Every SpongeBob SquarePants Halloween Episode Ranked Worst To Best

Puppet SpongeBob in flower costume

Some holidays can spread to the most surprising places ... even the undersea depths of Bikini Bottom. Such is the case with Halloween, which has been celebrated on "SpongeBob SquarePants" many times. These Halloween specials inspire delight and fright alike in "SpongeBob" devotees. With curveballs like zombie burger people and fry cook specters, you never know what you're going to get from a "SpongeBob" Halloween episode ... though the chances of at least one ghost pirate showing up are pretty high.

If you're a "SpongeBob" fan looking to enjoy the series' Halloween specials, you might have to confront the fact that you aren't familiar with them all. As such, you might be wondering which "SpongeBob" episodes are the best at providing nocturnal nautical nonsense. This is why we at Looper decided to watch every "SpongeBob" Halloween special and rank them from worst to best. Which ones are great, and which could use a little more time on the grill before being served up to audiences? Pull out that crystal ball, slap on that snail costume, and ring up your local Flying Dutchman crew deserters, because it's time to find out. 

12. Séance Shméance

Never underestimate the lengths to which SpongeBob SquarePants will go to satisfy a customer . When an elderly fish angrily leaves the Krusty Krab for not serving the mysterious "Rusty on Rye," SpongeBob conducts a séance to summon the spirit of the only person who knows the recipe: Rusty Rickets, owner of the Krusty Krab's predecessor, Rusty's Rib Eye. Despite mistaking a mustard bottle's ingredients for the incantation, SpongeBob succeeds. But the scent of a freshly-made Rusty on Rye sandwich ends up attracting many of Rusty's former customers ... who happen to be a bunch of very unruly ghosts.

There are definitely things this episode gets right, especially the reveal of the Rusty on Rye's ingredients (none of which are remotely edible for humans, most fish, or sponge people). For all the jokes that land, however, there are a number that don't quite have that classic "SpongeBob" punch. Plus, the episode's ending is a bit lackluster compared to other Halloween specials. No "SpongeBob SquarePants" fright fest is ever 100% bad, but "Séance Shméance" is weaker than the rest.

11. The Night Patty

Patrick shocks SpongeBob by revealing the Krusty Krab has a night shift, where the patrons and even the food items seem just a bit more monstrous than usual. Things go majorly awry when SpongeBob accidentally injures Barry Blobfish, the night shift's fry cook. Though he eagerly offers to substitute, the ever-optimistic living sponge runs into a dilemma when he finds out that none of his unusual clientele like Krabby Patties. After he resolves that problem, SpongeBob has to deal with a ghostly fisherman trying to rob the restaurant.

Many "SpongeBob SquarePants" Halloween specials present some sort of real threat SpongeBob has to deal with. In contrast, this episode relies entirely on misdirection, which it pulls off fairly well. It has some fun surprises, including a female counterpart to Squidward named Squidabeth, and the return of silent film vampire Nosferatu, who serves as the night shift manager. "The Night Patty" is not an episode with a lot of belly laughs, but it's a fairly upbeat installment with a positive message about appreciating people who are different from you.

10. The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom

Right off the bat, "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom" promises to be something special. This is an almost entirely stop-motion-animated installment of "SpongeBob SquarePants," including the intro, which fans of the episode "Truth or Square" will mostly recognize. The plot revolves around Patrick convincing SpongeBob to no longer be afraid of Halloween by interpreting anything scary as hilarious. Of course, SpongeBob takes it just a little too far. Eventually, the Flying Dutchman makes it his mission to scare the unflappable sponge by snatching his friends' souls from their bodies.

The lush, detailed animation of this episode steals the show, creating a Bikini Bottom that feels rich and expansive. There are some truly incredible set-pieces on display, like the lair of Dr. Frankencheeks (aka Sandy) and the inside of the Flying Dutchman's ship. The special's a little light on laughs for something a lot of effort was clearly put into, although the two best jokes (involving a chalkboard and Plankton being mistaken for candy) are laugh-out-loud brilliant. Also deserving of accolades are the episode's only 2-D animated segment, a trip through SpongeBob's brain clearly inspired by "Yellow Submarine," and the Scare Song, a catchy but very fast-paced ditty by the Flying Dutchman's evil ghost pirate friends.

9. Squidward in Clarinetland

Things start out innocently enough in this episode, with Squidward demanding Mr. Krabs give him a locker where he can store his clarinet. Of course, Squidward's happiness quickly turns into irritation when he's forced to share the locker with SpongeBob, who somehow manages to build a gigantic storage space inside it. This strange room leads to the mysterious "Horned Forest," aka "Clarinetland," which turns out to be filled with psychedelic terror.

Despite airing back-to-back with "The Curse of Bikini Bottom," this episode doesn't quite feel like a Halloween special ... that is, until Squidward actually enters Clarinetland and encounters the Keeper of the Horned Forest. A giant, talking eagle head (voiced to perfection by Mr. Krabs' voice actor, Clancy Brown), the Keeper feels Squidward doesn't give clarinets proper respect. Things get even creepier when Squidward ends up in the Keeper's stomach, encountering a mind-bending landscape where he's assailed by his own reflection and gets trapped in a giant SpongeBob pinball machine. As far as eeriness goes, "Squidward in Clarinetland" just about takes the cake.  There are some pretty dark jokes in here, especially for a kids' TV show — you should never, ever let yourself get pranked by Mr. Krabs. It's not as funny as some other specials, but certain gags land really well, and the horror elements are impressively handled.

8. The Curse of Bikini Bottom

Leave it to SpongeBob and Patrick to find a brand new way of making a lawnmower dangerous. When Squidward tricks the twosome into mowing his lawn, they accidentally shave off the Flying Dutchman's beard. No affront to the Dutchman goes unpunished, of course (especially one that costs him a date), and Bikini Bottom's most infamous ghoul exacts revenge against SpongeBob and Patrick by turning them into ghosts.

There are plenty of funny gags here, such as SpongeBob making a "ghost spatula" by splitting a physical one in half, as well as Squidward and Mr. Krabs' nonplussed reactions to seeing him and Patrick as ghosts. Some pretty macabre jokes make it in, like the Flying Dutchman using Davy Jones' coffin as a closet (with the skeleton still inside) and Squidward's morbid fantasy of SpongeBob and Patrick getting chopped up by his lawnmower (eliciting the SpongeBob line, "Aaah! My patty-flipping hand!"). It's not quite as high on the Laugh-o-Meter as some of the other Halloween specials, however, though the scene where SpongeBob and Patrick give the Flying Dutchman a makeover so he can go on his date and free the two from his spell is a delight. So is the reveal of his date's identity: She's a giant, "Creature from the Black Lagoon"-inspired monster. Plus, this episode answers at least one question most people probably never thought to ask about ghosts: Can they see through their own closed eyelids?

7. Don't Look Now

Horror movies aren't always easy to sit through, as SpongeBob and Patrick learn the hard way when they watch "Fisherman 4: Attack of the Hook." Multiple failed attempts to finish the film make them too afraid to walk home alone at night, which ends up disturbing Squidward's sleep. Looking for a little revenge, Squidward dresses up as the terrifying Fisherman and sets out to scare his loud-mouthed neighbors. This actually goes quite well for a Squidward scheme ... until SpongeBob and Patrick mistakenly believe the Fisherman costume is eating Squidward and decide to "save" him in the most cartoonishly violent way possible.

"Don't Look Now" has plenty of clever one-liners and visual humor, as well as a genuinely creepy scene where Patrick's face gets temporarily ripped off by a fishing hook. The crowning joke, however, has to be when Patrick, wearing only his sleepwear — a pair of briefs — declares, "I don't wanna die in my underwear!" His loyal friend SpongeBob "bravely" replies, "Here: Die in mine!" A G-rated swapping of briefs ensues.

6. Ghoul Fools

The Flying Dutchman isn't the only ghost pirate terrorizing the deep, as SpongeBob and Patrick learn the hard way in "Ghoul Fools," one of the few "SpongeBob" stories that lasts a full 22 minutes. Rather than run into the Flying Dutchman, their usual spectral enemy, the boys encounter the Dutchman's old first mate, Lord Poltergeist. He's stolen his ex-captain's treasure chest, referred to, of course, as his "pirate booty." Poltergeist holds Patrick and SpongeBob's souls hostage until the two buy a replacement gasket for Poltergeist's ship. The two succeed, and return with a "ghost hunter" team made up of Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Squidward. But things get messy when Krabs thinks he can snag Poltergeist's stolen pirate booty for himself.

A number of things set this episode apart from other Halloween specials, including its length, the inclusion of Sandy, and the introduction of a new pirate nemesis. Furthermore, there are laughs galore, particularly thanks to the antics of Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward. But the proceedings are weighed down by the fact that Lord Poltergeist is a little too similar to the Dutchman, rather than a character who stands on his own. The length of the episode also results in moments of storytelling lag. Still, "Ghoul Fools" is a solid Halloween tale, with a literally explosive finale courtesy of the Flying Dutchman himself.

5. I Was a Teenage Gary

Despite clearly taking inspiration from the classic horror flick "I Was a Teenage Werewolf," this Halloween episode sneaks up on you. It accomplishes this by choosing to take its time in building to the quote-unquote horror. Things start off as they would in a typical "SpongeBob" episode: After Squidward forgets to take care of Gary while SpongeBob is away for the weekend, the poor pet needs an injection of snail plasma.  Things take a turn for the horrifying (in the most parodic way possible) when Squidward accidentally injects SpongeBob with the plasma, causing the talking sponge to gradually become part-snail.

This episode feels a little short, as SpongeBob's transformation takes quite a bit of setting up. However, the gags leading up to the incident are spot-on, especially the reveal that Gary's haggard state has only been caused by mild dehydration ... despite the fact that he's always surrounded by water. Moreover, like many great Halloween episodes, things don't go back to normal in the end, especially after Squidward gets his own accidental dose of snail plasma.

4. Scaredy Pants

The first "SpongeBob SquarePants" Halloween episode remains an undeniable classic, both due to its hilarity and its introduction of the Flying Dutchman, who goes on to become a major recurring character. After a Dutchman-centric tale from Mr. Krabs and Squidward leaves SpongeBob on edge, the porous fry cook becomes obsessed with getting even by scaring others with a homemade Flying Dutchman costume. It's a disguise so lackluster, it draws the attention — not to mention the ire — of the real  Flying Dutchman.

The humor fires on all cylinders in this episode, whether it's SpongeBob freaking out over relatively non-scary things (as well as scary things he made himself , like his jack o'lantern) or a memorable moment in which Patrick, ever the dopey starfish, can't tell a tiny paper ghost cutout and SpongeBob in costume apart . The best part, however, is the twist at the end, which reveals that the "haircut" Patrick gave SpongeBob to improve his ghost costume is so stomach-turning, it even makes the Flying Dutchman flee in terror.

3. The Ghost of Plankton

This Halloween special gives fans something they've wanted for years: A proper team-up between Plankton and the Flying Dutchman. Though they briefly work together when the Dutchman turns Plankton into his brainwashed servant in "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom," this episode makes them peers. Plankton, who turns himself into a ghost so he can walk through the Krusty Krabs' walls and steal the Krabby Patty secret formula, takes lessons on ghost abilities from the ghoulish pirate. Naturally, the Dutchman later betrays Plankton by taking over his vacant body ... but finds he may have lapsed in judgment when Plankton's shocking "return" angers those at his funeral. They consequently believe Plankton faked his death as part of another evil scheme.

"The Ghost of Plankton" is exactly what you want from a "SpongeBob" episode: The jokes start early, and keep getting better. Many scenes, such as Plankton learning how to use his ghost shapeshifting powers, are beautifully animated. The funeral service Karen holds for Plankton when she thinks he's dead is a particular highlight, filled with crisp quips and sight gags that'll leave you howling ... maybe even literally. While the Flying Ductchman and Plankton's past "alliance" in "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom" is never mentioned (not unusual for the show, which takes a loose approach to continuity), "The Ghost of Plankton" will make you wish they teamed up more often.

2. Krabby Patty Creature Feature

Longtime "SpongeBob" viewers have often commented on the impressive quality of the show's early seasons. This makes it all the more pleasant when an episode as late in the game as Season 11's "Krabby Patty Creature Feature" feels like the "SpongeBob" episodes of old. A pair of hipsters' complaints about the Krusty Krab's unchanging menu convinces Mr. Krabs to roll out a new Krabby Patty created by Sandy. But things take a frightening turn when these new, glowing hamburgers turn everyone who eats them into Krabby Patty zombie monsters. Luckily, there's one thing in Bikini Bottom that can turn everyone back to normal, but there's a problem: It's at the Chum Bucket, the restaurant owned by the Krusty Krab's arch-nemesis, Plankton.

There are plenty of things to love about this Halloween special, including its unique premise (which is equal amounts goofy and unsettling) and the welcome return of Bubble Bass, the obnoxious and dishonest food critic who once hid pickles under his tongue. With swift pacing and plenty of great laughs, "Krabby Patty Creature Feature" is a welcome return to form as far as "SpongeBob" Halloween specials go. It also serves as a great reminder to people everywhere that if something like a Krabby Patty ain't broke, there's no need to fix it.

1. A Cabin in the Kelp

The main female characters of "SpongeBob SquarePants" get a Halloween special of their own in "A Cabin in the Kelp," whose title is an obvious tongue-in-cheek allusion to "The Cabin in the Woods." When the "Gal Pals" — a group made up of Sandy, Mrs. Puff, Pearl, and, surprisingly, Karen — head out for a weekend getaway in a remote cabin, the newest member, Pearl, decides to play a prank by secretly bringing SpongeBob along to scare them. But things get messy when an accident separates SpongeBob from the group and the Gal Pals seemingly run into Flibberty Gibbet, an ex-member who fled the Pals after an argument years ago. Now, it seems, she's returned to exact her revenge.

Don't let that last line fool you, though. "A Cabin in the Kelp" is high on the funny-meter, with the scares just adding to the humor. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments here, like Karen overloading from jellyfish electricity (leading to the classic Sandy line, "Nature always provides!"). "A Cabin in the Kelp" is a keeper, and even makes room for a strong message about female empowerment in the form of the Gal Pals' theme song.

The 10 best ‘SpongeBob’ Halloween episodes, ranked

'SpongeBob' provided some of the craziest Halloween episodes; here are the best.

SpongeBob SquarePants Halloween

For nearly three decades — yes, three decades! — Stephen Hillenburg’s ever-popular animated series SpongeBob SquarePants has routinely entertained viewers of all ages. After airing its premiere episode on July 17, 1999, the series eventually caught momentum, and has since become a staple in worldwide media and entertainment. With a cast of colorful characters and gifted voice actors, it’s no wonder SpongeBob and the gang have established their legacy in the realm of animated television.

Throughout its boisterous run, the engaging series has generated an abundance of holiday-themed specials — several of which showcase an eerie narrative that echoes themes of Halloween. These episodes remain some of the most memorable of the series, as they are the perfect balance between Halloween festivity and classic Spongebob humor.

So, with Halloween just around the corner, here are the 10 best SpongeBob SquarePants Halloween episodes, ranked.

10. “The Curse of Bikini Bottom” (season 7, episode 7)

Any episode that features The Flying Dutchman is guaranteed to pack a plethora of scares and genuinely terrifying moments. In the seventh episode of the seventh season, SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally remove The Flying Dutchman’s iconic beard with a lawnmower. As a result, The Flying Dutchman turns the joyful duo into soulless ghosts — placing a curse on them in the process until his beard grows back.

The episode is chock-full of humorous moments, and with a ghostly theme and the inclusion of a cemetery, it gives off the perfect Halloween vibe.

9. “A Cabin in the Kelp” (season 12, episode 21)

Considering this episode’s title is a parody of 2011’s slasher A Cabin in the Woods , it makes complete sense that it would be included on this list. In “A Cabin in the Kelp,” Pearl and her friends whisk away to a cabin for the weekend. Unbeknownst to the rest of her friends, Pearl has brought SpongeBob along to play pranks and cause amok. However, after Pearl’s friends tell a spooky urban legend around the campfire at night, the entire gang becomes petrified that the story is true.

It’s a must-watch episode that definitely echoes that familiar Halloween feel. The episode does a great job of serving as a silly parody of a classic horror movie while still remaining a fun Spongebob episode.

8. “Don’t Look Now” (season 9, episode 9)

“Don’t Look Now” is the perfect episode on par with the fear factor surrounding Halloween. In the fast-paced episode, SpongeBob and Patrick head to the movie theater to watch a horror movie — although Squidward strongly advises them against it, claiming that the pair will become too frightened. Unsurprisingly, Squidward turns out to be right, and both SpongeBob and Patrick are scared beyond belief. Upon leaving the theater, the duo convinces themselves that the villain from the horror movie is after them — seeing the movie monster in shadows and innocent civilians.

This episode is chock-full of hilarious moments that teeter on the ‘scary’ scale. Its take on the classic childhood experience of insisting on watching a horror movie despite being warned against makes for a funny and memorable episode.

7. “The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom” (season 11, episode 5)

See, what did we tell you? Almost every SpongeBob episode featuring The Flying Dutchman packs a terrifying punch that tingles the spines of eagle-eyed viewers. In this spooktacular extra-animated episode, The Flying Dutchman has one task on his agenda: to scare SpongeBob on Halloween.

Of course, the premise alone sounds frightening, but the lengths to which The Flying Dutchman goes are actually humorous. Plus, it makes the comedy that much funnier considering how easily SpongeBob gets scared. As a result, this episode rightfully deserves a spot on this chilling list.

6. “Ghoul Fools” (season 8, episode 10)

If there’s one thing about SpongeBob and Patrick, they’ll surely always find themselves in peculiar situations. In the tenth episode of the eighth season, our beloved duo stumbles upon a houseboat that is swarming with the ghosts of dead pirates. The undersea pair encounter an apparition named Lord Poltergeist, and the rest of the episode is filled with otherworldly supernatural occurrences and a boatload of memorable moments.

Without breaking tradition, The Flying Dutchman makes a lively appearance, seeing as this is considered to be a Halloween episode. The way the show included supernatural elements in a comedic way makes it a stand-out episode.

5. “I Was a Teenage Gary” (season 1, episode 13b)

There’s just something nostalgic about the early days of SpongeBob that snaps plenty of folks back to their childhoods. From the very first season, “I Was a Teenage Gary” stands out as one of the most memorable episodes of the entire animated series. In the episode, after SpongeBob stumbles upon a strange syringe containing snail plasma, he becomes hauntingly injected and turns into a snail.

It’s an episode full of eerie scenes and unforgettable lines of dialogue that truly drill that Halloween vibe — and seeing as the episode was released just three days shy of Halloween, it fits the bill.

4. “Rock Bottom” (season 1, episode 17)

Another iconic episode from the first season, “Rock Bottom” presents one of the most terrifying situations for the titular character. And, although this episode isn’t technically a Halloween episode — seeing as it was released in March 2000 — its general vibe is one that is familiar with the bone-chilling atmosphere of Halloween itself. In the episode, SpongeBob gets lost after leaving Glove World with Patrick, only to become trapped in an undersea zone called Rock Bottom. While stranded, SpongeBob experiences anxiety due to isolation and spends the entire episode desperately trying to return to Bikini Bottom.

It’s a chilling adventure that definitely deserves a spot near the top. It feels like one of those episodes of the show that can be watched time and time again and still be enjoyed.

3. “Krabby Patty Creature Feature” (season 11, episode 7)

The Halloween-esque spirit is certainly in the episode’s title, isn’t it? In “Krabby Patty Creature Feature,” SpongeBob must swap his square pants for a heroic cape after a disastrous new Krabby Patty formula causes the residents of Bikini Bottom to transform into terrifying creatures — including notable fan-favorite characters like Mr. Krabs and Sandy.

In the end, SpongeBob eventually gets the population of Bikini Bottom back to normal, but the endless list of hilarious moments and spine-tingling realization of viruses is enough to scare anyone. This episode is great because it finds a way to incorporate one of its most classic storylines into a seasonal tale .

2. “Graveyard Shift” (season 2, episode 16)

Regarded as one of the most iconic episodes in SpongeBob lore, it would be a travesty to not include “Graveyard Shift” in the top two best Halloween episodes for the show. In the episode, Squidward and SpongeBob work the night shift at the Krusty Krab — although the spooky environment quickly causes SpongeBob to become paranoid. Eventually, SpongeBob manages to scare Squidward with his paranoia, and the two believe that a monster called the Hash-Slinging Slasher is after them.

It’s a wild episode with plenty of laughs that is just perfect for Halloween marathons. Seeing Squidward follow in SpongeBob’s scared footsteps makes for an interesting twist and a captivating episode.

1. “Scaredy Pants” (season 1, episode 13a)

From the show’s beloved first season, “Scaredy Pants” is undoubtedly the best SpongeBob Halloween episode. Throughout the first half of the episode, SpongeBob is dubbed with the nickname “SpongeBob ScaredyPants” by his friends and peers, seeing as he’s constantly getting scared on Halloween. However, SpongeBob decides that this year, for Halloween, he’s going to dress up as something scary to test his fears. With help from Patrick, SpongeBob dresses up as The Flying Dutchman and hatches a plan to scare everyone in Bikini Bottom.

It’s a truly iconic episode that will go down in history as one of the best animated Halloween episodes. It proves that, sometimes, you just can’t seem to beat the classics.

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Flying Dutchman

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The Flying Dutchman is a creepy green pirate ghost who is a recurring villain in the Nickelodeon animated series SpongeBob SquarePants .

Appearances in Halloween specials [ ]

  • " Scaredy Pants " - The series' first Halloween episode marks the Flying Dutchman's first proper appearance on the show (he had previously only been seen in a book illustration in "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost"). He crashes the Krusty Krab's Halloween party to steal SpongeBob's soul in retaliation for dressing like him. After he removed SpongeBob's costume, he was shocked and scared by the reveal of SpongeBob's exposed brain, flying away from him at the end.
  • " The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom "

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  • Nickipedia: Flying Dutchman
  • 1 List of Halloween television episodes
  • 2 Spooky Scary Skeletons
  • 3 Scaredy Pants

This Is the Most Disturbing Episode of 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

“Something is wrong with meeee-OW!”

The Big Picture

  • "I Was a Teenage Gary" is a disturbing episode of SpongeBob SquarePants that stands out among the show's lighthearted content.
  • The episode showcases the darker, edgier side of Nickelodeon's animation from the 90s, which pushed the boundaries of what kids could see.
  • The transformation scene in "Teenage Gary" is reminiscent of werewolf movies, adding to its disturbing and unsettling nature.

SpongeBob SquarePants is a show that is full of all kinds of messed up moments, but no episode is more disturbing than "I Was a Teenage Gary." This Halloween special aired during the first season of the show, when audiences were still figuring out what old Sponge ( Tom Kenny ) and the gang might get up to from episode to episode. Rather than carve out the show's lighthearted sensibilities, "Teenage Gary" paints one of the most upsetting episodes of SpongeBob in the game. While it isn't the head-scratcher that is "SB-129" and not as disgusting as "The Splinter," this episode managed to find a middle ground. "I Was a Teenage Gary" is as pure of a monster story as we'll ever get from this happy-go-lucky kid's show, coming straight out of an era when the series' sense of humor managed to ride the line between being for both children and adults .

By the time SpongeBob SquarePants first aired in 1999, Nickelodeon was already a decade deep into its most bodacious age of animation ever . These shows didn't give a rip about what was too much for kids to see, nor did they care about following in the footsteps of the watered-down, uninspired animated programming of the 80s. Sure, there were good shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers back in the day, but you wouldn't ever find shows like those on Nick. There, you'd find the slimy, hairball-covered show CatDog , the warped and fever-dreamy world of Rocko's Modern Life , and the absolute madness of Ren and Stimpy . These shows weren't quite South Park , but for a channel that was supposedly aimed at kids, these shows definitely took general audiences' senses of humor to the next level. SpongeBob would eventually help lead Nick into a more kid-friendly direction, but its first season remains deeply rooted in the channel's ways of old, and "I Was a Teenage Gary" is definitely evidence of that.

RELATED: 7 Underrated Nicktoons That Deserve More Love

'SpongeBob SquarePants' Overlooked Halloween Special

This Halloween special was delivered as the second half of a greater package. Ahead of "Teenage Gary," audiences had their appetites whetted with "Scaredy Pants." This episode wasn't nearly as off-putting as the one that followed it. Instead, "Scaredy Pants" follows SpongeBob after being pushed around by the citizens of Bikini Bottom all throughout early Halloween Night, and with Patrick's ( Bill Fagerbakke ) help, the little Sponge has decided that he's going to get everyone back with one good scare. Our boy has his head shaved into a round shape, crashes the Krusty Krab Halloween Party in a Flying Dutchman outfit, and is eventually met with the real ghost of the Flying Dutchman ( Brian Doyle-Murray ). It's revealed that SpongeBob had the entirety of his head shaved down to his brain, scaring off the Dutchman and everyone at the party. It's not a gross-out episode by any means, but the brain reveal feels like a bit much (in a good way) by modern SpongeBob standards, and it has a fun Halloween vibe throughout. A solid episode from Spongebob 's "Golden Era," for sure, but if we want to talk about SpongeBob and horror, then the one to follow definitely takes the cake.

"I Was a Teenage Gary" Is the Most Disturbing Episode of 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

"I Was a Teenage Gary" is about as simple of an episode as you can imagine. This is the one where Squidward ( Rodger Bumpass ) has to watch Gary while SpongeBob goes out of town for the weekend for a jellyfishing convention. Squid is overjoyed by the opportunity, abandoning Gary immediately to go tan out in his front yard for the next few days. Once Sponge comes home, Squidward realizes that he hasn't looked after Gary at all, who is now all shriveled up and on death's door. Squidward and SpongeBob freak out and call a snail doctor, who hands off a shot of snail plasma to be given to Gary. Squid tries to give it to Gary but misses, injecting it straight into SpongeBob's nose. Squidward assures SpongeBob that he'll be fine, and Gary gets all better after drinking a little bit of water. All is well now... right?

Later that night, SpongeBob starts to crave Gary's food and even begins meowing a little bit — something is clearly off. A moment later, Sponge goes upstairs to his bathroom, where he falsely tries to reassure himself, saying, "Look at me, never better!" His voice echoes in his head with an eerie delay as he says so. Then, in one of the strangest scenes in the entire series, SpongeBob begins to morph into a snail right in front of our very eyes. Sponge's body starts to swell and return to normal, creaking like the sounds of battered, wooden floorboards. His eyes bulge up, then rocket out of his head by their optic nerves, standing up far above his head like Gary's eyes do. Then, his body forcibly leans him over onto all fours, where his left arm shrivels up into his body. Sponge tries to stay calm, saying "That's okay, I'm a lefty anyway...!", but he groans even more so as his legs recede into his lower torso. In one final disturbing touch, SpongeBob's back rigidly contorts and raises up into a shell-like pose, as he finally exclaims "Something is wrong with meeeeee-OW."

The snail transformation scene in "Teenage Gary" is one of the most out-of-left-field moments in the entire series. That said, it lines up perfectly with loads of scenes in classic werewolf movies . That horror subgenre is best known for its shaggy beasts, but they're always their most fun during their transformation scenes . And while this episode evokes many werewolf-isms by having SpongeBob be given a supernatural ability that he didn't ask for, go into denial, then be met full-on with his new state, the movie that it harkens back to the most is An American Werewolf in London .

"I Was a Teenage Gary" Pays Homage to Werewolf Movies

If anything, An American Werewolf in London and this SpongeBob episode line up the most just for the way that their protagonists shape-shift in front of their audiences. In most werewolf movies, the protagonist quickly changes from one form to another, but in American Werewolf and "Teenage Gary," the processes are way more drawn out. We see every last inch of both characters' bodies as they go from one form to the other. Not only that, they both take place in well-lit rooms, where no aspects of the transformation can be concealed. Their changes aren't painless either. Both David Kessler's ( David Naughton ) and SpongeBob's monstrous developments bring them heaps of shock and pain. American Werewolf 's very matter-of-fact and elongated transformation scene makes it the greatest in the entire werewolf subgenre . As for "I Was a Teenage Gary"... well, it isn't the best episode of SpongeBob , but it is the most disturbing!

The episode goes out with Squidward tucking himself and his clarinet away for bed, only for someone to ring the doorbell. Without even looking, Squid knows who it is and answers the door completely fed up. On the other side is a totally snailed-up SpongeBob, sending Squidward into a panic. In a moment of disbelief, he touches Sponge's new snail eye, which reacts by shriveling up and slowly pulling back in towards his body. By SpongeBob standards, this is nasty! It's totally in line with a show like Ren and Stimpy , but SpongeBob 's a whole other story. Squidward boards up his house as SpongeBob harasses him, meowing around every corner of his house. After running all over the place, Squid's house ends up flipping over onto itself in total cartoony glory. Squid comes out of the wreckage with the snail plasma syringe stuck in his nose, changes into a snail off-screen, and meows in song along with SpongeBob and Gary to close out the episode — but not without taking a boot to the face from Patrick.

"I Was a Teenage Gary" might not be the greatest episode of SpongeBob (shoot, it's not even the best episode of Season 1), but it absolutely pushed the boundaries for the kind of horror that you might show in a kid's cartoon. While shows like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark rode mostly off of the atmosphere and a general spooky tone, few shows up until this point presented the type of body horror that's on display here. I mean, this is like SpongeBob meets David Cronenberg . Its general downbeat tone and nasty transformation scene are probably the reasons that it has not only fallen out of a regular re-rerun rotation but also hardly airs during the Halloween season. You'd think this one would be a staple around then! Hopefully "I Was a Teenage Gary" not only gets more air time around Halloween, but let's hope that it also earns a better reputation with fans as one of the wildest and most disturbing episodes in all of SpongeBob SquarePants .

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Spongebob Ghost Guide: Spooks Ahoy!

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Have you ever realized Spongebob’s theme music changes to a tune similar to Scooby-Doo when a ghost arrives? Fortunately, I’m a bit of a Spongebob nut who notices the finer details. Therefore, I  will separate the spirits from the two shows in my comprehensive Spongebob ghost guide.

My family has watched Spongebob since my kids were in diapers, and I loved it in the 1990s. Admittedly, I’ve watched the episodes repeatedly, learning more about the characters and developing a passion for Spongebob lore . I even own Spongebob merch . Bikini Bottom is an underwater world of humor we all need today.

Meanwhile, the show loves throwing ghosts and ghouls to shake things up. So, let’s see all the ghosts from the famous Spongebob Squarepants shows and movies.

Spongebob Ghosts: Bottom Line Up Front

Call me a Spongebob lore obsession, but I love learning more about the legends, characters, and supporting characters behind the show. The Spongebob ghost collection includes nearly 40 ghouls, some easily recognizable, appearing in many episodes. For example, you know The Flying Dutchman and Grandma Ghost.

The Spongebob ghouls don’t destroy the show for kids because many are harmless. In addition, Spongebob and Bikini Bottom always overcome the haunted period. Meanwhile, you can’t call Spongebob ghosts unfriendly to young viewers because Scooby-Doo and Casper would also be unfriendly.

Spongebob Ghost Types

So instead, it’s time to learn about the Spongebob ghosts that add laughs and awes to the show. My favorite Spongebob ghoul is The Flying Dutchman because he appears numerous times and always creates entertaining episodes. He also has a ghost crew and a mother, expanding his supporting character’s story.

However, check out some quick facts about Spongebob ghouls before I dive into my complete guide.

Quick Facts About Spongebob Ghosts

  • There are 39 ghosts in total throughout Spongebob Squarepants
  • Some Spongebob ghosts are naughty and fearsome, while others are merely lost or mischievous souls
  • The most well-known spirit in Spongebob is The Flying Dutchman
  • The scariest Spongebob ghost is The Fisherman
  • The least frightening Spongebob ghost is Maisey Manes
  • The Spongebob Squarepants episode with the most ghouls is Séance Schméance
  • The Patrick Star Show and Kamp Koral also have famous ghouls
  • Some Spongebob ghosts are famous enough to appear in games, even earning their own games

A Complete Guide to Spongebob Ghosts

Spongebob is a children’s show, but many episodes have undesirable ghouls that cause havoc in Bikini Bottom. Fortunately, the ghosts aren’t as spooky as watching a horror movie. So, I love learning about how many spirits have visited Bikini Bottom and the Bottomites, creating funny disasters.

But first, let’s see the different types of Spongebob ghouls.

The Different Spongebob Ghost Types

Spongebob Squarepants is an epic adventure that began when I still loved animated shows. Admittedly, I still watch it with my kids. The late 1990s brought a new world to television, where underwater creatures called Bottomites crawled into children’s hearts. The show introduced many characters and supporting characters.

Supporting characters like the anchovies and superheroes brought many giggles. Meanwhile, some running gags introduced long-term supporting characters that earned names. The main characters also took many forms, including Buff Spongebob and Smooth Spongebob . Many characters became Bottomites.

Spongebob Ghost Types

Meanwhile, some characters in the show crept into our childhood fears. The Spongebob Squarepants show introduced 39 ghosts, ghouls, and poltergeists over the years, hoping to bring a new type of humor to the series. Admittedly, I enjoy many spirits, especially the infamous Flying Dutchman.

However, Spongebob ghosts don’t always have names or foundational roles in the show. For example, I don’t remember ghost number three as much as The Fisherman. In addition, the colored ghost doesn’t remind me of an episode. Neither does the spirit. These ghosts appear to have no name or importance to the show.

They’re incidental supporting characters you’re lucky to see in single appearances. These ghosts are in Spongebob, but they don’t remind me of specific episodes:

  • Ghost One (also two, three, four, five, and six)
  • Unknown Ghost One (also two, three, and four)

Meanwhile, some ghouls appeared in memorable episodes or multiple times. They had names and recognizable features. So, I’ll call the incidental ghosts untitled ghouls. In contrast, I call the memorable and recognizable ghosts the titled ghouls. Hardly any fans will remember ghost number two.

Spongebob Ghost Types

Moreover, some primary Spongebob characters briefly become ghosts in various episodes, including Patrick, Plankton, Squidward , and Spongebob. However, the primary character’s spirits don’t count as major supporting characters because they usually return to normal.

Additionally, some Spongebob ghosts are famous for video games. However, they aren’t known to the show. For example, ghost jellyfish is a character in the Dutchman’s Dash video game. So, he doesn’t count as a Spongebob ghoul for the show. Moreover, he doesn’t even look like a ghost in the game.

The games aren’t the only source of Spongebob ghouls. The Patrick Star Show, Spongebob Shorts, and Kamp Koral also welcome new ghosts to the franchise. I’ll only consider truly memorable ghosts from other shows. Spongebob also has comic books, where you’ll meet a few lesser-known spirits, some making it to the show.

Finally, many Spongebob items become possessed with ghosts, like the phone, outhouse, and toast slice in the kitchen flashback. However, these items aren’t famous ghouls. I’ll include one as an example, but they’re not ghosts in Spongebob’s reality.

How to Recognize an Impending Spongebob Ghost Appearance

Suppose you aren’t keen on kids under five watching Spongebob episodes with ghosts. In that case, you can learn to recognize when the show’s about to bring a ghoul onto the screen. Indeed, many stock soundtracks will resemble the sound effects you hear in other shows like Scooby-Doo and Casper.

Spongebob Ghost Types

The show always plays snippet tracks before a ghost appears. For example, the show might use a soundtrack like the Ghost Choir Soundtrack . The background music will change before a ghost appears, and many popular animated series use similar stock soundtracks. Sometimes, it’s simply a change of musical rhythm first.

My children enjoy spooky encounters on Spongebob. So, I don’t mind them watching the episodes. However, I understand if your little ones are too young for exposure. In that case, watch for signs of spooky appearances. Alternatively, learn which episodes have ghosts. I’ll include the appearances of each famous ghoul.

How I Selected the Spongebob Ghosts Worth Remembering

It’s all about remembering the ghosts and which episodes show them. So, I’ll only share the Spongebob ghouls with memorable appearances and recognizable features. In addition, it would be excellent if they had a name. So, I won’t include any Spongebob ghosts with numbered names or the word “unknown” in the title.

Finally, I’ll add a few Spongebob ghosts from other shows like Kamp Koral and The Patrick Star Show. However, they must be as memorable as Spongebob’s original ghoul cast members, meaning they have good stories or appear more than once. Also, I’ll include one ghost item to add more variety.

Spongebob Ghost Guide: Named Poltergeists

Spongebob’s poltergeist friends scare his pants off in some episodes, but the giggles follow quickly. Meanwhile, it helps to know from which episodes ghosts are and how scary they seem. So, I’ll share details about each ghoul, including their memorable appearances. Then, let’s get to the bottom of the “ghouling” mystery.

Charlie Ghost

Charlie Ghost

Charlie is Lord Poltergeist’s first mate and appears in the Ghoul Fools episode first. He’s one of Lord Poltergeist’s most-trusted crew members, who seems to watch over the engine room. Meanwhile, the guy has a creepy factor because Charlie looks like a skeleton wearing a ghoul glow.

Unfortunately, he’s also not the friendliest ghost. In addition, Charlie has one eye, making him a crossover between a skeleton and a cyclops. This vile character sleeps in a coffin with a spider-web pillow. Charlie’s second appearance in Séance Schméance shows him haunting the Krusty Krab.

Charlie Ghost Appearances:

  • Ghoul Fools
  • Séance Schméance

Fat Ghost

Fat Ghost is a good friend of The Flying Dutchman, my ultimate ghoul from Spongebob. I already mentioned how many friends and relatives the Dutchman ghoul brings into the show. So, he’s undoubtedly a famous ghost with many friends, constantly creating new haunted avenues in the Spongebob episodes.

However, Fat Ghost doesn’t appear for long in either episode. Meanwhile, he seems different in both episodes. Fat Ghost looks like a pink, brainless blob in the Ghost Host episode. However, he turns into a green, mindless blob in the Séance Schméance. So, you might not remember seeing him twice because of the colors.

Fat Ghost Appearances:

Frank monster ghost.

Frank Monster Ghost

Frank is King Neptune’s advisor, but he’s a special kind of ghost because he’s also a monster. He looks different from other Spongebob ghouls throughout the show. Frank resembles a pile of mud that looks like it’s about to experience a landslide. In addition, the creepy aspect arises because he has no eyes and one giant tooth.

However, Frank appears as a rescue monster ghost in the first episode. After that, Spongebob and Patrick rescue the poor guy at King Neptune’s birthday party, but he returns home with the king. Meanwhile, you only briefly see him in Spongegod, the short episode, before he reappears in the Séance Schméance episode.

Frank Ghost Appearances:

  • The Clash of Triton

Ghost Toast

Ghost Toast

Ghost Toast is such an odd character that I nearly didn’t add it as a named poltergeist. Meanwhile, you briefly see a flashback of the haunted scene in Spongebob’s kitchen with a ghoul-possessed toast slice. Ghost toast was a weird memory from Spongebob after thinking Mrs. Puff’s lighthouse had ghosts.

So, the ghost character isn’t a favorite choice, but I remember the scene because it was unexpected. Meanwhile, Mrs. Puff’s lighthouse is the haunting ground of this episode. You hear meows inside the lighthouse during the episode. However, you never see the ghost, and you might think it’s in Spongebob’s imagination.

Ghost Toast Appearances:

  • Lighthouse Loui

Grandma Ghost

Grandma Ghost

Grandma Ghost isn’t Spongebob’s grandmother, who you meet multiple times in the show. Spongebob’s grandmother is a sweet woman with a kind nature. Instead, Grandma Ghost is a ghoul with a vengeance. Grandma Ghost appears as a fish crossed with a woman, and she has long hair with red eyes.

Also, Grandma Ghost’s pale blue appearance resembles the glow of many Spongebob ghouls. However, the most common color among Spongebob ghosts is green. Meanwhile, she has broken teeth and looks pretty spooky. Finally, she briefly appears as a ghost on Plankton’s television, which makes him want to become one.

Grandma Ghost Appearances:

  • The Ghost of Plankton

Great Great Grandpa Jenkins

Great Great Grandpa Jenkins

Old Man Jenkins is a fan-favorite Spongebob character. The supporting character has more personality and jokes than most. So, he’s also one of my favorites. Unfortunately, Great Great Grandpa Jenkins only has a single appearance, but it’s memorable. It’s also sad that he appears once because he’s one of the friendlier ghosts.

Great Great Grandpa Jenkins has Chinese heritage, meaning so does Old Man Jenkins. He appears as a glowing red ghost with a long white beard typical of Chinese ancestry. Old Man Jenkins summoned him to the Krusty Krab to face off with Eugene Krab’s ancestors, who wreaked havoc among the customers.

Great Great Grandpa Jenkins Appearances:

  • Senior Discount

Great Great Grandpa Krabs

Great Great Grandpa Krabs

Eugene Krabs also has two ancestral ghosts that appear in Spongebob Squarepants. Unfortunately, their personalities are as greedy and mean as the Krusty Krab owner. Great Great Grandpa Krabs is light green with a solid glow, typically a color for Spongebob ghouls. In addition, he appears to come from the Elizabethan era.

Even though Great Great Grandpa Krabs sounds wise and intelligent, he’s another mean ghoul. He visits the Krusty Krab during the Senior Discount episode. However, he only appears in mention in an earlier episode. Finally, this Krab is so greedy that he invented the anti-spend system to save more money.

Great Great Grandpa Krabs Appearances

  • Pest of the West

Great Great Great Grandpa Krabs

Great Great Great Grandpa Krabs

Eugene Krabs and the Krusty Krab are hot spots for ghouls throughout the Spongebob Squarepants episodes. So, Eugene also sees his great, great, great grandfather in another spooky edition. But unfortunately, Eugene’s older ancestor only appears in one episode because the greedy crab never mentions him in another.

Meanwhile, Great Great Great Grandpa Krabs is another glowing green ghoul with an attitude. Everything makes sense about the ancestral greed in Eugene’s family once you learn that his oldest ancestor was a pirate. The ghoul appears with a giant pirate hook and sword. You can imagine how he hunted treasure in the sea.

Great Great Great Grandpa Krabs Appearances:

Hash-slinging slasher.

Hash-Slinging Slasher

Spongebob is another magnet for ghoul encounters because he’s the primary character. Unfortunately, he encounters an unfortunate ghost in the Krusty Krab during a late shift with his coworker, Squidward . The entire evening was unnecessary because the Hash-Slinging Slasher was merely Squidward’s spooky tales.

However, Squidward’s insane story that shook Spongebob turned real when the ghoul arrived. Fans believe the ghoul was once a fry cook. Meanwhile, he looks entirely different from other ghosts, almost resembling the Hunchback of Notre Dam in shadow form. Also, it’s unsurprising an ex-worker would haunt the place.

Hash-Slinging Slasher Appearances:

  • Graveyard Shift

Lord Poltergeist

Lord Poltergeist

Lord Poltergeist is nearly as famous as The Flying Dutchman. However, his fame is better connected to video games like Spongebob Moves In and Nickelodeon’s Mystery Mansion. Meanwhile, he appears in the Ghoul Fools episode as a challenger for The Flying Dutchman, seeking to steal his treasure.

Lord Poltergeist is a mean ghoul with many crew members willing to do his bidding. He also looks like an undead pirate with skeleton hands and old clothes. Lord Poltergeist has a blue glow but looks more human than most ghouls in the show. In contrast, he glows green in Nickelodeon’s Mystery Mansion game.

Lord Poltergeist Appearances:

Maisey manes.

Maisey Manes

Maisey Manes has one of the saddest stories in Spongebob because she’s merely a kid at Kamp Koral. Indeed, she never appears in Spongebob Squarepants episodes, movies, or games. Instead, she’s a unique ghoul child from the Kamp Koral episodes, often appearing to Patrick, Spongebob, and Sandy.

Spongebob and his friends don’t know how to deal with Maisey once they realize she’s a ghost from previous camping periods. However, the poor girl tries to befriend Sandy, Patrick, and Spongebob. She appears as a normal-looking girl a few times but also shows herself as a glowing ghoul. I feel sorry for Maisey Manes.

Maisey Manes Appearances:

  • Kamp Koral: Spongebob’s Under Years – Camp Spirit

Motorcycle Ghost

Motorcycle Ghost

Motorcycle Ghost appears twice in Spongebob Squarepants episodes. In addition, he’s another best friend to The Flying Dutchman. You’d think the ghosts have a friendship ring in the afterlife, but this one is another friend of the most famous ghoul in the show. Meanwhile, Motorcycle Ghost has the most original appearance.

As a result, he appears as a purple ghost with a weird glow. Moreover, he reminds me of a Casper version with a different color. Finally, the ghoul appears on a small motorcycle, even joining the famous ghost-filled Séance Schméance episode. He seems naughtier than most ghouls and challenges Spongebob.

Motorcycle Ghost Appearances:

Mrs. flying dutchman.

spongebob halloween ghost

Mrs. Flying Dutchman is the infamous Flying Dutchman’s mother. Her attitude is what you’d expect from a grandmother ghost figure. She also appears as a glowing green ghoul but looks more like a granny. In addition, she loved the pirate lifestyle, as you’ll see on her shirt’s artwork, including a scary skull.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Flying Dutchman sadly never appears in Spongebob’s episodes. She initially comes in Spongebob’s 43rd comic book. However, The Flying Dutchman mentions his mother in the Shanghaied episode, allowing her to become a Spongebob Squarepants on-screen ghost, however minimal.

Mrs. Flying Dutchman Appearances:

Rusty rickets.

Rusty Rickets

Rusty Rickets isn’t the most famous ghost from Spongebob. However, in the Séance Schméance episode, he appears as a fry cook with a spatula in his ghastly hands. Poor Rusty Rickets isn’t the worst ghoul, either. Instead, he looks like a giant green blob with a solid glow. His apron looks tattered, and he seems unhappy.

I suppose ghosts would be unhappy because they aren’t among the living. Meanwhile, Rusty was a fish with a restaurant before becoming a ghost. He thrived on his famous burgers at the Rusty’s Rib Eye restaurant. Indeed, the name isn’t too original. But the character has a profound background story, making him a famous ghoul.

Rusty Rickets Appearances:


Spirit isn’t well-known to every Spongebob Squarepants fan unless they watched the short episode in season 13, episode seven. Meanwhile, he’s one mean ghost that belongs among his legendary ghoul friends. Spirit looks like a pig with bright yellow eyes and a snout and glows in a solid blue hue.

However, Spirit looks mean from the start because of his massive teeth that could rip Bottomites apart. In addition, I love Spirit’s origin because he was Spongebob’s action figure, Pigulon. The name undoubtedly matches the ghoul’s appearance perfectly. Ironically, Spongebob banishes the ghoul from his toy.

Spirit Appearances:

  • The Big Bad Bubble Bass

Spongebob Demon

Spongebob Demon

Spongebob Demon shows up as a deceivingly similar character to Spongebob in Ghoul Fools. However, some differences are evident, such as Spongebob Demon being taller than him. In addition, he glows around him, like the ghosts in Bikini Bottom. Finally, Spongebob Demon’s voice is much deeper than the fry cook’s.

The episode welcomes Spongebob Demon twice. Firstly, Squidward encounters him in the void. Secondly, he appears at the Cursed Krab (renamed Krusty Krab). Of course, you won’t see the end coming unless you’ve watched it. Here is a spoiler: this ghoul is The Flying Dutchman, who reveals himself at the end of the episode.

Spongebob Demon Appearances:

The fisherman.

The Fisherman

The Fisherman is another one of my favorite Spongebob ghouls. Here’s a fun fact: The Fisherman is originally from an in-show movie called Fisherman 4: Attack of the Hook. However, he first comes into the show in Don’t Look Now, but it’s only a mentionable episode. So instead, he appears as a ghoul in The Night Patty episode.

The Fisherman is a creepy character with wading boots, a raincoat, and a strikingly yellow glow. He has a hook as a hand and holds a net in the other hand. The Fisherman’s eyes are creepy, and he looks more like a blue ghost than the typical green colors. I’d rate The Fisherman as one of the scariest Spongebob ghouls.

The Fisherman Appearances:

  • Don’t Look Now
  • The Night Patty

The Flim Flam Brothers

The Flim Flam Brothers

I already shared one of Kamp Koral’s famous ghosts. So, I planned to find the best ghouls from The Patrick Star Show to give some variety to Spongebob’s ghosts. Unfortunately, the Flim Flam brothers make two total appearances in Patrick’s episodes. Sadly, they aren’t creepy, creating a funny blunder in Patrick’s plans.

Patrick tries to scare everyone at home by hiring the ghost duo. Still, the previous live fish undoubtedly have no ghastly features. They don’t look dangerous and have a white glow, appearing as friendly ghouls. The scariest part of this sibling ghost team on Patrick’s show is that they’re insanely dull, making them funny.

The Flim Flam Brothers Appearances:

  • The Patrick Star Show: The Haunting of Star House
  • The Patrick Star Show: Mid-Season Finale

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman

Indeed, I love saving the best Spongebob ghost for last. The glowing green pirate with a mean attitude is the most famous ghost from Spongebob. He appears in more episodes than any other ghoul and has an entire crew of ghoul characters. In addition, he has relatives and dates another ghost in The Curse of Bikini Bottom.

Admittedly The Flying Dutchman’s date in that episode is as frightening as him. However, The Flying Dutchman also appears in other Spongebob-related episodes and video games. He’s famous enough to have an original game. You can face the favorite ghoul in Spongebob’s Revenge of The Flying Dutchman game.

The Flying Dutchman Appearances:

  • Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost
  • Scaredy Pants
  • Your Shoe’s Untied
  • The Curse of Bikini Bottom
  • Born Again Krabs
  • Money Talks
  • Spongebob vs. The Big One

Answer:  Spongebob Squarepants has various ghosts, 39 in total. However, most of Spongebob’s famous ghouls appear in the Séance Schméance episode because everyone at the Krusty Krab keeps summoning more to come. Unfortunately, the séance also opens the doors for infamous and naughty ghouls to join the “party.”

Answer:  Hands down, The Flying Dutchman is the main ghost who appears more than any other ghoul. He appears in 12 episodes, including Séance Schméance and Shanghaied . In addition, he has multiple ghoul friends, crew members, and relatives. Meanwhile, The Flying Dutchman also has Spongebob video games.

Answer:  Unfortunately, various Bottomites become temporary ghosts in The Curse of Bikini Bottom , including Patrick Star and Spongebob Squarepants. However, they don’t count as famous Spongebob ghouls because they temporarily become ghosts along with various other Bottomites.

Spongebob Ghost Guide: Conclusion

Spongebob Squarepants introduces many fun and scary ghouls throughout his episodes. In addition, you’ll find more exciting ghouls to learn about in Kamp Koral and The Patrick Star Show. Let’s not forget that Spongebob video games love adding ghosts as villains. Meanwhile, my guide showed every famous Spongebob ghost.

There wasn’t a need to share nameless ghouls or ghosts who appeared in other shows or comic books unless they also came into the Spongebob realm. I genuinely enjoyed writing about the nearly 40 Spongebob ghosts. My favorite remains The Flying Dutchman because he has a clear stake in the show.

However, I highly recommend watching the Séance Schméance , Ghoul Fools , and The Curse of Bikini Bottom episodes to see many famous ghouls. You’ll even see many Spongebob ghosts that make single appearances in these episodes.

So, please don’t waste time and catch up on your Spongebob character knowledge by watching them.

For More Spongebob Characters:

  • SpongeBob Anchovies Guide: All About the Fish That Say “Meep”
  • Bubble Bass Guide
  • Spongebob Superhero Guide

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  • The trailer for this DVD also promoted the Rugrats : Halloween DVD/VHS.
  • In a trailer promoting this and Rugrats : Halloween, it featured clips from " Wormy ," even though this episode is not on this DVD.
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  • " I Was a Teenage Gary " ( 2011 reprint)
  • This DVD is rated PG in Canada.
  • Both the DVD and VHS versions were released in Paramount 's 90th anniversary year in 2002 . As such, the DVD version features the Paramount 90th anniversary logo in the opening.
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  • The 2006 bilingual Canadian re-release and the 2011 re-release of this DVD both include previews for other Nickelodeon DVDs. These include older SpongeBob SquarePants DVDs, Avatar: The Last Airbender : Book 1: Water, Volume 1 DVD, Rugrats Tales from the Crib: Three Jack's and a Beanstalk DVD, and Nick Picks DVDs.
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  • " Welcome to the Chum Bucket "/" Frankendoodle "
  • " The Secret Box "/" Band Geeks "
  • The VHS version of this DVD only contains the first five episodes that are on this DVD.
  • The closing credits do not come after the last episode on this disc, unlike most other DVDs. The only way to see the credits is to access them through the special features menu. However, the 2006 bilingual Canadian re-release and the 2011 re-release of this DVD fix that issue by actually having the closing credits play after the last episode on the disc.
  • The first five episodes on this DVD had clips during the " SpongeBob Scaredy Pants " music video on the special features.
  • The "SpongeBob Scaredy Pants" music video can also be found on disc 3 of The Complete 1st Season DVD as a special feature.
  • The first SpongeBob DVD to have episodes that were not released on VHS (with the exception of "Band Geeks" that was later included on the Home Sweet Pineapple VHS tape released on January 4 , 2005 ).
  • The first SpongeBob DVD to only include all episodes that had already aired on television.
  • The first SpongeBob DVD to be holiday-themed.
  • The first SpongeBob DVD with only one character on the cover.
  • The first SpongeBob DVD to include multiple season 3 episodes.
  • The first SpongeBob DVD to not have an animated main menu that does not have a music background in the main menu.
  • The first SpongeBob DVD to be released by Paramount Home Video. This is because the first SpongeBob DVD, Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies , was made by the Metropolis DVD company. [2] [3]
  • This DVD and Nicktoons Christmas were the only SpongeBob SquarePants DVDs to use the Nickelodeon robot logo in the opening. However, in the 2006 bilingual Canadian re-release, it's replaced by the standard Nickelodeon fish logo. The same happens with the 2011 re-release due to it using the 2006 Canadian printing.
  • This is the last SpongeBob DVD to say "Nickelodeon DVD" on the cover.
  • This was the last SpongeBob DVD to use the static Nicktoons splat logo on a black background in the closing credits for a while. After this release, the SpongeBob DVDs and VHS tapes use the Nickelodeon Haystack logo in the closing credits until the Season 5 Volume 2 DVD released on November 18 , 2008.
  • This DVD was re-released in a Holidays with SpongeBob DVD box set on November 15 , 2011, as well as when it was re-released on September 9 , 2014 , and in the SpongeBob ScaryPants Collection DVD box set released on September 9, 2014.
  • The Polish version of this DVD contains the episodes "Scaredy Pants," " Pickles ," " Hall Monitor ," "I Was a Teenage Gary," "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost," " Karate Choppers ," " Squeaky Boots ," and " Opposite Day ."
  • However, in the UK, Australia, and France, it was released in October.
  • In the episode description of "Frankendoodle," DoodleBob is incorrectly referred to as "SpongeDoodle."
  • " Idiot Box " is listed as " The Idiot Box" on the episode selection screen.
  • Since the release of the 2011 DVD, stores and libraries have incorrectly sold some copies with the 2002 cover including the 2011 disc.

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Textless cover

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French cover

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  • 1 Season 14
  • 2 SpongeBob SquarePants (character)
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SpongeBob SquarePants: Halloween

SpongeBob SquarePants: Halloween (2002)

A SpongeBob SquarePants Halloween-themed VHS featuring 5 episodes. A SpongeBob SquarePants Halloween-themed VHS featuring 5 episodes. A SpongeBob SquarePants Halloween-themed VHS featuring 5 episodes.

  • Rodger Bumpass
  • Mary Jo Catlett

Lori Alan

  • Pearl Krabs

Rodger Bumpass

  • Squidward Tentacles

Mary Jo Catlett

  • The Flying Dutchman

Bill Fagerbakke

  • Patrick Star

Tom Kenny

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

Carolyn Lawrence

  • Sandy Cheeks

Mr. Lawrence

  • Trick-or-treaters
  • All cast & crew
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  • Connections Features SpongeBob SquarePants: MuscleBob BuffPants/Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost (1999)

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  • August 27, 2002 (United States)
  • United States
  • Bob l'éponge: Halloween
  • Nickelodeon Network
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  • Runtime 42 minutes

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Classic SpongeBob episodes to binge for Halloween

By riley kvalheim | sep 26, 2023.

UKRAINE - 2023/03/11: In this photo illustration, Paramount Global logo is seen on a smartphone and on a pc screen. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

For me, the Halloween season is usually all about binging horror movies. This year, however, I’ve been craving some classic shows that I grew up with to make me laugh and fulfill my Halloween need. As you can imagine, SpongeBob SquarePants fit the bill perfectly.

What follows are 15 segments/episodes within seasons 1, 2, and 3 of SpongeBob SquarePants that are fantastic to watch around Halloween. No matter your age, I promise you’ll get a kick out of these classic episodes containing horror movie references and recognizable horror themes. Have fun streaming these nostalgic Halloween classics!

Season 1 has got aliens, ghosts, and abstract horror!

Sandy’s Rocket/Squeaky Boots – This first segment is all about aliens. We watch as SpongeBob and Patrick steal a rocket, mistake Bikini Bottom for the moon, and believe their friends are aliens. It’s pretty messed up when you think about all the innocent people who’ve been bombarded, trapped in bags, and thrown into a dark vault. Next is Squeaky Boots , which is all about the fragile mind being tortured by a repeating noise. Mr. Krabs’s psyche gets overtaken by the sound of squeaking boots – getting worse and worse until he absolutely loses it. There’s even a direct reference to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-tale Heart !

Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost – An obvious play on Casper the Friendly Ghost; SpongeBob and Patrick believe that they have killed Squidward, and when the real Squidward comes out of the bathroom in a white towel, they think he’s come back as a vengeful ghost. There’s dark organ music in the background as Squidward emotionally and mentally abuses SpongeBob. Even better, we witness an attempted live burial.

Scaredy Pants/I Was a Teenage Gary – This is the only classic SpongeBob episode that is strictly about Halloween. Scaredy Pants takes place on Halloween night with trick r treaters, a Halloween party, and a soul-stealing appearance by The Flying Dutchman. The next segment is a play on the classic film I Was a Teenage Werewolf , where Squidward’s neglect for his neighbor’s pet causes both himself and SpongeBob to mutate and transform into horrific snail creatures. It’s actually pretty intense.


SB-29 – This one used to freak me out when I was little. Squidward accidentally traps himself in the freezer of The Krusty Krab, leaving him to be unthawed in the future where everything is chrome. He uses a time machine and ends up in a place that cannot be characterized by time. The blank, abstract void known as the “Nowhere” dimension is quite terrifying. There’s also a visual reference to The Shining earlier in the segment with the cut from Squidward freezing in the present to Squidward frozen in the future (mirroring Jack’s frozen face of death at the end of the movie).

Hooky – This segment starts with Mr. Krabs telling a real-life horror story about the dangers of the local fishing hooks. When SpongeBob and Patrick foolishly go to the hooks to have fun, we see a child’s tennis shoes sprawled on the ground while Patrick claims that a kid was playing there earlier. So yeah, its implied that a kid dies, and we watch SpongeBob spiral in terror believing he too is about to die.

Season 2 presents us with murderers and references to classic monsters!

Imitation Krabs – In this segment, Plankton makes a robot version of Mr. Krabs – one lurks around in the shadows of The Krusty Krab like a total creep. SpongeBob, being an idiot, doesn’t know who the real Mr. Krabs is (a scary concept on its own). The two versions of Mr. Krabs end up being threatened with a tartar sauce death and the real Mr. Krabs is almost eaten.

Wormy – Most of us have been subjected to this episode and its unnerving close-up of the butterfly. It’s a really gross visual, and that buzzing sound makes my skin crawl. Those few parts with the butterfly close-up earned this segment’s spot on the list. That aside, all of Bikini Bottom becomes a victim of SpongeBob’s fearmongering and runs for their lives from this small butterfly as their town is set ablaze.

Shanghaied! – This one is a special, full-length episode all about ghost ships and town haunts! It’s the perfect Halloween feel all around and of course its contagiously quotable. The most frightening part is when The Flying Dutchman sends Squidward through the “Fly of Despair,” an obscure version of Hell, making him fall endlessly through unsettling images and dark laughter.


Frankendoodle – In this fun spin on Frankenstein , SpongeBob accidentally brings a drawing to life who possesses the tendencies of a homicidal maniac. We are treated to the perfect horror protagonist line: “I created this monster. And I’ve got to stop him.” We even get a nice horror cliche as SpongeBob “kills” the monster, believes he’s safe, then gets attacked by DoodleBob for one last scare.

Graveyard Shift – We all know and love this iconic segment. When The Krusty Krab stays open overnight, SpongeBob begins to dwell on the dark and scary world outside. Squidward decides to milk the moment and tells him the scary “true” story about the Hash Slinging Slasher. As the night continues, the story Squidward told starts actually happening to them in real life. In the end and out of nowhere, we get a hilarious   Nosferatu reference .

Season 3 gives us insanity, the living dead, and a killer robot!

Nasty Patty – Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob believe that they murdered the health inspector, so they go out on that dark and stormy night and attempt to bury the body. The whole segment has a horror feel as the pair gets approached by unsuspecting cops and we see SpongeBob totally freak out and lose his mind from guilt and paranoia.

Doing Time – Poor Mrs. Puff. She gets arrested and sent to jail for being the instructor of the worst driver on Earth. Behind bars, she finally finds peace as she is separated from SpongeBob. Now SpongeBob, being clueless, breaks into jail to rescue her, which means she is repeatedly tormented by the little guy. Guards never see SpongeBob so they think Mrs. Puff has gone crazy, then they lock her up in a padded room. The end gets absolutely trippy, almost like we’re all in a nightmare that keeps restarting.

One Krab’s Trash – Krabs sells SpongeBob a hat and is immediately desperate to get it back. He thinks he can scare SpongeBob into returning it, making a paper ghost to tell him that the hat is cursed. SpongeBob ends up returning it to the grave of the random name Mr. Krabs came up with ( Smitty Werbenjägermanjensen ). Well, Krabs ends up in a creepy old graveyard and digs up the skeleton. Then Smitty come back to life and resurrects all the dead bodies in the graveyard to attack Krabs. How is that not for the horror community?

Krab Borg – “Scary movies don’t always freak me out,” SpongeBob says as he watches a gigantic robot chase a human on screen. At work the next day, he starts to see signs that Mr. Krabs is actually a robot. It gets pretty intense as he convinces Squidward that Krabs is in fact an evil robot , causing them to tie him up and torture him – seriously.

Clams – This episode is centered around the classic horror film Jaws .  When Mr. Krabs takes SpongeBob and Squidward Clam fishing, his millionth dollar gets eaten by a huge clam. Each time the clam gets close, an orchestra plays intense music similar to how it works in Jaws . When they can’t find the dollar, Mr. Krabs goes completely psycho. He throws all of their food overboard then ties up SpongeBob and Patrick at the edge of the ship to use as live bait.

You can stream these classic episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants on Paramount Plus!

dark. Next. Perpetrator: the exciting, bloody horror movie from Shudder

Are there episodes after season 3 that you think fit the spooky, scary Halloween theme? Let us know in the comments!

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Ghost Host is a Halloween themed episode of the show SpongeBob SquarePants . In this episode, The Flying Dutchman stays with SpongeBob to reclaim his dignity.


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    24m IMDb RATING 6.9 /10 364 YOUR RATING Rate Animation Comedy Family SpongeBob and Patrick find a houseboat haunted by a crew of ghost pirates--and get caught in the feud between them and the Flying Dutchman. Director Vincent Waller Writers Stephen Hillenburg Luke Brookshier Marc Ceccarelli Stars Tom Kenny Bill Fagerbakke Rodger Bumpass

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    "Ghoul Fools" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season 8. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick find a houseboat haunted by ghost pirates. Patrick Star SpongeBob SquarePants Painting snakes (single appearance) Raven (single appearance) Spider Lord Poltergeist (debut) Lord Poltergeist's crew (debut) Charlie (debut) Gary the Snail (cameo) Cat-o-nine-tails (single appearance) Incidentals ...

  10. Scaredy Pants

    Trivia. This is the first Halloween special of the series. This is the first episode to be based on a holiday. This is the first episode to take place entirely at night. This episode marks the first physical appearance of the Flying Dutchman. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

  11. Scaredy Pants

    SpongeBob, who has a reputation for being easily scared, is then nicknamed "SpongeBob ScaredyPants," rushes home, and is scared by everything he sees on the way. Patrick shaves SpongeBob's head so his ghost costume will look better. SpongeBob and Patrick in their Halloween costumes. After being accidentally scared by Patrick wearing Groucho ...

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    The episode is chock-full of humorous moments, and with a ghostly theme and the inclusion of a cemetery, it gives off the perfect Halloween vibe. 9. "A Cabin in the Kelp" (season 12, episode 21)...

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    Nickelodeon Home Video length Time: 1 Hour, 9 Minutes Includes the Episodes Scaredy Pants Imitation Krabs Frankendoodle I Was a Teenage Gary Squidward The Unfriendly Ghost Also Includes Nickelodeon Promos For Spongebob Vhs/DVDs, Charlottes Web 2, Jimmy Neutron Movie, and Nickelodeon Halloween Vhs Addeddate 2022-03-02 03:28:58 Identifier

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    Title card "Ghost Host" is an episode of the animated TV series SpongeBob SquarePants which makes suitable viewing for Halloween.It first aired in the United States on Nickelodeon on May 5, 2006. Plot []. When The Flying Dutchman's ship gets damaged, he takes up residence at SpongeBob's house by scaring him around the clock.

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    The Flying Dutchman is a creepy green pirate ghost who is a recurring villain in the Nickelodeon animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. "Scaredy Pants" - The series' first Halloween episode marks the Flying Dutchman's first proper appearance on the show (he had previously only been seen in a book illustration in "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost"). He crashes the Krusty Krab's Halloween party to ...

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    Unfortunately, he encounters an unfortunate ghost in the Krusty Krab during a late shift with his coworker, Squidward. The entire evening was unnecessary because the Hash-Slinging Slasher was merely Squidward's spooky tales. However, Squidward's insane story that shook Spongebob turned real when the ghoul arrived.

  18. Halloween (DVD)

    Halloween is a Halloween-themed SpongeBob SquarePants DVD that was released on August 27, 2002 and contains three episodes from Season 1, five episodes from Season 2, and two episodes from Season 3. The DVD is based on the episode "Scaredy Pants." "SpongeBob Scaredy Pants" Music Video Revenge of the Flying Dutchman The trailer for this DVD also promoted the Rugrats: Halloween DVD/VHS. In a ...

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    What Do You Meme SpongeBob SquarePants Expansion Pack. $19.99. Kids Barnacle Boy Costume - SpongeBob SquarePants. $39.99. Mermaid Man Crew Socks - SpongeBob SquarePants. $9.99. Adult Sandy Cheeks Plus Size Costume - SpongeBob SquarePants. $69.99. Patrick Star Cloud Pal Pillow - SpongeBob SquarePants.

  20. SpongeBob SquarePants: Halloween (Video 2002)

    SpongeBob SquarePants: Halloween: With Lori Alan, Rodger Bumpass, Mary Jo Catlett, Brian Doyle-Murray. A SpongeBob SquarePants Halloween-themed VHS featuring 5 episodes.

  21. Classic SpongeBob episodes to watch during Halloween

    Classic SpongeBob episodes to binge for Halloween By Riley Kvalheim | Sep 26, 2023 UKRAINE - 2023/03/11: In this photo illustration, Paramount Global logo is seen on a smartphone and on a pc screen.

  22. Ghost Host

    Ghost Host is a Halloween themed episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where The Flying Dutchman stays with SpongeBob to reclaim his dignity. Learn about the plot, characters, and trivia of this episode from the SpongeBob Halloween Wiki.