The History Behind This Remote Hotel In North Dakota Is Both Eerie And Fascinating

rough riders hotel haunted

Leah moved to North Dakota when she was 12 years old and has traveled from the Red River Valley to the badlands and many places in between. She loves small-town life and currently enjoys living on a small farm in the ND prairie. She's always had a passion for writing and has participated in novel writing challenges such as NaNoWriMo multiple times. Her favorite part about this job is recognizing small businesses that deserve a boost and seeing the positive affect her articles can have on their traffic, especially in rural areas that might have otherwise gone overlooked.

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One of North Dakota’s most famous hotels has quite the history. Not only is its story captivating, there are also some eerie accounts of people’s stays there that have made it even more interesting. Way out in the remote southwest corner of the state, in a tiny town with just over 100 residents but thousands of visitors that go through, is the place in question:

rough riders hotel haunted

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rough riders hotel haunted

The Rough Riders Hotel is located at 301 3rd Ave., Medora, ND 58645. For more information on the hotel and how to reserve a room, click here .

This isn’t the only place in the Peace Garden State that is supposedly haunted. If you love a good chill, we have an entire Terrifying North Dakota Road Trip that might be right up your alley, ghostly hotels included!

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The Haunted The Rough Rider Hotel in Medora, North Dakota

A haunted location: The Rough Rider Hotel in Medora, North Dakota.

Details: One of the rooms on the top floor is said to be haunted by a young boy.

You can hear a child’s laughter, the toilets flush when there is nobody in the room.

Photo of author

Written by: Jessica Street

Published on: February 7, 2022

rough riders hotel haunted

Customer Testimonial

Our customers love our haunted tale, " The Yearbook "!

rough riders hotel haunted

Wow, I just finished  "The Yearbook" . It's super scary, yet so easy to read! It'll give you the creeps! I just sent the link to all my friends. - Beth P .

rough riders hotel haunted

Table of Contents

Do You Know The Haunted History Of The The Rough Rider Hotel?

It has been rumoured that the The Rough Rider Hotel in Medora, North Dakota is a haunted location. We’ll explain why people think this below. Do you think the rumors are true?

Why Is The The Rough Rider Hotel Haunted?

One of the rooms on the top floor is said to be haunted by a young boy.

Do you love haunted spots? Check out other haunted places in North Dakota below

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What do you think about the haunted history of The Rough Rider Hotel in Medora, North Dakota?

Do you believe it’s true?

We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t advocate that anyone goes here, this post is for informational purposes only.

Jessica Street

Meet Jessica Street, a content creator at Scary HQ, a blog that delves into the world of the eerie and unexplained. Jessica is a true crime aficionado and an avid lover of all things terrifying. From true crime podcasts to horror movies, she devours anything related to the genre. But don't let her fascination with the macabre fool you, Jessica is a kind and compassionate individual with a heart of gold. In her free time, Jessica can be found exploring abandoned buildings, investigating local crime cases, and reading the latest crime novels. She's also a member of a local book club where they exclusively read true crime books. Her love for true crime and horror is matched only by her love for her audience, and she pours her heart and soul into every post on Scary HQ. Join Jessica on her journey as she uncovers the secrets of the scariest places and shares with you the stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With her sharp wit and unique perspective, Jessica is sure to make your experience at Scary HQ a wild and thrilling ride.

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The Haunted Carlisle Barracks in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

The haunted richardi house in bellaire, michigan.

Rough Riders Hotel

A little boy is believed to haunt one of the top-floor rooms of this 1884 hotel. His laughter has been heard, and he likes to flush the toilet when no one is in the room.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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rough riders hotel haunted

Geographic Information

Contact information.

Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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Comments (4).

' src=

Before they remodeled the place me and my mother stayed there during the off season. We were the only ones in the place, and when we got there is was pretty late in the night. I had heard that this place had some ghostly issues, but wasn’t even thinking about it at the time. As we got upstairs, I felt as if we were being watched…and it really didn’t help that there was mirrors up and down the hall on each side. Walking passed the mirrors just made me cringe, and as soon as we got to our room (last one at that the end of the hall) I heard some footsteps behind us an then the toilet flushing in a bout 4 rooms that were near us at the same time. Needless to say we ran inside our room, shut the door and stayed in till morning.

' src=

A) I was just there about 4 weeks ago for my girlfriends wedding and while I was taking a picture of them standing by there wedding cake, I saw 2 blue orbs come out of the wall in the conference room!!! By the time my camera took the picture, they had disappeared.

2) My gf and her husband just went back last weekend and according to her, her husband had her tapping on their walls all night!!! They were in room 505.

' src=

I was there in 1996 before they remodeled the place. When I was there it was the off season so no one was there besides my boyfriend and I. I didn’t know it was just him and I. So later at night I got up to go to the bathroom when I got out I saw a little 8-10 year old boy staring at my with a creepy smile sitting next to the chair. I ran to my bed and jumped in(By the way my room was on the top floor.) I also heard the toilet flush by itself. In the middle of the night my boyfriend and I heard noises like foot steps, tapping, and thumping. The next morning I went down stairs and was talking to the head chef at the time I was telling him about the loud people who were up all night. He said no one else was there!!!! People had told him before about noises too.Super creepy! So 20 and 1/2 years later I looked on the internet to see if people had creepy stories too. A lot of the stories sounded similar. When I saw that the hotel was believed to be haunted by a little boy I got a ton of goosebumps. I never heard that the hotel was haunted by a little boy before!!!! Does anyone know who the little boy is believed to be!

' src=

My wife and I stayed in the the top floor room in 2009 on our honeymoon. We got to medora at around 3 and checked in. The restaurant was still being built so the bottom floor was closed. At around 11pm I was going out to the car( to have a smoke) and when I got to the balcony I noticed a little boy about 4 or 5 years old in the foyer playing on the floor. He was in all white and had really worn brown shoes on. He looked at me and smiled and then proceeded to walk into the restaurant area. Didn’t really think nothing of it at first. When I went down the stairs I noticed every light was off in the construction area. Went outside and when I came back in, i tried to see if the door to the restaurant was unlocked, it wasnt. So i went straight to my room were my wife was. I mentioned it to her and she laughed a little about it and marked it as a night front Desk having thier kid with them. We are getting ready for bed and we hear the toilet flush, we are both in bed so we laughed about it saying it was a ghost and all the sudden the toilet fushed again. When we got home we talked about it and tried to come up with a answer. It’s been 13 years and we still believe we came in contact with a ghost from years past. Have researched it and haven’t found anything that could give us an answer. Still go to medora every year for our anniversary but stay at a different place.

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rough riders hotel haunted

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rough riders hotel haunted

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Would You Stay at the Oldest and (Potentially) Most Haunted Hotel in North Dakota?

I miss living in North Dakota. I know that may shock many people because when they hear of North Dakota, all they think about are the brutal snowstorms and seemingly “lame” scenery (not my words). Little do they know how rich in history—both ghostly and otherwise—North Dakota is.

Especially Medora. When I took my mom there on a visit, I had no clue how many ghost stories come from little Medora. It was wild. We even toured the most haunted hotel in North Dakota and didn’t even realize.

Why is the Rough Riders Inn considered to be so haunted?

When I originally booked our tickets, I’d noticed hotel rooms booked out for months and figured it was a swanky place. But I didn’t consider a sizeable chunk of those guests were thrill seekers looking to stay the night and see the ghosts North Dakota offers. (This is at least what the nice clerk told me).

If you’ve never heard of the Rough Riders Inn (hard to miss. Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders are a big part of North Dakota), I’ll break it down.

Located in the North Dakota Badlands and one of the most famous hotels in the state, the Rough Riders Inn was first established in 1884 under the name “The Metropolitan”. The name changed not long after in 1905 to its current one. What’s touching is they chose the name “Rough Riders” in honor of President Teddy Roosevelt became smitten with Medora after a 15-day hunting trip as a young man. From there, he formed the incredible “Rough Riders”—the very first volunteer cavalry in the United States. With Teddy Roosevelt behind them at the Battle of San Juan Hill, they earned their place in history.

North Dakota, and Medora especially, are very proud of Teddy and his accomplishments and don’t shy away from it.

(My mom and I had drinks with a spot-on Teddy Roosevelt impersonator at a local bar. Teddy is the rockstar of North Dakota). You can visit the steps where he gave his famous rousing speech, witness the majesty of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

There’s so many activities to do and places to visit in Medora. But the hotel drew me in. Well-groomed and charming, from the outside, the hotel seems anything but ominous. Still, at over 100 years old, it has stories. And ghosts, apparently.

One of the many reported legends centers around the fireplace in the middle of the hotel featuring a solitary bust of Theodore Roosevelt. But it’s not Teddy who’s come back to check on things. The fireplace used bricks taken from the devastation after North Dakota’s first Capitol building burnt to the ground. Perhaps it was these bricks that brought a spirit to the Rough Riders Inn. Many reports before the renovation in 2010 said the ghost of a young boy would run around the hotel on the top floor. Guests would hear laughing, running down the halls, toilets flushing when they’re alone.

Still, these are all just rumors until proven otherwise. Today, there is no evidence connecting any event to these reports.

Can you take a ghost tour of the Rough Riders Inn?

While there is no official ghost tour offered by either the hotel or any company in Medora, that doesn’t mean you still can’t try a little sleuthing yourself. If you’d like to book a room at the Theodore Roosevelt Inn (or if you can get a room, rather), the website to book is here. From experience, I suggest you book your stay as far in advance as possible, as this is a tourist location and it's a bumpin' one. Lots of people.

I personally can’t wait until I visit North Dakota again. I’ll be heading straight to Medora and booking myself a room on the top floor of the Rough Riders Inn. My only question is: Who’s coming with me?

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"Reader beware, you're in for a scare!--R.L. Stine"

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Traveling through american history, destinations & legends since 2003., haunted menger hotel in san antonio.

San Antonio Menger Hotel 1905

The Historic Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, in 1905, vintage postcard.

Constructed 23 years after the fall of the  Alamo , San Antonio’s  Menger Hotel is and has been since 1859, The Grande Dame of Alamo Plaza. Having hosted many celebrated personalities, including past presidents, military commanders, empire builders, cattle barons, etc. The  Menger  still serves as one of  San Antonio’s premier hotels. Located on Alamo across from the Alamo, the historic  Menger Hotel is a five-story hotel offering 320 rooms and suites. On the National Register of Historic Places, the Menger Hotel is one of Texas’ best-known and oldest hotels. Continuing to cater to travelers today, the hotel is also said to be home to several resident ghosts.

The hotel was opened by William Menger on February 1, 1859, on the site of Menger’s brewery, the first brewery in Texas. Said to have been the finest hotel west of the Mississippi River , it once hosted such notables as Sam Houston , Generals Robert Lee and Ulysses S. Grant and Presidents McKinley, Taft, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt; Babe Ruth, and Mae West.

Menger, a German immigrant, arrived in  San Antonio in the early 1840s and operated a brewery with Charles Phillip Degen at the site. In 1857 he decided to build a hotel to accommodate the many carousers who frequented his brewery. Soon, he hired local architect John M. Fries to design the two-story cut-stone building, which featured abundant classical detail.

The hotel was so successful that Menger immediately made plans to build an addition between the hotel and his brewery. Construction on a forty-room annex began in August 1858 and was completed the following year. The hotel featured a tunnel opening off the basement, through which Menger led groups of selected guests on tours of the adjacent brewery. Menger died at the hotel in March 1871, and his widow and son took over the management.

When the Civil War and Reconstruction were over, especially after the railroad arrived in 1877, the Menger became the best-known hotel in the Southwest. It was praised for the cuisine offered in the Colonial Dining Room, which included such specialties as wild game, mango ice cream, and snapper soup made from turtles caught in the San Antonio River.

An east wing was added in December 1881. Hermann Kampmann became manager in 1887 and supervised the installation of a new bar, a replica of the taproom in the House of Lords Club in London. The solid cherry bar, cherry-paneled ceiling, French mirrors, and gold-plated spittoons were the marvels of San Antonio. The beer was chilled by the Alamo Madre ditch, which passed through the hotel courtyard, mint juleps were served in solid silver tumblers, and hot rum toddies came to have wide renown. Theodore Roosevelt first visited the Menger in 1892 on a javelina hunt; he returned to recruit his Rough Riders at the hotel in 1898, and in 1905 he was back for a banquet.

In 1909 the hotel was again enlarged with an addition to the south side. Architect Alfred Giles altered the main façade, adding Renaissance Revival details in stuccoed brick, pressed metal, and cast iron; he also designed an interior rotunda that provided light and served as a circulation hub. The hotel was a center of San Antonio social affairs and a meeting place for visiting celebrities. It declined during the Great Depression, but in the mid-1940s, the building was reconditioned, and the more celebrated dining rooms were restored. By 1951 a new wing had been added, and the building had been completely modernized. In 1976 the hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Alamo Plaza Historic District. The Menger was again renovated in the 1980s.

Inside the lobby of the Menger Hotel

Inside the lobby of the Menger Hotel

In addition to its significance as a historical landmark, the Menger offers unparalleled amenities, including the famous Colonial Room Restaurant and the Menger Bar, along with 316 guest rooms and suites. Many rooms overlook the Alamo, pool, or Alamo Plaza, and all retain the furniture, art, and accessories from the hotel’s earlier days, including four-poster beds, velvet-covered Victorian sofas and chairs, marble-topped tables, and period wall coverings.

As to its resident ghosts, the historic Menger Hotel is said to be called home or regularly visited by some 32 different entities. Seemingly, they don’t mind sharing the old hotel with the living as they pleasantly go about their business.

The Menger’s most famous spiritual guest is former President Teddy Roosevelt . Here, in the Menger Bar, Roosevelt recruited hard-living cowboys fresh from the Chisholm Trai l to his detachment of Rough Riders. Reportedly, Teddy would sit at the bar. As the cowboys came in, he would cheerfully offer them a free drink (or several) as he worked his recruiting strategy upon the unsuspecting cowpoke. Many sobered up the next morning to find themselves on their way to basic military training at Fort Sam Houston before joining in the Spanish American War. Over the years, Roosevelt has reportedly been seen drinking at the dark little barroom off the main lobby.

The most often sighted spiritual guest is a woman named Sallie White. Long ago, Sallie was a chambermaid who worked within the hotel, and one night after an argument with her husband, she stayed overnight. The next day her husband threatened to kill her, and sometime later, on March 28, 1876, he attacked her inside the hotel. Badly injured, she held on for two days before dying of her injuries. According to the hotel’s ledgers, it paid for her funeral for $32.00.

Today, Sallie apparently continues to perform her duties within the Victorian wing of the hotel. Sallie has been seen numerous times wearing an old long gray skirt and a bandana around her forehead, the uniform common during her era. Primarily, appearing at night, Sallie is generally seen walking along the hotel hallways, carrying a load of clean towels for the guests.

Another apparition that is often reported is that of Captain Richard King, the one-time owner of one of the largest ranches in the world – The King Ranch. A frequent visitor to the Menger Hotel, he had a personal suite within the hotel during his lifetime. When he learned of his impending death from his personal physicians, Captain King spent the last months of his life, wrote his will disposing of his great wealth, and bade farewell to his friends in his suite at the Menger. On April 15, 1885, King’s funeral was held in the Menger’s parlor. Today, the room in which he stayed is called the “King Ranch Room.” He is often seen entering his old room, going right through the wall where the door was once located before it was remodeled. Display cases and photographs on the walls of the first-floor lobbies provide a glimpse into the Menger’s colorful past.

Another ghostly spirit of a woman is often spotted sitting in the original lobby of the historic hotel. Wearing an old-fashioned blue dress, small wire-framed glasses, and a tasseled beret in her hair, she sits quietly knitting. On one occasion, a staff member stopped to ask her, “Are you comfortable…may I get you something?” only to be answered with an unfriendly “No” before the woman disappeared.

Another guest reported emerging from the shower to see an apparition dressed in a buckskin jacket and grey pants, who was busy having a heated conversation with an unseen presence. The entity demands to know, “Are you gonna stay or are you gonna go?” three times before vanishing.

Other entities have been known to “help” in the kitchen area, as various utensils have seemingly floated through the air. Utensils are often seen transporting themselves from one area to another without the help of human hands.

Alamo at Night

The Alamo at night by Kathy Alexander.

Adjacent to the Alamo, some of these ghostly visitors to the hotel are attributed to the many that died during the  Battle of the Alamo . Heavy footsteps and kicking are often heard, and old military boots are spied by the guests and staff.

Other spiritual guests are said to have been some of the many who have stayed there over the years, as well as those who were recruited into the Rough Riders. Though the number of entities counted at the historic Menger Hotel is high, all are said to be harmless to staff and visitors, doing nothing more than sometimes starling a guest or an employee.

The first choice of San Antonio ghost hunters is the hotel located downtown, immediately adjacent to the Alamo  and the Rivercenter Mall.

The Menger Hotel 204 Alamo Plaza San Antonio, Texas 210-223-4361

©  Kathy Alexander / Legends of America , updated November 2022.

The Menger Hotel, David Alexander, February, 2011.

The Menger Hotel , David Alexander, February 2011.

Battle of the Alamo

Ghosts of the Alamo

Ghost Children upon San Antonio’s Railroad Tracks

The Haunted Gunter Hotel

Mission San Antonio de Valero – The Alamo

San Antonio – A Mecca For History Buffs

The most haunted hotel in every state you can actually stay at — if you dare

  • Nothing screams autumn like a night spent in an eerie hotel with a haunted reputation.
  • TripAdvisor analyzed user reviews and ratings to come up with the most haunted hotel in every state.
  • Featured on the list is The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which inspired the hotel in "The Shining."

ALABAMA: Malaga Inn in Mobile

rough riders hotel haunted

The Malaga Inn, located in Mobile's downtown district, has been around since 1862. It was originally built as twin townhouses by two brothers-in-law and is said to be a hotspot for haunted activity.

Some guests say they've seen the ghost of a woman pacing up and down the balcony of room 007, while others report furniture moving on its own, and lamps getting mysteriously unplugged. There's also an eerie bunker under the hotel's staircase that is believed to have been a hiding spot for Confederate Soldiers during the Civil War. Inside the bunker is the decaying frame of a wooden cot that was supposedly used by soldiers in the cramped space.

ALASKA: Historic Anchorage Hotel in Anchorage

rough riders hotel haunted

This historic Anchorage hotel , built in 1936 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is home to so many ghosts it has guests record their encounters in a ghost log in the lobby, and has become a hotspot for ghost hunters, psychics, and paranormal experts.

Some say the hotel's hauntings began with the unsolved murder of Anchorage's first Chief of Police, Jack Sturgus, who was shot steps from the hotel on February 20, 1921, and has been seen around regularly since, though he is far from the only spirit spotted — one employee estimates that there are nearly three dozen .

ARKANSAS: 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs

rough riders hotel haunted

This stately hotel, located in the Ozark Mountain region, has been around since 1886 and features a variety of spirits, from Michael the stone mason who died in what is now room 218, to friendly ghosts in Victorian dress.

More chillingly, according to Historic Hotels of America, the Crescent Hotel was also once used as an experimental cancer hospital in the 1930s, and it's said that apparitions from this time linger, from a nurse pushing a gurney to Theodora, a former patient.

ARIZONA: Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome

rough riders hotel haunted

Opened in 1926, the hotel was once the town's hospital. It's estimated that 9,000 people died there during that time. A ghost log in the lobby details scores of unexplained sightings, from glowing orbs of light to strange sounds and sightings of hospital gurneys rolling down hallways at all hours.

There are also stories of a caretaker who hung himself in the boiler room, a handicapped man who wheeled himself off a balcony, as well as a maintenance man crushed to death by the elevator.

CALIFORNIA: The Queen Mary in Long Beach

rough riders hotel haunted

A historic cruise ship-turned-hotel in Long Beach, California, The Queen Mary boasts 1930s charm... and a haunted reputation.

During its sailing voyages from the 1930s until the 1960s, the Queen Mary saw some 49 recorded deaths — but there are supposedly up to 150 different ghosts that linger around the ship, from the spirit of an 18-year-old ship engineer who died in the engine room, to the Woman in White, who was reportedly a first-class passenger on the ship and has been spotted wearing a long gown and dancing to a silent orchestra in the ship's salon, according to Forbes.

With so many spirits in attendance, it comes as no surprise that The Queen Mary even features its own ghost tour .

COLORADO: The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

rough riders hotel haunted

Nestled in the mountains of Colorado, The Stanley Hotel , which opened in 1909, is so creepy it inspired Stephen King's thriller "The Shining."

Recounting the story behind "The Shining" on his website, King wrote that he and his wife, Tabby, spent a night at the Colorado hotel in 1974. They were the only guests, as the hotel was going to close down for the winter. King supposedly had a dream of his 3-year-old son running through the empty hotel and looking over his shoulder, screaming while being chased by a firehose. 

He started writing "The Shining" shortly after.

The hotel has hosted many paranormal investigators over the years and even has its own paranormal investigator leading monthly ghost hunts. She's reportedly described the hotel as a "Disneyland for ghosts." Guests have reported doors slamming, lights flickering, chills, and hearing children's laughter.

CONNECTICUT: Captain Grant's 1754 in Preston

rough riders hotel haunted

Captain Grant's 1754 is a Connecticut bed and breakfast with reports of eerie occurrences. The Connecticut inn is said to be a paranormal hotspot frequented by ghost hunters.

Guests have reported chilling experiences, including sounds of a young girl giggling, issues with electrical outlets and devices, and footsteps and noise coming from the empty attic, the inn's owner, Carol Matsumoto told the Norwich Bulletin.

DELAWARE: The Addy Sea in Bethany Beach

rough riders hotel haunted

The Addy Sea Bed and Breakfast was built in 1902 and named after John M. Addy , one of Bethany Beach's original settlers who built the home as a summer house for his family. In 1974, the Gravatte family purchased the house, which had already started being used for room and board at the beginning of the Great Depression.

The property is still in the Gravatte family and features many of the historic details from the original home, such as its tin ceilings and fireplaces.

According to Haunted Rooms , three rooms in the Addy Sea are reportedly haunted. There have also reportedly been instances of music coming from nowhere, the scent of perfume filling the air, and footsteps heard on the roof of the hotel.

FLORIDA: Marrero's Guest Mansion in Key West

rough riders hotel haunted

A historic mansion located off of Duval Street, a famous spot in Florida's Key West islands, Marrero's Guest Mansion is said to be haunted by a ghost named Enriquetta Marrero, the former wife of the mansion's original owner.

Legend has it that the spirit of Enriquetta, who announced that she would "always remain in spirit" prior to her death, continues to linger in the mansion. Her presence is thought to be detected with the scent of her perfume filling a room, or with the swing of the home's chandelier, which she supposedly moves back and forth if she encounters an unsavory guest.  

GEORGIA: The Marshall House in Savannah

rough riders hotel haunted

The Marshall House in historic Savannah, Georgia, was built in 1851 and is chock-full of history and supernatural charm. The hotel served as a hospital during the Civil War as well as two yellow fever epidemics, and some guests claim that former patients haunt the premises.

Other chilling reports at The Marshall House include faucets turning on by themselves and the sounds of children running down the hallways, even when there aren't any children staying at the hotel.

HAWAII: Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Oahu

rough riders hotel haunted

A modern resort on Hawaii's famous Waikiki Beach in Oahu, the Hilton Hawaiian Village conjures images of palm trees, stunning sunsets, and blue waters — but also ghosts.

Some guests have apparently had haunted experiences during their stay , according to CBS News. One guest claims to have witnessed an apparition of a woman in a red dress; legend has it that it's the ghost of a woman who was killed on the hotel premises, or of a volcano goddess known as Madame Pele.

IOWA: Redstone Inn & Suites in Dubuque

rough riders hotel haunted

Built in the 1890s, the Redstone Inn and Suites was once the home of a prominent entrepreneur named Augustin A. Cooper, who owned a wagon business in the early 1900s.

It's said that ghosts of the Cooper family — specifically a well-dressed man, thought of as the apparition of A. A. Cooper — still linger around the creepy Victorian mansion today. The inn's owner has also reported hearing the sounds of footsteps, even when the home was empty.

IDAHO: Idaho Hotel in Silver City

rough riders hotel haunted

At Idaho Hotel, which dates back to 1863, ghouls of a bygone era are said to linger — three spirits, in particular, are spotted frequently.

Two of the spirits are said to be of former visitors who had a fatal shootout on the hotel's front steps in the late 1800s , while other reports claim the former owner still haunts the halls .

ILLINOIS: The Drake in Chicago

rough riders hotel haunted

The Drake in downtown Chicago  is known as one of the Windy City's most luxurious hotels.

Its haunted reputation stems from a story about the "Woman in Red," whose ghost apparently haunts the hotel's 10th floor. Legend has it that she found her husband with another woman at a New Year's party in 1920, and died after jumping from a 10th-floor window of the hotel, according to Historic Hotels of America.

INDIANA: Story Inn in Nashville

rough riders hotel haunted

Story Inn, a charming but haunted bed and breakfast in Nashville, Indiana, is said to be the home of a spirit known as "Blue Lady," who is thought to be the former wife of the inn's namesake, Dr. George Story.

Some guests have reported encounters with the woman's spirit, describing her bright blue eyes and the scent of cherry tobacco. It's said that her spirit makes her presence known by leaving blue items in the inn's rooms, according to an Indiana FOX affiliate.

KANSAS: Midland Railroad Hotel in Wilson

rough riders hotel haunted

The historic Midland Railroad Hotel was built in 1899, and once was a popular train stop. Allegedly home to a variety of ghosts, the most famous one is that of an orphaned girl who supposedly haunts the hotel's third floor, according to NBC affiliate KSN. The hotel's owner told KSN that she has heard the girl's ghost running down the hallway and knocking on hotel doors.

KENTUCKY: Jailer's Inn Bed and Breakfast in Bardstown

rough riders hotel haunted

Described as a building with "iron bars on windows, 30-inch thick limestone walls, and a heavy steel door," Jailer's Inn Bed and Breakfast is a renovated jail, supposedly haunted by former prisoners whose spirits still lurk around the premises.

Guests have reported cold drafts and mysterious glowing orbs crossing the hotel room after midnight.

LOUISIANA: Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans

rough riders hotel haunted

Located in New Orleans' historic French Quarter, Bourbon Orleans Hotel was once the site of a ballroom and theater, before being turned into a convent in the late 1800s.

Legend has it that ghosts of children and nuns haunt the hotel, as well as the spirit of a Confederate soldier called "The Man" that roams around the hotel's 3rd and 6th floors, according to the hotel's website.

"It's an extremely haunted place, so get ready for creepy tingles and weird faces and entities showing up in your photos!" wrote one TripAdvisor user.  

MAINE: Herbert Grand Hotel in Kingfield

rough riders hotel haunted

The Herbert Grand Hotel is reportedly haunted by guests who stayed at the hotel in the Prohibition Era. Though the hotel is currently under new management and temporarily closed for renovations, its spooky history makes it worth a visit once it reopens.

It was once the site of a boarding house in the 1830s that burnt down in 1871. In 1918, the building was turned into the Herbert Grand Hotel, which had a basement speakeasy and was the first hotel north of Boston to have in-room telephones.

Legend has it that Maine politicians who gathered at the establishment during Prohibition never left and are now spirits that haunt the hotel — moving furniture, turning off lights, and knocking on doors.

MARYLAND: Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore

rough riders hotel haunted

Built in 1928, the Lord Baltimore Hotel was one of the tallest structures in the city at the time, and more than 20 people are said to have jumped off its roof during the Great Depression, according to Baltimore Magazine. It's said that those people's ghosts linger around the building to this day.

"I would stay here again, but beware, I heard things about the hotel being haunted, and after staying here I understand why. Lots of strange, and unexplainable things happening," wrote one TripAdvisor reviewer.

MASSACHUSETTS: Hawthorne Hotel in Salem

rough riders hotel haunted

The Hawthorne Hotel has been in operation since 1925, and has a guesthouse that dates back to 1807. The hotel has been featured in the iconic TV series "Bewitched," and the SyFy show "Ghost Hunters" has investigated supernatural activity there.  

According to Historic Hotels of America, room 325 is the most haunted room in the hotel, though people have also spotted the ghost of a woman roaming the 6th-floor hallway. Moving furniture and inexplicable noises have also been reported.

"I had the full [haunted] experience . . . physical contact, crying outside the door, knocking on the door, whispering sounds, and lights flickering. If being in a haunted hotel is what you are looking for, I recommend it," wrote one TripAdvisor user.

MICHIGAN: Terrace Inn in Petoskey

rough riders hotel haunted

The Terrace Inn is said to be haunted by at least three apparitions, including a man wearing a tweed suit who has been spotted standing over the hotel's balcony; a lady wearing white who wanders the hallways and hotel rooms; and a child in the basement of the inn.

Guests have reported paranormal activity in the form of footsteps and disembodied whispers.

MISSISSIPPI: Duff Green Mansion in Vicksburg

rough riders hotel haunted

This Mississippi mansion dates back to the 1850s, when it was built by a local cotton broker, Duff Green. When the Civil War reached Vicksburg, Mississippi, the mansion was turned into a hospital for soldiers from both the Union and Confederate armies. It was later used as an orphanage and a headquarters for the Salvation Army.

Legend has it that one of the mansion's guest rooms, now called The Dixie Room, used to be an operating room in which hundreds of amputations occurred. The ghost of a Confederate soldier who had his leg amputated supposedly haunts the mansion today, along with the Green family's youngest daughter, Annie, who died in the mansion from yellow fever at age 6.

Guests have also claimed to have heard heavy footsteps in the stairwell, and seen a woman in a blue gown roaming around the kitchen at night, as well as someone in uniform standing by the front door, according to the Vicksburg Post. 

MISSOURI: The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis

rough riders hotel haunted

The Lemp Mansion has consistently been named one of the most haunted houses in America.

According to a story from OZY about the mansion's history, the house was once owned by the Lemp family, German immigrants who came to St. Louis in the 1800s and founded a brewery. The grand mansion saw the family's darkest moments, including four deaths by suicide under the same roof. 

Following the final Lemp descendant's death in the house in 1949, the mansion was sold and turned into a boarding house. Several guests have reported sightings of the Lemp family's ghosts in the form of figures roaming the hallways and appearing in windows, even when nobody is in the room. The mansion now has four rooms that are available to rent overnight .

MINNESOTA: Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre

rough riders hotel haunted

The Palmer House is one of Minnesota's most infamous haunted hotels. When it opened in 1901 it drew visitors for its ornate architecture and amenities like indoor plumbing and electricity, which was rare outside of Minnesota's Twin Cities at the time.

Hotel owner Kelly Freese told NBC affiliate KARE11 that guests have reportedly heard sounds of children playing in the hallway when no kids were at the hotel and spotted strange figures in the windows.

"If you are into the paranormal or just curious about visits from spirits, this hotel is for you. It did not disappoint," wrote a TripAdvisor reviewer.

MONTANA: The Pollard Hotel in Red Lodge

rough riders hotel haunted

The Pollard Hotel dates back to 1893, when it was the first brick building built in the town of Red Lodge, Montana. Names like Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane, and "copper kings" William and Marcus Daly once visited the historic inn, according to retellings of the hotel's history.

Visitors of the Pollard have shared supposed encounters with ghosts: one spirit is said to look like a man wearing 1920s-era clothing, while another apparition apparently leaves behind the scent of perfume when roaming through the hotel rooms and hallways.

"If you're a fan of the paranormal, the hotel is reputed to be haunted. I wasn't visited, but one of our group was. I won't spoil it, but these ghosts are friendly and may provide a bit of fun!" wrote one TripAdvisor user.

NEBRASKA: Arrow Hotel in Broken Bow

rough riders hotel haunted

The Arrow Hotel, which has been around since 1928, is said to be a paranormal hotspot. According to employees, the hotel's basement and room 205 are its most haunted spots. 

Strange happenings reported in the Arrow Hotel include apparitions, furniture moving around by itself, and strange sounds at night.

NEVADA: Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah

rough riders hotel haunted

Nevada's most haunted hotel, the Mizpah Hotel, opened in 1907 and quickly became a popular destination in the booming mining town of Tonopah.

The historic hotel was renovated in 2011, but retains its antique charm — as well as many of its visitors from a bygone era.

Legend has it that the hotel's "Lady in Red" room is among its most haunted. Named after a woman who frequented the Mizpah Hotel more than a century ago as a woman of the night and was murdered on the 5th floor, the room has supposedly been a hotspot for paranormal activity. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods

rough riders hotel haunted

Legend has it that the wife of the hotel's original founder, Joseph Stickney, still haunts the resort.

The  ghost of Carolyn Stickney can apparently be spotted lingering around the historic resort — whether descending from the hotel's stairs for dinner, or standing outside on the hotel's balcony.

NEW JERSEY: The Southern Mansion in Cape May

rough riders hotel haunted

The Southern Mansion offers an authentic bed and breakfast experience with a supernatural touch.

Legend has it that spirits of the mansion's original owners and descendants remain at the house. One of the mansion's most notable spirits is supposedly the ghost of Ester Allen, the niece of George Allen, the original owner of the home. 

Room 14 is said to be the most haunted one. While staying in the room, guests have reportedly heard a conversation between a ghost couple. The mansion's kitchen and ballroom are also said to be full of paranormal activity, as the hotel's chef once reported an apparition of a man dressed in a military uniform, according to The Press of Atlantic City.

NEW MEXICO: Express St. James Hotel in Cimarron

rough riders hotel haunted

Visitors of the  Express St. James have reported chilling experiences, including the unshakable feeling of "being watched or followed," and finding doors open even when they had been locked before.

One of the hotel's rooms is named after T. James Wright, a man who was shot to death in his room in 1881 after beating other guests in a poker game. It's said that the haunted Wright room, room 14, was locked ever since that deadly night and had to be bolted open in 2009 when the hotel was undergoing renovations. 

NEW YORK: Shanley Hotel in Napanoch

rough riders hotel haunted

Located in the Shawangunk Mountains in Napanoch, New York, the Shanley Hotel is known for being haunted by former guests from more than a century ago.

The hotel's website details some of its haunted rooms, and several guests have recorded supernatural sounds they've heard while at the Shanley, like ghosts having arguments with each other. Some guests even claim to have had conversations with spirits themselves, and many have allegedly seen the  ghost of the owner's cat, who apparently tends to roam around the hallways at night. 

NORTH CAROLINA: The Biltmore Greensboro in Greensboro

rough riders hotel haunted

The Biltmore Greensboro opened in 1903, but before becoming the historic hotel that it is today, it was the site of a denim company, a post office, bath houses, and apartment units. 

"There have been many people, with good intentions and bad intentions, that have walked these halls, and it's possible some of that energy has been trapped inside," the hotel's general manager, Brian Coleman, told CBS affiliate WFMY. Two spirits, in particular, haunt the premises: Philip, whose death there remains a mystery until this day, and Lydia, who is spotted crying in the hallways.

"We were told that it was haunted and one of us did have a pretty neat experience," wrote a TripAdvisor reviewer about their stay at the historic North Carolina hotel.

NORTH DAKOTA: Rough Riders Hotel in Medora

rough riders hotel haunted

North Dakota's most haunted hotel is Rough Riders Hotel, named after a cavalry unit led by Theodore Roosevelt.

It is said that  the ghost of a young boy haunts a room on the second floor of the hotel: guests have claimed to hear the boy's laughter, as well as other strange sounds and occurrences, like furniture moving.

OHIO: Punderson Manor Lodge and Conference Center in Newbury

rough riders hotel haunted

According to, legend has it that in 1885, several children died in a fire that destroyed a hotel that was across the lake from where Punderson Lodge is now — which might be why some visitors and employees have reportedly heard the disembodied laughter of children at the manor.

OKLAHOMA: The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City

rough riders hotel haunted

The Skirvin Hilton hotel in Oklahoma City's haunted reputation stems from a story about its original owner, Bill Skirvin, and a maid, Effie, who was apparently pregnant with Skirvin's child.

According to Historic Hotels of America, Skirvin locked Effie in one of the hotel's rooms, and she and her baby died trying to escape through its window. Guests now report hearing a female voice while alone in their rooms, a baby crying, objects moving on their own, and bizarre noises.

"I'd heard stories of the hotel being haunted, specifically on the 10th floor, and I was on the 11th. One night as I was going to bed, all the lights were out and I heard the distinct sound of a zipper being unzipped directly behind me," wrote a TripAdvisor user of the hotel .

OREGON: Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast in Yachats

rough riders hotel haunted

What makes this haunted cottage-turned-hotel unique is its stunning location on Oregon's coast. Heceta Head Lighthouse and its adjacent light keeper's home are not only picturesque but are rumored to be haunted — the inn even has a notebook of "ghost stories" compiled by guests.

Built in 1892 and automated in 1963, the lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. It's said to be home to "Rue," the apparition of a gray-haired lady in Victorian garb. "She doesn't ever do anything scary or harmful or threatening," manager Misty Anderson told the Register-Guard. "It's more like she's watching over the place. Watching the house and looking for her daughter." 

"Heceta Head is one of the most beautiful spots on the entire Oregon coast; throw in a world-famous lighthouse and a chance to stay in the lighthouse keeper's haunted house, and you have a recipe for a truly unique experience," wrote one TripAdvisor user.

PENNSYLVANIA: Tillie Pierce House Inn in Gettysburg

rough riders hotel haunted

Named after a woman who grew up in the house in the middle of the 19th century, the Tillie Pierce House Inn was built in 1829 , and is known as the state's most haunted hotel. Tillie Pierce was 15 years old during the Battle of Gettysburg, and helped care for wounded soldiers at the time. She wrote a book about her experiences titled "At Gettysburg, Or What A Girl Saw And Heard Of The Battle."

Haunted happenings reported at the old inn include sightings of a ghost cat and multiple apparitions of children, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, as well as a soldier allegedly patrolling up and down stairs .

RHODE ISLAND: Graduate Providence in Providence

rough riders hotel haunted

Formerly known as the Providence Biltmore, the Graduate Providence is a 1920s hotel with a haunted legacy. 

Legend has it that when the Biltmore was built, it was financed by a man named Johan Leisse Weisskopf, who was reportedly a Satanist that performed rituals in the building, which may explain why some guests have reported chilling experiences.

Some haunted instances in the historic hotel include reported sounds of partying and laughing coming from empty rooms.

SOUTH CAROLINA: The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel in Charleston

rough riders hotel haunted

The Mills House in Charleston was built in 1853, destroyed in a fire in 1861, and rebuilt in 1968. It's said to be haunted by ghosts of Confederate soldiers, who supposedly roam the halls at night.

Some visitors have also reportedly spotted the spirit of the commander of the Confederate States Army Robert E. Lee lingering around the old hotel, while other guests have witnessed apparitions of women wearing hoop skirts in the lobby.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Hotel Alex Johnson Rapid City, Curio Collection by Hilton in Rapid City

rough riders hotel haunted

Hotel Alex Johnson started construction in 1927 — just one day before work began on Mount Rushmore. 

The hotel's many haunted legends include a story about a woman known as the Lady in White, allegedly a young bride that died by suicide in one of the rooms, and now wanders the halls of the hotel's 8th floor.

"During the night, I heard lots of laughter and we would peer through the keyhole and there was no one there. I also heard footsteps creeping in our room and I would awaken and there was no one there," wrote one TripAdvisor reviewer .

TENNESSEE: Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs

rough riders hotel haunted

The Thomas House was once the Cloyd Hotel, and it dates back to the late 1800s. One of the ghosts roaming the premises is said to be that of  Sarah Cloyd .

On weekends, visitors can take a ghost tour through the hotel — but some guests may also find that a tour isn't needed to experience supernatural activity on their own.

"We had a personal tour of the infamous haunted room 311. I would definitely stay in this room overnight," wrote one TripAdvisor reviewer about their experience at the old-fashioned hotel.

TEXAS: Hotel Galvez & Spa, a Wyndham Grand Hotel in Galveston

rough riders hotel haunted

Visitors can dig into Hotel Galvez' haunted reputation with a ghost tour, or stay in one of its many haunted rooms.

The hotel's main spirit is that of Audra, the fiancée of a sailor who killed herself in the hotel when she heard that her future husband's ship had sunk.

Others include that of the ghost of a young girl playing with a ball, a woman in an old-fashioned maid's outfit, as well as reports of mysteriously glowing orbs, breathing sounds, and disembodied children's laughter.

UTAH: The Bigelow Hotel & Residences in Ogden

rough riders hotel haunted

The Bigelow Hotel was built in 1926 and is said to be haunted by guests who stayed there during Prohibition.

Some guests have reportedly cited haunted experiences that suggest the presence of spirits, like the scent of alcohol or perfume when nobody else is around , according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Rooms 1101 and 1102 are said to be especially haunted.

Salt Lake City news station KSL describes the chilling story: "As the story goes, a bride and mother of a grown son spent her wedding night in room 1102 when she drowned in the room's bathtub. The next day, as her son came to collect her things, he was booked into 1101. Overcome with depression about his mother's unexpected death, people say he took his own life. Together, the two supposedly haunt the hotel."

Some guests claim the spirit of the bride turns on faucets and gives visitors physical pushes and nudges — while the son murmurs to himself or appears as an apparition, the news station reported.

VERMONT: Old Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury

rough riders hotel haunted

The Old Stagecoach Inn is said to be haunted by ghosts of its former guests.

One of the inn's famous spirits is the ghost of Margaret Annette Henry Spencer, also known as Nettie. Nettie was widowed in 1907 and moved into the inn after traveling the world, according to the Rutland Herald. She died at age 99 and was buried in a cemetery next to the inn. It's said that Nettie's spirit haunts the Old Stagecoach Inn, moving furniture, pushing rocking chairs, and removing sheets from beds.

VIRGINIA: Wayside Inn in Middletown

rough riders hotel haunted

The Wayside Inn opened in 1797, making it one of the oldest continuously operated inns in the US. It's no wonder it has picked up a few ghosts during that time.

Inn employees have spotted apparitions, including a figure that resembled a woman in a grand blue dress, while some guests have reported objects in their room moving overnight, as well as discovering drastically chilly spots.

One of the inn's most notoriously haunted spots is the windowless dining room, which used to be a slave kitchen. It's said that cameras and electronic devices have been known to shut off randomly in the enclosed space, according to the Northern Virginia Daily.

One TripAdvisor user also reported a haunting experience in one of the inn's famous suites, called the Old Dominion room. "I can say that late at night both evenings, we heard what sounded like someone moving furniture across a wooden floor," they wrote.

WASHINGTON: Manresa Castle in Townsend

rough riders hotel haunted

Manresa Castle was built in 1892 as the home of the Eisenbeis family, a prominent and wealthy family in Port Townsend.

The mansion was abandoned in 1902 and sat empty until 1925, when it was used as a vacation house for nuns who taught students in nearby Seattle. In 1968, the Victorian castle was made into the hotel that still stands today, and legend has it that guests occasionally encounter ghosts of previous residents.

"We heard footsteps and something tapping the wall or handrail but did not see anyone. Fingers stroked my friend's back while she was sitting on the love seat in our room. I walked barefoot into the bathroom and after I stopped walking, I heard one more footstep. . . I gave a good rating because nothing beats a quirky castle and paranormal experiences!" wrote a TripAdvisor user.

WEST VIRGINIA: The Lowe Hotel in Point Pleasant

rough riders hotel haunted

The Lowe Hotel in the historic district of Point Pleasant was built in 1901 .

It is said to be home to a plethora of ghosts : there's a beautiful woman dancing on the second-floor mezzanine, believed to be the ghost of Juliette Smith, daughter of the hotel's original manager, Homer Smith; a young child riding a tricycle down around hallways; and a 1930s-looking bearded man on the 3rd floor.

Reports of glowing orbs and sudden chills are also commonplace.

"Plenty of historic hotels and inns advertise being haunted, but The Lowe Hotel is the real deal," wrote one TripAdvisor user.

WISCONSIN: The Karsten Hotel in Kewaunee

rough riders hotel haunted

Local history claims that the Karsten Hotel is haunted by the ghost of its original owner and the hotel's namesake, William Karsten, as well as his grandson, William "Billy" Karsten III, who can supposedly be heard running down hallways giggling.

"It is haunted, but in a happy way. Hearing little Billy running down the hallway was thrilling," said one TripAdvisor user.

WYOMING: The Historic Occidental Hotel & Saloon in Buffalo

rough riders hotel haunted

A saloon and brothel turned luxe hotel, the Occidental has seen famous figures from Buffalo Bill Cody to Theodore Roosevelt passing through since it opened in 1880.

Allegedly, it is home to a ghost named Emily, who died from cholera in the early 1900s in one of the hotel rooms. Guests have reported hearing her move furniture around, hearing her laugh, and having her tap them on the shoulder.

It's also believed that Theodore Roosevelt's ghost can be spotted prepping for a fishing trip in the hotel's upstairs library, according to radio station 95.1.

rough riders hotel haunted

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Rough Riders Hotel

rough riders hotel haunted

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" In room coffee is ok, but there is fresh coffee in the lobby very early each morning. Medora is a very small place. "
" Book early.....sells out quickly. "
" Avoid this place if you want a nice cool room to stay in. "
" Ask for more bars of soap and better pillows, extra blankets if needed. Bedding is thin. "
" The Buffalo shank and chicken was very tasty and the old fashion drink was very tasty "

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Rough Riders Hotel - UPDATED Prices, Reviews & Photos (Medora, ND) - Tripadvisor

The Happiness Function

50 best haunted hotels in america for every state.

Image of something dark walking down a hallway, spooky, ghost, haunted place, haunted hotel, haunted building

If you’re ready for your next ghost-hunting adventure, the U.S. has plenty to offer. From paranormal sightings to strange noises and levitating objects, take a trip into the supernatural world. If you’re brave enough to face some of the most haunted hotels in America, here is a curated list for those who love spooky tourism.

1. St. James Hotel – Selma, Alabama

St. James Hotel - Selma, Alabama

Image Credit: Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 12oo Water Avenue

Outlaw Jesse James is rumored to haunt the grounds of the St. James Hotel in Selma, along with his girlfriend, Lucinda, and their dog. Although Jesse James didn’t die in Alabama, visitors report the scent of lavender (Lucinda’s perfume) and hear a barking dog in the courtyard.

2. Historic Anchorage Hotel – Anchorage, Alaska

anchorage hotel inside

Image Credit: Historic Anchorage Hotel.

Address: 330 E Street

After surviving the destructive 9.2 magnitude earthquake of 1964, ghost sightings occur regularly at the Anchorage Hotel. Rooms 202, 215, and 217 are especially active, with reports of crying underneath beds, mysterious knocking, and children playing. A former chief of police who passed away during prohibition days is also said to haunt the hotel.

3. The Hotel Monte Vista – Flagstaff, Arizona

hotel monte vista

Image Credit: PICTOR PICTURES/Shutterstock.

Address: 100 N San Francisco Street

Located off the famous U.S. Route 66, the Hotel Monte Vista saw many 1940s and ’50s celebrities–who may have even seen a ghost or two. An old woman in a rocking chair sits in the window of Room 305 while a phantom bellboy knocks at guests’ doors in the middle of the night. 

4. 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

rough riders hotel haunted

Image Credit: khairil77/

Address: 75 Prospect Avenue

As an experimental cancer hospital in the 1930s, some struggling souls may have stayed behind. One of the original mason workers also passed away during construction, haunting the room he last worked on — room 218. Despite the spooky ghost stores, the hotel is beautiful, and the surrounding area has unique outdoor activities.

5. The Queen Mary – Long Beach, California

queen mary long beach

Image Credit: Kit Leong/Shutterstock.

Address: 1126 Queens Hwy

Docked in the Port of Long Beach, the Queen Mary is a haunted hotel on water. As one of the most haunted places in the U.S., there have been multiple reported deaths aboard the ship. Visitors can stay overnight, join nighttime tours, and maybe you’ll catch sight of the lady in white.

Travelers Jenn and Ed Coleman of the popular travel website Coleman Concierge shared, “Some experts claim the Queen Mary is one of the most haunted places in the world, and it happens to be a hotel in Long Beach Harbor.”

While visiting, they learned, “She’s the sister ship to the Titanic and home to many tragedies in her own right. The unofficial count is that 49 deaths have taken place on board, although many more might have occurred while taking German POWs to the States during WWII. However, the most haunted place is rumored to be the bow where she ran through the HMS Curacao, plunging over 300 sailors into the North Atlantic but unable to stop because she was carrying Sir Winston Churchill. You can even stay in Churchill’s estate room….if you dare!”

6. The Strater Hotel – Durango, Colorado

The Strater Hotel - Durango, Colorado

Image Credit: Carol M. Highsmith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 699 Main Avenue

Built along the rail line in Durango, many spirits walk the halls of the Strater Hotel. This includes a man in white who stands close to the railroad tracks. It is said employees refuse to work alone due to all the supernatural activity. 

7. Curtis House Restaurant & Inn – Woodbury, Connecticut

woodbury connecticut

Image Credit: LEE SNIDER PHOTO IMAGES/Shutterstock.

Address: 506 Main Street S

Visitors have experienced sightings throughout the Curtis House Restaurant & Inn—from the dining room and attic to several guest rooms. In room 16, Sally, a female apparition, invites male guests into bed and occasionally crawls in with them. A psychic who stayed in Room 1 claimed the spirit of former owner Lucius Foot got into bed with her.

8. Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast – Bethany Beach, Delaware

bethany beach delaware

Image Credit: Al Jurina/Shutterstock.

Address: 99 Ocean View Street

Spirits make themselves known throughout the property at Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast. You’ll hear eerie organ music playing from Room 6. The bathtub shakes on its own in Room 1. And the jacuzzi tub will turn itself on in Room 11. 

9. Casa Monica Hotel – St. Augustine, Florida

casa monica hotel

Image Credit: Vlad G/Shutterstock.

Address: 95 Cordova Street

Guests at the Casa Monica Hotel are often startled awake by the violent screams heard throughout the hotel. Guests have reported hearing children running on empty floors. You may also see a strange child’s handprint on the bathroom mirror in the Flagler Suite. 

10. The Marshall House Hotel – Savannah, Georgia

marshall house hotel

Image Credit: Darryl Brooks/Shutterstock.

Address: 123 E Broughton Street

Businesswoman Mary Marshall developed this hotel in the 1800s. As it was once a Union hospital during the Civil War, amputated limbs of soldiers were buried beneath the hospital. Visitors report seeing apparitions carrying their limbs, searching for a surgeon to reattach them.

11. Ihilani Resort – Kapolei, Hawai’i

Ihilani Resort - Kapolei, Hawai'i

Image Credit: Stan Shebs, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 8670 IN-56

A woman is said to appear and watch guests as they sleep at the Ihilani Resort in Hawaii . A visitor who stayed on the 17th floor awoke suddenly feeling such extreme pain she threw up and eventually went to the hospital. Afterward, she did not remember anything that happened. The hotel is currently closed.

12. The Bates Motel – Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

rough riders hotel haunted

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Address: 2018 Sherman Avenue

Renamed after the famous Bates Motel from the movie Psycho , this real-life Bates Motel is known for its strange noises and cold spots throughout the motel. Visitors say most paranormal activity occurs in Rooms 1 and 3.

13. Congress Plaza Hotel – Chicago, Illinois

congress plaza hotel

Image Credit: Logan Bush/Shutterstock.

Address: 520 S Michigan Ave

The 4th and 12th floors of the Congress Plaza Hotel are rumored to be the most haunted. Certain rooms are even sealed shut and unavailable to visitors because of the paranormal activity that reportedly occurs in them. You may encounter the Shadow Man, the Ghost Boy, or any other spirits that perished on the property.

14. French Lick Springs Hotel – French Lick, Indiana

french lick springs hotel

Image Credit: GypsyPictureShow/Shutterstock.

Guests at the French Lick Springs Hotel report sightings of the ghost of former owner Thomas Taggart throughout the property. Most notably, he appears in the service elevator, walking on various floors, as if he is still busy at work. 

15. Mason House Inn – Bentonsport, Iowa

rough riders hotel haunted

Address: 21982 Hawk Drive

Various accounts report a floating head in Room 8 of the Mason House Inn, while other visitors have seen a ghostly man staring at them. You may also feel a tug on your clothes at night, which may be the spirit of a young boy who likes to play tricks on guests. 

16. The Eldridge Hotel – Lawrence, Kansas

Eldridge Hotel ghost

Image Credit: The Eldridge Hotel.

Address: 701 Massachusetts Street

With so much paranormal activity reported from Room 506 of the Eldridge Hotel, ghost hunters and investigators believe it’s a portal to the spirit world. Air conditioners turn on and off, bags shake, and doors lock and unlock.

A photograph captured what is believed to be the figure of former owner Shalor Eldridge near the elevator in the lobby. Look close for the ghost inside the elevator!

17. Jailer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast – Bardstown, Kentucky

bardstown kentucky

Image Credit: Jantira Namwong/Shutterstock.

Address: 111 W Stephan Foster Avenue

The Jailer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast was once a prison for almost 200 years—which may explain the supernatural activity throughout the property. Visitors often hear screaming and crying, said to be from the spirits of those who died while imprisoned. 

18. The Myrtles Plantation – St. Francisville, Louisiana

myrtles plantation louisiana

Image Credit: mfmegevand/

Address: 7747 U.S. Hwy 61

Legend has it that in the early 1800s, owner Clarke Woodruff cut the ear off of an enslaved woman he was having an affair with. She wore a turban to cover her disfigurement. As revenge, she poisoned his wife and children. After fellow enslaved workers ended her life (afraid of what Woodruff would do to them), her ghost appears wearing a turban.

19. Captain Lord Mansion – Kennebunkport, Maine

rough riders hotel haunted

Credit image: Raggedstone/

Address: 6 Pleasant Street

The Captain Lord Mansion was built during the War of 1812, and experts believe the spirit of a woman is responsible for much of the paranormal activity on the property. The jacuzzi, TV, and lights all turn on and off, as if this woman is simply enjoying her day. 

20. Kent Manor Inn – Stevensville, Maryland

rough riders hotel haunted

Image Credit: LarioTus/

Address: 500 Kent Manor Drive

Alexander Thompson built the Kent Manor Inn in the early 1800s and is said to reside there still. The story goes that Alex took his life in Room 210. Guests report smelling a pipe as well.

21. Lizzie Borden House – Fall River, Massachusetts

Lizzie Border House

Image Credit: EQRoy/Shutterstock.

Address: 230 2nd Street

Ghost hunters are well aware of what Lizzie Borden did with her ax. Although acquitted of the murders of her father and stepmother, the violent acts that occurred in the home have resulted in the dark, negative energy felt by guests who dare stay in Lizzie Borden’s home.

22. Mission Point Resort – Mackinac Island, Michigan

mission point resort

Image Credit: Dennis Caskey Photography/Shutterstock.

Address: 6633 Main Street

This resort was once a mission house, church, college, and theater. Guests and employees know the ghost of Harvey, a former student at Mackinac College. Rumor has it that he ended his life on a nearby cliffside after suffering heartbreak. 

23. Palmer House – Sauk Centre, Minnesota

Palmer House - Sauk Centre, Minnesota

Image Credit: Gobonobo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 500 Sinclair Lewis Avenue

A strange energy fills the Palmer House, believed to originate in the basement of the hotel. After the original Sauk Centre house burned, taking many lives in the fire, their spirits may be haunting the grounds.

24. Linden Bed & Breakfast – Natchez, Mississippi

linden bed breakfast

Image Credit: Linden Bed & Breakfast

Address: 1 Connor Circle

From phantom horse-drawn carriages to mysterious tapping noises, the Linden Bed & Breakfast is said to be haunted by two spirits in particular. Visitors see a man roaming the halls and slipping in and out of the bedrooms. Others witness a woman jumping from a window–although she disappears before hitting the ground. 

25. The Lemp Mansion – St. Louis, Missouri

The Lemp Mansion - St. Louis, Missouri

Image Credit: MattHucke, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 3322 Demenil Place

What was once a brewery built in the late 1890s, The Lemp Mansion is one of the most haunted hotels in America. Guests experience a sudden sadness upon arrival, taps on their shoulders, and are touched when no one is there. Some have even felt entire floors vibrate.

26. The Pollard Hotel – Red Lodge, Montana

pollard hotel

Image Credit: Ammonite18/Shutterstock.

Address: 2 Broadway Avenue

Built on what was originally indigenous Crow land, The Pollard Hotel became a destination for Western icons like Buffalo Bill and Calamity Jane. A woman in yellow has been sighted on the third floor and throughout the hotel, playing tricks on guests. Others report the cries of a monkey, believed to be the former pet of the Pollard children, was lost and trapped within the hotel walls. 

27. Arrow Historic Hotel & Pub – Broken Bow, Nebraska

rough riders hotel haunted

Image Credit: DonyaNedomam/

Address: 509 S 9th Avenue

Stories say that a redheaded woman (who was a witch) roams the halls of the Arrow Historic Hotel & Pub. She was killed nearby and may be responsible for the loud and strange noises often heard in the hotel. 

28. Boulder Dam Hotel – Boulder City, Nevada

boulder dam hotel

Address: 1305 Arizona Street

Guests and employees have reported strange sounds and occurrences at the Boulder Dam Hotel—water running, cigar smoke, and elevators opening and closing. One visitor felt a hand on their shoulder, while another saw ghostly hands come through the floor to grab at their ankles. 

29. The Tilton Inn – Tilton, New Hampshire

The Tilton Inn - Tilton, New Hampshire

Image Credit: SayCheeeeeese, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 255 Main Street

In the 1800s, a 12-year-old girl tragically met her death in the Sanborn room at The Tilton Inn. Even after owners rebuilt the inn, visitors reported seeing a young girl playing and roaming the halls. 

30. Hotel Macomber – Cape May, New Jersey

Hotel Macomber - Cape May, New Jersey

Image Credit: Smallbones, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 727 Beach Avenue

A stay at Hotel Macomber might mean waking up to a loud pounding on your door in the middle of the night. There’s also a spirit named “The Trunk Lady” who traveled with heavy trunks during her stay, and loud banging is heard throughout the hotel, most notably in and near Room 10.

31. La Posada de Santa Fe – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA in Santa Fe Plaza with the Soldiers' Monument at twilight.

Address: 330 E Palace Ave

Guests and employees believe that a past resident of Room 256 haunts the La Posada de Santa Fe. Random glasses have fallen off shelves, tubs turn on when no one is there, and the scent of lavender lingers when someone lights a cigar. 

32. Shanley Hotel – Napanoch, New York

shanley hotel

Image Credit: Shanley Hotel

Address: 56 Main Street

The Bordello Rooms and Gentleman’s Quarters are said to experience the most paranormal activity at the Shanley Hotel. A terrible crime is also believed to have taken place in Room 17. Beatrice Shanley, the original owner, is often sighted in the hotel, leaving the scent of her perfume behind.

Can you see the spirit in the second window on the right?

33. The Omni Grove Park Inn – Asheville, North Carolina

omni grove park inn

Image Credit: Dee Browning/Shutterstock.

Address: 290 Macon Avenue

Unlike some hauntings, the spirit dubbed “The Pink Lady” at The Omni Grove Park Inn is friendly. Appearing in a pink mist, she strokes the hands of sick children, tickles guests’ feet, and walks along the halls and throughout the property. Located in such a beautiful place, who would ever want to leave?

34. Rough Riders Hotel – Medora, North Dakota

Rough Riders Hotel - Medora, North Dakota

Image Credit: Farragutful, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 301 3rd Ave

Named after President Theodore Roosevelt’s soldiers, the Rough Riders Hotel is the oldest and one of the most haunted places in North Dakota. A little boy haunts a top-floor room, laughs to himself, and flushes the toilet when no one is there. 

35. The Buxton Inn – Granville, Ohio

buxton inn

Image Credit: Eric Glenn/Shutterstock.

Address: 313 E Broadway

Several former owners and employees are said to haunt the Buxton Inn. Major Buxton (who the inn was named after) and Bonnie, a former innkeeper, have been sighted. She passed away in Room 9, where guests reported seeing a woman in blue, her favorite color. Some visitors also say a ghostly cat jumps into bed with them.

36. The Stone Lion Inn – Guthrie, Oklahoma

The Stone Lion Inn - Guthrie, Oklahoma

Image Credit: MARELBU, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 1016 W Warner Avenue

Doors opening and closing, loud footsteps, and moved objects have been reported at The Stone Lion Inn. Visitors have also experienced a childlike apparition tucking them into bed and children jumping and playing on the beds, most notably on the 3rd floor. 

37. Geiser Grand Hotel – Baker City, Oregon

Geiser Grand Hotel - Baker City, Oregon

Image Credit: Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 1996 Main St

This local landmark is a hub for supernatural phenomena. A spirit called “The Blue Lady” has been known to walk up and down the main staircase in a blue gown. Guests also report finding misplaced items and waking up in the middle of the night to strange apparitions. 

38. The Inn At Jim Thorpe – Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

The Inn At Jim Thorpe - Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Image Credit: appalachianview/

Address: 24 Broadway

Reminiscent of the Paranormal Activity movies, guests have seen chairs turned upside down upon waking and a ghostly figure lying beside them. Some visitors even report being grabbed by the figure and feeling their icy limbs.

39. Castle Hill Inn – Newport, Rhode Island

Castle Hill Inn - Newport, Rhode Island

Image Credit: Alex Sergeev, ( Thomsonsr at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 590 Ocean Ave

This quaint hotel looks peaceful on the outside, but an overnight stay at the Castle Hill Inn might result in seeing a ghostly woman throwing dishes across the room. Just be sure not to get in her way.

40. Battery Carriage House Inn – Charleston, South Carolina

battery carriage house 3

Image Credit: 20 South Battery

Address: 20 S Battery

Two ghosts often roam the Battery Carriage House Inn; one of a headless Confederate soldier who lost his life when tasked to destroy ammunition. Another, called the Gentleman’s Ghost, jumped from the roof after learning his sweetheart had married another man. 

41. Hotel Alex Johnson – Rapid City, South Dakota

hotel alex johnson

Image Credit: Cheri Alguire/Shutterstock.

Address: 523 6th Street

The “Lady in White” is the most reported sighting at the Hotel Alex Johnson in South Dakota . Some say she was thrown, while others say she jumped from the window of Room 812. Those who stay in that room claim their dressers are turned upside down, and the window is often found open in the morning.

How about staying here before a road trip to Mount Rushmore? 

42. The Inn at Hunt-Phelan – Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

Image Credit: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.

Address: 533 Beale Street

Rumor has it that gold was hidden somewhere on the property of the Inn at Hunt-Phelan. Whether or not the gold is there, the spirit of a former servant is said to wander the grounds with a shovel in hand, hopeful of finding the gold treasure.

43. The Jefferson Hotel – Jefferson, Texas

The Jefferson Hotel - Jefferson, Texas

Image Credit: Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 124 W Austin St

You might be kept awake at night thanks to the playful spirits that have been reported to haunt the hotel. Guests say they’ve been tickled in their sleep, even scratched on their feet, especially in Rooms 19 and 20. 

44. Kirk Hotel – Tooele, Utah

Kirk Hotel - Tooele, Utah

Image Credit: 25or6to4, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 57 W Vine St

The third floor of Kirk Hotel is said to be the most haunted. You can hear disembodied voices and strange footsteps when no one is there. Some visitors have also experienced their beds shaking at night, and maintenance staff have seen marks of blood that reappear even after cleaning. 

45. The Quechee Inn At Marshland Farm – Quechee, Vermont

quechee vermont

Image Credit: Logan__123/Shutterstock.

Address: 1119 Quechee Main Street

Built in the late 1790s by Patrick Marsh, his ghost is said to rearrange and transport visitors’ luggage during their stay. Others believe John and Jane Porter (who bought the inn in 1865) haunt the inn and are responsible for strange noises and footsteps in empty rooms. And if you listen closely, you can hear Jane’s eerie whistling in the dining room.

46. The Martha Hotel & Spa – Abington, Virginia

rough riders hotel haunted

Image Credit: The Martha Hotel and Spa.

Address: 150 West Main Street

The Martha Hotel & Spa was a hospital for injured soldiers during the Civil War. Staff members whisper about tales of apparitions and the ghost of a heartbroken nursing student who still visits the room where her beloved soldier passed on. This elegant hotel and spa has hosted its fair share of celebrities and notable guests, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jimmy Carter, Eleanor Roosevelt, and President Harry Truman.

Located in the historic art district, it is said the Barter Theatre next door is also home to a few theatrical ghosts.

47. Sorrento Hotel – Seattle, Washington

The Hotel Sorrento

Image Credit: Hotel Sorrento.

Address: 900 Madison Street

Although socialite (and weed brownie creator) Alice Sorrento never stepped foot in the Sorrento Hotel, her spirit walks the grounds. That may be because the hotel stands on the site of her childhood home. Her ghost is said to appear on the 4th floor, in room 408.

48. Harpers Ferry Guest House – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Address: 800 Washington St

No less than five different spirits have been reported at Harpers Ferry Guest House. One is a woman in a gray dress who is seen holding a child. Another resembles a gravedigger holding a corpse. 

49. Pfister Hotel – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Pfister Hotel - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Image Credit: John Zacherle from Chicago, IL, US, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 424 E Wisconsin Ave

Pfister Hotel is a local landmark with claims of frequent hauntings by Major League Baseball players who have stayed there. These athletes and other guests have experienced electrical anomalies, pounding on headboards, and constant knocking on their room doors. The 7th and 9th Floors are known for the most supernatural activity. 

50. Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel – Cody, Wyoming

Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel - Cody, Wyoming

Image Credit: Robert Alescio, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Address: 1192 Sheridan Ave

A strange apparition has been seen floating around the hotel—an appreciation with no bottom half. Other events report pictures mysteriously falling off the walls and creepy scratching coming from the headboards at night. 

Where indicated, some images courtesy of . 

Source:  Halloween Costumes

top image: haunted Myrtles Plantation; bottom image: The Queen Mary haunted hotel ship

Zaida Marston

top image: haunted Myrtles Plantation; bottom image: The Queen Mary haunted hotel ship

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Most Haunted Hotels in Idaho

Idaho is one state that has more than its fair share of haunted hotels, inns and other accommodation! Although, we can’t say that we blame the dearly departed for wanting to remain in some of these beautiful old historic hotels – We certainly would if we had a choice of where to haunt!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the haunted inns and hotels in Idaho.

8 - The Bates Motel, Coeur d’Alene

The Bates Motel, Coeur d’Alene

With a name like ‘The Bates Motel’ it is only natural to jump to the conclusion that this Idaho accommodation must be incredibly haunted! However, this Bates Motel is not THE Bates Motel of Psycho. However, while there may not be any brutal murders here, there are certainly plenty of ghosts! Guests have experienced a variety of paranormal activity while staying in the hotel including items moving by themselves, cold spots and strange noises. The activity seems to be particularly concentrated in Rooms 1 and 3!

Learn more about the haunted Bates Motel, Coeur d’Alene

7 - Cedar Inn, Pierce Book a Room

The Cedar Inn dates back to 1927 and was originally built as an inn for railroad workers. It also has a reputation for being incredibly haunted. The phenomena that is usually reported includes strange noises, banging and disembodied voices.  A large number of guests at the hotel have asked to switch rooms because of the noisy ghosts which are said to be the spirits of old railroad workers.

6 - Enders Hotel & Museum, Soda Springs

Enders Hotel & Museum, Soda Springs

One of the most haunted places in Idaho also doubles as a museum! Enders Hotel & Museum in Soda Springs has been around since 1917 and was just recently restored to its former glory. It was originally built for William & Theodore Enders and served to house a number of businesses before becoming a hotel in the 1930s. The museum occupies the upper floor and visitors describe feeling very uneasy and seeing strange light anomalies. There are also many sightings of a male apparition in the hallways and bar area. He is believed to been a man murdered in a violent manner in the bar.

5 - The Historic Gooding Hotel B&B, Gooding

The Historic Gooding Hotel B&B, Gooding

Stepping into the Historic Gooding Hotel bed & breakfast is like stepping into the past. The rooms are styled to reflect days gone by and of course, it is also said to be haunted! A male apparition is often seen in guests’ rooms at night dressed in period. Local legends claim that the spirit is angry because his name was spelled incorrectly on his headstone in a nearby cemetery.

4 - Clover Club Hotel, Nezperce

It is the restaurant of the Clover Club Hotel which is said to be haunted, although guests staying in Room 6 have also made reports of paranormal activity. The most common reports are of ghostly children laughing and playing in the hotel. There are also reports of the blinds moving up and down on their own, disembodied singing and a piano playing. There have also been reports of a female apparition with long dark hair who is thought to be a woman who committed suicide during her stay at the hotel.

3 - The Helgeson, Orofino

According to a number of guests who have stayed at The Helgeson there is a female apparition often spotted outside the hotel at night time. There are also frequent reports of unexplained banging coming from inside the building.

2 - University Inn, Gooding Book a Room

University Inn, Gooding

In a previous life, the building that houses University Inn was actually a tuberculosis hospital. There have been numerous attempts to transform it into a hotel, but none have been all that successful until the current incarnation as University Inn. It offers a unique inn with dorm style accommodation.

There is a distinct school theme throughout the inn, but the building certainly has not forgotten its roots as a hospital. There are numerous reports that former patients are still roaming the halls at night and given that there is a cemetery right next door with nameless, numbered graves it is no surprise that these poor souls cannot rest.

1 - White Horse Hotel, Saloon & Cafe, Spirit Lake BOOK NOW

White Horse Hotel, Saloon & Cafe, Spirit Lake

The White Horse is found in the rather aptly named Spirit Lake and is one of the oldest hotels in the state. It has been in operation since 1908 and the tales of a haunting began some time in the 1920s. The spirit is known affectionately to staff and locals as ‘Big Girl’ and she is responsible for slamming doors and moving items throughout the hotel. She has also appeared as an apparition on a number of occasions. She seems to be especially drawn to Room 2 of the hotel.

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9 Haunted Attractions to See in Idaho This Halloween

This author is a paid content writer for idaho tourism..

The weather in Idaho is cooling off, people are stocking up on bags of candy like it were the apocalypse, and the pumpkin carving is under way. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, and Idahoans are gearing up for a frightfully fun holiday. In the true spirit of Halloween, we’ve compiled the top 9 haunted houses and corn mazes that will send shivers down your spine. Visit them all, if you dare.

1. Egyptian Theatre

The Egyptian Theatre.

Boise, Idaho

The Egyptian Theatre opened its doors in Boise in 1927. This theatre is now known throughout the Treasure Valley as a historical landmark and ghost-inhabited estate. The soul said to reside in the theatre is believed to be that of former 1920’s projectionist. Joe, as most visitors call him, worked for the theatre on the tail end of the 1920’s up until he had a heart attack while climbing the stairs to the projection booth in the 1950’s. Guests regularly report opening and closing doors, lights being turned on and off, and odd noises coming from other rooms. Check out the Idaho Horror Film Festival to really get your blood pumping.

2. Haunted History Tour

Haunted History Tour.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Head to Idaho Falls and relive the area’s tortured past. The second annual Haunted History Walking Tour on October 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th returns with dark and twisted stories of Idaho Falls’ twisted past. Hear the tales of crooked businessmen, soiled doves, and malicious murderers that played a part in Idaho Falls’ not so distant past.

 3. The Haunted World

Caldwell, Idaho

The Haunted World has been around for 17 years, and many visitors will tell you this spooky attraction has perfected the art of fear. It’s the largest haunted attraction in the state, offering more frightening entertainment than you may be willing to handle. Typical visits last 1½ hours on weekdays, and around 2 hours on weekends.

4. Haunted Mansions of Albion

Albion, Idaho

If you’re scared of clowns, then the Haunted Mansions of Albion will want to be on your list of places to avoid – or see? Depending on how you feel about being scared on Halloween! There’s also a “Zombie Academy” that will have all you Walking Dead fans jumping for joy.

5. Linder Farms

Linder Farms corn maze.

Meridian, Idaho

Linder Farms is one of the most family-friendly Halloween attractions on this list and it’s the official corn maze of the BSU Broncos. Take the kids to enjoy barrel train rides, laser tag, a petting zoo, obstacle course, Trail of Terror, and Zombie Acres, where they can take part in defending Idaho against the zombie apocalypse.

6. The Farmstead

The Farmstead

You’ve more than likely heard of The Farmstead , as it’s the home of Idaho’s original corn maze and was featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. You can take your kids to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect Jack O’ Lantern, exercise on a jumping pillow, watch pig races, ride the cow train, take a hayride, and run through the terrifying Field of Screams.

7. Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Old jail cells at Idaho State Penitentiary.

The Old Idaho State Penitentiary has quite the reputation and is often referred to as the most haunted site in the state. Perhaps it boasts such a chilling reputation because of its past, which consists of prison riots and executions. The Old Pen’s former inmates are said to haunt facility. Visitors report strange events such as feeling touches from invisible entities, sudden overwhelming feelings of dread or despair, and disembodied whispers in the hallways. You can visit the Old Idaho State Penitentiary right before Halloween on October 28th for the  Frightened Felons Family Night  or on October 29th for Frightened Felons Adult Night .

8. Dr. Slaughter’s Carnival of Fear

Dr. Slaughter’s Carnival of Fear is not for the faint of heart. Visit the tomb and see what thousands of years of isolated, cursed souls created. Run through 30,000 feet of winding catacombs, terrifying 3D effects, and sights and sounds of sheer madness.

9. Scarywood Theme Park

Athol, Idaho

Perhaps the most famous North Idaho Halloween attraction, Scarywood Theme Park  returns for another year of terror. What you thought you knew as Silverwood Theme Park is transformed into a living nightmare that will haunt you for eternity. This attraction has been featured on Travel Channel’s, “Halloween’s Scariest Thrills,” and continues to raise the bar every year. Experience five haunted attractions , seven scare zones and most of Silverwood’s signature rides in the dark.

Be sure to share your haunted Idaho photos with us on Instagram by using the #VisitIdaho hashtag.

Visit Idaho

Published on October 14, 2016

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Moscow’s urban legends: Ghosts, mutant rats under the Metro

Construction of Fonvizinskaya metro station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitriyevskaya Line in Moscow

Construction of Fonvizinskaya metro station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitriyevskaya Line in Moscow

Among the world's most famous urban legends is about alligators allegedly living in New York City's sewer system. The Russians do not lag behind the Americans in terms of the popular imagination. Some see giant rats in the metro, while others talk about ghosts and the "mutagenic radiation" of the Ostankino television tower.

The mysteries of the metro

When it comes to rumours about the Moscow subway , truth is closely intertwined with fiction. Even officials do not deny that there are classified military and government lines under the capital – the so-called "Metro-2.”

That there are classified military and government lines under the capital – the so-called "Metro-2” – is not denied even by some officials. Photo: Construction of Fonvizinskaya metro station on the Lyublinsko-Dmitriyevskaya Line in Moscow. Source: Vitaliy Belousov/RIA Novosti

Enthusiasts have, however, been unsuccessfully trying to find more accurate information for years. Is there one line there or an entire system? Or is there an underground city for 15,000 people? Typical for an urban legend, there are a thousand versions of this story. They are united by an aura of secrecy and danger.

"It was really scary to hear the sound of tarpaulin boots near the alleged entrance to Metro-2," said Konstantin, one of Moscow’s community of “diggers,” or enthusiasts who explore subterranean bunkers, wells, tunnels and other facilities. "Is it still guarded by the KGB men, or something?"

Another Moscow resident claims her digger friend was allegedly shot at by special services while searching for Metro-2. The difficult-to-verify stories by the diggers about their adventures at the closed facility add to people's curiosity.

"My grandmother told me about Metro-2 in my childhood, and then about mutant rats," recalls Moscow resident Valeria. In the 1990s, tabloids publicized stories about giant rats living in the tunnels.

So could Splinter from " Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles " find company in the Moscow catacombs? "It's all science: Radiation from rocks must cause mutations in rats," says Pavel, also from Moscow. "But they live in technical rooms, so you can't see them."

Skeptics say that the crying comes from late-working employees of the Tunisian embassy: the commissar's house is now occupied by a diplomatic mission. Source: Lori/Legion-Media

On the surface

Not only are the underground bunkers of the Soviet elite shrouded in legend, but also fairly earthly structures, such as the home of Lavrenty Beria, the USSR People's Commissar for State Security and Stalin's right-hand man.

During interrogation in 1953, Beria confessed to abducting and raping dozens of women, but the authenticity of these papers is still being debated (Beria was removed by Khrushchev in a power struggle, and the documents could have been falsified after the execution of this dangerous rival).

But the image of the sadistic Beria was firmly imprinted on the popular mind, and his house in Moscow is surrounded by dark rumours. Allegedly, an invisible car rolls on Malaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa at midnight, with its old motor rumbling. Footsteps are heard, and Beria's ghost comes to his house for violent pleasures: curious pedestrians will soon even hear a woman crying from behind the walls.

Skeptics will say that the crying comes from late-working employees of the Tunisian embassy (the commissar's house is now occupied by a diplomatic mission), but this version is much more boring, even though probably the truth.

Napoleonic soldiers and a 500-year-old witch

It is not only the city centre where legends abound.

Many people believe that hundreds of soldiers from Napoleon’s army were buried in the hills of Peredelkino, a holiday village in the outskirts of Moscow, in 1812. Paranormal enthusiasts imbue the mounds with mystical qualities, believing that electronics go haywire and travellers disappear there.

The 500-year-old witch is believed to have predicted the high-profile murder of well-known TV journalist Vlad Listyev and a fire at Ostankino in 2000. Photo: A lightning over the Ostankino TV tower in Moscow. Source: Denis Murin/RIA Novosti

In reality, however, it is likely that there are no mass graves there.

"After the difficult war with Napoleon, peasants saw its echoes everywhere, so this is an old myth," researchers of the Museum of Moscow told RIR. "In the 19th century, archaeologists excavated Slavic mounds from the 10 th and 11 th centuries. But the inhabitants of the surrounding villages still considered them to be the graves of French soldiers."

The Ostankino neighbourhood, where Europe's highest TV tower is located, is also mythologized. It is allegedly haunted by the ghost of an old woman, who was murdered in the 16 th century. Now she walks around and predicts disasters.

The 500-year-old witch is believed to have predicted the high-profile murder of well-known TV journalist Vlad Listyev and a fire at Ostankino in 2000. Sometimes these stories are complemented by vivid details – for example, the furniture in Listyev's office was allegedly gnawed after his death by animals, mutated by the tower's radiation.

Then there are less bloody rumours: for example, one about a bulldozer embedded by builders in the TV centre's building by mistake. Yana Sidorova, the author of a study about the legends of Ostankino, says the TV centre's staff do not really believe in these sorts of stories, but are quite happy to spread them.

All rights reserved by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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rough riders hotel haunted

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  1. This Remote Hotel In North Dakota Has A Fascinating And Creepy History

    The Rough Riders Hotel is located at 301 3rd Ave., Medora, ND 58645. For more information on the hotel and how to reserve a room, click here. This isn't the only place in the Peace Garden State that is supposedly haunted.

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    The Rough Riders Hotel has been around since 1884 and it is one of the most haunted hotels in North Dakota.

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    - Beth P. Do You Know The Haunted History Of The The Rough Rider Hotel? Why Is The The Rough Rider Hotel Haunted? Do you love haunted spots? Check out other haunted places in North Dakota below Know Of A Haunted Place? Submit A Place Below View On Google Maps Author Do You Know The Haunted History Of The The Rough Rider Hotel?

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    Rough Riders Hotel | Haunted Places | Medora, ND 58645 Rough Riders Hotel Home > Hotels and Inns > Rough Riders Hotel A little boy is believed to haunt one of the top-floor rooms of this 1884 hotel. His laughter has been heard, and he likes to flush the toilet when no one is in the room.

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    1.2K subscribers Subscribe 1.1K views 5 years ago Chad Lewis is staying at the wonderful historic Rough Riders hotel in North Dakota. Chad heads to the top floor in order to try the dare and...

  6. Rough Riders Hotel

    The Rough Riders Hotel was built in 1884 and 1885 by George Fitzgerald. The new hotel was originally named the Metropolitan in anticipation of a population growth that never really happened. In 1903, the name was changed to the Rough Riders Hotel in honor of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders and their service in the Spanish-American War. Roosevelt was the first US President to visit Medora.

  7. Rough Riders Hotel Paranormal

    History History information is some background and history about the location. This is meant to be a basic summary. Below the history records you will find sources in which you can click on to find out more information. There may be multiple history records per location. 13 Things about the Rough Rider Hotel 1.

  8. Would You Stay at the Oldest and (Potentially) Most Haunted Hotel in

    Why is the Rough Riders Inn considered to be so haunted? When I originally booked our tickets, I'd noticed hotel rooms booked out for months and figured it was a swanky place. But I didn't consider a sizeable chunk of those guests were thrill seekers looking to stay the night and see the ghosts North Dakota offers.

  9. Haunted Menger Hotel in San Antonio

    Theodore Roosevelt first visited the Menger in 1892 on a javelina hunt; he returned to recruit his Rough Riders at the hotel in 1898, and in 1905 he was back for a banquet. In 1909 the hotel was again enlarged with an addition to the south side.

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    Rough Riders Hotel. yev2/TripAdvisor North Dakota's most haunted hotel is Rough Riders Hotel, named after a cavalry unit led by Theodore Roosevelt.

  11. Rough Riders Hotel

    Overview Map The original name of the Rough Riders Hotel was The Metropolitan. People expected the town to grow into a large city, which never happened. The hotel was renamed in honor of Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War.

  12. The 50 Most Haunted Hotels in America

    From whispers of ghostly guests to tragic events that linger, these hotels offer a unique blend of history and mystery. Whether you're a ghost hunter or a curious traveler, this collection promises to intrigue and captivate. See which haunted rooms we recommend, then get ready to check-in. Select your state… St. James Hotel - Selma, Alabama


    The historic Rough Riders Hotel offers Medora visitors 68 new Tower guest rooms with all the modern comforts and elevator access, as well as 8 fully updated historic rooms in the heart of downtown Medora. Rough Rider guests enjoy one of the most luxurious lodging options in the area and access to multiple outdoor swimming pools. Read more

  14. How the Menger Hotel came to be San Antonio's most 'haunted' hotel

    The gallery above features old photographs and detailed interiors along with notable moments throughout the Menger's past from the Roosevelt's recruitment of the Rough Riders, to the murder of...

  15. Rough Riders Hotel

    Book Rough Riders Hotel, Medora on Tripadvisor: See 595 traveller reviews, 310 candid photos, and great deals for Rough Riders Hotel, ranked #1 of 3 hotels in Medora and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. ... Is it haunted at all by anything. Or anywhere around. ske60 asked a question Aug 2018. Custer, South Dakota, United States 12 contributions.

  16. The Ghosts of the Menger Bar in San Antonio

    It is said that the Menger Hotel is haunted by numerous lost souls, and the Menger Bar is no exception. Upon entering the establishment, eerie feelings are almost certain, ghostly sightings are always a possibility and if you're lucky, you might even see the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt. The History of the Menger Hotel Bar

  17. Rough Riders Hotel

    Maah Daah Hey Trail Medora Riding Stables & Trail Rides Cowboy Hall of Fame Places To Stay Badland's Motel Places To Eat Plan Your Trip Luxury meets western charm and presidential history at the Historic Rough Riders Hotel, located in the heart of historic Medora, ND.

  18. The Top 25 Most Haunted Historic Hotels

    Established in 1913 and inducted into Historic Hotels of America in 2000, Omni Grove Park Inn was ranked #8 by public voting in the USA Today 10 Best Readers' Choice 2023 Best Haunted Hotel contest. Book Now. Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel (1915) Berkeley, California.

  19. 50 Best Haunted Hotels in America for Every State

    Docked in the Port of Long Beach, the Queen Mary is a haunted hotel on water. As one of the most haunted places in the U.S., there have been multiple reported deaths aboard the ship. Visitors can stay overnight, join nighttime tours, and maybe you'll catch sight of the lady in white.

  20. TripAdvisor names Idaho's most haunted hotel

    On the list is the Idaho Hotel in Silver City, an abandoned mining town with a haunted reputation. RELATED: Plenty of haunted houses around the valley to give you a scare The hotel has been its ...

  21. The Most Haunted Hotels in Idaho

    6 - Enders Hotel & Museum, Soda Springs. One of the most haunted places in Idaho also doubles as a museum! Enders Hotel & Museum in Soda Springs has been around since 1917 and was just recently restored to its former glory. It was originally built for William & Theodore Enders and served to house a number of businesses before becoming a hotel ...

  22. Top 9 Haunted Attractions to See in Idaho

    Linder Farms is one of the most family-friendly Halloween attractions on this list and it's the official corn maze of the BSU Broncos. Take the kids to enjoy barrel train rides, laser tag, a petting zoo, obstacle course, Trail of Terror, and Zombie Acres, where they can take part in defending Idaho against the zombie apocalypse. 6. The Farmstead.

  23. Moscow's urban legends: Ghosts, mutant rats under the Metro

    It is allegedly haunted by the ghost of an old woman, who was murdered in the 16 th century. Now she walks around and predicts disasters. The 500-year-old witch is believed to have predicted the ...