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The Nicholson 48 Sailboat Specs & Key Performance Indicators

The Nicholson 48 is a classic ketch designed by Raymond Wall and built by Halmatic Ltd and Camper & Nicholson in the UK.

It is a heavy displacement cruising boat that offers comfort and seaworthiness for long-distance sailing and has a reputation for being well-built, elegant, and reliable, but also slow and underpowered in light winds.

'Capercaillie', a Nicholson 48 Ketch Sailboat at anchor

Published Specification for the Nicholson 48

Underwater Configuration:  Fin keel with skeg-hung rudder

Hull Material:  GRP (Fibreglass)

Length Overall:  47'8" (14.5m)

Waterline Length:  34'4" (10.5m)

Beam:  12'11" (3.9m)

Draft:  7'0" (2.1m)

Rig Type:  Masthead ketch

Displacement:  31,300lb (14,198kg)

Designer:   Camper & Nicholson

Builder:  Halmatic (UK)

Year First Built:  1972

Published Design Ratios for the Nicholson 48

1. Sail Area/Displacement Ratio:  12.1

2. Ballast/Displacement Ratio:  32.0

3. Displacement/Length Ratio:  345

4. Comfort Ratio:  41.5

5. Capsize Screening Formula:   1.6

A Few FAQs...

Based on the published Design Ratios for the Nicholson 48, how would you expect the boat to perform under sail?

The Design Ratios indicate that the Nicholson 48 is a heavy and stable boat that can handle rough seas and strong winds, but also needs a lot of sail area to achieve decent speed. The boat is not very agile or responsive, but rather steady and predictable.

Is the Nicholson 48 still in production and, if not, when did production end and how many of these sailboats were built?

The Nicholson 48 is not in production anymore. Production ended in 1981, after 42 units were built.

How many people can sleep on board a Nicholson 48?

The Nicholson 48 can sleep up to eight people in four cabins: two double cabins aft, one double cabin forward, and one single cabin in the passageway. The boat also has two heads, one with a shower.

How did the sailing press review the Nicholson 48?

The sailing press generally praised the Nicholson 48 for its quality of construction, its classic lines, its spacious and comfortable interior, and its seaworthiness. However, some critics also pointed out its lack of performance in light winds, its high price tag, and its outdated design compared to newer boats.

What do owners of the Nicholson 48 have to say about their boats?

Owners of the Nicholson 48 tend to love their boats for their beauty, their durability, their comfort, and their ability to handle any weather conditions. They also appreciate the boat's versatility, as it can be used for coastal cruising, offshore passages, or even liveaboard lifestyle. Owners also acknowledge the boat's drawbacks, such as its low speed, its high maintenance costs, and its limited availability of spare parts.

What is the history of the builders of the Nicholson 48 and is the company still in business?

The builders of the Nicholson 48 are Halmatic Ltd and Camper & Nicholson. Halmatic Ltd was founded in 1947 as a manufacturer of fiberglass boats and components. It became part of Vosper Thornycroft Group in 1985 and was renamed VT Halmatic Ltd in 2002. It ceased operations in 2010. Camper & Nicholson was founded in 1782 as a shipbuilding company that specialized in yachts. It became one of the most prestigious yacht builders in the world, producing many famous boats such as Endeavour, Shamrock V, Velsheda, Gipsy Moth IV, Drumbeat, and Maltese Falcon. It also diversified into yacht brokerage, chartering, management, and marina development. It went through several changes of ownership and restructuring over the years, and is now part of Lai Sun Development Company Ltd, a Hong Kong-based conglomerate.

Is the mast on the Nicholson 48 deck-stepped or keel-stepped?

The mast on the Nicholson 48 is keel-stepped. This means that the mast is supported by a metal post that extends from the bottom of the hull to the top of the mast. This provides more strength and stability to the mast than a deck-stepped mast, which is supported by a metal plate on the deck. However, a keel-stepped mast also requires more maintenance and inspection, as it can cause leaks or corrosion in the hull.

What is the average cost of a secondhand Nicholson 48?

The average cost of a secondhand Nicholson 48 depends on several factors, such as the year of manufacture, the condition of the boat, the equipment and upgrades installed, and the location of the boat. Based on some recent listings, the average cost of a secondhand Nicholson 48 ranges from $100,000 to $200,000.

How does the Nicholson 48 compare to other sailboats in its class?

The Nicholson 48 is comparable to other sailboats in its class, such as the Amel Maramu 46, the Bowman 46, the Cheoy Lee 48 Offshore Ketch, the Formosa 47 Ketch, the Gulfstar 50 Ketch, the Hans Christian 48T Ketch, the Hinckley Sou'wester 50 Ketch, the Island Trader 46 Ketch, the Morgan Out Island 51 Ketch, the Nauticat 44 Ketch, the Passport 47 Ketch, the Tayana 48 Ketch, and the Westsail 42 Ketch. These boats share similar characteristics, such as their size, their displacement, their rig type, their layout, their design era, and their intended use. However, they also have some differences in terms of their performance, their quality, their features, their price, and their availability.

What other sailboats have been created by the designer of the Nicholson 48?

The designer of the Nicholson 48 is Raymond Wall. He was a naval architect who worked for Camper & Nicholson from 1958 to 1981. He designed many sailboats for Camper & Nicholson and other builders. Some of his most notable designs include:

  • The Nicholson 32;
  • The Nicholson 36;
  • The Nicholson 38;
  • The Nicholson 40;
  • The Nicholson 43;
  • The Nicholson 45;
  • The Nicholson 476;
  • The Camper & Nicholson CN35;
  • The Camper & Nicholson CN39;
  • The Camper & Nicholson CN55;
  • The Camper & Nicholson CN60;
  • The Camper & Nicholson CN65;
  • The Camper & Nicholson CN70;
  • The Camper & Nicholson CN75;
  • The Camper & Nicholson CN80;
  • The Camper & Nicholson CN100;
  • The Camper & Nicholson Endeavour Class;
  • The Camper & Nicholson Lion Class;
  • The Camper & Nicholson Ranger Class;
  • The Camper & Nicholson Shamrock Class.

The above answers were drafted by sailboat-cruising.com using GPT-4 (OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model) as a research assistant to develop source material; to the best of our knowledge,  we believe them to be accurate.

Other sailboats in the Nicholson range include:

A Nicholson 32 Mk8 sailboat on a mooring ball in the River Tamar, UK

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Fin with rudder on skeg

Specifications NICHOLSON 48

1972 - 47.67 ft / 14.53 m - Camper & Nicholson/Raymond Wall - Halmatic (UK)


NICHOLSON 48 Sailboat Data

Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg Rigging Type: Masthead Ketch LOA: 47.67 ft / 14.53 m LWL: 34.33 ft / 10.46 m S.A. (reported): 746.00 ft² / 69.31 m² Beam: 12.92 ft / 3.94 m Displacement: 31,300.00 lb / 14,197 kg Ballast: 10,025.00 lb / 4,547 kg Max Draft: 7.00 ft / 2.13 m Construction: FG First Built: 1972 # Built: 42 Builder: Halmatic (UK) Designer: Camper & Nicholson/Raymond Wall

Information from  sailboatdata.com .

Type Engine: Diesel HP: 72 Hull Speed: 7.85 kn

nicholson 48 sailboat data

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Camper & Nicholson 48

  • Thread starter pinna
  • Start date 10 Dec 2003
  • 10 Dec 2003

I'm looking for information on the Camper & Nicholson 48. As I found only few boats of this model around internet I wonder if this boat is a very special one or she suffered some building problem and not many have been sold. Any further information is welcome if somebody could help! Many thanks from Genoa (Italy), Andrea <hr width=100% size=1>  


Active member

42 were built ... try http://www.kingsyacht.com/kingsyacht/kingsyacht_4.html <hr width=100% size=1>  

  • 11 Dec 2003

Ciao Andrea tell me: what do you want to know. We have a Nic 48 since 4 1/2 years now. We live aboard her and are very pleased with her. Are you planning to buy one? if yes, which one? where did you find her and what is her building number? We have seen some Nic's 48 before we bought ours (number 40 of 42 built) One of the reasons there weren't many built is, of course, the fact she was not exactly cheap (to put it mildly). Another reason is certainly the concept: fantastic boat for up to 4-6 people. But she was built with 7-8 berths. The cockpit is simply too small for 7-8. There were diffenent lay-outs built. Some were nicer than others. So do ask anything you wish to know. Meantime: fair winds <hr width=100% size=1>Peter a/b SV Heerenleed, Steenbergen, Netherlands  

Dear Peter, many thanks for your prompt reply already useful. yes, with some friends I'd like to buy one and the typology is exactly what I like (strong boat, for long and safe cruise, 4 people max 6 onboard (I do not like crowded boats!). The only boats I found are two Nic 48 in South France quite nice (specially one) , unfortunately I do not know the serial number but they are built both in 1974. Unfortunately they are asking too much money (Euro 135.000 and Euro 153.000) in my opinion as another one was sold this summer in Spain for USD. 109.000 and apparently another one is for sale in the USA for about the same amount (considering the present USD/Euro difference it is a lot of money! However what is warrying me is that I learned through some internet website that a lot of Camper & Nicholson models suffered more than other boats of blister problems. Did your's suffered this problem? did you made any big repairs? On the other hand I love very much this boat which I would like to buy to cruise the Med sea and , why not, on the east costs of USA and Caribbeans. If you heard about some C&N 48' for sale please let me know. It is a plaesure to have exchanges with people who love sailing therefore many thanks again for your support. Have a nice day!, Ciao Andrea <hr width=100% size=1>  

Nic 48 blisters? Hi again, Our actual Nic has had an osmosis treatment. The only blisters we have seen are on the rudder (always suspect on any GRP boat) and on the 4 square spots the boat had been supported during the treatment. We had another Nic (35) before this one, and had some, but not seriouos blistering. We simply checked every time she was ashore, sanded the blisters away and filled with International Waterproof epoxy filler, and never had serious probs. In the Netherlands, we have a circle of Nicholson owners, I shall ask at our next meeting (february) but have not hear about serious osmosis problems. One of the 48's we viewed before buying ours in Greece was in the S of France. She was moored in (I think) Juan-les-Pins. The double in the aft cabin had been modified into a rreal double bed. We found that the former owner(s) made to many ugly modifications th the interior and her price (FFrs 900.000 in 1999) was on the high side for her age. We finally found ours in Greece: a nicer lay-out and no ugly mods in the interior. I'll PM you the price we paid, if you like. just let me know. When we bought ours, the decks were virtually gone and needed replacement in a not too far away future (done last year). The sails were rubbish (replaced 2001). The prop shaft installation was rather worn (replaced 2000), all seacocks (16 I believe) had seized, replaced them all upon arrival in the Netherlands, and all rubber parts on engine have been replacced 2000. We repainted the hull last september, and we are very very pleased indeed with the result. In short: we have turned the boat inside out and upside down, everything has been looked at and repared/replaced where necessary. Next season we shall have to look at the standing rigging, and, after that, we should be able to go back to a normal maintenance schedule. Much work, but rather rewarding really. She sails well, thought she likes to have some real wind, she is easily handled between the two of us, and, though quite large, she feels like a sailboat and is very predictable. Perhaps not the most beautiful part but a real asset is the fixed roof over the cockpit: in our northern clime a love to look at all the soaked people sailing by where we hardly bother to bring out the oilies. Last (very long and hot) summer, the roof provided us with the most welcome shade. I shall keep a look-out for Nic's 48 for sale <hr width=100% size=1>Peter a/b SV Heerenleed, Steenbergen, Netherlands  

Andrea, I also own a Nich built in '78 and she is bullet proof. She is a centre cockpit 39 ketch and has no blister problems what so ever. When I bought her 2 years ago the surveyer stated that the moister readings were zero. She has never been epoxied or treated. I too heard much about osmosis in Nichs and initially was very concerned but it has turned out to be the best buy I have ever made. Bear in mind that all Nichs were extremely expensive when new......the standard model of the '39 cost 55000 pounds in '78. They were built to that price! Intend to live aboard in a couple of years time with my SHMBO and plan a ten year circumnavigation. I'd trust a Nich anytime. Nigel <hr width=100% size=1>  

Many thanks Nigel of your advice and I'll keep you informed ! Let me know if your plan include Italy (Genoa) also ...... maybe at that time I can show you my Nic!, Ciao Andrea <hr width=100% size=1>  

Re: Nic 48 blisters? Hi Peter, indeed it would be of interest to know the price you paid (confidentially you can e-mail directly on my personal address "[email protected]") One of the two C&N we saw was exactly the same and now the asking price is Euro 153.000. I noted they refit the interiors but even if is a nice job the originality of the boat has now prejudiced. The deck apparently has been replaced in 2001 and the general conditions are good. The sails have to be replaced in full. They fit a bowthrust recently and a new windlass anchor has been replaced. Still remain that this price is too high for me. Let's keep in touch. ciao, Andrea <hr width=100% size=1>  

  • 17 Oct 2005

Re: Nic 48 blisters? Hello , i'm very interestede in buying a Nicholson 48. Can you give me information concerning her sailing performance. She is 14 tonnes weignt and 1,68m draft. Is she a real sailing boat or better a motor sailer. I'm afraid she is a lazy boat under 15knots of wind. Am i true. have you had strong conditions??? Thank you for your answer. Cédrc from france  

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Nicholson 48 Yacht / Sailboat

Nicholson 48 Yacht

Nicholson 48 Yacht

The Nicholson 48 was built by Camper and Nicholson in 1978 and commissioned in 1980. She is great blue water yacht and ideal as a long distance live aboard cruiser. She has a powerful hull with attractive overhangs which provide a gratifying sailing performance combined with an easy to handle rig.

With 4 berths, the yacht can sleep up to 8 people and is therefore considered to be both spacious and comfortable.

Although mainly built in the 70’s there are still a large number of Nicholson 48 ‘s proudly sailing throughout the world.

If anyone has more photos or information about the Nicholson 48 please contact us.

  • Specification
  • Related Links

Length : 47ft 8 Beam : 12ft 10 Weight : 31360lbs Sail Area : 1100 sq ft Berths : 4

Review of Nicholson 48

Basic specs..

The boat is typically equipped with a Perkins 4.236 diesel engine at 72.0 hp (53 kW), which gives a max speed about 6.6 knots.

Sailing characteristics

This section covers widely used rules of thumb to describe the sailing characteristics. Please note that even though the calculations are correct, the interpretation of the results might not be valid for extreme boats.

What is Capsize Screening Formula (CSF)?

The capsize screening value for Nicholson 48 is 1.64, indicating that this boat could - if evaluated by this formula alone - be accepted to participate in ocean races.

What is Theoretical Maximum Hull Speed?

The theoretical maximal speed of a displacement boat of this length is 7.8 knots. The term "Theoretical Maximum Hull Speed" is widely used even though a boat can sail faster. The term shall be interpreted as above the theoretical speed a great additional power is necessary for a small gain in speed.

The immersion rate is defined as the weight required to sink the boat a certain level. The immersion rate for Nicholson 48 is about 276 kg/cm, alternatively 1546 lbs/inch. Meaning: if you load 276 kg cargo on the boat then it will sink 1 cm. Alternatively, if you load 1546 lbs cargo on the boat it will sink 1 inch.

Sailing statistics

This section is statistical comparison with similar boats of the same category. The basis of the following statistical computations is our unique database with more than 26,000 different boat types and 350,000 data points.

What is Motion Comfort Ratio (MCR)?

What is L/B (Length Beam Ratio)?

What is Displacement Length Ratio?

What is SA/D (Sail Area Displacement ratio)?


Are your sails worn out? You might find your next sail here: Sails for Sale

If you need to renew parts of your running rig and is not quite sure of the dimensions, you may find the estimates computed below useful.

This section is reserved boat owner's changes, improvements, etc. Here you might find (or contribute with) inspiration for your boat.

Do you have changes/improvements you would like to share? Upload a photo and describe what you have done.

We are always looking for new photos. If you can contribute with photos for Nicholson 48 it would be a great help.

If you have any comments to the review, improvement suggestions, or the like, feel free to contact us . Criticism helps us to improve.

Swiftsure Yachts

SALT was built by the world-renowned Camper & Nicholson’s shipyard in Gosport, UK.  The yard was founded in 1782 and is acclaimed for building some of the finest yachts in the world. This 48-foot ketch design utilizes the strength and maintainability of fiberglass construction with a graceful, seaworthy hull form. The fully enclosed center cockpit provides a pilothouse-like space for all-season navigation. The raised salon with large windows ensures a bright and inviting interior.

Most older boats are dirty, poorly maintained, and massive projects to be avoided at all cost. Rare is the truly “squared away” older boat.  SALT is very much an exception to this rule. Close inspection shows a yacht that has been well-updated and superbly maintained. Machinery and living spaces are clean, odor free, and inviting. The electrical system has been rewired and new panels installed. A strong bow thruster tames this full keeled ocean cruiser in tight quarters. Electric primary winches ease sail handling. Forced air diesel heat with the well-protected cockpit mean one can sail year-round.

SALT is an excellent value in today’s market. An older, timeless design capable of taking the worst of Pacific Northwest conditions with aplomb and comfort. This yacht is a delight to show. The seller’s knowledge of systems and yacht care is obvious. They have purchased a larger boat making this amazing turnkey vessel ready for a summer of Northwest cruising.  SALT is at our Lake Union sales dock. Inspection is highly encourage.


2019      New Lewmar hatch and opening ports in aft cabin and hatch in covered cockpit

New Garmin chartplotter & NMEA network

2018      New Lewmar deck hatches forward

New solid stainless stern railing to side gates & new forward lifelines

2017      Aft berth expanded to queen-size

New Frigoboat refrigeration

2016      Standing rigging replaced

Other updates:

  • Updated Temperpedic mattresses
  • Updated wiring throughout with Blue Sea panels
  • Screens for all hatches and ports
  • New trojan deep cycle acid lead batteries (2014)
  • New Promariner charging system
  • New Torrid glass-wrapped hot water heater
  • New Pioneer stereo system with Bose and Rockler Fosgate speakers
  • (2) Flat screen TVs
  • All salon windows replaced
  • All interior lights are LED
  • New exterior LED navigation lights
  • New Lewmar anchor windlass
  • Installed ICOM M802 SSB radio
  • Painted bilges
  • Replaced running rigging
  • On-going interior varnish upgrades
  • Diligent engine maintenance with lots of spares
  • Updated upholstery in main salon and all mattresses except aft starboard single berth


SALT is a classic hull form with “wine glass” sections, full keel, cutaway forefoot, skeg hung rudder, and overhanging transom.  The hull is white gel-coat with nice gloss.  A thin blue cove stripe has signature Camper & Nicholson terminations.  The light blue antifouling bottom paint now covers the boot strip minimizing waterline staining.  The hull is solid fiberglass with a grid network of fiberglass longitudinal and athwartship stiffeners.

The deck and cabin are light seamist green gelcoat.  Molded non-skid on the deck and cabintop provide traction.  The deck is surrounded by a raised bulwark rising from 3.5” tall midships to 5” at the bow.  A 3-¼” wide teak caprail is coated with Cetol.  Deck securing is excellent with 28” tall double lifelines running from the bow pulpit aft to the midships boarding gates.  Stainless-steel handrails replace lifelines from midships to the stern on each side, providing secure handhold when exiting the cockpit.  Teak handrails are located on the cabintop on each side.  The aft deck is raised up 5.5” above the main deck just aft of the cockpit doors.

SALT has a raised salon forward of the cockpit with large aluminum-framed windows mounted in the sides of 20” high coachroof.  Forward-facing curved windows are also located in the lower and upper coachroof fronts.  At the mast, the coachroof lowers to 8” above the deck.  The trunk cabin, aft of the cockpit is 12” high.  Lewmar opening hatches in the cabintop and opening ports in the cabinsides were renewed in 2018.

SALT’s cockpit is extremely well-protected making this a true four-season cruising yacht.  Thick Starboard plastic hinged doors open the tall coaming from the side decks into the cockpit.  Aluminum-framed, opening glass windshields are forward with tinted curved sides wrapping from forward to an arch.  The solid overhead bimini has a large opening hatch, fixed 10” x 45” tinted “sail viewing” port,  outside handrails, an overhead light, boom gallows, and stainless steel stanchion aft supports.  Clear panels enclose the aft portion of the cockpit in poor weather or roll-up when the weather is nice for open air sailing.  A curved 24” by 13” padded helm seat is mounted on a removable stainless-steel pedestal.  The port side settee measures 63” long by 20” wide.  The starboard settee is 72” long by 19” wide.  The cockpit sole is teak and holy and unbolts for major engine service or removal.

Deck-accessible storage is voluminous and well-distributed.  Forward of the anchor windlass are two top-opening recessed, overboard-draining lockers.  The spare anchor, rode, and boat cleaning brushes Deck-accessible storage is voluminous and well-distributed.  Recessed, top opening overboard-draining lockers are just forward of the windlass on each side.  The spare anchor and deck brushes are located in the starboard locker while the salt and freshwater washdown hoses are to port.  A propane locker is starboard of the shrouds.  Three lockers are in the aft deck.  To port is a 33” long by 14” wide by 18” deep overboard-draining locker; an ideal location for outboard gas.  Rubber “snap together” drainage tiles line the bottom.  To starboard is a 21” long by 13” wide by 14” deep overboard draining where grill propane bottles and drainage mat are located.  A hinged, locking 27” by 23” guttered hatch opens into a large, “climb into” stern garage/lazarette.  A chromed bronze mushroom-style vent helps this space breath.  A teak and plywood manger is tuck aft in the stern counter and filled with a long sterm drogue line.   The Webasto diesel heater is forward and protected by a mesh cage.  The port cockpit settee opens to access another huge “climb into” locker.  Sail storage, steering system access are also located in this “stateroom-sized” locker.

  • (6) Open aluminum chocks for mooring lines
  • (6) 12” Aluminum mooring cleats
  • Lifelines replaced in 2018
  • Johnson Snaphooks on midships boarding gates and stern gate
  • (4) Black Taylor cylindrical fenders
  • (4) Back yachtbraid mooring lines with leather chafe guards
  • Round white fender
  • Sidedeck low point drains to below waterline on each side
  • Simpson Model 100 – 100KG SWL stainless steel davits with spectra whips to manual winches
  • West Marine Model 310 Lite inflatable dinghy RIB
  • Mercury two stroke 15hp outboard engine and fuel tank
  • (2) 4” Diameter stainless steel cowl vents in lower coachroof atop integral/flush water separator boxes; and removable caps for vent cowls
  • (2) 4” Diameter rubber cowl vents in aft coachroof atop integral/flush water separator boxes; and removable caps for vent cowls
  • (3) Lewmar Ocean Series hatches (forward cabin, salon, and aft cabin) (New in 2018)
  • Blue Sunbrella covers and bug screens for hatches
  • Lewmar low profile 24” x 24” hatch in cockpit hardtop – (New in 2019)
  • (4) Lewmar 22” x 4” opening ports in aft cabin (New in 2019) with bug screens
  • (2) 20” x 4” fixed ports in aft cabin
  • (2) 9” x 4” stainless-steel opening port from cockpit into aft passageway (new in 2019)
  • West Marine telescoping boat hook
  • Lifesling in soft, rail-mounted case
  • Rail-mounted propane barbeque
  • Mesh bag with long 1” double braid line for drogue or anchor
  • Folding stainless steel side/stern boarding/swim ladder
  • Fireboy 1301 automatic/manual fixed extinguisher in stern locker (needs inspection)
  • Lewmar 24V horizontal anchor windlass with chain gypsy and line capstan; handheld wired control and wireless handheld remote
  • 60# CQR primary anchor connect by stainless swivel to 200’ of 3/8” chain(marked at 25’ increments) with extra 100’ of line rode
  • Chromed bronze anchor roller/stemhead casting with double bronze rollers
  • Spare 60# CQR anchor in recessed bow locker with short chain and line rode
  • Hawse hole and cover for secondary anchor rode in foredeck
  • Salt water washdown and freshwater wash down hoses located in recessed, top opening bow locker
  • (3) West Marine Type “F” flotation cushions
  • West Marine mesh bag with long ¾” diameter gold Yachtbraid line


  • Sparlight Gold anodized aluminum spars
  • Keel-stepped single spreader mast
  • Deck-stepped single spreader mizzen mast
  • Continuous 1 x 19 standing rigging with fore and aft lower shrouds
  • All new standing rigging and turnbuckles in 2016
  • (2) fixed steps at main mast top for accessing masthead
  • Removable inner forstay with tensioning lever
  • Forespar mast-mounted aluminum whisker pole
  • Barient 32ST two speed, Barient 19ST, and Lewmar 40 winches on main mast
  • Mainsail halyard, Spinnaker halyard, jib halyard, and pole topping lift on main mast
  • Winch handle holder on main mast
  • Hinge down boom gallows on cockpit bimini top
  • Mainsail lazy stowage/catchment bag
  • Garhauer 5:1 mainsheet block and tackle at end of boom
  • IYE 5:1 mainsheet traveller aft of cockpit
  • Garhauer rigid boom vang
  • Lewmar 16ST winch and (2) Spinlock stoppers on main boom for reef lines
  • Profurl P40 furler on headstay with control line led aft to cockpit through ratcheting block and stanchion blocks
  • (2) 58” long and (2) 53” long 1-1/4” “T” tracks on side decks for jib leads
  • (2) Lewmar pin-adjustable jib lead cars
  • Masthead Windex
  • Port mizzen shroud fitted with insulators for SSB radio antenna
  • LED deck floodlight on mizzen mast
  • Mizzen mast staysail halyard
  • Mizzen sail halyard and boom topping lift
  • Mizzen lazy catchment and storage bag
  • Running mizzen backstays with 4:1 block and tackles
  • 4:1 Mizzen sheet
  • Barient 10ST and Barient 9 winches on mizzen mast
  • Barient 28ST 24V electric two speed primary winches on cockpit coamings
  • (2) Lewmar 8 winches for main and mizzen sheets with (2) Schaefer line stoppers
  • Winch handle holder in cockpit
  • Crosscut Dacron mainsail with single reef
  • Crosscut Dacron mizzen sail with single reef
  • Crosscust dacron furling genoa with blue Sunbrella UV cover
  • Heinson boom brake
  • (2) Signal flag halyards to main mast spreader


Cockpit Helm:

  • Raymarine ST6002 Autopilot control head
  • (2) Rockford Fosgate 6.5” full range marine stereo speakers
  • Garmin GPS Map 4210 chartplotter/radar
  • Raymarine ST60+ tridata display
  • Raymarine wind display
  • Lev-o-gage inclinometer
  • Sestral MK IV 5” compass with hood and light
  • Blue Seas waterproof panel with switches for: wipers, compass light, panel light, spreader lights, steaming light, anchor light, tricolor light, strobe light, instruments, courtesy lights, and cockpit light

Salon navigation area:

  • Raymarine ST70 multi display
  • Raymarine wifi base (not connected)
  • Vizio 32” flat screen display on aft bulkhead of salon over chart table
  • ACR Globalfix Pro EPIRB (battery expired 2020)
  • Uniden VM 625C VHF radio with wired and wireless microphones
  • Liverpool & Glasgow clinometer
  • (2) 12V outlets & duplex 110V outlet
  • Icom IC-M802 SSB with AT140 tuner and mizzen shroud antenna
  • Icom SP24 speaker for SSB radio
  • Weems & Plath clock and thermometer
  • Selsi barometer
  • Ecco Marine Wifi router (not connected)
  • Pioneer AVH-XB500BHS 2-DEN Multimedia DVD receiver with 7” WVGA Touchscreen display, Bluetooth, HD Radio Tuner, Sirius XM Ready, and AppRAdio Mode for iPhone
  • (2) Bose home theater speakers
  • West Marine binoculars
  • Rockford Fosgate subwoofer
  • 400 watt inverter
  • Ship’s bell

Other Electronics:

  • Raymarine S3G autopilot corepack
  • Amec Class B AIS transceiver
  • Neco Marine NM692 chain drive autopilot motor
  • Firdell Blipper radar reflector mounted on mizzen mast
  • Garmin 48nm radome mounted on mizzen mast with self-leveling bracket
  • Hailer horn on mizzen mast
  • LG 24” TV in forward stateroom with small inverter and Blueray player


The “never say die” Perkins 4-236 naturally aspirated diesel engine is housed in a well-lit and insulated compartment below the cockpit.  Access is through two large doors in the aft cabin passageway.  The entire cockpit sole is removable for engine removal/major service.  Engine maintenance is visibly and operationally excellent.  Most auxiliary pumps, hoses, and systems have been upgraded and replaced recently.

  • (2) Fiberglass diesel fuel tanks totalling 150 gallon capacity
  • 200 gallon fiberglass water tank
  • Webasto Airtop 3500 forced air diesel heating system ducted to staterooms and raised salon
  • Isspro exhaust system pyrometer- at helm
  • VDO gages for tachometer, oil pressure, transmission oil pressure, coolant temperature, and clock – at helm
  • Tachometer at nav station
  • Blue Seas DC ammeter
  • 30” leather-covered steering wheel
  • Mechanical (no wires) steering system with bevel gears, shafts, universal joints, and rotary/linear transfer box
  • Morse single lever throttle/shifter
  • Vetus 95kg 24V tunnel bow thruster with helm joystick control
  • Maxprop three blade feathering propellor with (8) spare zincs
  • Dual Racor primary fuel filters with vacuum gage
  • 1-3/4” stainless-steel propellor shaft and Drivesaver shaft coupling
  • Perkins 4-236 naturally aspirated 85 hp diesel engine
  • Velvet Drive model AS7-71C hydraulic transmission
  • Groco seawater strainer for engine
  • Jabsco SensorMax-17 fresh water pressure pump
  • 2 Gallon stainless-steel pressure accumulator tank
  • Fireboy FE241 automatic/manual fixed extinguisher in engineroom
  • Kidde wired heat/smoke alarms in engine room and stern locker
  • Engine room 24V blower fan
  • Waterpuppy 24V drain pump for aft shower
  • Torrid 10 Gallon 1500 watt glass-wrapped water heater
  • Frigoboat 24V K50F refrigeration compressor with digital thermostat and keel cooler – New in 2017
  • Jabsco Par-Mas Ultra salt water wasdown pump
  • (2) Lavac Marine heads with Henderson discharge pumps
  • Forward holding tank with Dometic “full” indicator
  • Manual Whale fresh water pump in forward head


  • Smartplug 120V/30 amp shorepower inlet aft and midships with 50’ 30 amp shorepower cord
  • Charles 3.6 kva Iso-G2 shorepower isolation transformer
  • Pronautic 24-30P smart charger with remote control panel
  • Blue Seas 24V switch/breaker panel with digital multimeter
  • Blue Seas 12V and 110V switch/breaker panel with analog volt and ammeters
  • (6) Trojan J185H-AC 12V 225 AH batteries wired in series for 24 service bank (1350 12V equivalent amp hours total) – new in 2014
  • (2) Deka Group 31 engine start batteries
  • Vanner Vann-Guard 70-100 24V to 12V DC to DC 100 amp converter
  • Balmar 24V 140 amp alternator with dual “V” belts and tensioning bracket
  • Balmar Maxcharge smart regulator


The Camper & Nicholson 48 SALT is a center cockpit arrangement with raised salon and companionway from the center cockpit to the aft stateroom and another forward companionway into the salon.  There are two staterooms and two head and a single bunk in the passageway to the aft cabin.

This is a well-built boat with all bulkheads and furniture glassed and tabbed to the hull and deck.  Interior joinery is satin varnished teak with trim accents varnished in gloss.  The cabin sole is a marine-grade teak and holly and gloss varnished.  The overhead is white vinyl.  A fiberglass molding, was used for the galley and both heads for ease of cleaning and waterproofing.  All cabin lights have been upgraded to LED and are ample for task and general night illumination.  Overhead dome lights are touch lens red/white LED’s.  12V and 120V outlets are well placed throughout.  Lockers and cabinets latch closed with elbow catches through finger holes.

From the well-protected center cockpit one enterers the salon through two swinging/removable gloss varnished solid teak-paneled door and a small hinged overhead hatch.  Two steps down is the raised salon sole.  Bin storage with rigging hardware and winch handles is below the step.  Headroom measures 6’ 2” in the salon.  A dinette is to port and forward with the settee measuring 82” long.  Quality cushions are upholstered with blue Ultrasuede.  A board-mounted cushion infills the dinette for sleeping or lounging.  The teak dining table is mounted on a white painted aluminum “V” pedestal.  This table doubles over with folding support arms and a hinged top.  It measures 34” x 38” when open.  The aft dinette bench doubles as a seat for the chart table.  Outboard of the dinette are four cabinets flanking an open bookshelf.  Bin storage is below and outboard of the settee.

  • Gimballed chromed brass kerosene lantern on main bulkhead
  • Insulated curtains for salon windows secured with valence hidden Velcro strips
  • (2) Overhead red/white touch-activated LED dome lights
  • Two reading lights
  • LED bar light over bookshelf

The navigation station is to port of the companionway and shares a bench seat with the dinette.  The chart table measures 48” wide by 22” deep and has a hinged top 3” deep drawer.  A large flat screen TV is bulkhead mounted above the chart table.  The electrical switch panels and nav/comm electronics are located aft, below the TV in an alcove.

To starboard of the salon is a linear galley with while molded fiberglass cabinet base with Formica countertops surrounded by bent teak fiddles.  A well 9” below the salon sole makes headroom a full seven feet at the stove/sink area leaving no excuses for tall crewmembers to cook or do dishes.  Aft is a 15” x 12” x 8” deep stainless steel underhung sink.  A tall gooseneck single lever faucet with pull out spray nozzle, soap dispenser and foot pump serve the sink.  Aft of the sink is an open cabinet for dishes.  A large top-opening storage bin is beneath the counter outboard of the sink.  Narrow shelves are outboard of the stove along the hull side.  A dust bin and grate, and top opening storage bin are below the galley sole.  A locker for pots/pans is below the stove.  Forward of the stove, below the counter, are two drawers and a hinge out trash bin.  Further forward is a massive, hinged-top storage bin with acrylic sliding shelf.  Above the counter, outboard are shelves with teak sliding doors.  A cabinet suitable for microwave oven is above the front-loading fridge.  A flip up counter can be deployed forward when additional working space is needed.

  • Whale Mk IV Tip Toe foot pump for galley sink
  • Xintes S-2A propane alarm solenoid control
  • Force Ten gimballed three burner stove/oven with broiler
  • Knife rack with three quality kitchen knives
  • Frigoboat K50F keel-cooked refrigeration system with Coastal Climate Control digital thermostat
  • Front-opening 6 cubic foot fridge in forward passageway
  • Black and Decker battery powered handheld Pivot Vac’
  • 110V duplex GFCI outlet
  • Teak rack with cutting boards
  • Paper towel holder

All the way forward is a guest stateroom with “V” berth measuring 76” long and 22” wide.  The split, upholstered mattress is a quality memory foam and 6” thick.  A 16” by 22” wide dressing seat is between the berth’s notch.  All the way forward, behind a zippered closure is a bow storage locker.  A line-wrapped pipe leads chain from the deck-mounted windlass to a chain locker below the berth.  The bow thruster motor is below the seat.  Four lockers with hinged doors are below the bunks aft.  Outboard and aft on each side are mirror-faced cabinets with lights, above a dresser with two drawers and locker.  4” wide shelves run along the hull sides above the berths, below the deck edge.  A stainless-steel access ladder aft allows escape or access to the foredeck.  Headroom measures 6’ 6” under the hatch.  A sliding teak door closes this stateroom.

  • LG 24” flat screen TV on port aft bulkhead
  • Small 110V inverter
  • Blueray disc player
  • 12V and 110V outlets
  • LED touch lens red/white dome light

The forward head is to port and entered through a locking privacy door in the passageway.  Blue laminate is on the inboard bulkhead and door.  This space is fabricated from white gel-coat finished fiberglass: bright, waterproof, and easy to clean.  The Lavac head is outboard/forward.   Six pigeon holes with acrylic half-faces and a cabinet with shelve is outboard, below the deck edge.  A molded-in vanity is aft.  An oval-shaped china basin is inboard.

  • Manual Lavac marine head with Henderson Mk IV discharge/vacuum pump
  • Plastic holding tank with Dometic “full” indicator
  • Teak toilet paper holder
  • Vigo single lever faucet and soap dispenser
  • Shower wand, hose, holder, and single lever mixer valve.
  • 20” x 36” mirror above sink on bulkhead
  • (2) Towel rings on forward bulkhead
  • 24V extractor fan
  • Teak shower grate
  • LED overhead dome light and LED bar light over mirror

Access to the owner’s stateroom can is either from the cockpit aft companionway, or through a passageway to starboard of the engine space.  One step down from the raised salon, forward of this passageway is a tall, open wet gear locker.  Ducking slightly and stepping down onto a carpeted sole one enters the passageway.  A 76” long by 23” wide bunk with upholstered, 6” thick mattress is outboard.  Six storage hinged-door storage lockers are below the bunk.  A small shelf is forward.  Two large doors to the engine space are inboard.

  • Red/white LED reading light in aft bulkhead over bunk
  • (2) Opening stainless-steel ports into cockpit
  • Duplex 110V outlet
  • Hella 24V two speed cabin fan

The owner’s stateroom is aft with excellent privacy, space, and light.  A teak door closes off the passageway and hinged teak doors close the cockpit companionway which is three steps up from the cabin sole.  Carpet tiles cover the teak cabin sole.  Headroom is 6’ 2” in this stateroom.  A queen-sized berth aft to port.  This berth was enlarged some time ago with a teak framed platform cantilevered over the original narrow berth.  A 3” foam topper covers a 6” thick foam mattress making a very comfortable berth.  Two lockers with hinged doors are below the bunk.  A second bunk measuring 77” long by 23” wide with a 6” thick upholstered mattress is to starboard.  Bin and locker storage is below this bunk.  A teak bookshelf runs along the aft bulkhead.  A 55” long by 20” wide bench seat is inboard of the bunk and fitted with a leather-covered cushion.  A 37” wide by 47” tall hanging locker is to starboard and forward.  A narrow vanity with 14” wide by 41” tall mirror and drawer, and locker is on centerline forward.

  • Overhead opening hatch
  • Overhead cowl vent
  • (4) Lewmar opening cabinside ports with screen
  • Fixed port in aft cabin face with curtain
  • Hella 24V cabin fan
  • (2) Red/white LED reading lights
  • Red/White touch lens LED dome light
  • (2) 110V duplex outlets

The aft head is ensuite, to port and forward of the large bunk.  A teak privacy door is faced with blue laminate on the inside for water resistance.    The Lavac head is outboard below a double door cabinet with shelves.  A molded-in vanity is forward with an oval china sink.  A 30” x 15” tall mirror is above the sink.  Double locker doors below the sink access trash bins and storage space.

  • 24V Vapor extraction fan
  • Lavac manual head with Henderson Mk IV pump
  • Supamix shower mixer valve, hose, and sprayer nozzle
  • Vigo single lever faucet and soap dispenser at sink
  • LED overhead dome light
  • LED overcounter bar light above sink
  • Water Puppy 24V shower drain pump

nicholson 48 sailboat data


1972 Camper Nicholson 48: the story of a meticulous refurbishment

nicholson 48 sailboat data

Tookana is a 1972 Camper Nicholson 48. This ketch has just been given a new lease of life by Charly. It took a full year to renovate, but the end result is a promise of many fine cruises to come.

François-Xavier Ricardou

Charly enjoyed a 3-month cruise with his wife. And they liked it! So much so, that they set out to find a sailboat to live on. After doing some research on the Internet, the couple settled on one model: the Maramu from Amel . They liked the Super Maramu more, but it was out of their reach.

A visit to test yourself

However, when Charly comes across an advertisement for a Camper Nicholson 48, which resembles the Maramu with its central cockpit and protected wheelhouse, he decides to make an appointment to view it. His aim wasn't to buy it, but rather to use the opportunity to get a feel for sailboat negotiation. This is his first visit to a pre-owned boat, and it will be his last!

Complete, but in its own juice

Première visite. On voit l'état avancé du pont en teck et l'enrouleur de câble sur le mât qui sera remplacé par un winch.

In fact, the sailboat he discovered on dry land in Sète caught his eye. It's a 1972 model, number 6 in a series of 46, but it's not hiding its age. Indeed, the teak deck is totally worn and numerous leaks inside the cabin have attacked the varnish. On the plus side, however, the Perkins 4.236 engine seems to be in good shape, an anti-osmosis treatment has been applied, a watermaker is on board and the boat underwent an electrical refit less than 10 years ago. The negotiation begins.

Peinture blanche dans le carré ui devient très lumineux.

The yacht is listed with the broker at 75,000 euros. The broker tells Charly that an offer of 45,000 euros was previously refused by the owner, who bought the boat in 2013 with a view to repatriating it to Réunion, but who has never sailed it. Faced with the yard, Charly isn't backing down. After budgeting for a refit , he makes an offer of 25,000 euros. Which was accepted!

Elbow grease in prospect

Gros chantier à l'intérieur comme sur la coque.

He feels he's made a good deal, aware that it's going to take a lot of elbow grease to get this yacht back into shape. He begins by moving the boat , still in the same yard, to position it on a concrete slab. He even built a real wooden staircase to safely reach the stern. Aware that the work would take several months.

Interior modifications

Démontage de la cabine avant et isolation avec du liège projeté.

With winter just around the corner, he doesn't get involved in exterior work, instead concentrating on renovating the cabin. He will repaint some of the bulkheads whose varnish has been attacked, bringing a little luminosity with white bulkheads in the cabins. The forward cabin is completely dismantled to allow for the installation of a tunnel bow thruster. Finally, the aft cabin layout is revised to enlarge the bed, to create a true double bed. The bed is slightly raised for the occasion, creating additional storage space. Also to facilitate life on board , the navigation berth in the passageway leading to the aft cabin is transformed into a large closet.

No more teak decks

Dépose du pont en teck.

But it's on the deck that most of the work will be done. Using a chisel, Charly removes all the teak slats one by one. A mammoth task! He then sands the entire deck down to a more or less even surface. With the help of MAP Yachting in La Ciotat , he uses Sicomin products for the entire renovation. Charly admits that this support in advising, selecting and explaining products was essential to the success of the project. As a result, the deck was coated, sanded and then painted before receiving an anti-slip coating. Gone is the teak, replaced by an attractive white and beige deck.

Enduit pour retrouver une belle surface avant peinture.

The same goes for the hull, which is sanded and finished with Sicomin paint. The result is stunning, even if Charly says he can see imperfections. All visitors see is a beautifully refurbished ketch .

Bending plexis

Les plexis cintrés qui sont tout fayencés.

The main difficulty was the renovation of the deckhouse plexis. These are curved. After taking a template, Charly fitted the first one cold , happy that all was going well as he gradually bent it. But the next morning, the Plexiglas was broken in two! So he went back to work, this time heating the material. And this time it worked!

Les nouveaux plexis en place.

A skilled handyman

La timonerie une fois repeinte.

Charly is not a professional, but a conscientious do-it-yourselfer. He doesn't hesitate to search the Internet for solutions. It took him a whole year to refit the yacht, working between 6 and 8 hours a day. The job cost him around 30,000 euros in materials. For the tools , in particular the compressor, he equipped himself to resell at the end of the project.

La cabine arrière et son grand lit à droite.

Happy to sail

Tookana désormais à l'eau.

After a year of renovation, the yacht is back in the water. Charly admits that she's no war lightning at 18 tons, but she's easy to handle and, above all, very comfortable. However, below 10 knots of wind, the 80 horsepower of the Perkins is often called upon. But today, Tookana's newly rechristened yacht is well within reach of her intended voyage.

Prêt pour le grand voyage.

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Camper & Nicholsons has existed formally since 1855, though William Camper and Ben Nicholson had been associated since 1842. The yacht building yard which still bears their names was in fact founded as early as 1782 with William Camper’s involvement dating back to 1809. By 1882 the Yachting Gazette considered the firm to be undoubtedly the first in the kingdom, a reputation in large part due to the formidable fleet of yachts designed by Ben Nicholson. The 1880’s saw the second generation of Nicholsons enter the family firm and with them, Charles E Nicholson, who was to bring the firm worldwide acclaim. From his drawing board came the designs for the first Marconi Rig, the first Bermudan rig of significant proportions and innovations enough to fuel fifty years of racing yacht design. Amongst the most significant racing yachts are four America’s Cup Challengers. Beyond their role as designers, Camper & Nicholsons is perhaps most importantly known for excellence in yacht building. Most significant yacht designers ranging from William Fife Jnr and GLWatson to Sparkman & Stephens and Ron Holland, have seen their designs take shape at Camper & Nicholsons. A fleet of motor yachts, which in tonnage terms way exceed the sailing yachts, has been launched from both the Southampton and Gosport yards. These include not only the largest private yacht built in England, but also the world’s first large diesel powered yacht. From 1912 to 1939, Camper & Nicholsons was the world’s largest yacht building company. Throughout both World Wars, the firm has played a prominent role both in naval conversion and construction as well as conceiving some of the more unusual craft used by the Forces. A shortage of flying boats during the First World War saw the creation of the Gosport Aircraft Co, a CNI subsidiary.


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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

R.N.S.A. Twenty-Four

nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

Nicholson 30 MKII

Nicholson 35-2, bembridge redwing.

1977 camper nicholson 31 cover photo

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Camper and Nicholson Nicholson 48 Boat for Sale

  • accommodation
  • mechanical and rigging
  • Manufacturer: Camper and Nicholson
  • Location: Spain
  • LOA: 47'8" (14.53m)
  • Beam: 12' 11'' (3.94m)
  • ID no.: 04314
  • Aircon: Cruisair reverse cycle
  • Heating: Eberspacher 5DL
  • Watertank Size: 900 Litres
  • Engine Make: Perkins M90
  • Horsepower: 82hp
  • Drive Type: Shaft drive
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Fuel Tank Size: 380 Litres

Broker Remarks

This Camper Nicholson 48 is a perfect long distance blue water cruiser. Extremely well built and now more importantly extremely well maintained and updated by her present owner of 21 years . Her powerful hull and elegant lines make her a safe, stable, comfortable and fast passage maker and she qualifies as MCA code zero so is a genuine go anywhere vessel. She sleeps 8 in four cabins. Has two heads ,one en-suite from the rear master cabin and a well laid out practical galley with plenty of storage throughout. She has hot and cold water with showers in both heads. When in Northern climes she benefits from warm air heating and when in hotter locals she has air conditioning. Cleopatra Nikita has been updated and thoroughly maintained. In 1994 her teak decks were replaced and in 2009 they were fully sanded and re-caulked . All her standing rigging has been replaced within the last 10 years. Her hull is sound as you would expect of a Camper Nicholson and she was copper coated in  March 2013. Her Borg Warner Velvet gearbox was replaced with a re-conditioned unit in 2009 and a new Auto prop fitted in 2013. She is currently lying in Saint Carles Marina (MDL) in Spain and is ready to go on her next adventure.


The Nicholson 48 provides real comfort for the long-term cruiser. She has all the luxuries needed to keep the most demanding crew happy. Heating and air-conditioning , hot showers in both heads and a deck shower, a great galley with refrigerator, cold box, microwave, cooker and plenty of dry storage. A substantial wet locker for oilies and sea boots. Each cabin has a full length wardrobe with under berth storage to meet the demands of the full time cruiser.Saloon, galley and aft cabin now have LED lighting and she has red lights throughout. She sleeps 8 in total. The forward cabin is large with a twin berth ,the saloon provides a large double . There is a very secure sea berth in the passage cabin midships . The wonderful owners aft cabin has a large double and a single. The double berth has been widened by the current owners and is considerably wider then the standard double shown on the plan.  Both heads have modern toilets, hot showers and vanity units with washbasin The saloon has ample book shelves and cupboard storage and seats 8 comfortably. The dinning table folds in two and has fiddles. The whole interior of Cleopatra Nikita is fitted out in quality teak and this gives her a warm and cosy feeling throughout.

Mechanical and Rigging

Perkins M90  82hp  ( 1996) Serviced annually Borg Warner Velvet Drive gearbox Reconditioned unit installed in 2009 New 2013 full hull coppercoating New Autoprop 2013 New Shaftlok  2015 Westerbeke generator in SoundShield 5.7 w BTD Shore power and hubble connector, 7 240v outlets 4 x 135ah batteries house use 2 x 75ah batteries for engine start 1 x12v generator start battery New 2013 Mastervolt battery charger New 2013 24v wiring for all charging circuits New 2012 Main switch panel re wired Reconditioned windows 2009 Reconditioned Lewmar Ocean hatches Electric Windlass with hand-held remote control New 2014 100m Anchor chain with 60lb CQR Kedge anchor 45lbs CQR with 90m chain New 2014 Guard wires around deck with side gates amidships and life raft launching gates aft. Tender davits with new 2014 lifting wires. New 2013 sun awning for covering centre of yacht Heavy teak passerelle with hand rails Hot and cold deck shower Mast head LED Tricolour Masthead LED Anchor light Full navigation lights all controlled from helm All through hull fittings replaced along with all new below the waterline pipework in 2006 Teak decks replaced in 1994 and re-sanded and re-caulked 2009. New mizzen mast 2006 Fully battened main (Hood 2004 good condition) Mizzen sail (Hood 2004 good condition) 150 % Genoa (Hood 2004 good condition) New 2004 Harken MK IV jib furling gear Storm jib (never used) Spinnaker by Hood Tri-radial cruising Spinnaker by Hood with twin mast-mounted poles Cruising Chute All main winches have been replaced with Lewmar self tailing 2 speed winches 2 x Lewmar 50ST 2 speed 1 x Lewmar 30ST 2 speed 1 x Lewmar 40st 2 speed 1 x Lewmar 16st 2 speed 2 x spinnaker 40st 2 speed 2 x mainmast halyards 40st 2 speed Bilge pumps x3 Granny bars around main mast 6 x mooring cleats Cockpit cushions Teak boarding /swimming ladder Holding tank

Eberspacher 5DL hot air heating reconditioned 2014. Warm air trunking replaced 2014 Cruisair reverse cycle air conditioning B&G Network with wind/tack/depth/speed/nav and pilot by helm. Also data and GPS by chart table Raymarine RL80 radar/chart plotter by helm. Yeoman Chart plotter Furuno RB2721 DSC VHF x 2  ,at helm and chart table Seastrel compass Pioneer radio/cd/ipod with speakers in saloon and cockpit Fridge with freezer box New 2014 stove with two burners Twin sink with hot and cold water with fitted chopping boards Calor gas alarm Icom hand-held VHF Twin life rings with safety lights and Rorc offshore Danbuoy Life sling in bag Tribuckle MOB recovery device Jackstays fore and aft Strike shield lightning protection on main and mizzen masts Offshore flare pack in date Fire extinguishers x 5 serviced annually CO alarm in saloon and aft cabin. Fireblanket Automatic engine room extinguisher system with cockpit indicator light. Zodiac 4 man liferaft in steel cradle with self-releasing device (in date) Kannad safelink EPIRB Gas BBQ New fenders 2014 Sea anchor with pre- prepared harness By separate negotiation New 2013 Genesis 310 FTL 3.1m Rib 8hp Mariner outboard

Contact NYB Lymington

  • Address: Network Yacht Brokers Lymington Howard and Carol Ross Marine House, Quay Road, Lymington Hampshire S041 3AT
  • Telephone: [+44] [0] 1590 671 381 [+44] [0] 1590 671 381 -->
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Link to full office details

Disclaimer : Breeze Sports Ltd t/a Network Yacht Brokers Lymington offers the details of this vessel for sale but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the information contained in the specification or warrant the condition of the vessel or equipment. A buyer should instruct his agents, or surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered for sale subject to no prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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Nicholson 38

The nicholson 38 is a 37.83ft masthead sloop designed by john alden & assoc. and built in fiberglass by halmatic ltd. between 1966 and 1975., 134 units have been built..

The Nicholson 38 is a heavy sailboat which is a reasonably good performer. It is not stiff and has an excellent righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a bluewater cruising boat.

Nicholson 38 sailboat under sail

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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nicholson 48 sailboat data

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    nicholson 48 sailboat data

  2. Specifications NICHOLSON 48

    nicholson 48 sailboat data

  3. The Nicholson 48 Sailboat

    nicholson 48 sailboat data

  4. NICHOLSON 48-1974

    nicholson 48 sailboat data

  5. Camper & Nicholson 48 Raised Salon Ketch

    nicholson 48 sailboat data

  6. NICHOLSON 48-1974

    nicholson 48 sailboat data


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    NICHOLSON 48. Save to Favorites . Beta Marine. BOTH. US IMPERIAL. METRIC. Sailboat Specifications Definitions Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg: Rigging Type: ... It provides a reasonable comparison between yachts of similar size and type. It is based on the fact that the faster the motion the more upsetting it is to the average person ...

  2. Nicholson 48

    The Nicholson 48 is a 47.67ft masthead ketch designed by Camper & Nicholson/Raymond Wall and built in fiberglass by Halmatic Ltd. since 1972. 42 units have been built. The Nicholson 48 is a heavy sailboat which is under powered. It is reasonably stable / stiff and has an excellent righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a heavy ...

  3. The Nicholson 48 Sailboat

    The Nicholson 48 is a classic ketch designed by Raymond Wall and built by Halmatic Ltd and Camper & Nicholson in the UK. It is a heavy displacement cruising boat that offers comfort and seaworthiness for long-distance sailing and has a reputation for being well-built, elegant, and reliable, but also slow and underpowered in light winds.

  4. Nicholson 48

    Nicholson 48 is a 47′ 8″ / 14.5 m monohull sailboat designed by Raymond Wall and built by Halmatic Ltd. and Camper & Nicholson starting in 1972. Great choice! Your favorites are temporarily saved for this session. Sign in to save them permanently, access them on any device, and receive relevant alerts. ... Nicholson 48 is a 47 ...

  5. Specifications NICHOLSON 48

    NICHOLSON 48 Sailboat Data Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg Rigging Type: Masthead Ketch LOA: 47.67 ft / 14.53 m LWL: 34.33 ft / 10.46 m S.A. (reported): 746.00 ft² / 69.31 m² Beam: 12.92 ft / 3.94 m Displacement: 31,300.00 lb / 14,197 kg Ballast: 10,025.00 lb /…

  6. Camper & Nicholson 48

    Camper & Nicholson 48. Thread starter pinna; Start date 10 Dec 2003; 10 Dec 2003 #1 P. pinna New member. Joined 10 Dec 2003 ... she feels like a sailboat and is very predictable. Perhaps not the most beautiful part but a real asset is the fixed roof over the cockpit: in our northern clime a love to look at all the soaked people sailing by where ...

  7. Nicholson 48 yacht built by Camper and Nicholson. Information and advice

    Nicholson 48 Yacht / Sailboat. The Nicholson 48 was built by Camper and Nicholson in 1978 and commissioned in 1980. She is great blue water yacht and ideal as a long distance live aboard cruiser. She has a powerful hull with attractive overhangs which provide a gratifying sailing performance combined with an easy to handle rig.

  8. Review of Nicholson 48

    The DL-ratio for Nicholson 48 is 345 which categorizes this boat among 'heavy cruisers'. Heavy Light 12% 0 50 100. 12% of all similar sailboat designs are categorized as heavier. A heavy displacement combined with smaller water plane area has lower acceleration and is more comfortable.

  9. Camper & Nicholson 48 Raised Salon Ketch

    LENGTH. 48ft in. YEAR. 1974. TYPE. Sail. SALT was built by the world-renowned Camper & Nicholson's shipyard in Gosport, UK. The yard was founded in 1782 and is acclaimed for building some of the finest yachts in the world. This 48-foot ketch design utilizes the strength and maintainability of fiberglass construction with a graceful, seaworthy ...

  10. 1972 Camper Nicholson 48: the story of a meticulous refurbishment

    Tookana is a 1972 Camper Nicholson 48. This ketch has just been given a new lease of life by Charly. It took a full year to renovate, but the end result is a promise of many fine cruises to come. François-Xavier Ricardou Published on July 5, 2023. Charly enjoyed a 3-month cruise with his wife.

  11. Nicholson 48 boats for sale

    1978 Nicholson 48 Ketch. US$81,379. BJ Marine | Greystones Harbour Marina, Ireland. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of ...

  12. Camper & Nicholson

    1938 • 8.5 m. Camper & Nicholsons has existed formally since 1855, though William Camper and Ben Nicholson had been associated since 1842. The yacht building yard which still bears their names was in fact founded as early as 1782 with William Camper's involvement dating back to 1809. By 1882 the Yachting Gazet...

  13. Camper-nicholsons boats for sale

    There are presently 25 yachts for sale on YachtWorld for Camper & Nicholsons. This assortment encompasses 3 brand-new vessels and 22 pre-owned yachts, all of which are listed by knowledgeable boat and yacht brokers predominantly in Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom and Greece. ... Nicholson 55, 130, 130 C&N 40 Nicholson and 38. Various ...

  14. Camper and Nicholson Nicholson 48 Boat for Sale

    Broker Remarks. This Camper Nicholson 48 is a perfect long distance blue water cruiser. Extremely well built and now more importantly extremely well maintained and updated by her present owner of 21 years . Her powerful hull and elegant lines make her a safe, stable, comfortable and fast passage maker and she qualifies as MCA code zero so is a ...

  15. Nicholson boats for sale

    Nicholson is a yacht manufacturer that currently has 9 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 0 new vessels and 9 used yachts, listed by experienced yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland and France. Models currently listed on YachtWorld span in size and length from 32 feet to 58 feet. Type of yachts by Nicholson

  16. Nicholson 38

    The Nicholson 38 is a 37.83ft masthead sloop designed by John Alden & Assoc. and built in fiberglass by Halmatic Ltd. between 1966 and 1975. 134 units have been built. The Nicholson 38 is a heavy sailboat which is a reasonably good performer. It is not stiff and has an excellent righting capability if capsized.

  17. Nicholson 48 boats for sale

    1978 Nicholson 48 Ketch. £64,704. BJ Marine | Greystones Harbour Marina, Ireland. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of ...

  18. NICHOLSON 32

    One of the most successful yachts built by Camper & Nicholson. Hulls were molded by Halmatic, at the time, sister company under the same corporate umbrella. A number of changes were made to the design during it's nearly 20 year production run. Beginning around 1968, a number of boats were built under license by Rudder […]

  19. SailingTheWeb: sailboats technical data.

    Search for a sailboat by model, shipyard or designer, among thousands of data sheets stored over the years in a worldwide archive: an unbelievable resource for all the boating! ... Charles Nicholson. Lenght. 9,48 mt. Year. 1983. show more. Catalina 22. builder name. Catalina Yachts. Designer . Lenght. 6,60 mt. Year. 1969.