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Definition of yacht

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Definition of yacht  (Entry 2 of 2)

intransitive verb

Examples of yacht in a Sentence

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'yacht.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

obsolete Dutch jaght , from Middle Low German jacht , short for jachtschip , literally, hunting ship

1557, in the meaning defined above

1836, in the meaning defined above

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yacht chair

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Kids Definition

Kids definition of yacht.

Kids Definition of yacht  (Entry 2 of 2)

from obsolete Dutch jaght (now jacht ), short for jachtschip, literally, "hunting ship"

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a vessel used for private cruising, racing, or other noncommercial purposes.

to sail, voyage, or race in a yacht.

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Origin of yacht

Other words from yacht.

  • yachty, adjective
  • su·per·yacht, noun

Words that may be confused with yacht

  • barge , boat , canoe , cruise ship , sailboat , ship , yacht

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  • Yablonovy Mountains
  • Yablonovyy Range
  • yacht chair

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How to use yacht in a sentence

As City News explained it, the bribes were paid not only in cash but through rugs, antiques, furniture, yacht club fees, boat repairs and more.

In Ashburn, Snyder is always lurking in spirit, even if he is on his 305-foot yacht somewhere in the Aegean.

Driving across country in a gigantic land yacht —with its crushed-velour seats and faux wood siding—was more practical than a two-door hot rod.

Host Jason Moore chats with experts who share tips harvested from their real-life experiences, such as a couple who paid off their $70,000 debt to travel full time and a woman who left her corporate job to work on a yacht .

Until Thursday, when federal agents escorted him off a 150-foot yacht moored in Long Island Sound, the word often used to describe Steve Bannon was “irrelevant.”

Instead the money allegedly was spent on luxury cars and a yacht club membership, among other things.

Loeb owns a $100 million penthouse on Central Park West and a $50 million yacht .

Solaire has set up charging capabilities at a project it built at a yacht club in Massachusetts, for example.

On my way back into town, I walked by the fortress of tents surrounding the harbor, readying for the yacht show.

Newly-minted Londoner, Lindsay Lohan, is currently chilling out on a yacht in Italy.

I heard her say to one of the servants once that my father had been lost on a yacht , and that he was oh, ever such a handsome man.

He owned a 54-ton yacht named the Opal, and attributed the wonderful health he enjoyed to his numerous sea voyages.

Another yacht had started from the old boathouse at about the time our friends and their new-fangled craft got under way.

Caermarthen ordered out his wonderful yacht , and hastened to complain to the King, who was then at Loo.

The yacht had long turned the head of the island and was beating down alongshore in the eastern bay.

British Dictionary definitions for yacht

/ ( jɒt ) /

a vessel propelled by sail or power, used esp for pleasure cruising, racing, etc

short for sand yacht , ice yacht

(intr) to sail or cruise in a yacht

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

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Meaning of yacht – Learner’s Dictionary

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(Definition of yacht from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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yacht definition and example

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Definition of 'yacht'

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Definition of yacht noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

yacht definition and example

Yacht : modern meaning of the term and types of boats

Minimal Logo

The etymology of the term yacht comes from the Dutch word ‘jacht’, which was used in the past to define the fast sailing vessels used to hunt down pirates along the coasts of northern Europe.

Today, the term ‘yacht’ is used to describe all recreational vessels, whether sailing or motor-powered, with at least one cabin that allows the crew to sleep on board.

There is no established definition for the length of this family of boats, but common usage tends to define a yacht as a vessel longer than 33 feet, or about 10 meters.

As mentioned above, a yacht may be equipped with sailing, motor or mixed propulsion. It can have more than one hull, and if it exceeds 25 meters it also deserves the definition of superyacht . When a yacht is over 50 meters it is called a megayacht and, more and more frequently, when it exceeds 100 meters it becomes a gigayacht.

A yacht normally flies a flag that corresponds to the country where the vessel is registered, not least because, if it does not, it may be captured and taken to the nearest port for ‘flag survey’. As far as international maritime law is concerned, the yacht is considered in all respects to be the territory of the country of the flag it flies, to whose sovereignty the crew is subject.

A yacht flying the flag of a country, unless there is well-founded suspicion of illegal activity, can only be stopped for inspection by the military vessels of that country. When a yacht enters the territorial waters of a country other than that of its flag, it is obliged to fly a courtesy flag.

This is tantamount to a declaration of submission to the navigational laws of the country in which it is sailing.

Sailing and motor-powered yachts

The first major distinction is between sailing yachts and motoryachts. The current worldwide spread of these two families has shifted decisively towards motor yachts, which make up about 75% of the total sailing fleet.

Progress and design have produced many different categories of motor yachts, so let’s discover them together.


Seen from the stern, a flybridge yacht is often equipped with a “beach club”, a platform that facilitates access to the sea and on which water toys are placed or simply used for diving. A staircase, or even two symmetrical staircases, leads from this platform to the main deck. Sometimes there is a “garage” between these two staircases to house the engine room, a tender and other on-board equipment.

The main deck is characterized by the presence of a helm station, inside of which a large open-space salon houses settees and a galley. The helm station often leads below deck, also known as the lower deck, where the sleeping quarters, or cabins, are normally located.


The foredeck often has a large sundeck bordered by a “bowplate” for hauling anchor. The bow is often “fenced in” by the handrails, which are vital grips for safety at sea.

Let’s get to why a yacht is called a flybridge. The flybridge is an upper deck, open 360 degrees and often covered by a hard-top, a roof usually made of fibreglass. The flybridge usually has an additional helm station to steer from a more panoramic position. An additional galley is often located on the flybridge, as well as additional lounge seating and sun decks.

Open Yachts

An open yacht has no flybridge and its main deck is commonly all open. The helm station can frequently be sheltered by a T-Top. Below deck, depending on the length of the yacht, there are living spaces for the crew which may include dinette, cabins and facilities. Open yachts can be walk-around, i.e. with the possibility for passengers of walking freely around the perimeter of the boat, or they can have an enclosed bow and thus have a raised deck.

yacht 1

A coupe yacht is a yacht without a flybridge, characterized by a sporty design, with the main deck open aft. Very often it has a sunroof and is always equipped with side-decks connecting the stern to the bow. It is a vessel that, depending on its size, is suitable for medium to long-distance cruising.

coupe yacht

This is an important type of yacht, which has its origins on the American East Coast where it was used to catch lobsters. It has a romantic, sometimes vintage aesthetic, and is endowed with sinuous lines that, for some, are evocative of the 1950s. Very suitable for cruising and conviviality, thanks also to a large sofa in the cockpit, the lobster is an iconic boat that offers plenty of comfort and space below deck for at least one cabin and one head.


The trawler is essentially a yacht for owners who want to spend a lot of time on board. This is why interior volumes are maximized and the upper deck is always present. Also part of the trawler family are the famous Menorcan boats, inspired by the llaüts of the Menorca island..

Increasingly popular among motor yachts, too, is the multihull, due to its inherent features of stability and capacity. In most cases it is a catamaran designed for long stays at sea.

Sailing yacht

Sailing yachts are vessels where propulsion should mainly rely on the power transmitted by the wind. In the past, sailing yacht engines were low-powered and mainly used for entering and leaving ports, but today, for obvious reasons of practicality and ease of use, they have enough power to make the sailing yacht cruise at a speed at least equal to its theoretical hull speed. This means that sailing yachts can be used efficiently even in the total absence of wind.

A sailing yacht can be rigged in many different ways, these being the most common in modern times:

Sloop : this is the most common rigging on modern boats, characterized by the presence of a single mast with a mainsail and a jib or genoa. Sloop rigging has become popular over the years because it is the easiest to handle with a small crew and also offers the best ease of use/sailing performance ratio.

Cutter : Widely used for long distance sailing, it is characterized by the presence of a mainsail and two jibs rigged on a single mast. Normally the two jibs are a genoa and foresail that are used individually, depending on the weather conditions.

Ketch : this is the most commonly used rig on two-masted sailing yachts, with a mainmast, rigged with a mainsail and genoa, and a mizzenmast, forward of the rudder shaft, rigged with a single mainsail. The splitting of the sails makes this type of yacht suitable for sailing in bad weather.

Yawl : exactly the same as a ketch but with the mizzen mast located aft of the rudder shaft.

Sailing yachts can be monohulls or multihulls, i.e. catamarans or trimarans, but in all cases they can be divided into these categories:

sailing yacht

Easy to handle and with plenty of space above and below deck, this type of yacht is normally characterized by an unbalanced length/width ratio favouring the latter, a small sail area and more powerful than average engines.

The interiors are fully equipped and sophisticated, with each cabin often having its own en-suite head.

The deck plan and sailing equipment are simplified, often electrified and minimal.


sail-powered yacht

This yacht, while still featuring a luxurious and complete interior, also has all the equipment needed for sail fine-tuning and a generous sail area.

This is a category where special attention is paid to both the overall weight of the boat and the hull shape.

The hull lines are in fact designed to enhance performance and, inevitably, this results in a slightly smaller interior than that of pure cruising yachts of the same length.



The owner who buys this type of yacht has already competed in club competitions and now wants to engage in higher level racing. The hulls are light and can sometimes be made of carbon, and all the sail adjustments are fine-tuned to achieve maximum performance.

The deck plan is definitely designed for crewed racing and the sail area/displacement ratio is unbalanced in favour of the former, making this yacht more difficult to handle with a smaller crew but, conversely, capable of performance similar to a pure racing yacht.

A pure racing yacht is a sailing yacht built exclusively for racing. Free from any commercial constraints, it is built according to the type of race to be competed in and, above all, the rating to be obtained. The interiors of this boat are minimal. This yacht is capable of planing and sailing upwind at very low wind angles, but is almost never used for recreational purposes.


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yacht definition and example

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Yacht definitions: What is a yacht? And does it need to have sails?

  • Top stories

By far the most common question we get asked here at Motor Boat & Yachting is ‘how can you call that a yacht if it doesn’t have sails?’ Here we explain why a boat doesn’t need sails to be called a yacht...

What’s in a name? Quite a lot if you’re a yacht! Not only are the names of yachts a source of endless amusement, but by defining your boat as a yacht in the first place, you’re setting up certain expectations.

Yacht definitions: A brief history

Whilst boating for fun dates back to Ancient Egypt and possibly even further than that, the word yacht comes from the Dutch ‘jachtschip’, which means hunting ship. Jachts were originally a class of sailboat used in the 16th century to hunt down enemies of the Dutch Republic.

However by the 19th century the term ‘yachting’ had developed to mean recreational boating in general, and with the advent of steam boats, sails were no longer the only method of propulsion available to Victorian yachtsmen.

Article continues below…

World’s largest superyacht: Everything you need to know about 183m REV

Hemingway’s boat reborn: how pilar was recreated in meticulous detail, recommended videos for you.

In the early 20th century (1904 to be precise), our humble magazine was launched under its original title The Motor Boat , but by the 1950s the ‘& Yachting’ suffix had been added to refer to the general pastime enjoyed by motorboat owners. We even reviewed the occasional motorsailer for those who liked to enjoy the benefits of both power and sail.

Today’s Motor Boat & Yachting is dedicated purely to powered leisure vessels from 25-125ft with the occasional foray above and below that when interest dictates. Current editor Hugo Andreae insists that he is ‘terminology agnostic’ saying, “I’m not bothered whether people refer to their boats as yachts, cruisers, power boats or gin palaces just so long as they enjoy using them. But for the record my 22ft Karnic is definitely a gigayacht!”


Editor Hugo’s Karnic 2250 is his family’s pride and joy, but should it be called a yacht?

What makes a yacht, a yacht?

Some would argue that a yacht has to have sails, and as we’ve seen, that was originally the case, but we here at Motor Boat & Yachting beg to differ, as its common to refer to large motorboats as motoryachts, superyachts or even megayachts without any expectation that they would have sails.

Others assert that a yacht should have to have a cabin in order for it to be fully considered a yacht, or that it has to measure at least 10m in length. If that’s the case then some longer narrowboats could be technically considered as yachts, although you’d be hard pushed to find anyone who agrees with that definition.

The final test for something to be considered a yacht is harder to pin down, but it is generally accepted that all yachts have to have a certain aesthetic or architectural appeal in order to earn this haughty moniker.

yacht definition and example

The advent of internal combustion in the 19th Century allowed motor yachts, like this fine example from Camper & Nicholsons, to be launched. Photo: Getty Images

Whether a boat is worthy of being called a yacht is clearly subjective, but there’s one thing we won’t budge over – it certainly doesn’t have to have sails!

If it’s sailing yachts specifically that you’re interested in, you won’t find many of them here, but we can heartily recommend our sister titles Yachting Monthly and Yachting World , who know much more about them than we do.

Bigger yacht definitions: Superyacht, megayacht or gigayacht?

Beyond the simple term yacht, there are a few other yacht definitions worth clarifying. The most commonly used of which is superyacht .

The debate still rages over what constitutes a superyacht. Any pleasure yacht with a load line length of 24m or more (not length overall or waterline length as is often misquoted) and a gross tonnage of 80GT is classified as a Large Yacht under MCA coding rules, causing a number of additional regulations to kick in, most crucially the requirement for the skipper to hold a commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. This is the closest thing to a technical definition of a superyacht.

Azzam - the world's largest superyacht on of many belonging to Middle Eastern owners

At 180m Azzam is currently the largest yacht in the world, but an 183m gigayacht called REV is currently under construction in Norway. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

However, while this used to mean most leisure boats with an overall length (LOA) of 80ft or more fell into the Large Yacht category, yards have become so adept at designing bigger boats with a load line length of just under 24m that many craft with an LOA of 90ft or more still count as regular pleasure vessels.

For that reason some people prefer to use the simpler definition of a superyacht being any privately owned vessel with an LOA of 100ft or more. Even then some would argue that a true superyacht should be a custom built yacht of at least 35m or 120ft.

Such is the inflationary pressure on yacht sizes and terminology that the term superyacht itself has begun to lose currency among the yachting elite. Owners of craft over 50m now use the term megayacht to categorise their larger vessels, while the lesser-spotted gigayacht is reserved for yachts over 100m.

Fewer than 100 gigayachts have been built to date, making this the rarest of rare breeds. That said with the world’s largest yacht now measuring over 183m, it’s surely only a matter of time before the 200m mark will be broken and yet another term will be needed. Got any suggestions? Drop us an e-mail: [email protected]

New Fjord F480 first look: 40 knot capable 47 footer

Navan s30 & c30 tour: exceptional new axopar rival, axopar 29 yacht tour: exclusive tour by the man behind it, latest videos, galeon 440 fly sea trial: you won’t believe how much they’ve packed in, parker sorrento yacht tour: 50-knot cruiser with a killer aft cabin, yamarin 80 dc tour: a new direction for the nordic day cruiser.

Find Your Yacht

Yacht definition.

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For yacht definition there have been expressed different views. Many continue to disagree and argue their own position on what is a yacht . Nevertheless everyone will certainly agree on one thing. In any case it concerns a “pleasure craft” or else yacht is a “recreational vessel”.

The yacht definition in a phrase is: “any watercraft which features accommodation and used solely for pleasure, be it leisure or races or even a getaway”.

Formerly the yacht definition had narrower content. Nowadays, yacht is any vessel intended for pleasure which can accommodate people. And yet the origin of the word had to do with harsh necessity rather than pleasure. But how was this change? Let’s navigate a while into history!

The term YACHT is originated from the obsolete Dutch word “jaght”, which comes from the Middle Saxon “jacht” meaning hunt or to pursue, which is also the short for jachtschip which means hunting ship / ship for chasing. “Jacht” has Proto-Germanic root just like German “Jäger” which means hunter.

Yacht definition originates from the jaght of King Charles II of England

The arrival of King Charles II of England in Rotterdam, May 24 1660

She was a swift lightweight chasing vessel which was used by authorities in the coastal parts of the Low Countries by the Sea to pursue outlaws (1) . During the 17th century has been used by the Dutch as a recreational vessel (2) as well as in informal improvised races both in the Netherlands and in their establishment in North America, which later renamed New York. Such a vessel was used in 1660 for the transfer of the Merry Monarch (Charles II) from Scheveningen of The Hague, United Netherlands in Dover, England following the resolution of the English Parliament to proclaim him king and invite him to return.

Until fairly recently yachts were considered as large and luxurious vessels for the personal use and entertainment of important and wealthy persons. The starting point of this perception is claimed to be that by selecting an important person as Charles II the particular vessel for the carriage of, in connection with such an important purpose as the resumption of his crown, remained in the English perception of that era and therefore into the language, that this foreign watercraft is a vessel for important people. In a public speech, Charles praised the “jaght” which was given to him as a gift at Breda during his exile (3) . Charles and his brother the Duke of York James II, built similar vessels. Particularly two of them competed for prize at the Thames. In deed it was from this royal family that sailing for pleasure was spread between the nobility and the wealthy in England.

Cleopatra's Barge

Cleopatra’s Barge

Dutch and English carried on this luxurious pleasure to America. There in Massachusetts, later on in 1816 the recreational vessel Cleopatra’s Barge was built. With this yacht the matter of opulence and luxury ascended to another level. Out of this level the standards for construction of yachts in the coming years were set.

As regards to the shipbuilding type, pleasure vessels did not remain on the lines of the Dutch craft. As early as the starting point of the new lifestyle they followed other known lines of the era as well such as schooners, brigantines and cutters.

From the mid-19th century onwards, transition happens from sail-powered to steam-powered vessels and from the use of wood to the use metal in the construction. Steam engines emerge and afterwards internal combustion engines. The machines start to be used also in the yachts as were in the naval and the merchant ships. At the beginning machines are installed along with sails that remain for a few years as a backup means of propulsion. The new means of propulsion require storage for fuel and reinforced structure. Consequently pleasure vessels are built large to very large and very luxurious also. Therefore these yachts belonged to the private property of very rich people.

Steam Yacht

Steam Yacht

In the same period, i.e. from mid-19th century and then, begin to appear in publicity feats with particularly small watercrafts. Their skipper alone and unaided (single handed) sails long distances at the high seas, like the Channel crossing, the Atlantic crossing or even circumnavigating the world. Alongside, books are issued with regards to this kind of adventures at sea. This way it is propagated that small vessels are seaworthy. Small yachts win popularity while many are getting inspired to try yachting. From the time of the Great Depression and after, there has been a reduction in the construction of large and expensive yachts. The trend henceforth is toward the smaller yachts. From there and beyond and in particular from the mid-20th century onwards more and more small size yachts appear. The reason is that as the yacht’s size decreases, the construction cost is reduced at a faster rate than the rate at which the size decreases. Further to this, from the 80s and after they were developed construction methods under which the cost per unit of production was increasingly reduced. The new construction methods use new materials such as fiberglass, and deploy mass production processes based on standard designs. On the other hand there has been a substantial rise in the standards of living, mainly in Western Europe and North America. As a result, there has been more available income for allocation to more affordable in terms of construction cost yachts, either in the form of acquisition or in the form of rental. In this way we saw the considerable flourishing of a new form of holidays and tourism with chartered yachts.

Yachting today is affordable for everyone, especially aboard a yacht rental.

Yachting today is affordable for everyone, especially aboard a yacht rental.

Consequently yacht definition widened from the narrow confines of the large and luxurious pleasure vessel. Now it includes any vessel meant for pleasure which features accommodation. And this is regardless of the primary means of propulsion that can be the sails or the engine of.

So let’s stake out yacht definition: The word emanated from a relatively small and manoeuvrable type of vessel. That vessel was above all very fast because her purpose was to chase other vessels. In the 17th century she was used in competitions where the objective was the speed and the story was the persecution. This and other types were used by important and wealthy persons for pleasure in general. They were built in larger sizes and with great luxury because cost was not an issue for their owners. The more the luxury and the comfort the yachts had the more they were losing their racing character. From the mid-19th century and then small yachts start to appear. These yachts combine the racing character with the recreation prospect providing at least comfortable accommodation if not luxury. By the second half of the 20th century and after the small vessels offering cruising speed and comfort are greatly increased. Nowadays they predominate numerically over the very large and luxurious ones due to the greater acquisition possibilities of by many more people. Well, all these are yachts!

Mega Yacht

The prevalent element in yacht definition which differentiates her from other vessels, perhaps the unique one, is the kind of use. That is to say, whether used for personal pleasure, something which includes accommodation and at least basic amenities and thence and beyond merely recreational cruise or race. Flagrant example is that following the termination of second World War many individuals bought small warships and turned them into yachts. Therefore a vessel is defined as yacht not just by the design of, but mainly by the way it is used.

Today you don’t need to have high incomes so to enjoy aboard a yacht. No need to buy because you can rent a yacht for a few days and be entertained in any sea of the planet you want. Yachts built for offshore sailing are safe in all sizes. Moreover they provide a wealth of amenities that previously would have been considered a great luxury.

Let’s contemplate that in 1492 Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas onto his flagship that was just 58 feet or 17.7 meters. We easily realize that the board size that once served the necessities of trade, war, and expansion of hinterland through discoveries, today is a common size for navigable pleasure. Today, we can easily enjoy sailing holidays and we can live regally in the terms of once upon, even for a few days.

So we managed to fit all pleasure crafts (or almost all) within yacht definition. If someone wants to know more about what exactly is included today in yacht definition should look for the types of sailing yachts of catamaran yachts and of motor yachts.


Yacht definition notes:

  • Under the name “jaght” there were also other types of Dutch crafts. One example is the armed three-masted merchant vessel that was used in the 17th century on routes to and from the East Indies. Another example is the “d’Halve Maen” with which Henry Hudson explored in 1609 for the northwest passage of America.
  • Pleasure crafts have existed among all seafarer nations from the depths of history. Yet here we look at the origin of the word yacht and what is included into yacht definition.
  • The jaght was commissioned by the Dutch East India Company. Charles II named her “Mary” in the honor of his sister.

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yacht definition and example

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Yacht vs Boat: Definitions and Key Differences

Yacht vs. Boat

Yacht vs. boat: the difference between a yacht and a boat is that a yacht is a larger boat that typically includes sleeping quarters such as a cabin, a galley or kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower and toilet. A boat generally does not include any of these amenities, or if it does, only contains a subset of them.

Merriam-Webster defines a yacht as any recreational watercraft, used for sailing or motor cruising, and a boat as a small vessel used for travel on water.

To further delineate the differences between a yachts and boats, in this article we will compare and contrast each term with specific examples and use cases.

Yacht vs Boat Comparison

All yachts are boats, but not all boats are yachts. In the table below, we’ve compiled a list of the most significant differences between yachts and boats:

Yacht vs Boat Sizes

Contrast between pontoon boat and mega yacht.

When most people imagine yachts, they tend to think of super yachts owned by billionaires such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Larry Ellison. In reality, however, most yachts are between the ranges of 32 ft. and 50 ft. in length, and are owned by normal people who happen to enjoy boats enough to keep them around.

If you’re surprised by this fact, think about it: how many marinas have the facilities to host even a single 100 ft. luxury super yacht? The reality is that most don’t, and most wouldn’t want to. If you go to your nearest marina, you’re likely to find that the vast majority of yachts range in size from about 28 ft. to 60 ft.

When people think of boats on the other hand, they could imagine something of any size. Boats come in all sizes, ranging from inflatable paddle boats, up to and including the largest yachts, since boats technically include all yachts. When comparing the two, people tend to think of boats as smaller vessels, below 28 ft. or so in length, without a cabin and with little if any storage below deck (for example, fishing boats, bass boats, sport boats, etc. fall into this category).

Yacht vs Boat Amenities

It should come as no surprise that yachts have significantly more features and luxury amenities than what most people think of when they think of boats. Yachts are large enough to live on, while boats that aren’t yachts are typically used for day trips on the water.

  • On a yacht, the cockpit is typically covered by a bimini top, dodger, or some sort of overhang that protects the captain or boat driver from the sun.
  • On a non-yacht boat, there is often no sun protection, with the exception being on the higher-end sport boats.
  • Seating arrangements on a yacht typically include wide seating with a full dining table or fold-up table in the middle, depending on the size of the deck. On larger yachts, there may be seating near the bow as well. Even the smallest yachts can accommodate up to 4 people in the cockpit quite comfortably.
  • Seating on a non-yacht boats typically includes at least the captain or driver’s seat, as well as seating at least one other person. For recreational boats, such as sport boats or pontoon boats, seating can accommodate up to 15 people.
  • On a yacht, a cabin is a given, and typically includes features such as a salon (main living area), cabin, galley, and head (bathroom).
  • On a non-yacht boat, the cabin is non-existent, and we consider this to be this one of the biggest differentiators between yachts and non-yacht boats.

In conclusion, when it comes to yachts vs boats, it’s clear that yachts are typically larger vessels with creature comforts such as sleeping quarters, heat and air conditioning, bathroom(s), a galley, as well as luxury amenities. Boats can technically have these features, but at this point, we’d just refer to it as a yacht. Maybe the biggest takeaway here is don’t be caught telling your crush you have a yacht, when in reality it’s just a boat (trust us on this one).

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