DC Showcase: The Spectre

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DC Showcase: The Spectre is the first animated short film in DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection focused on The Spectre. It was first featured on the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD and Blu Ray .

Foster Brenner, a successful film producer, is killed by a bomb hidden underneath the diving board of his swimming pool. Los Angeles Police Department Detective Jim Corrigan, who was having a relationship with Brenner's daughter Aimee, starts investigating despite the case having been assigned to another officer. Jim interviews Flemming, Brenner's butler, who shows him security footage of two men in ski masks entering the complex and placing the bomb. Jim asks if Brenner had any enemies, and Flemming replies that any man so wealthy and powerful has many enemies. Flemming tells Corrigan that several of Brenner's longtime collaborators were not included in his latest pictures and were very unhappy about it.

That evening at a special effects warehouse, Drew Flynn is confronted by the late Foster Brenner, who accuses him of his murder. "Brenner" transforms into the Spectre, who uses his powers to animate the models and animatronic movie monsters to attack Flynn. Flynn meets his end at the hands of a gigantic gorilla robot. Next on the hit list is Peter McCoy, who attempts to escape town with a suitcase full of money. The Spectre takes control of his car and forces it to crash. McCoy survives, only to watch his car repair itself and run him down.

Jim arrives at Aimee's house undetected by phasing through the wall. Aimee kisses him and suggests they run away together. Jim says that she is good enough to be an actor in her father's movies. He knows it was she who gave the access codes to her father's estate to Flynn and McCoy. He opens a nearby briefcase, which is full of her father's money. Aimee attempts to reason with Jim while rummaging for a revolver hidden in the desk. She claims that he loves her and that they can be together, but Jim refuses. Aimee aims her gun at Jim, and says she could have given him the world. Jim answers, "I left this world a long time ago." Aimee fires multiple times, but the bullets pass right through Jim as he transforms into the Spectre. Aimee attempts to flee, but the Spectre engulfs her in a tornado of money. The money cuts at her flesh and becomes covered in her blood. The tornado dissipates and Aimee is dead killed by her father's money. Jim calmly walks away as the police arrive. He walks through them, and they cannot see him. Jim says that it is his job to root out evil, that he is justice, that he is the Spectre.

  • Gary Cole as Jim Corrigan / The Spectre
  • Alyssa Milano as Aimee Brenner
  • Jeff Bennett as Foster Brenner , Peter McCoy and Flemming
  • Rob Paulsen as Drew Flynn , Lt. Brice and Deandre
  • Jon Polito as Police Chief
  • 1 Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One
  • 2 Arthur Fleck
  • 3 Damian Wayne (DC Animated Film Universe)
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the spectre dc short

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Western Animation / DC Showcase: The Spectre

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Jim Corrigan ( Gary Cole ) is a private detective investigating a murder mystery. Secretly, he's the Spectre, a phantom of vengeance, seeking to bring justice to those guilty of crimes.

This short contains examples of:

  • Asshole Victim : Foster Brenner, as it would suggest. His own daughter planned his whole demise simply because he refused to allow her a job working on his pictures, yet he turned her away every time. Also, the police force seems very dismissive of his own death, as they never put in any real work into simple questioning over their most likely suspects or check all the surveillance cameras.
  • Big Bad : Aimee Brenner masterminded the murder.
  • Car Fu : The Spectre uses a car to crush one of his targets.
  • Da Chief : The Police Captain, whose sole scene is lecturing Corrigan on his bad reputation.
  • Dead All Along : Jim Corrigan is revealed to have been a ghost all along when Aimee's bullets phase through him.
  • Death Glare : The Spectre's default expression is a cold stare into the soul.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts : The Spectre traps Aimee in a tornado of 100 dollar bills and makes them both completely rigid and razor sharp. She quickly dies in a bloody mess.
  • Disposable Love Interest : Aimee; however, she is guilty.
  • Genre Throwback : To 60s/70s style horror like Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist and detective/crime movies like Dirty Harry .
  • Good Is Not Nice : Rather than aid the police investigation, The Spectre executes the criminals.
  • Greed : The motivation for all the villains. They conspired to make money then screwed each other over to keep more for themselves. One that was completely cut out of the deal killed for it.
  • Green and Mean : The Spectre has a Sickly Green Glow to emphasis his otherworldly dread.
  • Hollywood California : The setting takes place in Hollywood, as the closing narration notes it's a place that brings out the worst in people.
  • In the Hood : The Spectre's trademark green hood is the most identifiable part to him.
  • Paper Master : Temporarily, as seen under Death of a Thousand Cuts
  • Pay Evil unto Evil : The Spectre's M.O. Execute the guilty.
  • Pet the Dog : Despite his nasty reputation, Brenner's butler seemed to be the only person the man ever respected during his lifetime.
  • Police Are Useless : The whole reason why The Spectre is involved is because the police force failed to catch some small time criminals.
  • Protagonist Title : The Spectre .
  • Retraux : Visual effects are used to suggest an old movie.
  • Secret Test of Character : It's strongly hinted that Jim Corrigan was testing his ex-girlfriend Aimee during their alone time together to see if she was truly an innocent victim like she claimed or truly undeniably evil the entire time. Ultimately, she shows her true colors when she attempts to murder the detective to cover her crimes.
  • The '70s : Where the short takes place.
  • Shooting Superman : Aimee fires several shots into Jim and they go straight through him. Then she throws the gun at him and it goes through him as well.
  • The first target, a special effects artist, is killed by a giant King Kong puppet.
  • The second is killed by his own car, driving on its own, after it rebuilt itself from a crash .
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed : He also bares a striking resemblance to Tom Savini .
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis : One of the homicide detectives has a petty rivalry with Jim.
  • Vehicular Assault : The Spectre possesses a target's car and drops it nose down on him.
  • DC Showcase: Jonah Hex
  • Creator/Moi Animation
  • Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam
  • Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • WesternAnimation/DC Animation
  • Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons
  • WesternAnimation/DC Universe Animated Original Movies

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the spectre dc short

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DC Showcase: The Spectre

Where to watch

Dc showcase: the spectre.

2010 Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos

As Detective Jim Corrigan investigates a murder, The Spectre delivers horrific justice to the perpetrators.

Gary Cole Alyssa Milano Jeff Bennett Rob Paulsen Jon Polito

Director Director

Joaquim Dos Santos

Producers Producers

Alan Burnett Joaquim Dos Santos Bobbie Page

Executive Producers Exec. Producers

Bruce Timm Sam Register

Writer Writer

Steve Niles

Casting Casting

Jamie Thomason

Editor Editor

Margaret Hou

Composers Composers

Benjamin Wynn Jeremy Zuckerman

Warner Bros. Animation Moi Animation DC Comics

Releases by Date

23 feb 2010, 08 apr 2017, releases by country.

  • Theatrical PG-13

12 mins   More at IMDb TMDb Report this page

Popular reviews

Blaze the Action Junkie

Review by Blaze the Action Junkie ★★★

The 70's aesthetic with the horror theme and imagery makes this DC animated short much better than it really should be. As the Spectre 'dispenses justice' several of the short sequences are a bit chilling in how the Spectre actually goes about his dispensing of said justice. I was very entertained by this mesmerizing short and am in agreement that The Spectre needs a legit live-action horror/mystery flick.

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Rich Trash🗑️

Review by Rich Trash🗑️ ★★★ 2

A quick story with a 70s vibe of the Spectre doing what he does best, solve crimes and bring upon vengeance for wrong-doers. Unlike a lot of DC superheroes, he does not have a rule of not killing bad guys. For 10 minutes this was pretty interesting. I would like to see more of this character in a bigger story.


Review by maskull ★★★½ 2

I have no idea about The Spectre. I've always thought he looked cool but had no idea who he is or what his powers are. So this is a nice intro to the character.

Loved the horror flavour of the kills, and the music. And like I said, The Spectre looks neat. I'd like to know more about him. I mean can he pretty much do anything with his powers to serve vengeance?

Maybe some day they'll do more animated movies featuring The Spectre or maybe I'll check out some comics, or.....now that James Gunn is running the DC Movies, you never know.....I mean the guy does like using the lesser known characters, doesn't he?

Jaume Vaquer

Review by Jaume Vaquer ★★★★ 1

Wow. Steve Niles, guionista de cómics, nos da una maravillosa adaptación de los cómics de Spectre de la etapa de Michael Fleisher y Jim Aparo, con muertes salvajes pero ingeniosas. He disfrutado una barbaridad con la primera, usando montones de personajes típicos del cine de terror y del fantástico; con la segunda y su homenaje a "Christine"; aunque la mejor sea la tercera y su tornado de billetes... Y que la música funky, los rótulos y el grano de la película al final sea en plan setentero, ayuda un montón a la deliciosa experiencia de este corto.


Review by Kevin_Robbins ★★★★

The Spectre (2010) is the second of four DC Showcase films on a DVD titled Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam. The plot centers around a spirit serving a human detective by day and transforming into a vigilante by night. When a famous actor dies, both the detective and The Spectre take on the case.

Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos (Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse), the film features the voices of Gary Cole (Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby), Alyssa Milano (Commando), Robert Paulsen (Pinky and the Brain), and Jon Polito (The Crow).

This easily stands out as my favorite short story in this DC Showcase collection. The film's grindhouse feel and creepy horror elements are amazing and are complemented by an impressive storyline filled with enjoyable twists and turns. There's a Constantine vibe to this, and this short could have easily expanded into a full-length feature film. I'd give it an 8/10 and strongly recommend it.

Andrew Jupin

Review by Andrew Jupin ★★★★

This totally rules. Would 100% watch a series of this with the exact vibe achieved in this short.

lord gage🦡

Review by lord gage🦡 3

It does not matter how hot the girl is. The Spectre won’t hesitate to kill a bitch.

DC Showcase Ranked


Review by jaywill🎅

The Spectre: don’t know much about The Spectre. Anti-heroes are always intriguing but I probably need to read an origin story before I latch onto him.

Lists: DC Showcase


Review by Aleheez ★★★

Cool setting and an interesting character. Seeing this just makes me remember how much I'd love to see The Spectre on the big screen one day in some form.


Review by DreamScape40 ★★★★

Loved the animation and the music!


Review by danlikesmovies ★★★

This was a really cool 70s horror inspired short from DC with great animation and some awesome kill scenes.

Review by Jaume Vaquer ★★★★½

Tenía que volver a verlo. Y le subo la puntuación. Qué ganas de releer los números de Fleisher-Aparo o Ostrander-Mandrake...

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Why Lou Diamond Phillips Was A Great Choice To Play Spectre In Constantine: The House Of Mystery, According To The Producer

Lou Diamond Phillips has made his animated DC debut!

The Spectre in Constantine: The House of Mystery

Following the events of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War , the DC Animated Movie Universe timeline ’s version of John Constantine finds himself back in the spotlight for the DC Showcase short Constantine: The House of Mystery , with Legends of Tomorrow ’s Matt Ryan voicing the character once again. But Constantine isn’t the only major player from the supernatural corner of DC Comics mythology who shows up, as this feature also stars Lou Diamond Phillips as The Spectre, one of the most powerful entities in existence . The House of Mystery marks Phillips’ first time lending his voice to a superhero project, and producer Rick Morales didn’t hold back on praising the actor’s performance while speaking with CinemaBlend.

During my interview with Rick Morales about Constantine: The House of Mystery and the other DC Showcase shorts (i.e. Blue Beetle , Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth! and The Losers ) now available to buy in a box set, I asked him what special quality Lou Diamond Phillips had made him the best choice to voice The Spectre. Morales answered:

His voice is just incredible. There is this ethereal quality to it. He sounds like a god [laughs], to be frank. There’s just a warmth and it’s big, but he still gets this emotion across. I didn’t about it, he wasn’t the first name in my head when it came to The Spectre, but I remember Wes Gleason, our voice director, brought it up, He mentioned his name, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, yeah! That makes so much sense. I wouldn’t have ever considered it.’ And then when he came in, we recorded him remotely, but he was just the nicest guy you could ever imagine, and he got it right away. I just feel like that’s the perfect Spectre voice.

Introduced in 1940’s More Fun Comics #52, The Spectre is traditionally depicted as exacting vengeance on behalf of God, and is usually anchored to a human host, like Jim Corrigan and Crispus Allen. In Constantine: The House of Mystery , we simply see Lou Diamond Phillip’s Spectre as a god-like entity who put Constantine in the animated short’s title location. Unfortunately, Constantine has to suffer through a nightmare time loop that sees him continually being killed by demons masquerading as loved ones.

Lou Diamond Phillips is the third actor to voice Spectre in animation, with Mark Hamill having done so in a couple episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold (which is available to watch with an HBO Max subscription ) and Gary Cole bringing the character to life in The Spectre DC Showcase short from 2010. We’ve also seen two versions of Jim Corrigan in the Arrowverse, and Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen even inherited the Spectre mantle during “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Back to Constantine: The House of Mystery , I also asked writer Ernie Altbacker (who drew inspiration for the story from Doctor Who ) what he thought about Phillips’ Spectre performance, and he said he was surprised to learn it was the Longmire actor who’d been hired. In his words:

It was amazing. I didn’t even know [laughs]. I didn’t see it until it was done. I saw it three days before the Comic-Con, and I was like, ‘Who’s Spectre?’ And then I looked and went, ‘Oh my God!’ I didn’t put that on him. Usually I can guess the voices of people, and I didn’t know what was him at all.

Warning: SPOILERS for Constantine: The House of Mystery are ahead!

We learn in Constantine: The House of Mystery that The Spectre put John Constantine in the House for instructing The Flash to travel back in time and create another Flashpoint to undo all the devastation wreaked in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War . However, by the end of the short, it’s revealed that Spectre had intended Constantine’s house arrest to be a place where he could spend eternity with those closest to him. Instead, Constantine had subconsciously turned it into a personal hell because of his guilt and failure to forgive himself. 

Unfortunately, because John Constantine eventually decided to break out of the House on his own, The Spectre could not put him backing in there. With the universe demanding restitution, the sorcerer was sent off to parts unknown, and whatever awaited on the other side was bad enough that he begged Spectre to kill him. Given how ambiguously the short ended, as well Spectre important in the grand scheme of DC cosmic happenings, don’t be surprised if we haven’t seen the last of Lou Diamond Phillips’ version of the character.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment ’s DC Showcase — Constantine: The House of Mystery compilation can be purchased on Blu-ray and Digital. If you’re already looking to what the future has coming up in the realm of DC animation, check out the trailer for Green Lantern: Beware My Power .


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Adam Holmes

Connoisseur of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, John Wick, MonsterVerse and Doctor Who lore, Adam is a Senior Content Producer at CinemaBlend. He started working for the site back in late 2014 writing exclusively comic book movie and TV-related articles, and along with branching out into other genres, he also made the jump to editing. Along with his writing and editing duties, as well as interviewing creative talent from time to time, he also oversees the assignment of movie-related features. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism, and he’s been sourced numerous times on Wikipedia. He's aware he looks like Harry Potter and Clark Kent.

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DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection

DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection (2010)

An anthology of DC Showcase stories consisting of a new Superman/Shazam feature and extended versions of older shorts. An anthology of DC Showcase stories consisting of a new Superman/Shazam feature and extended versions of older shorts. An anthology of DC Showcase stories consisting of a new Superman/Shazam feature and extended versions of older shorts.

  • Joaquim Dos Santos
  • Michael Jelenic
  • Jerry Siegel
  • Joe Shuster
  • Zach Callison
  • James Garner
  • Josh Keaton
  • 5 User reviews
  • 4 Critic reviews

DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection (2010)

  • Billy Batson (segment "The Return of Black Adam")

James Garner

  • Shazam (segment "The Return of Black Adam")

Josh Keaton

  • Punk (segment "The Return of Black Adam")

Danica McKellar

  • Sally (segment "The Return of Black Adam")

George Newbern

  • Captain Marvel (segment "The Return of Black Adam")

Kevin Michael Richardson

  • Mister Tawky Tawny (segment "The Return of Black Adam")

Arnold Vosloo

  • Black Adam (segment "The Return of Black Adam")

Gary Cole

  • Jim Corrigan

Alyssa Milano

  • Aimee Brenner (segment "The Spectre")

Jeff Bennett

  • Foster Brenner

Rob Paulsen

  • Police Captain (segment "The Spectre")

Malcolm McDowell

  • Merlyn the Magnificent (segment "Green Arrow")

Neal McDonough

  • Green Arrow

Steve Blum

  • Count Vertigo (segment "Green Arrow")

Grey Griffin

  • Black Canary (segment "Green Arrow")
  • (as Grey DeLisle)

John DiMaggio

  • Merc (segment "Green Arrow")
  • Michael Jelenic (segment Superman/Shazam!)
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

Did you know

  • Trivia The comic book store featured in the movie's title sequence is the real-life comic book store "House of Secrets" in Burbank, California where producer Bruce Timm has been known to shop.
  • Connections Features DC Showcase: The Spectre (2010)

User reviews 5

  • Jul 1, 2018
  • What is the DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection?
  • November 9, 2010 (United States)
  • United States
  • WBshop.com (United States)
  • DC Showcase Animated Original Shorts: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam
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Technical specs

  • Runtime 1 hour 3 minutes

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The Spectre is the divine Spirit of Vengeance, a powerful agent of the Presence , bound to a human host to curb his power and offer guidance. His hosts over the years have been James Corrigan , Hal Jordan and Crispus Allen .

  • 1.1 In the Beginning
  • 1.2.1 Return and Wrath
  • 1.2.2 Madame Xanadu
  • 1.2.3 A New Beginning
  • 1.3 The Spear of Destiny
  • 1.4 Day of Judgment
  • 1.5 Hal Jordan
  • 1.6 Day of Vengeance
  • 1.7 Crispus Allen
  • 1.8 Blackest Night
  • 2.2 Abilities
  • 2.3 Weaknesses
  • 3.1 Equipment
  • 5.1 Footnotes

In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was the Presence , the One Above All. Such was the Presence's nature that His aspects had names and identities of their own. At His direction, certain of these aspects were charged with certain functions and duties. Among them were His Wrath, called Eclipso , His Mercy, called the Radiant , and His Vengeance, called the Spectre.

Three seconds after creation, there was a rebellion in Paradise. A rebel band of angels led by Lucifer Morningstar attempted to wrest control of Heaven from the Presence. As punishment, they were cast down into Hell , where they became the beings that mortal men knew as demons. In time, one of the demons, a creature called Aztar, came to repent his rebellion, seeking forgiveness from the Presence; legend in Hell has it that he was a prince among the damned. Aztar came before the gates of Heaven, where he was met by the archangel Michael . He prostrated himself before Michael, acknowledging his wrong-doing and his responsibility for what he had done, offering himself up to whatever punishment the Presence chose to impose. The Presence's judgment on Aztar was that he would become a vessel for an aspect of the Divine - the Divine Wrath. Aztar's memory and consciousness would be wiped from existence. Aztar accepted with regret, hoping that some fragment of what he once was would be allowed to remain. The Wrath of God entered into Aztar, burning away everything he had been, transfiguring the remnants of his form into the Spectre Force.

Perhaps Aztar's wish was heard; millennia later, Jim Corrigan , the Spectre's then-host, saw a vision of Aztar's transformation, buried deep in the Spectre's core. This Primal-Spectre was the one who punished Cain for the murder of his brother Abel , laying a mark upon Cain lest any should kill him. For that, Cain sought revenge on the Spectre, and through him, on the Presence. When Eclipso fell to evil, it was the Primal-Spectre's duty to deliver punishment. The Primal-Spectre stripped Eclipso of his rank and privileges and tore him asunder, with Eclipso's power imprisoned in the black diamond known as the Heart of Darkness .

It was the Primal-Spectre, the Spectre Force, that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, that humbled the Pharaoh and killed the first-born of Egypt. The Divine Wrath was the blast that brought down the walls of Jericho and stopped the sun in its tracks. For centuries the Wrath of God punished and humbled mankind, until the birth of Jesus of Nazareth . At that instant, the Divine Wrath was cast into Limbo, for God's vengeance and forgiveness could not walk the same plane together. [1]

When Jesus died on the cross, the Divine Wrath was released from his exile and sought vengeance on mankind for the death of Christ. He was interrupted by the archangel Michael, who informed the Divine Wrath that due to the example of Christ, all aspects of God were now to be bound to human souls, as decreed by God himself. The Wrath resisted, his immense power was even able to greatly challenge the Archangel, but Michael would not be denied, and was able to force the Wrath to yield. He then sought out the soul of a person who thirsted for swift, vengeful justice.

In India, a man called Chakara and his family were slain by the witch Lady Beltane. In the limbo between planes of reality, Chakara cried for justice. The archangel, Michael, appeared to him in the form of the goddess Kali. Michael asked Chakara if he would be willing to bargain his soul's rest for the chance to avenge his family's death. Chakara agreed, and his soul mixed with the essence of the Divine Wrath. Thus, Chakara became the first true Spectre, a killing ghost that sought justice and enlightenment. Chakara was unaware of the Spectre Force's true origin as a divine entity; he believed he was a human soul who had been granted divine power. Eventually Chakara would turn from his mission, seduced by a demon. As punishment, he was stripped of the Spectre Force and bound to the demon who had seduced him, becoming Azmodus , who swore revenge on all later Spectres.

Over the centuries, there were many who joined with the Divine Wrath to become the Spectre, chosen from those who had met unjust deaths, and sought vengeance. Like Chakara before them, none of the Spectres were aware the Divine Wrath was a separate entity in its own right, believing that they had been granted the power to exact vengeance. None of these earlier Spectres operated in the public eye, and none gained world-wide recognition.

That changed in the 1940s, when detective Jim Corrigan became the latest host for the Spirit of Vengeance.

Jim Corrigan

Corrigan was murdered in a gangland killing, tied up and thrown in a barrel of cement, which was in turn thrown in a river. Upon his death, he found himself in Limbo, where he was bonded with the Spectre Force and tasked with its mission, to confront evil wherever he found it. Corrigan returned to the world of the living, where he exacted vengeance on the mobsters who had killed him. Taking inspiration from the ' mystery men ' of the day, he created the identity of the Spectre.

During World War II , the Spectre was a prime agent in stopping a Nazi invasion of Britain, in tandem with other mystery men. With Doctor Fate vouching for him, he became one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America .

Adolf Hitler had come into possession of the legendary Spear of Destiny , the weapon that had pierced Jesus's side on the Cross. With the Spear's power, Hitler created a 'sphere of influence' around Axis-controlled Europe; any metahuman who entered the sphere would fall under Hitler's control. The Spectre could sense where the sphere's borders were, but could not enter without falling under the influence. In the closing days of the war, Hitler attempted to use the Spear to invoke Ragnarok, but lacked the mystical energy to succeed; the spell, however, remained dormant in the Spear. Hitler's influence also laid a curse on the Spear, that any others who wielded it would be corrupted, falling prey to Hitler's madness.

With the end of the war, the sphere came down, and the Justice Society were free to enter Europe. When they discovered the concentration camps, the Spectre was driven to righteous fury, preparing to unleash his vengeance. Fearing that he might wipe out all of Germany, the rest of the Justice Society managed to restrain him, convincing him to let the Nuremberg Trials do their work. Although the Spectre took no action, the incident darkened his view of life. After the war, The Spectre continued his crusade until he vanished without a trace. [2]

Return and Wrath

Showcase Vol 1 60

The Spectre Returns

James Corrigan continued his activities as a detective for twenty years, often wondering where had The Spectre gone. During an investigation, Corrigan ended up at a seance, which allowed The Spectre to be released out of Corrigan's body. Spectre explained that he had been trapped inside Corrigan's body as a result of the demon Azmodus' presence on Earth. Finally back on Earth, The Spectre defeated the astral form of Azmodus and resumed his activities as The Spirit of Vengeance. [3]

With lesser cosmic threats, Corrigan had to focus entirely on earthly crimes, which caused him to take a new approach against human evildoers, unleashing the full wrath and vengeance of The Spectre upon their rotten souls. [4] Eventually The Presence decided to remove the powers of the Spectre from Corrigan, [5] but this decision was short lived as Corrigan was soon killed and The Presence returned him the powers of Spectre [6] so he could continue spreading vengeance across the land. [7]

Sometime after the beginning of the modern age of superheroes when the Spectre's mission on Earth was ended, he became the guardian of Heaven and Hell [8] and attempted to stop the Great Darkness , but failed. [9] During the the Anti-Monitor 's attack on reality, The Spectre fought him at the beginning of Time in an attempt to stop the ultimate collapse, but failed as well, resulting in the creation of one single universe, instead of the infinity there had once been. [10]

Madame Xanadu

Spectre v

Spectre returns to Earth

As a result of his previous failures, Spectre was punished by The Voice. He was stripped away of his omnipotent powers and reduced to remain within the human host of Jim Corrigan once again, where he resumed his activities as an agent of vengeance. [11]

Due to his new reduced state, The Spectre and Corrigan became separate beings, completely dependant of each other. Even though Spectre could leave Corrigan's body, he couldn't remain outside for more than 48 hours, as he would cease to exist, effectively killing Corrigan. Early in this new state, Spectre investigated the murders caused by the Cult of the Blood Red Moon , who were seeking to eliminate him. [12] Spectre's path crossed with the Cult and even though, he foiled their evil plans, they escaped. [13] Spectre continued his quest to punish evil-doers, but Corrigan acted as his conscience and made him realize that his self-righteous methods were misplaced, adding to Spectre's doom. [14] Later on, Spectre assisted Corrigan in locating the man responsible for his death during the Crisis, [15] and assisted Zatanna against the evil demon Wotan ; [16] although Spectre failed to capture him, he did recovered Zatanna's body and released Zatara's soul into the afterlife. [17]

His failure against Wotan prompted Spectre to develop an intricate relationship with Madame Xanadu in which they would have consciousness intercourse, restoring some of Spectre's lost powers and giving her metaphysical pleasure. Their sexual encounters of the mystical nature were mutually beneficial, but Spectre could lose himself in the moment, risking his and Corrigan's existence. It was during these moments that Spectre finally convinced Corrigan that his mission and methods are justified. [18]

Spectre Vol 2 15

Spectre embraces Xanadu

After dealing with the Manhunter invasion [19] and helping Superman against the aliens, [20] Spectre organized a gathering of all notable mystic beings of Earth to decide their course of action after the event known as " Millennium ". [21] Once that was decided, Spectre confronted the Cult of the Blood Red Moon once again, as they attacked Madame Xanadu and her parlor in order to weaken him and eliminate Spectre once and for all. With assistance from Corrigan, Spectre managed to stop the Cult, although they escaped the wrath of the Spirit of Vengeance. Due to these events, Spectre was prompted to confess his love for Xanadu. [22]

Thanks to Corrigan's alliance with an NYPD Officer, Spectre located the Cult of the Blood Red Moon and eliminated all of the members from the Cult's faction in New York. [23] Spectre then worked together with Deadman in order to stop a spawn of Satan, thwarting his plan of killing James Corrigan and eliminating Spectre. [24] Later, Spectre started a quest to eliminate corrupt cops and succeeded, but as a result of the endeavor, his human host, James Corrigan was killed once again. [25] In order to preserve his existence, Spectre sacrificed his spiritual aspect, allowing Corrigan to return to life, but now they both shared the same body, much like they did in the past. [26]

With their bodies merged once again, Corrigan and Spectre went on to stop several supernatural threats [27] [28] [29] and other regular crimes. [30] Shortly afterwards, Spectre was asked by the Lords of Order to inform the rest of the mystical community on Earth to remain inactive during the upcoming invasion of Earth. [31] [30] However, Spectre and the other mystical heroes joined forces during the Invasion and stopped a small faction of aliens, different from the main invading forces. [32] [33] After that crisis, Spectre stopped a cybernetic threat from a metahuman [34] as well as a demon who sought to possess and kill an entire family. [35]

A New Beginning

Spectre soon resumed his role as an astral protector and aided the Lords of Order and Chaos to defeat a major threat to the universe. [36] [37] Spectre also assisted the heroes of Earth in the War of the Gods and defeated the interdimentional threat of Abraxis by bringing back the Justice Society of America from limbo. [38]

After accomplishing such feats, Spectre had taken over Corrigan's existence, forcing the human host to abandon his previous duties. Corrigan soon embraced Spectre's quest to deliver retribution to evildoers and together, they started hunting all sorts of criminals. [39] During one of these cases, Spectre's actions caused the death of an innocent man and for the first time, Spectre felt remorse. [40]

Madame Spectre 01

Madame Spectre

Having returned to share Corrigan's body, Spectre understood human feelings better and started caring and protecting Amy Beitermann ; a woman Corrigan had fallen in love with. [41] As to help Amy save a life, Spectre went to Hell, where he confronted the demon Shathan and accidentally released Azmodus unto Earth. [42] Although Amy's perception of Corrigan's issues helped Spectre become more humane, [43] she caused more troubles than she solved. For instance, Madame Xanadu had learned of Corrigan's whereabouts thanks to Amy and soon, she attacked Corrigan and forced herself upon Spectre. The Spirit of Vengeance was forced to merge with Xanadu, but his vengeful nature was far from what Xanadu had bargained for. Madame X relinquished the Spectre and returned it to Corrigan's spirit. [44] The experience softened Spectre's perception of Amy and the avatar assisted Corrigan in protecting her from her certain death at the hands of a murderer. [45]

Spectre tried hard to prevent the crime, but his efforts didn't go unnoticed by Azmodus, who realized he could exploit Corrigan's feelings for Amy against The Spectre. [46] The Spirit of Vengeance soon learned about the return of Azmodus and focused on defeating him, leaving Amy unprotected. [47] Spectre and Azmodus fought in the Astral Plane, but Amy's murder distracted Corrigan, allowing Azmodus to escape the wrath of Spectre. [48] In the aftermath of Amy's death, Spectre questioned the scope of his mission and went on a murdering rampage, anhilating the population of Vlatava . [49]

Spectre soon turned his attention towards the entire of humanity and prepared to pass judgement against mankind. This placed him against Earth's mystic protectors such as the Phantom Stranger, Doctor Fate, Zatanna and Etrigan. Spectre was also confronted by Eclipso, but none of them were able to stop him. Only when the soul of James Corrigan received the help it required to overcome his grief, Spectre's humanity was restored and he reconsidered his judgement against mankind, understanding his mission at long last. [50]

The Spear of Destiny

Believing the Spectre might turn his judgment on the rest of the world, the United States government gave Superman the Spear of Destiny, which had eventually fallen into American hands, and charged him to bring the Spectre under control, or stop him. However, the Spear began to slowly corrupt Superman, and the Spectre gave him a vision of what would happen if he succumbed to the Spear's influence, testing him to see whether he would renounce it, which Superman did. The Spectre then cast the Spear into the heavens. [51]

Soon afterwards, the Spectre confronted Azmodus for the final time, the Spectre's mortal allies forcing Azmodus to face the evil he had done. With that self-knowledge, Chakara's soul repented his crimes, allowing the Spectre to sunder him from the demon, ending Azmodus's existence, and allowing Chakara to pass on to the cycle of reincarnation.

The Spear of Destiny was eventually retrieved by a group called the National Interest, who sought to use the Spear to eliminate the Spectre. In the end, the Spectre prevailed, reclaiming the Spear and once more casting it into outer space.

In time, Corrigan grew tired, the anger and rage that had kept him going now a burden. He relinquished his role as the Spectre and passed on into Heaven, letting the Spectre Force return whence it came.

Day of Judgment

The demon Etrigan tricked the Spectre Force into bonding with the rogue angel Asmodel . With the Spectre's power, Asmodel subdued Neron , Hell's ruler, and unleashed the forces of Hell on Earth. In search of assistance, a group of Earth's mystics went to Heaven to convince Jim Corrigan to become the Spectre once more, but Corrigan refused.

The mystics then visited Limbo, where they recruited the assistance of former Green Lantern Hal Jordan . Given the choice between Asmodel, Neron and Hal, the Spectre Force chose Hal, making him its new host.

Captain Marvel had retrieved the Spear of Destiny from its location in space, for use against the Spectre. Hal entrusted the Spear to the so-called ' Sentinels of Magic ', and they in turn threw it into the Sun, casting a spell to make sure only they could retrieve it.

Hal Jordan refused the Spectre's mission of wrath. He attempted to redirect its power, to turn it from the Spirit of Vengeance to a Spirit of Redemption. For a time, he succeeded. But as time went on, Hal found himself conflicted and indecisive, being unable to find redemption for himself, yet unwilling to accept the Spectre's brand of vengeance. He began to lose control of the Spectre's power, finding it rejecting his will; when faced with a friend in danger, Hal finally gave in, accepting the Spectre's role as the Wrath of God.

Unknown to Hal, the Spectre had alternate reasons for choosing him as his host. Hal Jordan's soul had become a host of Parallax , the living embodiment of fear, who had gained a foothold in Hal following the destruction of Coast City and caused his subsequent mental breakdown. The Spectre had hoped to burn Parallax out of Hal's soul and cast judgment on the demonic parasite.

But Parallax would not be denied. He sought dominance over Hal and the Spectre, to corrupt the Spectre's power and spread fear across the universe. By the time the Spectre revealed the truth to Hal, Parallax had reached the point where he could suppress both entities. However, this was the demon's undoing. Now aware of Parallax's existence, Hal was able to fight through Parallax, and helped the Spectre separate all three from each other. That done, the Spectre answered the call of the Presence, to return and await a new host.

Day of Vengeance

When the Spectre next appeared on Earth, however, it was without the presence of a host. Lacking the judgment a host would provide, he enacted punishment on any who transgressed, no matter how minor the transgression. Confused and lacking direction, the Spectre easily fell prey to Eclipso, now possessing the body of Jean Loring , who convinced the Spectre that magic was the source of all evil, and that by destroying it, he would achieve his mission.

The Spectre went on a genocidal rampage across the mystic realms, killing thousands of sorcerers and magic-users. The ancient wizard Shazam sent his champion Captain Marvel against the Spectre, to buy Shazam time as he prepared to fight the Spectre himself.

Some of the survivors of the Spectre's rampage banded together to find a way to stop him, forming a group called the Shadowpact . While their efforts proved unsuccessful, they were able to banish Eclipso into perpetual orbit around the sun, where her powers would be nullified.

The Spectre and Captain Marvel fought for many days, but ultimately, the Spectre managed to break through Marvel's defenses to confront Shazam in the Rock of Eternity , killing the wizard and destroying the Rock in the process.

The Spectre continued on his rampage, sending Atlantis to the depths of the ocean, before moving on to kill the Lords of Chaos and Order . Finally, only one of the Lords of Order was left to face him, Nabu the Wise, the guiding force behind Doctor Fate. Nabu goaded the Spectre into killing him - for with Nabu's death, the Ninth Age of Magic would end, and the Tenth begin. The Spectre, still focused on the destruction of magic, struck him down.

In killing Nabu, the Spectre finally overstepped his bounds. The Presence took notice, and called the Spectre back from the mortal realm to answer Its judgment. The Presence bound the Spectre into a new host, murdered detective Crispus Allen , the Spectre pleading and begging for forgiveness all the way. [52]

Crispus Allen

The Spectre showed himself to Crispus's ghost at his funeral, offering Crispus the chance to make their bond permanent, to join with the Spectre on its mission of justice. Crispus refused, the first host in a long time to do so. The Spectre gave Crispus a year to reconsider; when he returned, Crispus accepted, bonding with the Spectre to become the latest incarnation of the Spirit of Vengeance.

Crispus's first task as the Spectre was to exact vengeance upon his son, Malcolm , for killing Crispus' murderer . [53] He ended his son's life peacefully; however, this made him extremely unhappy with his role as the Spectre. He used the Spectre's powers in only a superficial way, killing the villains Effigy and Arthur Light , turning them into oil and a candle, respectively. [54]

He then targeted the villain responsible for the Martian Manhunter's death: Libra . However, Libra was able to stave off the entity with ease, adding to Allen's depression. However, during the events of Final Crisis , he was sent to pass judgment upon his old partner, Renee Montoya . He attacked her in Gotham City on the day the Anti-Life Equation was broadcast, and due to his interference she lost the powerful Spear of Destiny. The reborn Cain then used the Spear to enslave the Spectre and force it to rebuild reality in the name of Darkseid . [55] Montoya, Huntress and the Radiant managed to retrieve the artifact; Montoya herself used it to resurrect Jake Allen to grant peace to Crispus' soul, and convince him to retake control of the Spectre. Allen, touched by her gift, did so, and beat back Cain and his followers, dealing absolute judgment upon all of them, save for the murderers of the Radiant's human host, so she could forgive them as they died. [56]

Blackest Night

During Blackest Night , Aztar's host body Crispus Allen got resurrected by a Black Lantern Ring and as a result, the Spectre himself was corrupted and lost control of his powers, becoming a force for evil. It took the combined efforts of different Lantern Corps and a Parallax -infested Hal Jordan to save him from the Black Ring influence.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cosmic Awareness : He could sense when a mystical crisis was imminent.
  • Dimensional Travel : The Spectre can travel to Purgatory at will. [41] He could also travel to Realm of the Recently Deceased , with access to a fresh corpse; [59] The power can also be used to pull people into the Spectre's being, a realm where Spectre is supreme and the laws of the reality are subject to his will.
  • Eldritch Blast : The Spectre can fire powerful beams of pure mystical energy from his hands and eyes. [47] He was capable of using it to harm the likes of Michael Demiurgos , one of the most powerful beings in the universe. [60]
  • Electro-Blast : The Spectre was able to project powerful bolts of lightning from his eyes, down on a group of criminals. [43]
  • Energy Construct Creation : Spectre can create solid energy constructs from his mystical energy. On one occasion, he constructed a mace and shield for combat. [47]
  • Antimatter Blast: The Spectre can fire blasts of antimatter energy
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell : Spectre can trace the scent of blood, which he states calls out to him. [46]
  • Enhanced Vision [61]
  • Flight [57]
  • Immortality [59]
  • Intangibility : The Spectre's natural form is phantasmagorical, even when he is powerless. [62] [57] When bound to a host, the Spectre can become intangible at will. [59]
  • Invisibility : The Spectre can make himself invisible to others at will, while simultaneously remaining visible to those he chooses. [61]
  • Invulnerability : [59] He no-selled Superman's strongest punches. Only high levels of magic and divine weapons can hurt him
  • Size Alteration : [59] He can grow to massive sizes in order to intimidate his opponents
  • Disintegration : [41] He can erase anything from existence
  • Possession : Spectre could inhabit and animate objects, [57] but he would feel pain if these are damaged. [27]
  • Thermal-Blast : The Spectre can project powerful blasts of flames from his mouth or from his fingertips. [45] [43]
  • Reality Alteration : The Spectre is capable of warping and controlling reality. He can use his ability to control reality to simulate any form of superpower or ability by warping time, space, as well as other dimensions such as Hell. He can attack people in ways that are inexplainable, such as causing a person's inner-emptiness to swallow them up. [59]
  • Superhuman Strength : The Spectre possesses vast superhuman strength, far greater than any human and most superhumans. [59] He was strong enough to use entire planets as weapons in a battle with Azmodus. [48]
  • Telekinesis [43] [46]
  • Illusion Casting : The Spectre can create elaborate illusions to attack people, which harm them in real life. [59]
  • Fear Projection : Spectre can bring out a person's deepest fears and cause it to attack them. [45]
  • Intimidation : Less a skill than an application of his powers, the Spectre excels at being able to intimidate and frighten his adversaries. This is usually done through showy spectacles such as assuming a monstrous appearance, growing in size, projecting a loud, booming voice, etc. [59]
  • Occultism : The Spectre is knowledgeable of the occult, the history of various occult-related rituals and demonology.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced) : Spectre was capable of defeating 4 Knights at once using pure skill and a staff, while depowered. He even overcame Death Tarot in a sword fight. [63] [64]
  • Aerial Combat : Spectre has shown he's skilled in piloting a plane and controlling it in combat. [65]
  • Swordsmanship [66]
  • Weaponry [67] [59] [47]
  • Vulnerability to Spear of Destiny : The Spectre can be injured or even slain by sufficient magic force, but he will suffer additional damage from the Spear of Destiny [68] and beings summoned by it. [69]
  • Divine Limitations : The Presence can impose limits on what the Spectre is able to do, as it did in binding the Spectre to a mortal host.
  • Divine Law : There are certain boundaries even the Spectre must not cross. If it does, it faces the punishment of the Presence. When the Spectre killed Nabu, it drew the Presence's attention, and was recalled.
  • Psychologically induced limitations : The Spectre is one of the most powerful magical forces in existence, [70] but his power is dependent on his host for guidance. In the case of when the Spectre created a human form for Jim Corrigan, Corrigan wanted to rejoin humanity and unconsciously divided his power. This led to a situation in that if the two where not rejoined within 48 hours, Corrigan's spirit would have perished and the Spectre would have been left without a host.


  • Ring of Life (Formerly)
  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-Two era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and no longer apply.
  • The Spectre was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily , although several sources [71] [72] [73] attribute creator credit solely to Siegel, limiting Baily to being merely the artist assigned to the feature.
  • Each Spectre host manifests a unique Spectre form, a composite of the host and the Spectre Force. Sometimes, but not always, this Spectre form is recognizable by those who knew the host in life; Jim Corrigan's Spectre was not recognizable, but Crispus Allen's was.
  • Timothy Hunter remarks that The Spectre resembles the archangel of vengeance, Raguel. [74] It's currently unknown if Raguel became Aztar following Lucifer's rebellion or if becoming a spirit of vengeance inherently changes one to appear more like Raguel.
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  • 3 Superman (Clark Kent)

Screen Rant

Dc comics' 'the spectre' getting tv show.

DC Comics' supernatural avenging angel 'The Spectre' is making the move to network TV, and a pilot script is already in the works.

After the CW ending its  Superman TV series Smallville , NBC's strikeout with both Heroes and The Cape , and ABC's failure to get a Wonder Woman TV show off the ground, suffice to say television fans are still waiting for a new superhero show to come along and occupy the airwaves.

Word is that Warner Bros. TV is uniting with FOX to develop a TV series based on DC Comics' supernatural character  The Spectre . Brandon Camp ( John Doe ) will be scripting the show and will also executive produce alongside of Gran Torino producer Bill Gerber. DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns brought the character to Camp's attention.

For those who don't know: The Spectre was co-created by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and (allegedly) Bernard Bailey back in the 1940s. The character was a cop named Jim Corrigan who is brutally murdered by being stuffed in a barrel that is filled with cement and dropped in the water. Instead of dying, Corrigan was resurrected as an avenging spirit that is tasked with roaming the earth and punishing evildoers who seek to escape the hand of justice. In later incarnations, the Spectre has become a nigh-omnipotent primal force of nature, at times serving as the thematic or spiritual center of DC Universe.

Clearly the TV version of the character is more likely to stick to the undead cop/vigilante, which would essentially make the series a weekly cop procedural with a supernatural twist. Of course, some people may be quick to point out that The Cape  tried to follow a similar formula - a cop becomes a hooded vigilante - however, The Spectre is a far cry from the silly melodrama of The Cape , instead offering a mix of Noir and horror genre conventions.

DC recently tested The Spectre's appeal by featuring the character in an animated short film , and as I said in my review:

This animated short captures the character of The Spectre perfectly, by not shying away from the fact that he is a scary and violent force of the DC universe. Besides the highly-successful  Blade  franchise, I have yet to see a comic book movie that combines the elements of the horror genre with the superhero genre (nice try  Ghost Rider ). If ever there was a movie that could tell you a ghost story about a ghost you both root for and fear at the same time,  The Spectre  would be it. (Not to mention, the character would (literally) open up a whole new dimension of the DC Universe.)

Hopefully the showrunners recognize the strengths I referred to above, which would be a fresh approach to both cop and superhero TV series. An interesting aside: DC Comics has another supernatural character trying to haunt the TV airwaves - the ghostly hero Deadman , who is being adapted for TV by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.

 In a best case scenario (for comic book fans) both Deadman and The Spectre will make it onto TV - but is there enough room for two dead superheroes in fans' viewing schedule? And where does this leave DC occult-themed character,  Raven , who was also slated to make her TV debut once upon a time?

This Spectre  TV series has a script order at the moment. We'll keep you informed about how the show develops.

Source: Deadline

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Don't miss these grim tales of vengeance from the pages of SHOWCASE #60, 61 and 64, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #72, 75, 116, 180 and 199, THE SPECTRE #1-10, ADVENTURE COMICS #431-440, DC COMICS PRESENTS #29 and GHOSTS #97-99.

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Superman and Kid Flash Prepare for ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ With New McFarlane Toys Figures

The new Build-A-Figure wave also includes Psycho Pirate, The Spectre, and The Monitor.

The Big Picture

  • DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths was a groundbreaking comic series that reset the DC Universe and popularized the concept of the multiverse long before it became popular on the big screen.
  • McFarlane Toys has unveiled a new wave of Crisis on Infinite Earths toys, including Earth 2 Superman, Kid Flash, The Spectre, and Psycho Pirate, with each figure containing a piece to build The Monitor.
  • The impact of Crisis on Infinite Earths is still felt today, as it led to a rethinking of crossover events in both DC and Marvel, and its ongoing adaptation as a three-part animated film marks the end of the current DC Animated universe with an explosive finale.

When it comes to DC Comics storylines, there’s no crossover event as well known as Crisis on Infinite Earths . The 1985 limited series by legendary writer Marv Wolfman reset the DC Universe as we know it today and tapped into the multiverse almost four decades before that concept became popular on the big screen. The comic has received sequels while being adapted a handful of times throughout the years. Currently, DC is adapting the series into a three-part animated film . The first part was just released on digital this week. Now, to celebrate the beginning of the end of the current DC Animated universe, McFarlane Toys has just unveiled their latest wave of toys for Crisis on Infinite Earths .

The new Gold Label Build-A-Figure wave includes four figures. There’s Earth 2 Superman , Kid Flash, The Spectre , and Psycho Pirate . Each figure comes with at least one piece to build The Monitor . Like all past McFarlane DC figures, a collectible art card is included. The designs of each character are based on their appearance in the original comic storyline, not the new trilogy of films.

In the mid 1980s, comics, almost mirroring today's cinematic landscape problem, were in a messy state. There were too many characters to follow alongside a headache-inducing number of timelines and Earths to keep track of . The solution for DC at the time was to push the reset universe button and merge the multiverse , along with the company’s rich history, into one Earth. In the storyline, it was depicted as an epic battle between The Monitor and the Anti-Monitor . The latter of which was destroying the various Earths in their path. However, it was a much more complicated story than just that, with an endless number of tie-in books and the fallout was catastrophic for several major DC heroes. There were a lot of deaths in the pages of this 12-issue doomsday event. The lives of beloved characters like Wally West’s Kid Flash and Supergirl – as well as the future of comics – were changed forever .

The Impact of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earth’ Is Still Felt Today

Crossover events weren’t that huge when Crisis was released, but the success of it led both DC and Marvel to rethink how their most popular characters teamed up in the future. For DC, there was a different "Crisis Event” every few years, like Identity Crisis , Final Crisis , and Heroes in Crisis that would send ripple effects throughout the universe. That being said, despite the multiverse eventually returning, nothing has been quite as devastating as Infinite Earths .

That’s why it's fitting that the final set of films in DC’s animated universe, starting with 2020’s Superman: Man of Tomorrow , will be based on this world-ending story. While Infinite Earth’s most popular adaptation was in CW’s “ Arrowverse ”, the recent string of DC animated films have been some of their best. James Gunn ’s focus on the animated projects leading into his new live-action universe may have ended the current continuity, but nevertheless, the “Tomorrowverse” is going out with an explosive bang.

Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One is available on digital now with the physical media release coming on January 23, 2024 . The final two parts will drop sometime later this year. You can also pre-order the new McFarlane Toys Infinite Earth figures of Earth 2 Superman , Kid Flash , The Spectre , and Psycho Pirate, and check out The Monitor figure on the company's website. The figures are expected to be released in March 2024 . Check out the new wave below:


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  1. DC Showcase: The Spectre

    The Spectre is a 2010 short animated film, directed by Joaquim Dos Santos and written by Steve Niles. Gary Cole played Detective Jim Corrigan, whose suspects are brought to justice by his alter-ego, the Spectre.

  2. DC Showcase: The Spectre (Short 2010)

    7.1 /10 3.4K YOUR RATING Rate Animation Short Fantasy As Detective Jim Corrigan investigates a murder, The Spectre delivers horrific justice to the perpetrators. Director Joaquim Dos Santos Writers Steve Niles Jerry Siegel Bernard Baily Stars Gary Cole Alyssa Milano Jeff Bennett See production info at IMDbPro Add to Watchlist Added by 3.6K users

  3. The World's Finest

    The Spectre focuses on a detective story with an ethereal twist, featuring the otherworldly character originally introduced by DC Comics in 1940. The short is written by Steve Niles ( 30 Days of Night) and directed by Joaquim Dos Santos ( G.I Joe: Resolute ).

  4. DC Showcase-The Spectre

    DC Showcase: The Spectre is a 2010 short animated film, directed by Joaquim Dos Santos and written by Steve Niles, Gary Cole played Detective Jim Corrigan, whose suspects are brought to justice by his alter-ego the Spectre.

  5. The World's Finest

    The first animated short in the DC Showcase series focuses on a detective story with an ethereal twist, featuring the otherworldly character originally introduced by DC Comics in 1940. The short The Spectre is written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), and the voice cast includes Gary Cole (Entourage) and Alyssa Milano (Charmed). Mini-Review

  6. DC Showcase: The Spectre

    DC Showcase: The Spectre is the first animated short film in DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection focused on The Spectre. It was first featured on the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD and Blu Ray . Plot Foster Brenner, a successful film producer, is killed by a bomb hidden underneath the diving board of his swimming pool.

  7. DC Showcase: The Spectre (Western Animation)

    DC Showcase: The Spectre is a DC Comics short film about The Spectre. Jim Corrigan ( Gary Cole) is a private detective investigating a murder mystery. Secretly, he's the Spectre, a phantom of vengeance, seeking to bring justice to those guilty of crimes. This short contains examples of: Asshole Victim: Foster Brenner, as it would suggest.

  8. The World's Finest

    "The DC Showcase allows us to expand the DC Universe with short stories based on intriguing characters - from a 1940s comics sensation like The Spectre to a creation of the 1970s like Jonah Hex - just begging to be presented to a very worthy fan base," said Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.

  9. Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths-The Spectre

    New clip from the first DC Showcase, The Spectre. Be sure to check out all the latest news and reviews regarding The Batman Universe at http://thebatmanunive...

  10. DC Showcase: The Spectre

    As the Spectre 'dispenses justice' several of the short sequences are a bit chilling in how the Spectre actually goes about his dispensing of said justice. I was very entertained by this mesmerizing short and am in agreement that The Spectre needs a legit live-action horror/mystery flick. 2010 Ranked 2010's Ranked Superhero Movies Ranked

  11. Why Lou Diamond Phillips Was A Great Choice To Play Spectre In

    The DC Showcase short Constantine: The House of Mystery stars Lou Diamond Phillips as The Spectre, and producer Rick Morales explained to CinemaBlend why the Longmire actor was great for the role.

  12. Spectre (disambiguation)

    Watch 22:41 Batman Character Guide [INTERACTIVE] Jim Corrigan ( 2011 - Present) Jim Corrigan Appearances • Images • Gallery • Quotes The Spectre is a cosmic entity and the physical embodiment of God 's vengeance on Earth, known as Aztar.

  13. DC Showcase: The Spectre (2010 Short)

    The DC Showcase: The Spectre Cast. Spectre. voiced by Gary Cole. Jim Corrigan. voiced by Gary Cole. Aimee Brenner. voiced by Alyssa Milano. Police Captain. voiced by Jon Polito and 2 others.


    1. DC Showcase: The Spectre (2010) PG-13 | 13 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy 7.1 Rate As Detective Jim Corrigan investigates a murder, The Spectre delivers horrific justice to the perpetrators. Director: Joaquim Dos Santos | Stars: Gary Cole, Alyssa Milano, Jeff Bennett, Rob Paulsen Votes: 3,403 2. DC Showcase: Jonah Hex (2010 Video)

  15. DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection (Video 2010)

    DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection: Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos. With Zach Callison, James Garner, Josh Keaton, Danica McKellar. An anthology of DC Showcase stories consisting of a new Superman/Shazam feature and extended versions of older shorts.

  16. Spectre (DC Comics character)

    Art by Bernard Baily. The Spectre debuted in More Fun Comics #52 (February 1940) when hard-boiled cop Jim Corrigan, on his way with his fiancée Clarice to their engagement party, is murdered by thugs who stuff him into a barrel filled with cement and which is then thrown into a body of water.

  17. The World's Finest

    MAIN · REVIEW · MEDIA · BACKSTAGE · NEWS · FORUM BACKSTAGE - CAST AND CREW. The complete main cast and crew rundown for the DC Showcase: The Spectre animated short, as listed in the official credits, are as follows below. DC Showcase: The Spectre from Warner Home Video Gary Cole as Jim Corrigan/The Spectre Alyssa Milano as Aimee Brenner

  18. Aztar (New Earth)

    The Spectre Other Aliases Spirit of Vengeance, Wrath of God, Spirit of Redemption Affiliation Formerly Justice Society of America Base Of Operations New York City · Gotham City Status Alignment Good Identity Secret Identity Marital Status Single Occupation Spirit of Vengeance Characteristics

  19. DC Comics' 'The Spectre' Getting TV Show

    This animated short captures the character of The Spectre perfectly, by not shying away from the fact that he is a scary and violent force of the DC universe. Besides the highly-successful Blade franchise, I have yet to see a comic book movie that combines the elements of the horror genre with the superhero genre (nice try Ghost Rider ).

  20. DC showcase clip the spectre

    Rich girl that hired assassin's gets killed by her own money. I do not own rights... this is property of Warner Bros... well technically DC. No infringement ...

  21. Wolf's Unknown: The Spectre (DC Showcase)

    DISCLAIMER: These videos are not targeted towards children. We make content for the General Audience. If you are under 13 years of age, please watch with a p...

  22. The World's Finest

    MAIN · REVIEW · MEDIA · BACKSTAGE · NEWS · FORUM BACKSTAGE - STEVE NILES INTERVIEW. The World's Finest presents a studio-conducted interview, provided by Warner Home Video, for the The Spectre DC Showcase animated short included on the home video release of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.Continue reading below for an interview featuring The Spectre writer Steve Niles.

  23. Showcase Presents: the Spectre

    SHOWCASE PRESENTS: THE SPECTRE. Don't miss these grim tales of vengeance from the pages of SHOWCASE #60, 61 and 64, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #72, 75, 116, 180 and 199, THE SPECTRE #1-10, ADVENTURE COMICS #431-440, DC COMICS PRESENTS #29 and GHOSTS #97-99. FIND A COMIC SHOP NEAR YOU. JOIN DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.

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    The new Build-A-Figure wave also includes Psycho Pirate, The Spectre, and The Monitor. When it comes to DC Comics storylines, there's no crossover event as well known as Crisis on Infinite ...

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    The Spectre x360 is HP's flagship consumer convertible laptop and a multiple Editors' Choice award winner. (HP is also PCMag's 2023 Readers' Choice award winner for 2-in-1 laptops.) For 2024, it ...