What to wear on a yacht: 17 beautiful ideas for women

Wondering what to wear on a yacht? I totally understand! It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of sailing away on a yacht; however, if you plan on living it up and really making the most of your time out on the water, make sure you have proper attire for whatever situation arises.

Whether you’re looking to soak up some sun or just relax with friends, having stylish yet functional clothing options will ensure that your trip is comfortable and enjoyable. Read on for helpful tips so that you know exactly what to wear while maneuvering around a yacht!

What to wear on a yacht

What to wear on a yacht

yacht dress linen

Flowy dress

yacht dress linen

Two-piece short set

yacht dress linen

Two-piece skirt set

yacht dress linen

Linen pants:

yacht dress linen

Cover-up dress:

yacht dress linen

Linen dress:

yacht dress linen

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Shorts and tank

yacht dress linen

Shop : Outfit

Yacht essentials

Now that we’re discussed yacht outfit ideas for women, let’s talk about some yacht essentials you’ll want to include during your next trip:

yacht dress linen

Motion sickness relief (optional)

yacht dress linen

Summer Bag:

yacht dress linen

Snacks & beverages:

What to wear on a yacht

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How to decide what to wear on a yacht

What activities will you be doing.

To determine what you should wear on a yacht, first think about the activities you will be doing. Will you be swimming? Snorkeling? Jet skiing? or simply relaxing on the deck? Each activity requires different clothing and accessories for comfort.

For example, you’ll want to bring a swimsuit if you are swimming or jet skiing. However, if it’s a more formal event, such as dinner and dancing, you’ll want to wear more dressier attire.

What is the weather like?

The weather is also an important factor in what to wear on a yacht. If it’s hot and sunny, shorts and t-shirt might be best. If it’s cold or raining, you may want to bring extra layers like a jacket or windbreaker that you can take off if it gets too hot.

What does the dress code say?

It’s also important to check for any dress codes that may be in place. If you’re attending a fancy event on the yacht, your attire should reflect it – don’t forget to check for any requirements, such as wearing formal attire or a specific color dress.

What to wear on a yacht

FAQ: What to wear on a yacht

Can you wear jeans on a yacht.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, it’s important to take into consideration the type of yacht you’ll be visiting and the occasion.

For casual trips aboard smaller vessels and day cruises, wearing jeans can be acceptable, depending on the context. For example, if the outing includes activities such as swimming or kayaking, a lightweight pair of jeans might be more suitable than something more formal.

yacht dress linen

What do you wear on a yacht day trip?

When it comes to dressing for a yacht day trip, comfort is key. Opt for comfortable yet stylish pieces that won’t limit your mobility. While Stiletto heels are not ideal for a day on the boat, sandals or wedges with good grip are perfect choices.

Additionally, dresses, skirts, rompers, and jumpsuits are great options to wear on a yacht day trip. You can opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen or even a few pieces made of flowy fabric that won’t cling to your skin. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a pair of shorts with a flowy blouse for a relaxed but chic look.

Accessories are also important when it comes to dressing for a yacht day trip. A fun hat, sunglasses, and statement jewelry can all help make your outfit complete.

What do you wear on a yacht at night?

At night, you should aim to dress a bit more formally. Women can wear a dress or skirt with a nice blouse and some jewelry and add a blazer or cardigan if it’s chilly.

A nice pair of trousers with a top or blouse is also always appropriate. Footwear should be smart and comfortable, such as low-heeled pumps or sandals.

If you’re planning to go swimming later on, it’s best to bring a change of clothes, such as a swimming costume and cover-up. Accessorize with a clutch bag, statement necklace, or scarf for a stylish touch. Whatever you wear, be sure to feel comfortable and confident on the yacht.

yacht dress linen

What to wear on a yacht in winter?

If you’re a woman planning to spend time on a yacht in the winter, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. Depending on the climate where you’ll be sailing, you may need to wear several layers in order to stay warm and comfortable.

yacht dress linen

Taking the plunge and setting sail on a yacht can be an exciting venture. Whether it’s your first time or you’re planned out many oceanic voyages, knowing what to wear is essential to feel comfortable throughout your experience.

Ensuring that your ensemble is stylish, comfortable, and weather-appropriate will have you looking incredible no matter the occasion. With a look that’s both sophisticated and fun, a well-considered outfit will cement your place as the trendiest guest at sea.

So make sure you step out of your comfort zone this summer and take advantage of these ideas to find the perfect look for your nautical adventure! What’s your favorite outfit for a day on a yacht? Let me know in the comments below!

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Breonna Queen is a retired makeup artist, and style lover. Her content has been featured on OWN, HBO, 10news, Bustle, HuffPost, and Buzzfeed. She also runs, a blog sharing content creation tIps.

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Yacht Outfit Guide: Classy and Chic Maritime Adventure

Photo of author

Triston Brewer

Posted on: August 23, 2023

What To Wear On A Yacht featured image by the supermelon

Attending a yacht party calls for a blend of sophisticated style and relaxed elegance, capturing the essence of the nautical setting while ensuring your comfort and confidence.

Whether envisioning a glamorous sunset cocktail party, a leisurely sunbathing session, or a serene exploration of hidden coves, curating the perfect yacht ensemble becomes an art.

This guide navigates the realm of yacht fashion, offering insights and inspiration to ensure you’re impeccably dressed for every moment of your nautical experience.

From chic essentials that capture the essence of oceanic elegance to tips on selecting attire that harmonizes with both sea and sky, the following are the style essentials to elevate your yacht experience to unparalleled heights.

yacht dress linen

Yacht settings generally adhere to a semi-formal dress code, implying that items like shorts, flip-flops, or t-shirts are best avoided. Instead, consider selecting slacks or khakis for men; sundresses, jumpsuits, or skirts are excellent choices for women.

When in doubt about your attire, it’s preferable to lean towards a more polished appearance rather than a casual one.


When dressing for a yacht outing, opt for a nautical-inspired ensemble. Consider wearing a crisp white shirt paired with tailored shorts, boat shoes or espadrilles, and a sun hat.

This classic look combines comfort and style, suitable for both genders, while capturing the essence of a yacht setting.

Before finalizing your outfit for the boat party, there are a couple of factors to consider, with the first being the prevailing weather conditions. If the temperature is soaring, opting for lightweight and breathable fabrics is paramount.

Donning stylish swimsuits is integral to yacht party attire, accompanied by chic cover-ups and delicate, breezy dresses or shorts. By skillfully coordinating these elements, you can effortlessly master the art of yacht-worthy fashion.

yacht dress linen

However, in the event of cooler temperatures, ensuring you’re well-insulated is imperative. Being caught unprepared amidst the vast ocean during fall or winter could prove quite uncomfortable.

Moreover, regardless of the schedule, having a sweatshirt or a light denim jacket at the ready is prudent, particularly when the night descends.

The maritime environment can turn quite chilly after sunset, especially during the colder months.

Furthermore, your outfit choice should be tailored to the specific activities planned aboard the yacht. If your plan revolves around leisurely moments on the boat’s deck, a combination of shorts and a T-shirt layered over a stylish bikini is likely suitable.

However, should water sports be part of the agenda, selecting attire that remains relatively dry and light prevents any undue discomfort caused by excess moisture.

Lastly, take into consideration the overarching ambiance of the yacht setting. For a laid-back gathering, opting for a more relaxed outfit is acceptable.

However, if the occasion leans towards a more refined tone, it’s essential to align your attire accordingly.

Midi or maxi dresses and stylish rompers and jumpsuits are excellent choices that seamlessly blend sophistication with style.

Essential attire for women at a yachting event includes cover-ups, tunics, kaftans, and dresses with a fluid, breezy quality. These pieces harmonize seamlessly with swimwear, offering both a stylish layer and a means of keeping cool and comfortable.

Opting for a maxi or lace cover-up exudes an elevated charm, while selecting a sundress cover-up or a romper lends a more relaxed aura. For everyday yacht wear, consider the practicality of linen dresses and side tie skirts, both of which effortlessly complement the maritime experience.

yacht dress linen

No looks exudes the maritime quite like a cover-up, and these lightweight garments serve as a stylish and functional layering option when transitioning between water-based activities and lounging on the beach or on a yacht. Cover-ups are typically made from materials like chiffon, cotton, linen, or lightweight knits, which make them breathable and comfortable in warm weather. Moreover, cover-ups offer protection from the sun’s rays while maintaining an air of sophistication. The following are common cover-ups for women:

yacht dress linen

With their loose and flowing silhouettes, tunics further amplify a great seaside look. They often feature intricate designs, embroidery, or patterns and can be made from lightweight materials like cotton, linen, or sheer fabrics.

Tunics provide coverage for the upper body while allowing air to circulate, keeping you cool. Their effortless charm pairs well with the nautical backdrop, allowing women to exude both comfort and elegance.

yacht dress linen

Kaftans are loose-fitting, maxi-length dresses with wide sleeves, often made from flowing fabrics like chiffon, silk, or lightweight cotton. Kaftans can be quite elegant and are popular for their bohemian vibe. They offer women full coverage and the ultimate in  comfort during warm weather.

yacht dress linen

Slay it with a sarong!

Typically made from lightweight, quick-drying materials like rayon or silk, sarongs are versatile pieces of fabric that can be wrapped around the waist like a skirt, tied as a halter dress, or used as a shawl. Sarongs are easy to pack and provide coverage while allowing flexibility in styling.

yacht dress linen

Inspired by traditional Japanese clothing, kimonos are open-front, flowing garments that often feature vibrant prints and patterns and are made from lightweight materials.

Kimonos are distinctive, add a touch of elegance, and can be worn over swimsuits or paired with shorts and tops.

Oversized Shirts

yacht dress linen

For a more casual approach, an oversized button-up shirt can be worn as a cover-up. It’s a versatile option that can be worn open or buttoned up, offering coverage and protection from the sun.

Play up the look with vibrant colors or intricate patterns for an engaging yacht style.

Is a cocktail dress a suitable choice for women?

For occasions leaning towards the more refined end of the spectrum, a sophisticated yacht party might very well warrant the selection of a cocktail dress, or in rarer instances, an elegant gown. The cocktail dress code, being slightly less formal than full evening wear, aligns well with such gatherings’ relaxed yet stylish atmosphere.

Ideally, the event’s formality level will be communicated beforehand, but exceptions do exist.

When the ambiance is less formal than a boat wedding, alternative options like wide-legged pants, rompers, or wrap skirts can be considered. Attire resembling what you would choose for a beach or poolside gathering would also be fitting.

An essential consideration when attending any yacht event is the choice of footwear. It’s advisable to steer clear of heels – opting for flat shoes is a safer and wiser choice to ensure a comfortable and accident-free experience.

Yacht Shoe Ideas for Women


Donning both hats and sunglasses is entirely fitting aboard a yacht, and they provide an added shield against the sun’s rays, which is undoubtedly beneficial.

Not only will you seamlessly blend in, but you’ll also be safeguarding your eyes and skin from potentially harmful UV exposure. Including sunscreen in your essentials is equally crucial to ensure comprehensive protection.

yacht dress linen

Amongst men, the favored ensemble for yacht journeys in motion often comprises a breezy, lightweight linen shirt, offering both comfort and composure throughout the excursion. Naturally, a pair of swim shorts is indispensable, ensuring you’re perpetually prepared for impromptu dips.

Completing the ensemble, opt for casual boat shoes that complement your yacht attire seamlessly.

Stylish sunglasses are essential to the maritime look as a vital accessory, effectively shielding your eyes from the sun’s glare.

While specific occasions may necessitate more refined apparel, such as dinner parties, these suggestions primarily focus on curating a laidback, relaxed aesthetic.

yacht dress linen

Linen button-downs stand as the preferred choice for men while onboard due to their lightweight and breathable nature.

They have long been associated with boating, ensuring a harmonious fit within a yacht environment. Light cotton options also offer similar advantages, with items like polo shirts seamlessly blending into a crowd.

Even a well-chosen t-shirt can find its place, though appropriateness should be tailored to the context. However, a slightly elevated appearance may be preferable for slightly more formal outings or celebratory gatherings.

A great pair of tailored pants are a definite option for a day or night out on a yacht. Linen pants , chinos, or loose slacks are all versatile enough for any event.

Yet, a reliable pair of shorts proves invaluable if the yacht’s purpose involves active endeavors like fishing or sailing.

These offer comfort and freedom and ensure readiness for any unforeseen water-related situations.

In the realm of yacht wear, swim shorts emerge as a particularly pertinent item, given the likelihood of aquatic escapades. Whether you find yourself plunging into the Mediterranean or relaxing a jacuzzi, shorts are a pragmatic must-have.

Be it for leisure or the potential of an emergency scenario requiring a swift swim, swim shorts serve both purposes seamlessly.

Ensuring both security and comfort, boat shoes are an indispensable inclusion for any yacht experience as they prevent unwanted slipping on the deck. Sometimes referred to as deck shoes, they closely resemble loafers but include laces for added practicality.

For more relaxed outings, some opt for flip flops, which can be suitable for casual days spent with friends.


Wearing sunglasses aboard a yacht transcends mere fashion, assuming the role of a vital shield against the sun’s unyielding glare and potentially harmful UV rays. As you sail on a maritime journey, these shades emerge as a reliable companion, diligently safeguarding your eyes from discomfort and potential long-term harm.

Whether you’re leisurely absorbing the sun’s warmth or actively engaging in water-based thrills, sunglasses exude an undeniable air of refined elegance, effortlessly elevating your yacht ensemble.

What Is Suitable to Wear to a Yacht Party?

Crafting the perfect attire for a yacht party involves a skillful equilibrium among comfort, style, and functionality, seamlessly embracing the maritime setting.

Embracing an effortlessly chic and laid-back approach, the careful curation of your outfit can significantly enrich your voyage across the waves.

Deciding on fabrics that prioritize breathability and lightness, such as linen or cotton, ensures your ease amidst the sea breeze. In the backdrop of daytime gatherings, a palette of soft and pastel hues, including serene blues and delicate pastels, imparts an invigorating and lively ambiance.

Opting for a versatile piece like a fashionable sundress, coupled with boat shoes that perfectly balance comfort and trendiness, encapsulates the essence of casual sophistication.

As twilight descends and the festivities extend into the evening, embracing darker shades introduces an element of refinement, harmonizing with the fading sunlight.

The thoughtful inclusion of tasteful accessories, like a wide-brimmed hat for enhanced sun protection and stylish sunglasses that shield your eyes and accentuate your maritime charisma, further elevate your ensemble.

Ultimately, the crux lies in aligning your attire with the occasion’s level of formality, while never compromising on comfort, and embodying an aesthetic that mirrors the serene allure of open waters.

Final Considerations

Embracing a fusion of refinement and casual ease emerges as a simple and effective strategy when considering yacht attire. While certain occasions might warrant a subtle refinement, the extent of this shift hinges upon the unique event and the preferences of the hosts.

Give precedence to fabrics like linen and other lightweight options to optimize comfort. An indispensable element to include is a pair of boat shoes, guaranteeing stability on the deck. Additionally, ensure you don’t neglect key essentials such as swimsuits and vital sun protection gear, which notably includes sunglasses.


yacht dress linen

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What to Wear on a Yacht

Ian Fortey

When you’re on a yacht you’re obviously going to dress for the weather but, in general, you want to keep it light and cool. Casual is good within reason as long as you don’t go overboard, so to speak, and it need not be formal but it shouldn’t look inappropriate or out of place. There’s no set in stone dress code for yachts

The most expensive yachts in the world cost hundreds of millions of dollars and, for most of us, that’s a bit out of reach. But that doesn’t mean we’ll never get on a yacht for a weekend charter or even a yacht party and when that happens knowing what to wear is something you may be curious about. Let’s dig into some deeper details of suitable yacht attire for men and women so you don’t have to worry about feeling self conscious when you’re living it up on a fancy yacht. 

Yacht Styles Suitable for Men

yacht dress linen

In 80s movies you may have seen some yacht captains decked out in full formal jackets with hats and pipes and everything. You can still do that and, no word of a lie, a guy at my uncle’s yacht club used to wear the navy jacket and a captain’s hat everywhere he went for years. But most people like to keep it casual on a yacht and far less formal with a simple, casual outfit.

Linen is a popular choice for yachting because it’s very light and breezy and keeps you cool under the blazing sun. A linen shirt, like linen button downs, have a real casual but not inappropriate quality to them that has been linked to boating for years and would ensure you never look out of place. 

Light cotton works just as well, of course, and something like a polo shirt wouldn’t make you stand out in a crowd, or a simple button down. Even a t-shirt wouldn’t look out of place but you’ll want to tailor that to the situation. If you’re literally just day sailing then that’s great. But if it’s a slightly more formal outing or maybe a party then you may want to keep it a little more upscale

Here’s another case where you should take the situation into account. Shorts and trunks can definitely be appropriate on a yacht but if you’re having a party in the evening then maybe consider longer pants. However, if you’re actually traveling on the yacht, especially if you’re fishing or sailing/racing, a good pair of swim shorts will do you well. Not just for the freedom and for keeping you cool but in the event of an emergency and you do end up in the water, it’s never a bad idea to be ready to swim. 

Vans Boat Shoes-Zapato Del Barca

Boat shoes are a must for any boat ride. You don’t want to be skidding around on the deck in inappropriate footwear but at the same time you want to be comfortable. These are often called deck shoes as well, and they are very close to loafers with the addition of laces. 

You’ll definitely see people in loafers on yachts but loafers don’t have siped soles, which means they aren’t textured to provide the proper grip on deck. If the yacht is going to be actually out there sailing and moving on the water, you want deck shoes.

Some people wear flip flops and that may be fine for a casual day with friends.


yacht dress linen

You should be wearing sunglasses on a boat whether or not its a yacht just because you want to keep your eyes protected from dangerous UV rays and the glare off of the water. Polarized shades are the best but anything is better than nothing. A nice pair of aviators won’t look out of place, or some Ray Bans can be great as well.

Yacht Styles for Women

yacht dress linen

Traditionally the difference between men’s fashion and women’s fashion on a yacht has been one of practicality. In the past, men were the ones always controlling the yacht and women were passengers. Boating has a somewhat shady history of not being friendly to women, you’ll recall. And for that reason women were mostly seen wearing swimsuits and lounging on yachts. But if you’re a woman running the boat, you’ll likely want the same freedom and comfort that a man in a simple shirt and shorts is enjoying. 

Now if you’re not piloting the boat and instead are just around to enjoy a yacht party, then swimsuits tend to be the order of the day and potentially some kind of wrap or cover up as well. Basically whatever feels most comfortable and appropriate to the occasion. 

Things like kaftans, sundresses, and various wraps and coverups that would work poolside or at the beach when you’re not in the water are just as welcome on a yacht and won’t look out of place at all.  A knee length summer dress is something you’d likely see on any yacht.

Speedo Women’s Port Lightweight Breathable Water Shoe

Like men, you can get a good pair of women’s boat shoes that look a little more elegant if that’s what interests you, and they’re a good investment. Again, a boat shoe is less about appearance than function when the boat is actually in motion and you want something that gives you firm footing, which a boat shoe can do. 

Both hats and sunglasses are more than appropriate for women on a yacht and offer the added protection from the sun that you’re going to want anyway. You won’t look out of place and you’ll be doing your eyes and skin a favor by keeping them away from harmful UV rays. Remember the sunscreen as well. 

What to Wear to a Yacht Party

yacht dress linen

Now a yacht party is a different sort of monster than just being on a yacht. This will likely be a more formal occasion and that means dressing up a little. Ditching the shorts for this is probably a good idea. 

Unless you have been specifically told this is a formal wear event, black tie affair don’t dress for one. Most yacht parties aren’t that formal because, well, they’re on boats. Leaning into the boat aspect is a better option. A suit would be as formal as you should expect unless told something ultra formal like a tuxedo is expected. But most yacht parties are likely to be a little more casual than that. 

Consider dress pants and a button down shirt or a blazer. A sport coat and tie, maybe with a matching jacket, is also very common for parties on yachts. 

A more formal occasion, a wedding for instance, will probably clue you in as to what would be expected in terms of dress. And, hopefully, your hosts are going to be gracious enough to make it clear if you do need to dress to the nines. 

You can find some more formal boat shoes and, if things get a little fancier, some dress shoes that don’t have slippery soles will work as well. 

Are Cocktail Dresses Appropriate for Women?

yacht dress linen

At the more formal end of things, a classy yacht party could very well require you to wear a cocktail dress or in rare cases even some kind of fancy gown. Cocktail attire is a little less formal than evening wear and more suited for a casual affair. Hopefully it will be made clear before you agree to show up just how formal the event is, but it’s definitely not unheard of. If it’s a party at night, and you’re going to be moored out on the water with a view of the city, for instance, a dress would be well within reason.

If things aren’t so formal as a boat wedding, then consider a wide-legged pant, a romper, a wrap skirt or really anything you’d wear to a gathering on a beach, or pool type party.

One thing you want to remember when attending any event on a yacht is to not wear heels. I’ve seen it in person and it’s a bad idea. Not that you’re guaranteed to lose your balance, but the odds are definitely leaning towards it. It’s an accident waiting to happen, so stick with flat shoes. 

Are all Boat Parties the Same?

People can throw a boat party for weddings, anniversaries, charity events, retirements and probably a hundred other things. Don’t let the fact that it’s on a yacht throw you off if you’ve never attended one. A party is a party, after all.

If you’re unclear of expectations, feel free to ask. Consider bringing a sweater or light jacket just in case it gets cold and remember that good footwear is extra important on a yacht so you keep your balance. Whether it’s ultra formal or super casual, that will never change.

The Bottom Line

Classy but casual is often an easy way to approach dressing on a yacht. If it’s a party, you may need to step it up a notch, but that will really depend on the party itself and what your hosts expect. Consider linen and other very light, breathable fabrics. Remember boat shoes are the best idea to keep your grip on deck, and don’t forget swimsuits as well as sunglasses and other sun-protection gear.

' src=

My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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What to Wear on a Yacht in 2023: A Smart Fashion Guide

What to Wear on a Yacht


Planning a yacht trip? Before you embark on your nautical adventure, you’re likely to ask yourself: what to wear on a yacht? Whether you’re attending a glamorous yacht party, cruising the open waters, or basking in the sun on the deck, dressing appropriately and stylishly is key. In this comprehensive fashion guide, we’ll navigate through the latest trends and timeless classics to help you find the perfect yacht-worthy attire. So, let’s dive in and discover what to wear on a yacht!

Opt for Nautical-Inspired Outfits:

To blend seamlessly with the maritime ambiance, consider incorporating nautical-inspired elements into your attire. Classic navy and white stripes, anchor motifs, and crisp blue hues evoke a sense of timeless elegance. Choose a Breton striped top paired with white shorts or a navy blue dress for a chic, effortless look.

Embrace Light and Breezy Fabrics:

Yacht trips often involve warm weather and plenty of sun, so it’s crucial to choose fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable. Opt for lightweight and breathable materials like linen, cotton, and silk. These fabrics allow air to circulate, ensuring you stay fresh and stylish even in the heat.

Don Stylish Swimwear:

When packing for your yacht adventure, be sure to include stylish swimwear. Opt for high-quality swimsuits that flatter your figure and make you feel confident. Classic one-pieces or trendy bikinis in vibrant colors or chic patterns are always a good choice. Don’t forget to pack a stylish cover-up or kaftan for when you’re not in the water.

Don’t Forget Sun Protection:

When it comes to what to wear on a yacht, protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is essential, especially when spending long hours on a yacht. Incorporate accessories like wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses with UV protection, and lightweight scarves to shield your face and neck. Additionally, don’t forget to apply sunscreen with a high SPF to exposed areas of your skin.

Choose Comfortable Footwear:

Opt for footwear that balances comfort and style. Deck shoes, boat shoes, or espadrilles are excellent choices for their non-slip soles and maritime aesthetics. If you prefer sandals, opt for ones with good arch support and secure straps. Avoid high heels as they can be impractical and unsafe on a moving yacht.

Layer Up with Versatile Pieces:

Yacht trips often entail varying weather conditions, so it’s wise to bring versatile clothing items that can be layered. Lightweight cardigans, wraps, or linen shirts can be easily thrown over your outfit if the weather gets cooler or for protection against evening breezes.

Dress Smartly for Evening Affairs:

If you’re attending a yacht party or planning a special evening event on board , embrace a more sophisticated attire. Opt for elegant cocktail dresses, tailored linen suits, or stylish jumpsuits. Remember to choose breathable fabrics to ensure your comfort throughout the night.


When it comes to what to wear on a yacht, striking a balance between style, comfort, and practicality is key. Nautical-inspired outfits, light and breathable fabrics, stylish swimwear, and sun protection essentials should be at the top of your packing list. Additionally, comfortable footwear and versatile layering pieces will ensure you’re prepared for any weather conditions. By following this fashion guide, you’ll be ready to sail the seas in style, exuding confidence and elegance during your yacht adventure!

Listing your boat with Yachtlify provides several unique benefits, including:

  • List once, post on multiple platforms (, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and others).
  • Schedule showings and sea trials with our calendar and reminders.
  • View listing engagement analytics across platforms.
  • eSign, state forms, and Coast Guard forms to manage closing documentation in once place.

Marina Yacht Wear

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The Ultimate Guide to Yacht Attire for a Captivating Onboard Presence

Embarking on a luxurious yacht journey is not just a nautical experience; it’s an opportunity to showcase impeccable style. The choice of yacht attire plays a pivotal role in defining the elegance and professionalism of your crew. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of selecting the perfect yacht attire, ensuring your crew stands out with sophistication on the high seas and in search engine results.

1. Nautical Elegance Redefined

Yacht attire is more than clothing; it’s a statement of refined taste and maritime elegance. Explore our curated collection that seamlessly blends classic nautical styles with contemporary trends, ensuring your crew embodies the epitome of onboard sophistication.

2. Material Mastery: Comfort and Durability

Crafted for comfort and durability, our yacht attire features high-quality materials designed to withstand the unique challenges of maritime life. Experience the luxury of fabrics that breathe, resist wrinkles, and ensure your crew remains comfortable during extended hours at sea.

3. Colors that Navigate Style

Harmonizing with the yacht’s aesthetic is paramount. Our yacht attire comes in a spectrum of colors, allowing you to align your crew’s outfits with the vessel’s distinctive look or a specific color scheme. From timeless navy blues to fresh whites, our collection navigates the seas of style with ease.

4. Embroidery and Personalization

Make a lasting impression by adding custom logos or personalized embroidery to your yacht attire. Enhance brand identity and create a cohesive crew look that reflects the exclusivity of your yacht. Elevate your onboard experience with attention to personalized details.

5. Fit for Maritime Excellence

A well-fitted ensemble not only exudes professionalism but also ensures your crew can move with ease. Our yacht attire collection offers a range of styles to cater to different body types, guaranteeing a perfect fit that enhances both comfort and visual appeal.

6. Staying Afloat with Yacht Attire Trends

Stay ahead of the fashion curve with insights into the latest yacht attire trends. From classic maritime motifs to contemporary designs, our collection evolves to keep your crew at the forefront of onboard style, ensuring your yacht stands out in any harbor.

Yacht Attire

Yachting attire

Yachting attire

yacht attire is a crucial element in shaping the visual identity of your crew and yacht. Explore our exclusive collection to discover the epitome of maritime style that not only captivates onboard but also sails to the forefront of search engine results. 

Redefine luxury with the finest yacht attire, setting sail in style and making waves in the world of maritime fashion.

Yachting attire

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The Sailor's Style Guide: How to Dress at a Yacht Club

If you've been invited to a casual yacht club rendezvous, you'll need the right threads to fit in.  in this guide, we'll walk you through the yacht club attire you'll need to fit in. hint: you can find the perfect outfit head to toe with castaway.

You've been invited to a meal or event at a local yacht club, but you've never been to one before. Suddenly, the panic sets in. What should you wear? Fortunately, there are lots of options and visiting a yacht club does not mean you have to spend a lot of money just to fit in. This post will give you some pointers on yacht club attire so that you feel neither under nor overdressed, and can really enjoy yourself and have a great time at the club.

Before you even think about what to wear, check to see if the yacht club you're going to has a dress code posted online. Most of them do, and the rules can vary from club to club. The Nantucket Yacht Club , for example, requires semi-formal attire for its dinners and cocktail attire including ties for men during its dinner dances and balls. The Hyannis Yacht Club goes into a little more detail. It accepts stylish casual wear including clean, neat jeans and shorts for lunch. For dinner, guests are expected to step it up by leaving the denim at home and wearing sports coats. Different areas of a club may also have different dress rules. Bars and outdoor decks tend to more lax and allow casual clothing.

Sometimes, the easiest way of narrowing down what to wear is to eliminate what you should not wear. This is just a partial list of how not to show up at any kind of yacht club unless you want to be denied admittance or receive a lot of disapproving glares. All rules listed apply to the inside of the club, and can vary for beach and dock rulings.

Flip Flops or Going Barefoot: This rule applies INSIDE the club, or for any meal time. Most people love the beach, but going barefoot is not only unacceptable, but unhygienic.

You'll want to wear appropriate footwear such as sturdy sandals or closed toe shoes. While a lot of children and adults love their flip-flops, they may be a little too casual for a yacht club atmosphere. The most popular choice here is a boat shoe style but a bridle bit driver is always appropriate - check the latest . The lightly worn leather and pencil-curled laces fit the bill in the cool department.

Torn, Stained, or Worn Clothing: Any attire that is showing signs of wear such as rips, stains that never came out, holes, missing buttons, etc. should be left at home.

Baseball Caps and Other Hats: Most yacht clubs prefer that men remove their caps when inside the venue. Save them for the sailing excursions.

Extra points on the water if you rock the Club’s Burgee on the hat!

Swimwear: Just a no-no. Save it for the boat and the beach. A cover-up can be acceptable for the patio.

Going Shirtless: Nope!

Undershirts as Shirts: See above. You may also want to be careful about choosing a t-shirt, particularly one with graphics, when visiting a yacht club. Most prefer that you wear a collared shirt, even if it's a casual one such as a polo shirt.

Tank tops for men and any tank tops for women that are skimpy and don't hide undergarments should be saved for another occasion.

Women have a lot of options when it comes to visiting a yacht club. Linen and cotton make the perfect summer blouses. A light but structured Sleeveless Top paired with a  sweater is perfect for warding off cool sea breezes when you're out on the deck. A polo or collared shirt works well for the yacht club scene as well. You can also consider a dressy blouse that has a little bit of flounce to it. If shorts are allowed for the time and area of the club you're visiting, consider sporting  Sailing  shorts  with a cute anchor embroidery. They're cool, classy, and show off just the right amount of leg. Casual skirts and dresses are perfectly fine as well as long as they're not too short and revealing. If you're attending a party at a yacht club you may need to wear a nice cocktail dress, or a classic Tunic Dress for a day event. Special events such as balls and dinner dances usually specify what is appropriate attire on the invitation.

Don't forget to have fun with accessories! A straw handbag can complete a nautical themed look.

For most casual yacht club occasions, men can't go wrong with a collared shirt and long pants or Cisco Shorts . Pastel and preppy shades such as summer green, hurricane red, and islander blue rule here.

When casual attire is allowed, collared sport or polo shirts are always in fashion. Seersucker and linen shirts are available in several colors and patterns for summer club get-togethers. If jeans are not allowed, seersucker or cotton canvas pants are still casual and comfortable yet dressy enough for all areas of a yacht club. If you really want to show your love of nautical dressing, consider wearing a fun Embroidered Pant !

Or you can opt for solid pants but add some nautical flair with an embroidered belt . Classic summer staples like Seersucker and Madras Patches will make you the talk of the Club, in a good way!

For those chilly sea breezes and evenings, a quarter zip pullover wards off the cool air while keeping you stylish and casual.

It's a good idea to keep a sportcoat and a few ties in your closet just in case the yacht club you're visiting requires it. Opt for a fun all over embroidered jacket, or a Madras Patchwork style to really up your game.

Kids' clothing should conform to the same yacht club rules as established for grown-up guests. If you really want your son to look cute, consider dressing him in the same matching outfit as dad.

Whether you're looking to make a splash with yacht club attire or just want to look good on the boat or while meeting with friends, we have the seaside looks that you'll look and feel wonderful in for men, women, and children.

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All aboard! This luxe look is prim and proper with a soft linen fabrication, a button-down front with a collared neckline, a tie waist belt and a tropical leaf print for a perfect traveling outfit...even if you're just traveling to the corner store!

Sleeveless 42" length from shoulder Button-down Removable/adjustable tie belt  Inseam side pockets 85% rayon, 15% linen Hand wash Imported

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Best #1 Guide for What to Wear to a Yacht Party at Night

Prepare to set sail in style with our humorous yet insightful guide on what to wear to a yacht party at night. From chic cocktail dresses to stylish boat shoes, we’ve got you covered for your upcoming nighttime yacht extravaganza. Jump aboard, and let’s navigate through the sea of fashion together!

Table of Contents

Welcome aboard, fellow yacht enthusiast.

Ahoy, mateys! Is this your first time boarding the luxurious deck of a yacht party? First off, congratulations on scoring the invite. Whether you’ve snagged an invite to a boat charter shindig or have managed to wrangle an invitation to a swanky yacht club event, one thing’s for sure: you’re in for an evening of glamour, style, and breathtaking views. And I’m not just talking about the scenery if you know what I mean.

A Night on the High Seas: The Thrill of Yacht Parties

There’s something undeniably alluring about yacht parties, isn’t there? You’ve got the soft, lapping sounds of the water, the twinkling lights reflecting off the undulating waves, and the prospect of enjoying a fancy dinner while cruising around a prosperous city’s skyline. It’s like stepping into a luxury lifestyle reality TV show episode, minus the unnecessary drama and relentless backbiting. Or at least, let’s hope so!

You see, yacht parties are a special breed of parties. They’re not quite your regular boat parties, where the dress code involves anything that can withstand a spontaneous cannonball into the pool. They’re not your average cocktail parties either, where you might spend half the night trying to balance on one foot as your high heels sink into the grass.

No, yacht parties are a unique blend of opulence and relaxation. One moment you’re sipping on a perfectly chilled glass of bubbly, the next you’re admiring the view, sunglasses perched stylishly on your head, lips moistened with your favorite lip balm, and the sea breeze playfully tousling your hair. Oh, and did I mention the delicious prospect of a dance party under the starry skies? It’s all about the mingling, the laughter, the luxury, and did we forget the glamour? Yes, yes we did.

Your Ticket to an Enthralling Yacht Trip

Consider this your first step towards mastering the art of yacht party attendance. The yacht trip may be the stuff of dreams, but let’s get one thing clear right away: It’s not all about leaning on the deck rail in a glamorous pose (though there’ll be plenty of opportunities for that, don’t worry).

It’s about a carefully orchestrated balance of style, comfort, and yes, appropriate footwear (because no one wants to be that person who slipped and face-planted in front of the DJ booth). So, whether you’re setting sail for a nighttime extravaganza on a luxury yacht or looking forward to a relaxed boat trip with friends, there’s a sartorial sweet spot to hit, and that’s exactly what we’ll help you find.

By the time we’re done here, you’ll be walking up that gangplank with your head held high and an outfit that screams, “Yes, I’m yacht-party-ready and fabulous!”. So, buckle up (or should I say, secure your life vests), let’s dive into the exciting world of yacht party outfits.

Navigating The Sea Of Dress Codes

Life on the high seas can be turbulent, and yacht parties, as fabulous as they may be, are no exception. Just like the ever-changing ocean currents, there is an intriguing ebb and flow to yacht party dress codes. One yacht charter might insist on a strict dress code that looks like it came straight out of a vintage nautical-themed movie, while another might just require you to be decently clothed and not wear anything that could be mistaken for a lifebuoy.

The key to decoding these sartorially challenging waters lies in understanding the type of party. A casual boat ride? Think light, airy, and sea-spray resistant. A luxury yacht cocktail party? Time to unleash your inner James Bond or Audrey Hepburn. But remember, even the best outfits must pass the ‘can I move without toppling overboard?’ test.

Weather Or Not, Here You Dress!

Let’s talk about the elephant on the yacht – the weather conditions. Just like the swaying boat might affect your balance, weather conditions could potentially affect your fashion choices. Now, I know we’d all like to believe we’re attending yacht parties in the perfect summer season, but let’s face it, not all of us are that lucky.

If you’re sailing under the scorching sun, light colors, breathable fabrics, and a wide-brimmed hat are your best bet. Oh, and did I mention sunscreen? Yes, even the chicest of us can turn into a lobster under that unforgiving sun, and let’s be real, ‘crispy’ is a good choice for bacon, not your skin.

But let’s not forget our friends in the winter season who still manage to keep the party boat sailing. Here, a light jacket won’t just be a good idea, it’ll be your best friend. Throw in a pair of long-sleeved shirts and dress slacks, and you’ll be both stylish and frostbite-free. And hey, it’s the perfect excuse to rock those knee-high boots you’ve been dying to show off.

Wind In Your Hair, Style In Your Wear

Picture this: You’re on a yacht trip, your hair is doing that fabulous slow-motion windblow thing, you take a sip from your cocktail, and suddenly… you realize your flowy dress is not as immune to the sea breeze as you thought. Yep, it’s Marilyn Monroe moment time! So, remember, while that crop top and wrap skirt may seem like a good idea at first, you might want to consider the potential for wardrobe malfunctions. Opt for an outfit that will let you enjoy the breeze without turning you into a spontaneous flag.

On the flip side, boat shoes might seem like a comical idea, but let me tell you, they are the unsung heroes of yacht parties. They’re classy, comfortable, and most importantly, have a grip that even the sea-slicked deck can’t challenge. So, while high heels might seem tempting for the ladies, remember: a sprained ankle is hardly the souvenir you want from your fabulous yacht party.

And that, my friend, is your primer on the factors that will shape your ultimate yacht party outfit. Now, let’s dive into the fun part: decoding the best outfits for your yacht soirée! Stay tuned for a breakdown of looks that will have you feeling as glamorous as the luxury yacht you’re stepping onto.

Setting Sail with Style: The Ladies’ Edition

Alright ladies, it’s time to discuss our battle plan. This is a yacht party, not a trip to the grocery store, so let’s aim for the sweet spot between “I’m here for the caviar” and “Did someone say cannonball?”

The Cocktail Dress Conundrum

For a chic look, a cocktail dress is a great option, and most often the most popular choice for a nighttime yacht party. Whether you opt for a short dress that shows off your legs or a midi dress that sways with the sea breeze, remember to choose breathable fabrics. However, don’t go too flowy, lest you want an unexpected Marilyn Monroe moment. And while the little black dress is an evergreen option, don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors and solid colors. But, ladies, avoid the urge to wear your floor-length Oscar gown. Remember, it’s a yacht, not the red carpet.

The Casual, Yet Classy Alternative

If you prefer a more casual look, pairing a bikini top with denim shorts or a shirt dress can give off those effortless “I woke up like this” vibes. Throw in a stylish one-piece swimsuit underneath for that impromptu midnight dip. And before you ask, yes, crop tops are an excellent choice for a relaxed boat party outfit. Just make sure to wear it with something high-waisted, unless you want to moonlight as a belly dancer.

A Word (or Two) about Footwear

Let’s talk about the elephant in the yacht – high heels. They’re cute, they make your legs look amazing, but are they a good idea on a boat? The answer is: it depends. If the yacht is the size of a small country and the crew members double as bodyguards, go for it. But if you’re on a smaller vessel, strappy sandals or flat shoes might be the safer choice. Remember, fashion first, safety… also first.

Accessorizing for the High Seas

How much jewelry is too much? Well, unless you’re trying to double as a chandelier for the evening event, less is more. A statement necklace or dangling earrings can add a touch of glam without going overboard (pun intended). And don’t forget your pair of sunglasses, even at night. They’re not just for shielding your eyes; they’re a style statement. But beware, the sea breeze has a naughty habit of sending hats overboard. So, if you’re planning on wearing a wide-brimmed hat, make sure it fits well or is secured with a stylish scarf or hatpin.

Cruise Control: The Men’s Guide

Gentlemen, you’re up next! Your sartorial choices might seem easier, but remember, you’re on a yacht, not a pirate ship. Your goal should be to strike a balance between looking like a sea-faring fashionista and not like you’re auditioning for the role of the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island.

The Nitty-Gritty of Formal Wear

If the event is more on the formal side, like a boat wedding or a fancy dinner, a full suit or sports coat can never go wrong. Stick to lighter colors to avoid overheating. Polo shirts or Oxford shirts with dress pants or dress slacks are a safe bet. Pair it with boat shoes or loafers for a polished look. And remember, if you’re wearing a white shirt, beware of the red wine!

The Laid-Back Look

For a more casual vibe, a linen shirt with denim shorts or chinos is the perfect outfit. Boat shoes are again your best bet for a comfortable, stylish choice. And gentlemen, here’s a tip: bring a light jacket or matching jacket. Not only can it combat the cool sea breeze, but it can also be a chivalrous offering to a lady who underestimated the chill.

Deciphering the Details

Sunglasses are not only for the ladies; they’re a must-have accessory for gentlemen too. As for hats, unless you’re going for the sea captain look, it’s best to leave them at home. And gentlemen, don’t forget your lip balm. Saltwater and wind can do a number on those lips, and cracked lips are hardly the accessory you want to sport.

Now, that we’ve covered the basics, remember this: the key to a successful yacht party outfit is to embrace the setting, consider the event, and most importantly, wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. After all, you’re on a yacht, darling, and that’s reason enough to celebrate!

Preparing for the Unexpected: The Wild Cards

Alright, we’ve covered the basics, but yacht parties are anything but basic. So let’s talk about those wildcard scenarios that no one tells you about. For instance, what if the yacht charter throws a staff party with a nautical theme? Or, what if you’re attending a boat cruise dinner party that’s a black-tie affair? You may find yourself asking, “Are denim shorts really the best way to win the best-dressed award?”

Navigating Nautical Nightmares

First up, the nautical-themed yacht party. These events can sometimes come with a specific dress code that would make a sailor blush. Think stripes, light colors, and yes, boat shoes are an absolute must here. Polo shirts for the gentlemen and shirt dresses for the ladies are great options, along with a pair of sunglasses to complete that “I just docked my yacht” look.

And remember, when it comes to nautical fashion, don’t fight the tide, ride it!

Black Tie on The Blue Sea

Now, let’s talk black-tie affairs. This is where formal wear takes center stage. Gentlemen, it’s time to break out the full suit or tuxedo, and ladies, this is your chance to shine in a cocktail outfit or an elegant evening gown. This isn’t the time for your bikini top or denim shorts, no matter how expensive they were. Don’t forget, you’re on a luxury yacht, not a surfboard.

One key tip here, make sure you know the difference between black-tie and black-tie optional. If you show up to a black-tie optional event in a full tux while the rest of the guests are rocking the smart-casual look, you’re going to feel like James Bond at a beach party. And that’s not as cool as it sounds.

The Casual Cocktail Conundrum

So, what if the invite says ‘casual cocktail wear’? Now, this is where it gets tricky. You want to look casual, but not “I just came from the gym” casual. Ladies, a knee-length summer dress or chic cocktail dress should do the trick. And gents, a sports coat over a polo shirt, paired with some dress pants, will have you looking dashing without feeling overdressed. Remember, ‘casual’ in yacht language usually means ‘casual chic’, not ‘casual sloppy’.

On the Home Stretch: Some Parting Words

There you have it, folks! A complete guide to standing out, while fitting in, at your next yacht party. So whether you’re headed for a daytime event, a fancy evening event, or even a boat wedding, remember these simple rules.

Always consider the type of party, keep in mind the weather conditions, dress appropriately for the specific dress code, and take necessary safety precautions. And don’t forget to have a great time. After all, it’s not every day you get to party on a yacht!

Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and feeling fabulous. So, get out there, seize the day (or night), and show that yacht party what you’re made of! You’ll be the talk of the boat charter and the envy of the crew members in no time. Enjoy your yacht party, you fancy sea-farer, you!

Navigating Night Parties: The Dark Side of Dressing

When the sun sets and the yacht’s deck becomes a dance floor, there are a few additional sartorial points to consider. Nighttime yacht parties aren’t just about being comfortable; they’re about shining brighter than the stars overhead.

Understanding The Dark Color Dynamics

Ladies and gentlemen, dark colors are your best friends at night. But beware, the dark side is not all black and white, or should I say, black and navy. When picking your evening wear, think jewel tones and earthy hues. Gentlemen, a solid navy sports coat paired with an oxford shirt can do wonders. Ladies, try a rich burgundy cocktail dress or an emerald green jumpsuit.

However, make sure your evening wear doesn’t double as camouflage with the night sky. If you fall overboard, you want to be spotted quickly, not mistaken for a playful dolphin!

Lights and Brights: Accessorize with Shine

As for accessories, this is your time to shine. Literally. Pick jewelry that sparkles and catches the light. A statement cocktail ring or chandelier earrings can be just the ticket. Gentlemen, a nice watch can be both practical and stylish. Just ensure it’s waterproof, because, you know, you’re on a boat.

Oh, and ladies, high heels can be a good choice at night when visibility is low, and tripping hazards become the evening’s surprise guest. But remember the golden rule: if you can’t walk in them on solid ground, you’ll look like a newborn giraffe on a moving yacht.

Taking A Walk on The Wild Side

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try something different for your nighttime yacht party outfit? Ladies, a stunning silk jumpsuit paired with strappy sandals can offer a chic look that breaks the cocktail dress monotony. And gents, consider a dinner jacket with some character – perhaps something in a pattern or with a bright pocket square.

It’s Party Time: Final Touches

As we come to the end of our fashion voyage, it’s time for some general tips for any yacht party, day or night, summer or winter.

Remember, the first thing is to always be comfortable. It’s hard to have a great time when you’re constantly adjusting your outfit or nursing a blister from those brand-new boat shoes. Choose comfortable clothing that makes you feel confident and enjoy the party.

And remember, you are attending a yacht party at a prosperous city’s yacht clubs, not a pirate gathering or a sailor meetup. While the nautical theme might be fun for a staff party, at a more elegant event, keep your sea shanties and pirate impressions at bay.

Most importantly, have fun! Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned yacht party attendee, every boat trip is a special occasion. So, put on your perfect outfit, and prepare for a night (or day) to remember.

Now, go forth and be the life of the boat party! I can’t wait to hear all about your fabulous yacht party outfit and the great time you had. Just don’t forget to invite me next time, okay? Happy sailing, my stylish friends!

Weathering the Party: Dressing for the Elements

Sailing into this section, it’s time to confront the elephant in the room – or rather, the weather on the yacht. Trust me, nothing puts a dampener on a party faster than being under (or over) dressed for the weather conditions. So let’s talk climate, comfort, and chic ensembles!

Sizzling Summers: Keeping it Cool

Summertime yacht parties are a paradise of warm breezes and cool cocktails. Ladies, think flowy dresses, chic crop tops, and your best pair of sunglasses. And don’t forget a wide-brimmed hat, both for style and to shield you from the summer sun. Now, if the hat goes flying off into the sunset, don’t fret – at least it made a grand exit.

Gentlemen, linen shirts are your best bet in the summer season. Pair them with some stylish shorts, slap on a healthy layer of sunscreen, and you’re good to go. And let’s not forget about boat shoes. They’re not just a trendy name, they’re built for grip and comfort on deck.

Wintry Waters: Style that Warms

Now, what if your yacht party is in the winter season? Fear not, because style doesn’t hibernate. Ladies, a midi dress paired with a stylish jacket can keep you warm and elegant. Adding a stylish wrap skirt can also add an extra layer against the cold.

For the gentlemen, long-sleeved shirts and dress slacks are great options. Add a light jacket or sports coat to combat the chilly sea breeze. And remember, winter weather is no excuse to forgo the boat shoes. Frostbite toes are hardly the evening’s desired icebreaker.

Nailing the Nighttime: Starlit Style

Regardless of the season, when it comes to nighttime yacht parties, remember: the temperature can drop faster than your dance moves. Ladies, that chic cocktail dress might need a matching jacket. Gentlemen, your stylish polo shirt might appreciate the company of a light jacket.

Embracing The Elements: The Last Word

In the end, keep in mind that while yacht parties are about looking your best, they’re also about feeling your best. The right outfit is about more than just the perfect picture, it’s about creating the perfect memory.

So check the weather forecast, consider your comfort, and dress appropriately. You’re not trying to win a fashion war against the elements, you’re trying to have a fantastic time at a yacht party. And let’s be honest, shivering in a corner or melting under the sun isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.

Now, you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to brave the weather, beat the dress code, and bestow your fashionable presence on that yacht party. Whether you’re cruising into a summer sunset or dancing under the winter stars, you’ll be prepared for any yacht party – come rain or shine.

Bon voyage, my fashionable friends. May your outfits be chic, your weather be mild, and your parties be memorable. I’ll be expecting an invitation to your next boat soiree! Remember, the best outfit is the one worn by a happy party-goer. Sail on!

A Floating Fête: Navigating Different Yacht Events

As we float further into this sea of fashion wisdom, it’s time to address another important aspect of yacht party outfit selection: the type of event. Whether it’s a relaxed day cruise, an elegant cocktail party, or a crazy dance party, the dress code can vary as much as the waves beneath your feet.

Chill Cruise: Comfort is Key

Daytime events such as a relaxed boat trip or boat ride often call for a casual look. Ladies, this is a great opportunity to sport those denim shorts or a light shirt dress. Pair them with flat shoes or sandals for comfort and mobility. No one wants to perform an accidental backflip while navigating the deck in high heels!

Gentlemen, a polo shirt, a pair of shorts and of course, the indispensable boat shoes make for a great boat party outfit. Just remember, when the sun is shining, a pair of sunglasses and lip balm can be your best friends. It’s all fun and games until you’re mistaken for a lobster.

Cocktail Conclave: Dress to Impress

When it comes to cocktail parties on a luxury yacht, your outfit needs to make a splash. Ladies, this is the perfect occasion for cocktail dresses or even a little black dress. Pair them with high heels or strappy sandals, and you’re ready to dazzle the crowd.

For the gents, it’s time to step up your game. Dress slacks, a solid color oxford shirt, and a sports coat will fit the bill. Boat shoes are still a good choice, offering a nautical touch to your cocktail attire.

Dance Dock: Let Loose and Move

Now, if it’s a dance party on a party boat, things are about to get wild. Ladies, feel free to explore options beyond the cocktail dress. A crop top paired with a wrap skirt can make for a comfortable and chic look, perfect for a night of dancing.

Gents, a linen shirt with denim shorts could be your best bet here. It’s comfortable, stylish and most importantly, dance-friendly. Just remember, while your dance moves might be fire, your feet don’t need to be. Stick to those comfy boat shoes.

All Aboard: Final Call

In conclusion, dressing for a yacht party is not about following rigid rules, it’s about understanding the vibe of the event and feeling great in what you wear. Whether you’re partying on a yacht cruise in the heat of summer, enjoying a boat charter in the crisp winter season, or stepping aboard a yacht for the first time, remember that the best outfits are ones that make you feel fabulous.

So take a moment, consider the event, check the mirror, and then forget all about it and enjoy the party! Whether it’s a fancy dinner on a boat, a staff party, or a cocktail evening, you’re going to have a great time.

Dress up, step up, and ship out, my nautical fashionistas! May your yacht parties be unforgettable, your boat trips spectacular, and your outfits always on point. Until the next time we set sail in the sea of style!

Party Don’ts: What to Avoid at Yacht Parties

Alright, shipmates, we’ve sailed through all the dos of yacht party fashion, now let’s drop anchor for a moment to discuss the don’ts. Because let’s face it, even the most stylish sea-dogs can make mistakes when partying at sea.

Overboard Overkill: Too Much is Too Much

The first rule of yacht party fashion: don’t overdo it. Yes, you want to look fabulous, but remember, you’re not trying to outshine the yacht itself. Wearing too much jewelry can make you look like a walking chandelier or, worse, a pirate’s treasure chest. It’s also not a good idea to wear extremely formal wear like a full suit or an evening gown unless the event calls for it.

This also applies to makeup. Ladies, a boat party is not the right place for full-on, smoky-eye Hollywood glamour. Not only can it be a bit much, but you also run the risk of looking like a raccoon after a passionate encounter with the sea breeze.

Impractical Choices: It’s Not Just About Looking Good

When deciding on your boat party outfit, remember to consider practicality. An extravagant feathered hat may look fabulous on land, but at sea, it may quickly become a seagull’s new target.

Ladies, high heels can be a stunning addition to your outfit, but only if you can walk comfortably in them. Nobody wants to perform an impromptu ballet recital on the deck. If you’re in doubt, opt for flat shoes or wedges. And remember, the only stilettos allowed onboard should be served in a martini glass.

Ignoring The Dress Code: Don’t Be That Person

Lastly, always consider the dress code. If the yacht party has a specific dress code, it’s not just a suggestion, it’s your ticket to board. Don’t be the person who shows up to a black-tie event in flip flops and a bikini top. Not only is it a fashion faux pas, but you might also be mistaken for a castaway.

Smooth Sailing: The Final Wave

So there you have it, the complete guide to what to wear to a yacht party at night – and the daytime too. Remember, the key to nailing your yacht party outfit is balancing style, comfort, and appropriateness to the event. From casual daytime cruises to glamorous nighttime soirees, these tips will ensure you’re always dressed to impress, without going overboard.

Whether you’re setting sail for a relaxed boat ride or an extravagant yacht charter, remember to dress with confidence, comfort, and a touch of nautical chic. After all, you’re not just attending a party, you’re making waves.

So, cast off those fashion doubts, hoist the sail of confidence, and steer your style towards an unforgettable yacht party. And remember, the real secret to being the life of the party is not just what you wear, but how you wear it. So wear it with a smile, a laugh, and a dance move or two. Until our next fashion voyage, sailors!

Special Maritime Moments: Dressing for Themed & Occasion-Specific Parties

As we voyage further into the yacht party outfit sea, let’s delve into a slightly more niche territory: themed parties and special occasions. A prosperous city yacht club might throw a nautical-themed gala, or your mate Dave might invite you to a boat wedding. These events need a dash of creativity to meet their unique dress codes, and, trust me, these could make for some of the best outfits you’ll ever wear.

Themed Thrills: Embracing the Unusual

Themed parties are the time to step out of your comfort zone and into some fun. Nautical theme? Break out the sailor stripes and opt for bright colors to give your outfit a pop. 80’s retro dance party? Time to dig out those neon colors and wild prints.

But remember, though it may be tempting to go all out, do make sure you are still comfortable. Dressing like Captain Jack Sparrow might win you points for dedication, but that heavy pirate coat might not be the best choice for a dance party.

Saying ‘I Do’ on the Deck: Boat Weddings

Attending a boat wedding? This is where you might want to push the boat out – pun intended. Women, a knee-length summer dress in light colors can be a good choice. It’s formal, yet appropriate for the setting. Pair it with some stylish flat shoes or wedges, and you’re wedding-ready.

Men, it might be time to bring out the dress pants and a crisp white shirt. Depending on the formality of the event, a matching jacket or sports coat might be required. But remember, this is a yacht, not a stuffy old banquet hall. Opt for light, breathable fabrics to stay comfortable.

Celebrate in Style: Special Celebrations

For birthday bashes or anniversary parties, comfort and style go hand in hand. Ladies, consider a chic midi dress in solid colors or a short dress paired with a light jacket for an evening event. Men, you can’t go wrong with a linen shirt and dress slacks for that chic look.

Seal the Deal: Wrapping up the Fashion Voyage

Ultimately, themed parties and special occasions allow you to get creative with your yacht party outfit. The most important rule to remember is that the best way to ensure you have a great time is to feel good in what you’re wearing. Dressing for the theme or occasion is part of the fun, but comfort should always be a priority.

So, there you have it, shipmates! You’re now ready to take on any type of yacht party – from the strictest dress code to the wildest theme. Just remember, the best accessory to any outfit is a sense of humor and a readiness to have fun.

Until next time, I bid you fair winds and a great time at your yacht parties. Whether you’re docked in a prosperous city, dancing on a party boat, or just enjoying a boat cruise, remember: in the grand scheme of things, it’s not just about the clothes you wear but the memories you make while wearing them. Sail on!

Survival Kit: Essential Items to Pack for Yacht Parties

Alright, stylish sea dogs, we’ve covered what to wear to a yacht party, but what about those vital items you need to bring along? You know, the unsung heroes of the yacht party, the items that could save your night from going overboard.

Safety First: Important Precautions

First things first: safety precautions. Now, I don’t mean life jackets and flares – although, it’s good to know where those are. No, we’re talking about items like a wide-brimmed hat and a good pair of sunglasses. These can protect you from the harsh sun during daytime events. And of course, never forget the lip balm. Cracked lips might give you that rugged sailor look, but they’re not much fun when trying to enjoy your fancy dinner.

Comfort is Queen (and King): Must-Haves for Feeling Good

Comfortable clothing is a must on any boat trip, but there are a few additional things to consider. Ladies, if you’re wearing high heels, it’s a good idea to pack a pair of flat shoes too. After a few hours of dancing or walking on deck, you’ll be glad you did. Men, remember to bring an extra polo shirt or a light jacket. You never know when the sea breeze might kick in, and you don’t want to be shivering in your shorts.

Ready for Anything: Extra Essentials

But the true yacht party survival kit extends beyond clothing. Remember to bring along your go-to items to keep you looking fresh all night. This might include travel-sized toiletries, makeup for touch-ups, and, most importantly, a portable phone charger. After all, you’ll need enough battery to capture the memorable moments of your yacht trip, and you don’t want to be the one hunting for a power outlet on a luxury yacht.

Batten Down the Hatches: Final Words

There you have it, my fellow yacht-goers – the ultimate guide on what to wear to a yacht party at night (and day), and what to bring along. Keep in mind these outfit ideas, remember to check the weather conditions, dress according to the occasion, and most importantly, pack your survival kit.

But remember, while dressing right can set the tone for a great night, it’s your attitude that will make or break your experience. So, sport your yacht party outfit with confidence, rock that boat party with style, and savor the moment.

So, whether you’re partying on a yacht charter, cruising on a boat trip, or celebrating a special occasion on a yacht club, be prepared, be comfortable, be stylish, but most importantly, be ready to have a fabulous time.

Now go forth, my stylish sailors, and make some waves. I’ll see you at the next yacht party – just look for the person dancing in boat shoes, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, and reapplying lip balm. Bon voyage!

Onboard Etiquette: How to Make Waves (the Good Kind) at Yacht Parties

So, you’re all dressed up in your yacht party outfit, you’ve packed your survival kit, and you’re ready to rock the boat (metaphorically, please). But wait! How should you behave once you’re onboard? Well, my dear yacht-goers, let’s wrap up this fashion voyage with a quick guide to yacht party etiquette.

Crew Courtesy: Show Some Respect

Let’s start with the first thing you should remember: the crew members aren’t your personal waitstaff. Yes, they’re there to make sure you have a great time, but that doesn’t mean you can treat them like your minions. Be polite, respectful, and remember to thank them. They’re the ones making your luxury yacht experience possible, after all.

Don’t Rock the Boat: Keeping Balance

Next up, keep in mind that you’re on a boat, and boats can, well, rock. Try not to be the person who’s stumbling around like they’ve just sailed around the world single-handedly. Whether you’re wearing high heels or boat shoes, remember: walking on a boat requires a bit more finesse than on dry land.

Breezy Boundaries: Personal Space and Privacy

Just because you’re all on a boat together doesn’t mean personal boundaries have disappeared. Respect other guests’ space, don’t barge into cabins uninvited, and keep the noise down if you’re the last one dancing at the nighttime yacht party.

Chic Celebrations: Dressing for the Occasion

While we’ve covered this in detail, it’s worth repeating: always dress for the occasion. If it’s a formal cocktail party, then cocktail attire is a must. If it’s a casual boat ride, then denim shorts and a crop top might be a good choice.

All Ashore: Final Departure

So there you have it, shipmates, the end of our fashion voyage. We’ve covered what to wear to a yacht party at night and in the day, how to prepare for themed parties and special occasions, what to pack in your survival kit, and now, how to behave on board.

Whether you’re attending a yacht charter, a staff party, a boat wedding, or just a simple boat cruise, remember: it’s all about balance. Balancing style and comfort, fun and responsibility, making an impression and respecting others.

Remember, the best outfits are worn by those who know how to have a good time without going overboard (in both senses of the word). So get out there, make some waves, and have an unforgettable time. And who knows? Maybe I’ll see you at the next yacht party, cocktail in hand, wearing the perfect outfit, and of course, rocking a wide-brimmed hat. Until then, smooth sailing!

Dress Code Decoded: Yacht Party Styles Around the World

Just as the horizon changes from port to port, so do yacht party styles around the globe. In our final section, we’ll anchor in a few glamorous locations and see how the dress code changes from one prosperous city to another. Let’s set sail!

European Elegance: Mediterranean Magic

Imagine this: you’re at a yacht party, the sun is setting over the Mediterranean Sea, and you’ve just been handed a glass of champagne. What are you wearing?

In European yacht clubs, think chic and elegant. Women, consider a flowy dress in light colors for that ‘dancing on deck at sunset’ vibe. Men, opt for linen shirts and dress slacks, or perhaps an oxford shirt if the occasion is more formal.

Caribbean Casual: Laid-Back Luxury

Now let’s head to the Caribbean, where the vibe is a little more relaxed. Here, boat parties are all about comfort and style. Ladies, a bikini top paired with a wrap skirt or denim shorts can work perfectly. Gents, polo shirts and board shorts are a good choice. Don’t forget your wide-brimmed hat and lip balm to combat the tropical sun!

American Affluence: Hamptons High Life

Sailing over to the Hamptons, the dress code becomes slightly more posh. Here, boat shoes are a must, and you can’t go wrong with a summer season color palette. For women, consider pairing a shirt dress with strappy sandals for a daytime event or a little black dress for an evening affair. Men, long-sleeved shirts with dress pants or chinos are the way to go.

Final Port of Call: Making it Your Own

Despite the different dress codes, one rule remains the same across all yacht parties: be comfortable, and be yourself. Whether you’re on a luxury yacht in Monaco or a boat charter in Miami, remember that the best way to enjoy any party is to feel good in what you’re wearing.

We’ve now circumnavigated the globe, discussing what to wear to a yacht party at night and day, from the tropics to the Mediterranean. We’ve had a lot of fun – and I hope you have too!

So as you disembark from this fashion journey, remember, whether you’re the first-time sailor or the seasoned sea dog, whether you’re gearing up for a boat trip or a staff party, wearing the right outfit can elevate your experience from ‘just another boat party’ to ‘an unforgettable night at sea’.

Now, fellow yacht-goers, it’s time for you to make your own waves. As you step onto that deck, remember, you’re not just attending a yacht party – you’re making a statement. So dress well, have fun, and let the sea breeze guide you. Happy sailing !

What to Wear to a Yacht Party at Night ?

Ideas for outfits – Gentlemen – Ladies

Best #1 Guide for What to Wear to a Yacht Party at Night

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Dress to Impress: What to Wear to a Yacht Party


Attending a yacht party can be an exciting and glamorous experience, but it's important to dress appropriately for the occasion. Whether you're a seasoned yacht-goer or a first-timer, it's essential to understand the dress code and theme of the party to ensure you make the right impression. The first thing to consider when dressing for a yacht party is the theme of the event. If there is a specific theme, such as a nautical or tropical theme, it's important to incorporate elements of that theme into your outfit. This can be as simple as wearing a striped shirt or incorporating bright, tropical colors into your ensemble. Another important factor to consider is the location of the yacht party. If the party is taking place in a tropical location, lightweight and breathable fabrics are a must. Opt for cotton or linen materials that will keep you cool and comfortable in the heat. On the other hand, if the party is taking place in a cooler climate, layering options such as a light jacket or sweater may be necessary. It's also important to consider whether or not there is a specific dress code for the yacht party. If there is, be sure to adhere to it and dress accordingly. If not, classic yacht party attire such as nautical stripes, boat shoes, and khaki pants are always a safe bet. Finally, don't forget to accessorize your outfit to complete the look. Statement sunglasses, a sun hat, and a beach bag are all great options to consider. When it comes to footwear, boat shoes, sandals, or espadrilles are appropriate choices. It's important to avoid wearing heels or anything that may damage the deck of the yacht. In conclusion, dressing for a yacht party can be a fun and exciting experience. By considering the theme of the party, the location, and the dress code (if there is one), you can ensure that you make the right impression and feel confident in your outfit. Remember to have fun with your outfit choices while still being mindful of the occasion.

Table of Content

Consider the venue, accessories, men's attire.

When deciding what to wear to a yacht party, it's important to consider the venue. The location of the party can greatly influence your outfit choice. If the party is taking place in a tropical location, you'll want to opt for light and breezy fabrics that will keep you cool in the heat. Think flowy sundresses, linen pants, and cotton shirts. Bright colors and bold prints are also a great choice for a tropical yacht party. On the other hand, if the party is taking place in a cooler climate, you'll want to dress in layers to stay warm. A light jacket or sweater paired with a dress or pants and a blouse is a great option. Neutral colors like navy, white, and beige are perfect for a cooler climate yacht party. It's also important to consider the type of yacht you'll be on. If the yacht is more casual, you can get away with a more relaxed outfit. However, if the yacht is more formal, you'll want to dress accordingly. Always check with the host or hostess to see if there is a specific dress code for the party. Overall, when considering the venue for a yacht party, it's important to dress for the weather and the type of yacht you'll be on. Keep in mind that you'll be on a boat, so you'll want to wear something that is comfortable and won't get in the way. With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to impress at your next yacht party.

this image is about Consider the Venue

When it comes to dressing for a yacht party, it's important to consider whether or not there is a specific dress code. Some yacht parties may have a formal dress code, while others may be more casual. If there is a dress code, it's important to adhere to it to show respect for the host and other guests. If there is no dress code specified, there are still some classic yacht party attire options to consider. Nautical stripes are always a safe bet, as are boat shoes. For women, a sundress or jumpsuit in a light and breezy fabric can be a great option. For men, a collared shirt and khaki pants can be a good choice. It's important to remember that even if there is no dress code, a yacht party is still a special occasion and it's important to dress appropriately. Avoid anything too casual, such as shorts or flip flops, and opt for something a bit more put-together. Ultimately, the key to dressing for a yacht party is to strike a balance between comfort and style. You want to be able to move around and enjoy yourself, but you also want to look good while doing it. Don't be afraid to have fun with your outfit choices, but always be mindful of the occasion and the other guests. With the right outfit, you'll be sure to impress and have a great time on the yacht.

this image is about Dress Code

Accessories are an essential part of any outfit, and they can make or break your look at a yacht party. When it comes to accessorizing for a yacht party, think statement pieces that will elevate your outfit and add a touch of glamour. One of the most important accessories for a yacht party is sunglasses. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they also add a touch of sophistication to your look. Opt for a pair of oversized sunglasses with a bold frame to make a statement. Another must-have accessory for a yacht party is a sun hat. Not only will it protect your face from the sun, but it will also add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Choose a wide-brimmed hat in a neutral color like beige or white to complement your outfit. A beach bag is also a great accessory to bring to a yacht party. Not only will it hold all of your essentials like sunscreen and a towel, but it will also add a touch of style to your look. Choose a straw beach bag with colorful tassels or pom-poms for a fun and playful touch. When it comes to jewelry, less is more at a yacht party. Opt for a simple pair of earrings or a delicate necklace to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit. Avoid anything too flashy or over-the-top, as it can detract from your overall look. In conclusion, accessories are an important part of any outfit, and they can take your yacht party look to the next level. Choose statement pieces like oversized sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and a straw beach bag to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. Remember to keep your jewelry simple and understated, and you'll be sure to turn heads at your next yacht party.

this image is about Accessories

When it comes to footwear for a yacht party, it's important to strike a balance between style and practicality. While you want to look fashionable and put-together, you also need to consider the fact that you'll be spending time on a boat. This means that you'll need to choose shoes that are comfortable, slip-resistant, and won't damage the deck of the yacht. One classic option for both men and women is the boat shoe. These shoes are designed with a non-slip sole and are made from materials that can withstand exposure to water. They also have a preppy, nautical look that is perfect for a yacht party. For women, sandals or espadrilles are also a great choice. Look for styles with a low heel or flat sole to ensure that you can move around the boat with ease. It's important to avoid wearing heels or anything with a sharp or pointed sole. These types of shoes can easily damage the deck of the yacht, which is not only a faux pas but can also be dangerous. Additionally, you'll want to avoid shoes that are too casual, such as flip-flops or sneakers. While these may be comfortable, they don't quite fit the dress code for a yacht party. When choosing footwear for a yacht party, it's also important to consider the color and style of your outfit. If you're wearing a bold or patterned dress, for example, you may want to opt for neutral-colored shoes to balance out the look. On the other hand, if you're wearing a simple outfit, you can add a pop of color or texture with your shoes. Overall, the key to choosing footwear for a yacht party is to prioritize comfort and practicality while still looking stylish. With the right shoes, you'll be able to enjoy the party without worrying about slipping or damaging the yacht.

this image is about Footwear

When it comes to dressing for a yacht party, men have a few options to choose from. The key is to strike a balance between looking stylish and being comfortable. Linen or cotton pants are a great choice for a yacht party, as they are lightweight and breathable. Pair them with a polo shirt for a classic, preppy look. Boat shoes are a must-have for any yacht party outfit, as they are both stylish and practical. They provide good grip on the deck of the yacht and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. While shorts may be tempting in warm weather, they are generally not appropriate for a yacht party. Instead, opt for pants or even a pair of tailored shorts if the dress code allows. Avoid anything too casual, such as t-shirts or athletic wear. A yacht party is a special occasion, and your outfit should reflect that. Accessories can also play a role in a man's yacht party outfit. Sunglasses are a must-have for any outdoor event, and a sun hat can provide both style and sun protection. A watch is also a great accessory to add to your outfit, as it can complete the look and add a touch of sophistication. In summary, men should aim for a classic, preppy look when dressing for a yacht party. Linen or cotton pants, a polo shirt, and boat shoes are all great options. Avoid anything too casual, such as shorts or athletic wear. Don't forget to add some accessories to complete the look and have fun with your outfit while still being mindful of the occasion.

this image is about Men

In conclusion, dressing appropriately for a yacht party is crucial to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident while enjoying the festivities. Remember to consider the venue and any dress code requirements before selecting your outfit. Don't be afraid to have fun with your outfit choices, but also keep in mind that classic yacht party attire such as nautical stripes and boat shoes never go out of style. Accessorizing your outfit with statement sunglasses, a sun hat, and a beach bag can also add a touch of glamour to your look. When it comes to footwear, opt for boat shoes, sandals, or espadrilles, and avoid anything that may damage the deck of the yacht. Men should consider wearing linen or cotton pants, a polo shirt, and boat shoes, while avoiding anything too casual. Ultimately, the key is to strike a balance between style and practicality, and to enjoy the party while feeling confident in your outfit. So go ahead and dress to impress at your next yacht party!

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What to Wear for A Yacht Party at Night: 20 Ideas

Attending a party on a yacht is always a great time! Whether you are enjoying the ocean breeze or just having fun with friends, there are so many great ways to enjoy yourself. However, deciding what to wear to a yacht party at night can be tough. Thankfully, we are here to help you out.

yacht dress linen

Here is the scoop on what to wear to a yacht party at night!

What to Wear to a Yacht Party at Night

Yacht parties as a great way to spend time with friends and family while enjoying the beautiful scenery. There are however a few things to keep in mind when picking out the perfect outfit for a yacht party.

The first thing to consider is the type of event. Is it a day event or an evening event? This will determine what kind of clothing is appropriate. For a daytime event, something like a polo shirt and linen pants would be a great choice. If the event is in the evening, then you might want to consider something a little more formal like slacks and a button-down shirt.

Another thing to keep in mind is the dress code. Many yacht clubs have strict dress codes that must be followed. If you’re not sure what the dress code is, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and go with something more formal. A little black dress is always a great choice for an evening event.

Lastly, don’t forget the little things. Things like lip balm and extra sweaters can make all the difference when you’re out on the water. Keep reading for more quick tips on what to wear to a yacht party at night!

1. Polo Shirts

yacht dress linen

Polo shirts are a great style choice for boat parties. They come in lots of bright colors that you can choose from.

If you want you can find some shirts in nautical colors or navy stripes for a classic look! Polo shirts are a great choice of tops compared to baggy t-shirts. The worst thing is looking untidy at your first yacht party!

They will look good at a special occasion or a business casual get-together! You can also wear a matching jacket to dress it up for a formal dress code.

2. Dress Slacks

If you are going to a formal event on a yacht, you can never go wrong with dress slacks! These pants will pair with any blouse or nice top, making a great outfit for any occasion.

3. A Linen Shirt

yacht dress linen

A linen shirt is a good choice of top for a boat ride. During the day, you can wear the linen shirt as a layer over a bathing suit to protect your skin from the sun, and when it cools off in the evening you can have it to keep warm.

Wearing a linen shirt as a layer is one of the best ways to stay comfortable on a luxury yacht. Linen fabrics are incredibly comfortable, and they are a great way to add a layer or a pop of color to any casual look.

4. A Light Jacket

A light jacket is another great option for a yacht event at night. You can top off just about any outfit with a dinner jacket or lightweight blazer.

You can also easily accessorize a jacket with some nice jewelry and a sensible handbag.

5. A Blouse

yacht dress linen

A stylish tailored blouse is always a great choice for dressing up a more casual outfit. You can also wear a blouse with a nautical theme pattern or design to show off your sense of fun!

6. High Heels

High heels are a great option for evening wear on a boat trip, whether you are dressing in cocktail attire or for a formal dress code.

If the dress code allows it, you can wear flip flops during the day, but in the evening you will want to change into something a little more stylish like high heels .

For a similarly chic look with more flat shoes, you can wear ballet flats, dress sandals, or kitten heels with black soles.

7. Comfortable Shoes

yacht dress linen

While there will most likely be a dress code, you will want to find a pair of shoes within those requirements that are still comfortable.

Yacht parties often involve lots of standing or dancing for the guests, so you will want something that is both stylish and comfortable .

8. Cisco Shorts

Everyone loves Cisco Shorts on a yacht! The classic style and fun colors are always a yacht staple, so do not shy away from showing off your legs in these great shorts.

9. A Cocktail Dress

yacht dress linen

There is nothing more fun than wearing cocktail dresses with your closest friends! If you are on a birthday party cruise and plan on attending cocktail parties, you will absolutely want to wear a cocktail dress!

10. A Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is another great choice of appropriate options for what to wear to a yacht party at night. This day dress will easily transition to a more casual evening dress.

11. Oxford Shirts

yacht dress linen

These long-sleeved shirts are a great choice of garment that will look great at a lavish yacht party or as a casual yacht party outfit. You can wear them with dress pants for a more formal look, or with shorts for a more casual look.

These long-sleeved tops are perfect, versatile pieces for any yacht event. Also, these shirts come in many different colors and patterns like white stripes or something more classic like plaid.

12. White Pants

White pants are a perfect staple for the summer season. This piece of clothing is the best choice for nautical parties if you want that classic nautical look.

You can pair these pants with tops of many different light colors and have fun planning your outfit.

13. A Long Evening Gown

yacht dress linen

A long evening gown is an incredible choice for what to wear on a yacht at night. You will look stunning in a formal evening gown out on the ocean!

If you are on the yacht for a wedding, just be sure to not wear a white dress!

14. A Jumpsuit

If you want a stylish and versatile outfit to wear, you can never go wrong with a jumpsuit! J umpsuits are great because they can be great layering pieces if you really want to wear a light sweater or jacket over them, or they can be a statement piece on their own with a fun and bold pattern.

No matter your style, there is sure to be an adorable jumpsuit for you!

15. A Matching Set

yacht dress linen

Another great choice for what to wear to a yacht party at night is a matching set. Matching sets are an incredibly trendy option right now, and it is no surprise everyone loves them.

You can pick a matching set with a cute long skirt and matching top, or wear a jacket and shorts combo. There are countless options available to you.

16. Boat Shoes

Everyone knows the classic look of boat shoes , and a yacht is an ideal place to wear them! These stylish shoes are the perfect way to bring a sense of country club style to your yacht party.

Boat shoes are some of the most popular choices of shoes for what to wear on a yacht at night.

17. A Full Suit

yacht dress linen

If you are going on the yacht for a boat wedding, you will probably want to wear a full suit, depending on the type of attire that the wedding dress code indicates.

A suit is sure to be classic and traditional attire for the event. If you do not have your own suit, there are lots of rental companies where you can rent a suit . If you are attending a black tie, then a suit is a great choice.

18. A Straw Hat

If you are looking to have a lot of fun on the yacht, then why not add a straw to your outfit? This fun and cute accessory will add a fun vacation vibe to any outfit, and everyone is sure to love it!

19. A Flowy Dress

yacht dress linen

A knee-length summer dress that flows in the breeze will be the perfect outfit for a yacht at night! Most dresses easily transition from day wear to evening wear by adding a few accessories, so it is a great idea to pack a flowy dress that you love.

20. Palazzo Pants

Lightweight, flowy pants are the perfect piece for looking cute on a yacht. You and your best friend can even plan a cute outfit together so you match!

Final Thoughts

Before going on the yacht cruise, be sure to find out information on the dress code. Then, make sure your clothes fit the appropriate dress code requirements. It is always a good idea to bring at least one change of clothes for this reason.

There are so many types of boat party outfits from casual to formal wear to cocktail wear. No matter what, be sure to have fun on the yacht with the great people around you!

yacht dress linen

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Yacht Fashion Is The Classic, Preppy Look Taking Quiet Luxury To The Next Level

Friends on a yacht

There's absolutely no doubt that Princess Diana was the ultimate fashion icon of the 20th century. From her iconic little black dress — the original revenge dress — to her upscale gowns and spectacular wedding dress, the beloved late royal is still a style role model for fashion novices and avid trendsetters alike. When not attending official events and donning glamorous outfits, Princess Diana looked especially stunning in breezy yacht fashion, from swim sets with matching sarongs and casual polo shirts to seersucker button-down overlays and a captain's hat. 

Effortlessly preppy and elegant yacht style, indeed, pulls its inspiration from Princess Diana. Though the royal yacht Britannia, which she was frequently photographed on, is out of commission now, yacht style is as relevant as ever, with its unyielding preppy vibe symbolizing quiet grandeur throughout the decades. You, too, can get in on the style even if you don't plan to board a yacht any time soon.

Dress for a day on the water

The best way to incorporate indulgences of yacht styling is to imagine that you're dressing for a day on the water, the namesake of the fashion trend. Don preppy polos, flowing skirts, and timeless tote bags. Avoid form-fitting styles, but do accentuate your waist with belts and ties for a tailored look, and add classic accouterments like bows and pearls.  Since yacht style doesn't require an actual boat, you can ditch sea-inspired boat shoes for classic pumps and sunglasses à la Audrey Hepburn.

Shoulder sweaters are signature staples

When you wear a polo, don't forget to add a sweater on top, even if the weather is balmy. A sweater casually draped over the shoulders and tied loosely below the collar of your shirt is the ultimate staple of preppy yacht style, and quickly escalates the elegance of your appearance. To nail the vibe, evoke the spirit of "Gossip Girl" characters, casually lounging in their penthouses in the city with their loosely draped shoulder sweaters subtly signaling opulence.

Loose-fitting linen and breezy button-downs nail the look

A loose-fitting button-down shirt with high-waisted linen shorts that are belted or tied at the waist is a pairing that gives vibes of effortlessly upscale couture to make you look like you're about to spend a relaxing day out on the water aboard an expensive yacht. Accessorized with open-toed sandals or heels and a large, casual tote bag, the look will transition seamlessly from running errands or laughing with friends over lunch al fresco to sipping lavender lemonade and leaning into the sweet coastal breeze with a slice of key lime pie. 

Seersucker is seriously comfortable and fashionably fancy

In the wardrobe of anyone with a preppy, understated, affluent style is at least one garment made from seersucker fabric. Puckered cotton fabric that's thinly crafted, the lightweight material of seersucker originated in India prior to attaining global popularity, particularly in the southern U.S. during days predating air conditioning. Since the fabric, hallmarked by its pastel stripes, is a no-sweat choice (literally) for summer months, the billowing garments are particularly favored for sunny, breezy yacht fashion. Swimwear, dresses, bow ties, Bermuda shorts, skirts, and suits of seersucker symbolically signal luxurious comfort. 

Preppy accessories instantly elevate your ensemble

For an immediate boost to any outfit, the smallest of preppy accessories can go a long way toward elevating your look with subtle elements of affluent taste. In fact, the foundation of quiet luxury is to allow your attire to speak for you through silent gestures indicating a luxurious lifestyle. Take the trademark yacht-style seersucker fabric and use it for a complementary bow on your bag, or be even more elusive with monogrammed  accessories on your key fob. Less is definitely more when it comes to being luxuriously preppy. 

Comfortable flowing pieces are critical

Yacht style promotes ease of prep and laidback vibes. Comfort is critical and form-fitting garments, scratchy fabrics, and apparel that inhibits dexterity won't do. Instead, flowing, summery staples are must-have pieces. Try pairing classic boating trends with sarongs. The fun, flowy fabric can be worn in an array of styles. Go barefoot with your sarong attire for quintessential subtle opulence, as the fabric whimsically waves in the wind. 


Cruising Sea

What to Wear at a Yacht Club for Lunch – Your Ultimate Guide!

What to wear at a yacht club for lunch

Heading to a yacht club for lunch can be an exciting experience, offering you the chance to relax and dine in an exquisite setting.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular attendee, choosing the proper attire is essential to ensure you fit in and feel comfortable.

This article will explore some of the best apparel choices to keep you looking stylish and appropriate for lunch at a yacht club.

Yacht clubs often uphold a certain level of elegance, but there’s no need to feel intimidated when selecting your outfit.

The key is to find a balance between being well-dressed and enjoying the casual ambiance. So here we go; below, you’ll find everything you need to know on what to wear at a yacht club for lunch.

Table of Contents

Yacht Club Dress Codes

Understanding dress codes.

When attending a lunch at a yacht club, it’s essential to understand the dress code beforehand. Yacht clubs typically have varying dress requirements depending on the event and time of day.

For a lunch event, you’ll most likely encounter a more casual dress code. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the club’s specific guidelines and adhere to them.

Common Yacht Club Dress Codes

At most yacht clubs, there are a few general rules to follow when dressing for lunch:

  • Shirts:  Opt for collared shirts like a classic polo or button-down. Avoid wearing tank tops or T-shirts.
  • Bottoms:  Choose comfortable and well-tailored pants, such as chinos or slacks. Shorts may be acceptable, but ensure they are a reasonable length and not too casual or distressed.
  • Footwear:  Wear closed-toe shoes like loafers or boat shoes. Don’t wear flip-flops. Yacht clubs don’t allow it.
  • Tops:  Select a blouse or a nice polished yet comfortable top. Avoid wearing strapless, revealing, or overly casual tops.
  • Bottoms:  Choose tailored pants, skirts, or dresses that are appropriate in length and style. Shorts are generally discouraged, although some yacht clubs may permit them if they are dressy and tailored.
  • Footwear:  Opt for comfortable and stylish footwear like flats, wedges, or sandals. The same as men, don’t wear flip-flops.

Lunch Clothing Options for Men

Formal attire.

When attending a yacht club for lunch and dressing in formal attire, opt for a classic combination of a crisp collared shirt, slacks, or chinos.

Ties are typically not necessary, but if you want to elevate your look, feel free to include one.

Light colors like white or pale blues are perfect for a summery vibe. Finish your outfit with comfortable loafers or boating shoes for a polished appearance.

Casual Attire

If you prefer a more casual approach, your options expand to include versatile pieces like polo shirts, t-shirts, or even tank tops, as long as they’re not too skimpy. Pair your top with boat shorts or loose pants to ensure comfort and a laid-back aesthetic.

Footwear-wise, swap the loafers for a pair of sandals or boat shoes that are easy to slip on and off at the dock.

When dressing for a yacht club lunch, keep it simple and remember that your comfort is key.

Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen, to ensure you remain cool and stylish while enjoying the sea breeze.

Men dressing code at yacht club for lunch

Lunch Clothing Options for Women

Dresses and skirts.

When choosing a dress or skirt for lunch at a yacht club, opt for lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton. Go for knee-length or midi dresses in soft, flowy fabrics that provide comfort and style. A linen dress is a classic option. If you’re leaning more toward skirts, choose one that matches the dress code of the yacht club while still making you feel fashionable and comfortable.

Blouses and Pants

Lunch at a yacht club gives you the opportunity to experiment with different styles of blouses. Cotton and linen are the perfect materials for a summer blouse, providing a casual yet sophisticated look.

Pair your blouse with pants that are comfortable for the yacht setting, like tailored linen pants. Avoid overly tight or restrictive clothing. If you prefer jeans, opt for a dark wash to maintain a polished appearance.

Women dress code at a yacht club for lunch

Footwear Suggestions

Men’s footwear.

When it comes to men’s footwear at a yacht club for lunch, you’ll want to focus on practicality and style.

It’s important to wear  non-slip and non-marking outsole shoes to avoid slipping or marking the deck in case you get on board a boat.

Boat shoes are a popular and comfortable choice, offering a fashionable look while being yacht-appropriate.

If you prefer sandals, opt for sturdy ones that provide support and grip. Just remember, some boat owners may require you to leave your shoes on the dock before getting on board a yacht.

So you might want to have an alternative footwear option handy. Lastly, look for shoes with  white outsoles , as they don’t mark the deck, keeping the yacht clean and pristine.

Women’s Footwear

For women, the same basic principles apply. Make sure you choose shoes with a  non-slip and non-marking outsole  to avoid any accidents. Boat shoes and sturdy sandals are both fantastic options for combining style and practicality.

If your lunch takes place on a boat, don’t wear high heels , as they can be dangerous and may damage the deck. As mentioned above, you might be asked to leave your shoes on the dock, so having a backup pair is a good idea.

As with men’s footwear, opting for  white outsoles  ensures you won’t leave any marks on the boat, allowing you to focus on enjoying your lunch at the yacht club.

Accessorizing Your Outfit

When choosing jewelry for a yacht club lunch, aim for elegant but understated pieces. Stick to delicate necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, avoiding anything too flashy or clunky. For example, a simple gold or silver pendant can add the right touch of class without being over the top. Remember, you’re attending a lunch event, so keep your choices on the more casual side.

Hats and Sunglasses

Something that most yacht clubs forbid is wearing a hat inside the building.

This rule applies to both men and women. So if you plan to have lunch at the yacht club’s restaurant, you can’t wear a hat unless you sit on the yacht deck or on a balcony.

However, suppose you are allowed to wear one outside; opt for hats with wide brims or classic Panama hats to shield your face from the sun’s rays.

Sunglasses are another essential for a daytime event like a yacht club lunch. Look for pairs that offer full UV protection and complement your outfit. Classic shapes like aviators or wayfarers are versatile and timeless choices.

Just make sure your sunglasses don’t clash with your hat, and you’ll be well on your way to a perfectly accessorized outfit for a yacht club lunch.

Considering the Weather

When planning your outfit for a yacht club lunch, it’s important to consider the weather. In warmer temperatures, opt for light, breathable fabrics like linen or cotton.

A short-sleeved polo shirt or a blouse is an excellent choice for staying cool and comfortable. Women can also wear light sundresses or shorts with a tank top that isn’t too revealing.

In cooler or unpredictable weather, layering is key. Start with a collared shirt or a light blouse, and add a sweater or light jacket if needed.

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella or a water-resistant coat if there’s a chance of rain, and always have a pair of sunglasses on hand for those unexpectedly sunny moments.

When choosing your footwear, remember that you may be walking on wet surfaces or spending time outside. Avoid flip-flops and opt for non-slipping boating shoes , like Sperry, that offer both style and functionality. These shoes come in numerous styles, making it easy to find the perfect match for your outfit.

What to Avoid Wearing

When heading to a yacht club for lunch, there are a few fashion faux pas you should be mindful of. Remember, yacht clubs have a certain level of sophistication, and dressing appropriately is crucial.

First and foremost, avoid wearing any torn, stained, or worn clothing. Clothes with rips, holes, missing buttons, and stubborn stains are not suitable for the yacht club setting. Your outfit should be clean, well-maintained, and presentable.

As tempting as it may be to flaunt your summer style, steer clear of revealing clothing. Avoid items like denim shorts, tank tops, mini skirts, and cut-off shirts. Instead, opt for more modest attire that allows you to stay cool and look chic.

While you may love your comfortable flip-flops or sneakers, it’s not allowed to wear them to a yacht club lunch. These casual footwear options can come across as too casual and out of place. Instead, choose shoes that are stylish and comfortable but more refined.

Additionally, leave your baseball caps and other hats at home. Most yacht clubs prefer that men remove their caps when inside the venue, so it’s best to stick to this etiquette and keep the caps for actual sailing excursions.

Lastly, avoid dressing too casually with clothing like wrinkled or sloppy attire. Yacht club lunches often have a semi-formal or smart casual dress code, so make sure your outfit is polished and well-balanced between casual and formal elements.

Questions People Forten Ask

Q: What is the typical dress code for a yacht club lunch?

Yacht clubs often have a more relaxed dress code during lunchtime. Stylish casual wear, including clean, neat jeans and shorts, is usually acceptable. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the specific yacht club for their dress code guidelines.

Q: How formal should my attire be for a yacht club lunch?

Although the attire for a yacht club lunch is less formal than dinner, you should still aim to look polished and presentable. Opt for refined and comfortable clothing, such as dressy shorts, skirts, or pants paired with an elegant top. You may also want to consider wearing a light blazer to elevate your look.

Q: Are there any specific clothing items to avoid at a yacht club?

When attending a yacht club event, it is best to avoid overly casual clothing items, such as flip-flops, athletic wear, or torn clothing. It’s also recommended to leave the denim at home when attending a yacht club dinner, as mentioned in The Sailor ‘s Style Guide: How to Dress at a Yacht Club. Different areas of the club may have specific dress rules, so it’s always good to inquire ahead of time.

Q: How does a daytime yacht club event differ in dress code?

Daytime events at yacht clubs tend to have a more relaxed dress code compared to evening events. For day events, it is appropriate to wear casual yet polished clothing like shorts, skirts, and light dresses. However, as the sun sets and nighttime events begin, expect the dress code to become more formal, often requiring sports coats or cocktail attire.

Q: Do yacht clubs have a specific dress code to follow when dining?

Yacht clubs usually have a more formal dress code for dining, especially during dinner. In most cases, sports coats are expected, and denim should be avoided. For ladies, sophisticated dresses or skirts with elegant tops are appropriate. Check with the yacht club you are attending to ensure you follow their specific rules and guidelines for dining attire.

Final Words!

Now that you have an idea of the appropriate attire, you’re set to enjoy a delightful lunch at the yacht club. Dress to impress, adhere to the dress code, and don’t forget to indulge in the delicious food and beautiful views the club has to offer.

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Picture of Daniella

Daniella has been passionate about travel, the sea, and nature for many years. As a child, she frequently traveled throughout the Mediterranean and continued with her journeys throughout her adult life.

Her experiences have created the desire within her to share her love for traveling with other passionate and adventurers who want to discover beautiful horizons and new cultures.

4 thoughts on “What to Wear at a Yacht Club for Lunch – Your Ultimate Guide!”

Loved your article.  It’s very well put together and will be really helpful to someone who will be attending a lunch as a guest at a yacht club.   Even though many clubs have relaxed their dress code, it’s so much nicer to dress well for lunch at such a nice venue.  Your article will make sure that a new visitor to the yacht club doesn’t make an error and inadvertently break the dress code.

Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad to hear that you found my article helpful and informative. I completely agree that dressing well for lunch at a yacht club is a great way to show respect for the venue and the occasion. While some clubs have relaxed their dress codes, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and dress appropriately. I’m happy to hear that my article will help new visitors avoid any potential dress code mishaps. Thank you again for your feedback, and I wish you all the best in your future yacht club visits!

What a beautiful website! This “how-to” type post was very informative about how to dress if you are having lunch at a yacht club. There are many practical suggestions that will make a first time visitor feel comfortable.This article provides all one needs to know about proper dress etiquette for yacht clubs in general.  Yacht clubs promote boating and cruising, and provide social meeting place for the boating community. Do you have to own a boat or sea vessel to join a yacht club? Do yacht clubs screen potential members financial standing or backgrounds before they are accepted? Do potential members have to be sponsored by a member of the yacht club to join? All I need now is to be invited to lunch at our local yacht club. I know just what to wear. Thanks.

Thank you for your comment! I am glad to hear that you found my website beautiful and informative, particularly the “how-to” post on dressing for lunch at a yacht club. I strive to provide practical suggestions that will make first-time visitors feel comfortable and confident in any setting. As for your questions about yacht clubs, boat owners are not always required to join, and some clubs do screen potential members based on financial standing or background. Additionally, some clubs may require sponsorship from a current member in order to join. I hope that this information is helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in being invited to lunch at your local yacht club!

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Romero Britto On Transcending The World Of Fine Art to Expand His Massive Empire

Luxury rules at the moscow yacht show.

by Maria Sapozhnikova

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The windy Russian autumn weather might be a little bit tricky for sailing, but it doesn’t stop brave yachtsmen from all over the world from flocking to Russian capital in the beginning of September when the Moscow Yacht Show commences. The main Russian Yacht exhibition gathers professional and amateur yacht lovers together under the wing of The Royal Yacht Club.

This year it took place for a fourth time already. The exhibition is considered the principal event on the sporting and social calendar. The Moscow Yacht Show 2010 united in one area three of the largest Russian yachts distributors: Ultramarine, Nordmarine and Premium Yachts.

A wide range of yachts were on display for a week. An exhibition showcased yachts both from Russian manufacturers and world famous brands: Azimut, Princess, Ferretti, Pershing, Riviera, Doral, Linssen, etc.

It was a real feast for seafarers as visitors of the show had a unique chance not only to take a look at the newest superyachts before they hit the market, but also to evaluate their driving advantages during the test drive. The show provided an excellent opportunity for yacht enthusiasts to choose and buy a new boat for the next season.

The event started with the grandiose gala evening. It included grand dinner, the concert and professional awards ceremony for achievements in Russian yachting industry. The guests also enjoyed the annual regatta.

Special guest Paolo Vitelli, Azimut Benetti Group president, opened the evening.

Next year organizers assured guests they would bring more yachts, the scale of which will even make oligarch Roman Abramovich envious. Sounds very promising indeed.


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Kings of Russia

The Comprehensive Guide to Moscow Nightlife

  • Posted on April 14, 2018 July 26, 2018
  • by Kings of Russia
  • 8 minute read

yacht dress linen

Moscow’s nightlife scene is thriving, and arguably one of the best the world has to offer – top-notch Russian women, coupled with a never-ending list of venues, Moscow has a little bit of something for everyone’s taste. Moscow nightlife is not for the faint of heart – and if you’re coming, you better be ready to go Friday and Saturday night into the early morning.

This comprehensive guide to Moscow nightlife will run you through the nuts and bolts of all you need to know about Moscow’s nightclubs and give you a solid blueprint to operate with during your time in Moscow.

What you need to know before hitting Moscow nightclubs

Prices in moscow nightlife.

Before you head out and start gaming all the sexy Moscow girls , we have to talk money first. Bring plenty because in Moscow you can never bring a big enough bankroll. Remember, you’re the man so making a fuzz of not paying a drink here or there will not go down well.

Luckily most Moscow clubs don’t do cover fees. Some electro clubs will charge 15-20$, depending on their lineup. There’s the odd club with a minimum spend of 20-30$, which you’ll drop on drinks easily. By and large, you can scope out the venues for free, which is a big plus.

Bottle service is a great deal in Moscow. At top-tier clubs, it starts at 1,000$. That’ll go a long way with premium vodka at 250$, especially if you have three or four guys chipping in. Not to mention that it’s a massive status boost for getting girls, especially at high-end clubs.

Without bottle service, you should estimate a budget of 100-150$ per night. That is if you drink a lot and hit the top clubs with the hottest girls. Scale down for less alcohol and more basic places.

Dress code & Face control

Door policy in Moscow is called “face control” and it’s always the guy behind the two gorillas that gives the green light if you’re in or out.

In Moscow nightlife there’s only one rule when it comes to dress codes:

You can never be underdressed.

People dress A LOT sharper than, say, in the US and that goes for both sexes. For high-end clubs, you definitely want to roll with a sharp blazer and a pocket square, not to mention dress shoes in tip-top condition. Those are the minimum requirements to level the playing field vis a vis with other sharply dressed guys that have a lot more money than you do. Unless you plan to hit explicit electro or underground clubs, which have their own dress code, you are always on the money with that style.

Getting in a Moscow club isn’t as hard as it seems: dress sharp, speak English at the door and look like you’re in the mood to spend all that money that you supposedly have (even if you don’t). That will open almost any door in Moscow’s nightlife for you.

Types of Moscow Nightclubs

In Moscow there are four types of clubs with the accompanying female clientele:

High-end clubs:

These are often crossovers between restaurants and clubs with lots of tables and very little space to dance. Heavy accent on bottle service most of the time but you can work the room from the bar as well. The hottest and most expensive girls in Moscow go there. Bring deep pockets and lots of self-confidence and you have a shot at swooping them.

Regular Mid-level clubs:

They probably resemble more what you’re used to in a nightclub: big dancefloors, stages and more space to roam around. Bottle service will make you stand out more but you can also do well without. You can find all types of girls but most will be in the 6-8 range. Your targets should always be the girls drinking and ideally in pairs. It’s impossible not to swoop if your game is at least half-decent.

Basic clubs/dive bars:

Usually spots with very cheap booze and lax face control. If you’re dressed too sharp and speak no Russian, you might attract the wrong type of attention so be vigilant. If you know the local scene you can swoop 6s and 7s almost at will. Usually students and girls from the suburbs.

Electro/underground clubs:

Home of the hipsters and creatives. Parties there don’t mean meeting girls and getting drunk but doing pills and spacing out to the music. Lots of attractive hipster girls if that is your niche. That is its own scene with a different dress code as well.

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What time to go out in Moscow

Moscow nightlife starts late. Don’t show up at bars and preparty spots before 11pm because you’ll feel fairly alone. Peak time is between 1am and 3am. That is also the time of Moscow nightlife’s biggest nuisance: concerts by artists you won’t know and who only distract your girls from drinking and being gamed. From 4am to 6am the regular clubs are emptying out but plenty of people, women included, still hit up one of the many afterparty clubs. Those last till well past 10am.

As far as days go: Fridays and Saturdays are peak days. Thursday is an OK day, all other days are fairly weak and you have to know the right venues.

The Ultimate Moscow Nightclub List

Short disclaimer: I didn’t add basic and electro clubs since you’re coming for the girls, not for the music. This list will give you more options than you’ll be able to handle on a weekend.

Preparty – start here at 11PM

Classic restaurant club with lots of tables and a smallish bar and dancefloor. Come here between 11pm and 12am when the concert is over and they start with the actual party. Even early in the night tons of sexy women here, who lean slightly older (25 and up).

The second floor of the Ugolek restaurant is an extra bar with dim lights and house music tunes. Very small and cozy with a slight hipster vibe but generally draws plenty of attractive women too. A bit slower vibe than Valenok.

Very cool, spread-out venue that has a modern library theme. Not always full with people but when it is, it’s brimming with top-tier women. Slow vibe here and better for grabbing contacts and moving on.

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High-end: err on the side of being too early rather than too late because of face control.

Secret Room

Probably the top venue at the moment in Moscow . Very small but wildly popular club, which is crammed with tables but always packed. They do parties on Thursdays and Sundays as well. This club has a hip-hop/high-end theme, meaning most girls are gold diggers, IG models, and tattooed hip hop chicks. Very unfavorable logistics because there is almost no room no move inside the club but the party vibe makes it worth it. Strict face control.

Close to Secret Room and with a much more favorable and spacious three-part layout. This place attracts very hot women but also lots of ball busters and fakes that will leave you blue-balled. Come early because after 4am it starts getting empty fast. Electronic music.

A slightly kitsch restaurant club that plays Russian pop and is full of gold diggers, semi-pros, and men from the Caucasus republics. Thursday is the strongest night but that dynamic might be changing since Secret Room opened its doors. You can swoop here but it will be a struggle.

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Mid-level: your sweet spot in terms of ease and attractiveness of girls for an average budget.

Started going downwards in 2018 due to lax face control and this might get even worse with the World Cup. In terms of layout one of the best Moscow nightclubs because it’s very big and bottle service gives you a good edge here. Still attracts lots of cute girls with loose morals but plenty of provincial girls (and guys) as well. Swooping is fairly easy here.

I haven’t been at this place in over a year, ever since it started becoming ground zero for drunken teenagers. Similar clientele to Icon but less chic, younger and drunker. Decent mainstream music that attracts plenty of tourists. Girls are easy here as well.

Sort of a Coyote Ugly (the real one in Moscow sucks) with party music and lots of drunken people licking each others’ faces. Very entertaining with the right amount of alcohol and very easy to pull in there. Don’t think about staying sober in here, you’ll hate it.

Artel Bessonitsa/Shakti Terrace

Electronic music club that is sort of a high-end place with an underground clientele and located between the teenager clubs Icon and Gipsy. Very good music but a bit all over the place with their vibe and their branding. You can swoop almost any type of girl here from high-heeled beauty to coked-up hipsters, provided they’re not too sober.

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Afterparty: if by 5AM  you haven’t pulled, it’s time to move here.

Best afterparty spot in terms of trying to get girls. Pretty much no one is sober in there and savage gorilla game goes a long way. Lots of very hot and slutty-looking girls but it can be hard to tell apart who is looking for dick and who is just on drugs but not interested. If by 9-10am you haven’t pulled, it is probably better to surrender.

The hipster alternative for afterparties, where even more drugs are in play. Plenty of attractive girls there but you have to know how to work this type of club. A nicer atmosphere and better music but if you’re desperate to pull, you’ll probably go to Miks.

Weekday jokers: if you’re on the hunt for some sexy Russian girls during the week, here are two tips to make your life easier.


Ladies night on Wednesdays means this place gets pretty packed with smashed teenagers and 6s and 7s. Don’t pull out the three-piece suit in here because it’s a “simpler” crowd. Definitely your best shot on Wednesdays.

If you haven’t pulled at Chesterfield, you can throw a Hail Mary and hit up Garage’s Black Music Wednesdays. Fills up really late but there are some cute Black Music groupies in here. Very small club. Thursday through Saturday they do afterparties and you have an excellent shot and swooping girls that are probably high.

Shishas Sferum

This is pretty much your only shot on Mondays and Tuesdays because they offer free or almost free drinks for women. A fairly low-class club where you should watch your drinks. As always the case in Moscow, there will be cute girls here on any day of the week but it’s nowhere near as good as on the weekend.

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In a nutshell, that is all you need to know about where to meet Moscow girls in nightlife. There are tons of options, and it all depends on what best fits your style, based on the type of girls that you’re looking for.

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Tiki Touring Kiwi

Attractions In Moscow And The Mystery Yellow Dress

by Jub | Feb 23, 2016

After an intense 67 hour train ride we finally arrived in Moscow. I didn’t know much about Moscow, I’d heard of the Kremlin, Lenin and the Red Square (the last of which I’d heard of a couples week prior to arrival). The plan was to spend four days or so visiting the attractions in Moscow.

Oh, and many of the Russians we met on the Trans-Siberian train said “Moscow is not really part of Russia, it’s a different city.” Pretty much how many countries look upon their largest city but they were adamant we wouldn’t like the city.

After four days in Moscow I was very impressed by Moscow. There are several things to do in Moscow you shouldn’t miss, a couple of things you should look out for, others only if you’re staying in the region for a while and a couple that are worth skipping out on.

Attractions In Moscow

Moscow’s red square the centre of attractions.

The GUM Store viewed from Red Square

The GUM Store viewed from Red Square

The Red Square is something you have heard bits and pieces about. It’s the most obvious spot to start the tourism explorations for a full day, so that’s exactly what we did. When you arrive, you sort of just end up in the square.

I was really hoping the whole square would be red, it wasn’t to be but your definitely know when you’re in the Red Square. There isn’t a whole lot to do there other than get various snaps of the bits and pieces on the edges.

Let’s Go See Dead Lenin?

The graves near Lenin's body

The graves near Lenin’s body

There are Lenin (former Russian politician – read his Wiki if you want to known more) statues all over Russia and Eatern Europe. But nothing is more bizarre than seeing an actual preserved body, Lenin’s body. Regardless you ought to go.

It’s a free attraction in the Red Square and as long as you go early in the morning you can have it accomplished within minutes. Simply find the line in the Square…you’ll see the area where the body is soon enough, wait your turn, step down into the display cabinet area, walk past the body and feel hurried as you head back up to ground level again.

It’s a pretty whack experience to see Lenin’s body. I can definitely still picture it in my head, so plasticy! You may be allowed to take photos, but it just seems like a whacky experience and taking photos of dead bodies is awkward.

Check out Google image results of Lenin’s body here if you really want!

Kremlin Time…

One of several attractions in Moscow's Kremlin

One of several attractions in Moscow’s Kremlin

Next up, time to checkout the Kremlin. One side of the Krelim’s walls border the Red Square and for 500 rubles you can go into the grounds. We didn’t go until a bit later, but to be honest it was a bit of a let down. There are some interesting pieces but I just didn’t come out going WOW that was so interesting at any point in time. Watching the change of guard next to the Tomb of Unknown Soldier was more interesting than anything inside.

The change of guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The change of guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Maybe because we had been to the Armoury beforehand.

All The Shiny Armour!

When we purchased our ticket we thought for 800 ruble we were getting a ticket for both the Kremlin and the Armoury. That is not the case, just be aware of this when you visit. Sometimes the ticket queues are hectic and lining up twice is overrated.

Definitely go to the Armoury. It is epic! You get given an audio set with headphones and then you start your self guided tour. There are all sorts of bits and pieces to look at, including you guessed it – armour! There was lots of memorabilia throughout Russian history but most of all I liked the eggs.

They aren’t just any kind of eggs, but jeweled eggs which were first made in 1885. They were traditionally given as gifts from royal members to their wives or family to mark special occassions. They aren’t all looking the same that’s for sure, some have designs created outside them…others open up and have mini replicas such as trains and ships within them. They were so fun and it would be an awesome gift I’d be chuffed to receive when it’s personalised.

They were so cool, that the Faberge Museum was definitely on the bucket list when we visited St. Petersburg.

If you have just one day in Moscow, this will likely keep you busy for the whole day. But you will most likely be in the city for at least a few days so it’s time to continue on.

What was quite pretty too look at on the outside is St. Basil’s Cathedral, I wasn’t feeling inspired to go inside but the others I was with said it was awesome and being ranked #2 of 2000+ things to do in Moscow on TripAdvisor means I probably should have searched harder for the inspiration.

Looking For The Mystery Ladies In The Yellow Dress Costume

Picture above is the closest I could find on the Google machine.

I’m the opposite of a fashion guru but there are certain styles I still like. In Moscow there was this ‘fashion (probably the wrong word) where ladies would wear a yellow dress and yellow shoes. I’d never seen anything like it but it was something that definitely caught my eye. I saw maybe 8 or so girls wearing this costume and could spot them hundreds of metres away. Never got creepy enough to take a photo unfortunately. it was bizarre as I never saw these curious yellow costime wearers in St. Petersburg or anywhere else in Eastern Europe.

Stuff You Should Probably Do

Do a metro tour, yup, public transport is a tourist attraction.

Living in a big city, the metro probably means you are off to work giving you negative images in your mind. Moscow is different and the Metro is actually one of the must see attractions in Moscow. She’s a big city so unless you stay right by the Kremlin you’ll want to check out a few of the fanciest metro stations. The Metro is real cheap and efficient so it won’t take you to long. There’s plenty of resources listing the best stations, this one should do the trick.

Church of Ascension

The Church of Ascension one of my favourite Moscow attractions

The Church of Ascension one of my favourite Moscow attractions

I enjoy visiting parks in big cities, and having investigated teh UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Moscow I decided to head out to the Church of the Ascension. It was definitely worth the mission (still reachable by metro). The park was huge and while the Church is the centre piece most people have more fun exploring the various nooks and crannies of the park.

There was locals out getting their tan on next to the river and the people watching was fun having found a stretch of outdoor bars. Highly worth the visit if you need a break from people, concrete and are in Moscow for at least three days.

Be Dorky in Gorky Park

Gorky Park Monument

Gorky Park monument

Well, don’t be dorky but this is the place a lot of people seem to relax a bit more. You can chill out, investiage some art sales, walk along the river, play some sports, go for a run, all sorts.

Go High To Moscow State University

Moscow State University

Moscow State University, pretty

The Moscow State University building is one of the sevens sister buildings in Moscow. And is one of the highest points in Moscow, though the view isn’t spectacular. If you want to go for a large walk. Catch the metro to the University and follow the river back to Gorky Park (it takes a couple hours).

The building is pretty cool and they are fun to keep an eye out for. The Hilton Hotel for sunset is pretty spectacular.

The Hilton Hotel at night

The Hilton Hotel at night

Arbat Street, The Hipsters Zone

We were staying close by to Arbat Street. It’s the walking street in the city where lots of creatives are out and about and it’s lined with restaurants. We went for dinner here and then spent a good amount of time walking up the street where there is no shortage of things to catch your attention.

The Worst Of Moscow’s Attractions

Sports bars. what are they.

One of the State of Origin matches was being played while we were in Moscow, and I figured it wouldn’t be hard to find a sports bar in Moscow playing the game. It was an early afternoon match for our time zone and Moscow has plenty of sports in its culture.

Yet, I went to 6 bars who all advertised themselves as sports bars but they either had one small TV or none at all. Not sure what the reasoning is, but if you plan to watch sport on TV while you visit, plan in advance!

Pushkin Cafe Where People Push Up Their Noses At You

While in Moscow, I was trying to learn a bit about the history of the region (don’t think I’ll be a hero in your pub quiz team, the info didn’t stay in the brain for long). Pushkin is a well known Russian poet so trying to be all cultural and stuff decided to head to the Pushkin Cafe.

Unless you want to go for high tea where you pay through the roof, don’t bother. I walked in, didn’t feel welcome, sat down, got awkward and left.

Not quite the cultural thing I was looking for. Was simply an upmarket cafe utilising the Pushkin name to charge through the roof for what is probably stock standard food.

Visiting Izmaylovo Park


We visited this park one morning and it was bizarre. It was like an abandoned amusement park. Apparently it was closed but there was a few things open still, inluding the Vodka Museum. Still definitely not worth the visit.

Where To Stay In Moscow

After our intense train ride we were told to get on the subway by one of our new fellow Russian friends (massive language barrier) and get off at a stop in the heart of town. As we walked out the the subway world my first sight was of the massive intersection and the greyness of the buildings.

We had no idea where we would be staying so we decided to go straight to the travellers trustiest WiFi resource, Macca’s! We ended up meeting an ex-pat American who had relocated his family to Moscow so he can teach English, the loved the lifestyle.

He introduced himself having heard us bantering in English, something that’s not very common he said. After a few recommendations from him we decided to head to Bear hostel .

We struggled to find the hostel having found the building it was supposedly in. Unlike the western world, branding is very minimal and throughout Russia and eastern Europe. Finding hostels wasn’t ever easy.

Once we arrived, all was well. It wasn’t the most social of places but adequate for our needs and is a good balance between price and location for the backpackers on a budget.

I Didn’t Enjoy St. Petersburg

After enjoying Moscow, hopes were high for St. Petersburg. Yet, I just didn’t really enjoy it. I think it was simply because there’s so many people in the city which made it impossible to walk in a straight line down the pavement. It’s wasn’t that bad I guess. FABERGE MUSEUM! Moscow simply was my preferred city of the two.

Is It Safe To Visit Russia?

With all of the ISIS related drama going on, Russia has been in the headlines for various aspects of the role they are playing in the ordeal (I’m no expert on the place). Unlike other countries however, there isn’t much in the way of terrorism happening in Moscow, or the rest of Russia. I’m not sure why but it is what it is and no one seems to be saying ‘don’t visit Russia’.

The way I see it? The world is a massive place. Moscow’s population is over 10,000,000. It would be a rather unfortunate sequence of events to take place for you to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I had a bunch of calculations written out but deleted them, fail. I really hope terrorism stops completely but that’s wishful thinking right now.

So is travelling to Moscow safe? YES! There are so many Attractions in Moscow, you’ll find something you love. If you have been, let me know what your highlights were.


moscow attractions

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    Attractions In Moscow And The Mystery Yellow Dress. After an intense 67 hour train ride we finally arrived in Moscow. I didn't know much about Moscow, I'd heard of the Kremlin, Lenin and the Red Square (the last of which I'd heard of a couples week prior to arrival). The plan was to spend four days or so visiting the attractions in Moscow.