Common Issues With Nautor's Swan Sailboats

Common Issues With Nautor's Swan Sailboats | Life of Sailing

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August 30, 2022

Sometimes in the sailing world, there are boats that go through a lot of problems. For example, there are some common issues with Nautor’s Swan sailboats.

While not every boat is perfect, some issues can be overlooked. So what issues are common with Nautor’s Swan sailboats?

The structural integrity of older model Swan sailboats are the biggest concerns sailors face if they decide to purchase one. Other issues include high prices, lack of comfort on the inside, and a lot of these boats were meant for multiple people to handle on deck. These are considered racing boats.

The Swan 57 is famous for a lot of these issues and are still present today if you happen to find one. The problem is, people do not want to spend the money on them to fix the issues and some brokers will refuse to buy one.

According to sailing experts, issues with structural integrity is a major red flag for any boat no matter what the brand is. While this is present in older model Swan boats, you should always be on the lookout for your boat and check for cracks with routine maintenance.

Table of contents

‍ Biggest Issues with Nautor’s Swan Boats

Not all Nautor’s Swan boats turned out to be bad pieces of work. In fact, these are some of the most beautiful sailing racing yachts in the industry. These are classics, but a few did not make the cut in that regard.

Nautor’s Swan had to go a different direction in the 1980’s after they went through multiple disagreements and failed designs. The problems are likely here today in some of those older models because sailors do not want to spend the extra money to fix them.

Structural Integrity

Around 1977, Nautor began producing the Swan 57 with teak decks being an option to add. After a handful of models, they started noticing problems.

The structural support was not correct and the boat could not handle stress accordingly. The floors were either not designed properly (Sparkman & Stephens) or not put together correctly (Nautor), leaving sailors at risk while at sea .

Nautor and Sparkman & Stephens discussed what went wrong, but both parties blamed each other. This led to the downfall of their partnership, even after putting together plenty of quality sailboats before that.

High Prices

Depending on the brand of sailboats you are looking for, there is going to be a vast difference in prices. This also depends on the type of sailboat, the size, and what the boat is made out of.

Nautor’s Swan sailboats are known to be high in price since they are a sailing performance yacht. The problem is that many older versions of their models are expensive because they are more collectible than anything else.

Boat prices average to be $300,000 for some Nautor’s Swan models. However, the work that needs to go into them could greatly increase this price.

Lack of Comfort

While the newer Swan sailboats have a lot more luxury on the inside, the older models did not. A lot of sailors mistook these yachts as a nice family boat that went fast. Just because they are big does not mean that they were designed to be a houseboat.

These boats were meant for racing, so the interior is lacking in a lot of ways. With just a few bedrooms and a dining table, it really had bare bones when it comes to comfort here. Even though you could make some adjustments on board, keep in mind that this is another cost and time you have to put in to make it more comfortable.

Need a Crew

As mentioned, sailors were drawn to the beauty of these boats since there was nothing like it during that time. You could argue that a lot of impulse buys went into effect when a lot of sailors did not know what they were getting into. While the deck is appealing and the outline makes it easy to move around, it is taxing to do it all by yourself.

You need a crew to handle these boats, especially the Swan 57 . Trying to handle it by yourself is an impossible task, as you need to be somewhat athletic and need a hand or two.

Tips on Buying a Nautor’s Swan 57 Sailboat or Any of Them

Nautor is still an excellent company when it comes to the quality of their boats. The problems arise when you look at the older models that they still have on the market. You need to take serious caution if you plan on purchasing one of these.

In fact, some brokers have tried to talk sailors out of buying an older Swan to help them avoid issues. While you should always proceed with caution when buying a used sailboat, you need to take into consideration what the history of the boat is.

Your budget is going to be a driving force on what you can afford. The problem is, it does not stop at the initial purchase price for a Swan 57.

You will need to have the ability to work on this boat yourself or hire someone to do the maintenance for you. Even if you find a cheap one for $100,000, you should expect to throw another $50,000 to $100,000 just to make it work.

First Few Hulls

If you happen to get your hands on one of the earliest models of the Swan 57, you need to seriously consider avoiding it. These are guaranteed to have structural issues if they have not been previously corrected.

These boats in particular tainted the reputation of this brand for many years. It is indeed a story they wish they could forget.

Out of the 49 that they built of the Swan 57, there are likely a few out there that were not sent back to the yard to be repaired. If it is indeed an original, it is more for looks than a sailboat.

Another issue that stands out is the teak deck, if it has one. If it does not, then you can simply look at the current quality of the deck and see what to do with it.

Replacing the teak deck is going to be quite an expensive task. If they have to be replaced, you are looking at anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000.

For a boat that might be worth double that cost, you have to really consider if it is worth putting in the extra time and money. Most of these boats had the decks replaced, but some did not make it back to do so.

Location of Generator

The location of the generator is nowhere near the biggest issue in comparison to the structure of the boat. However, it is important to point out minor issues and how it affects the quality of your time on the boat.

Oftentimes, previous owners have installed the generator aft and is noisy to the staterooms for guests. If you can find one that has it installed midway through the boat around the galley, this would be more ideal. While the sound is never going to go away, at least your guests will thank you for not having it right outside their rooms.

Centerboard Models

While there are not many of these out there, the centerboard models are even rarer than the first builds. This is the shoalest draft they offered, coming in just above six and half feet with the board up.

A lot of sailors wanted the shoal draft so they could explore shallow waters. The other models’ drafts were just over nine feet. This prevented a lot of sailors from navigating where they wanted, which was a shame since this boat in particular was much easier to steer than other boats.

Condition of Engine

The original engine to the Swan 57 was a 73 HP Perkins, which was a quality option at the time to power this racer boat. If the engine is still there, you should have a professional look it over since it is over 30 years old.

If the engine has been replaced, it still does not hurt to have someone inspect it. Over the 30 years that this boat has been in existence, you would have to rely on previous owners and hope that they did the proper routine maintenance on it. It is bad enough that the structural integrity is in question, so a second opinion here would be a good bet.

Sails and Mast

Whether you find the ketch or sloop varieties of the Swan 57, you should check the condition of both the sails and the mast. This is especially important if they are original to the boat since the structural integrity had issues.

If the boat could not support the structure, then the mast could definitely have some issues too. This means you definitely need a second or third opinion on a boat like this.

Various Upgrades

As if this boat did not have enough problems, you have to factor in any upgrades electrically to make this work. This could be adding marine radios, navigational systems, and basic lighting.

Since the galley and living spaces are lacking what they need, you would likely have to make adjustments to make it liveable. This would make the costs higher for an already risky purchase.

History of Nautor’s Swan Sailboats

Pekka Koskenkyla was the founder of Nautor back in 1966 when he had a passion for building high performance sailing yachts in Pietarsaari, Finland. The interesting part is that these boats were being built in a place that sees below freezing temperatures for several months out of the year.

Koskenkyla needed the help of Sparkman & Stephens to build his dream of high performance sailing yachts. The first yacht they put together was known as Tarantella, which turned out to be a great success and one of the earliest fiberglass boats.

This boat paved the way for their continued success since they found a way to make the boats lighter and steer better. From then on, Koskenkyla named his company Swan for its ties to being elegant and strong. It is also a fairly understood word among English, Scandinavian, and German languages.

Sparkman & Stephens went on to design the next 1,000 Swan yachts that were sold from the yard. These included the timeless Swan 38 and Swan 47 models. Other Swan models they successfully built include:

In 1977, the company would take a negative turn of events. The company began building the Swan 57, which is where Nautor and Sparkman & Stephens had their falling out in the partnership.

There were arguments about the design and the build, which both sides blamed each other for the mistakes. The floor had framing issues that seemed to be difficult to fix. A lot could be argued for each side, but everyone can agree that this was a failed project.

From 1966 all the way to the Swan 57 in 1977, Sparkman & Stephens were the only boat builders for Nautor. After they went through a lot of heated discussions, they agreed to finish the 49 models of the Swan 57 and they never worked together again.

Nautor had the help from another quality boat builder Ron Holland from 1978 to 1981 to continue production of other boats. He helped design five boats and 300 units total. Some of these were famous installments from the Nautor brand, such as the Swan 37, Swan 39 and the Swan 42.

After that, they found German Frers and have collaborated with him since that time to today. He has been responsible for the quality and integrity of the Nautor brand and has pushed the limits for years.

Frers has helped Nautor save their face when they needed it the most. With his unique perspective on a handful of designs, he has helped them reach new heights than ever before.

First Look at a Swan 57

Olin Stephens was the man behind this boat’s design, whether you want to blame him for the mishaps or not. It was a weird coincidence that this particular boat had issues when all of the previous ones had minor or none at all. However, he still designed one of the most elegant yachts at that time and it still has beauty no matter how badly it performed.

The Swan 57 showcased the classic rocket ship feel on the stern, low freeboard, good sheerline, wide decks, and a raked bow. If it is in good condition, these are some of the sexier yachts from that time that would light up any museum or marina in the right condition.

If a sailor did not know the history of these boats, they likely would jump on a deal like this. In most cases, brokers have been upfront about these boats and what they are capable of doing.

Over 30 years since the boat was introduced, the Swan 57 would likely still be one of the more attractive yachts in a marina. This boat is a different breed of class and is not your typical cutter, making it a unique design in history.

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Nautor swan 57 review: sparkman & stephens and nautor swan.

In 1966, Pekka Koskenkyla started Nautor in Pietarsaari, Finland. His focus was to build a quality fiberglass 10m sailboat. That dream became the Swan 36 by Sparkman & Stephens. With the success of the 36, Nautor and Sparkman & Stephens partnered on 37, 38, 40, 41, 411, 43, 431, 44, 47, 48, 55, 67, and 76 Swan models. In 1977, they introduced finally the Swan 57. A former Nautor Swan broker told me about the history of this design. He explained that “many people do not realize that the Swan 57 was at the centerpiece when Nautor and Sparkman & Stephens fell out.” Arguments about the design and build of the Swan 57 culminated in the separation of these two mighty companies. From Nautor’s inception in 1966 until the introduction of the Swan 57 in 1977, only Sparkman & Stephens designed Swans. Since the 1977 introduction, Sparkman & Stephens has never again designed a Swan sailboat.

First Impressions Olin Stephens was the principle designer. The 57-footer has the classic S&S rocket ship stern, modest sheerline, and raked bow. These Swans always are handsome yachts with their sexy low freeboard and wide decks. More than one client we have tried to talk out of buying a boat this size, but the siren call of a Swan is a powerful draw. Even 30 years after her introduction, a Swan 57 is sure to be one of the prettiest yachts in any harbor. She is a different class of yacht from your modern pilothouse cutter.

Construction In 1977, Nautor started production. Teak decks were optional. With a few hulls completed, Nautor started noticing problems. The stiffening support structure was not right. Under testing, the boats were not handling stress correctly. Either to floors were not designed or built correctly. Nautor went to Sparkman & Stephens with complaints. S&S looked it over and said Nautor had misinterpreted the specifications and built the boats wrong. Nautor was offended that S&S didn’t take responsibility. The disagreement left both sides apart. While Nautor was able to correct the issues, they vowed to never use Sparkman & Stephens again, and they meant it. They continued to build the 49 hulls of the 57 Swan until 1984.

What To Look For So be careful choosing a 57 Swan if this is one the first few hulls. The earliest couple had this floor framing issue which split up S&S and Nautor. That is pretty serious quality question and something you would think of with a Swan. Another problem is the teak deck. Look for a 57′ that has new teak decks or no teak deck. If a 57 Swan does not have new teak decks by now, then you are in for trouble. The teak has to be replaced. Teak decks are an expensive item of $50,000 to $100,000. The generator location is of interest Many times owners install the generator aft which is noisy for the aft staterooms. Look instead for one with the generator amidships in the saloon/galley. She comes in both ketch and sloop varieties. Watch for the rare centerboard models with 6′ 8″ draft board up. That is the shoal-est draft, largest Swan combination you will find. Otherwise, the fixed draft is 9′ 1″.

On Deck and Down Below The 57 sleeps six in three staterooms. There are three owner and guest staterooms including two guest heads. Starting forward is the forepeak and storage followed by a chain locker. The guest cabin is located amidship with upper and lower berths. Next aft is the large and spacious main salon featuring a dining table and settee that seats eight and expanding teak table. The nav station is opposite the galley to starboard with a passageway aft to the master stateroom adjacent. The master stateroom has a slide out double berth to port and a single berth to starboard with a bench seat between and expansive storage area behind. If you are looking for a centerline queen aft stateroom, she is not it; she has a classic racing type interior.

Engine and Underway The original engine is a 73 HP Perkins. Of course, Swans are wonderful racers, and the 57 is a great cruiser, too. And for her rare centerboard versions, you can get into tight spots. A broker who owned one says, “I had a 57 fixed keel version. I carried 9′ around. I wish I had the centerboard. I could have gone in so many more places.” He tells of sailing offshore in heavy seas in comfort. The 57′ was and is a young man’s boat, best handled by at least a couple. These are athletic yachts not meant for short handed sailing.

Conclusion Nautor switched to designers Ron Holland from 1978-1981 and then German Frers. Today, these 57’s are no longer new boats but classics. They are sexy racer/cruisers of the famous Swan quality and beautiful Sparkman & Stephens design. They are last of the S&S and Nautor boats. In 1998, an Italian group lead by Leonardo Ferragamo purchased Nautor. They continue the design relationship with German Frers building ever larger quality yachts up to the ambitious 131′ Swan. Nautor Swan from its humble Finish beginings is arguably the most famous sailboat brand worldwide. Prices range from $300,000 to $400,000 on the brokerage market. The best source for additional information is the Classic Swan Owners Association.

One Reply to “Nautor Swan 57 Review: Sparkman & Stephens and Nautor Swan”

These are beautiful boats and now make perfect blue water cruisers. A Swan 57 will achieve hull speed in 10-15 knots, and upwind can sail unattended for 8 hour stretches, I love mine, I would almost say, ‘the perfect yacht’……but then I haven’t  sailed a Swan 65!!! A Swan 57 must be the best bargain on the used yacht market….people in the market for a big, ‘proper’ boat are crazy not to buy one! G. Applin ‘Nakesa’

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Yachting World cover

First look: Swan 98 – high performance, Italian flair

Yachting World

  • October 15, 2021

At the recent Monaco Yacht Show, we took a look at several of the featured new yachts on display, including the new Swan 98

swan yachts problems

The pandemic seems to have in no way slowed Nautor’s Swan, as it presented two new superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show, the Swan 98 and Swan 120 – this despite having launched Skorpios , the ClubSwan 125 raceboat this year, its first Swan Shadow powerboat and a Swan 58 cruising yacht.

The new Swan 98 and 120 are the latest in its new generation German Frers-designed range of performance cruisers. These powerful, beamy designs sport twin rudders and plenty of form stability in a style which has already proven popular over the last three years with the 65 and 78.

Both the Swan 98 and Swan 120 share a sleek coachroof look with coamings stretched aft to accentuate the line and offer cockpit protection. Both models offer racing packages, including a square-top mainsail, running backstays and a longer bowsprit. And there are two different interior layouts available, with owner’s suite aft or forward. Styling is by Italian architect Misa Poggi.

swan yachts problems

The Swan 98 is another elegant high performance model blessed with plenty of South American and Italian design flair. She has a variety of different styling moods and layouts available to help owners customise their yachts.

In addition, there is a the choice of fore or aft owner’s suites there are three ensuite guest and two twin crew cabins, with the galley positioned close to crew quarters with both layouts. There is also generous tankage for ocean cruising (including 3,000lt of fuel), and a full beam engine room below the saloon.

Swan 98 specifications

LOA (inc bowsprit): 31.05m / 101ft 8in LWL: 26.63m / 87ft 4in Beam: 6.97m / 22ft 9in Draught (std): 4.40m / 14ft 4in Displacement: 62,500kg / 137,789lb Builder:

If you enjoyed this….

Yachting World is the world’s leading magazine for bluewater cruisers and offshore sailors. Every month we have inspirational adventures and practical features to help you realise your sailing dreams. Build your knowledge with a subscription delivered to your door. See our latest offers and save at least 30% off the cover price.
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Like our customers, we consider Nautor to build some of the finest sailing yachts in the world, the incredible Swans.

Our role is to provide a service that is equal to the level of performance, exactitude and grace that Swan yachts exhibit sailing on the oceans of the world.

Yeoman Yachts represents yacht buyers with the construction of new Nautor's Swan sailing yachts and specializes in brokerage Swans worldwide. Your experience with the purchase of a Swan starts with us.

It all begins with a personal consultation . We look forward to hearing from you.

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We have many preloved Nautor's Swan yachts available for purchase around the world. Below are some of our latest listings, or click here to view all current listings .

swan yachts problems

SWAN 54 Daggerboard

swan yachts problems

Swan 44 mk II

swan yachts problems


swan yachts problems

ClubSwan 42

swan yachts problems

Swan 44mkII

Yeoman yachts llc.

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swan yachts problems

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swan yachts problems

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swan yachts problems

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swan yachts problems

Swan 38/081

swan yachts problems

Swan 40/012

swan yachts problems

Swan 40/019

swan yachts problems

Swan 41/005

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Swan 43/008

swan yachts problems

Swan 43/057

swan yachts problems

Swan 44/003

swan yachts problems

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swan yachts problems

Swan 44/067

swan yachts problems

Swan 47/001

swan yachts problems

Swan 47/016

swan yachts problems

Swan 47/017

swan yachts problems

Swan 47/032

swan yachts problems

Swan 47/047

swan yachts problems

Swan 47/060

swan yachts problems

Swan 57/004

swan yachts problems

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swan yachts problems

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swan yachts problems

Swan 65/001

swan yachts problems

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This Bonkers Swan-Shaped Megayacht Concept Has a Detachable Head That Turns Into a Day Boat

The gargantuan waterbird spans 450 feet., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

Rachel Cormack's Most Recent Stories

Meet stormy knight, the sleek new batmobile-style jet ski fit for a superhero.

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Avanguardia Megayacht

This bold new megayacht concept is sure to ruffle a few feathers. The 450-footer is shaped just like a swan and even comes with a detachable head that can be used as a separate boat.

The gigantic sized bird goes by the name of Avanguardia , which means “vanguard” in English. Fitting since the megayacht is clearly at the forefront of marine design. The concept was penned by plucky Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio . The Rome-based outfit has churned out a number of disruptive designs, from flying cars to a bullet-shaped hyperyacht , but this waterbird may make the biggest splash yet.

Avanguardia is replete with flowing lines and subtle curves that give her the elegant silhouette of a real-life swan. The gargantuan vessel is split into five separate decks and can fit up to 60 seafarers. Just like the animal, the “head” (a.k.a. the control tower) acts as a brain to maneuver the vessel. But it also doubles as a separate 50-foot cruiser that can carry out requisite day-time jaunts.

Avanguardia Megayacht

Lazzarini Design Studio

The control center is supported by a flexible “neck” that employs a fulcrum to give it a full range of movement. When swanning about, it drops to the middle of the megayacht to help steer it in the right direction. Conversely, when the vessel is at anchor, the neck lowers the head to the water where it detaches for independent cruising.

Toys come in the form of a helicopter on the top level, a pair of Lazzarini’s jet capsules that are located aft, and a haul of supercars which sit amidships, because why not? The jet capsules can also be added to the rear of the vessel for added propulsion.

swan yachts problems

Speaking of propulsion, the swan’s power would come in the form of twin electric side engines and a central MTU Rolls-Royce engine. Together, this setup could push the megayacht to a maximum cruising speed of about 18 knots.

While Avanguardia it just a concept at this stage, the design studio said that it could become a reality in the the future if a client is able to invest. Lido deck and the swan? We’d love to see that story hit the water.

Check out more renderings of Avanguardia below:

Avanguardia Megayacht

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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Watch: This Sporty Hybrid Catamaran Uses AI for Greener Cruising on the High Seas

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A Legendary 36-Foot Cigarette Powerboat Is Heading to Auction This Summer

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Driver accused of killing 2 kids in boat club crash speaks, thinks she had a seizure while driving

  • Updated: May. 20, 2024, 2:05 a.m. |
  • Published: May. 17, 2024, 12:09 p.m.
  • Matt Durr | [email protected]

BERLIN TOWNSHIP, MI -- The woman accused of killing two children last month when she crashed into the Swan Creek Boat Club has spoken out in an interview with WXYZ-Detroit.

Marshella Chidester, 66, is facing numerous felony charges in relation to the April 20 crash, including two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the deaths of 8-year-old Alanah Phillips and 4-year-old Zayn Phillips. Chidester has not spoken publicly about the incident and for the first time provided her explanation of what she thinks happened.

Chidester told WXYZ-Detroit that she believes she had a seizure while driving and that she doesn’t remember what happened before the crash. She went on to say that she hadn’t driven since October 2023 because of her health issues, but felt comfortable driving again after not having seizures for six months.

The interview with Chidester can be found on the WXYZ website.

While Chidester and her attorney Bill Colovos say the crash was caused by a seizure, prosecutors allege she was driving under the influence. During Chidester’s arraignment, Monroe County Prosecutor Jeffrey Yorkey claimed a preliminary breath test showed Chidester was “significantly over the legal limit.”

Colovos admitted in court that his client visited a local tavern in the hours prior to the crash and had a glass of wine with lunch. He went on to claim a receipt obtained through a search warrant shows that Chidester only ordered a single glass at that time. However, it is unknown if she consumed any other intoxicants in the hours between the lunch and the crash.

Along with the children who were killed, several other people were seriously injured in the crash, including the mother and another sibling of Alanah and Zayn Phillips. The crash happened while a children’s birthday party was going on inside the boat club, which is near Chidester’s home. Chidester hit the building with such force that her car traveled approximately 25 feet into the facility before coming to a stop.

Mariah Dodds, the mother of Alanah and Zayn Phillips has filed a lawsuit against Chidester, the tavern and the boat club itself. Dodds suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung, cuts and bruises while her other child suffered broken legs, broken ribs and a fractured skull.

Earlier this month several other plaintiffs joined the lawsuit .

During her arraignment, Chidester was given a bond of $1.5 million with no 10% allowed, however she was able to post bond two days later. As part of her bond Chidester is not allowed to leave the state without permission and must refrain from using alcohol or any illegal controlled substances. She must wear a GPS tether as well.

Along with the murder charges, Chidester is also charged with wo counts of operating while intoxicated causing death and four counts of operating while intoxicated causing serious injury.

A preliminary examination in the case was delayed by nearly two months as Colovos says he needs more time to prepare for the examination due to the amount of discovery in the case. Chidester is due back in court on June 27 and remains free on bond.

Stories by Matt Durr

  • 4 people convicted in murder of Monroe County woman sentenced to prison
  • 65-year-old woman dies after being stabbed in Lansing, another person critically injured
  • Woman rescues 2 children from fire by dropping them out of window

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Austin boat renters facing issues ahead of Memorial Day due to diminished lake levels

swan yachts problems

Diminished lake levels in Austin have caused problems for boat renters during what is expected to be a busy Memorial Day weekend.

Lake levels at locations across Austin and Central Texas are in various stages of flow, according to the U.S. Geological Survey's National Water Dashboard . Most water sources around Austin appear to be at normal or steady levels, though some, including sections of the Colorado and Blanco rivers, are measuring much below normal for this time of year.

Effects of decreased lake levels have been felt by Jacob Williams, owner of ATX Boat Rentals. The company normally operates on Lake Austin and Lake Travis, and it typically allows guests to board its boats at the Mansfield Dam Park Boat Ramp.

More: Here are 10 most popular boating locations in Texas and rules to follow

However, that ramp has been closed since September 2023 due to low water levels, according to the Travis County Parks Department. That has forced Williams, his company and his customers to pivot ahead of Memorial Day.

"It's forced us to move everything," Williams said. "We have to tow boats now over to Lake Austin all the time instead of just going to my house (and) hopping on boats that are already in the water."

What are the lake levels at Lake Travis?

Lake Travis is about 48 feet below its normal level, according to Go Lake Travis , an informational site. That's much lower than its level at this time in 2022 and 2023, according to .

What water levels are needed to boat safely?

With water levels down in some lakes and rivers across Central Texas, it's important to know how much water you need to safely operate a boat. A variety of factors go into determining whether a body of water is deep enough to operate a boat in, but the biggest things to pay attention to are your boat's weight and the shape of its hull.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure any body of water you're boating on has at least one foot of water in it, according to . Even then, boaters should use depth monitors to ensure the water they're in is deeper than that to avoid problems.

Lake Austin to experience influx of boaters this summer

Williams said having to switch around logistical operations hasn't had a major effect on his business, but with more people being forced to use fewer lakes to rent and drive their boats, some of the lake options are becoming clogged.

"When nobody can get their boats on Lake Travis, it causes Lake Austin to be more and more packed," Williams said. "Lake Austin will always be an option, but it's not fun being on a smaller lake that's extra packed."

The city of Austin is enforcing its annual ban this Memorial Day weekend on the use of personal watercraft, wet bikes, motorized surfboards and similar devices on Lake Austin. Kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and other nonmotorized devices are allowed.

No plans for Memorial Day? Here are 5 things to do around Austin over the holiday weekend

Texas Parks and Wildlife warns of low lake levels

A record 3.6 million Texans are expected to travel for Memorial Day, signaling a possible boom for tourism activities in the Lone Star State. That aligns with ATX Boat Rentals' busy season, which typically begins around May and extends into September, Williams said.

That figure, coupled with Texas having more square miles of inland waterways than any other state and nearly 560,000 registered boats, means the state's waterways are likely to be packed for the long weekend.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is warning boaters of potential hazards on waterways. A year ago, the state saw 13 boating accidents during the Memorial Day weekend, resulting in two boating fatalities and two drownings.

To avoid those types of accidents, the department is reminding boaters to operate at safe speeds and keep an eye out for low water areas and submerged objects, among other things.

Is Travis County in a drought?

Not really, but some parts of Central Texas are. Eastern parts of the county are not experiencing any drought conditions, and the western half is mostly experiencing abnormal to severe dry conditions.

Counties northwest of San Antonio are experiencing an extreme drought, the worst drought level in the state.

To check your county's drought stage, check out the U.S. Drought Monitor .



The Swan 128, project N. 1400 by Frers studio, consolidates the Argentinean designer’s forty-year collaboration with the Finnish shipyard, particularly active over the last ten years with the production of 13 new yachts, 7 of which over 80 feet (the limit that separates Swan Yachts from Maxi Swan Yachts).

swan yachts problems

The architect

Germ á n frers.

“The Swan 128 perfectly embodies the Swan concept of the sporty cruiser, a yacht designed for long ocean voyages but also perfectly at ease in major international competitions, without needing to change any of its characteristics.”

swan yachts problems

Standard Sailplan

The deck plan features a streamlined and sculpted deckhouse, albeit in a semi-raised saloon configuration, that gives the boat an especially sporty feel. Designer Lucio Micheletti focused on volumes, shapes, and details to provide as much lightness as possible without compromising the functionality and protection typical of Swan deckhouses.

swan yachts problems

Exterior Designer

Lucio micheletti.

A skilful combination of traditional styling and taut forms, an interplay of materials that creates a lively chiaroscuro with a marked dynamic quality (what the architect Micheletti calls ‘quayside speed’). The cockpit offers the typical three-area division that characterises all Swans. The front area, close to the deckhouse and protected by a sprayhood and a bimini top (a retractable model with rigid structure is optional), is dedicated to guests.

swan yachts problems

The collaboration between Frers studio, the shipyard’s interiors department and architect Misa Poggi has led to an optimal and flexible layout, with a large owner’s quarters in the foreship area and a generous aft crew area.

The interior designer

There is a wide choice of woods, starting from a natural oak base, leathers, and textiles. Architect Misa Poggi together with the Finnish firm’s in-house team are at the owners’ disposal to interpret any desire in layout and style, suggesting tailored materials to make each Swan 128 unique and inimitable.

swan yachts problems


swan yachts problems

with options



swan yachts problems

Timeless Classic

The yacht is fitted with natural materials such as linen, cotton and leather in shades of white, naturally light colours, natural brown and putty tones for leather. These blend with light durmast wood, giving the yacht a sophisticated feel and bringing warm, sunny countries to mind.

swan yachts problems


Linens and cottons in navy blue and shaded white blend with various shades of tobacco in fabric and leather. There is also the traditional wood used for sailing, namely natural teak, taking those on board back to the long-established seafaring concept of historical sailing clubs.

swan yachts problems

Natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are featured in different shades of wine, Cowes red and the fundamental shaded white. There is also “drunken” leather and Canaletto walnut, bringing to mind the Admiral’s Cup and Fastnet Race triumphs of sports sailing.

swan yachts problems

Spirit of Finland

A typical modern Swan interior featuring an under-stated Nordic approach with use of hand-crafted timbers and seaworthy detailing. Light European oak and walnut floorboards are paired with carefully selected performance fabrics in light natural colours and earthy leather accents for a soft touch. A timeless, light yacht interior from the land of the midnight sun.

swan yachts problems




Explore the fleet

swan yachts problems

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    After reading all forums about Swans I was keen on a Swan 57 called Growler that was in Chicago, even though the structural issue was a concern I was under the spell of the gorgeous lines of the S&S Swan 57 sloop. We meet with the broker: Keith Yeoman and the owner Phil Groben at Larsen Marine in Chicago on May 17 th 2013.

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    The result is a yacht that is an evolution of a classic Swan Maxi, blending excellent seakeeping and comfort with sailing prowess, while offering new solutions to common frustrations that future owners of this series boat will appreciate as well. The Nicaises first had a few competitive sport boats, including a 9.5-metre J/97 and 11-metre J/112.

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    A Swan 53 Mk II (2004-2015) at the Swan Cup 2008. Oy Nautor AB is a Finnish producer of luxury sailing yachts, based in Jakobstad. It is known for its Nautor's Swan range of yachts models. The company was founded in 1966 by Pekka Koskenkylä. [1] [2] [3]

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    A Swan 78 foam-cored glass fiber hull Photo: Courtesy of Nautor. The hull of this Swan 78 sailing yacht is made of foam-cored glass fiber, reinforced with epoxy as well as carbon-fiber ...

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    A Modern Bluewater Cruiser. Nautor Swan, recognized worldwide for its high-performance sailing yachts, has launched its first hybrid electric model, developed in partnership with Torqeedo from the Boatbuilding Technology Centre, the House of Swan, in Pietarsaari, Finland. The Swan 88 is part of the Swan Maxi yacht fleet.

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    Published on April 23, 2024. By Rachel Cormack. Nautor Swan. Nautor Swan is floating into new green territory. The Finnish yard, which has built more than 2,350 sailing yachts over the past five ...

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    The pandemic seems to have in no way slowed Nautor's Swan, as it presented two new superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show, the Swan 98 and Swan 120 - this despite having launched Skorpios, the ...

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    Can a modern fast cruiser be all things to all people? Toby hodges trialled the first Swan 55 to find out if Nautor's decades of experience can achieve such ...

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    The Swan 51 also features a mast which has been moved more to the centre of the yacht, further enhancing balance. Ultimately, like all Swans, the 51 is a no-compromise sailing yacht, a pure sailor, more a sportscar than a limousine. It is designed to be reactive to steer and responsive to sail adjustments, bringing the sensations of sailing alive.

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    Yeoman Yachts is a resource center for all things relating to the amazing Swan sailing yachts. Like our customers, we consider Nautor to build some of the finest sailing yachts in the world, the incredible Swans. Our role is to provide a service that is equal to the level of performance, exactitude and grace that Swan yachts exhibit sailing on ...

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    Nautor's Swan is delighted to introduce the new Swan 120 to the world. Flawlessly merging performance, elegance and pleasure, the Swan 120 is certain to become a 'tour de force' in the sailing world. Delivering unparalleled comfort, safe passage-making and the requisite level of reliability, the Swan 120 resets the bar for this size of yacht.

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    Ads have been published directly by S&S Swan Owners, who are wholly responsible for their contents Swan 36/011 Swan 36 Hull #011 Esther - year : 1968 - hull colour :White. Esther, Sale Call 912-332-8651. Great blue water yacht for single handling or for a couple. Price is reduced to sell fast due... Swan 36/035 Swan 36 Hull #035 Sentia - year ...

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    The 450-footer is shaped just like a swan and even comes with a detachable head that can be used as a separate boat. The gigantic sized bird goes by the name of Avanguardia , which means ...

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    The Swan Yachts division represents heritage and handcraftsmanship, with products characterised by elegant and timeless lines that have made Nautor Swan an icon in the sailing world. The yachts are reliable against the hardships of the sea and the performing hulls guarantee both comfort and competitiveness during regattas. The design team is ...

  21. Driver accused of killing 2 kids in boat club crash speaks, thinks she

    Marshella Chidester, 66, is facing numerous felony charges in relation to the April 20 crash, including two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the deaths of 8-year-old Alanah ...

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    SWAN 58. Bluewater cruising is a concept that immediately brings dreams of travelling around the world, visiting remote paradises and meeting native welcoming people. When it's time to realize this dream and choose the proper boat however, only then do you start focusing on priorities: safety first, comfort second, autonomy third.

  23. Low lake levels in Austin cause problems for Memorial Day boat rentals

    Diminished lake levels in Austin have caused problems for boat renters of what is expected to be a busy Memorial Day weekend. Lake levels at locations across Austin and Central Texas are in ...

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    Yachts - Nautor Swan. Yachts. Swan 48 MKIISwan 51NEWSwan 54Swan 55 Swan 58 Swan 65 Swan 78Swan 80NEW. Swan 88 Swan 98 Swan 100NEW Swan 108 Swan 120 Swan 128. ClubSwan 28ClubSwan 36ClubSwan 43ClubSwan 50ClubSwan 80ClubSwan 125. Swan Shadow Swan OverShadowSwan ArrowNEW. ClubSwan. Membership.

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    The Swan 128, project N. 1400 by Frers studio, consolidates the Argentinean designer's forty-year collaboration with the Finnish shipyard, particularly active over the last ten years with the production of 13 new yachts, 7 of which over 80 feet (the limit that separates Swan Yachts from Maxi Swan Yachts).