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50 ft catamaran

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Lagoon 50


Length Overall

Upwind Sail Area

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Lagoon 50


With an unequalled selection of possible layouts, this model is available with three, four, and even six cabins!  The Lagoon 50 is designed to meet all types of needs, whether cruising with family, traveling with friends, chartering, or even private use.  She features a balanced offering of well-considered living areas, comfort, performance, and ease of handling, making her an ideal choice for a variety of marine activities.

Lagoon 50

Unequalled Space and Comfort

The Lagoon 50 offers remarkably generous interior and exterior living spaces, guaranteeing an exceptional level of comfort.  The cabins are spacious and well laid out, providing a pleasant environment for rest and relaxation.  Shared living spaces, such as the saloon and cockpit, are designed to optimize comfort and accessibility, creating a welcoming atmosphere on board.


Adaptable to Suit Your Needs

The Lagoon 50 is distinguished by her versatility and her capacity to adapt to suit a variety of needs.  She can be configured for private use, as a floating home, or for professional activities, such as for charter.


Enjoyable Cruising

Designed for smooth sailing, with superior stability at sea, the Lagoon 50 demonstrates excellent performance for a catamaran in this category.  Her generous sail area and hull design contribute to an enjoyable cruising experience, whether offshore passagemaking or coastal cruising.  Ease of handling and maneuverability make the Lagoon 50 an attractive choice for all levels of sailing experience.


Access the Lagoon cockpit from the aft transoms, and imagine yourself at sea… Your tour starts here.

Lagoon 50


  • Length Overall 14,75 m / 48'5''
  • Beam Overall 8,10 m / 26'7''
  • Draft 1,40 m / 4'7''
  • Air Draft 26,51 m / 87'
  • Light Displacement (CE) 19,956 t / 43,910 Lbs
  • Upwind Sail Area 144 m² / 1,549 sq.ft
  • Square Top Mainsail (Optional) 92 m² / 990 sq.ft
  • Furling Genoa 60,3 m² / 649 sq.ft
  • Code 0 (Optional) 117 m² / 1,259 sq.ft
  • Engine Power 2 x 80 CV / HP
  • Fresh Water Capacity 480 L / 106 Gal
  • Fuel Capacity 1040 L / 229 Gal
  • Berths 2 x 80 HP
  • CE Certification A : 12 / B : 14 / C : 20 / D : 30


50 ft catamaran

Best Catamarans Under 50 Feet (With Pictures and Prices)

50 ft catamaran

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions if you purchase products from other retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

Catamarans within the 40-50 ft (12-15 m) range are some of the hottest on the market, this is largely due to their offshore capabilities and amazing comforts. But what are the best catamarans under 50 feet?

The best catamarans under 50 ft (15.24 m) include the Leopard 50, Lagoon 42, Bavaria Nautitech 46, Fountaine Pajot 45, Beneteau Excess 15, and more. The Leopard 50 is one of the most expensive options on the used market, while you’re likely to land a bargain on the Beneteau Excess 15.

The rest of this article will take a closer look at the best catamarans under 50 feet. I will explain what you need to know about them, reveal price estimates, and ensure your future cat matches your lifestyle.

Table of Contents

What Is a Catamaran?

A catamaran is a wind-powered sea vessel made of two hulls. The hulls are separated with a deck in the middle which encompasses the saloon. Many sailors use catamarans for leisure because they make excellent vacation homes on the water. 

However, most catamarans are pricey. You can expect to spend between $200,000 and $1M for a vessel in good condition on the used market.

What Are the Best Catamarans Between 40 and 50 Feet?

The best catamarans between 40 and 50 feet include the following:

50 ft catamaran

The Leopard 50 is the replacement for the Leopard 48. It sits at 50 ft (15.24 m) long, powered by two 57 hp Yanmar engines. Used models start at a whopping $800k.

The exterior of the vessel boasts endless high-end features. You’ll get a table, a sunbed, and a roomy lounge on the flybridge area of this boat. However, you can spice things up with shade awning and exterior speakers, though you have to order these separately.

50 ft catamaran

Getting to the flybridge from the side deck is easy, thanks to the carefully designed floating stairs, masterfully fitted in. A signature design move from this brand is that the flybridge now links to the helm station on most of the models. 

Read my article to understand pros and cons of a flybridge!

The Leopard 50 is no different. The spacious lounge also acts as protection for the helm station behind the bulkhead. You’ll also get a clear line of sight and movement to the aft cockpit for a flawless journey. Passengers can move freely across the flybridge without interfering with the boom, which is in stark contrast to other catamarans similar to the Leopard 50.

50 ft catamaran

Overall, the exterior design of the Leopard 50 is fantastic. It’s hard not to look at any further customizations as extravagance. On the inside, it’s no slouch either. You get a utility room, five independent cabins, and 6-12 berths. The vessel also boasts 4-6 showers onboard, and the interior décor features classy materials.

50 ft catamaran

  • The 50 feet size ensures it has very wide interior spaces.
  •  It’s designed to sail well upwind.
  • The mechanical and structural composition makes it one of the most seaworthy boats in this range.
  • The boat design can be a bit sleeker, hence the slow sailing.
  • The model’s high boom can make it harder to operate the mainsail, this also moves the center of gravity up .
  • The Leopard 50 is a slow-moving ship in low winds.

The Lagoon 42 is the scaled-down version of the Lagoon 52 designed by Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost (VPLP). It measures 42 ft (12.80 m) and boasts two 42 hp Yanmar engines. Price-wise, expect to splurge between $620,000 and $850,000 on the used market. 

The two main features that distinguish this model from other popular Lagoon models are:

  • A relocated mast to ensure proper balancing of the gross weight and reduce pitching. 
  • A beautiful silhouette that gives the boat a unique look. The design is part of the exterior styling spearheaded by Patrick Le Quément.

The smaller boom and the self-tacking genoa make the Lagoon 42 a bit more compatible for short-handed sailing. You get lots of room in all the lounges across the boat—from the cockpit down to the saloon. There’s also excellent ventilation on the wide flat decks, thanks to the flush opening hatches. Access to the boom is simple, as the vessel has safe and sturdy stairs that lead to the upper deck and helm station.

With the helm station on top of the coach bulkhead roof, mobility and communication between the cockpit and saloon are a breeze. The interior of the boat has four cabins. The forward has beds that passengers can access from the side, while the aft options have an island bed.

  • The deck layout is one of the best you’ll find.
  • The single-level design from the saloon to the aft platform is an interesting deviation from the norm.
  •  Short-hand sailing is easy due to the self-tacking genoa.
  •  It’s one of the pricier options in the market.

The Lagoon 46 is another high-quality catamaran from VPLP with an overall length of 45 ft (13.72 m). It receives its power from two 45/57 cv CR engines, and it’ll set you back around $500,000 for a used model. The overall design is a refreshed approach that guarantees better performance than the preceding models. 

The first noticeable design change is the narrowed down water lines flared out inboard. This combination dramatically improves the volume on the inside of the boat. The results are a bit more pronounced on the cabins in the forward area, making it easier for you to have the same bed size on the abaft and front.

The Lagoon 46 also has a high-tech cradle-like davit system accompanied by a Bimini roof that’s a lot less weighty than what you’ll find on older models. The boat’s flybridge features a large enough area for sunbathing, connected to the two side decks directly. Meanwhile, the reserved storage space on the boat has also had a bump in this model.

With the mast located at the aft position at the top of the boat, it’s no surprise that there’s a self-tacking genoa on it. The interior décor of the ship looks as exquisite as the price range suggests. Most of the finishes are either Alpi or light wood oak, with rounded edges prioritized a great deal.

  • The accessible double-side beds in the cabins are an excellent addition.
  • The size of the vessel means there’s some limit to where it can safely pass while out on the water.

The Bali 4.1 is one of the lower-priced catamaran models in the used market today. It’s a 40 ft (12.19 m) vessel powered by two 20 hp engines and priced around $400.000 .

This design from Naval architect Xavier Faÿ and Lasta Design Studio improve upon the earlier 4.0 model. In other words, you can expect the best features from the older model and some improvements. 

This is a model known for its seaworthiness, meaning the foredeck space provides some rigidity and offers protection from water spray while out on the sea. Although some would argue that the solid deck forward of the mast could be an offshore issue.

If you want to better understand why solid decking might be an issue, read my article on w hat trampolines are and how they impact safety .

The boat’s saloon is large and protected by a glossy pivot door, and the deck has lots of space to accommodate sunbathers. The fore cockpit is large enough to fit a small crew without the space feeling cramped. Since it sits in an elevated position, the helming station delivers excellent visibility for sailors.

The windows are designed to open with a retracting or gliding mechanism, so you’ll enjoy excellent ventilation in most of the living areas on the boat. Some of the new features added to the Bali 4.1 include new bench seats in the back cockpit, large side lockers, a platform connection for the two hulls, and more. 

Overall, this is an excellent vessel you can count on to deliver a smooth sailing experience.

  • The foredeck offers incredible amounts of usable space.
  • It delivers less floating and a lot more stability.
  • The deck layout and deck camber are great and rid water quickly.
  • A solid foredeck makes for a more usable exterior area.
  • The Interior layout is excellent!
  • Boom might be situated too high for some sailors.
  • Quite a slow vessel.
  • Some sailors report issues with the “garage door style” saloon door leaking.

50 ft catamaran

Nautitech 46

With the Nautitech 46, you’re sure to get nothing but pleasure, comfort, and elegance. You can expect to spend between $500,000 and $800,000 for this used 46ft (14.02 m) super vessel, with the two Volvo Penta engines combining for 80 hp of sailing power. The vessel architecture and design were handled by Marc Lombard and Roseo Design, respectively.

The catamaran has two models known as the Open and the Fly ( flybridge setup ). The Open variant is the “original” version. While the models are the same under the hood, the major difference lies in the deck variations. The Fly delivers a flybridge space for the passengers and captain, with unforgettable views in all directions.

50 ft catamaran

The Nautitech 46 Open has a 4-cabin version that can carry eight people (great for summer rentals) and a 3-cabin version that’ll appeal to people that want an owner’s suite. The saloon’s design offers passengers picturesque views of the sea from a very comfortable sitting position. 

50 ft catamaran

If you need table space for work or to organize navigation, you can find one carved out in the kitchen.

  • The interior design reflects the price and is of very high quality.
  • There are lots of clip-on-points and rails to ensure safety and easy movement around the vessel.
  • There’s a spacious engine bay that allows easy access to the engines thus reducing maintenance times.
  • The slender shape of the boat hulls causes a decrease in the living space.
  • There’s reduced visibility on the aft helm (open version).

Fountaine Pajot Elba 45

This 44 ft (13.41 m) vessel powered by two 40 hp engines made its grand introduction at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival. Since then, it’s grown in popularity, thanks to the bold and modern design which emphasizes cruising, relaxation, and comfort. You can buy one of these for around $500,000 to $900,000 on the used market.

The vessel is made of energy-emitting lines and inverted bows, which has dramatically improved the interior space. The helm station also features upgrades to improve the handling experience.

Not to worry; the cockpit doesn’t get the backburner in the comfort-centric design department. It’s very spacious, containing lots of storage spaces and direct access to the saloon. 

You can choose to install a Beach Club electric platform if you’d like to host parties from time to time. If you like to bring guests aboard, they’ll enjoy the relaxation spaces on the cockpit, lounge, and foredeck. Some interesting additions to the internal elements of the FP 45 are two refrigerators and a water maker that can produce 15.85 gal (60 L) of drinks per hour.

  • The living spaces on the catamaran are some of the best and largest in this range.
  • The fly lounge is an interesting design.
  • It’s sharp when traveling downwind and offers a good compromise between speed and comfort.
  • Performance suffers a lot in upwind sailing, and the fuel consumption increases significantly.

Designed by Christophe Barreau, the Catana 47 is another premium catamaran on the market today. It’s a 46 ft (14 m) durable vessel powered by two 40 hp Volvo engines. Going for around $750,000 on the used market, the Catana 47 is a light and strong vessel featuring a heavy infusion of carbon fiber. 

The Catana 47 retains some of the signature design moves the Catana Company is known for, including open helming stations, a performance-centric rig, and tall twin daggerboards. This model of the Catana runs a bit faster than the preceding model. That’s likely because Catana dropped its weight by around 1,500 lbs (680.39 kg). 

The vessel doesn’t skimp on space either. Both the crew and passengers on board will always have enough space to move around without bumping into someone else.

  •  The room space is excellent.
  •  Its speed is up there with some of the best in this class of catamarans.
  • High bridge deck clearance
  • You may need a watcher during docking due to the blind spot between the helming station and the opposite bow.

Seawind 1370

The Seawind 1370 is like a mash-up of the best features from the Seawind 1600 and 1260 designs with some further unique improvements. The 45 ft (13.72 m) catamaran is an excellent cruise vessel with warm and roomy living spaces. This makes the vessel an excellent option if you have a large family. The ship boasts two 40 hp Yanmar engines, and you can purchase a high-quality used one for around $700,000.

The catamaran can withstand heavy spray while in turbulent waters, thanks to the tough panoramic fashioned glass windows. The saloon opening from the cockpit features a tri-fold door. Once inside the cockpit, you’ll find a large transom lounge and a nice little bar that can also double as your cocktail joint.

The lounge on the saloon has enough space, and you can make more by simply folding down the table to transform it into a bed. You’ll find all the lines and controls in the helm station. The well-shaped hull offers high headroom in the cabins. Overall, the architectural design of this catamaran (made by Francois Perus) is one of the best in its class.

  • It’s comfortable enough for small families.
  • It’s very sturdy while on the water.
  • The volume and space on offer may not be enough for commercial applications

50 ft catamaran

The Beneteau Excess 15 is one of the largest catamarans created by the Beneteau group. It’s a sleek, cruising vessel with two powerful 57 hp engines. The twin helm stations on the boat make it one of the few catamarans that sport this design approach. There’s an 80 hp dual-engine variant of the vessel. With those specs in mind, you can expect to spend $200,000 to $1 million on a Excess 15.

50 ft catamaran

On the inside, the vessel has a roomy saloon, which can double as a mini room diner.  While there, the non-smoked bay windows guarantee a full view of the entire seascape ahead. The cockpit is large enough to hold a table that can seat eight people. Helmsman, in particular, will enjoy the Dyneema steering cables and the aluminum supports.

50 ft catamaran

  • It’s a very stable seaworthy vessel.
  • The engine is powerful enough for the size.
  • It runs at a decent speed for a luxury boat.
  • The interior and exterior design screams comfort and prestige.
  • Since this is a luxury boat, it’s not the fastest in this class.

There are many excellent catamarans within the 40-50 ft (12-15 m) range. The options we’ve covered here are the best ones I have seen so far. Think about your unique needs before choosing any specific option. After all, some of these are more equipped for cruising while others are more useful as holiday boats with your family.

Don’t forget to consider other factors such as ease of control, harbor space, fuel type, and engine type. If you’re going with a used model, be sure to evaluate it thoroughly before you make a decision. It’s often best to get a professional valuation.

If you want to get my five cents on how to buy a boat i suggest you check theese articles out:

  • Buyers Guide
  • How to afford buying a catamaran
  • MultiHulls World: 2019 BUYER’S GUIDE: Multihulls from 40 to 50 feet
  • The Boat DB: The best catamarans under 40/50 Feet

Owner of CatamaranFreedom.com. A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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50 ft catamaran



Power range, introducing the, leopard 50 catamaran, the next generation of leopard catamarans.

Designed as a versatile replacement for the award-winning Leopard 48 (Boat of the Year 2012), the new Leopard 50 is an exciting new cruising sailing catamaran taking the best of Leopard Catamarans’ previous features yet boasting new innovations and design elements both on the exterior and interior.

With naval architecture by Simonis & Voogd Yacht Design, and with exterior and a fresh new look on the interior design by the world-class design team at Robertson and Caine, the Leopard 50 proudly ushers in the next generation of Leopard Catamarans’ style and functionality.

Leopard 50 Sailing

29+ Years of Production Expertise

While the exterior of the yacht has been enhanced, Naval Architect for Simonis Voogd Design, Alexander Simonis, tells us this:

“Most of the work has been done ‘under the bonnet’ so to say by advances made in the construction geometry of the new 50. To create the beautiful open plan layouts and the nearly 360-degree view from the saloon area while at the same time have a strong and stiff yacht which is not too heavy requires advanced engineering solutions.

The new Leopard 50 makes use of carbon-infused ring frames in the most critical areas to achieve this. This type of construction has been pioneered on the larger all carbon racing catamarans and is now successfully being applied in this Leopard cruising catamaran so that we can offer the best possible mix between comfort, space and performance.”

The perfect blend of comfort and style.

“Stepping onboard the L50 will reveal an interior that is contemporary in style, with a focus that blends aesthetic detail with functionality.

Cabins are more open and spacious than ever before thanks to widening bulkhead openings as much as possible. This is achieved by combining exotic materials with new modern construction techniques.

One can appreciate the sense of ease and comfort while moving throughout the boat. This is a product of our team’s passionate approach stemming from initial sketches, to detailed 3D models, and finally life-size replicas of each area where we physically and meticulously tweaked every single feature until we were 100% satisfied that we had the best product available.”

- Michael Robertson, Tampa Design Team

Leopard 50 Interior

The innovative flybridge on the Leopard 50 includes a lounge area, a sunbed and shade awning. Access to the flybridge is provided by floating stairs leading up from the aft cockpit. While under sail, passengers can move about the flybridge with ample headroom and never worry about interference from the boom.

The next generation of


She incorporates a heritage of Leopards spanning twenty five years of production expertise.

Leopard 50 Specifications

Engine Specifications

Sail specifications, load specifications.

  • 3 Cabin + Utility Cabin Layout
  • 4 Cabin Layout
  • 5 Cabin Layout

Leopard 50 Layout



pasek na stronę WABE_pln.jpg



Wave Catamarans has risen to the challenge of creating a catamaran where comfort and a spacious living area - features hitherto associated with larger vessels - may now be found on a 50-foot yacht. The WAVE 50 offers an astonishing ratio of usable space to length, giving its users in excess of 160 m2.

Thanks to Wave Catamarans Shipyard's wealth of experience, the WAVE 50 - a unique, state-of-the-art model - is not just a vision, it is now a reality.  Its perfect synthesis, where wonderful design meets cutting edge and user-friendly energy solutions, guarantees the perfect conditions to find calm and comfort on the water.

The WAVE 50, as the very first model in the new WAVE catamaran line, presents a previously unseen approach to design. The distinctive shape of the superstructure allows for an unprecedented amount of space in the lounge and the front cockpit - a rarity among 50-foot catamarans. The modern hull’s inverted bows with its elegant shape accentuated by sharp slits, in addition to the rigid roof spoiler on the upper deck, all enhance the WAVE 50’s inimitable slenderness.



Rest is assured thanks to WAVE 50’s intelligent innovations. An abundance of space may be found where the lounge leads directly out to a huge front cockpit and an array of sunbathing nets on the bow – providing plentiful opportunities to relax and recharge. Stairs offer convenient access to the sun deck which comes fully-equipped with seating, an overhead projector, a refrigerator and a sizeable couch – it is here that one can catch the sun’s rays while discovering serenity and tranquillity under a sliding roof.  A comfortable bathing area can be found on a platform at the stern, indeed, time and tide will stand still as you luxuriate in the rear cockpit.

Dazzling panoramic views and a sense of space may be glimpsed through the tall windows which surround the lustrous living room. When moored in a picturesque bay, there is no better place to feel at ease while enjoying breakfast and dinner than the dining room with its ample sized table. The WAVE 50 SARA catamaran has a universal design layout, for both owner and charter use, which consists of a large living room with a galley on the main deck, and four guest cabins in the hulls – one of which is the more spacious master suite. Each cabin has its own bathroom and the cabin crew is set apart from the guest living quarters via a separate entrance. 



Wave Catamarans are custom-made designs. Each vessel is tailored to our customers’ unique and personal needs – a  reflection of the demands and quality that each may rightly expect. The world-renowned excellence, endeavour and know-how found in Poland, where the highest calibre of catamarans have been produced for many years – with the WAVE 50 now at its fore - has provided the skills and experience to design and develop this enchanting yacht. There are limitless opportunities to personalize the vessel: choose the finishing materials and technical equipment that you demand; customize the interior; decide on the layout that meets your own singular requirements. With remarkable ideas and a boldness in your vision, the closer we will take you to the cusp of your dreams.


The catamaran is equipped with a modern hybrid drive system which, together with its vast energy storage capacity, provides a myriad of opportunities for the autonomous function of the yacht's systems. An innovative energy management system which constantly monitors the operation of all devices, ensures safety and efficiency will never be compromised.

Designed and developed by Wave Catamarans, together with the Gdańsk University of Technology, the hybrid drive system provides three possible modes of operation:

Energy mode

The motor drive operates in generator mode. The electricity may be generated while sailing on the internal combustion engines or when parked

The internal combustion engines work in unison with the electric motors, to provide a boost in the power and speed of the catamaran or support the navigation of ports in more difficult weather conditions

Silent mode

The drive is provided entirely by electric motors, making it possible to swim in hushed silence and in a perfectly eco-friendly way




Do you want to place an order or get more information? Just get in touch with us.

Wave Blue sp. Z o. O ul. Mrówcza 165C

04-768 Warsaw Poland

Thanks for submitting!


  • € 0.00 0 items



Windelo shipyard – based in Canet-en-Roussillon in Southern France, is busy building and launching a range of innovative catamarans in the performance multihull market.

The first Windelo 50 Adventure was launched in February 2021. The two other versions of the Windelo 50 are Yachting and Sport and the design was upgraded in July 2023 with a newer sleeker look that accommodates even more solar.

Windelo’s philosophy is to combine innovation with ecology, performance, safety, and comfort.

To do so, they teamed up with the best in the business: architects Christophe Barreau and Frédéric Neuman, well-known for designing performance cruisers. The result is a boat with impeccably designed slim well-balanced hulls that enhance performance and seaworthiness. Stable and light, they can carry a generous sail plan.

The Windelo 50 is a good-looking boat with fine entry bows and a punchy power to weight ratio. She has been inspired by decades of performance catamaran design (read our Gunboat 66 review for an example).

Windelo 50 Boat Tour and Test Sail: Canet-en-Rousillon to Cannes

Performance with Comfort Windelo is positioned firmly in the performance segment, but with an eye on providing innovative solutions to keep the comfort levels high. The team has moved the bar high in the catamaran design by placing the twin helm in the forward cockpit and in result creating an open, spacious living area just behind it. This catamaran competes with the likes of the Seawind 1370 (well probably the 1600 based on size), the Outremer 51 and the Balance 526.

Hakuna Matata, a Windelo 50 has completed a double Atlantic crossing (there and back) during which she used only 800 litres of diesel (including fuel used for heating when they were north). There is a link to the owner’s review at the foot of this review.

The Windelo 50 comes with strong eco credentials which is all part of the company philosophy, As well as the electric power unit, solar energy and hydrogeneration off the props, the construction process has been developed to minimise the carbon footprint.

The structure is made from a new environmentally-friendly robust composite sandwich, mixing basalt fiber and PET foam from recycled plastic bottles.

50 ft catamaran

The basalt fiber is spun in Russia and woven in Belgium and provides an impressive mechanical resistance with a black carbon-like finish.

This new innovative composite cuts the carbon emission footprint by almost half compared with traditional GRP composite manufacturing methods.

Hybrid engine power

The standard power unit is composed of two electric engines that are connected to a bank of lithium batteries. These can be charged using solely green energy: solar panels placed on the roof and the bridge, and hydrogeneration off the props. The whole idea of the Windelo 50 is to use your sails and green energy as much as possible, but there is also a backup generator which kicks in after a couple of hours if you are stuck in the doldrums, extending the cruising range in a flat calm to about 1 100 nautical miles.

Prop Shafts Another nice feature is that the electric motors drive the folding propellers through prop shafts, which should increase robustness and reduce maintenance costs.

The Forward Cockpit

The big story with the Windelo 50 is the central forward helm station. This isn’t a cockpit for lounging like you would see on a Lagoon 55 , this is where the sailing is done. All of the running rigging, sailing instruments and catamaran controls are handled safely amidships, behind the mast. You can access the cockpit either through the saloon or from the deck.

The forward cockpit is set up with 2 fully protected helm stations with great view of the sails and the bows. The cockpit is well protected from the elements if needed: with the sliding doors open, it will become part of the living space. There has been plenty of innovation in this area within the industry (the Balance 482 Versahelm for example), and Windelo have opened up a whole new avenue here with this set up.

Set up for Short-Handed Sailing With her self-tacking solent, she is an easy boat to handle with a short-handed crew and moves fast and high upwind due to dagger-boards positioned at the center of the hull to maximise their hydrodynamic performance.

50 ft catamaran

Panoramic Views

The saloon takes the Open space concept to a new level. The whole space can be opened up, including the side windows, so that the outside comes inside. Ventilation is maximised with a wide selection of openings on all four sides. The innovative design continues down below with wrap around windows in the aft cabins.

50 ft catamaran

The aft platform with davits pivot to increase the floor area at anchor. We love the pilot berth for night shifts or simply using it to relax or as an extra sleeping space.

Semi-Custom Build

Every sailing adventure is unique, and Windelo takes this well into consideration. In addition to being able to choose between three different models: Adventure, Yachting and Sport, you can personalize this catamaran with different options and layouts.

50 ft catamaran

There are various options including a 4 berth, 3 berth (owner’s cabin), 3 berth owner’s with office and variations with a skipper’s berth in the forepeak. The aft cabin berths can be configured athwartships or fore and aft. The owners of very first Windelo 50 Adventure have opted for a working office in one of their forward cabins. All the bespoke furniture is built at Windelo’s own joinery by their carpentry team.

The Windelo 50 is an innovative launch in a booming segment: the 50-foot performance catamaran market. With her forward cockpit and central helms, open-to-the-max concept and tidy profile, she will be a popular choice for sailors looking for speed without compromising on comfort.

For more information on the Windelo 50 head to windelo-catamaran.com .

Owner’s Review

We have also spoken to the owner of Hakuna Matata, the #1 hull (Windelo 50 Adventure). You can get more information on this catamaran on our Windelo 50 Owner’s Review page.

A Proven Eco Ocean Crosser

Windelo 50s continue to log the miles and cross oceans. Hakuna Matata, the #1 hull, was the first: she left Canet-en-Roussillon marina on 17 October 2021 and set sail for the Spanish coast and then onto the Canaries before sailing across the Atlantic to Martinique.

After a few weeks in the West Indies and the Caribbean, she sailed up the United States East Coast, north to Florida, New York, Boston, and then Canada.

The return crossing was completed between St Pierre and Miquelon and Iceland, before setting sail for the Faroe Islands, Scotland, and then the French Atlantic coast. In August 2022, Hakuna Matata then sailed back to the Mediterranean to Canet-en-Roussillon.

In eight months across 20,000 nm, Hakuna Matata only used just 800 litres of diesel, including that used for heating in the colder sailing areas. This is equivalent to 2 litres / 100km or 100 miles per gallon (117 miles per US gallon).

What is the difference between 3 versions: Adventure, Yachting and Sport? Adventure Designed for exploration and adventure, this robust package is easy to maintain. This version comes with lifting daggerboards or high-performance fixed fin keels. Yachting A high-end finish with top quality materials for maximum comfort. Configured for fast, easy and comfortable navigation to take you across the oceans or just enjoying shorter cruising. Sport Tuned for maximum performance, Windelo have saved 500 kg on the Sport version by removing, for example, the crossbeam forward, and replacing it with a longitudinal fore beam. All the materials used have been carefully chosen to limit weight.

How Much Does a Windelo 50 Cost? What is the Price Tag? This will depend on the options and pack you go for of course, but the prices start at €995k, €1075k and €1095k ex taxes for the Adventure, Sport and Yachting, respectively. We would estimate that you will need to add an additional €1-200k for your options to give you an idea of the sail away price. She is priced competitively versus the competition.

Who Are the People Behind Windelo? The company philosophy is to bring in the leading expertise onto the project. The founders are Olivier Kaufmann (Ex -Chairman of the Executive Board of Decathlon, Orange Marine, Cabesto) and his son Gautier Kaufmann. Christophe Barreau and Frederic Neuman head up the design team. Jean-Pierre Prade, one of the founders of Catana, is also involved. Didier Perrin (Syltec Consulting) brings his skills in composites and Jean-Paul Siaudeau (JPS Concept, Imoca and Ultimate) heads up the electrical systems and propulsion unit. The École des Mines d’Alès, an engineering school in the South of France is working with Windelo on material resistance. Quite a team!

Technical Specification

Related Catamarans

gunboat 62

Browse, search and find your perfect catamaran!

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The Horizon PC52 model answers the demand for a high-end power catamaran in the 50-foot range that is capable of true blue-water cruising. The PC52 offers extremely comfortable living spaces, with a functional three-stateroom layout, large galley and spacious salon, as well as all of the necessary amenities for extended cruising. She has been professionally designed and engineered to meet Horizon’s high standards for quality, and the PC52’s generous bridge deck clearance ensures the ride is efficient, smooth and stable, providing you the peace of mind you need when out on the open sea. The PC52 is available in both Open and Enclosed Flybridge versions.

PC52 Yacht


PC52 Yacht

LAYOUTS click to enlarge

PC52 Yacht

**Optional items may be shown in the layout that are not included in the base price**

PC52 Yacht


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50 Yacht Power Catamaran

Arriving Fall 2024

Prepare for an elevated yachting experience with the Aquila 50 Yacht Power Catamaran, arriving this fall. Say hello to the future of exploration as we introduce an all-new "Explorer" aesthetic, with a commanding high freeboard that sets it apart from the rest. Enjoy al fresco entertainment under the open sky on the expansive, new flybridge design, enhanced by an optional retractable sunshade. Embark on a new era of sophistication and style and explore limitless possibilities with the Aquila 50 Yacht.

Request Information

outline of the 50 yacht


  • Download Specs & Layouts

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Aquila 50 Yacht fit into the lineup?

The Aquila 50 Yacht steps in as the successor to the now-retired Aquila 48, positioned between the Aquila 44 Yacht and the Aquila 54 Yacht. Built on insights gathered from extensive research and owner feedback, this model maintains the distinctive innovative yacht styling of the Aquila brand, as exemplified by the most recent Aquila 42 Yacht, while uniquely incorporating elements of a more exploratory-type aesthetic.

When and where can I see this model in person?

The Aquila 50 Yacht will make its first public appearance at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Fall 2024.

When will pricing and standard specifications be available?

While pricing information and standard specifications won't be released until late summer or early fall of 2024, you can secure build slots and place deposits now. Preliminary specifications are available for reference here .

Does this model incorporate eco-friendly or solar capabilities?

Certainly. The Aquila 50 Yacht's hardtop design is optimized for seamless solar panel integration. Furthermore, the engine rooms are configured to support either standard combustion engines or an environmentally friendly hybrid engine package.

Is the Aquila Hydro Glide Foil System™ (AHG) an option for this model?

Indeed, the Aquila 50 Yacht offers the Aquila Hydro Glide Foil System™ (AHG) as an optional feature, compatible with the Yanmar 550HP engine package.

Aquila Models

Image of 70 Luxury

Aquila 70 Luxury

Image of 54 Yacht

Aquila 54 Yacht

Image of 50 Yacht

Aquila 50 Yacht

Image of 47 Molokai

Aquila 47 Molokai

Image of 44 Yacht

Aquila 44 Yacht

Image of 42 Yacht

Aquila 42 Yacht

Image of 36 Sport

Aquila 36 Sport

Image of 32 Sport

Aquila 32 Sport

Image of 28 Molokai

Aquila 28 Molokai

Image of 28 Cuddy

Aquila 28 Molokai Cuddy

Zen Yachts

The ZEN50 is a game changer. World’s first series production catamaran equipped with a wingsail, it defines a new distinctive class of its own, where genuine zero-emission meets high comfort and performance, limitlessly. 

Designed from scratch for ZEN Yachts by award-winning naval architect Julien Mélot , this full carbon catamaran is the ultimate essence of technology driven, high performance and luxurious, eco-friendly leisure yachting. 

The blue water capable ZEN50 lightweight racing carbon hulls are combined with a huge solar roof for an unrivaled solar power vs. displacement ratio above 1:1 (18 kW / 17 tonnes), making this yacht completely energy self-sufficient. A revolutionary, fully automated, wingsail - by Ayro© - can be added as a range and speed extender. The yacht’s high capacity battery bank powers a powerful silent electric propulsion, allowing the ZEN50 to achieve 14 knots and maintain high continuous speeds in unrivaled safety and comfort, indefinitely… 

The ZEN50 is offered with or without wingsail and comes in 3 main different versions: Racer, Cruiser and Explorer, each dedicated to a different usage and owner profile. We use these versions as a basis to define a final, bespoke specification for each of our valued clients and ZEN Community Members. Scroll down for more details, specifications and prices.

50 ft catamaran

1st WINGSAIL series production yacht in the world!

The OceanWings32 - by Ayro© - was initially developed for Team Oracle, for the America’s Cup 2010 in Valencia. Over years, it has further been developed and automated by VPLP and was installed on Energy Observer in 2019. Two years of field feedback have allowed the Ayro team to fine tune the algorithm commanding the wingsail. The ZEN50 is the first series production leisure craft to be equipped with this fully automated wingsail. It is controlled at the touch of a finger on screens, is automatically adjusted and has several safety modes and features. The two parts of the wingsail can be hoisted and lowered independently and with the simple touch of a button. The wingsail OceanWings32 is the ideal complement for the solar roof for those wishing to cruise long distances off-shore with zero-emissions.

ZEN50 wingsail and solar powered performance zero emission electric catamaran yacht by ZEN Yachts

Greatest ratio SOLAR POWER / weight on the market

At 17 tonnes lightweight and 18,000 W of peak solar power, the ratio of the ZEN50 is at over 1 kW per displaced tonne of water or beyond 1:1 which is far beyond any other blue water CE Cat A yacht in this size range. Lots of solar power for little water to displace is the strong and healthy foundation the energy self-sufficient ZEN50 is built upon.

ZEN50 wingsail and solar powered performance zero emission electric catamaran yacht by ZEN Yachts

Performance CARBON sandwich hulls

The hulls of the ZEN50 have been designed from a blank screen for ultimate efficiency - understand minimum drag or minimal energy consumption for a range of speeds from 6 to 10 knots. Their shape is aggressive, sharp and slender. Their reverse bows cut through water like a sword cuts through butter and their curvature is reminiscent of graceful dolphin bodies. These hulls are undoubtedly of the performance type and are built with the best available composites: Carbon fibre and Corecell™. The combination of high strength, low weight and performance design allow the ZEN50 to reach speeds of up to 14 knots.

ZEN50 wingsail and solar powered performance zero emission electric catamaran yacht by ZEN Yachts

INFINITE range at high CONTINUOUS speeds

With maximized solar and wind power and minimized energy consumption… the ZEN50 can sail continuously at speeds varying between 6 and 10 knots. Thorough simulations in various sea states and weather system have consistently shown the ZEN50 will be able to achieve performance catamaran speeds continuously without using a genset. With the ZEN50, the world is your oyster and the wildest destinations are within your reach with this self-reliant vessel!

ZEN50 wingsail and solar powered performance zero emission electric catamaran yacht by ZEN Yachts

True ZERO-EMISSION operation

The first ZEN50 unit, whose construction started in March 2023, will not be equipped with a genset at all and will not have any fossil fuels onboard. The ZEN50 energy system with its very large capacity 160 kWh battery bank, has been designed to function for days in complete safety with minimal solar energy harvest and no wind. It is perfectly safe with no backup genset and operates 24/7 without any polluting emissions.

ZEN50 wingsail and solar powered performance zero emission electric catamaran yacht by ZEN Yachts

NO FUEL , no costs

Naturally, requiring no fuel to operate day in day out is great news for the environment, it is also fantastic news when sailing into remote areas where fuel bunkering might be near impossible or where the fuel quality might be an issue. Finally, it also makes a massive difference in this yacht’s costs of operation. Imagine the hundreds of liters of diesel saved over just a week, the obsolete engine maintenance schedules, the clogged filters and dirty tanks from another age… Welcome to a new burden-free, energy self-sufficient era, welcome to clean and graceful eco-yachting, welcome to ZEN Yachts.

50 ft catamaran

Highest SAFETY & reliability

At ZEN Yachts, we have made some design choices to attain energy self-reliance with the ZEN50 that reduces the habitable volume in the hulls, similar to performance catamarans. Where we have not and will never compromise is on safety. Our main voltage system is 48V making it perfectly safe to work on. The level of redundancy of the batteries and solar panels is 10! The main electrical architecture is split in 2 so that should anything happen on 1 hull, the entire vessel can still operate normally. There are 2 independent helm stations and the ZEN50 is packed with special safety features, nonsubmersible compartments and we can even offer an in-depth practical course on safety equipment usage and management. Sailing with the ZEN50 is not only exhilarating and clean, it is ultra safe!

50 ft catamaran

Unrivaled space & COMFORT

The ZEN50 offers the speeds of a performance catamaran, the comfort of a large motor yacht and the simplicity of an electric car. No less than 2 large day beds, 3 dining areas for over 10 people, 1 professional galley and 2 wet kitchens, 5 heads, up to 4 double ensuite cabins, 1 bunk double and 1 single together with both saloon and dining areas converting into extra sleeping areas, this is simply unrivaled on a 50 ft. catamaran. Add an electric tender, dive compressor, satellite internet, 2 helm stations (cockpit and flybridge), a solar roof that converts into a gigantic upper deck to enjoy the most epic sunrises and sunsets, welcome onboard the ZEN50!

ZEN50 wingsail and solar powered performance zero emission electric catamaran yacht by ZEN Yachts


Main particulars.

• Length Over All: 15.7m

• Beam: 8.4m

• Depth Molded: 2.7m at midship

• Displacement (light) : 17 T

• Draft (design): 1.3m (4.3ft) incl. keel

• Passenger Capacity: 12

• Berths: 12 (4 x double + 2 x single + saloon)

• Building Material: Carbon Fiber - Corecell™ composite

• Certification: CE Cat A - Unrestricted with 12 persons

Note: Some of the above figures may vary between versions


• Propulsion: 2 x 50 kW brushless DC motors

• Main Battery Pack Capacity: 160 kWh Lithium

• Solar Roof Peak Power: 18 kWp

• Wingsail: Oceanwings® OWS 3.2 by Ayro©

• Backup Battery Pack Capacity (Nav/Com/Wing): 5 kWh Lithium

• Main System Voltage: 48V - Low voltage for total human safety

• Accommodation Voltage: 110V or 220V


• Max. Speed on e-motor only: 10 kn

• Max. Speed on e-motor & Wingsail: 14 kn

• Cruising Speed for continuous operation - solar only: 4.5 - 5 kn

• Cruising Speed for continuous operation - solar and wing: 6 - 10 kn

• Cruising Speed day time: 8 - 10 kn

• Range Over 24 h: 180+ nm

Note: These values may vary between versions and sea / weather conditions


• Integrated power management system

• Solar power & energy storage system

• Electric propulsion system

• By-wire steering system

• Helm stations at cockpit & flybridge

• Galley counters, storage, sink, oven, stove, fridge, freezer

• 4 en suite heads with enclosed shower, toilet, sink & faucet (in each head)

• All cabin furniture (as shown in layouts)

• Aft deck fixed dining table and aft sofa with collapsible back rest (as shown in layouts)

• Fore deck day bed and lateral seats (as shown in layouts)

• Outdoor marine cork decking / indoor saloon natural bamboo decking

• All cushions In/Outdoor upholstered with Sunbrella® fabric

• 6 deck hatches

• 2 x 500 liter (2 x 132 gal) fresh water tanks

• 2 x 100 liter approx. (2 x 26 gal) fresh water tanks + 1 fresh water pump

• 2 x 350+ liter approx. (2 x 92 gal) holding tanks

• Railings, cleats and fore deck trampolines

• Mooring equipment: 33 kg Rocna® stainless steel anchor + 50 m stainless steel chain 10 mm + 150 m nylon rope + e-windlass

• Regulatory navigation equipment including navigation lights & mast

• 2 x chart plotter 16”; 2 x VHF with DSC button

• Regulatory Life Saving Appliances

• Critical spare parts kit

Note: The above equipment is for the Racer version. Cruiser & Explorer versions carry additional equipment

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Solar Roof Layout

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Solar Roof Layout

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Flybridge Layout

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Flybridge Layout

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Main Deck Layout - Asymmetric D (subject to changes)

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Main Deck Layout - Asymmetric D (subject to changes)

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Cabin Layout - Asymmetric D (subject to changes)

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Cabin Layout - Asymmetric D (subject to changes)

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Cabin Layout - Asymmetric E (subject to changes)

ZEN50 Solar Wingsail Electric Catamaran - Cabin Layout - Asymmetric E (subject to changes)



Solar & Wingsail, basic configuration ready to sail, navigation, safety, fridge, etc.

EUR 2 400 000


Solar & Wingsail, well equipped configuration with, among other options, electric tender, AC and water maker

EUR 2 650 000


Solar & Wingsail ultimate configuration with all available options

EUR 2 850 000

Solar only, ready to sail basic configuration with navigation, safety, fridge, etc.

EUR 1 850 000


Solar only, well equipped configuration with, among other options, electric tender, AC and water maker

EUR 2 100 000


Solar only, ultimate configuration with all available options

EUR 2 300 000

Ready to reserve your ZEN50?

Want more information .

50 ft catamaran


Lagoon 50 catamaran.

Winner of The Multihull of The Year Award 2018, the British Yachting Awards 2018, and the Sail’s Best Boat of The Year Award of 2019, the Lagoon 50 catamaran offers some thoughtful and innovative features. Some parts of the catamaran – such as the cockpit and the saloon – have been completely redesigned.

Table of Contents


The interior design of the Lagoon 50 is a product of the Nauta Design while Patrick Le Quement and VPLP Design gave shape to its exterior. The Lagoon 50 catamaran, with its rich and dark Alpi Walnut plywood construction and UV varnish finishing, comes with three, four, and even six cabin layouts and provides a generous amount of volume and space.

The aft cockpit of the Lagoon 50 can be easily accessed through two low transom steps and houses a polyester table to port that can be extended to accommodate up to 10 people and folded away when not needed.  The seat is also removable and can be moved away when the table is extended. The aft cockpit itself has a galley, complete with its own countertops for drink and food preparation, a sink, a refrigerator and a few bottle holders. The forward cockpit has seats with two storage lockers underneath them and two trampolines.

Lagoon 50 catamaran has a large flybridge with a helm station which comes not only with a separate recreational area but also has storage space behind it. The helm seat at the station is spacious enough to accommodate up to 4 people, including the helm person, and the station is made comfortable by triple sun beds, back and knee rests behind the helm seat. The helm offers enough visibility for navigation to not be a problem but since the helm seat is right in the center, the view from directly behind the steering wheel is obstructed by the mast.

The helm station has an ideally angled dashboard, equipped with a B&G multifunction display and autopilot amongst other instruments. All the lines and the self-tacking jib sheets are managed with three Harken winches. There are also three integrated sheet bins to manage the sheets, a halyard and an electric drum to manage the continuous traveler sheet.


In a three cabin version, the aft cabin of the Lagoon 50 catamaran has a double bed with lateral access and a drawer underneath, two bedside tables, and a shelf. There is enough storage space with a full-height locker, wardrobe, and bookcase. The deck hatch above the bed allows for ventilation and light. The aft bathroom has a manual toilet, a separate shower with Plexiglass door, multiple storage units and fixed window. The forward cabin and bathroom offer the same facilities but the owner’s suite is slightly more lavish with multiple bookcases, a sofa, a desk, its own bathroom with separate shower and toilet areas, and a walk-in closet.

Leveled with the cockpit, the saloon of the Lagoon 50 is a laid-back, comfortable living space that has plenty of room for entertaining guests or hosting a party. It is covered with a hard-top Bimini and houses a U-shaped sofa with a dining table and a fully-equipped chart table. The characteristic Lagoon vertical windows wrap around the saloon giving an almost continuous panoramic view while also maintaining the temperature and preventing the inside from heating up.  

Lagoon 50 also has a dedicated space for the navigation station which comes equipped with a B&G MFD, a VHF, and autopilot on a navigation desk covered in leather.

The galley is L-shaped and accessed through a sliding door. It has a four-burner gas stove and a gas oven, fully integrated sink with storage cupboards, shelves, drawers, and lockers. The galley also has a 190 liters, stainless steel drawer fridge. Between the living space and the cockpit, the galley has enough space for food preparation to be done by multiple people without coming in each other’s way and allows enough room for food and drinks to be stored. The drinks and such can be directly served through the window that opens into the forward cockpit.


The two engine rooms of the Lagoon 50 catamaran house one 57 HP Yanmar diesel engines each with sail drives and folding propellers. The engine rooms are accessed through hatches that open up and aft so that they can be safely accessed from the cockpit without having to expose oneself on the steps. The engine rooms have enough space for maintenance checks.


The overall length of the Lagoon 50 catamaran is 14.75 meters while the maximum beam is 8.10 meters. With the displacement of 19.9 tons, Lagoon 50 catamaran has an air draft of 26. 51 meters and a draft of 1.40 meters. It has a total freshwater capacity of 2 x 240 liters and a fuel capacity of 2 x 520 liters.


The price of the Lagoon 50 catamaran varies from $650,000 to $700,000.

In conclusion, Lagoon 50 catamaran is an appreciable option for someone who wants to settle somewhere between the Lagoon 52 and Lagoon 450.The Lagoon 50 particularly wins because of the generous amount of volume and room it offers which grants enough privacy for a family to be comfortable onboard. The performance has also been optimized by a greater aspect ratio of the mainsail and the moving of the mast further aft. All in all, Lagoon 50 does justice to the price tag it comes with.

Lagoon 50 Specs

Make: lagoon, catamaran rating, lagoon 50 pictures, new catamaran reviews.

Leopard 43 Catamaran

Seawind 1600

Privilege 585 Catamaran

Privilege 585

Catamaran makes, new reviews, most popular.

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This New 80-Foot Explorer Catamaran Has a Roof That Doubles as a Helipad

The 80 is also the largest vessel in the archipelago range., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

Rachel Cormack's Most Recent Stories

Watch: this sporty hybrid catamaran uses ai for greener cruising on the high seas, a legendary 36-foot cigarette powerboat is heading to auction this summer, the world’s first superyacht to use methanol fuel is now cruising the high seas.

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Archipelago 80

Archipelago Yachts is going bigger than ever before.

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  • This Rare 1969 De Tomaso Was the Marque’s Second Production Car. It’s Now Up for Grabs.

Archipelago 80

The cat is also equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system that ensures a maximum speed of 30 knots at full tilt. If that’s not enough grunt, an optional generator can provide an additional 180 kW of electrical power. In addition, a paravane kite can be added to the vessel to lower overall fuel consumption and maybe even increase speed.

“This model represents ultimate versatility in a sub-79-foot, owner-operator platform, and the embodiment of our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences on the water,” Weatherley said in a statement. “I am very excited to see this project come to life and welcome the customer on board for some unforgettable journeys at sea.”

Inside, the open-plan main salon is outfitted with a bar, a day galley, and expansive windows that offer panoramic views. The two hulls are home guest accommodation for 12, the main galley, and the crew quarters, while the wheelhouse serves as an adaptable entertainment space with another bar and alfresco seating. You can also choose to add a hot tub to the wheelhouse’s shaded balcony.

The 80 has substantial exterior decks given its length. The aft cockpit centers around a large “working area” that can store tenders, toys, or expedition gear. The built-in crane could move a 20-foot ISO container or a personal sub, for example. Alternatively, the aft area can be used for outdoor entertaining or other activities such as fishing.

A star fleet member, indeed.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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  • Archipelago Yachts
  • Explorer Yachts

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    Wave Catamarans has risen to the challenge of creating a catamaran where comfort and a spacious living area - features hitherto associated with larger vessels - may now be found on a 50-foot yacht. The WAVE 50 offers an astonishing ratio of usable space to length, giving its users in excess of 160 m2. Thanks to Wave Catamarans Shipyard's wealth ...

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    50 ft 6in LENGTH OVERALL 48 ft 11 in LENGTH WATERLINE 5 ft 3 in BEAM 26 ft 5 in DRAFT SPecificAtionS The Leopard 50L Configurations The interior offers 3, 4, or 5 cabins, and an extensive options list. All layouts offer the option of additional storage, berth, or head in the forward hull. WATER CAPACITY FUEL CAPACITY DISPLACEMENT ENGINES 185 US ...

  11. Mystic 50 Open Cockpit: The Ultimate Pleasure Cat

    The first open-cockpit 50-footer from Mystic Powerboats is at once outrageous and stunning. Let's get this out of the way right now. A 50-foot catamaran with 3,600-hp worth of turbine engines, six seats in the cockpit, no cabin, and a sticker price of $1.6 million is not a "rational" purchase. First, nobody actual needs—quite a ...

  12. Windelo 50 Review

    The Windelo 50 is an innovative launch in a booming segment: the 50-foot performance catamaran market. With her forward cockpit and central helms, open-to-the-max concept and tidy profile, she will be a popular choice for sailors looking for speed without compromising on comfort. For more information on the Windelo 50 head to windelo-catamaran.com.

  13. Horizon PC52 Power Catamaran

    PC52. The Horizon PC52 model answers the demand for a high-end power catamaran in the 50-foot range that is capable of true blue-water cruising. The PC52 offers extremely comfortable living spaces, with a functional three-stateroom layout, large galley and spacious salon, as well as all of the necessary amenities for extended cruising.

  14. Aquila 50 Yacht Power Catamaran

    The Aquila 50 Yacht steps in as the successor to the now-retired Aquila 48, positioned between the Aquila 44 Yacht and the Aquila 54 Yacht. Built on insights gathered from extensive research and owner feedback, this model maintains the distinctive innovative yacht styling of the Aquila brand, as exemplified by the most recent Aquila 42 Yacht, while uniquely incorporating elements of a more ...

  15. ZEN50 Solar & Wingsail Electric Catamaran

    The blue water capable ZEN50 lightweight racing carbon hulls are combined with a huge solar roof for an unrivaled solar power vs. displacement ratio above 1:1 (18 kW / 17 tonnes), making this yacht completely energy self-sufficient. A revolutionary, fully automated, wingsail - by Ayro© - can be added as a range and speed extender.

  16. Moorings 5000

    5 Showers. 50'6″. Air Conditioning. VIEW YACHT DESTINATIONS. Majestic in stature, and minimalist in style, The Moorings 5000 is a modern marvel on the water and an idyllic vacation platform for an all-inclusive Crewed yacht charter. Artfully crafted by world-renowned boat builders Robertson & Caine, the stunning and spacious Moorings 5000 ...

  17. Sail Catamaran boats for sale

    Alle 25 km 50 km 100 km 200 km 300 km 500 km 1000 km 2000 km ... Used. Length. to. ft. m. Price. to. USD. Year. to. Class. Power. Power-all-power. All power. Power-aft-cabin. Aft Cabin. Power-airboat. Airboat. Power-aluminium-fish ... Catamaran sailing vessels for sale on YachtWorld are listed for a range of prices from $54,195 on the ...

  18. Lagoon 50 Catamaran

    The overall length of the Lagoon 50 catamaran is 14.75 meters while the maximum beam is 8.10 meters. With the displacement of 19.9 tons, Lagoon 50 catamaran has an air draft of 26. 51 meters and a draft of 1.40 meters. It has a total freshwater capacity of 2 x 240 liters and a fuel capacity of 2 x 520 liters.

  19. Lagoon 50 Catamaran

    Catamaran Guru™ | Mobile: +1 804-815-5054 | Fax: +1 443-782-0208 | Email Us Visit Us: 1400 Marina Drive, Suite 2-C, Hollywood, FL 33019 Send Postal Mail: 20533 Biscayne Blvd Ste 918 | Aventura, FL 33180-1529 Read our yacht buyer broker reviews .

  20. Power catamaran boats for sale

    The Horizon PC52 model answers the demand for a luxury power catamaran in the 50-foot range that is capable of true blue-water cruising. The PC52 offers extremely comfortable living spaces, with a functional three stateroom layout, large galley and spacious salon, as well as all of the necessary amenities for extended cruising.

  21. Sailing Catamarans for Charter

    Some of the innovative, charter-enhancing features of our catamarans include forward seating areas, electric dinghy lifts, expansive raised fly bridges with wrap-around seating, generator-powered air conditioning, water-makers, on-board wi-fi, and so much more. Come and experience The Moorings Difference with the newest fleet in the industry.

  22. Catamaran boats for sale

    Some of the most popular Catamaran models presently listed include: Diamond Yachts P55 Power Catamaran, 24, 270, Catathai 50 and Custom Song Saigon. Various Catamaran models are currently offered for sale by specialized yacht brokers, dealers and brokerages on YachtWorld, with listings ranging from 1986 year models up to 2025.

  23. Archipelago Yachts Just Unveiled a New 80-Foot Explorer Catamaran

    The British shipyard just unveiled a new 80-foot model that will become the flagship of the fleet upon launch. Christened simply the Archipelago 80, the explorer catamaran will allow seafarers to ...

  24. Meet the Zen Yachts ZEN50: A $1.7 Million Solar Catamaran

    The ZEN50 is a 51.5-foot (15.7-meter) fully-electric catamaran with a 12-passenger capacity. ... Zen Yachts also says that the 50's top speed will increase from 10 knots to 14 knots with the ...

  25. Weekend Edition Sunday for May 19, 2024 : NPR

    Meet the woman who escaped two conflicts — as a Palestinian refugee, then in Ukraine. by Tamara Keith, Eleana Tworek. 6 min.

  26. Power Catamaran boats for sale

    Power Catamaran boats listed for sale on YachtWorld offers a diverse price range, from $33,800 on the relatively lower-priced, classic models to an astonishing $9,239,404 for the more sophisticated yachts available. When evaluating your budget and the listed price of a yacht for sale, it is crucial to factor in the cost of ownership.