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Kirsten Neuschafer wins 2022 Golden Globe Race and makes history

  • Katy Stickland
  • April 27, 2023

Kirsten Neuschafer has become the first woman to win a solo, round the world yacht race after winning the 2022 Golden Globe Race

Kirsten Neuschafer made it very clear from the start that she was aiming to win the 2022 Golden Globe Race . And now the South African skipper has achieved her goal, and made history in the process.

After just over 235 days at sea, the sailor crossed the finish line off Les Sables d’Olonne in France at 9pm CEST on 27 April 2023 and became the first woman to win a solo, round the world yacht race.

After a painfully slow final few miles as she ghosted towards the finish, Neuschafer actually crossed the finish line around 10 hours behind competitor, Simon Curwen, but a previous stop for repairs for the British sailor had already relegated him to the Chichester class (for those who make a single landfall).

No wind, meant it took hours for Kirsten Neuschafer to sail the Minnehaha over the finish line. Credit: Katy Stickland

No wind, meant it took hours for Kirsten Neuschafer to sail the Minnehaha over the finish line. Credit: Katy Stickland

Second-time Golden Globe Race competitor, Abhilash Tomy will be the next boat across the finish line, lying some 100nm astern of Neuschafer. That these three will finish within the space of a couple of days after 235 days at sea speaks to the high level of competition between these front runners.

Tired but jubilant, the focussed 39-year-old, who throughout much of the race had no idea she was leading, celebrated a hard-fought victory. Her Cape George 36 cutter, Minnehaha was then towed up the channel to the pontoon as thousands of people cheered and applauded her incredible achievement.

Among them were 2022 Golden Globe Race skippers Ian Herbert-Jones, who had just arrived from Cape Town, having been rescued from his dismasted boat just weeks before, and French sailor Damien Guillou , whose race ended after windvane steering failure on approach to Cape Town.

‘I feel very emotional and honoured,’ said Neuschafer after finishing the race. ‘I am never going to forget the welcome. I want to thank my fellow skippers as without them, there would have been no race. Simon was very difficult as he was always in front of me and I knew Abhilash was close, and this encouraged me to navigate as quickly as possible.’

Kirsten Neuschafer - the winner of the 2022 Golden Globe Race and the first woman to win a solo round the world yacht race. Credit: Katy Stickland

Kirsten Neuschafer – the winner of the 2022 Golden Globe Race and the first woman to win a solo round the world yacht race. Credit: Katy Stickland

1997 Vendée Globe veteran Catherine Chabaud, the first female sailor to race solo non stop around the world without assistance, and the winner of the 2018 Golden Globe Race, Jean-Luc van den Heede, were there to greet Neuschafer as she stepped off her boat after nearly 8 months at sea.

Her official finishing time was 233 days, 20 hours, 43 minutes and 47 seconds. This takes into account the 35 hour time compensation and 30 litre fuel allowance given to her following her role in the rescue of fellow race skipper, Tapio Lehtinen,

Neuschafer said she was driven to keep going, even in calms and the doldrums on the way up the Atlantic, where she regularly went swimming to deal with the frustration.

‘I never thought I would give up; there was no reason to think this as I had full confidence in the boat. I never doubted I would get to the finish line.’

Catherine Chabaud, the first female sailor to race solo non stop around the world without assistance was there to greet Kirsten Neuschafter on. her arrival. Credit: Katy Stickland

Catherine Chabaud, the first female sailor to race solo non stop around the world without assistance was there to greet Kirsten Neuschafter on. her arrival. Credit: Katy Stickland

Throughout the 2022 Golden Globe Race , Kirsten Neuschafer has fought to be at the front of the fleet, her ambition to win driving her more than many of the other entrants.

She deliberately chose a boat that she believed could win the race and survive the Southern Ocean.

Speaking to Yachting Monthly from Prince Edward Island, where she was refitting the boat, she said: ‘From the outset it wasn’t a question of taking any boat that was available and in my price range; it was to choose a boat that I believe can win and can survive the Southern Ocean , and then get that boat at any cost, no matter how much work.’

Kirsten Nesuschafer up a mast

Kirsten Neuschafer in the lead, in early March 2023. Credit: Kirsten Neuschafer/GGR 2022

Her choice of the Cape George 36 paid off. Minnehaha has the longest LWL in the fleet, and with a generous cutter rigged 806sq ft sail plan, the boat achieved slightly higher speeds than her counterparts.

As a result, she holds the 2022 Golden Globe Race records for the best 4 hour speed average (9.80 knots), best 24 hour distance (218.9nm) and best 7 day distance (1,216.2nm).

The boat’s performance was evident after her average start in the race, but she constantly pushed, choosing to hand steer the boat rather than just rely on her Hydrovane windvane steering to make up for lost ground. Her disappointment coming 6th through the first race gate at Lanzarote was evident, but her motivation was stronger.

Kirsten Neuschafer is preparing her Cape George Cutter, CG36 Minnehaha on Prince Edward Island.

Kirsten Neuschafer prepared Minnehaha on Prince Edward Island. Credit: Patricia Richard

Having exited the Bay of Biscay in 10th place, she was soon climbing the leader board. Coming down the Atlantic, she chose a more coastal route to keep the island of Trinidade to port; a strategy to make the most of the current and receive weather information via her weather fax so she could identify the location of the South Atlantic High.

She took the longer, southern route with a more comfortable point of sail to reach the race’s second gate at Cape Town; a strategy that paid off when she was second through the gate behind the then race leader Simon Curwen .

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Sailor Kirsten Neuschafe up her mast with Table Mountain in the background

Kirsten Neuschafer: Golden Globe Race 2022 skipper

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Kirsten Neuschafer wearing sunglasses while helming her boat which has a white hull

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By this time, Curwen was extending his lead as he began crossing the Indian Ocean. Days after leaving Cape Town, Kirsten Neuschafer diverted from her race route to rescue fellow entrant Tapio Lehtinen, after his Gaia 36, Asteria sank around 450 miles south east of South Africa.

At the time, Neuschafer was 105 miles from Lehtinen’s position; she hand steered through the night, posting speeds of 7 knots to reach him the following morning. Once safely onboard, they waited for the arrival of the Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier Darya Gayatri , which would take Lehtinen to port.

Kirsten Neuschafer and Tapio Lehtinen share rum after rescuing the Finnish skipper from his liferaft. Credit: Kirsten Nesuchafer/GGR 2022

Kirsten Neuschafer and Tapio Lehtinen share rum after the rescue of the Finnish skipper from his liferaft. Credit: Kirsten Nesuchafer/GGR 2022

Neuschafer was awarded a 35 hour time compensation and a 30 litre fuel allowance by the Golden Globe Race organisers.

Back in race mode, she pushed hard across the Indian Ocean, gaining 500 miles on Curwen and arrived just 29.5 hours behind him in Hobart. She briefly took first place when passing through Tasmania but then became trapped in no wind zones around New Zealand for several days.

This allowed Curwen to extend his lead by 900 miles; by this time, he was also sailing in a different weather system to Neuschafer and her nearest rival, Abhilash Tomy .

Neuschafer and Tomy swapped second and third place positions across the South Pacific, Neuschafer often frustrated by the calms, and her inability to find the better wind, which was often in the race’s Pacific exclusion zone.

She dived for 8 hours to remove the barnacles from the boat’s hull to improve her speed.

Kirsten Neuschafer/

Kirsten Neuschafer/ rounded Cape Horn on Day 164 of the race. Credit: Kirsten Neuschafer/GGR 2022

Curwen, who had a 1,200 mile lead, then reported the failure of his Hydrovane self-steering gear , which forced him to make a 1,000 mile detour to Chile to make repairs; this also put him in the Chichester Class for entrants who make one stop.

This meant both Neuschafer and Tomy were back in the race for first place.

After 150 days of racing, Neuschafer took the lead and was the first to round Cape Horn on 15 February 2023.

But her routing decision up the Atlantic allowed Tomy to make gains in his Rustler 36, Bayanat , despite battling problems with his Wind Pilot windvane steering, his rig, rigging, and having to hand-stitch his mainsail after it ripped in two.

It has been a frustrating week for Kirsten Neuschafer as she makes her way towards the equator

Kirsten Neuschafer took a more easterly route up the Atlantic. Credit: Kirsten Neuschäfer/GGR2022

Unlike Tomy, who stayed close to the rhumb line, Kirsten Neuschafer, who was sailing more conservatively due to a bend in Minehaha’s bowsprit, decided to take a more easterly route.

At the time she said: ‘I read up in  Ocean Passages for the World what is the best route for this time of year and the route is to pass 80 miles south of the Falklands and make for a point to the east of 35°S and 30°W at this time of year, and this is what I’ve been doing. I don’t know if it was a good idea to follow the suggestions or not.’

Doubting her easterly route, she took a more northerly route; it was a decision which would prove incredibly frustrating for Kirsten Neuschafer, who sailed through more light winds than any other 2022 Golden Globe Race sailor while sailing up the Atlantic, and meant she crossed a very wide doldrums.

This allowed both Tomy and Curwen to make gains on her position before Curwen in his Biscay 36, Clara , took the lead and become the first of the 2022 Golden Globe Race fleet to cross the finish line.

Positions of the Golden Globe Race 2022 skippers on 27 April 2022 at 2100 CEST

Kirsten Neuschafer, (South Africa), Cape George 36 cutter, Minnehaha – FINISHED 1st Abhilash Tomy , (India), Rustler 36, Bayanat – 100nm to the finish Michael Guggenberger , (Austria), Biscay 36, Nuri – 1800nm to the finish

Chichester Class:

Simon Curwen , (UK), Biscay 36, Clara – FINISHED 1st (Chichester Class) Jeremy Bagshaw , (South Africa), OE32, Olleanna – 2600nm to the finish

Edward Walentynowicz , (Canada), Rustler 36, Noah’s Jest Guy deBoer , (USA), Tashiba 36, Spirit Mark Sinclair (Australia), Lello 34, Coconut Pat Lawless , (Ireland), Saltram Saga 36 , Green Rebel Damien Guillou , (France), Rustler 36, PRB Ertan Beskardes , (UK), Rustler 36, Lazy Otter Tapio Lehtinen , (Finland), Gaia 36, Asteria Arnaud Gaist , (France), Barbican 33 Mk 2, Hermes Phoning Elliot Smith ,  (USA), Gale Force 34, Second Wind Guy Waites (UK), Tradewind 35, Sagarmatha Ian Herbert-Jones (UK), Tradewind 35, Puffin

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Over 3000 videos can be found on our YouTube channel where we present our Live Stream from each race event, the best of our Onboard footage, TV coverage and other interesting videos that show the incredible speed, beauty and violence of Unlimited Hydroplane racing. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the H1 Unlimited channel to be notified whenever we add footage, and please share with friends!

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Guntersville lake hydrofest: june 29-30, madison regatta: july 5-7, tri-cities columbia cup: july 26-28, seafair cup: august 2-4, detroit apba gold cup: august 23-25, san diego bayfair: september 13-15, h1 unlimited video library.

The H1 Unlimited YouTube channel has over 3900 videos, including thousands of Onboard Videos, hundreds of live event videos and dozens of compilations from our exciting races!

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The Unlimiteds are powered by turbine-engines that produce around 3,000 horsepower and World War 2-era Allison V-12’s that kick out around 2,500 horsepower – allowing our drivers to reach speeds of nearly 200 mph and producing a massive 60-foot tall, 300-foot long wall of water called a “roostertail” behind them. With very few restrictions, these majestic hydroplanes race in front of shorelines packed with fans on bodies of water throughout the United States.

Follow the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series in 2024:

The season kicks off June 29-30 in Guntersville, Alabama, home of the Guntersville Lake Hydrofest . We will return to this ultra-fast course layout where the third-fastest lap of all time was set in 2023!

From there, the boats head to Madison, Indiana, home of the only community-owned hydroplanes on the circuit for the Madison Regatta on the Ohio River July 5-7.

The next stop is the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington July 26-28 for the Columbia Cup and a sunbaked weekend on one of the super speedways of the series – look for speeds topping 200 mph.

Seattle’s Seafair is next up on August 2-4. As the home race for most of the Unlimited teams, Seattle is the one everyone wants to win!

The race for the APBA Gold Cup in Detroit is back on our schedule August 23-25! Watch our Unlimiteds on the most spectacular course we race on – the Roostertail Turn has to be seen to be believed!

We’re back to San Diego after a year away on September 13-15. Beautiful Mission Bay never fails to provide the perfect backdrop for our fast boats.

If you haven’t experienced H1Unlimited hydroplane racing in person, choose an event, get down to the shore and see what makes this “the most spectacular sport on the water.”

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What is Yacht Racing? (Here’s All You Need To Know)

yacht racing youtube

Have you ever watched a yacht race, with its colorful sails gliding across the water in a graceful dance? Have you ever wondered what it takes to participate in yacht racing? This article will take you through all you need to know about yacht racing, from the different types of yachts and races, to sailing clubs and regattas, technical knowledge and skills, safety, and the benefits of yacht racing.

We’ll also explore some of the most popular events and races.

So whether you’re an avid sailor or just curious about this exciting sport, you’ll find all the information you need here.

Table of Contents

Short Answer

Yacht racing is a competitive sport and recreational activity involving sailing yachts .

It is most popular in areas with strong maritime cultures, such as the UK, US and Australia.

Races typically involve a course that boats must follow, which can vary in length depending on the type of race.

Competitors often use advanced sailboat designs, and use tactics and strategy to try to outmaneuver their opponents in order to be the first to cross the finish line.

Types of Yachts Used in Racing

Yacht racing can be done with a wide variety of boats, from dinghies and keelboats to multihulls and offshore racing boats.

Dinghies are small, lightweight boats with a single sail and are often used in competitive racing.

Keelboats, on the other hand, are larger and heavier boats with a fixed keel and two or more sails.

Multihulls, like the popular catamaran, are boats with two or more hulls and are designed with speed and agility in mind.

Finally, offshore racing boats are designed for long-distance racing and are typically larger and more powerful than other types of yachts.

No matter what type of yacht you choose to race, they will all have common features that make them suitable for racing.

All yachts must have a mast, sails, hull and rigging, and will usually feature a deck, compass, and navigation equipment.

Additionally, racing yachts are often fitted with safety features such as life jackets, flares, and emergency radios.

Each type of yacht has its own unique characteristics, and some are better suited for certain types of racing than others.

For example, dinghies are better suited for short-course racing, while offshore racing boats are better for long-distance racing.

Additionally, keelboats and multihulls are often used for more challenging types of racing, such as distance racing or match racing.

No matter what type of yacht you choose for racing, it is important to remember that safety should always be your first priority.

Be sure to check the weather conditions before heading out and make sure that you have the proper safety equipment on board.

Additionally, it is important to get professional instruction or join a sailing club to ensure you have the necessary skills to race safely and enjoyably.

Types of Races

yacht racing youtube

Yacht racing events can take place in a wide variety of forms and formats, from long-distance ocean racing to short-course inshore racing in protected bays and estuaries.

Each type of race requires different skills and equipment, and the type of race you choose to participate in will depend on your sailing experience, budget and the type of boat you have.

Long-distance ocean racing is a popular form of yacht racing, with races often taking place over several days and often involving multiple stages.

These races often have several classes of boat competing, with each boat competing in its own class.

These races may involve sailing around a set course or route, or they may be point-to-point races, where the boats sail from one point to another.

Inshore racing is the most common form of yacht racing, with races typically taking place over a few hours or a single day.

This type of racing is often conducted in protected waters, such as bays and estuaries, and generally involves shorter course lengths than ocean racing.

Inshore races may involve multiple classes of boat, or they may be one-design classes, where all boats are the same model and size.

Multi-hull racing is another popular type of yacht racing and involves boats with two or more hulls.

These boats are generally faster and more agile than monohulls, and races are often held over a short course.

These races can be highly competitive, with teams of experienced sailors vying for position and race victory.

Offshore racing is similar to ocean racing, but often involves much longer distances and more challenging conditions.

Races may take place over several days and multiple stages, and require a high level of experience and skill.

Offshore racing boats are usually specially designed for speed and agility, and may have multiple crew members on board to help manage the boat in challenging conditions.

Sailing Clubs and Regattas

Yacht racing is a popular sport around the world, with sailing clubs and regattas held in many countries.

Sailing clubs are organizations where members can come together to race, learn, and enjoy their shared passion for the sport.

Membership in a sailing club usually includes access to the clubs facilities, equipment, and training classes.

Regattas are large-scale yacht racing events, often hosted by a sailing club.

The regatta can be organized for any type of boat, from dinghys to offshore racing boats, and the races can be held over a series of days.

The goal of the regatta is to crown the winner of the overall race, or the individual class honours.

Sailing clubs and regattas are a great way for sailors of all levels to come together and compete.

They give sailors an opportunity to hone their skills, network, and make friends with other passionate sailors.

Additionally, these events are often open to the public, so they give the general public a chance to see the amazing spectacle of yacht racing up close.

If youre looking for an exciting and fun way to get involved with sailing, look no further than your local sailing club or regatta.

Technical Knowledge and Skills

yacht racing youtube

Yacht racing is a sport that requires a great deal of technical knowledge and skill.

Competitors must be familiar with the physics and dynamics of sailing, including how to read the wind and manipulate their vessel to maximize speed and maneuverability.

They must also be able to understand the principles of navigation, so they can accurately plot a course and adjust it to take advantage of the prevailing wind and current conditions.

Furthermore, competitors must be able to read the weather and use that information to their advantage in the race.

Finally, competitors need to have a good understanding of the rules of the race and how to adhere to them.

Yacht racing is a complex sport with a steep learning curve, and it requires a great deal of experience and practice to master.

Safety is a key element of yacht racing, as it involves operating large vessels in often unpredictable and hazardous conditions.

All racers must be properly equipped with the appropriate safety gear, such as life jackets, flares, and a first aid kit.

It is also essential that all racers are familiar with the rules of the race, and have a good understanding of the safety protocols that must be followed in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

All yacht racing events must be properly insured, and there are often medical personnel on standby in case of an emergency.

Before any race, all participants must sign a waiver declaring that they understand the risks involved and accept responsibility for their own safety.

Benefits of Yacht Racing

yacht racing youtube

Yacht racing is a great way to challenge yourself and take part in a thrilling sport.

It offers numerous benefits to those that participate, from improved physical health and mental well-being to an opportunity to travel and explore new places.

Whether youre a beginner or an experienced sailor, yacht racing provides an exciting and rewarding experience.

One of the main benefits of yacht racing is its impact on physical health.

It requires a great deal of strength and endurance, as the sailors must use their arms and legs to control the boats sails and rudder.

Its also a great way to get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular health.

Additionally, sailing is a low-impact sport, meaning theres less risk of injury than other more strenuous activities like running or cycling.

Yacht racing also has many mental benefits.

Its a great way to relax and take in the beauty of the ocean, as well as the camaraderie and excitement of competing in a team.

Additionally, it gives sailors the opportunity to put their problem-solving skills to the test, as they must think quickly and strategize in order to succeed.

Yacht racing also requires quick decision-making, which can help to improve mental acuity and develop a more acute awareness of ones surroundings.

Finally, yacht racing is a great way to explore new places and meet new people.

Races often take place in different locations around the world, meaning sailors can get a glimpse into different cultures and explore new destinations.

Additionally, yacht racing provides an opportunity to socialize with other sailors, as well as make connections in the sailing community.

Overall, yacht racing is a great way to challenge yourself and reap the numerous physical, mental, and social benefits that come with it.

With its exciting races and stunning locations, its no wonder that yacht racing has become a popular sport around the world.

Popular Events and Races

Yacht racing is an exciting and popular sport with events and races held all over the world.

From the world-famous Americas Cup to local regattas, there are races and events of all sizes and skill levels.

The Americas Cup is the oldest and most prestigious yacht race in the world, with the first race held in 1851.

Held every 3-4 years in a different location, the Americas Cup pits the worlds best sailors against each other in a battle of boat speed, tactics and teamwork.

The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is another major race, held annually in Australia.

The race begins in Sydney Harbour and ends in the port of Hobart, Tasmania and is known for its unpredictable and challenging conditions.

The Whitbread Round the World Race (now known as The Volvo Ocean Race) is a grueling nine-month, round-the-world yacht race.

This race is one of the most challenging and dangerous races in the world.

In addition to these larger races, there are many smaller local and national regattas and races that offer an opportunity for sailors of all skill levels to compete.

From small dinghy races to larger keelboat and offshore racing events, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in yacht racing.

Yacht racing is a fun, competitive and rewarding sport and with so many events and races available, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Whether you are a competitive sailor or just looking to have some fun on the water, yacht racing is the perfect sport for you.

Final Thoughts

Yacht racing is an exciting and challenging sport that is enjoyed by many around the world.

With a variety of yacht types, races and events to choose from, there is something for everyone.

To get started, it is important to have a good understanding of the technical skills and knowledge needed, as well as the safety protocols associated with the sport.

With the right preparation and dedication, yacht racing can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

If you’re interested in taking up this exciting sport, make sure you check out your local sailing clubs and regattas to find out what’s on offer.

James Frami

At the age of 15, he and four other friends from his neighborhood constructed their first boat. He has been sailing for almost 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge that he wants to share with others.

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Explore the world of boat building through videos on craftsmen, their tools and techniques. Browse through the yards – peak through the heavy doors of many workshops where traditional boat building skills are being kept alive. Learn boat building skills online, find out about traditional rigging and sail making through these videos.

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As part of CYTV's ongoing boat building video session series, the latest walks you through how to hang a hinge – ideal for joinery jobs on your classic boat.

A Void In the Workshop

Collars , the spar maker, has just completed a significant repair on the rig of the Laurent Giles designed Bermudan cutter ‘CETEWAYO’, in time for this season’s racing. Here, Jeremy Freeland describes the feeling when it finally returns to the boat and the care of the owner.

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The first in a series of features showcasing emerging figures in the classic boat world, people who share a passion for classics and lend their professional skills to our community. Watch this film 'Timber to Tide' on Ben Harris, a boat builder based in Gweek, Cornwall.

Wivenhoe One Design: A Dinghy Class Revival

The WOD's or 'Wivenhoe One Designs' were originally launched in 1935 as a local boat to race on the river Colne, near Colchester. Nineteen were launched and now sixteen survive…..

Making Mast Hoops

Classic Yacht TV visited TS Rigging in Maldon, to find out and watch the process Ken goes through to steam and bend the wood used to make mast hoops  

Our Boy - the launch

Toby Slater left the city of London in 2006 to refit his father’s love affair - formerly known as ‘Regard’ - a Brixham Trawler Yacht. The refit turned into rebuild. He learnt boat building on the job with the help of Rick Cardy's watchful eye, a local shipwright whose skills stem from Thames Barges and alike.


'Tarifa' as a project was instigated by Alex Laird’s labour of love 'Partridge', a J. Beavor-Webb designed Victorian gaff cutter built in 1885 by Camper & Nicholson and mostly influenced by Greg Powlesland's restoration of 'Collinette'… Tarifa's interior sets a standard…

Kelpie of Falmouth Part II

Following on from CYTV’s previous film, again showing progress made to date, it is evident that Kelpie of Falmouth is being careful fitted out. It shows the techniques and quality of craftsmanship going into the work to ensure a very high quality, sympathetic rebuild.

Dutch Barge Conversion

Ever wondered what living on a dutch barge would look like?

Take a look at this amazingly modern and sleek dutch barge conversion is this video...

Kelpie of Falmouth Part 1

Captain of the Herreshoff schooner Mariette, Charlie Wroe recently embarked on a mission to find “a suitable racing tender” for his owner's big boat. This film shows you what they acquired and charts the first in an ongoing series on how they restored the yacht.

A Day In The Loft

This film is an insight into the traditional techniques used by James Lawrence Sails, a sail makers that started business at the end of the 'working sail' era. They're seen here repairing a mainsail of 2,906.2 sq foot for a 130 foot classic yacht.

Rigging the Cutty Sark

The story of a humble boatyard's most intense job to date – re-rigging the Cutty Sark. Jim Dines of Heritage Marine and TS Rigging reconditioned and made up 2.5 km of wire standing rigging, 14km rope for running rigging, 400 wooden blocks, 700 shackles, 41 spars, 9 mast sections, 17 yards, including one as spare for the Cutty Sark.  


Boat building sessions brings you skills, techniques and advice from experts that specialise in classic restoration – Suffolk Yacht Harbour . These short how-to videos can be seen on CYTV's youtube channel or below.

yacht racing youtube

Prevent standing water in between the timber frames of your hull by learning to correctly apply pitch (marine glue) with this simple 'how to' film.

Watch classic boat joinery experts fit new wooden cockpit seats to this stunning 1960s Kim Holman day racer at Suffolk Yacht Harbour .

Do you know a rebate plane from a wood jack plane? Find out the difference between the various planes used in classic boat restoration in this new film. Suffolk Yacht Harbour specialises in classic boat restoration.

A good boat builder never blames their tools, discover the correct way to sharpen your chisel in Suffolk Yacht Harbour's new step by step film.

Learn how to strip a wooden hull and achieve the perfect smooth finish with this step by step boat building guide. Suffolk Yacht Harbour specialises in classic boat restoration.

Do you struggle with varnishing? Watch Suffolk Yacht Harbour's latest boat building film for top tips and a step by step guide to achieving the perfect finish. Suffolk Yacht Harbour specialises in classic boat restoration.

Suffolk Yacht Harbour (UK) shows how to repair a plank on a wooden boat by fitting graving pieces to the planking. Robert, one of Suffolk Yacht Harbour's boat builders, carefully fits a graving piece to the damaged area of the planking to rout out an exact template of a piece of wood to fit the planking.


From gaff cutters, schooners to fin and skeg classic off-shore racing yachts of the 1950's or, modern classics: Explore the minds of yacht designers from Nathanael G. Herreshoff, German Frers, Uffa Fox, G.U. Laws among many more on Classic Yacht TV.

Racing with the Competition

Get to know the hottest competition on the med circuit in this film. Classic Yacht TV gives you a race on board the highly competitive 'Chinook'. This is rare opportunity to see how the boat is raced, what the crew's jobs are on the boat and how the perfect their manouvres in racing. In addition we bring you interviews from the team that headed up the restoration in Tunisia...

Huff of Arklow - Uffa Fox

She's a radical looking boat, designed in the 1950's by Uffa Fox who was developing yachts in relation to Flying Fifteen's (One Design Class). Seen here through archive footage of her build and in the most recent of her restorations....

Shaped By The Sea – Part II

James Dodds’ paintings strike the eye with lines true to his focus on particular boats and the seas they once knew. His pitch dark backgrounds, surfaces, and colours are alike to layers of tar and tallow, marine paint and rust. Part II explores how he achieves his particular colours and, his relationship with local boatbuilders.  

Shaped By The Sea – Part I

James explores the design of vessels and celebrates the work of the boat builder and craftsman who make them. From a Shetland Fourern boat, a Viking shaped long and thin form to a square, bold, Hastings beach boat. Dodds' paintings are an assembly of observations on the variations in shape and why boats have been crafted in such a way to serve the nation in the maritime industry.

Sailing on the Clyde

The Mylne Yacht Design archive, which is one of the most complete in the world, comes alive in this film. Here, yacht designer Alfred Mylne is remembered through archive footage of yachts sailing and racing off the west coast of Scotland, around the Isle of Bute and on the River Clyde.


Windward marks, hoists of spinnakers and protests galore make this selection of films on racing classic yachts a must watch. From videos taking you on board  the most successful boat on the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge circuit in 2015 to the humble – sometimes wet – rides on one designs, CYTV brings you full throttle action in racing!

8 Metre Worlds Hankø

The 8mR Worlds event in Hankø looks great! Dinner with the King of Norway was on Saturday evening, the location and conditions look stimulating and so do the analytics provided by the race organisers – the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club and the Hankø Yacht Club. Get the daily de-brief here.

Rig checks and maintenance - essential reading for classic yacht sailing and racing

CYTV talks to professional rigger Chuck Demangeat about rig failures on board classic yachts and the things you can do to prevent breaking your rig. 

Scandinavia invites you sailing...

The Baltic Classic Master Cup 2017 will be a circuit again with four international regattas in Sweden and Finland, two in each country. Watch this video to see what it's like.

	 Spetses Classic Yacht Race

Lateens, Aegean schooners and work boats are seen here racing alongside classic yachts in Greece's newest regatta - Spetses Classic Yacht Race

Kelpie of Falmouth - The Racing Tender

The schooner 'Mariette' debuts her newly restored racing tender, “Kelpie of Falmouth” in Cornish waters at the 2014 Pendennis Cup. Watch her sailing in this film - an exclusive look at what's she's like before she starts her season racing the med this week.

Jim Thom Part II

Jim Thom reflects on nine years of nurturing and forming a highly acclaimed crew on board the 19 Metre Class designed yacht 'Mariquita' as he stands down as captain and passes the honour on to George Newman.

Jim Thom Part I

Classic Yacht brings you exclusive footage and interviews in a two-part series on two classic yachts deemed to be at the very top of their pedigree world-wide. Part 1 features racing between 'Altair' and 'Mariquita' as they compete privately for the 'Club 55 Challenge Cup'.

Sailing Mariette

Being the 'Mate' on a topsail schooner is a busy job – we find out exactly what it's like in this video of Herreshoff schooner 'Mariette of 1915' with their Mate, Roy Kum.

Sail to the wildlife

Off the coast of Tenerife Bessie Ellen sails alongside pilot whales, to the surprise of a guest who awoke to hear the commotion.

Days (and nights) spent at sea

What happens offshore on board a tall ship like Bessie Ellen? Here's what one guest had to say while sailing from Lisbon to Madeira. Check out what CYTV caught on camera while at sea...

Working on tall ship

It's only when you sail a tall ship that you really understand their history in context of how people 'worked' them as we hear from on board Bessie Ellen.

Sights and sounds of being at sea

Being at sea can be cleansing. It's not just sights and sounds, but the movement of the boat that has a rhythm – it's 'therapy at sea' as we hear from a guest on board Bessie Ellen.

Night watch on board Bessie Ellen

Night watches have a magical feel to them – the experience of isolation, an escape from the digital and fast-paced world we exist in, as we hear from on board Bessie Ellen.

A Faithful Freddie For Sale

This binnacle was designed to be used on a submarine bridge at the surface. It was small enough to pass down through the hatch when submerging. It's for sale – read more about it here.

Crowhurst movie trailer

In 1968 Sir Robin Knox-Johnston became the first yachtsman to solo non-stop circumnavigate in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race. It was also in that same race, one competitor Donald Crowhurst lost his mind and was lost at sea. THE MERCY (2018) is a film telling the story of Crowhurst's fate. Here's the trailer...

Review – DUNKIRK film (2017)

Everyone's talking about it; the newly released Christopher Nolan film that attempts to chronicle the evacuation of 330,000 men off the beaches and the harbour of DUNKIRK . Featuring MTB102, the white foam on the beaches and the 1958 version of the film to be screened this September...

Come Eravamo | The Way We Were

Archive footage of family cruising on board ZEPHYR during the early 1970's, she's for sale with Sandeman Yacht Company.

What Lies Beneath – Marine Art

Imagine a very cold and extrememly dark environment, underwater and deep below the favourable heights of our atmosphere and then imagine having a camera to capture that unfamiliar world. That's Alexander Semenov's life as head of the....

Long days at sea BE0.jpg

Cruising on a classic boat provides a kind of medicine for the soul and, when all the elements are in favour cruising can make for irreplaceable holiday experiences - forever etched in one's memory. In these videos, from Prince Rainier III & Grace Kelly's honeymoon on board the MOONBEAM IV to handy recipes for your summer cruise to Brittany, you’ll be inspired to get underway.

Learning on charter

A crew member on board Bessie Ellen talks to CYTV about learning how to navigate. How she feels a sense of belonging at sea, in a small community while offshore – blue water cruising.

Landfall in Madeira

A first time in the Atlantic Ocean – offshore and in blue waters, sailing. One guest on board Bessie Ellen gives her impressions of 'space', sea sickness and what reaching landfall is like.

Cruising on Moonbeam IV in Cannes

An enchanting clip of the great Fife designed yacht, Moonbeam IV cruising off the coast of the French Riviera. Classic Yacht TV caught up with the Captain of Moonbeam IV, here you'll find our Q+A on his life with one of the most stunning classics in existence.

Cooking Onboard II

Cooking Orange and Almond cake under sail, on board Bessie Ellen.

Bessie Ellen's owner Nikki Alford gives Classic Yacht TV a lesson in baking while at sea - as you will be able to tell! Using a recipe from the Polpo restaurants in London, this Orange and Almond cake is now a firm favourite for those who sail the Bessie Ellen, a west country trading ketch that charters around Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe.

Behind The Light

A short documentary exploring the lost way of life of British lighthouse keepers.

As our world is increasingly automated, this isolated occupation has quietly disappeared from our coastlines, and this film records the stories of remarkable human nature before they too, disappear.


Boats of today, classics of the future.

The defining era of a classic boat is much debated. As creations of ‘neo-classics’ and spirit of tradition yachts are regularly launched this section of Classic Yacht TV will celebrate boats of today and declare some as classics of the future.

12 Metre Charters

From a 70 year old modern-day pirate to a boat builder who remembers the Champagne on the hull of a cutter launched in 1937, Classic Yacht TV covers an array of characters which we think you might enjoy.

Ray: A Life Underwater

The story of a life-long diver and his treasures.

Like a modern-day pirate, 75-year-old Ray Ives has been scouring the seabed for treasure his whole life. The former commercial diver has plundered the deep for over fifty years, bringing to the surface anything that glittered -- even gold.


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SailGP Chicago 2022 Photo Credit Christy McFerren

7 Global Sailing Races to Follow

By: Zeke Quezada, ASA Destinations , Event , Inside Sailing , Sailing Fun

As American Sailing evolves our curriculum to offer more racing options through North U, I am attempting to learn more about sailboat racing. If you are following along with my journey to become a racer, you know that I am a neophyte when it comes to racing. I am a cruiser. I am a self-described “lazy sailor” that does not focus on trimming my sails and instead works on not dropping my chips and salsa while sailing.

You can get an idea of my journey in my last two pieces on sailing and racing:



I plan to find out more about the serious and not-so-serious side of sailboat racing. Many people, even non-sailors, know what the America’s Cup is, and may have even turned on a sports network to catch a SailGP race. But there is far more to sailing races than those two.

Here’s an overview of seven of the big races, regattas, and race series that occur regularly around the world. These are iconic events, both old and new, that shape the world of racing and have inspired sailors for generations to challenge themselves to new heights, both on and off the water.

Cowes Week is one of the oldest and most prestigious sailing regattas in the world, held every August in the Solent waters off Cowes, UK. The event has been around since 1826, and it’s known for attracting some of the best sailors from around the globe. It’s the largest sailing regatta of its kind in the world, with up to 1,000 boats and 8,000 competitors taking part in the 40 daily sailing races.

Whether you’re an Olympic or world-class pro, or just a weekend sailor, Cowes Week is an event that has something for everyone. And even if you’re not into sailing, the regatta is still a spectacle to behold – with stunning views of the coastline and plenty of festivities both on and off the water. 

Once you discover the allure of racing it appears that Cowes Week might be worthy of a sailing vacation that includes either participating in a race or just being involved as a spectator. I am not there yet, but it could happen.

Next Race Date: July 29 – Aug 4, 2023 Cowes Week Website

The Ocean Race

I do know about The Ocean Race only because prior to the new owner taking over, it was the Volvo Ocean Race for twenty years and that is how they got me to buy a Volvo. I walked into the dealership and saw some mesmerizing sailboat pictures and I signed the contract and drove away.  I am a sucker.

The Ocean Race is a round-the-world yacht race that occurs every three years. It’s known as one of the most challenging sailing races globally, spanning over 45,000 nautical miles. The race consists of multiple legs and lasts about nine months. The race starts in Europe and ends in Asia or Oceania. The exact route changes with each edition of the race.

Both professional sailors and amateur sailors can participate in this race. The teams are composed of eight sailors, all racing on the same boats. These boats are specially designed to be fast and robust, capable of enduring the tough conditions of the open ocean.

This race used to be known as the Whitbread Round the World Race until it was renamed the Volvo Ocean Race and now is known as The Ocean Race.

Next Race Date: Currently in progress at the time of the post! The Ocean Race Website

America’s Cup 

My first foray into sailing racing was when Dennis Conner won the America’s Cup.  I was a kid watching the news and learned about sailing through this huge event on the vessel, Stars and Stripes. Years later I took a ride on what I was told was the same boat. I was skeptical about the origin of the vessel I was on but that day I learned a lot about how much I loved the idea of sailing. A couple of years later I bought a boat.

The America’s Cup is held every few years on dates agreed between the defender and the challenger. There is no fixed schedule, but the races have generally been held every three to four years. The most recent America’s Cup match took place in March 2021. 

The 37th America’s Cup Official Opening Ceremony will be held in Barcelona on 22 August 2024. The Final Preliminary Event and the Challenger Selection Series will follow, leading up to the America’s Cup Match that will start on 12 October 2024. During 2023/early 2024, there is potential for up to three preliminary events. By June 2023, all the teams will have their base set up and be training in Barcelona.

The competition takes place between teams representing different countries or yacht clubs. The event involves a series of races where high-tech racing yachts, known as America’s Cup Class boats, compete in head-to-head races that test their speed, agility, and teamwork.

The competition dates back to 1851 when a schooner called America won a race around the Isle of Wight. The trophy, now known as the America’s Cup, was donated to the New York Yacht Club and has since become one of the most prestigious prizes in sailing.

Next Race Date: October 12, 2024 The America’s Cup Website

Vendée Globe

If I was a racer I am sure that The Vendée Globe would be the race that would inspire me to go hard into this type of adventure. The Vendée Globe is a single-handed (solo) non-stop yacht race around the world without assistance. It takes place every four years and is an extreme form of sailing.  It is said that more people have been into space than have finished the Vendee Globe. First held in 1989, the race starts and ends in Les Sables-d’Olonne, a small town on the west coast of France, and covers a distance of approximately 45,000 km.

Sailors must navigate their way through some of the most treacherous waters on the planet, including the Southern Ocean and the Cape Horn. Sailors must rely solely on their own skills, knowledge, and experience to complete the race. They face extreme weather conditions, sleep deprivation, and the constant threat of danger as they navigate their way around the world. 

The boats are designed specifically for the event and are some of the most advanced sailing vessels in the world, capable of speeds of up to 30 knots.

Next Race Date: November 10, 2024 The Vend é e Globe Website

St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

I must confess that I had a very nice t-shirt from this regatta that I purchased at the St. Maarten airport. I was leaving the country and realized that I had not bought any souvenirs so I found this shirt in the terminal and wore it like a proud sailboat racer. I was an imposter, I had never even seen any of the race and I did not know it existed.

The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is a massive sailing event that takes place on the island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. It’s actually the biggest regatta in the Caribbean and the largest warm water regatta in the world.

The event attracts top sailors from 37 countries, who compete in a series of races over four days. The competition draws in sailors that are both professionals and passionate amateurs who just love to sail.

Next Race Date: Feb 29 – Mar 3, 2024 St. Maarten Regatta Website

Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac)

If you live and sail in Southern California, you will hear about Transpac. I have heard about it, and I did not realize it was a race. I always figured it was a group of sailors who sailed across the Pacific to Hawaii in a large caravan, like a large flotilla, without any daily stops. I will confess that when I sailed my Catalina 27 five times a week, I had a few fantasies about tagging along in my boat and stopping over in Hawaii with the Transpac crowd. But, unfortunately, I was misguided.

The Transpacific Yacht Race (Transpac) is a biennial offshore yacht race held in odd-numbered years starting off the Pt. Fermin buoy in San Pedro, California, and ending off Diamond Head in Hawaii, a distance of around 2,225 nautical miles (2,560 mi; 4,121 km). It is one of the world’s oldest major ocean races for sailing yachts. The race was first held in 1906 and made a biennial event in 1939 to alternate with the Bermuda Race.

Next Race Date: June 27, 2023 TransPac Website

Now in its 4th season, SailGP is a newer series race held as a competition between nations on identical F50 catamarans. Currently the nations competing include Australia, New Zealand, Emirates Great Britain, France, Canada, Denmark, United States, Switzerland, and Spain. The race is held on weekends in iconic locations around the world modeled in a grand prix format similar to Formula 1 in which points accumulate throughout the season based on winnings from each race and contribute toward a championship. 

The race series has a really great app you can use to follow along and watch live, or on YouTube, and they are doing wonderful work expanding the sport’s impact initiatives through their second championship leaderboard that tracks the positive actions the teams make to reduce their overall carbon footprint and help accelerate inclusivity in sailing. The coverage of this series is great to watch – it has a high production value including live mics on the sailors and post race interviews with the sailors. The commentators do a good job educating the audience as to the basics of sailboat racing as well as explaining the racing rules.

Season 4 Opening Race: June 16-17, 2023 Chicago Sail GP Website

So which race strikes your fancy? Here’s hoping you enjoy some of these and find some new inspiration in your sailing journey!

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The Ultimate Guide to Yacht Racing Rules and Regulations

  • by yachtman
  • September 6, 2023 August 26, 2023

yacht racing youtube

Yacht racing is an exciting sport! It requires skill, accuracy, and knowledge of rules . These regulations guarantee fair play and safety. To really appreciate the activity, you must understand the regulations.

At first, navigating the rules may seem intimidating. But breaking them down into chunks makes it easier. One important point is the hierarchy between boats. It shows which boat should give way in different situations.

It’s also important to know the race signals. They communicate crucial info, such as race starts and course changes. Participants and spectators need to know these.

Stay updated on any rule changes or amendments issued by World Sailing . They refine existing regulations and add new ones to improve the sport. Knowing the latest rules will give you confidence.

Finally, read case studies of past incidents/disputes during yacht races. This way you can learn from mistakes and be ready for unexpected situations.

Understanding the Basic Rules of Yacht Racing

Understanding the Fundamental Regulations of Yacht Racing

Yacht racing involves a set of basic rules and regulations that govern the competition. These rules are essential for ensuring fair play and safety on the water. To help you understand the fundamental regulations of yacht racing, here is a concise 5-step guide:

  • Start Line Procedure: Before the race begins, all yachts must line up at the designated starting line. This line is typically marked by buoys or flags, and competitors must position themselves according to the rules specified by the race committee.
  • Right of Way: Yacht racing follows a set of right-of-way rules that determine which yacht has precedence in certain situations. For example, a yacht on a starboard tack (wind coming from the right side) usually has right of way over a yacht on a port tack (wind coming from the left side).
  • Mark Roundings: Yacht courses often include marks, such as buoys or flags, that competitors must round during the race. The rules specify how yachts should approach and pass these marks to ensure fair competition and prevent collisions.
  • Protests and Penalties: If a competitor believes that another yacht has violated the rules, they can file a protest with the race committee. The committee will then investigate the incident and may impose penalties on the offending yacht if the protest is upheld.
  • Finishing Line: The race concludes at the finishing line, which is typically marked by buoys or flags. Yachts must pass this line in the correct direction and often have to radio or signal their finish time to the race committee.

These steps outline the key elements of understanding the fundamental regulations of yacht racing. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these rules to ensure a safe and fair competition.

Pro Tip: Before participating in a yacht race, take the time to thoroughly study and understand the specific rules and regulations for that event. This will help you navigate the race effectively and avoid unnecessary penalties.

Get ready to navigate through a sea of confusing jargon as we dive into the essential terminology of yacht racing – it’s like learning a new language, but with more wind in your sails.

Essential Terminology in Yacht Racing

Yacht racing requires a unique language to be mastered by all sailors. Knowing these terms is essential for successful communication and cooperation during races.

Check out some of the key vocab words used in yacht racing:

Plus, other crucial terms like “luffing” (sail fluttering due to lack of wind), “tiller” (lever for steering boat) and “hull speed” (maximum speed a boat can reach in water).

Pro Tip: Get to know these essential yacht racing terms to up your enjoyment of this exciting sport!

Key Rules and Regulations for Yacht Racing

Yacht Racing: A Comprehensive Guide to Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations governing yacht racing are crucial for ensuring fair and competitive events. Understanding these guidelines is essential for both participants and organizers to guarantee a level playing field and maintain the integrity of the sport. Below, we have compiled a table highlighting key rules and regulations for yacht racing in an easily accessible format.

Key Rules and Regulations for Yacht Racing:

These rules and regulations provide a framework that allows for fair competition and keeps participants safe. However, it is important to note that each race may have additional guidelines specific to the event or location, and participants should familiarize themselves with these unique details.

One such incident in the world of yacht racing involved a team that, due to a technical malfunction, found themselves adrift just moments after the race had begun. With quick thinking and teamwork, they managed to rectify the issue, rejoin the race, and ultimately finished in an impressive third place. This story illustrates the resilience and determination required in yacht racing, where unforeseen challenges can arise at any moment.

Yacht racing rules and regulations are comprehensive and necessary for maintaining fairness and safety. By adhering to these guidelines and being prepared for unexpected circumstances, participants can fully engage in the thrilling and competitive world of yacht racing.

Navigating through the racing course is like playing chess, except the pieces are yachts and the stakes are higher – imagine the drama when someone accidentally knocks over the queen!

Racing Course and Markings

Ahoy, mateys! Hop on board for a wild race on the high seas! It’s time to learn about the racing course : a carefully crafted area for a thrilling competition . Keep your eyes peeled for the start line – it marks the beginning of the race. Then, look out for the turn marks ; these designated points show where sailors must change direction. Finally, the finish line indicates the end of the race.

If ye want to be the best sailor, ye must understand these course and marking details. It’s essential for a successful yacht racing experience, so don’t miss out! Time to set sail and make your mark in the world of yacht racing.

Right of Way and Collision Avoidance

In yacht racing, we must pay close attention to the right of way and collision avoidance. Following specific rules and regulations is key to ensuring a fair race and preventing accidents.

Let’s look at the key rules related to right of way and collision avoidance in yacht racing:

These rules are just the beginning of the comprehensive regulations. Now, let’s look at a unique detail. In some cases, when two yachts on different tacks approach a mark, they may have equal rights. It’s important for skippers to communicate and coordinate to avoid possible collisions.

To show the importance of following these rules, here’s a story. During a competitive race, two yachts were nearing a turning point. The skipper of one boat did not yield the right of way, which violated rule number 10. Both boats were damaged and their chances of winning were ruined. This serves as a reminder that even small errors can have big consequences in yacht racing.

Starting and Finishing Procedures

Before the yacht race, boats must gather in the starting area. Skippers must steer clear of any collisions or rule-breaking.

Next comes the starting sequence – with flags or sound signals showing the time until the race starts. Skippers must pay close attention to them.

Once the final signal is given, the yachts race across the start line. Skippers must judge their entry properly to get an advantage and stay within the racing rules.

At the end of the race, the finish line is reached. Skippers should navigate and strategize here to cross it fast while following regulations.

Each race may have different start and finish procedures. Participants must read instructions from race organizers to stick to all rules.

The America’s Cup is one of the oldest sailing competitions. It began in 1851 around the Isle of Wight. It’s a big international event now, with teams competing every few years for the trophy.

Safety Guidelines for Yacht Racing

Safety Measures for Yacht Racing

Yacht racing events prioritize the safety of participants to prevent accidents and mishaps. Here are essential safety guidelines for yacht racing:

  • Adhere to proper safety equipment regulations, including life jackets and distress signaling devices.
  • Ensure all crew members are familiar with emergency procedures and know the location of safety equipment on the yacht.
  • Maintain clear communication channels, using appropriate radio frequencies or signals during the race.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain all equipment on board to ensure it is in proper working condition.
  • Monitor weather conditions and take necessary precautions, such as altering course or seeking shelter in case of inclement weather.
  • Adhere to collision-avoidance rules, maintaining a safe distance from other yachts and objects in the water.

It is important to stay up to date with the latest safety guidelines and regulations in the yacht racing community to ensure the well-being of all participants.

Yacht Racing Safety History:

Throughout the history of yacht racing, safety measures have evolved to enhance participant protection. Collaborations with maritime organizations and advances in technology have led to the development of comprehensive safety regulations and equipment. The efforts have significantly reduced the number of accidents and increased the safety of yacht racing as a sport.

Yacht racing may be a high-stakes sport, but remember, not everyone can pull off the bold fashion statement that is a life jacket.

Personal Safety Equipment

To ensure success in yacht races, it’s important to prioritize safety! All sailors should wear a well-fitted life jacket at all times to provide buoyancy aid. Personal locator beacons transmit distress signals if someone falls overboard. A harness with a tether will keep sailors attached to the boat. Protective clothing, such as gloves, boots and waterproof gear, guards against hypothermia and injuries. Reliable communication devices are necessary for crew members to stay in touch. Also, inspect all safety equipment regularly.

To further enhance safety, organizers can do regular safety drills. Employing support vessels is key for immediate response. Establishing clear communication protocols allows for effective coordination. By following these suggestions, yacht racers can reduce risks and maximize safety levels. Safety equipment and measures are essential elements for successful yacht races!

Safety Precautions on the Water

Yacht racing can be thrilling – but don’t forget to stay safe! Here are some essential tips:

  • Always wear a life jacket : No matter how experienced you are, you can never be too careful.
  • Check weather conditions: Sudden storms or high winds can make racing conditions dangerous.
  • Create a communication plan: Make sure everyone in your crew is informed of any hazards or changes in course.

Plus, don’t forget to research local rules and regulations. Safety should always come first! So, gear up and get ready for a thrilling experience on the water. Enjoy the fun and camaraderie of yacht racing – just remember to stay safe!

Common Penalties and Protest Procedures

Yacht racing penalties and protest procedures involve various rules and regulations that must be followed. To ensure fair competition and resolve any disputes, there are consequences for violations. Here is a breakdown of the common penalties and the procedures for lodging a protest:

It’s important to note that each yacht race may have its specific procedures and penalties, so it’s crucial for participants to familiarize themselves with the rules beforehand. This ensures a fair and competitive environment for all racers.

Understanding the common penalties and protest procedures is vital for yacht racers to navigate the intricacies of the sport. By abiding by the rules and properly addressing any issues through the protest process, participants can ensure a level playing field, maintaining the integrity and fairness of yacht racing.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to compete fairly and enjoy the thrilling experience of yacht racing. Familiarize yourself with the penalties and procedures to avoid any confusion or missed chances. Stay informed and make the most of your yacht racing journey.

“Being disqualified in yacht racing is like being told you’ve won the lottery, but then realizing it’s April Fool’s Day.”

Types of Penalties in Yacht Racing

Penalties in yacht racing are necessary to ensure fairness and compliance with the rules. These penalties act as a deterrent against any wrongdoings or rule-breaking, keeping the sport’s integrity intact.

A descriptive table can help us understand the various types of penalties in yacht racing:

These penalties have serious consequences, which act as a warning to sailors not to take any unfair advantages or act dangerously. Knowing these penalties is essential for competing in yacht racing.

Penalties have been part of yacht racing since the beginning. They were put in place to maintain order in races and create a fair playing field. Over time, these penalties have been adapted to fit the changing dynamics of the sport.

A good grasp of the penalties in yacht racing helps competitors perform better on the water. It also promotes sportsmanship and upholds the spirit of fair play in this exciting discipline.

Initiating and Resolving Protests

  • Pinpoint the issue .
  • Be sure it follows the rules.
  • Gather data, facts, and material.
  • Create a clear and concise statement.
  • Submit the complaint to the right body.
  • Talk to the parties.
  • Look for a fair outcome through negotiation or mediation.
  • Pay attention to deadlines.
  • Respect protocols.
  • Take charge and protect your rights.
  • Act now and make sure your voice is heard!

Strategies and Tactics in Yacht Racing

Strategies and tactics are vital in the world of yacht racing. Understanding the nuances of this sport can make a significant difference in performance. Here, we explore some essential strategies and tactics employed by skilled yacht racers.

In yacht racing, there are unique details to consider, such as utilizing current knowledge to select the best racing route. Additionally, understanding the impact of tidal flows and currents can help racers make more informed decisions during a race.

To become a successful yacht racer, it is crucial to study and practice these strategies and tactics diligently. By mastering these techniques, one can maximize their chances of success and stay ahead of the competition.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to excel in yacht racing. Enhance your skills by incorporating these strategies and tactics into your training regimen. Start implementing them today and take a step closer to becoming a champion on the water.

Positioning and Sail Trim Techniques: Where you’re positioned on the yacht may determine if you’re the first to cross the finish line or the first to take an unexpected dip in the water.

Positioning and Sail Trim Techniques

Table of Positioning & Sail Trim Techniques:

Plus, spinnaker handling has methods like gybing – shifting the spinnaker from one side to the other when sailing downwind. Helm balance is critical to good steering during racing.

Sir Ben Ainslie , a great sailor, said mastering positioning and sail trim techniques is the difference between successful racers and those who have difficulty competing in yacht racing events.

Reading Wind and Weather Conditions

Wind and weather conditions are essential for yacht racing. They let sailors make wise decisions, plan well, and have an edge. Here’s what to know about understanding these conditions:

  • Observation – Skilled sailors look closely at wind direction, strength, and patterns. They keep an eye on clouds, waves, and temperature changes. By doing this, they can predict future weather shifts.
  • Analyzing – Racers check forecasts, barometric readings, and sea temps. They combine this with their observations to get a clear picture of present and future winds.
  • Adaptability – Successful sailors change their strategies with the changing conditions. They often reassess their tactics during the race, to take advantage of good winds or limit bad weather.

Yacht racers also think about local geography, tidal currents, and nearby landforms. This helps them sail complex courses accurately.

Sarah, a seasoned sailor , showed her skill in reading wind and weather conditions. Though she started in a difficult spot due to unfavorable winds, she noticed slight changes in the breeze. She used this knowledge to take risks while maneuvering her boat. Making smart decisions based on changing conditions, Sarah won in speed and tactics.

Reading wind and weather conditions is essential for yacht racers. With keen observation, data analysis, and flexibility, sailors can do well on the water. So, if you’re joining a regatta or a sailing trip, mastering this art is important for success.

Resources and Additional Information

The following section provides additional resources and information related to yacht racing rules and regulations. These resources can be helpful for further understanding and clarifying the various aspects of the sport.

  • Visit reputable online platforms such as yacht racing associations, federations, and governing bodies for comprehensive rules and regulations.
  • Explore websites that provide educational materials, instructional videos, and interactive tools to enhance your knowledge.
  • Delve into specialized publications authored by renowned sailors, coaches, and officials. These books cover a wide range of topics, including racing tactics, strategies, and the intricacies of specific rules.
  • Engage with fellow enthusiasts, experienced sailors, and professionals on sailing forums and online communities. These platforms offer valuable insights, practical tips, and discussions on various rules and racing scenarios.

It is essential to stay updated with the latest developments and amendments in the rules to ensure compliance and maintain fair competition. Continuously seek new sources of information to enhance your understanding of yacht racing regulations and improve your performance on the water.

Yacht racing rules and regulations have evolved over time to ensure fairness and safety in the sport. The sport’s history is replete with instances of rule modifications and adaptations to address emerging challenges and technological advancements. A testament to the sailing community’s commitment to maintaining a level playing field and promoting the spirit of competition.

Get ready to navigate through a sea of paperwork and bureaucracy as we dive into the world of associations and governing bodies—where bold sailors become masters of red tape.

Associations and Governing Bodies

Associations and Governing Bodies are vital for managing various industries. We present an overview of some important associations and governing bodies relevant to distinct sectors. To make it easier to understand, let’s list out the information in a table:

This table shows some examples of associations and governing bodies from many areas. Each association has a major role in setting up standards, creating rules, and promoting collaboration within its industry.

It’s worth noting that there are other associations and governing bodies in other places, each doing their part to foster growth and uphold ethical practices. These organizations often provide materials such as industry-particular research, networking chances, and professional growth programs.

Pro Tip: To stay up to date with the most recent developments in your field, participate actively in related associations or governing bodies. This can help you stay ahead and build valuable connections within your sector.

Recommended Reading and Online Sources

Unlock helpful resources to boost your knowledge! Try these ideas:

  • Read up on industry news with Harvard Business Review .
  • Learn new skills with Coursera or Udemy courses.
  • Check out free materials from universities like MIT OpenCourseWare .
  • Listen to inspiring TED Talks .
  • Get answers in online forums and communities like Stack Overflow .

Go deeper with niche topics. Try IEEE Xplore or JSTOR databases for in-depth research. Master tough concepts with interactive learning platforms like Khan Academy .

Pro Tip: Don’t just consume info, engage with it. Take notes, join discussions, and apply what you learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is yacht racing?

Yacht racing is a competitive sport where sailboats or yachts compete against each other in a designated course to determine the fastest or most skillful boat.

What are the basic rules of yacht racing?

The basic rules of yacht racing include giving way to other boats, avoiding collisions, understanding right of way, and following course boundaries. Each race may also have specific rules and regulations.

How are yacht racing courses determined?

Yacht racing courses are determined by race organizers and can vary depending on the type of race and the location. Courses typically include marks, buoys, or specific geographic points that boats must navigate around.

What is the role of a race committee in yacht racing?

The race committee is responsible for organizing and overseeing yacht races. They set the course, establish starting and finishing lines, enforce rules, and ensure fair competition.

Do yacht racing rules change for different types of boats?

Yes, yacht racing rules can vary slightly depending on the class or type of boat. Different classes may have specific regulations regarding sail dimensions, equipment, or crew size.

How can I learn more about yacht racing rules and regulations?

To learn more about yacht racing rules and regulations, you can refer to official rulebooks such as the Racing Rules of Sailing published by World Sailing. You can also seek guidance from experienced sailors or enroll in sailing courses.

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Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Best sailing watches: 16 options for racing and cruising

  • October 17, 2023

Fox Morgan, Phil Sampson and Roger Hughes test and review 16 of the best sailing watches available with functions for racing and cruising sailors


The best sailing watches can offer a multitude of functions, from MOB alerts to tidal calculations and large faced race count down timers. And yet still there’s utter simplicity of a waterproof self winding timepiece.

Just as tablets and even smartphones have revolutionised how sailors use multifunction displays and instruments, so the latest smart watch technology has now firmly filtered into sailing. While we’re now familiar with using our watches to give us directions, make calls and send messages, and act as a repeater screen on our wrists ashore, so the latest sailing watches also make navigation, data and comms technology wearable afloat.

You’ll see that Garmin have several entries in our best sailing watches guide and if you’re specifically after a Garmin, we have rounded up the best of those in this guide to the best Garmin watch for yachting sailing and more .

However, the cleverest watch is not always the best watch for sailing. For racing an extremely simple and speedy to operate model may suit better. Price is not always an indicator of functionality either; even some of the least expensive sailing watches, like the Casio we showcase below, can be packed with features.

At the other end of the scale,  luxury horology brands – including Rolex, Panerai, and Omega among others – have long been closely associated with sailing, seeing it as the perfect sport to demonstrate their style, waterproof and ruggedised qualities, and accuracy.

In making our selection of the best sailing watches, we’ve chosen those with features specifically suitable for wearing aboard. That doesn’t mean, however, that they float, so be sure to do the clasp up securely and be wary of pulling off jacket sleeves in a hurry and losing your prized timepiece overboard!

Editor’s top choices at a glance

Best sailing smart watch – Garmin Quatix 7 Best premium sailing watch – Garmin MARQ Captain Best value sailing watch – Casio Lithium Quartz Best racing sailing watch – Ronstan Clear Start Race Timer

Best sailing watch for multifunction use

Garmin quatix 7.

Best sailing smart watch

Specifications: Apple or android smart phone compatible,  Sizes: 47mm / 51mm, Weight 70g, Battery life: up to 16 days with screen on by demand, GPS tracking, waterproof to 10 ATM

Reasons to Buy: Large easy to read face | incredible versatility for an array of lifestyle activity | healthy wellbeing and boat interactivity | customisable to suit individual needs Reasons to Avoid: Battery life not as good as the Quatix 6 if screen is always visible | bright facia can be distracting | touchscreen is pointless without the additional kit it interfaces with

Garmin’s latest sailing smartwatch includes improvements to strengthen integration with onboard electronics.

It’s a touchscreen model that can, for instance, be used to control MFD displays or Fusion audio systems, as well as Garmin autopilots.

You can also pay for things with contactless payments, but you’ll need to use an intermediary app, such as Curve if you are in the UK as British banks haven’t signed up for that function directly yet.

So let’s address the major change for the Quatix 7 over the Quatix 6, and that’s the display. Plenty of folks complained about the darkness or difficulty seeing the Quatix 6 screen, so they’ve addressed that with a much brighter lit up style of screen.  It is very bright even when turned to its dimmest setting. To save the battery from being drained unnecessarily at night, there’s a night time version of the watch screen where you can view it as a digital numeric mono display, on demand, otherwise the screen is completely blank. This brighter clearer display does come at a compromise of battery life or screen saver settings.

The extra screen size in the same outer bezel size though is really very nice. Maps and other tracking options can be easily seen.

High end Sapphire models add a new ultra-clear AMOLED touchscreen.

The watch can output directly to Strava and myfitnesspal along with other apps according to your preference. We like this watch very much indeed and it is currently the best smart sailing watch for all round functionality. Pricey though, but worth it.

yacht racing youtube

Garmin MARQ Captain

Best premium sailing watch

Specifications: Type: Smart | Size: 46mm

Reasons to buy: Weather and tidal data | MOB and GPS functions | Stream boat data to your wrist Reasons to avoid: Full extent of capabilities is governed by the onboard technology it’s connected to | Premium price

Tested by: MBY Editor, Hugo Andreae

Our top priced pick comes from wearable tech-specialists, Garmin. The MARQ Captain sailing watch comes packed with marine-relevant features.

Functions include weather and tidal data for your home port, a regatta timer to pinpoint starting times, a ‘tack assist’ function to determine whether you’re on lift or a header, a man overboard button and GPS.

The full extent of its capabilities is governed by the onboard technology to which it is connected, but possibilities include streaming boat data direct to your wrist wherever you are on the boat and controlling products from the Garmin-owned Fusion range of audio systems.

yacht racing youtube

Garmin Instinct 2S Solar

Specifications: Type: Smart | Size: 40mm / 45mm / 50mm, weight 53g(2oz)

Reasons to buy: GPS positioning on charts | barometric pressure and compass | Smartphone connectivity | An incredible amount of styles and colours | A single charge lasts 14 days Reasons to avoid: Premium price without a premium design

Tested by: Tech Editor, Fox Morgan

The Instinct 2, launched in February 2022 is Garmin’s all-round watch, which they call their outdoors watch. Features that are particularly relevant to sailors include GPS positioning on charts; barometric pressure and a compass.

It has smartphone connectivity, receives emails and texts, and can control music via a phone. This watch also has an inbuilt thermometer and heart rate monitor.

The Garmin Instinct is available in no fewer than 20 different styles and colours. It’s actual diameter is 47mm (1 13/16” in) but the viewable face is 32mm (1 1/4”). The Instinct is 16mm (5/8” in) thick and weighs 53g (2 oz).

For racing sailors, it also has multiple start sequence options. We have an indepth review from long term testing of this watch coming soon.

The Garmin Instinct watch is a good alternative for anyone seeking a more moderately priced alternative to the Quatix 6.

yacht racing youtube

Garmin Quatix 6 Multisport Marine Smartwatch

Specifications: Apple or android smart phone compatible,  Sizes: 47mm / 51mm, weight 82g, Battery life: up to 16 days with screen always visible, GPS tracking, waterproof to 10 ATM

Reasons to buy: Suits a multitude of water activity | Highly customisable | An incredible amount of data available on your wrist | A single charge lasts 14 days Reasons to avoid: High level of functionality is not for the technologically phobic

This watch I tested comprehensively for several weeks/months – it is a very smart design, with functions for every type of pastime on the water and off it.

Garmin is well known for superior boating instruments and they have now managed to squeeze all the data of a ten-inch chartplotter into a 1.3” inch round sailing watch. Bluetooth functionality means you can connect it to a Garmin chartplotter using the free Garmin Connect app, and to other makes of plotter using the Garmin transceiver (a $150 extra).

This allows all the features of a chartplotter to be displayed on the watch, including charts and even autopilot control to allow you to change heading or follow a GPS route – provided it is also connected through the chartplotter.

The Quatix 6 also offers more typical smartwatch functions including the ability to receive email and texts, can be used to control music on board, and monitors the user’s heart-rate.

It’s simple to switch between ‘boat display’ and ‘stylish watch’ modes, as hundreds of different watch faces that can be downloaded to customise it to the wearer’s preference, including an antique style face and even a copy of Big Ben. The Quatix 6 can also be switched between analogue and digital.

It’s overall diameter is 51mm (2” in) with a 36mm (1 5/8” in) viewable face, and it is 17mm (11/16”) thick. The Quatix 6’s weight is 83g (3oz) with the plastic strap or 156g (5.5oz) with the stainless band, which is quite a bit heavier than a conventional watch.

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

Spinnaker haas automatic.

Specifications: Type: Analogue | Size: 43mm

Reasons to buy: S mart styling | easy to read day and night | electronics free | self winding Reasons to avoid: Due to self winding mechanism the watch is not as slim as a quartz movement watch which might mean that cuffs on shirts and foulies are tight.

Tested by: Professional TopSail Schooner Skipper, Phil Pryor

The joy of a traditional analogue watch is right here in this stylish all metal timepiece from Spinnaker.

Spinnaker Watches collaborated with the Marine Conservation Society to produce this limited edition model that’s a tribute to marine biologist and pioneering diver Hans Hass.

If you want to ditch the computers and keep it simple then this is definitely worth a look.

It feels reassuringly sturdy with it’s all metal band and easy to read rating bezel.

It’s waterproof to 300m and requires no batteries as this watch self winds from the motion of your hand through every day movement.

The winder unscrews to allow time, day and date adjustment and that my friends is all there is to this gorgeous watch. At least as far as the wearer is concerned. Behind that metal back is the smooth Japanese workings of a self winding watch. When it arrived in the box the watch was still and inactive. But the moment I removed it from the box it started to self wind. With just a small amount of movement, the second hand was moving.

For sailors who want to a sleek non electric time piece and for those divers who like to go under the water as well as on it.

I love this safety yellow colourway as it really stands out and is easy to read. This might not be to everyone’s taste though which is fine because the Spinnaker Hass comes in 9 different colourways.

Buy the Spinnaker Hass now on eBay

Buy Spinnaker Hass from Spinnaker

Casio Lithium Quartz

Best value sailing watch

Specifications: Type: Digital | Size: 48mm

Reasons to buy: Great value | Highly functional | 2 year warranty Reasons to avoid: Lacking in design | Lacking extensive features of premium alternatives

There’s no question that when it comes to affordable innovation, Casio is right up there.

Despite being one of the lowest-priced watches in our selection, the Casio Tide Watch Orange is a highly functional piece of kit which, in addition to all the usual time, day and auto date functions also features a tide graph and lunar phase display.

More conventional sailing watch functions include a timer, stopwatch and LED might. It is water resistant to 100m/10 bars and has a 2 year warranty, all packed into a 48mm diameter, 13 mm thick case.

Best sailing watch for racing


Ronstan Clear Start Race Timer

Best racing sailing watch

Specifications: Type: Digital | Size 65mm

Reasons to buy: Robust design with secure strap | Extra-large | easy to press silicon buttons | Great display Reasons to avoid: Some consumers report issues with clasp/strap

With wrist, hull, mast or boom mount options, the Swiss-made Ronstan ClearStart Race Timer is aimed squarely at racing sailors.

Made by renowned rigging and hardware company Ronstan, it’s a robust design with a secure elastic strap and substantial ‘bumper’ around the digital display.

The ClearStart Race Timer’s features include extra-large, easy-press silicon buttons, a highlighted start/stop button, oversized 16 mm digits set in a 65mm rotating face and a double line display simultaneously showing the race countdown and time.

In addition, the ClearStart Race Timer offers ‘5-4-1-0’ and Match Racing start sequence programmes, making it a great choice for competitive sailors. Ruggedly constructed and built to last, this sailing watch weighs in at 92 grammes and is water-resistant to 50 metres.

Buy the Ronstan ClearStart Race Timer now from West Marine


Optimum Time Series 14 Rechargeable sailing watch

Specifications: Type: Digital | Size: 68mm

Reasons to buy: Rechargeable battery | Packed with features | Suitable for mounting Reasons to avoid: Basic design

Optimum Time’s bold coloured watches are popular among racing sailors from dinghies upwards, and the new rechargeable design makes it more sustainable for anyone who uses theirs frequently.

Featuring a 36mm diameter LCD display mounted within a bright red and black 68mm ABS case, Optimum Time’s Series 14 watch is a substantial device that is equally suited to being mounted on a mast or boom as your wrist, while the digits are large enough to allow crew to see the same timer as the skipper.

Waterproof to 5 ATM (i.e. capable of withstanding a pressure of 5 bar), the sailing watch is packed with useful features and comes complete with a bespoke USB charger clamp for convenient charging.

Buy the Optimum Time Series 14 now on Amazon


Timex Intelligent Quartz Yacht Racer watch

Best analogue racing sailing watch

Specifications: Type: Analogue | Size 46mm

Reasons to buy: Striking analogue display | Countdown timers Reasons to avoid: Larger than average design | Complex to set up | lacks reset button | Expensive

This is a very striking analogue watch, designed to appeal specifically to racing sailors who don’t want a digital display. It features a racing countdown timers (from 5 mins, 3 mins or 1 minute), then after the start the chronometer automatically starts a race timer for up to one hour.

This is a larger than average design, at 46 mm (1.81” in) diameter and 14mm (0.55” in) thick.

However, this watch is complex to set up, as some functions require three buttons to be pressed in sequence. There is also no ‘reset’ button for anyone who misses their start sequence timer.

Buy the Timex Intelligent Quartz Yacht Racer now on the Watch Shop


Optimum Time Series 3 sailing watch

Best all-round racing sailing watch

Specifications: Type: Digital | Size: 65mm

Reasons to buy: Great price | Highly functional | Easy to read Reasons to avoid: It’s really big

The popular ‘big yellow’ Optimum Time Series 3 is a lower-priced, yet highly functional racing watch. And it truly is big – far too large for my wrist at a gigantic 65mm (2.56” in) diameter and 16mm (0.62” in) thick. It’s also available in colours other than yellow – including white, blue and pink.

An advantage for racing is that this watch is easy to read at a distance thanks to its huge 16mm digits. A bracket is supplied to fix it to a mast. It also has a sync button if you miss the start gun, and can then run a repeat sequence or race timer for handicap competitions.

Robust, and water resistant to 5 ATM, with a wide elasticated strap.

Buy the Optimum Time Series 3 now on Amazon


Ronstan Clearstart RF4055 sailing watch

Best specialist racing sailing watch

Specifications: Type: Digital | Size: 50mm

Reasons to buy: Multiple start sequence options | Match racing timer | Can sync for early/late start Reasons to avoid: Larger than average design

This sailing watch is another specialist racing design. Race mode features include multiple start sequence options, match racing timer and the ability to sync for an early or late start.

The Clearstart RF4055 is unusual in that it has a fibreglass case, which is available in striking yellow and red as well as the more subtle black. It has a 50mm (2″) diameter face, which is larger than most watches, with a 13mm (0.5″ in) digital display, and the weight is 74gm (2.61oz), though the buttons have a lower profile than some other race watches making it neater to wear on shore.

Buy the Ronstan Clearstart RF4055 now on Amazon

Buy the Ronstan Clearstart RF4055 now on eBay


Optimum Time Series 12 sailing watch

Best audible racing sailing watch

Specifications: Type: Digital | Size: 26mm

Reasons to buy: Audible warning features | Many colour choices Reasons to avoid: No GPS or interconnectivity | Small display is hard to read in hectic moments

Another race timer with countdown time and pre-programmed start and audible warnings. Despite its more smart watch-style appearance, there is no GPS or interconnectivity, but you do get a countdown repeat option, World Sailing 5-4-1-0 start sequence pre-programmed with audible warning signals, and a sync button.

The Optimum Time Series 12 is available in many colours, but has a small 26mm (1.02” in) display, with 10mm (0.34” in) figures, which will make it hard to read in the middle of a hectic race start.

Buy the Optimum Time Series 12 now on eBay


Gill Race Watch Timer

Best racing sailing watch for watersports

Specifications: Type: Digital | Size 44mm

Reasons to buy: Water-resistant to 30 metres | Carbon housing | The sleep feature preserves battery life Reasons to avoid: Basic design and functions

This striking red and black Race Watch Timer is a sailing-specific watch developed exclusively for watersports apparel company Gill. It’s water-resistant to an impressive 30 metres, with the timepiece unit encased in a reinforced carbon ABS plastic housing with a stainless steel back.

As well as telling the time, the sailing watch’s functions include a countdown with synchro, day, date and alarm. There’s a keyboard lock feature to you don’t accidentally change the settings and an electro-luminescent backlight allows the wearer to check the data day or night.

A neat sleep feature preserves and prolongs battery life in a ruggedly constructed unit designed for durability and years of trouble-free service.


Limit ProXR Countdown sailing watch

Best value racing sailing watch

Reasons to buy: Large, clear, easy to read display | Multiple design options | Dual time, stopwatch, countdown and pacer functions Reasons to avoid: Lacks features/functions of more premium competitors | Chunky

Limit has been producing watches for more than 110 years and specialises in offering a wide variety of styles at great value prices.

For a budget-friendly sailing watch option, the Limit ProXR Countdown comes with a large, clear and easily readable display and is backed by a two-year guarantee.

It also has a dual time display and stopwatch, countdown and pacer functionality. No fewer than five alarms can be set and there’s a night time illumination facility.

Available in a choice of orange/black or blue/black, the looks of this chunky 50 mm case diameter sailing watch certainly belie its low price tag.

Buy the Limit ProXR Countdown now on gooutdoors.co.uk


Ulysse-Nardin The Ocean Race Diver

Specifications: Type: Analogue | Size: 44mm

Reasons to buy: manufacturer with a strong history in watch making | ‘green’ credentials | classy and collectible Reasons to avoid: Lacks features/functions of more sailing-specific watches | you’ll need deep pockets

Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin sourced discarded fishing nets to upcycle into the base material for this watch, highlighting the 640,000 tonnes of nets that are discarded at sea each year.

In addition, 95% of components for the mechanical movement are sourced from within 30km of Ulysse Nardin’s site.

Buy The Ocean Race Diver now on ulysse-nardin.com

FAQ: What makes the best sailing watch?

The ability to read the time, countdown or data in a hurry or at an angle is key, so look out for digital readouts with large numbers – some sailing watches have the ability to switch from digital to analogue readouts – and screens that can be viewed in different qualities of daylight. Backlit functions are essential for anyone heading offshore, whether racing or cruising.

A well-fitting wristband or strap with a secure clasp is vital to keep the watch on your arm. Most sailing watches have soft rubber or synthetic wristbands, which are more durable in a marine environment, and safer than steel. Rubber straps are also lighter and easier to adjust.

If you plan to use your watch for race start timing, look for programmable start sequence options, a sync button, countdowns that switch to seconds in the final stages. A loud, clear alarm or ‘beep’ function that tells you time to the gun is particularly useful, so you can keep watching your course, trim and other boats around you during the final approach to the line rather than having to glance at your wrist.

You can read more about other types of GPS enabled and waterproof fitness trackers and smart watches at YBW.com

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated boating page for more marine products.

Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix

Los Gallos claim first ever event win with historic victory in LA.

Spain made history in Los Angeles, beating Season 3 champions Australia and ROCKWOOL Denmark to claim its first ever SailGP event win.

Diego Botin’s young crew overcame light wind conditions by minimizing maneuvers and sailing the shortest distance to trounce ROCKWOOL DEN and Australia in front of sell-out shoreside crowds.

The win came after Spain scraped into the Final by a one-point margin over Canada - meaning they managed to convert their first Final appearance into a first event win in four seasons.

The victory followed a period of upheaval and uncertainty for the young Spanish team - with former flight controller Botin only becoming driver in February 2023 - and it moved them up into second in the Championship rankings.

Relive the best bits from Los Angeles

yacht racing youtube

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Oxford coach blasts Thames pollution as a national disgrace ahead of Boat Race with Cambridge

Steve Douglas And Pan Pylas

Associated Press

The Cambridge Men's team during a training session on the River Thames in Putney, London, Wednesday March 27, 2024. Jumping into Londons River Thames has been the customary celebration for members of the winning crew in the annual Boat Race between storied English universities Oxford and Cambridge. Now researchers say it comes with a health warning. (Zac Goodwin/PA via AP)

LONDON – The coach of Oxford’s crew taking part in the Boat Race described the pollution in London’s River Thames as a “national disgrace."

Testing by a campaign group has found high levels of E.coli along a section of the Thames in southwest London that will be used for the historic race on Saturday.

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Crew members have been warned about the risks of entering the water and advised to use a “cleansing station” at the finish area. The pollution has also cast doubt on the post-race tradition of throwing the winning cox into the water.

The company responsible for the upkeep of the Thames faces mounting financial difficulties that critics say should force the company to return to state hands.

Figures released by the Environment Agency showed the level of sewage spills into England’s rivers and seas by water companies more than doubled in 2023 compared to 2022, reaching 3.6 million hours of spills in 2023 compared to 1.75 million hours in 2022.

There has been no suggestion that the annual Boat Race between storied universities Oxford and Cambridge that dates to 1829 will not go ahead. The women's race will precede the men's event along the same 4.2-mile (6.8-kilometer) section of the Thames.

But Oxford coach Sean Bowden lamented the state of the water.

“It’s a national disgrace, isn’t it?” Bowden posed. “It would be terrific if the Boat Race drew attention to it. We are very keen to play a part and we recognize we have a role and a responsibility to it.

“Why,” he added in British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, “would you want to put your kids out in that?”

Invariably, the focus has turned to whether the winning crew will dunk its cox into the Thames at the end of the race.

“If there’s a health and safety problem, I don’t think we’ll be throwing him in because we don’t want to risk that,” said Harry Glenister, who has rowed for Britain and will compete for Oxford.

“It’s just too much of a risk. We support whatever the Boat Race is saying about the conditions in the water. We just hope we’ll win and then we’ll decide.”

Cambridge has won four of the last five men’s races and leads the rivalry 86-81.

Cambridge has also won six straight in the women’s race.

E.coli bacteria normally live in the intestines of healthy people and animals. Most strains are harmless, cause relatively brief diarrhea and most people recover without much incident, according to the Mayo clinic . But small doses of some strains — including just a mouthful of contaminated water — can cause a range of conditions, including urinary tract infection, cystitis, intestinal infection and vomiting, with the worst cases leading to life-threatening blood poisoning.

River Action, a campaign group, said the testing locations suggested the source of pollution was from utility company Thames Water discharging sewage directly into the river and its tributaries.

Thames Water, Britain’s largest water company, is facing huge pressure to clear up the river, though it insists that the elevated levels of E.coli are not necessarily its fault.

“I would point out that E.coli has many different sources,” the company's recently appointed chief executive Chris Weston told the BBC.

“It is not just from sewage, it is also from land run-off, it is from highway run-off, it is from animal feces. All of those things contribute to the problem and I am absolutely determined that, at Thames, we will play our part in cleaning up the problem and so the Thames is a river that people can use as they would like to everyday.”

Under a plan drawn up last summer, Thames Water was asking investors to inject close to 4 billion pounds ($5.05 billion) into the business over the next five years. However, on Thursday shareholders refused to make the first payment of 500 million pounds ($630 million) without a big increase in consumers’ water bills, a demand that the industry regulator denied.

Weston insisted it was “business as usual” at the debt-laden company as it has enough financial resources to survive into next year, by which time he hoped a new funding arrangement will have been agreed. However, the news has raised speculation that the company may have to be nationalized.

The parlous state of many of Britain's rivers, canals and coastlines is set to feature heavily in the general election, which is expected in the next few months. The main opposition Labour Party, which is way ahead of the governing Conservatives in opinion polls, has said it will make sure “new investment comes through to fix the broken sewage system without taxpayers being left to foot the bill."

AP sports: https://apnews.com/sports

Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

Man accused of shooting wife, killing himself, spoke of marital problems, neighbors say

Man was critically injured in shooting, rushed to hospital, converse pd says, sa live : mar 29, 2024, ksat news at noon : mar 29, 2024, man who died in double shooting at northeast side home identified.


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