunnel in GTA 3

The Hobo Tunnel in Grand Theft Auto 3 sparked many rumors back in the day. Its existence has never been explained, which makes the mystery behind the tunnels all the more intriguing. The easy answer is that Rockstar wanted to make Liberty City more realistic.

However, the worst part about this area is that the only people in the location are four hobos facing each other with molotovs, who do nothing. There have been attempts at explaining why they're there, such as deleted missions and forgotten Easter eggs. The lack of activity makes it all the stranger.

3 El Castillo Del Diablo (GTA San Andreas)

Mass Grave Near Area 69 in GTA San Andreas

San Andreas has many Easter eggs , but some are just outright creepy. One notable Easter egg is in El Castillo Del Diablo. At first glance, it's a bunch of rock formations. At the center, there's a mass grave.

The fact that this place is close to both Las Brujas, a ghost town, and Area 69 has led to people believing that the government took the residents of Las Brujas, experimented on them, and disposed of failures in this mass grave. It could also allude to mobs in Las Vegas disposing of victims.

2 Merle Abrahams' House (GTA 5)

Merle Abraham's House GTA V

The Infinity Killer from Grand Theft Auto 5 is easily one of the most twisted and messed up sidequests in the entire game. It wasn't the first time and wouldn't be the last time since Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4 also feature a serial killer sidequest.

The Killer's home is charred and abandoned, with disturbing graffiti all over the wall related to the number eight. There's also a set of tally marks counting to 15, which could be anything from a victim counting his final days to his child's age (in days or years).

1 Mount Chiliad (GTA 5)

UFO Floating Over Mount Chiliad in GTA V

Years of fan speculation and myth-busting Mount Chiliad led to one of the most amazing yet fascinating experiences in GTA 5. Many people thought the mural involved jetpacks, Bigfoot, aliens, and a government conspiracy. It was a message for the player to 100 percent the game and reach the peak during a storm.

Upon meeting the above conditions, players will be able to witness a UFO in the distance, which is quite jarring, to say the least. The moment feels like the ending of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. You can't help but feel like something bad is going to happen.

NEXT: Grand Theft Auto 5: Things To Do After You Beat The Game

gta 5 story mode ghost location

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GTA 5 ghost locations: Your ultimate guide to finding all of them

GTA Online's Ghosts Exposed will see 10 ghosts appear at set times every day between 8 PM and 6 AM in-game time, in set locations. Get GTA 5 ghost locations.

gta 5 story mode ghost location

GTA 5 Online’s Ghosts Exposed is one of the Halloween 2023 updates where the gamer’s goal is to photograph 10 ghosts in various locations. 

As per the rules of the game, these GTA 5 ghosts will appear at set times daily between 8 PM and 6 AM in-game time, in select locations. 

All entities in Grand Theft Auto 5 ghosts except the final one have two locations where you can find them. Additionally, it must be noted that the final ghost will only appear once the gamer has captured all the first nine. 

It will spawn in the middle of the night/early morning, so one may need to wait until the following night to complete the game.

Each captured ghost will reward you with $20,000 and 500 RP and with a bonus of $50,000 after all 10 ghosts are photographed, making the total rewards for this activity $250,000 and 5,000 RP. 

Additionally, you will get a free unique livery, Ghosts Exposed, for the Albany Brigham vehicle. Here’s a synopsis of every GTA 5 ghost location in the Halloween 2023 update:

GTA 5 ghost locations: Know them all

All timings as per in-game times:

  • Ghost 1 (8 PM - 9 PM) - Head to Grapespeed and locate a barn. The ghost can be found on the upper floor of the barn in this location.
  • Ghost 2 (9 PM - 10 PM) - You can find the second ghost in the window of a white abandoned trailer home at Algonquin Blvd in Sandy Shores.
  • Ghost 3 (10 PM - 11 PM) - Find this ghost near an abandoned old broken bus next to Maude's trailer in Grapeseed.
  • Ghost 4 (11 PM - 12 AM) - Look for the El Gordo Lighthouse. You can find the ghost at the base of the lighthouse or on top of it.
  • Ghost 5 (1 AM - 2 AM) - Approach a destroyed home on Joshua Road in Harmony and find the ghost on top of the porch of the house.
  • Ghost 6 (2 AM - 3 AM) - Visit the Hill Valley Church in Great Chaparral. The apparition will be either on top of the church or in the graveyard.
  • Ghost 7 (3 AM - 4 AM) - Come over to the most northeastern house in Paleto Bay. The spectre can be inside the roof of a house or behind the window on the ground floor.
  • Ghost 8 (4 AM - 5 AM) - Visit the waterfall in Tongva Valley. You can find the ghost at the top of the waterfall or on the rock to the left in the middle of the waterfall.
  • Ghost 9 (5 AM - 6 AM) - Head to Raton Canyon Bridge. The phantom will either be on top of the mouth of a train tunnel or near the middle of the railway track, next to the parachute power up.
  • Ghost 10 (12 AM - 1 AM) - This ghost will only be available after you've captured the previous nine. You can find Johnny Klebitz's ghost on the same road intersection where Trevor killed him.

Who is the ghost of Mount Gordo in GTA 5

Another ghost in GTA 5 is the infamous phantom of Jolene Cranley-Evans , who is Jock Cranley's late wife. She is known as the ghost of Mount Gordo in GTA 5 .

Jolene became a spirit after her husband Jock pushed her off the cliff from Mount Gordo, one of three peaks in San Andreas in GTA 5.

The reason Jock threw her off the cliff is due to a dispute between the married couple. While Jolene wanted to take care of her parents and manage their successful guest home business, Jock insisted on leaving Blaine County to fulfil his ambition of becoming a stuntman.  

How to find the ghost of Mount Gordo in GTA 5

Near the peak of Mount Gordo, gamers can find the name JOCK, which appears to be written in blood on a large, flat rock on the ground.

In order to capture the ghost, the players must visit the place near the rock between 23:00 and 00:00.

The ghost appears to be female with long black hair and donning a white dress or a robe. The phantom appears to be slightly translucent.

While it appears to fade away upon approach, the spectre can still be visible through a sniper sight or the phone's camera.

The female ghost has a permanent petrified open-mouthed expression on her face with empty white eyes staring directly in front of her. However, it can move in a slight circular motion, as if to arouse a wind cyclone.

Photo credit: Alamy

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gta 5 story mode ghost location

Casetoo holds prestigious honour of highest kills in Battlegrounds Mobile India

gta 5 story mode ghost location

Live streaming, ESL Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 LAN Finals starts on February 16 - get teams and format

gta 5 story mode ghost location

PEL 2024 Spring China to begin in February - get teams, format, new rules and watch live streaming

gta 5 story mode ghost location

Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 Challenge Season points table - know latest standings

gta 5 story mode ghost location

BGMI unban date: Know when Battlegrounds Mobile India game was relaunched

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gta 5 story mode ghost location

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GTA Base

GTA 5 Missions List: All Story Missions Guide & Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto V Missions Guide - GTA 5: All Story Missions List & Walkthrough

Here you find the full list of all the GTA 5 Missions , along with the complete story mission guide for Grand Theft Auto V. This includes all the Heists branching approaches, the optional Lester's Assassination Missions , and a walkthrough for all the missions in the single player campaign.

You can access  up to 74 missions in a single playthrough of GTA V, depending on your choices. Playing from the " Prologue " all the way to one of the three possible endings is required for 100% completion .

It is strongly advised to leave the 4 optional Assassination missions for last , until after the main storyline is completed, so that you can make the most money by the end of the game.

As GTA V introduces the ability to switch between three playable characters , for each GTA 5 mission below we show which of the three protagonists are involved, as well as the respective icon that appears on the map to start it.

GTA 5 Story Missions List:

The GTA 5 missions below are listed in  chronological order  - although some missions from different characters become available at the same time, so they can be played in a slightly different order.

Clicking on each GTA 5 mission brings you to its full details, with the mission guide, rewards, Gold Medal Objectives , Video Walkthrough , and more information.

GTA 5 Mission - Prologue

1 . Prologue

North Yankton, 9 years ago.

GTA 5 Mission - Franklin and Lamar

2 . Franklin and Lamar

Franklin and Lamar repossess two convertibles for an Armenian car dealer, Simeon.

GTA 5 Mission - Repossession

3 . Repossession

Franklin and Lamar go to a shady part of Vespucci Beach to repo a bike for Simeon.

GTA 5 Mission - Complications

4 . Complications

Franklin heads to Rockford Hills to repo a car for Simeon.

GTA 5 Mission - Father/Son

5 . Father/Son

Jimmy gets in trouble with some gangsters and calls Michael for help.

Note:  To continue the storyline missions, you must now complete " Pulling Favors " (given to Franklin by Tonya), which is the first and only Strangers & Freaks mission required for story progression.

GTA 5 Mission - Chop

Lamar has a plan to make some extra cash.

GTA 5 Mission - Marriage Counseling

7 . Marriage Counseling

Michael's marriage is on the rocks.

GTA 5 Mission - Daddy's Little Girl

8 . Daddy's Little Girl

Michael and Jimmy pop out for some father/son bonding.

GTA 5 Mission - Friend Request

9 . Friend Request

Michael needs a job and turns to an old friend for help.

GTA 5 Mission - The Long Stretch

10 . The Long Stretch

Stretch has been released from prison, Lamar and Franklin take him out.

GTA 5 Mission - The Good Husband (Family Mission)

11 . The Good Husband (Family Mission)

Retrieve Amanda from shoplifting clothes and lose the cops.

GTA 5 Mission - Casing the Jewel Store

12 . Casing the Jewel Store

Michael and Lester scout out a Jewellers in Little Portola.

GTA 5 Mission - Carbine Rifles

13 . Carbine Rifles

GTA 5 Mission - Bugstars Equipment

13 . Bugstars Equipment

GTA 5 Mission - BZ Gas Grenades

14 . BZ Gas Grenades

GTA 5 Mission - The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach)

15 . The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach)

In need of money to pay Madrazo, Michael takes down a Rockford Hills Jewel Store with Franklin and a crew.

GTA 5 Mission - The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach)

15 . The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach)

GTA 5 Mission - Mr. Philips

16 . Mr. Philips

Trevor has something to discuss with the Lost Motorcycle Club.

GTA 5 Mission - Trevor Philips Industries

17 . Trevor Philips Industries

Trevor defends his cook house from a rival gang.

GTA 5 Mission - Nervous Ron

18 . Nervous Ron

Trevor and Ron intercept a weapons shipment.

GTA 5 Mission - Crystal Maze

19 . Crystal Maze

Trevor takes care of his business competition.

GTA 5 Mission - Friends Reunited

20 . Friends Reunited

Trevor sets off for Los Santos.

GTA 5 Mission - Fame Or Shame

21 . Fame Or Shame

Tracey auditions for Fame or Shame.

GTA 5 Mission - Dead Man Walking

22 . Dead Man Walking

Agent Dave Norton puts Michael in a difficult situation.

GTA 5 Mission - Three's Company

23 . Three's Company

Franklin and Trevor get roped into helping the FIB.

GTA 5 Mission - By the Book

24 . By the Book

Michael and Trevor combine to locate a target for the FIB.

GTA 5 Mission - Hood Safari

25 . Hood Safari

Franklin and Lamar show Trevor a typical South Los Santos neighborhood.

GTA 5 Mission - Did Somebody Say Yoga?

26 . Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Michael finds his inner peace.

GTA 5 Mission - Scouting the Port

27 . Scouting the Port

Trevor heads to the Port of LS to look for a job.

GTA 5 Mission - Minisub

28 . Minisub

Get kitted up for for the Merryweather Heist.

GTA 5 Mission - Cargobob

29 . Cargobob

GTA 5 Mission - The Merryweather Heist (Offshore)

30 . The Merryweather Heist (Offshore)

Trevor brings Michael and Franklin on board to steal a prototype on a Merryweather Security-protected ship in the Port of LS.

GTA 5 Mission - The Merryweather Heist (Freighter)

30 . The Merryweather Heist (Freighter)

GTA 5 Mission - The Hotel Assassination

31 . The Hotel Assassination

Lester asks Franklin to take down Brett Lowrey, CEO of Bilkinton Research, who is staying at the Von Crastenburg Hotel.

GTA 5 Mission - Boiler Suits

32 . Boiler Suits

Prep for an FIB operation.

GTA 5 Mission - Masks

34 . Trash Truck

GTA 5 Mission - Tow Truck

35 . Tow Truck

GTA 5 Mission - Blitz Play

36 . Blitz Play

The FIB need Michael, Trevor and Franklin to rob an armored car.

GTA 5 Mission - I Fought the Law...

37 . I Fought the Law...

Franklin steals a Cheetah and an Entity XF for Devin.

GTA 5 Mission - Eye in the Sky

38 . Eye in the Sky

Franklin and Trevor locate a Z-Type for Devin.

GTA 5 Mission - Mr. Richards

39 . Mr. Richards

Michael gets his first job in the movie business.

GTA 5 Mission - Caida Libre

40 . Caida Libre

Martin Madrazo needs a favor from Michael and Trevor.

GTA 5 Mission - Deep Inside

41 . Deep Inside

Franklin boosts a JB 700 for Devin.

GTA 5 Mission - Minor Turbulence

42 . Minor Turbulence

Trevor flies to intercept a cargo plane.

GTA 5 Mission - Paleto Score Setup

43 . Paleto Score Setup

Michael, Lester and Trevor check out a bank in Paleto Bay.

GTA 5 Mission - Predator

44 . Predator

Franklin, Trevor and Michael chase the O'Neil gang into the woods.

GTA 5 Mission - Military Hardware

45 . Military Hardware

Prepare for the Paleto Score.

GTA 5 Mission - The Paleto Score

46 . The Paleto Score

Michael, Franklin and Trevor take a well-protected holding bank in sleepy fishing village, Paleto Bay.

GTA 5 Mission - Derailed

47 . Derailed

Michael and Trevor stage a train robbery.

GTA 5 Mission - Monkey Business

48 . Monkey Business

Michael, Trevor and Franklin help the FIB save the country.

GTA 5 Mission - Hang Ten

49 . Hang Ten

Trevor and Wade leave Floyd and Debra's condo.

GTA 5 Mission - Surveying the Score

50 . Surveying the Score

Scope out the federal reserve in preparation for The Big Score.

GTA 5 Mission - Bury the Hatchet

51 . Bury the Hatchet

Trevor and Michael take a trip down memory lane.

GTA 5 Mission - Pack Man

52 . Pack Man

Franklin, Trevor and Lamar deliver Devin's cars to a drop-off point near Paleto Bay.

GTA 5 Mission - Fresh Meat

53 . Fresh Meat

Michael's world gets turned upside down.

GTA 5 Mission - The Ballad of Rocco

54 . The Ballad of Rocco

Michael helps out Solomon Richards.

GTA 5 Mission - Cleaning out the Bureau

55 . Cleaning out the Bureau

The FIB want you to do one last job.

GTA 5 Mission - Architect's Plans

56 . Architect's Plans

Prepare for the Bureau Raid.

GTA 5 Mission - Fire Truck

57 . Fire Truck

GTA 5 Mission - The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew)

58 . The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew)

Having started a fire in the FIB headquarters, Michael and Franklin go in as firemen to perform a data theft.

GTA 5 Mission - The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry)

58 . The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry)

Michael and Franklin parachute onto the FIB headquarters to infiltrate their network and perform a data theft.

GTA 5 Mission - The Wrap Up

59 . The Wrap Up

Michael has a meeting with the FIB.

GTA 5 Mission - Reuniting the Family

60 . Reuniting the Family

Michael begins to make amends with his family.

GTA 5 Mission - Doting Dad (Family Mission)

61 . Doting Dad (Family Mission)

Find Tracey's stalker and deal with him.

GTA 5 Mission - Legal Trouble

62 . Legal Trouble

Michael tries to protect the Movie Studio.

GTA 5 Mission - Lamar Down

63 . Lamar Down

Lamar's in trouble and needs help.

GTA 5 Mission - Meltdown

64 . Meltdown

Michael attends the Meltdown premiere.

GTA 5 Mission - Parenting 101 (Family Mission)

65 . Parenting 101 (Family Mission)

Rescue Jimmy from his kidnappers.

GTA 5 Mission - Planning The Big Score

66 . Planning The Big Score

Set plans to rob the Union Depository.

GTA 5 Mission - Stingers

67 . Stingers

GTA 5 Mission - Sidetracked

67 . Sidetracked

GTA 5 Mission - Gauntlet (1-3)

68 . Gauntlet (1-3)

GTA 5 Mission - Driller

68 . Driller

GTA 5 Mission - The Big Score (Subtle Approach)

69 . The Big Score (Subtle Approach)

Michael and Trevor con their way into the Union Depository and walk out with the gold reserves. Franklin organises the getaway.

GTA 5 Mission - The Big Score (Obvious Approach)

69 . The Big Score (Obvious Approach)

While Michael causes a distraction at the Union Depository, Franklin and Trevor empty the vault of the gold reserves.

GTA V Last Mission: Endings

Grand Theft Auto V has three possible endings that you can choose from, each with significantly different outcomes for the GTA 5 last mission.

It has been confirmed that Ending C (Deathwish) is the canon ending of GTA V, and it's recommended to choose it if you don't want to lose access to one of the main characters.

GTA 5 Mission - Something Sensible (Ending A)

70 . Something Sensible (Ending A)

Franklin has to make a choice.

WARNING: If you pick this ending, you will permanently lose access to Trevor from this point forward.

GTA 5 Mission - The Time's Come (Ending B)

70 . The Time's Come (Ending B)

WARNING: If you pick this ending, you will permanently lose access to Michael from this point forward.

GTA 5 Mission - The Third Way (Ending C)

70 . The Third Way (Ending C)

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor take down all their enemies: ambush FIB agents and Merryweather mercenaries at the foundry in Murrieta Heights, then target Wei Cheng, Stretch, Steve Haines and Devin Weston.

Lester's Assassinations (Side Missions)

The following are the  GTA V's Assassination Missions given by Lester Crest to Franklin. Only the first (" The Hotel Assassination ") is required for story progression, which is why it's also listed as a main story mission above.

The other four Assassinations are optional, and it's strongly advised to play them after finishing the main storyline , in order to make the most profit out of the stock market investment.

1. The Hotel Assassination

GTA 5 Mission - The Multi Target Assassination

2. The Multi Target Assassination

Lester tasks Franklin to take down four corrupt jurors that are planning to throw a class-action lawsuit against Redwood Cigarettes.

GTA 5 Mission - The Vice Assassination

3. The Vice Assassination

Franklin must find and kill Jackson Skinner, the head of product development at Facade. 

GTA 5 Mission - The Bus Assassination

4. The Bus Assassination

Lester asks Franklin to assassinate a man called Isaac Penny, who is about to take a controlling share in the Vapid Motor Company. 

GTA 5 Mission - The Construction Assassination

5. The Construction Assassination

In the last Assassination, Lester tells Franklin to take down Enzo Bonelli, a mafia member turned real estate developer. 

Note:  Even though  Lester's Assassination Missions  are optional (not required for story progression), they're still counted under the main "Missions" checklist, and they're still needed for 100% completion of the game.

How many missions are in GTA 5?

Despite the GTA V in-game statistics stating that the game has 69 missions , there are actually many more missions available, with branching paths and three possible endings. 

There are actually 83 available story missions in total in GTA 5, which you can find all listed on this page. However, due to the branching nature of Heist approaches, only  74 missions  are played in a single playthrough, while the others can be accessed by selecting different paths.

So why does the game's checklist show "only" 69 missions instead of 74? Well, Rockstar has decided to not include the  "Fire Truck" and "BZ Gas Grenades" heist setups in their listing, and they also don't count the 3 optional "Family Missions" that Micheal can do. This is probably so they could make a reference to the "69" number on purpose, in typical Rockstar fashion.

What do Mission Icon Colors mean in GTA 5?

Since GTA V features three playable protagonists, the game indicates with unique colors on the map the missions that can be started by the different characters:

  • A blue icon on the map shows missions that can be started by Michael
  • A green icon on the map shows missions that can be started by Franklin
  • An orange icon on the map icon shows missions that can be started by Trevor
  • If you see a question mark on the map, it's a Strangers & Freaks  side mission.

You can also see the number of missions currently available for each protagonist when switching between them via the Character Wheel.

How to Replay Missions in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V features mission scoring, with specific objectives (such as time, damage, accuracy, etc.) required to achieve the  Gold Medal in a mission.

Just completing a mission will give you a Bronze Medal by default. You earn a Silver Medal by meeting at least one objective, but you must complete 100% of the objectives to earn a Gold Medal.

To improve your score, you can replay the missions you already completed, by accessing the Pause Menu and going to the "Game" tab.

It's important to note that you can complete each Gold Medal requirement in multiple playthroughs of the mission - you don't need to obtain them all in one single playthrough.

Earning at least 70 Gold Medals between Missions and Strangers & Freaks is required for the  "Solid Gold, Baby!" Achievement / Trophy .

How to Play All Endings in GTA 5

If you would like to play all three endings in Grand Theft Auto V in a single playthrough, and experience what each ending has to offer, the game allows you to do so.

After completing one of the endings, you will find the ability to play the two other endings by accessing the Pause Menu, going to "Game" > Replay Mission", and scrolling all the way to the bottom.

However, this won't change the original choice you made during the course of the playthrough.

If you're unsure on what ending to choose, it's advised to first  make a save in a separate slot after completing "The Big Score" mission. At this point, you are free to experiment with choosing and playing any of the three endings, knowing that you always have a previously saved game that you can return to choose a different ending.

Unless you want to lose access to Michael or Trevor after the end of the story, we strongly recommend choosing  Ending C (Deathwish) , as that's also been confirmed to be the canon ending of the game.

More GTA 5 Side Missions

In addition to the main GTA 5 Story Mode, GTA V also features other optional side missions and activities that can be played.

These include Strangers & Freaks missions , which involve interesting characters that Michael, Franklin, or Trevor can encounter outside the main story.

There are also many  Hobbies & Pastimes and Random Events that you can take part in if you want to fully complete the game.


gta 5 story mode ghost location

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How to solve the GTA 5 Murder Mystery

Here's the solution to the Grand Theft Auto 5 Murder Mystery

GTA 5 Murder Mystery solution

If you want to solve the GTA 5 Murder Mystery then there's plenty of investigating to do, and if you try to tackle this alone then you could be searching for a long time to get any results. That's why we're here to help, by providing a list of the clue locations you need to visit so you can streamline the process of discovering the sinister secrets hiding in the dark underbelly of Los Santos. If you can follow this through to the conclusion and find the solution to this mystery in GTA 5 then there's an interesting reward available, in the form of some Vintage Noir filters to change the look of the game. If you're getting on the case then this is how to start things off, and the subsequent steps to take so you can reach the GTA 5 Murder Mystery solution.

How to start the GTA 5 Murder Mystery investigation

To get started on this GTA 5 detective work, you'll need to start by discovering four messages carved into the walls around Los Santos as Michael. Once you have those you'll be able to track down additional clues to discover what really happened. Follow us and we'll lead you through the locations you need to visit for the GTA 5 Murder Mystery. 

West Vinewood: The Gentry Manor Hotel

To the east of the main Gentry Manor Hotel building, look for an inscription next an archway that reads "OLD FRED ACTS NICE, BUT IT AIN'T SO!"

Downtown Vinewood: Oriental Theatre

To the west side of the Oriental Theatre entrance behind some palm trees, you'll find the message "AIN'T NO MYSTERY, THEY DROWNED HER BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE KNEW!"

Alta: City Hall

In an alcove around the back of City Hall, the writing on the wall says "FRED MAKES CARTOONS FOR KIDS, FUNNY THING CONSIDERING WHAT HE HID."

Vinewood Hills: Galileo Observatory

On the lower level at the south side of the Galileo Observatory, you'll find this message that simply reads "DAVID RICHARDS KNOWS."

Underwater Body

With the four clues gathered the next step is to locate the missing body, which can be found off the coast to the west near Fort Zancudo. It's best to take a submarine to this location (the Sonar Collections Dock for the GTA 5 Nuclear Waste locations is nearby) then exit it and use your scuba gear to swim up to the body.

Solomon's Office

The final piece of the puzzle can be found on the desk of Solomon Richards. To access it, you need to have completed the Meltdown mission then head to the marker outside his office at Richards Majestic after 21:00. You can then read the letter on his desk, revealing a dark secret hidden in a mine up in the hills.

Out in Great Chaparral you'll find an abandoned mine, where you can use explosives to blow the doors off and gain access. Follow the rail tracks into the mine and you'll eventually discover a body in a pinstripe suit, which should unlock the option for new Vintage filters.

Vintage Noir Filters

With the Murder Mystery solved, you can now modify your display with two new Vintage Noir filters. These can be accessed by visiting the body in the mine, or by calling the new Isaac contact on your phone to cycle through them.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Map

Grand Theft Auto 5 Interactive Map

NEW: GTA Trilogy maps now available! GTA III , GTA: Vice City & GTA: San Andreas

gta 5 story mode ghost location


Most Breathtaking Locations In Grand Theft Auto V

  • GTA 5's open world design is a timeless and magical experience that sticks with players long after they finish the game.
  • The game's beautiful locations, such as Baytree Canyon and Tongva Valley, are a testament to Rockstar's technical prowess.
  • GTA 5 offers diverse and stunning landscapes like Palomino Highlands and Raton Canyon that provide moments of awe and tranquility amidst the action.

Rockstar Games has consistently been at the forefront of delivering excellence through its video games. One need only look at the massive success of Grand Theft Auto 5 to understand why this is the case. Initially coming out as a stellar single-player experience that was very much a must-play in every sense, Rockstar ended up going above and beyond the call of duty for this title, integrating a first-person perspective and also adding an Online functionality that has taken the world by storm.

A big part of what makes Grand Theft Auto 5 such a timeless and magical experience is the incredible design of its open world, featuring a bunch of unique and interesting locales that will stick with players long after they're finished with this brilliant experience. The fact that these sights have aged so well is a testament to Rockstar's technical prowess, creating state-of-the-art titles that age like a fine wine and never get tiring in the slightest. After all, there's a reason why GTA 5 is still widely talked about to this day, and that's not just because of its multiplayer component.

Updated February 4, 2024, by Ritwik Mitra: Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best video games ever made, and the sheer number of beautiful locations in this game are quite expansive. It's hard to believe that this game is more than a decade old. Players love the longevity of this game and how it still feels amazing to play even now. A huge part of this is GTA Online , but even that mode would have failed had it not been for the solid base that helped this aspect of the game shine even more. As players explore the world of Grand Theft Auto 5, they'll find many places that can keep them entertained for hours on end.

GTA Online: Every Heist In The Game (& How Much They Pay)

Baytree canyon, overlooks the grand senora desert.

  • Located in the Great Chaparral area

Most players won't be aware of Baytree Canyon's existence, given that its name isn't shown on the map. However, that doesn't take away from the scenic views that players can enjoy in this canyon once they manage to locate it.

The view of the Grand Senora Desert is breathtaking from this area. Players can also see Vinewood Hills from here, letting them enjoy a visual treat during their adventures across the many immersive landscapes of Grand Theft Auto 5 .

Heart Attacks Beach

An oddly named beach with a brilliant view.

  • Just beside Mount Gordo

One of the most amusingly named locations in the game, Heart Attacks Beach is one of the many locations that players can find in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 . The beach is right next to Mount Gordo, which is perhaps why it has been given such a name.

Many people are familiar with Mount Gordo as the location where they can spot a ghost during certain hours of the night. It's possible that some people saw this spirit from the beach, and were so scared that their hearts gave out. It's a plausible story for the name, but is nothing more than speculation.

Great Chaparral

A serene location where less is more.

  • In Los Santos County

Most people would be surprised to see Great Chaparral here, given that the place is mostly empty barring a few farms and trees here and there. However, in a game that is jam-packed with detailed environments and dynamic landscapes, there's something interesting about a location that doesn't need all that much to wow players with how peaceful and subtle the views are.

14 Grand Theft Auto Characters Who Appear In Multiple Games

Driving through Great Chaparral during the day is a treat for the eyes if players look around instead of trying to find the quickest way to get from point A to point B. It's a treat for the ages, and fans will have a great time taking their time through this area before moving on to accomplishing the many activities that they can engage with in this amazing title.

Tongva Valley

A beautiful location with unique, varied landscapes.

  • Located just south of Route 68

The region of Tongva boasts some of the best views in Grand Theft Auto 5 , and there's a reason why players who are well-versed when it comes to the game's many regions love this area in particular. Most people talk about Tongva Hills in particular, and that's understandable — that location is undoubtedly the highlight of this area and has many places where players can just stop and look around, amazed by the amazing visuals of the game.

However, Tongva Valley shouldn't be underestimated in this regard either. This area has its fair share of amazing locations that will wow players to no end. The sheer amount of detail present here goes a long way in making the location as picturesque as possible. Given how breakneck the pace of this game can be at times, players will always welcome a moment to just stand and gaze in awe at just how technically impressive this game looks despite being released around a decade ago!

Palomino Highlands

The coastline looks amazing when the weather paints it in a flattering way.

  • Present in Southeast Los Santos County

A beautiful coastline area, Palomino Highlands is a great example of just how diverse the environments of Grand Theft Auto 5 are. Featuring the best of both worlds, players who have seen enough of the copious greenery in this area can walk down the coastline to enjoy the views afforded by the Pacific Ocean.

It's an excellent location to unwind after a long day of butchering innocents and committing grand theft auto on a massive scale. It's a beautiful area, and players will be especially lucky if they capture a great aerial view of this underrated location in the game.

Grand Senora Desert

An arid expanse with a lot of detail.

  • Located in Blaine County

At a glance, a desert doesn't seem like the most interesting area to explore in a video game. However, Rockstar Games has knocked it out of the park while designing this area as well.

Best Games Like Grand Theft Auto 5 On Xbox Game Pass (December 2023)

The Grand Senora Desert not only looks incredible, but it is also full to the brim with unique secrets. It's a surprisingly scenic area that serves as a breath of fresh air from the usual locales present in the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5's Take On Hollywood

  • A famous district in Los Santos

The posh area of Vinewood was bound to make its way into this list at some point. After all, it's one of the most iconic locations in Grand Theft Auto 5 !

Vinewood is a beautiful urban sprawl that is extremely scenic too. Roaming around this area and finding beautiful spots to take snapshots is surprisingly easy, due to how picturesque the area is. It's a great place to just drive around and take a break from the chaos.

Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

A state park whose biggest highlight is the eponymous mountain.

  • A state park in Blaine County

Chiliad Mountain itself is a fun area to explore in Grand Theft Auto 5 . However, the wilderness of this area also has some delightful parts of its own.

The flora and fauna of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness make the entire area feel alive — and pretty dangerous, at times. Thankfully, players don't need to worry much, as long as they spot any danger quickly and don't linger in one spot for too long.

Fort Zancudo

An army base with rare vehicles that nets a wanted level instantly.

  • Outskirts of the Lago Zancudo swamps

Fort Zancudo isn't a breathtaking location in the usual sense. After all, it's just a restricted military area that most people won't even frequent all that much in the game.

Every Grand Theft Auto Game (In Chronological Order)

However, even taking a look at this place from afar gives a sense of awe. This fort is a rare yet welcome sight — right up until a bunch of missiles come out of nowhere to bomb the player . Then it's time to get out of there fast.

Grove Street

A legendary street that fans of gta: san andreas are intimately familiar with.

  • Present in Davis, South Los Santos

Grove Street served as the iconic hub of San Andreas and has become one of the most memorable locations in video games. Seeing this area in Grand Theft Auto 5 is a nostalgic sight that many people will love.

For some reason, not many members of the GSF roam around this area that often, since the Ballas seem more prominent. It's saddening, but this is just a small gripe for a location that is legendary and brings many fond memories.

Tataviam Mountains

A beautiful mountain range.

  • East of Los Santos

There is a slew of beautiful locales in Grand Theft Auto 5 , but the Tataviam Mountains stand a cut above the rest because of its beautiful places right between the rural and urban areas of Los Santos.

This area is based on the San Jacinto Mountains of Riverside County and can prove to be quite a scenic and beautiful locale for players wanting to witness the masterful open-world design of this title.

Tongva Hills

An undeveloped area that looks all the more natural and beautiful as a result.

  • North from Banham Canyon

Many places look beautiful when the sun is setting in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 , but not many can match the view from Tongva Hills in this regard.

The little streams and waterfalls scattered all across this area are beautiful enough as is, and watching the orange rays of the setting sun bounce off of these reflective surfaces is a treat to witness in every sense of the word.

Vespucci Beach

A beautiful, well-maintained beach.

  • Located in Vespucci, Los Santos

However, there's another place where people can catch the sunset and be more than appeased by the views — Vespucci Beach. This area is Rockstar's take on the famous Venice Beach, and this certainly shows in every aspect of its design.

Top 25 Best Story Missions In Grand Theft Auto 5

The area is populated with NPCs going about their day, making this area feel all the more lively and invigorating to explore. It certainly helps that the landscape also features interesting sights, including a massive Ferris Wheel that is surprisingly beautiful to witness.

A Salt Lake That Is Breathtaking To Behold

  • In the middle of Blaine County, San Andreas

At a glance, it might seem like the seas and oceans of Grand Theft Auto 5 are nothing more than vast expanses of water with nothing to do. However, people who share this notion have never explored the beautiful Alamo Sea.

Driving around the shores of this sea in a boat — or even flying around in a slow plane — is surprisingly calming and makes for a rather underrated highlight in a game that usually sells itself on promoting bombastic action and zany humor over anything else.

Paleto Forest

A coniferous forest that looks amazing in the right conditions.

  • South of Paleto Bay

Paleto Forest is a vast expanse of wilderness where pollen can also fill up the air at times to make for a genuinely breathtaking landscape. It's too bad that this area is populated with bears that will force players to occasionally go into action mode, ruining their enjoyment of this scenic location.

For players who want to explore the areas around Paleto without being hounded by animals, there's a way better place to explore — namely, the town near this area itself.

A Small Town That Looks Positively Quaint

  • Northwest of Paleto Forest

The small town of Paleto Bay is easily one of the best places to explore in the game, featuring a quaint and calming aesthetic that will keep fans occupied with its innate charm and hypnotizing views. This town is based on the real-life area of Fillmore and is the perfect depiction of small-town America in Grand Theft Auto 5 .

10 Movies To Watch If You Love Grand Theft Auto

It's easily a much better place to explore for players who wish to avoid attacks from bears, that's for sure. Along with this, people who get bored of the town in itself can always choose to roam around the nearby Paleto Cove instead as well.

Mount Chiliad

A legendary mountain that needs no introduction for long-time gta fans.

  • The tallest mountain that's easy to spot in Blaine County

Mount Chiliad is a legendary location in the Grand Theft Auto series, featured prominently in San Andreas and rearing its majestic head in Grand Theft Auto 5 as well.

While this place might be infamous for featuring one of the most obtuse easter eggs around, one can't deny that the place itself looks majestic and a complete treat to explore at times as well!

Mount Gordo

A ghostly mountain where players can stumble upon something unnerving.

  • Northeast of Blaine County

Another mountain that is notorious for featuring a supernatural encounter — the fact that there's a ghost in Mount Gordo is not the only reason why people should explore this location.

Ranked: The 15 Fastest Planes In Grand Theft Auto V

The Mount Gordo cliffside can be an absolute treat to explore, and the lighthouse present near this area is eerily beautiful in its way as well.

Banham Canyon

A hilly region where players can calmy explore, drinking in the sights.

  • Located in Los Santos County

Of course, it would be impossible to talk about breathtaking locations in Grand Theft Auto 5 without mentioning the incredibly designed canyons present in this game.

While Banham Canyon isn't an area where one can just get off and admire the views, one has to admit that driving through the winding roads of this area — preferably in a fast sports car or something along the same lines — is easily one of the most satisfying moments in the game.

Raton Canyon

A national park where sunsets are particularly breathtaking.

  • Present within the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness area

However, when it comes to talking about the most breathtaking location in Grand Theft Auto 5 , nothing comes close to the serene beauty of Raton Canyon. It's a visual treat full to the brim with mountains, cliffs, rivers, streams, and everything else along the same lines scattered throughout the location.

Players who manage to catch a sunset — or even a sunrise, for that matter — in this location will be able to enjoy one of the most memorable moments in the entire game.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Platform(s) Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS3, PS5, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One

Released 2013-09-17

Developer(s) Rockstar North

Genre(s) Open-World, Action

Most Breathtaking Locations In Grand Theft Auto V


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