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Milliseconds matter...

Sail the most efficient and fastest course, taking into account wind, polar and current.

sailboat race app

High contrast screen for racing - nominated for the most prestigious award in marine electronics - DAME Design Award during METS trade show in Amsterdam.

“It’s simply exceptional. I have not seen anything better and brighter. Sturdy, visible in the sun, rugged and waterproof. Undoubtedly the best racing screen yet. really knows how to craft their products.”

Simonas Steponavicius, X35 helmsman, LTU1111

Be efficiently precise

Sailracer app.

Take advantage on your competitors, improve your performance, have a perfect timing to your start by using SailRacer app.

SailRacer calculates your perfect start and tactical manoeuvres during the race based on current, wind, lay-lines and polar data.

Be the first one

Easy to guide your boat for an accurate and precise start. You will hit the starting line at the very last moment with full speed.

Know the moment

You will navigate to a mark in the most efficient manner. Take into account wind, polar and adjusted by the current effect.

Maximum precision

A few degrees can make a big difference. Push yourself to the maximum.

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*35€ annual Premium subscribtion can be purchased in-app

Don’t limit yourself

Get wind to your mobile.

DataLinker transmits vessel’s sensors data to a mobile using Bluetooth Smart technology.

Bluetooth keeps 3G/4G internet open and is more efficient on power consumption comparing to a WiFi.

Boat without instruments ?

SailTimer Wireless Wind Instrument ™ (self powered, Bluetooth 4), a perfect combination with the SailRacer app, providing all data to get you to the finish line faster.

sailboat race app

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January 29th, 2019


InkDisplay released

March 15th, 2018

Measuring tacks/jibes

July 28th, 2017

  • Distance Lost (on TWD or mid COG’s axis) during tack or jibes
  • Distance lost to mark
  • Time of the maneuver

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sailboat race app

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34m. Ida NOR Fri 10:14 UTC

33m. Frank GBR Fri 10:14 UTC

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Wind speed 5.4kn recorder 4 days ago. Winners in last hour: 5/8 ↑ 63% Totally played 828613 times wind game is all about tacking in the right moment. Wind is real from our office in Kaunas, Lithuania.

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Evaluate And Improve Your Sailing Performance

sailboat race app

Relive your sailing adventures with raceQs' free, 3D, animated race replays. Record one boat or an entire fleet and watch the replay to evaluate your performance in 3D. You don't need any special equipment to get started, just a GPS or a smart phone. Give it a test drive today and change the way you race.


Race To Win Sailboat Racing Video Podcast Watch and Learn

Explore our wildly successful video podcast series to get advanced racing tips from professional sailors, develop an understanding of sail trim, starting techniques, and more.

Signature Races

Watch one of our signature races to test drive a race replay.

sailboat race app

Moth Worlds 2015

Sorrento, Australia

sailboat race app

Lipton Cup 2014

San Diego, CA

Bavaria Cup 2014

sailboat race app

Melges 24 Worlds 2013

San Francisco, CA

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sailboat race app

A phone, tablet, and watch app for sailboat racing

Gain a tactical advantage.

Always know where you are relative to the start line, the layline, and the next mark. Sailware gives you tactical information to help you time your start, find the layline, and decide if you are on the best tack.

sailboat race app

Apple Watch

With Sailware premium, adjust your start timer and get access to the most important in race tactical information from your wrist.

sailboat race app

Post Race Analysis

Playback and review the GPS track of past races with coordinate and speed information. In addition, with the premium subscription, measure your tacking angles, and visualize your boat speed with the "heat" track.

sailboat race app

For support select Help from the app's main screen or email [email protected]

iOS Help Document

Mbtiles sources for premium subscribers. (use at your own risk), noaa (usa and surrounding areas), open sea map (world), contact us: [email protected].


Top 10 Sailing Apps


Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

June 15, 2022

Sailing is one of the most ancient ways of getting around, but that doesn’t mean it has to be archaic. Today, there are tons of excellent sailing apps available to help enhance your seafaring experience. Sailing requires skill, and it can be hazardous to those who are inexperienced. Although technology can never replace sailing expertise, it can undoubtedly improve the quality of your time out on the water. You can learn from these apps and improve your sailing knowledge without buying books or paying for lessons. There’s plenty of apps available for sailors, and each has something of value to offer both onshore and offshore. From tutorial guides to navigation tools, here are the top ten best phone and tablet apps for sailing.

Table of contents

List of the Best iOS and Android Sailing Apps

1. knots 3d.

Thanks to careful boat design and engineering, sailboat rigs are more straightforward than ever. Sailing vessels from decades past once had enough rope to satisfy any scoutmaster, but now it’s a lot easier to sail without managing too many lines. Nevertheless, even new rigging requires a certain amount of knot expertise. Improperly tying knots can be disastrous at sea, and a bad dock tie-up can cause your boat to break away and drift. Not only that, but who wouldn’t want to impress the guys at the yacht club with impressive knot-tying abilities? Now, with the Knots 3D app, you can learn and master over a hundred essential sailing knots with ease. This app allows you to view the knot-tying process in three dimensions, which is a lot easier than looking at a static book page. You can use the app to improve your existing skills as well, and it’ll make you look like a champ while tying up at the dock. Knots 3D is available for $1.99 on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

2. United States Coast Guard

This app is an absolute essential for anybody who sails in the United States. If you’ve owned a boat on U.S. waters, you’re certainly familiar with the Coast Guard and the essential work they perform every day. They’re the primary lifeline for sailors and boaters, and they also enforce the many maritime laws and regulations of this country. Remember, sailing isn’t like driving a car on the road. While you still have to follow the rules, you don’t need to do anything wrong to be ‘pulled over’ out on the water. The Coast Guard can (and often does) board you for no reason at any time. They do this to ensure you follow all of the mandatory safety and environmental regulations that apply to your boat. The Coast Guard app will help educate you about the rules, which will keep you safe and ensure you don’t receive a citation for a preventable violation. The Coast Guard’s rules are reasonable, but you have to know them to follow them.

This app isn’t just about following the law. It also gives you access to the latest weather updates from nearby NOAA buoys, which helps you navigate and prepare for foul weather. The Coast Guard regularly updates the app when they find new navigational hazards and allows you to report them as well. Along with the mandatory VHF radio, the Coast Guard app is an excellent navigational and safety tool to take along on every sailing journey. The Coast Guard App is available free for both iOS and Android.

3. Go Sailing

Go Sailing is an excellent app to connect with other sailing enthusiasts and find the best local spots when you’re out cruising. It’s a social media platform for sailors, and it’s a great way to meet people who share the hobby. Others often use the app to find other sailors to join them on their trips, and others use it to find crew members or spare parts in an emergency. It’s always great to be part of a community, and this app can help you find people who can be a great asset during your sailing trips.

A social network can be a great tool to improve a sailing trip, especially if you’re cruising to a new area. You can use the app to get in touch with the locals and attend events or secure supplies when you’re unfamiliar with the area. The user interface of this app is seamless; it works great, plus it’s fun to connect with people over a mutual enjoyment of sailing. The Go Sailing app is available free for iOS and Android.

4. AyeTides

One of the most significant hazards of sailing in a harbor is tide changes. Every year, hundreds of boats run aground or damage their hulls in shallow water. Many prudent sailors have gotten stuck at some point in their sailing career, and it’s a massive inconvenience (if not serious safety problem) whenever it occurs. Usually, people run aground due to inexperience or insufficient tide data, which is an understandable reason to have an accident. Now with the AyeTides app, you can access real-time and accurate tide data from over 12,500 locations around the world. AyeTides takes the guesswork out of navigating shallow waters. This gives you the ability to avoid hazards and plan ahead of time without complicated and inaccurate tide estimates.

While it’s still necessary to have tide charts, the app can help confirm information and keep you and your boat away from dangerous shallow areas. AyeTides keeps you up-to-date with the best available data so you’ll be in the know as conditions change. It can also help you predict future conditions to decide where (and where not) to anchor for the night, which is always a big plus. The AyeTides app is available for iOS for $7.99.

5. Cruisers Sailing Forum

Forums are one of the best online resources for how-to tutorials, troubleshooting, and locating hands-on experience from other sailors. The Cruisers Sailing Forum app gives you easy access to the renowned online platform, along with access to all of its recent and archived content. The forum offers excellent resources for sailors, and it’s a great place to ask a specific question and find somebody with the experience to answer it. Thousands of Cruisers Sailing Forum members contribute regularly, and there’s information about virtually everything already there. When you have a problem with your rigging or just need to find a good local spot to fish, you can post a question to the forum and get an answer from somebody who knows.

Forums are an incredible perk of modern technology, and the Cruisers Sailing Forum app makes it easy to access a priceless trove of information all from your phone or tablet. Resources are available there not only for boat maintenance and repair but also for great local spots and sailing locations that you may have never found otherwise. There’s a great community on the forum, and it’s certainly worthwhile to join and introduce yourself. You can bring along the answers wherever you go and use it any time you need. The Cruisers Sailing Forum app is available free for both iOS and Android devices.

6. SailFlow

Sailflow is an excellent app for planning a sailing trip, or for using on the water to get accurate weather information. The SailFlow app uses real-time and precise weather data from over 50,000 weather stations around the globe. This information is vital for both planning trips and predicting weather conditions. While accurate weather data is available elsewhere, it always helps to have a handy app that’s easy to interpret and available on the go.

Reliable weather information is always beneficial when you’re out sailing. A weather radio is a great tool to have also, but not every dangerous weather condition is broadcast over the air. A severe thunderstorm warning over the radio can certainly help keep you safe, but it doesn’t take a particularly powerful storm (which would be harmless on land) to cause significant issues over the water. With the SailFlow app, you can screen incoming weather conditions and determine for yourself if it’s safe to keep sailing. The SailFlow app is available free for iOS and Android, but there’s a pro version available too that offers some great perks.

The INavX app is the app you need for precise and accurate navigation. It features many excellent navigational tools, including up-to-date charts that are on-demand whenever you need them. The INavX app works with your onboard GPS and enhances navigation with ease. You can use it to monitor weather, check on tides, and find the best local places to go wherever you sail. You can use it to pin a previous location, so it’ll always be easy to find that great spot again. Remember, it’s still essential to have proper training in the use of charts to navigate waterways. INavX is not a replacement for charts and GPS systems. Instead, it’s an extremely handy addition to your navigation toolkit, and it offers a ton of great digital features that you wouldn’t have access to on paper or in a traditional navigation system. The INavX app is available for $14.99 on iOS.

8. Fast Track GPS Tool

Here is another great GPS and navigation app for sailors. It’s called the Fast Track GPS app, and it offers plenty of great navigational aids for sailing and boating. Like most traditional GPS apps, it features real-time location services to serve as a cross-reference with your primary navigation systems. Additionally, it has a large database of waypoints to assist in navigating areas where the information may not be as clear. The FastTrack GPS app also features live weather information and forecasting to ensure safe passage when other weather data is unavailable or unclear. This app allows the user to precisely pinpoint and save their location, which helps keep track of where you’re going and where you’ve been so far. It also includes live wind direction data, which can help you decide where to go and when to tack. In addition to an onboard radar system, you can also use this app as a proximity-alert device to help avoid collisions with the shore or unsafe and shallow waters.

Charts and proper navigation systems are still vital for safely navigating, along with a real person on watch in case somebody makes a mistake. However, this app provides some extra resources which can be extremely handy, especially when traveling in unfamiliar areas. The Fast Track GPS Tool is available on Android devices for free.

9. BoatUS App

Being a member of BoatUS is a lot like AAA for motorists, and it’s a fantastic way to add a sense of security to your trip. Mechanical failures and accidents at sea can be a total nightmare, and BoatUS can help ease some of those worries so you can enjoy your time on the water headache-free. The BoatUS app gives you access to 24/7 boat towing in many locations, just in case something happens, and you need assistance. In addition to towing and dockside assistance services, the BoatUS app is also a great resource for important marine data including forecasts and small craft advisories. With notifications turned on, you’ll get a buzz every time a weather authority shares an advisory or warning that you’ll need to know.

BoatUS doesn’t just deal with sailing hazards—they also provide great location-based information on discounted goods and services such as fuel and mooring. Their resources include locations and prices for services such as boat repair, dining, parts, mooring, and fishing information too—it’s your local guide that fits in your pocket. They also have a location-based map of West Marine stores so you can stock up on spare parts or accessories for your boat when out of town. You can use it to share your location to friends and family on social media, and also automatically via text and location so somebody always knows your recent position. This well-rounded and useful sailing app is available free for iOS and Android, but you’ll need to sign up for access to towing services.

10. PredictWind Marine Forecasts

Here’s another great weather app for sailing, and it features plenty of great tools to help you stay in the know. This isn’t any old weather app—it features full resolution maps, tables, and charts constantly updated with live data. Using the PredictWind app, you can monitor real-time wind speed and direction reports on an interactive map, along with temperature data and live forecasts. This app has uses a proprietary PWG and PWE marine weather monitoring system, with ECWMF and GF5 models, ensuring pinpoint accuracy, reliable forecasting, and excellent resolution. Also, the app is designed to be easy to use, allowing you to find and interpret important weather data without trouble or confusion. This is a very handy app to have around, and it can help you chart a course in confidence. The PredictWind Marine Forecasting app is available for free on iOS and Android.

However you choose to sail, you can benefit from one (or many) of these useful apps. We shouldn’t rely entirely on technology when sailing, but it can be very helpful to have around to make the experience more enjoyable. We can now access information and tools that mariners never had before, and it makes sailing easier and safer for everyone. Check out these apps and see for yourself how they can enhance your time out on the water.

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The 10 best smartphone apps for sailors: proven through experience

  • The 10 best smartphone apps for sailors: proven through experience

Technology is evolving. Gone are the days when sailors relied purely on the basic equipment on board their boat — a chartplotter, GPS navigation and a pilot of the region. Nowadays, almost every modern sailor has a bunch of apps installed on their smartphone. So, we've asked our skippers which are their favourite apps they use the most. Here is our list of the top 10 sailing  apps  tried and tested over hundreds of logged miles.

Navionics app logo

1. Navionics: Boating Marine & Lakes

In our opinion, this is the best app for navigating your boat (but also for diving, fishing or other water sports). You'll find an incredible amount of information in it, from conventional GPS navigation to bay depths, harbour data, and contacts . Plus, it allows you to share your live location so your friends or family can follow your route online. We at consider Navionics to be a basic part of any smartphone sailing kit ! The only downside is that it is a paid app, but it's worth every penny.

  • Purchase Navionics at

Windy app logo

2. app

The Windy app and the website are one of the most well-known sources for boaters to check the weather forecast. In addition to wind direction and strength, you can find forecasts for temperature, waves, rain and cloud cover. Just like with any forecast model, it can't be relied upon 100%, so you should always pay attention to the actual conditions around you as well. Windy Premium, the paid version provides a more accurate forecast and more regular updates without ads.

  • Download the Windy app at
YACHTING.COM TIP :  Clouds  have been a source of fascination since the dawn of time. However, you don't need to be an expert meteorologist to know what to expect from looking at the clouds. In fact, this knowledge is practically essential for sailors. So, how do you read the clouds? Check out our article to find out —  Sailing: how to predict the weather by reading the clouds .

Anchor alarm logo

3. Anchor Watch / Alarm

An anchor drag alarm  or anchor watch basically does exactly what the name suggests — it emits a signal (alarm) when your boat drifts outside your designated security zone when at anchor . There are many apps available with this function, but Anchor Alarm is the one that works best for us. When you drop anchor, simply press the position button and adjust the perimeter you don't want to leave — for example, after taking into account the surrounding rocks and your proximity to shore, you might decide that you want to set the perimeter so that your anchor won't drag more than 15 metres. The app will remember where your anchor is located and will keep an eye on your position throughout the night. Should your boat move outside the set boundaries, it will trigger an alarm on your phone.

  • Get the app on the App Store or Google Play.
YACHTING.COM TIP:  Review the basic rules of anchoring in our  complete guide to anchoring and moorings . We've covered two specific scenarios where you might need a little extra help. The first is on  how to prepare your boat for a stormy night at anchor and the second one is a guide to the Mediterranean Mooring technique, a combination of anchor and mooring lines often used in Greece —  How to moor stern-to: a step-by-step guide .

Navily app logo

Navily is more of an app for recreational sailors where you'll find more than 14,000 anchorages and 6,000 marinas with photos and reviews from the community. There are also more than 700 partner marinas where you can book a berth directly via the app. The premiums version unlocks core features, such as automatic itineraries and distance calculation at sea. Navily claims to be the most innovative cruising guide.

  • The app is available at

Logo apps How to tie knots

5. How to Tie Knots

Every skipper should have a masterful knowledge of sailing knots for every situation and should ideally be able to teach the crew. But, at the very least, you could install an app on their phones and get them to learn themselves. For this, we recommend the app How to Tie Knots which uses 3D animation to provide a realistic experience of tying knots using a virtual rope. There are countless apps out there for learning to tie knots so if you find something more suited to you, there are plenty of options. After all, they all have the same goal: to teach you how to tie knots.

  • Find this app and similar ones on the App Store or Google Play.
YACHTING.COM TIP: Ropes or lines are one of the most important things on board any yacht and you simply can’t do without their ability to fasten, join and connect. Mastering at least a few basic sailing knots is essential for sailing, anchoring and moorings. It's not just beginner sailors who make mistakes , so we've prepared a guide to  9 essential sailing knots   for all your boating needs.

More sailing tips and tricks:

sailboat race app

How to sail a yacht on a tailwind

sailboat race app

How to sail a yacht in crosswinds

sailboat race app

How to have a nautical Christmas

sailboat race app

Sextant and navigation: survival without GPS

sailboat race app

The ultimate yacht cleaning kit

sailboat race app

New Year's resolution: let's sail more eco

Seahelp app logo

This is one of the best-known  breakdown assistance services for sailors. SeaHelp is a 24/7 rescue service that includes insurance and reliable assistance at sea should you break down or have an emergency. There are three types of membership available online and the app can then help you with things like towing your boat, starting, bringing fuel, fetching parts, freeing lines from the propeller and weather advice. The SOS button  can also be used by non-members  of this service and sends out a distress SMS with your current location and mobile number. After receiving the message, SeaHelp immediately calls back to verify there is a problem and if there is a real emergency, sends a rescue boat. If you sail frequently or are planning a more challenging voyage, we highly recommend setting up this service.

  • Find the app and purchase a membership at .
YACHTING.COM TIP: In the event of an accident or mishap during your voyage at sea, deposit insurance will save your nerves as well as money. Are you hesitating whether it is worth taking out? In our experience, it definitely is! Check out our article on  the most common reasons for losing your boat rental deposit  and if you would like advice on deposit experience, feel free to get in contact with one of our representatives .

MySea app logo

MySea is a free interactive guide to marinas, harbours, jetties, buoy fields and restaurants in Croatia, Greece and Turkey . For each marina, it provides information on the type of mooring, safety regarding the direction of winds, services (showers, toilets, petrol pumps, supermarkets, etc.), entertainment and dining options on-site. There is also a current weather forecast for the area with a bird's eye view. The app includes thousands of user reviews on individual marinas and berths can be booked directly via the app. Even admission to Croatian national parks can be paid for via MySea.

  • Find it at .

Marine Traffic app logo

8. Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic comes in especially useful if you are sailing in areas where there are a lot of cargo ships. This platform provides real-time information on marine traffic, live port arrivals and departures, as well as gross tonnage and registration number of the cargo ships moving in your area. If you are heading to the English Channel, the Baltic Sea or are planning a voyage further offshore, the risk of collision with a cargo ship is much higher. Bear in mind that the captain of a large tanker cannot see small sailing vessels, so it is best to give them a wide berth.

  • Take a look at the live map of cargo ships at

VesselFinder logo

9. VesselFinder

Similar to Marine Traffic, VesselFinder provides a live map, on their website and app, of the network ships using the AIS system — over 200,000 ships a day! In addition, it allows you to search for a specific ship and find its current location and more information on the vessel itself. View the ships and their position on the map in real-time or look at their previous routes, sailing history and, where applicable, marina reservations. It is also possible to create your own fleet of friends and track the individual boats of the whole group.

  • Find out more about the app at

Map of Vesselfinder

The VesselFinder app displays current marine traffic on a map, but you can also search for a specific ship, and view its current location and sailing history

Tide Alert app logo

10. Tide Alert (NOAA)

Recommended for all those who sail in tidal waters (France, the Baltic, Scotland...), it provides all the information you need so you don't get caught out by the tide, such as predicted tide height, the moon phase, etc. The whole Tide Alert (NOAA) environment is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use. Plus, there is an alarm feature to alert you to a low or high tide. And best of all, the app even works offline if your signal drops out.

  • Download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Sailing boats on land after low tide

A low tide can leave you high and dry

Our deals on boats: 

To choose the right boat, I'm here for you. Do not get lost in our offer and contact us.

Denisa Nguyenová

Denisa Nguyenová

Faq handy apps for sailors. app

Anchor Watch / Alarm

How to Tie Knots

Marine Traffic


Tide Alert (NOAA)

Afleet App | Sail Scoring Made Easy

Afleet App | Sail Scoring Made Easy

Sail scoring made easy.


One click scoring

Immediate results.

sailboat race app

accurate countback

Results sharing, what people are saying.

Sail scoring with the Afleet app makes it easy, and it takes less time. Using an Android tablet or phone we can typically score a race (single fleet) in less than one minute.

If you’re like us you love radio sailing. You attend club days. You might attend regattas. And (lucky you) you might be responsible for scoring some of these events. If so, read on; this is for you.

The Afleet app is all about making it easy for those wonderful people who do the scoring for us. It takes time, and we all care about the results, so it has to be accurate. And, of course, we want the results now; because we want to get home.

Keeping club day or single fleet regatta scores up to date is simple and fast. We can have the results of a regatta before the last boat, in the last race, has been put back on its stand.


  • 500+ Downloads March 3, 2022
  • Major Release: HMS and Export/Import September 21, 2021
  • Standard/ Combined/ Average Scoring June 12, 2020
  • Great Feedback from South Australia May 27, 2020
  • Price Rise Coming Soon May 27, 2020

Connects to devices by Bluetooth

*requires Bluetooth 4.0

Controlled by SailBot App

SailBot products are controlled by the SailBot App available for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. Operation is extremely simple and convenient, and software is always up to date! New features are automatically added in app updates.

SailBot products are the only automated starting horns that allow you to edit your starting sequences with a built-in sequence editor! Choose from and edit many included ISAF sequences or create your own.

Connects by Bluetooth 4.0

Save your race committee's ears by placing SailBot outside of the boat cockpit. With long-range Bluetooth Low Energy, the unit can be placed anywhere on the boat and is easily controlled by the app on the iDevice.

SailBot is cross platform and our free app is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store. Click the badges here to go to your respective store.

Read all about our exciting Version 2.0 app in our blog post here .

The most flexible and advanced sailboat race starting horn

Audible signal hassles are a thing of the past. let your race committee focus on the on-water action and visual signals and leave the sail race start timing and audible signaling to your sailbot., sailbot makes it simple.

Sailbot is simply the most flexible and convenient way to automate the Race Committee audible signals at the start of any sailing race. It is an automatic sailboat race starter system consisting of our self-contained horn unit in conjunction with our free app running on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Sailing schools, yacht clubs, and sailing teams will love the ease of use and durability of construction. Compact, robust, reliable and ready for action; SailBot was designed from the ground up to be an integral part of any RC toolkit.

Make your Race Committee job easier by automating your starting sequences today! SailBot is a self-contained and portable unit that connects to your mobile device by Bluetooth technology. Horns are automatically fired at the proper time during a start sequence, freeing the RC to do other things.

  • Long Battery Life
  • iPhone 4S and newer
  • Long-range Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Battery level indicator in app
  • Loud (135dB)
  • Can be mounted remotely
  • 100+ Start sequences per charge
  • iPod Touch 5th gen and newer
  • Simple Bluetooth connection with no passcode
SailBot Starter

Controlled by an App

SailBot is the only automatic sailboat race starting horn that offers custom start sequence editing and modification. Choose from one of the many included ISAF starting sequences, modify them or create your own. The options are limitless.

All software for controlling the horn is contained in the app on your phone or tablet so updates are automatic and your device is always up to date. Say goodbye to hard-wired sequences forever.

Placing the controlling software on a mobile device allows flexibility and future expansion that other solutions will never be able to match. Go ahead, install the free app from the App Store and Google Play now and see for yourself how easy it is to have perfect, effortless starting sequences!

Designed with Race Committees in Mind

With no pairing codes it could not be simpler to setup and go. Place the SailBot starter anywhere on your boat away from Race Committee ears, turn it on, open the app and tap "Connect" and you are ready to go!

You can choose from a number of predefined sequences or program your own. Watch this video to get an idea of how simple it really is to have perfect audible sequence signals.

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We get it. The marine environment and volunteers can be rough on your gear. SailBot Care provides two years of accidental damage coverage.

Race Master Sail Timer + Speed 4+

The ultimate sailing watch, designed for ipad.

  • 4.4 • 77 Ratings
  • Offers In-App Purchases



Everybody knows that catching the start is essential in sailing. Finally there is a great Sailing Watch available for the iPhone and it works great with the Apple Watch. This app provides a timer, speed and course monitoring with unique features and unparalleled ease of use for sail racing. When you hear or see a race signal just press Gun! - You can adjust if it is a 5, 4 or 1 minute warning afterwards! And if it was just a loud noise from a flapping sail and not a race signal you can easily jump back to the previous timer. It defaults to the standard ISAF 5,4,1,0 sequence but it can handle arbitrary countdown from 30 minutes down to 0 Now you can focus on other things like wind (directly in the app - simply configure your own favourite weather on the config page) and other boats potentially giving you yet another edge! ** Please read more on the info "i" page in the app ** You can enable GPS and get Speed over Ground (SOG) and Course over Ground (COG) presented next to the timer to help you keep track of wind and speed in the seconds before and after start. The Wind page shows a graph of COG and SOG which can help you track wind shifts. It is designed to work on iPhone with or without Apple Watch and a lot of people seem to be using it with iPads as well. TIP: On the Watch it is recommended that you (at least temporarily) activate Resume to Last Used App so that you just have to raise your wrist to get the time left: Settings->General->Activate on Wrist Raise->Resume to: Last Used App The iPhone application also contains a convenient reference to starting signals and customisable local weather information. HealthKit integration: The app provides limited HealthKit integration and can optionally start a Sailing Workout activity during race start. Summary of Features: * Simply the best countdown timer ever if you ask us :) * Really good compass! * Most of the feature work on Watch and iPhone. Watch Series 2 needed for GPS without iPhone nearby. * Current Course and Speed Over Ground based on GPS * GPS based distance to line (still being tuned but works - within limits of GPS accuracy) * Speed up / Slow down estimate for time to get to line * History plot of Course and Speed Over Ground that allow you to track wind shifts * Prevalent headings - advanced formula lists common headings to help identify windshifts * Man Over Board function - it shows time, distance and compass bearing to the location the button was pressed (NOTE: intended as a secondary non life critical aid only) * ISAF Race Signals reference - to help settle what that strange flag shown on the race committee means before the race starts... * Choice of Magnetic or True course indication * Lock function to prevent unwanted changes NOTE: Please check the "i" page in the app for more info This app offers 2 in app subscriptions to 1) support continued development and 2) to enable certain features: • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable Please review our Terms of Service: DISCLAIMER: If you enable the GPS feature the app runs in the background for a limited time before it disables GPS. "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

Version 4.2.0

* "US English Voice" setting was not always working as intended. * Marks displayed proper numerical coordinates except longitude was formatted as latitude in one place. * Watch might stop recording location if GPS signal was poor for a brief interval (for me this was typically when I was submerged...) * Some visual updates * Sharing/export of session (re)added to Location/History view * Some new features added :)

Ratings and Reviews

Very good but.....

I really like this app as a race start timer but... I can not figure out how to enter the start line and marks which is very frustrating. I want to be able tomdrive boat by the start boat and the pin and hit the button to drop the marks. Then I want to be able to enter the race marks by later and long or bearing and range. I think those marks should show up on the chart but somfar I have not been able to confirm if those functions or or find any documentation on how the marks and start line are suppose to be entered. Please document how to use those functions and I will both pay for subscription and promote the app to other racers. Thanks

Developer Response ,

Thank you for your review! I will add a section on this, meanwhile please ensure you have enabled Location for the app in iPhone Settings and please reach out via email. Stay safe and have fun sailing!

Manually add waypoints

Is there a way to manually add and store waypoints for future races? Our local clubs have placed permanent marks for racing. I have the gps coordinates and looking for a way to add and save marks then be able to hit a go to function after each rounding. Only Garmin seems to have this ability and it’s so complicated every sailor hates it! Thank you for all your work on this. It really offers a lot of great things.
Thank you for your question. I will add a section on this on the info page in the app soon. There are a few options: Race Master understands many variants of the GPX file format and is registered in your phone to support this: you can import a GPX file with marks by tapping on the GPX file and select Race Master. To manually edit coordinates please use the “Edit Marks” page and after e.g. projecting a mark with 0 distance selecting this mark for editing. You can then tap on the blue coordinates to edit. Remember that you can select GPS Coordinates format under settings in app to your preference before editing. You can also consider sharing a mark with others in your club by tapping the share button when reviewing a mark under “Edit Marks”. Please reach out over email if you have further questions.

Seems to work but I can’t shut it off

The basic functionality of the app seems to work. I have only tested it in an open area while walking since I’m not sailing today. The GPS resolution appears to be about 5 meters with clear sky so that’s good enough for me for now. The “time early / late” to line seems to be glitchy. Setting the TC and Pin was easy enough. A “pin set” positive feedback would be a nice addition. I see no way to delete “races” without deleting all my data. It would be nice to be able to click on specific races and delete them. My biggest concern is that I can’t seem to completely shut the app off even when I follow the directions. The timer remains persistent on my Apple Watch even when I kill the app on my phone. It will be interesting to test the app on the water to see if it behaves any differently than walking around on a field.
Thank you for your review! * Deleting single races is possible in the “Race History” view by swiping left in the list. * The watch app is designed to turn off automatically after 2hr (unless you change under settings on the Watch). If you select “No more racing” the app should turn off immediately. Please reach out via email (see on app settings page) if you have issues! Enjoy ⛵️

App Privacy

The developer, Kewlanu AB , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

  • Silver $2.99
  • App Support
  • Privacy Policy

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Best navigation apps: 6 top options tested

Yachting World

  • November 16, 2021

There are many app options on the market for sailors wishing to navigate from a smartphone of tablet. Bruce Jacobs looks at some of the best navigation apps on the market.

sailboat race app

It’s increasingly rare these days to see any sailor without at least one navigation application on their phone, while tablets are even preferred to fixed multifunction displays (MFDs) on an increasing number of yachts. It’s great to have this navigation information so easily to hand and so mobile, but which are the best navigation apps for sailors and how do they compare.

Sailors need slightly different information to motorboaters. It’s nice to know if it’s going to be sunny, but we care more about whether the tide will be foul or fair. We need to know what the wind direction will be and whether it’s going to be an angle we can use, over and above nearby places of interest.

We looked at the most popular navigation apps, particularly from a sailor’s perspective, and highlighted what we think works well for yachting and what is best left to the motorboaters.

The absolute number one benefit of an app is the ability to instantly see where you are, on up-to-date charts, without the cost and immobility of an MFD. Every app we tested has that core functionality and, ultimately, you will get good basic use out of any of them.

Thereafter, to my mind, most of these apps have been developed with the leisure powerboater in mind. They are focused on short day trips under engine or maybe going fishing to fairly well known areas. Wind, tide and current have little impact in these scenarios beyond whether it is sunny or the anchorage is accessible.

Fast and reliable

Having spoken to a range of sailors, it’s clear that the universal requirement is for an app that delivers fast, reliable data within an intuitive interface. We want charts that show sensible levels of detail as we zoom in and out and, critically, will warn us when we need to zoom in more to see dangers that might have been hidden by vector charts.

We then want all the other essential information such as wind and current instantly accessible and able to be overlaid on the chart, and we want to be able to quickly measure distance and bearing to a relevant point.

But despite some decent contenders, the truth is that not one app delivers it all. Adding in extras such as AIS, boat data, autorouting and more is great, but that foundation level functionality should come first.

Savvy Navvy, the newcomer to the world of navigation apps, shows what the modern app could be. It is possibly the only app built with yacht sailors at the forefront and gives easily accessible wind, current and tide overlays to sensibly detailed charts. Its routing algorithm was the only app we tested that accounted for current, and its passage plans mapped out beautifully informative courses to steer.

It also recognises hazards such as tidal races and Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS). But its algorithm is too ambitious in the level of detail it tries to extrapolate from GRIB files and the app took us into dangerous shallows and routed us metres off hazards and lee shores in strong winds.

The app is nearly the absolute game changer it should be – but its programming sophistication has outstripped its seamanship and that’s an issue.

The other apps proved a mix in how suitable they are for sailors. Basic features such as wind and current were not universally available. Also often lacking were tools such as those measuring distance and bearing.

Frustrating menus

I found some of the routing software frustrating as I was made to go through multiple menus to load and select waypoints, rather than just touch two points on the screen. And some of the apps appear to have had data sources and functionality added over time, without the redesign they might then need to bring it all into one easy-to-use interface.

AIS data is a nice new feature, but some apps rely on an internet signal for it – others can link by wifi to your AIS device. Knowing how often internet signal drops on a yacht even close to land, I’m not sure I’d trust the type that doesn’t connect to the onboard AIS.

Crowd sourced data is also an increasingly common addition to the charts. Some love it for adding real time accuracy, but others claim it can be dangerously inaccurate. I suspect both are true so, as with everything, the prudent skipper should treat all information with a healthy dose of caution.

For the best mix of functionality, breadth of data and reliable information, Navionics + remains my app of choice. But if ( and it’s a big if) Savvy Navvy becomes more savvy with its seamanship – it will have everything it needs to revolutionise the sector and become the sailor’s app of choice.

Best Navigation apps for sailors:

sailboat race app

C-Map on an iPhone

C-MAP produces my favourite charts, with just the right amount of detail for spot depths, enlarged navigational marks on land and sea and clever colouring. Wind data via GRIB files is easily overlaid and the colour shading system both makes it easy to see predicted wind speeds and discourages the user from trying to extrapolate unrealistic detail.

However, there is no tide and current overlay, which is a frustration for sailors, and it is also a disappointment that there is no satellite imagery overlay. C-MAP’s automatic routing system is fairly easy and intuitive to use but having allowed me to set a minimum depth of 3m, it would then suggest routes that contravened this limit, albeit giving a second option that didn’t. Some caution is therefore required.

Get C-Map app from the Apple App Store Get C-Map app from the Google Play Store

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

Read our full C-Map navigation app review

navionics app on a phone

Navionics app on a phone

Navionics Boating app

This app is intuitive and easy to use. Charts are quick to render and auto zooming of detail is probably best in class. Text is used to good effect and tells you when you need to zoom in to get more information about hazards (one of the dangers of vector charts). Arrows showing current are animated to show strength, direction and whether the tide is on the ebb or flood. Frustratingly, you have to access a different window to get GRIB/wind data, when it should surely just be an option on screen.

The Navionics Sonar option allows charts to be adapted to show depths based on real time user data from thousands of vessels, but the company sensibly warns that many other factors (such as barometric pressure) will have a considerable affect on depths.

Get Navionics+ app from the Apple App Store Get Navionics+ app from the Google Play Store

Read our full Navionics + navigation app review

Savvy Navvy app on desktop or tablet

Savvy Navvy app on desktop or tablet

Savvy Navvy

Savvy Navvy is a sophisticated app with all the key information ready to be switched on or off at your fingertips. It is the only app that has a routing algorithm that has inputs for wind and current (although bizarrely not leeway) and then plots a beautifully drawn course to steer. It is useful to be able to enter later or earlier departure times and see the impact on wind and tide.

Charts are a little light on detail for my liking – my sense being that artistic merit has slightly usurped navigational utility. A bigger issue with Savvy Navvy is that the sophistication of the programming for its route planning has not been matched by that of the seamanship. It extrapolates impossibly detailed wind patterns from the GRIB data and uses performance polars that cannot be adjusted – both of which make the plans interesting to look at but of little practical use.

Get Savvy Navvy app from the Apple App Store Get Savvy Navvy app from the Google Play Store

Read our full Savvy Navvy navigation app review

Seapilot app on a phone

Seapilot app on a phone

This app is based on some features of the professional ECDIS charting systems and in many ways has some of the best features – but while some will not agree, personally I found it unintuitive to use.

The significant issue, however, is that the autozoom on its charting detail just doesn’t work in many regions. Until I zoomed in to a small area (maybe five square miles) there was so much clutter on the screen that there was not much that could be done. Even when zoomed in, information about navigational marks would often be overlaid on spot depths, making both impossible to read. Seapilot acknowledges that some regions suffer from this as an issue due to the use of ECDIS data and hopes to rectify it going forward.

The app also uses ECDIS warning symbols for some hazards, which leisure sailors won’t be familiar with.

Get Seapilot app from the Apple App Store Get Seapilot app from the Google Play Store

Read our full Seapilot navigation app review

sailboat race app

isailor featues nice wind colouring

iSailor is another app that works well as an extension to your boat’s onboard systems. It will connect to the NMEA system and internet AIS, although each feature you unlock costs money. The alarms menu is comprehensive, including anchor drag, waypoint proximity, loss of GPS signal and a low battery warning.

Charts were fairly good, but as with Seapilot, I had issues with the auto detail of the chart at various zoom levels and had data overlaid on each other. I also found that at certain levels of zoom, key data such as spot depth was removed, but too soon for my liking. If I want to plan 2-3 miles ahead I want to see clear depth data, not just coloured contours.

Get iSailor app from the Apple App Store Get iSailor app from the Google Play Store

Read our full iSailor navigation app review

iNavx on a phone

iNavx on a phone

iNavX can be frustrating to use at first because there is so much to customise that it can be tough to get into. Persevere, however, and you’ll find a good app. It has a range of chart options including Navionics, C-MAP and NOAA. They partner with Waterway Guides, which gives micro level detail for marinas and other facilities, although the UK version is yet to arrive.

While all the information is there, I didn’t find interrogation of chart data as easy as, say, the Navionics app, but this may just be personal preference. I also found building and adjusting routes frustrating. There is a very comprehensive manual that can be accessed and a range of excellent YouTube instructional videos – but honestly, I’d rather just be able to work it out quickly and easily on the app.

Get iNavx app from the Apple App Store Get iNavx app from the Google Play Store

Read our full iNavx navigation app review

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After sailing around the world, Cole Brauer says she's more grounded than ever

sailboat race app

Cole Brauer's adventure put her in the history books and in the heart of the most isolated and dangerous places on Earth. Not to mention Instagram .

The southern oceans of the Atlantic and Pacific that Brauer endured alone in her 30,000-mile sailboat voyage brought her face-to-face with bigger waves and storms than most people will ever see."It's like going to Mars and hoping that you can breathe," says Brauer, who became the first American woman this month to sail solo and nonstop around the globe . "It's not made for humans."

She's now a seafaring celebrity who's been deluged with more questions about aquatic travel and surviving the dangers of the deep than Jules Verne and Jacques Cousteau. That's because Brauer's social media followers now total half a million, with many asking about her journey and how she did it.

"With this newfound fame, I want to keep my feet on the ground," says the 29-year-old from Long Island. She's looking to chart a new course in the sailing industry, which has historically been a bastion of elitism and exclusivity, she said.

Brauer used Starlink − the low-orbit satellite network owned by tech billionaire Elon Musk − to get an internet signal on her voyage, so that she could talk to her team, FaceTime with her mom and post videos to Instagram from aboard her 40-foot Class40 sailboat, First Light.

She departed from A Coruña, Spain, on Oct. 29 and was at sea for 130 days. She competed against 15 male sailors, eight of whom had to drop out. Sailors set off at staggered times, depending on the speed of their boat. Brauer finished second in the race, behind France's Phillipe Delamare.

"Cole put in a tremendous effort to achieve a tremendous result," said Marco Nannini, who organized the Global Solo Challenge race.

Treacherous conditions in the southern hemisphere

Because the race took Brauer around the world, she had to endure scorching temperatures near the equator and near-freezing cold in the globe's southern oceans − where waters are more choppy and dangerous to sail, she said.

"I always had respect for the ocean, but this was an absolute different level," Brauer said. "It's beautiful. It's uninhabited. It's just untouched by humans."

Stronger winds and underwater currents in the Indian, South Atlantic and Pacific oceans often react to form bigger waves and "crazy storms," Brauer said, making those areas "some of the most dangerous places to be on the planet."

Unlike the part of the Atlantic Ocean stretching between North America and Europe, the southern oceans have a lot less traffic, Brauer said. During the two months she sailed there, she said she only saw one other boat. The weather was colder, greyer and the nights were much shorter.

The scariest moment came about two weeks from the end of race, when in a period of just a couple days, a fellow competitor had to abandon his ship because it started to sink, and another competitor had to do the same after his boat lost its mast.

It caused Brauer to feel paranoid, she said, even imagining noises coming from her own boat, which was also going through some normal wear and tear.

"I just felt like, 'Oh my gosh, what's going to break next,'" she said. "Is the boat going to break in half?"

Alone in the middle of the ocean, Brauer felt homesickness, then zen

Brauer made it all the way around the world the same way any sailor goes from one point to another: Staying out of direct wind and tacking from one direction to the next, until she finally got to the finish line.

"You want to go straight, but you can't," she explained. "You can't sail directly into the breeze, you have to tack back and forth at a 45-degree angle. I went around the world tacking, and jibing, and eventually you make it there − but there's a lot of twists and turns."

Brauer also had to constantly check the weather and change sails, while doing boat maintenance too.

"Everything has the possibility of breaking," Brauer said.

Brauer slept on a pile of bedding on the boat's floor for two to four hours at a time. She boiled water and used a warm wash cloth to bathe, she said. She packed 160 days' worth of freeze-dried food, including a peaches and cream oats mix that became her favorite.

Despite the technical challenges of sailing around the world, homesickness was by far the most challenging feeling Brauer had to endure during her months at sea, she said. In Spain, before she set off on the race, nightly family-style dinners with teammates and group outings in A Coruña created intense personal bonds that she longed for on the ocean.

"All of a sudden I had a family of like 12, and you get very used to being surrounded by all these boisterous and loud people," she said.

But then, something clicked one evening when Brauer was in the boat's bow watching the colors of the sunset bleed through a massive sail.

"My body and my mind finally got used to being out there and and knowing that this was like where I was supposed to be," she said.

During her journey, Brauer said she saw dolphins, sea turtles, plenty of fish and even a whale as big as her boat.

"It's just so magical," she said.

Pitch-black night skies were another highlight, Brauer said, especially when she was sailing through hot areas and the darkness brought cooler temperatures.

Brauer documented every moment on Instagram

While sailing nonstop, Brauer shared details of her journey with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. At the start of the race, her Instagram account had 10,000 followers and now boasts nearly 500,000.

Creating and posting more than 150 original videos from onboard the boat allowed Brauer to stay connected with other people even when she was in the middle of the ocean.

Many of Brauer's videos showed her raw emotions up-close, like in one post from early in the race where she angrily vents about the moment she realized she'd have to fix several boat parts on her own.

"Right now I've been feeling just broken," she says in the video.

That vulnerability is what's allowing Brauer to chart a new course in the sailing industry, she said.

"I've shown a good piece of me, I've put my heart and soul out there and I think a lot of people are really afraid to do that," she told USA TODAY. "If you want to judge me for changing or molding myself a different way, you don't have to follow me."

Race win was a team effort

Brauer surrounded herself with a team of sailors and experts who helped guide her from ashore as she trekked around the globe. There were medical staff, a weather router, an expert rigger, an electronic systems manager, a sailmaker and many other team members helping Brauer.

Next, Brauer and her behind-the-scenes team are preparing for the Vendée Globe in 2028, another around-the-world race with stricter rules and a bigger cash prize. She won 5,000 euros (about $5,430) for finishing second in the Global Solo Challenge.

That race will be far more difficult, Brauer said, because the sailors have to race on their own and cannot receive any verbal assistance from their teammates on land.

Almost two weeks since landing on dry land, Brauer said she now craves being out on the ocean more than ever, and even feels a sense of pain when she's not able to see the water or look up to see a sky completely covered in white, fluffy clouds.

"The the fear used to be about the boat, when I was on the boat. Now the fear is not being out there," she said. "I'm not afraid of the ocean, I'm afraid of not being on the ocean."

As for her goal of sailing around the world?

"I did everything that it took to get here and now I can bask in it," she said. "I made the biggest dream that I could possibly think of doing and then did it."


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  13. YB Races App

    YB Races App. Whether you're using an Android or iOS device, having the races readily accessible through the app ensures you can keep track of all the action at your convenience on the go. Ideal for fans who want to stay engaged with the latest updates, live tracking, and race progress. Enjoy staying connected and immersed in the world of ...

  14. 10 apps every sailor and boater should have

    3. Anchor Watch / Alarm. An anchor drag alarm or anchor watch basically does exactly what the name suggests — it emits a signal (alarm) when your boat drifts outside your designated security zone when at anchor. There are many apps available with this function, but Anchor Alarm is the one that works best for us. When you drop anchor, simply press the position button and adjust the perimeter ...

  15. Sail Scoring Made Easy

    ABOUT. Sail scoring with the Afleet app makes it easy, and it takes less time. Using an Android tablet or phone we can typically score a race (single fleet) in less than one minute. If you're like us you love radio sailing. You attend club days. You might attend regattas. And (lucky you) you might be responsible for scoring some of these events.

  16. RaceQs

    Record and replay your sailboat race in 3D with this simple tracker App. Launch it with just the push of a button and you can relive your 3D sailing adventure from any computer. Evaluate your sailing performance in 3D and create your virtual sailing journal online. You don't need any special equipment, just this app and your smart phone. - Free.

  17. Sailing Race Starts Free

    Sailing Race Starts Free. ... This is a premium app built by an avid sailor, sailing team coach, and race official. You will love it. Contact. Dan Zwerg 228-327-4557 Contact Via Email. Recent Posts. Sailing Race Starts Pro Costs Less Than a Can of Air; Sailing Race Starts Ultimate Sound System;

  18. Sailrace

    Sailrace dinghy race timer is a free app for iOS and Android which can be used to time and score Portsmouth Yardstick or single fleet sailing races. An optimised timing screen provides all the options you could need. Cloud integration provides single click publishing of results to competitors.

  19. RaceTac

    Committee. Products for Both the Regatta Sailor and the Race Committee. 'RaceTac' App: Tactical Support for the Serious Racer! The Heads-Up and Hands-Off Data and Features You Need to Win! 'RaceTac Committee' App: Start Sequencer and Finish Time Logger for the Race Committee. Now with race scoring! Reduce Workload and Errors!

  20. SailBot™

    Sailbot is simply the most flexible and convenient way to automate the Race Committee audible signals at the start of any sailing race. It is an automatic sailboat race starter system consisting of our self-contained horn unit in conjunction with our free app running on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Sailing schools, yacht clubs, and ...

  21. Race Master Sail Timer + Speed 4+

    This app provides a timer, speed and course monitoring with unique features and unparalleled ease of use for sail racing. When you hear or see a race signal just press Gun! - You can adjust if it is a 5, 4 or 1 minute warning afterwards! And if it was just a loud noise from a flapping sail and not a race signal you can easily jump back to the ...

  22. Best navigation apps: 6 top options tested

    iSailor. iSailor is another app that works well as an extension to your boat's onboard systems. It will connect to the NMEA system and internet AIS, although each feature you unlock costs money ...

  23. Cole Brauer looks back after sailing world in Global Solo Challenge

    Cole Brauer's adventure put her in the history books and in the heart of the most isolated and dangerous places on Earth. Not to mention Instagram. The southern oceans of the Atlantic and Pacific ...