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List of 50 Popular Sailboat Brands (With Examples)

Every industry has its allstars - showbusiness, sports, cars, clothing brands… This article talks about 50 of the most popular sailboat brands. Feast your eyes!

yacht brands starting with m

So what are the most popular sailboat brands?

Nautor's swan, baltic yachts, hallberg-rassy, sparkman & stephens, island packet yachts, c&c yachts, pacific seacraft, tartan yachts, hans christian yachts, amel yachts, marlow-hunter, alloy yachts, bowman yachts, ericson yachts, melges performance, oyster yachts, mirage yachts, aloha yachts, dragonfly trimarans, aegean yachts, alsberg brothers, bristol yachts, cavalier yachts, jensen marine, grampian marine, pearson yachts, tanzer industries, jeremy rogers, holland jachtbouw, seacamper / if, have a look at what we've got for you.

Already I hear the screams of those whose favorite brand I have not listed. I plead for mercy - if I made such a list of cars, it would be the same. Boat preferences are such a personal matter that although I think this list is a crowd-pleaser, I still expect a few stones being thrown my way.

This list goes in no particular order - although I have reserved the first ten places to the most popular brands around. That being said, keep in mind I sail mostly in Europe. Thus a certain bias is to be expected. For instance, in the Adriatic sea, the most popular brand is Bavaria, Jeanneau, Beneteau and such, whereas I haven't seen a single Catalina so far.

Anyway, let's get into it.

Oh Wally. Subjectively the most beautiful sailboat designs out there. Each custom made, each a unique, gorgeous concept. Their sailboat Angel's Share, built in 2009 will take your breath away with the deck couch design alone. The rest is just as good.

Sailing made the Finnish way. The idea here is to offer both luxury and performance. They've been successful at that so far, if you ask me. If you spot one, count yourself lucky. Since 1966 only 2000 have been made.

yacht brands starting with m

Finns again. Similar idea to Nautor's Swan, though they do specialize in bigger sizes, starting at 50ft, all the way up to almost 200. And when it comes to the luxury to performance ratio, Baltic yachts kind of lean towards speed.

The Bavaria is the mainstream king. They are good at making affordable midsize cruisers of reasonable quality. Though a dedicated sailor would find plenty to criticize, as moderately priced holiday cruisers they do a fantastic job. Their Bavaria 46 is among the most sought after models.

yacht brands starting with m

Great quality mainstream - a step up from Bavaria. Though both of these brands are oftentimes considered by soon-to-be sailboat owners, since they are somewhat in the same area, Hanse offers more in terms of build quality and performance.

yacht brands starting with m

Beneteau sits at the same table as Bavaria, Hanse and the no.7 - Jeanneau. Beneteau has a few lines, the First focusing on racing, Sense being semi-luxury cruisers and Oceanis, the everyday cruiser. They are among the oldest brands, being established in the 1800s.

yacht brands starting with m

Feel free to mistake Beneteau for Jeanneau, as many do - they are essentially the same thing, as they are manufactured by the same company. They differ in their design team, that's about it. But it could be argued that Jeanneau is a bit more sporty.

yacht brands starting with m

Dufour is a French brand that has a better reputation than Beneteau and Jeanneau (both French too), but if one looks under the skirt of these, one finds that they are all owned by the same company. Dufour is a bit more expensive but not significantly better or worse.

yacht brands starting with m

Let's get back to the Baltic region with the Danish X-Yachts . They produce three lines of sailboats, cruisers, racers and performance cruisers. They were nominated for the European yacht of the year award, so if you decide to buy or charter one of those, you will be in good hands.

The X-Yachts X40 Deck

Considering that Slovenians have only 29 miles of coastline, their sailboat producer Elan has a respectable place in the sailing world. You will spot this brand in many European marinas as it offers good quality considering its relatively low price.

Back to Europe. Scandinavians know how to make good quality bluewater boats, given their geographical position they kind of have to. Owned by the Rassy family, Hallberg-Rassy does exactly that.

yacht brands starting with m

If it is true that people with large boats compensate for something, then the Perini Navi builders … well, let's just say they seem to have a penchant for enormous boats. Their most famous one is none other than one of the world's most recognized sailboats, the Maltese Falcon.

Simple, affordable, good. Catalina is a U.S. based behemoth that has produced tens of thousands of boats. It is similar to Bavaria, sometimes dubbed its overseas counterpart. Though they aren't the prettiest, they do the job.

Hinckley produces beautiful, stylish sloops. Not one is like the other since both the interior and exterior is built in a way so that it is customizable by the owner. They resemble classical designs and are for the true connoisseurs of elegance.

Sparkman & Stephens is a naval architecture firm that has its fingers in many famous designs. These designs have brought them quite a few victories in sailing cups. By the way, they were involved in military activities, designing amphibious jeeps, for instance.

Hylas yachts are set on their center cockpit designs with wooden lining and huge space in the aft. Oddly enough, they claim their boats are, thanks to the use of a special kind of fiber material, bulletproof. Make of it what you will.

The Floridians are extra in every way, including their own Island Packet Yachts . Easily recognizable by their signature Full Foil Keel, a modern take on traditional designs, which provides enormously spacious accommodation units.

When an ambitious project designing a fighter jet failed, two Canadians named George became unemployed. So they formed C & C Yachts and soon gained a reputation thanks to their success in racing. No wonder plenty of C&C's sail the oceans of the world.

Though famous for luxurious motor yachts, Sabre , an American company, made its name building recreational sailboats. Taking their motor yachts know-how to sailing, I gotta admit they know a thing or two about comfort.

The beautifully named Pacific Seacraft make seaworthy cruisers that are a bit … overbuilt. Their noticeable overhanging stern makes it obvious that relaxation and pleasure is the name of the game for them.

Tartan Yachts make classically looking fiberglass monohulls. If you feel like getting transported a few decades back in style when sailing, this brand is for you.

Heavy, slow, comfortable, solid. Hans Christian Yachts . If you are looking for a boat to live on, this would be easily made into a home. Their goal is to make 'ultimate cruising sailboats,' and if they aren't already there, they are on a good path.

Najad specializes in boats that can go anywhere and are operational with a two-person crew. Calling their boats 'mini superyachts' they want to put the name bluewater, or seaworthy, to the test.

yacht brands starting with m

Let's stay in Europe for a while and look at the French Amel Yachts , who make bluewater fiberglass ketches. Modern looking, notable for their raised bridge, they focus on bigger size boats around 50 feet.

Marlow-Hunter sailboats have a minimalist, distinct design. They make sailboats in the 30-foot range. You will recognize them by their signature steel cockpit arch. This one is definitely a looker.

Alloy Yachts are a famous manufacturer of superyachts. As long as 67 meters, their products catch your eye no matter if you want it or not. And yes, they are made of aluminum.

This is an interesting one. Cal Yachts specialized in fiberglass monohulls aimed at performance, and although they are out of business since 1989, their boats are still racing to this day. Way to keep the name alive.

The first Brits on the list! Bowman Yachts produces high-end sailboats. Nothing unusual so far - but they do it by hand. Handcrafted, old school looking, fully customizable by the owner who determines the layout.

Columbia sailboats are produced in sunny California. This company was once the largest fiberglass sailboat producer in the world. One of its leaders then left to form the aforementioned Catalina shipyard.

Remember Hanse? No. 29., Dehler , is owned by them. Germans make great cars and good boats, Dehler is no exception. Dehler focuses on performance cruisers, and although these words are oftentimes just a phrase, in case of Dehler it actually makes sense.

So you know how I mentioned fiberglass boats a couple of times? Ericson Yachts was among the first to use this technology and helped to pave the way for the rest of the world. They are no longer in business, but their designs are still the foundation of boats of other shipyards.

Well, you probably won't sleep on any boat made by Melges Performance since they are made purely for racing. They were founded by the father of the former Olympic sailor Buddy Melges and the racing genes clearly show in the company.

Vanguard sailboats are mostly known for their small (around 20 ft) performance dinghies. The Vanguard 15 is their iconic model oftentimes used in sailing schools or as a leisure sailboat great to learn on.

This is a big one. Oyster Yachts are luxury superyachts. This British icon is a name recognized anywhere in the sailing world in the big boys league. And by the way - deck saloon is their invention. Without Oyster, today's sailboats would likely look quite different.

Mirage Yachts was founded by a salesman of the aforementioned C & C Yachts. He didn't like that C & C doesn't offer anything below 27 feet so he created his own company that filled that gap. Though they were doing great in sales, it was a company based on business, not a passion for boats, and so as soon as the owner sold the firm, they went out of business within a year.

Aloha Yachts is one of many sailboat companies that didn't survive the 1980s crisis and went out of business. But before it did, it became a love brand for its owners and is a sought after brand for prospective buyers up to this very day.

At least one spot should be dedicated to a trimaran builder. Dragonfly Trimarans make boats that can operate as a triple hull sailboat and thanks to their patented SwingWing, they can shrink to a monohull so that it is marina friendly. Talk about the best of both worlds.

Huge, double or triple mast behemoths the biggest of which is over 160 ft long. That's Aegean yachts. This Turkish boat manufacturer prides itself in custom designs so whatever the buyer dreams of is possible.

The Alsberg Brothers were in it for the speed from the very beginning. They founded their company just to make one racer with their revolutionary vacuum bagging building process. People liked what they saw, and so a shipyard was born.

The fact that Bristol Yachts was one of the first companies to produce fiberglass sailboats with commercial success and still went out of business eventually just goes to show how tricky these ventures are. They had a great thirty-year run though, producing cutaway full keel and keel centerboard boats for the mass market.

Cavalier Yachts, a New Zealand born company, was once the largest production boat builder in the southern hemisphere. Their Conquero won the 200 miles half-ton South Pacific Trophy ocean race. It's a pity a new tax surcharge policy of New Zealand rendered the company bankrupt eventually.

Although Jensen Marine sailboats are out there, enjoyed by many seaworthy humans, make no mistake, it is actually the same company as Cal Yachts, or rather it's the original name it got after it's founder Jack Jensen.

Grampian Marine was a successful fiberglass monohull producer with boats ranging from dinghy sized to 30 feet. It refused many offers for mergers and acquisitions but eventually went out of business due to competitive pressures.

Nauticat , born in Finland, produces traditional designs built in a way so that they can withstand a trip to any destination. Though they were famed for their great quality builds, they went out of business in 2018.

Starting as a garage company making dinghies in the founder's backyard, Pearson Yachts made a 28-foot long boat literally in their garage, borrowed money to transport it to the New York Boat Show and returned home with seventeen orders. Talk about a rocket start.

Tanzer Industries was a Canadian manufacturer, building 8000 boats over its lifespan. Ranging from 16 to 31 feet, their fleet was quite impressive. The model Tanzer 22 was the most popular one and many of them still sail to this day.

Another Dutch star here - with boats in sizes from 66 to 160 feet, Jongert makes luxurious, custom sailboats. You won't find fiberglass here. These beasts are mostly made of aluminum or steel. Though they have been through some financial issues for many years, to this day they are still operational.

Jeremy Rogers is a boat manufacturer from Britain, making handmade, seaworthy designs. Their most famous creation is the Contessa 32, the most successful one-design cruiser and racer ever, which is known for its ability to withstand cruel weather.

Holland Jachtbouw go big and beautiful. Though this Dutch producer dipped their toes in a smaller 46 ft model, they usually stay within the 100 ft range and make modern, great looking designs. This one is a true eye-candy.

Let's close this list with custom boats. There are many sailboat designers who operate without a shipyard behind them and this flexibility gives birth to fantastic designs oftentimes. Let's list the Young Yacht Design here as an example. Look at those beauties.

Saffier is a Dutch Yacht Builder that designs beautiful classic boats that handle really well.

yacht brands starting with m

In Conclusion

Many of the names mentioned here went bankrupt eventually. Selling boats is a tough cookie and it is impressive for a brand to stay alive for more than a couple of decades. Competition is tough, price pressures high, new innovations can render a whole company obsolete within a year. Even the mighty Bavaria came close to demise. Luckily, boats last for a long time. So even if the name is not in the business registry anymore, the offsprings still cruise the seas of the world for many years after.

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Boat Brands and Manufacturers

yacht brands starting with m

Boat Brands and Boat Manufacturers

yacht brands starting with m

All-Purpose Fishing Boats

yacht brands starting with m

Aluminum Fishing Boats

yacht brands starting with m

Bay Boats/Flats Boats

yacht brands starting with m

Cabin Cruisers

Center console

Center Consoles

cuddy cabin

Cuddy Cabins

deck boats


High Performance Boats

High Performance Boats

inflatable boats


yacht brands starting with m

Motor Yachts/Power Cruisers

multi-hull power boat catamaran

Multi-Hull Power Boats

Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft

pontoon boat

Pontoon Boats


Ski Boats/Wake Boats

sportfishing yacht grady white

Sportfishing Yachts

trawler ranger tugs


Built for versatility, these boats can be used in both salt water and freshwater. They are designed to navigate many different types of waterways so you can pursue many different species of fish.


Small lightweight and, durable trailer boats made of aluminum are most often used for freshwater fishing. Generally very simple craft, featuring riveted or welded aluminum hulls and bench seating, they can be operated in fish-friendly places - shallow water, coves, inlets - not many other boats can reach. Powered primarily by outboard engines, this type of boat offers both tiller and remote steering options.

Bass boats have low, sleek profiles and are built to fish with two or three anglers on board. The minimum length of bass boats starts with 16 feet and can go up to 26 feet.

These boats are popular in coastal areas where sea trout and redfish live. They can float and run in water less than two feet deep and are ideal for fishing with two to three people on board.

These family boats are the most popular in the runabout/spotboat category and are equipped with extra seats and forward access to the bow, a convenient spot to relax and sun.

Recreational by nature, Cabin Cruisers are generally equipped with cooking, sleeping and bathroom facilities and are ideal for those who want to feel the sun above and the ocean below.

These open fishing boats are built to take rough offshore waters in pursuit of ocean fish. Rod holders, outriggers and other gear are common fittings onboard.

Cuddy cabins are ideal for day cruising, watersports, and other on-the-water activities such as fishing and swimming.

Deck boats have wide deck to carry 8 to 12 or more passengers (like pontoons) but look and perform more like runabouts. They are powerful, too, making them excellent boats for skiing, tubing and wakeboarding.

Dinghies are small, easy-to-transport craft, most often used as companion boats for larger vessels.

This craft allows boaters to enjoy the two most popular on-water activities; fishing and skiing. This family fishing and recreational boat has enough power to pull a skier or two, and to get to the fishing spot in short order.

High performance boats are the sleek sports cars of the boating world, offering high speeds and precise handling to boaters who prefer their thrills full throttle. Marrying big horsepower with sleek hulls results in boats that are equally at home slicing through ocean swells or tearing up inland lakes. Cranking offshore or simply relaxing in a cove, performance boats deliver lots of smiles per hour.

Inflatable boats range in size from 8-foot dinghies for tenders to 30-foot high performance boats. These boats are suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing, watersports and more.

Like bowriders and deckboats, they offer comfortable seating and sunning areas, plus a speedy and exciting ride. They are distinguished from runabouts by their propulsion system, which is enclosed inside the hull.

Large boats equipped with powerful single or twin engines, these craft are ideal for ocean cruising, navigating large rivers or the Great Lakes, as well as entertaining at the dock, and can stay on the water for days.

Featuring two or three hulls, rather than the more common single hull, multi-hull powerboats include designs for hardcore freshwater and saltwater fishing, as well as recreational and cruising, complete with expected amenities.

Personal watercrafts (PWCs), often known by their brand names of "Jet Ski" or "WaveRunner," have evolved overtime into a broad market now characterized by craft more similar to a snowmobile, featuring a saddle and handlebars and capable of hauling one-to-three passengers.

Pontoon boats give families with younger boaters a secure place to enjoy the ride or toddle about when at anchor, thanks to wide decks and "play pen-like" side rails and gates. When equipped with larger engines they can be as quick as runabouts.

Sailboats differ from other types of boats in that they are propelled partly or entirely by wind; they use sails to transform the power of the wind into power that moves the boat through the water. The term sailboat covers a wide variety of sailing craft, each with its own characteristics and styles.

Carve the morning glass on skis, soar over the wakes on a wakeboard, or surf an endless wave…ski/wake/surf boats are your gateway to fun!

These boats are great for pursuing large fish. Often equipped with sleeping berths, a galley for cooking and plumbing for convenience, they have the capacity to stay on the water for days.

Facilities for sleeping, cooking and plumbing provide boating fun for weekends on the water with family and friends. They can handle big rivers, lakes and oceans on moderate days.

These boats may be the ultimate family fishing boats and are most popular in coastal waters, large bays and the Great Lakes where anglers pursue salmon or offshore ocean species. They are equipped with rod holders, livewells and steps to the forward deck to make it easy to follow a big fish around the boat.

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best boat brands and manufacturers

10 Best Boat Brands & Manufacturers: 2022 Edition

yacht brands starting with m

Table of Contents

Last Updated on July 12, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

A key advantage of booking through Boatsetter is that you can try before you buy with all kinds of boat sizes, boat styles and boat brands.

At first, though, the sheer quantity of brands may feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to boating and just learning about all the different boat manufacturers. A good place to start is with some of the top-selling, well-established boat brands that have been around for a while, so you can get a feel for the wide variety of boats and models that exist.

Here’s a look at 10 of the best boat brands and manufacturers to get you started ( listed in no particular order, and selected by category ).

Browse All Boat Brands Available for Rent Near You

2013 beneteau oceanis 37

10 Best Boat Brands & Manufacturers: 2023 Edition is now available!

1. Beneteau

Category: Best Sailboat Boat Brand

Beneteau is a boat brand that got its start way back in 1884, in France. Today, Beneteau builds powerboats and sailboats alike, with six lines and close to 20 models of sailboats alone. Sailboats that Beneteau calls its heritage models—meaning they are no longer available new—are often available for bookings. Many owners keep their Beneteau sailboats for years or decades, because the boat brand is a proven pedigree that includes smart, comfortable features for sailing.

Explore All Beneteau Boats Available for Rent

super air nautique boats

2. Nautique Boats

Category: Best Watersports Boat Brand

Nautique , which is well known for building the line of Super Air Nautique models, specializes in boats for wakeboarding, wakesurfing, water skiing and other tow sports. A Super Air Nautique boat, in particular, will have different styling and features than other boats the same size, to create things like better behind-the-boat wakes, and to make sure everybody on board has a good view of the action. The Nautique boat brand is also a leader in electric-boat design , with its new Super Air Nautique GS22E that just hit the market.

You’ll find a few of the Super Air Nautique models listed within our Electric Boats page.

pro-line fishing boats

3. Pro-Line Boats

Category: Best Saltwater Fishing Boat Brand

Pro-Line Boats is a North Carolina boat manufacturer that got its start in 1968, building boats for local fishing guides . Today, Boatsetter customers can often find Pro-Line Express and Sport models that owners have decked out for whatever kind of fishing is best in their local waters. Features can include lighted baitwells, insulated fishboxes, out-of-the-way stowage for fishing rods, casting decks and more. Some also have booming sound systems for rock ’n’ rolling your way to and from the fishing grounds.

Explore All Available Saltwater Fishing Boat Rentals

tracker boats bass boat

4. Tracker Boats

Category: Best Freshwater Fishing Boat Brand

The manufacturer Tracker Boats is based in Missouri, where it builds numerous types of boats, with a specialty in aluminum fishing boats. Its Bass Tracker is—as you might guess from the name—all about fishing. The Bass Tracker has a trolling motor , which is quieter than a traditional outboard motor, so there’s less chance of scaring away the fish. These motors also tilt, which means the boat can follow fish into the shallower areas , and the motors can help a boat stay put without needing to drop an anchor.

Explore All Bass Boat Rentals

sea ray sundancer

Category: Best Yacht Brand

Sea Ray is a boat brand that is part of Brunswick Corp., which owns more than a dozen boat manufacturers as well as companies that make boat engines, parts and accessories. The company builds many different boat models, but its Sundancer series is so popular that it dates back more than 40 years. Sea Ray Sundancers come in various sizes, and are outfitted for family fun on the water, with safely enclosed seating up front for the kids and protection from the sun when needed.

Explore All Sea Ray Boat Brands for Rent

godfrey pontoon boats

6. Godfrey Pontoon Boats

Category: Best Pontoon Boat Brand

Godfrey Pontoon Boats has been in business for more than 60 years. It builds a half dozen styles of pontoon boats . These boats can be found with quite a few types of layouts, with some better for lounging, others better for onboard dining, and still others better for fishing or entertaining. Godfrey Pontoon Boats are a good option for anyone wanting to try before they buy, because this boat brand can help you experience different types of boating in the same overall length of pontoon boat.

Explore All Pontoon Boat Rentals

bayliner element 18 2019

7. Bayliner

Category: Best Day Cruising Boat Brand

Bayliner is another boat brand that is part of Brunswick Corp. Bayliner builds deck boats, center consoles and runabouts—which are different styles of boats that families tend to choose for a day of cruising with a little bit of watersports fun or fishing mixed in. Unlike specialty fishing or wakesports boats, Bayliner boats are more versatile, for people who want to try a bit of everything. These boats can be fully open to the sun or (in the case of center consoles) have hardtops that provide some shade.

Explore All Bayliner Boats for Rent

sea-doo personal watercraft 2021

Category: Best Personal Watercraft (PWC) Brand

Sea-Doo was one of the first-ever personal watercraft (PWC) brands to be mass-manufactured, and it is still a leading manufacturer of personal watercraft today. Various versions of Sea-Doos are made for all kinds of fun on the water: basic touring with one or more riders, fishing and even performing stand-up tricks. Sea-Doos can have sound systems on board, as well as space to pack a cooler. Some Sea-Doos are known as “muscle craft” and can achieve speeds of 60 mph.

Explore All Personal Watercraft, Jet Ski & WaveRunner Rentals

duffy boats 18 snug harbor

9. Duffy Boats

Category: Best Electric Boat Brand

Duffy is a boat manufacturer whose name is synonymous with electric boats. The company has built them since 1970 for people who want to enjoy shorter-distance, slower-speed, near-silent cruising in a relaxed way with friends and family. There are numerous Duffy models—some a little bigger, some a little smaller, and all of them with a canopy or hardtop to provide some shade from the elements. Duffy boats can have regular seating as well as onboard dining, depending on how they are outfitted.

Explore All Electric Boat Rentals

chaparral boats speed boats

10. Chaparral

Category: Best Speedboat Brand

Chaparral is a boat manufacturer that has been building family boats since 1965, with a home base in Georgia since 1976. Over the years, numerous boating magazines have reviewed the various models that Chaparral sells, and the reviewers often have made note of the boats’ impressive speed at wide-open throttle (which is when a boat is moving as fast as it can go). Chaparral calls “high-octane pleasure” one of its standard features, with the option for quick acceleration built right into the boat’s design.

Explore All Speedboat Rentals

Kim kavin

Kim Kavin has been on boats in more than 50 countries and islands, including in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, South Pacific, Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. She grew up learning to steer a ski boat and Hobie Holder at her grandfather’s lake house in New Jersey, and went on to spend time aboard everything from America’s Cup racing sailboats to submarines. 

Kim is a PADI-certified scuba diver and animal lover who always enjoys a good, long look around a coral reef. Her award-winning writing and editing regularly appears in national marine magazines and on leading websites. In her early years, she was a Dow Jones editing intern and a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. When she’s not writing, Kim can usually be found hiking northwest New Jersey’s beautiful park trails with her adopted shelter mutt, Ginger.

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yacht brands starting with m

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photo of The Most Popular Yacht Brands

The Most Popular Yacht Brands

By Robert Bowman | Posted On Feb 21, 2022 Updated On May 18, 2022

After walking around the Miami Boat Show this week, I had the opportunity to speak with several excited future owners, as well as representatives from many of the shipyards in the 40-foot to 100-foot range. While none of this will come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the trends in yacht sales, there were mixed emotions from everyone as inventory shortages continue and demand remains incredibly strong. As you can imagine, even the most popular yacht brands have not been spared from equipment troubles, material shortages, and shipping delays.

(Keep scrolling down to get to the most popular boat brands by number of sold boats.)

The love and passion for boating that has grown this amazing recreation continues to thrive, while the need for relaxation is more important than ever before. What better way to unwind than on your own personal yacht, enjoying the sun and ocean with your favorite guests! I listened to one couple's plans to take on the Great Loop and had brought with them a list of bridge heights, along with requirements they wanted in a boat for their adventure. They planned on spending over a year on the Loop, taking their time along the way to enjoy each stop. Another gentleman perused over a 58-foot motor yacht with future plans of putting it into a yacht charter program in the Bahamas during season and off the New England Coast in the Summer.

The boating dreams and aspirations were generally the same as previous boat shows, but the sales climate was noticeably different. In some new boat displays, 'SOLD' signs could be seen on every single model on display.

Manufacturers, yacht dealers, and boaters alike all complained about the lack of available inventory - both new and used - with many wait times for new builds 18 months out or more. Fueled by shortages in materials and microchips, along with the incredible uptick in boat sales in the U.S., the current climate is one of quick decisions and fast action. Buyers using a professional yacht broker are more likely to be successful in finding the perfect boat as they can not only watch the market for what becomes available, but they also have knowledge of boats not yet currently advertised.

And for sellers, if there ever were a perfect time to sell your yacht quickly and for potentially over-asking price, it's right now!

Consider these facts for a moment :

  • Total U.S. pre-owned sales increased 10% from 2019 to 2021 while the total value increased 57%
  • Sales in the 46' to 55' category grew 34%, while the 56' to 79' category grew 38%
  • Yacht Sales for the 80'+ category grew 61%
  • United Yacht Sales also saw growth of 29% in 2021 , after increasing sales by 31% in 2020 .
  • The average boat value, across both power and sail, has increased 40% since pre-pandemic conditions.

A 10% increase in sales is a tremendous surge for an industry that sees nearly $40 billion in sales each year. According to a 2021 market index report from Boats Group, cruising yachts were the most popular type of yacht searched for on the brokerage market. Coming in second place were center-console boats , followed by motor yachts.

"It makes sense that cruisers are the most popular searched for boat," said Captain Jeff Palmer, UYS co-President. "Not only are there more cruising-style boat builders, but the versatility of this design keeps them relevant. People love to go on trips, whether it's to the islands or up the coastline, and the comfortable accommodations they provide are important to the owners." Our team can assist you in determining how much you should spend on a yacht .

( Seen below: A Pershing 62HT is a perfect example of an express cruiser . )

pershing yachts 62HT

While not a representation of every single boat sold in the marketplace, the below list outlines what boat brands were the most purchased on the brokerage market in 2021 in the United States. If you're looking to sell your boat, whether it's on this list or not, give our main office a call at 1-772-463-3131 to be connected to an expert on the current market.

Here are the most popular boat brands in 2021 *

1. Sea Ray Boats

2. Boston Whaler

3. Grady-White

4. Regal Boats

5. Carver Yachts

*Criteria: U.S. sales only, pre-owned only. Data:

(Seen below: An excellent example of a pre-owned Sea Ray yacht that is currently listed with United Yacht Sales.)

The brands listed above really come as no surprise as there were simply many more of these vessels built in the 90's and 2000's that continually become available for sale on the brokerage market each year. If we move the criteria to 50-feet and up, the top 5 brands change drastically.

Here are the most popular yacht brands over 50-feet:

2. Hatteras Yachts

3. Viking Yachts

4. Azimut Yachts

5. Prestige Yachts

I would also like to note that Carver Yachts and Ocean Alexander would have been included if we excluded the sportfishing brands. Although Hatteras and Viking both build motor yachts, the bulk of their sales continue to be in the fishing category.

Here are the top sportfishing yacht brands in 2021 : (production builders)

1. Viking Yachts

3. Tiara Yachts

5. Bertram Yachts

There are simply more cruising boat builders than sportfishing boats, making it important to break this category out by itself. Even drilling down further would require separating pre-owned custom sportfishing boats out from the production boats since so few of them are built each year.

(Seen below: This Merritt Yachts 58' is an exciting example of a custom sportfish listed with United Yacht Sales.)

The second most sought after category, center-console boats, always seems to be a dominant segment of the industry thanks to their relative affordability when compared to much larger yachts. The ease of handling and maintenance, normally due to having outboard engines, makes this a popular choice for many boat owners.

Here are the most popular center-console brands on the pre-owned market :

1. Boston Whaler

2. Grady-White

4. Edgewater

5. Intrepid

Please note that many boats in this category are sold 'For Sale By Owner' so exact numbers can be hard to quantify. This data represents pre-owned center-consoles sold through brokers and noted in Both Contender Boats and   were close behind Intrepid in terms of number of boats sold.

(Seen below: This Boston Whaler 38 Realm is a great example of a higher-end center-console on the brokerage market.)

Boston Whaler center console boat

No matter what type or brand of boat you own, whether it's considered popular or not, the United Yacht Sales will team will provide the right market analysis for you, a clear plan of action on how to sell it, will follow up with every inquiry promptly, keep you informed on its progress, and continue providing assistance through closing. United Yacht Sales has over 250 yacht brokers worldwide with one of the top support teams in the industry. Our network of boat buyers and sellers is the largest there is and we will put it to work for you whether selling your current boat or on the search for a new one. To get started with UYS, call our main office at 1-772-463-3131 or fill out our What's My Boat Worth form to get a quick pricing analysis.

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Two killed in boat crash as injured man found bleeding on riverbank

author image

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epa11352847 The bow of a river cruise ship is examined by police experts after the ship was stopped in Komarom, Hungary, 19 May 2024. Last night the ship crashed with a motor boat with eight persons onboard on Danube River, north of Budapest. One person was rescued, two bodies were recovered, and five passengers are still missing, according to police. EPA/CSABA KRIZSAN HUNGARY OUT

Two people have been killed and five others are missing after two boats crashed on the Danube River.

Hungarian police say the crash between a small motor boat and a cruise ship happened late on Saturday evening, and was reported after a man with a bleeding head wound was found on the riverbank.

He was found by the river near Veroce, which is 34 miles north of the capital Budapest. A man’s body was found close by, while the body of a woman was recovered further downstream.

The damaged motor boat was found close to the woman’s body, near a bridge on the northern outskirts of Budapest.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

Disaster response units are still searching for the five other passengers – three men and two women – who were aboard the small motor boat, with drones, boats, and rescue divers involved in the search.

Soma Csecsi, a spokesperson for Budapest police, said: ‘Police talked to the man and from his initial communication they drew the conclusion that he was probably the victim of some kind of boat accident.

‘At the time of the accident a cruise ship was located in the area, which was stopped at the town of Komarom where police have determined that the ship is damaged on one side.’

Police believe the other ship involved is the 109-metre-long cruise ship identified as Swiss-based Heidelberg.

It’s not known how many people were on board at the time, or their nationalities, and police stopped the Heidelberg more than 50 miles upriver.

An investigation against an ‘unknown perpetrator’ on suspicion of endangering water transport and causing the death of several people has now been launched by police, to discover if anyone is criminally liable for the crash.

The deadly incident comes five years after at least 27 people were killed in Budapest when a river cruise boat collided with a smaller tourist vessel, sinking it in seconds.

Tourist boat Hableany, carrying 35 people who were mostly South Korean tourists, was overtaken from behind by the much larger cruise boat, Viking Sigyn, beneath Budapest’s Margit Bridge, in May 2019.

The Ukrainian captain of the Viking Sigyn was last year found guilty of negligence leading to a fatal mass catastrophe and sentenced to five years and six months in prison. He has appealed the decision.

Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at [email protected] .

For more stories like this, check our news page .

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yacht brands starting with m

HP just reset its entire PC lineup

I n the new AI PC era, HP is starting fresh with an entirely new branding structure to highlight the power and performance of a fresh set of computers.

While many people may be familiar with the company’s Pavilion, Envy, and Spectre products on the consumer side and the Dragonfly devices for enterprise options, HP will now retire these lines and overhaul its options under two main lines: consumer and commercial. These include the Omni brand for consumers and the Elite brand for commercial. The company unveiled its inaugural products for each line, the HP OmniBook X AI PC and HP EliteBook Ultra AI PC, on Monday during Microsoft’s AI Vision event. I got to see the new devices ahead of the event and check out how this new branding and design looks in person.

A new beginning

These models will be the beginning of an overall brand expansion for HP. On the consumer side, the company plans to have several forms and tiers of Omni products with the goal of making customer selection simpler. Notably, HP plans to keep its Omen gaming PC brand intact during this restructuring.

“We have seen in our research that it takes 20 days for a customer to buy a PC in the consumer space, and along these 20 days, one-third of the customers are delaying or dropping their purchase, or even worse, they may buy the wrong PC because they don’t understand what is the right PC for their need,” Pierre-Antoine Robineau, HP’s  vice president of consumer solutions, told Digital Trends.

There will be OmniBook for laptops, OmniStudio for all-in-one, and OmniDesk for tower PCs. The performance range of devices will begin with 3 as the base, and go up to 5 and then 7, while X represents 10, but also the unknown nature of X. And, finally, there’s Ultra, the high-end and highest performance models.

Robineau noted this structure would allow each device to have its own value proposition and price points. For example, if HP were to release an innovative form factor like a foldable device, that aspect would be added to the name, such as a potential Omnibook X Fold, or the Omnibook Ultra Fold if it was more premium.

On the commercial side, the company also plans to have several forms and tiers of products, starting with Pro for channel-oriented customers and transitioning to Elite for enterprise customers. Updating from the former Dragonfly enterprise line, HP is shifting its naming sequence to single digits. For example, from 800 or 600 to 8 or 6. The hierarchy will be 2, 4, 6, 8, X, and Ultra. The Omni branding will have odd numbers and the Elite will have even numbers to differentiate between the two lines.

Generation-to-generation updates will see the EliteBook models’ G-numeral notation, such as G1, G2, and so on. The PCs will also include in their branding a letter indicating the type of silicon featured in the product, such as Qualcomm or AMD. So, the official name of the recently announced EliteBook is the HP EliteBook Ultra G1q.

It’s all about AI, of course

As another unique standout, the laptops feature a new AI Helix logo, representing AI and DNA, which HP plans to use as an identifier for every device and piece of software built for AI experiences. The OmniBook X AI PC is available in Meteor Silver and Ceramic white color schemes, while the EliteBook Ultra AI PC is available in Atmosphere Blue and features a smudge-resistant Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating on its back panel.

With the OmniBook X AI PC and EliteBook Ultra AI PC now official, HP has notably introduced some of the highest-tiered models in their respective lines. Highlighting the AI PC features of both devices, they are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processor and its dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU), which enables a processing power of at least 40 trillion operations per second (TOPS). This allows both the OmniBook X and EliteBook Ultra to execute various generative AI features that are based on large language models.

HP has included several AI features on its Omni and Elite, including its Poly Camera Pro, which includes several conferencing, framing, background, and multicamera features that won’t affect the device’s CPU or battery life.

The laptops also include HP’s AI Companion, an on-device hub that allows users to perform personal tasks and unique system-based functions according to their needs. The GPT-based chatbot can execute such tasks as summarizing legal documents or analyzing a PC and creating a personalized driver update schedule.

ARM takes hold

HP noted that the OmniBook X and EliteBook Ultra running the Snapdragon X Elite performed 17% better in benchmark tests against the MacBook Pro with the M3 in multi-thread performance, due to their fans. Built for efficiency, each model can support over a full day of battery life at 26 hours without charging, while being able to handle over 12 hours of Teams calls, over 20 hours of web browsing, and up to 22 hours of streaming, among other high-performance tasks.

The OmniBook X AI PC features a 14-inch 2.2K multitouch display with 300 nits brightness, up to 32 GB LPDDR5x dual channel memory, up to a 2 TB PCIe SSD, and a 5MP IR camera. Input includes two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and a 3.5 audio jack. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi 7, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.4, Bluetooth 5.3, and Modern Standby.

Battery support includes a three -cell, 59-watt-hour system and a 65-watt USB-C power adapter. The laptop runs the Windows 11 Home or Pro operating system.

The EliteBook Ultra AI PC features a 14-inch 2.2K touch13 display with 300 nits brightness, up to 32 GB LPDDR5x dual channel memory, up toa  2 TB PCIe SSD, and a 5MP IR camera. Input includes two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and a 3.5 audio jack. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi 7 and Wi-Fi 6E. Battery support includes a thre -cell, 59-watt-hour system and a 65-watt USB-C slim power adapter. The laptop runs the Windows 11 Home 64 Next Gen Premium or Pro 64 NextGen Premium operating system.

The HP OmniBook X AI PC 1 TB storage model is available for preorder at starting at $1,200. It will begin shipping on June 18. The laptop will also sell at

The HP EliteBook Ultra AI PC is available for preorder at starting at $1,700. It will also begin shipping on June 18.

HP just reset its entire PC lineup


St. Louis Cardinals, Nelly Unveil Brand-New "The Lou" City Connect Uniforms

Sam connon | 18 hours ago.

Masyn Winn, Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt pose in the St. Louis Cardinals' new City Connect uniforms.

  • St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals became the latest team to unveil their City Connect uniforms Monday morning, leaning into their city pride and giving due credit to a local hip hop legend.

The Cardinals are diving into Nike's line of alternate uniforms with their first regular season red jersey in franchise history, which dates back to 1900. On top of that, the front of the jersey reads "The Lou," a nickname popularized by Grammy Award-winning rapper Nelly, who is from St. Louis.

The team revealed the uniforms in a social media push Monday morning, along with a hype video detailing how the expression, creativity and innovation of the Gateway City played into the new branding. Naturally, Nelly stars in and narrates the video.

We're from The Lou and we're proud. #ForTheLou — St. Louis Cardinals (@Cardinals) May 20, 2024

The hat reads "STL" in the Cardinals' signature font. The uniforms feature dark red, wavy pinstripes meant to emulate the Mississippi River, as well as their classic birds on bats above "The Lou."

A new logo is also being used as a circle arm patch, combining STL with the Gateway Arch and the fleur-de-lis.

Compared to some of the other City Connects that have come out in 2024, the Cardinals' appears to be on the simpler and more streamlined end of the design spectrum. There aren't too many intricate details or Easter eggs, outside of an 1882 stitched onto the inside of the collar, commemorating the St. Louis Brown Stockings' inaugural season.

The Cardinals are set to debut their City Connect uniforms on Saturday against the Chicago Cubs.

Here is the full schedule of games that St. Louis plans to wear their new threads in:

Saturday, May 25 vs. Chicago Cubs, 7:15 p.m. ET Friday, June 7 vs. Colorado Rockies, 8:15 p.m. ET Sunday, June 23 vs. San Francisco Giants, 2:15 p.m. ET Friday, June 28 vs. Cincinnati Reds, 8:15 p.m. ET Tuesday, July 9 vs. Kansas City Royals, 7:45 p.m. ET Friday, July 12 vs. Chicago Cubs, 8:15 p.m. ET Sunday, July 28 vs. Washington Nationals, 2:15 p.m. ET Wednesday, Aug. 7 vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 7:45 p.m. ET Friday, Aug. 16 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 8:15 p.m. ET Saturday, Aug. 17 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 7:15 p.m. ET Sunday, Sept. 8 vs. Seattle Mariners, 2:15 p.m. ET Friday, Sept. 20 vs. Cleveland Guardians, 8:15 p.m. ET

Follow Fastball on FanNation on social media

Continue to follow our Fastball on FanNation coverage on social media by liking us on  Facebook  and by following us on Twitter  @FastballFN .

You can also follow Sam Connon on Twitter  @SamConnon .

Sam Connon

Sam Connon is a Staff Writer for Fastball on the Sports Illustrated/FanNation networks. He previously covered UCLA Athletics for Sports Illustrated/FanNation's All Bruins, 247Sports' Bruin Report Online, Rivals' Bruin Blitz, the Bleav Podcast Network and the Daily Bruin, with his work as a sports columnist receiving awards from the College Media Association and Society of Professional Journalists. Connon also wrote for Sports Illustrated/FanNation's New England Patriots site, Patriots Country, and he was on the Patriots and Boston Red Sox beats at Prime Time Sports Talk.

Follow SamConnon

Bluey inspired six-year-old Charlie to sell lemonade to save for a boat, teaching him vital money skills too

Charlie's dream is to buy a fishing boat. 

"A blue one," said the six-year-old from Tanunda, in South Australia's Barossa region.

"So I can catch some fish in Whyalla — tuna, salmon, mackerels and some marlins."

A few months ago, his parents, Luke and Sam Varcin, told him they wouldn't be able to fund it.

Shortly after, the then-five-year-old watched a Bluey episode, Stumpfest. Right at the end, Bluey held a lemonade stand.

Bluey the cartoon dog with a cart that has lemonade in cups and jug. She's serving her dad, his friends and her friends outside.

It sparked an idea.

"I'm making lemonade so I can get my boat," Charlie said.

Since then, Charlie has been running a lemonade stand every few weeks.

He makes the drink with his dad, and his mum joins the pair to help run the stand.

Saving has been slow, with his lemonade selling for $3 a cup, $5 for a 750-millilitre bottle or $5 a litre for customers who bring their own bottle.

A boat stand at his lemonade stand, decorated with yellow and green flags.

But it has been worth it, according to Mr Varcin.

He said Charlie was learning numeracy skills and the "facets of business" as he saved for his dream boat.

"His maths has certainly gotten a bit better," he said.

"I've been actively pushing for that, trying to make sure that he's the guy that deals with the money box and trying to get him to actively work out how much change it comes out to."

Mr Varcin said he got most of the ingredients and bits and pieces needed for Charlie's first lemonade stall.

"As for his second lemonade stall, I made him take money out of his first lemonade stall to go and buy the ice, because it was a 35-degree day and people don't want a hot bottle of lemonade.

A boy fits a lid to a cup of lemonade at a lemonade stand.

"If you want to make money, you have to spend it as well sometimes."

Mr Varcin said the community's reaction to Charlie's efforts had been "overwhelming really, and quite humbling".

"It's incredible to see how many people have come out, not only with donations in support of him, but letting us come into their backyards, pick lemons off their trees, with no expectation," he said.

"I think most people these days are keen to see someone little or anyone having a go at it."

A girl in a colourful outfit stands in front of her market stall, with homemade keyrings, watercolour cards and a picture book.

Dreaming big

About 430 kilometres south-east of Adelaide, 12-year-old Olive Cotton, from Mount Gambier, sells handcrafted watercolour cards and resin key rings. She's also illustrated a picture book called The Cat Surprise.

She said it had helped her reach her saving goals.

"Some of it I save, some of it I spend, and some of it I give," Olive said.

"I spend it on supplies for my cards and key rings. I usually put more in my savings, so that I can save for something like a car when I'm older.

"I got a really big Lego set. I'm also saving up to go to Katherine to see my cousin."

A girl with brown hair and glasses holds open a pink and orange picture book by a desk with art supplies on it.

Turning horse poo into cash

In Barmera, roughly 230km north-east of Adelaide, 11-year-old Teal Inglis has been putting the poo from her horse, Leo, to good use.

"Horses do have a lot to get out of their system, so I decided to start bagging some poo to get some money to go to a horse expo," Teal said.

"I've made almost $3,000 with the horse poo, but I also run a little business called Leo's Lane, which is the name of my horse, where I sell cards that I make."

Girl on farm crouches down next to bags of horse manure, a sign says the bags are three dollars each.

Teal said it was important for children to learn the value of money and how it could help their futures.

"It's also important to spend little bits at a time. Otherwise, you'll just get bored of making the money," she said.

"They should just try whatever they love, and see if they can move their money forward, and try their best."

Teal's mother, Kirby Inglis, said the experience had made Teal "more mature" when spending money.

"If she'd like to buy something when we're out, we say, 'Of course, you can, it's your money'," Ms Inglis said.

"And it definitely makes her stop and think twice about if it is something that she wants and if it's really worth the effort she had to put in to raise the money."

A girl in a blue shirt rides a brown horse around equestrian jumping obstacles, another girl rides a light brown horse behind.

Ms Inglis said it had also taught Teal maths she could apply to her life.

"When you go through schooling, most of the time now your maths is about algebra and things perhaps you're not going to use again," she said.

"For Teal now, she's definitely got an understanding that the money is sitting in a bank and that bank is actually paying her compounding interest.

"We had to learn mostly through the hard way growing up, so if we can assist our kids earlier on so they don't make some of the mistakes that so many are making … it's only going to be easier for her as an adult."

Letting kids spend, save and make mistakes

Susan Stone, chair of economics at the University of South Australia, said it was important for children to learn about money from an early age.

"It's a skill they're going to need for their entire lives," Dr Stone said.

A woman with dark short hair and glasses smiles at the camera as she sits a desk with two computer monitors, holding the mouse.

"It doesn't matter if you're struggling to make ends meet or if you are making good money, you still need to budget, you still need to be aware of where your money is going and being responsible.

"And it's been shown that the earlier kids are introduced to these concepts, actually the better off they do, the more comfortable they are budgeting … when they go off on their own."

Dr Stone said some strategies parents could use to teach their children about money were opening up a bank account for them, giving them an allowance or taking them grocery shopping to show them how much things cost.

She also encouraged parents to let their children make mistakes, including purchasing things they may later regret buying.

"It's tough to see your kids so disappointed when they're so excited, but it is a good lesson for them to learn to really think about what it is they want and what is going to make them happy," she said.

"They can spend some of it how they want, but insist on them having some part of whatever allowance you give them saved."

How many lemonade stands?

While Charlie may not yet be close to his boat aspirations, his dad said he's on the way.

"We're looking at a second-hand boat. I haven't even looked at a first-hand boat because that's well out of our price range," Mr Varcin said.

A man and woman hold their son, who is drinking a cup of lemonade from a straw, in their backyard.

"He's after something with reasonably high sides and probably with a fibre glass hull because most of his fishing is offshore. I think something in that $15-20,000 mark.

"Charlie jumps on Marketplace and looks at boats, and his common question is, 'How many lemonade stands do I need to do to get this boat?'. I think that's his benchmark for success now."

  • X (formerly Twitter)

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'you've got to start somewhere': 11yo eli's pine cone business just the start of his empire.

A boy with long hair wearing a tye die shirt juggles three pine cones laughing.

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    Top VanDutch yachts for sale. 2020 VanDutch 75, 75′ (22.8 m) (approx. $4,522,202). View the listing. A Dutch yacht brand with its genesis in 2008, VanDutch impresses with its ultra-modern design and technical innovations. The company started by manufacturing 30-40 ft. boats for day cruising.

  4. Top 100 Yacht Builders

    The Netherlands and Germany top the yachting industry for delivering yachts over 50m with large volume and a high value. German builders Lürssen, Abeking & Rasmussen and Nobiskrug deliver full-custom yacht projects, while Dutch builders like Amels/Damen Yachting, Heesen and Moonen build high-end semi-custom yachts based on model platforms.

  5. Certified Boat & Yacht Manufacturers

    See a complete listing of all National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) certified boat and yacht manufacturers.

  6. A to Z List Of Watercraft

    Maritime Boats. Tel: 207 620-7999. Maritime Marine, LLC, 681 Riverside Drive, Augusta, Maine 04330. Maritime Boats manufacture a series of fiberglass Skiffs, Center Consoles, Center Cabin, Express, and Cabin models, from 14'6 - 25'8". Mastercraft Boat Company. Mastercraft Boat Company, 100 Cherokee Cove Vonore, TN 37885.

  7. List of 50 Popular Sailboat Brands (With Examples)

    Beneteau. Beneteau sits at the same table as Bavaria, Hanse and the no.7 - Jeanneau. Beneteau has a few lines, the First focusing on racing, Sense being semi-luxury cruisers and Oceanis, the everyday cruiser. They are among the oldest brands, being established in the 1800s.

  8. Best Yacht Brands by Type

    Beneteau Swift. Ranger Tugs. Nordic Tugs. American Tug. Pro Tip: Yachts are one of the most popular boats, and boat-sharing makes it possible for anyone to get on one for a fraction of the cost. If you own a yacht, this is good business for you! List your yacht and start making an extra income by renting it out.

  9. Types of Boats by Manufacturer & Brand

    So you're ready to take the plunge and buy a boat. Download our step-by-step beginner's guide to get up to speed on all the basics. Search boat manufacturers by boat type. Top brands for each boat type will be listed, along with the manufacturers' company website, which you can visit for more info to learn about pricing and specific boat ...

  10. 10 Best Boat Brands & Manufacturers for 2022

    Browse All Boat Brands Available for Rent Near You. 10 Best Boat Brands & Manufacturers: 2023 Edition is now available! 1. Beneteau. Category: Best Sailboat Boat Brand. Beneteau is a boat brand that got its start way back in 1884, in France.

  11. List of sailboat designers and manufacturers

    Wally Yachts; Watkins Yachts; William H. Brown; X-Yachts; See also. Sports portal; Companies portal; List of sailing boat types; List of large sailing yachts This page was last edited on 11 December 2023, at 11:35 (UTC). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution ...

  12. The Most Popular Yacht Brands

    Here are the top sportfishing yacht brands in 2021: (production builders) 1. Viking Yachts. 2. Hatteras Yachts. 3. Tiara Yachts. 4. Luhrs. 5. Bertram Yachts. There are simply more cruising boat builders than sportfishing boats, making it important to break this category out by itself.

  13. List of boat builders

    Brunswick Boat Group. Burger Boat Company. Cantieri di Pisa. Carter Marine. Carver Yachts. Centurion Boats. Chaparral Boats. Chris-Craft Corporation. Cimmarron Boats.

  14. Best Boat Brands

    Boston Whaler is unquestionably among the best-loved boat brands on the water today. Photo by Boston Whaler. 2. Boston Whaler. Boston Whaler makes fishing and luxury boats from 13' to 42' in 28 different models (as of August 2023), in all. For many years, Boston Whaler boats have been celebrated as "unsinkable".

  15. List of All Yacht Builders

    Search By Yacht Builder in Alphabetical Order. AB Yachts Abeking & Rasmussen Yachts Absolute Yachts Admiral Admiral Marine Works AES Yacht Aicon Yachts Alaskan Yachts Alden Yachts All Ocean Yachts Alloy Yachts AllSeas Yachts Aloha Yachts Alpha Custom Yachts Alstom Leroux Naval Yachts Altamar Yachts Altena Yachting Altima Yachts Altinel ...

  16. Boat Manufacturers

    Boat Manufacturers. Our Boat and Yacht Manufacturer information pages has been built from our current Brokerage listings and includes sold boat information. We have included information about Boat and Yacht Marine Manufactures when it becomes available. You can also carry out an advanced Boat and Yacht Manufacturer search by using this feature ...

  17. A to Z List Of Watercraft

    Tel: (239) 574-2628. Atlas Boat Works, Inc. 2404 Andalusia Blvd. Cape Coral, FL 33909. Atlas Boat Works manufacture the series of Acadia and Pompano inboard pleasure boats, form 21' - 25'. Avalon Pontoons. Avalon manufactures a series of ultra luxurious pontoon boats, all loaded with features, from 14' - 29'.

  18. Complete List of Boat Manufacturers Brands & Types

    Ultra Boats. Putting customer satisfaction at the heart of their whole operation, Ultra Boat emerged in the boat manufacturing industry as a leader in safety, craftsmanship, quality of construction, and innovative design. The awards came naturally afterward. Each boat is built to satisfy each customer's every need.

  19. 17 Yacht-Mom-Approved Summer Outfits Starting at Just $15

    Grab this t-shirt dress in one of 17 different colors - $34! 7. Anchor down: Nothing says rich mom quite like a loose white button-up. This dress even has pockets - starting at $26! 8. Helm party ...

  20. Brands of Boats

    Sell Your Boat! Enter your zip code. Browse for Boats. By State; By Manufacturer; Boat Categories. Power Boats; Sailboats

  21. List of boat types

    This is a list of boat types. For sailing ships , see: List of sailing boat types . This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

  22. Trapped cargo ship Dali will refloat to Baltimore Monday at high tide

    Conditions permitting, the massive ship's journey will begin around 5 a.m. on Monday during peak high tide, according to Unified Command. Crews will begin prepping the ship about 18 hours before ...

  23. Two dead and five missing after boat crash on the Danube river

    Two people have been killed and five others are missing after two boats crashed on the Danube River. Hungarian police say the crash between a small motor boat and a cruise ship happened late on ...

  24. Stefanik, Fox News host clash over question about Trump

    The New York Republican got into a heated exchange with "Fox News Sunday" host Shannon Bream over a question about how her support of Trump has changed over time, which comes as she's being ...

  25. Brands of Boats

    Portsmouth Yachts: Posillipo: Post Yachts (4) Post Ii: Power Play: Power Twins: Powerboard: Powercat: Powerplay: Powerquest (5) Prairie Boat Works (1) Precision: Predator Marine: Premier Marine (1) Premire: Premium Boat: Premium Parasail Boats (7) Present Yachts (1) President: Prestige Motor Yachts: Presto: Prijon: Prima: Princecraft: Princess ...

  26. HP just reset its entire PC lineup

    The OmniBook X AI PC features a 14-inch 2.2K multitouch display with 300 nits brightness, up to 32 GB LPDDR5x dual channel memory, up to a 2 TB PCIe SSD, and a 5MP IR camera. Input includes two ...

  27. St. Louis Cardinals, Nelly Unveil Brand-New

    Starting this week, the St. Louis Cardinals will be wearing their brand-new Nike City Connect uniforms that feature ... May 25 vs. Chicago Cubs, 7:15 p.m. ET Friday, June 7 vs. Colorado Rockies, 8

  28. Bluey inspired six-year-old Charlie to sell lemonade to save for a boat

    When six-year-old Charlie watched a Bluey episode where the pup made a lemonade stand, it motivated him to start saving. An expert says the vital money skills he's learning will help him ...

  29. Brands of Boats

    Hatteras Yachts (5) Havencraft: Hawaiian: Hawaiian Custom Boats: Hawk Boats/vision: Hawkline Boat: Haynies Boat Works (1) Hbi: Headwater Boats: Heavenly Twins: Heisler: Helleman: Hells Bay (1) Helms: Helmsman: Helsen (1) Hen Cruisers: Hendel: Henderson: Henriques: Henry O Boats: Henry O Boats By Taylor: Her Shine: Hercules: Heritage: Heritage ...