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jay cashman yacht

As a leading provider of dredging services, C ASHMAN DREDGING & MARINE CONTRACTING COMPANY, LLC aims to provide innovative dredging and engineering solutions that strengthen local economies and improve the communities in which we work and live. Whether the work is performed close to home or in the international market, C ASHMAN takes pride in upholding our organizational values: integrity, accountability, safety, and environmental conservation, in all we do. Using sound engineering and innovative developments, C ASHMAN DREDGING provides an array of integrated solutions ranging from environmental, industrial, and pond dredging to beach renourishment and marine drilling and blasting.

Our leadership, ‘‘, i strongly believe that innovation has been the key to our success and that our ability to grow and take on new ventures is the result of innovative thinking, collectively., ’’.

Jay M. Cashman

At C ASHMAN , we continually strive to be the very best in all we do. Quality, safety, and professionalism form the foundation of our business.

Company history, in the 1970s, mr. jay m. cashman founded his first company, j.m. cashman, and quickly established a strong reputation for performing heavy civil and marine contracting projects throughout the northeast. notable work included reconstructing destroyed seawalls and jetties after the blizzard of ’78 and developing a new marine facility in martha’s vineyard for the steamship authority and small dredging projects throughout new england. throughout the 1990s, mr. cashman established jay cashman, inc. and continued to expand and prosper - executing major, large-scale heavy civil and marine construction projects and dredging projects primarily using mechanical dredges. having continuous success with jay cashman, inc., mr. cashman founded c ashman dredging & marine contracting company, llc in 2006. since forming cashman dredging, its history of being a valued dredging and marine construction contractor is maintained through strong internal and external team culture, cultivated with clients, owners, and joint venture partners alike. over the last decade, c ashman dredging has emerged as an industry pacemaker in navigational and maintenance dredging projects. past and current projects performed by c ashman dredging have greatly improved ports, navigational waterways, physical infrastructure in communities, and enhanced local and regional economies. from port developments to marine-related oil and gas infrastructure projects executed along the eastern seaboard, the caribbean, and beyond, our team has diversified its abilities, added expertise and equipment, continued core capabilities, and maintained focus’ on safety, quality, and sustainability., the cashman family of companies.

jay cashman yacht

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Jay m. cashman.

THE CASHMAN COMPANIES Founder & Chairman of the Board

Jay M. Cashman is the Chairman and Founder of Jay Cashman, Inc. and more than 25 affiliated companies, across 8 industries, operating in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Mr. Cashman is the definition of a true entrepreneur. He is an innovator and directs a comprehensive portfolio of companies specializing in tactically aligned contracting and development services including Heavy Civil/Marine Construction, Dredging, Renewable Energy, LNG/Concrete Tank Design, Port Facilities/Development, Barge/Equipment Leasing, Mechanical Construction, and Hospitality.

Mr. Cashman is a widely recognized industry leader and through his expertise, public- and private- sector projects completed by his organization have earned national recognition for their complexity and engineering significance, including the largest environmental dredging project in U.S. history. He has successfully completed some of the most challenging and noteworthy construction projects and countless complex civil, marine, dredging and wind development construction projects all over the world. 

Through his leadership, Mr. Cashman simultaneously oversees the operations of the Cashman Companies and directed phenomenal growth of the organization, evolving from a start-up company in 1969 to the international organization of more than 1,000 employees, annual revenues reaching $500 million, and a vastly increased geographical footprint, spanning from Canada to Uruguay. Over the last decade, Jay Cashman, Inc. was ranked a Top 400 Contractor and a Top 20 Contractor in Hazardous Waste by Engineering News-Record.

Mr. Cashman attributes the continued success of the organization to the diverse capabilities of the collective companies, where performance has been driven by innovation allowing for heightened levels of profitability, client satisfaction, and market share.  The continuous pursuit of pioneering and cutting-edge techniques, and most importantly, the hard work and dedication of his team, have elevated Mr. Cashman to the industry leader that he has become.

Jay M. Cashman is equally passionate about his support of local communities and charities. He and his wife, actress/director/writer, Christy Scott Cashman, support a number of charities and community organizations and events. Read more about their charitable efforts  here .

JAY CASHMAN, INC. President & Chief Executive Officer

Dale Pyatt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jay Cashman, Inc., is an expert in civil engineering with over 25 years of experience in large-scale civil and marine engineering projects, in both the public and private sectors. As an innovative strategist, Mr. Pyatt led Jay Cashman, Inc. to achieve unprecedented growth from $15 million in annual revenue, when he began, to over $400 million in revenue for 2012, achieving more than 30% year-over-year growth.

Dale Pyatt is the driving force behind the Company’s global expansion, throughout the Americas, Middle East, and West Africa, providing expertise in marine construction, dredging, demolition, and heavy civil projects including bridges, roadways, tunnels, railroad lines, and foundations. Under his leadership, the Company has earned international recognition for its ability to develop outstanding solutions for logistically complex engineering projects, ranking in the Top 400 Contractors and named as one of the Top 20 Contractors in Hazardous Waste by  Engineering News-Record .

Mr. Pyatt is responsible for the execution of the Company’s strategic vision. As a “hands on” leader, he is involved in the day-to-day operational management of Jay Cashman, Inc., working closely with all employees in directing policy implementation and providing oversight of large-scale marine, general, and civil construction work. Dale Pyatt holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A Lifestyle Celebration - 16 Years


Christy and Jay Cashman, owners of Kilkea Castle in County Kildare, Ireland

A Love Story

Kilkea castle is restored, by lisa m. burwell.

“Who goes there?” came a muffled voice from behind the heavy castle door. A handsome gentleman with a salt-and-pepper mane opened the vault-like door. “Lisa and Gerald Burwell—editor-in-chief and publisher of VIE ,” I replied. “Oh, right. I’m Jay,” he said casually, extending his hand in greeting. “We’re just getting a fire started,” Jay said, leading the way to the heart of the castle lobby. “That’s Jim,” he said unceremoniously, motioning toward a man contorting to get a better look up the fireplace flue. “It’s open,” said Jim McClennen, owner of the five-star Wequassett Resort in Chatham, Massachusetts. “It’s just not drawing yet.” Smoke was beginning to back up from the freshly lit fire. Thanks to quick thinking by Jay and Jim, doors and  windows were promptly opened for ventilation. The flue eventually began to draw out the smoke but not before setting off the castle’s brand-new fire alarm. Jay jested, “Well, at least we know it works.”

I t was late afternoon on Friday, October 27, 2017. My husband and I had just arrived to a remote Irish hamlet near Castledermot, County Kildare, about an hour southwest of Dublin. An invitation to the grand opening of Baronial Hall had brought us the three thousand–plus miles. Jay escorted us over to the golf pro shop to pick up our room key. Approaching the newly renovated clubhouse, we commented on the gorgeous course and its amenities. “I didn’t know anything about golf courses before purchasing this course,” Jay admitted. “I don’t really even play golf. But after refurbishing this course, I now know a lot about golf courses.”

It was nearly a quarter century ago that Jay Cashman, a Boston-based American business mogul of Irish heritage, was visiting Ireland with his then-girlfriend and avid equestrian, Christy Scott. (In the early nineties, before she and Jay even knew each other, Christy frequented Ireland for world-class hunt seat horseback riding—a very assertive and exhilarating cross-country riding style rooted in old-world foxhunting.) It was about one such trip in 1996 on which Jay accompanied her that Christy reminisced. “While I’d be out riding, Jay would be scouring the countryside looking for real estate, but more specifically, he was in search of a castle . He was determined to one day own one, and at the time, I thought he was joking.”

The beautiful rose garden and hedge maze at Kilkea Castle Photo by Bruno Sternberger

Jay’s determination would be prophetic. In early 1999, the couple were wed in the ruins of the Franciscan Abbey on the grounds of Adare Manor in County Limerick. According to the Irish Examiner , the lavish wedding was one “befitting a king or queen.” In 2012, Jay finally achieved his objective when he purchased the breathtaking Kilkea Castle along with the adjacent golf course near Castledermot, County Kildare. Ironically enough, when Jay tracked his family lineage, he discovered that his ancestors were once peasants that had worked the land owned by wealthy Irish lords. Whether it is intended or not, it has seemingly become Jay’s destiny to raise the bar for the family legacy. “I don’t know why he thought I needed a castle, as I didn’t. Or, maybe I actually did!” quipped Christy.

The allure of owning a twelfth-century medieval castle in Ireland is what dreams are made of.

The allure of owning a twelfth-century medieval castle in Ireland is what dreams are made of. The experience of walking into a castle will bring a smile to even the staunchest of adults. But few have the means or the will to pour copious amounts of TLC and large sums of money into a dilapidated landmark. As founder and CEO of Jay Cashman Inc., Jay definitely had the proficiency and resources for such an undertaking: he employs more than a thousand people in marine construction, dredging, vessel leasing, renewable and wind-powered energy, real estate development, environmental remediation, heavy civil construction, water storage, and power plant maintenance. Christy is an actress, writer, producer, and philanthropist who has appeared in over twenty films, including American Hustle , The Forger , Joy , Ted 2 , and The Kids Are All Right . In 2014, she founded Saint Aire Productions and cofounded Charity Warriors Challenge, an annual competition that provides a platform for women and their charities. With Christy’s entrepreneurial thrill-seeking spirit and her genuine love of Ireland, it seems that she and Jay could not be better suited for the ambitious venture of restoring Kilkea Castle and the golf course back to their former glory.

Kilkea offers memorable horseback riding experiences; Christy Scott Cashman, an avid equestrian, poses on-site with one of her favorite horses.

Kilkea offers memorable horseback riding experiences; Christy Scott Cashman, an avid equestrian, poses on-site with one of her favorite horses.

Baronial Hall was the crowning touch of the five-year castle renovation. The $50 million transformation brought welcome jobs and a restored sense of pride to the local community. “I think the biggest challenge about the restoration was the fact that it wasn’t just a patch-up kind of job,” Jay recounted. “We had to gut most of the buildings and start fresh. But, it was definitely the right thing to do for the property.” He added that the most important transformation to Baronial Hall was to bring light into the space and to feature the original rock wall that is actually the back side of the carriage house. “It was important to make it romantic for brides,” Jay continued. “We are very proud of the way it turned out, and it looks better than we imagined.”

“It was important to make it romantic for brides. We are very proud of the way it turned out, and it looks better than we imagined.”

The late October air was cooling rapidly, which was drawing a dense fog. (How appropriate for a party at a nine-hundred-year-old castle!) Entering Baronial Hall, we were politely late, so the cocktail reception was well under way with a crowd of over three hundred guests that included friends, family, dignitaries, surrounding neighbors, business colleagues, and the press. The contemporary event hall was stylishly appointed and beautifully decorated. The staff was genuinely attentive, the atmosphere unpretentious, and the food amazing.

Guests can enjoy a drink with medieval flair at the castle’s pub.

Before the night’s entertainment began, Jay and Christy took the stage. The gracious and reserved man and his equally poised model-turned-actress bride both welcomed and thanked their guests for celebrating yet another milestone in their lives. After giving a warm thanks to their staff for a job well done, property general manager Adrian O’Sullivan gave a glowing thank-you to Jay and Christy for their incredible vision and generosity. “I am looking forward to Kilkea Castle becoming one of Ireland’s most famous castle resorts,” boasted Adrian.

“Jay has restored this magnificent castle to the highest standard. It will be one of the hottest tourist attractions in all of Ireland.”

The acclaimed and energetic Irish tenor Ronan Tynan and his band brought the guests to their feet. “I performed at the opening of Kilkea Castle, and I was thrilled to be asked by Jay to perform again tonight,” said Ronan. “Jay has restored this magnificent castle to the highest standard. It will be one of the hottest tourist attractions in all of Ireland,” added Ronan. The evening’s extravaganza was capped off with a first-class fireworks display over the perfectly manicured English walled garden. The Cashmans know that a good party is always followed by a great after-party, so close friends and family were invited back to the castle for an intimate get-together that went into the early morning hours. It was the celebration of celebrations.

Christy and Jay Cashman dance the night away, celebrating their castle and a love story worthy of a fairy tale.

What really struck me about the entire experience was that it felt more like a family reunion than a formal gala. And that is just one of the amazing facets to Jay and Christy—they are an extremely gracious, down-to-earth couple who have the uncanny ability to make anyone feel welcome. Their love for life and for Ireland is contagious to anyone within sight. I’m so impressed with the Cashmans, not because of their great success or wealth, or even their bringing Kilkea Castle back to life, but because you can see kindness, decency, and class in all that they do.

Between Jay’s expertise and Christy’s love of Ireland, Kilkea Castle couldn’t have found more appropriate benefactors.

Between Jay’s expertise and Christy’s love of Ireland, Kilkea Castle couldn’t have found more appropriate benefactors. Despite the geographical location, this is an inspirational, all-American dream of moving mountains—through hard work, drive, and determination. The revival of this magnificent landmark castle is a true testament to the Cashman’s dedication, generosity, kindness, and passion.

For most, the fantasy of fairy tales is relegated to the pages of childhood storybooks, such as the Brothers Grimm’s Snow White or Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty . But in this real-life story, the dashing Prince Charming does meet the fairest in the land, and they are living happily ever after!

For more information about the amazing amenities and services of the five-star Kilkea Castle & Golf Resort, please go to www.kilkeacastle.ie

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jay cashman yacht

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Zen and the Art of Infrastructure Maintenance

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If you wanted to see Jay Cashman this summer, you needed an invitation to his island. As he has for the past three years, Cashman was using the 200-acre Strong Island, just off the coast of Chatham, as a retreat for himself and his family. One day each week he’d make the four-hour roundtrip drive to his office in Cambridge—he had sworn off helicopters in June after nearly crashing in bad weather—and he’d occasionally agree to important off-site meetings, but that was it. As the season wore on, one of Boston’s most prominent construction moguls pretty much dropped out of sight.

Cashman has long been known as much for his personal life as his huge civil works projects. He lives in what he says is the largest single-family residence in Boston, a six-floor, 16,000-square-foot home with two kitchens, a mini movie theater, and an authentic pub shipped piece by piece from New York. He spent much of the ’80s and ’90s tearing through Boston’s singles scene, cruising the streets in a blue Rolls-Royce, a millionaire Casanova whose tomcatting became a staple of the gossip pages. His role in some of the city’s most controversial construction projects, meanwhile, caused less of a stir. Cashman does the dirty work, the digging and drilling and dredging, yet he’s always managed to keep his hands clean. The work he did on the Big Dig achieved the rare distinction of having no one complain about it. The diffuser tunnels he dug in 100 feet of water for the Deer Island sewage treatment plant were an unqualified success. And while half the South Shore howled in opposition to the Greenbush commuter rail line, Cashman efficiently went about the business of laying track.

Now, however, everything’s turned on its head. Cashman’s private life has settled down since he remarried in 1999, while his business dealings have become the subject of intense scrutiny. First came the news that he’d agreed to sell 73 acres he owns in Fall River to a group proposing to build a liquefied-natural-gas terminal, a project that city’s mayor called “stupid.” Then, at around the same time Cashman went into semi-seclusion on his island, he announced plans for a spectacularly audacious development venture all his own. No longer satisfied doing the contract work on someone else’s deals, Cashman wants to erect a $750 million cluster of massive windmills in Buzzards Bay. He believes the wind farm could supply half of Cape Cod with electricity—but he’ll have to build it first. A flurry of resistance has so far stalled a similar proposal in Nantucket Sound, and already Cashman has heard from outraged citizens who want to know what business a guy who digs tunnels has constructing 400-foot windmills that are certain to jeopardize narrow shipping lanes, a fragile ecosystem, and, by the way, the view.

The controversy didn’t seem to particularly disturb Cashman. He kept busy with his plans, enjoying his time on the island. Then, on the night of July 10, a 38-year-old Jamaica Plain woman was crushed to death by several tons of plummeting Big Dig ceiling tiles. The demise of Milena Del Valle, unlucky enough to have been traveling with her husband through the I-90 connector at the precise moment 24,000 pounds of tiles came loose, precipitated a public firestorm in Boston. No longer merely an embarrassing boondoggle, the costliest construction project in U.S. history was now a deathtrap, and somebody was damn well going to be held responsible.

Jay Cashman Inc. had done several hundred million dollars’ worth of Big Dig work—but that wasn’t the source of his problems. It turned out that the ceiling tiles at the center of the unfolding tragedy had been installed in 1999 by Modern Continental, the construction behemoth that had made itself the perfect symbol for the entire Central Artery debacle by somehow managing to parlay a few billion dollars of Big Dig contracts into impending bankruptcy. To head off that looming financial disaster, the insurance firm that was on the hook for Modern’s failures hired Cashman in 2004 to provide management oversight of the company. That meant media inquiries about Modern Continental’s role in the tunnel accident were directed to Jay Cashman Inc. Cashman, ensconced on his island, was uncharacteristically silent. He wasn’t returning my messages, either, even though he’d invited me to his island weeks earlier. Just as I started to think he was going to cancel on me, I got a call: It was Cashman, wondering when I was coming down.

Cashman can seem a little distracted at times. You’re never quite sure if he’s heard what you’ve said, or remembered what he’s told you. Which is why it crossed my mind, when I called him from Route 6 on Cape Cod, exactly as he’d instructed me to do just two days earlier, that he might have forgotten about me. “Oh, you’re at Exit 11,” he said, sounding surprised. “Do you swim?”

Upon arriving at the Strong Island landing, I walked down a gently sloping beach, past several overturned dinghies, and approached the water. Cashman sat in a Boston Whaler bobbing five feet offshore, talking into a cell phone and puffing on a cigar, an empty Coors Light can at his feet. He looked tanned and healthy in a black rugby shirt, nylon cargo pants, and sunglasses, still possessing, at 53, a splash of the charm that had made the bedroom conquests of his bachelor days the topic of so much conversation. So engrossed was he in his phone conversation that I assumed it involved the Big Dig accident. Gradually I realized he was discussing the 16-foot gazebo he was building outside his island home. He’d been authorized to build only a 12-footer. He told his lawyer he’d make it right, and then he hung up.

For a man who routinely deals with some of the toughest characters in Boston, this seemed a strangely accommodating way to negotiate. “I don’t like the hard-line approach—it takes too much time,” he explained as a handyman named Mark steered us out into the bay. We were heading for Nauset Spit, a long strip of sand a couple of miles from his island, where Cashman’s wife and her visiting family were swimming. “I always worry that if I get too greedy about something I’ll blow the deal, I’ll have nothing.” He narrowed his eyes, the way he often does during conversations, as though searching for a sign that his point is getting across. “Some people have to milk every deal. My father was that way. He hated to think he’d left a nickel on the table. I often know I could have gotten more out of a deal.”

This approach should not be mistaken for passivity. After all, you can’t compete in Boston’s tooth-and-claw construction industry by playing nice. Peter White, president of J. F. White Contracting, describes Cashman as an extremely aggressive rival. “Until you’ve banged heads with Jay,” he said, “you can’t know him or respect him.”

Cashman’s certainly willing to roll up his sleeves when the need arises. In 1994, while separating their interests after 20 years in business together, he and his brother Jamie got into a fistfight in their lawyer’s office. Jamie had accused Cashman of stealing money from the company. (Friends of both men say there was nothing to the claim. Jamie Cashman did not respond to requests for comment.)

Then there’s the feud with Boston’s mayor. “The problem with Tom Menino,” Cashman told me, “is when everyone is kissing your ass, you start to believe your ass is beautiful. But it’s really just a big, fat ass.” He went on like this for a while. “Tom Menino works that job like no other mayor. Every little bakery that opens up, he’s there.” Cashman and Menino were good friends going back 25 years. They used to meet for beers during the summer at the Red Coach Grill in Braintree. Cashman traces their falling-out to an incident five years ago, when one of his employees “ripped Menino a new asshole” after Jay Cashman Inc. failed to land a particular contract for the new convention center. “I tried to explain the story to him, that the guy was nuts,” Cashman said, “but it didn’t seem to do the job. Ever since then, it’s been weird.” The frostiness, he said, didn’t inhibit Menino from requesting a $30,000 contribution for the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

A Menino spokesperson was a little more circumspect: “Mayor Menino is surprised that Jay would characterize their relationship in that way. He believes he has a good relationship with Jay Cashman.”

Zipping across Pleasant Bay, we finally arrived at Nauset Spit, and Cashman hopped into the water. He waded over to a pontoon boat that had ferried his wife and her family to the spit and grabbed a few cans of Coors Light. He handed me a can and we set out across the spit. As we walked, patches of sea grass peeking out of the white sand, Cashman told me about the first time he’d seen Strong Island, when he was a boy and he and his father were scouting summer rentals. “I kept bugging him about it,” he said. “One day in the garage—my father could be a real grouch—I asked him why we couldn’t rent the island. I still remember this; he said, ’Cause I don’t know if I want to spend seven thousand on it! I knew then to drop it.”

The Jay Cashman Inc. headquarters overlook the Charles River from the top two floors of the Modern Continental building on Memorial Drive in Cambridge. Cashman’s company has moved at least seven times in the past 15 years, and will soon vacate the Cambridge building as well now that Cashman’s work with Modern Continental is nearly finished. “We’re like gypsies,” he said.

Cashman’s office is overrun with photographs of his family and certificates of his achievement. On one wall is a framed yellowed flyer for Humpty Dumpty Construction, the snow removal company Cashman, then 12, founded with his brother Jamie, who was 10. Cashman was born into construction. He grew up in Quincy, where both his grandfather and father ran contracting companies. His father, Jack, had a reputation as “a bit of an Irish rogue,” says Paul Losordo, Cashman’s longtime friend and attorney. “You might find him after work at Jimmy’s Harborside with a bunch of the other Irishmen.”

Cashman has been known to enjoy the odd tavern himself. His daughter Jaclyn Cashman, a television news anchor, recalled the time her father disappeared during a family vacation in the Caribbean. Frantic, Jaclyn burst into a bar looking for him, tears streaming down her face. There was Cashman behind the bar, shirtless. “He says, ‘Jaci, you want a beer?’” Cashman was buying drinks for everyone, but only on the condition that he got to pour them. “One of the things I really liked about my father,” Cashman told me, “he’d go and thump a bar. He’d set it up, beer and champagne for everyone.” That was on the good days.

Cashman said his father also had a vicious temper, and his mood could blacken without warning. “We’d go places in the family car and we’d be singing. Other times, he’d be other ways. Why do you think my favorite charity is battered wives and children?” Cashman’s best friend, the auto magnate Herb Chambers, says the complicated relationship has affected Cashman throughout his life. “That’s part of what’s made Jay so loving,” Chambers said. Despite building a thriving business, Jack eventually ran into financial trouble and suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 51.

Cashman played sports in high school, “but he was always more interested in making money,” his classmate, and now employee, W. Bruce Wood, once told the Patriot Ledger . When it came time to choose a quote for the yearbook, Cashman settled on “Why should the devil have all the good times?” He married at 19, fathering two daughters, and worked his way through Boston University. During college, he leased dorm room refrigerators to students across the city. By his junior year, he was worth $31,000.

While in school, Cashman founded a construction company with his brother. They ran J. M. Cashman out of a trailer in Weymouth. Paul Losordo remembers that he first represented them in 1977 on a $40,000 job for the town of Hull. The Blizzard of ’78 hit Boston the following year, doing millions of dollars in damage, much of it to seawalls and piers—precisely the sort of work the brothers specialized in. Losordo said the storm had an effect “of biblical proportions” on the company. Cashman won federal repair contracts worth more money than he’d ever dreamed of. “That’s when I became a millionaire,” he said. Two years later, Cashman stretched his company even further, winning a $3.5 million job to overhaul the Vineyard Haven ferry terminal.

By the time the brothers split in 1994, their company was bringing in $100 million a year, according to David Ferrari, who was hired to liquidate the business. After paying off the banks and shutting everything down, each brother walked away with about $17 million. By then, Cashman had already cashed in his 401(k) and mortgaged his house in order to seed his new business. “I hit a couple of big jobs right off the bat and I was back in the game,” he said.

He told me what he’s worth these days but insisted I keep the information private. It’s a staggering figure, heavy on the “multi” part of multimillionaire. All told, Cashman employs a thousand people. He has offices in three states and in India, and did $250 million in sales last year.

“In my family, being a financial success was a source of pride,” he said as we talked in his office. “My father respected that. You were valuable if you were successful.”

Cashman is comfortable with the language of psychotherapy. He saw a therapist for 10 years, starting when his first marriage began to fall apart. Among his discoveries was the source of his need for constant activity. “Psychologically,” he said, “there is a fear with people that if they don’t have anything to do, they’ll be by themselves. They’ll have to face themselves.”

Cashman wound up alone in 1985, when he and his wife divorced. It’s debatable whether he used the time as an opportunity to face himself. He drank and caroused and hit Newbury Street in his flashy Rolls. He was romantically linked to glamorous models, and is said to have once offered $50,000 to anyone who could broker a date for him with Madonna. A worn-out Herb Chambers was once compelled to tell Cashman that it was not, in fact, a good idea for them to buy adjacent residences on Commonwealth Avenue. “I couldn’t possibly live next door to him,” Chambers told me with a laugh. “This guy would kill me!” In 1992, after too many appearances in the gossip columns, Cashman resolved to put some distance between his professional and personal lives, taking an apartment in Manhattan. There, he continued the high life, drinks on the town and fabulous parties at the apartment.

At one of his bashes, Cashman met a striking brunette who intrigued him. They lost track of each other, though, and he forgot all about her until a few years later, when she showed up at a party on a 180-foot yacht he had rented for a cruise to Atlantic City. Her name was Christy, a model, and she wanted to be an actress. She’s his wife today, the mother of his two young sons. Cashman spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their wedding in 1999, renting a castle in Ireland. He hired actors dressed as leprechauns to leap out of bushes and startle guests. Cashman sometimes puts money into Christy’s independent films, and when she landed a small part in What’s the Worst That Could Happen? , a 2001 comedy starring Danny DeVito and Martin Lawrence, he opened up his Back Bay mansion for filming.

Everyone says Cashman is much happier and calmer since meeting Christy. “Before my dad and she were married, he was so much more short-tempered,” Jaclyn said. Cashman told me it can be embarrassing to think about his past antics. “When I look back at dating and I look at the hurt I caused people—you start to think about needing to change. If you’re a playboy, you’re selfish. You endear people to you and then you move on.”

These days, Cashman is putting most of his attention into his wind farm project. The people who know him say his passion for alternative energies is real, and that he will shrug off any setbacks he might encounter. “There’s almost a clairvoyant part of Jay,” said his attorney Losordo. “He’ll see over the horizon. If it’s not in Buzzards Bay, Jay will surface in Puerto Rico or Venezuela or wherever the wind’s blowing. And if wave-generated power proves more effective, he’ll go that way. This is not about putting windmills in Buzzards Bay. It’s about seeing into the future.” It’s also about profit. “If we’re half as successful as we think we can be, it will be a real score,” said David Ferrari, who’s involved in the project. But Ferrari did add one warning: “The only thing I worry about with him is that he spreads himself too thin. I worry that something might slip through the cracks. I’ve mentioned that to him.”

Cashman, for his part, said the project represents a chance to transcend his local roots, to be a part of the international solution to our energy problems. But there’s something else. With the wind farm, Cashman finally has the opportunity to rise out of the dirt, to create something more than a hole in the ground. “I’ve mastered making $10 million on a deal,” he said. “I just bought a company for $25 million and I know I made at least $15 million. Now I’ve got my eyes on something bigger. I’ve got something that I’ve always wanted—the higher order.”

Reaching the ocean side of Nauset Spit, Cashman spotted Christy and her family on the beach. He stripped down to a pair of bright orange swim trunks and dove into the water. “Jay!” Christy called to him from the shore. “There’s a seal right there!” Off to Cashman’s right, the animal poked its head from the rolling waves, regarding Cashman for a few seconds before darting away.

Toweling off, Cashman talked with Christy’s brother Hans about the next day’s planned fishing trip. A tropical storm was heading for the Cape, Cashman told him, so it looked as if they might have to cancel the outing. “Those are no big deal,” joked Hans, an American Airlines pilot. “I’ve flown around them.” Cashman laughed, but the truth is he doesn’t like unnecessary risk. He hates sharks, aviation, and a lot of other things he can’t control. “Back when I was dating,” he told me, “I used to tell girls, ‘Let’s fly over for lunch on Nantucket.’ It was part of the bag of tricks, but I never liked flying.”

We headed back to the boat, and Mark brought us across the bay to the island. Once ashore, Cashman entered a boathouse and grabbed a couple of Coors Lights from a refrigerator. We cracked them open as we waited for Mark to bring around the golf cart. Cashman drove us up a path, eventually coming to a grassy clearing, in the middle of which sat his tastefully distressed summer home. Several landscapers and handymen worked the property. We stopped for a moment as Cashman chatted with his chef, passing by in another golf cart, about lunch for the fishing trip the next day. “You want me to make sandwiches?” the chef asked. “I don’t know if we’re going to go,” Cashman replied. “But make something anyway. And use those special cold cuts I bought at the deli.”

Inside the house, Cashman changed back into his clothes. He grabbed a couple of fresh Coors Lights and a cigar from a desk in the living room, then turned toward me. “You want to see something?” He led me downstairs into the basement. It was dark but I was able to make out a large metal box sitting atop a table. “I’m raising chickens!” Cashman said. There were 30 of them, just chicks, peeping in the box. Once big enough, they’ll be transferred to a proper coop Cashman is having built out by the old barn. “You know how they come?” he said. “They ship them live right to the post office. I couldn’t believe it.” Cashman said the chickens were mostly Christy’s idea, but he seemed pretty excited. He likes having things. He’s already accumulated about 40 19th-century paintings, and then there’s his latest passion, coins. He’d been buying them off eBay until receiving a letter from an expert appraiser, who informed him that he’d overpaid by double for nearly every piece in his collection, and advised him against buying rare coins from people who also have Barbie dolls for sale. Cashman laughed while reading me the letter. “I’ve spent like $300,000 on eBay, okay?” He said that he should probably stop drinking red wine when he makes his purchasing decisions.

Back in the golf cart, Cashman lit his cigar and we set off on a tour of the enormous island. A set of trails rings the perimeter, offering views of Pleasant Bay and the Atlantic. We ended up at a small shack outfitted with a couch, an easy chair, and an office workstation. Cashman settled into the chair and reached down to another small fridge stocked with Coors Lights. “I’m a little buzzed,” he said. He opened a new beer and relit his cigar.

I asked him about his plans for the wind farm. “My father always had a disdain for the construction business,” he said. “It hasn’t been until the last 10 years I’ve said, ‘You know something? The construction business is a good life. You build things that last.’ It wasn’t until I was 40 years old that I learned that. I finally decided that I was okay. I was okay with being a contractor. It’s okay.” The small room was growing hazy with cigar smoke and there was a drowsy calm to Cashman, not quite melancholy but a touch of sadness. “Maybe the windmills represent what my father always wanted.”

His father had also wanted Strong Island, but couldn’t afford it. “This was kind of his dream, so to speak, to have a place like this,” Cashman said. “One of his dreams was he was going to become a big national contractor. I went out and did that. Sons of carpenters become carpenters. Sons of doctors become doctors. Why does a guy who gets born pursue a certain path? Why did I come here? I’m so happy to be here. I’m so proud to be here. I’m living the life my father always thought was valuable.”

We walked out to the golf cart and Cashman drove me back to the water. It was a quarter past 8 and, with all his assistants gone, we were alone on the beach. The sun had set and the sky was streaked with purples and oranges that reflected off the now still bay. A small plane buzzed overhead. Cashman stretched out his arms, silently encompassing all of it. Then he grabbed a rope and, hand over hand, hauled in the boat.

Boston Lawyer Fired after Faking Liquor License to Local Food Hall

So, you want to live in the north end, our guide to the 12 best restaurants on nantucket, lana del rey weathered a thunderstorm to headline fenway park, the 13 best restaurants and bars at boston’s logan airport, in this section.

Marine Link

Jay Cashman News

marine link image

  • Advertising
  • Shipbuilding
  • Coastal/Inland
  • Law & Regulations

Cashman to Expand Its Fleet with New Hopper Dredge

(Image: Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Co., LLC)

Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Co., LLC said it has signed a design contract with IHC America Inc. for a new 6,500 cubic yard trailing suction hopper dredge (TSHD).The new vessel will join Cashman Dredging’s current fleet of specialized dredging equipment and will primarily service the coastal protection and navigation maintenance markets when it enters service in 2024, the company said. Cashman has not yet determined which shipyard will build the new dredge, a company…

DCA's Doyle: President Trump Supports Strong Infrastructure Projects

In an address to Western Dredging Association (WEDA) stakeholders, William P. Doyle, CEO & Executive Director Dredging Contractors of America told his audience: It all starts with dredging. Good Morning, and thank you for inviting me here today to open-up the conference. This is my first time addressing the Western Dredging Association (WEDA), and I am honored to be here. It all starts with dredging, and President Donald J. Trump is backing it up with critical legislative measures. As I will address later in my remarks– the U.S. dredging companies are truly American companies, spending billions of dollars building all of our ships in American shipyards and staffing our ships with American officers a crew.

American Pride: Working Hard in the US Dredging Industry

World Marine of Alabama (WMA) completed work on a contract valued at over $14 million to drydock and repair the Dredge Wheeler, a hopper dredge owned and operated by the USACE. (Photo: WMA)

We have had a great first couple of months at the Dredging Contractors of America. As the new CEO and Executive Director, I have begun to visit the companies, their facilities and associated dredging projects. So far, I have surveyed the beach re-nourishment project in Ocean City, Md. undertaken by Great Lakes Dredge and Dock. I’ve canvassed Weeks Marine’s repair and yard facility in Jersey City, N.J. In the last week of February, I visited Mike Hooks Inc.’s corporate headquarters and boatbuilding and repair yard in West Lake, La.

Jay Cashman Wins Navy Contract

Jay Cashman, Inc., Quincy, Massachusetts, is being awarded a $14,321,000 firm-fixed-price contract for USS Constitution, Berth 1 pier repairs at Charlestown Navy Yard. This project will provide a safe mooring for USS Constitution and the provision of safe visitor access to the ship. The work includes demolition, removal and disposal of existing site features, hazardous materials, waterfront structures, utility systems and the provision of steel sheet pile bulkhead, pile supported pier, fender systems, mooring hardware, mooring dolphins, grading, paving and cobblestone pavement, drainage systems, water systems, electric power and lighting systems, landscape features, and incidental related work.

Sterling Builds Massive Dredger

Deck barge Dale Pyatt sits in May Shipyard while construction is finalized. (Photo: Eric Haun)

Vessel’s crane is the centerpiece of this state-of-the-art, technologically advanced workhorse platform. Sterling Equipment, Inc., an East Coast marine construction rental company based out of Quincy, Mass., has more than 135 pieces of floating equipment in commission, but its newest barge, a 180- x 65- x 12-foot crane dredge, will be among its largest and most technologically advanced. In September 2012, Sterling, a subsidiary of Jay Cashman, Inc., contracted May Shipyard on Staten Island, N.Y.

Two Finalist Proposals for New Port of Philadelphia Terminal

Less than three months after seeking proposals from interested parties to design, operate and maintain a major new marine terminal in South Philadelphia, Governor Edward G. Rendell announced on July 23 the shortlist of teams that will continue in the solicitation process developing a public-private partnership that is expected to bring millions of dollars of investment to the region. One of the teams selected was a consortium comprising Delaware River Stevedores (DRS) and Hyundai Merchant Marine America (HMMA). DRS is a joint venture between Carrix Inc., and Ports America Group, the two largest independent terminal operating companies in the United States. DRS has vast stevedoring experience at several major U.S. ports, including the Port of Philadelphia.

Barge Hits Rail Bridge

The Coast Guard, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company responded after a tug and barge struck a railroad bridge in Beverly, MA, on December 21, 2007. The 35-foot tug Edna, owned by Jay Cashman Inc., with barge Weeks #70, was transporting dredge material outbound on the Danvers River to Beverly Harbor when the barge struck the Beverly Railroad Bridge at approximately 4:45 a.m. Both the barge and bridge sustained minimal damage. No injuries were reported. The MBTA and MBCR are working to repair damages to the bridge. Two crewmembers from Coast Guard Station Gloucester worked with the Beverly harbor master to assess damage to the barge, which was minimal.

Shipyard Auction Row May be Over

Reports indicate that the legal battle over the ownership of the largest piece of the former Fore River shipyard appears to be over, more than three years after auto dealer Daniel Quirk purchased the land at an auction. The U.S. Court of Appeals in Boston has rejected a bid by construction magnate Jay Cashman to overturn the auction. Source: The Patriot Ledger

Feature: Boston Tug Muster 2003 Classic Powerhouses and Modern Behemoths

There was a tense moment at the Boston Tug Muster, held this year on the last day of May. At 10 A.M. sharp, the official opening moment of this 19th annual event, there were no tugs at the rallying point, Pier 4, Charlestown. At 10:05, still no tugs. By 10:10, only Innovator, possibly the shortest tug in town, had cruised by. It passed along the pier as if looking for old friends, and finding none, performed its trademark about-face and seemed to be departing. Maybe the gents aboard had got the date wrong? Last year's Muster, after all, was in August. On the pier itself, among Muster officials, a nasty question was starting to form: What if you gave a Muster, and nobody came?

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Jay Cashman's House

  • Jay Cashman's House
  • Nearby (2,167)

Jay Cashman's House (Birds Eye)

Jay Cashman is chairman of Jay Cashman, Inc., a Massachusetts based constrution company.

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Zia Charter Yacht

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Zia (ex: Arbema)

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50.01m  /  164'1   ortona navi   2008 / 2022.

  • Previous Yacht

Cabin Configuration

  • 1 Convertible

Special Features:

  • Completed €4.5m Refit in 2014
  • Wine Cellar & 2 Elevators
  • Interior by Esteemed Italian Interior Designer Piero Pinto
  • Oak Panelling & Wenge Flooring
  • Master Suite with Private Study & Jacuzzi
Motor yacht ARBEMA offers a huge amount of volume for a charter yacht of her size, and features elegant interiors and a superb selection of water toys.

The 49.9m/163'9" 'Zia' (ex. Arbema) motor yacht built by shipyard Ortona Navi is available for charter for up to 12 guests in 6 cabins. This yacht features interior styling by Alberto Pinto.

Boasting an array of sumptuous living areas laid out invitingly to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere onboard, motor yacht Zia is the perfect luxury charter yacht for friends and family.

Guest Accommodation

Built in 2008, Zia offers guest accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 suites comprising a master suite, one VIP cabin, two double cabins and one twin cabin. The master suite incorporates its own study benefits from a his and her bathroom. There are 8 beds in total, including 1 king, 3 queen, 2 singles and 1 convertible. She is also capable of carrying up to 11 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht charter experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

A charter on Zia is comfortable and convenient thanks to the provided amenities including a gym with all the latest equipment to maintain your fitness routine. Soak up the bubbles in style in the deck jacuzzi.

Whatever your activities on your charter, you'll find some impressive features are seamlessly integrated to help you including Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stay connected at all times, should you wish. Guests will experience complete comfort while chartering thanks to air conditioning.

Performance & Range

Built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, she offers greater on-board space and is more stable when at anchor thanks to her full-displacement hull. Powered by twin Caterpillar engines, she comfortably cruises at 13 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 16 knots with a range of up to 4,300 nautical miles from her 67,617 litre fuel tanks at 9 knots. An advanced stabilisation system on board reduces the side-to-side roll of the yacht and promises guests exceptional comfort levels at anchor or when underway.

Onboard Zia has a large selection of toys and accessories to keep you and your guests entertained on the water throughout your stay. Principle among these is a Flyboard Flyboard, experience flying in and out of the water with the latest in high adrenaline watersport. Take to the sea on the Jet Skis offering you power and control on the water. You'll be loving the huge adrenaline rush as you zip over the water on a Yamaha 4-stroke WaveRunner. If that isn't enough Zia also features towable toys, waterskis, a seabob, wakeboards, kayaks and much more. Zia features two tenders, but leading the pack is a 7.01m/23' Castoldi Tender to transport you in style.

Book your next the Mediterranean luxury yacht charter aboard Zia this summer. She is also accepting bookings this winter on request.

This ocean-going luxury charter motor yacht carries up to 11 professional crew who will cater to your every need.


There are currently no testimonials for Zia, please provide .

Zia Yacht 11

Length 50.01m / 164'1
Beam 9.19m / 30'2
Draft 2.4m / 7'10
Gross Tonnage 591 GT
Cruising Speed 13 Knots
Built | (Refitted)
Builder Ortona Navi
Model Custom
Exterior Designer Progetti
Interior Design Alberto Pinto

Amenities & Entertainment

For your relaxation and entertainment Zia has the following facilities, for more details please speak to your yacht charter broker.

Zia is reported to be available to Charter with the following recreation facilities:

  • 1 x 7.01m  /  23' Castoldi Tender Yanmar 265 HP engine
  • 1 x 4.2m  /  13'9 Zodiac Rescue Boat 25 HP engine

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

  • + shortlist

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.


Your family and friends could learn to use the water toys on your charter vacation onboard this luxury charter yacht. Motor Yacht Zia is a certified RYA Training Centre yacht.

'Zia' Charter Rates & Destinations

Mediterranean Summer Cruising Region

Summer Season

May - September

€210,000 p/week + expenses Approx $225,000

High Season

€240,000 p/week + expenses Approx $257,500

Cruising Regions

Mediterranean Greece

HOT SPOTS:   Mykonos

Winter Season

October - April

$210,000 p/week + expenses

$240,000 p/week + expenses

Please enquire .

This yacht is available for Corporate Yacht Charter and Events

Charter Zia

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker , or we can help you.

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker or

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Aspen Alternative

50m | Trinity Yachts

from $199,000 p/week

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection



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Cashman clan celebrates nups

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Breaking News

Tornado warning issued for massachusetts, other parts of new england: ‘potential for strong, severe storms’.

Jay Cashman celebrates the wedding of his daughter, Jaclyn Cashman, to C. Trevor Childs.

The bride, who is now honeymooning in Bora Bora with her new hubby, is the daughter of marine magnate and Big Dig bigwig Jay Cashman of Boston and Linda Cashman-Belton of Marshfield Hills. Her stepmother is “The Kids Are All Right” executive producer and actress Christy Scott Cashman .

On Thursday, there was a dinner cruise aboard the bride’s father’s yacht in Hyannis Harbor followed by an all-day beach party and lobster bake on Strong Island , which Jay Cashman owns.

More than 200 guests watched the beauteous bride walk down the aisle Saturday at St. Christopher by the Sea wearing a dress by A Christos for Saks Fifth Avenue .

After the ceremony, there was a vintage 1940’s-inspired reception on the south lawn of the Chatham Bars Inn . A huge fireworks display completed the evening.

The weekend wrapped up with a beachfront post-wedding brunch hosted by the groom’s parents – artist C. Frederick Childs and Vogue managing editor Laurie Jones , at the Chatham Bars Inn Boat House.

The couple, who were engaged in Vermont over Memorial Day 2009, are Boston College grads. The groom will attend Harvard Business School in the fall.

More in News

Tornado warning issued for Massachusetts, other parts of New England: 'Potential for strong, severe storms'

Weather | Tornado warning issued for Massachusetts, other parts of New England: ‘Potential for strong, severe storms’

jay cashman yacht

Bruins sign Ian Mitchell to one-year extension

A woman died of after being trapped inside a massive Georgetown house fire Saturday night, Georgetown Fire Chief Matt McKay reported Sunday morning.

Local News | Woman dies of injuries in 4-alarm house fire in Georgetown

Michael Proctor isn’t the first member of the Massachusetts State Police named Proctor to be disgraced by his testimony in a major murder case at the Dedham courthouse.

Opinion Columnists | Howie Carr: ‘Monstrous misconduct’ nothing new in Dedham courthouse

Chatham board OKs island house

Cashman house on Strong Island, Chatham

CHATHAM — Quincy contractor Jay Cashman finally has won the conservation commission's blessing to build his dream house on Strong Island.

After months of review, the commission voted 5-1 this week to issue an order of conditions to expand and reconstruct the only house on the island in Big Pleasant Bay.

Cashman is tearing down part of the 70-year-old, seven-bedroom house on the property and building a nine-bedroom, two-story house, swimming pool and bocce court. He estimates the house's size at 10,000 square feet, including 2,000 square feet of western-facing stone terraces.

"This house is probably small for a 3-acre parcel in Chatham," he said in a telephone interview this week.

The conservation commission ruling focused on two main issues: protecting shores and beaches from the barge, tugboat and vehicles delivering heavy materials and the expansion of the house near the top of an eroding coastal bank.

The commission will require Cashman to place a protective mat on the shore and access road and limit trips by the tugboat and 30-by-60-foot barge. It also will require Cashman to pay a construction supervisor to oversee the project, report weekly and stop work if conditions are violated.

"If you look at the amount of work within our jurisdiction, it's not enormous, it's not even extraordinary," commission member Paul Chamberlin said this week about the project. A house corner of the house sticks into the commission's "no-build zone," within 50 feet from an eroding coastal bluff.

"The extraordinary thing," he said, "is that it's on an island and getting materials to and from the island. "¦ The complexity is the access, up and down the bank, across the beach, beaching vessels, that sort of thing."

Yesterday, Cashman said he hadn't seen the order of conditions. After he heard several from a reporter, he said, "They seem like very rigid conditions, but it's doable."

It would have been cheaper and faster to rip the house down and stay out of the commission's "no-build" zone, he said, "but "we felt the house had historic value."

The commission is the only town board likely to hold hearings on the project.

The island now is owned by the Chatham Conservation Foundation, a nonprofit land trust. But the island's previous owner, Victor Horst, reserved exclusive use of 3 acres of land, including the existing house, the barn and other buildings elsewhere around the 70-acre island. The rest of the island and its trails are open to the public, but there is only access by boat.

The foundation and Horst's widow, Elizabeth, settled a legal dispute last year with a new agreement about her use of the 3 acres, including detailed plans for a new house. But it's Cashman's name on the house plans.

Cashman's family shares a 75-year legal interest with the Horst family, recorded at the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds as a partial "assignment" of the reservation, Cashman said yesterday. His legal right to use the property was granted by the Horsts and approved by the foundation as part of the settlement.

He objected earlier this month to the commission's questions about the agreement and whether the new house, built for the Horsts and Cashmans to share, was a two-family house that violated zoning.

The commission's review also was protracted due to Cashman's changes in the house's foundations and his dropping of plans for a ramp for an amphibious car, a cart path and a greenhouse, among other changes.


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Cashman Floats Plan for Dredging Hub on Thames River

jay cashman yacht

Posted on November 29, 2021

GALES FERRY – A Massachusetts-based developer floated preliminary plans to repurpose the former Dow Chemical plant as a hub for its dredging business in Connecticut and New York, and to expand the dock on the site to potentially support ancillary work for offshore wind development out of New London.

In a presentation to the Ledyard Planning and Zoning Commission last week, Harry Heller, an attorney representing Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting, said the company is still “a long way away” from closing on the purchase of the property, and that even after that, it takes  years to develop sites like this. But the company wanted to present its plans to the Planning and Zoning Commission to get its sense of potential roadblocks in the process.

Heller said Cashman intends to use the site for its marine operations in Connecticut and New York, which will include bringing barges and dredging equipment to the site. Cashman also intends to rebuild and extend part of the docks on the site, both to accommodate its own business and the tanker that brings materials to AmSty.

Allen Perrault, vice president at Jay Cashman – the parent company of Cashman Dredging – said the site is attractive because of its proximity to open water and the ocean. He said the site would be like one Cashman has at the Quincy Shipyard in Massachusetts , where the company runs its own business, and also finds other water-dependent tenants to help support the dock.

The Quincy Shipyard is home to Cashman, General Dynamics’ Bluefin Robotics , and a holding facility for the New England Aquarium. Perrault said Cashman only needs about 10-15 acres of the 164-acres site for its own uses, and AmSty leases another 25, leaving a significant amount of potential for other uses.

“We feel the beauty of this site is there is 25-30 feet of water in the Thames River at that point, and we have a yard right now in Staten Island and the yard in Quincy, Massachusetts, and this would be in the sweet spot in the middle of the two,” Perrault said.

Perrault said they see potential in offering space for “ancillary uses” to the wind turbine work at the New London State Pier after that site is redeveloped.

“When you have a site like State Pier for offshore wind, there’s a lot of ancillary work that comes out of that,” Perrault said. “Obviously that site is being designed to handle turbines themselves – the large blades – but there’s a lot of other work that will be necessary, whether it’s stone, electrical contractors and others.”

Clint Brown with Loureiro Engineering said they had “pre-application” meetings with DEEP, where the department said they saw no significant issues with Cashman’s plans, and recognized it was a water-dependent use consistent with the Coastal Management Plan.

Heller said Cashman has experience in developing waterfront properties with environmental issues and regulatory constraints: including redeveloping a former oil refining site at the port in Elizabeth , New Jersey, and developing an offshore-wind focused port in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The former Dow Chemical plant on Route 12 in Gales Ferry – now owned by Dow spinoff Trinseo – has access to the Providence and Worcester Railroad, and a significant dock on the Thames River, which now hosts a tanker that brings raw materials to Americas Styrenics [AmSty] once a month, Heller said.

Heller said the polystyrene manufacturer Americas Styrenics, which is a joint venture between Trinseo and Chevron , would continue to operate if Cashman is successful in buying the property.

The site does have environmental contamination, Heller said. Dow and Trinseo both have remediation obligations, which Cashman is negotiating with them now, he said. Heller said Cashman plans to bring dredged material to the site, where it would be mixed with concrete and used to “cap” contaminated areas as part of the remediation approved by DEEP.

Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Nate Woody said they have been looking for a reuse of the property since Dow started its exit, and that reuse for industry makes sense considering it has been an industrial site for decades.

Woody said that as the proposal moves forward, the commission will have to look at the allowed uses in its regulations in the industrial zone, as some of what Cashman is proposing likely falls outside what the commission contemplated when it wrote the regulations, but generally the proposal seemed to fit the site. Woody said the biggest concern would be making sure the commission has the right engineering support to review any applications for the proposal.

“I don’t see any major roadblocks that would prevent this type of thing,” Woody said.

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jay cashman yacht

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Quincy, MA Boat, Yacht & Ship Owners

Download this list of boat owners and vessel information from this city to a spreadsheet or other file type
Total Documented Vessel Owners in Quincy, MA 368
Recreational Boats 233
Commercial Fishing Boats 11
Freight Barges 81
Passenger Boats 8
Other Vessels 35

Vessel Information Records

Boat Name Registered To Registered Address Hull ID Hailing Port Ship Builder Build Year Vessel Type Gross Tons Length (in ft)
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 2000 Recreational 14.0 32.8
* * * * TODD SHIPYARDS CORP. 1962 Freight Barge 2016 250
* * * * AZIMUT-BENETTI SPA 2014 Recreational 86 70.9000
* * * * SUNSEEKER INTNATL (BOATS) 1997 Recreational 59 61.5
* * * * EQUITABLE SHIPYARD 1991 Freight Barge 211 120
* * * * BOURG BARGES INC 1981 Freight Barge 213 120.099
* * * * PERFORMANCE CRUISING INC 2005 Recreational 10 33.6000
* * * * SEA RAY DIV OF BRUNSWICK CORP 2005 Recreational 15 32.2999
* * * * HOUSTON SYSTEMS MANUFACT 1978 Freight Barge 2539.0 260.0
* * * * DEPEND-A-CRAFT,INC 1982 Passenger (Inspected) 26 38
* * * * BAYLINER MARINE CORP. 1988 Recreational 30.0 45.3
* * * * S2 YACHTS INC 2012 Recreational 28 39
* * * * TROJAN YACHT 1977 Recreational 21 35.8999
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 1984 Recreational 19 33.7000
* * * * WELLCRAFT MARINE 2001 Recreational 19 33
* * * * CAL BOATS 1969 Recreational 10 29
* * * * SABRE YACHTS 2012 Recreational 25 40.7999
* * * * BERGERON SHIPYARD INC 1982 Freight Barge 1375 260
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 2001 Recreational 13 34
* * * * TWIN CITY SHIPYARD INC 1980 Industrial Vessel 760 197
* * * * C. TRINGALE & SONS, INC. 1967 Commercial Fishing Vessel 16 35.8999
* * * * PERFORMANCE MARINE INC 1992 Commercial Fishing Vessel 21 34
* * * * CRUISERS YACHTS 1998 Recreational 11 30
* * * * GRAND HARBOUR YACHTS, INC 1986 Recreational 50 48.3999
* * * * SILVERTON MARINE CORP 1993 Recreational 20 34.3999
* * * * SILVERTON MARINE CORP. 1987 Recreational 26 37
* * * * TOPAZ MARINE CORPORATION 1984 Recreational 29 38.2000
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 13 28
* * * * GRADY-WHITE BOATS INC 2004 Recreational 11 30.5
* * * * GLADDING-HEARN 1963 Towing Vessel 7 28
* * * * n/a 1985 Recreational 16.0 33.6
* * * * CTF MARINE CO LTD 1983 Recreational 44 48.2999
* * * * MAY SHIP REPAIR CONTRACTING CORP 2012 Freight Barge 412 140
* * * * BLACK FIN YACHT CORP 1984 Recreational 12 29.3000
* * * * STERLING EQUIPMENT INC 2002 Unclassified 15 25
* * * * n/a 1956 Freight Barge 621 195
* * * * CONRAD INDUSTRIES INC 1991 Freight Barge 1139 211.199
* * * * SLOCUM IRONWORKS INC 1945 Freight Barge 403 133
* * * * FORMOSA BOAT BUILDING CO 1980 Recreational 17 46
* * * * GULF OVERSEAS SERVICE 1976 Freight Barge 2454 250
* * * * n/a 1969 Industrial Vessel 20 42
* * * * MISENER INDUSTRIES INC 1977 Freight Barge 1487 210
* * * * MCDERMOTT SHIPYARD 1977 Freight Barge 2576 240
* * * * SENESCO 2001 Industrial Vessel 706 158.400
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 10.0 28.0
* * * * COBALT BOATS FIBERGLASS ENGINEERING INC 2002 Recreational 9 26.6999
* * * * TARTAN MARINE COMPANY 1978 Recreational 7 27
* * * * HOWBERT & WALLACE 1951 Recreational 10 39.3999
* * * * SILVERTON MARINE CORP 1977 Recreational 16 34
* * * * n/a 1969 Recreational 6 27.1000
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS, INC 1995 Recreational 30 48.1000
* * * * n/a 1983 Recreational 10 38
* * * * SILVERTON MARINE CORP 1993 Recreational 23 37
* * * * J K WELDING CO INC 1941 Unclassified 291.0 150.0
* * * * H.B. "BUSTER" HUGHES, INC 1976 Freight Barge 438 150
* * * * HINTERHOELLER YACHTS LIMI 1989 Recreational 12 30.6000
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 2008 Recreational 44.0 54.6
* * * * DONJON SHIPBUILDING AND REPAIR LLC 2013 Freight Barge 952 225
* * * * MAXUM MARINE 2000 Recreational 8.0 25.3
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 1985 Recreational 7 26.6999
* * * * n/a 1985 Recreational 11 38.7000
* * * * BAYLINER MARINE CORP. 1986 Recreational 20 38.1000
* * * * MAY SHIP REPAIR CONTRACTING CORP 2013 Freight Barge 952 225
* * * * n/a 1981 Recreational 10 36
* * * * n/a 1968 Recreational 12.0 32.0
* * * * MAY SHIP REPAIR CONTRACTING CORP 2013 Freight Barge 1440 172.800
* * * * THOMAS J FEENEY ENT INC 2000 Freight Barge 646 140
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 1985 Recreational 15 33.7000
* * * * MAY SHIP REPAIR CONTRACTING CORP 2014 Freight Barge 952 225
* * * * CONRAD INDUSTRIES INC 1991 Freight Barge 1139 211.199
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS, INC. 1991 Recreational 8 27.3999
* * * * WELLCRAFT MARINE CORP 1987 Recreational 17 33.2999
* * * * CRUISERS INCORPORATED 1979 Recreational 10 28.5
* * * * n/a 1981 Recreational 8 29.1999
* * * * UNIFLITE, INC. 1975 Unclassified 19 36
* * * * ROSBOROUGH BOATS LTD 2011 Recreational 7 27
* * * * S2 YACHTS, INC. 1988 Recreational 8 27
* * * * INGALLS SHIPBUILDING CO 1952 Freight Barge 1288 240
* * * * CORN ISLAND SHIPYARD INC 2001 Freight Barge 1899 249.599
* * * * ST PAUL NAVIGATION INC 1997 Towing Vessel 25 35
* * * * TRADITIONAL WATERCRAFT INC 2003 Recreational 12 34.7999
* * * * n/a 1971 Recreational 5 28
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 12.0 29.0
* * * * THUNDERBIRD PRODUCTS CORP 1985 Recreational 9 28
* * * * VIKING YACHT COMPANY 1988 Recreational 18 35
* * * * n/a 1983 Recreational 7 29.1000
* * * * EASTERN MARINE 1986 Freight Barge 1325 115.2
* * * * FIRSTWAVE-NEWPARK SHIPBUI 1999 Freight Barge 507 153.599
* * * * GILBERT J.GRISSETT, BLDR 1975 Commercial Fishing Vessel 130 78.9000
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 9 28.3000
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 20 42
* * * * CABO YACHTS INC 2001 Recreational 20 34.5
* * * * MARK QUINN 1997 Research Vessel 13 29
* * * * AQUASPORT, INC. 1984 Recreational 10 26.5
* * * * TROJAN YACHT 1974 Recreational 11 30
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 1992 Recreational 12 28.6000
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 19 37.5
* * * * WELLCRAFT MARINE 1986 Recreational 14 31.8000
* * * * n/a 1971 Recreational 26 39.2999
* * * * CATALINA YACHTS 1995 Recreational 10 32.5
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS 2013 Recreational 20 34.7999
* * * * n/a 1986 Recreational 28 36.5
* * * * CARVER BOAT CORPORATION 1981 Recreational 15 29.1000
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 7 25.5
* * * * PORT ALLEN MARINE SERVICE 1989 Freight Barge 687.0 195.0
* * * * OCEAN YACHTS INC 2002 Recreational 47.0 56.0
* * * * CALIFORNIAN YACHTS INC 1987 Recreational 35 42
* * * * TILLOTSON-PEARSON INC 1981 Recreational 12.0 36.0
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 6 23
* * * * NAVAL SHIPYARD BOSTON 1940 Industrial Vessel 237 111
* * * * TARTAN MARINE 1977 Recreational 13 34.2999
* * * * DONJON SHIPBUILDING AND REPAIR LLC 2013 Freight Barge 952 225
* * * * SEABRING MARINE IND 2015 Recreational 8 26.6999
* * * * HUNTER MARINE CORPORATION 1995 Recreational 6 27.5
* * * * ENDEAVOUR YACHT CORPORATION 1981 Recreational 18 37.5
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 16 37.6000
* * * * n/a 1950 Passenger (Inspected) 14 35.7999
* * * * AMERICAN MARINE PTE LTD 1996 Recreational 35 47.1000
* * * * MOBRO MARINE INC 1998 Towing Vessel 20 39.8999
* * * * n/a 1973 Recreational 14.0 32.5
* * * * SILVERTON MARINE CORPORATION 1989 Recreational 20 34.3999
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS, INC. 1988 Recreational 16 33.5
* * * * n/a 1968 Passenger (Inspected) 23 34.8999
* * * * OCEAN YACHTS, INC 1990 Recreational 25 38.2999
* * * * CONRAD SHIPYARD INC 2000 Freight Barge 421 144
* * * * CORN ISLAND SHIPYARD INC 2003 Industrial Vessel 901 175.599
* * * * MAY SHIP REPAIR CONTRACTING CORP 2011 Freight Barge 412 140
* * * * L.A.D. CONSTRUCTION CO 1980 Towing Vessel 98 68.5999
* * * * TROJAN YACHT - DIVISION 1986 Recreational 15 31.8000
* * * * MASTER MARINE INC 1979 Commercial Fishing Vessel 173 81.2000
* * * * ISLAND DOCK COMPANY 1952 Freight Barge 266 110
* * * * CORN ISLAND SHIPYARD INC 2002 Industrial Vessel 2338 229.900
* * * * n/a 1985 Recreational 7 25
* * * * BETHLEHEM-SPARROWS POINT 1950 Freight Barge 335.0 128.7
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 12 38
* * * * SNEED SHIPBUILDING INC 1999 Freight Barge 454 130
* * * * MARINE INDUSTRIES 1982 Freight Barge 304 110
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 2011 Recreational 15 33.2000
* * * * ALBIN MARINE, INC. 1986 Recreational 33 42.5
* * * * BERGERON INDUSTRIES INC 1982 Freight Barge 1375 260
* * * * n/a n/a Industrial Vessel n/a n/a
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 15.0 35.0
* * * * GULFSTAR INC 1986 Recreational 43 54
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 9 34
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 8.0 30.0
* * * * CHANTIERS BENETEAU S A 1984 Recreational 19 42
* * * * CORN ISLAND SHIPYARD 1999 Freight Barge 934 172.800
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 19 33
* * * * S2 YACHTS, INC. 1987 Recreational 14 31.5
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 10 35
* * * * VIKING YACHT COMPANY 1988 Recreational 32 45.5
* * * * CRUISERS INC 1988 Recreational 13 35.7999
* * * * ST JOHNS SHIP BUILDING INC 2014 Freight Barge 2983 256.300
* * * * HORNE BROTHERS INC 1959 Freight Barge 314 110
* * * * SUTPHEN MARINE CORP 1985 Recreational 9 38.1000
* * * * TRADITIONAL WATERCRAFT, I 1988 Recreational 9.0 26.4
* * * * PEARSON YACHT 1973 Recreational 11 29.8000
* * * * MARINE TRADING INTERNATIO 1982 Recreational 19 35.5
* * * * CRUISERS YACHTS 1999 Recreational 15.0 32.8
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 26 37.6000
* * * * NASHVILLE BRIDGE COMPANY 1970 Freight Barge 476.0 135.0
* * * * MARTINOLICH SHIPBLDG CO 1967 Towing Vessel 119 73.5
* * * * ST JOHNS SHIP BUILDING 2012 Freight Barge 2944 256.300
* * * * ROBERT E DEREKTOR INC 1956 Recreational 8 30.6000
* * * * JEANNEAU SPBI S A 2014 Recreational 18 34.6000
* * * * S2 YACHTS INC 1993 Recreational 11.0 28.7
* * * * BENETEAU USA INC 1998 Recreational 8 28.5
* * * * LUHRS CORPORATION 2000 Recreational 16 34
* * * * n/a 1979 Freight Barge 1235 265
* * * * n/a 1955 Passenger (Inspected) 14 38.8999
* * * * HUNTER MARINE CORPORATION 1990 Recreational 13 30
* * * * HERMAN MELANSON, JR. 1971 Commercial Fishing Vessel 9 33.7999
* * * * n/a 1985 Commercial Fishing Vessel 10 28
* * * * NASHVILLE BRIDGE COMPANY 1953 Freight Barge 345 110
* * * * STELLO MARINE ENTERPRISES 1980 Commercial Fishing Vessel 14 31.5
* * * * OCEAN YACHTS INC 1982 Recreational 31 42
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 17.0 35.0
* * * * BERGERON INDUSTRIES INC 1982 Freight Barge 1375 260
* * * * CORN ISLAND SHIPYARD INC 2004 Freight Barge 2338 229.900
* * * * BETHLEHEM STEEL CORP 1967 Freight Barge 1126.0 192.1
* * * * SEA RAY DIV OF BRUNSWICK CORP 2001 Recreational 46 50.2999
* * * * BOSTON WHALER INC 2001 Recreational 10 28.1999
* * * * MAIN IRON WORKS INC 1962 Towing Vessel 149 84
* * * * U S COAST GUARD 1978 Passenger (Inspected) 15 40.7000
* * * * n/a 1971 Recreational 16 39.3999
* * * * HOUMA SHIPBUILDING CORP 1975 Towing Vessel 106 64.5
* * * * NORTH END COMPOSITES 2016 Recreational 16 34.2999
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 6 29.8000
* * * * QUEEN LONG MARINE CO LTD 2001 Recreational 31 46.2000
* * * * n/a 1974 Recreational 9 35.5
* * * * MITCHELL COVE BOATS INC 2000 Passenger (Uninspected) 10 32
* * * * CHESAPEAKE MARINE IND.INC 1980 Recreational 7 32
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 25 33
* * * * LEVINGSTON SHIPBLDG CO 1958 Freight Barge 1341 180.099
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 8 29
* * * * FIRSTWAVE-NEWPARK 1999 Freight Barge 346 134.400
* * * * BOSTON WHALER 2006 Recreational 11 31.8999
* * * * JR'S BOATSHOP LTD 1989 Recreational 16 38
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 442 119.900
* * * * NEW HAMPSHIRE BOAT BLDS 1985 Commercial Fishing Vessel 19 34.8999
* * * * J C BOAT WORKS INC 1979 Passenger (Inspected) 8 28.1999
* * * * TROJAN YACHT-DIV OF BERTR 1987 Recreational 20 35.8999
* * * * MAXUM MARINE 2000 Recreational 11 28.1999
* * * * WILEY MANUFACTURING CO 1954 Unclassified 812.0 144.0
* * * * n/a 1972 Commercial Fishing Vessel 9 34
* * * * HATTERAS YACHT COMPANY 1965 Recreational 11 27.8000
* * * * POST MARINE COMPANY INC 1998 Recreational 41.0 50.6
* * * * SUNSEEKER INTERNATIONAL BOATS 2014 Recreational 73 62.5
* * * * SILVERTON MARINE CORP. 1989 Recreational 20 34.3999
* * * * S2 YACHTS INC 2010 Recreational 27 39.2999
* * * * ISLAND DOCK INC 1952 Unclassified 295 110
* * * * OCEAN YACHTS INC 1990 Recreational 56 58
* * * * n/a 1973 Recreational 19 33.7999
* * * * NORMAN C. ELLIS 1984 Recreational 9 33.3999
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 1992 Recreational 22 40.2999
* * * * WELLCRAFT MARINE 1999 Recreational 19 33
* * * * INTREPID POWERBOATS INC 2008 Recreational 14 35
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 21 47.2999
* * * * SEA RAY DIVISION OF BRUNSWICK CORP 2002 Recreational 8 29.3000
* * * * MAINSHIP CORPORATION 2000 Recreational 16 34.2000
* * * * BOSTON WHALER INC 2001 Recreational 7 25.6999
* * * * FRANK J WECKESSER 1992 Towing Vessel 15.0 25.0
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 8 26.6999
* * * * DRAVO CORP 1951 Freight Barge 899.0 142.0
* * * * SEA RAY DIVISION OF BRUNSWICK CORP 2007 Recreational 9 28.3000
* * * * CORN ISLAND SHIPYARD INC 1999 Freight Barge 934 172.800
* * * * SISCO MARINE LLC 2009 Towing Vessel 11 25
* * * * S2 YACHTS, INC 1998 Recreational 31 41.2999
* * * * SEA RAY/BRUNSWICK CORP 2001 Recreational 10 29.3000
* * * * SILVERTON MARINE CORP 1987 Recreational 18 33.7999
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 9.0 29.0
* * * * n/a n/a Recreational 11 36.5
* * * * ROAMER YACHTS 1965 Recreational 45 55.7999
* * * * DONJON SHIPBUILDING AND REPAIR LLC 2013 Freight Barge 952 225
* * * * TEXAS SHIPBUILDING CO 1978 Freight Barge 1091 190
* * * * SEA RAY BOATS INC 2000 Recreational 20 33.5
* * * * MONARK BOAT COMPANY 1985 Commercial Fishing Vessel 5.0 24.0
* * * * BASIC MARINE INC 1999 Freight Ship 714 200
* * * * HALMATIC LIMITED 1991 Recreational 33 48.8999
* * * * STERLING EQUIPMENT INC 2000 Freight Barge 215 80
* * * * n/a 1986 Recreational 11 29.5
* * * * C J LANGENFELDER & SON 1972 Towing Vessel 84.0 68.0
* * * * LUHRS CORPORATION 2003 Recreational 26.0 37.7
* * * * AMERICAN MARINE PTE LTD 1983 Recreational 27 41.7999
* * * * CARVER BOAT CORPORATION 1988 Recreational 11 30
* * * * CHRIS CRAFT CRUISERS, INC 1982 Recreational 15 33

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jay cashman yacht

Cashman Dredging bags $29.1M contract in Maryland

November 01, 2023

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District has awarded a $29.1 million contract to Cashman Dredging & Marine Contracting of Quincy, Massachusetts, for the maintenance dredging works in Baltimore, Maryland.

jay cashman yacht

Cashman Dredging Awarded $9.26 Million Jacksonville, Fl Dredge Project by USACE

September 08, 2023

Cashman Dredging & Marine Contracting Co. LLC, Quincy, Massachusetts, was awarded a $9,266,500 firm-fixed-price contract for maintenance dredging.

jay cashman yacht

Cashman to dredge Lake Worth Inlet

January 16, 2022

During the works, the contractor will remove approximately 400,000 cubic yards of dredged material. Cashman will take the dredged sediment on the shores of the Town of Palm Beach, at no cost to the residents of Palm Beach.

jay cashman yacht

Cashman Family Foundation hosts lunch to support Haiti

October 27, 2021

QUINCY — 100 guests attended the lunch hosted by the Cashman Family Foundation to support relief efforts for those facing the aftereffects of the earthquake in Haiti.

jay cashman yacht

Cashman Ingenuity Drives a Culture of Innovation: Cashman Designs & Constructs New Drag Ripper Carriage to Agitate Hard Material

August 24, 2021

In the Fall of 2018, Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Co., LLC developed entirely in-house an innovative piece of equipment for capital improvements dredging projects that agitate and loosen glacial till, desiccated clay, weathered rock, and other stiff material for later removal by a clamshell dredge.

jay cashman yacht

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visits Port of Baltimore to highlight significance of US maritime infrastructure – “shovel worthy vs shovel ready”

July 30, 2021

DredgeWire was very pleased to be invited by both the US Dept of Transportation and the Port of Baltimore to join Secretary Pete Buttigieg on his tour of the Port. Publisher Peter Bowe attended for DredgeWire and filed this report.

jay cashman yacht

Cashman Ingenuity Drives a Culture of Innovation: Scow Geofence System Prevents Misplacement of Dredged Material

July 29, 2021

In 2016 Cashman pioneered the research and design of the Scow Geofence System (SGS) to prevent dredged material placement outside predetermined zones using split-hull scows. Only when the scow is within the geofence area is it allowed by the system to be opened.

jay cashman yacht

Cashman Wraps Up Boston Harbor Phase II Dredging Nearly One Year Ahead Of Schedule

January 27, 2021

New England’s busiest port moves closer to welcoming larger containerships and growing the regional economy thanks to Cashman Dredging and JV Partner The Dutra Group completing Phase II of III of the U.S. Army Corps’ Boston Harbor Navigation Improvement Project last month, nearly one year ahead of schedule.

jay cashman yacht

Cashman Announces Design Contract to Expand Its Hopper Dredge Fleet

January 21, 2021

Today, Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Co., LLC of Quincy, Massachusetts, announced the execution of a design contract with IHC America Inc. for a new 6,500 cubic yard trailing suction hopper dredge. The new vessel will complement Cashman Dredging’s current fleet of specialized dredging equipment and will primarily service the coastal protection and navigation maintenance markets when it enters service in 2024.

jay cashman yacht

Inclined elevator project in Provincetown takes shape with arrival of steel tracks and emergency staircase, with a May completion date set

January 12, 2021

PROVINCETOWN — The steel tracks for the outdoor inclined elevator have been laid up the hill to the Pilgrim Monument, which will connect a new elevator pavilion on the top of the hill to the base behind Town Hall.

jay cashman yacht

Town seeks extension in Wellfleet Harbor dredge

December 29, 2020

WELLFLEET — Cashman Dredging is in a race against time.

The Quincy-based dredging and marine contracting company is supposed to finish dredging a portion of Wellfleet Harbor by Thursday. That date marks the end of the season for the disposal of dredge spoils at the Cape Cod Bay Disposal Area.

jay cashman yacht

Lake Worth Inlet dredging at halfway point

November 24, 2020

According to the port, Cashman started dredging of the Lake Worth Inlet on October 27th. The hopper dredge Atchafalaya conducted work for about a week before dredging came to a halt due to Tropical Storm Eta.

jay cashman yacht

EPA Begins Historic Full-Scale Dredging of Gowanus Canal Superfund Site

November 16, 2020

Today, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 2 Administrator Pete Lopez, Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, New York State Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon, New York City Councilmember Brad Lander, members of the Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group and other dignitaries marked the start of dredging operations in the upper portion of the Gowanus Canal Superfund Site in Brooklyn, New York, by the Carroll Street bridge. This is a major milestone in the history of one of the nation’s most contaminated waterways.

jay cashman yacht

New site off Maine coast could make it easier, safer to dredge the state's harbors

September 29, 2020

A patch of seabed off the coast of Kittery could make it easier to dredge — and ultimately, navigate — southern Maine harbors and channels.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Oct. 26 will open a new ocean site for depositing material from federal, state and commercial marine dredging projects. The site replaces one off Cape Arundel that will close next year, according to a notice published Friday in the Federal Register.

jay cashman yacht

Waterside Work Done For Season In Woods Hole

June 29, 2020

Marine construction has ended for the season at the Steamship Authority terminal in Woods Hole. The Jay Cashman Inc. crane barge departed Friday. Thus far, two new slips have been built, according to SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll. The third is expected to be finished in 2021.

jay cashman yacht

Jay Cashman Donates To Help Support Bradford Access

June 26, 2020

PROVINCETOWN – The Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association has announced that Jay Cashman, founder and chairman of Jay Cashman, Inc., and the Cashman Family Foundation, has donated $150,000 to help support the Bradford Access Project.

jay cashman yacht

$5M outdoor, inclined elevator project in Provincetown to start May 18

April 29, 2020

Linking Pilgrim Monument to downtown is century-old idea, planners say

PROVINCETOWN — While visitors often stand along Bradford Street admiring the Pilgrim Monument, there’s been no easy or obvious way for them to visit, according to K. David Weidner, executive director of the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum.

jay cashman yacht

Cashman Family Foundation's New Bridge In Perches, Haiti

March 27, 2020

The Cashman Family Foundation completed construction of a new bridge in Perches, Haiti. Tighe & Bond worked with the Foundation to help design the bridge. The Cashman Family Foundation is a charitable subsidiary of the Jay Cashman group of construction companies . The Foundation looks to partner with resource-constrained communities to build new bridges and roads. The work currently focuses on improvements in Haiti.

jay cashman yacht

Dredge Report: Army Corps project returns Plymouth Harbor depths to 1967 levels

January 27, 2020

PLYMOUTH – Underwater survey maps chart the completion of the harbor dredging project in paint-by-number clarity.

Orange, yellow, green, purple, red and blue rectangles on one map mark the dozens of cuts made by Burnham Associates as its dredging crew cleaned out the Plymouth Harbor anchorage basin for the Army Corp of Engineers over the last two years.

jay cashman yacht

DOMESTIC DREDGING: U.S. Ports Require a Diverse Fleet

November 27, 2019

The reasons for that are many and these realities cater to regulatory, commercial and regional needs. The U.S. dredging market is complex and relies on the diverse fleet of private dredging companies to get the job done. In addition to design and technical capabilities, environmental restrictions and regulations often dictate whether a trailing suction hopper dredge, cutter suction dredge, or mechanical dredge can respond to the coastal protection, wetland restoration, port deepening, and channel maintenance needs of the Nation. No matter what the need, domestic dredgers are meeting the challenge.

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Dredging to start next month in Hingham

September 09, 2019

HINGHAM — Boaters are being told to get their boats and moorings out of Hingham Harbor by the end of the month so crews can begin dredging the area.

The town has the Inner Harbor Mooring Basin dredged once every decade or so to remove sediment and keep adequate water depths for boaters.

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First phase of Plymouth Harbor dredging ahead of schedule

February 13, 2019

The process was repeated countless times during the dredging with the same results – except one time.

PLYMOUTH - Time and time again, the clamshell bucket splashed into the water. Each time, the massive iron jaws brought up a small mountain of sand, then dropped the load in a waiting scow

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Doubling Down on Domestic Dredging

August 24, 2018

U.S. dredgers weigh in on infrastructure, U.S. capabilities and the road ahead.

Domestic dredging firms face many challenges in the coming months and years. At the same time, opportunities abound in a market and political climate that seems to beg for infrastructure upgrades, especially when it comes to harbors and inland waterways. Weighing in this edition on all of that – and more – are three U.S.-based dredging firms; Callan Marine, Cashman Dredging, and Weeks Marine.

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Dredging Tech: Reducing Human Error, Protecting the Environment

August 21, 2018

Innovative geofencing technology developed by Cashman Dredging and Marine Construction Company

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the start-up operations for what is commonly referred to as Phase II of the Boston Harbor deepening project. And, while Jay Cashman, Inc.’s Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Company (Cashman Dredging) and the Dutra Group joint venture are off to an auspicious start to this important infrastructure improvement, I was particularly impressed with the new technology that Cashman Dredging has designed and implemented to prevent inadvertent placement of dredge material in non-authorized ocean disposal sites.

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$123M Boston Harbor Dredging Project Deepens Channel for Larger Ships

August 16, 2018

Work on a $123 million dredging project in New England's largest seaport is under way, with plans to continue for about three years to deepen the project to its newly authorized depths.

The dredging project in the Boston Harbor is designed to accommodate large container ships that are calling on the United States' east coast now that the Panama Canal improvements are completed, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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EPA cleanup in lower New Bedford Harbor nearly done

June 20, 2018

NEW BEDFORD — Superfund dredging in New Bedford Harbor south of Coggeshall Street is now more than 99 percent complete beneath the low tide line, according to David Lederer, head of the site for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Housatonic dredging finished early, under budget

April 04, 2018

A project to dredge the Housatonic River and move the material to Hammonasset State Park in Madison was completed two months ahead of schedule and under budget.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced Tuesday that work that was scheduled to end March 31 was finished by the end of December.

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Hospital Ship Arrives in Puerto Rico

October 04, 2017

The Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort has berthed at a pier in downtown San Juan, bringing 750 Navy medical personnel, 12 operating rooms and 250 hospital beds to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico.

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Moving Day at the Quincy Shipyard for the USS Salem

August 04, 2017

The USS Salem, nicknamed the Sea Witch, has been relocated from the northern section of the Quincy Shipyard, to its new home in the southern section. The Salem has been part of the landscape at the Quincy Shipyard and open to the public for many years, but most people are unaware of the Salem’s distinguished history.

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USS Salem takes a short tow to a new berth

August 03, 2017

In just a few hours the morning of Aug. 3, the Quincy-built heavy cruiser was moved from one Fore River Shipyard pier to another. Now a city museum and tourist attraction, the Salem was launched at the shipyard in 1947.

QUINCY -- With the blasts of tugboat horns and the salutes of a handful of former crew members, the USS Salem left its longtime Fore River Shipyard berth Thursday morning and was guided to a new one.

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Beals Island dredging project set to start

November 05, 2016

BEALS — As the nation goes to the polls next Tuesday to choose its new leaders, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin a long-awaited dredging project off the shores of Beals Island.

According to a description published by the Corps, the proposed work involves urgently needed maintenance dredging to remove shoals in Beals Harbor and the Pig Island Gut Federal Navigation Projects. The work will restore both areas to their authorized dimensions.

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Carteret is on the move with marina project and new residential complex

July 19, 2016

CARTERET – On Thursday, city officials will gather for a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the start of a multi-year project that aims to transform Carteret's waterfront into a recreation destination and transportation hub.

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If you dredge it, officials say, the megayachts will come; Deepening of Intracoastal Waterway begins

May 04, 2016

A project to deepen the Intracoastal Waterway through Fort Lauderdale began Wednesday, in an effort to accommodate the floating mansions called megayachts.

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Barge breathes new life into former Quincy shipyard site

October 12, 2013

For the last few days, workers have been painting, welding, and otherwise putting finishing touches on a massive barge that will be used to dredge harbors. At 1,500 tons, 185 feet long, and 65 feet wide, it is an imposing vessel. But almost as impressive is its location — the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy. The same site that has been closed to shipbuilding for nearly three decades.

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Sterling Builds Massive Dredger

September 11, 2013

Vessel’s crane is the centerpiece of this state-of-the-art, technologically advanced workhorse platform.

Sterling Equipment, Inc., an East Coast marine construction rental company based out of Quincy, Mass., has more than 135 pieces of floating equipment in commission, but its newest barge, a 180- x 65- x 12-foot crane dredge, will be among its largest and most technologically advanced. In September 2012, Sterling, a subsidiary of Jay Cashman, Inc., contracted May Shipyard on Staten Island, N.Y. to start construction on its new walking spud deck barge, Dale Pyatt (named after President and CEO of Jay Cashman, Inc.).

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